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My car gets really good gas mileage.

My vehicle actually performs very well. It drives real good and you know saves gas at least $40 a week saves and I can go to school and back and have no problems in my school is only like 10 minutes away from my house. It really also gets really good gas mileage to where I am not always having to buy gas or fill up the tank if you like I said once every week. My car has not left me stranded or anything it really runs good it just I keep having to do after every certain amount of miles I do an oil change. The outside is like a baby blue and the inside also the interior is very nice and the seats in the front or they're like bucket seats and you can there's a lever so you can move them up or down and then another level where you can move it forward and backward and you can even under the seat you can shift it forward and backwards so that your feet can touch the pedals. All in all this car is really nice and it is really economical and it can get you to where you need to go plus it does not break down very much and I really do not have anything bad to say about him actually I love my car his name is Azul, meaning blue in Spanish.

- Maria M

I love my trusty Honda accord.

This is the second Honda accord I have owned. I would say in terms of reliability, it is a value you cannot beat. I put a lot of miles on my car-- a good 50k a year. But aside from routine oil changes & brake maintenance, the car never needs work. Day to day driving, it has a very comfortable ride, even for long road trips. Steering is tight & responsive. Maneuverability is excellent. Mine has a four-cylinder engine, but still is quite peppy; easy & quick acceleration. The interior is very comfortable, the back seat is roomy. The trunk is a veritable cavern. Mine has leather seats, seat warmers, & a sunroof... So it is particularly awesome. Honestly, I cannot think of a single thing that I would change or improve. Bottom line: I love my trusty accord. & if you get one, you will not regret it:-).

- Sarah C

High maintenance! Stylish, but pricey to keep up.

Let me begin by saying, I am a Toyota person! Honda is okay, but the maintenance fees to me are too high. I had my Toyota for over 16 years and until the last few years, I never had to spend the kind of money I have spent on the Honda. I take it to the dealership and I really believe they charge you for some unnecessary stuff at times. It is nothing for me to spend $200 -$300 or more every 3-4 months when I take it in for service. The car sounds super loud when the A/C is blowing, but other than that I have not really had any major problems. I have leather seats which are super hot in summer, and a sunroof which I love. It is an older model so it does not have bluetooth or a backing camera. However, to me, it is a stylish car, but I hope to get a newer one in the next couple of years.

- Josie L

Reliable and safe car for all.

The car I own has very good gas mileage. I am able to drive about 230 miles on a full tank of gas. It is a very reliable and easy car to take care of. I drive on a very frequent basis, and I have never had any problems with the car when I drive long distances. I have had a few problems with my oil. I would change it and then a few weeks later it would say that I my oil life was low already. After changing from synthetic oil to standard oil, the problem was solved. It is also a very comfortable car. The interior has cloth seats that are easy to clean. Along with the looks of the car it has a sunroof which is very nice and operates well. Overall the car is one that is very easy to take care of and also very reliable.

- Amanda L

The perfect all around car - road trips, city commuting, first car, and more.

I love this vehicle - even at well over 150, 000 miles it runs with absolutely no problems. It is a wonderful size for getting around, parking in the city, and long road trips. The gas mileage is wonderful too. One thing that I do not like is the shape of the windshield and the two lines on either side that separate it from the front windows -visibility could be improved upon. I have never experienced a crack in the windshield, even when I know that rocks have flown up and hit it. This car has seen everything - muddy dogs in the back seat, kids, food spills, and more and it always cleans up nice no matter what. It is a great all around vehicle, and has been the perfect "first car" for me.

- Margaret E

I am in love with my 2007 Honda accord.

My car is so reliable and comfortable. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to see the road in front of me because of the dashboard but they have a lever in which I can lift the seat up and down to my comfort. Weirdly enough to say, this car has helped me with my parking. My car has automatic start which is very convenient when I am trying to hurry up and rush to my class on a cold day especially since I do not have the time to sit there and wait for it to warm up. . This is the first car that I feel in love with. And getting the problems fixed, which you will barely get, will be cheaper than most cars. If you are also looking for a little speed, this is the car you need.

- Shi D

I love that this vehicle has many little compartments.

Personally I love driving this car, it makes commuting easy and comfortable. I always enjoy a smooth ride, that uses up very little gas. I often drive long distances, and I prepare by filling up the tank, it usually will last me up to 4 days driving over 150 miles a day. The air conditioner is perfect on hot humid days, and the heater doesn't take long to get the car warm in the winter. The trunk is spacious, and the interior of the car is very comfortable. It's an easy car to clean, both inside and out. I have enjoyed every second of driving in this car. There is nothing to worry about as long as you keep up with regular maintenance.

- Casey C

Highly recommended Honda Accord. A vehicle for anybody and everybody who is looking for a stylish and comfortable vehicle to buy. Love my Hi Honda Accord!

Reliable, good on gas, and easy to maintain. Got the vehicle for a good price and has a high resale value. It has spacious excellent interior quality. The car is fun to drive and has excellent engine performance. As long as I have had the vehicle, it runs great and gives me no problems. I also like the exterior design of the vehicle, sporty and stylish. The vehicle also provides a smooth and comfortable ride. I would recommend this vehicle to any one who is interested in buying a Honda Accord for their next vehicle. You will enjoy the Accord and its reliability and smooth ride along with the engine performance.

- Cindy D

Luxury feeling and easy maintenance Honda.

I love any Honda automobiles; because they get great gas mileage and drive like a luxury brand. Hondas are dependable and easy on regular maintenance! They are the most sought after vehicles! I am personally always getting buyback or trade in offers for my Hondas! I love the weight of Hondas, they are great sturdy cars! I will always be a Honda fan! I also want my children to drive Hondas as well! When I think about Honda brand; I think stable, sturdy, fun and reliable! Honda brand is recognized all over the world for reliability and mechanical lifelong performance! I love Honda!!

- Kathy A

Honda Accord very reliable.

I love my Honda!! The inside is nice and comfortable and very roomy. It has electric seats and windows, a.m and FM radio and CD player. My car is very dependable and has not lost much value. It drives great. It's very safe and takes corners and curves well. It comes with air bags which they have been recalled for the 2007 Honda accords. The motor is a 4 cylinder and is in great condition. It now has over 2k miles on it and still drives well. It has no leaks and the a.c runs very cold. I love my Honda and highly recommend a Honda Accord for anyone purchasing a vehicle.

- Tiffany M

Not flashy nor fast but a solid daily driver nonetheless.

The car currently has around 190k miles and the only real vehicle maintenance done is changing the oil. The car has a 4 cylinder engine so the power is about what you would expect from similar engines. It consistently gets 26-30 mpg for me as a daily driver. I am relatively tall at 6 foot 3 but feel comfortable in the car. The back seat can be a little cramped for larger people but seems in par with other 2 door vehicles on the market. The only real issue I have had with it is that the radio turns off sporadically at times for unknown reasons.

- charles P

Reliability, comfort, and economy.

I love the quality of the interior. The materials are soft and look good, and the set-up and feel of the buttons is nearly perfect. I haven't had any mechanical issues with the car, nothing has broken on the interior or exterior, and the only minor work done has been due to a couple of recalls. The gas mileage is pretty good, and while it is not a sports car, the power is still there, and it gets up and goes when you need it to. The automatic transmission is slightly rough, but if you go for the manual, it shifts like butter.

- Andrew S

2007 Honda Accord - pretty decent vehicle.

Expensive upkeep compared to my husband's Nissan truck that has high mileage (300k vs Honda at 250k). Granted cars aren't meant to run forever, but the Nissan comes close when the Honda doesn't. It has a comfortable interior though. Good quality, leather seating, AC still runs, most electronics work as well in it (sunroof sometimes has problems). The specialty tires required for this Honda Accord really bug me - they a thin type and cost more than traditional tires but don't last any longer or provide much difference in mpg

- Elizabeth B

Has a sunroof great ac anti theft alarm system just had 4 new tires.

Other than regular maintenance like changing the oil filters rotating the tires changing the oil every 3, 000 miles all of the maintenance work has been done by the Honda dealer that I bought the car from I have all of the records and reviews of all main tan ever work done on the vehicles I have had many offers from several individuals who would like to buy the car the color is powered blue no starches or dents in mint condition I think i'll hold onto it for a couple more years mileage is a little over 100, 000.

- Edna W

Long Lasting Car that can go reliably for miles and miles with little maintenance

I love how long it lasts (It has over 200,000 miles) and how little maintenance it needs. I love how reliable it is overall. I wish the built in GPS system would update more frequently. I also dislike how it has frequent alerts about things that aren't really wrong (like airbag alert when no one is in the next seat or gas cover not closed when it is) and I've been told it's the weather that messes with these electrical alerts (I feel like I paid enough that the weather shouldn't have that impact)

- Bethany N

The only car I will ever buy.

Honda makes extremely reliable vehicles. This is my 2nd accord. The first one I resold at 250,000 miles and it was on the road for several more years. My current accord is as 150, 000 miles with very few major repairs. My car is extremely comfortable due to the many adjustments available. There is plenty of room. It is durable on the inside and out. It has quick acceleration and it is easy to maneuver in traffic. When I replace this car it will be with another Honda accord.

- Beth G

Honda coupe - perfect low maintenance vehicle.

Honda accord coupe - perfect gas saving almost a sports car. Good in snow, reliable to a fault. I have never had any major issues with my car and it has well over 100,000 miles on it. The coupe has adjustable back seat for moving/hauling large items. Keeps tab of issues with the car - lets me know when it is time to change the oil. Only fault I have with my car is it takes longer to cool the inside of the car in the summer, but once the air gets going it is nice and cool.

- Sherry C

Long-term reliable vehicle

I love Honda's in general but I have an older Honda Accord and it has proven to be very reliable. In 9 years I have never had any major issues with performance. The seats are comfortable if you are a fan of leather. Not a fan of the 6 CD changer, an AUX outlet would be much more useful but it's not a major drawback. Other features include dual AC, seat warmers, large trunk space, several cup holders, and a good built in stereo system. It is also XM radio capable.

- Courtney T

2007 silver Honda Accord review.

I have been driving my Honda Accord since I was seventeen years old. It is very durable. Only a couple of times have I had to replace or fix something that was wrong with it. I have gone through several sets of tires through the years, but my car is still kicking. It is now at about two hundred twenty thousand miles. I probably will be seeking to get a new car in the near future, but only because the mileage has gotten so high over the years.

