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My 2001 Honda Accord is a safe, and gas efficient way of transportation.

Some problems I run into with my 2001 Honda Accord is its inability to play music through an auxiliary cord adapter. Also it tends to stall out when the driver tries to accelerate too quickly. One more issue I have run into is the ac lacking power or strength on some of the hottest days. Some things I enjoy about this car is its compatibility, you can park it basically anywhere. As well as its low profile to the ground making vision from all angles very easy, with minimal blind spots. It is also a very comfortable car, not too big but also not too small. My brother is six foot two and fits comfortably and well when driving this car. Overall I have been very satisfied with my car and it has kept me on the road and safe for three years since buying it with no accidents or fender benders.

- Madison M

My Honda Accord. This car is very comfortable all around.

My Honda Accord runs great and it gets me and my son around just fine. The air condition works great and so does the heater. I bought my car used on line and even though the car is used the car runs good and I am not too worried about maintenance, it picks up good speed when I am in the mood to drive faster than normal and the car over all has a smooth feel. The Accord is a 5 seater and it's very comfortable. The cup holders and hooks are in very convenient places so that my son can put his sippy cup and hang is toys up, as that's the newest thing were teaching him. I am very satisfied with the vehicle brand I've purchased and would most definitely consider buying a brand new model as soon as my financial situation allows it.

- Erica M

Honda, drive it till the wheels fall off!

A great car for daily driving. It is an older car but the gas mileage I get is still competitive in the market. If I was to sell this car, I would recommend it as a first time driver. Since it is a 2001, most of the features are dated. When it comes to working on the car it is very plug and play, which I really love with Hondas. My only complaint, and this is a big one, is the transmission. Personally I feel that Honda is not known for it is automatic transmission. If you have an older model Honda and it is standard, you'll really be able to drive it till the wheels fall off. I bought this car, certified pre-owned and honestly I have loved it since first drive.

- Elizabeth C

Hondas are gainful reliable vehicles.

I actually love my car. I have had it for going on 4 years now. Honda’s as we all know are great cars. Being that it is an older model there quite often a lot of work that needs to be done. I keep up on oil changes and brakes as well as tires. Huge problems are rare, but they do occur. Lately I have been have problems where it is shuts off while driving. I was told a tune-up but that wasn't the case. Currently dealing with that issue but overall a good reliable car!

- Denise R

Honda Accords are reliable.

I have had a few engine problems, but nothing that cost a lot of money. It is a fairly old car, but it is still very reliable and I have traveled to many places without any problems. One of my favorite things about the Accord is the gas mileage. I do not have to stop a whole lot for fast when traveling and when I do, it is never super expensive. The Honda Accord is very reliable and rarely causes any problems, I definitely recommend to everyone.

- Haley K

Spacious and reliable Honda Accord.

It's great on gas mileage and I hardly ever have any problems with it. There has been times where I do need repairs but they're easy and car parts aren't too expensive. Cars very reliable. I've been able to do an oil change on it myself without an issue. overall it's a good reliable car. Its spacious trunk helps me keep a lot of things when on the road. Seats are wide and comfortable. Power windows. Real cold air conditioner.

- Elisa O

Ve thelove its power horsepower. It will get up and go.

Very durable vehicle parents bought it new 2001 one problem we encountered was radiator busting after sitting . Idol in winter. Otherwise very good reliable vehicle. Easy handling as well. We are now dealing with issues due to poor maintenance and upkeep. Has an anti theft system seats pull down for more trunk space good gas mileage. Bunch of compartments for items. Easy find replacement parts to for the type vehicle.

- Brittany O

Oldie but goodie. Although this is an old vehicle, it had been reliable.

This is an old, used vehicle so as expected it has issues. The issue we are dealing with now is the alternator, which needs replacing. We have also had problems with the air conditioning system. Haven't owned the car very long so it is hard to give an honest assessment of what the vehicle was like when your was newer. On the bright side, we have made several trips up and down the east coast without any problems.

- Tara G

Long-lasting investment if well-maintained.

Very reliable throughout the years, as long as you maintain it. I have had major service repairs along the way (new batteries, replaced alternator, replaced starter) but this is to be expected through 160, 000+ miles over 15+ years. The maintenance costs have been well worth not having to buy a new car every few years, and the safety features were the number 1 reason I chose to buy a Honda Accord.

- Kevin D

Review of 01 Honda Accord.

My 01 Honda Accord is a very reliable car for the most part. It is a not size for a family of three, reliable, and in great shape. It is not a gas guzzler like some cars. However, we have encountered some problems; dashboard light is out, tinting was awful so we removed it ourselves, minor damage to rear of the car, CD player does not work, and appears to be some kind of leak. Ice cold ac!

- Aliyah N

I named my car the Blue Bomber because of its blue color but white spoiler.

Well, my car is pretty reliable especially after using it for around 10 years. It's comfortable, but I get car sick in the back so that's not great. Either way it helps me get from place to place without trouble, for the most part. Sometimes the brakes are pretty sketchy and I've had to change them a few times but other than that not too shabby. Can you tell I'm not a cars person lol

- Taylor D

Pro: dependable. Con: not a lot of new features included.

I get about 20 mpg. Even though my car has over 200, 000 miles on it, I do not have very few mechanical issues. It has basic features like am/FM radio, a/c and heat, cruise control, CD player, and cassette player. It also has leather seats. I wish it had navigation and Bluetooth. That is not a major issue because there are devices you can buy if you really depend on these features.

- Kyra W

Honda Accords are decent cars to drive for the first ten years. Then, issues start showing up. It is a cheap car to drive for the first few years, but not for long distance and battering harsh weather. It is more of a suburban car that will last you, hopefully, at least a decade.

The vehicle is a decent sized sedan with 5 seats and 4 doors. However, lately, the car has been starting to have issues with It's parts. For example, the engine leaks oil. Additionally, the car stops and completely shuts off when it is idle at a stop sign. These are only a few issues the car has been starting to have. I thought the car would last a little bit longer than this.

- Cindy M

Its highly fuel efficient.

My 2001 Honda Accord is very good on gas. The v8 engine is very awesome my car really flies on the highway. Only problem is it jerks when it cranks up. But for the most part it's pretty reliable. Its a stand up type of job. If you purchase an 2001 Honda Accord you would be fully satisfied. The mileage is very good on it also and is fuel efficient you can't beat that.

