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I bought my 2000 Honda Accord Ex in 2000 with all the bells and whistles and a V-6. The car was a demo with 4000 miles. I immediately changed the oil and filter with Mobil 1 full synthetic oil and rotated the tires. I changed the automatic transmission every 30,000 miles. I traded it in Aug of 2016 . It had 177,000 miles. In 16 years , it had 2 batteries, 1 alternator, 2 sets of tires, maintenance fluid changes, the timing belt replaced at 100,000 miles due to maintenance schedule, and 2 sets of brake pads. It got 30mpg highway up until the day I traded it in. This was the best purchase on a vehicle I have ever made. And the cheapest to operate. I have heard all these horror stories about transmission issues,etc . I’m a technician and feel that if you’re on track with the maintenance , you can’t loose. I’ve had 3. The other 2 were driven by my sons. One had 300,000 and the other had 213,000. These were drove hard. Buy a Honda. Do the maintenance. You can’t go wrong. 😎

- Ralph Brown

Drives well and is very reliable.

Is a great car very reliable has lasted all these years was not driven very far for a number of years only to work and back and around the area I live in to the beach 200 miles a couple of times the car has had minor repairs only in all these years. Is really a good reliable model (accord) the interior has held up well and the outside also I have wash it very often so as to keep the paint from peeling the ride is comfortable. I have a silver colored accord which I like as I think this light color holds up well versus other brighter or darker colors on a car. The accord is rated I think as one of best cars in the industry. If it is not rated as one of the best it should be as it has been the best car I have ever owned. It is a really easy car to handle driving and parking as it is not the smallest nor is it too big in size. I think most women would like this model and the color.

- Pamela C

2000 Honda accord it has a mind of its own.

My 2000 Honda accord is stylish. I have a sunroof. It gets great car mileage. When I bought my Honda three years ago it ran great. Lately, my car slips out of gear. I have to pull over and restart it and then it stays in gear. I am going to need a new transmission system very soon. My heat works great but my air conditioner went out 2 years ago. I think it is a compressor issue but I am not sure. Everytime you change the battery you have to reset the radio with it is security code which is kind of a pain. It is days of going on road trips is long over being it is old and has issues. My Honda is like a stubborn old lady and does not like cold temperatures. It gets me around town and to work most days. Overall I am happy with my Honda and I would definitely consider buying a newer one in the future.

- Amy R

Honda is a reliable car to drive.

It's a great gas saver. doesn't give me any mechanical issues. I drive around 40 miles a day, 4 times a week and is very reliable. As a full time student I don't have much money to spend on gas. I pump around 30 dollars a week in gas and that will be more than enough to get me through. It has never left me stranded. For being 18 years old it's still a car that I can depend on. The way it looks also is a plus because it doesn't seem like its an old car. And it sure doesn't drive like one either. I don't see this Honda as my permanent car. Though Honda is a very reliable brand. In the near future I will purchase a newer car. And it just might be another Honda.

- Sofia B

The vehicle in question is a 2000 Honda accord, lx coupe.

I have been very pleased with this vehicle overall. It is hard it's problems, as anything older than ten years is invariably going to provide, but with a mileage of over 200,000 miles, the structural integrity is still solid, and the engine will likely run another 150,000 miles. The only problems I have had were relatively minor, as well: the radiator and exhaust pipe needed to be replaced. Otherwise, the ride has always been smooth, the interior always comfortably heated (or cooled), and the gas mileage is incredible. I am also a big fan of the exceptionally roomy trunk, which has always made packing gear for any excursion far more convenient.

- Cody B

Over 325,000 miles and still driving as if it were brand new.

My vehicle has leather seats, a sunroof, aluminum wheels, 17 inch tires, a 5- speed, and is pewter in color. It currently has over 325,000 miles on the original engine and continues to get me where I need to go. I have had to replace the alternator, master cylinder, slave cylinder, and tires. Other than that, this vehicle still gets up and goes! I really love my car, even with all the dents and dings all over it. I currently have no reverse due to not having the funds to replace the transmission, but all the other gears work just fine. This vehicle is my daily driving vehicle and I travel out of town quite often.

- Stacy R

An older car that does not give me too much trouble.

I think the car is great but it is now 18 years old so it constantly needs new parts in order to keep it running smoothly. It is an excellent size and has been easy to install car seats into both sides of the back seat. It is also very easy to drive since the large windows allow me to see my blind spot easily. As long as I keep us with basic repairs, the car runs smoothly. The engine is a little loud but it does not bother me too much. Also, I rarely have to spend a lot on labor time when a part is replaced because mechanics tell me that it is an easy car to do repairs on and the parts are very affordable.

- Mariah O

Awesome sunroof, good gas mileage, and a very reliable for an older car.

My car is definitely reliable, I am a full time student which is definitely needed. It is tan and is 18 years old. It has very minor rust. It is not particularly the car I would have picked out myself but I was looking for a reliable car and not style. My seats are leather so that is nice and I also have a sunroof. I love my sunroof I use it every time I can. My car does heat up pretty quickly where I can use my ac or heat within 5-8 minutes of starting my car. My trunk is a pretty good size and it works for what I need. My gas mileage is pretty good I can travel about 250 on a half a tank of gas.

- Lindsey W

Honda Accord, a long lasting good quality car.

The Honda Accord is very nice. My aunt purchased it brand new in 2000 and now 18 years later it is still working fine. The air conditioning unit has been replaced twice though. Which can be very pricy. Also the lock actuators stopped working around year 14. So now I have to use the key every time to open the door. The locks have also become sticky and you now have to pull up the back locks in order for them to open. But this is a car that is 18 years old. This car worked perfectly for 14 years and is still an amazing car and runs nicely it just has some cosmetic issues that need to be dealt with.

- Makayla D

Honda accord: reliable, affordable, and easily maintained.

My Honda is very reliable. It does not need frequent service and when it does need repairs, they are often very affordable. I have had this car for 8 years and it has over 200,000 miles. . The car is very comfortable and quiet. It is an easy ride and is good for long and short trips. The only downside is the gas mileage. It is a v6 and so I do not get as many miles per gallon as I would like. I can typically get around 20 miles per gallon around town and more when I am on the interstate. All in all I would buy this car again in a heartbeat.

- Noelle B

Honda accord long term reliability.

Regarding my 2000 Honda accord, it is definitely a reliable means of transportation and has performed very well under a considerable amount of everyday here to there and back again pressure. I have of course had my share of issues and problems with this vehicle over the years, from engine leaks to transmission stalls. Over all the issues that I have encountered are attributed to average maintenance. Above all a Honda accord of any year or style will always receive high reviews from me as an everyday long term reliable vehicle.

- Parker P

Always check the fluids and tire pressure before going on long trips.

My car runs great. The only problems I am currently having is the front driver window will not roll up or down due to the wire cord is broken. . The paint on the outside has sun damage and is flaking off in huge areas around the entire vehicle. And the spoiler on the drunk is starting to come off it is attached on one side however, the other side is hanging on by a cord that goes from the trunk through a little hole for the light. It gets good gas mileage, no leaks, it is very reliable. Even when my 07 Subaru wasn't.

- Cassandra M

Ol' faithful, the car that will grow with your family.

Our Honda is very reliable. We have never experienced any issues with it, just usual wear and tear. It is a sturdy little model, with a good engine, transmission, etc. Although it is not the newest model, or year, it does not look bad/out of style, and has always had less problems than other cars we have owned! Another perk is that the following models (2001-and on) have had a few recall issues due to the airbags. . . But not this model! It is a wonderful family car, college car, everything!

- Emily S

The safest car I have owned.

I have had a problem with the regulator, only because of the gas in California. Other then that I've had no other mechanical problems with it just usual wear and tear. This is a very powerful car it surprised me when I got it. The car is extremely comfortable. The seats are leather everything is electric and there is a cool safety thing where you can lock your gas tank your trunk from the inside of your car. You can also lock the back seats from being laid down.

- Lorena B

It is a piece of junk but I love it and it works so that is all that matters.

My car has a missing radio, the windshield is cracked, the hood does not close and latch sometimes, there are engine problems, it has almost 300 thousand miles, and the paint is chipping. Aside from all the problems my car is very reliable, I have just learned to work around all the problems. The car is all black with solid black leather seats. The inside of the car and the outside/ body style of the car is gorgeous aside from the paint chipping on the hood.

