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Honda Accord 2008, the most reliable car I've owned.

2008 Honda Accord EX Coupe

I have had my 2008 Honda Accord since 2015. I bought it used with 100,000 miles on it. I now have 150,000 miles on it and haven't had any problems with it. The only things I have needed to stay on top of is oil changes, tires, and occasional brake pad change. I live in Utah, where we get a lot of snow. Driving in the snow is fine if I have a good set of tires on; if I don't I need to drive with extra caution. Other than that the car drives very smoothly. I don't have any plans on selling it because I love this car so much. I plan on driving it until it won't run any longer, which will be a long ways ahead. My interior is nice also. Plenty of space in the back, if you want it to be accommodating for others or you have car seats you need to put back there. I have tan leather which I have enjoyed because of the heated seating in the front. The a/c and heater work great. I have never had any problems of them not working and having to replace it. I absolutely love my accord and how reliable it is. I know I can go anywhere without any engine/ random car troubles. I have said thousands of dollars by buying a reliable car that I don't have to take into the auto body shop monthly.

- Andrea C

A Better Car, A Honda Accord that Excels in Reliability.

2008 Honda Accord

The vehicle is a 4-door sedan with cloth seats and no advanced features. It has a single CD player, and standard gauges/AC. The vehicle has lasted more than 100,00 miles with no breakdowns, no unexpected malfunctions, and no problems with keeping to a standard maintenance schedule. The vehicle has excellent suspension, handling off-road dirt and gravel roads without issue. The gas mileage is approximately 25 city and 29 highway. The parts last beyond their average life expectancy and the output remains a strong constant. The acceleration is decent, but not too expedient. The A/C works above average for a sedan and has yet to fail.I highly recommend this vehicle for both short commutes and long commutes. Also, the lock bars for kids car seats and well placed in the rear seating and hold up extremely well, also providing a third bar in the rear windshield area.

- Creg Z

Anxious for new current year with side/rear cameras and safety features.

2008 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan

Have under 65k miles and had to replace valve gaskets covers cost about $400.00. Have a small leak in the steering rack. This car performs very well. Reliability has also been very good. I am very comfortable driving this vehicle, however, I find it very difficult to see out the rear window as the rear part of the car seems raised. Visibility for judging purposes is difficult for me when trying to see out the rear window. I find the heating and air-conditioning components work very well. This vehicle warms up fairly quickly in cold weather. The defrosters work very well, however, they seem somewhat slow to react when the car windows are steamed up due to sitting in a cold garage and then sitting in warmer more humid weather outside.

- Melanie A

The most important thing people should know about my Honda is that it was a smart buy. It was a smart buy because not only does it look amazing, inside and out but the visual belies the excellent functionality and superior comfort. It was a smart buy because its size and weight still allow for amazing mileage per gallon.

2008 Honda Accord

My Honda Accord is a wonderful car that is comfortable, economic, with great style and presence. The leather interior is very nice but this does not sacrifice comfort. Mileage is great and saves me a lot of money every month. Honda is at the top of my list when considering cars for our home. My only complaint is that when you lock the car the sound the alarm makes when it gets enabled is too high-pitched. The alarm also constantly goes off on its own it even goes off when I have been sitting in the car! The alarm arms itself when I am in the car with the key in the ignition!

- Linda A

Well built and good gas mileage

2008 Honda Accord Base

The 2008 Honda accord is a very pleasurable vehicle. It drives very smoothly and gets good gas mileage (which I hear that most Honda products do). Also, I have had it since it was new (11 years) and have had very few maintenance issues. Honda seems to have very well built and long lasting products, which is good for consumers and helps to uphold the Honda brand name and reputation, along with other qualities and features. The car also has a good radio and speaker system as well, which has been good, especially if you are one who travels a lot for work or pleasure.

- Matthew H

It is dependable. It has always gotten us where we need to go. I have no real complaints!

2008 Honda Accord

We have had this car for about 4 and a half years. It has worked great, even though we put a lot of miles on it. We have put around 90k miles on it in the time we have had it. We have had a few problems with the engine, nothing too costly. Also nothing I wouldn't expect from any other car. Overall I never worry about the dependability. It is very comfortable to ride in, we have had a couple recalls that were handled quickly and at no cost to us. It has a lot of trunk room, and back seat room which helps out a lot. We are really happy with our purchase of this car.

- Liz J

My car is an ex-l it is extra long and extra wide so it has extra spacing.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my car. My dad had it before I did and used it for work. It has 250, 000 miles on it but it still runs great! A Honda will last anyone forever. It is one of the best cars to buy I think. I have been in one accident and I have a bra on the front of my car and that is only because my dad thought that I would get into more accidents. I still love it and always will. My brother is actually getting my car once my mom gets a new car and I will get her old car. It is a good car to start off with and will last him awhile as well.

- Jasmine F

Very reliable car and good quality for the money.

2008 Honda Accord

I bought it used and discovered quickly that it uses about a quart of oil every 1000 miles. There was a recall for O-rings, but my mileage was over the recall limit. It is a very reliable car. I have 252, 000 miles and would not hesitate to take a trip in it. I have owned it for 6 years and have had no engine trouble at all. The radio quits occasionally which can be aggravating, but overall I consider this one of the best cars I have ever owned. I would certainly recommend a Honda to anyone searching for a car.

- De Anna R

2008 Honda Accord: very reliable.

2008 Honda Accord

It has a fuel efficient engine, it is smooth and quiet. It is very reliable, and a great car to take you to and from work everyday. But of course, with any car, the mileage you put on it, the more problems you will beginning to have with it. I have had problems with the starter and the engine once. I also had to get a tire replaced because it blew out on me. But it is 10 years old now, but for the most part, I didn't have a lot of problems with it, and I do look forward to buying another Honda in the future.

- Matthew A

Honda Accord coupe: mostly love.

2008 Honda Accord

I have always thought this model of Accord is very beautiful. The shape of the car is sleek and attractive and does not look outdated even though it is 10 years old now. The interior is roomy and has a lot of legroom for someone who is tall (I am 5’11). My only serious issue with this vehicle is the window. My past Honda’s I have owned have also encountered this issue. The switch and motor broke on the drivers side, this also happened in my CR-V. Extremely irritating but seems to be a Honda issue.

- Liza K

Good, dependable vehicle with minor drawbacks.

2008 Honda Accord

Very reliable and I have found most Honda vehicles to be very reliable and be dependable for a long time. My vehicle has over 200, 000 miles on it and I have had very little problems with it. There have been some issues with my particular car. The main one is the battery. I have had to replace more than in other vehicles I have owned. My Accord has a DVD player and that could be the reason. I have also had airbag recalls but that was easy to get fixed after taking it to the dealer.

- Katie D

Well designed and comfortable.

2008 Honda Accord LX

My car is very comfortable. This instrument panel is well laid out and easy to use. I am not a huge fan of the GPS system but it is an older model so that is not a big deal. Adjusting the seats is very simple and there is plenty of room in the back seat. I am happy with the size of the trunk. I also like having fold down back seats. There is an armrest in the back that can be pulled down or folded away. It has a cup holder in it which is nice for passengers.

- Lisa L

Extremely Reliable and easy to drive, a perfect car for commute or light travel.

2008 Honda Accord

My Honda Accord is extremely reliable, gets fair gas mileage, and has had very few problems over the years despite regularly using it to travel. It was handed down to me from a family member but when he bought it, many custom options were available. The only complaint that I have is that the back seat has no a/c vents or outlets for charging, which isn't a concern most of the time but on long car rides, people in the backseat are slightly more uncomfortable.

- Casper S

The trunk hood of my car has painted chipped.

2008 Honda Accord

My 2008 Honda Accord is four door, white exterior and has a tan suede interior. It had very comfortable seats especially for the summer when it's too hot and your wear shorts. Recently, I noticed when I went to the gas station to put gas, after turning on my car again, my check engine turned on. That light was not there earlier leaving my house. So I thought that was weird. But other then that my car is pretty reliable. It takes me everywhere have to go.

- Samantha T

Safety first. Feeling unsafe on the road is the most stressful feeling ever.

2008 Honda Accord

Cars are not my passion. Look for reliability which my car has and affordability. Because I often drive a couple of hundred miles to work in another city, dependability is tantamount to every other feature. Must feel safe. I am a woman and drive alone. Second to that, routine maintenance must be affordable and readily available. But a car is a tool to be used for work. I am not trying to impress anyone or be a target with an expensive sports car.

- Julianne H

Comfy, speedy but noisy and disproportionate trunk space. Also bad in winter.

2008 Honda Accord

It's very noisy. Rattles, shakes a bit on highway. Windows fog up. Its comfy, picks up speed well at times. The radio isn't great but the CD is loud. Expensive to fix, back seat gets cold in the winter. The trunk absolutely freaking stinks. It's backwards and its wider in the front and shorter in width in the back. It's terrible for carrying beach, camping chairs, coolers, umbrellas and various other things. It's a huge drawback on the car for me.

- Tammy E

My car is amazing it's perfect I love it.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my car its two door coupe which I love its a all read customize car because I fixed up my baby. It had tinted windows and nice fresh wheels. Runs beautiful it has nice pull and reacts fast when you press on the breaks. Music sound great. Also can run on cruise meaning it can run it self. Which I love very much. I treat my car like my girlfriend. Run fast it can speed and it will go fast. It has beautiful handles. Grip on tired amazing.

- Amber M

Peace of home behind the wheel.

2008 Honda Accord

Peace of mind, that is one of my best descriptions of my 2008 Honda Accord. I have a long commute daily and I have no worries about my car leaving me stranded on the side of the road. All of the controls are within reach and intuitively placed. I feel at home in the driver's seat. The only thing that I would note as an issue would be that there is some road noise when I am not using the radio. Otherwise, I am quite happy with my car.