- J G

Really common car but I have a big trailer hitch on the back of it.

Very reliable. I have had no problems with it other then just replacing the brakes and doing normal maintenance like oil changes. The cars performance is ok but it is also an old car. The features are pretty standard like airbags, radio, and air conditioning. The car is pretty comfortable in the back seat but the front can get uncomfortable the longer you sit in it.

- Nina H

My Honda Accord ex coupe.

I really enjoy driving this vehicle! I drive a Honda Accord ex coupe. Such a nice car with leather seating. It also includes a sunroof, which my dog seems to enjoy when he's aboard with me. Overall the performance of this vehicle is absolutely fantastic! Always gets me to my destination. Just recently my window regulator went bad but it wasn't too expensive to fix.

- Marisol R

The ultimate in A to B vehicles.

The car has been in use for 10 years. It has only needed standard upkeep, oil changes, new tires, engine checks. The car is at 250, 000 miles now for me and does not seem to be driving much worse than it did at 100, 000 when I got it. Biggest complaint I have is the lack of an auxiliary port for the speakers, which is understandable given it is age.

- Charles W

A good buy of a vehicle I love!

I just bought my black shiny Honda this year, and love her. I went from riding the bus for many months. So it's fair to say that appreciate my $2200. 00. She is good on gas, about 40 to fill, and lasts all week. All in all my black beauty is practical! All jokes aside, my vehicle is stylish, beautiful and an investment for me to enjoy, long term.

- Britney F

Long lasting, dependable vehicle.

My Honda is incredibly reliable vehicle with very few issues. I have not had any necessary major repairs, just typical maintenance. I am also excited that the resale value of my vehicle remains high as Honda Accords are known to last. My vehicle is comfortable, has plenty of trunk space, and has been a great running vehicle for many years,

- Anastasia A

My car has almost 200, 000 miles and is still running great!

Hondas are reliable. As long as you take care of the car, it will take care of you. My car is almost as old as I am and it is doing better than me! My car has good gas mileage. I get about twenty three miles to the gallon. It takes about thirty dollars to fill up my tank. Hondas are roomy. I was able to move into my dorm with just my car.

- Alexis F

It is great for off road driving & in the rain. The auto 4 wheel drive is great.

It is a great car and goes off road it is good for vacations and runs good. Plenty of trunk space. New tires and interior. Pearl white. And recent oil change. If you'd like to hit the road like I do from time to time you will love this car. It is 4 doors and seats 5 nice stereo and new speakers. The seats let down completely in the back.

- Victoria M

It was customized when I bought it so it has beautiful red and black seats.

I have had my Honda for almost a year now. I bought it from someone who kept it up very well. I have only had to fix a few things in the past few months such as brakes & rotors. I keep my oil changed regularly so my car runs smooth. He miles are tremendous but my baby is still running. Honda’s are extremely reliable and great on gas!

- Amber E

Performs great and comfortable interior.

I recently bought a 2001 Honda Accord ex on craigslist and overall it's a nice car. All it needs is a tune up and new spark plugs and it should be running great. Besides that, the car performs great, it's easy to maneuver, and the interior provides plenty of comfort and space. Overall, my 2001 Honda Accord is a great vehicle to own.

- Gabriel J

After 50 years of marriage, this car purchase became the love of my life!

At 18 years old with more that 145000 miles, I couldn't expect better, more reliable performance! It has been maintained well by the original owners which I am certain has something to do with the way it performs today. Other than having a "paint job", all parts are as they were when purchased (new tires at 75000 miles, too).

- John W

Pre owned 01 Honda Accord sedan.

I have a pre owned 01 Honda Accord sedan I am the second owner. I have had this car for 2 years now and I am already looking into purchasing a second transmission or scraping it and getting a new car whatever is cheapest. Other then the trans problem it is a decent car. Good on gas, roomy and it has a nice sleek design.

- Tiffany H

Perfect '01 Honda Accord runs like it's a new car

Nice reliable car nothing serious wrong with it. When I bought the car it had a blown head gasket but I fixed that.. So I put a lot of tlc into this honda new radiator, new alternator, new spark plugs and wires, fuel pump is still good. Might need breaks soon. Just did a full tune up, oil change n transmission flush..

- Augustina T

Excellent car for commuters.

The Honda accord is a very reliable vehicle, good on gas and comfortable. I feel safe driving this vehicle and it is very easy to maintain. It requires little maintenance, I keep up with the oil changes and tire rotations for best performance. I do wish it had adjustable rear headrests for back seat passengers.

- Erika M

Driving a great car sometimes is hard to find.

I have a 2001 Honda Accord and it really does the job for me. It is reliable and durable in all ways, by it being a small sedan I can get in and out of traffic without any hesitation, but overall it is a great vehicle and very dependable, so if you are looking for a great car go out and get yourself a Honda.

- Drew D

It has been comfortable and very reliable, overall, a great car.

The Honda Accord has been very reliable. We have owned it for almost 18 years. It has been comfortable and performed well. My only complaint is now that I am older and have trouble with my knee and hip, I wish it was higher off the ground and doors opened wider so it would be less strain getting in and out.

- Mary S

The car is old but it is reliable to get you where you need to be.

The car is older so we do drive with care. We do have little tricks to help the ride to be smooth. The radio is still good. The car is overall good just old. It is reliable and does not carry many features as opposed to the cars made today. The gas is still okay not ideal but it is great for my commutes.

- Bianca E

2001 Honda Accord 4 door sedan candy apple red.

Burns gas minor scratches interior in good condition exterior few scratches & two little dent candy apple red is the color exterior is beige. Automatic sunroof power windows power locks. Tinted windows. One of the speakers bust so it rattles a little bit if you turn the music up too high with the bass.

- Angel Y

Over all, a fantastic car!

Just a little small for a larger guy. It handles well. Gets great gas mileage and has every amenity you would need. It's not near as fuel efficient as I would hope for but for a 2001 it definitely isn't too awful bad. Could just always be a little better. The overall design of the car is great though!

- Josh W

My car is reliable and dependable.

Dependable and reliable, great on gas. Helps me to get to A to B. Good for long trips. Even though it has high mileage it keeps on ticking. It also is very comfortable. I love the color of my car. And I have decked out my car with light and carpet and made it my own. You cannot miss my car anywhere.