- Mara K

2007 Honda Accord - a solid car.

The 2007 Honda Accord ex is quality as you'd expect from Honda. The car has everything that was standard back in 2007 and drives like a charm. What I am missing are the newer tools and the old standby cassette player that was in my previous Camry. I wish my Honda had the contactless phone where it would go thru the speakers and/or have the option to play music from my phone thru the usb. Unfortunately, that wasn't an option back in 2007.

- Julia K

Review for 2007 Honda accord ex coupe.

My 2007 Honda accord is amazing. I bought it used but it was in excellent shape. The exterior was like new. The interior was like new as well. However, at about 150k miles, the transmission seemed to not grab as efficiently as when I first bought it. I changed the transmission fluid back to back and it runs like a champ now. Also, the painted trim around the window is beginning to oxidize to the sun exposure. All in all, I love my car.

- Robert N

Performance, longevity & safety the main reasons people purchase the Honda.

First time owning a Honda accord, I purchased it with higher mileage than I was seeking but the performance on the test drive was great! I have had a few minor problems but it is expected with the number of miles on the vehicle and it is age. It has some pretty nice features like leather seats, dual air controls, heated seats, sunroof, nice sound system, etc. I would consider purchasing the vehicle again when I am ready to purchase.

- Michelle H

The rear trunk is surprisingly roomy.

The car overall is very comfortable. The seating position from steering wheel, pedals and eye view from the windshield are perfect. The ride quality in regards of suspension is still up to par even after 100k+ miles. The engine performance is a bit on the low side but it is still enough to keep up with other cars. Reliability is excellent. I haven't replaced anything mechanical with the exception of regular maintenance.

- Earl V

2007 Honda Accord sedan. V6 engine. Gas mileage is fantastic!

I have had this car for 11 years and it is an amazing car. It has great power with the v6, which is helpful for highway driving. It does not have all the bells and whistles as the new cars do, but less things to break! The only thing I have experienced that I do not like is the fabric on the sheets is pilling. Leather sears would eliminate that. The only mechanical problem that I have is the ac going out.

- Kim M

The ac is also way better than the 2013 Honda accord.

The car is reliable and gets me from point A to point B, but I have had it break down on me two times within three months. First the engine went out after it was replaced not too long before that and then the transmission sensor went out about two to three months after that. The car makes weird noises sometimes and will rattle. I have gotten it repaired so many times and something new always comes up.

- Alyssa G

The best thing about my car is that it has a built in navigation system.

Navigation system doesn't work sometimes. The brakes also have frequent problems and need fixed. I also have issues with the running lights breaking and not working a lot. The leather seats also get warm from the sun, and not warm but scolding hot in the warm summer weather. The heated seat also doesn't work. The cruise control also does not work which is a problem from me when I take long drives.

- Cora S

Reliable silver Honda accord v6.

I have not experienced any major issues with the vehicle. I personally really enjoy it. I hope to get a faster car but for the time being a Honda accord is perfect for me. I have owned it for 2.5 years and the only things I have needed done are tires, brakes, usual oil changes etc. I have never had any super expensive fixes like I used to with my previous cars. This car is very reliable for me.

- Laura P

The heat and air systems work really well in the car and it rides very smooth.

It is my grandmother's car but I do drive it a lot! For the most part it rides really smooth the heat and the air works really well does not take long to heat the car or cool the car down very reliable lately the fuse in the radio has been going out so sometimes the radio works sometimes it does not but it is a simple fix that does not cost much and I would recommend this car to other people.

- Taylor S

I haven't had to make many major repairs to my car and it has $150+ miles on it. So reliable!

I love Hondas! It is the only car I have owned. I love that they are practical and reliable yet stylish cars. I don't like that the paint or clear coat on Honda's start to fade. I hope that Honda has addressed this issue with newer models. Also, I don't understand why Honda decided on the new Accords to make it look more hatchback...such a bad I idea. Love the model before 2017.

- Laronza S

My vehicle is a 2007 blue two door Honda accord.

It is just very old. Before it was a crazed car and it was fixed up for me to use. Now everything is wrong. I can't wind down my window on the drivers side. Water leaks into my trunk whenever it is raining. It drinks gas very fast. The two door car is not good for me because it's doesn't give a lot of space in the back seat and we always have to get up to let them out the back.

- Maia M

Loyal Honda customer. Will drive this car till the wheels fall off.

No known problems. Very reliable car and would highly recommend. Lots of trunk space. Roomy interior space. Easy maintenance and car care. Efficient gas usage. Sometimes the radio will go out while driving but will usually turn back on. Sound system is just okay, speakers in back seat have blown out. Front headlights oxidized over time but did some recent maintenance to improve.

- Lauren D

2007 Honda Accord V6 Engine

I have the Honda Accord 2007 V6, and the V6 really makes a difference. Accelerates fast (for what I use it for) and is always reliable. Sometimes the oil pressure light comes on, but it always goes off after restarting the car. It is used, so I would expect more problems, but so far it's been fine. Gas mileage is also fine, not the best but for a 2007 car, it's pretty decent.

- hannah s

Love this vehicle! Honda is the best make of vehicle I have ever owned.

Best car I've ever owned. As long as I regularly change the oil things run perfectly mechanically. Parts are easy to buy. Maintenance to vehicle is easy to find due to being common. Would recommend to anyone. Honda all the way! I bought my car used and in good condition but I've had a Honda years ago and it went through a lot of wear and tear. It was like the energizer bunny.

- Jen M

Great car with awesome gas mileage.

My 2007 Honda accord is a great car. I have not had any problems since I purchased it in 2009. It is reliable and great on gas. It has a smooth ride and sleek look even though it is over 10 years old, it gets me to my destination safely without worry. The leather interior is really nice with heated seats. I have over 100,000 thousand miles and I drive my car to work daily.

- Simona T

Gas prices are too high these days.

It is a nice car, just old. Small if you have kids. Not great gas mileage. I could drive an hour starting on a full tank of gas and be close to needing a fill once I reach my destination. The gas cap has also gotten stuck. Mostly during the cold seasons. I was never able to open it. I would have to jam a butter knife in and pop it open while someone pressed the button.

- Kaitlyn D

The most simple yet easiest car I have ever maintained.

Everything about it is nice, my only issue is that it wastes too much gas. Other than that it is convenient and great. Also, I get a yellow engine signal whenever I put in fresh gas, however, that can be an issue I have not yet checked out. The leather seats are really nice but can be an issue or be more prone to tear if you leave the vehicle under the sun too much.

- Sandra L

My Honda Accord is the best.

My Honda is the best it has not broken down in the 4 years I have had it I have driven it from the east coast to the west coast even the paint has held up on it I got. One paint job two years ago and it still. Looks good I am can put ten dollars in gas and it lasts me. For. At least two or three days depends on where I am going but if I fill it up. That's all month.

- Tamara J

Safe and Reliable Honda Accord

I love my Honda Accord because it is roomier than my previous Honda Civic. I really like the acceleration and braking. I feel very safe driving it because of the safety ratings and features on the car. One thing that I don't like is that I have the Value Package so I don't have power side mirror adjustment. It makes it difficult to adjust the passenger side mirror.

- Caroline D

The turning radius is very poor.This often makes it difficult to park or drive on narrow streets.

My car is a manual transmission honda accord. When I first got it I loved it. It drove very well except I found the turning radius to be very poor and it never got the promised mileage. Now it has had to have a lot of repairs. I have had to replace the clutch twice,the starter and the alternator and it still does not run well and I am afraid to drive it very far.

- Melinda M

A great vehicle that runs perfectly and has a nice interior for a good price.

Brakes squeak loudly after a two weeks of driving but everything else works fine! The car does not have USB or anything for phone connection/charging. The car does not offer much in terms of the interior but the car drives great and is really good on gas. I love the car but would just like it to have more luxury features or charging stations for phones.

- Pablo R

Honda�s are great family cars.

My husband and I have had no problems with our car. There was a recall on the air bags and we were notified of this situation. The Honda is great on gas and a good commuter vehicle. It is feeling outdated but that is just normal over time. For being a 2007 I think it has really been a great car. We still use it daily and on long trips with no issues.

- Misty M

The vehicle has been through many car rides around the country. Its stereo system is my favorite because I am constantly listening to music.

The car's tires have always been a hassle for me and my family, previously it was our family car, while the engine works great and the car runs incredibly smooth it does need work on the ignition. The keyhole sometimes gets locked and the windows sometimes go down automatically. But I will always love my car until the day it will eventually go out.

- Cristian C

The safe and reliable Honda.

It runs very efficiently, it was able to get me through a terrible snow storm while other cars got stuck easily. It does not have the best gas mileage as I need to refill my tank once a week. It is definitely a safe vehicle as when I got into an accident instead of my back bumper getting destroyed it merely crack, avoiding a much larger incident.

- Allie V

Honda accord rocks, only this car is for me.

My vehicle is great on gas and mileage, only takes $20 to full the tank. The only issue is that the actual is broken and hard to fix. Also, the sound system could be better. It can play really bassy music, it just gets distorted at that point. But other than that, the car is great. Perfect for first driver's and college/high school students.

- Vivian H

Something interesting about my vehicle is that the suspension is amazing.

I really love my vehicle. It gets me from point a to point b. I have had no problems in all the time that I have had it. I highly recommend Hondas. In my opinion they are affordable and dependable. It is my first car to own and it is a great start. They get good gas mileage and run smoothly. They are also smaller so parking is not an issue.

- Haleigh S

Great. Comfortable. Reliable. Dependable. Fast. Warm gas saver. Low maintenance.

Just the normal things with owning a vehicle. Keep oil changed, stay on top of maintenance and the vehicle will take care of you. But I have had to get tires which is normal. It is 10 years old so the minor things were a broken window motor and that was a quick fix. The biggest thing was a motor I thought but turned out it needed a service.

- Twin T

Interesting detail is that there are 2 stereo kits that will fit in my car.

It is such an amazing car. It is easy to clean on the inside and I do not have any issues with it at all. Maintenance on the outside is nothing. The performance is great! I bought it brand new in 2007 and I wouldn't trade it in for anything else. It is the best car I have owned yet. The seats are so nice and it is overall a luxury vehicle.

- Mae K

Reliable, maintenance free car.

The car has been great. Reliable, very few maintenance problems. Gas mileage is not great but that is more the nature of being an older car and city driving than anything. It is not the smoothest ride and there is a fair bit of road noise. Other than having to had a starter replace along with a couple batteries it is been an excellent car.