- Brian T

You have to maintain your car no matter what kind of car maintenance is key.

2008 Honda Accord

I like how it drives it's quiet, I sometimes do not even realize it is on. It tells me when to do the oil changes so I do not have to guess. And it gives me indication when something is wrong with my tires. One issue I had was the starter gave out on me after 6 years and I had to get a replacement. Another issue is that my interior lights and doors locks randomly turn off and stop working automatically and I have to manually do them.

- Kris L

Wonderful compact car with a long life.

2008 Honda Accord

My 2008 Honda Accord is comfortable, performs well and is easy to park! I went from driving a Buick, the size of a boat, to driving a compact car and I wouldn't have it any other way! Hondas are reliable cars that typically last a long time with regular maintenance. I get my oil changed on a regular basis and make sure to talk to the mechanic about anything I may notice that seems out of the ordinary. Usually, everything is fine!

- Jess B

Clean title. I try to keep it cleaner. Four doors.

2008 Honda Accord

I have a Honda Accord, 110, 000. 00 + miles in it. I bought it last year. I had to change the battery and. I had to fix the brakes and rotors. I make sure to do the oil change every 3000 miles. I take it to Honda dealership. It is a Honda Accord lap. Very good in gas. I put gas every 9 days. If you maintain it properly, you can do 200, 000+ miles easily. According to ebb this values at 6000. I bought it for 5500. I got a good deal.

- Fernando C

Honda Accord- built to last.

2008 Honda Accord

I purchased the vehicle in 2010 with 80, 000 miles on it. Today in 2018 it has just shy of 200, 000 miles on it. I have had very minimal problems with it. I have kept up with regular maintenance- oil change every 3, 000 miles, tires changes/rotations, etc. The interior is spacious, fitting my family of four comfortably. The exterior has weathered quite well with the only visible wear being brake dust build up on the front wheels.

- Mark K

Accord: reliable and spacious.

2008 Honda Accord

The performance of my Honda Accord 08 is great, especially the v6. It is really roomy since its somewhat of a large sedan and have had parties of 6 fit in there comfortably. It's really reliable and have not had any major problems in the 5 years that I have owned it. One problem with Honda vehicles are the airbags which has a warranty to fix it for free. Overall, the car is great and would consider buying another in the future.

- Joe Q

I only paid maybe $30 to fill up my tank which was pretty cheap.

2008 Honda Accord

I haven't had a problem with my car thus far, it is really reliable and an all around comfortable car. The features of the car has a radio, CD player, aux, seat warmers, everything a car needs. It is great in cash, for a Honda I normally pay around $30 to fill up. It is a great family car, so if you are looking for a car that is reliable and does not have a lot of problems, then I suggest getting a car like a Honda.

- Ramone S

It's reliable and hasn't had to go to the shop for more than the usual check ups

2008 Honda Accord

It's reliable, comfortable, and I like that it has buttons instead of the new screens cars have because it's safer to change the radio station or temperature by feeling them instead of looking away from the road to look at a screen. It only just started having a few problems, naturally since it's old. Only complaints are it eats up all the oil every 5 and a half months and it's too low to the ground.

- katie p

My vehicle is a 4 door Honda navy blue Accord. Has about 100, 000 mileage on it.

2008 Honda Accord

My 2008 Honda Accord is amazing, the paint has held up well, my mileage is almost at 100, 000 and it still runs so smoothly. I never have to many troubles with the car, other than being a gas guzzler. Any kind of repairs that need to be done are simple and not to complex where my father and I do not have to waste a bunch of money having people fix it, to where we can actually fix it ourselves!

- Madison M

It is an amazing, affordable cut car for the youngsters.

2008 Honda Accord

I have no problems with my vehicle. It is comfortable for a 23 year old. I have had it for 5 years now and I couldn't be happier. It runs amazingly and gets me where I need to be without a problem. It is so comfortable, I have slept in it for different reasons and it has never let me down. I would totally purchase another 2008 Honda Accord. Ex-l only though! If it ain't it, I do not want it.

- Gina G

A great car for a smooth drive.

2008 Honda Accord

I would say it is a very reliable car. I haven't had any issues big issues with it. The only issue I had was needing to replace the breaks. It is a comfortable car and drives very smoothly. The only thing I wish about the features was that I could update the radio to an apple one or another one but because if the year it was made, I cannot. But it is a great car and has last me a long time.

- Kelly M

It is great running cheap on gas all around comfortable car.

2008 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe

My car I have had a very long time and it has lasted me a food while plus Honda are really great on going and going and keep going plus there command to go over 250 thousand miles even an still run and go more and more.. There really good on gas and roomie also four door sunroof and power electric windows.. Got wing on back my car also plus stock Honda rims on it and leather seats and all.

- Elizabeth P

Dependable and sporty! Sweet ride indeed!

2008 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe

My Honda does not have any problems. I bought it used it had a one owner and he had take care of it. Honda if taken care oil changes and basically maintained. Have been known to lastpass 300 thousand miles. I have leather heated seats, moonroof, mirrors heated considering it is past ten year mark. Best part it always starts on winter mornings. Again you have take care of the car.

- Rebecca L

My Honda Accord is a four door, mid-size silver sedan with sunroof.

2008 Honda Accord

I really love my Honda Accord; it has served me very well over the past several years. I have kept up routine maintenance and had very few problems. The sedan has four doors and it provides a very comfortable drive. I get good gas mileage. The car maneuvers well in snow even though it is only a front wheel drive. Second Honda I have owned and would definitely buy a Honda again.

- Julie S

It's a good sturdy car that I can depend on.

2008 Honda Accord

It's not a heavy car like the ones before, the grail is bucking up, its roomy, v6 engine & has a 6 pack disc player, I do feel safe in it, Honda is a good car & product, I feel safe in it, roomy for about 4 to 5 people comfortable, the 2 front seats r heated, I think its get good gas mileage, I feel safe in it, its sporty enough for younger people & it can be also for a family.

- Mary L

Love my Honda Accord. I would buy another one. Best bang for your buck.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my 2 door 2008 Honda Accord. It looks sporty, but it also is very roomie. Has a very big trunk. It has light tan leather seats, over time the leather has cracked and ripped, in a few areas. Gets good gas mileage, I fill-up once a week. Over all has heated seats sunroof, good radio never having any problems with them. I bought it brand new, loved it then and still do.

- Kimberly F

Great used car, low mileage, very reliable!

2008 Honda Accord

It has over 100, 000 miles, have driven great, minimal damage due to hail, worse issue was the alternator died and had to be replaced, otherwise regular maintenance keeps it running smoothly. The car is a 4 door sedan, and very spacious... Easily fits 4 good sized adults, and can squeeze a 5th on in if smaller... Big trunk space for luggage or other logistical needs!

- Andre T

Honda Accord safest, most efficient car for all driver.

2008 Honda Accord

I have been driving the Honda Accord for close to three years. I absolutely love the speaker system, because it is very loud; however, I do not like the lack of AUX cord. It is a very safe vehicle, especially for young drivers. It is reliable during harsh weather and accidents. The seats are very comfortable, and I like the leather interior. The radio system is good.

- Jackie N

Honda never disappoints and it is safe and dependable.

2008 Honda Accord

Dependable and has great resale value. It is safe and yet has a sporty look. The only negative is I wish they came in unique colors every year. It is always the same boring colors every year and on the road the cars do not stand out. I wish I would have gotten leather seats and a sunroof. I am glad they changed the models this year. I think it revives the brand.

- Cecilia S

My 2008 Honda Accord review!

2008 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a great car! Very well-made! Mine is at 245,000 miles and it is still going. Honda engines perform well and need little maintenance until about 150,000 in which you will have to get the normal amount of maintenance done (spark plugs, transmission fluid, etc). As the cars get older though, they do burn through a lot more oil, so there is that.

- Carson M

What’s very interested is once she’s fixed and going it is a really great car.

2008 Honda Accord

We love the car but I feel like every time we get something fixed on it something else breaks down, and we end up having to get it fixed again, great car but I feel like we are ending up putting too much time on to it, also I feel like our battery is dying too soon, it has not been a full year since we got a brand new one and it is already died multiple times.

- J R

Still running and looking good.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my car mist if the time. I get frustrated when my car (Ashley) has brake problems. I have replaced brakes many times. She always starts, is great on gas, and looks good though. There is plenty of trunk space and room for 5 with legroom. I would buy another Honda. Ashley has almost 100, 000 miles and is still running and looking good for 10 years old.

- Melody S

Love my Honda. It gets good gas mileage and has overall great performance.

2008 Honda Accord

I like the size of my car. It has decent room in the back seat for taller members of my family. But the trunk space is not compromised. I can fit multiple large suitcases in the trunk. The performance is great. I drive over 30 miles to work one way each day - so I put on a lot of miles. Overall I feel that I get good gas mileage for the number of miles.

- Morgen G

A 2008 Honda accord review.

2008 Honda Accord

The household vehicle (Honda accord 2008) is a comfortable car. It meets my needs for space well and rarely need my additional trailer to haul products around anymore. I have had few problems so far (I bought the car used a few years ago) and feels much safer than my previous vehicle. It is a good family car and it works well for my business as well.

- Kirkland S

Great gas mileage and incredibly reliable.

2008 Honda Accord

I bought my 2008 Honda Accord in November of 2017, it replaced a car that was totaled in an accident, I have now owned this car for over a year and there have not been any issues with it whatsoever, I love it, the gas mileage is great as well as the car itself runs incredibly smooth and is very easy to handle. I recommend the 08 Accord to anyone.

- Nate H

Reliable 2008 Honda accord.

