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2008 GMC Yukon SLT great car overall

My Yukon was a great alternative to a minivan. It has 3 row seating which provides me with the space I need to fit my three children's car seats comfortably while still being stylish. It has vents in each row as well as a separate temperature gauge for the front and back seats. Our Yukon came with a quality Bose speaker system that sounds great on any volume. Some other features I enjoy about our Yukon are its leather seats that make for easy cleanup, heated seats on each side, sunroof, TV screens on back of headrests, 4 wheel drive, and separate heating and cooling adjusts for either side. Performance wise it has held up well over the three years we've had it. We have only had to get regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, brakes and rotors during its 180,000 miles. I would highly recommend this car to anyone, but especially those with multiple children who aren't ready to drive a minivan.

- Mandi D

2008 GMC Yukon XL sport utility vehicle.

The GMC Yukon is a great vehicle for the family. We can all fit comfortably. The seats are actually comfortable for the family to sit in, as well as the space is plenty for most people. We have had minor issues with trim coming loose and rattling. We have also had a recurring fuel system issue. We have replaced multiple components of the fuel system, mostly having to do with vapor recovery, multiple times. The airbag light has come on twice with repairs that are both different, but costly. We do like the ride of the vehicle. It is easy for people to get into the back seat. The engine seems to have plenty of power. We often pull trailers and it pulls quite well with an average trailer. Once you get over 6, 000 pounds, it works more, but you can definitely tell the trailer is there.

- Mark C

Looks great but has issues.

I love that this car has seat warmers. It's the first car I've had that has a camera to help back you up. I also, love the Bose speakers and electric side mirrors. Performance and reliability are overall great. Problems with this yukon are the gas Mileage. I wish we could get better gas mileage out if it. Another problem are the cracks in the dashboard that naturally occur. Because of these cracks a little pressure is released from the airbags which sends a warning signal to the dashboard. These warnings are always on and there is nothing I can do about it. Another problem with this car is the major lack of storage space. We can't utilize the back space because nothing will fit. If we want to go to the lake we have to pack everything in the walking space blocking everyone in.

- Angie L

My GMC Yukon is a great family vehicle. It seats my family of 5 comfortably.

My vehicle is a 2008 GMC Yukon. I bought it brand new. It is a base model so the features are pretty basic, like power windows and driver's seat, power locks, and 3rd row seating. It is very spacious and comfortable. It is been very reliable, although I am a stickler for routine maintenance. It performs almost as good as it did when I bought it. The only problems I have encountered are electrical. Two of my windows stopped working and I had to take it to the dealership. Also, my alternator went out in about year 2. Overall this truck has been reliable, comfortable and a joy to drive.

- Mario G

Big mama GMC Yukon coming through.

My 2008 Yukon is great. It fits seven passengers. It does not have the bucket seats in the middle row which some people might like more. It has navigation, DVD player and XM radio. It has leather seats and sunroof. All the seats are able to fold down and the back row seats can be taken out completely if needed. One thing that is wrong is the throttle body switch needs to be replaced. It also requires a lot of gas because of its big tank. It drives smoothly and is very a very reliable vehicle.

- Kayla W

It has antilock brakes, lets you know when it is time to change the oil.

My 2008 GMC Yukon has not given me any real problem since buying it. I drove it to new jersey gas was really good. It rides 7 comfortably the four bucket seats reclines. Heating and air conditioning are on both driver and passenger sides, rear seat passenger can also control temperature in rear. DVD player for rear seat passengers. There are four cup holders in back two for middle seat two in rear seats. It has radio, CD player OnStar and Sirius radio if you choose to subscribe.

- Janice L

Customization memory features, comfortable luxury vehicle.

The vehicle has fairly typical issues after high mileage. The only specific issues I have noticed would be a couple of fuel valves have had to be replaced a couple of times and the crack in the dash. The dash cracking seems to be very common to these vehicles yet GMC has not offered a recall. Other than those issues the vehicle has held up incredibly well. We love it even with it now being 10 years old. It is still a great looking truck.

- April L

It has power, comfortable to drive and looks like a newer model vehicle.

