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I would buy again! Great vehicle for family of 6.

Problems: Because if the fuel saving features, it causes less oil to get to the lifters and then they need to be replaced which is a major expense. The coil packs had to be replaced. The rear AC line rubs against the frame causing it to rupture and thus to lose AC. We keep getting a catalytic converter malfunction code even though it's fine. Likes: Enough space for family of 6 (2 adults, 3 teens, one kid) and vacation gear. Lots of cup holders. Leather seats are still in good contrition which is rare in a vehicle this old with this many people using it. V8 power is a plus and that it knows when to switch to v6. Independent heat and air, heated seats in the front and middle seats.

- Amy W

The pros and cons of owning a GMC Yukon

I really like my Yukon. It is very reliable and comfortable to drive in. I feel safe and there is a lot of room for whatever my needs are with my vehicle whether taking lots of family places or carrying cargo it is very functional. There are of course with any vehicle drawbacks: The center console armrest plastic is cracking, the little knobs for the rear controls in the backseat for the AC fall off continuously, the electrical windows seem to have problems and they do not consistently roll up and roll down. We have had to replace ball joints but for the most part seems to be mechanically sound. I notice the more miles on the engine the more the vehicle seems to require oil.

- Alicia C

GMC Yukon Denali luxurious comfort.

I have owned my GMC Yukon Denali for 5 years. This vehicle has performed beyond my expectations. No major issues. The two front seats and the captain chairs on the second row are extremely comfortable even on long trips with plenty of legroom. However the back row seats are very hard and there is little too no leg room. Very uncomfortable for an adult on short trips let alone long trips. My only complaint with the GMC Yukon is the dashboard cracked. I have researched this and it is apparently a problem with all Yukon's within a certain time frame and GMC has never offered any recall on this issue even though it appears to be an across the board issue.

- Theresa U

Luxury SUV without a high price tag.

The drive is great. I love the features it has - heated seats, remote start, heated rear seats, bucket seats in the back 2 rows, seats 6 adults comfortably. The exterior looks nice, the interior is roomy but not too big, and the mileage is decent for a large SUV. I can see the road good and do not feel small driving along semis on the highway on my daily commute. I feel safe in it. The only downfall is the oil usage between oil changes. I have to keep a close eye on the gauge, and remember to check the oil between long trips so I do not run out. I am currently on my 6th year of driving this type of SUV and looking at a newer model in the same thing.

- Stacy B

I will never buy a Yukon again.

My Yukon runs and handles fine. It is comfortable and reliable. But it is terrible on gas mileage. It is way too powerful and I am always having to replace the motor mount. A Yukon is a highly expensive vehicle when it comes to gas and maintenance. It also has electrical problems. Half the time my drivers side seat, door locks, windows, and mirror on does not work. I have to turn the vehicle off and then back on. The motor in my right mirror has gone out. It has a backseat DVD player that does not work properly. The rear seats are always a struggle to fold up or down.

- Casey R

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

This is, by far, the best vehicle I have ever owned. I love all of the features it comes with: back-up camera, heated driver and passenger seats, heated steering wheel, heated second-row seats, power fold-and-flip second-row seats, power liftgate, power adjustable pedals, sunroof, rear-seat DVD system, remote start, and touch-screen stereo to name a few. Good room for kids with great safety features too. This vehicle is smooth riding and very comfortable, even on long trips. Keeping up with regular maintenance has kept this vehicle very reliable.

- Stephanie G

2007 and still going strong.

I bought my 2007 GMC Yukon Denali new and could never replace it with the prices of today. I have over 165, 000 miles and it is still going strong. I had to do some transmission work a year ago, and I just replaced my battery today. I love my SUV and wouldn't want to trade it for the world. The newer ones are in the high $60, 000 to $700, 000 and they are much smaller inside. I feel like I am on top of the world driving on the highway. I cannot imagine being down low, but then again I come from a family where we have always driven big cars.

- Debbie L

It has a towing gear and pulls our pontoon boat nicely.

This vehicle is very solid. I appreciate the leather seats that heat and my kids loved the DVD player. It is 4 wheel drive- a must for me. It is getting older now and I am beginning to see problems slowly creep up. The rear back up sensors are totally dead. Rendering that feature useless. It would take much too much in labor fees to fix it. The 4 wheel drive solenoid went out- $400 to fix that. It uses extra oil... It messages me when it is low and that is probably once or twice between oil changes every 3-4000 miles.

- Cheryl J

Can do more than most SUVs.