- Kaila K

Happy Honda Accord owner.

My Honda Accord as close to 200, 000 miles on it and I have had very little problems with it. I try to keep the maintenance up on it. It is great on gas and performs beautifully. Handles great and you wouldn't know your driving a 4 cylinder, it feels like at least a 6 or even a 8 cylinder. I am very happy with my choice. Oh yeah I bought it used had it for two years and I replaced starter (original was still in it) last month. That is it.

- Felix C

The Honda Accord and the mysterious engine light.

I had my Honda Accord, that is 18 years old has been a very dependable car and very safe. The up keeping for this car is very minimal such as the following: brake pad, oil change, tires and air filter basically your general maintenance. My only complaint would be the mysterious check engine that light goes on and off for no apparent reason. I have had it checked out several times. I was told that it was a sensor and not to worry about.

- Renee E

Be good to your car and it'll be good to you.

Really reliable. I have had a few Honda cars and all of them have lasted very long. As long as you give it an oil change and tune up regularly it will last very long. The only trouble I have had with this Honda has been with the engine lights and the radiator. The engines lights come on for no reason or for the littlest thing. The radiator needed change recently due to my neglect in filling up antifreeze/ coolant.

- Christopher A

Great, reliable vehicle that performs well.

Performance is good, however brakes are very hard to push and there are small issues with broken interior pieces. Overall, this car is reliable and comfortable but needs to be kept up with as far as the age of the vehicle and it is interior. I would recommend this car for younger or elderly people looking for a safe and reliable option to get them where they need to go (preferable for short distance driving).

- Natalie H

Very comfortable and reliable. Good amount of power.

I have a 1999 Honda Accord lx it has the 2. 3l single overhead cam vtec engine with a manual 5 speed transmission it has 250, 000 miles I recently put a brand new transmission in it and clutch. The car is incredibly comfortable I drive long distances for work and its great it still has amazing performance it is honestly the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned I. Would recommend this car to everyone.

- Joshua M

It is dependable inexpensive to maintain and has great features.

I love the dependability of my Honda Accord even with over 170k miles it is still extremely dependable. I love the comfort of the ride and it is spacious interior. The design is also very appealing to the eye and gets a lot of looks. Maintenance is relatively inexpensive and it is a blast to drive. I’d recommend the Honda product lines to anyone looking for a long lasting dependable vehicle.

- Edwin M

The back seat completely folds down. . .

Has power windows, locks, dual power mirrors, cruise control, remote trunk opener, etc. . Has over all been a very reliable car, I keep up with routine scheduled maintenance, per owners manual. . The only down side of my car is the paint on the body, I has lost most of its clear coat and has started to fade. . . Other than that with 385, 00 actual miles on it, I cannot complain. . .

- Gary C

A great car with all the right qualities for a road runner.

I like the car because it is very good on gas. The car helps me get from point A to point B without any issues. It is a v6 engine so with it being old and all it still has its power. Even though I am not a big fan the leather seats are quiet comfortable, let’s not forget about the beautiful sunroof that it has. You can ride on a nice day with the sunroof open feeling the breeze.

- Taylor J

The trials of my old Honda Accord.

It needs a paint job. The air conditioner may or may not work. It may or may not crank. The small console are above the front windshield (the part that holds the overhead lights, controls for garage door and other items, and the compartment for sunglasses) has come out and needs to be replaced. It also needs a tune-up. The cruise control has stopped working and needs to be fixed.

- Bobbie D

Honest and true 2000 Honda Accord review.

This car is very reliable it hasn't let me down. Its been through a lot because its old and weather and whatnot wears out the exterior but always drives smooth. It's really nice inside as well despite the age of the car. It's always my go to. Overall with performance its amazing, very reliable, super comfortable and pretty big in side in my opinion, and very sleek interior.

- Andrea T

I would highly recommend purchasing a Honda because they are very reliable cars. Nothing is worse then having to constantly drop your vehicle off for repairs. Such an inconvenience and a hassle

I love that I have had the vehicle for almost 13 years and it's still running. It has leather interior and a V8 engine. What I don't like about it, is that the transmission slips in first gear and when going from stop sign to stop sign, it takes awhile for it to go. There's small things going on it and I'd like to buy a new vehicle, but I'm car payment free which I love

- Billy-Jo K

Not the best car, high maintenance.

It is an older car. Very outdated. Runs ok. I have a lot of issues with the tires. Very hard to maintain it. Constantly having issues in some way. Radio is outdated. Ac works sometimes. Not a lot of room inside of the car. Check oil a lot. Takes a bit for the car to speed up. Has trouble driving uphill. Shaky when driving on the freeway ( wheel is shaky) loud car.

- Esmeralda G

2000 Honda Accord, very reliable and dependable car.

My car has been in the family since 2000 when I was purchased brand new. The car goes to the dealer twice a year for an oil change and inspection. Only have 98k miles on the car and it has been very reliable and dependable, have only have to change the tires. This is my second Honda and in my opinion a Honda Accord is the most reliable car on the road.

- Casey F

Green Honda Accord 2000. Good on gas mileage.

It is really good on gas, it is mainly used to travel to and from work. Putting a lot of miles on the car and it is had a lot of problems. We needed a new transmission. I have had to get new tires at least 4 times in the past year. Would love a better one to use as a family car. Not to mention the air does not work and it is really hard in the summer.

- Chelsea B

Good car if you take care of it.

Is a good car, easy and cheap to fix, and is good on gas, the only problems that will be given by time is the radiator and time belt which needs to be replaced by time depending on the miles that your car has, mine has more than 200, 000 miles in which it still runs good, the only thing I changed on the car was a radiator but besides that is all good.

- Jorge P

Honda Accord: reliable for nearly 2 decades.

The paint peels in the typical manner that Honda Accords tend to. The transmission has an issue where it slips between first and second gear. The gas mileage is pretty good (20-25 mpg), though I believe it to be declining. Any repairs are easily made by the owner as the parts are widely available and on the less expensive end for a very common car.

- George L

A long lasting vehicle that will provide years of service with one major issue.

The experience with my Honda accord has been rewarding and frustrating. It has been reliable and long lasting although has had consistent problems with the transmission throughout the life of the vehicle which happens at inopportune times. Overall the quality of the vehicle is good with some mechanical problems that Honda should have stood behind.

- James C

The reliable and comfortable Honda Accord 2000.

The Honda Accord is a very reliable car with incredible gas mileage and very cheap parts. It has excellent features for comfort and it proves to be a very reliable car. My only complaint is the size I wish it was a four door instead of a two door. Other than that this car is a very good car for a first time driver or college student with a budget.

- Katrina D

Reliable Honda Accord that is been through a lot.

For an old car, it still runs pretty well. I have owned a previous Honda Civic but I definitely prefer this old Accord better. It drives smoothly but it is racking up miles so I feel it getting older. My only big issue is the paint job because after awhile the paint started breaking and the outside does not look as good as when first bought.

- Marie S

Honda's are great vehicles, extremely reliable.

My Honda is very nice. I haven't really had any problems with the car. It is very reliable and comfortable. I have had it for a long time and is still in great condition. If I was to buy another car, I will definitely purchase another Honda. The only thing I would change would be to get leather seats, I have cotton seats in my current Honda.

- Gabrielle M

Very reliable car and is a good car to drive long distance.

Gas not good on miles per gallon rides smooth has good radio reception engine runs good has a very big spacey trunk is a very reliable long distance car and short distance car I would prefer my Honda to anybody looking to buy a affordable and reliable car that will last many years as long as you have the maintenance done to it every year.

- Richard E

I love my car, but I am ready for a new vehicle also.

My car is my baby, but I have things I like about it and things I dislike. It's a good little car to travel back and forth to work, it's good on gas, but I hate that I have an oil leak, my radiator does not hold fluid like its suppose to and my transmission has a little issue also. So I can say I have more dislikes to my car than likes.

- Cand R

The car has no power steering.

I am too big for the car and the seats are not the most comfortable. It has no power steering which makes it difficult to drive due to health problems, and windows are hard to roll up. Otherwise it drives well and haven't had a lot of issues with it. Mind you I bought this off a lady that had this sitting in a field for a couple years.