2008 Honda Accord LX-P Sedan

I have had my Honda accord for 2 years and the only issues I have had is getting the heater core replaced which cost $1000+ to be completed at a dealership. Outside of that, I have had zero issues & have had the usual maintenance required done. The car is good on gas normally takes $30-$40 to fill up once a week depending on driving activity.

- Li W

It handles extremely well. The car hugs curvy roads tightly.

2008 Honda Accord

It is very reliable. However the road noise seems really loud when you drive it. The interior is wearing out, but we also keep it outside. We've never had any issues other than the passenger side window motor failing. Other than that, the only work we've needed to have done was body work after other drivers backed into the car in parking lots.

- Sarah C

The 2008 Honda Accord is a great option for a reliable vehicle.

2008 Honda Accord

I would recommend this vehicle to a buyer. The car is very spacious and comfortable with very minimal mechanical issues. It has lasted 11 years so far with over 200k miles on it. The only mechanical problems that have occurred recently is having more frequent oil changes due to it being older. Other than that, it is a very reliable vehicle.

- Jasmine W

2008 Honda accord that has given me nothing but troubles.

2008 Honda Accord EX Sedan

It is not the most reliable. It has had engine problems with the oil pan, the sensors go bad, makes roaring noise from the timing chain that is not a problem and can be fixed but is not a guarantee that the annoying/embarrassing noise will go away. I have had problems with the electrical system to where my interior lights halfway work.

- Denise M

The Honda Accord is a great car for any family, and it is economically friendly.

2008 Honda Accord

Overall a very reliable car, performs well with only a few cosmetic issues on the interior of the car. Good for long road trips. Easy to maintain at Honda dealer. Looking forward to getting another Honda in the future with upgraded features. Current features are nice with a 6 wheel CD player, good ac and heating, and comfortable seats.

- Cheryl D

My car is fast enough, but not too fast.

2008 Honda Accord

I have had no problems out of may Honda Accord. This car is a very reliable vehicle and great first, second, third, or last car. The only frustrating thing about these cars are changing the headlights. This requires disassembling the whole front bumper. Other than that, I can not think of anything I do not love about this vehicle!

- Josie M

The most important thing is the dependability. I feel safe transporting my children and myself.

2008 Honda Accord

2008 Honda Accord with low mileage. Drives great and have had no major mechanical issues thus far. My number one complaint is the leather seats and middle console. Both the driver and passenger side seats have rips in the leather. The middle console leather cover is torn to shreds. I feel the quality is low given the price paid.

- Kim J

My Honda Accord-- good car for the money!

2008 Honda Accord

Well, my vehicle has close to 240000 miles on it right now. I have an oil leak and need to get struts replaced, but performance is good considering. It is leather, so it is very comfortable to drive, although the leather is cracking in some places. Overall, Honda is extremely dependable and if possible, I would buy one again.

- Carson M

Sleek look, car. Many features that are now standard vs add-ons.

2008 Honda Accord

Reliable, never had any concerns or problems with performance. Comfortable for long and short trips. Features a sunroof that is part of the purchase package. Leather seating with heater if you are in a cold area of the country. Keeps you nice and cozy. Easy to drive. Lots of colors to choose from for any personal preference.

- Michele P

Relatively sturdy and reliable.

2008 Honda Accord

The premium features of the car are not holding up well. The leather is breaking down, the headlights are foggy and the clear coat is coming off the trunk. The engine has been rebuilt due to a factory warranty recall where the dealer destroyed the engine. Aside from that, it has been very reliable and is running very well.

- Kirsten B

Amazing and reliable car.

2008 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe

it has had zero problems. I purchased it used and have had it for 5 years now. It has 170,000 and still runs amazing. it's super comfortable and spacious, especially for a coupe. It has leather seats with seat warmers. The plug in for the AUX cord is convenient. It drives very smooth and the car itself feels very sturdy.

- Alex A

Great freaking car that holds up to value.

2008 Honda Accord

I really like my car. It rides well and the car has held up to its value with over 200,000 miles on it. I really like the colors, grey, of my car. The seats are heatable and that feature is really great too. I also really like how big my car is, I can fit many people in the back seat, the trunk is also great for storage.

- Nicole Y

Honda Accord is my go to daily vehicle.

2008 Honda Accord

This vehicle is reliable, dependable and is overall a great car. It really gets you from a to b and where ever you need to go. Can comfortably fit 5 people. The GPS comes in handy as well. Can forget to mention the heated seats are a great touch. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to my close friends and family.

- Jasmine G

I think that they should know that it gets rather good mpg.

2008 Honda Accord

I like the style and lines that it has. I also like the interior, with its leather seats and all the gizmos such as airbags,, power steering and brakes. The spacious of the interior. It is comfortable and has lots of legroom. The thing that I dislike is the fact it is rather noisy inside even with the windows shut.

- Tamara P

Honda Accord ups, downs and otherwise.

2008 Honda Accord

Door sensor in my Honda has been out since I got the car 3 years ago. Before that it was my uncles and new, so I am not sure why that is gone out. It is decent on gas, but needs frequent oil changes in you drive a lot. Cheap and easy to fix. You will not have to worry about finding parts because it is a common car.

- Chanel K

It is okay but not amazing.

2008 Honda Accord

It's a decently reliable car. I bought it used and have had to get the air filter changed and will need to get new brakes. The gas mileage is worse than I thought it would be. I wish it wasn't such an ugly color. The turning radius is okay but not great. I like how the dash looks. I like how it lights up at night.

- Riley N


2008 Honda Accord

I absolutely LOVE my honda! This is my third Honda i've owned and i am always an advocate for the Brand. It is one of the most reliable vehicles out on the road today with minimum issues if any. It is currently 10 years old and the only thing i've had done outside of routine maintenance is replacing a starter!

- Jennifer B

It is a really solid car that is reliable.

2008 Honda Accord

I like its power, the size, and overall reliability. The thing I dislike the most is that there's a brake issue with this model, where they frequently get gunked up. They need to be replaced more often than I feel they should. There have also been quite a few recalls on this car, more than any other I have owned.

- Claire L

Honda Coming in Hot, so Hot it Shakes

2008 Honda Accord EX Coupe

Sometimes the wheel shakes when you go too fast. I live in Chicago with highways that I can sometimes hit 80 mph on and the wheel shakes. Gas is good, oil needs to be changed a decent amount though. No leather seats, but the seats aren't bad at all, and overall I would say that it a reliable car with an aux cord.

- Bailey B

Great performance for a used car.

2008 Honda Accord

Excellent vehicle even with 180k miles on it. The sound system is nice, and the leather has held up really well. I really like everything about this car and although this is my first Honda, I would definitely buy one again. It is very obvious that it is a quality vehicle and not cheap like a lot of American cars.

- Jaime B

Small and very comfortable.

2008 Honda Accord

Hondas is good on gas cheap on the parts it is reliable throughout all seasons cold or hot through the snow or ring Honda's is very comfortable who has suave seats and it features allowed you to move your seat either up and back. The only thing bad I have to say about Honda's is that it is easy to break into it.

- James A

Great and reliable commuting vehicle.

2008 Honda Accord

Honda 2008 Accord is a great and reliable vehicle. I have been driving it for 10+ year and have only had to fix routine maintenance items (tires, oil, etc. ) Other than that we have had no major issues with this vehicle! I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who wants a safe and reliable commuting car.

- Ashley F

My 2008 Accord is reliable and roomy smooth to drive and stop.

2008 Honda Accord

It is very roomy, nice loud radio, good gas mileage easy to drive smooth on the road turns well very reliable starts up every time. Stops easily good braking system. Stylish outside stylish inside very comfortable. This is my third Accord and I have also had one Acura same maker that was also amazing to drive.

- Jessica V

Honda Accord is safe and reliable.

2008 Honda Accord

I love this car because it is very reliable with safety features, had s maintenance minder that tells you when to change your oil, tires and when you need something fixed. It is good to look at and easy to drive. This car has something that helps is you are sliding IN. Snow or. Rain to better control your car.

- Paula S

Great, reliable family car!

2008 Honda Accord

We love this car. It has over 150000 miles on it has been very reliable. We have only had to do routine maintenance. It fits all three of our children with a booster seat and car seat comfortably and has a spacious trunk. The only problem is that it burns through oil very quickly so we have to check it often.

- Stephanie H

Highest quality and reliability.

2008 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan

My Honda accord drives smoothly. It is well made. Honda does not disappoint. My vehicle is reliable and gets a lot of mileage with gas usage. The body style meets the same standards as a luxury vehicle without the extra cost. Honda's have a history of being able to get high mileage while maintaining quality.

- Dana L

The body design is aesthetically pleasing.

2008 Honda Accord

Great design aesthetic appeasing. The only problem is this car model burns oil quick. Its basic on gas consumption. The car is consistently reliable. The interior is nice and achieves comfort. I am happy with its performance it travels well. So far just maintenance is what I have put back into the vehicle.

- Tara C

It is a very nice and smooth ride I get great mpg especially on long car rides.

2008 Honda Accord

I purchased this car used as a first car. Thus far I have had no problems with it and it is a very nice car. It rides well compared to other cars and I would recommend to anyone in the market for a new and/or used car. It is fuel efficient which helps with gas prices being as high as they are these days.

- Nathan R

This is one great car. It is enjoyable to drive and has served me well.

2008 Honda Accord

It is reliable, rides smoothly and has just required normal maintenance. It is well made and gives me no trouble. Steering is easy and it has lasted a long time. Seats are comfortable and easy to adjust. Even though it is over ten years old there is no rust on the car. It shows only normal wear and tear.

- Karol P

Honda Accord is perfect for commute.

