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2004 GMC Yukon - outstanding vehicle comfortably seating 7 with generous storage.

I have been extremely pleased with our Yukon. The tan leather seats make for a bright, clean interior that has been very easy to maintain. The 2 front bucket seats have multiple adjustable capabilities from lumbar, height, leg extension, back recline and more. There is generous trunk space and 7 seated comfortable (can fit 3 small children or adults in the back if necessary). The seats in the very back fold forward (toward the front) making even more storage space if needed. The only two negatives I would say are the back seats lack of recline capability for long travel. Otherwise, I have been exceedingly pleased with the GMC Yukon.

- Ruby C

2004 GMC Yukon XL Denali great family vehicle with lots of cargo room for all your needs

My 2004 Yukon XL Denali has all the comforts and room you would expect in a vehicle like this. Very reliable but as it is aging it is having expected issues. Great for long trips with the whole family or even a trip to the drive in. More comfortable than most vehicle as it has very plush seats and lots of room. DVD system is great for the kids. Lots of cargo room is wonderful for hauling all the kids sports gear or a big grocery trip. I have even put the seats down and loaded up lumber and other items from the hardware store. Love this vehicle

- Kristin L

I love my YUKON XL! It's a great sports family vehicle.

I love the space that my Yukon XL offers. For a 2004, it has held up pretty well. It is starting to get a few rust spots on the bottom, but I think once those are buffed out, it will look new again. It has done fairly well on gas mileage considering the weight of the vehicle. I can easily fit 2-3 hockey bags plus sticks in the trunk area. The leather seats have help up well to 3 kids plus friends. We haven't had to do any significant maintenance to it other than regular wear and tear work.

- Katie B

Great for large families that travel.

I love our GMC Yukon Denali xl. Its big enough for our 5 person family, our dog and all of our stuff. We like to travel a lot and needed something big enough to fit enough stuff for a week for all of us. I love how it has captains chairs in the center row instead of a full bench seat. It makes it easier to get to the 3rd row. The center captains chairs have seat warmers which I love and unfortunately the kids fight over during the winter.

- Stephanie R

Great vehicle for families.

The overlay on the dash and console is peeling off. I often have electrical issues where the temperature and other digital parts do not work. I love how comfortable it is, it runs great and has a lot of room. We have four kids between the ages of 1. 5 and 13, we travel for sports and often have a packed car. We have never had any issues. I do recommend that you stay up on all maintenance and repairs to keep your vehicle going strong.

- Jessica J

My check engine light has come on for years. We have ran the code and it appears to me a sensor.

I love my vehicle. It currently has 295k miles on it. I do not anticipate me having it longer than another year. There are as some small issues that I have had in the past with it. But really with that mileage and age it's expected in all makes and models. Right now it's still trusted to get me to my destinations. However, my commutes are not that long. I also have AAA for any roadside assistance that I may need.

- Ronda R

A great vehicle for larger families who love to travel.

I love the size of our vehicle the GMC Yukon Denali. We are a 5 person family who love to travel so having a bigger vehicle was something we were definitely looking for. It rides nice and the seats are comfortable for long distance driving. Since it is a bigger vehicle it does use a lot of gas, but it does well on the highway. I love that the middle captains chairs are heated as well as the front seats.

- Stephanie R

The durability of the car is very strong and has lasted for a older model car.

I like the material of the body, it seems to be made of a stronger metal than today’s cars. We have got into accidents and it withheld the accident well. Also the car is known for parts being stolen and the parts are easy to replace. What I dislike is that because my car is in the sun, the paint is hard to match and the roof covering is coming off on the inside and I do not know how to fix it.

- Sonny R

2004 GMC Yukon Denali xl review.

This car is very reliable. O have had it for years & it still runs great after 200,000 miles. The interior is still holding up well despite being a family car for 10 years. Plenty of space for passenger and cargo as well. The only problem I have noticed with this vehicle is cosmetic - the clear coat has chipped off. I noticed this is the case with many other 2004 models as well.

- Natalia P

I love my Yukon a lot more than my old standard car!