- Sherry F

I like when I get up to high speeds, I still have total control over the car.

It is an older car so it does not look fresh and it makes some weird noises sometimes like when I brake there's a chug noise in the back right side of the car, but other than that, it rides really nicely. I like the power it has. The gas is very sensitive just a little pressure on the gas and you're zooming, which I personally enjoy.

- Sydney I

2000 Honda accord review great & reliable cars.

I have a 2000 Honda accord. I bought it used in 2010. There are around 220,000 miles. This has been a great. No major problems, just the basics, brakes, battery, etc. I have replaced the radiator and starter. The paint on the hood started peeling a couple of years ago so if I have to get a paint job soon. My next car will be a Honda.

- Jennifer T

Well-maintained reliable red Honda Accord se 2000.

This car was gifted to our family by my dad who is elderly and no longer drives. It was maintained religiously and outside of mostly cosmetic issues (cracked fender, dings, bottom protective car cover loosened and came off) it drives very well. Needed new brakes and oil changes, but otherwise, thankfully, nothing major to report yet.

- Lucy O

Absolutely reliable and very comfortable.

My Honda is super comfortable fits my husband two kids and I the only problems we have had with it and would be the brake fluid tank broke and tires were wearing off to fast but that's about it as far as problems. My favorite feature would have to be the sunroof how on a not so sunny day I can just open it and feel the fresh breeze.

- Michelle M

the motor is amazing. It would make a wonderful racing vehicle.

The paint is chipped a little on the hood of the car, and there's a pretty good sized crack on the passenger side windshield. The tint on the passenger window is peeling, also the back of the passenger side seat was broken off. The transmission is slowly going out, sometimes it won't go into reverse. Sometimes it won't drive at all.

- Kaitlyn F

five speed with a few issues but still love it.

My car is very reliable but does have some problems. The starter wont work and needs to get replaced also needs a new hub assembly. I drove it as much as I could. Till it wouldn't start because of the alternator. My car is loud and rides very smoothly. My car is also a five speed and I love five speeds. My car is also good on gas.

- Kayla S

Gas mileage and power are amazing!

I absolutely love my car. It's great on gas and runs great. The only problem I've had is the electrical. My window on the driver side is stuck and wont go up. Another thing I live about my car is that it has power and it will fast when I need it to. I would recommend this car and I truly believe that Hondas are very trustworthy.

- Monica T

The Honda expectations above the others.

The reliability and performance of this car is above all other American and exported cars in the industry. The gas mileage is also exceptional, even thought is a v6. The suspension is above the normal and very smooth ride even in the rough roads. The handling is an additional feature which is extremely reliable and dependable.

- Larry M

Good on gas do not need much work on to keep running.

I had to get a starter and battery, tires and that all plus regular maintenance checks I just have the old tape player and radio haven't changed it I like my car it is old and reliable to get me where I need it do not use much gas and is good on gas the lights on my brakes been out and that all not otherwise just change fuse.

- Evelyn P

My amazing, gas-saving vehicle.

I love the comfortable feel of the interior. During the cool days with a breeze, I love putting the top window down. I feel that the car is a real gas-saver, great for long trips! I use it for work and for leisure. I will usually fill up once a week and still have gas left over! I have not had any mechanical problems with it.

- Alexa T

The best detail of my car is the performance.

I have driven south carolina and back from arizona with no problems. Very comfortable. I would recommend this car anyone your mom your grandma. And relaxing ac work. I got this car since the year 2000 and I have not had any problems tune up fantastic no mechanical work needed over 200,000 miles on my vehicle fantastic.

- Matthew S

If you are over 6 ft this car will not be comfortable for you.

I love everything about my car. It's been so reliable, has over 200k miles, has never left me sitting. The reverse did go out not that long ago which has made things difficult but everything else still works flawlessly which really surprised me. I'll definitely be buying another Honda when this one finally dies on me.

- Chase W

2000 honda Accord old yet reliable.

My 2000 Honda Accord is a great car a bit old now but still runs like a champ it is a comfortable drive as well as a nice card to ride in as well. Honda is always reliable. And the only issue I have had e had with the car is age and maintenance. So all in all is has done it is job getting me from point A to point B.

- Spencer F

A dependable car would not trade for anything.

I good on gas reliable it's a good family car its 18 years has some problems has 180000 miles on it I like it I am not going to outrun a corvette sure beat walking it cheap to fix and keep running most of the work you can do yourself some people say it made better than the 2018 Honda Accord don't no never had one.

- Chris Capone E

Great 2000 Honda Accord. 5 Speed.

Car is a 5 speed transmission. Very reliable. And good gas mileage nice size trunk. And overall easy maintenance. Sunroof option is used a lot. No problems in 18 years though we do the proper check ups at the local Honda dealer. Paint is original and in good shape. Overall live thus car. Runs great on the highway.

- Toni S

It's a really reliable car and it gets good gas mileage.

My car is very reliable. Most of the fixes that I've had to make a fairly small and not too costly. I recently had to have my radiator replaced, but since then, my car has been perfect. It gets really good gas mileage and I take it everywhere from a 15 minute drive to school, to an hour long drive away to my s. O.

- Marissa S

My car is a Honda accord the year 2000 it has air conditioning.

The vehicle runs smoothly however I constantly have to put oil in it. The heat works great but the air does not work too well. I added a Bluetooth system to modernize the car. I am aware the car is older so I do not expect too much from it. The car is great on gas. It is overall a great car for how old it is.

- Charlotte J

It is trouble free and safe. When we drive friends we want them to know that our car is not only trouble free but is safe partly because of that. We will not be breaking down on the highway. We are elderly and that would not be good. It is a great car.

This is the best car I have ever owned in my 91 years. I bought it new and it has been totally trouble free. My wife and I find it more comfortable than our CRV. It is easy to drive and we like the visibility. The only problem I have experienced is a few small light bulbs. I have it serviced regularly.

- Robert U

It is cheaper to maintain.

It is an old car. Honda’s are cheaper to fix and for gas. Of course I'd rather have a nicer car but I cannot afford it. Also, the popular European cars like BMW and Audi cost a lot more for parts and maintenance issues. I bought my Honda used and have had it for years now. It gets me were I need to go.

- Nay S

V6 Honda Accord drives beautifully!

Although my car is 18 years old, it runs wonderfully and is totally irreplaceable. The car rides smooth, has no issues, and is great on gas. The interior is very comfortable with plenty of legroom and general space. The seats are power control, as well as the windows, and the interior is a nice leather.

- Diana T

Reliable car- low maintenance.

Reliable car. I cannot complain as I bought it in 2009 and it is still reliable. Changed the main relay twice and added a rebuilt transmission. Knock on wood that I keep this car for another 5 years. I have faithfully changed oil, battery, and fluids. It is currently at 125000 miles. Engine runs great!

- Salina L

Beautiful and comfortable.

It always is dependable and great on gas. It is large enough but not too big. I love that it is so reliable. I call her old faithful. No real problems if you do standard maintenance. The vehicle performance is better than I have any other. I am so glad I bought this car. I definitely would do it again.

- Renee Z

Tan 2000 Honda Accord, 4 door, 5 speed. Tan leather seats, cold a/c, CD player,

My Honda is a 2000 Accord with under 200, 000 miles on it and runs perfect! Most reliable car I have ever owned. Its a 4 door tan Accord, tan leather seats, 5 speed, tinted windows, CD player, new clutch and front new brakes. Looks great and runs perfect. It's been the perfect car for me and my family.

- Shannon P

My Honda Accord is a trustworthy, fun car. I have taken very good care of it.

Mainly just routine maintenance or replacing things because of their age not because they were bad. This car will last me forever. It is a manual transmission, 5-speed, so it is very fun to drive. Will get out in traffic fast and safely. It is worth a lot more to me than I could ever get if I sold it.

- Kathie C

I love this vehicle. It is comfortable.

I love it. It is comfortable for me. Good engine. It is design is very good.Anyone can drive this vehicle. I used diesel. It Wii go 120 km/hr. Brake is too good. It is body plate was so strong. It is 200 c vehicle. It is so cheap. Anyone can buy this vehicle. I really love it. It is very good vehicle.

- John D

My cute baby Honda Accord.

