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The pros of having a GMC Yukon.

This vehicle has room for a family of four to fit comfortably. My daughter plays softball so it does hold all the gear that we need for short trips. The only thing I would change is to have a suburban or xl to have more room for longer trips. I bought this vehicle used 6 years ago and I have had to replace the transmission. It has 220, 000 miles on it. I have done routine maintenance and it still runs good. I like the dual temperature upfront so the driver and passenger can be comfortable at the same time. I also like that it has temperature control for the back sets. My kids can set their own temperature. I would also like the garment hooks not only in the very back but in the second row of seats. This vehicle does have drink holders in the back which is helpful. I would like a cup holders in the door too.

- Dawn K

My 2005 GMC Yukon is awesome!! No problems with motor, transmission, brakes, etc.

Some lights off on steering wheel, dash. Gas mileage could be better - 14 mpg. Feel very secure & safe driving & riding in the Yukon. Being a heavy vehicle is a definite plus. Awesome performance, very reliable, extremely comfortable! Love the DVD player, heated seats, on star & Sirius xm! Plenty of room for the grands plus luggage. Paint job has held up well. Leather seats are showing some wear, but are very comfortable with the adjustable seat option. Great Bose' speakers! Wish I could afford a new one because this one is getting old, but the cost is just too much for someone retired & on a limited income. Best vehicle I ever owned!

- Susie K

Very comfortable and compacted for three rows of seats, and not bad on gas!!

Well I am not sure if I am just lucky or what but I must say I actually do love my 2005 GMC Yukon! Always having good trustworthy mechanic is always a plus but the parts and labor for this SUV are very cheap and easy to find I have had the truck for 6 years and I had my rear axle ball joints go out that's it major repair wise it has 175000 miles on it and starts and runs everyday! Keep your oil changed fluids filled and engine tuned up and this truck will last you I promise!

- Kevin B

The ultimate mommy mobile. Our 6 kids and all our stuff fits comfortably.

I love the space my Yukon xl has, we are a large family and everyone fits comfortably. I love the way it handles, driving it is easy. I feel really safe in it, even driving in bad weather. I have over 270,000 miles on it and have only recently had to replace the rear main seal, radiator, fuel pump and starter. My only complaint is that it gets bad gas mileage. I am having to tank up often. I do find it runs better on the non-ethanol gas.

- Shanna B

Some uncomfortable features of Yukon denali.

All brake lights have went out, which According to mechanic it is a brake switch that goes out a lot on these. Also a flaw in the design is that the back seats will fold down to be able to carry large items, but the back seats do not lay down or back at all. With our family of 6, this makes it very uncomfortable when traveling on family trips. The only way to relax or sleep is to lay flat in the floor or sleep sitting straight up.

- Shan C

I love this vehicle but it has a few things wrong.

I had this car for two years and the only problem I had was having to change the alternator the driver door wont open from outside and the motor in the passenger behind driver window stopped working really minor things. If you keep the oil changed it will stay on task. The traction engages sometimes I still have no idea how. It has three rows but and a captain seat they didn't fold down. And I the heat motor stopped working.

- Kimberly J

It is a great tow vehicle and is helpful when you have friends to drive places.

My vehicle currently needs the air conditioning on the passenger side fixed. We just got the driver's side AC fixed last December. I just had the wiring harness and the catalytic converter replaced recently so I can't afford more right now. I wish I could afford to get a newer vehicle. It is a nice truck with seating for 7 people. It does have 188,000 miles on it.

- Christina y

The Yukon XL is big enough for a larger family. It seats 9 and still has room.

This Yukon has had very little issues. We had a problem recently with the fuel pump. It is actually in the gas tank, which costs plenty to have changed.It is the Yukon XL. Seats 9, but never have that many passengers. Only issue I have is that it did not live up to the gas mileage it was supposed to do! It has gotten better since the new fuel pump.

- Judy M

We have plenty of room for passengers and their cargo when traveling.For an older SUV, it is a good one.

Our Yukon XL is a silver 4- wheel drive with third row seats. It is comfortable and roomy, and has heated seats in the front. We had running boards put on it, so it is easy to get in and out of. We have had trouble with the electronic driver's windows breaking and had to have it repaired. It is very good at towing our travel trailer.

- Peggy P

GMC Yukon Denali xl, comfort and reliability.

