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Wonderfully comfortable and reliable!

I drive a GMC Yukon xl. It has leather interior, seat warmers in front, working heater and ac, nice tires, auto transmission, nice stereo. It has barn doors in the back and has a lot of seating. It has a lot of room for hauling stuff around, too. It is an older model, 2001, with higher mileage, but it still runs well. It is reliable and always starts. It goes up hills without a problem. The things I do not like are that the leather interior is starting to wear and develop tears and rips. It has an oil leak that I am not sure where it is coming from and it has had it for years. I have to constantly check the oil in it to make sure it didn't run out. It sounds a little rough in the morning when it starts up or if it has sat for a while. It sounds like it has a minor rod knock, but that is not the case.

- Adrianne C

Powerful, comfortable, all around winner

The V8 engine is a gas guzzler, but it has a lot of power and sounds so nice. The leather seats are comfortable and easy to clean. I love that it has seat warmers for the cold winter. Despite its size, it can accelerate quite quickly. Being a 2001 model, I don't really trust is automatic All-wheel-drive, but I do manually put it into 4-wheel-drive or 4-wheel-drive-low when I need to. Have such a long interior, it can take a while to warm up or cool down. The hubcaps are kind of difficult to remove and often results in scratching the wheel. It is a great vehicle to transport a lot of people and kids, but not kids still in car seats. Overall, it has resisted rusting extremely well and I absolutely love it.

- Tim A

Its a/c is all around from the front to the way back. And the sound system rocks.

The 2011 gmc Yukon is one of the best vehicles there is. The sound system is still amazing. The truck runs extremely smooth and quiet on the highway. The gas mileage is great! It's a real gas saver for its size. It's extremely comfortable. Its had 0 mechanical problems. Mine has 160,000 miles and you can't even tell. It feels like it can go another 150,000 miles before it needs any mechanical parts replaced. It's extremely strong and sturdy. I wish this had been my first purchased vehicle because it's an amazing one. I love it, and when I get. Another vehicle,I am getting another Yukon.

- Jesus V

GMC, ideal for family or work!

Our GMC Yukon has been extremely loyal to us. We have taken good care of it through the years. It is roomy, comfortable, reliable, and sturdy. My husband has used it mainly as a work truck. He transports his tools, is able to go to home depot, pick up supplies he needs for the job. We have also used it for family trips, camping, picnics, beach outings. The grandchildren love it. We plan on buying another one in the near future. One thing I must mention is, we feel safe in our truck, especially when the grandkids are with us.

- Evelyn P

The style of this model is most appealing as well as the comfort and handling.

Very reliable, I love the ride, the size of the vehicle and handy cargo space. I really like that I can remove the 3rd seat and fold the back seat down, gives my large dog plenty of room. The style of the vehicle is very attractive to me, one of the reasons I have kept it so long. The only problems are that the rear spark plug on the passenger side, #8, is hard to change and I have a plastic piece in my sunroof that broke and I am having problems finding a replacement.

- Joe M

2001 GMC Yukon. 'The good, the bad, and the ugly.'

It is a strong running comfortable SUV. Great for families and towing. The main pros are that it is very comfortable to drive and has lots of towing power and capacity of up to 8700 pounds. The cons are it is a big greedy gas hog, and tends to have issues with engine noises and ticks, mainly coming from the belt assembly. Other than that it is a great running truck that can easily last up to 300,000 miles with proper preventative maintenance.

- Jason S

Versatility and reliability for all travel needs.

Transmission had to be replaced. Is very versatile and comfortable. Good for long trips as well as around town. Lots of storage space for cargo hauling. Comfortable on long trips. We have the vehicle regularly serviced so it has been reliable. Enjoy the power of the vehicle while on the highway. We have 130,000 miles on it now but with new transmission hope to get another several thousand miles out of the car.

- Brian P

Comfort, and reliability in an attractive package.

No problems. Have taken several road trips, on some occasions we have towed a 32 ft travel trailer. Interior has vinyl seats with heated back and seat area with high and low settings, built in DVD player in passenger area, cup holders for front and back passengers, easy removal of third row seat for hauling large items, plenty of charging stations for portable GPS system and cell phones.

- Darlene P

It's a great spacious family vehicle and comfortable for long trips.

