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Hondas are by far the best choice vehicle no matter your financial situation for many reasons.

We have had a total of 4 Honda automobiles within the last 20 years as well as 4 other vehicles that were made by different makers each. Our Hondas have driven and held up better by far and all cost less than our others to maintain. I can't say that this is true in all Hondas but for us we have only had one issue that was the same with all of our Hondas and not our other makes and that was the CV joints. In our 2003 they have begun to go bad as they did after around the same time span (it is 2018 now so 15 years which is older than a lot of people chose to have a vehicle but with Hondas I would not hesitate and we have always bought ours at least a few years used. They make a loud clicking noise when you turn the steering wheel hard and we never had that in our other makes but that could also be because we did not keep them near as long as we do our Hondas. It is under $200 to have repaired or we priced parts around $60 if you are a "fix it yourself" person. That is not anything in would complain about being that it is the only major issue we have had that seems to happen with our Hondas more than the other makers. (It could even be something we should have had maintenanced but did not know because while we tend to taken the best way for us financially and beat way to guarantee you know all work actually performed etc we are far from mechanics (I can change tire, check oil and other fluids etc but it is my husband who is able to figure out how to do maintenance and repairs along with our best friends "Google" and "Youtube". Of all the different makes of cars out today no matter your financial status a Honda would be my choice above all others!

- Sonya B

Very reliable, affordable car.

Our 2003 Honda Accord is probably the best vehicle I have ever owned. We have had it for a little over two years now and we have yet to have any major issues. When we first purchased the car the only problem we encountered was that the only window that worked was the driver window. After research we discovered its a common default in 2003 Honda Accords, but it was an easy fix we completed in our driveway. The gas mileage is amazing. $20 in gas can take you very far in this car. It's perfect for my boyfriend, our two children, and myself. Plenty of trunk space for our grocery trips. Sometimes it's a tight squeeze if we add someone in the back seats with the car seats but we still fit. Very smooth riding and has been very reliable. Most reliable car anyone I know owns.

- Brandy H

The 2003 Honda is a great for new drivers. Will get you from point A to point B.

The Honda Accord is a great car. It runs very well and its pretty good on gas. I usually drive a lot for work and hanging out with friends and I fill up usually once a week full tank and sometimes depending on how much I drive I have to full up a half tank or so. Even though mine is a older Honda I feel like it drives smoothly and does great. My miles on the car are pretty high around 250,000 miles therefore that's why I think it's doing so well. Now while I think the car runs great there is problems with it also. The air does not work great anymore I am always charging it for it to work better but it always is dying fast. Another problem is that it uses oil a lot, it takes a lot of oil all the time.

- Morgan S

This is a very comfortable vehicle.

I have just recently chased my Honda Accord. Some of the features I like about this vehicle are as follows. . The legroom in front and back is plenty. The trunk space is very generous I never have lack of space for groceries and would be great for travel. The driver seat has a lot of options for adjustments. Gas mileage is exceptional. Highway driving is smooth and comfortable. I haven't had any issues with vehicle other than I purchased it with both radio and air conditioning not working. The radio comes on from time to time but than shorts out. The air needs a new compressor but is a very expensive part to order. Other than that no issues.

- Sarah N

212,000 miles in 16 years, Hondas run forever.

This car has been doing very well for a 2003 model. I typically get about 20 mpg on a 12 gallon tank. My car has 212,000 miles on the odometer and is still running strong. Any time there is a part I need fixed or replaced, it is easily obtainable and the work is done quickly. The car has a good amount of legroom, despite being a smaller car, which is good as I am fairly tall. The seats are comfortable for long drives, and the sound system is pretty good. The only issues I have had are the repeated airbag recalls Honda has had, and general issues that come with a car being 16 years old.

- Patrick R

My Honda is a 4 door sedan just enough room for my family.

My Honda is a 2002 so it's an older vehicle she has 150 thousand miles on her. I only problem that I have with her is the heating coil went out and its 300 dollars to get it fixed. The air conditioner doesn't want to hold a charge. I no that can be on the high aide to fix also. But she is a great car. The back seat is great for my 8yr old son, but if I had more kids it wouldn't be an ideal car to have. My husband takes her everyday to work 25 to 30 mins. There and 25 to 30 mins. Back plus in town running around. She is very reliable car would recommend one to anyone.

- Fp P

It is reliable. I have never been broken down.

I love my car, it has never let me down. It needs few repairs each year and it has never broken down. The car is comfortable to be in during long drives for me and my passengers. I have the coupe version, which is the only thing I dislike about the car. Getting to the backseat is not easy or graceful. Also, having the backseat access directly behind my chair makes my seat belt very far away from my chair and I have to turn halfway around to reach it. I have had my car for many years so I am used to it by now and I don't even realize I do it each time I get in.

- Elaine G

White 03 Honda Accord ex 2 door with sunroof.

I love my Honda and have owned several throughout my life. They are very reliable cars. I have noticed that over the years the same issues continue to occur with each one. The fabric on the ceiling will start. Hanging down, issues with the doors such as the locks or windows stop working and replacing the motor does not fix the issue, and the button on the gear shift breaks off. I have had several friends and family members that have had the same issues with their own Hondas too. Other than that they are great cars.

- Katie S

Honda Accord 2003. The great car for young teens and adults.

I have bought this car priest so he came with the mini performance problems such as the tires being worn out and it meaning a new battery. He still gets me from one place to another really fast and I do not have any problems with it because I fixed it. I would suggest other buyers to purchase this car because since it is a really hold and others have come there and the price has lowered which would make it a great vehicle for teens or young adults who are looking to buy their first car.

- Anthony D

Peeling clear coat and bumper issues.

The Honda I have is a champagne color and the clear coat on my hood recently started peeling. Also the clips that hold the bumper on were not working well after I bought the car used and I often had to push them back into place but after hitting a bump in the road when it was raining my bumper came off completely. I can't find a used bumper the same color as my car and a new one costs $400-500 for a car over 10 years old. My mechanic is going to try to wire it back onto my car.

- Hannah D

Easy drive and great first car.

I really love the way my car drives! It is really easy to navigate. I wish it had a better turn radius and didn't have as wide of a body. Also, my car didn't come with an electric remote, which would have been nice, and it is incredibly difficult to get a spare key made. Otherwise, this car has been great. I have had no transmission problems or anything huge: all I have had to do is replace brake pads and do normal upkeep. It has great gas mileage and has been very reliable.

- Jenna K

Reliable dependable and cheap on gas.

It's very reliable and dependable. It is pretty cheap on gas and never has many mechanical problems. The seats are very comfortable and they even have warmers that you can turn on. The only cons I can think of are that by button to release gas thing broke and I cant pop the trunk without being in the driver's seat where I can pull the lever. Also the traction control light stays on all the time and I can't seem to find a way to get it to shut off.

- Skyler J

Overall, my vehicle is a great family car and fit for people of all ages.

My 2003 Honda Accord has been very reliable over the past 15 years. I have had very few problems with it during that time, except for some battery issues that were quick to solve. The tumblers in the door also wore down over time. My car has gone nearly 200, 000 and still works fine. I enjoy the reliability I have in driving this car long distances (300+ miles at a time) and it is small size allows for easy parallel parking in the city I live.

- Jessica R

A reliable grocery-getter.

A reliable 'grocery-getter'. But the ac does not work, often my windows will short out and just not work, the button the gear shift literally disintegrated and now I have to shift with a screwdriver, between 2000 rpms and 2500 rpms the entire car shudders as if it is having trouble shifting gears, and the CD player continually overheats even when it is not in use. However, it drives, it starts, it gets good gas mileage.. It'll do for now.

- Trisha C

Every Honda Accord I have had - including this one - is in it for the long haul, so many miles and still going fine!

I like that my vehicle has good gas mileage - I can fill up my tank for a reasonable amount and be able to get across my state without having to worry about getting new gas. I also like that it feels decently sized in terms of driving and parking. For the most part, it also runs well. I wish I had a vehicle with more options for space - I need something that has seats that fold down or more cargo room for camp gear, bikes, and sleeping.

- Kailyn T

2003 Honda Accord, gold color.

The brakes squeak, the steering fluid is leaking, the air conditioner randomly gets warmer after about thirty minutes of driving, and the car is a little fat. I find the car very reliable and if I were to get into an accident I feel confident that it'll keep me safer than other sedans. The ride is smooth and the interior is comfortable. However, the car itself is a little fat, for a slimmer car I would suggest the Honda Civic.

- Joanna L

It is easy to drive, with few blind spots. Other cars that I had in the past had an abundance of blind spots, so many that I didn't even want to drive the car

I like that there is a large amount of trunk space. It is large enough that I can comfortably fit five people in my car without it feeling cramped. My only complaint is that it is hard to vacuum. The dog hair gets stuck in the crack of the seats easily, it this is nothing that the car company can solve. I also love that I can fit two kayaks in it, One in the trunk and one on top. the back seat is also easy to remove.