2008 Honda Accord

My car is a 2008 Honda Accord. It is a coupe, it is real sporty and it goes fast. The gas mileage is also great. The interior is beautiful and has peanut butter insides. The trunk space is massive and has no trouble fitting subs, however I did have a few sound problems. The stock speakers are fantastic.

- Alex M

I love my Honda Accord, holds up to any modern vehicle. Class to all levels.

2008 Honda Accord

Love the vehicle, I cant really complain about anything on it but maybe the shocks, it is a bumpy ride. It also seems to drink a lot of gas, that being said it is a 6 cylinder vehicle, gas will be reduced quicker than say a 4 cylinder vehicle. There are obvious differences in a highway and city driving.

- Diana B

Its an Accord coupe, body style is very appealing. I get a lot of compliments.

2008 Honda Accord

The vehicle problems is that it burns oil fast, before its time for a oil change I have to fill up with oil. It's a common issue apparently with this model. It is reliable I haven't had any problems. It looks appealing and drives well. Great brand. I think more effort could have gone into the interior.

- Tara C

Fantastic vehicle overall!

2008 Honda Accord

I haven't had any real issues with my vehicles. I had to replace the timing belt around 100,000 miles, but other than that it is still running like a brand new car. I have around 180,000 miles and the seats and just now starting to get wear and tear (leather tan). Also, the ac blows super cold air.

- Sydney R

2008 Honda Accord classic sedan.

2008 Honda Accord

I absolutely love my Honda Accord. It is very low on maintenance. Very reliability when I say this is probably the lowest maintenance vehicle I have had. It has a 6 disc CD player which is pretty good but it has the flexibility when I can upgrade to the modern day technology with Bluetooth as well.

- Jade S

Honda Accord: reliable car.

2008 Honda Accord

The car typically runs smooth and is highly responsive. The breaks work well, the seat warmers are a great feature, and the car itself has a sleek look to it that is respectable. After driving it for ten years, however, it tends to need jumpstarting and I have replaced the engine twice since 2017.

- Peyton H

Dependable car with a long life.

2008 Honda Accord

Pretty good car, definitely reliable. It has some quirks as it is gotten older. One window does not work. The doors tend to sometimes not lock. Yet sometimes they lock themselves. I feel it is a safe vehicle that will last me a long time. It is also a good family vehicle and gets good gas mileage.

- Sara J

Just a well rounded car for what I drive it for.

2008 Honda Accord

Very reliable and roomy. Easy you drive legroom just and overall good car. The cost of maintenance is very reasonable. Love it and feel safe while driving. Hard to keep clean though. Blinkers work well radio is great and easy to operate. Love it love it love it. So happy with it tired of writing.

- Kim P

Leather seats are the way to go.

2008 Honda Accord

The only thing I do not like is that it eats so much oil. I have to add about a quart every 2-3 months. Other than that, it rides great and starts every time. I have the leather seats option and it is great for my messy 1 year old. Crumbs and spills clean up great without ruining the upholstery.

- Jessica B

My Honda Experience: A Good Car

2008 Honda Accord Base

Runs great. Gas mileage has never been an issue. Only had one problem and that is a knocking noise when cracking that starts up every winter when temperatures drop. It's an easy fix every year and is not that expensive. All in all, my Honda has been a great car and will probably buy more Hondas.

- Alyssa F

Best vehicle on the road.

2008 Honda Accord

This has been a great car. I have had 4 Honda’s and they have all been great. I had a 2000 Honda and it had 275, 000 miles on it. The only thing I had to do major to it was the timing belt. Of course new tires, but the key to keeping a Honda for a long time is getting the oil changed on time.

- Val J

The gas mileage is very efficient for long travels.

2008 Honda Accord EX Coupe

My Honda accord has been incredible over the years! It has great comfort, space, gas mileage, reliability, and additional features. I have only had to do minor repairs on the vehicle. Limited additional money has gone into my vehicle, besides basic car maintenance. Accord's are very efficient.

- Hannah B

It is reliable and requires very little maintenance!

2008 Honda Accord

I like how reliable it is- it has not needed any maintenance outside of regularly scheduled things. It's not too big or too small. It is comfortable. I dislike...that it does not have built in navigation I suppose. I like the cupholders having a cover and the flexibility of the center console.

- Courtney K

Honda’s are super reliable and long lasting vehicles.

2008 Honda Accord

Very reliable car and I expect to have it for awhile. Honda’s are really dependable so the resale value is usually pretty good. I have not had much issues outside of normal maintenance on the car such as brakes, tires, and alignment. It is pretty high up in mileage and still rides so nicely.

- Angelique E

The most interesting thing about my car is how fast it goes for being a Honda.

2008 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe

Has great performance, has not given any major issues. Can go up to 155 mph. It has a computer chip integrated to help it get such high speeds. It is white and slick looking. It has low profile tires. The interior is tan. It turns well at higher speeds. It is only a two door and small though.

- Sadie F

2008 Honda accord great choice!

2008 Honda Accord EX Sedan

I have never had a problem with my car. It was bought new off the lot from a family member and gifted to me a few years ago. The maintenance is easy and if you do the up keep the car runs great. I have never had an issue or short daily trips or longer ventures. The gas mileage is incredible.

- Sam B

Gas is great. Affordable car.

2008 Honda Accord

The car is nice I have traveled back and forth from virginia to georgia often. It's a good size .. nice trunk space. But when I had to get the started fix it was like 900.00 because they have to take the whole engine apart. If you take good care of the care it last forever! Gas is great too'

- Kelly D

My Honda runs forever! By one.

2008 Honda Accord

Any Honda is a good vehicle to buy! They are very reliable car and will run forever! My Honda is great on gas mileage! All maintenance is pretty easy to do as well! I like to work on my own cars so I find that Honda has been the easiest for me to do! You cannot go wrong with owning a Honda!

- Nick S

Reliable, comfortable, fun to drive Honda accord. So glad I bought this car!

2008 Honda Accord LX Sedan

It only has a minor blind spot. The seats are very comfortable. And the front seats are heated! Mileage is very good.. I get 22-29 mpg. The only thing that disappoints me is that the outside noise is rather loud when the windows are up. Very reliable car. No maintenance problems whatsoever.

- Barbara R

It is not perfect but it has not been too bad.

2008 Honda Accord

The car is comfortable to be in once the headset was adjusted. It also has a nice look to it. The security system they have can annoying when it can lock you inside. The brakes had to be replaced after little miles and other owners have said the same. It started using oil which wasn't good.

- Nixie M

The Honda Accord is an all-around awesome vehicle. Comfortable and reliable!

2008 Honda Accord

My car is extremely reliable. I have driven my car from coast to coast without any issues. This Accord is amazing when it comes to gas. It will definitely help save you money because it is not a gas guzzler. My interior is very comfortable and spacious. Leg room in the back is not an issue.

- Monty C

Silver 2008 Honda Accord sunroof and new tires.

2008 Honda Accord

I personally like my car and enjoy it very much its good on gas and it always gets me where I need to be and where I want to go. In my honest opinion I believe any car that's running is a good car if it gets you from point A to point B and you don't have to walk. . . I am thankful for it. .

- Christian F

Honda Accord reliable, dependable and fun to drive.

2008 Honda Accord

Ownership experience has been excellent. Have had no problems of any kind. Vehicle has been dependable and enjoyable to operate. Has required only routine maintenance, such as regular oil changes, fluid checks etc. The safety has been outstanding. I would purchase again with no hesitation.

- Jay J

Honda Accord- runs great, wish better quality of interior and electronics.

2008 Honda Accord

Initially the brakes on this make of Honda had to be replaced early on. I also have had a few recalls. I do find that the leather interior is very affected by the sun and I have cracked leather in my seat, console cover, and head rests. The GPS has also stopped working which is annoying.

- Cheryl P

Great 2008 Honda Accord Coupe

2008 Honda Accord LX-S Coupe

Other than brake issues which was a factory issue for that particular year, my car has great performance, is very reliable and comfortable. Automatic windows are great. Personally, I love the 2 door. Probably not great for someone with kids. This has been a great car and continues to be

- Leigh R

Excellent reliability and ride.

2008 Honda Accord

This vehicle is very reliable. I have not had a major problem in the ten and half years I have owned it. Gas mileage is average but better on the highway which is typical. The trunk is relatively roomy. Seats are comfortable both front and back. Heating and air conditioning work well.

- Lori K

Honda Accord 2008 review in 2018.

2008 Honda Accord

We love the reliability of our 2008 Honda Accord. It fits our family of four perfectly and it is very comfortable for long road trips. We haven't had any issues with the car other some regular maintenance. Parts are easy to find if we need a replacement. Easy to clean and looks great.

- Taylor W

I think everyone should have a Honda.

2008 Honda Accord

I love everything about my gold 2008 Honda Accord coup, it is super reliable, it has comfortable leather seats that is can heat up in the winter, and it is also amazing on gas, my favorite part is how smooth it drives/ excels. It is also come with a sun roof for those hot summer days.

- Destiny R

Great car for the long haul

2008 Honda Accord Base

I bought my Accord with 104,000 miles. I've put over 30,000 since. The only issues I've had so far are the fuel cap sensor is giving me problems and the alternator went out. Buy Honda makes a reliable car. It drives well. It's comfortable. It's an overall great car for the long haul.

- Ryan C

Honda is a great car and it's well built. If you are looking for a reliable car,; that is the car to have. I've had it for quite some time now as long as you keep the maintenance on it, it will run as long as it can.

2008 Honda Accord

I like my vehicle because it is reliable and the car is made well. It has all the whistles and bells inside of it and the parts on the car are great. The only the only thing that I just like about the car is the fact that it's not black. This car did not come in Black when purchased.

- Kay A

My car is long so be careful when backing up.