It's a great durable vehicle. It has plenty of space for our family of five and more. I love how easy and convenient it is to fold down seats for luggage or extra space at the drive in. It is older model so needs a little work but definitely gets us from point A to point B. One downside is it's not very economical. Definitely uses up some gas and costly to fill up.

- Nieves N

a lot of room good for long trips and still good with a lot of miles on it.

My Yukon is amazing even though it has a lot of miles on it because I drive a lot it still drives like its brand new. The only thing is its bad on gas. 15 miles to the gallon so if you want something good on gas this isn't the thing for you. Now a really good thing is 3rd row seating so plenty of room for the family or a trip and you will be relaxed.

- Summer W

The title of my review is Aaron's Yukon I love my truck.

I really love my vehicle is reliable comfortable maintenance-free and I can travel out of town and come back safely with no problems got new tires oil change is good I might need a tune-up but everything else is wonderful I love my 2001 GMC Yukon I will recommend this truck to anyone I want a brand new Yukon now I would love to have a 2018 Yukon xl.

- Aaron S

Pre owned, but new and loved by me

I bought the car from a title loan place and received a car fax history on it. It was used by a dealership for awhile so it does have high mileage, but still runs great. Right now the only real issue I have had is the left side back window doesn't want to roll back up. I did have to replace the hose clips for the a/c, but they were deteriorated.

- Ernestina M

Has everything I need. All around great SUV for families.

Great SUV just has some minor issues with the steering. Makes it very hard to keep on the road. But is a cheap fix and easy fix. Very common in this SUV. Does have a lot of good feat. Like heated seats and back radio controls and headphone jacks great for kids. The seats move all kinds of ways which is awesome for anyone. Is a great SUV.

- Summer R

My Yukon dream! Everything you could ever want in a vehicle!

I love my Yukon! So comfortable for all my family members. It has 3rd row seating. Easy fold down to make for more room. Sunroof, all the luxuries I need and want. Power everything. An amazing drive and I feel safe while driving. It does drink gas but that is to be expected with such a large vehicle. Seats are very comfortable, leather.

- Crystal B

Gold 2001 GMC Yukon slt 166000

It has heated leather seats, power windows,3rd row seats, front and rear a/c. It runs and drives great. It has 166,000 miles with no issues. It has plenty of room for my wife, me and our 6 children. The only thing is I wished it was and xl version so I had the extra room to haul things Luke grocery,etc. when all of us are together.

- Daniel S

Comforts of a Yukon xl slt.

It's great on gas, sturdy has been hit nut replaced the parts easy and looks just like before, lots of room for the family, plus shopping. Lots of hauling room and handles gravel roads well, perfect for family trips comfortable seats and if cool outside the sites have a heat button and a lumbar as will to help support the back.

- Brian E

It has plenty of room even in the cargo area.

We are second owners. Surprisingly it gets good gas mileage considering Its size. It fits our family of six comfortably. We have replaced the transmission around 160, 000. a 200, 000 we replaced radiator and two regulators in back windows. We enjoy this vehicles performance and that it can tow our boat and trailer with ease.

- Heather E

Older, but overall, still a great vehicle.

My vehicle is older, has relatively few miles, has heated seats, 4x4, very roomy, but not too big. It also rides well and is very comfortable. It is not great on gas, but it could be worse. The air and heat do not both work at the same time, which is annoying. I love the leather seats and the extra room in the "trunk" area.

- Susan B

Review on 2001 Yukon XL 1500.

Had to change out the evap stuff, fuel pump, o2 sensors, it's just kinda a money bag, but overall I do like it and it runs great now. It's a smooth ride very comfortable. Is reliable when working correctly. Pretty much have been fixing things on it since I've got it. Will probably end up trading it in for something better.

- Rachel A

2001 GMC Yukon slt,5.3 liter, leather heated seats, front and rear a/c,

My 2001 Yukon runs great. I have no issues running wise. I have however had to replace the motors for my driver side power seat. I love the fact that it has 3rd row seats so there is plenty of room for our 6 kids. It goes good in bad weather, has plenty of power and not to bad on gas mileage for the size of it.

- Daniel H

The pros and cons of a Yukon.

I love our vehicle, the down part I guess is that it takes up a lot of gas. The good thing is that it fits a big family like ours of 6. Plus a few extra people that always tag along or luggage. It is very comfortable and spacious. It runs smooth when its well maintain. And the longevity of it is outstanding.

- Mary A

Family oriented, safe,dependable, lots of room will seat 9 people.