- Amy T

Reliable 2007 Honda accord.

I own a 2007 Honda accord. I like the size of the accord and that it handles well. It is been very reliable. It gets good gas mileage. It does not have as good pick up as the civic I used to have. The electric windows stopped working except for the driver's side. The heat and air conditioning work very well. The trunk is a very good size.

- Jackie L

With 6 cylinders, this car is fast

The Honda accord is reliable. It's 12 years old and still running good. It has had work put into it; however, nothing too costly. I trust this vehicle to get me from point A to point B. I would recommend it to someone young with less driving experience. Getting it fixed at autos shop is easy because the parts are often readily available.

- Monica B

The car is very reliable on gas and can hold its mileage.

The only thing about it is there is no AUX cord in there you have to have it installed but it does come with Sirius XM radio. Another thing is I am short & the steering wheel will not move up which makes it uncomfortable sometimes to drive. The seats are also very low but overall the card drives very smooth & it is a great reliable car.

- Shay M

How my Honda is reliable, 12 years old, no major problems!

My 2007 Honda Accord is an extremely reliable car! It gets great gas mileage. It drives well in snow, extreme heat, road trips, and the daily commute! My favorite feature is the cruise control. I have replaced my headlights as they became dingy. My only issue is the window lock seems to be stuck, I can only roll the driver window down.

- Megan P

Hey slick ride to door coupe v6.

General maintenance repair’s only very satisfied with purchase a vehicle would have to say that this is the best vehicle I have ever owned, I have had it now for about four years with one year left to pay off !Would recommend the Honda to anybody. I would recommend a 00 to anybody in for my next car I will purchase another Honda.

- Robert P

Honda Accord, goods and bads.

The vehicle is getting old, but it is extremely reliable and has been good to me. I have had a power steering problem, but there was a recall for it and I was able to get it fixed, however the turning radius is pretty bad, and it's hard to make u turns. Also my headlights are extremely dim, so I am going to have to replace them soon.

- Olivia B

Heated seats this makes all the difference.

I love my car I have owned 3 Honda Accords in my life. I drive a lot and its important to me to have a car with great gas mileage reliability and comfortable this car does it all. The other thing I love is the parts to repair are fairly priced. I have also owned a Volvo loved it but a repair bill set me back a lot not with my Honda.

- Andrea L

The car is very small with a lot of space in the back which is great.

The car is very convenient when it comes to gas. I spend about 20 to 30 dollars on gas per week and I travel more than 7 miles per day. The car is very smooth. The only problem was the aux, it comes with a weird capable that I had change since I have an iphone. It's a small car with a lot of space in the back seats and the trunk.

- Lisa A

This is our luxurious Honda accord.

I love my Honda accord and I wouldn't trade it in for the world. It is a v6 which means it is smooth and it can get up speed it needed and it has a wonderful sunroof which I love. The sunroof was a must. And it is a nice smoky grey color. It is great on gas and all the round the best. I truly do recommend buying a Honda accord.

- Jasmine M

Sleek easy design that leaves you wanting a bit more.

The handling, steering, and acceleration are all really nice and fluid - it makes driving the car really easy and enjoyable. The control panel on the car is a downgrade from previous versions of the Accord; no heated seats, no radio controls on the wheel, etc. However the sleek design and comfort make up for these oversights.

- Kevin K

The Honda Accord 2007: Fast, Simple, Cost less, Reliable

My Honda Accord 2007 is a reliable car to transport me to and from workplace to school or home and how fast it can go. Although it does not carry what current cars features might have (example: navigation, AUX, rear view camera), it offers seats that you can turn on heat padding as well as cruise control and adjustable seats.

- Alex F

An Accord will last you a long time, but only if you take care of it properly.

My Accord runs well and does not require much in the way of repairs. The thing that dislike the most about it is that it has plastic bumpers. Because of this, I have had to have both the front and back bumpers replaced within a 2 year time span. I am honestly thinking of not having it repaired the next time that it happens.

- Betsy K

It is comfort of riding and driving. It is my third one purchased.

I have had no problems with my 2007 Honda accord. I have it serviced ever 4000 or 5000. Miles.I average about 380 miles per gallon. I rotate tires when needed or purchase new tires depending on how much driving I do.I would. I would highly recommend this vehicle. This is my third Honda accord that I have purchased. Love it.

- Sadie H

The car has a strong engine for a sedan.

It drives very well, and easily. I like the size of the car. I dislike the leather seats, and the navigation system is very outdated. The car computer can be a little confusing to others in terms of controlling the air conditioning/adjusting the clock etc.. The lights could be brighter. I like the heated seats and sunroof.

- Anna H

My vehicle has low mileage considering how long I have had it.

My current vehicle is way too small in size. I have six members in my family so it is a tight fit. I am starting to get a lot of mileage of it as well. I am very satisfied with the performance, had it for a few years and been trying to keep up on everything on it. So that continues to be very reliable for me and my family.

- Nita D

I have never seen a Honda broke down on side of road.

The Honda Accord is a very reliable car. It has great gas mileage which gets approximately 25 mpg. I drive for my daily driver and to get me back and forth to work. I have never had issues with it just regular maintenance. Which is very good considering it has approximately 200, 000 miles on it. Honda is known for lasting.

- Matthew M

2007 Honda Accord details.

It is a good car. Very reliable and good on gas mileage, not very fast but does have a turbo. Good for a small family car or a first time buyer car. The only problems I have so far with the car is that it does leak oil from the engine. I am not sure if that was a problem before I bought it or after since it was a used car.

- Alex N

the most important thing the other should know about my car is that it's a family car it's just a 4-cylinder and it gets great gas mileage

I absolutely love my Honda. I wouldn't own any other kind of car. My car is a 4-door it's roomy. I get great gas mileage. And my car has over 200,000 miles on it. I take a lot of trips out of town. Just to drive 5 1/2 hours and only uses about three quarters of a tank of gas. If I ever got another car it would be a Honda.

- LaTricia L

The vehicle model carries 'd' and 'd3'. Replicating a stick shift.

It is a salvage title so I cannot give a 100% honest comments on the vehicle because its conditions only goes for mine. However, Hondas are very strong and durable! Good with distance, mileage and gas. Most of the parts are inexpensive so if there is ever a faulty piece, it can be affordable to buy and quickly replace it.

- Dee A

My 2007 Honda Accord is my baby.

I really love the brakes on it, as they are extremely reliable! This is a very good car in my opinion, and has held up for a very long time! It has a lot of features and is very comfortable, and there is a lot of room in the trunk for groceries and of the like. It is my favorite car and I really love having it as my own.

- Alexa K

The best car that anyone can buy!

It is a wonderful car. Except for regular maintenance, such as oil changes, etc., I have not had any expenses. It is comfortable and roomy, and I get many compliments from others on it. I bought the protection package with it, and that helps keep it like new. People are surprised when I tell them how long I have had it.

- Cynthia A

Reliable car that looks glamorous with spacious room in the back and trunk.

Very reliable. I have driven the car all over the country with no problems. I would buy another Honda vehicle in a heartbeat. Comfortable with great features such as the sound system. Maintenance is low such as oil changes and overall inexpensive. If kept up to date on maintenance, long-term problems should be avoided.

- Amanda M

Reliable not overly exciting but safe car.

Very reliable and safe, never felt I wasn't going to get to my desired destination. Interior is comfortable although not luxurious. Simple but safe. The acceleration and brakes are very responsive compared to other cars I have driven. Disc player has broken and had trouble with keylock entry but was a fairly easy fix.

- Jason P

Honda Accord coupe: great on gas.

I have had this 2007 Honda since early 2013. It has run very smoothly; very minimal problems. Having a long commute to work, I really appreciate it is durability and that it does not take a ton of gas money to fill up. I would eventually like to get a bigger car as it is 2 door but for now I love that it is reliable.

- Sarah S

This vehicle has been fixed.

I did have some maintenance done. But this because maybe a battery dying on me then the attachment to the power supply from the battery needed to be replaced. But the car has managed to survive a lot out in the desert regions of Arizona. You now this kind of hot weather when it's always 110 degrees can destroy a car.

- Matthew S

I love how modern the dashboard is.

I am mostly happy with my vehicle. It is comfortable and easy to drive. I do not like the interior as it is cloth and stains easily. I also do not like some amenity features such as the headlights are outdated. But it is fairly easy and affordable to maintain so it works well for my family. Gas mileage is also good.

- Harmony R

It is very reliable, and has great gas mileage.

My Honda is very reliable and has lasted me 6 years now. Never had any problems out of it, just maintenance as in oil changes and timing belt change. I would recommend anyone to buy the Honda Accord as it is good for single or married couples with children it seems small on the outside but luxurious on the inside.

- Lindsay S

The moon roof is by far my favorite feature of this vehicle.

I love this vehicle, it is been very reliable for as long as I can remember. It has never left me on the side of the road a single time. Over time the a/c has stopped working and the interior ceiling fabric has fallen in some areas but overall this is a great vehicle. The ride is smooth and the experience is safe!

- Mary S

Comfortable ride and great investment!

This is a great car. Comfortable seats, sliding armrest is convenient. Locking foldable seats and valet key available. A problem I had was that sometimes with the air conditioning condenser can sometimes get a hole in it due to rocks under the car on the highway. Overall great gas mileage and comfortable ride.

- Kari H

Most luxurious of the Hondas.

My 2007 Honda Accord is one of the best cars I have ever driven. It drives very smoothly and has zero maintenance issues. There is also an oil life expectancy meter so know when to change the oil is very easy. Very spacious and luxurious car with heated seats which make it great for Ohio's cold, long winters.

- Morgan M

My Honda Accord and its performance, reliably, comfort.

My vehicle performance is great and very reliable which saves allot on gas, great comfort with basic accessories. Hasn't given any problems cause its very dependable and one of the most reliable cars out there in the market. My vehicle drives very comfortable and maintenance is very minimal and inexpensive.

- Norbert R

Reliable Honda accord holds its value.

The car is extremely reliable. I have had to do only regular maintenance... Nothing else has gone wrong with the car. I tend to keep cars for a long time which is why I chose a Honda to begin with. Even the interior has held up. It is also very roomy inside which I did not find with other comparable cars.

- Crystal T

Honda is a dependable car fun driving and trouble free driving.

I am pleased with my Honda this is my 3rd Honda keeping up maintenance provides trouble free smooth driving year after year. I have found Honda to Be a dependable car. It is a pleasure to drive and I plan to always stick with a Honda. This is my 3rd Honda and I believe I will stick with what works for me.