2008 Honda Accord

I like how smooth it drives. It took me a while to get used to all of the buttons on the console but now that I have gotten used to it is no problem. One thing I do not like about my car is how long it is. I am always afraid to back out of parking spaces in fear of hitting someone.

- Chelsea T

Has a very good engine to start with.

2008 Honda Accord

Mid size inside is comfortable fits three in back. I have my car maintenance every 4 months. So I haven't had any major issues out of it. Runs good bucket seats it can last a long time. If taken care of. Also easy for females to do quick things like change tire, change oil.

- Samantha J

Very trustworthy & reliable car.

2008 Honda Accord EX Sedan

Good sporty feel. Very realizable car and will last over 200k mileage. Not expensive saves you has money because it is using only 4 cyl d it is very reliable when trying to modify or fix it good for a first car choice, good for saving a bit of cash, good for day to day activities.

- Islam S

2008 Accord coupe v6. Reliable, economy efficient.

2008 Honda Accord

Good gas mileage, low maintenance costs, sedan would probably be more comfortable, but coupe is not bad. As far as reliability goes, it is a Honda, will get you to where you need to be with low to no issues. Sounds system is pretty decent as well, strong sound w/ 6 disc changer.

- Jordan B

My Honda Accord - the reliable and cheap super car.

2008 Honda Accord

My vehicle currently has nearly 100, 000 miles and I have yet to have trouble with the engine and with starting the vehicle. Everything runs smoothly no matter how fast I am going. The acceleration is not the best, but it is a small price to pay for a reliable and cheap vehicle.

- Jacob C

Dependable and reliable car at a decent price. There were a few recalls but that can be expected with any car.

2008 Honda Accord

Reliable, only had to do general maintenance so far. Honda did not use a UV protectant on the clear coat over the paint so it peels off and looks like sunburn peeling. They did not have a recall on this. They had recalls on airbag issues twice. Overall would recommend car.

- Mark M

One minor issue but overall amazing vehicle.

2008 Honda Accord

I have owned this for 5 years and have had little to no real issues with this vehicle, just normal maintenance. The one thing that I do not like is that the cab is very loud, especially on the highway. Other then that this has been the most reliable vehicle my family has owned.

- Irene B

Best vehicle ever made in America.

2008 Honda Accord

This is my fourth Honda and I love this year Accord. They last forever and I can contest to that. One Honda we passed down and the other one has 275, 000 miles. The color of Honda’s I have had are black, blue, green and grey. Next year we may get the 2019 model of the Accord.

- Valerie J

Personal luxury built for me.

2008 Honda Accord

I bought my Honda used from my father-in-law. I love my Honda. My first car was a Honda prelude. My next car was a brand new Honda prelude. One more Honda Civic then my Accord. Honda is a word synonymous with reliability and economical. The interior is luxuriously comfortable.

- Lisa C

2008 Honda accord ex-l v6 is a very nice car.

2008 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan

The car runs well. The motor is pretty strong and the vehicle is fully loaded so the electronic interior is very nice. The car runs well although it is over 200,000 miles. The car has enough room to fit 5 people and it is quite comfortable. It overall is a pretty good vehicle.

- Lino D

My old accord is the best little car around.

2008 Honda Accord LX Sedan

There has been a small oil leak for the past three years. We had to replace the oil pan this month. Otherwise - the car is great. It has over 200,000 miles and my goal is to drive it to at least 250,000. There is some rust on the hood from hail damage that requires attention.

- Leah S

Love my car because of the low maintenance and fuel cost.

2008 Honda Accord

Great gas mileage, few if any problems as far as maintenance, low taxes, even at 10 years old there is-still value in my auto, low taxes, fuel cost is low, love the color with so many options to choose from, it is a car that is hard getting on and out of due to how low it is.

- Kay B

I could not ask for a better car.

2008 Honda Accord EX Sedan

We love our 2908 Honda accord lx very reliable, sporty, really nice choice to go with you if you purchase a Honda accord. I have had no problems what so over I keep up with maintenance. It is a good car to take a road trip in it is very comfortable and has plenty of legroom.

- Brandon M

Hondas are extremely reliable!

2008 Honda Accord

Honda is super reliable. I have had Honda for my last 3 vehicles for over 20 years. The inside is not where they put their money though. It may be a little cheaper made or less bells and whistles, definitely noisier, but the reliability of a Honda more than makes up for it.

- Alice B

Its silver in color and that's cool.

2008 Honda Accord

Very reliable for such an old car. Parts are easy to find so pretty cheap to replace if need be. Great starter car for new drivers, young or old, male or female. This car is very easy to make your own. Nice for families, plenty of room in the trunk and back seat for stuff.

- April P

Good family car for cheap.

2008 Honda Accord

The car is comfortable and reliable. Cheap to repair and very easy to find parts if it needs to be repaired ever. Haven't had any problems with the car so far other than normal wear and tear. Easily accessible with small children and very roomy. Would recommend any Honda.

- Chelsea I

Honda Accord general overview.

2008 Honda Accord

It is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. Honda's last forever and are comfortable and easy to manage. I enjoy the features that come standard and love the reliability. It has a decent amount of power but not too much that it takes from the economic gas consumption.

- Joseph B

I enjoy my Honda. No other car is for me but Honda.

2008 Honda Accord

Normal wear and tear get the job done. It is a Honda so long as you keep the little maintenance on the car everything will be fine it'll last forever. I have had no major problems since I had the car they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes from trucks to SUV to sedans.

- J H

Very reliable. Have not had any problems lately.

2008 Honda Accord

Problem with having to have oil checked every 3 months. Noisy at present. It is a very comfortable car and has been very reliable for me. Had some dents but not planning to repair. Hoping car will last for another 5 years. Do not drive that many miles now as I am retired.

- Louise M

The car has a v6 engine which actually gives it the ability to tow.

2008 Honda Accord

It has been a great car. Good interior and no rust on the outside. The engine block has held up well and we have only had to do preventative maintenance. It has a decent amount of miles on it but still runs and looks like brand new. Honda is an excellent car manufacturer.

- Mason V

Affordable and very reliable

2008 Honda Accord EX Sedan

I love my car! It's low maintenance and very dependable. It burns a little bit of oil so I have to make sure it's always topped up between changes, but otherwise I have nothing but good things to say about it. Upkeep on it is also very affordable; tires, oil changes, etc.

- Tim K

Outlast every other car out there.

2008 Honda Accord

My Honda Accord is great. I have drove it seven hundred fifty mile trip from Louisiana to Odessa Texas with no issues. At one hundred thousand miles we swapped the timing belt and spark plugs. Should be good for another hundred thousand miles. Overall this is great car.

- Logan L

Great auto otherwise and easy to drive.

2008 Honda Accord

Drawback is the GPS system as it goes into a completely unusable mode when the headlamps are turned on in the daytime. When the headlamps are turned on in the evening, there is not enough outside light to interfere with the display as there is during the daylight hours.

- John T

Looking for car.. Honda should be only choice.

2008 Honda Accord

Drives great smooth on highway. Great on gas and looks good. Haven't had any major problems with my car since I bought it. Bought a newer family car but will always continue to drive my Honda. Would recommend looking in to Honda's before deciding any other model of car!

- Stacy C

Great car but uses oil, fun to drive!

2008 Honda Accord

Love the car, lots of extras, reliable, and very fun to drive. The only drawback is it uses oil and has used inordinate amount of oil since 110,000 miles on. Oil ring issue According to Honda's issue brief. It handles well, looks great, and is enjoyable to drive though.

- Jill R

Honda accord is our favorite.

2008 Honda Accord EX Coupe

It was comfortable and good looking... Backside there was lot of space so that we can fill big luggages in the box..Happy to have such vehicle..Easy to use with regular gasoline..Design was so good and smart for us..Happy on the whole..Long distance travel is flexible.

- Rock V

Reliable and comfortable car.

2008 Honda Accord

Very reliable performance. Very comfortable even for tall people. Lots of space. Great on gas. Great for long distance drives and drives around town. It is an old car that still runs great. Over only had to get serious work done this year after having it for 10 years.

- Michelle S

Beware of the cheap interior. Also beware of the brakes wearing fast.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my Accord because it gets great gas mileage and it is low maintenance. I dislike the interior that is supposed to be "leather". My console is completely ripped to shreds and so are the armrests on the doors. I also dislike how soon I have to replace the brakes.

- sarah r

Reliable long lasting vehicle.

2008 Honda Accord

My Honda Accord gets great gas mileage and is reliable. I have had no issues in the years I have owned it, there has been no major problem where I needed to take the car to a mechanic. All the minor issues I could fix myself. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Christy A

Large, spacious vehicle with heated seats.

2008 Honda Accord EX Sedan

My vehicle is a nice car with a great amount of trunk space. The gas mileage is nice, but I have owned a Nissan before and the Nissan got better gas mileage. The car is quick to speed up and drives well. This car has heated seats as well, which is nice in the winter.

- Courtney M

Even at over 10 years old, my Honda Accord drives phenomenally.

2008 Honda Accord

I absolutely love my Honda Accord! Although it is over 10 years old, it still drives extremely well and is very reliable. About a year ago, I had to get a new alternator, but besides that there have been no major issues with the car. It is very roomy and comfortable.

- Taylor J

Great car good buy chick magnet.

2008 Honda Accord

The cars a great car nice sound system hold the road good I have a 4 cylinder so it is good on gas no complaints with 215000 miles on it still runs like new great car black leather sunroof a real chick magnet lol the cars a great car I do not know what to say more.

- Jason H

Honda Accord: durable, less gas mileage, easy to get parts, efficient.

2008 Honda Accord

The car (Honda Accord) is very reliable, and parts of the cars are easy to get. Consumes less gas and very durable. We have been using it for 8 years now, and it is still waxing stronger by the day. We are planning to get the new version of Honda Accord very soon.