My vehicle is relatively to that of a truck, without the 'gruff' look. It is in style, yet very comfortable! I know I have more than enough room and seating for plenty of people! Also my baby's crib was able to fit inside just as easily as a truck. It's a smooth rider, gets good gas mileage. Also is easy to keep maintained. I went from a sports car to my Yukon and I love it!!

- Micah C

although it is large, it will make super sharp turns which makes parking easier than you would think.

Awesome family vehicle. Haven't had to fix much at all other than maintenance like routine like brakes and tires. 157,000 miles on my 2004 model. So comfortable and solid. Only complaint is that it is black and hasn't been kept in a garage so the black paint is fading so looks white on top and hood. Thinking about getting it painted because May keep it for many more years!

- Melissa M

Pros and cons of owning/buying a GMC Yukon.

I love aspects of my SUV. It is great for a larger family, lots of room. The vtec motor stands the test of time. Mine currently has 270k miles on it and has just now gotten its first oil leak, still makes no bad noises within the motor. Negative qualities are gas mileage, being able to see around you, and part replacement prices. It is pretty expensive on upkeep.

- Amy M

Great vehicle dependable affordable reliable. A must have for a family with kids.

Lots of room for the kids and sport events smooth ride and plenty of room for groceries. Love the sunroof back hatch. Love the seat settings for my wife and I. Is not bad on gas mileage at all and great for long trips to go out of town. She cleans up very nice and love the spare tire placement easy to get to and out of the way! Also love the on star.

- John H

04 GMC Yukon 3rs row seating all wheel drive.

Good SUV 3rd row seating, very reliable in the snow has all wheel drive with the option to switch to 4 high or low if the need arises. Built in DVD players in the back of the driver and passenger headrest. Gets decent gas mileage for an SUV about 18 miles to the gallon on the highway. We've replaced the transmission and it runs like a champ now.

- Jay S

04 GMC Yukon xl, 3rd row seating, reliable.

Good running vehicle, meets our needs with 4 children, and comes with all wheel drive which is great in the winters, very reliable for an older car. Has lots of miles but still runs great. Only problems we have had is we had to replace the transmission. It also has built in DVD players in the headrest of the front seat which my kids love.

- Jay S

Large Suv with Electrical Issues

My Yukon is very large, great for carrying a good amount of people or furniture. It is very durable and It runs fantastically with very few exceptions. There are some problems with its electrical that are very annoying, The instrument cluster went out and we have many lights and features not in operation. Common GMC problem.

- Damietta B

I love my GMC Yukon xl 2500.

It is 3rd row seating, has a sunroof, automatic windows mirrors seats and locks. It is programmable for 2 drivers a n d adjusts depending on which key fob unlocks the vehicle. The computer system glitches sometimes and it goes into reduced engine mode sometimes as well. It is very spacious and over all I love my vehicle.

- Brooke C

Comfortable to ride in, whether it be city, country, or highway driving.

I love driving my vehicle. You sit in it and ride very uncomfortable. You feel very secure. It has adequate space for long distance traveling. We use ours to pull out camper and have never had a problem. Our camper is a large camper yet we have never felt as if our vehicle has struggled to pull it to our destination.

- Cheryl H

It is comfortable, reliable, and very easy to drive. Even though it is big, it maneuvers really well and is safe.

I love my Yukon. It drives well and is reliable. It comfortably fits my family of 5 and friends if necessary. I has plenty of storage area for us. My only complaint is I wish it got a bit better gas mileage and I wish the seats stored when I folded them down so that I always had them with me if I need them.

- Kori P

I love all the interior space.

The air conditioning on the drivers side goes out. There is an internal part that requires my entire dash to be taken out to be repaired. You can hear it fluting then it starts to blow hot air solely on the drivers side. The power steering is going out which causes problems parking and making right turns.

- Nicole T

Easy to find parts its a GMC.

My favorite thing about my GMC is that parts are easy to find. It has 3 rows. The second row is two seats separated which is great when you have 2 young babies. I can easily climb into the 3rd road to feed a bottle or give a pacifier. I like it because my 17 month old can not reach my 2 month old.

- Rachel J

The sturdiness of this vehicle makes me feel safe while driving it.