My GMC Yukon Denali xl has lots of horsepower, runs smoothly, and has tons of comfort options. I enjoy the remote start and cannot imagine winter mornings without it. The heated seats are also great. The DVD player has been a lifesaver on road trips with my 5 kids. The only downfall is the low gas mileage. I average 12.7 mpg.

- Kristen T

Yukons are the comfort of America.

My two Yukons i've owned had suspension issues after over a decade of use, outside of that they are very reliable. They are big and spacious on the inside, lots of passenger room or luggage room, they do not need maintenance as strictly as other vehicles (I've gone 3000+ miles over when oil should be changed with no issues.

- John F

Great vehicle and for sure buy another one. Been a blessing to my family.

Great car, do not like the 4 wheel drive staying in all the time. It handles good and drives good. Fuel mileage is good. I like the 3rd roll seats makes it nice and easy to haul kids. It pulls the camper good too. I wished it had 17 inch or 18 inch tires because the 16 inch tires are getting hard to find.

- Jared H

My only complaint about this vehicle.

No problems with the vehicle. I have the fully loaded luxury edition. It is comfortable and drives nice. The only complaint is the all wheel drive. It makes the vehicle not drive straight. You have to constantly adjust the steering wheel to make the vehicle drive in a straight line down a straight road.

- Tony W

The. Yuko is a family vehicle.

I love the Yukon. It is a great family car. It has seven seats of which two are removable. Plenty of space for traveling and also a rack on top for luggage. It has a lot of power for pulling a trailer or whatnot. I would recommend this vehicle for someone who has a large family and even pets.

- Victoria B

Great for a large family, there are 7 of us!

Great car, extremely comfortable, a little high on the gas mileage but for the power of the engine, it is well worth it. Watch after market tires, disables the tire monitoring sensor unless they're installed properly. All around great family car. It is my son's favorite thus far.

- Christina B

My yukon. Large fast comfortable reliable and over all looks amazing.

This is the best car ever, very spacious, reliable and fast. It is easy and big enough that my husband can work one it comfortably. Downfall it sucks gas but worth every penny. I would recommend this car to a seasoned drive, due to the fast pick up of speed and how large it is.

- Angel P

the Review of the 2005 Yukon

The trucks window does not work;will roll down but cannot roll up using that window button.The engine light stays on and the abs brake lights stays on.The gas sensor is not reading the right amount of gas I have.The car has very much space in the back seat and the trunk is also

- jen g

GMC Yukon - Unparalleled Versatility (carries five passengers and all their gear, or seven passengers)

It is an SUV (technically a light-duty truck) and is quite comfortable to drive, with plenty of space in the back for groceries or other items. The only drawback I can think of right now is that the front seats do not recline far enough, making long trips uncomfortable.

- Jenifer H

A very dependable and comfortable vehicle to drive and keep us protected.

I really like our Yukon, it drives well in all weather conditions, it has been reliable. We drive it on long trips and it is very comfortable. The third row seating allows for more room for our family of 7. It handles nicely, yet we feel protected because of the size.

- Misty T

2005 GMC Yukon salt, golden with tan, leather interior.

It performs well, has wide spacious seats, and plenty of seats. I love that it has a built in DVD player for my kids to enjoy while we're on a long car ride. The thing I dislike the most is how much gas it uses, I feel like I am always filling the tank.

- Felicia W

Yukon slt, is the perfect car for a family and will get you wherever you need to go.

It is a good suv, with high mileage. Very dependable, it's awesome for summer and winter. All the kids can fit in it and it has a DVD player also, I love going fishing in it as well as evening cruises. Yukon slt is a great car to have.

- Paige D

The space it provides is exactly what any person would want. Especially for family trips

I love the space it provides. It's not so bad on gas but i wish it was a little more economical. I guess it makes sense for the size of it. It has everything i need and want. Gps, built in dvd, bucket seats and plenty room in the back

- Jennifer P

Great car for value. Great dealership and warranty.

When we went looking was looking for a Ford expedition but couldn't find one in our price range at the time. It was not a color I would of chose but again cost efficient. I really like the size and how many people I can fit into it!.