- Christina A

Hondas are reliable and will run forever if you treat them well!

I love how reliable it is, it's almost 20 years old and has had no major repairs needed besides maintenance replacement. I dislike the leather seats in it, but I could have gotten fabric. The power door locks are starting to fail on it, but given the age of the vehicle, it's not a flaw really.

- Susana W

Honda cars are very reliable and dependable.

I got my vehicle used and have not had any problems with it. Just normal routine maintenance such as oil, brakes, tires, along with all other fluid and filter replacements or changes. Any one with this vehicle will be more than pleased on it is efficiency and very good on gas mileage as well.

- Ashley G

That sometimes the cat doesn't always like to shift on time. The car hoards shift into gears while warming up.

The Honda is a very dependable vehicle. The car has withstood so much weather and natural damage. I would have to say that this is a car I can depend on. My kids also enjoyed the car. The only complaint I have is that once things start falling off the inside they all go within the same time.

- Embreial W

I just need a small SUV and cannot afford one right now.

It is a good car to get you where you need to go. It is just an older car and some issues have come up like the power steering went out, the a/c went out twice. . . It is a small car and I am use to a small SUV but at this time do not have the option or the opportunity to get another car.

- Judy W

My back seat lays down to make more space in the truck.

I have had my car for almost a year and haven't had a lot of problems with it. I had to replace the battery, had the oil changed. But my check engine light has came on so I need to get it fixed, but otherwise it is a very good car and it runs really good. I would continue to get a Honda.

- Coni R

You can count on this gem!

It is common for this year of Honda Accord to eventually need a new transmission. Aside from this expense, it is completely trustworthy and performs excellent both on the highway and driving in town! Mine has a convenient sunroof that is frequently used when the weather is nice outside.

- Matthew S

This car is an all around good car.

Our Accord has been extremely reliable. Repairs that have been needed have been within mileage and time frame you would expect. Our model does not have a sunroof which I would like. I love the trunk space and the get up and go that this vehicle has. I would definitely buy another Honda.

- Martha M

The life and times of silver fox.

It is dependable good gas mileage 4 door. I've had so many compliments and offers to buy it her name is silver fox and have 240, 000 miles on her and she's so loved by the entire family. I never noticed how many silver Honda's there are until I got mine then I saw them everywhere.

- Pamela N

I enjoy how well the car drives and how reliable it can be if well maintained.

Had to replace the engine. Many problems. Now the transmission is slipping. Great vehicles if well maintained. Parts are cheap. Whole engine was under 500. Extremely safe vehicles. Reliable is maintained. Drives well. Spacious. Family friendly. O2 sensors remain a problem however.

- Sydney H

Reliable and comfortable!

This really is a great car and has lasted me for so many years. Now that it is older I have had to change parts more frequently but that is expected with age. There also was a safety recall with the airbags which the dealer fixed. Other than that I cannot complain. Very reliable!

- Nancy B

My ugly car: a review by someone who doesn't know much about cars.

It actually runs really well, the gas mileage is okay it works for what I need it for. The heater and ac work very well. The radio is older but its still good. It takes bumps roughly no matter what speed you are going, which is my only big complaint because it makes me feel sick.

- Samantha L

Silver Honda Accord 2001.

The Honda Accord 2001 is a great car with known transmission problems. It will last you a long time as long as you are able to keep up with the repairs. This car has definitely kept me on my toes for the last 9 years but I love it all the same. Long live all 2001 Honda Accords.

- Dominique O

The 2001 Honda accord is very reliable.

The 2001 Honda accord is a very reliable car it's been in my family since 2001 and still runs perfectly fine. It has never broken down on us. It has a sunroof which is an extremely cool feature on nice sunny days. The most work I have done to it is oil changes and tire changes.

- Dania A

Great gas mileage very smooth ride

My car is great gas mileage is amazing I drive 45 minutes to work everyday and I spend about 20 dollars a week to get back and forth to work the only issue i've had beside normal wear and tear on a car this old was I blew my head gasket very easy fix and it has a small oil leak

- Jacob C

Honda. White. Automatic. Power steering, all the works I need.

Have had no problems except for a recall on that model and year and they repaired it very promptly. Had to replace battery. Other than that I really love it runs good and looks good. don't worry about driving it and feel proud. The interior looks great, no scratches or tares.

- Susan D

It is a gas saver and can go as far as necessary.

I like that my car is very reliable, low miles and have no major issues. Since I have leased it I have been able to drive pretty far out like 60-80 miles without any problems so Vegas will not be a stretch for the car. It is great on gas and very clean, well taken care of car.

- Marron M

Great gas mileage! Great value for your money!

I love the Honda Accord, it gets great gas mileage. Is very reliable and has very few faults. I would recommend the Honda Accord to everyone. It has good get up and go and is just an all around good car. The newer models are very sleek and stylish and are very beautiful cars.

- Pamela C

Long lasting engine and cost effective maintenance.

The Honda Accord 2001 lx is one of the most reliable cars I have driven. Although routine maintenance is mandatory, if done often, it will make your car last for a very long time. I drive hundreds of miles per week and the car is well over 200. 000 miles. It still runs great.

- Alexander E

2001 Honda Accord been a reliable car.

Air conditioner does not work, has started jumping. But has been reliable and easy to fix most any other problem. Just replaced the battery less than a month ago. Possibly has an oil leak. Has been easy and cheap to find parts for when needed. Most anyone can work on it.

- Emily R

Even though it's old, it's very dependable

It's reliable and smooth to drive. I don't like that it looks a little outdated. It only has 2 doors so it's a little annoying to have to wait when there's extra passengers. The car is a tiny bit longer than most compact cars so I have difficulty maneuvering into tight spots

- Hatsumi T

My vehicle is white, there is not much to it.

My vehicle has almost 300, 000 miles and the transmission has been replaced so it runs very while as of now. My air conditioning has gone out once and had to be repaired as well as getting new brakes. It is a very comfortable car and I would say reliable for the most part.

- Taylor M

Squeaky wins the long race.

A reliable white four-door Honda Accord ex sedan with over one-hundred fifty thousand miles on it, a working air conditioner, a CD player, and good tires. Also has a sunroof. The suspension is a bit squeaky, but it performs like a champ, particularly over long distances.