It is a great SUV but filling it up with gas is crazy and expensive. It has bad gas per mileage. But it is very sturdy. I feel safe while driving it. It is rides smooth and the leather interior makes it look luxurious. I would recommend this vehicle just be warned about the gas consumption.

- Jair M

The cons of owning a GMC Yukon.

I drive a 2004 GMC Yukon. I do not like it as much as I would like to. It is a bigger vehicle and I personally prefer small to medium size vehicles. Also, it uses a lot of gas so I do not like that at all. My air recently stopped working and the fix for it is not as simple as he had hoped.

- Chelsea H

Drives like its brand new, love how it rides would recommend to anyone.

Battery problems and I think some electrical problems, but other than that, great car, love bigger cars, drives great, and is in great condition, love my Yukon XL, would very much recommend to anyone looking for one, perfect for a big family or someone who likes to drive smooth big trucks.

- Dillon B

Spacious vehicle, with cup holders.

This car is very spacious and has room for everything you need. With multiple cup holders to captain chairs in the middle. Excellent storage space in the rear. Also comes with a full size spare tire. The price point is right where it needs to be for the value of the vehicle you receive.

- Marian H

Very dependable, and secure.

I love driving my Yukon, never any mechanical problems, I like that it tells me if anything is wrong, i.e.: rear tail door is not shut all the way. Brakes need to be checked. Radio features telling me who is singing the song and the name of the song. When my gas is becoming low.

- Deborah P

We love the seating! There is so much room!

We love this vehicle. We have taken it camping, fishing, off-roading, and much more. We love that you can take the back seat out when you need more space. Our kids love the tv and we love the headphones that come with the tv. It has been the best buy that we have made so far.


GMC Yukon baby! Love it!!

No real problems besides normal repairs. Roomy, easy, rides good. It is a very reliability truck. Not to big fits our family. Would love a little more trunk space. Has a lot of normal features. Smooth ride. Easy to access for repairs. One of the best trucks I have owned.

- Mandy F

Expansive car expensive gas.

Old, semi reliable, never broken down but it might. Needs many repairs like the rear windshields broken and seat warmers too. Just paid a lot of money to fix the breaks so I keep having to put a lot of money into fixing my old car. At least I don't have payments on it.

- Lisa S

Great commuter and long distance driver.

Great family car for growing families. Mileage is very high and it is a gas hog at times. But I love the space it provides for the kids and for all my work gear. It is a great long distance vehicle for those trips to visit family in other states or a few towns over.

- Molly L

My Yukon is a very reliable vehicle.

I hardly had any problems with my Yukon except replacing water pump, and the radiator. It is roomy and comfortable. It has two bucket seats and 2 full backs. It has heating and ac that is still very functionable. The gas is basically the same with most v8 engines.

- Susie M

2004 GMC luxury Yukon Denali.

My 2004 GMC Yukon Denali is everything a luxury SUV should be for its age. It's got heated leather seats, Bose stereo system, moonroof, and most importantly its comfortable and sturdy and pretty stylish. I love my truck and I am a bit sad that it's getting older.

- Jennifer W

We have bigger tires on ours. So it makes it look a little tougher.

I really enjoy my GMC Yukon Denali it is very safe. Very comfortable. Drives smooth. Great family vehicle. We had an 04 Tahoe before this. And that is also the reason we purchased the Yukon. Since they are basically the same car. It is a very dependable vehicle.

- Amy F

Dependable vehicle & well made.

No problems. Basic maintenance oil changes, tires, breaks. drives well. Plenty of room for family of 6. Power locks and windows, sunroof, plenty of storage, 6 CD player, radio, Bose speakers. Very reliable. Has 271, 000 miles and still runs good. Very reliable.

- Shannon S

Been a great vehicle, reliable, fits our family.

been a great vehicle. Regular maintenance on it but no major repairs. Nice because it is big enough to fit 3 cars seats in the bench in the back, don't need to utilize the third row but have that option. It is getting older so it is starting to rust in spots.

- Sandy M

Very durable and dependable.