We have had hardly any problems with it until recently when we have had to replace the wheel bearings and battery. Overall we are really happy with our vehicle. I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a Yukon to do so it's a very dependable vehicle. A very family friendly vehicle very sturdy and safe.

- Kelly M

2001 Yukon - a great, dependable vehicle.

A really rugged, dependable, useful, adaptable, solid, sport utility vehicle that I have now owned for almost 18 years, this GMC has over 210, 000 miles on the Yukon and still drives/handles like a champion. Very handy for all the hauling, shopping, and trailering work in my household.

- Weezee J

Very reliable and good SUV for family.

The main problem is that it takes and uses a lot of gas. I really do not have any problems besides that because it is very comfortable to take on the road. It has good space and great for a family of 6. If it is well maintain it will last a very long time. It is very durable and safe.

- Mari V

It is very reliable and is amazing on gas. It is a family car.

I like the size, mileage, durability and dependability. I like the 4 wheel drive feature and the auto traction. I dislike the fact it is getting older. The radio is not the most desired and there are blind spots upon backing. Other than those mentioned there are no other complaints.

- Trish L

Fast and smooth Yukon truck with towing system installed

I got to this 2001 Yukon slt and the car runs and starts smooth tan leather inside with 3rd row seat, ac,power doors and sunroof and tinted windows with TVs and speakers system and in-dash and saved the best for last the mileage is below 150000 and the whole car is grey

- Raymond C

My vehicle is a very solid and well made.

My GMC Yukon is old. It is a 2001 but I very good condition. It has low miles for its age approximately 72,000 miles. It is reliable although we recently spent about $700 for it to pass inspection. All in all I like how solid it is and the 5.3l v8 is a great engine.

- Dawn B

Be careful with overheating your car.

Very expensive pop parts at the time to exchange something mechanical. It's a car heavy to drive fast. I recommend drive it in long distances cause it use a lot of gasoline, if you use the air conditioner use it while running to prevent car from overheating.

- Diana E

My truck run good my wife love it we take it all over Oklahoma.

Performance is good. There no problems. Reliability is good. My 2001 truck is a very good truck, there no problems with my truck thank you I just love this car, I love my 2001 truck and it ride good, take my truck all over USA,all over GA, FLA, okla.

- Anthony J

Bad on gas mileage and replacement parts are expensive.

I like the spacious room inside also like the heated power seats and the dual climate control and the dual radio for the kids in the backseat. However I do not like the gas mileage its really bad on gas. Like the fact that it is four wheel drive.

- Brian L

Family trip without worry.

My vehicle is more space to set 8 people have a third row plus it can hold stuff, and everybody can sit without sitting on others lap. Get great gas mileage the only I do not like you can not park in small parking spot. .

- Curtis D

It big enough for me and my family.

Fuel pump went out, probably going to have to change out o2 sensors as well. Changes something that had to do with the evat, system as well. It's been a pain, since I've got it so hopefully i, get a break soon.

- Rachel A

It is very reliable and holds everything and everyone in fly family.

It is a great vehicle. It gets pretty good gas mileage around town great on the highway. It is has a lot of room for long trips and just moving stuff around. We also own a boat and it is great for hauling it.

- Ashlee S

It has serious power. You will never be the last off the line at a stop light.

I like the power of the engine and the vehicle's ability to tow. I can fit all my kids in it. I don't like that the air conditioning is going out in it. And the power locks never worked since I've owned it.

- Kylie L

It is a very reliable car, and has a lot of space.

It fits 7 people which is perfect for a big family like ours. It is great for traveling like going on road trips. Its comfortable I believe it has enough legroom for everyone. It is very reliable car.

- Stupid F

It is very spacious it has lots of luggage space as well.

It has been a good vehicle it has lots of mileage but has been a good long range trip SUV. The check engine like and the ABS light has been on for the majority of the time we have had it.

- Roche H

It is economical and reliable.

I like the amount of room we have. With a busy family of 5 the 3rd row seating helps to separate the kids and I still have plenty of storage. I love my truck because it is dependable..

- Amber H

If you want one and need to drive it often, you do not get good gas mileage.

I love that I have the capability to carry up to 8 passengers safely and comfortably, as well as carry all of our luggage as needed. It sits high and runs smooth. I have no complaints.

- Rachael P

By it being a older model car I still have heated seats.