- Eric A

It is a Honda and it is super reliable.

The car is still in great condition, and I do not worry about it breaking down. I also love the black color, and even though it is from 2001, the paint job is in tact. Everything on the inside works as well, including the air conditioning, CD player, etc. No complaints.

- Andrea B

My silver hawk rides again!

My Honda is 17 years old and still soldiers on. The car is well-designed and extremely reliable, comfortable and continues to be a pleasure to drive. Although the seats are wearing down, I literally love this automobile and would not hesitate to purchase another Honda.

- Jade S

Best Honda's are the vehicle u want.

Really great and dependable, never have to worried about it just not getting where you need to go, also the gas mileage is great. With Honda's all you gotta do is keep up the regular maintenance up and they will run for ever and ever so everyone is a happy camper.

- Ira O

Smooth ride nice interior.

It is a long lasting beautiful car. We have had very little bit problems with it. Leather and woodgrain sunroof and very comfortable. Rides smooth like a Cadillac. Best car ever. Only small problems so far like the battery and tires. Sunroof adds the extra umph.

- Kristen F

Compact car with different issues but worth the hassle.

Compact car that is decent with gas mileage. Reliability changes due to a leaky brake line, while it runs fine at times brakes do not work at all. The longer I have had it the more issues I have had, the drivers window and passenger window will not roll down.

- Yvonne O

Gas mileage is excellent.

Honestly there have not been any problems that are not normal car problems. Had a few parts that were too old and needed replacing like the serpentine belt. Otherwise the care is extremely reliable and good on gas mileage. Everything still functions properly.

- Emily F

Honda Accord: the car for you!

I love the Honda Accord. It gets incredible gas mileage and the seats are so comfortable. It is quiet inside and not a lot of road noise. I wish there were more cup holders and USB ports throughout the vehicle. I would recommend any Honda to any car buyer.

- Matt T

Silver Honda accord, 2001, 4 door car.

My car has been stopping while I am driving it and now it will not crank unless I leave to there for a long period of time. I have gas, oil, and check multiple things, such as the disturber, converter, battery, cables that connect to battery, fuel pump etc.

- Raven P

A dependable and surprisingly luxurious car.

It is a light, smooth driving vehicle with great acceleration. There are nice tan leather seats and a great sunroof for the beautiful days outside. It is dependable and reliable and easy to maintain. The air conditioning and heat are powerful when needed.

- Ryan C

Honda is a very reliable car, although it has high mileage.

High mileage but drives good. Needs sensor replacements. Needs new front tires. Is pretty reliable and drives comfortably. Seats are comfortable and space is nice. It shakes a little when i drive it. Braking system is okay. Car lasted a long time for me.

- Sarah C

It has a new stereo and speakers.

My car has a few updated features which include: new speakers, updated stereo system, subwoofers, etc. My car currently needs a new transmission so the running of it is not that good but before it started having transmission problems, it ran beautifully.

- Alexis B

Less than 80, 000 miles at this time.

Less than 80k miles annual maintenance checks and minor repairs keep it on the road. Do not plan to purchase a new one but if I do not will most likely be another Honda Accord. Oil change every three to five thousand miles. Tire rotation, general upkeep.

- Rosanne F

I love my 2001 Honda Accord ex.

I bought a used Honda Accord 2001 for its reliability. It had approximately 15, 000 miles on it when I purchased it from my neighbor. I purchased nearly three years ago and every since I have had little to no problems. It is a great reliable vehicle.

- Ebony B

Honda is a reliable car which you know will get you where you want to go for a very long time.

I love my Honda. It was a repo, but it is a great car. The only thing I'm not particularly fond of is the check engine light(seems to come on every time I'm scheduled for emissions testing) and the multiple recalls for the airbag.

- susan s

Honda Accord 2001- one major issue

Great car. Only major problem is its transmission, both from personal experience and general consensus from many owners of this car. Currently at 198k, the transmission was replaced at 80k by its first owner and then at 160k by me

- Harley C

Used - Old but reliable vehicle

It's a nice size car and very easy to drive. The seats are comfortable and it has all the basic features a car should have. However, it is an old car, so it has some mechanical issues including leaking oil and loud exhaust.

- Tina N

Hondas are family cars very great

Very dependable car a Honda is the best we have 2 now a 2000 and our current 2001 the 1st one has over 300,000 miles and runs great this one has over 200,000 and run gd minor problems from been a daily driver due to job

- Tristin S

If you need a car that will last for years with minimal upkeep, a Honda is the way to go.

I love my vehicle, because it is dependable and I haven't had to invest too much in repairs. It is good on both mileage and gas. I am sad that it is getting older; I have already decided to buy a new car next summer.

- Gigi Z

That they shouldn't accelerate to hard since the transmission is finicky.

My car is old and looks like It's falling apart. But despite the cosmetic flaws it runs really well and the engine is strong. I do need a new underguard though since It's been scraped along one to many parking stops.

- Robert S

Good, reliable, low gas mileage car

Generally it has been a good car. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I don't like that it has had transmission problems that have taken a long time to resolve. Mostly though, it has been a good, reliable car.

- Beth F

It drives wonderfully, especially for a nearly 20 year old car.

I like how smoothly the vehicle drives in spite of its age. The car is also very comfortable. However, its age is showing in that its Audio features are out of date (cannot connect my phone to the music player).

- Nicholas S

Very economical and reliable!

I absolutely love my Honda Accord. It is very reliable and great on gas. It is very comfortable when traveling short or long distance. Will probably stick with Honda when deciding to purchase my next vehicle.

- pam r

Cars to me are tools, for transportation. If you want practical, this is the car for you. If you need to show off, go elsewhere.

For the money, this has been a wonderful car. We're closing in on 200,000 miles, and it has had few problems, and no major ones. Good gas mileage, low maintenance costs, basic transportation at It's best

- Allan C

Even though the history it still last over 160000 ,miles and going strong

I like the style of it . It has a sleek look and it is all black . The engine is a high performance one that saves gas and has good pep. What I didn't like it about it was I had to go thru 4 transmissions.

- joe G

The gas gauge is stuck in the middle and I have no idea how much gas is in it.

I like that it gets me to where I need to go. I dislike that it is a clunky old car that does not have working air condition and the gas gauge is broken. It also pulls to the right and it drives me crazy.