It is compact, and get me from point A to point B. I haven't had to do too much maintenance work on it and the gas mileage is awesome. I can run a good while off of a full tank of gas. The only problem that I have had with it is that it tends to overheat, but that is just because the coolant was low.

- Tara P

Comfortable and like driving a go kart. Small but has enough storage.

I like the comfortability of my vehicle. My vehicle needs maintenance quite often. The check engine light tends to come on frequently. I like the suede seats and leather detail inside. My car does not have an ashtray which is a disappointment as a smoker. I like the room my vehicle has for a Honda.

- Candace M

Hondas are very low maintenance. They are easy to obtain parts for new or used.

My car is a 93 n runs still, like brand new. We just drove over 2, 000 miles with no problems other than a tire going flat. My husband and I have always owned Hondas and highly recommend anyone to buy one. We have owned 4 Hondas, including 2 SUVs. we've never had any significant problems from any.

- Christy M

My 2000 Honda accord se sedan has great gas mileage!

I have a four door, 2000 Honda accord se sedan. It has a sunroof, CD player, & radio. It also has anti-theft protection & keyless entry. These cars are great on gas. I purchased the car used 3 years ago & the only problem I have had with it is I had to get the battery posts changed.

- Helen W

The good and bad of owning a Honda Accords.

Nothing is wrong with my vehicle. I have been the original I owner of vehicle for over 10 yrs. The love for Honda started sty a young age. The Honda also have this model that has additional seating especially the Accords however might consider the Honda Pilot due to additional seating options.

- Tiny W


Likes: Engine is superb, excellent build quality. Dislikes: high cost of regular maintenance. Designed for small people; not suited to normal-size American adults: horribly uncomfortable for any trip of more than a few minutes duration in consequence. Front wheel drive w/ craptastic handling.

- Steven E

The srs light that it always turning on.

It's starting to make noises I guess is old so I am thinking to get it a fix because there is a light that it says srs that is getting me worry maybe it really needs a fix also is loosing a lot of oil every morning is a little liking under the car also the cooler and warmer is not working.

- Ruby Medina G

The Accord is a reliable economy model car that has lasted me years of commute!

Car is very reliable, and has never broken down. I regularly maintain it, but it does not need much work from the shop. It has a 4v engine, and gets really good miles to the gallon. Problems with car include the automatic door locks no longer working, and the sunglasses holder falling out.

- Kat A

It is old and tired, but it gets me where I need to go and it is comfortable.

My car is comfortable, and I like the size. For a while, I couldn't get my key to turn in the ignition, but my grandfather fixed it at home. Also, since it is old, the locks do not work unless you manually push them in/pull them up. But, my car has been reliable ever since it is been mine.

- Emily W

The transmission only has about 20,000 miles on it so it�s a newer

It's older but does the job very reliable. It comfy. I have no issues with it. I had to get the transmission changed after 100,000 miles but with the Honda accord that's typical. For being how old it is I've never had it run hot in the five years I've had it overall a good experience

- Nolan S

Rides very good and would live to 0ut a sunroof on it.

I have none as of yet still runs great. I good gas mileage from the car 20 in gas lasts two weeks. Rides very soft that's cause I take good care of it like I said I just love my car not for sale everyone wants to buy it. All it needs is a paint job and will it will look good as new.

- Maria C

She may just be an old clunker one of these days she's going to shine.

Everything is running I got a few sensors out of whack it definitely needs somebody work my front end is crunched up need a whole new bumpers and fenders probably a new hood and a new roof got to replace my carpet because the people before me had kids I guess a lot of cosmetic work.

- Stephan H

I have owned a lot of different makes and hands down nothing beats a Honda.

The performance of this vehicle is top notch. I have had minimal issues with this car. My driving habits have caused issues if any outside the normal wear and tear of any vehicle. I have over 150k and it is almost 19 years old in mint condition. My next car will be another Honda.

- Michele E

My Honda accord runs great for a 2000 model. It needs work, but it is a good car.

Likes: it is got a 4 cylinder engine that takes me from point to work and home, and occasionally to the store. It is has a standard transmission. Dislikes: the a/c does not work. The passenger window does not roll down. And, the driver side door does not open from the outside.

- Thomas L

It has been a really good car and i've almost had it a year.

When i bought the car it had been rebuilt. It has air shocks, low profile tires, its lower than a normal car. I've put and amp and a 10" Memphis speaker sub woofer and a bluetooth cd player in the car. It's got cloth seats, it is a 5 speed, the heat works but the ac does not.

- Angela S

Still runs great 19 years later.

Power windows and locks. I really enjoy the sunroof on nice days. Seats recline all the way back and are really comfortable. It had a decent size trunk. I can fit a lot of stuff in there. I've kept up on the usual maintenance and have never had a problem with the way it runs.

- Kat C

Economical and reliable transportation.

The vehicle is very comfortable and reliable. Excellent on gas mileage. Not very large or too small. It is heating and air conditioning levels reach it is peak rapidly. The maintenance is minimal. It drives very smoothly for it is age. I would recommend a Honda to everyone.

- Vivian Y

My. Car named busy I just love her.

. I have not had any problems since. I bought it used. Five. Years ago. I love. High. Gas mileage I get. It also is the most comfortable car for trips. Plenty of leg space and comfortable seating is also a plus it is. Very. Appealing to look at for being a four door sedan.

- Gail S

Classic with sweet sunroof or brand new tech car.

The Honda Accord I drive often is a wonderful ride. It is comfortable and has lasted many years. As a classic model, it is great. It might be time for an upgrade as it does not have the modern technology features such as Bluetooth connectivity with iPhone nor a GPS screen.

- Sandra A

Great little run around family car, that lasts.

Great car, lasted through 5 new and learning drivers. Has needed some fixes but any older car does. Steering wheel controls. Sun roof. Big trunk space. Back seat is spacious. Leather seats. Good for trips or running around. Great little family car. Good on gas. Convenient.

- Bob B

My car is reliable, saves gas and easy to maintain.

My Honda is very reliable. Its my first car bought second hand and with low mileage. It's a gas saver and good for commuting. Its comfortable to drive and I feel safe when I drive to different places. It's easy to get parts and get fixed if anything does need maintenance.

- Jessica A

I have a roof window that opens.

There's no problems car runs great just got new tires so now we're out and about once again I love my car n I have no complaints it gets me to where I need to go and then right back home where I am safe. I recommend everyone to get the Honda accord it is an awesome car.

- Donald R

Honda’s are great reliable cars!

I have always preferred Honda’s and Toyota’s because they are very reliable as far as maintenance. Honda’s are also incredibly good on gas as well! It drives smoothly and has never given me any issues as long as I get regular oil changes and things of that nature.

- Toni H

Information about my current car.

Transmission is going to shut off soon. Time to get a new car soon. We've had this car for about 3 almost 4 years. This car was great to us I am almost sad to see it go soon but we do need something bigger soon because our family is growing & my daughter is getting big.

- Vanessa F

Great car cold ac great on gas.

I love my older car it is comfortable to ride in as well as it is really good on gas, I have replaced all the normal maintenance requirements to keep going, it's in good condition and ac runs cold my car is white and doesn't get too hot in the summer I love my car.

- samantha P

Feels comfortable, steering is great.

Great on long trips. Good on gas. Very reliable. Enjoy the sound system. Very spacious. Will fit 5 with no problems. Enjoy the appearance. Never thinking about replacing because almost my like my best friend. Comfortable. I feel like a celebrity riding around town.

- Thomas G

Alright vehicle. Needs new interior.

It is engine makes a very loud noise. Also just our problem but does not have a radio installed. Older model so no modern features. Seats are slightly uncomfortable and the seat belts are getting worn out. Windows are starting to be hard to open and close as well.

- Haley W

Little Honda very great car awesome.

My car is a alright car it gets me from point a to point b it has been very good to me it drives a little rough on the edges it could use a lot of work I got a oil leak right now. It is a reliable car I have no problems in the morning when I get in and drive it.

- L E

My car is a Honda Accord 2000. It's been the best car I have ever owned and I am 60 years old.

My Honda has about 95,000 miles on it and it is still reliable with only the regular scheduled maintenance. I don't have any complaints. I can't say that about any car I have owned before or any car my husband has driven before. I will buy a Honda next time too.

- Julie N

Really great car. Will definitely purchase again.