I love my Denali. It rides really good and has plenty of room for the family for every day or trips. It has a lot of power. I felt comfortable with it in the winter with 4x4. It has a lot of features on this model with backup/park assist sensor and backup camera. The leather looks brand new for a 2008 model. The only drawback is gas mileage a certain times with increase in gas prices. But it is the price you pay to drive a luxury SUV.

- Faye G

Everyday luxury vehicle for moms!

It is everyday luxury. Love the seats music movie player and comfort riding!! My kids have enough room and I love the dark interior that hides stainingšŸ˜‰. The heated seats are amazing and compass is nice for navigating. GMC knew what they were doing when they added heat to de-ice the windshields. I recommend this vehicle to all my friends when asked. My hairstylist loves her Denali as well. Moms feel spoiled!

- Kristin G

The seats all fold up for easy cleaning or hulling large purchases.

We bought our vehicle almost 5 years ago and I love it! We had to buy a bigger car because we have 4 children and we needed the room and we have it. We have bought new tires but outside of that we haven't had a problem with it. I feel very safe going anywhere in our vehicle. The leather seats r easy to wipe clean the seats all fold up to clean under them and the amount of space and storage is awesome!

- Miracle T

It's worth getting, especially used.

The performance is great, it handles well. I bought the car second-hand from a friend, so there was a bit of wear and tear, but no deal breakers. It is a gas guzzler. It takes about 40- 50 bucks to fill the tank, and I refill every week with the way I drive. My car handles real well on tight two way roads in the rural towns I travel through. I get routine tune-ups, change my oil as necessary.

- Bret J

Running boards to make it easy to get in, leather seats, camera when backing up.

Reliable, comfortable, spacious, lots of extras, helpful options, only maintenance needed like oil changes, wipers, bulbs for headlights, etc. Had to replace battery only once, tires once, gas mileage could be a little better, ride could be a little better, holds to curves really well, has OnStar availability, seats are heated and can be locked in to your own preference.

- Angie H

Nice ride. Space for family. Easy to drive. It gets a five star.

Its roomy. My kids like the comfort in the back. I like that they don't climb over seats because they can get through the two middle seats. I have minor car issues. Mainly from wear and tear. Like right now it gets hot. It is in the shop getting a new hose. The back out camera does not work either. I think a wire is lose and that needs to be looked at.

- Cindy T

Comfortable to travel with the whole family.

We bought this car with over 100, 000 miles, because the family was growing and since then the major problem was the transmission; we had to repaired it, after that we have no problems at all with the Yukon, runs perfectly, the engine works great. I have almost 5 years driving this car; once we went to Mexico and everything is going still perfect!!

- L I

Yukon is a lifestyle car for this family. Absolutely love it so much!

This is one of favorite cars ever. It is so fun and keeps our family safe. It is a very comfortable car and I love that we all have a lot of room to have our personal space. I love the luxury features and feel of this rig. When my current dies, I'll be getting a new one of the same brand because I love it so much. My husband loves it too.

- Mari K

I love my 2008 GMC Yukon xl. Great space for family of 7.

I love my 2008 GMC Yukon xl. It is just right for my family of 7. I love that it has the 3 rows of seating plus the extra storage space in the back. The only complaint I have is that the dashboard has cracked pretty badly. I do not know if this is a defective model, or if it is just from the excessive heat where we live.

- Winnie G

GMC Yukon well built for adventurous road trips.

I use the four wheel drive on most of my off-road adventures and camping trips. Low clearance is problematic, but I manage. I took all the back seats out. My three big dogs and I sleep comfortably in my Yukon. I like how smoothly my Yukon rides on the highways for being a four wheel drive SUV. Reliable and dependable.

- Beth F

The 2008 GMC Yukon is a great family sport utility vehicle. This is very roomy.

Love my SUV. Has problems with dashboard cracking since it was 3 years old. GMC will not do recall on it which is upsetting. I have over 200, 000 miles on the Titans it has always worked great. Have not had major mechanical problems with Yukon. I would recommend this SUV to anyone that wants a good reliable vehicle.

- Maria G

Reliability and safety of our Yukon XL Denali.