Since its the Denali Yukon xl it has the 6.2 motor that's has some issues but other than that I love it. Great for family and play and work. Great SUV. The back seats come out making it have a 6 foot bed like a enclosed truck. If you lay the 2nd row down it makes it a full 8 foot bed. The leather seats in the rear are also heated which everyone loves. The TV and radio quality is great. Makes it wonderful for long distance drives. Not great on fuel but has a lot of power when you need it to drive/tow something.

- Ashley F

Spacious vehicle for your growing family with plenty of additional features.

The GMC Yukon Denali is a great SUV for a growing family! I love how much seating room there is for my family. Plenty of room for bulky car seats, easy to clean. With little ones we love the DVD feature as it keeps them occupied. The seats are comfortable and despite it being a big SUV you are not jostled around like you would think and you feel safe. I however don't like the limited space behind the 3rd row or that I am unable to latch my kids car seats in the third row! Overall, very happy with our vehicle.

- Brittany B

It has a very sound vehicle safety restraint system. It has plenty of airbags to make driving a more safer environment with this vehicle

Is a very gorgeous great driving vehicle and handles good. The air conditioning has several controls on the passenger can use the backseat role as their own climate control dials. There's a third row seating I can be removed and installed easily just in case you were bringing more people or if you needed more room for storage. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to other people and I am definitely going to buy a newer year when I can.

- Matthew S

2007 Yukon xl Denali - I love it.

It plenty of power and towing capacity. It has lots of room. It is all wheel drive which is fantastic in wet weather. It would probably be great in snow too. (It rarely snows here) it comes with leather seats, navigation system, DVD player for the rear. It seats seven (5 comfortably) it is very dependable. Mine is currently 12 years old and has 193k miles on it. The only major problem I have had was transfer case failure.

- Herb C

Older GMC SUV Comfortable, reliable,

This makes del has been one of the, sit reliable that I have owned over the years. I have had no majority r repairs despite its age. The topcoat has started to peel on the hood and roof but that can be repaired easily. Seats are comfortable. Only complaint is the passenger a/c isn't very strong for 2nd and 3rd rows. And gas mileage is not good but installing air intake filter has helped especially on the hwy.

- Sandra J

The truck that will not fail you.

My truck has leather heated seats, heated mirrors, sunroof, power doors, mirrors, remote start, 5. 3 vortex motor, parking assist, four wheel drive. I this is the second Yukon I have owned and they have never let me down. The only issue I have is the price I am left with at the gas station after I fill the truck up. Other than the gas bill I do not have any problems with the truck.

- Eric B

It's a large, beautiful riding vehicle and gets good gas mileage.

We really like the ride. However, since it is a preowned vehicle, we have learned of some issues which need replacing; i.e., fuel tank and fuel lines. Luckily my husband can make the repair; however, these replacements are because GM began using a cheaper grade of steel which caused the tank connections & fuel lines to rust. Other than that, we love the vehicle!

- Corinne D

Very comfortable and great for traveling.

Very comfortable, great for traveling. I have had very little problems with it, except just normal wear and tear like tires and brakes. It is great for pulling trailers and we placed an additional storage rack for the top for extra storage, the only thing I would say is that there is not enough trunk space, especially if you travel a lot and have a big family.

- Jennifer F

Big, tough, reliable, dependable, safe, etc.

No problems at all. I love how it sits up so high which makes me feel like I own the road. Makes me feel so safe with 4 little ones with me all the time. I had few accidents but each one was just a dent here and dent there. One was a pretty big with the other car totally destroyed but none of my kids were hurt at all. Real really reliable and dependable car.

- Grace L

Great family vehicle for my family of 6.

The only issue we have had with the Yukon is the wheels and tires. The tires are always low. They are super expensive to fix. For a 2007 this is a very great running vehicle. I would definitely purchase another Yukon Denali. I love the 3rd row feature. I wish it had more trunk room. If we get another Yukon in the future I would rather get a Yukon xl.

- Angela R

Better and more affordable option compared to the luxury escalade.

Great vehicle. In comparison to the escalade. Big and roomy. Smoothest vehicle I have drove in. I wish gm would of gone away with the active fuel management. These ones are oil suckers. Only go with synthetic blends and change every 60 days. I have had some issues with blind spots. Overall, I love it and next one I own will be a newer model!

- Jennifer L

My car is the biggest part of my family.

My GMC Yukon have quiet motor and runs smooth. Even though, it a 2007, my family and I have travel to Florida, Virginia, and Texas. I have a family of 5 and with three girls it provide plenty of space while we travel. The ac blows cool, and a large trunk. The girls have cheer, girls scout, choir rehearsal, and usher. We stay in our GMC.