- Bailey E

Why I would buy a Honda Accord.

My car is very dependable, stylish, and good on fuel economy. It is fairly comfortable. I do not like the amount of road noise that can be heard from inside the cab. I also have difficulty seeing when backing up due to the design and back up lights that are not bright enough. My front doors close on you while trying to exit or enter the car, slamming your leg between the car and the door. This is very aggravating.

- Connie T

Honda Accord perfect for small town girl who hates big ol' trucks.

I absolutely love my Honda Accord!! My two door coupe is spacious, comfortable, and reliable. It also accelerates like no other making me feel like I could be in fast & furious! The only thing that urges me about my vehicle is the model does not have an auxiliary port or a cassette player meaning I cannot connect my phone and listen to my own music. Other than that though, this car is absolutely perfect for me!

- Lindsey B

2003 Honda Accord highlights.

This is a great vehicle for someone that commutes or barely drives. I have never had a problem other than my a/c going out and I have had the car for 6 years. The seats are very comfortable and have lasted me many cross country trips. The only downside for me is that the car does not have an auxiliary cable import, so you cannot listen to your own music without purchasing an FM transmitter.

- Chris K

This Honda will basically live forever.

It has 275,000+ miles, so very reliable. It is very comfortable to drive and ride it, with lots of space. I have had very minor, yet normal maintenance issues with it, but that is to be expected of a high mileage vehicle. It runs and drives well. The model I have has all of the features, power windows and locks. Key fob and seat warmers. It is definitely a good value for the price tag.

- Darcy W

That if you are looking for a vehicle that is small and still gets the job then this is the car. It may be a two-door, but it is worth it.

I love the size since I am short myself and I am more accustomed to a smaller car. I also really like this one feature where the car which specific door is open, while more recent cars just tell you that something is unlocked. The only thing I really dislike is the wear and tear it has gone through over the years. It has had problems over time that we would have to repair constantly.

- Elisa M

The adequate Honda Accord.

My car has been a good stopgap vehicle wise until I can purchase a new car. My Accord has over 210, 000 miles on it and is still running well. It does have problems with it is battery and the wires connecting everything to the battery. Besides that though they do have good gas mileage and performs well. It is comfortably is very adequate at best and can be uncomfortable at times.

- Tyler F

2003 Honda Accord has amazing comfort.

The performance of the car is great, it has great acceleration and it has a good top speed. It does have issues with the 6 disc CD changer and I have had an alternator go out on me twice. I have had to take my car in to put ac back in it but that is just from personal experience. It has good gas mileage and it has easy access and comfort with heated seats and leather.

- Devin B

I named my car 'hank' cause it is white. The car can endure quite a lot.

I currently have a recall on my vehicle. The airbag is dysfunctional due to tiny, loose shard of metals in the airbag. If employed, the airbag could cause death or injury, including a possibility of decapitation. The car smells slightly even though it has been cleaned (inside and out) multiple times. It is a used car but I still appreciate my car since it is my first.

- Jordan S

My vehicle is a 2003 Honda Accord very reliable.

My car is not the best car it is need a lot of work there are lights on the dashboard that I cannot get off I need a new transmission. But I love it because it gets me & my kids where we need to be safely & warm. I have gotten the brakes fixed an alignment. But it still needs new tires I believe the rear brakes need to be done & the front bumper needs to be fixed.

- Ashley T

Honda accord good for three generations!

It is a very nice car, I love the interior it is very sharp and easy to clean with leather seats. The sunroof is also a great addition to the car and is very useful. The exterior is very nice as well. My Honda accord has a black exterior and I love it. The paint job was very well done and this car has been passed down three times and the car still works like new!

- Abbie K

Best car investment I have ever made.

This car is very dependable. The maintenance on it is minimal and not expensive. In all the years I have owned it, I have not had to take it to the mechanic shop that often. The parts are long lasting. The drive is smooth, and easy to handle. There has only been one other owner previously before I purchased this vehicle. It was well cared for then, and is now.

- Angela C

It drive fantastic I am any weather condition.

I have never had any problems with my car. It is been a great road trip car. I have almost 300, 000 miles and it is still running great. I get my regular tune ups. I get my brakes and tires changed regularly. I have had the car for 3 years and put almost 200, 000 miles on it. It is very comfortable to ride in for every passenger even with every seat filled.

- Alexis M

Lasts a long time with barely any issues.

The car still runs very well for being 15 years old. It still has a very classic look and I love the amenities like the seat warmers and the sunroof. I do not like that the cigarette lighter/charger spot has a cover, it looks very sleek while closed but when trying to use it the cover tries to close and knocks the charger out of place so it will not work.

- Samantha H

Why I love my Honda Accord.

This car is incredibly reliable. I never worry about it not starting up in the morning or behaving weirdly during a long drive. It is easy to drive and also wonderfully simple to maintain. As a recent high school graduate, I do not know too much about car maintenance, yet it is easy for me to understand the manual and also learn how to change my own oil.

- Celia A

My Honda is the one vehicle I can count on to get me to over 150,000 miles without costing me a mint to operate.

This vehicle has been in the family since new. The 4 door sedan fits our needs best. It allows for ease of people our age to get in and out easily. Until recently (the past year or so) the maintenance cost has been well within the expected range. We are seriously considering a similar vehicle as a replacement when the next big repair estimate comes in.

- Karen P

My car is aspen tree green and beautiful.

My car is very reliable. Drives well and has no issues other than my cts light has been on and every shop I have gone to has not been able to figure out what’s making the light turn on. Other than that, I just got new tires and my car drives like a dream. Does well on gas, and has been able to take me across the state many times with no problems.

- Laura R

2003 Honda accord: exceptional car.

The seats are incredibly comfortable for long car rides. The interior is spacious and is great for 4-5 average sized American citizens. Although I have had some mechanical issues, most of those are due to high mileage. It is very reliable and always gets me exactly where I need to be going. Great gas mileage in city or on the highway/interstate.

- Hannah W

The 2003 Honda accord, ex sedan.

I have had many problems with the sunroof.. It gets clogged up and begins to leak through the roof. Additionally, there has been a bad oil leak we cannot seem to fix. The car drives great, just need to keep oiled up. The 2003 does not have the temperature listed on the dashboard, which would be nice to have. There is also no outlet for aux.

- L M

Reliable transportation when you're looking for a great durable car.

I really love my car it is very economical. Does not waste to much gas like other cars. It drives fast it is reliable and normal tear and wear it is easy to clean. Very loyal and trusted... Very easy for parking in small spots. It has a sunroom incase its hot or cold and can cover the glass window so heat doesn't hit the top of your head.

- Sonia T

The Honda accord is an amazing RELIABLE car.

I have had my Honda accord for ten years and it has been an amazing car. It has not given me any major issues and has not left me stranded. It's biggest flaw is the air conditioning since I have had the accord the air has broken twice. It is very expensive to fix. I do love how smooth it drives though and it is an extremely safe car.

- Hannah R

Affordable with great gas mileage and leather seats.

It is an older car, but still looks great. It has leather seats, it gets great gas mileage it is extremely reliable, and for under 5, 000 usd, you cannot go wrong. I would argue that this car is better than even some newer cars. This car when it was released in 2003 was known to have transmission issue, but that was fixed quickly.

- Anthony G

2003 accord 4cyl has hays excellent reliability.

I have only had to do routine maintenance mostly. I have replaced brakes, batteries, a knock sensor, an o2 sensor and a catalytic converter. The reliability has been superb. The car is very well built and plenty comfortable. It has over 223,000 miles and the performance is still strong. It should reach 300,000 miles no problem.

- Marc L

Used Honda Accord that is very reliable and with good gas mileage.

My Honda Accord is an older vehicle but it very reliable. It has a lot of miles but it is paid for. It is very low on gas mileage. It is silver in color, it has 4 doors with sunroof. It is a 4 cylinder vehicle. It has the paint peeling off the hood. I keep driving my Honda Accord because I like it I do not owe any money for it.

- Carla M

I love everything about it.

This is a really great vehicle. This vehicle will last you years. It rides smooth. As long as you take care of it, can be passed down for generations. It is definitely great for if you travel a lot for work. I have not had any issues with the vehicle besides recall on airbags, and Honda sent someone to me to fix the issue.

- A K

It has a sunroof installed in it which I enjoy most.

The front portion of the car is a little too long, but that is my only complaint. It runs smoothly, has nice seats, and is fairly good on gas. Mine features an electric locking system, and I like the convenience of having a key clicker. It handles speed well and has a luxury feel when I drive it. No jerks or tire troubles.

- Carter M

Perfect car for a commuter or car guy

Has 270K miles and made it 900 miles to college without single problem. I'm a Honda guy myself, and I've always been a fan of the 7th gen Accord. It's easy to work on, fun to drive, great looking, and I get tons of compliments on the interior despite it being a 15 year old car. Couldn't ask for anything better. I love it.