- Bianca W

Oldie But Goodie Come See

I love my car its very old but it works just fine for me on my daily needs and travels. Its comfortable has a/c and heat and comfortable seating. Needs some love here and there but overall great vehicle.

- Jeslyn B

Great acceleration and durability. This car will run forever if you take good care of it.

My 2001 Honda Accord has over 220,000 miles on it and still runs great. As long as you make sure you bring the car in for all maintenance checks you can bet that this car will last you a very long time.

- Richard O

The seats are comfortable.

The car has excellent pick-up, a smooth ride, purrs on the highway and has good gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable and the car has had very few repairs considering it has 260, 000 miles on it.

- Karen C

My car is 17 years old and I recently drove across country in it to move. Was surprised it made the trip with very little difficulty.

Due to the age it is showing its wear and tear. I am concerned driving it over long distances, however new cards are so expensive that is what keeps me driving this car until the upkeep is too pricey.

- Ashley c

Good safety features, reliable through many years if you maintain it correctly.

Really solid car for the most part, I bought it years ago with safety features as the foremost consideration. I do not care about fancy features and basically I will ride it until the wheels fall off.

- Kevin D

It is extremely reliable and won't die.

Old but reliable car I have been riding for the past several years. I like that it is generally low maintenance. I would like more modern features, but the benefits of no car payments outweigh them.

- Kent D

It's dependable & gets great gas mileage.

I've owned this car for 16 yrs & it has 177,000 miles. I've maintained it very well & it's always been a very dependable vehicle. It has great gas mileage & in good mechanical shape. No complaints.

- Mark R

It's a really reliable car.

This vehicle is one of my favorites. It drives smooth and accelerates fast, and has good speakers. The seats are comfortable and the trunk is roomy. It never breaks down on me or has any problems.

- Hannah A

Simply is as simple does.

I just adore this car as it has a/c! The car run very nice and has been well kept of, including low mileage. I also got a great deal on it. One of the better choice I have made in my lifetime.

- Mona W

It's still running like a champ and doesn't show any signs of slowing down!

My car is solid! I've put 150,000 miles and it's still running strong. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes another 150,000 miles. The only dislike I have is it can be a bit squeaky at times.

- Eric A

The horn doesn't work most of the time

The horn doesn't work even though they put a new one in right after I bought it. Well actually it does work but only part of the time. But it looks good and doesn't die like my last car.

- Janet L

That it has been a great truck free of any issues with it.

I love my car it is old but it still has more giddy up than most cars today. It is getting to be a sight, but I still prefer to drive this over the others because of the way it handles.

- Mari H

If you keep your Honda maintained it will last you a long long time with no problems!

My car is very reliable and never has issues! I bring it in a few times per year for an oil change and a tune up. Never any mechanical issues! It has very comfortable seats, too!

- Kat T

It is spacious but it is a gas guzzler.

I like the space, the engine will last forever and for an old car decent gas mileage.. I do not like how expensive mechanics charge to work on it... I wish it had more pick up..

- Bree C

A great car for someone my age.

i love how my honda drives with good gas mileage. It has had very few repairs over the years and is a low maintenance car. I wish that it had a little better pick up in it.

- b b

Great gas mileage and smooth riding.

No complaints.. Love it.. Runs good... Do not want another.. Drives great.. Do not know anything else to say about it.. Proud to have this one.. Do not have any complaints..

- Susan R

It is a very balanced and reliable car.

The car is a good balance between mileage and power. It is spacious inside but is lacking in features. Parts are easy to find and so far it hasn't given me any problems.

- Juan M

It's reliable and lasts long

I like that it is reliable and durable. It has been running well for years without major problems. I dislike that it is old, outdated, and the AC doesn't go high enough

- michelle z

The lock button on the back of the passenger seats doesn't always lock.

Car has been loyal and drives good. But the ac isn't strong. If it's too hot out the car ac will not work. The sunroof button also jams up so I can close it sometimes.

- Jay M

It's a reliable car. Hondas are known to last long.

Considering the age of my car and the miles on it, it's held up really well. I still need to get the airbag recall taken care of, but no major issues over the years.

- Shelly C

Honda is a very reliable car maker.

I live where it gets very cold. . So the heated seats are so nice. The car has 174, 000 miles and is still going strong. Classic design that never goes out of style.

- Viola B

Durable and safe. As Well as easy to drive. Have loved it since 2001.

My vehicle is extremely reliable. It has done a great job of getting me from a to b over the years. Completely affordable and a great car for a person of any age.

- David M

It is very reliable and they last forever if you maintain them!

My Accord is a V6, and I really miss my 4 cylinder. It is dark green and the paint is fading and peeling. It runs great and has 237,000 miles on it. I love Honda!

- nancy j

Starts every time nice radio good air conditioner

Very good car have only replaced the battery a couple of times and also changed the brakes and rotors couple times. I have also replaced the tires a couple times.

- Justin J

they should know that Hondas in general specially Honda Accords and Honda Civics last forever and it's a great long-term investment for transportation

I love how durable it is and how long it has lasted me on and drives good it's great on gas and it's just a reliable car that's very safe and it's very affordable

- Autumn H

It is really awesome on gas mileage, and I can go a week with 20 dollars worth of gas.

I bought it used and it has problems with the front end. The air conditioning doesn't work and the radio would be a lot better if I could connect my phone to it.

- Susan E

Disappointed and need a new one before I am walking.

The guy I purchased it from lied to me about it, so there's no air, the transmission is going out, a common issue with this make and he sold me a salvage title.

- Kimberly J

Car starts every morning without fail.

It is a value package series so no bells and whistles. It has been extremely reliable over the years for use as a kids car in college and now my work vehicle.

- todd J

Honda produces very dependable cars. I have never had any major issues with it.

My car is fun to drive, safe and very dependable. Honda stands behind their products and receive excellent service from the service departments from Honda.

- Vita R

This is a good, reliable, vehicle that has served my family for a long time.

It's a good car, made it a long time have lots of miles. Reliable. A little small, next car will hopefully be an SUV with more passenger and cargo capacity.

- Brian L

Reliable and a real gas saver!

My car is very reliable and spacious. The car is very good on gas and can travel very far distances with no problems. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Khadijah M

It's a four door SUV, that only has two wheel drive.