Driving a GMC is great it has a v6 engine great pick up I prefer it over a new car it sometimes has heating issue but very reliable. Even in the winter month it fires right up.

- Valerie Maddox M

I feel very safe and secure driving my GMC with my 4 kids. I've had 2 car collisions and the truck suffered minor scratches, wild the other cars suffered terrible damage.

I like the body type of my GMC. I like that is very spacious. But I really hate the very back seats they are very uncomfortable. My kids hate seating on the back seats as well.

- Reyna M

It's a reliable, safe, and comfortable vehicle.

I love my Yukon because it has been so reliable over the years. There is plenty of room inside, and It's very comfortable. Only complaint is that it won't last forever!

- David N

In short it is the best truck I have ever had.

It is high up, fits my whole family. I am filled with pride driving it around. The amount of space it has leaves everyone his own space without fighting or argument.

- Amanda K

It is wonderfully sized however it is somewhat of a gas guzzler however don't let that hinder your buying decisions

This vehicle is fantastic for a large quantity of people for its capacity holds quite a few bodies. It's also quite handy for vacationing and transporting things

- Cole K

My van can save a lot of gasoline. Her motor v6.

I like that it has 8 seats. I like that it is got less than 200k miles. I dislike that it has a broken AC compressor. I dislike that it has ripped seats.

- Hannah J

The most important thing that people should know about my car is that it runs without any problems.

I like that my vehicle is large and enclosed. That allows me to transport most of the things that I own. I am disappointed with the gas mileage though.

- Rex B

It is serves our needs and is fun to drive. It is paid for.

I like that it has a lot of space and that it is powerful. I don't like that it is older and needs a lot of cosmetic work. It also uses a lot of fuel.

- Judith M

Safe and dependable family vehicle

We have had great luck with our Yukon. My husband knows how to work on it which helps tremendously. It has been reliable and safe for our family.

- Jenn E

Old but reliable would recommend.

Ole but reliable. Bought the car used was taken care of by previous owner. Has low miles. Have had some issues with the gas tank.

- Kelsey H

My car is that it is very easy to be comfortable in and drive.

Is a family car and I love that of this car.. And other hand to maintain the car is to much. But is expensive on the gas money.

- Garcia G

2001 GMC Yukon - hockey mom go-to vehicle.

Dependable performance. Would suggest upgrading the audio system buying used. Workhorse of a vehicle with plenty of cargo room.

- Vonn D

I can carry 8 people in it and tow a trailer or boat as well.

Good dependable vehicle.the air doesn't work very well. Doesn't break down very often. Big enough to carry 8 people is a plus.

- Edward L

It has tons of room even with car seats in the back seat

I love the room in the back seat, I can fit three carseats in it. I love how it handles. I love how comfortable the seats are

- Lisa W

It drive good and it have 4 wheel drive so it goes well if it's in the mud. It has a good body.

It haves rusty paint job and it starting to peel everywhere and the seats still warm up and the windows still works good.

- Kasiella S

That it is solid and dependable.

I love the size and that I am able to carry cargo such as hockey gear. The only thing I dislike would be gas mileage.

- Yvonne D

People should know about the GMC is that its a 4 by 4.

The brakes of the GMC are just amazing also the steering wheel the only thing I hate is the amount of gas it wastes.

- Isaac L

I love everything about it,it cigs all of my family. When we go on vacation it can hold us & the luggage comfortably. It gets great gas mileage. I've never had any problems with it.

Its spacious and beautiful. Very comfortable for everyone. Plenty of legroom and headroom. Drives like a dream.

- Donna C

Comfortable ride and roomy interior. Gas mileage not too efficient.

Size was ideal for large family and traveling. Family has downsized, and the cost to maintain is too much.

- Julia M

Great automobile to drive and own.

Great vehicle. Mine has over 280, 000 miles and still going strong. Had very little work done on it.

- Steve W

It sucks gas..... Too expensive to refill up all the time.

I like towing capabilities. I do not like the gas mileage. I Do not like making monthly payments.

- Jack S

I can haul 6 kids in carseats, still have room for groceries, stroller and all our gear.

I love my car. It is the Yukon xl Denali. She has 205,000 miles and still drives like a dream.

- Michelle m

It's not cheap. i got it a year ago less than 50 miles lol gotta love it

Love it. runs good, look good. people like it even go the sunroof.

- Justis S