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Most reliable car I have ever had.

Problems are that things wear out and it costs money for them to be fixed or replaced. But this car has not needed unexpected repairs and replacements. It is very reliable. It is a 2002 and in 2016 I drove it cross country twice and had no problems. At this time it burns a little bit of oil so I usually have to add a quart about twice between oil changes but no other problems. When going cross country it had the most difficulty climbing hills (I live in a flat area so I didn't know hills and mountains would be a problem until I took the cross country trips). I had my foot all the way on the accelerator and it still would not reach the top speed allowed on the interstate when climbing uphill. It did not occur to me to put a higher grade of gas in it, that may have helped. But considering it was 14 years old and had been such a good car I just tried to take it easy and not push it when climbing hills. It was reliable in every other way so I was fine with it. I will not get rid of it until I have to because it just stops running. This is the first time I have had a Honda. I very well may never get another type car again.

- L S

My Honda is comfortable and smooth ride. Radio,CD and cassette sounds wonderful.

I love my Honda. It runs like a sewing machine. It's wonderful on Gas and maintenance is very reasonable.It's dependable and comfortable especially long rides. It's a great family car. I'm able to adjust the seats for comfort. My grandson also drives a Honda. Their reputation for being dependable, economical and known for lasting a long time if you just change the fluids it will last your for many years. The only negative thing I can say is common issue with check engine light stays on. I believe there were recalls. I check my oil and transmission fluid when needed. It's a smooth riding little car. The kids are comfortable in back seat. Oil light alerts you when needed. It has a pretty good radio, CD and cassette player. It has great sound. I like to enjoy listening to audiobooks when taking a long trip. It's equipped with seat belts front and back seats as well as air bags. The trunk space is good. Spare tire is under trunk so it's good for groceries and has a pull up button near driver's seat that opens the trunk and gas cap. I like those features.

- Karrie R

Extremely reliable, comfortable, fun. Low maintenance, high performance.

Highly reliable, minimal maintenance, no costly repairs, and excellent visibility. Solid, you feel in control, responds to your actions but at the strength/speed you use. Very easy to drive. Clear controls, do not have to hunt for i.e. hood or trunk release. Cruise control easy reach. Steering wheel controls clearly labeled, easy to use. Love being able to decelerate using cruise control and not having to break. Very comfortable seats (leather), driver's seat has multiple positions (up/down, tilt seat to raise or lower knees, reclines back to just above back seat, can set firmness of back support). Am/FM radio, 6-changer CD player, cassette deck. Spacious interior, high end trim, large trunk, can fold. Down rear seat back, plenty of storage and easy access cubbies, cup holder very convenient and great size for most cups/mugs. Excellent quick acceleration. Smooth ride but still with a sporty feel. Only negative is poor gas mileage in city. Very good on highway.

- Carolyn H

The Accord's beautifully designed, attractive with great mileage and comfort.

Very comfortable coupe that gets great gas mileage. Great for road trips, always reliable. Just do normal maintain and there are few mechanical problems. The car still looks new! The front seats are lower but adjustable and stylish. The air conditioning blows very cold. The car always starts, even in the coldest days of winter. The Accord has very little road noise, very quiet car. There is a 6 changer CD that is very convenient for listening to books. All switches are easily accessible and well labeled. There is a holder for my sunglasses that makes my life much easier. The seats have a lumbar adjustment for extra comfort.

- Elizabeth R

The car has incredible gas mileage and is dependable.

My car is extremely safe a reliable. I have never felt unsafe driving. I have taken it on trips across multiple states and it has held up amazingly. The gas mileage s extremely reasonable and doable. The price of the car Itself is also reasonable. There is absolutely no way I would consider getting a different car a the moment because it fills all of my needs. Before my Honda I drove a different make of car and it broke down within the first couple months of my ownership. I have had my used Honda for almost 2 years now and have never had a problem other than taking it in for the occasional tune up.

- Anne K

The most Dependable and reliable vehicle I have owned

The Honda Accord is a dependable and reliable vehicle, it drives smooth I feel safe when I'm driving with my kids, the parts are inexpensive and easy to fix I have nothing but good things to say about the company Honda. I'm very happy with my 2002 Honda Accord and you would Be pleased with your purchase as well, word of advice from a proud and extremely happy customer your in for a great drive dependable and safe vehicle that has nothing but great thing to offer anyone who purchases the vehicle any Honda vehicle in general hopefully these words coming from a satisfied buyer helps out.

- Juan R

You'll love the comfy feel on the inside and the powerhouse engine too

This car has been very solid and reliable for me. Currently I have over 200,000 miles on it yet it still runs as smoothly as it ever has! The engine is a powerhouse V6 with a very aggressive acceleration. For some customizations, I recommend getting a backup camera and new car system with a display installed. Adding these two upgrades has made this vehicle more than I could ever ask for! One thing I have noticed too is that the oil lasts very long with this vehicle. Honda has put some berry solid hardware into this car, of course my favorite being the engine.

- David S

Hondas are built to last. If properly maintained, you could easily get 300-400k miles out of your Honda.

I really have no major complaints about this car. It's 16 years old, has ver 280,000 miles on it, and it's been a very dependable car for me for almost 4 years. My aunt bought it new and drove it until 2015, at which time I bought it from her. The only thing close to a complaint I would say is that Hondas in general are not made for "shade-tree" mechanics to work on. They are very well-engineered, which makes them more difficult to work on. Other than that, I love my Honda. I had never owned a Honda, but now I don't know if I'll ever own anything else.

- Will I

Although my car is getting older... I love the sunroof.

I got this car from my father who took really good care of it. He replaced the timing belt around 150000 miles and we replace the oil every 3000 miles religiously. The window regulator went out last year on the drivers side door but there were tons of youtube videos so I replaced the part in an afternoon. I love this car and will be sad to see it go in a few years. The only problem we have right now is that the oil is leaking from the gaskets in the engine so we are buying a chemical you add to help the gaskets to not be so dry.

- Carli S

I think she'll be around for a long time!:).

I had a transmission issue, back in may when I purchased the vehicle. So I had to get a new tranny. She has high miles on her, but the engine is awesome, so I expect her to last a very long time. It is sporty, and rides well. The pick up is incredible, she can move, and pass, and do whatever I need her to do. I love that I have a choice of CD, am/FM radio, and cassette tapes. . . Yes I still listen to them, buy them used, and enjoy every one of them. Honda has a great reputation with our family, and I love my Accord! Thank you!

- Carol B

You have to test drive a Honda accord.

My Honda accord has been a very reliable vehicle. It gets great gas mileage, and has not needed much work other than routine maintenance. It's the car I drive to and from work, the store, a really reliable all purpose mode of transportation. The only negative thing I have to say is the automatic door locks constantly give out. Only working sometimes. It's got very comfortable seating, and pretty decent interior. This has been my first car by Honda but I would highly recommend it.

- Carrie L

Family sedan that last forever when it is maintained.

My car has been in the family for about 11 years now and she is a trooper. Over time I have had to replace parts but that comes with maintaining an older car but she is very reliable. The ac still runs its really cold and everything in the car still works it's really just the beating of time that has taken a toll on her when it comes to paint and everything being shiny and new. But my Honda is great and I would recommend them to anyone. Last forever runs great will last forever!

- Francesca H

2002 black Honda Accord sedan.

Needs a replacement passenger side mirror motor and passenger side window motor. Other than that, cruise control does not work and it has a lull when it shifts into second. But the engine is only one year old, not as old as the car. Besides those couple of things, the car runs beautifully. It has no major body imperfections (someone scratched aa into the driver's side with a previous owner). Be sure to ask as many questions a possible about everything possible when buying a car.

- Cora R

It is a great car that�s good on gas

The Honda Accord is pretty good on gas. Looks nice, especially with the low profile rims and window tint. It has over 200,000 miles and still runs great. I definitely feel safe driving it and it has some guts. I wish the car had a CD player or port for my cell phone, so I could play music. Love the sunroof. The interior looks good with the leather dash and seats. There is also a lot of trunk space. Any work that needs to be done under the hood is pretty easy to do.

- Mallow P

It is dependable. Things don't break often especially if you do the recommended maintenance and it will last you.

I love my honda accord. I have over 200,000 miles and it is still going strong. The seats are comfortable even in the back seat and the back can fit 3 adults although I won't recommend long trips with 3 adults. It rides pretty smooth. The only drawback is that it can be expensive with something goes wrong but the fact that it can go well over 200,000 makes up for it because you do not need to replace as often. My accord is 17 years old but still running well.

- Addi H

228k mile Honda still going strong.

My Honda has 228k miles on her. She still runs great and even started the morning it was -20 here in Indiana. She does have a small oil leak so when I have the oil changed the mechanics use high mileage oil. The cruise control no longer works but did until 2 years ago. Due to her age I opted not to repair. I also have one back passenger door that will not open. It needs the handle replaced I believe but because of her age I am opting not to replace that either.

- Sher G

It is dependable and efficient.

I have a 2002 Honda accord which has been serving me for over a year like a loyal and dependable horse. It runs low on gas, and does not need much to maintain despite its age. It takes me to work, to other functions on daily basis and I have never been stranded at any point on my travels. I will recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a great used car. And when I am ready to move on, I know the vehicle maker I will be looking at. Give Honda a try!