The car is very reliable..... It has a smooth ride and a comfortable interior..... The handling and acceleration are responsive..... I have no complaints..

- Chris S

Honda makes a reliable car.

Reliable, safe and comfortable, fun to drive. The features inside the car are well-designed such as the map light and vanity mirrors. Good gas mileage too.

- Jo Z

The Honda Accord is extremely reliable

My car is extremely reliable. I don't have to worry about it breaking down and it is still quick. The power locks don't work anymore which is a problem.

- Imtiaz N

Other than it's issues my car has kept on going. It is a very heavy duty car and had great get up and go.

My car is a good car but it has some issues. I recently had to replace the radiator, alternator (for the third time) and battery. The transmission slips.

- Jessica K

The car is 17 years old and still rides well and looks good.

I love the way the car handles. Minimum maintenance issues arose in the 1st 10 years of ownership. The car still rides like a dream after 100,000 miles

- Linda N

Old Hondas breakdown a lot.

The car is nice but it breaks a lot and I have to get it fixed almost every 3 months. I have to pay a decent amount of money to just keeping it running.

- Nick L

Hondas are the best! You never have to worry about it starting.

I have never had any problems with my Honda Accord - I get it checked out every 3000 miles and it is been great. I would never own anything but a Honda.

- Michelle E

Consumption and how easy is to get things done with it.

Pieces and tools are affordable, is cute and does not consume too much gas. Does not need to be clean every day and getting it was not expensive at all.

- Sandy A

it's a great car and we will drive it til it can go no further.

we had this vehicle for over 17 years. it's been through a lot as we grew our family. it's a honda, so very reliable and durable. still going strong.

- esther t

01 Honda is sporty yet roomy and comfortable.

Its an older car so it has a few problems. :it runs good and it is reliable enough to get me from point A to point B. It has an awesome stereo in it.

- Lisa F

Great mileage and it's just a great car over all.

It's the best, its old but I love it! A few scratches & dents & its my first car, its gold. It runs so well & it doesn't give me no problems at all.

- Bell L

The Reliable 2001 Honda Accord

For the most part it is reliable and comfortable, but i had a problem with a thermostat that apparently goes bad pretty commonly with 2001 accords.

- Jeremy L

My car has had numerous recalls.

Old it is was my first car and I need better car and I I call a tow for help they destroy my car after I just got fix I been broke down for a week.

- Jasmine J

I feel comfortable driving it and trust it to get me where I need to go.

The interior is nice and the exterior shape of the car is nice as well. Reliable and it gets where I need to go. The A/C is a little wonky though.

- Amanda C

My interior still look the same from when I first got my car.

Good running motor, good air conditioning, very spacious, great performance, never really had any problems with my car only problem was radiator.

- Esther T

Civil. Shiny. Great condition. 2 door. Great!

Just the engine line always comes on. Other than that the car is 100% in great condition. I have had it ever since high school. It is been great.

- Eugenia F

It's a Honda!!! Best car ever. I've owned 3 Honda's in my life and still the best.

Very reliable,trustworthy and dependable. I bought this in 2004 and it has only 80000. Miles on it. I only had to replace the brakes and battery.

- Debra T

It's got a lot of miles on it. over 200,000 miles. And it's still ticking

It's an older car, but i love it. It gets me around and I have had it for so many years. My parents gave it to me after they had it for a while.

- Air T

It's a very stylish looking car that's fun to drive

Love it, had it for a while. Like the style and the comfort, as well as how it handles. It is 17 years old though, and starting to show its age.

- Jonathan S

That it is a 7 to 8 passenger van.

Like the v6 engine. Like the sunroof. It is not great in snow even though it is a front wheel drive. I would prefer a rear wheel drive vehicle.

- James F

Its reliable but it is a small car. I have 2 kids and it can be a little claustrophobic but overall it is a good car.

This car is very reliable and if anything breaks the parts are inexpensive. I have high mileage and it runs well still and its ok in the snow

- Nicole W

Describing my Honda Accord


- Hannah P

It's reliable and saves money gas. You can get low maintenance

It's a great reliable car. Lasted almost decade. Got every Penny worth out of it. It's a working horse. Does not have much maintenance issues

- Dat P

I honestly do not know what to tell anyone about my parents car.

It is fuel efficient and has enough space, but has high mileage and minor engine issues. There shouldn't be a minimum character requirement.

- Patrick S

It is very spacious, and dependable.

I have had a few problems. My brakes have gone bad, and so has my transmission. I had to get it re-built. Otherwise, it's a dependable car.

- Karen F

It's a nice car, I recommend it because is not expensive and it works. It's comfortable.

never broke down on side of road. I use this car daily and don't have problems with it.It's comfortable and not expensive. I recommend it.


It is over 17 years old but has less than 100000 miles

doesn't start in extreme hot weather paint chipping tint is peeling off leather is cracking but it is an old car but has been pretty good

- Amy j

Performance is good and gas saver as well

The problem with honda is paint problem. The paint easily get rusty and you must repaint again after 10 years. Other than that. its ok

- timothy U

My Honda Accord has over 224,000 miles and is still going!

This is the second Honda I have owned. Love gas mileage and the longevity of the Brand. Only complaint I can't afford a new Honda!

- Elizabeth M

It gets me from a to b although has a little problems with vibration at the moment

I've had to change the motor but its only had a couple of problems before that. It took 2 years of owning the car before it happened

- Crystal D

That I get really good gas mileage.

No. I mean it is older. But it is never given me issues. Some minor repairs do need to be done but it has not broken down on me yet.

- Mercedes Z

Sunroof still works fine.

Often needs repairs. All 4 rotors needed replaced at once. Also had to replace the water pump. It be is slipping out of gear also.

- Kiry D

That is is very reliable and safe, not to mention comfortable.

This has been a pretty reliable vehicle, I had to replace the windows a few times but the seats are comfortable and it runs well.

- Cindy W

This vehicle is not for families.

It is lasted with me for over a decade. All of the systems are currently working. No major issues except for the transmission.

- Nicole J

I love how the car runs. very smooth

very reliable car, runs perfectly fine as long as regular maintenance is kept fine. But the car is only as good as the driver

- Michael r

It is a awesome vehicle I love it very much.