- Ashley L

Fits seven people, very comfortable drives really smooth,

This truck drives real smooth, is very roomy and comfortable especially if you have kids or just a big family. The touch button in the back door is very convenient when ever you need to load groceries. The only problem there is with this truck is that it has a big gas tank and with gas being so expensive it is not a good commuter car.

- Denise E

Perfect car for a busy family.

I love my Yukon Denali! I drive a lot as I take my son and husband 120 miles each way to Dr appts weekly or every other week and it is a very smooth ride and very comfortable. I have had no problems other than normal wear and tear. I do oil changes every 3000 miles and have taken care of any problems immediately as it arises.

- Michelle L

Awesome safety features and fun comfort features

I like all the features of my Yukon Denali - like heated seats, automatic windshield wipers, and leather seats. I like the cargo space in the back - enough for big grocery shopping trips but still feels like a manageable vehicle to drive. I like that the 4wl drive is automatic and I like how it handles on ice/snowy roads.

- Julie U

Had the DVD system. 3rd row seating is awesome.

Shocks are out, leaks oil, rack and pinion are going out. Not a smooth ride as it once was. Tires are just a year old tire sensors have gone out so the light continuously stays on. Check engine light is always on even though nothing is wrong. Sold to us with no mention all of the problems was not offered the carfax report.

- Dawn K

Its an awesome vehicle to travel with family.

Nice comfortable reliable gas saving very nice for a family trip gas saver I doesn't give motor problems if you keep it maintain parts are not that expensive it doesn't give to many mechanical problems interior are awesome futures are great radio is fashion TV screens are great this is a great vehicle I love it.

- Alma R

If you have the bench seat, it will hold 3 full car seats side by side!

I love that it holds all my kids' car seats across the bench seat (3 car seats). I love that the back seats come out. I wish that I had more room in the 3rd row for legs/feet and in the very back when all 3 rows are up, room for groceries. But overall, it's a great vehicle. It even has great turning radius!

- Crystal W

Mechanically, it is awesome. We have had minimal problems.

I love the height of the vehicle so I can see above traffic as well as it is easier to get in and out of the vehicle. I love the length of the vehicle because we are able to move large items or loads with it. I dislike the quality of the exterior. It is rusting in multiple places and the molding is falling off.

- Pat S

The Yukon offers seating for nine and an impressive towing capacity.

Like Its siblings, the Yukon offers available seating for nine and an impressive towing capacity. You also get plenty of standard equipment. However, the Yukon's road manners and cargo utility are not up to par, and Its elevated price point (compared to the Tahoe) pits it against some more luxurious vehicles.

- Rosario R

It can comfortably sit all of my children including myself.

I love that my vehicle is three-row seater so all my children can sit comfortably in their car seats. But I hate how my truck overheats almost every other day. Its starting to become a pain because I have to constantly buy antifreeze. It also has many leaks that I have no idea where they are coming from.

- Toni S

My 2017 Yukon.Its is a very great big spacious car.

My car fits big enough for my six person family and extra belongings in the back row. My seats may also be places down or even taken out. I have a sunroof that may be opened and closed to whenever for the preference of your breeze.My 2017 Yukon also has a automatic lift up trunk button and close button.

- Roxanne G

My kids love the sunroof to look at the sky.

I love the sunroof and the automatic starter because in winter it is so cold. When you use the automatic starter it makes the car super warm and its very reliable. This vehicle is the best it rides smoothly and there is nothing wrong with my car. I love this vehicle and its performance is amazing.

- Sharon L

Not a great purchase by any means.

Lots of service issues, I always feel like I am sliding out of the seats, it never feels comfortable. The headlights have burned out 5 times in the last three years. The sound system is a little weak. The alignment keeps going out and ruining tires. I just generally do not like the GMC Yukon xl.

- Chris T

General motors vehicles are very well built for comfort and reliability.

The larger truck an SUV gm vehicles are the most comfortable ride for vehicles of that size. They do tend to last longer if properly maintained. I do prefer the larger engine in the GMC models versus the Chevrolet ones as the 6. 2 Or 6. 0 Has more power and not a big difference in fuel economy.

- Jeannette M

My dependable Yukon with plenty of room for my needs.

My car is extremely comfortable. Has bucket front seats and bench second seat. Nice to have a choice with the third row which has seats which can be taken out or left in. I like them out to make more cargo space for luggage or groceries or whatever I am hauling around. We get great gas mileage.

- Barbara C

It is very spacious, and good on gas when traveling.