- Nate C

2003 Honda Accord will last a lifetime.

Car runs great, I get it serviced about once every month. Have done some minor repairs here and there but nothing too significant. It fits four people comfortably and has all standard features. Has a key fob which is convenient. Paint is oxidized on the roof but other than that it is a sturdy, reliable great first car.

- Sera S

It's a tank! It is very reliable and has needed minimal work through the years.

My car is very reliable. My sister used it for years doing home health and put a lot of miles on it. Then when I bought it from her, I was in a long distance relationship where I also put a lot of miles on the car. Regardless of it being older and having a lot of miles, it still runs great and has needed minimal work.

- Susan N

Honda Coupe top 5 best cars!

It's a nice size car for a single person. It's reliable, Honda's last forever as long as you take care of them. It's pretty good on gas. About 300 miles to the gallon. It has heated seating. It comes with a sunroom. Oil changes from Honda are inexpensive. I did have to replace the door locks, but it's been 16 years.

- Mace S

It is 15 years old and still starts on the first turn of the key every time.

My Honda Accord has required very little maintenance since I have owned other than the normal preventative maintenance. It is a very reliable car which gets me from point a to point b and beyond. After owning the Accord, Honda will be the first line of vehicles I look at when it comes time to purchase a new one.

- Dustin V

it really is a good vehicle. minimal repairs and holds value well.

I love that my honda accord is reliable and makes me feel safe along with It's safety features. i don't worry when going anywhere. my safety and my family is most important to me. i do wish i could have some nice features other vehicles have but that is all really a second compared to reliability and safety.

- cindy e

Great buy . Wouldn't disappoint an average driver .

Great car. Easy on the maintenance. Very reliable, when it's broke, you will know it. The car picks up speed pretty fast . It's a great car for first time drivers. My model lacks power windows, but that's not a problem. The car is also great on gas . I'm able to travel considerable distances before refueling .

- Tracy P

Definitely going the distance!

This car is doing great for being 16 years old! I do need to have some maintenance prices quoted. I need to convert it to a rack and pinion system, but do not know if it will be worth it. Also need to replace some valve covers because it is leaking fluids. Hoping to keep this car going for a couple more years!

- Lisa J

2003 Honda Accord coupe review.

The vehicle has been very reliable for me over the past 6 years I have owned it. Had to replace both window motors. And most recently the a/c compressor went out. Most of the minor issues with the vehicle were easy to repair or cheap at the repair shop. Other than those minor issues the vehicle has run great.

- Drew M

It is amazing its sleek and comfortable and dependable.

There are no problems with it at all. It has amazing performance it has 256, 000 miles on it and still runs just as good as the day I bought it brand new. It seats five people comfortably. The air conditioning works amazingly. I totally recommend getting a car like this one you will not be sorry that you did.

- Bruce L

We use it to family road trips because we don't spend too much money on gas .

To be honest it's very comfortable, cheap for gas, and runs great. I love it and my family too. That's why we spend most of the time with these car. I love the leather seats with heater. The trunk is big and have a lot of space. If I have to decide the type of car to buy I definitely buy a Honda Accord again.

- Alpha L

Super awesome Honda accord.

I love my Honda accord it is spacious for my three kids. It has a big trunk for groceries or hauling other things strollers or sporting equipment. It is super cute has a sunroof power everything which I love. The interior is super soft and comfy. It is great on gas, find a drive and I haven't had any issues.

- Chelsea G

2003 Honda accord performance review.

Worst thing is the abs system, but other than that it still works really well all these years later. The price of gas is lower as well because of the mileage is very good. I wish it had Bluetooth but it can have another radio added to enable such things which is very nice. I like my car and do recommend it.

- caleb S

Affordable, dependable and a great value for you car.

The performance of my vehicle is extremely good. I love the power it has for a 4 cylinder vehicle. Honda is a very reliable car, and the value is above standards compared to some. Of the other make and models available out there. I have only had to do normal maintenances on the vehicle for it being a 2003.

- Nicole S

Pros and cons of a stick shift Honda.

My Honda is pretty old and it is also stick shift. I am an 18 year old girl who struggled to learn how to drive this car but its all that I have. It is really jerky. On the bright side it is pretty fast and picks up speed quick. Its a strong and reliable car. It's been handed down to 3 other people already.

- Ari L

Why I like the Accord as my car of choice.

My Accord is very reliable even for it is age. Maintenance is easy and available from multiple vendors. The trunk is very spacious and I can fit a lot of items as needed. The car is agile and fit into smaller spaces. However, there is enough "there" that traveling with trucks, etc. is not an issue for me.

- Cynthia E

My car is so old, but it still runs.

It gets really good mileage and I am thee second owner. It is just about ready to hit 90, 000 miles and it still runs great. The paint has not held up well over the years though and it makes me very disappointed. I do not know how that could have been addressed but it should be improved in the newer cars.

- Amy T

Honda accord is an excellent and reliable car.

I love my car. It is very reliable I have had it since I turned 17. I have never had very many problems with my car. It has a comfortable ride. The seats are heated. The mirrors and seats are power controlled. I think that Honda is an excellent brand. Their products hold their value well. Very dependable.

- Mackenzie M

Best car for the money - has all you want in a car!

Our car has been very reliable. It now has 180, 000 miles on it and runs well. It gets decent gas mileage and runs quietly. It has all the features you would want in a car: a/c, power locks, power steering, rear-window defroster, leather seats that still look great. Our next car will probably be a Honda!

- Stephanie S

Durable, dependable, safe Honda Accord top rated vehicle for years

Like auto safety (Structural performance in crash tests), durability, and dependability. Top complaint=Don't like the poorly heavily weighted doors that don't stay ajar when opened and have closed on me and hurt in the process. Didn't like that possibly faulty airbags were installed (Recall to address)


Honda Accords run forever

None! Has a little over 200,000 miles on it and still runs like a dream. I love Honda and Toyota. I really haven't had a problem with it and I've been driving it for 3 years. Never really taken it on road trips, just in town driving. Does fine on highways, and I put a new speaker system in it for music

- Matt V

Honda Accord 2003 is amazing!!

I love my car because it is very reliable. Never quits. Strong motor and tranny. Honda’s live forever they say and mine is now at 230, 000 miles still running strong. I will have my car forever at this rate and I am happy with that. Yay for Honda’s because I'll never go back to another kind of car.

- Crystal W

Ex, comfortable seats and plenty of room. Moon roof which I love.

Electric windows are the worst about this vehicle. Everything else has been good. I will buy another Honda next time I get a car. Would try an SUV possibly next time. I will always but a used Honda. They still off good warranties. You can get good used vehicles with low mileage and they still last.

- Patricia L

I would say that overall my car is Trustworthy and Durable.

My car has been very reliable over all of these years that I have owned it. I believe Honda makes a quality car that is well worth the price due to the durability of the car. I can say that I have not had any major problems with my car. If and when I purchase another car, it will be a Honda Accord.

- Yvonne F

It is one of my best purchases, when it comes to vehicles.

I have very few complaints about my Honda Accord. It's a great reliable vehicle. The only recall was the airbags, which were replaced by the dealership. Have had no major, out of the ordinary repairs/maintenance on my vehicle. I would recommend a Honda Accord, and stand behind my recommendation.

- Sherry L

My best reliable car is a Honda Accord.

The performance for my Honda is excellent is like when you drive it feels like your floating on air it rides real smooth do not have to push hard for brakes I can fill up my car and it will last for a month and almost a week until it needs more it is the best car I could have ever invested in.

- Tamara W

My beautiful decent burgundy sunroof Honda accord

It's a reliable car it's a burgundy red color the ace works very well so does the heat. The only problem is that I need breaks and my steering fluid needs to be flushed out. I think my Honda accord is a pretty safe car and I know it will last me a long time. Also I love that it has a sunroof

- Sasha T

It is a reliable car, it has held up remarkable well over 15 years.

The car is reliable, it has not had to receive any work and it has over 100, 000 miles on it. The car is also comfortable and drives well. The only issue is that it is simply old and a newer car would be nice. Also the paint is starting to peel off on the front hood which looks pretty ugly.

- Devon R

Great gas mileage, runs great even at 100k miles & has very low upkeep required.

My Honda gets great gas mileage, plus it only takes about $35 to fill up my tank even when gas prices have reached $2. 95/gal. I love compact cars, it is also the perfect size for my family. It does great on long distant drives as well and gets more miles to the gallon compared to our SUV.

- Alicia J

It is pretty good on gas, however the clock does not work.

My vehicle that I currently have is my first one and I have had it for five years now. The battery has gone out on me twice and the alternator as well all within a year and half. I feel like it is somewhat cursed and always has something wrong with it and I would just like something new.

- Mackenzie M

Very reliable daily driver that requires very little upkeep.

Other than basic maintenance on the vehicle, it is been a very reliable driver and haven't had any major issues. The interior has taken the brunt of the war. The headliner fabric has started pulling away from the backing and I have had to pin it back so it does not block my rear window.