- Dan O

My Honda accord sedan is super spacious!

I purchased my vehicle used, one prior owner. I have three vehicles and this is by the far is the best. It is older than my other vehicles but has been super reliable. I keep up with the vehicle maintenance of course and never had any major problems with my Honda accord. Vehicle comfortably fits 5 people, extremely spacious. The trunk is also super spacious, never had any issues fitting my groceries and day to day purchases.

- Pamela M

Honda coupe is not a family car.

Great car for a single person, reliable easy to drive and get use to. Plenty of trunk space and passenger space for a coupe car. It is a fair gas saver for a v6 if like Honda cars this car won't let you down if you know how to treat it right. If you carpool a lot or you have a lot of family this car is not for you. It is a struggle to constantly have to get off for back passengers to get in and out.

- Abraham M

Black 2002 Honda Accord. What is interesting about it is it doesn't get too hot.

The Honda Accord is amazing for people who are always on the go and have places to be. It is a very simple, sleek, classic car that lasts a very long time. I especially love my car because my grandma owned it before me and passed it down to me. It has cool features such as a sunroof and automatic doors. It is a lot of fun to drive around in it with all the windows down on a summer's night.

- Grace W

Honda Accord transmission.

I bought this car used a couple of months ago. It was very well kept by one owner. The only problem I am having with it is the transmission slipping. Other than that it is a good car. I tried putting in a transmission lubricant which has helped some, but the problem is still there. I do not have enough money to get a full transmission flush, which may or may not take care of the problem.

- Jane H

My small but affordable college car.

Air conditioning does not work but that is really the only thing I do not like about it. It is small enough that I can park anywhere and the gas mileage is amazing. My commute to work is 40 minutes and it is just what I need to make the drive affordable but comfortable. It also is not super fancy so I am not worried about dings and scratches when I park in public parking every day.

- Nathalie T

Honda Accords are reliable.

I really love the Honda Accord in general, as the model has been one of the most reliable cars on the market for more than 20 years. My 2002 Honda is nice--it is the Honda Accord lx and it is been a good, reliable car for me. It is quiet and I love the leather power seats, the power windows, and the spacious backseat and trunk. I bought the car used, but it has held up well.

- Ashley C

Honda Accord: Affordable and Reliable

Honda Accord is a very reliable car. I bought my 2002 used so it did have some issues. The Accord is more spacious when compared to the Civic so if you tend to ride with children or several people I would recommend this car. I've been in the newer models and the new features that have been added are seen across other luxurious cars. I think Honda is affordable and reliable.

- Evelyn R

Economical car, and easy to clean.

I have not had problems with it. I bought it from another owner. Runs good and good on gas. If you have a kid this is a great car, its not expensive and family friendly. The only problem I had with it, was the brakes squeaking when I first got it, but that was from previous owner not changing them. So it got fixed quick. It is also very easy to clean inside and outside.

- Daisy L

The upgrade for an older car model.

Wish my windows were tinted. I also wish my car had a remote key for locking and unlocking faster. I also wish it had a spoiler wing on the back of the trunk hood to make it look a little bit more sporty. I also wish my car had a built in GPS navigate on the dashboard to help with directions instead of having to look at my phone and have good radio system screen to use.

- Melissa G

2002 Honda Accord fully loaded

My vehicle is very dependable and reliable. It comes fully loaded with cruise control, air conditioning, a sunroof, power windows, power seats, power door locks, and an excellent sound system. It does need new tires as the tires are worn. It has two hundred and sixty five thousand miles on it. It is an automatic with a four-cylinder engine. Gets great gas mileage.

- Tara G

Honda accord. I like my car it's not for sale.

It has over 300.000 miles I think gas pump is going out. I just got the car. So idk what all is good or bad so far I've only had the one issue and it started back.. So maybe my battery is bad..It has been on a full tank of gas it hit half a tank it idles ruff and then cut off tried to start it but battery was dead. Got it jumped it started and has been good since.

- J M

When gas prices are high, I have a vehicle that is so economical on gas.

My vehicle is very economical on gas. It gets about 35 miles to the gallon and it has air conditioning, a sunroof, power windows, power seats, and beige interior. The vehicle itself is a burgundy color and is very comfortable to ride in. It is also a very dependable vehicle that I expect to last me for many years to come. It has approximately 208000 miles on it.

- Tara G

Honda Accord�s are great cars for getting you from point A to point B.

My car has been very reliable, I have had it for about two years and it runs smoothly. The miles are adding up and eventually I will need to trade it in, but it has been a great car for during college. The only thing I can think of that was a little frustrating was the dial for the air conditioner. It would jump from 2 with no air, to 3 which had too much air.

- Amy M

Really reliable, great gas mileage dependable.

No problems of any consequence with this vehicle, just regular maintenance (tires, wiper blades, tune ups, oil changes, etc.) extremely reliable, on short jaunts or long trips, in city and on rougher terrain. Very comfortable as driver or passenger. Nice sunroof. As the original owner it is well maintained and very low mileage. Best of all it is paid for.

- Laure M

A reliable little car for anyone.

The only issue I have with the accord is that structural repairs are weirdly expensive. Otherwise the day to day is great. High mpg, which helps for sure. Low cost of regular maintenance. The car does not look terrible, which is also a plus. The model I have is 4 cyl, which cuts down on costs even if it does take a small hit on the acceleration front.

- Felicia P

It's an oldie but a goodie.

No real problems with my Honda Accord, typical maintenance. I have owned my car for 9 years and it has always gotten me where I need to go. Its sleek design makes me feels like I am in a sports car, but enough room for my 2 children. The sun roof (in the summer months) is amazing. Open everything up and ride in style. I love my 2002 Honda Accord se.

- Samantha S

The old keeps going and going.

Haven't really had any problems for it at least being an older car mode. As long as you keep it up to date it goes and goes. I do wish my windows were tinted though. I also wouldn't mind having the inside updated to all the tech stuff but since it is an older car that is okay. I also wish my lights were brighter it seems older cars have seen lights.

- Melissa G

Utterly reliable and generously spacious.

The best qualities about this vehicle are it is reliability, practicality, and ease of repair. I know without a doubt that every time I get in the car and turn the key, it will start right up and get me to where I am going without a problem. It has enough room to comfortably sit four people, and a spacious trunk that can hold a full set of luggage.

- Derek V

A Honda is Long lasting!!

MY car is over 16 years old and I have had it 11 years and it is still a great car. I do dislike that maintenance and repairs are costly but I have also had it for a long time with over 200,000 so has been worth the investment. I will say that I have back pain and the driver's seat is not the most comfortable but with a cushion it is better.

- Addi L

Siblings have had other makes of vehicles and have had mechanical issues and they just trade them in for more. I've had this same Honda for 11 years and they are all on their 2nd or 3rd vehicle. I praise Honda vehicles.

Never have had mechanical issues with this vehicle. Recently turned over 100,000 miles. Bought my 2002 in 2007 only problem was replacement twice of airbags done free and driver side window stops working every 10 years. I have no regrets will drive it until it drives no more. Best investment I ever made. Next car will be a Honda Accord. Used.

- Melody L

Great car for value, good on resale.

My car has given me excellent performance for almost 200, 000 miles so far. It is just starting to cause me some problems in that it has become extremely noisy inside car but it rides great, has excellent gas mileage. The car was very comfortable, but after 16 years the driver's seat is starting to get a little hard and could use a cushion.

- Elaine D

17 years old and still rolling.

People say that Hondas are reliable, but I have had a lot of problems with mine. The exhaust, the engine, you name it - it is all gone wrong, and it is been expensive to fix. However, it is a very comfortable car and I like driving it, so I have gotten the repairs. Surprisingly, there is a lot of trunk space, more than most people expect.

- Kathy B

This car is a 2002 Honda Accord. It is in great condition and it is very comfy.

The only problem that I can find with my car would be the miles on it. There are quite a few miles, but it is also a 2002 model, so I can kind of see why. Other than that, this is an amazing car and I have had this car for over 3 years now! This car is very comfy. It fits me perfectly, I would just prefer a car that is a little bigger.

- Leah B

When working it has good pick up and traction control in the snow.

Typical maintenance. The vehicle was running well before the heat shield started to drag. Engine and tcs and srs dash lights kept coming on at approximately 130, 000 miles. I think my daughter bent the heat shield to keep it from dragging causing a short in the system. All dash lights are on now and nothing, absolutely nothing works.

- Nadia F

2002 Honda Accord, excellent car.

The Honda Accord is a great vehicle. We have had very little problems with it in the 12 years we have had it. Maintenance and upkeep are important on any car, and this car is easy to work on and find parts for. We have driven this car over one hundred thousand miles. I would recommend this model to anyone who needs a reliable car.

- Michael L

Its champagne lite gold in color. I get a lot of compliments on it though.

It's a great running little car. But my blazer blew up so now I am driving this. I went from a 4x4 truck blazer to a small tiny car. That is all. I am just a tall person an I constantly am smacking either my head or my knee or both getting in drivers seat. So if your a very tall person like I am you will have trouble like me too.