- Theophilus A

I own the world most perfect car!

2008 Honda Accord

Wonderful car! Always starts, runs smoothly, very dependable. We have bought new tires, new battery, and kept up with tune up appointments. To my knowledge we have no big repairs to look forward to. We have 110, 000 miles on the car and look forward to many more.

- Margaret W

It is a very good and dependable vehicle.

2008 Honda Accord

I have had no issues with my car. It has been a good depending car. It is a very comfortable car. It has good air conditioning in it and also heat. It has good gas mileage, good for vacations. Seats comfortable. Has large trunk space. And has many other features.

- Amanda D

2008 Honda accord review.

2008 Honda Accord Base

Overall car is great, however body of car is not made the best, snaps easy. And paint has chipped over the years with no excess damage other than the sun hitting it. Also burns oil not sure why or how that started but I have to put oil every 2 weeks it feels like

- Ja D

My Honda accord rarely gives me any issues.

2008 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan

Excellent gas mileage and drives great. It is really reliable in any condition. Drives good in any weather. Never any major issues. Very spacious and comfortable. It is a good car for the price. Feel safe driving it, the wheel and brake/gas pedals handle nicely.

- Megan E

Hondas are great! I'd buy another.

2008 Honda Accord

Totally reliable and low maintenance. Uses very little gas. Love the color and interior. Stays outside all the time and always starts. Very comfortable for short trips. Lights work very well. Horn not very loud. Radio works well. All this for a 10 year old car.

- Judith R

Good performance, decent outside with some scratch marks. Not a ton of miles.

2008 Honda Accord

Its red, has scratch marks on the right side bumper. It runs very well. Has 100, 000 miles on it. Black interior. It is fairly reliable passed inspection a month ago, got power steering fixed. It is fairly clean. It also has great interior and has great engine.

- Justin H

A very comfortable car, family friendly!

2008 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a car that is really comfortable, it is family friendly, and very roomy. Gas mileage is decent and the ride quality of the car is very good. I enjoy driving this car, only problem I would say is car has some blind spots that I do not like.

- Javier G

2008 Honda accord, second owner review.

2008 Honda Accord EX Sedan

Very reliable, okay on gas not the best for a sedan although runs great and never have had any problems with it. I have only had the car for a little over half a year now but absolutely love it! Even with high mileage still no problems or running any different.

- Nicole W

Good reliable car great for gas miles

2008 Honda Accord EX Sedan

I have not had any major problems with my Honda so far been a pretty reliable car and good on gas miles. Its performance level is great for a car that is over ten years old. I like the layout design of the car nothing to over complicated. Well thought through

- Violet E

Very good car that has required very little from me .

2008 Honda Accord

I have loved my vehicle. It has been very good to me, required very little care. The only bad thing is it seems I have gone through a lot of brakes, something I have never done with another vehicle, not sure if it is me of the vehicle. I would buy Honda again.

- Bobye C

It is a tank. Very durable, can handle everyday abuse with ease. Very reliable.

2008 Honda Accord

Really like the "feel" of the car. Has a solid, well built feel to it. Sits lower than a Camry and feels closer to the road. More durable and well built than our Camry. I dislike the brake wear on this car. It chews through rear brake pads like they are paper.

- Derek F

I like that it goes fast thanks.

2008 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan

It could be more roomy, have softer seats, better seat heaters. I wish it would drive faster so I could impress my friends. I like that it has four doors because I truly believe that two door cars are useless I have never understood why anyone would buy them.

- Sarah F

2008 Honda accord sedan 4 door.

2008 Honda Accord EX Sedan

It has overall been a good vehicle. The v6 has a lot of power. However when driving the car there is a lot of road noise. The interior has held up pretty well and it pretty decent on gas mileage. It is pretty spacious inside the car and has a good size trunk.

- Kayla T

No detail performance comfort features.

2008 Honda Accord

Car good reliability good problem sometimes performance better vehicle Japanese driving fast smudge feature ok driving antilock brakes ok comfort performance problems light features comfort reliability driving forms comfort problems joy features performance.

- Ella M

It is very reliable when it comes to mileage and basic maintenance

2008 Honda Accord

From my experience with Honda and Honda Accords, they are very reliable cars. You can rack up miles and the car still runs great. When the normal wear and tear happen with the vehicle, parts are affordable. They are appealing to the eye. Comfortable inside.

- Jasmine R

The Honda Accord as a low maintenance, reliable vehicle

2008 Honda Accord

I've been driving my Honda Accord since 2013 and since then I have had minimum problems. The car's performance is good compared to other cars in its class. It's a comfortable car to drive and I don't plan on driving any other kind of car in the near future.

- Rebecca L

Comfortable! Reliable! And stylish!

2008 Honda Accord EX Coupe

I love my accord. It is comfortable, reliable, and stylish. There are heated seats, a sunroof, and cruise control. I look forward to putting even more miles on the odometer. I have always enjoyed Hondas and the 2008 accord does not disappoint. Happy buying!

- Kevin J

Not luxurious but it does it is job. I am happy with it.

2008 Honda Accord

Honda Accord is a very affordable and efficient car. It is very comfortable. There is a problem with the airbags. Although the features are great. The speakers are good too. I would recommend purchasing it other than others because it makes the ride smooth.

- Preet K

The best part of my Honda Accord is the automatic seats and the seat warmers.

2008 Honda Accord

Drives easily, gets good gas mileage, comfortable seating. Radio is nice to listen to. I bought for the convenience of putting my granddaughter in the backseat. Insurance is reasonable too. Tires are inexpensive also, I love the way the Honda Accord drives.

- Carolyn W

Super comfy but on the big side

2008 Honda Accord

This car is reliable and super comfy - I love the moonroof, leather seats, and roominess on the inside. That said, I live in the city and it's a little too roomy for my needs sometimes. It's also not as good on gas as my old Civic, which is to be expected.

- Briana M

Very spacious vehicle for passengers and storage.

2008 Honda Accord

Best quality assurance, excellent gas mileage, great condition, functions and technology 10/10. I couldn't ask for a better quality vehicle with safety and security. No problems, expert opinion is top notch. Has all the quality reassurance for one's needs.

- Ricky T

Great fuel mileage for Hondas.

2008 Honda Accord

I've had great performance with my Honda. I have over 100, 000 miles on it and the maintenance of it has-always been done. I get great fuel mileage and with cloth seats its very comfortable. I will buy another Honda soon. I love the silver color of my car.

- Kay H

It makes some noise when you turn because it needs a new bumper.

2008 Honda Accord

I like that it has a sunroof. I like the color black on my car as well. Finally I like that it runs smooth. What I don't like about my car is that the bumper needs work. Also, one of my seats is damaged due to water. That is all I do not like about my car.

- Karen L

You can roll the windows down using the key when you put it in the door.

2008 Honda Accord

It runs well. It is silver. Four door automatic. Has a CD player and cloth seats. There is a small dent in driver side door where someone backed into me. Large trunk automatic transmission. This car is very reliable. I have not had any issues with it yet.

- Vicki B

The most interesting fact about my vehicle is the mpg.

2008 Honda Accord LX-S Coupe

In the Honda I get 28 mpg which is a huge plus. My tire size is a 210/70. I have a CD player plus an aux cord and USB cord port. Also has the lighter port on two different sides. It has adjustable seats that are grey cloth. Power windows and dual airbags.

- Aleisha M

If you take care of a Honda it will last you forever!

2008 Honda Accord

2008 Honda accord ex v6 sedan: problems: as long as you take care of the care you will not have any problems with it. Performance: v6 power. Reliability: safety standard features. Comfort: ride comfort is excellent. Features: interior quality, appearance.

- Paris E

2008 grey Honda Accord review.

2008 Honda Accord

The Accord is a very reliable car. Easy to drive and has very few problems. Car has lasted already a decade and still works perfectly. Not many fancy features because it is an older car but has auxiliary cord and air conditioning which is sufficient.

- Lauren L

My Honda Accord Experience

2008 Honda Accord EX Sedan

I love my Honda Accord. I've had it for years and it has stayed very reliable for the entire duration. It's a 2008, still looks in style as far as interior and exterior body type. The mileage is very reasonable along with the market price, used and new.

- michelle L

Reliable. I can always count on it.

2008 Honda Accord LX Sedan

This car has always been very reliable. It has over two thousand miles on it and does not show any signs of slowing down. I have always been very happy with this car. When I have to get a new car, it is very likely that I will get another Honda accord.

- Caroline M

Fast and smooth I love my car.

2008 Honda Accord

I like the car it is very comfortable for driving home and to work, many cup holders and seats go all the way back I like that I do not have to worry so much it has cruise control & is very smooth on the road everyone in my family has one I love Honda.

- My N

The Honda dealer was kind, patient and very helpful.

2008 Honda Accord

No problems in 2 years - the only thing I can say is I had to replace one tire and a slow leak in another tire. Very reliable car - I strongly recommend Honda. I would purchase Honda again in the future. The Honda dealer was very helpful and courteous.

- Sheila H

My old but reliable vehicle.

2008 Honda Accord

My vehicle held up great for its age. It has over 200, 000 miles and still going. The interior is not fancy but it gets the job done and is comfortable. I have had no major mechanical issues with this vehicle, it has been very reliable and dependable.

- Rose P

It is an all black car, in pretty good shape considering it is 10 years old.

2008 Honda Accord

My car is really reliable, I travel 20 - 30 mins for school and then back for work. I have had it for almost a year now and it is super comfy. It is great on gas as well, 4 cylinders. It has cruise control, heated mirrors, it is an all 4 wheel drive.

- Susanna H

That is a great dependable car.