- Patricia M

Comfortable, reliable, room, great engine for get up and go. Minimal repairs, just usual upkeep of car. 170,000 miles and still going strong

Reliable, comfortable, great for hauling kids to sporting events, lots of room for them and their equipment. Great ride, comfortable for long drives. Great driving performance. Stops on a dime, lots of power (get up and go!)

- Amy F

So many adventures with our Denali xl!

I love the performance of the GMC Yukon Denali xl. It's been very low maintenance and keeps running great! It fits all my kids and all of their stuff. I love all the room in the trunk and all the adventures we can take it on!

- Rebecca P

It's long lasting! I'm the second owner of it and it currently has 214k miles!

I like that it has a rear entertainment in the back to keep the kids occupied. I dislike, at the moment, that my front AC does not work, but at least it work in the back. I dislike that the middle seats aren't captain seats.

- Beverly M

Used gem, GMC Yukon Denali.

We bought this vehicle used, there are a few things we took care of as far as the maintenance goes b/c the previous owner didn't once the warranty ran out otherwise the vehicle is wonderful we couldn't ask for such a gem.

- Bonnie C

It is a full size sport utility vehicle perfect for large or "on the go" families that have kids participating in any activity that requires extra equipment.

I love my Denali! It fits everything I need, is comfortable, rides great. The only I even remotely dislike is the length of the vehicle. It's very hard to park as they continue to make parking spaces smaller and smaller

- Stephanie S

The car will guzzle gas but it will safely, reliably, and comfortably get you where you need to go.

I like the fact that it is very high up from the ground and has good visibility. They are reliable, i have 258,000 miles on it at the moment and still going strong. And it is comfortably roomy for a larger sized people.

- Baron O

It holds a lot of passengers (7) and has removable rear seats, allowing space for a lot of cargo.

The GMC YUkon is technically a light-duty truck and has space for up to seven passengers. The two rear seats are removable, leaving a lot of room for cargo. It is a great vehicle for towing a small trailer.

- J H

2005 Yukon XL Long life vehicle

This vehicle performs wonderfully and has had a very good and long life. The only issues that I have ever had on it is the water pump going out and the speedometer both were easily fixed with little cost

- Robert g

Overall safe vehicle and has a smooth ride despite the broken shock system..

I like the visibility (height of the vehicle). I like the space for my family. Do not like that the shock system is so expensive to repair and the light bulbs seem to need replacing quite frequently.

- David W

This vehicle is built to last.

I love that it is a truck that handles like a smaller car. I like that there is plenty if room for passengers and cargo. I have no complaints as this has been a reliable vehicle.

- Maureen W

It's been very reliable so far. Other than a few minor repairs and regular maintenance, I haven't needed to do too much to it.

I like the size of my Yukon. It rides high enough that I can see over other cars so I know what's ahead when I'm driving. I wish it were a bit larger so I can haul more stuff.

- Joe S

It's great for carrying stuff or several people to different places!

I love the third row, great for taking extra kids. I dislike how large it feels when parking; but that's because I don't like to park. I also wish it had better gas mileage.

- heather f

It is good in the snow and ice. It can fit 7 people pretty comfortably. It needs a lot of maintenance.

I like that it is big enough to fit my larger family. I do not like that it has electrical issues occasionally. The battery also seems to need to be replaced far too often.

- Richella P

Nothing my car is fine and up to date.

There’s no problem with my vehicle just that it is too big and it waists twice as much gas that a regular car. That is the only issue with my vehicle for the moment.

- Janet A

That it drives like a truck and expect to feel like it.

The Yukon 2005 that I drive the most often is a very nice ride. I prefer larger cars so this car fits my preference. I feel safe and in control while driving.

- Riley M

I had held up really well!

I like the room it has for everyone. I like the places I can go in it. I like that I can tow things. I like how safe I feel in it. I like the stereo system.

- Rebecca E

Comfortable to travel in. Very reliable.

This vehicle is safe. We use it to pull a trail trailer. I like the captain seats in the middle. Bench in back. It has a DVD player. Comfortable to travel.

- Joan M

Transmission slips and goes out around 160-180k miles.

Fuel mileage could be better. Also mine has the anti slip and I do not like that. But it drives good and have a lot of room. It also pulls a camper good.

- Jared H

My vehicle needs to be replaced due to maintenance and rust issues

The vehicle has High miles, it has multiple rust issues, like the frame, rocker panels rear quarters and front fenders, and multiple maintenance issues.