- Tamara H

The car does what it should, but its not the most efficient in doing so.

It is pretty out-of-date, as expected for a car in its 2002 year model. The accelerator and the break is not as smooth compared to newer makes, which feels very uncomfortable when on the road. Also, it does not have an AUX port and you need a disk-to-AUX converter just to use GPS or whatever on your phone, which is inconvenient.

- Andy B

Affordable, performance good enough to keep longer than 10 yrs.

Well Honda Accords are usually reliable but I keep finding out about recalls but this used cars price was to affordable to pass up, it was an emergency vehicle and its serving its purpose at the moment until I can afford another one, it has problems but not enough to get rid of it because are easy to acquire to fix the problems.

- Ad B

Be weary of what kind of battery you buy if need be.

What I like about this vehicle is the six-cylinders, this cars acceleration is very convenient when I need to quickly get on the highway in a short amount of time. That being said, the trade-off of this speed is the gas mileage, the 2002 civic I previously drove was incredible and that is where the accord forces my indifference.

- Chance W

Reasons I still drive my 2002 Honda accord in 2019.

My Honda is very reliable and low maintenance. I get great gas mileage and rarely have any mechanical issues. While it is small in regards to leg room cause I am 6'1 it is still one of my favorite vehicles to drive. I would recommend this vehicle for young students and adults without children due to the size of the interior.

- Leon M

Thought I was buying a car that would last me a long time but that is not true.

The guy that sold it to me screwed me over and I didn't know that transmission issues were a major issue with this car so now I am stranded at home with no car well I have a car but it is parked in the driveway broken down. Hondas are supposed to be really good and it was for a very short time and I am really disappointed.

- Kimberly J

The gas mileage is great on it and I can go a week or longer on one tank of gas.

My car is very dependable but it is getting some age on it. I have had it for a while and slowly things are beginning to break on it. My back windows do not roll down and my cruise control stopped working about a year and half ago. But other than a few minor things it is been a good car and good on gas most of the time.

- Madison C

Honda Accord lasts and lasts.

Excellent air/heat system, very reliable, only one major repair when the transmission went out after about 14 years. Comfortable cloth seating. The vehicle has gotten me cross country four times. The only reason I'll be getting a new car is because this one has gotten old and will eventually cost more than it is worth.

- Kayla T

Honda Accord: Old Reliable

The car is good. It has a number of years and miles on it, and it still runs well. The engine has very few problems. The largest recurring problem I have is with the exhaust system, because the winters in my city destroys them. The features are comfortable and I have had no issues with it failing to perform properly.

- Ben R

My birthday present from my husband.

Love my van but it needed a new engine and both of the sliding doors stopped working. It has heated seats heated mirrors it has a back window wiper lots of room. Love how it drive like new van great on gas and has easy to clean seats. The seats also come out so it's easy to vacuum or to store stuff in for traveling.

- Jean P

The Honda accord is reliable and efficient and easy to maintain, it is safe.

My car is great it is silver, it is a special edition so it has power windows, a sunroof, an updated aftermarket CD player with Bluetooth calling, it drives very smooth and has enough space for the kids, it is reliable and efficient. The vehicle has not broken down on me yet, I have only had to do minor maintenance.

- Andrew J

It's more reliable when I keep up the maintenance

No motor problems, hard to clean carpet. Just standard features, has had few minor problems ( oil leaks, steering, ) strong car. Window motor replaced on both sides. I would buy Honda again, but maybe leather interior and current features. This car had over 100,000 miles doesn't have the speed and not good on gas

- Melanie J

Great sunroof, when tilted it gets enough air in but not rain.

Reliable, good size, great mileage. Like the silver color. It does not show dirt that much. Love my sunroof! I use my sunroof year around. It has CD player and radio. Good leg room, even for tall people, in the front or back seat as well as head room, to the roof. Great visibility from rear back window, too.

- Jan S

Spacious vehicle with good gas mileage & sunroof.

My car is very dependable. I get good gas mileage on the highway and around town. The trunk is large. I have a sunroof which is a nice feature in the summer. The maintenance in the vehicle is usually really low. I haven't had any big problems with the vehicle. I will drive this car until the wheels fall off.

- Allie B

High mileage and continues to be reliable.

My car has had very few issues, it is reliable and consistent. It has high mileage but still continues as a good car. I have only had to do routine maintenance and a few body repairs after hitting a deer. There are not a lot of bells and whistles but it is still comfortable to drive in and performs well.

- Alyssa S

I love my car and everything about her! Would recommend.

I love my car! I will recommend this car for a first timer, a commuter, or just an everyday car. It is very reliable and will never leave you stranded. I've had mine for over 3 years and she's still going strong. I've ran her to empty more than once and she still gets me home safe. 10/10 should get one.

- Cody E

Reliable and not too flashy.

It is decently reliable as it is 17 years old. Parts are easy to find since it is so common so when it does break down it is not terrible. Leather seats wouldn't be my choice as they crack with age easily. Trunk seal could be better since I know several people with accords who get water in their trunks.

- Sydney B

It is a reliable car that gets the job done.

My Honda accord is a very reliable car and has done exactly what I have needed it to for the last 5 years. I have had it since I was 16 and the only issue I have had was the transmission. It went out at 90,000 miles but I replaced it because it was worth the money to keep using it with the low mileage.

- Cameron F

Gold Honda accord from 2002: great car.

The seat actually hurts my back when I go on road trips. The gas mileage is also not great. On the plus side the seats are leather and stayed in good shape. There is also a huge trunk that makes grocery shopping and buying easy. This car is the most reliable which is why I haven't gotten rid of it yet.

- Mag A

It's a spacious, yet small and gas efficient car.

My Accord has been running faithfully since 2002. It hasn't had any major problems until recently thanks to regular maintenance. Right now the transmission is starting to go out in it, so that will be needing replaced within the next 1-2 years. But other than that it has been problem free for 16 years.

- Kae D

Great reliable dependable vehicle.

Great on gas. Very comfortable. Excellent for taking road trips. Extremely reliable. Haven't had any major issues. It may be an older car but everything works just fine. Ice cold ac in the summer and excellent heater in the winter. This is my daily driver to and from work and it has not failed me yet.

- Anand J

Car drives for a very long time.

Transmission is slipping. Car is very comfortable and drives great when it was working great. Pretty ok with gas too. When it was newer it was a wonderful car and I am still driving it 17 years so I say that makes it a pretty great car to purchase. I would definitely purchase another Honda in future.

- Danielle J J

The gas mileage on the car is good.

My car does not really have any problems. I have to change the brakes and headlights so far. It works really well and does not require as much gas as my old car. The only issue I had with it is the backseat left door does not work. Also the window does not still in place. It is either closed or open.

- Jacqueline L

Great car, gas saver. I would definitely recommend it

Overall I would say it's a pretty good running , gas saving and reliable vehicle. I have the v4 edition so it's really great on gas also honda has always had a reputation for there long lasting vehicles. So far I've had the vehicle going on a year and a half now and it hasn't given me any problems

- Stephen L

2002 Honda Accord - reliable and comfortable.

The transmission started slipping a few years ago - had to get it completely replaced. No other major issues. The steering wheel is quite a bit “tighter” than in other cars I have drive, meaning it takes more purposeful movement to turn. The car has about 110k miles on it and it still runs fine.

- Lindsey D

This is a comfortable sedan which when maintained properly, is very reliable.

I purchased this car used, and therefore inherited the problems that the previous owner did not want to deal with. I had to spend a lot on repairs and have the engine replaced. However, now that I take care of my car and keep it in good running condition, it is very reliable and gets decent mileage.

- Cherie S

My Honda Accord se is very special. It has a moonroof auto lock doors.

Vehicle runs great and has low mileage. Not too much work done on it since we purchased it which was 3 years ago. Basic maintenance done when needed. It is a very durable car even though it is a little old it runs like new. Great quality definitely would recommend Honda vehicles to anyone out there.

- Claudia L

I love my Honda Economical, reliable, comfortable, just an all-around great car.

I received this car about six years ago as a gift from my mother when my son totaled my original Honda. The car had very little miles on it runs fantastic never had to have any major work done on it until recently which is pretty normal. Any repairs that I have done on it have been made your but.

- Susan B

2002 manual Honda Accord review.

I purchased my vehicle used with over 200, 000 miles on it. That said, the car is still in excellent condition. Despite being 15 years old the car is in fantastic condition and is very reliable. When it is time for me to get a new car I am definitely going to be looking into newer Honda models.

- Milo H

Comfortable, mostly reliable car with few issues.

My vehicle is comfortable, rides smooth but is a bit on the older side. Recently it is had problems with the starter and the model has been known to have transmission issues. Other than it is a nice size, heat works no a/c, and has great speakers. Easy to drive in. Comes with a couple problems.

- Chris C

My car is spacious, has not broke down on me. It is very reliable.

Hey there so as you all may know Honda is very well know for there amazing performance and also the life each and one of the models have they last forever and they do not really ever have any problems. They are also very easy to work on. Most of the parts are not so expensive and easy to find.

- Luis G

Driving it for 10+ years and it is still smooth and gets me places very safe.