- Paula F

The Honda accord very rarely breaks down.

My Honda accord is so reliable. It rarely has any problems. The battery recently died and it was a quick fix. Batteries in this car can last many years. It drives smoothly and has many great features that make it an enjoyable car to own. I would recommend the Honda accord as a long term vehicle to anyone.

- Brooke W

This is a smooth riding car and easy to drive with minimum maintenance required.

Seats are comfortable -when driving or as a passenger. Good gas mileage. It is difficult to get in and out of this vehicle because seats are very low and older folks have a hard time getting in and out. It is easy to handle driving but sometimes difficult to see ahead because so many vehicles are higher.

- dorothy s

Great car for a college student living a ways from home.

I bought this car about a month ago for college and I like it so far. It has the basic features that anybody would like and need. It is nothing fancy but it can get from college to home. I live about two hours and thirty minutes away from home right now. This car is very dependable and gets the job done.

- Nicole H

Reliable but ugly: Honda accord 07.

The air conditioner goes out every summer. At 176,000 miles, something is always wrong with it. I need lower control arms and a new air compressor but it is been reliable for the last 6 years. The paint jobs that year were all bad because as time passes, the wax comes completely off in horrible patches.

- Rachel V

This car takes us everywhere!

My 2007 Honda Accord is a base model v6 with cloth interior. It is a dependable car and gets great gas mileage. I love the storage compartments, and the layout of the instruments. Our family of four gets around town, and on the road for all of our adventures with plenty of space for a comfortable ride.

- Alison L

Our little Honda is awesome!

Bought this 2007 Honda Accord used and it has been one of the best cars we have ever owned. It is even better than some of the new cars we have purchased over the years. It has a nice ride, a/c CD player decent radio gets great mileage. We make sure oil and fluids get checked every six-thousand miles.

- Christopher W

Best car ever for the money and reliability of a family safe fun car.

No problems!! Change the oil and it will go and go. I have owned 3 previous Hondas and that is all I will ever drive. My car is so low maintenance and is currently running perfectly with 160, 000 miles. It is a 5 speed and I haven't had to replace the clutch yet! 2007 and it still runs like new.

- Jill M

Black, nice, bought used, haven't had major work done.

Over ten years old and still works great. Reliability is at90%, though the inside is falling apart. The roof cloth is falling off, the cruise control does not work, I had to get anew radio a couple years ago, the back speakers do not work. It gets me from point A to B and it is only got 150k miles.

- Brittany L

Honda Accord has just a few problems.

Very reliable, well built vehicle. Not very expensive to maintain. The only complaint I have is both the front driver and passenger door will not stay open. The simplest breeze will cause the door on either side to close. I have caught my foot more than once in the door as it closed unexpectedly.

- Homer Y

My vehicle is a burgundy 2007 Honda Accord with black interior.

My Honda Accord drives so smooth and nice. It is very good on gas; which I important to me being that I live 5 hours from school. I love the interior; both the color and the design. The ac works amazing and is gets very cold! I haven't had any problems with it yet and hope I will not for a while.

- Reagan B

Fast but it will make you furious.

Its a 2007 V6 Honda Accord. The V6 is nice for getting up to speed and merging but the car is really heavy and doesn't turn very well. The turn radius is obnoxiously large making parking and U-turns difficult. Since it's heavy and six-cylinders it eats gas like my dad eats hot dogs in the summer.

- Aleks D

Leather seats, not standard for this model.

I love that it has leather seats. I am disappointed my headliner started to sag, but that is a Florida issue with the heat. I have had the car for 7 years and love it. I have had no issues with the ac or engine. We've only had to complete minor repairs including a starter, a battery, and tires.

- Emily A

My car and the 100, 000 mile Journey.

Brake pads, tires, windshield needs replacing and oil change. Very comfortable, safety and durability for long road trips. Works still and love it like a part of the family. No major accidents, has some problems in bad weather. Gets me back and forth to where I got to go and is very dependable.

- Edward L

The engine upgrade to any old car is great.

Performance wise it handles weather pretty well that's only because I made a few upgrades to the engine any cars is great and don't use cheap gas. Problems my brakes and alignment mess up a lot actually. Reliability I want to say it's great for first time learners who need to learn about cars.

- Christopher C

Great and comfortable ride.

Always reliable. Great on gas. It can go great in the city and great on long drives. Very comfortable ride. Sunroof is a plus on cool days. Plenty of trunk storage. Back seats lay down for extra storage. It is a fun car to drive with steering wheel controls for the radio and cruise control.

- Jamie K

Highlight an interesting detail.

I have had to replace the clutch several times, but besides that, there haven't been any major issue other than normal check up things. It's really a very economical car. Gets great gas mileage, comfortable, and it has lasted me longer than any other car I have owned. The kids love it too.

- William P

Honda Accord best selling cars 2018.

My Honda Accord is the best vehicle I could have purchased not only is it a gas saver but it is very reliable on being a great daily driver. As long as you keep the car up to date the car should last a significant amount of time. I recommend investing in a Honda of any type very reliable!

- Javier G

The starter went out but I thought it was my battery at first.

Because my car is over 10 years old, I have started experiencing some issues with the brakes and the starter. I had to have both replaced, but other than that it drives really well. I love the interior and it is very reliable and comfortable even though it has over 130, 000 miles on it.

- Sydney L

It's a standard and good on gas silver in color low miles on it.

I like that it's good on gas and has manual tranny. Speed is okay. What I don't like is that the trunk does not open with a hatch including rear glass, no outdoor thermometer. If you tilt the seat forward to get in the back seat it does not return to its original position where it was.

- Julia G

Hondas are the best no question!

Hondas have always had a wonderful reputation, they last, easy to service, and great on gas. They always stay up to date with the technology and always looking for ways to improve their vehicles. The cars are great for long road trips because they are so super comfortable on the inside!

- Brooke S

It is a medium size car. Very suitable for a family. Very good mileage.

Let me start off saying it's a very awesome car. It is very dependable. The only problem that I have with it at the moment is my air needs antifreeze. Other than that she runs like a pro! I would recommend this car any day to anyone especially if you love to travel! I would rate this c.

- Jessica B

Reliable car for the long haul.

My Accord has over 200k miles on it and it still runs beautifully. It is a good, solid, reliable car. This is the kind of car you can buy for a lifetime if you take care of it. It is a comfortable size and gets decent gas mileage. But it is reliability is the best asset of the Accord.

- Beth S

The Honda Accord is a great vehicle for young adults because it is reliable.

Very comfortable to drive and is easy to drive. The creaks seem to be normal for any car that age. The engine runs really well. I have driven it for multiple hours at a time and it has always been reliable. It also has great gas mileage which is helpful when you are a college student.

- Victoria A

That it is a very safe car, and had a lot of room, and drives pretty smoothly.

I like the way it looks on the outside. I like how it is a pretty reliable good running car. I do not like that the seats are manual and do not have automatic features, and I wish it had a sub roof. And the fabric seats are very bad for staying clean, everything sticks to the fabric.

- Michele P

I love how it drives! Has really good steering and drives smooth.

I don't have any problems with my car other than needing to replace my rotors. I drive it everyday to run errands or go on trips when able, it gets really good gas mileage and only takes me between $30. 00 to $35. 00 to feel it up and can go right at 400 miles on a full tank of gas.

- Shannon T

Honda is a brand you can trust.

I love Honda for their reliability, comfort, safety, and fuel economy. The model I have has a sunroof which I am crazy about. The ride is smooth and I know the resale value will always be good, as Honda’s last forever and keep their value well. I trust the Honda brand completely.

- Renee C

I love my Hondas. We had one over 300, 000 miles. Nothing wrong with car.

Happy with my Honda. We have had Hondas for over 25 years. Very dependable, good resale value and attractive. I cannot imagine buying any other model of car. If you do regular maintenance on the car, it can last for 300, 000 miles. My daughter sold hers because she was tired of it.

- Terry H

My vehicle is awesome! I have no to very few problems.

My car has about 207, 000 miles on my car. It runs amazing still and everything works properly. I have absolutely no problems with my car. I keep up with maintenance, I get frequent oil changes, rotate tires, get car washes. It is not wrecked and it is brand new-looking. I love it!

- Daisy D

Honda Accord is the best car I have ever owned!

It is the most reliable car that I have ever owned. It will make me a lifelong Honda consumer. I have owned it much longer than I expected. It just runs so well, and never breaks down. It is starting to look old, and I know I could afford a new car, but I love that it is paid for.

- Paul W

The smooth driving is the best part.

There is not really much wrong with the car except every so often the engine light comes on because of the messed up o2 sensor. And also another problem is it does not have an auxiliary cord port so I have to listen to CDs or the radio; overall it is a great vehicle and reliable.

- Carol W

I customized my license plate to my initials.

No problems, drives smooth, low miles, had a couple issues with axel & a few flat tires but other than that it, my car gets me back & forth to wherever I need to go without any issues. I love my leather interior & my heated seats, & I barely get stuck in the snow.

- Ashley D

Honda is one of the most reliable vehicle I've owned.

I have no major problems with my vehicle. Most of the things that go wrong with it is due to normal wear and tear. I have however had to replace the window regulator 3 times. Twice in the front passenger and once in the back passenger window. Other than that It's a great vehicle.

- So C

Comfortable and efficient car.

Since my car is about 10 years old, it does not have all of the new technology features, but it has everything I need in a car. It is comfortable to drive for long hours; I regularly take trips between Pennsylvania and Illinois. It drives smoothly and has a good amount of space.

- Emily D

Beautiful 2007 Honda Accord.

I have been driving my Honda Accord for 11 years and I have had no issues. It gets me from place to place and has amazing speakers. My only issue with the car is that it does not have an aux, but that is a year issue. It also does not handle well in icy conditions and the snow.

- Emma R

Gets me where I want to go.

It is a very reliable car. Regular maintenance it never lets me down. It is quite comfortable and roomy one of the problems I have had with the fastest one of the windows not rolling down properly I hope I do not encounter that with this one. Other than that is a wonderful car.

- Denise L

It's a very fast black beauty.

It's very reliable. Its very fast it's quite comfortable. Very good performance. I wish it was more spacious. Good trunk space. Sun roof. Its a manual gear transmission. Its two door. Tires are pretty good quality. I love the design. Stereo system could be better. No Bluetooth.