- Raymond R

Very reliable and smooth drive. Very spacious and roomy.

Large enough to hold our family of 5 and all of our "stuff." Very reliable and safe. Great to travel in with space for every family member plus luggage

- Lee W

Very reliable especially for It's age.

It is a very reliable vehicle and I have had very little issues with it. The only thing I dislike about it is that it is not the vehicle that I want.

- Andrew T

Its big but easy to drive.

My Yukon has been very reliable. It is a comfortable yet rugged vehicle. Lots of features such as DVD entertainment, heated leather seats, moonroof.

- Steven B

Wouldn't buy this kind of car again

We bought it second-hand. It drives smoothly but has had a number of issues including engine problems and malfunctions of a lot of internal systems.

- Rachel S

The gas mileage could be much better.

Really nice family vehicle. Room to sit several people and pretty reliable. Our seats are comfortable for long trips and it does not feel cramped.

- Rose G

The highlight of my vehicle is that it doesn't require a lot of maintenance

The car is 100 percent reliable requires a lot of gas I must say. The maintenance with the truck is perfect and that air and heat works perfect

- Nishia N

Met/ volunteer firefighter so my vehicle goes through a lot of rough conditions.

My Yukon is very reliable and other that routine maintenance there has been no issues. I love the third row seating and all the room it offers.

- Billy S

The car hold up well and keeps you safe. However it cost a lot in gas

I like the size of the vehicle. I like that it has a third row. I like that there is a dvd and navigation systems. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Falyn K

Allows third row seating to be easily interchanged for trunk room or seating.

Love the room for passengers and myself especially the second row captains chairs.. Hate the gas mileage (averaging 15.8 miles per gallon).

- Jessica W

Best SUV for comfort, class, and reliability

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Drives great and has had no major problems. Very easy maintenance. All and all very reliable.

- Jill A

It is big enough for now to transport our growing family.

The gas doesn't last long but the size is what matters. I have 3 kids so we need a lot of room. It's an older model but I still love it.

- ashley s

New tires; repaired a/c; two-tone. Drives well.

My vehicle performs well. Just had a/c work done. I am leery about putting it on the road for extended travel due to it is advanced age.

- Pamela S

safety rating It is big so I feel secure in it. I would buy another one in a minute but they have become so expensive now

love it hate it is getting older and may not make it much longer.It has been dependable and kept me safe on my commute to work daily

- becky d

An amazing car overall! Won't trade it

The vehicle is an amazing car of ours! I am totally glad my parents got this type of car. Fits our whole family with 2 extra spaces.

- Claudio R

Last a long time. I have had my truck for years and I still runs good.

Good vehicle, very dependable. Parts are a little pricey but it is totally worth it. Very good on long roads for family road trips.

- Erika C

It has a problem with the fuel tank.

My GMC Yukon xl is big and roomy, great for my family of 5 plus kids friends. I do dislike the gas mileage as it uses a lot of gas.

- Andrea S

It is large and comfortable and it has 4 wheel drive.

I like my vehicle because it is big. I like it because it can hold my family. I like it because it has a nice sound system in it.

- Kelley F

Great safety rating and drives so smooth.

Love the Yukon besides the gas expenses. It drives really nice, interior is amazing. Haven't had any serious mechanical failures.

- Shawn F

It's big and paid for. Great driving car. Easy on gas and plenty of room for six people

The last year model with the big space inside. Plenty of room for the six of us. Great gas mileage and love the way it drives.

- Laura R

My GMC Yukon Denali and its perks

It's very relaxing to drive. It is a smooth ride. My kids love it because it has a tv in it. My truck accommodates everyone

- Brittany F

Great Family vehicle. I feel my kids are well protected in the event of an accident.

I love my Yukon. It has all the space I need for my larger than average family while still having room for all our gear.

- Breanna T

It fits our family of 7 comfortably.

I like that it fits my family 7 and I still have room for groceries and sports gear. Its reliable and drives smoothly.

- Kim E

It's made in America and is dependable and great for families or those that like to travel.

Love the space and that it is big and safe. Smooth drive. It is older so it doesn't have many bells and whistles.

- Heather J

Nice in it's younger years

It's been a reliable car. I've had it for 12 years though so it's starting to show some wear & tear on the inside.