It is very durable and dependable. My vehicle has not given out on me being that I drive it everyday. The ride is very smooth. Although, recently I have noticed that the gas burns fast. The gas mileage has dropped 7 miles in a span of less than 10 minutes.

- A S

GMC Yukon denials are great family SUVs.

Well I got my vehicle used but still in good condition and is a good quality family sub and I love it. No problems whatsoever just the usual that need to be done to the car is oil change every 3 months or so but my truck has high mileage so even less.

- Ruby Z

It's dependable and reliable. Also, it's a great size for a larger family.

I love the size of it and how useful it is to have bucket seats that fold down since I have multiple kids. The seats are also very comfortable and the car itself is dependable. I dislike its overall age and lack of some newer technological advances.

- Natalie C

Mileage is not great compared to other cars so lots of money is spent on gas.

I like that it has maintained its value. The air conditioning continues to work as well as the seat warmers. Additionally there is a DVD player for young passengers. I dislike that the GPS system cannot be updates to more current maps.

- Emily H

It lasts a long time if the oil is changed regularly. Have to do the maintenance and it will be a good vehicle

I like my SUV because it's bigger than a car. It's higher up. I can drive it anywhere, off-road for fun and camping.it fire more in it than a car. I like the tinted windows but they could be darker and I wish the floors weren't carpet.

- Mindy T

My vehicle can fold the seats all the way down into the floor!

My vehicle is old but reliable. It has over 300, 000 miles and is still going, but it does have its issues. Such as in the past 6 months I've had to take it in for numerous fluid leakage problems in the power steering and radiator.

- Steven Y

It is a great vehicle for bigger family. I can seat 7 people in my vehicle.

The only problem I have had with my vehicle is that the alternator and fuel pump went out. And both are expensive parts to replace. Other than that I really have no problems with my vehicle even though it is an older model.

- Samantha T

2 wheel drive pearl blue with 250,000 miles and still runs like I just drove it off the car lot

I absolutely love my Yukon! It has plenty of room with it's 3rd row seating to fit 8 to 9 people. I would not trade it for the world. I have had my Yukon for 12 years. Still runs great, and gets me everywhere I want to go.

- Candy B

Good full size sport utility vehicle, could do better on gas mileage

My sport utility vehicle is spacious, the seats are comfortable, there is plenty of cargo room & towing capacity is adequate for my needs. It has pretty standard features. It is reliable. The gas mileage is terrible.

- Amanda H

The most important thing to know about my car is that is very reliable.

My car is very comfortable, driving is good, the hydraulics don't work very well. It gets me were I need to go everyday. I rarely have any problems with it. The breaks kind of wear down fast but that may be fault.

- Kiara G

My vehicle offers spacious room during road trips, we have taken it on several road trips and it has been great to use with the kids.

My vehicle is one the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. It is really spacious we have the xl edition which has a third row and spacious trunk for whatever you need to put in the back. Engine runs great.

- Joshua L

Great for any weather. Reliable.

It runs very great. Little to no problems really. Every now and then you will have to get it checked out. Minor problems exist like brakes may go bad after a while, due to wear and tare. Overall great truck.

- Nathaniel B

It almost has 200 thousand miles on it and has been a good car

I have had it for about 5 years. It has been a good car, except I had to replace the transmission. I like the look and the comfort of the inside. There is a lot of room inside and it can also two things.

- Sebastian r

Lasts forever, low maintenance costs with a comfortable ride and good handling.

I love my car. It is 16 years old, just passed 300,000 miles and only now has a problem which is too expensive to fix. It's had VERY few problems and I will replace with the same brand I'm almost sure.

- Becky A

It consumes a lot of gas but is very reliable.

I love my gm. because its useful for furniture, big appliances, etc. But I also hate it because it's a gas guzzler but that is okay because its never let me down and it always comes in handy when needed.

- Aliyah C

Its very spacious and you can either have a third row seat or two rows.

It's a Yukon xl Denali. The only thing wrong with it is it uses a lot of gas. I love the engine and the radio. The fact that it is big makes me feel safe and everyone fits in it comfortably.

- Amie H

It is comfy and great for a family.

I like the size and toughness of it. I also like that is it is comfortable and has a good air conditioner. I do not like that it uses so much gas, better fuel mileage would make it perfect.

