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2006 GMC fully loaded Yukon.

I love my vehicle. It rides smooth and has all the bells and whistles that I was looking for when buying a vehicle. Although it is a bit older now it still looks great and rides great. The hardest part about finding the exact vehicle I wanted was finding one with the captains chairs. I found a lot of vehicles that I like in the Yukon model but very few of them had the captain's chairs. Once I got that out of the way it was easy to make a decision. Since it the version right below the Denali I didn't have to suffer to much with everything that came with the vehicle. It has automatic everything and even a DVD player which my passengers love on long road trips, of which I have taken many. Although, I do love this vehicle there have been a few things that have gone wrong over the years. The most annoying of those is the abs sensor. This has gone out about 5 times and is a tad pricey to replace each time (about $300). So I found a work around, just turn off the traction control and the problem goes away. The other small problem I found is that from time to time the rear windshield wiper does not turn on right away. It always does come on but sometimes it is about three minutes after I hit the switch. I am use to it now but the first couple of times is scared me pretty good.

- Nick H

It has been very reliable and I've only had to have it towed once because it stopped on me.

I bought this vehicle new in 2006 and currently have over 189,000 miles on it. Over the years of owning it I have not had major problems while under warranty. Over the last three years I have put more money into it than I wanted, but my logic is that it doesn't cover a car note that I would have over the next six or seven years if I bought a similar vehicle. Currently, it still runs great and is just now starting to rust. I would certainly buy this same type of vehicle again if financially able to.

- Ted J

Travelers will find my GMC to be a traveler's dream.

GMC Yukon has been good to me. Traveling all over the united states, this truck has been good with everything. I have plenty of space for my business equipment and passengers. The ac and heat can be controlled on the front and back seats. Third row of seats can be added or taken off for more space. Very good on gas. Worth every penny. It also folds the seats down just in case you want to take a siesta while you wait for your turn to drive.

- Bertha M

5 Star 2006 GMC YUKON Review

My husband and I just recently purchased a used 2006 GMC Yukon. We needed a larger more spacious vehicle to accommodate to our families needs that would also handle better in the winter time than our former vehicle given where we live! We certainly got that out of our yukon! Not to mention it is used with over 254,000 miles on it and it is still in great condition and running like a champ! We couldn't be happier!

- Crystal E

My SUV is really comfortable and drives really great. The suspension is air ride which makes the road trips smooth.

I absolutely love my GMC Denali. It is fully loaded. The leather seats are fully electric, heated and very comfortable with multiple seating positions allowing people of all height and weight be comfortable while in the vehicle. The pedals adjust to the driver which is a plus for short people like myself. The performance is amazing, feels like I am driving in a cloud. Great family vehicle.

- Victoria T

Yukon Denali - great traveling vehicle.

Great running vehicle. Very little rust. Preforms great. It is very reliable, have only replaced the battery once. Do annual maintenance to make sure it keeps running well. I have 150, 000+ miles on it. Only issue is the load levelers do not work. But the vehicle still rides very smoothly. It is a Denali version and is fully loaded. Great for trips and leisure.

- Jim K

The Yukon Denali is the perfect suv for the on the go Mom with kids in sports and a home business to run#

I absolutely love the design, the room it gives my family, the flexibility to transport as many kids as I need to, or the ability to transport items for my business. It has an amazing sound system, and an awesome moonroof. It is totally family friendly without making me look like a minivan mom. The only complaint I really have is gas mileage.

- Miette R

Very comfortable, but doesn't get very good gas mileage.

This is a very comfortable car. It drives easy, seats our grandchildren, keeps them occupied with the built in DVD player, but as much as I like the electronic "extras", I don't like all the possible problems associated with the extra electronics as I know how expensive repairs can be. I also wish the gas mileage was a bit better.

- Kari S

First car yet best car more reliable than god.

I really only use it to drive to and from work but it's very reliable and I haven't had problems with it since I got it 1 year ago. It is very spacious and the seats are comfortable. I replaced the radio to get a Bluetooth one to connect to my phone and haven't had problems with such. Takes a short time to warm up in cold weather.

- Kelsey M

Great comfortable safe family vehicle for trips.

Great family car can fit three car seats in back seat well not having to use the third row. Stops great has a backup camera. Has anchors for car seats and removable third row seats. Heated seats upfront. All leather interior seats. Comfortable and safe for family great for road travel have taken on vacation a lot.

- Ariel B

Joy to own. The Denali is a great car with lots of great features.

The Denali has a touch of luxury and is durable while being easy to maintain. It still looks like new at ten years old. Leather seating is comfortable with lots of legroom. Gas mileage remains consistent and the Denali is a joy to drive. I would certainly buy another GMC based on this experience.

- Larry S

Runs grate and drives grate a good truck.