Reliable and comfortable, I have had very few problems. Pretty fuel efficient with plenty of power. Always go to dealership for service. Body has held up very well. Has all the necessary features I need. Ride is very stable. Handles well in snow and heavy rain.

- Barry B

The Honda Accord is the most reliable car you'll ever own.

I love my Honda Accord. It is extremely reliable, has required only normal maintenance and is still running after 17 years of use. It also is easy to drive, handles well, and very importantly, does not cause me to become carsick unlike other cars I have driven.

- Cheryl T

Despite Its age and mileage, the car is clean, runs well, and is reliable.

Runs well (V6 model). Has low mileage (137,000) for age. Much more difficult to maintain and repair than daughter's Honda Civic or wife's Toyota Corolla. Larger than I need, but the price was right. Mileage about what I'd expect (lower than Civic or Corolla).

- jim K

A great car. Very nice performance.

No problems whatsoever. Pretty good performance not the best mileage though. Overall a great car. Would recommend buying. Very good for the price and I am fairly satisfied with this car. Only complaints are not to good mileage as I mentioned earlier. Thanks.

- Bob G

Performs a lot nicer than expected.

It is been reliable. Not a comfy drive. It is good on fuel and gets me from start to finish so I cannot complain. Getting a little rust now and I am worried I may face some wear and tear in the near future. Insurance is super cheap also so that is also nice.

- Naomi D

This is for the 2 door coupe Honda speed demon.

lots of problems including peeling paint ignition problem and transmission problems plague these cars. On the good side engine usually will make 600k and the gas mileage is great even for the mighty powerful 6 cyl vtec engine. This car is really really fast.

- Kerry V

2000 Honda Accord holds it own

My Honda has held up incredibly well over the years. Right now it needs new tires and new brakes, but considering it is about 20 years old, I can handle that. I had to have the battery replaced about 18 months ago, but considering the age of the car...

- Sally R

My Honda Accord that I love.

Love this car and how its very good on gas. I love how when and if something goes wrong it's usually cheap to fix. I enjoy the comfort and reliability of this vehicle. The windows and locks are automatic a feature I enjoy and the sunroof is a fun addition.

- Breanna M

Honda Accord built to last a lifetime.

It is 18 years old with 300, 000 miles and still going strong (is on its second engine). Some problems with windows and doors that cannot open or need to be fixed so they can close but with proper maintenance the car still works great and rides smoothly.

- Roberta D

2000 Honda accord, reliable and long lasting.

Car runs great, currently has about 174k miles. The leather has held up well along with the body of the car. Only issue I have is the gears do not shift as smoothly as they used to (automatic), ever since we changed the transmission fluid a few years ago.

- Katie B

Honda is a durable investment.

This vehicle hardly gives problems if consistently maintained. Oil change every three months. Tune up every six months. Good tires and you are set for all types of weather, smooth ride and it's taken a few bumps but has not suffered and major body damage.

- Martha G

To summarize the highlights, the stability performance.

This car is extremely reliable mechanically and it does not have that many recalls on previous non-performance or problems. As far as the comfort the room leg for the car in the front and the back exceed the expected as mentioned from must of my friends.

- Louis M

It very comfortable and can heal a lot of stuff.

I love my little car. She very reliability car and great little gas saver. I had her for about 3 years now and other than normal wear and tear of parts. I would highly recommend this car to anyone that wants a car that is reliability and will go forever.

- Rachel A

It is very blue and rides nice.

It is very comfortable. My car is easy to drive and I like it a lot. The ignition is very easy to use and I can break like a mad man. It is very fun and everything about it is good. The way it drives is very important to me, so I am glad it drives well.

- Sydney W

It is extremely reliable.

My Honda is amazing. It is extremely reliable and very comfortable and gas sufficient. I have owned my Honda for many years and will continue to own it for as long as I can. It is got great performance great handling and amazing features on the inside.

- Patrick W

Great ride, affordable to maintain and upkeep. Fuel efficient.

My vehicle is very reliable. Not many issues as long as you maintain the vehicle as needed. There was a recent recall on the airbag. Honda sent some associates to fix the problem. They were courteous and fast on their feet. Overall it's a great ride.

- Maria S

It does not run very far places like Seattle.

I have a few comfort issues with my car. I cannot really fit to much in the back and riding with people always makes it harder. Smaller cars can be annoying when it comes to that. Also the shock absorbance is not the best either, very bumpy ride.

- Alexis G

I love the cruise control when driving on the highway.

I love the Honda Accord! It's been a very reliable car without any major performance problems. It rides very smooth and comfortably. Low gas mileage.The features are at plus such as cruise control. I will always purchase a Honda as a family car.

- Sheila M

The engine in that car can make it to the moon. 238000 miles

It is a fair car. There is some good points. It is on 215000 miles and it is still running. The bad points, it is leaking oil, aircon doesn't work. windows don't work. It is good on gas. The stock speakers are quite good in that car.

- Michael B

My vehicle is gold and has 200,000 miles on it. I hope to be able to get a many more years out of it. I did have an accident and it has visible damage that I do not look. But it gets me from point A to point B for now.

It gets me from point A to point B. I like it ok, it does have some damage to it though from an accident that I don't like the look of. It is gold and runs ok for now. There are no special features to it, just a normal basic car.

- Tonya T

It gets great gas mileage.

What I love about my vehicle is it saves money on gas. It gets great mileage and I do a lot of daily driving so this is extremely nice. It might be older but it is paid off so do not have payments on it. Saves me a lot of money.

- Mary M

The one most important thing about my car that people should know is that I have maintained it over the years through proper servicing.

I like It's reliability over the years, as it has been with my father for 6 years before i used it, and it still is in good condition. Also, this car can play small cassettes. However, at times the car will not start properly.

- Nikhil R

Accords have been around since the early 1980s and are very reliable low TCO vehicles.

It is a vehicle which gets regular maintenance and runs well. The timing chain was replaced at 200,000 miles. The rest is in good shape and should make it to 300,000. Accords are known for low TCO (total cost of ownership).

- Stephen P

The gas mileage and reliability of this car is extraordinary.

This is a very reliable car. Good gas mileage. Very good dependability. The handling of the car is very steady and effective. The access to the car is very good for a coupe and compact car. Is easy to park and maneuver.

- Luis R

Work Horse of a Car for the Working Man.

My Honda accord as been a reliable everyday driver for 18 years. It have never had any major performance issues except normal wear and tear when it comes to maintenance. It a comfortable ride with basic features.

- Jason L

It has less than 135000 miles, even though it is 18 years old.

I love the fact that it is paid for and gets good gas mileage. I was looking at new cars, buy they get lower mileage. I don't dislike anything about it, but am concerned that the transmission may be going out.

- Michele B

Good sound system. Comfy seats.

Runs great most of the time. Sometimes overheats in the summer, but I just have to turn my car off for a few minutes. Also the battery dies once in a while and I keep a portable jumper in my car if that happens.

- Jessica B

The most important thing others should know is that it is reliable.

The reason why I like my Honda Accord is because I think it drives well. Has a v6 engine so has enough "get up and go" power. It is not the coolest looking car, but I am not super into cars and is all I need.

- Joseph H

They should know that it also has a power steering system issue.

It is a straightforward car, v6, power seats and windows. I do not like its gas mileage. It also has this pesky known transmission issue. This will be the second time replacing a transmission in this model car.

- Dee C

It is a long lasting reliable vehicle.

I like that it runs fairly well. I like that it has a lot of miles on it but the engine is still running great. I don't like that the interior is worn. I don't like the ac because it does not run well.

- Sophia S

That it is old but it will get you there if you really need to. Good on gas.

I like that it gets me from here to there. What I dislike is everything else. It's used and there has been problems with it ever since a few months after I bought it and it's going downhill from there.

- Teika P

Special Edition - has some bells and whistles when bought new

It was my Dad's car first, he gifted it to my daughter who is now in college, and I am now the primary driver. It's in very good condition, but has a leak in the windshield and a crack in the bumper

- Lucy O

The nicest best car to drive.

This car never gives me problem. Always reliable, and I am sure it is going to take me from point A to point B without any hassle. Its very spacious from the inside. Also a very smooth car to driver.

- Guillermo B

They should know that it had lots of mileage but it gets around just fine.