My vehicle is very reliable and runs great, I no problem with my vehicle, it has great gas mileage and very good performance.

- Judy J

Its comfortable, works great, clean ride.

I love it I just need a radiator. Its really comfortable and not to boxy. The back has plenty of leg space. Ac works great.

- Milena V

My car is the perfect size for my needs but large enough to accomplish any growing that may come in the years to come.

2001 Honda Accord ages well because it was made before parts were made to be obsolete before they were driven off the lot.

- Sha H

It needs work, the tires are shot and needs oil.

I love everything about this vehicle. It was my first one and it was given to me by my grandmother. I have no complaints

- Stanton B

Do you need a good car? Look no further.

It's a really solid car. Decent gas mileage, good acceleration, easy to repair, good design and comfortable leather seats.

- Christian S

That it will last many years if it is well taken care of.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like the way it handles and like that it is very well made. I have no complaints.

- Verna C

When you drive at 30 mph it's feels like you are driving at 15 mph

Runs great, buying parts is easy to get. Doing a oil change is fairly easy and inexpensive. I have not had one issue yet.

- basialee R

The resale value is high.

I love everything about it. I do not have anything I do not like. I like the power windows and doors. I like the comfort.

- Rebecca K

It might look like an old beat up car but it's still barely halfway through Its life

It's very reliable, and has ran for nearly 20 years. It is easy to work on. And it is comfortable even after 180k miles.

- Justin M

It's fully loaded with a sunroof.

My car is great on gas savings. I love that its small but big enough for my family. It comes fully loaded with sunroof.

- Jacoby W

It has under 75, 000 miles.

No problems, just general maintenance and upkeep. Four door sedan, automatic. Entry level accord, no bells or whistles.

- Rosanne F

Great gas mileage plenty of room inside feels safe.

I love Honda runs great resales high great on gas easy to get parts less upkeep great ride smooth with plenty of power.

- Steven K

It's reliable. It is a four door and gets good gas mileage

I like the way it drives smoothly. Also I have had very few troubles with it mechanically. It gets decent gas mileage.

- Dina B

Its a silver Honda accord 4dr.

I have a 2001 Honda accord. It's a okay car, just not what I prefer. I would rather have a newer Honda Civic to drive.

- Megan W

It is great on gas mileage

The paint is fading and getting burnt causing rust and making the car look very unpleasant and it burns a lot of oil.

- Dylan T

It's a good car for an old car.

It's reliable, but no longer great on gas mileage, and its expensive to fix compared to many American company models.

- nancy j

Good low mileage vehicle.

Its rated as one of the best vehicles on the road for maintenance costs but with high miles the engines tend to fail.

- Ray H

This vehicle is very family friendly and can fit 4 people comfortably.

Very comfortable, great for big families. Rather large so keep that in mind. This car is also very easy to clean up.

- Sydney H

It has less than average gas mileage. You have to have frequent fill ups.

It's a very nice blue accord. It really gets the job done and never breaks down. I do really enjoy the color though.

- Dono H

It's a good car and gets great gas mileage. Needs some minor work but it's reliable and dependable.

I like the gas mileage and the size. It needs some work and I'm planning on fixing it. I feel like it's part of me.

- Gina C

that it is a great brand and a great car to drive

i like that for an 2001 car it is still very drivable and i enjoy my car there's nothing i can think that i dislike

- mike d

2 windows don't roll back up. But it's roomy and cozy

For its age, it's been very reliable and I've only had to replace the radiator and of course tires every few years

- Mercedes Z

It will get you where you need to be it's just really ugly

The air conditioner barely works. We bought it wrecked some the body is damaged. No air bags . Lights barely work

- Priscilla S

It is very reliable and has needed very few repairs.

It is comfortable and easy to drive. It has a manual transmission. It is reliable. It is got a lot of road noise.

- Gayle B

17 years with no breakdowns. Still runs smooth

I am a large man, could use more knee room in the driver's seat. Love the durability, no breakdowns and runs nice

- BJ M

It has high mileage. Also need works on the motor but could be easily maintained

I have a gold 2001 Honda Accord. My mom bought me this car from her current co worker. It has over 200,000 miles.

- Daisha P

It looks like scrap but honestly it's one of the best cars ever

The a.c. sucks bad on gas, other than that and the little mess of the vehicle I really don't have any complaints

- Eric S

Sunroof is great and makes it fun to ride in the summer.

Great for smooth riding, long lasting. (almost 20 years), great car model, nice sunroof, and nice leather seats.

- Nona B

My Honda Accord is a cool looking and smooth running car with automatic transition.

I love the old features from my vehicle and it runs smoothly. It is a nice car which I have had for a long time.

- Kris G

Good on gas and the parts are easy and cheap to buy. . .

I like the durability and size. It's great on gas and love the sunroof. The most important aspect, it is payoff.

- John S

My car has gotten me all around the east coast and to my wife and back many times.

The car has been a great first car. After about ten years it's starting to break down slowly and needs replaced.

- Stephen L

My car is at least 20 years old with a rebuilt engine and needs a new radiator.

It's just an old car but runs great. Definitely needs work on the radiator. My car also has a rebuilt engine.

- Courtney S

No airbags and the airbag warning light stays on.

I was given it and it is a salvaged car it rattles and hesitates I am going to keep it till it does not work.

- Christine F

Very good car. Oldie but goodie

Very reliable, durable, dependable vehicle. It has fairly decent fuel economy. I am very pleased to this day.

- Gladys A

It was a very inexpensive car.

Great gas mileage and the seats are comfortable. Bad, starting to rust. No cruise control. A/c not that cool.

- Mat T

There's plenty of leg room front and back and it's a smooth ride

It's a pretty reliable car but I would say it's only downside is the gas mileage it gets, it could be better

- Terry L

Great commuter car with Great fuel mileage

Very reliable, gets great gas mileage, long lasting, overall it's comfortable, has decent power, great motor

- Karen T

Great Honda to be on the road

The front brake rotors can warp and cause a vibration when braking. I like the way my car looks. Drive great

- Kim J

It runs very well even though it is older and has a lot of miles on it.

My car is a gold two door with leather seats, a large trunk, a sunroof, powerful ac, and great gas mileage.