It has no problems runs great drives grate it's just a little out of date. I would like a newer car. Trucks are kind of expensive right now because of gas prices. But I would consider buying a newer truck that's more fuel efficient. A car is more fuel efficient and that's what I need right now.

- Chris H

My vehicle is one of the best cars I have ever owned. I love it.

The ac went out that's a big downfall. The high miles I put on it make it not run as fast as it used to run but it's okay. Gas mileage is a little hard based off of my money situation. But overall I love the car it's always worked when I needed it to so I am happy with my purchase.

- Richard G

Great vehicle for anyone that tows or has family.

It's awesome all the way around comfy captains seats bose sound system third row seating great gas mileage heavy duty four wheel drive personalized air control and radio with headphone jacks in the back seat sits high and drives smooth I would recommend for anyone in the market.

- Jackie C

Your regular upscale Yukon with towing, DVD, CD, back up camera,

Very comfy leather heated seats, 3rd row seating with ample leg room. Sun roof. DVD. Front and rear heat, ac and radio controls. Back up camera plus all the power and safety features offered in this 4 wheel, v8 with tow package and better than average mileage 16 to 19 mpg.

- Theresa F

Yukon GMC spacious but not dependable.

It has broken down many times. Has a lot of electrical problems with sensors. It uses a lot of gas. Fills up with about $80. It is also very tall for me. I like the space and comfort of the seats. It is an eight seats and is very spacious. Good for big families.

- Gabriela S

Heated front seats, separate front and rear, driver and passenger climate control.

My vehicle is very reliable. Has plenty of space, very comfortable, power seats, power windows, separate front and rear air/heat, built in DVD player, 3rd row seats, window locks. Heated front seats, separate front and rear radios, plenty of rear cargo space.

- Maria S

All the space for lots of people - even a dog! Great storage, but also lots of room for passengers. You can be as close or as far away from the people in the vehicle with you.

I love all the space in my vehicle. Heated seats bring me great joy as does the dependability of my vehicle. It has not stranded me and when it comes time for another vehicle, I would not hesitate one second to seriously consider another GMC Yukon Denali

- Audra S

It is a good quality vehicle for off-road adventures.

It has minor issues with maintenance, but I bought it from a used car lot. I love the V6 engine it has and the heated seats. We have used th in s vehicle for camping many times and it works well for sleeping in, if you remove the back 2 seats.

- Chelsea D

It's powerful and comfortable. It has plenty of space for the whole family.

I love that my vehicle has 3 rows, and lots of seating. I dislike that it doesn't have car seat anchors in the 3rd row! The middle row doesn't easily fit 3 car seats across so that makes it a little tricky when you have multiple kids.

- J B

That it handles great in the snow. I feel very safe while driving it.

I like that it handles nicely in the snow. I like that it has auto start and heated seats. I strongly dislike that it was missing the third row of seats when we bought it and that the ac/heat regulator goes out CONSTANTLY.

- RyanAnn H

Great family car! It's perfect for a family with small children because there is room for car seats.

I like that there is lots of room in the back to put things. I like that my kids aren't crowded. I like that it's comfortable and the ac works. I don't like how lunch it costs to fill it with gas.

- Lindsay G

I love that everyone has room and lots of legroom!!

I love how comfortable the seats are and I love the bottom is high like a pickup so I can drive country roads easily. I do not like how it is expensive to drive because it uses a lot of gas!!

- Cary L

It's a very spacious vehicle, as well as being comfortable. The main highlight is practicality.

I like the size of the car, it makes me feel much safer. Additionally it helps me carry things to and from locations for work. It also has plenty of seating room for my friends and I.

- Benjamin H

The value and comfort of it. The truck is roomy and comfortable. It has good power to move at local and highway speeds.

The size is nice for a family, but it is not the most fuel efficient vehicle. It provides us with the room we need to transport our family. It provides good power to move about.

- Eric B

It is Very reliable! Stands up to everything and runs great.

Love the size as it fits our family of 5 comfortably. Love all the power options and leather interior. Love That it has 280,000+ miles and it still runs strong and is dependable.

- Marcianna F

The most important thing is that it does not give much mechanical problems.

There are many things I like about my Yukon. What I like the most is that it does not give me many mechanical problems. What I do not like is that it is not very economical.

- Ariana D

It is relatively good on gas for its size. It is all electric dashboard.

I like that it is comfortable and has a backup camera. I do not like that the trunk is small for what we need. And we are at the max seating unless we purchase a bench seat.

- Christina A

The family and friends mover when you don't want a minivan.

Has been a good reliable vehicle. The 3rd row seats come in very handy for larger families. Heating and air in the ceiling helps keep the kids comfortable in the back seats.