- Michael H

It's a good, solid car, reliable, economical but not necessarily fancy.

It's been very reliable, no major mechanical issues. It looks good. It doesn't have a ton of safety features because it's from 2003. It only has 2 doors, so it would be more convenient if it was a 4-door. It's a 5-speed manual transmission which is fun to drive....I hate automatics.

- Steve W

Wonderful 2003 Honda Accord

The car has been very reliable. It's currently past 100,000 miles and still runs perfect. We recently had to replace the rotors, calipers and brake pads. It's wonderful on gas until you need an oil change, then it guzzles the gas. As long as maintenance is kept up, it's a wonderful car.

- Cassidy C

The car is practical, spacious, smooth ride, is safe, and is decent on gas.

My only complaint is that the CD player breaks easily, and the fix is extremely expensive. This issue I heard has been a common issue with this particular vehicle. Otherwise, I love my car and it is a smooth ride, with safety in mind, spacious, decent on gas, and is a pleasure to own.

- Jessica S

Honda accords are great cars.

Honda accords are known for their reliability and they love up to this. Mine has some minor issues that are due mostly to the treatment if it by okay owners and to the age. One of my family's accords kept going for 250,000 miles with minimal repairs and was a great small family car.

- Hannah L

Good gas mileage, comfortable, worth the mop rice.

I love how it handles. It fits large people. Lasts forever. Very little goes wrong with it, air conditioner went out after very long having it. Mine has been great. Drives fun seating for 7s comfortable. Looks nice on the inside and out. Love the features. Gas mileage is great.

- Chris P

Very luxurious for an older Honda.

Few scratches and dents but nothing too terribly noticeable. Everything else is okay. Silver, two doors, all black leather interior, seat warmers, fairly spacious, sunroof, very reliable (I have driven it back and forth from Texas to florida 5 times since november 2018).

- Jordan T

Honda: The best car for the best overall price.

This is a great fuel economy vehicle. The performance and reliability are what makes this a great car for everyone. The maintenance is affordable and it can be repaired by any auto shop as it does not require specialized services. It's a great car to have for everyday use.

- Dana N

Great vehicle for family work and traveling.

There isn't any problems I have with the car the performance is heat reliability is above average the vehicle is very comfortable and love all the features it included it's nothing really fancy but its not a junk car either. . . I would recommend for a family type vehicle.

- Heather O

Love the sunroof and heated seats. Has a navigation system.

I personally love my car haven't had any problems with it and has over 2000000 miles. I love that it has a navigation system built into it to get me place to place. It has a sunroof and leather seats that heat up. A garage door opener that you can program to your garage.

- Cassaundra W

Honda accord: a reliable way to travel.

The only problem I have had with my vehicle was a hole in the tire, which was probably from driving over a nail or something. Other than that, it has been totally reliable and has gotten me where I need to go. It is been extremely easy to maintain with no real problems.

- Rachel S

Performance. Reliability. Honda.

Very reliable and comfortable. Plenty of power from the 3. 0 v6 engine mated with the 6 speed manual transmission. Well balance of power, comfort, and reliability. I'd buy this car all over again and be comfortable spending even more money. I'd recommend this to anyone.

- Leon W

Great Endurance, long life, not great in the snow

This car has held up really well as it is very high in mileage. My windshield wiper motors/arms went out at 175,000 miles and those are expensive and difficult to fix. It has lasted many road trips through college and weekend trips home. Not great with the snow and ice.

- Kate W

It's a very clean car. I keep up with it, so that it looks presentable and my friend are comfortable in it

I do like that it's four door, great on gas, and that it's in the color I prayed for. It's a bit older, so it does have some mileage on it. I keep up with it, as did the primary owners did. It's a comfortable vehicle and I feel safe in and with anyone who rides with me.

- Jenesa B

Beautiful and reliable driving machine.

The 2003 Honda Accord has an extremely comfortable interior with spacious seating and trunk space while being compact for tight spaces. It plays radio, CD, and tapes for a wide variety of entertainment. It is a very dependable car and has lasted well through the years.

- Hannah D

Good drive, minimum maintenance.

Reliable car, just needs maintenance due to wear and tear. High mileage, great for families or anyone who does not want to spend time and money in parts and repairs. If I were to get a brand new car it would most likely be a Honda again since this cars are so reliable.

- Janice R

the initial acceleration after a stop is like a jump. No matter how smoothly the pedal is pressed, it is not particularly smooth at first.

This is my first automatic transmission, which I really appreciate for dealing with the NoVA traffic, especially since I am still learning to drive. However, since it is such an old car, there are a few non-essential things that no longer function, which are annoying.

- Cat H

My Honda is amazing and I absolutely love the body style and interior

My car is very reliable it runs great I haven't had very many issues with it I've had it for about 5 years and I must say the engine on it is amazing it's good on gas it's an amazing car Hondas are definitely the way to go from the tires to the engine down to the gas

- Jozette A

Great vehicle! Rarely any problems

I love my Honda. It has lasted over 15 years with 2 owners, one is my grandma. It is a V4 so is kinda slow picking up but i've had rarely any problems with it. It's a comfortable ride and is nice on the inside for an old car. I would recommend it to someone for sure.

- Rachel S

My car may seem kind of old and it doesn't have the fanciest of features, but it is very reliable and comfortable to drive.

My vehicle is older, but it gets me from point A to point B. The air conditioning and radio don't work correctly, but aside from that, it is a good, reliable car that I don't have to dump a lot of money into. It requires minimal maintenance and is easy to drive.

- Kate B

Why I love my car. It is easy to drive, and cleans up well.

I love my car. It is pretty good on gas. It is pretty reliable. The cost of maintaining it has not been too bad. It is a smooth riding vehicle. While I must buy a new battery and I have a slow leak in one of my tires. Other than that I am satisfied with my car.

- William V

03 Honda Accord Ex Coupe-great car

Great car, must use Honda replacement parts (ie... starter,etc), must use Honda power steering fluid. Runs good even with a lot of miles. I bought my car with 199,990 miles on it and its still running pretty good at 246,000 miles. It has a rebuilt transmission.

- Shay B

Another reliable sedan from Honda.

My car is reliable, good speed and acceleration for it is year. It has great gas mileage, I think somewhere around 30 miles per gallon. It is not a loud car on the road, sunroof is good when it is hot. I upgraded the music system because that is my preference.

- Dimitri V

Gas saver! Easy to drive and can take you to places!

Good on gas and mileage! Easy to drive and convenient to travel to places! Love driving Honda! Good for traveling with family of 5. It has not broken down or have any problems with it. Easy to change oil as well. Couldn't find a better car than a Honda accord!

- Julie Y

No Bluetooth music in the car.

There is no Bluetooth in the car so you have to use a FM transmitter to play music from your phone which could be a pain sometimes. I also enjoy the sunroof on my car I use it a lot and gives the car a nice vibe. Car works great and smooth for an older model.

- John S

Amazing on gas and very comfortable.

We have problems with our radio light. But the car is great on gas! And it is very cozy inside with lots of room! It is a decent car for being 2003. I love the color. We have only had the car for about a month maybe. So there is still so much for us to learn.

- Tera G

The best thing about my car is that it is reliable.

Buy now my vehicle does not have any problems the performance is very good it runs good it is good on gas very liable I feel comfortable like at home in my car I have a I have a CD player and a couple of ac adapters no AUX cord and the windows are automatic.

- Mary H

Honda Accord is a very reliable family sized car.

It is a very reliable car mechanically. I have had three Honda Accords and have had almost no problems at all. It has good gas mileage. It is a medium sized car which is perfect for most families. One problem I have had is the paint has started to peel off.

- Bonnie M

Oil loss in 2003 Honda Accords.

I was losing oil and couldn't figure out what the problem was but then my engine blew. Which really was disappointing because I have had so much luck with Honda’s in my past. After a newer used engine my car has been awesome and is no longer losing oil.

- Melissa L

The best car I have ever had.

Never have any problems with my Honda accord. It is so reliable getting me distant places such as back and forth to school in Missouri over 300 miles away. The car is very good on gas. The tires are fantastic. I almost never have to take it into the shop.

- Darrell D

Total truth about Honda's!

Even though it is an older model, it has been a great car. You could drive it forever if you take care of it. I have 250k miles. Moon roof, not a lot of extras because of the age. I would definitely consider buying another and it dad 35k when I bought it.

- Patti L

My car is reliable as long as you take care of it.

I bought my car used so i do not like that my struts are broken and i need all four new tires. I also do not like how i have to change the oil so often because it is an older car. What i do like is that it is reliable and seems to get decent gas mileage.

- Jennifer S

Good gas mileage- 30 mpg on highway

It gets good gas mileage- above 30 mpg on highway and about 20 mpg around town. It's very reliable. We have around 250k miles on it and it's still going strong. Features- sunroof, power windows, 6 disc CD player, dual sided a/c, heated seats, key fob.