- Robert B

Sedan with v6 engine, spacious storage, and special seating features.

Reliable transportation that performs well (has powerful engine). Comfortable with electric seat adjustments, seat warmers, much trunk space and small storage compartments, backseat cup-holders, and access to trunk from backseat. No notable or consistent problems to mention.

- Chaise H

Honda a great car, you can go wrong with it very dependable.

Honda is a great dependable car, I have no major problems with it just regular maintenance, I am tall and there is more than enough leg room in front and it back, if I was to get another car it is going to be a Honda, I love it cannot complain, you will not be disappointed.

- Sally M

2007 Honda accord 4 door frame vehicle.

Decent car, will run for a long time. I have over 2,000 miles on it but its still running. Minor repairs so far like power steering manifold. Nothing super crazy or expensive. I'd buy a Honda again in the future after my experience with this car. Decent gas mileage as well.

- Tiffany V

Smooth and quick acceleration.

Extremely reliable. Very nice features such as leather trim, 6 cyl, and double exhaust. 6 CD changer. A bit dated, no back up camera or Bluetooth. Does not get very good gas mileage, about 15-20 mpg. With proper upkeep vehicle is still in like new condition after 12 years.

- Cassie H

Trustworthy and Reliable Car

Comfortably fits 5 people -- feels spacious without feeling like a super large car. Very reliable and drives well. Brakes work smoothly (an issue I've had with other cars in the past). Feels like a nicer car at an affordable price. I trust my Honda to last for a long time.

- Emily O

My vehicle is great. There is tons of space for baby gear and groceries.

I had an issue with the air conditioning over the summer and after some self diagnosis I figured out the fuse for the compressor was defective and replaced it. Which fixed the air problem. Other than that I have had no other problems. It drives comfortably and is reliable.

- Michelle C

Nothing too special about it.

Honda's are some of the best cars put there. Reliable car for sure. Low maintenance needed & this car will last you forever. It can be used for a first time car or an everyday vehicle. It is also pretty good on gas. . I really do not know what else to say about this car. .

- Jenna L

Black 20 inch rims, black tinted windows, new paint job.

Black on black 2007 Honda Accord black 20 inch rims tinted windows runs like a champ never been in a wreck 102166 miles ac/ heat works great inside of car still looks great it is a very good gas saver you would fall in love with it like it is a brand new car drives smooth.

- Courtney M

Great product and would buy another.

No problem mainly regular maintenance is all that has been required friendly and very helpful staff and workers would buy another one the cost was reasonable hope to keep it for another 4 years just needed brakes and tires replaced have it serviced every 5 thousand miles.

- Helen P

Easy to repair myself with the parts easy to find and afford.

I have a Honda Accord 2007. It is a very reliable car. I share it between me wife and I. Every time I take it into the mechanic for repairs the parts are easy to access at any store. It has lasted so. Long because it gets me to and from work, home, vacations, and. Church.

- Singh T

Great vehicle-highly recommend.

This has been a great car 220k miles and still going strong. We have not had any problems with it. Have done regular service and gets great gas mileage. Interior and exterior have held up well for 11 year old vehicle. This is our second Accord and we will purchase again.

- Tammy R

2007 Honda accord: nice, reliable car but may have air conditioning issues.

Nice car overall and it has no problems driving. Drives smoothly and has not had any problems in the 2 years I have had it. Very reliable car. Also, the heated seats are great! The 3 air fans were a problem though because my air conditioning went out and was hard to fix.

- Ashley C

Driver seat have lots of options for height and comfort.

Smooth ride, reliable for second hand car. Good stereo. Easy to see around when driving. Enough space for an infant. Comfortable to take on long trips. Gets good gas miles. Spaciousness trunk for travel and daily life. Easy to clean' have a dog who loves to go for rides.

- Amy D

I would say my Honda is best described as Reliable comfort.

My Honda accord is Very reliable, and gets very good gas mileage. Since it's pretty old it doesn't have the latest technology but I love the power windows and the CD player. The AC still works great after all this time. I have been negligent in keeping up on maintenance.

- Janus D

Traditional and easy to drive!

This car has been trouble-free, with the exception of needing new tires & a new battery. I love the "old fashioned" radio & CD system as I am not a big fan of highly computerized cars. Sunroof is fun & storage is ample. Love the leather seats and standard transmission!

- Mary B

An interesting detail is that it runs with great speed.

The vehicle is very long lasting with good care. Sometimes inconvenient that it only has two doors but it is good spaced, seats are comfortable and is smooth as well. It has a good type of radio you could also try to put a custom Bluetooth device for calls and for music.

- Emily R

My car and its functions.

It breaks down every now and then however the issues are minuscule and minor. It has a lot of great features including heated seats, a place to plug in your smartphone, and Bluetooth. Overall it's a pretty reliable car. Good gas mileage and overall very pleasing design.

- Kathryn K

Convenient and comfortable.

I bought my car used but it still drives like it is new. My Honda is very dependable. It is comfortable and convenient. It has a lot of storage, comfortable leather seats, and great a.C.! There is an incredible amount of trunk space, a sunroof, and a six disc CD player.

- Madeline L

It is a powerful car and gets amazing gas mileage.

My car has very sensitive brakes and gas, which I love. I feel like it has a lot of power when you press on the accelerator which I haven't experienced in other cars I've driven. It's over 100k miles now and still going strong. It seems to need frequent oil changes now.

- Megan D

It is a sporty nice riding little car get great gas mileage.

It is a very nice reliable sporty car and very comfortable to ride in and also gets great gas mileage. Smooth and it does not really have issues just have to do regular maintenance like any other vehicles. Just got the timing belt replace and put brand new tires on it.

- Kimberly A

2007 Honda Accord; my perfect vehicle.

Love this vehicle. It drives so smooth, has seat warmers, leather seats, sleek interior and has a GPS built in, granted its older but still works great. Only have had one issue which was with the transmission but my husband was able to fix it without breaking the bank.

- Jesse R

The Honda Accord is a very reliable car, I've never had a problem with it.

This little car has gotten me through snow storms and road trips without missing a beat. The leather seats are very comfortable and easy to clean with electronic adjustment. Gas mileage is great- I work an hour away from home and only use about a quarter tank each way.

- Isabella O

Good gas mileage and good car for the price.

I love my Honda Accord, its roomy and good on gas. It is a 2007 so it is not as up to date as the newer cars. The heat and air work really well and it drives really good! Wish I had a little more leg and head room for my passengers. But it is a good car for the money.

- Lisa B

Great but needs some repairs

This is a really good car and has lived for over 10 years now. Luckily I got the car for free but because of its age I had to invest over $1000 in repairs into this vehicle. It may not be the same for yours but do keep this in mind when shopping for any old vehicles.

- Erika P

My vehicle is great with saving gas.

I have problems with an electrical short that does not allow my windows to close properly. I am also in need of a wheel alignment and maybe shock/struts. I also need the cabinet filter to be replaced because of the dust and particles that gets stuck on the dashboard.

- Adrien S

Leather seats, heated seats, Bose stereo, sunroof, alloy wheels.

There is some road noise other than the car gets good gas mileage is comfortable to drive - the vehicle has the most options leather seats, heated seats, nice stereo, sunroof - I really have had no issues for this car being 11 years old - I would recommend to anyone.

- Shawn A

It is one of the most reliable and comfortable cars that I have ever owned and would purchase another one with no hesitation.

I love my car as the seats are comfortable, heated and lumbar adjustable. It is a very comfortable ride and the engine has great power. I have plenty of room for short and long trips with my children. I have had very few problems and will keep it as long as I can.

- Regan K

Hondas are the best! Safe and reliable!!

Like all the Hondas I have owned throughout the years they are the most family oriented and reliable vehicles out there. Only problems were some minor wiring issues here and there for example a check engine light would come on when nothing was wrong with the vehicle.

- Leah F

Honda's are very reliable and great on gas. They are very cheap to maintain.

I have had 3 Honda's in my life. The only reason I have had 3 is because of car accidents but I have never had any issues with these cars. They are great on gas and very reliable. As long as you keep up with regular maintenance you can have them for many many years.

- kim R

Pros and cons about my Honda Accord.

It is has had very few problems and the problems it has had have been minor. The car has never let me down I would recommend this car to anyone that asks. If I had the chance to buy another Honda I definitely would. The only complaint is they are a little pricey.

- Michael C

Honda Accord, mr. Reliable.

No problems other than general wear and tear over time. Very comfortable and reliable. Not a lot of features since it is an older car from 2007. There are reclining seats, spacious back seats and lots of trunk space. Overall, the car is awesome and very reliable.

- Chris K

A black 2007 Honda Accord.

My vehicle has become old enough that it has several problems despite being taken care of. It lacks beneficial features and I often worry about the reliability of the vehicle. Thankfully the vehicle runs well enough that I can still drive from point A to point B.

- Hannah B

Blue fast sturdy fun to drive.

Honda makes a really good car that lasts forever. I am hoping mine will last a good 5-8 more years cause my credit is shot and I cannot afford a new car right now. If I could buy a new car soon, I would go with Honda Accord again. I think it is the best car ever.

- Megan A

It has low mileage and stays clean.

I do not have any problems with my 2007 year Honda, accord. I make sure that I comply with my inspections, and do what I am supposed to do with my maintenance. People admire my car, and always ask me if I would keep them in consideration, when I plan to sell it.

- Valerie C

One interesting detail is that the vehicle is child friendly.

My Honda accord has been with me for four years now, and it is an amazingly dependable car. It is also very good on gas. The car drives very smooth and I haven't had any major issues with it. Also, the car is very visually appealing to me and is low maintenance.

- Alexis S

Reliable and fun to drive.

My Honda Accord has been highly reliable, economical and easy to drive. It rides comfortably and is spacious enough for most adult sized passengers. I have an ex, which has all the extra features that I could possibly need. Have only replaced tires and battery.

- Susan D

My family's 2007 Honda Accord.

It is very reliable, has a navigation screen on the dash, nice leather seats, and great gas mileage. Plenty of room for two car seats, it is a nice car for a small family. The breaks work amazing. I cannot think of any problems I or my husband has with the car.

- Destiny P

Loving my Honda and will drive it till it dies.

I enjoy driving my Honda. It is a roomy car with just enough extras to keep everyone happy on long road trips. Big back seat and big trunk. Great gas mileage as well as a great running car. Nothing major for repairs so far and everything is very user friendly.

- Jen S

Long-time Honda Accord owner review.

