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Yukon Denali: it has the works!

It has a 6. 2l engine. I have leather seats with heat and cooling option for the driver and passenger side seats and the rear captains chairs have heat in them as well. The vehicle has a backup camera system. Touch screen radio and navigation. Its Bluetooth capable for hands free communications. Memory seats and pedals for 2 people and an option to move the seat so you can get out. Folding mirrors with turn signals and blind spot indicators. Sunroof. Button to open hatch from the front seat. Buttons next to rear captains chairs to fold and lift seat up so 3rd row passengers can get out easily. Yes it does have a third row that folds down. Cargo space is non existent with the third row chairs up. You have just enough room for 3 cases of water to go behind the seats. Once seats are folded down though you have plenty of room for groceries and strollers. Has DVD players in the headrest of the driver and passenger chairs for the kids to watch the same or different movies at the same time.

- Amber C

Room for my grandchildren! We can travel together instead of multiple vehicles.

Never had any major problems. Just regular maintenance. When the family wants to go somewhere we always take mine. Seats 7 very comfortably. As far as gas mileage. Well I sure will not complain. If I didn't have the room for all of us we would have to take 2 vehicles. That wouldn't be economical! The insurance is reasonable. I love everything about it.

- Patricia W

The Yukon Denali is an ideal vehicle for large families or individuals.

Reliability is 10/10, performance is 10/10 great take off power. Heated and cooled seat area ideal for climate control. Stereo system is basic. Amazing towing abilities. 3 row seating is comfortable for children and grown adults. Love the safety features. Blind side lights and alarm are a must. Great driving in any weather conditions. 4x4/AWD amazing.

- Christy C

Venting about my car. I list some of the good.

I love my car. I feel like it could hold gas for a longer period of time. A lot of gas companies vary in the quality gas they provide and I find it unacceptable. I like the seats I chose for my car I am glad I didn't get leather because I think my seats are very comfortable and manageable in hot weather. I am still able to clean them efficiently.

- Iv D

It has self leveling suspension.

We love our vehicle so far. We have owned it for almost 1 year now. We haven't had any issues. It is great being high up and we feel much safer driving this bigger SUV. It seats or 5 person family great with lots of trunk space when we fold the third row down for our big dog as well. Very roomy! I especially love the backup camera.

- Jen M

Great reliable family vehicle.

I really love how large my vehicle is. I feel safe driving my children around in it. We have not had any problems with it so far and the regular maintenance is fairly cost efficient. The gas mileage is good for an SUV, and the backup camera is such a great feature. Especially being in a neighborhood with many children.

- Jennifer G

2012 GMC Yukon is an amazing vehicle.

I love all the great features the truck comes with like the heated and cooling seats, remote start, TV for passengers, temperature control for passengers and the rear view camera. It does lack Bluetooth but has a USB connection. Needs more USB connections. It's a good looking vehicle. I get compliments all the time.

- Tanya S

It is the Denali package. All black with the chrome accents.

I have the Yukon XL Denali package. I love the heated seats and steering wheel and as well as the ac seats in the summer! It also includes bucket seats for the second row. The running boards are automatic so that is always nice as well to have them up while driving so they don't get as slippery in rain and ice.

- Bailey C

The best family size vehicle.

Vehicle is very comfortable great family vehicle, great vehicle for travel. With regular normal maintenance, oil changes and tune ups this vehicle has no problems still running like new after 150, 000+ miles. Love all the options, Bluetooth, heated seats, heated steering, USB ports, dual heat/air controls.

- Kristin B

Size makes this car very safe, to have.

The gauges are not user friendly hard to see take to long to find what does what even odometer is hard to read backup cam is all most useless so small and contrast is very bad. The car is very nice otherwise rides good, handles good, lots of power good ride height, nice body shape. Interior clean quite.

- Winston P

High level review at 98, 000 miles!

Vehicle has been great. No service issues. Reliable and safe. The only negative is that the dashboard cracked and According to online reviews that is a common challenge with our make/model. We have also had to have the ac recharged but that is likely just the maintenance schedule for a 2012.

- Melissa M

Most people think it may be bad on gas but it isn't. I call my truck Bessie gal.

