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Love that I can start my car from anywhere with the GMC app.

2014 GMC Yukon Denali

The Yukon xl Denali is a family friendly vehicle. It rides nice and other than routine maintenance we haven't had any issues. The middle row is bucket seats which I feel is a must if you have children. I feel safe when driving this vehicle in all types of weather. It does have navigation which I feel is not that great. I hardly use it as it takes to long to type in an address. It also has Bluetooth and I have been unable to pair my phone correctly. I do however love this vehicle. Other than the fact that they are expensive I have no regrets buying it.

- Melissa S

Yukon XL is more than a soccer mom car.

2014 GMC Yukon

Do not like that the turn signal does not click off unless you make a hard turn. . You almost have to make a you turn for the signal to click off. The rear window at the back of vehicle is easily opened by mistake. Car is very comfortable, smooth comfortable ride. Love all the heat/air/seat features, hate that there is not enough space in front to put a box of Kleenex and would love to have 4 cup holders in center console instead of 2. Wish someone would invent a pull out tray for passenger to eat or rest a book on.

- Pamela H

Spacious for the whole family.

2014 GMC Yukon Denali

My vehicle is spacious, comfortable, and very reliable for my growing family. At this point we have two children, but will be expanding our family in the future. Thanks to the size of the Yukon Denali, we'll be able to grow into this vehicle and still have plenty of room for traveling and transporting things. The gas mileage is better than a lot of larger SUVs as well.

- Annie H

We really love this Yukon and so will you.

2014 GMC Yukon

We love driving the Yukon because it is roomy yet easy to drive. We love taking long trips in it because there is plenty of storage space. Our bags and dog can ride comfortably in the back. My husband is tall so he needed a lot of headroom so this was the best fit for him. The sound system is also nice. We love how this model looks and feel stylish yet comfortable.

- Michelle W

Four wheel drive and it is dependability.

2014 GMC Yukon SLE

Is very comfortable in reliable. I have never had any issues with my vehicle other than normal wear and tear. The four wheel drive is worth the extra money that I had to spend. The time that it saves in the winter time is wonderful. I love being able to get in to it and not have to worry about whether or not I will get to my destination.

- Sabrina L

I love my GMC Yukon XL SUV.

2014 GMC Yukon

I love my Yukon XL for the comfort and safety I have with it. I sit up high which I like. It does cost more to fill up with gas but I only have to fill it once for a 400 mile trip. It is very roomy, holds 8 adults, and we can fit all our luggage in the trunk. I love how easy the seats go down in the back if I need more room in the trunk.

- Joyce Y

Great family vehicle for traveling.

2014 GMC Yukon

So far so good. No issues and very reliable. Amazing performance, strong engine for a big truck. It does not have a heavy ride feel to it. Great on gas which I was amazed to find out. Once you accelerate the speed picks up very quickly. Very roomy inside with ample trunk space. Great for long traveling with a big family.

- Stephan C

It was expensive. I paid more for it.

2014 GMC Yukon

It is recently developed some electrical problems. The speedometer went out for a while. I have had to replace two oxygen sensors ahead of their usual wear. It is extremely reliable otherwise. And it is also fully loaded with a sunroof, full power everything, leather interior, DVD and navigation, and satellite radio.

- Lucia S

Luxury without Luxury Price

2014 GMC Yukon SLT

My 2014 GMC Yukon is Very reliable Comfortable Easy smooth ride 5 years old and I still have get gas mileage 144600 miles and no major repairs needed yet Adjustable seat very nice Third row easy accessible and comfortable Removable third row is easy and very accommodating when for moving Furniture up to 6x6

- Des W

Great vehicle with lots of features. Roomy and comfortable for the whole family.

2014 GMC Yukon

My vehicle is spacious and comfortable for my family. It handles very well. Has lots of features. Has leather seats, heated and cooled seats. DVD player and in-dash navigation. Satellite radio. I wish it got better gas mileage. The mileage on my vehicle is getting high, so we will probably have to replace it soon.

- Jennifer C

A Yukon is family friendly and a way to have a covered pickup that quickly converts to an amazing travel vehicle for one or seven.

2014 GMC Yukon

I love the size - I can carry all of the items or people I want, where and when I want. I can tow a trailer, or sleep in the back very comfortably. Considering the size, the mileage is not bad. It is a very stable vehicle, and I feel safe in it in all types of weather and road conditions.