What I like about my GMC Yukon, is that it is very spacious and comfortable to be in. You can fit more than five people and still have space to stretch your legs. It is very economical in gas. I love my GMC Yukon! It has air conditioner and heater front and back. It has CD player for 7 discs.

- Cassandra A

Gmc the best mom car! Very safe vecicial and fun to drive.

I love my Gmc. It is so easy to drive and so comfortable. Love the middle two seats. I have kids and they are just enough for apart they can't touch each other. It also had the best stereo system that just pumps!! Also the DVD player for kids is a plus when on road trips or even just in town.

- Julie G

GMC Yukon 2005. Great vehicle over all.

there's nothing really wrong with my vehicle. It's got great take off. drives smoothly. Plenty of room in back for groceries or whatever you wish to haul. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone with kids. Its roomy and has a built in DVD player with screen to occupy your little ones.

- April E

Great SUV for young moms or single people

I love this car. It is big enough to pull my horse trailer and boat, but it still young and hip looking. There is so much room on the inside. My car came with a DVD player and headphones, which is great when people ride in the back. I also feel extremely safe in this car because of its size.

- Anna H

Big and roomy safe and great looking vehicle.

I have had no problems it is a very reliable vehicle and roomy. Has all the comforts and bells and whistles. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone and would definitely buy another one. When driving this vehicle I feel safe it is great for road trips and hauling grandchildren.

- Renee H

Denali is my second owned because of the reliability of the vehicle.

Since the purchase of this vehicle I have over 185000 miles and there have been literally no major issues to date. The basics like oil, brakes, and the occasional hose repair have occurred but overall I am very pleased with the reliability, quality, looks, and performance of my vehicle.

- Vincent J

Love having a TV for the kids to watch.

It very comfortable, drives nice, love the air bag suspension, fits our family since we added twins to the family. Love having a TV for the kids to watch. It keeps them very entertained. Love having the back door window open instead of having to open the back door if I do not have to.

- Bobbie S

That although my vehicle is over 10 years old, it still appears relatively new.

I like the power and the heated seats front and middle. I do not like the storage area in back it is too small. I would prefer an xl that would be more like a chevy suburban. That was my last vehicle and I liked it better. It is in very good shape for its age and has held up well.

- michele c

Good SUV but with a few improvements it could be great.

The car is wonderful. It drives beautifully. The cars back drink holders are horrible and do not support drinks. And the space on top of the middle console is too narrow. It needs to be wider to support putting food on it. The cost of gas is horrible. It needs to get better mileage.

- Valerie L

My vehicle is a Yukon GMC, it�s a big blue SUV. It was power

It's sturdy and has good get up and go. Plenty of seats for my family and shopping. Lots of cup holders in the front and back. The stock radio is great quality. I feel safe and comfortable in my car. It also has arm rests on drivers and passengers side which I love foot long drives.

- Miranda E

My Yukon is standing the test of time.

I love my Yukon! I bought it used in 2016 after my 2012 Nissan rogue was totaled, with under 100,000 miles and no previous damage. It drives so smoothly, and gets great highway mileage despite its size. Tons of room and great visibility, almost nonexistent blind spot. No complaints!

- Lauren C

Denali xl, GMC, black with wood trim.

Very reliable, leather is very comfortable, it has so many features, power mirrors, heated seats, power seats, nice rims, automatic, Sirius radio, power windows and door locks, twenty inch tires and rims, safe road driving, good on gasoline, color is black, with wood trim in brown.

- Donna M

Great interior. Great color. Great overall

Always reliable. I always have enough room. It always runs well even during extreme temperatures. Gas mileage is has been good. Easy to clean. Easy to move seats to make more room. Easy to read message center about tire pressure oil pressures etc. Sunroof is a great added feature.

- Brandy S

Awesome reliability and performance.

No issues. Awesome vehicle for man or woman to drive. Reliability is outstanding. Features are good as well as performance. Comfort could be better for passenger side as far as leg room. Also would like to have handles to pull yourself up into the vehicle from the running boards.

- Cathy F

Big ride with big benefits

What I love most about my Yukon is the smooth ride, great mileage for such a large vehicle and low maintenance. The three rows of seats allows for comfortable seating for seven passengers. The two and four wheel drive features help navigate through tough terrain and bad weather.

- Patricia L

Great Vehicle would buy again

It's a good vehicle very reliable I bought used but it has been good. Drives nice would like a newer model. It is very roomy and we have lots of room for soccer stuff and when moving we had a lot of room too. All the gadget are great I would like to have a backup camera though.