With my job I do not have to drive often, but it is in great shape with minor things having to get replaced after years of driving. I had to replace the brakes after 10 years, the air and heat, and just the exterior of the car starting to peel and little as well as the inside roofing material.

- Rebecca D

So dependable it is crazy!

I love the reliability of my car. I have had it for over 10 years and put over a hundred thousand miles on it with little to no problems! It has longevity and it is very dependable. I love it! Minimum maintenance is all his taken to keep it going. Good engine solid body takes the road well.

- Alyssa S

Great starter car-- reliable and comfortable.

I enjoy the v-6 engine that my vehicle has. I am able to breeze through long car rides on the freeway. Speaking of the freeway, this vehicle has excellent gas mileage when it comes to the freeway miles. As far as "on the street" mileage, it is not as great. The vehicle is spacious as well.

- Tatiana T

Great daily driver except the gas.

Transmission going out at 160, 000 miles, replaced water pump at 140, 000 miles, I get 200 miles at a full tank of gas. Clock light works when it wants to; replace a faulty spark plug at 150,000 miles. Hood shocks never worked, even when being a automatic car it tries to roll down a hill.

- Sergio A

2002 silver Honda accord lx.

It has some transmission problems but it is made it to 225k miles and is still doing good and running. I have leather seats and sunroof, 2 doors, silver, comfortable for 2 people rather than 5 but we make due. It has been reliable for me and my kids and that is what's important for me.

- Jessica S

Reliable engine. Recently got a picture of the odometer turning to 234567.

Have owned the car for over 12 years. Overall, it has been a mostly reliable car, but it has had a few major breakdowns over the years which were significantly expensive. It was not fun having to put in a rebuilt transmission after the original one shredded itself from the inside out.

- Mike H

Hondas are very dependable.

I haven't owned this vehicle very long, but Honda's are very dependable and require very little maintenance. The last six vehicles our family has owned have been Hondas because they keep going. This car has a lot of features that make driving enjoyable, and it gets great gas mileage.

- Tricia F

Reliable, affordable vehicle.

My vehicle is extremely reliable. I have had very few small issues and no serious issues with this vehicle. Parts for this vehicle are affordable and easy to find. It is extremely comfortable and the controls are user friendly. I find the sleek design of the exterior very appealing.

- Megan H

cozy first couples car choice

no problems, drives smoothly, wish it was bigger no room in a back for car seats, not comfortable for long trips, overall good performance, but not for a family, more lie single person or couple car. Though reliable little car, mine is old need fixing here and there but drives well

- Pauline P

The problems I have with my 2002 Honda Accord lx.

I don't really have an vehicle problems. And if I do it is minor little parts that is have to be replaced here and there. The tires have to be replaced regular and so does the breaks. I have to get my oil changed every 3000 miles and my cars usually bone dry from oil at that point.

- Crystal L

2002 accord, highly recommend vehicle.

Reliable Honda accord. All mechanical, easy on repairs. 180,000 miles running strong. Highly recommended as a daily vehicle for any driver. Spacious vehicle for a mid-size sedan. Honda 4 cylinder vtec engine is great for many miles, all mechanical, with an easy to work on engine.

- Alfred M

Honda a good car to own just keep up the maintenance.

Honda is a very reliable car to begin with,But there is problems with trans, engine mounts,Clear coat. The performance is great and it is comfortable.The stereo depending on the model can be basic. Window motors are bad about going bad. Valve cover gaskets are a constant problem.

- Albert C

My car is very odd: an elongated tale of woe by a very bored college student.

As my car is old it makes a lot of noise. There is little to no sound insulation, but outside of that most of the problems are due to age. When I got the car it was leaking a lot of fluids. It was leaking coolant. It was leaking gasoline. And to this day it could be leaking oil.

- Derek B

It is black like the night.

It is really good, I enjoy driving it and it gets me where I need to go, the transmission went out though about a year ago and the alternator just recently. Kind of annoying, but other than that, it gets good gas mileage and I am hoping it will last me another couple of years.

- Hunter D

I think it is very important for people to know how reliable the components of the vehicle are. I have owned three honda's and all of them have been excellent vehicles.

I have owned this car for several years now and it has not had any issues with the engine, transmission or any of the other major components of the vehicle. I have only had to do regular maintenance like oil changes and brake pads. It has lots of power and it decent on gas.


Only has one cigarette lighter needs more.

My car has leather seats, only 2 doors, good gas for miles. God breaks and not a sensitive gas pedal. Seats are comfortable. Good horn nice and loud, sometimes the gas is cheap does not take a lot of it. The trunk has an emergency Escape which I like, sometimes it gets hot.

- Jasmine C

The interesting details of the Accord.

The vehicle is older so it comes with several problems. The biggest problem is the power steering. It was quite an expensive fix at around $640. It is kind comfy but a little to small. It drives well when everything is fixed. I installed a new radio so I have better music.

- Anthony E

Honda Accords are reliable.

My Accord runs excellent. All oil changes have been maintained and the car still runs like new. I have a manual transmission and all the gears still shift smoothly. The only issue I have is how slowly it accelerates but you do not always need the fastest car to get around.

- Iggy G

Extremely reliable vehicle, the gas is great and it has not broken down on me.

The gas is great I do not have to worry about it too much. Very reliable. The stereo broke but that's fixable. The oil constantly needs to be changed and/or added because its been leaking recently. I love this car though it is extremely reliable and has lasted many years.

- Elizabeth L

Hondas are dependable and long lasting.

Hondas are very reliable, long lasting vehicles. We bought ours used with over 100, 000 miles and have had no problems with it. We have owned nothing but Hondas for the last 15 years and do not care to own any other vehicle. They have a several models for almost any need.

- Tricia F

Comfortable midsize sedan easy to drive.

Easy to drive and comfortable!! East to park and fits 5 pretty comfortably. Has been mostly reliable other than some small transmission (issues after 16 years on the road) some electrical issues have come along as it is aged but the key is not keeping it in good repair.

- Christina G

Design is solid and cool.

I love the shape and size of my car. It goes fast quickly. Good gas mileage. The transmission has needs multiple repairs over the years. The style is what attracted me to it in the first place, very sporty and sleek. I love the two door design and the backseat is roomy.

- Anna C

Nothing is really that interesting.

I have a gas leak and the brakes keep going out. I had to have the airbag replaced due to that certain make and model had a tendency for the airbags to blow up or even not go off at all. It is a good enough car but I hope to buy a new one when I get the money to do so.

- Sophie N

Older reliable Honda vehicle. It needs some paint work but has gone over 200k.

I have had the car for approximately 3 months at car nation. Service light is on paint is peeling but not bad for 16 year old car. The CD player does not work anymore however the radio works perfectly. Overall it is not bad for a used car and the price I paid for it.

- Jamie W

I love it and would definitely buy it again as well as recommend it.

I love my car it drives smooth it's good on gas and very reliable. It's one of the most comfortable vehicles I have owned. I would and will buy again. The interior is nice the seats are comfortable and its very roomy. I would definitely recommend this car to others.

- Tina D

Review from a not-car person.

This car gets what a car should get done. The accelerator is a bit rough compared to newer cars, and it took me some time to get used to, but it has great mileage, and as someone who does not like driving in general, I have a love-and-hate relationship with my car.

- Jeremy B

I could use a brand new car not this old model.

The car is very old but runs pretty good. It has had problems in the past including breaks squeaking, a/c connections breaking, and has too many miles already. It could use a paint job as well. It goes pretty fast for an old timer but I could use a more modern car.

- Lili M

The sunroof and four disc CD player.

Fuse to passenger and back windows broke cannot roll down those windows. Other wise car has been very good to my family and I reliable and good on gas. Goes from point A to point B. Definitely not a luxury vehicle but gets the job done and again is very reliable.

- Lauren S

A used Honda: issues and the positives

The vehicle goes through gas and oil very quickly, which is unexpected for a small car. There's times where I stop and it feels like something is pulling or kicking the vehicle. The car is very comfortable to travel in however for both the driver and passengers.

- Alexis D

A 2002 Honda Accord and my feelings about it.

Our car is a very reliable car. It has a sunroof, automatic widows, great gas mileages. We enjoy it very much. We have had a recall on the airbags that was taken care of not to long ago. The seats are ok but could be more comfortable. All around it's a good car.

- Bridget H

Dependable simple car. Good on gas.

Transmission problems but reliable. It performs well with 176, 000 miles. I have owned same model before and this type of vehicle is very reliable and performs well. doesn't have many features besides sun roof and could be more comfortable but overall good car.

- Meredith L

The most important thing about our vehicle is that it is reliable.

I love that it has so much space because we have two kids. That means that we have a lot of stuff that we need to fit in our vehicle when we travel. The only thing I dislike about our van is that the seats are not leather so our dogs' fur sticks to the seats.

- Ashley F

The best car I have ever had!

It has been the best car that I have ever had. It is quiet and always looks nice, even though it is an old model. I can rely on it at any time. The leather seats have held up really well. The paint has held up well, too. I have always been proud to drive it.