- Gale B

My experience with GMC SUVs.

2014 GMC Yukon

I have a GMC Yukon. It is surprisingly fuel efficient. I have not had any trouble with it. It is well maintained and performs well overall. I would consider buying another vehicle of this type in the future but maybe something a bit smaller. I think GMC makes good vehicles of this type.

- Michael L

My love for my Yukon is so very real.

2014 GMC Yukon SLT

It is very nice. It gets very bad gas mileage. Interior is very roomy. We love the third row. Looks great even 5 years later. It can tow a good amount of weight. The four wheel drive works very well in all types of terrain. Good lord this is a lot to type. I have got nothing else.

- Gina W

Overall worth its price and is a well made car.

2014 GMC Yukon

It drives smoothly and is very reliable when going long distances. I have had very few problems with the car, so I have not had to pay for much extra care. The gas mileage is pretty good, but a full tank is pretty expensive. Overall the car is well-made and is worth the money.

- Geoff M

The GMC Yukon has provided a pleasurable and reliable venture.

2014 GMC Yukon

My GMC Yukon is a adequate SUV. It's spacious. I love the exterior as well as the interior. The interior is also equipment with multitasking features. My Yukon has a pretty good gas mileage. The Yukon has a smooth ride. The Yukon has little to no problems. I love the style.

- Robin C

How reliable Yukon's are.

2014 GMC Yukon

My vehicle is really reliable. Its get me where I want to go, and any place else. It do not have all the features that the new Yukon have. Its has a 6 disc CD player, air conditioning, and three row seats. The seats are leather, great in the winter, and hot on the summer.

- Keith A

Very roomy family vehicle.

2014 GMC Yukon

Yukon drives great. It's very comfortable. Only problems were the break line needed replaced and slight leaking of coolant. Plenty of room and great for groups of people or hauling. Heated seats. All around a good vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Amy M

Very roomy. A very dependable vehicle. Pulls trailer or camper with no issues.

2014 GMC Yukon

It's actually my husbands truck. My car, a Pontiac, wasn't listed. He likes his truck very much. It holds a lot of stuff and his business requires him to carry a lot. It runs good. No issues yet. I like how it sits up high. It's a safe and dependable vehicle.

- Cindy M

Very durable and comfortable vehicle.

2014 GMC Yukon SLE

Very durable- all I have had was my brake lights stop working. One of the best cars I have ever been in my life. Feels satisfying to try. And feels smooth. I really like the nice design of the car and it is comfortable it has heating seats and chilling seats.

- Christian S

Drives like a car but still feels very large to me. Would rather of had just the regular and not the XL

2014 GMC Yukon

We have the Yukon XL because we have 2 kids that play ice hockey and we need a large car for their equipment. We have had problems with engine (rebuilt last year), air conditioning, brakes (larger car go through breaks faster)

- Cathy P

GMC Yukon XL - Great vehicle!

2014 GMC Yukon

I recently bought a 2014 GMC Yukon and so far loving it! There is lots of room, I can take out the 3rd-row seats and have more storage or sleep in the back of it. The engine is a V8 and still has a lot of pep to it.

- Gary K

That is was cheap and it was the best decision i have made about my car and investment.

2014 GMC Yukon

It is an amazing experience to ride such a great car. 1 thing i love about the car is it is a comfortable experience to travel especially on long road trip. It is honestly an amazing car and i recommend it 100%.

- Feodora b

Comfortable and very smooth ride, fits a lot of people.

2014 GMC Yukon

I hate having a car payment, and I'm not a fan of the black interior or the cloth seats. But I love the great gas mileage, 9 passenger seating, xm radio, DVD player, and dependability

- Clisty M

The versatility of how you can add and remove seating for any need.

2014 GMC Yukon

Car is reliable, easy to transport a large group, roomy for tall people like my husband, we love the extra space in the back for cargo when traveling, enjoy the sound system.

- Michelle W

A Yukon Denali has all the bells and whistles. It is a luxury SUV and has lots of room for kids, dogs and luggage for traveling.

2014 GMC Yukon

I love how it has third row seating so that my kids' friends can ride with us. I love that it is bigger and I feel safe. I love how it has seat warmers and a DVD player.

- Heather D

Just because it is a large four-door SUV it is very easy to maneuver.

2014 GMC Yukon

The room but not to big. Just an all around good, dependable vehicle. Good gas mileage for such a big vehicle. It is easy to maneuver for being a four-door vehicle.