- Carrie C

Nice reliable car never had any issues

Bad shocks high miles leaks oil new tires new radio perfect condition leather seats power steering sunroof

- Shereen M

good resale price, a very popular car

reliable, minimum maintaining, almost no payment required. Good material and nice shape. Fuel efficiency

- engina M

my Honda is easy to maintain.

My Honda is my favorite car. Upkeep is simple. I get good mileage. I have all the accessories that I need.

- Christine L

Just hit 200,000 miles. Lasts forever

Just hit 200,000. Small engine oil leak. Recently replaced radiator & hoses, timing belt and water pump.

- Vanessa R

It runs good, and it has things on the inside.

It runs good. It just has a oil leak. But that is not a huge issue. Other than that it's a very good car.

- Danielle A

Excellent fuel efficiency.

Nothing is wrong with the car it is decent and drives well. It is fast. And slow. And really comfortable.

- J R

A good way to know about cars

It's good for mileage no doubt still lasting after many years it can survive toughest of conditions good

- Osman M

Reliable, long lived car! 200,000 miles and still running strong!

She looks great and runs great, especially for her age, she just surpassed 200,000 miles, very reliable.

- anne l

it is 17 years old and runs great

It;s 17 years old and still drives great.It gets great gas mileage/ It is convertible and a great value

- Lydia s

Very good gas mileage..and safe

I have a 2001 Honda accord. It's good on gas. Very safe and reliable car. Has plenty of space for kids

- Leigha P

the most important thing is that my car is reliable

I love my car. It is high mileage (235,000) and still runs great. Very reliable, never given me issues


Very used. Not exactly pretty but it gets all of us to and from work.

It has had zero problems since we had it. I have always like older cars. It is incredibly dependable.

- Amber M

It is the best value for the money.

The handling and acceleration of the car are excellent. I have no real complaints about the vehicle.

- Paul R

Always change my oil on time for a very smooth ride

The only problems I had with my car is a motor mount I got it replaced and now it runs like a champ.

- Deuntae L

It's a great car and can get you around relatively inexpensively

I love that it is inexpensive and good on gas. Really like the cruise control. And air conditioning

- Ryan S

It's not pretty but it gets the job done and that's all I really need

My vehicle is fairly old. It is a little beat up. However, it doesn't have many miles and runs well

- Kathryn P

It is very reliable and drives easily.

I like that it is reliable. The interior is comfortable, as well. The car is also easy to drive.

- L M

I love my car and it recently took me on a 4000 mile cross country road trip!

I like the dependability and gas mileage of my car. I dislike that it fogs up when it rains.

- Christine H

Safety and known for being good cars.

Honda Accord EX, reliable good safe car. This is my 2nd one I have owned. It's a good car.

- jennifer R

It is an awesome car and it's very durable and reliable for anyone

I love my Honda, it's very reliable and has lasted me a long time. I love my sunroof !

- Stephanie G

This is very reliable and beautiful car that I can drive .

It is reliable car. Very roomy. Good family car for driving long and short distances.

- Marina p

The most important thing others should know is that the alarm is sensitive.

I like how well it is with gas. I don't like how small it is. I have no complaints.

- Shannon K

Honda is an extremely reliable car when well taken care if

Very reliable. Wasn't taken care of before so many issues to fix. Parts are cheap

- Katherine C

It is low maintenance and is roomy for storage on trips.

It has few problem with maintenance. It has good gas mileage. I love the comfort.

- Juanita O

Very reliable car that runs like new.

Very reliable and runs like new. With maintenance will run another 100,000 Miles.

- Craig J

I love my Honda. My family used honda the most while I was going up and they are quite reliable. This one is no exception. Some dislikes are that since it is older and I bought it used it moves slower when I go and creaks at times. It doesn't look all that great aesthetically either but I'm loyal and until I can purchase a better even more reliable car, this car is wonderful.

the most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

- Joanna D

It gets me from place to place when I need too. Good on gas too

Runs ok..needs work body and engine sensors. Paint job and new window in front

- Susan S

Dependable and cost effective. Good mpg and low maintenance

It's very dependable and has low maintenance. I will drive it until it dies.

- Nate h

It is a reliable car and runs well. The upkeep is minimal

It is very reliable. Good on gas. Runs great. I wish it was a newer model

- Rose N

High quality and reliable.

Quality,, dependable, comfortable great car. Honda is an excellent company.

- Roland N

it's a great car, runs smooth, and gets great mileage

it's been a great reliable car, still runs great and gets good gas mileage

- lydia t

has the best car for the money.

the best gas mileage. has the most miles on it. the easiest to maintain.

- wayne w

Due to the fact that my car is an older model, it does not have many newer features such as bluetooth and navigation. In the past 2 years, I have had a few car problems such as worn out shocks, damaged wheel bearings, and a bad starter. However, I like the fact that despite its age and minor problems, it still runs and gets me places.

My car is old and has a few small problems, but it is still running!

- Elizabeth L

That it is a nice car to have and I really love Hondas

I love that it is really reliable. It does not need a lot of repair

- Robin H

I like that the Accord is reliable. I have not had any mechanical issues other than some dashboard electrical problems. However, these electrical problems are extremely annoying. The air conditioner only works occasionally as the button to turn it on does not function all of the time.

It is reliable. It has not broken down once since I acquired it.

- Trisha M

It's been through two car accidents and it still runs.

It's too old, it's falling apart, and we need a newer vehicle.

- Kate S

It's reliable and affordable and easy to repair. It gets me where I need to go and is a practical vehicle for me

It's a reputable company honda makes good cars that last

- Travis B

Like it's dependable dislike two door overall I love it

It may look old but it runs good and I like it very much

- Shelly S

It's been a wonderful, reliable car for over 18 years and 200000 miles!

Very reliable, comfortable, good value, not wasteful.

- Annie L

The car has been very reliable over the past 15 years that I have owned it. I have had very few problems. Its runs well and can maintain a high speed.

It is a very fast car and can maintain a high speed.

- Suzie F

the way it drives. and the way it looks.

i like the way it drives and looks. it drives smooth

- Angel B

it provides reliable transportation

reliable, few problems, no complaints, roomy enough

- roger G

It does require a lot of oil. I love the way it drives and it is very comfortable.

I love the way it drives. I also, like the brand .

- Stephanie m

Honda is magical: she is old but functional in a way that I was not expecting.

- Zebra J