Our Yukon XL Denali drives so smoothly, is very comfortable and looks amazing. It held up so well in a car accident we were in last year when we were rear ended at a high speed, the other vehicle crumpled while ours kept us very safe ( other driver was okay also, fortunately). I will always have a vehicle like this!

- Alexa C

It has great features, especially for the kids.

The 2008 GMC Yukon is one of the most reliable vehicles in my opinion, it is very good on gas mileage and very safe on the road. It feels comfortable driving it and does not feel so big. Feels safe and I am excited to have gotten a chance to owning this maker because it is great for family trips.

- Jay M

My vehicle has three rows with bucket seats in the second row, also a sunroof.

I really like my Yukon! The only thing is that it is 11 years old now so the computer system is going out. However, the size of the car is great and accommodates my family well. I do wish that in mine in particular was a TV monitor and that the trunk was bigger when I third row was up.

- Kelly M

for a big vehicle/truck, it drives like a car.

It is awesome for traveling w/ children because of the television. There is a lot of room for people with 3 row seating It drives smooth, and although you're higher up, it feels like you're driving a car. It rarely needs work. It has 4x4 for the snow and can pull our big camper.

- david K

2008 Yukon xl Denali review.

The vehicle is nice for a large family. It does have a lot of mechanical issues and is horrible on gas mileage. It has heated seats throughout and a DVD player/TV in the back. Leather seats. And premium sound system. It is a luxury vehicle. But the mechanicals is the main issue.

- heather H

Love my GMC Yukon comfortable and reliable.

Love the bucket seats in back and the comfort of the seats! Have trouble with my window motors breaking. And the suspension has been giving me problems but overall I have had very little problems with my SUV. I would buy another one in a heartbeat if they weren't so expensive.

- Lindsey T

It is very comfortable on long road trips with children.

I love the comfort and accessibility of my Yukon. It also gets up to speed and shifts pretty nicely. I do not like that the gas mileage is not the greatest, but that is to be expected with a large SUV. My Yukon has all of the features we had been searching for in a vehicle.

- Amanda C

Luxury travel vehicle, with very little problems and a good sturdy build.

Great I love it so far it runs great and is very comfortable to drive. I love the interior of it, and it is a really good car to have in the winter. The only thing I didn't like was that I would have some electrical problems, but it is nothing a good tune up cannot fix.

- Ashley D

Great for family adventure

This vehicle is excellent for the family. It is very spacious when it comes to family traveling. This vehicle is very comfortable as well. This vehicle has never gave me major problems and it's not high maintenance. I really recommend this vehicle as a family car, SUV

- Ivan M

Wonderful over the road vehicle.

This vehicle is excellent for road trips. It handles the road good and has the needed space for luggage and other packages. It also has a large tank for long distance travel. So far I have not had any unusual maintenance problems other than brakes and oil changes.

- Kim T

It is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Getting a vehicle is the most convenient thing in my life I travel everywhere. It is important to have a car especially when you have kids. I bought a big truck and I have enough place for me and my kids, the truck also has cameras to make it easier to not crash.

- Kayla C

The GMC Yukon is a high quality vehicle with all the amenities you need.

The GMC Yukon has many extras such as heated leather seats, controls on the steering wheel for easy access. Removable rear seats are great when hauling large loads. The brakes seem to wear easily, due to the weight of the vehicle. Plenty comfortable seating.

- Deborah U

Reliable. Comfortable high power

Great motor the transmission went out replaced the backlash is broken. Check engine light come on. Oil Leak But reliable never had any major problems would love to upgrade. DVD player not working but has plenty of room comfortable love the height sit up high

- Von G

Rescue Dog Mom Depends on her GMC Yukon

I'm an off road adventurer so I love having easy to use four wheel drive. Low clearance with the running boards and bumpers is problematic at times. I like the Yukon's sturdy size, reliability, and well built engine. 150,000 miles and still running strong!

- Susan F

This vehicle does not have excellent fuel efficiency, so be prepared.

This is been the best family vehicle. My package has heated seats. It also has navigation. I highly recommend this vehicle for large families and for long trips. The seats are large and comfortable. The steering is very easy for such a large vehicle.

- Mary W

Frequent trips to the gas pump will be required.