- Jessica C

Perfect car for single person or small family 1 maybe 2 kids.

I love my car its perfect good on gas drives perfect never broke down on the side of the highway is a little small in the back seat when I have my nieces and nephews wish it had nicer features but put in a radio that has Bluetooth so its perfect for me.

- Sarah Z

We have a 2003 Honda Accord sedan v6. Silver in color.

This is a good running car. There have been no major issues other than windows not going up and down properly, and we have problems with the headlights. They aim down so we cannot see at night very good, even though they have been turned all the way up.

- Anna E

I hear they max out 300k miles easily.

Greg gas mileage. Runs and drives smoothly. No issues so far and has 120k miles. This car has no problems getting up to speed and is very reliable. Honda is a great brand and trustworthy id recommend them to anyone. Cold air conditioning and hot heat.

- Kara H

Reliable after 16 years of service.

Few problems, performs adequately and reliably, is comfortable. Could be more up-to-date on features, for example Bluetooth radio and rear-facing camera. But all systems still work well despite age. I would purchase another Honda Accord in the future.

- Erin C

It has a cool feature (literally) that allows you to use the key fob to roll down all the windows; that is nice on the hottest of days.

With more than 200k miles, it has been very reliable. It has a few wear and tear issues and dents or scratches, but it serves us well. I wish it didn't have running lights. I would like to be able to turn off all the lights when parked, but I cannot.

- Joe L

Best purchase ever. Honda for the win.

I have a Honda accord. Very reliable. When I purchase my next car it will be a Honda. I have not had any issues with it. Only in the last year. But the car is older so I expect the starter and alternator to go out. But no real problems initially

- Ladee M

Hondas are very dependable, long lasting, vehicles

I worked at a Honda dealer and became very familiar with the Honda. I bought my Honda used with 13,000 miles. It now has 145,000 miles. I have loved this car. Very reliable, comfortable car. I believe it has another 100,000 miles to go.

- Lori S

Runs great after over 10 years.

I love my car despite that it's getting old. I don't like that replacement rear bumpers are generic and have a punch out for a second exhaust that my car doesn't have. I wish the factory sound system displayed two lines for XM radio.

- bob S

It performs well, but it is so easy for others to break into this car.

The car is not really to big, but it can fit a small family perhaps. If you have babies, having a car seat and this car wouldn't be ideal because it does not have a lot of space. It is a great car if you are single or have a partner.

- Vivian C

My Honda is very reliable and can get me to all places I need to get to.

I like my car and how reliable it has been. I feel like that I may need a different type of vehicle later down the road that could handle the winters better. Even though I like my car, I think it's time to consider an AWD vehicle.

- Karen P

This vehicle is very reliable and is perfect for a first-time driver.

I have had this vehicle since high school. The vehicle is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. The car has not had many issues since I got the vehicle, the only real issues are from maintenance that is needing to be done.

- Erin H

How reliable they are and how they keep their value.

Bought this car for my son over 10 years ago. After a few years it is now my primary car and I am also getting ready to hand it over to my 16 yr. old son. It is reliable and has not given me any issues. Honda’s last forever!

- Roberta V

They are worth the money! Do the maintenance and it will last you for years!

Best vehicle I have ever owned! I have only had to replace the starter and alternator in the 15 years that I have owned it. It has over 300,000 miles on it and I would get in and drive it 2000 miles right now with no question.

- Rebel J

It is a 4 cylinder not a rocket with a V6. Gets great fuel mileage.

Have 176,000 miles. Been very reliable. Had to replace the alternator and the starter motor. September of 2017, the air conditioner compressor locked up. Lost my job this past April, so I have not replaced the compressor yet.

- Steven N

The brake rotors have a bit of wear. I need to get them replaced

It's a relatively old car with over 220,000 miles on it. I like how reliable it is. Sure, I have to maintain it better since it's an old car, but it still runs well. The only thing I dislike is the tape player doesn't work.

- Ryan J

Honda seems to be very dependable.

Very dependable. I am having issues with my windows rolling down by themselves. This happens at random times and it is all four at the same time. Mechanically it seems to be pretty sound. I have owned it for about 2 years.

- Bronco B

It is a safe reliable vehicle.

I love how smooth my car drives. It does not make any weird noises. I do not like that it does not have dual air conditioning but it is something that is easy to live with. I also do not like that there is not an aux port.

- Hope S

It's great on gas and it drives great even for an old car.

I love that my car is great on gas. Also my car is a Honda so I know it will last for awhile even though it's 15 years old! I dislike that it does not have an aux cord port. Other than that I don't have any issues so far.

- Paige B

Dependability as I have never had a major engine problem nor costly repair

I like its dependability. No surprises. Getting high on mileage now and still runs great. I don't care for black interior and I find it difficult to clearly see out back window due to its small size, headrests in the way.

- Carolyn W

If you are small in stature, it helps to use your mirrors regularly.

I can depend on the Honda accord reliability. I seldom have problems and if I do, they are repaired to my satisfaction. My car is 14 years old but it still looks stylish and more importantly, the performance is spot on.

- Carol L

It does exactly what Its suppose to do.

My car is black stock wheels still the same car it was when I bought I only use it to go to work and back home I take great care of it It's almost time for an oil change I love my car because it is very dependable.

- Christopher R

Honda Accords are incredibly reliable. Expect to drive one for the long-haul.

It's been incredibly reliable over the years. It runs really well and I've only had to do the usual regular maintenance to keep it running. My only gripe is that the paint is chipping off, but it has been 15 years.

- Joe N

That is still is a good running car after all these years.

My Honda is a good running, riding car. It's go on gas in city and the highway. My car has a moon/sun roof top. I know my car year is 2003 but its size and style are in comparison to the newer model Honda/Accords.

- Teressia B

This is the most reliable car.

I have had my car for twelve years and it has almost 200, 000 miles on it. Most of the issues I have had were more of a maintenance issue. The only real problem I have had was having to have my starter replaced.

- Alan G

I am at 180,000 miles and it still runs great very little problems.

I like the color and seats. I also like the fact on how reliable it is for a family and the longevity of the car. I do not like how easily my stereo broke. I had the care for about 1 year before my stereo went.

- Stephanie C

The most important thing others should know about my car, is that it has lasted a long time.

I like the reliability of the car and the engine power. I like the speakers that come with the car. I don't like the air conditioning that came with the car, it is not very powerful and slow to get cold.

- steve S

Very reliable. Worth it holds its value. Also easy to maintain

I love my honda because it is very easy to work on maintenance wise and I can clearly find everything I need for my vehicle in every mechanic shop. It's been very reliable also comfortable leather seats.

- Angelina M

It is dependable and it is safe. You don't have to worry about it when you get in

I like that it is reliable. I know that when I get in it I am going to get where I need to go. I also like that it is safe. That's extremely important. I also like that it is easy to provide maintenance

- N M

It is good on has it rides good it is durable it is a good car

I love my Honda the only problem is this model has a bunch of recalls wiring harness seatbelt key ignition and aier bags,I have had this car since 2003 it has been a great car u always recommend a honda

- Jessica T

It's just very reliable, easy to take care of and with great gas mileage.

It's a very reliable car, runs smoothly, is comfortable, speedy, has good gas mileage. It barely every needs repairs. Just the radio light has been broken and it's too expensive/not worth replacing.

- Doreen M

It is a great car for the age and the amount I paid for it. I rarely have issues with mechanical repairs and it is 15 years old.

I like the automatic features on it for it being an older car. It runs well and I have only had minor mechanical issues. I dislike the radio system in it and also the defrost doesn't work very well.

- Michelle P

It is worth the money. It runs for a really long time.

I love my car, but the engine light recently came on and it costs over 1000 dollars to correct the problem. Also, there is a leak in the oil. Other than that, it drives nice and never lets me down

- Infiniti O

Comfortable, nice driving car with the basic bells and whistles.

It's comfortable to drive and has a great stereo. It has power windows and door locks with an alarm. It needs a new paint job and has a few small dings but other than that it looks pretty good.

- Dianne B

It will stand the test of time.

I love the way it looks, coupled with the fact that the vehicle is durable and efficient. I also enjoy the sporty ride it offers, plus it has a great sound system. Overall, it is a great vehicle.

- Rachelle C

Do the oil change every 5 months instead of 3 months. This car goes a long way without oil change.

The car interior is very comfortable and the seat covers are made of leather. Have been driving the car for 4 years and had no engine problem. 36 miles per gallon makes this car very reliable...

- Bruno d

It is a super reliable car. It has gone on many trips including heavy gravel roads. It always runs smooth no matter where I'm at.

I love this car so much. As long as you keep up on regular maintenance it runs forever. I have the LX version which comes with heated leather seats, a sunroof and the stock sound system is nice.

- Eric C

200k+ miles and it is still going strong! It does not drive like a brand new car, but it certainly does not drive like a 15 year old car.