- Marc A

2002 Honda Accord lx. Reliable and steady.

My car is pretty reliable. I have had to put in basic maintenance; tires, lube oil and filter. I had to replace a couple hoses and last year I had to replace the timing belt. But my car starts and takes where I need to be everyday. So yes my car is reliable.

- Kiah J

2002 Honda Accord issues and replacements.

Performance is fair the older the vehicle gets the worst it feel. Reliability is low needs a lot of repairs, new tires, power steering replacement,. I've recently replaced the engine cooling system. Replaced door handle and radio deck have been replaced.

- Erica S

My mechanic was really surprised that it is a 2002 Honda.

Vehicle never had any problems. I purchased vehicle used about 10 years ago. I replaced tires, battery and had a small repair of about $350. Car still looks great. I used a garage which kept exterior looking great. I would certainly purchase another Honda.

- Lois G

It allows you to go an excellent amount of miles.

The Honda accord is a really great car. I would recommend it to anyone. It allows you to go more miles on it than any other car they make. I have went like 260, 000 miles on mine and it still drives fine. I have had it since 2014. It is a really great car.

- Lindsay P

Great car! Reliable, comfortable and easy maintenance.

Just recently had major repairs, car was purchased new, so not bad for 16 years old. Good mileage, smooth ride, no crazy irritating noises! Car would be in perfect condition if it wasn't for my son and his friends sitting on, denting or scratching my car!

- Sue B

Great car, few problems.

Bad transmission, broken window, bad brakes, everything else is fine. It is otherwise a very reliable car. I have had it since 2010 and it has 185000 miles. Tires and wipers are good. It has been my daily driver since 2010. I put about 80000 miles on it.

- Patrick S

Honda Accord 2002 my opinion/honest car review.

I really like my car because it is extremely dependable and reliable. It is also gas efficient so I save a lot of money that way while still being able to get from point A to point B. Although this car is on the older side, it is still very comfortable.

- Olivia H

It's not really that comfortable it really wide.

It run slow is about to break down very soon. Its really bad the engines makes a really bad noise. I hope that last big longer sister really needs it too. God should really look after me and my family. The car was a gift and I am really grateful for it.

- Nicolas N

Title is clean. They love my car.

My vehicle very good, good reliability, safety good for family drive. My vehicle making year in good. Bodybuilding good and very thing looking good. Nothing have the problem, good for comfort and features. I like this car. And I am get other car like.

- Henry V

Durable and longevity the mileage on the gas is great.

My vehicle, though old, is still reliable and is low on maintenance and gas. Though it still runs properly it does not have the updated things that go with a newer model like power seats, Sirius or any other new technologies as the newer Honda accords.

- Lisa B

Huge trunk, silver, sunroof.

When I got the car, a lot of things were worn down but otherwise great. I love the sunroof & air condition works well. I like the style of the car & the large trunk. My car personally had some scratches & stains but I can tell it used to be very clean.

- Sophia P

Great car good performance.

Sturdy car, good looks, great tires, good speaker system and overall good performance. Although check engine light seems to stay on even though mechanic says no problem with the car. Outdoor parking during snow months causes some problems with engine.

- Ns B

Love my car, it is amazing couldn't ask for a better reliable car

I have no issues with my vehicle, the performance is GREAT! I love my Honda Accord. Reliability is amazing. The comfort is unbelievable I love the soft seats. All the features that come with my car help me get around. Highly suggest a Honda Accord.

- Caitlyn M

Our car is 16 years old and is still reliable!

Our car runs really well. It is definitely not as smooth as a newer model, but Honda's are very sturdy. There is over 200k miles on it, and it is still running well. We have replaced brakes and ball joints while in our possession the last 4 year's.

- Elizabeth E

Great gas mileage, transmission will be the death of the car!

Car is not bad but the transmission is starting to go. Had to replace the radiator because the '02 Hondas had ones made of hard plastic so they crack easily. The car does get good gas mileage though which is my favorite thing about the car.

- Andy C

it is very reliable and other than normal wear and tear, it has been a very cheap to maintain

it has held up very well, very reliable and there is nothing I dislike about it. I pray it lasts me longer as I still enjoy driving it. it has only required normal wear and tear maintenance and it cosmetically still looks good for it's age

- Angie C

My car is clean, reliable, and comfortable, but doesn't have the fancy perks of new models.

I love the convenience, ease of getting service or parts, and the reliability of my vehicle. The limited repairs that I have done have not required significant time or money. Unfortunately the paint has started to dull over the years.

- Sarah S

Probably the best detail of my car is the sleek design.

Blown head gasket, bad fuel injector, vicious engine shaking due to faulty engine mounts. Need to replace transmission soon. Otherwise it's an alright car the v6 model is way worse than the 4 cylinder so that's good I guess.

- Donald O

Make sure you truly take care of your car. Keep up with the maintenance, the gas, and make sure the all information and paperwork for the car is up-to-date.

I love that my car is spacious, has a sunroof, and it is very reliable. I need to get my transmission fixed so it won't feel like I am driving a stick shift. I which the color of my vehicle was Black instead of being white.

- Katelyn D

Great, except for the ignition.

Performance is average. I am able to get where I need to go in a timely manner smoothly. Comfort is great, no complaints. Seats are soft. Unfortunately, I have issues with my ignition. It is difficult to start the car.

- Ana L

Best car to one can own. Very comfortable very stylish.

My car is very comfortable for long drives. It is very easy to drive It is stylish and available in good color I never had any problems with my car even it was second hand. Only thing I don't like is my car has no gps

- Keeru J

Very dependable transportation.

My car is and always has been very reliable. It is great for high mileage. This is my second Honda and I have always been very happy with them. Very comfortable and great gas mileage. I would always recommend a Honda.

- Randy S

Reliability, ease of driving and comfort.

Car is very reliable from point A to B. Gets great gas mileage even with a v6 engine. Room for 5 and seats are comfortable. Leather interior with wood grain trim. All maintenance have been done on time and change.

- Kevin B

It will last a very long time and you won't have to buy another vehicle for at least a decade if kept in good condition and maintained well.

I have never had any major issues with my vehicle. It is a safe and reliable vehicle that I never have to worry about it breaking down. It is a well made vehicle and always starts in the winter even when -15 out.

- Christina G

Warranty not as long as I would like. Good gas mileage.

I love its dependability in the longevity that Hondas seem to have. It is a bit small and as I am looking forward to having a family soon it will be too small. It has been very reliable and good on gas mileage!.

- A S

Great and Reliable Vehicle

A great reliable car. I have had mine for 3 years and I got it used. The only problem. and this seems to be a recurring problem, is that the door handle on one of the rear doors broke and had to be replaced.

- Cora S

That it is very dependable and won't cost you an arm and a leg to maintain it.

I like that I've had this vehicle since it was new and still running great. I also like that it has low maintenance and good gas mileage. I wish it was a little bigger like a SUV so it could carry more stuff.

- Jack B

Honda needs paint job, maintenance work damaged hood latch, gear shift broken.

My vehicle needs some body work done and also new tires and a maintenance work. This Honda has been wrecked and I have been repairing as I am able to afford the maintenance jobs that the repair shops charge!!

- Sharon S

The space and if you keep with the oil change it works good.

I love it because of the space and I have not have many problems with the van I change the oil and check the water and tired the basic. I think I have take my van to the shop only 2 o 3 times since I got it.

- Margarita Ortiz L

It's been very reliable with very little repairs. Love my car!

Honda is a great brand of car, especially the year and model I own. The car is close to 17 years old and it's been a great car. The body is starting to show age. Outside of that I'm very happy with the car.

- Dawn W

It runs well

It is still a good car, but needs some repairs. I have recently replaced parts of the emission system, some of which were falling off, but it was to be expected since the car has driven over 175,000 miles.

- Michael S

It is a good car for someone who goes to and from work, and the occasional day trip.

My vehicle is very dependable and has so far requires little maintenance. It has a good amount of power for my needs (everyday transportation of people). It is roomy enough for my needs and it looks nice.

- Calvin W

It is reliable. Well maintained, it can go for years. I am well over 150k miles.

My Honda is an exceptional vehicle. It is extremely reliable and I have had few repairs. It is comfortable, with automatic door locks, windows, etc. , and leather seats. I couldn't ask for a better car.

- Deborah W

My car is reliable and has lasted a long time with little repairs needed.

I like my car because it is reliable. I like the color because it doesn't show too many blemishes. I dislike that it doesn't have bluetooth or an aux cord, but that's what you get from an older car.

- Elizabeth D

When I go from a stop it does kind of jolt because of the gas pedal.

Great little car, it's good on gas mileage and it is fully loaded so it has a sunroof. . . The only dislike I have is that the transmission seems to be slipping and the gas pedal sticks a little bit.

- Victoria P

It's value is appropriate to the price.It's worth the money paid.

It is reliable and has not given me any major problems with regular upkeep. The gas efficiency is good. It has enough room for my needs. The used car price was reasonable just for the durability.

- Cheryl M

If you keep it maintenance you will know that you have a car for a very long time.

I love my car i always keep it maintenance clean washed and still smelling like a brand new car. I know i can depend on my Honda.i go everywhere because I know i can rely on this cat all the way.