- Krystal S

My car is a pearl color and gets many compliments. It has always been reliable

I've had issues a couple of times with the battery.I've had to replace it two or three times with brand new one. The sound system in it doesn't get as loud as I like. The air conditioning unit needs to be recharged for the first time after about four to five years of having it

- Cynthia C

They run forever if well taken care of.

I have had 2 Yukon's and both have had problems with burning oil, however with routine maintenance they both have ran well into 200k + miles, also have replace fuel pumps in both. Love the space and leather interior, smooth ride, perfect for hauling the boat and family.

- Melinda A

2007 Yukon XL white, heated leather seats 4WD, sunroof, GPS, DVD player.

Have had a lot of problems. New motor, electrical issues. Stabilitrak and traction control lights come on and off randomly along with reduced power. Have spent thousands and have not figured it out yet. Vehicle did have over 200, 000 miles before these problems though.

- Tara P

2007 GMC Yukon- great family vehicle.

Love my Yukon! Very comfortable family vehicle. Great for short trips and long trips. Great on gas mileage as well. Drives smooth. Great in snow and ice conditions. 3rd row seating comes in handy for extra friends. Roof rack on top great for strapping on kayaks etc.

- Suzanne H

Cool black Yukon with leather & towing package.

Reliable truck with towing package, leather interior, and all the amenities. Very comfortable and nice ride. 20” alloy rims. Have had few problems but maintenance is expensive. Routine stuff like tires, brakes and oil changes are pricey. 220000 miles and counting.

- George W

It is a dependable vehicle that is great for driving in winter weather conditions. It's tough and strong.

The size is a good fit for my family and it has nice safety features. I love the 4 wheel drive in winter. It is dependable and doesn't give me much trouble. However the larger size leads to a bulkier vehicle that I don't enjoy driving in more metropolitan areas.

- Becky K

It gets great gas mileage.

I love my GMC Yukon it has been the most reliable SUV I've owned and its so comfortable it comes with a DVD player for the kids and Bluetooth. It has front and rear air controls and electric fold up seats in the back and the third row makes it so much more roomy.

- Megan H

Yukon v8 with towing package.

Dependable truck with v8, towing package, 20" alloy wheels, and leather seats. Great for hauling my boat. Maintenance costs are reasonable. Comfortable ride with all premium features, including XM radio. 215, 000 miles and counting. All problems have been minor.

- George S

It's a really strong motor.

The thing that I like the most about my vehicle is that its big, comfortable and it has a big engine. Being a big car makes me feel more safe in it. Something I dislike about this vehicle it's that it does not have space to carry or move large household items.

- Gerardo V

Yukon luxury and room for friends.

Love heated seats, roomy, DVD player, stereo system is nice, not good mpg. Lots of electronics to have problems with. Headlights are hard to change. Computer seems to always have something to say but like that it notifies me. Like the tire pressure gauges.

- Holly P

Space on the go. I need a lot of space for my family. And my Yukon gives me that!!

Other than your basic upkeep on a vehicle, I have not had any problems with my Yukon. We have used it to go on several vacation and it has the best room for the kids. And the back has so much room for just about anything you can put in it. I love my yukon.

- Angela L

2007 GMC Yukon with 177k miles.

I have an exhaust tick but that is the only issue I have. Rust coming in too. I have had to replace the belt a few times and the sensors have gone bad but those are minor issues. The ride is great and it is a very reliable truck. Four wheel drive is good.

- Nathan S

Love my 2007 Yukon!! Especially those heated seats!

I love my Yukon! It is fantastic. I have never had any issues with it as of yet. I love the heated seats and all the space that it has. It is perfect for our growing family. It has amazing turning radius and is great around town and on the longer trips!

- Erin O

It still runs for a 2007 GMC. Yukon.

Love it everything good it runs good very quiet ac works heater works drives smooth the only thing my window don't work on the drivers side everything is great lot of room DVD player works love that most of all my kids love it to.

- Kayla E

It has very good safety ratings.

Love everything about it! The only thing I would change is the comfort of the seats. I have had a few people complain about how uncomfortable it is riding for long periods of time. They need to be more supportive and plush.

- Jennifer D

It's reliable, dependable. Purchased used and have not had any major issues

Actually, my vehicle is not listed but you did not provide an option, so I selected GMC because my vehicle is a Pontiac made by General Motors. So that being said I like my car because it is dependable for the year (2007)

- Karen O

It rides extremely smooth. It is very easy to exceed the speed limit without realizing it.

I love the size of my vehicle. It is a great size for my family. It gets good gas mileage and it is easy for my husband to keep up the maintenance on it. It has leather interior which makes it easy for us to keep clean.