- Mary C

Rides fine and doesn't wander.

Vehicle handles great, however the oxygen sensors on emissions system are not the best, and the abs modules tend to go bad and are very expensive. . . Breaks just fine if they go out. . .

- Greg O

It is very good on gas. The car is great when driving long distances.

Love this vehicle! Only complaint is I should have gotten the xl, but that is my fault. It is been on many road trips, does not give any troubles. Relatively decent gas mileage too.

- Ann H

Multipurpose vehicle that is great for small and large family sizes and small out of home businesses.

I feel safe in it because it large. Lots of room when I have to haul something big even appliances. Great family vehicle for camping and road trips. Nothing disliked about it.

- Frances B

GMC Yukon is worth the buy

Very reliable. Comfortable ride. Have had issues with the electric system. Have also had to rebuild motor @ 200,000 miles - but this was due to ethanol gumming up the system

- Travis C

This vehicle is great for hauling gear and for providing room for up to 8 passengers.

I like that we can fit lots of people and supplies when traveling. I dislike the gas mileage. Some of the controls like windshield wipers are not conveniently located.

- T B

Built to last, enjoyably.

It's heavy and safe, I sit high, can comfortably drive for long periods of time, can carry 6 passengers or 3 passengers and cargo, it's reliable after 15 years of use.

- Marty V

Luxury SUV with lots of room and plenty of extras.

Good vehicle, has lasted 15 years. It is starting to have some minor issues but that is expected. Has lots of room which I need, just wish it got better gas mileage.

- Michael L

Yukon's are what the cool soccer moms drive

Drives well, very roomy and the 3rd row is great when hauling kids to and from sports. I also like that you can fold the 3rd row up and have room for groceries.

- Darla K

Yukon Gold! The best GMC for seeing America!

I love my vehicle for it's comfort on long trips, its power to tow our camper, and it's reliability so that we aren't hit with big repair bills all the time.

- Joseph A

The vehicle is roomy and can carry a lot of stuff

Very comfortable, runs well, no mechanical problems. However, the chrome plating on the exterior corroded very early and has not stayed rust resistant.

- Mark T

Maximize your space, time in one vehicle.

I love my Yukon. A lot of space, have had one mechanical problem in the time i have owned the vehicle. It drives well and is good on gas for its size.

- Kay L

This is my distance car for trips, it is set up for fishing.

Good size for hauling, good handling, good in snow/ ice. Long enough to store my fly rods assembled on the ceiling. Poor gas mileage. Noisy on the road.

- James R

Long lasting and reliable

It has had some engine issues in the past, but overall it has been a completely reliable car that has lasted a long time and will continue to do so.

- Sophia S

Amazing roomy reliable family vehicle.

It's a great car, if something may go wrong it's easy fixes, its super reliable and has been for years, roomy inside for our family and traveling.

- Leslie L

I would definitely recommend this vehicle

i love everything about this vehicle except that the cluster went out and we had to replace it but overall it drives well and seats 7 comfortably

- charity L

Four wheel drive, spacious, drives smoothly

Great family vehicle, perfect for all kinds of weather, traveling and local driving.. its spacious and comfortable. The whole family enjoys it.

- Jessica S

Reliable vehicle, 2004 Yukon Denali is definitely a good choice for luxury.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. The air ride could be more heavy duty, and the tire pressure monitor seems to not last long in this year.

- William D

Best sport utility vehicle I've ever owned!

None. It's a fantastic vehicle with 240000 miles on it. All major components have worked the way they were designed and I love the vehicle.

- Chad P

That it is safe and reliable to drive and people will enjoy driving a Yukon.

I like driving a SUV because you sit up higher in traffic and can see over the other cars. My Yukon is roomy and has been very reliable.

- Donna C

It is a small car but has a lot more room inside it than it appears.

Large and spacious. I love the fact we can take it and park anywhere and hide in the back and relax. It's how we first met and went out.

- Erica M

Truck drives nice, does ok in gas.

Had no issues. Only this is heater blower went out twice! It was an easy fix and inexpensive. I love my truck. It rides smooth as well.