- Maya E

Honda Accord - long live the car.

It rides very well and the interior has held up for over 10 years. There have been limited problems with the vehicle and would be worth buying as a new car you plan to keep for 20 or more years.

- Austin B

Reliability - for It's age and mileage, it holds up exceptionally well

I appreciate how reliable and low-maintenance it is. For an older car with a good amount of miles on it, it holds up well. I do not like the absence of features such as automatic windows.

- Jeremy S

It's very roomy and has a lot of space.

I love how reliable it is. Bit gets me to where I need to go. I just hate how my ac is out at the moment. It makes this heat unbearable and makes me not really want to drive till I fix it.

- Mercedes J

Honda Accord vehicular life companion.

My car has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The only thing I replace is the tires and brakes, and battery when needed. I always change the oil and have regular check ups.

- Sandy C

It's reliable! It'll last until the wheels fall off!

I like that it is reliable. I like that it is comfortable. I like that it is safe. I like that it has a five-speed manual paired to a perfectly balanced, meaty four cylinder VTEC motor.


It was very well made and is still fun to drive after all these years.

None since 2002--this is the best car my husband and I have ever owned--no complaints, no performance issues, or operational issues; it is comfortable, reliable and has a great sunroof,

- Rebecca Y

This car will last forever.

My 2002 Honda Accord is very reliable. In all the time that we have had it, we have had very limited problems. It is comfortable and performs well for both daily driving and long trips.

- Sarah A

It's a Good vehicle that handle high mileage so it will last a lifetime if taken care of

It is a very reliable vehicle good gas mileage its silver in color and a straight shift. No major problems besides the normal wear and tare. If you keep oil changed it will run forever.

- Ronnie b

It is an old car but it works great still, it is been running for 13 years.

I really don't have any problems, obviously you have to check the oil and tire pressure and everything more often since it is an older car. It still works fine for an older car though.

- Blanca F

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has been well taken care of despite it being 16 years old.

It has been a very reliable car. For a sedan it has plenty of room, but now that I have two children I would prefer something larger. It is also old, so it's starting to rust in spots.

- Kelly S

It may have its issues but it does it's job and takes me where I need to go.

It is a pretty good car. We got it used so there's a big crash dent on the hood and one of the doors doesn't lock or unlock with the other doors, but other than that I don't mind it.

- Wendy S

This car just keeps going and going

It's a 4 cylinder and isn't geared very well, which makes it kind of gutless and slow to accelerate. It's very compact, which I like. The car still runs really well for being so old.

- Kristie W

2002 Honda Accord- love it.

The only problem I have had with my car is that my check engine light is constantly on and no matter what it will not go off. Otherwise, love the car. Runs great, not too bad on gas.

- Emily S

My car shakes when I brake too quickly in traffic or driving through town.

I like that my car is reliable and has been able to get me through high school and these past two years of college. I dislike that it has needed some work to it and the color of it.

- Bailey S

It is very dependable and has lasted a long time

It's is a very dependable car. In november it will be 17 years old yet it still runs great and I have not had any major issues with it. Wish I could get the new Accord right now.

- Peter N

A perfect family vehicle or traveling in, saving gas and making new adventures.

Performance is fantastic. Gas mileage as well. Reliability is a ten and I love the trunk space. For groceries. The sound system sounds great and I love it as a traveling vehicle.

- Niki S

This is a forever car. A true keeper.

I truly have no complaints. It is powerful and smooth riding. Even when there may be an issue it is an easy fix. By far the best and the longest car I have ever owned. I luv it.

- Lisa A

Would rather have a larger car.

I have a small 4 door vehicle. I would rather have a larger vehicle. It is more than 10 years old and has a few leaks. It is reliable besides that. It is not super comfortable.

- Kimberly A

The Toyota corolla is great on gas.

I love how steady and reliable my car is. I do not like how loud it can be at times. I also do not like how much gas my car needs and how frequently I need to refill my tank.

- Yvonne M

It is the greatest. Gas mileage of a car with the luxury of an SUV.

My car has been the most reliable with no break downs. I do the bare minimum upkeep and I have had my car for 15 years. I love my car because it is the top rated safety car.

- Cassandra F

It gets pretty good gas mileage and is very dependable!

It has great air conditioning, nice radio, pretty dependable. It needs some minor work like a tune up and oil change... Honda, Nissan and Toyotas are the best vehicles!

- Jennifer D

They last forever. It doesn't have the most trunk space and the new (2018) models don't have the 60/40 split back

We drove our last Honda Accord for 300,000+ miles with very few problems and are hoping to do the same to this one. It gets good gas mileage and is incredibly reliable!

- Candice M

Its reliable and cheap to operate.

The car is older so it's starting to have problems. It is reliable other than the mileage being high. Parts are cheap. Labor is cheap. Easy to work on. Good gas miles.

- Michael D

It's very sturdy and long lasting.

I like how it looks and drives. Good gas mileage. Dislike that it only has two doors. If my car were newer and it better repair, and had four doors, I would love it.

- Rebecca G

Reliable and inexpensive transportation. A few bells and whistles, but nothing fancy.

Very reliable and comfortable, still runs well and everything works well. It's very old so some things are starting to break down, but on the whole it's a great car

- Craig D

It is a good, sturdy car. It gets me where I need to go.

My car is a cute little car. It runs well for it's age, and has never let me down. My only issue with my car is that as my family grows, it no longer fits my needs.

- Danielle V

Has lots of room and it's pretty big for fitting two car seats!

Love my Honda. Feels safe and reliable. Has lots of room and fits my double stroller in there. I would recommend getting Honda Accord. Planning getting new one soon

- Vika S

It is cost efficient. It gets good gas mileage and maintenance is reasonable.

It's reliable and durable. It is easy to maintain and maintenance is affordable. I dislike the trunk size and the inability to connect with my phone via bluetooth.

- Danielle B

That it runs great and it has 260, 000 miles on it.

I love my car because it goes fast. My grandpa gave it to me so I have only pleasant memories in it. Only this is I cracked the tail light and never got it fixed.

- Andrew K

It's a great, clean, and reliable car. It has a lot of miles but runs like new.

I love my car. It is in great condition and runs perfect even though it has over 100,000 miles. The gas mileage is great and my car is very clean inside and out.

- Desiree L

If it is in good conditions.

Like because I takes me where I want. It is a good brand. It saves gas. I dislike because it is old. The air conditioning is not good. I can not make long trips.

- Isabel I

It is very important for me to keep the maintenance up on my car.

My 2002 Honda Accord is a "top of the line" vehicle. It has 4 doors and a sunroof. It is white with tan leather seats. It gets great gas mileage. I love my car.

- Terri T

It is safe and reliable car.

I like that looks expensive and comfy and reliable but it none of the above but I like it because it is taking a big deal to make monthly payments to keep it.

- Armand G

Good gas mileage! Love the sunroof!

Great gas mileage, reliable. Comfortable, good size, has a sunroof I love. I use the sunroof year around, it is great to get fresh air in even on winter days!

- Jane S

It's still running great after 15 years! Never had a breakdown.

My car is almost 16 years old and I only have 71,000 miles on it. It's reliable and doesn't break down. My only complaint is I don't have the newer auto tech.

- Alex D

That my Honda Accord has a V6 and can out run most cars on the road, with me as the driver that is.

My Honda Accord drives very well for a 2002 model. It's reliable, and the parts are cheap. It has some cosmetic problems, but it's a cheaper fix than most.

- Brandon B

It runs well and doesn't need to much maintenance as long as you do the regular stuff on time.

It drives great. Smooth ride. Routine maintenance keeps anything bad from happening. Plenty of room for passengers and a big trunk. Gets good gas mileage

- Andrew G

The Honda has few repair issues if you keep up periodic maintenance.

My Honda accord is dependable with few service issues. The car is economical to drive. And i appreciate the fact the car has sustained me for many years.

- Greg L

The air conditioning does not work. The vehicle is good on gas.

The vehicle is long lasting, smooth riding. I dislike that the body parts in the front are coming loose and that the wheel well is rusting. AC broke too.

- Regina C

It has been reliable for its lifespan, with no significant complaints. I would keep it until I am forced to upgrade.

I Like the features within the car, which were new when purchased. However now they are a bit dated. I enjoy features that will last the test of time.

- Steve G

Honda makes an excellent product for the money. It hasn't left me stranded yet. LOL

It's fast for the 4 cylinder 2.3l engine. It drives well, steering, suspension, ect. I got it for a really good price. 500 bucks isn't bad for a 2002.

- David M

Comfortable, reliable, good gas miles and dependable.

The 2002 Honda Accord is a comfortable, reliable and dependable vehicle anybody looking to buy a new car should. Look into Honda dealers in the area.

- Juan R

Best bag for your buck saves you ton of money.

The ride is smooth and quiet. It has just the right amount of horsepower. Enough leg room in the back seat. Does amazing on gas and drives with ease.

- Rachel C

Reliable, stable my go to car.

Had it for over 15 years and it is still running pretty good. Got to keep up the maintenance of course regular oil changes tune ups gas treatments.

- Pamela T

It is reliable clean it is great on gas it wonderful when traveling long distance.