I like that it still runs smoothly. I also like that it is very spacious and comfortable. I dislike that the ac do not work as strongly as it could. It could also use a little paint job.

- Mark P

The vehicle runs like new for being 18 years old

2000 Honda Accord Excel runs like new 180000 MI. Just replaced both rear brake calipers front drivers lower ball joint front left and right upper ball joints new rotors new brake pads

- Victor B

Very safe and fun car to drive.

Good gas mileage and very safe. Great handling and great family car. I don't like how the car is to the ground. Also bigger tire sizes would be a plus for stock cars that Honda makes.

- Wesley N

The car was bought brand new and has been well taken care of since.

My car just runs and the engine sounds great. The car has stood up well against time. It's a reliable car. What I dislike about the car is it lacks horsepower. It's not fun to drive.

- Jason S

It has never had a problem. I am extremely grateful for how this car has operated since I first got it many, many years ago.

My vehicle is extremely reliable. I have yet to have a problem with it. I very much appreciate Honda for building durable cars. I probably will buy a new Honda when the time comes.

- angela r

My Honda is perfect for me. It's reliable, low maintenance and perfect size for me at this stage of my life and for living in an urban area.

The reliability and performance are excellent. The only major problems I've had since I've owned it are: need to replace entire exhaust system and to replace gear shift mechanism.

- Judith C

Reliable and all around just a good running vehicle.

It's been a great car really! We have put a lot of miles on it. Still running strong! The tying belt needs to be changed, but after a lot of highway traveling, really a good car.

- Jesse R

it gets better gas mileage than newer vehicles on the market today.

I like that my car is still in excellent condition for the age and I still get great gas mileage after all these years. I enjoy driving everywhere I want to go with reliability.

- everett r

It is a dependable car. No major repairs for things that shouldn't have to be replaced yet.

It has been a reliable car with very few repairs. The back seat is difficult to use, but it's a two-door, and I rarely have multiple passengers. Overall, I'm very happy with it.

- Kristi L

Better with age. Unstoppable.

Mechanically in great condition. Great interior and exterior condition. Has lasted all these years. The performance of the vehicle seems like a new car even with the mileage.

- Denise M

Honda Accord green with black tiers not the coolest car.

It makes a weird noise when driving troubles going up a hill it is reliable but not the nicest car I want a new car that where everything works it has died on me 2 times now.

- Maggie W

Nothing fancy, but very dependable.

This has been a very dependable car. Starts every time. Keep up with oil changes and don't run it down to empty every time and it can be relied upon for many, many years.

- Sprout V

Honda Accords are very reliable. I see them everywhere now. The parts are affordable and they last for a very long time.

My Honda Accord LX is very comfortable given its age. It has standard seats but the AC still works and the electronics are just fine. I have no problems with it whatsoever.

- Marlon F

It has great gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage, the space and reliability. I do not like that the paint is fading and the color is not my favorite! I would also prefer an SUV instead of a sedan.

- Serena L

It has a sunroof, and it drives nice and smooth.

I like how it run. I like my radio. I dislike the tires. I like the dashboard. I dislike the windshield wipers. I love my windows & tint. I dislike the ac & heat system.

- Vanessa W

It works. The car can get you from point A to point B with no problems.

Car runs perfectly when you purchase it. However, due to its age it will start having problems. Radiator problems and transmission problems mostly. Gas is efficient.

- Frank D

The retro days are back, where the old is new while current things fade easily.

For a vehicle over 10 years, its very durable, just requires regular upkeep and mechanical checking to ensure its driving good. doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

- Ava D

It's my car and my rules. Don't mess with my car!!

I love it because it gets good gas mileage and is aesthetically pleasing. It has decent resale value also. I also like that the parts are cheap and it's easy to fix.

- Erika P

Highlights: aftermarket parts are easily accessible.

Transmission, the engine bay is somewhat complicated to for preventive maintenance, the window regulator gives out easily and the factory tint does not last as long.

- Royce B

Old reliable - 1999 Honda Accord.

This car is almost 20 years old and has no serious issues. Yes, some of the seats are a little worn, but the car still runs great and is always a comfortable drive.

- Gabrielle M

Low mileage and well maintained. Brand new tires and most parts are still original.

I like it because it is a very durable car and low maintenance. It being a 4 cylinder car, it has good mileage per gallon of gas. No dislikes or complaints at all.

- James L

It is a reliable car to drive.

It has almost 250, 000 miles on it and it is still running. I love Honda and the older cars are cheap to replace parts. It is still running even for how old it is.

- Lindsey S

it's reliable, solid & steady to own

gets good gas mileage, like the feel of the road when driving, too old - need a more modern updated car had a lot of things fixed on this car in the past 10 years

- Pamela L

It gets a little over 20 miles per gallon in the city and about 30 on highways.

The car is reliable and has great mileage. It's has a lot of legroom and trunk space. Handling is good and it has a lean aero dynamic look. No real complaints.

- Jason L

It uses a lot of gas and has no ac.

It get me places and works well. I do not like the leather seats. Also the air-conditioning does not work and the gas gage is broken and it takes a lot of gas.

- Kayla R

Dependable, good on gas roomy trunk.

It's a good car, good on gas, dependable. Drives pretty good. Rides pretty smooth for a small car. It has big trunk, I have a wheelchair and it fits in trunk.

- Barbara M

I like the lifespan of my car.

I like the way it handles on the road as well as how it uses gas. I wish it had a more powerful engine plus it is older so more maintenance has been required.

- Anthony B

it is very good looking, reliable, smooth and comfortable.

it is roomy and comfortable. I like the leather interior and the roomy trunk. It runs well and i can trust it. It is great for taking my family around town.

- rob j

The Great Honda Accord is my title. It gets 40 mpg.

My car is reliable and the gas is very affordable. I get 40 mpg and it rides Smith and comfortable. It's so a great family car for long trips in the country.

- Cheri P

If you are going to buy it you should get it standard it is more reliable.

Well my vehicle is pretty old and for how old it is it is very great to use. For and old car it is still functions very well it takes me where I want to go.

- Marlon C

Accords work well in all weather conditions.

I like that it gets me from point a to point b, and a v6 engine. I dislike that it only has two doors. The exterior of the car has dents and peeling paint.

- Kaitlyn D

The car is dependable and the repairs are minimum.

I love my car. By keeping up with the regular oil changes and maintenance, I have not had any major problems. I have an automatic with over 150,000 miles.

- Cassandra W

It is very old but it is also very dependable.

What I like about it is it can get me from one place to another. The thing I don't like about it is it keeps breaking down and I can't afford another car.

- Roberto W

It's a Honda so it's a great car. It has a strong engine and transmission.

I like that my Honda is a quality made vehicle and is reliable. It has a strong engine and transmission so I feel it will get me from point A to point B.

- Sherry K

Honda has a good reputation. Is reliable and dependable.

The paint overcoat is peeling off- looks ugly and more noticeable because car is black. Like the body style. Like the comfort of the seats- front n back.

- Karen E

It's old but still works really well. Sure it has its quirks, but it's 18 years old so that makes sense.

It's great, lasted 18 years so far and still going. I've always loved Hondas because they are well-made. I enjoy the make and model and the color (blue).

- Danielle S

It has various electrical issues which are easily fixed.

i like the look of the vehicle. i like how it is a gas saver. it is also nice compact car for my family. i just don't like the various electrical issues.

- ntsiag l

It has a very smooth drive.

I like the reliability and low maintenance abilities of the car. I do not like the paint or the tires that are on it. The lifespan of the car is a plus.

- Matt P

Its a Honda, best ever cars.

It's been a great car, and we have enjoyed owning a Honda. We have had no problems with this year. I am not planning on buying a new one any time soon.

- Kathy M

It gives good mileage. It takes a long time before I need to refuel on gas

It drives good at first but it started to jerk and slow itself down. It has issued when I get to stop and go because of stop signs and traffic lights.

- Felice R

It is a nice littler car, and a good starter car for young/ new drivers.

I do not have any complaints with my vehicle. It comes with everything I need as a mode of transportation. The acceleration may need some work though.

- Mary S

Reliable , very dependable with very little upkeep. Never had let us down. In 18 years, we've never had a big repair to make, only general maintenance.

It needs very little care, never any big issues. It has served us well for 18 years. I like the size, very easy to get around in and great on gas. .