2008 Honda Accord

Well there is nothing really wrong with the car except for it needs a oil change. But the car is great on gas it’ll last me about a week and a half if I stay in town. I do not know how much it gets to the mile but like I said it is a great car.

- Dayton B

My car has an adjusting rearview mirror to headlights in nighttime driving.

2008 Honda Accord

I like that I have leather seats. I like that I have seat warmers. I like that I have a rearview mirror that automatically adjusts to night time headlights. I like that I can plug my phone in the aux and hear music or phone over the speakers.

- Vicki V

My car has great fuel efficiency and is very reliable.

2008 Honda Accord

Reliable, fuel efficient. Minor issues like the keyword stopped working within the first year and after 10 years all automatic door locks had to be replaced as they stopped working one at a time. Otherwise, a safe and very reliable vehicle.

- Kelly C

It is a reliable car. It is perfect for the city life and easy on the budget.

2008 Honda Accord

It is a reliable model. I like that even though it has lot of miles on it it is still smooth and hasn't given me much trouble. What i dislike - There is not much to dislike. It could use a few upgrades but no complains since its an old car.

- Pankaj P

This car will get you where you need to go while also providing sufficient mpg.

2008 Honda Accord

The car is definitely reliable being that there is over 100, 000 miles on it and there has been very few issues. However the car highly lacks acceleration which is frustrating at times as well as having some odd noises when starting the car.

- Alexis R

I have driven my car for ~70,000 miles and had no necessary repairs to do. The one issue I have is the key cylinder is misaligned so it is hard to turn to start up.

2008 Honda Accord

I put Honda Accord but that is my father's car. My actual car is a 4 door 2002 Saturn sedan (not found in the list). I like my Saturn because it is reliable and has never had significant issues. It runs well and gets good gas mileage.

- Ryan S

We've driven from KS to AZ in our Honda Accord. It's a comfortable ride for a long distance.

2008 Honda Accord

I like the midsize car. It's easy to drive and maneuver in and out of traffic and fits well into parking spaces. I have MS and it's a little difficult getting out of the car because it's set low. But, I like everything else about it.

- Janice C

My Honda Accord is trustworthy and comfortable for my family and as a daily commuter vehicle.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my Honda Accord! It is a very reliable car and I have had very few issues with it over the past 10 years of ownership. It is roomy enough for my family, but doesn't feel like "too much car" for my 2 hours of daily commuting time.

- Elizabeth L

Honda Accord is a great sedan for anyone!

2008 Honda Accord

I have had some issues in the past with power steering fluid leaking and needing new o ring and power steering column. I love the size, comfort and features of my car - great heated leather seats, XM radio and a very spacious back seat.

- Mak A

It's taken me places where I could have never thought of going

2008 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a really good car I've had it for almost 5 years now and with proper maintenance it'll keep going for way longer. Very comfortable car too handles bumps very easily. The stereo system in the car could use some work

- Brandon U

So much room and so comfortable!

2008 Honda Accord

My 2008 Honda Accord is very reliable. I have not had any problems out of it since I bought it other than regular maintenance and having to have my tire replaced. It is very comfortable, easy to drive and operate. Has plenty of room.

- Madison G

It will last a long time. I will be able to drive my Honda for many years to come.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my Honda Accord V6. I love it has a strong motor. I love the room inside and in the truck. I love it will last a long time. Only think I dislike is how the headlights look old, but I see that in other types of cars too.

- Mary J

Mileage, gas efficient, price point.

2008 Honda Accord

I enjoy the mileage for a car that is 10 years old since it is a used car. Only complaint is that it is not gas efficient at times because it is an old car. Also it is a two-door so it is difficult for me to drive friends or family.

- Diana O

The key fob can unlock & roll down windows from a distance.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my Honda Accord, mostly because I have had no mechanical problems with my vehicle. I bought it used & have owned it for 4 years and other than normal maintenance, oil changes, tires, bulbs. I have had no mechanical problems.

- Rita K

Long lasting and dependable for many years. .

2008 Honda Accord

Our Honda is very dependable. It performs well on interstates and back roads, as well. It is comfortable for long rides. We expect that it will continue to hold its value in the years to come, as we do not want to buy another car.

- Jean C

It's a very good and dependable car!

2008 Honda Accord

It has been a very good car. Only thing I would change is the shifter should be on the steering .column , You could use the space for larger cup holders. The worst thing is the bumper doesn't hold up well. Mine is wired on!

- Evie M

Durable and awesome, an affordable car for the average person.

2008 Honda Accord

My car is durable and has held its condition despite challenging roads and harsh elements. It is also a good value for performance delivered. Additionally, there are low maintenance costs are associated with keeping it running.

- Rita P

It is easy to drive and is also smooth.

2008 Honda Accord

I absolutely love my Honda accord because it drives nice, the seats are comfortable, and it is small. It has enough seats & I feel safe in this car. The only issue I have is how many miles are on it, but that does not matter.

- Ana S

Performance and efficiency that goes a long long time.

2008 Honda Accord

This car is very reliable, gas efficient, and well built. I have had no major repair issues. All family members like this brand and want me to a similar make and model. Honda makes durable cars that last a very long time.

- Margaret C

Great Car, don't let my experience dissuade you

2008 Honda Accord

Car did very well for a number of years until I experienced a very cold winter (below freezing most days). After that, I needed to replace a number of items, such as the power steering unit and the wiper fluid reservoir.

- Steve R

2008 Honda Accord review.

2008 Honda Accord

Runs well no issues with performance. Comfortable enough for extended drives. 10 years old, bought used and I make regular trips outside of the state and the only thing I have had to go to a mechanic for is an alignment.

- John L

The most important thing about my car is that it is very dependable..

2008 Honda Accord

I like that it is roomy. It has a very large trunk. I can put back seat down which allows me to transport large items. It is very dependable. My only complain is that it is not an SUV. Honda CRV may be my next purchase.


My car is reliable, gets good gas mileage, and is easy to park.

2008 Honda Accord

I haven't had any major problems with this car. It is very reliable, and still gets pretty good gas mileage, even though it is 10 years old. Sometimes the air conditioning goes in and out, but that's my only complaint.

- Kate G

It is a light car, as far as weight. So just be careful in slick weather.

2008 Honda Accord

The reasons I initially fell in love with my car were the speed, sleekness of the style, and the amount of space in the car. I do not have any complaints about it. I had it for 5 years and it is hold up nicely.

- Ebony J

That it is great on gas mileage.

2008 Honda Accord

I like that car has had no major recalls, that it is usually a good dependable car. There is nothing really that i dislike about the car, other than the model i have does not have an outside temperature gauge.

- Kelly L

10 yrs., 125k+ miles: still going. Not ideal if you have a baby. Overall good car.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my car. The color inside and out is what I wanted. It has most of the features that I want in a car. Two features, I do not have but would like is the onstar feature and camera while driving in reverse.

- Angela P

A Honda Accord is a very dependable vehicle to purchase.

2008 Honda Accord

I have had my 2008 Honda Accord for about 2 years. The only major problems were I had to get a alternator and starter. The mileage was very low when I purchased it. I would recommend a Honda as a great vehicle

- Jacquline W

That it is a very economical car.

2008 Honda Accord

I like that it is very reliable and good on gas. I like that it is enough space for what I need. I dislike that because it is a Honda some repairs might be more expensive than if it were an American made car.

- Alison G

It usually gets me where I need to go and gets good gas mileage

2008 Honda Accord

I like driving Honda because it is typically reliable and gets good gas mileage. My car, however, is so low to the ground (I used to drive and SUV) and it's hard for an old person like me to get in and out.

- Alison M

It is spacious, not many would imagine that a Honda Accord is spacious but it is!

2008 Honda Accord

It is a very spacious car, I love the exterior of the car as well as the interior. The interior is grey and very comfortable. It has everything you need. It might not be the newest car but it does the job.

- Oscar R

it's dependable, lasts a long time and is cheap to maintain

2008 Honda Accord

I dislike how the interior is cracking and peeling. I dislike how long it is. I wish I could rise the seat just a little bit more. I love the heated seats, the comfort of the drive, and the gas mileage

- Blaire M

Very reliable car with minimal repair costs

2008 Honda Accord

I like the reliability. We've had to have pretty minimal maintenance in the 4 years we've had it. The seats could be more comfortable and the AC could work better but over all we are very pleased with it.

- Paul H

It has an auxiliary cord but Bluetooth works nicely too.

2008 Honda Accord

I like that my car is pretty reliable in mileage and how far i'll go. I dislike the surprise issues that occasionally pop up and the cost to repair them. I like that my car can take several types of oil.

- Kiara W

Has over 240, 000 still drives well.

2008 Honda Accord

Air/ heat do not work probably, windows have malfunction, door no longer locks properly/CD player does not work / seat warmers still work / sunroof works but is very slow / still drives over 240k miles.

- Crystal J

The car is easy to drive and has good gas mileage.

2008 Honda Accord

Gets good mileage, it is easy to drive, it is comfortable. It has good air/heat system... The one thing that bothers me is that from the time I bought it, it is much noisier inside than my Buick was..

- Tamara P

Honda Accord is one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned.

2008 Honda Accord

The car is comfortable to drive. It is easy to maintain with oil changes, adding fluids and rotating tires. The sound system is very good. There is an unidentified rattle from the back of the vehicle.

- Randall T

Battery is in a difficult spot under the hood.

2008 Honda Accord

I like how much gas I get per mile and I like how smooth it drives. I dislike the interior and the built in radio. The dashboard is alright. I really dislike the windshield and the windshield wipers.

- Ashley F

I enjoy the car being close to the ground.

2008 Honda Accord

I like that the car has a manual transmission. This really helps with the power and traffic. The only thing that is a nuisance is that the oil needs refilling at times because it does burn oil now.

