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Comfort and luxury all in one.

The GMC Yukon Denali is the most comfortable automobiles out there. With its smooth v8 engine and its stylish trim you won't regret buying one of these bad boys. The 2010 GMC Yukon Denali features a rearview camera with a handy GPS and an easy to use touch screen. The main thing I love about my GMC Denali are the seats and how comfortable they are, you can literally fall asleep laying on one, and the fact they recline all the way back makes it great plus the middle row can lean back as well. Perfect for family and friends on long road trips. Doesn't save much gas but usually doesn't burn up too much gas as long as u don't anchor on the gas as much.

- Theo V

Best vehicle we've owned. Lots of room!

This is our favorite vehicle we have owned. It is very large with plenty of room for passengers and lots of storage room. It has lots of power and although we have not used it to pull anything yet it would definitely be good for towing. Going with that it doesn't have the greatest fuel mileage. The running boards also are a bust as they quit working and are too expensive to fix. Also love all the power options. Power seats. Heated and cooled seats. DVD player for the kids. We would definitely buy another one!

- Austin C

This vehicle is roomy and comfortable, spacious for many passengers or cargo.

My 2010 Yukon XL is very spacious, with a removable third row that makes carrying larger cargo very easy. It has been a very reliable car, and the options like DVD player, heated and cooled seats and a touch screen navigation system have been wonderful. It is a comfortable car to ride in, with the only real problem being given the size of the tires, it is sometimes hard to find in-stock when we need new. I highly recommend this SUV to those that are interested.

- Catherine H

A luxury vehicle with all the extras one would expect.

Being able to see over other vehicles while in traffic is a big help. Air and heated leather seats are nice. 3 rows of seating plus the middle row middle seat is not there for convenience to the back row. Lots of storage in the very back, it is. A luxury vehicle in all aspects. All seats fold down incase you need to put plywood or long boards in it too. It's like a truck with a roof to keep all your supplies from bouncing out.

- John S

It is big and has lots of space.

I like how high up I am. Many SUVs or smaller cars my knees hit the steering wheel, even with it moved up. I don't have this problem in my car. I have plenty of room. Passengers have plenty of room and there’s still ample storage in the trunk. It fits a lot of people as well. I like the heated seats, the backseat passengers having control over their air and that the seat lifts up.

- Wen M

Color-grey silver. Mileage- a lot of miles on it. Side scratch. Dent in bumper.

I love my vehicle simply because it never put me down side the road. However my vehicle is getting worn down. Sometimes i'll have to restart at traffic light because will cut off a lot in cold climates and temperatures. And even though I always get my fix specifically the wheels wobble after long ride making steering hard to control.

- Miranda S

Awesome vehicle. Love the room inside.

It is a great vehicle. Very large lots of room for passengers and lots of room for luggage. Lots of power although not good gas mileage. Very nice ride, very comfortable. Running boards are a bust as they stop working and are too expensive to fix. Overall love this vehicle and would buy another.

- Austin L

Maintain it and it will run forever. Rotate tires, routine maintenance oil antifreeze transmission fluids etc... terrible on has around town, but decent on the highway.

Dislikes: It's a gas hog. Not as much room as expected. I have two babies that have to ride in the middle if our oldest go with us we have to move a car seat just to let him in the third row. Likes: navigation, TV, ice cold air, automatic lift gate, remote start. The interior color and wheels.

- Jennifer A

Dependable, strong, and versatile vehicle. Very safe for driving my family

I have no problems with my Yukon. I've owned it for 8+ years and have never had it in the shop for more than an oil change. I have upgraded the exhaust, intake, and wheel and enjoy the performance of its V8. I drive my wife and 4 kids with seats to spare and pull our RV trailer on vacations.

- paul M

Best drive for your buck!!

Very roomy inside, seats 7 comfortably, drives like a dream, has heated seats, safety features, looks expensive, never had any major trouble with anything. Has now nearly 200, 000 miles on it. Great SUV! We've traveled nearly fifty states in it. Family friendly, lots of space in the back.

- Sandy L

This a truck you got to love.

It came with TV and a back up cam that allows me to see further. It also ride so smooth. I am just in love with it. My kids have room to move around. It's just a nice truck all the way around. You cannot help but to love it if you do not fall in love with this truck then your crazy.

- Allen A

2010 GMC Yukon slt is a great vehicle.

I haven't had any major problems with the vehicle other than 2 of the tires do not hold air very well. The seats are comfortable and are heated and cooled power seats. It drives smooth and sits up at a nice height. The gas mileage is about average for other vehicles of it is size.

- Bennett S

Heated seats sunroof third row rear hatch automatic DVD players.

Sunroof, heated seats, navigation, Bluetooth, third row, automatic back door, towing package, it is reliable, is comfortable, we've traveled in it, we would take it across state lines if we needed to, I would buy this car over and over and over again no questions asked.

- Alexis J

GMC Yukon xl is a great car for all terrain.

I really like this car a lot. I live in the north east so we get a lot of snow and this car never fails to get me through touch terrain. I enjoy the way this car drives as well. It is a very large car, so it can be difficult to park in some places, like cities.

- Madeline H

The green bean and the kids.

Very reliable I have not had any problems with my vehicle at all great car in all. Besides the minor things that go along with cars oil change breaks. Oil change nothing else that has been major since 2015 when I first purchased the car it had a dent I from t.

- Crystal F

Front wheel drive- never purchasing that again.

Being that we have 3 children it helps to have something big enough to haul kids around. I despise the front wheel drive in the winter, and would never purchase a vehicle again with front wheel drive. But it is very nice to have space and a 3rd row seat.

- Trisha S

It is a reliable and safe vehicle.