Very reliable, great performance and quality. Vehicle is very comfortable and the leather seating is still very attractive. The mechanics of the car have held up very long time with regular maintenance. We have not had any major mechanical problems or issues.

- Helen N

Small details for improvement.

The package I got did not include rear speakers. The roof lining is coming off, and it has no AUX or USB port. I would also like more backseat room for children car seats and the headlights could be easier to reach. However, I have had no mechanical problems.

- Susan L

My car petunia, the best Honda on the streets.

The favorite thing in my car is my AUX cord. My Honda drives really smooth. I haven't experienced major problems at all. And the problems you may have won't be expensive at all. This is a really good car that will last for a long time if you take care of it.

- Jerry M

Love the color!! Love the size!! The trunk is high!!

Some things could have been avoided with 6 months check ups, when bought wasn't given the wheel lock. I love the sound system it is amazing. Also didn’t have all the lug nuts on the wheel, each one had 4 on them. To clean it is easy and simple. I love it!

- Carla V

Interior is dark. Smooth driving.

Best dependable vehicle made. I've had my share of cars and this takes the cake. Any Honda owner I know will say the same. Cheap parts when needing fixed and as long as you keep up the car it will run forever. I love my Honda and would get another anytime.

- Ashley S

great value for the money spent car last forever,as long as you service it regularly

I bought me vehicle used about 28,000 miles about 5 years ago from a honda dealership. Got a one year warranty 100 000 miles car now is at 200 000 has not needed any repairs major. i would definitely purchase a honda and recommend one to friends and family

- ryan r

Not brand new although this car is new to me.

None I get 21 mpg on highway. Car had some problems but now seems well tuned after fixing. This can be challenge since owning a car and parking in heat of dessert is good regular maintenance will help me in the future but I feel this car is running good.

- Matt S

110000 miles and still going strong.

My car just hit 110000 miles and is still running great. Only problem I have encountered is that the windows except the driver's has stopped moving up and down. The ac still works, and the heat. It gets fairly good gas mileage and can fit a lot of stuff.

- Melissa H

White Honda Accord 4 door sedan.

Performance is great and body is in great condition. Very well maintained, low mileage. Maintenance have been kept up. No flood or rain damage. 4 door, am/FM radio with single disc player, air condition, automatic windows and door locks. . . Great car.

- Melissa G

Reliable, steady commuter vehicle with a pleasing appearance.

Overall it has pleasing performance and is fairly comfortable. I wish that we could adjust the front seats to move them back further, however. The A/C seems to have problems more frequently than my Ford Tauruses did, but otherwise a very pleasant ride.

- Angela J

The most important feature is that Its reliable.

My car is a 2007 Honda Accord. It gets about 22 mpg city and 32 highway. Have never had to have any major maintenance in the 5 years of ownership. Just regular tires, oil and brakes. The GPS is out of date and can be hard to use, but Its 11 years old.

- Matthew R

Turning radius is really tight.

I love my Honda accord! I have had it for 5 years or so and put a lot of miles on it. Honda accords are great travel cars, roomy but not too big, and can withstand high mileage. The turning radius is super tight which is great if you live in the city.

- Grace L

Great car overall. I would recommend.

Brakes wear out early, otherwise has been good car. I have only had to do oil changes otherwise. It is a manual transmission and the haven't been any problems yet with the clutch at 153 kmi. The clear coat is cracking and peeling on the hood however.

- Lindsey B

The most important things about the car is that it's spacious and does eat up gas.

My husband and I own a Honda Accord which we love dearly. The car is very spacious for us and our 2 year old. It's black with a sunroof which our son loves. When traveling there's enough space for others to join and not feel cramped. We love our car.

- Katarina W

The vehicle is great the amazing part about it is the autopilot.

There is no problem with the car beside not having a amp but everything is great very reliable and very comfortable seats you will totally love the car the cool thing is that you could autopilot but cancel is by stepping on the break really amazing.

- Samuel K

Family friendly reliability.

I love the reliability and gas economy of my Honda Accord. I use this car almost daily for a lot of local driving. I can't afford problems! My only regret is as my children are growing, it's getting harder to fit as there is not a lot of legroom.

- Nan C

This car has less than 77,000 miles on it and I got it for free!

I like that Accords last a long time when well taken care of. I like that the back seat folds down and that there is a pass-through opening in the back seat. I dislike the mpg. that it gets. I really dislike that it's bumpers are made of plastic.

- Betsy H

We've never had to make any major repairs- it has been extremely dependable.

It has been very dependable over the 11 years we have owned it and we have never had any significant repairs. It gets fairly good gas mileage. It is not the most comfortable ride and has too much road noise, but it has been a good car overall.

- Kent G

Front ball joints which gives way easily.

Major problem with the Honda Accord is the fact that the ball joints give way most times especially when ridden on rough terrains. The car drives so smoothly with very good fuel consumptions, very reliable and comfortable to sit in when driving.

- Ade O

The one thing I would want others to know is how reliable it is.

I like that it gets pretty good gas mileage, for not being a hybrid. I also like that it is reliable, and hasn't had any major issues. There really isn't anything I dislike about it, though the Takata airbag stuff a couple years ago was scary!

- Jessica P

Honda Accords are reliable vehicles.

Honda Accords are very reliable vehicles. The drive smooth and maintain their value longer than most vehicles. The one issue (not many ) would be the paint job. I love the features for the seating. The seats warm up and are every comfortable.

- Lamar A

Probably the gas mileage. I travel a lot so It's super nice going back and forth on one tank of gas!

I love my Honda Accord! My favorite thing about it is probably the gas mileage! It came pretty loaded as well with leather seats, sun and moon roof and a 6 disc cd player. The car isn't super big but it works for my child and myself.

- Bekka P

Reliable car even after 11 years!

My car is still in good condition all these years later, and it was very easy to install an updated stereo/radio system. I personally find the non leather interior a lot more comfortable than a leather interior, so for its perfect.

- Bethanie M

It is a blue honda and it is super reliable and I love it

The power steering is starting to go out so it can be difficult to move the steering wheel when the car isn't moving. Also the drivers side window doesn't roll up properly. I think it's super comfortable and gets good gas mileage.

- Alayna G

It is not a gas hog and it rides very smoothly. It's perfect for anyone who isn't good at operating large vehicles.

I love my vehicle because although it's not a super small car like a Fiat, it's easy for a non-experienced drive like me to manoeuvre around in. I also appreciate that it has an aux cord port. Lastly, it's just so cute and sleek.

- britney W

Dependable Accord allows you to work and play hard without worry

Great car, wonderful gas mileage, dependable, very low maintenance, I use it for work as uber/Lyft driver plus I work another job that requires me to drive out of state. I do not hesitate to use my car in all of these situations

- Andy B

You will be very satisfied with owning a Honda Accord!

I love my Honda! It's over 10 years old, but with proper maintenance I know it will last longer. The miles per gallon is really great even after all this time. It is a dependable brand. I really can't complain about it.

- Candace C

Very reliable! Over 200,000 miles already and still going!

I've had my car for about 10 years. It has been very reliable, but lately, we have had to spend quite a bit of money on repairs. I expect it with our car getting older, but it has certainly taken more money than planned.

- Erin G

My Accord has been very reliable for over ten years.

I have had my Honda Accord since it was new, which was eleven years ago. It has been very reliable. I have maintained it well and it has performed wonderfully. It is a comfortable car, and is still in good condition.

- Regina M

It is a very reliable car that has good gas mileage.

I really enjoying driving it, it rides really smoothly. Additionally, it has good gas mileage and has never really had any mechanical faults. The only thing that I am not fond of is that it doesn't have Aux cable port

- Jennifer R

It is very dependable and good gas mileage.

It is a good looking and well handling vehicle. I have had it for over 6 1/2 years now and it has had hardly any problems on it that needed to be fixed. Plus it does not lose value as much as some vehicles do over time.

- James D

A truly amazing car to buy used. High mileage is no problem.

The 2007 Honda accord is Reliable, and perfect for a first car. You won't have to worry about being stranded and having to call AAA, and the front wheel drive keeps the tires from spinning in the heavy florida rain.

- Nathan F

Spacious and affordable, easy to maintain.

Because it's an older model it does not have USB ports or updated GPS technology which I do not like. I like that it's reliable, easy to maintain, and affordable. It has not broken down a lot like my former Hyundai.

- Elizabeth K

It's really fast, and I can always trust in the quality

My vehicle doesn't really have to many problems. It's used but I've only had to purchase a new battery. I haven't had any other problems, and it's really durable. I feel safe driving it, and I know that will last.

- Emma B

It rarely ever has any problems and it is very affordable.

I absolutely love Honda, I have barely had any problems regarding this car. It is reliable, and dependable. It is also spacious, comfortable and has amazing features to it! I would highly recommend buying a Honda!

- Taylor B

Sleek and powerful and dependable!

I have a Honda Accord ex model car. It as a sunroof, leather seats with heating, automatic windows. It has a v6 engine so it has enough power for my use. It runs smooth and has not given me much trouble till now.

- A Y

Honda Accord in working great condition!

Car is in good condition and runs well. There are a few scratches in the paint, but overall no other problems. The vehicle was in a fender bender last year, but had the bumper totally replaced and looks like new!

- Haylie L

Used 2007 Honda Accord navy blue.

2007 Honda Accord. Used. Navy blue. No problems in my years of having it. Passenger side air bag needs to be replaced as per Honda recall. A few scratches/songs on the passenger side exterior. One hubcap missing.

- Mia M

It is very reliable and dependable.

This is the second Honda I have owned and I really like this brand. My car is over 10 years old and has had very few problems. It is comfortable to drive and I plan on getting another Honda in a year or two.

- Marilyn o

Very reliable vehicle as long as scheduled maintenance is performed.

Very reliable vehicle with very few problems. As long as scheduled maintenance is performed, this vehicle can have a long lasting life with an owner. Honda is a very reputable brand and continues to be so.

- John L

It has been very reliable and is in good condition especially considering its age (11 years).

It has been very reliable and has needed few repairs over the years. It gets good gas mileage. I do not like that the road noise is fairly loud and it is not the most comfortable riding car for long drives.

- Kent S

It has held up well for 11 years, and I plan to drive it for as long as it runs.

My Honda Accord sedan is reliable, fuel efficient, and fun to drive. I like the way it accelerates, allowing me to merge safely into traffic. It is comfortable over long distances for driver and passenger.