Over the life of the vehicle repair costs have been low, less than $3000. It has a very smooth ride and handles well. Gas mileage is terrible at 15 mpg but this is constant across highway/town regardless of whether it is towing something or not.

- John H

Gmc is very reliable i am happy with my purchase it's comfortable and can seat up to 9 people comfortably..

Very comfortable and smooth ride. Amazing control for a big suv and quick for one to. Back seat can accommodate 2 full ?? and 1 booster for first and i believe the very back is designed to be boosters.. Only downfall is not a lot of storage..

- Brandon B

The amount of room it provides is amazing, especially for car seats.

I love having the room it provides for our family of five. It has great AC output for the whole vehicle. I don't like how many issues we have had since we bought it. Especially when the car gets turned on it can have a hard time turning over.

- Tiffany D

Very spacious and It's done well.

Love that it has the start feature when your not in vehicle. Spacious, still has onstar and to too high tech. I so not like that i've had to buy 1-2 tires every 6 months for the past at least 5 years. Told It's all or most vehicles this model

- Jessica w

It's paid for I love that. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

I like it it's very comfortable easy to drive and I feel safe driving in it. I drive my grandchildren around a lot and I'm sure I'm safe with them in it it's black I'm not too hard about that interior is black also wish it wasn't black

- Linda S

The GMC Yukon is a luxury family vehicle, provided you can afford the upkeep.

This vehicle is very durable and dependable. The dash controls are easy to operate, however operation of the temperature control buttons is time consuming. Purchasing parts for this vehicle are quite costly as well as purchasing fuel.

- Deborah U

It drives smoothly and for a large SUV, has decent gas mileage.

It has been a reliable car, but had to have the engine replace because of bad seals in the engine. It does drive smoothly and has a lot of power. I like that it is an 8 seater and can fit my entire family in it.

- Jennifer S

It is a great SUV for families with multiple children it is very expensive if bought new though.

It holds seating capacity of 7, fully loaded. DVD player, sunroof/moonroof, etc. smooth ride, corners great,lots of power, all wheel drivetrain. Dislikes include no trunk space in back and only 15 mpg driving

- Sara T

It is very comfortable, great size for family. The body and style is very attractive. Automatic starter and trunk are awesome

I love the size, comfort, entertainment system, back up camera. I wish it had Bluetooth capability for my phone. The navigation system is a bit tedious to use, I can access directions quicker from my phone

- Allie B

It takes a lot longer to come to a complete stop.

I love the room it gives everyone. I don't like the gas mileage or how expensive the tires are. I like the radio controls from the back. Just wish i could listen to music while they watched a movie.

- Ashley M

The Yukon is a roomy vehicle

I love that we have room for friends to join us for fun adventures, and that we have room to buy and transport large items. I like how roomy it is. I like the heated seats and backup camera.

- Kristin D

Safe family vehicle. Enough room for your items and people.

Lots of room. Smooth driving. The screen for navigation is too bright at night. Very comfy seats for driving long distances. Love the leather. Dog hair does not stick to everything.

- Amy D

That is it very durable and long lasting. Proven by the mileage it has on it.

It has over 200,000 miles on it and still runs good. Love the room it provides with option of laying down back seats. The heated seats and remote start are wonderful perks.

- Lisa R

Really fast truck, awesome in winter weather. Couldn't recommend more.

Awesome truck! Very reliable and had never had an issue in the 4 years we've owned it. We are wedding photographers and this truck has been perfect for carrying equipment!

- Jenna C

Trim pieces are made to look like chrome but are not, they are plastic.

I love the engine and look, dislike the cheap, plastic finishes. Everything interior is made of plastic and breaks. Outdoor handles are plastic as well and break often.

- Sally S

Drives excellent in any type of weather. Only downfall for my vehicle is it needs premium fuel.

Never let gas go below 1/4. Fuel pump will go quickly, it has the Chevy clunk. Google it if you don't know what it is. It has new transmission and still has Chevy clunk

- Stephanie B

Very low gas mileage and lots or repairs. Very roomy and lots of luxury in the interior.

2 weeks after purchasing had to put over $3000 into maintenance. Love the look inside and out and how things are set up. Just discouraged by the Constance repair bills

- Michelle H

A minivan feel with a SUV body. Lots of storage. Great for small families.