I love how roomy it is inside and not hard to drive not to big and bulky. Has plenty of room for the kids and the groceries or packing for trips. It is always been reliable no mechanical problems with regular maintenance.

- Rachel P

It is big and it will probably be hard to park. It isn't as comfortable as other GM cars.

The seats are not as comfortable as other cars, and we mainly bought this car to go on long road trips. It doesn't heat up as well as other cars, but it has a nice radio and GPS, so I'm happy enough with it.

- Lisa V

Towing power is important to know! You shouldn't try to haul to much

I like the car, but it burns gas like crazy! The dashboard has already cracked and cracked quickly. It's really expensive to replace! I do like that it has lots of seating and can still pull a trailer!

- Ashli S

It has an extra large capacity for people or cargo.

The GMC Yukon Denali is a good, reliable vehicle for a family. It has plenty of room in the back for all of your kids to spread out and excellent air conditioning controls as well.

- Bev F

It has been low maintenance cost for the last eight years.

I like the smooth ride. I also like driving a SUV. I don't like the miles per gallon. I also don't like the location of the grip handle in the front passenger seat.

- Cindy C

Love my Yukon Denali xl 2010.

I love the space in the car. Love the oversized trunk in the xl. It is extremely comfortable. Rides more like a car then the feel of the truck. Not great on gas.

- Christine M

It is not a gas guzzler. I get good mileage.

Without a doubt, I like the way it handles. I dislike the small back seat bench. It is also a very good looking car. Lastly, I can put a lot of "stuff" in it.

- Betty H

That it costs a lot of money to fill it up.

Love the size and that it holds 8 people and a ton of luggage. Love the feeling of safety while driving such a large truck. Hate what a gas guzzler it is.


GMC Yukon, little extra space.

I love the third row, but the space in the back for luggage or groceries are terribly and almost nonexistent if you have all passengers in their seat.

- Courtney C

The only thing they should know is that it's awesome.

I love the look of the exterior. I love the space of the interior. I wish it had the 5.8L vs the 5.3L. I love that it should last several more years.

- Rachel M

it is quality built and very safe, that handles well

It is well designed and has a quality interior with all the bells and whistles that one could need. It rides well and looks good with plenty of room

- Tom B

Its reliable transportation.

Its big and its transportation which I just got. I had let my license expire and just got it back after over 20 years. So I am very happy right now.

- Dorothy Y

It is old and a little rusty, but it can be good in some places.

It cannot hold much gas and I have had it for a while now. It is a little rusty and it can break down sometimes. I would love a new one very soon.

- Bryan C

It is big, but it gets good gas mileage, even when driving around locally

I like the size - it can fit all of the carseats I need for my kids. I like that it gets relatively good gas mileage. I also like the features

- Jessica F

Comfortable, reliable, good gas mileage.

Great car, no issues. It has been a very reliable and comfortable vehicle for my family. We take it on trips and it is perfect. No complaints.

- Kyle B

The GMC Yukon xl has lots of room.

The vehicle has lots of room. DVD system for the kids. The vehicle has a backup camera. Has leather interior. Has bucket seats in the middle.

- Beth W

It is 14 years old and been a very dependable family car.

I love the size. I love the 4 wheel drive. I do not like the gas mileage. I like that it sits up high so I can see better when driving.

- Patti S

It's a fast car and one of a kind.

Easy to drive, easy on gas, so it is not expensive to get around. The back up camera is very helpful to know what is behind me.

- Mary M

It drives smoothly and is good on gas mileage!!

I love it very much. It is big, but not too big. It is one year before the navigation capabilities, which is a bummer.

- Sheri W

My big SUV is a dependable gas loving ride

It is dependable but also cost a lot in gas. It seats six people with room to spare. Overall I still really like it

- James S

It has no trunk space. Great for traveling.

I love my Yukon. The V8 is amazing, has a lot get up and go. The interior is very comfortable for my family of 4.

- Crystal G

I enjoy driving it and feel very safe and secure in it

Love the 4x4 feature! Love the height of it. Love how many people I can pack in. Not so happy about gas mileage.

- Linda E

I dislike that there is little cargo space in the vehicle. Virtually nothing can be stored in the back. However, I love the 4wd and look of the GMC Yukon

From my mechanic, I have found out that a common problem in Yukon vehicles is failure of the anti-theft system.

- Cindy R

it is a beautiful truck,2500 series, they don't make these anymore, strong truck

I love having a big truck, makes me feel safe here in the woods, kind of like my Chevy suburban a little better

- melissa s

GMC's are the best made vehicles out there.

I have no complaints on my vehicle. Myself and my kids love our Yukon Denali! It is perfect for a family of 5.

- Sheri B

Great family sub for taking vacations

rides comfortable plenty of elbow space and legroom great for vacations seats are nice and plush sits up high

- malanda d

I Love the onstage features that comes with the truck

I really like the way the truck handles and rides I also like the comfort and the luxury that comes with it.


runs great, I feel that it gets great gas mileage for Its size and being all wheel drive

very roomy, comfortable to drive somewhat good looking lots of toys, decent economy, very dependable

- Jim i

An interesting detail about my vehicle is I didn't want it at first and now I love it

The dash cracked in the heat. It is roomy on the inside. It has a lot of features that I appreciate.

- Amy S

Smooth driving acceleration is very nice haven't had a single problem with it.

It is extremely comfortable, decent gas mileage great sound system and great room.

- Jordan M

I like the way it gives me a smooth ride. It has plenty of room for passengers to ride. It has plenty of room for storage when traveling. There isn't anything that I dislike about the vehicle at this time.

Very nice vehicle with lots of room for multiple riders.

- Cathy C



- Nicole G