I like it is very dependable. It has over 200k miles on it and still going. It is comfortable and the engine is still strong. When something goes wrong it is usually not too expensive of a fix.

- Michael N

I take care of my vehicle. It is reliable and I wouldn't hesitate to take it on a long trip.

I bought my Honda new in 2002. It has over 200000 miles without a major repair. Until it decides o fall apart I will continue to drive it. When and if that happens I will buy another Honda.

- George L

Car that lasts a long time.

Check engine light is on, headlights are too dim, car key is dying, tires are getting flat, battery sounds like it is dying on ignition, but it gets me from point A to point B. 200k+ miles.

- Ben P

My car is very dependable in all types of weather.

I love the dependability of my vehicle. The gas mileage is excellent. I also like the fact that the repairs are quite reasonable. My favorite aspect of my Honda Accord is the resale value.

- David M

The Honda Accord is a timeless vehicle. I love the fact that it can use aftermarket parts.

It was running great for many years. It seems like nice it hit 200k miles, that's when all of the issues arose. I know it is old but I am really taking care of it to last me much longer.

- Cin M

The miles on the odometer are higher than the miles on the actual engine.

My car has been very reliable over the years. It's paid for and I don't owe any payments. I did have to buy a new engine and am still making minor repairs from time to time due to age.

- Meghan S

It is a reliable car and will get you where you need to go.

I like that my car gets me where I need to go. It has a large trunk which is nice. I would however like a minivan since there is more seating and storage available and the doors slide.

- Emma P

Great Vehicle, would recommend

My car is a 2003 Honda Accord with almost 194,000 miles on it and it has been the best care I have ever had. I have only had a few minor repairs since I bought it twelve years ago.

- Robert G

Lasting and reliable: never need another brand

It's generic, but it runs well and if there are issues I know that they won't be too hard to fix. It drives well too. I generally just like Hondas. Nothing flashy, but reliable.

- Min O

I depend on the car and try to take care of it. It's an older vehicle so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles like the newer vehicles, but to be honest, I love it!

I like that the car is dependable and low maintenance. I have owned 2 cars and both of them were Honda Accords so that's a testament! I don't have any complaints about the car.

- Deb S

No frills fuel efficient car.

I really like my car, and am loyal to the brand. I like the size a lot - I feel that it is perfect for the city. I like the gas mileage, but I feel it could be slightly better.

- Maggie H

I think has anti lock brakes and they work very well.

I like the mileage I get from it. I like the ride and comfort it has. The A/C cools quickly. I like the turning radius it has. I really don't have any complaints about the car.

- Wesley B

Brian's 2003 Honda Accord.

No problems from a 15 year old car changed the brakes in the back runs great over 260, 000 miles on it and oil change is due front brakes and wipers blades passed inspection.

- Brian K

I love Honda!! I will recommend and it is safe!!

I love my Honda Accord it runs like of it came out yesterday bets trust fast and good car! I will recommend plus Honda it is one of those brands that will never let you down.

- Jeannette M

My vehicle is frugal savvy.

Only problems I have with my vehicle is mostly cosmetic, dent in the bumper, little spots inside the car, nicks in the paint, and there is a little tremble while steering.

- Bianca L

The car runs really well even though it's over 10 years old.

No real issues with the car. It's a used model so it has some issues stemming from that but I've found that it's one of the better cars I've owned. Could be better on gas.

- Robert S

It is a sedan, and runs ok, it is two doors, and is a bit louder.

It has low miles, which is what I like, but its old, and has rusted, breaks down on occasion and, and needs repairs, I have spent over $400 on repairs in the last 3 weeks.

- Luke M

It will last you a long time and be reliable.

It is durable, long lasting, minimal maintenance. Had one repair 3 years ago that cost about 1200$ but other than that things have been very minor even with a lot of use.

- Jordan C

It's still running after 15 years of use.

My mother’s car is very touchy on the breaks but overall it is a good relatable car. We haven't had many problems over the years with it and it is still in good shape.

- Emily D

It gets you to point A to point B and some.

The car’s comfortable and performs well. It is reliable for the most part. The main issues with the vehicle is probably the battery. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed.

- Jasmine A

Good car if the previous owner took care of it well

I have a manual and it is very empowering! This car was well taken care of by the previous owner. Only issue is that it burns gas but that is very normal for old cars

- Celena M

It is a modest and reliable car.

I dislike that the car is getting old and the radio does not work. The gas cap will not pop open at the push of a button anymore. I like that it still runs great!.

- Jen K

The one most important thing others should know is that it is a reliable car.

It's been very dependable. It is 15 years old and still going. Only minor repairs. One thing I do not like are the locks. Key will not turn in to unlock the doors.

- Natasha C

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that her name is Lola

My car is small which makes it very easy to park. It is older so there is no aux cord which I do not like. The engine runs smoothly even if I leave it for days.

- megan m

It is not a horrible car if you are on a tight budget.

i like the air conditioning, the ability to use the tape player for music. I dislike the random engine lights and other service lights that go on for no reason.

- Christopher C

Good on gas gets good gas mileage I just love Honda.

I love the gas mileage a fact that it is a 5 speed also the color the AC works great car drives good Honda's are very reliable car if you take care of them.

- Manuel M

Hailey my Honda. I love her.

I love my Honda. I bought it used a few years ago to travel to and from work. My transmission did go out at one point but other than that it's pretty great.

- Indya H

I have over 200,000 miles on it.

I like the gas mileage and dependability. I dislike the paint is peeling on the bumper. I dislike the steering wheel is deteriorating and exposing metal.

- Bryan N

It gets great mileage and great on gas.

I love everything about it except that it's getting older. Runs great. It's been reliable and drives so smooth. And even though its older it looks stylish.

- Debra S

The Honda Accord: A Reliable Machine The car manages to prove father time wrong. Not only has it held up from a driving perspective but it also refuses to look dated.

My Honda Accord is extremely reliant. With excess of 200,000 miles, it still drives like many of the newer cars today, and continues to exceed its value.

- Jason G

Great gas mileage on both highway and stop and go.

Easy to handle. Small enough to park easy but big enough to hold 4 adults comfortable. But it's a little low to the ground so getting out can be trying.

- tammy b

It is extremely reliable.

Lasted forever, has never broken down or had a transmission issue. The locks sometimes do not work and the automatic windows sometimes do not roll down.

- Aby H

It has less than 100k miles on it, it can go fast and the cd player/ tape deck is broken

My current vehicle is old, but reliable. It has low mileage and no accidents but has some structural damage below from the terrible streets in my city.

- Elise C

My Honda Accord is a safe reliable car with only a few minor drawbacks.

The traction has gone out many times. But all in all it is a reliable car. It is a safe car. It is an older car but it does the trick. Would recommend!

- Sydney W

It is good on gas especially on the highway.

I like the mileage and how it handles on the road. I don't like when my cart hesitates when I put it in gear and also I want one with a sunroof in it.

- John A

The coupe version of the Accord has near zero legroom in the back.

It is extremely reliable, it never broken down. The car now has over 200, 000 miles, and the five speed manual transmission makes it a blast to drive.

- Daniel P

There is no recalls on it.

My car is reliable and gets me to where I have to be. I have owned previous Honda cars before and find the brand great. I have no dislikes of my car.

- Elizabeth B

Honda Accord, very reliable.

Love my car, very dependable. Never have had any problems with it. Very safe. Plenty of legroom. Nice size trunk. lt is a great vehicle in the snow.

- Sherry K

The most important thing to know about my car is that it's a Honda.

I like my car because it's a stick shift. It's also a fast car which I like. I also like that it has a nice interior. I don't like that it eats gas.

- Kailey F

This car gets great mileage and the maintenance is very easy

Keep maintenance done and my car will last forever. I still get great mileage and it runs great. the only problem I have is that the A/C is broken

- amber d

A luxury car at an affordable price.

This car is very comfortable to sit in - all the controls are very accessible. The engine is quiet and provides great power. I love the moon roof.

- Wayne A

6 speed manual honda accord

I bought the car with 206000 miles, and have put 14000 on it with no problems except with the ball joint. It's been the best car i have ever owned

- Luke H

Black Honda, seats are very comfortable, has a great sunroof

The great features are how big the tank is, it lasts long, and with a full tank you can go driving for about two weeks without filling it back up

- Elizabeth G

It has good gas mileage. It occasionally overheats but it is very dependable.

I like the gas mileage and dependability. The space is just the right amount and it is an easy drive. I dislike some of the problems due to age.

- Matti C

Overall runs well. There was a recall on the water brake.

Very dependable car, easy to do maintenance work on. It has a dated body style, and the paint is peeling, plus the wheels do not look very good.

- Larry M

Runs very good on gas and it runs on regular gas. Don't necessarily have to use mid-grade or premium.

I love the size, able to hold 5 adults very comfortably. I love the comfortable, smooth ride. Runs very good on gas despite having a V6 engine.