- shonna c

Great Vehicle for a family truck

I love everything about my GMC. It will hold 7 people with us about to have twins the vehicle has plenty of room.

- Michael D

It is very roomy inside and it has heated seats.

I like that it is big. I can fit out kid and dogs. I dislike that it uses so much gas plus it is getting older.

- Ashley K

Amazing car. Will not fail you!

There are no problems! This is by far one of the best vehicle purchases we have ever made. Very glad we did it.

- Angel R

Very safe car for everyone!

It is a good car safe good safety measures taken when the car was created I love this car a lot, very nice car.

- Kelly R

It is gigantic, but it is easier to drive than you would think.

I like how big the car is. I am small, so it keeps me safe in an accident. I dislike how it has not aged well.

- Chloe E



- craig g

safe, durable, long lasting

I love it because it gives a very safety feeling. It's also very durable. It gives a good overall impression.

- Catalina S

Ac tends to go out. It guzzles gas but the size is awesome with 3rd row seating.

I love the size of our yukon but very gmc we have owned has eventually had AC issues. We have owned 4 gmc's.

- Tiffany K

Very roomy. Fits a family comfortably

I like the size of the vehicle. I like how my family fits comfortably in the vehicle. I dislike the mpg.

- Candice G

It has decent gas mileage and a smooth ride.

I love the size, features, and gas mileage it gets. After this I could never drive a car.. No dislikes..

- Mary C

Very fast and is good on off road that's about it

No Problem no problem no problem no problem no problem no problem no problem no problems no problem n

- Drew J

Extremely reliable over all.

Very reliable but the seats are not very comfortable and when it's hot they can get gross and sweaty.

- Avery J

The tv and the rear headphones so he back passengers can watch a movie and I can still listen to my music

Love the size and the room. I love the built in tv and controls. I love the air condition regulations

- Corinne S

It cost a lot to get new tires.

The care gets me places. I really enjoy the height of the care. I don't like how much gas it takes.

- Alya S

It not a reliable truck i think yukon is a cheap truck

Its bad on gas.the driver seat broke in the first week of buying it.has a lot of electric problems

- Darren R

Only gets 14 miles to the gallon. Very comfortable to drive and delivers lots of power.

It drives very smooth, very roomy and comfortable. Only thing I don't like is it's a gas guzzler.

- James P

It's a gas eater so if u like paying for gas this vehicle is for u

I like that it has a lot of room.has good features. I don't like the gas mileage it sucks.

- Christopher S

Plenty of room and power to tow a travel trailer American made Handles and drives fantastic

American made. Dependable and a great SUV Not a fuel saver but tows and has plenty of room

- Chris M




The durability of the vehicle is good. The vehicle has a lot of miles and still runs good

Like my vehicle. It is good on gas. The vehicle runs good with the number of miles.

- Ken G

it ride good get you from point a to point b nice car to have

I like the style of the car and the way it rides does not take much gas to full up

- richard b

good gas mileage for the size of vehicle it is. great for a flea marketer

sometime to big. but like the fact is sits high. like the fact it handles great.

- carol k

it's a dependable safe car without all the new technology

it's a big car. it's a dependable car its a safe car I have no complaints

- mary k

Expensive to maintain in regards to gas, tires and parts needed.

Love that it sits high and gets through snow. Complaint is terrible on gas!

- Tiffany M

I like the third row seating. When I need it I can lift the seats and have plenty of storage in the back.

Get a newer model as the 2005 series is right at the end of its time.

- Dena D

I love the size and carrying capacity of my yukon. I can seat 9 people which is important to me plus I have plenty of cargo room. I don't like the gas mileage.

It's old and there are a lot of things that no longer work on my car.

- Andi J

It is so comfortable for tall drivers and passengers

Seats are so comfortable. Powerful engine. Very safe Has bumpers

- Dee L

Large and sturdy safe vehicle.

Lots of room. Uses too much gas. Am able to use regular gas.

- Melissa H

My vehicle has a very smooth ride. I have yet to have a major issue with any reliability. The gas mileage is pretty poor, but it is comforting that it has a heavy sturdy body.

My car is a reliable, comfortable, beast of a machine.

- Liz B

Its strong for being dependable and runs real good.

It has all the bells and whistles. It fits my style.

- timothy v