- Sherri R

I really enjoy driving my Honda. It's a reliable car .

The antilock braking system sometimes acts up. I've had to replace the electrical a few times. The windshield wipers have also needed to be replaced.

- Matilda N

Reliable! A friendly car. One that takes you where you need to go

It is reliable. I have had this car for years and though its age does show, it always gets me where I need to go. I wish it had an aux cable however

- lola b

Honda 2000 Accord. Great car even at 18 years old!

This is good car for the most part. But the car I have is used and has a broken side view mirror. But that is not my fault because it came that way.

- Jordan B

It does not have a cassette tape or AUX port to plug in your phone.

The only problems I currently have is the spark plugs/engine and my heat gauge. It should be noted this car has over 200, 000 miles on it currently.

- Christian B

It is a gray Honda 2018 cr-v.

I do not dislike my vehicle. Its holding itself, just need a few repairs due to its age. And cosmetically it could be better from paint to hubcaps.

- Sherry S

Honda vehicle are reliable .don't go through gas like others

I like my vehicle. Was very reliable until 3 month ago..its had a leak new started brakes new ac unit .new radiator.now the alternator playing up

- Susan T

It is fun to drive, if you can drive a stick shift.

Long lasting, reliable and fun to drive. The car is also durable and has always fulfilled my needs. My complaint is that I can't keep it forever.

- Ian W

Great gas mileage. Something that most cars do not have these days

Well, it is really great actually. It has front and back doors, cup holders, great gas mileage, and the stereo I put in it is highly compatible.

- LesLea A

My Reliable Honda vehicle

I enjoy my Honda Accord. It gets good gas mileage on both local and highways. It also has a spacious inside for both driver and passengers.

- Ashley Y

They should know I am the main driver.

It drives smoothly. Is good on gas mileage and is a real pleasure to drive. The only thing I dislike is not enough air gets to the back seat.

- Gail S

Its dependable with no problems.

My vehicle is very good and dependable it get me to where I need to get too with no problem. Just as long as I keep up with the maintenance.

- Amanda P

It is a quick car with a good amount of room for travel or kids, m.

It needs to be updated hopeful a 2014 or better.. I need air condition and a tune-up. I also like a new paint job.. New tires and brakes.

- Pauline W

It is reliable and well maintained

I have enjoyed my vehicle and have had it since I bought it new. It has had few problems even though it is 18 years old...knock on wood.

- Allicen S

I like it and enjoy driving it

I love driving a stick shift. It's useful to move large boxes and I feel safe driving it. What I don't like is that it's showing its age

- Pat S

It has over 200,000 miles and is still running.

I like that it has lasted a long time. It is easy to drive. I dislike the leather seats and that it gets hot. The A/C is not very good.

- Rachel C

That I like it. And it runs great and has good gas mileage.

Drives smooth and easily. Very comfortable inside. My dislike is that it is old and wearing down. I have been very happy with this car.

- Nancy C

That it allows me to keep driving even though It's crappy

It's very small for a larger fella. I wish the tyranny wouldn't go out but eventually it will. I don't like how low to the ground it is

- Adam A

Honda Accord Is Roomy and Versatile

The car is very roomy, has great pickup and also delivers great gas mileage. It is very comfortable inside, and has great trunk space.

- gene g

It's old, but it functions just fine. It will reliably get you where you need to go.

Bought the car used with 200,000 miles on it and put in new belts and 02 sensors. It's nothing special, but it's reliable. We love it.

- Jeffrey U

There have been some problems regarding the 6th generation Accord mostly people complain about the transmission, and I slightly agree with that

I really like the styling of the vehicle, I'm very picky when it comes to looks, and I really like how it's reliable, and cheap to fix

- Ivan B

Runs smoothly and real gas saver.

Since it is an old car the check engine light turns on constantly even after it is supposedly fixed and the ac does not work anymore.

- Jenny S

It's at least a dependable way to get to and from work and to run errands.

I like it because it's a reliable & dependable car. I don't really have any complaints. Glad I have a reliable way of transportation.

- Leslie O

It has not given me much trouble as it is pretty old.

I like that it is a gas saver I hate the parts price I hate the size in need of a more spacious car due to the family size increase.

- Jeremy C




Great car, it is very easy to drive.

Rides very well, has transmission problems, drives very easily good on gas it is very comfortable diver set has a lot of positions.

- Harry W

It needs a new muffler so you have to not be easily frightened when it roars.

I dislike its age, I like that it has a sunroof, I suppose that it could have a better track record, it has been in a wreck before.

- No G

The super duper honda accord review

It has really good gas mileage. It does use a little oil, but it's nothing crazy. I just get it changed ever couple thousand miles.

- Corey S

Safety is key to me. Unless my car is safe, I will not place others at risk...

It is reliable, comfortable and requires little maintenance. Fair fuel efficiency is also a plus. Good handling and nice features.

- Dory S

$25 to fill up the gas tank.

Dependable and affordable vehicle. I don't think I'll ever use another brand. I just want a car for transportation, nothing fancy.

- Conner B

If taken care of, it'll drive forever.

A long lasting car, but it has transmission problems. No expensive parts have needed to be replaced and the speakers are amazing.

- Anna R

The Honda Accord is a strong reliable care. Great on gas.

The Honda Accord is an excellent car. I never have any major problems, great on gas. I do a maintenance check up twice a year.

- Geff L

It a car. You drive it. And you don't crash.

I love my car. It runs well. Smooth and fits everyone into the car without being cramped. Hondas run forever easy to maintain.

- La Don M

The Honda is a very well made car. I really appreciate the fact that it doesn't need to be repaired that much.

I like the design of the Accord design that is black with racing stripes. It is very easy to drive and is very low on repairs.

- Dorothy M

It runs very smooth and you don't even realize you speeding.

It has problems with the gas pump and does it want to turn in right away it takes a while. And my battery been draining a lot.

- Sonia L

They should give a Honda a chance if they have not owned one , they are wonderful they give u great mileage and they last forever if u keep the oil change and tires rotate ,I am very proud to own a Honda Accord

I love my Honda Accord,it fits my everyday lifestyle,and it saves on gas,and I have a teatop,I need to replace my seats cover

- Metralla C

Maintenance of older Honda.

It is reliable. Just wear and tear on brakes. Oil change must be done every 3 months. Prepare for winter with tires for snow.

- Sonia G

Awesome reliable vehicle.

Awesome car that is very reliable, runs good, easy to drive, easy to work on and make repairs, only problem is the v6 engine.

- Garry S

Definitely been a dependable vehicle

I've had problems with my catalytic converter and my spark plugs and wires other than that it's been a pretty decent vehicle

- Dixie B

Old car new features-stereo, leather seats and drop-top

a very old car but still runs very well. very comfortable no smoking has happened in the car, leather seats and new stereo.

- sandra L

engine still strong after 18 years

my accord has over 210,00 miles and still going strong I have made all my regular maintenance which include the oil changes

- Robert D

Economical and great on acceleration.

Like it as its economical and great and smooth. Great air conditioner and strong engine and paint is amazing for the year.

- Bobby S

Its reliable great running car last forever.

Great car. Last forever. Great transmission. Very reliable. Comfortable interior replacement parts are very rarely priced.

- Randy N

It is always very reliable.

It gets amazing gas mileage. I love the style of the car. It has lasted a long time. The repairs are very cheap and easy.

- Megan M

this vehicle is a real gas saver

i really love how my 2000 Honda accord is a real gas saver. It is also a reliable case that has yet to break down on me.


It's small but it will get you where u need to go. It's very reliable.

I love my veichice because it was a gift from my son. It also runs smoothly and I have not had a problem with it at all

- Sandra M

It is a good car. It does the job.

There's nothing in particular that I like or dislike. I like that it can take me where I need to go whenever I need to.

- Lyse J

It isn't the best on gas. .

The car is highly reliable has never had any mechanical problems and has never failed to get me anywhere I need to go.

- Gina R

It has gotten a lot of miles.

I love how reliable it is and how many features it has. I don't like how much I have had to fix it in the past though.

- Trenton G

It is a great value for the cost.

Good gas mileage perfect size radio system is great. There really is not anything to complain about the car is great.

- Kim C

Great gas mileage, some blind spots, quiet smooth ride and very well built.