- Sherita S

I would buy another GMC yukon. Very good vehicle

I Get 17 miles per gal drives like it did the day I brought it. I have no problems with it at all I have 198000 miles on it very clean and hasn't been driven on gravel roads all main hwy miles.. had to put new tires .

- Neda S

Great family vehicle for all

I love how this vehicle fits our family and all our stuff on a daily basis and for longer trips. My children like the extra features of the entertainment system and my husband and I like the safety and reliability.

- Melanie M

The GMC Yukon is a very dependable SUV.

I love my Yukon because it is very roomy inside. I am a big guy and need the room to be comfortable when driving. The vehicle drives smoothly and has the power it needs. It also is good for carrying cargo.

- Glenn B

Denali is an all around vehicle

This has been an amazing vehicle. It's strong engine climbs mountains and dirt roads like nothing. I can haul heavy loads gas mileage could be better Lolita it's a comfortable roomy luxury and sporty mix

- Angela T

Still gets good gas mileage for its size and looks nice too

It has been a great vehicle. It has about 130 k and still gets 15/21 mpg. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that is in the market. Even used this vehicle is still a nice comfortable ride.

- Leonard N

It is a very reliable car that has been taken care of.

I like the size of the vehicle. I also like the fact that it has 3 row seating, but I wish it did not have captain chairs in the 3rd row. I also do not like the fact that it is 11 years old.

- Lisa S

It seems a lot bigger than it looks, and can be a pain to park.

I like the size length wise, I do think it's a bit too wide. The DVD player in the back is really cool for my toddler. Its comfortable for road trips and isn't completely horrible on gas.

- Kelci H

It has a lot of space in the back rows and has a lot of storage space.

I like that it is big enough to move big items. Also, it is nice to have for long trips and fits enough people and have space. I dislike that it takes a lot of gas and is not a gas saver.

- Sam C

Very dependable and roomy enough for a large family.

My GMC Yukon Denali is super comfortable. We are a family of 6 and we have plenty of room to travel in this vehicle. Have had no serious issues mechanically and rides like a dream.

- Tami G

GMC Yukon is a great vehicle for a family

I like my vehicle because I feel safe in it and it is comfortable with plenty of legroom I also like the size of the cargo area. I dislike the overall size of my vehicle (too big).

- Christy I

My Yukon has lots of legroom and you can haul many items without laying down the third row of seats.

I like the smooth ride, the comfortable seating. It also has dual controls, sunroof and DVD player. I do not like that is the color black! Hard to keep looking clean.

- Sue S

Spacious, roomy, and comfortable.

I love the space and roominess my vehicle has. We haven't had any trouble out of it and have over 200K miles. We have plenty of room for our whole family, dogs and all!

- Brittany H

It is a great car for a large family, lots of room for kids!

I wish the trunk were larger and there was a 2nd row optional seat. Wish it had an iPhone adapter Love having captains seats in the middle. Love the TV/DVD and radio.

- Jennifer B

Denali performance and problems.

No major problems besides transfer case going out. Drives very well but uses gas very quickly. Very comfortable and has a heated steering wheel along with heated seats.

- Jessica L

It is perfect for our family....comfortable and not flashy.

It fits my large family. Great for driving in the mountains or off-road. Drives well on snowy roads, has 4-wheel drive. It is starting to leak oil and that worries me.

- Janae Y

Keeps on truckin' despite lots of years on the road.

Plenty of room for family and things we must transport. Large size seems more safe on the road. Does not need much service work. Happy with our dealership/ service.

- Daneille g

Perfect family car to take you anywhere you want to go

My car is a 2007 GMC Yukon. I like my SUV because it is very comfortable when I drive it. It is also very practical because it can tow, hold 8 people, and has 4wd.

- Tom B

It has a good radio so that is always a plus when entertaining a guest

The GM is a really good brand. It has a lot of room since it has three seats. It also has a good motor. It does not have a fold up console so that is a disadvantage

- Leanna W

Reliable and dependable with great room for the whole family and luggage.

The year of the model was the first year with this type of engine. It wasn't made well. I also wish it had features such as backup camera and sunroof. Cooled seats.

- Mark R

So much room and a durable car that will stand the test of time.

I've had my vehicle 10 years with no major problems just maintenance. Love the room I have for traveling. Love the comfort of the ride, very smooth. No dislikes.

- Wendy B

The cost of maintenance can be high, unless you have some basic skills that allow you to perform some of the work yourself.

This vehicle has a very powerful engine. This vehicle is a pure luxury to own. This vehicle is a pleasure to drive. This SUV needs to be diligently maintained.