It is comfortable and reliable. I wish it were a bit newer to have some of the techy features. I love the air ride suspension and how many people it holds comfortably.

- Kate B

The sunroof is the best on a warm night in Chicago by the lake!

You may experience some electrical problems. The truck is a great family vehicle with lots of space. The family can enjoy good movies and nice music on long journeys!

- Carolyn F

Outdoor adventurer loves her GMC Yukon.

Four wheel drive takes me to remote, ideal camping spots away from crowds. All of the back seats have been removed. My dogs and I sleep and camp out of my Yukon.

- Beth F

It is comfortable and roomy. Easy to drive.

I like the smooth ride, the DVD player (for the kids), extra room, and the 3rd row seating, also being able to fold it down so I can put in stroller and stuff.

- Molly P

It is a safe and reliable car.

I love all the room that my car has. We need a vehicle that will drive well in the snow and this one does that. I also feel like my kids are safe in it.

- Dominique S

We will never buy any other type of vehicle!

I love my 2008 Yukon! It is very roomy and it is a way better alternative compared to a minivan. It is great in the snow and keeps us up off the road.

- Bonnie B

Great Vehicle for a family.

I really like my car it is very dependable and very roomy. The perfect vehicle for a family with children. It sits 7 and still has storage room.

- Tina R

It is big, roomy and safe.

I love the roomy interior and all the bells and whistles it has. Bose sound system, leather, sun/moonroof. It is also a very reliable vehicle.

- Amy S

Love that is so large that it can wear up to 9 people!

Gets terrible gas mileage. Air conditioning does not cool the car down fast enough because it is so large. The back seats do not recline.

- Taylor W

It is very reliable. I feel safe driving it.

I love this car. It is low maintenance but I also take very good care if it. It is comfortable and I know my passengers are comfortable.

- Alison H

It is got a lot of buttons. Do not get in and start pushing them.

I love the heated seats and easy removing of the back seats. Not really any complaints. I love the leather. DVD player. Sunroof.

- Amanda H

That it is a good car getting us around.

I love that my vehicle is big and has lots of room. I do not like the captain seats in the middle. I love my heated seats.

- Cindy C

Great SUV ! Powerful and roomy !

Good performance, reliable, comfortable and many good features. Some problems like the electronics are intermittent.

- david c

They should know that it's an excellent vehicle... It's definitely worth the value. The truck drives beautiful.

I love my Yukon Denali. I have no problems with it... It drives beautiful. It handles great. And it looks good!!!

- Andre J

My car is my baby, I will protect it at all costs.

Expensive to fill up big gas tank. Love all the room and the amount of people you can seat. Comfortable to drive.

- Julie D

It is big so difficult to park.

Too big, difficult to maneuver. It also needs to be serviced quite a bit, I like that it makes me feel safe.

- Amy B

It has plenty of room for a large family and seats everyone comfortably.

It drinks gas. We replaced the alternator and still having issues with blinking lights and message on dash.

- Coty R

It is big enough to do groceries and take me where I want to go.

I like the size of it. I am a tall person and it has sufficient headroom and is easy to get in and out of

- Diane B

I like the power that my SUV has. We pull a travel trailer with it and it's great.

I like the power that my SUV has. We pull a travel trailer with it and it's great. Nothing else to say.

- Charlene R

Sturdy, fairly reliable vehicle. Really good in bad weather

It does not get great gas mileage. The vehicle does not have much storage if 3rd row seating is used

- Pat B

Not much storage if using third row seat

Very reliable. Great towing. Gas mileage not bad for size of vehicle. Very comfortable on long trips

- Patti B

repairs are expensive when these vehicle break down.

I like it's durability hate the repairs. I like it"s room. I hate it's windows

- Brian H

It is a gas hog. It is big enough for my whole family. Grill guard is cheap.

It is a very reliable vehicle and it makes me feel safe on the highway.

- Traci M

Large enough for family and all our things when we travel. 4 wheel drive. Dependable and sturdy. Would like for it to have USB outlets.

Good vehicle for families, especially if they haul lots of items.

- Kristen R