- Jenn W

My Honda has saved me lots of money because it gets great gas mileage and has not cost much in repairs so far.

My Honda has been so reliable. I love that it lets you know when it needs service, such as an oil change. I don't drive a ton of miles so I expect it will last me many more years. I have no complaints.

- Vicki P

It is safe and dependable. Low maintenance and easy to work on

I love that it's dependable and safe. Maintenance is easy and the parts are not too expensive. The only issue I have is the back seat is not big enough for 3 car seats or 3 booster seats to fit properly.

- Diana K

Gas mileage seems to be slightly lower than advertised (could be the driver)

I enjoy the space of the accord over the civic i owned in the past. It drives well and is easy to maintain. I haven't been thrilled with the wearing of the leather on the seat, otherwise it's a nice car.

- Phil O

It drives smoothly and the feeling of it is great, it's also pretty comfortable.

It is alright. A few break issues here and there, every once in a while I have to get them fixed. Otherwise it is a smooth ride to where I need to go. Pretty much a run around car to do errands and such.

- Amaya J

Long-lasting and durable! You will have this car forever!

I love my Honda Accord! It has all the features I am looking for in a medium-sized sedan. Mine is a 2007, and it's still running like it's brand new! It will hopefully last me for another 5 years or so!

- Amanda L

Make sure to do maintenance.

Honda is a very reliable and dependable car. The parts is also not very expensive compared to other cars. Even though Its old and has high mileage it still runs good and does not have a lot of problems.

- Heather A

It is reliable, I love knowing that my car will be running for years to come.

Love Honda in general, drives wonderful, and roomy enough for me. I love the look of this vehicle it is a beautiful color. I dislike all the recalls and would prefer something roomier for family trips.

- Lee S

What's most important in a car to me? Reliability.

My Honda Accord has been the most reliable car I have owned. I can't think of any problems I've had with it yet and it's over 10 years old. I take it in for routine maintenance and all is well so far.

- Lisa W

If a reliable and affordable car are important, then a Honda is the car for you!

I have had my car for 11 years and only had minor issues. It has almost 150, 000 miles on it! Last time I took it in for a tune-up, the mechanic told me it was good to go for another 100, 000 miles!!

- Me M

If you own this model be sure to have the airbags changed out.

I like the way it rides/handles. The pickup is great for on the highway. It is roomy and comfortable to ride in. The only complaint is it has a few blind spots, can make it hard to make some turns.

- mO p

Very dependable car with little maintenance, no problems.

My vehicle is over eleven years old and I have never had any type of problem with it, we have changed the oil when needed and have had to replace the battery once. I think it has been a great car.

- Deb O

My honda accord is nice drives really smooth and ac is really cold

My car is an honda accord 2007 . has clean title . emissions . been in 2 accidents . has motor mount issues . my car has no airbags . my car has ac that works just great but needs tinted windows

- Bri E

It is good on gas mileage.

I love the size of my car. It suits me well and drives comfortably. The only problem I have with my car is that it is over 10 years old and possesses problems that come with having an older car.

- Emily D

Best Car I Ever Owned and I have Owned some expensive Foreign Cars

I have only needed basic regular maintenance on my Honda , and have had no major problems with this car. I love this car more than any car I ever owned for its ride, Quietness, and performance

- Ralston C

It has outstanding fuel efficiency and has been very affordable to maintain.

I love the fuel efficiency, comfort and affordability of the Honda. It is extremely dependable, inexpensive to maintain and has been very durable. I plan to drive it for many years to come.

- Andrew B

It's completely paid for and I don't have to worry about a car payment. For that, I'm grateful.

My car is dependable and economic. It hasn't been an expensive car to own. I can haul quite a bit in it, but I do wish at times for either an SUV or truck to be able to haul large items in.


It is a very dependable car that is economical.

I love the gas mileage and that we have not had any major problems. Our vehicle maintains its value over the years. I do not like that you can hear a lot of road nose now that it is older.

- Amanda F

It's dependable, a good drive, and safe.

It's a Honda, so it'll last for quite awhile. But since it's older, and technology has increased at a rapid pace, it lacks a lot of the gadgets and other fun stuff that today's cars have.

- Matt t

There is a lock on the hub caps.

I love the factory stereo and speakers. The bass sounds amazing. I also love the comfortableness of the seats. I do dislike that amount of factory recalls I have had to have repaired.

- Stacey S

Very happy with my (reliable!) Honda Accord!

With regular maintenance my Accord is lasting forever! It is very reliable. One thing I do not like too much is there is a bit of road noise. Other than that I am very happy with it.

- Lauren C

Blue/ silver Honda Accord is a great car.

The Honda Accord is still drivable after 280, 000 miles and is extremely reliable, would recommend this car. It has been passed down generations in my family over the past 10 years.

- Jill C

It has a good radio system.

Busted tail light, old starter, reliable, grey, 4 wheel drive, great lights, good radio, no AUX cord or Bluetooth, fabric seats no leather, air conditioning and heat work very well.

- Maddie Y

The car is extremely reliable and when repairs are necessary they are not as costly as other cars I have owned.

With over 150k miles my car remains reliable, comfortable and economical. Keeping up with routine maintenance and minor repairs, I feel as though my car will last another 50k miles

- Tom D

Honda is there to help you out with any problems.

I have never had any issues with my Honda. Handles well on the roads & highways. Great on gas. Great car for comfort while traveling. Would consider buying another one, if needed.

- Kathy S

It has never really need any work to it except the oil change.

I have really liked my Honda it rides smooth and has been very reliable the only problem is during the winter it sits so low to the ground that I can not see over the snow banks.

- Jane C

It's a reliable car and even though it is not glamorous it is worth the cost.

It's been very reliable and I think it's been a great buy. I am starting now to need to replace parts such as the starter and struts. It is still worth keeping for a bit longer.

- Irene L

It is a reliable car, Honda's are well made vehicles.

I love that is is reliable. It is also low maintenance. I love that it goes fast! I do not like that it is outdated by newer vehicles and doesn't have all the updated features.

- Jessica D

It's not spacious. It's very reliable and fast performing.

It is a reliable vehicle. The performance is very good. I like the two door model. It is a manual gear model. It's not very spacious. It is pretty fast. I had it for 12 years.

- Robert B

It holds resale better than a lot of others makes.

It is dependable it gets good mileage it has 21000 miles on it. The only thing I had replace was the starter and brakes. What I do not like is the clear coat is peeling off.

- Richard S

Honda have great gas mileage and since I take care of my car it will last.

I love my Honda. Although its an older model car I have not had any major issues or repair. My repairs are the normal preventive maintenance such as brakes, battery repairs.

- Stephanie W

Since it is a 2007 the gas mileage is not as good as newer cars on the road today.

I have a 2007 honda accord. my car is paid off and I love not having a car payment. since it is a 2007 the technology is somewhat old, but I don't care cause it a great car

- sarah M

The V6 is very reliable. I get about 26 MPG on curvy mountain roads.

I have always liked Hondas. They are very reliable and good on gas. I have the V6, it has plenty of power for living in the mountains. The handling is good, not excellent.

- toby B

It's the most reliable car I have owned despite being over 10 years old

Starts every time I turn the key, has never given me problems, extremely reliable, over 10 years old but style has not diminished, good resale value; no complaints at all

- lizzy e

Complete reliability. Excellent maintenance schedule, if followed you will never have mechanical problems.

I have had no problems. This is the third Honda Accord I have owned. I highly recommend this car. I have taken excellent care of the vehicle. It now has 272000 miles.

- Jack B

It is comfortable reliable and safe!

It is comfortable and spacious as well as reliable and very great on gas! I love it. The car had been very reliable and more than a dependable car! It is my daily driver.

- Jason D

It has extremely high mileage. I have had no major mechanical problems with this car.

Over 270,000 miles with no issues other than replacing the alternator. Oil has been changed regularly. Small dent on the passenger side from a car door hitting it. Black.

- Michael T

This is me talking about my Honda Accord.

It is very reliable overall. The only issue is some kind of problem with the locks, but it is fairly minor. It is very comfortable to drive, and gets decent gas mileage.

- Aaron T

Honda Accord is a pretty solid car.

I have not had any significant or major problems with this car. Some of the leather on the steering wheel, center console, and armrest have started to wear out and tear.

- Gil F

This car takes sharp turns smoothly and is comfortable for long drives as long as you are not more than 5'9".

My vehicle is is a two door coupe with great visibility all around. Great pick up speed, transmission shifts, and suspension. I don't have any complaints with this car.

- Alexis J

Hondas are awesome. I love them great cars to have.

I love Hondas this is a reliable car I love it. Gas mileage sucks it could be a lot better. Tires run down really fast. I've put a lot of miles on it and it works great.

- Desire P

It has a new cold air intake and a new throttle body spacer

This is probably the best car I've ever had and one of the best I've ever seen. It has really good control and it's good on gas. We have made it up a bit but I love it.

- Brittany W

Reliability - i don't have to work about repairs

It's a great car. Reliable, decent mpg, nice light blue. I don't like that it doesn't have an auxiliary outlet and my passenger side front door won't auto lock/unlock

- Jen H

They should know that the Honda Accord is a car that last.

I like that the Honda Accord is an affordable, reliable, and attractive car. It gets good gas mileage and holds it resale value. It is also a safe and well built car.

- Marcus L

It is got a ton of room and the backseat is more spacious than you'd think.

The only thing I do not like is that it is two-door. Everything else is perfect. She runs like a dream and has great space in the cabin and in the trunk. I love my car.

- Olivia C

Leather seats which have contributed to the long durability of my vehicle.

Honda is a dependable brand with affordable repair and maintenance cost. I have not had a substantial issue with my Honda or the 1 I owned prior to my current vehicle.

- Candace M

All windows could be rolled all the way up or down by entering key in door lock.

Fairly, it's a good car. Has a few minor problems, nothing major. Car runs strong, ac blows cold, heater gets pretty hot. Had touch screen navigation with Apple Music.

- Jonathan G

The car is reliable and I'm very please with it. It has over 200k miles and it's in great condition.

In the 11 years that I have owned this car I had to replace one of its parts. It functions well and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I love that it is reliable.

- Luis S

2007 Honda Accord. Perfect for a first car

I got this car from my parents after the transmission blew. After I replaced the transmission it runs great and rarely have issues with it. It gets great gas mileage.