- Robert D

That it has a lot of power, and can tow very easily.

I like that it runs really well for being an older model. I like that it fits my whole family. If I could change one thing, I wish I had more storage space.

- Kim B

It is a great family vehicle.

Love the size and space. Love the ride. Love all the bells and whistles. Dislike the electrical issues that gmc has still not figured out how to deal with.

- Cheryl H

It's a great family vehicle, that's what I would tell anyone who is interested.

I love the size of the vehicle, plenty of room. I love that it has power and speed. It will last forever if I take care of it. It's Made in America!

- Jonathan B

Dependability, reliability

Very reliable and dependable. My previous one was over 300000 miles before it died. The only mechanical issue is I do go through front hubs often

- Jason D

Very comfortable and holds lots of people

It's leather loaded and awesome, fits 2 car seats and all our kids stuff. Super safe. Could use a little more trunk room and better gas mileage

- Beth P

sturdy vehicle with removable seats, seats up to 9 people

I love the size and comfort of my vehicle. I like that it can seat 9, and remove seats for large items. some defects in cosmetic I do not like

- nancy c

GMC Yukon is a great car with a lot of potential

The car is comfortable and has a lot of features I love. It also has many things I would to upgrade and it has been made easy to upgrade those.

- Allee L

It looks good and drives great.

It is a gas hog, that is what I dislike. But I like how it has power, it is pretty comfortable, has lots of bells and whistles, and the look.

- Kc W

I win in accidents and you lose. let me know how well your vehicle does in 6 inches of snow

bought with hauling a travel trailer in mind. great for going through snow in winter. like to ride high for seeing what is ahead in traffic

- chuck l

It has 208,000 miles on it and still runs like new. Nothing like a GMC.

I love the size and comfort of my vehicle. I love all of the extra features, DVD player, sunroof. Also the 3rd row seats and leather seats.

- Stephanie S

It is very dependable and lasts a long time.

I like the dependability, comfort, cargo space, versatility and drive of this vehicle. It also gets good gas mileage considering its size.

- Michael C

Very safe family vehicle.

I love that we can all fit comfortable, however there is just not enough space in the back to put groceries or any other large products.

- Jessica P

Gas prices and it is a great family car.

Great family car lots of room and love how the back is big enough for groceries there is nothing I dislike about my car except the gas.

- Cecilia V

Great for my family of six

It's a great roomy car. I wish it had Bluetooth capabilities though for being the top of the line from that year you'd think it would.

- Ann S

It drives wonderfully and great in size.

There is quite a bit of roominess inside but there is always something breaking down on this car and the performance is disappointing.

- Ken C

It is decent for teenagers learning to drive.

This vehicle has very nice ride. It is very stylish yet easy on the pockets. Having this car is nice on gas for it to be a truck.

- Charles H

I like almost every aspect of the car, however, I feel like it uses too much gas.

I consider my car fancy- it is also fun and I feel safe in it. I have rarely had any problems with it. I trust the brand I drive.

- Maria G

The sleekness of the vehicle. It is black on black!

it hasn't had any problems in the 4 years that I've owned it! The only thing I had go out was a piece that cost $150 to replace

- ashley s

That is works great for our farm and for hauling.

I like the size of it. I enjoy the way it drives. I do not like the gas mileage or the fact that my transmission is slipping.

- Tricia J

2007 GMC Yukon Denali Review

I really like the GMC Yukon for the most part. I've had some trouble with the door handles coming off and some of the paint.

- Miranda B

An absolutely reliable car.

Haven't had a problem with my car. I love my Yukon and when it is time to get a new car I will probably end up with another.

- Abe S

That it is a solid car and safe.

I like the size and safety of it. I dislike how much gas it uses and dislike the trunk space when using the 3rd row seating.

- Desi M

It is a good car, I would consider purchasing a newer version when the time comes.

It is good on gas especially on the highway. It has good power, it goes when I want it to. It has plenty of storage room.

- Sarah C

I think the jeep is price right and it also depend on what upgrades you get.

I like has a lot of room. I do not like the tire sensors. Have had to replace them. Also had to replace fan on AC twice.

- Nancy G

It last a long time with very little maintenance

The vehicle is over 10 years old with over 200,000 miles and it's still going. Long lasting vehicle and no car payment

- Brandie m

Middle age mom won't drive a minivan

I love this vehicle, It's loaded, rides nice, room for the kiddos, looks nice. The only bad part is the gas mileage

- angie k

Has a lot of uses. Can haul three rows of passengers or roll up the seats to hold a ton of supplies/cargo.