Problems have been very minimal. Nothing major, just regular maintenance. I have replaced my alternator, one battery and I have replaced the water pump. It's great at picking up speed and its great on miles. I have had it 4 years now, and I paid cash for it. Best big purchase.

- Madeline D

Enjoy how elegant it looks.

Was not positive on purchasing a large vehicle, but it has been reliable and comfortable for my family. We enjoy taking family trips because of the tv, heat/cold sweats, and the ride is very smooth. I would recommend this vehicle to a family who spends a lot of time driving.

- David V

Great vehicle but not as spacious as would like.

I love the way it drives. It drives like a truck and feels very safe. It has a sleek look. Biggest complaint is that I wish there was more space behind 3rd row seating. When both seats in 3rd row are up there are no room for groceries. The XL is just out of price range.

- Kea H

GMC Yukon... Great size SUV for a busy family.

Love the size. It's a heavier vehicle so it runs great in the snow. It seats up to 7 people. Has plenty of cargo capacity too. Carries hockey gear and players well. Is comfortable with heated seats, leather and has a sunroof. It's great for busy families of any size.

- Sarah H

Spacious and family friendly.

The Yukon is really great for families. There is plenty of space for the family with the third row or lay the seats down to have more space for luggage. It can burn through gas kind of fast but the flex fuel option keeps the cost down. No major problems to address.

- Danielle G

The most important other people need to know about my car is how it does on gas.

Too much on gas. However fits just right for a family of 5. It can fit up to 8 people comfortably. The truck is big enough to hold a stroller and a lot of groceries. For safety, it includes onstar and connects to cell phones through its Bluetooth system.

- Samantha P

It has a lot of space and I can drive lots of people.

I drive the yukon XL. I enjoy the space for my family. Everyone can easily get in and out of it. I like the amenities included. The kids use the DVD player often. My truck is well take care of and it had not had any major mechanical issues.

- Brandi H

Passenger pass through for the kids.

No problems, I would just like a newer one! It runs great and is comfortable. The only issue we've run into is the ac. It seems we have a slow leak and need to refill it every year. All in all, a minor expense and inconvenience.

- Melissa M

An all wheel drive luxury SUV. The denali version of the Yukon is definitely worth the extra money.

I've had the Denali version of this car and have never had a problem with it. I bought it new in 2012 and only recently the door handles have started to deteriorate. Fantastic car and I can't wait to buy the newest model!

- Rebekah M

Great car for a family with children because it is large and can fit lots of stuff.

I love the size. It has a large trunk which is nice with several young kids and hauling all their stuff. It also tows our camper really well. I wish the seats were a little more comfortable. Also it is a rough ride.

- Kristy S

It is a big vehicle, uses fuel. Our Yukon has the big V8, so it has lots of power if we were to ever tow anything.

It is a yukon XL, so it is very spacious. We were looking for bucket seats in the middle so our children could make it to the back row easily. We also love the step rail feature, automatically raises and lowers.

- Randy M

It is very easy to drive even if it is long and big. The blind spots are small and the camera helps when backing in.

I love that I have the third row of seat for extra kids. I also like that I can have 3 rows and not lose the trunk space. I love the backup camera. I dislike the amount of gas it takes to fill it at the pump.

- Kimber L

Its a large car. Does have a backup camera. Good a/c as well.

Love the spacious feel, the vehicle feels safe, and its strong. Do not like the leg space in the 3rd row. The back of the vehicle doesn't have a lot of space for groceries. Needs better DVD player screen.

- Brenda A

A SUV for a family of 8 to ride.

I love the way my vehicle turns. It turns just like a car. I like the way it is enough space in the vehicle to drive the children around and have enough space to have a weeks worth of food in the back.

- Joyce D

I believe that the car is worth the money that you would pay for it.

I have a Yukon XLT and I love the cargo space and the fact that I can carry extra people. I also like the fact that it is big and sits high up I feel safer in the vehicle. It is a very reliable car.

- Carolyn B

It's great for bigger family for space and comfort. Makes travel great

I love that it's big and spacious but there are problems with sensors that cause car to turn off while you are driving and gmc doesn't think they should have to fix it. Thank god hubby was able too

- Danielle C

Handles great in the snow and winter weather also has lots of space to haul kids and cargo.