I like my car because it is very comfortable. I like that it is great on gas. I dislike that is it is a little older.

- Ana A

Dependable, fuel efficient car.

Good everyday car. Not as reliable anymore. Have to rent a car for long distances b/c temperamental b/c 18 years old.

- Ali S

been around for generations

reliable fast sunroof wifi cruise control power seats fuel efficiency. brakes and rotors replaced water pump replaced

- maurice t

Its amazing 250,000 miles.

I love it because its 18 years old and still drives great. The replacement parts are cheap and it's easy to work on.

- Matthew B

Every Honda I have had has given me no problems. very dependable

2000 and still looks and runs great. Have had zero issues with it beyond normal things like tires, brakes. Its fast.

- scott o

Old but reliable transportation

I bought it recently and I like it so far. There are a few issues that are expected from a car that is 18 years old.

- Kevin K

ABS/cd/aux/usb input, alloy wheels

2000 Honda Accord V6 no major problem 149,000 just some body damage, no accidents, just scrapes of paint taken off.

- Jennifer D

it has been reliable mechanically and the paint still looks great

Love how long it has lasted. LOve the color and size. Hate that it has no modern perks such as keyless entry etc

- Sandra K

That it is dependable. The gas mileage is pretty good.

I like that I get great gas mileage, I do not like that it is an older model and getting higher up on the mileage.

- Mel E

The Honda accord in details

My vehicle has lasted me a long time without any problems at all besides basic maintenance including oil changes.

- Billy J

When to do maintenance and changing oil rotating the tires

I like if I have any problems that the Honda dealership always helps me out.But thank God not much has gone wrong

- Michael S

My car and I always in it it's a love hate kind of thing

Some transmission issues it's a work in progress it's good on gas it cheap parts to fix it I it dependable so far

- Chris C

Its quick and sometimes you don't even realize the speed your going.

I like the smoothness of the drive and gas efficiency. It is a comfortable vehicle to drive and has good pick up.

- Tammy J

It works and it is a color I like. I care about reliability.

It runs well even after 200k miles. It does not waste a lot of gas. It gets me from point A to point B with ease.

- Adilene M

Best mpg I have ever had with any car.

I like that my car is paid for but I dislike the fact that it is over 17 years old and breaks down occasionally.

- Andrew P

Just that the accord is an excellent vehicle. You still see so many of them.

I like that the vehicle has performed so well so long. I dislike that it is getting old, but that is inevitable.

- Morey B

The trunk is a bit smaller than I had thought.

I like that it gets good gas mileage it is a standard and the things that do not like is the air is not working.

- Sarah T

2000 Honda Accord SE. very reliable car!

Gas efficient. Very comfy. I have no problems with it even it being as old as it is. I love it! Very reliable.

- Delia A

It runs well and it's a reliable car. It will run a long time if maintained.

I like the gas mileage. It's roomy. The compliant I have is the fact it is old so it's starting to fall apart.

- Sam C

She will run forever if you do basic maintenance.

I love my car. It just needs a new paint job. The windows also need to be fixed. But a new car would be nice.

- Savannah B

must buy this car because of its reliability

it's a great car because of how reliable it is and how it can get me from point a to point b safe and sound

- chris c

Perfect car for a small family or a single person.

Is not as small as it looks. Clean and easy to drive. Good for traveling. Good miles. Gas saver. Good motor

- Genesis G

Gas mileage is excellent and car holds up well through time.

My vehicle, Honda accord, its a fine car. Has a good miles but the thing is its takes intakes a lot of gas.

- Sai A

It is reliable and still looks good after many years.

I have had my car for 18 years and it has required only minimal maintenance. It is safe and long-lasting.

- Con R

Great gas mileage for basic transportation in short distances.

Good gas mileage but sometimes stalls randomly. It is very durable and reliable. Very good economical car.

- Sandra B

Brakes are bad during winter with snow.

Dislike: brakes are bad and seat does not raise up. Like: can drive to grocery store & other local areas.

- Amanda O

Honda Car Review Vehicle!

It's not bad, Runs well Awesome car love it! I always buy Honda because it is reliable and fun to drive!

- Syd K

Great gas mileage and lots of room very affordable.

Great gas mileage, 4 doors, lots of room, lots of trunk space. Have made many replacements since owning.

- Sarah H

Have had this car for over 15 years.

A great reliable car. Have accrued over 300 thousand miles with no maintenance issues. Drives smoothly.

- Emi E

It is a stick shift not a manual.

I like that it is dependable and has ran really well for a long time. I dislike that it is getting old.

- Kristin B

It's fairly cheap and decently built

It's very reliable. It gets me from point a to point b. Not too big or too small. Not bad gas mileage.

- Syaoran R

Built for the long term! If you are looking for a vehicle to last you a long time....a Honda is it.

Great gas mileage. Very reliable. It has been very economical and has had to have minimal repairs.

- Michelle B

The one thing people should know about my car is that it is reliable.

My vehicle is reliable.It is made by a well known company. I feel safe and can depend on my vehicle.

- t C

It gets you where you need to go, its safe, it drives well

I like how it drives and the size of it. I like the color blue. I don't dislike anything about it.

- Rebecca S

It runs good despite its age. It has some issues though. It's going to be replaced as soon as possible.

It takes me from point A to point B. It already has a lot of issues. It needs to be replaced.

- Ruth B

great car, no problems for me with this one.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. It is a good size car for me. It is good to maintain.

- karen c

Excellent running car even at 160000 miles and even though it has no A/C.

160000 miles and still runs well. Has no A/C. Too expensive to get fixed. Comfortable car.

- robert c

i'd get it again if I could. you can't ask for anything more than eighteen years of reliability

i like that it's reliable. It has a low cost of ownership. nothing ever broke with it.

- Matthew Y

The one most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is a reliable car.

I like that my car is reliable,drives smooth,and the longevity of the car type or brand

- Tee C

It has good mileage. Repairs on Honda Accord are not expensive.

My Honda gives good mileage. I like the color of my car. I like the speed of my car.

- Angela D

that it still running good Hondas are very good car they last for a long time

I have had this car for a while it has about 260000 miles and still running strong

- nancy c

It has needed no major repairs in the time that I've owned it even though it's almost 20 years old.

It's an old car and has over 200000 miles, but it's reliable and cheap to insure.

- Anne W

This spare Honda replaces my 2007 Civic which was totaled when I was rear ended.

Honda remains a dependable vehicle and I am happy to have an older model to use.

- Susan M

it is doing It's time and journey as a 18 year old

My car in a 2000 Honda accord. it is champagne in color. comes with four doors.

- Tonie D

Runs when needed most of the time..

She is reliable most of the time. Runs quite efficient. Just a little old.


Reliable and trustworthy car to own for a very long time.

Reliable. Comfortable. Lasts a long time. Low on maintenance requirements.

- Bill B

Even though my car is 18 years old, it still runs great

Very reliable, good fuel economy, and parts and services are inexpensive

- Primo D

It is a good, comfortable car. It still has a cassette player.

I like that it is reliable. I do not like that the paint is flaking off.

- Simone H

My Honda Accord gets good gas mileage

It is perfect. Spacious and comfortable. Gets good mileage. Reliable

- Julie F

The Parts are cheap and it's very very good on gas.

No complaints. Car is good on gas and parts are cheap. It's reliable.

- Tammy O

It's reliable and has been relatively maintenance free

Has been a very reliable car. Love the color. Would get another one.

- Morgan E

It is dependable and easy to repair.

it works well. It is dependable. It is easy to repair if needed.

- soha m

Great family car with plenty of space for luggage.

It has room enough for 4 comfortably. Good on gas. Trustworthy.


How reliable it is and how great the gas mileage is.

It's Great on gas. It's very reliable. It's very comfortable.

- Kathryn C

the car will last long if you take care of it. Drive very well.

I dislike the paint fade too quickly. The gas miles is high,

- hank w

Its lasted a long time and very little maintenance

It's been a long lasting car. It rides smooth and is quiet

- jay p

No problems, this has been a great car for years. It has been very dependable. It got me back and forth to school

That it is reliable. It's good on gas, and its very clean

- rachel p

The model is a Honda which is one of the most reliable vehicles.

I like it because it's a Honda. Honda's are reliable.

- Michelle L