It's a great, tough vehicle. It's great for many different uses. Love the size. Just wish it was a little newer.

- Linda D

GMC Yukon is great for a family of 5

Code p0455 is a problem with these models. It has a smooth ride and is very travel capable. Good interior space.

- Ray G

It is a good, reliable family car.

I like how big it is. Lots of space and I feel safe on the road. Sometimes it's hard to park such a big vehicle.

- Kate S

That it is roomy for a family of 6. But there is no trunk space when the 3rd row is down.

It is big enough for my whole family to ride. But it doesn't have any trunk space and it uses way too much gas.

- Leann B

It has great security and great handling.

I like the fact it has plenty of room. It also ride very smooth. There's nothing that I dislike with my yukon.

- Mark S

The features of the 2007 Yukon.

Seats up to seven people, has climate control, abs braking. Security system, power outlet, and CD/DVD player.

- Dwight J

Fuel economy is poor and repairs can be expensive.

The vehicle has been tremendously reliable other than general repairs such as oil, tires, brakes and fuel.

- Michael B

It is a roomy, safe vehicle.

Love the safety of the vehicle. Very roomy. On both sides of the windshield, it is very bad blind sighted.

- Terra M

It fits my lifestyle and makes me feel special. It is big and beautiful.

My vehicle is big suv. I love all the room i have my hubby and 3 big boys. It sucks on gas but i love it.

- Renee W

It is big and have big rims.

I like it because it is big a comfortable. I just do not like the noise. But I like it I cannot complain.

- Marilyn I

It has a lot of space for extra passengers.

I don't really have any complaints. It runs good and gets the job done. I even like the color of the car.

- Elaine A

It is very expensive when something breaks or you have replace tires

I love the size and the amount of room I have for my family. I dislike how much it costs to fill it up.

- nikki l

It has been a great car for my family.

I like that it is reliable and big. I dislike the gas mileage and that it is getting too look too old.

- Mary H

It has 7 seats and a big trunk

It's a nice spacious car fits all my kids. It does use up alot of gas. But it's great for big families

- Maggie G

Very nice family luxury suv

Incredibly comfortable, spatious and reliable. Very quiet with little maintenance. Rarely in the shop

- Nick S

Great truck, the newer models have additional gears which is a nice feature. Would like to have the option of diesel.

Great daily driver. Currently has over 226,000 miles and is still averaging 18 plus miles per gallon.

- scott r

It gets pretty good gas mileage for being a full size SUV

I love everything about my car. I especially love that it is paid for and still runs and looks great.

- jeana a

It's dependable and fits a lot of people. It also drives very nice.

I like it because it's big and fits all my children. I don't like it because it takes a lot of gas.

- Angela M

Good quality and would buy another just like it. But it is getting old.

It is getting old but has been a great vehicle. It has all of the extras I like on a vehicle.

- Sherri M

It has technology within. It has back up guide park assistance. Air vents throughout, third row seating that is removable. Beautiful paint color. Leather interior and woodgrain trim, It was affordable.

It is beautiful. Accommodates my needs. Rides really good. Has planet if spea e for my kids

- Jackie T

It has a nice paint job. The original tires lasted a long time.

It seems slightly oversized(truckish). The steering and braking are comfortably responsive.

- Carl F

Drives nice for the size. Roomy enough for several kiddos.

I love it. It is nice and roomy, plenty of room for my kids and sports equipment. nice

- Brooke H

It's a very safe vehicle and luxury at the same time.

I love the size. I actually love everything about it. There is nothing I do not like.

- Jen C

I love it. a great family car. very roomy. all wheel drive instead of 4wd

I do wish I had the third row seating, but its still very roomy. No other complaints

- Alisa J

Nothing, it's nothing special unfortunately. I wish I had something nicer with Bluetooth.

I dislike the color. I hate how the interior is trashed. I hate how old it is.

- Ben B

Can be pricey on gas on occasion. comes in handy with kids during sports seasons.

love the space. It drives well and I have had very minimal problems.

- Kelly R

Love the size of my vehicle. It doesn't have the greatest mileage but for the interior room, I look past it. It doesn't have as much power as some of the other vehicles that I have owned but overall, I really like this vehicle.

It has lots of room and is a great family car for travelling.

- Kelly B

It's roomy and fits a large family perfectly and has mileage is decent

I love the room. It fits my whole family. It looks nice

- Lacy T

That it has room for people to fit and to make on trip if they are moving

It has a lot of room for people and for moving stuff.

- Tim R

it has auto lock doors,and power steering and its cheap on gas

it got four wheel drive,and it sips a lot of gas lol

- Brandon V