I have no complaints. I absolutely love my car. I couldn't ask for a more reliable vehicle. It is also very easy to keep clean. It is great on gas.

- Quan C

It is one of the easiest cars to drive.

My Honda is my first car. For a first car, it is the best that I could ever have. I love the sporty look without the massive amount of horsepower.

- Joe H

It has never failed me. It's a good sturdy car.

It's a great car. Mine has almost 300k miles and is still going strong. Replacement parts are relatively cheap and very easy to replace yourself.

- Katie K

It is safe one car and does not have any issue.

My Honda accord is a very nice car. It is very economic one, I like the color black on it also the leather sits. I can drive even in bad weather.

- Emi M

My car has a very nice sunroof

I think my car is very reliable and very good even though its nearly 16 years old. I have had a few minor here and there but nothing too serious.

- Hannah K

It has not been babied, but drives love it has been.

The car runs like it is still brand new. Gets great gas mileage. Very dependable with very little required maintenance. Retains its resale value.

- Michael H

It has a sunroof and it drives so good.

There isn't nothing wrong with it. It's a good car. Just wish it wasn't 2 doors. Drives good the body on it needs work. Its from hitting a deer.

- Melissa H

Does not start when sitting for consecutive days.

I like the size, the exterior visually, and the reliability. I do not particularly dislike anything about the car that cannot be easily changed.

- Meredith R

Best Family Car for Commute.

Honda Accord 2002 EX is very Good Car. It's interior is of Leather. It comes with automatic (power) based car seats. Overall, best performance.

- Zandu B

The Honda lives up to the reputation of being a car that lasts a long time and have fewer problems than most others. If you want a car you can rely on I suggest you consider a Honda.

My 2002 Honda Accord looks and feels almost brand new, I love it! It's a joy to drive and I would recommend the Honda brand for cars to anyone.

- terry f

The little Honda that could

it is a 2002 - has issues but overall, car is great, handles well in the snow, starts every time, sits kinda low for older people to get in to

- Deanna D

It's good on gas, runs great even with high mileage and it's a very reliable car.

I love that its reliable and I hate that its a 2002 but I am content. I think Honda are amazing regardless and I have a hard time complaining.

- Quinton B

If anything breaks or wears out you can replace and repair it for next to nothing.

I love this little car. It's black with grey interior and gets good gas mileage. The parts are cheap so it's easy to fix if it needs a repair.

- Jennifer E

The Honda Accord is great with gas mileage and very dependable.

The Honda Accord is great with gas mileage. The car is very reliable and dependable. With routine maintenance I have had very little problems.

- dee h

02 2 door Honda Accord. Small but mighty.

I have had no problems with this car since I have bought it. The parts are pretty reasonably priced to fix if need be. Gets great gas mileage.

- Sam J

Very reliable in rain, sleet or snow with regular maintenance.

I love the endurance of my vehicle. In spite of its age, still going strong and pretty low mileage considering it is more than 18 years old.

- Lovel J

One of the doors does not open.

It never saves gas. It will not stay running. It is not my color. It is hard to turn on. Needs tune up it rain inside and it is hard to turn.

- Jasper C

The color is gold and the air conditioning works good.

No problems ever, only work ever done was to change timing belt a 60000 miles, performance is good always over 20 miles to the gallon of gad.

- Marty M

My accord has well over 200,000 miles and is still going strong

The Honda Accord is a very reliable vehicle and has very few mechanical problems.i have a 2002 Honda Accord and is still running like a dream

- Greg F

It is very easy to drive and is good on gas.

My car sat for 2 years before I bought it so now 3 years later I have put probably $2, 000 into it. I love how comfortable my car is though.

- Taylor R

Great gas and miles are low.

Great car gets great gas, good paint, low miles. I enjoy it but want something bigger. I plan to purchase something else in January 2019.

- Tiffany N

In my opinion one should know gas mileage about their car.

I love that it is a small car with good speed. Not too much maintenance issues. Good on gas. And didn’t take much gas to fill it up.

- J S

Older Accords have transmission problems and aren't as reliable as later models.

It's old and the maintenance is piling up. It needs some work done on the AC/heating. It doesn't get the best fuel efficiency either.

- Greg S

It's a gas saver...cost 40 to fill up..very roomy..

Very reliable would recommend to friends..very spacious a ton of modifications your allowed to do...all around very excellent vehicle

- Dale H

Perfect for traveling long distances with kid and pets.

I like pretty much everything about it, although the seat is a little too low to the ground. Other than that it is very comfortable.

- Sheila G

That it gets good gas mileage.

I have a 4 door Accord that gets decent gas mileage. It's an ok car, but I would love something bigger that has more power and room.

- Wendy M

It has a life expectancy of 300,000 miles! I am currently at 214,000.

I am in love with my car, it is dependable, comfortable, needs minimal maintenance. I would prefer it to be more quiet on the road.

- Pennie S

We have had it for a long time without any major issues.

It is reliable, have had it for years, and haven't had many problems. Would be better if it had some of the things newer cars have.

- Alex C

A dependable car and keep saying I am getting a new one but just keep driving.

I bought it new. It has over 150 thousand on it. No complaints at all about it. Have had it serviced at the same place I bought it.

- Pat H

VTEC Engines are the absolute best! I'll never buy anything other than a Honda ever again!

Most reliable car I've ever owned. Do the maintenance and it will run forever! Comfortable and has great pick up for a 4 cylinder.

- Tracy H

I think it works better than trade in value.

Love that it's old and still working pretty well. What I don't like is that my electricals are dying and I'm only at 120k miles.

- Jen S

The Longevity of the Honda

Great car, but the wear and tear is starting to show. But still retains it great value, over 200 miles and still runs very good.

- Crystal P

The windshield is cracked and it runs great and I love it

My car has no cruise control or automatic locks and windows but it can get me from my home to one big city on one tank of gas .

- Rebecca C

I love my car. It looks janky and old but it works great for its age and mileage.

It's old but it runs great. Not many issues with the car just small upkeep. You have to put motor oil and power steering often.

- Valili F

The blind spots are unnoticeable compared to other cars I have driven

Love everything about my cat except that the paint chipped off many years ago. I've noticed a lot of black Honda's the same way

- Estella G

I take very good care of it. Honda cars are very durable.

It get me where I want to go since 2002. It does not have the latest technology, but I only drive 2300 miles a year, all local.

- Madeline P

My car runs amazingly well to be as old as it is and it is great on gas.

I like that my car is very good on gas and holding up well to be as old as it is but it isn't 'me' and I do wish it were newer.

- Carol Lyn S

Great family car. Love it!

Great vehicle for having 250000 miles. Runs perfect. Like new condition inside and out. Would not trade this car for anything.

- Desire L

I feel my vehicle is very safe with airbags and it is a large vehicle.

The car is comfortable. It is easy to handle in traffic. It is good on gas. The trunk is large enough to hold a lot of things.

- Heather Y

Runs well and saves on gas.

Good reliable car. Good on gas. Its an older car so more maintained is required. But for being an older car it runs very well.

- Chris G

The seats are leather in this it takes a bit of time to cool off.

I love the gas mileage. The spacious trunk. I love the color. It is a great car over all and it does it job without a problem.

- Johanna C

It's durable, reliable, and rarely breaks down. It is a very high quality automobile.

I love it that it has never broken down. The drive is smooth and comfortable. The car is very reliable even after 16 years.

- Manuel C

Honda is the best make of car you will never be disappointed.

I love my Honda it's a great car keep up with oil changes and other fluids you will be fine. Honda is the only choice for me.

- Gina G

My first car ever that I've own.

My car is a little damage from the outside and the inside. Also it makes a lot of noise and I don't know where it comes from.

- Leslie O

Good on gas. Very smooth comfortable ride.

Rides smooth. Air conditioner works great. Very comfortable. Beautiful leather seats. Not a bad thing to say about this car.

- Lisa G

2002 Honda accord 25000+ miles, idles rough loses oil but still going

Around 250,000 the parts start to go out. However the parts are cheap, easy to order, and easy to replace yourself if needed

- Tina Y

My car has a rear view camera that makes backing up ten times easier.

Easy to drive. Great mileage. Very dependable. Only complaint is blind spots. Very comfortable. Nice interior. Good options.

- Marilyn V

200,000m Honda Accord Review

The Honda Accord is a really great car, but because mine personally has 200,000 miles on it, there have been some problems.

- Alex S

It's a good dependable car; just not spacious enough.

It's an okay car, I just need a bigger car with more space. I got it before I had my child. The car seat barely fits in it.

- First Name F

Honda's are the best, they just keep going and going.

My Honda has not had any motor problems since I bought it. Ci have also kept up the maintenance on it so it runs like new.

- Heidi F

It's easy to drive and it's a nice car for anybody and anytime.

it's a nice compact car and smooth driving. also very reliable, I think. I don't have anything particular that I dislike.

- naomi w

As long as you maintain it, this car will go forever.

The Honda Accord is the most reliable car I have ever owned and would recommend it to any who is in the market for a car.

- Stephanie D

It has an airbag safety recall.

It has leather seats. It has a sunroof. I love the way it drives. I have had it for 6 years and has been very dependable.