I like the styling and the look of the vehicle. I also like the way it drives and handles the tough winter weather. I dislike the gas mileage and some of the small parts are falling apart already

- Steve H

It has been a very reliable car.

It's a perfect family of four SUV. I love the denali package. I have had mine since 2012 and I love it so much I do not want to trade it in... Nothing compares to it, it's a perfect fit for me..

- Meredith S

The most important thing is technology and options. This vehicle can do a lot.

I love how roomy my vehicle is. I have two children, and it works perfectly. Also, we have a boat, and I can tow it with my vehicle. It can also handle winter rural roads with it's 4x4.

- Allison R

I love that we have plenty of room when we travel out of town.

I love how much room we have when we travel out of town. I love that it is not too big like the Yukon xl, I feel it is the perfect size. I love how smooth it drives as well!

- Monica P

It has a lot of room for family and pets.

I love the power that it has with the V8 but dislike the poor fuel mileage from it. I like that it has a lot of room and my family can ride safely and comfortably.

- Matt s

i treated it well and it has very low mileage it's a sturdy car

i loved my yukon when i got it both of my kids were in school and involved with sports so i needed to cart around a bunch of kids now not so much

- joana s

Love driving the big SUV, perfect for kids and their friends.

Had to purchase a new engine at 87, 000 miles due to premature wear. Mechanic said it was because of the efficient fuel management system.

- Brittany M

Treats me well with over 110,000 miles on it and still running perfectly

My black yukon denali is wonderful to me! However, I am not fond of the gas milage (to be expected) and the automatic running boards.

- Baylee C

It is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned for a road trip.

I do not like the gas mileage, but I love all the extra creature comforts, I really do not have complaints other than aforementioned.

- Marilyn R

It is a good family car and good on gas.

I love the space of the car. I like that it is able to use flex fuel and the size of it. I also like the remote start and leather.

- Danielle G

It is a good reliable car.

It has 3rd row seating to fit all the family for traveling. It is a smooth riding vehicle. Great gas mileage for a large vehicle.

- Kim B

It is a way to make trips more comfortable for me and my family

I love how big and roomy it is. And how easy and comfortable it is to drive! Only dislike is that it uses a lot of fuel!

- Lea B

It feels exactly like driving a truck. It does not do well on sharp turns.

I love that my yukon has 3 rows of seating and plenty of room!.. I hate how much gas I go through, it is a gas guzzler!.

- Rachel K

Sucks on gas, but it is great for room and safety.

Door handles seem to keep snapping, but it is an easy fix. Otherwise I love my vehicle! I would definitely recommend it!

- Bailey C

My Yukon is very comfortable.

Love the color ( cream ).. Love the heated leather seats.. Love sunroof and. Love all the room for my design business..

- Linda D

Great gas mileage for an SUV.

To be an SUV it is extremely comfortable to drive as well as ride. Very smooth and has great shock absorbers.

- Den B

Even though it is large it is easy to drive.

I love the size and how easy it is to drive. I love that it has a well appointed interior. I hate the mpg.

- Brittany M

It has everything we want and need with 5 boys!

I love my truck! I have the yukon xl denali and it has everything i want and need for our big family of 7.

- katy f

2012 Yukon Denali engine problem.

The engine had to be fixed for 3, 200 dollars. A known problem and very expensive but will not recall it.

- Josh K

That it is safe and a large capacity suv

I really like the color and size of my truck. I wish the back of the truck had a larger storage area.

- stephanie H

It's a bigger car that drives and handles well anyone would like this car

White nice condition leather and heated seats has higher miles

- Renee H

that it works very well and rides very smooth and is very cheap

i like everything about it it's cool and fresh and still works

- Gage V

Safe and lots of room. Great mileage

I like how big and roomy it is. I like the way it drives.

- Chelsea S

One of my favorite features about my car is how many it seats. It is an SUV, but rides really well. It is a smooth ride. Love the backup camera and the dvd system

Reliability of a GMC, seats 7. Feels like a luxury SUV

- Kelly M