- Brandy L

It's dependable and i would buy it again.

2014 GMC Yukon

I love my yukon because it sits high and i can see everything. it is very comfortable and big enough to transport all of my family and friends.

- Cynthia L

It is not something to just get me from point a to point b I am a car enthusiast and it is something I really enjoy

2014 GMC Yukon

I love the style on the interior and exterior and the room it has to cater to our family and animals and also it has the towing capacity I need

- James A

Yukon gets great gas mileage during long travels.

2014 GMC Yukon

No issues runs great. Have pleasant driving experience. The air is great, and radio volume has quality, the windows are crisp and clean.

- Janice D

It's a classy ride and drives really well with great features

2014 GMC Yukon

I really like my YUKON Denali because it rides comfortably, has leather heated and cooled seats and has an excellent sounds system.

- Kelli L

Why I love my Yukon: Great when you need to haul a group/team of teenagers somewhere!

2014 GMC Yukon

I love the size, hauling capacity and the ability to keep it for many years. It is great for hauling groups of teenagers around!

- Julie J

It gets terrible fuel mileage.

2014 GMC Yukon

I love that we can fit everyone in. But I do not like how cramped we are. I love the sleek exterior. And I love my heated seats.

- Michelle J

That is an awesome car with great gas mileage. However, it should get an upgrade sooner or later.

2014 GMC Yukon

It has a large amount of space. There is also good navigation capability. It rides very smoothly. Power steering is great.

- Ivan S

It has a heated steering wheel.

2014 GMC Yukon

Like: I like everything about the Yukon. I like the heated steering wheel. I like the heated and cooled seats.

- Patty L

It is an all around great car as far as driving as well as safety.

2014 GMC Yukon

I like that it has hands free driving. That makes it safer for me and my family. Also I like the smooth ride.

- Dianna A

It doesn't support bluetooth to listen to music however there are 2 aux inputs

2014 GMC Yukon

The 2014 Yukon is a very reliable and luxurious vehicle, It's sleek design and interior are very appealing

- Anthony A

it makes you feel secure on road when driving in traffic

2014 GMC Yukon

My Yukon is great and had only a minor warranty problem with a power window and it is easy to maintain

- Barbara B

Gets good gas mileage and is high up so you have a very clear view of all the traffic

2014 GMC Yukon

the main problem is the seats don't close up close the floor the rest on the back of the front seats.

- Ginger R

It is comfortable and a safe vehicle for families.

2014 GMC Yukon

I like the size, it is large and roomy I feel safe in a big vehicle I dislike how expensive it is

- kim L

It is a great size for families with pets. We have 2 large dogs and a baby and everyone fits comfortably.

2014 GMC Yukon

I love my Yukon. It's the perfect for my 2 large dogs and baby. It's comfortable and reliable.

- Lindsay B

family friendly, comfortable, many perks and features, heated seats and good gas mileage

2014 GMC Yukon

many sensors that go off periodically. costly repairs when needed because it is a denali

- gina v

Large SUV with three rows of seating, leather seats, seat heater.

2014 GMC Yukon

Large SUV with third row seating. Large truck space. Leather seats. No complaints

- Monica O

I love my Yukon XL. It drives smoothly and has no problem accelerating up the many hills near me. It has a ton of storage that I need and use. It's remarkably comfortable.

2014 GMC Yukon

It drives more like a high end car than a truck both on back roads and highways.

- Jennifer M

After having it a few years I still very much like it

2014 GMC Yukon

Truck is comfortable and roomy, my biggest complaint is how much gas it uses

- Declined D

It is roomy and allows for 7 people to fit comfortably

2014 GMC Yukon

I like the size. Really love the design of the SUV. And the smooth ride.

- Sharon S

It does the job perfectly. There is enough room in it to take ALL needed

2014 GMC Yukon

I love the seats. I dislike the lights. It is exactly what we needed.

- Gary H

It hauls grandkids on a regular basis From school to extracurricular activities.

2014 GMC Yukon

It is Roomy and easy to Drive. Plenty room For kids

- Rene W

My vehicle is the best. It has gotten me from point A to point B and back again.

2014 GMC Yukon

i don't have any complaints about my vehicle.

- Ronica p

GMC Yukon is the perfect family vehicle for a large family.

2014 GMC Yukon Denali

- Christen S