- Sarah H

A fun car but not a family car.

Car is dependable. Honda brand has been my go to brand. Would replace it with another Honda if I could afFord a new one.

- Carmen G

The best car I've ever had Great gas mileage Fantastic car

My car is a Honda it is 18 years old and I have never ever had one problem with my car Great gas mileage Love my Honda

- Kathy T

Honda Accord is a reliable car

Honda Accord is reliable. Just regular maintenance. Change oil every 3 months. Works fine still. Had it for 7 years now

- Cathy B

Great value for the money.

I love Honda cars. I have had 4 Honda vehicles and I love the all. The possess expert performance and last for years.

- Mary C

She might need oil! the right window doesn't roll up and the left back door doesn't open up.

I love my car. She has been through a lot with me. i hate that I no longer have A/C and a window that doesn't roll up.

- Paige A

It gets great gas mileage.

It gets excellent gas mileage. It is quiet on the road. . . Not much road noise. It is easy to drive, and to maintain.

- Julie H

It has an anti-lock braking system. This helps to prevent skidding when applying the brakes with full force.

My vehicle is a 2002 Honda Accord LX. It is white. It has the Pirelli All Seasons tires. It also has ABS which I love.

- Marcus A

It is very old and beat up.

The vehicle is very good. The car has lasted a long time. The gas mileage is very good. I dislike the age of the car.

- Trey L

great gas mileage , easy to drive, comfortable seats

I like the gas mileage I get out of my vehicle. I like that it is paid off and it has a sunroof and leather interior.

- hunter h

Love my car. The best car ever!

Great performance, no major problems, reliable, drives beautifully, very comfortable, love sunroof and garage opener.

- Laura N

It saves gas, drives amazing, convient, and fits me completely.

I dislike that parts are breaking but I like that my car is perfectly made for me. I love the way it drives as well.

- Darlene B

It's very reliable and trustworthy. I would buy another one.

I love the way it drives. The fact that it still very reliable with over 250,000 Miles on it. I wish it was newer.

- Cecily Z

Accord is a good investment

Perfect size. Very comfortable Reliable Large trunk Good gas mileage Good radio CD player Maintenance is reasonable

- Cheryl F

It drives like new after 16 years.It never breaks down.

Rear seat back folds down so great for large items. Gas economy is great. Never breaks down. Maintenance is cheap.

- Stephen S

My car has 198,000 miles on it and it drives great.

I love my car because it is dependable and drives well. I dislike my car because I wish I got better gas mileage.

- Mar B

It handles very well. Especially on turns.

Its is still a comfortable ride. It still runs well for the millage. It is easy to maintain. It does well on gas.

- Whitney T

It lasts forever and costs to repair are reasonable.

Easy maintenance. Good gas mileage. Easy driving. Does not need constant repairs! Appearance remains consistent!.

- Robert G

Honda accord is the best car I've ever had.

No problem at all. Been driving it for 10 years now. It has 209k+ miles, and I think it is going to last to 300k.

- Regina R

Runs great. Very dependable. Great on gas. Gets me to where I need to go.

Good running car. Everything works. Good on gas. I do not know what else to say only that it is very dependable.

- Lisa G

My 2002 Reliable Honda Accord

It's a great vehicle that's very reliable. It rides comfortable and very low maintenance with great gas mileage.

- Mariah S

This car has been driven over 250,000 miles, and it is still dependable.

I like the dependability and longevity of this car. I like the comfort of this car. I like the size of this car.

- Jennifer V

It is a very reliable vehicle and has been a good car for me.

i like the gas mileage that produces. i like that it seats my entire family. i dislike its age and high mileage

- Ben M

Honda’s are very reliable and last so long.

I love my Honda. I have had it for ten years and it has 200, 000 miles and still runs great! They live forever.

- Rachel R

The most amazing car ever

the car is very reliable and has been used for a very long time. I truly love this car and everything with it.

- trip l

It keeps my family safe, and is small and stylish. I enjoy driving it.

I like that it is compact and gets going quickly. It is spacious for my family and gets wonderful gas mileage.

- Candice H

2002 Honda Accord a great commuter car

Excellent vehicle. It is economical and reliable. Very comfortable on long trips. Good but not great mileage

- Randy Z

Maybe to be safe in my car.

Like- easy car, right fit, easy room... Dislike-doesn't have a right side mirror, right window does not work.

- Kari M

Transmission is bad, it is old, has old bumper.

It is not up to date, motor is old, bumper is old with staples to hold it together, radio is not up to date.

- Maria D

They are built to last and are great on gas if u take care of it.

I like how Honda are built to last. I also like that Honda has great gas mileage. I don't dislike anything

- Danielle C

The Honda requires very little expense and time to keep it running in good condition.

I love the gas mileage and lack of upkeep. It has virtually no repair problems. I have no complaints at all.

- Lloyd G

Smooth Sailing... The coast is clear!

My Honda Accord has plenty of power with a v6 engine but it is also good on gas and it handles like a champ.

- Kellie C

I love my car I love that is fuel efficient easy to maintain and gets very high mileage

Slight drag in transmission great acceleration very fuel efficient easy maintenance low emissions automatic

- Jonathan C

It is very roomy. . Spacious.

It's a long lasting car. Very easy to customize. Can upgrade the motor. I can fix it. Very cheap on parts.

- Dale A

It is reliable. In the 5 years that I have owned this car, it has had minimal problems.

I love my vehicle. It is very reliable and an attractive looking car. It is a great car for how old it is.

- Eryn O

Great vehicle with great features

Great vehicle. Not many problems. Great on gas. It's is comfortable very reliable and has great features.

- Jenn M

It's definitely a very reliable vehicle, and the gas mileage is good for it being such an older car.

It's definitely the most reliable vehicle we own despite its age. It's beginning to show its age though.

- Cara C

My vehicle is very reliable and it never gives me any major problems

My car is old with collision damage to the front end, it runs very good with no major damage to the motor

- Frances R

Honda is a reliable vehicle and has been in this family forever.

Very reliable,comfortable car. It saved my mom's life after she was t boned car was fixed now I drive it.

- Lori S

Paint job has held up over the last few years

I like the car because of the following characteristics - Reliable, safe ride, economical, good mileage

- Jen P

It is reliable! I have driven it faithfully.

It is reliable. I never run into any mechanical. Issues, and it drives great. Honda makes the best cars!

- Peter H

Never have any mechanical problems with any part of the vehicle.

Great performance vehicle, no problems whatsoever. Gets great gas mileage the entire time I've had it.

- Missy D

It's very reliable and it's given me very few problems over the years.

It's a great car and I've had the best luck with Hondas. More so than any other make of car I've owned.

- Darci K

It's durable. It last a long time. It's one of the best cars I've owned.

Very good vehicle. Still working! No much compliant. I have the vehicle for over 15 years. Love it!

- Sokha C

The car is extremely reliable.

Very little problems over 10 years of ownership, love the sunroof, super reliable, decent gas mileage.

- Stacey F

It is great on gas and maintenance is cheap.

Never breaks, starts every time and its great on gas. No complaints. Maintenance is very inexpensive.

- Stephen A

It has a sunroof which is nice for air flow.

It is too small to be a family car. Hard to get kids in and out of the back where it is a 2 door car.

- Charles B

My car is my pride and joy.

I like that my car is small. I like that it is only a two seater. What I dislike about it is nothing.

- Shay J

Leather in your car outside heats up really fast. Keep lots of sunscreens in your car.

It's a safe and dependable car. It gets good gas miles and is fast. It is my first car and I love it.

- Derek k

The one most important thing to know about my car is that it has great gas mileage.

I like how much room it has in the trunk. Because my car is black it peels a lot. So I dislike that.

- McKenna R

it's a really good car that is good to ride and dependable brand

good car and last long but my sister just don't take care of it and now need to buy another car soon

- kaan p

hondas are reliable and built to last for a long time

my car is great on gas, i really have not had any major problems. just the usual tires, breaks, etc.

- tanya w

A comfortable ride and reliable car

It's a fairly comfortable car with decent gas mileage. Still works pretty well after years of usage.

- Kerri C

It last a long time and is a great car in general.

It is very reliable and has served me well. Sometimes it has weird problems that aren't explainable.

- Tabicat G

it is a reliable car I have never had it break down on me

My car is ok it is not great but it gets me from point a to point b nothing really special about it

- Austin N

My car uses regular gas and has good interior area.

My car has been reliable and good transportation to work and to go shopping and run my errands.

- Arlene B

It is reliable and affordable to maintain

I like that I have a vehicle but I hate that it is difficult for me to see out the back window

- Dara L

It's great for the value, and has great fuel efficiency

I like the fuel efficiency. I like the design and how it looks. I don't like how old it is.

- Mackenzie B

Super easy to drive, start/stop, and easy to maintain

Love how easy it is to drive but don't love how it shakes because of how old the engine is

- Becca S

It has been dependable, but it is now aging. Nothing glorious about it.

It's getting old. Has a slow oil leak. I will need to replace in the next year, probably.

- Rob J

Older but Reliable. Looks best in black.

I like the color and the size. I don't like how low it is and some of the older features.

- Jasmonet A