- Lauren S

2007 Honda accord hybrid hybrid 4dr sedan performance tires (3.0L 6cl gas/electric hybrid 5A)

very comfortable and easy to drive, plenty of room and stylish interior with simple controls tight build quality, smooth ride, Honda strong reputation for reliability

- patricia s

That it has wrap around air bags and that Hondas are one of the safest cars on the road.

I like the spaciousness of the interior. I love how easy it is to drive. I dislike the mileage because I feel like it should get better mileage based on how I drive.

- Jason U

Old and need mechanic work occasionally.

A little bit old and need some mechanic work occasionally. Sometimes, it cost a lot. This is the only thing that makes trouble to me. Generally speaking, I like it.

- Yiwei C

They should know that it has tinted windows and looks nice.

I have a 2007 Honda Accord Coupe, which is pretty good. I like its gas mileage and durability. However, I find it costly to maintain and I wish it had four doors.

- Daniel R

It is very reliable and affordable to maintain. We had it for many years and still has lots of years to go

I like how good the quality of the car, even if it is old, it is very reliable. It is also very affordable to maintain. It is still running in a very good condition

- John P

It's roomier than it looks!

My vehicle is reliable and cheap to repair when necessary. It does not come standard with an AUX port, which I don't care for. It is comfortable and easy to drive.

- Tegan B

A black Honda Accord, great vehicle for my family.

I love my vehicle. It has great gas mileage and is very roomy! I rarely have problems with it, but it is an older vehicle. Would love to buy a newer model of it.

- Makayla W

It's easy to use and comfortable.

I like that it blends in with other cars on the road. It's easy to use and the dashboard is clearly marked and easy to use. It's comfortable and I am used to it.

- Laura K

Its reliable, comfortable and great for traveling.

I like that it is comfortable and has a good amount of space for traveling. I do not like that it takes awhile to cool down or heat up depending on the weather.

- Courtney R

I get very good gas mileage.

I like my Honda a lot I keep up with all the maintenance and expect the drive this car many more years because there are less than 100 thousand miles on it now.

- Sharon B

The car gets good gas mileage.

I like the size of my car, it's not real big. My car if comfortable and easy to drive. I don't like it that the seat is a little low and doesn't come up higher.

- Virginia a

I think the most important thing is the fact that I have had it for about 2 1/2 years and I have yet to have any engine problems.

My car has been very reliable so far. I have had to replace a few parts, but luckily finding parts for a Honda Accord is incredibly easy and rather inexpensive.

- Josh E

It has automatic door and trunk.

The vehicles has automatic door and trunk. It. Is too low to the ground and scraps against it. The trunk get stuck and needs to be pulled open. Drives smoothly.

- Latoya H

it's a 07 Honda accord and only has 160,000 miles on it

i have a 07 Honda accord 4 door i like my honda it's a good driving car I would like to get something bigger because I have 3 kids and my car is not big enough

- kendall H

My Honda Accord has been super reliable with no major problems. The only part I have replaced is the starter.

I liked it a lot when I purchased it but now it is old and starting to have problems. I like that it has lasted so long and would definitely buy another Honda.

- John W

Dependable, Reliable, Family Car

Honda is dependable and long lasting. I have not had any issues and not needed to do anything more than routine maintenance. It runs well and is easy to drive.

- Andrea W

Honda accord is dependable and v6 is enough power for driving

I like the leather interior and dual heated seating but dislike the way it handles in the snow and wish it had a front and rear camera and bluetooth capability

- liz c

It drive great and the inside is very comfortable and spacious.

This car is an amazing, is car that make it easy to drive around. Is a small car that is easy to manage and turn while driving in back roads or small streets.

- L V

Very economical to operate.

Good on gas, drives smooth, has good life left in it. The dislikes are not many but the front sits low and hydroplanes easily, the radio unexpectedly stopped.

- Robert D

Reliable and dependable car.

My vehicle is dependable, it goes about 300 miles before it needs gas. My only issue with it was not having an aux plug and not having electric side mirrors.

- Amanda W

It has been very reliable for me.

It is lasted quite awhile and is doing fairly well considering it has high mileage. But every so often it has a big problem that needs expensive maintenance.

- Angela C

Happy with Honda performance and endurance.

At 11 years old, my car still looks good, operates well, and is easy to drive for long trips. If I needed to purchase a new car, it would be a Honda Accord.

- Cynthia W

I like the windows roll down while holding the unlock button.

It is a great car, runs smooth, haven't had many mechanical issues. I would prefer a larger car for my family but this one does the job. Large trunk space.

- Kayla P

Their is a seperate key for the Honda that can be used to lock the glove box for example if u are valeting car and need to lock up personal items

Very reliable, has lasted 7 years with only some minor repair problems, very roomy sedan type style inside, keep up with basic maint and will last forever!

- Misti O

The car does use a lot of gas since it is a v8.

No vehicle problems, very comfortable and roomy. The car is equipped with GPS, which is very helpful in unfamiliar places. Car seats 5 people comfortably.

- Fran L

I love it.I has been easy to own and maintain. It is fun to drive

It is nice looking, comfortable and pleasant to drive. It has remained in very good condition and I'm often asked if I want to sell it. The answer is no.

- Donna P

It's a great reliable car but it's also fun and fast.

Recently bought my car after a lot of research. My mechanic recommended Honda as a reliable car. I love it so far and it's a V6 so I finally have pick up.

- Erin P

Honda cars are long lasting cars as long as you take care of them.

What I like best is the gas mileage, the safety of the vehicle and the comfort. I have no dislike about my Honda; in fact this is my third Honda purchase.

- Arlene R

I'm very dependent on it. I don't know what I would do about work without it.

For the most part it is reliable. Now as it approaches 100,000 miles more frequent and expensive repairs are a concern. It could get better gas mileage.

- Thomas P

Love my Honda Accord, I think you would too!

I love my Honda Accord. It gets good gas mileage and I have never had any major issues with it. Get horsepower and very comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Carolyn C

Good vehicle with one or two flaws.

Good car with fair gas mileage. Ample foot space in the front. The ceiling struts make it difficult to get good visibility from the driver's seat though.

- Shon F

Good on gas Reliable No aux port maintenance isn't expensive if you keep it up and not out problems off

Very good car! Super reliable and good on gas. The only downside to my year model is that there is no auxiliary port,but you can use a Bluetooth charger

- Jada C

It gets really good gas mileage for an older vehicle.

My accord has been very dependable over the past 11 years. I have 136,000 miles on it and it continues to get 27 mpg. I have no complaints about my car.

- Cindy M

It's great on gas and rides comfortably. It doesn't take much money to fill up.

Would like to have an SUV, to have more room, and four doors so it's easier to get in and out. The extra room would be nice for road trips with friends.

- Meghan S

Reliable and hardly ever needs anything besides regular maintenance.

I like that it is roomy enough for me and my wife. The gas mileage is great. I like that it is a sedan so I can put things in the trunk, out of sight.

- Steven M

Great roomy car with nice acceleration and good gas mileage.

This is my third Honda Accord and I just love everything about this vehicle. It is very roomy. Has great acceleration. Very little wind/outside noise.

- Walter R

It is extremely dependable and will give you few, if any, problems if you take care of it.

I like my vehicle because it is very dependable and does not give me any major problems like my Hyundai Accent did. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Jennifer W

Low mileage. It's a ten year old car with about 50,000 miles on it.

It's a good car. Little Maintenance required and that's a good thing because I'm not very good at that. It gets reasonable mileage and suits me well.

- Phyllis R

It is comfortable to ride in and to drive. It runs smoothly.

The leather on the seats is wearing. The leather wrap on the steering wheel is coming off. It doesn't have automatic lights turning on at darkness

- Kathy S

No more remembering when you need to change your oil, this car lets you know.

I love this car, have had no problems, just regular maintenance. I love how the dashboard lets you know what service you need and when you need it.

- Tricia H

It has great gas mileage, especially on the highway

I love the gas mileage. The fact that it is well made. I don't like such a stiff ride and there is a problem with the cd players in these vehicles

- camille d

My vehicle is very well maintained and has over 100,000 miles on it

This vehicle is a great car. It has a lot of features like the 6 disc CD changer that I would hate to give up if I traded it in on something else.

- Stephanie P

All around good vehicle for anyone

I rarely need to take my car in for maintenance other than oil change, tire rotation, etc. The car drives well and had pretty decent gas mileage.

- Stephanie R

Extremely dependable for high mileage vehicle that has classic look.

Love the driving smoothness and interior comfort. Good gas mileage. Large trunk space. Fold down portion in back seat to accommodate long items.

- Ivette B

Personally, I think a Honda Accord is a very reliable car.

I absolutely love my car! Personally, I have never had any problems with my car. It is a very reliable car that I trust to drive long distances.

- Kimberly M

It is rated pretty high and it uses a little gas. It is very reliable.

I love the gas mileage. I love the fact it is cheap to repair. I like that it is low maintenance and has a high mpg. I dislike how small it is.

- Alexandria N

A long lasting car that you can depend on

Honda Accord is reliable, gas efficiency, runs smoothly. Even my car is 10 years old, it does not have any problem except regular maintenance.

- chui a

It is a great family car.

I like that my car is a safe car for my family and that the gas mileage is great. I dislike that it shakes when driving. It just started this.

- Carla P

Honda's are a great make for cars.

I like that Honda holds its value well, and is low maintenance. Plus since it is a 5 speed manual transmission, it save me a lot in gas costs.

- Rob K

My car is super reliable! I am always comfortable knowing I will get from point a to point b.

I love my Honda! It is super reliable and in 11 years, has never broken down in me. I have no plans to get a new car in the next few years.

- Jennifer H

that it does drive smooth and performs really well in the snow.

My vehicle performs great my only issue is does not have bluetooth. I have had to replace a couple of parts this year but that is due to age.

- Shannon H

It is safe, economical and and low maintenance costs.

It was a good price when I bought it used. It is a quality vehicle and has required very little repair. It is safe and gets good gas mileage.

- Michele L

The car is really good on gas usage. A full tank can go a long way for this car.

My car does what I need it to do. It has pretty ok gas usage. The only I don't like is how often I have to take it to the shop to get fixed.

- Josh A

It is very small. I did not realize how small it was. It also seems to have a poor paint job

I love the mpg, but I hate the size. It is also hard to see the ends of the car. I also wish the car was easier to pack with boxes and such

- lizzie c

Its reliable, and safe, would recommend this brand.

Technology is outdated, no touchscreen or map system that's built in, no Bluetooth. I like that its reliable and maintenance costs are low.

- April Y