- Minnie C

If you take care of this car it will take care of you. Good looking car.

The car is great. Gas mileage handles great acceleration stopping all the bells and whistles. I love this car. Only thing better a newer year.

- Greg K

It has oil issues so make sure to check it every once in awhile

It runs very smoothly without too many issues. The one problem I have with it is that it burns through oil. Other than that it is a great car.

- Cory S

It works. And it gets me places. That is pretty much it.

It is not as visually appealing as I'd like. Paint problems & does not drive as well as it used to. Wheels are old need to be replaced soon.

- Mel A

It is high mileage, 200 thousand miles.

For starters it is a 2003 with high mileage and I have never had any major issues. The ac works great during the summer. Works like a charm.

- Beatrice R

Great Car that runs amazing

It is a great car that has no problems running and it is also amazing on gas. The one downfall is that there is no bluetooth in this model.

- John S

Good gas mileage, runs good, very comfortable

It's silver, has a 4 cylinder engine with vtec. The motor runs very well, I've used it as my daily commenter and it's a very reliable car.

- Anthony M

Love the sunroof and the sleek look of it and the radio.

It's a little hard to get in and out of. And if you are short like me and you have a standard then it's a little hard to reach the clutch.

- Jessica N

It is a great car. It has lasted me so many years. I plan to keep it a couple more years.

I have had very few problems with the car. It has been very reliable. The engine is a four cylinder so it does not have much performance.

- Nick C

Navigation and Bluetooth for hands free driving and also has a backup camera.

I love how it looks, very sporty looking.. It has lasted very long with few problems.. Wish it was not so old, currently 13 years old..

- Jennifer K

It is simple saves gas gets you there safe.

I like that is saves gas. It never fail. I hate that the radio is kinda broken and the car is rusting. I like that it goes pretty fast.

- Edgar E

High tech, seat warmers, and modern amenities

The overall performance is really solid. The engine is quiet, the amenities are high tech, and other package options have great choices

- Gordon D

my car year and model is rated as one of the worst and most troubled of hondas

My car has many issues, leaks motor and power steering fluid. the right passenger window no longer works. I wouldn't buy my car again

- Tosha W

The way the transmission keeps slipping in and out of gear.

Gear skips transmission problems and many more things that happens to this car. The comfort on the inside of the car is great though.

- Candace D

That it may not be the newest car on the market but it is a good reliable vehicle .

My Honda Accord is a metallic navy color vehicle . It has leather heated seats . It is good on gas mileage and is a reliable vehicle.

- Charity T

That it's a great well made car and will last a long time.

Love the car. Don't like the angle of the windshield as it is difficult to clean. It's getting older now and needs more maintenance.

- Aurora M

To me the most important thing is it has great gas mileage.

It is very sturdy and reliable. Is my first car and has never given me any major issues. I have had it for 6 years. Good gas mileage.

- Louisa E

The vehicle has been well maintained and has about 179,000 miles on it.

Although the car is 15 years old, it is very reliable. The seats and everything are very comfortable as the seat heater still works.

- Alexis E

it gets me to work and back...it'll also get me to my vacation spot

reliable. don't like old radio, no bluetooth. pretty good gas mileage, good acceleration, solid braking, handles like a sports car

- antonio p

It has a great reputation for reliability.

I like my accord because it gets mileage and i rarely have a mechanical problem. I do not like that the paint has been peeling off.

- Bonnie L

Always pay your car insurance and get your safety check. drive with your license.

The air conditioning doesn't work. That's lame. The ceiling clue has come apart and now hangs from the top. At least it's running.

- Chantel W

Honda Accord great for the lazy person.

No real issues other than normal wear and tear. Only problem is with my ac compressors. And I am not great at routine maintenance.

- Ernie L

It's mine and I'll drive it till it dies

It is a great reliable car and has given me no trouble since I've owned it. It has 171,000 miles on it and is still going strong!

- Marilyn F

It has lasted over 15 years with few issues.

The vehicle has been reliable for many years. It has not broken down and has many helpful features. I really like the longevity.

- Rob Y

Efficient four door sedan style.

Rather comfortable ride, quiet and efficient gas mileage. Seat warming is really nice and love the sunroof option on warm days.

- ivy H

The most important thing to know about my car is that it's dependable.

I like it because it is very dependable. It has great gas mileage and it is easy to drive. Overall I will give it a 5 out of 5.

- Ricardo B

Plenty of room for a family of 7. The back seat folds down for storage, easy to talk out middle seats as well.

They a.c in the vehicle doesn't work most the time. The steering is starting to mess up. Other than that i have no complaints.

- April H

Looking for a car get you a Honda accord

Has great a.c and heat.Nice factory speakers.Great on gas.Great family car.Older model cars are better than the newer model.

- Brittany W

It is very reliable, and it is a very trusted model.

It is a reliable car, it has a good mpg rate. It is compact and easy to drive. It has some cosmetic issue but I love my car.

- Jae A

The car is reliable. Little engine problems. Check the oil level weekly. .

Easy to drive. The car is reliable. Dislike there’s no aux cable. I like the sunroof. Good on gas mileage. Smooth to ride.

- Gabby K

My car is a very reliable source of transportation.

I really like my car. It is a great vehicle to drive. It is very reliable. I can always depend on it. I really like my car.

- Meredith S

My Honda is very reliable even though it is 15 years old

My vehicle is good on gas. It helps me to get around everywhere I need to and is very reliable. My car is very comfortable.

- Tia D

It runs good so that makes it reliable.

Like the fact that it is got a great reputation to last. Complaints are a lot of little things went wrong at the same time.

- Karin R

If you keep with the upkeep, you can have a reliable car for a long long time.

It's an awesome Car! Honda's are reliable and long lasting. They are a pleasure to drive and are the least to depreciate.

- Reynaldo Z

250K miles and counting (normal for a maintained Honda)

250000 miles and never a problem. Just do normal maintenance ( change oil as required). I will recommend Honda to everyone

- Basho E

Smokey grey gloss paint job.

My Honda runs like a beauty, especially for how old it is. I get great gas mileage and rarely have issues with my vehicle.

- Erica S

You can drive them forever.

No, i love it. I would love a new one. I like everything about this car. Hondas are the best. Lots of miles and runs well.

- Patti D

It is the perfect size for me.

It is a used old car so I never know what's going to happen to it. Also the radio lights are only sometimes lit at night.

- Morgan K

This car is dependable and a solid investment for transportation.

For the year, my Honda Accord is reliable and dependable. Its is easy to maintain and performs like a newer model year.

- Jay M

Reliable vehicle that can last if maintained

Very little maintenance required. Fuel efficient and handles well despite a 2.4L motor. I wouldn't mind a bit more power

- Richard K

the immortal car that runs forever

honda accord is a fine car and runs good even though the high mileage. it can run good no matter how high is the mileage

- soufiane a

It's gotten me back and forth between Dallas and San Antonio several times. I drove my friends everywhere in that car.

It's old and has been breaking down a bit. The air conditioning has gone out 3 summers in a row. It's pretty messed up.

- Jewelian S

It is a very safe dependable and reliable car to get me from point a to b.

The engine runs good. I have over 225,000 miles on it. The Rotors on the car need replaced and there is no skid plate

- Franklin S

That it is surprisingly quick and that it has good gas mileage

Honda's are very reliable cars even when they are as old as mine. They also get great gas mileage and have comfy seats.

- Cooper B

That my car does not come with an auxiliary cord input port.

I love my vehicle. I have had no problems out of my car since I have had it. Not to mention it is a big gasoline saver.

- Marl R

incredibly reliable car, that will not let you down

I love my car. It's a great size, very reliable and looks nice. Totally worth the money and the maintenance is worth it

- FN L

The most aggravating feature is the radio which will lock if battery is removed.

My car was purchased from a family member not a car lot. It was given the once over at our local garage and sold to me.

- Ashley K

It gets great gas mileage, it is reliable, and they last forever

My vehicle is very reliable. The only problems i have had with it have been personal and not because of the car itself

- Lacey C

Long lasting performances

It does not give me much trouble. It still drive smoothly after some maintenance. I help others together with my car.

- Furanki C

That it is fast and still runs smoothly.

I like the color. I like the seats. I like the smooth ride. I like the brakes. What i dislike is the steering wheel.

- Passion R

The most important thing others should know about my Honda is that it is a nice beginner car for teenagers to have and will last years with proper care.

I like how compact my car is. I like the gas mileage I get from my car. I dislike how my car looks from the outside.

- Marc G

It has a lot of miles on it but it still gets me where I need to go.

I like it because it reliable. I don't like it because it is old. It is pretty and it has seat warmers that I like.

- Olivia E

has 250,000 plus miles on it and still ticking like a time machine.

Accord has all the bells and whistles I need. It is very dependable and good gas mileage. These cars last forever!

- larry A

It's very dependable, and really safe, and that's all I have to say about that.