- Gordon M

It uses a lot of gas so it is not economical for traveling when trying to save money on gas.

It meets all my needs for my family. It is dependable. Its sporty and very roomy. I like the space it allows when traveling. The thing I dislike is the gas mileage.

- Christall R

It's a large vehicle so it doesn't stop on a dime, it flows down the highway like the king of the road.

We have 4 kids and this truck is perfect for that. It's been very reliable, and the Denali package is great. Lots of bells and whistles. Only dislike - fuel mileage

- Steve L

The one thing others should know about my vehicle is that the interior is spacious and the ride is very even.

My vehicle is right for my needs. The ride is comfy and smooth. It takes more money to fill up the gas tank than I would like and is low on miles per gallon.

- Pam S

Drives and handles like a car.

Love the versatility. I can use it for anything from grocery shopping to camping and towing. Large enough for me to feel safe but not too big to maneuver.

- Lisa L

The price is reasonable, different color and style, you will enjoy the comfort.

Roomy.. No maintenance... Easy to drive... Comfortable... Gets decent gas mileage... Looks good years later... Nice color... All the bells and whistles.

- Lawrence S

The most important thing you should know about the GMC is there is lots of room.

I love the GMC because it rarely has any issues it fits many people and has lots of space. It has a great easy dashboard and is overall awesome.

- Charlie H

Easy to find replacement parts that I need for my vehicle. It has a lot of miles but easy fix so she keeps running great and gets me where I need to go.

It has the Denali package. I love my Bose speakers with DVD player and my leather seats. Easy clean up with the kids and keeps them entertained.

- Chavita S

It is large enough for 5 to ride very comfortably and lots of space for anything in the back.

I like the look of the vehicle. I dislike that it's a bumpy ride. I dislike that it always seems to need work done on it. I like the space.

- Heather L

It is expensive to fix and it is one thing after another after another!

Love the truck but has electrical problems I cannot figure out. I have put a lot of money in this truck so I will have it forever lol.

- Robin D

Others should know that my car is reliable.

My vehicle runs smooth and clean. I also like the automation and internet ready systems. I dislike the miles per gallon of gas ratio.

- Rae S

Others should know that it's good on highway mileage.

Its spacious. I like the space. It cost too much to fill the gas tank up. Maintenance is costly. It has great mileage on it though.

- Danielle I

it is big enough for a family of six but it takes a lot of gas to travel to and from work each week

I like it because it is enough room for the whole family don't like it that it is high off the ground and takes a lot of gas

- Michelle P

It switches from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel based off of the terrain.

This vehicle has a great drive and is versatile. Great space for kids and equipment. Wish had better gas mileage.

- Jonathan T

Very reliable and dependable. Wouldn't trade them for anything else.

No problems, very reliable, very comfortable. Only vehicles I will purchase is a Chevrolet and GMC. I love them.

- Leslie M

A real Workhorse but looks good

I love that it sits high. The car is very comfortable and has plenty of room. It is a Denali so it is loaded.

- Lee Anne B

It's not my favorite car but I have a large family. It gets us where we need to go without having to buy a 15 passenger van.

It's large, lots of seating and great for towing. It's also great for moving, we only needed a small truck.

- Tiffany Z

It gets me from point a to point b.

I love the room for my kids, even though I own it is never paid off and always needs updated and work on.

- Keith S

It's the right one for us. It's big enough and plenty of room for groceries or whatever in the back of the car.

It's a black yukon. It's perfect for my family. There are 7 of us and it's just the right amount of space.

- Stacie W

That is has never had any recalls and has been a dependable vehicle.

Our Yukon has always been reliable and has required nothing other than normal maintenance over the years.

- Anne R

It has lots of room. The leather seats are comfortable and it is easy to maintain

It runs well and is comfortable. It is easy to maintains. I love the features and color. Smooth ride.

- Larry S

Nice color, smooth ride, air works well.

to many miles, needs work, old, falling apart, seats worn out, paint is worn off of dash and levers.

- Kimberly W

Great traction in winter driving.

Very comfortable. Lots of towing power. Can carry 7 people. Doesn't get great gas mileage-13.6

- Robert K

good quality vehicle liked the ride very comfortable sound construction solid and drivable dependable handles very good mechanically sound good sound system very roomy white in color big insides solid interior very dependable is just getting broken in

It is very dependable handles very good and gets decent gas mileage.The sound system is great

- bob m

It manages well and is comfortable. The paint job is holding up great. The mileage isn't too bad.

I love the color. I like how dependable it is. I am very comfortable in it on long trips.

- Mary P

My vehicle has a high safety rating.

I love the features of my vehicle. I dislike the fuel mileage.

- Josh M

Great for families with children. Get it with a tv.

Lots of room Good gas mileage Comfortable Looks beautiful

- Paula R