- Ashley B

It is very good and I live my payment on it.

It take me we?re I need and get back home safe I have not had any problem wit it at all it is a very good truck that I have I love it.

- Rosemary F

2004 GMC Yukon XL a great family SUV

My 2004 Yukon XL has been a very reliable SUV. We love taking it on road trips. We have only had to perform routine maintenance on it.

- Matt S

Totally worth the money! Eats gas, but gets you where you are heading!

Timing chain is great, eats gas but is super dependable. Looks great, holds lots of people and stuff. Hit a deer and kept on roller!

- Daddy T

It is an older truck that is needs a little work.

It is pretty old considering we are now in 2018.. But it is not a bad truck just needs some work. Just ready for something newer.

- Brittany J

It gets me to wear I need to go.

It's better than the 2011 GMC sierra I had bought brand new. That truck broke down on me every time I seemed to drive it.

- Justin F

It was an Overall good vehicle

It was a used vehicle when we bought it. I loved the way it handled when I drove it. Overall it was a good family vehicle

- Michelle S

It gets really great gas mileage.

Seats 6 people, great power, hard on gas.. Fold down seats.. Lots of storage space.. Great act and heat.. Heated seats..

- Laura R

2004 GMC Yukon, very dependable, easy to work on.

No problems, very dependable , very comfortable, performance is perfect. More dependable than any car I have ever owned.

- Jill T

It has great seating space.

I like all of the seating space to put kids and groceries. . Dislike the gas use it uses about 150 in gas each month.

- Jessica D

Transmission issues and more. . .

This vehicle is great but has transmission problems. I love the DVD player. It is a great thing to have with 3 kids.

- Angelica M

They should know how dependable and reliable it is.

I like the roominess of it. The dependability. I have had it since it was new and do not dislike anything about it.

- Charles B

It is a car and it drives.

Broken a lot like transmission and engine also airbags but the car is fine just need a truck to haul bigger things.

- Lana E

Yukon Vehicle description

High mileage and needs new carpet and tires cloth seats, power steering and seats. Power windows third row backseat

- Jessica M

It is a very reliable family SUV.

I like that it is roomy enough for me and my husbands 5 children. I don't like that it doesn't have a bench seat.

- Mary A

My spectacular vehicle!!!

My car is burgundy. It is sometimes easy on gasoline. It drives good and is also not sitting low on the ground.

- Alexis A

It is spacious and plenty of trunk space as well as seating.

It is a good size car for my family. I dislike the fact that it is not good on gas. It is expensive to drive.

- Laura L

the overall quality of it and the good gas mileage for such a large vehicle

love the roominess and the height of my vehicle has been a good vehicle with only 1 major expense in 14 years

- gilbert s

Very comfortable ride,turning radius is second to none!

Handles very well Has the right amount of hauling capacity! Heated seat switch is too close to window switch

- Kent L

The car is large and built for carrying large loads.

The vehicle is great for transporting furniture or moving large items. The car is not good for gas mileage.

- Carly B

It was built to last and does great in the winter!

It's getting old. Love the roominess. Love the moonroof. Typical GMC issues with older vehicle.

- angel s

It's quite safe and reliable

Love the size, the look and the durability Only complaint is that it's old, time to upgrade

- Diane S

The Yukon Denali is a very good car. It is comfortably seated and can fit 7. The feel of the ride is mostly smooth as you drive.

If you take care of this car it will definitely take care of you and last for a good while.

- Kayce B

It has been a very reliable and dependable vehicle.

I like how much room it has and it's very comfortable. It's been very reliable.

- Mark K

I love my vehicle. It has a few error codes on brake system and tire monitor but I love it.

I love the room and reliability in my car. It handles great on the road.

- christi b

It has a history but what car doesn't! It was involved in a house fire and still drives today!

Love the space inside. Can hold a big family. Dependable always.

- Samantha K

I love the room it has for everyone to sit. Its does a great job getting around in snow and it's not bad on gas.

It's a very dependable vehicle that gets around in any weather.

- Rhonda D

I wanted to borrow it, ended up buying it and still drive it

big, fast, smooth, paid for, no complaints

- parker R