The paint is chipping. The weather gets really hot. The stereo has no Bluetooth. There's no USB to plug in a phone.

- Brad M

It is not very fancy, but is reliable and drives smoothly.

The car is fantastic and reliable. I have not had any problems with it, and it is relatively old. I love this car.

- Lizzy N

The 04 Dodge Durango do have recalls for the air bags.

I love my Honda accord because its reliable a few oil changes, spark plugs and wires and it will last a lifetime.

- Pacer M

Make sure you ask about oil issues before buying this car.

This vehicle has oil issues. It burns oil really fast so we have to keep up on it. Other than that it's great.

- Carrie D

It's been through Hell and back with incredible resiliency.

My car has been in several accidents and has survived. It is old, but reliable. I hate that it has no aux cable.

- Kelly K

A fun hybrid car that packs a good punch with good gas mileage!

It's a hybrid so its better for the environment. Leather seats are a plus. Large trunk space. Good gas mileage.

- Jennifer C

Car gets good mileage smooth ride.

Excellent car. No complaints no major problems just regular maintenance only problem is clear coat is peeling.

- Gloria K

Hackers can get into it very easily if car does not have an alarm.

Performance is still good for being an old car. But the problem is there is not a lot of space within the car.

- Viviana C

The 2003 Honda Accord is a great gas and money saver, also very reliable vehicle.

Performance of the vehicle is great. I am getting roughly 26 mpg and it only takes about $20 to fill the tank.

- Shawn R

Great car must have for anyone

I have never had any problems with my car. It has 180000 miles and runes great. I will drive it until it dies.

- Drew C

It has been great while it lasted and has taken our family to many places.

I love that I have over 300,000 miles on the car however, it is falling apart and I am looking for a new car.

- Melodie L

2003 Honda Accord runs great, body is in good shape. Needs a little TLC.

Runs well even at 100 thousand miles. The interior did not hold up as well. Needs a new headliner and radio.

- Michele S

The ac works great and it runs well.

It is very reliable. Easy to fix. Best ac. I haven't had any real problems with it. It is scratches easily.

- Aria C

Very safe and reliable. Many airbags. Safety is key

I love the heated seats. It's very comfortable. I love all the airbags and how safe and reliable the car is

- Kaitlin S

My vehicle is very great with gas mileage.

I like my vehicle because it has some new tech. My car has a sunroof. The AC in my vehicle works very well.

- Diana B

It is a gold 2003 Honda Accord with a sunroof.

My car is okay it rides nice I just have to fix the windshield and there are some codes running on the car.

- Ryan D

It is a very reliable car.

I like my car because it is very reliable and has good gas mileage. I don't like my car because it is old.

- Bonnie A

Cute girly sporty great on gas

I love my car it is the best purchase I ever made, I don't regret it it is super reliable and great on gas

- Sophia T

Best on the market if u r looking for a good car that runs forever

I lI've my car relablible sleek not to many issues it's great definitely would consider purchasing another

- Brittany P

That it runs well and Honda makes the best automobiles.

It's the family vehicle that takes us to point a to b.it's a reliable car and still has good mileage on it

- Julie I

My car can drive pretty fast.

Gas is gone ASAP in my car. If things would stop breaking in my car that would be cool. And louder music.

- Ashley W

She has character and is reliable.

I like the design of the car and the room in it. I dislike the brakes in this car and how the car rides.

- Amanda F

that my car served us really well. it is a nice car

very good car. spacious. i would not want to change it. but now it is too old. so repairs are increasing

- Komban K

That it's paid for and its good on fuel and I have had the vehicle for 20 years.

I like that it is easy on fuel and I dislike that is an older vehicle. I wish I could afford a new one.

- Carla M

Great gas mileage, handles well, drives great and easy maintenance.

I love the look. The gas mileage is awesome. I like how it handles on the road. And the trunk is roomy.

- Donna M

An interesting detail is that I have a car

Sometimes I have to get things fixed which is normal I guess. It is just expensive getting things fixed

- Ashlyn B

They are great cars for beginners or someone who needs to take it easy.

This is a great vehicle if it is kept up. It is reliable and comfortable. It is also good on mileage.

- Kylah T

It is fuel efficient. I think the driver's area is too compact. The drivers seat does not have enough adjustments

It's fuel efficient which is very important. Fuel prices influence the type of kind of car I choose.

- chris m

Honda is a great company to purchase a car from because they are worth the money you put into it.

I love Hondas because they are great in the snow. I have owned 3 Hondas because they are so reliable.

- Nicole A

Honda Accord,Love sunroof

I bought my car used and I love it. It is comfortable to drive and nice features It is very reliable

- Christine C

It is not good on fuel mileage.

No complaints. I like the stability and the comfort of it. Very easy to maintain routine work on it.

- Brennan L

It has done very well for being so old!

It is getting older so it is breaking down more, but very reliable and it gets me from point A to B.

- Haley S

Safe reliable car that will get you anywhere

It is a good reliable car. I bought because of the safety features at the time.It has side airbags

- Tamara D

It is a good car to drive.

I like that it is easy to drive. It is roomy enough. Gets good gas mileage. Needs maintenance done.

- Shanella D

It is a great car for first time car buyers. I feel it is reliable, has good gas mileage and is a smooth ride. Over a several years engine trouble does seem to be a costly problem though.

Be prepared to put some money into fixing engine trouble but since it's a good car it is worth it.

- Leah C

It's completely reliable. I can go on a last minute road trip and not worry about breaking down.

I love Honda. I have never had any issues with it. It runs just as smooth as the day we bought it.

- Melissa J

It's basic transportation but that is all I need

It's old and the paint is bad. However, the engine is still fine and it has less that 125K miles

- David W

Everything I've come to expect from Honda

Really nice looking car. Fun to drive and good on gas. Has over 200,000 miles and still going.

- Alyssa R

Used less Gasoline good for a lot of Miles good Services good in my car Space

I loved my car. he is a very good car, never problems and always good service with the Honda.

- Herlyn F

They should know that the car is great on mileage, and is easy to maintain.

I LIKE the color of the car. I LIKE the streamlined look. I have no complaints about my car.

- Bex T

Even though it is an older model, it still is very dependable and gives you a smooth ride.

It's very dependable and is fun to drive. Also, it drives smoothly and makes me feel safe.

- Catherine S

Honda's last a long time and are reliable.

It has lasted a long time. It has been there for me. It still runs after years of use.

- Brooke W

That it is dependable. It gets pretty good gas mileage.

No complaints. I like that it has over 335,000 miles on it and it is still running.

- Donna H

It is an old car, so its constantly needing replacements.

It's a second hand car. It's always in the mechanic, it has more than 100 000 miles

- Clarisa O

The gas mileage is wonderful and it's a easy to take car of car.

Reliable and good economy. Wish it had a better radio but the speakers are good.

- Ian M

It has over 200 thousand miles on it and still performs well.

I like it, but it is getting old and it lacks the safety features of newer cars.

- Ellen K

Honda Accords are great on gas!

I like that it's good on gas and so far no major issues just want a newer one.

- Karen F

The car performs very well. The engine still works flawlessly though it is an old car. The design is also fashionable.

the engine works flawlessly and is still strong. the design is good-looking

- tin l

It is a family car and that's it. I have no us for any car that doesn't have a use

It is reliable. The car gets us where we want to go with good gas mileage

- Nunya B

My honda accord is old, and needs maintenance. I like the look of my honda, and I also like the color.

It is a good car. It has a lot of room in the back seats, and the trunk.

- Haley G

Honda is an awesome car, the best out there!

It's comfortable and reliable. It runs smoothly and has a great get-go.

- Hailey R

Something is always messing up with the car. The performance isn't that great for someone who commutes 45 Minutes

I think what people should know that's it's not really family friendly

- Yolanda M

Very safe and reliable and easy to drive. Also affordable

Great car, easy to drive, reliable. Older so it has a higher mileage


it is wonderful and a great car

It is very safe. It has comfortable seats. It is compact and secure.

- Mary K

that I bought it new and it is my primary vehicle.

it has been a great car for me = getting me from point a to point b

- Monica R

low cost in maintenance. cheap labor. low gas needed.

low cost. and very good driving. parts are cheap and easy to buy.

- naghmeh m

good car good value for the money, this car will last for a long time if you take care of it

very reliable and never had any problems. i like the gas mileage

- tiff b

Gas saver and affordable to maintain. Trustworthy

Affordable to maintain. Affordable to buy. Gas saver convenient

- Tracey P

It's old so the brake won't be as smooth as you would expect so be careful

It's still in working condition which is great. No complaints

- Malek M

This car is reliable, drives smoothly, easy tune-up. It's saves money on gas, V6 engines runs faster than a 4-cylinder engine. Go with leather seats, they are easier to clean up, if you kids.

It's saves money on gas, the exterior and interior is nice.

- Mary T

Dependable and reliable. It has had no problems since I bought it.

It is very dependable and I have had no problems with it.

- Amy C