- Jacob W

Great car- minor problems. Great color.

2008 Honda Accord

My car is okay. The paint has been chipping off. It drives well. Sometimes the air conditioners smell in the summer. Almost like vinegar. Other than that no problems. I have put a lot into the car.

- Sarah G

I feel safe in all types of traffic as it is a well structured auto.

2008 Honda Accord

I have no complaints. It is a smooth ride and have had no problems at all. It is efficient and a safe ride in snow. It also sits five people comfortable which is important on long vacation trips.

- Janet M

Honda Accord is the easiest car to own.

2008 Honda Accord

My Honda Accord, overall, has been very reliable with minimal effort on my part to maintain its performance. The best feature, besides its reliability, is its ability to get 35 miles per gallon.

- Matt J

Honda acts quickly if there is a recall or issue with their cars.

2008 Honda Accord

It drives well and I have always felt safe in it. My only complaint is that both of my visors have broken and it costs $400 to fix them. Also, the pleather on the console and doors are peeling.

- Grace W

Honda Accord review, love the leather seats of the vehicle and wood panels.

2008 Honda Accord

This is a great vehicle no major problems other than routine maintenance, very reliable never put me down. It has plenty of room inside lots of great features and performs very well great car.

- Chris T

Stud with a touch of class

2008 Honda Accord

Very comfortable, lots of power, sporty, great looking and fairly low maintenance. Great on fuel and handle very well. XM sat radio, power everything, heated seats and incredible sound system.

- Scott T

Driven over 160, 000 miles and still going strong.

2008 Honda Accord

I have had my Honda Accord for ten years. It has been a very reliable vehicle. With the exception of replacing the clutch at 150, 000 miles, upkeep has involved primarily routine maintenance.

- Nancy K

2008 Honda Accord Coupe - Reliable

2008 Honda Accord

Very reliable vehicle that just needs regular oil changes and maintenance. The 2 door version is just slightly uncomfortable in my opinion. The car also doesn't have much get up and go.

- Alanna w

2008 Honda Accord with low miles gets good MPG.

2008 Honda Accord

It has been a very good vehicle. It still has low mileage for its age. I regularly check the air and oil and sometimes need to add a little oil. Gas mileage is around 34 on the road.

- Paul S

Great to handle, heavy duty, safer to drive, long lasting.

2008 Honda Accord

This is my third Honda Accord, since I switched from American cars. I drive them for many years without a major repairs. All my cars were far over 1000 miles. I just buy them to update.

- Elizabeth C

Reliable car that you can depend in and relatively cheap to maintain.

2008 Honda Accord

As long car is maintained with maintenance at the times needed the car will run without problems for many years. haven't had the need to replace major parts on vehicle for 10 years now.

- Christian S

My car has caused me no major mechanical issues and is still going strong with well over 100k miles.

2008 Honda Accord

I like the roomy interior of my Honda, it gets good gas mileage for Its size. The maintenance does not cost a great deal, and It's a smooth riding vehicle. I really have no complaints.

- Shelley H

It is really reliable and safe.

2008 Honda Accord

It is really reliable. Right now it does not have many issues. The brake pads wear out pretty easily. But everything else is great. I love the mileage on it. And the steering is great.

- Sarah S

it's fun to drive, but quite long for its class

2008 Honda Accord

i love the handing and the V6 power. I like the look of the vehicle and the coupe version. I have 1 complaint which is the breaks. I have to change the brake pads quite frequently.

- Lisa A

It is good on gas. It drives good everywhere. Good vehicle.

2008 Honda Accord

No complaints. It drives very good. It run good. It's good on gas and has low mileage. It drives good look good go everywhere save gas on the road. Good for taking the kids to school.

- Ricardo L

It is a very reliable car.

2008 Honda Accord

Good on gas mileage, low maintenance, easy to drive, very reliable. My Honda Accord is a great car. I would recommend purchase of a Honda. If I ever buy a new car it will be a Honda.

- Carol A

Very good gas mileage but it burns oil

2008 Honda Accord

What I like about my car is that it is very good on gas. What I dislike about my car is that it burns oil. Also a plus for the car is that it is spacious and comfortable to ride in.

- Adolphus A

It gets very good gas mileage.

2008 Honda Accord

There is nothing wrong with my Honda accord. It is a very reliable car and it is the perfect size for me. I wouldn't change anything about it, I would just enjoy having a nicer car.

- Madison S

It gets me from point A to point B.

2008 Honda Accord

My car is older and i would like to have a newer car. I have to change my oil quite often. The trim of around my door has been replaced once already and needs to be replaced again.

- Brooke D

I love the eco, it really saves me gas.

2008 Honda Accord

My car is great! It is the most realizable car I have had and I do the bare minimum maintenance on it too!! The leather seats are pretty uncomfortable though in summertime though.

- Danielle N

Air conditioning in my plain old Honda.

2008 Honda Accord

In a previous car, the air conditioning didn't work and that really bugged me. So in my Honda now, that is one of my favorite features. It gets real cool in just a minute or two.

- Tessa D

Treat the car good it will treat you good. Everybody must pitch in to maintain and keep a car up to great conditions.

2008 Honda Accord

I like that it is pretty reliable car. I don't like that it takes a lot of gas to fill the tank which can be expensive. Also don't like there is often something new to get fixed.

- Keyondra L

It is very reliable. It won't break down and you will be able to use it for years

2008 Honda Accord

I like that it works, I wish it was a newer model with better technology but it gets the job done, the radio works and the AC and heating works. Nothings wrong with it except age

- Andrew L

I drive it often and many cars break down and just have problems in general it's now 2018 and for 4 years I have only had to replace a tire or 2.

2008 Honda Accord

The car is great on gas and Hondas are made to last. Nice leather interior and has a power v6 engine it's an older car but I'd you get one for low milage it's a great car to buy.

- Chris T

It's a coupe, so it means that there's less leg room.

2008 Honda Accord

The acceleration is a very slow start on the vehicle. This vehicle burns through plenty of oil, so it requires more oil changes. The vehicle tends to not have much storage space.

- Gabrielle M

It's reliable and I'll probably still get another 100K miles.

2008 Honda Accord

for the first 15 years, I didn't have any significant problems with this vehicle. the vehicle now has over 200K miles & in the last 5 years, I've probably spent $3000 in repairs.

- Steve T

The car is reliable with rare mechanical issue. It is also long -lasting.

2008 Honda Accord

I like the look of the vehicle; somewhat sporty. I do not like that it's as big as the 4 door sedan for a coupe which makes it hard to find parking. It's not exactly gas saving.

- Ricca R

It is dependable and rarely ever has problems! We have had almost no serious work needed!

2008 Honda Accord

I love that it has been reliable. It hasn't needed much work and the gas mileage seems to be pretty good. I only dislike it because it's older and missing some newer technology.

- Taylor R

That it is very reliable, has great gas mileage, and is nice looking.

2008 Honda Accord

I like that this vehicle has efficient gas mileage. I like that this vehicle runs well and is reliable. I dislike that this vehicle does not have built in Bluetooth connection.

- Jordan V

Dependable and cost effective.

2008 Honda Accord

Dependable, holds value, easy and comfortable to drive, manageable upkeep. Dislike colorway bumper does not hold paint, console storage on this yr model does not slide forward.

- Betty D

My good friend that never lets me down

2008 Honda Accord

I maintain my silver Honda Accord by bringing it to the car dealer at regular intervals for maintenance. It has a few dings which I can live with. It has given me little worry

- michael w

I have always been very happy with the reliability of Honda. This is my 4th Honda, and I have never had any major issues with the vehicles.

2008 Honda Accord

I am mostly happy with the vehicle. My only complaints are the lack of technology, due to the age of the car, particularly bluetooth. But, otherwise it has been a great car.

- Tiffany C

I would say reliability. I have never had any major problems with it.

2008 Honda Accord

Car has never had any mechanical problems and still gets good mileage. Seats are very comfortable. Finish still looks very good (when clean!) Trunk provides ample cargo space.

- Alexander B

The size is the best feature. It is a perfect balance between compact and driveable (im very short) and roomy enough for everyone.

2008 Honda Accord

Reliable, long lasting, gets excellent gas mileage and is roomy enough for myself and my two children and my husband plus all the stuff that goes along with us when we travel!

- Jill J

The Accord has been around a while and Honda continues to improve year after year

2008 Honda Accord

Accord drives and handles well. I've had it about 6 months and has given me no problems. Ride could be smoother but isn't bad. Interior is pleasant. Exterior is nice looking!

- Anthony G

Summary of Claire's Honda Accord

2008 Honda Accord

Gold Honda accord, performs well, squeaky brakes but mechanic says there isn't an issue. Has a dent in the front. I feel very safe driving it and very connected to the road.

- Claire P

That is has been a really good car for the last 9 years.

2008 Honda Accord

I like that my car is very reliable and the color is great. I do not like that it sits really low so it scrapes at times when I pull up to parking spots and high driveways.

- Tammy K

Great car for the family very roomy.

2008 Honda Accord

Love the car but it is starting to rust with age. Also had to get my piston rings replaced. Known issues for this model and year but mine of course was not under warranty.

- Diana M

It hasn't broken down in 10y years.

2008 Honda Accord

I like the ease of driving it. Also The good gas mileage. I don't like the road loud noise. I don't like the rain that builds up on the back window and I can't get it off.

- Marilyn A

2008 Honda Accord amazing car

2008 Honda Accord

It is a very comfortable car for its age. Has very good control. I overall love this car. This car is not very expensive just cause of its make but it was totally worth it

- Itamar L

Honda - Accord best performance.

2008 Honda Accord

As such there are no problems of the car. This car is always reliable, for me, to drive. I feel very confident while driving this car. The mileage of the car is also nice.

- User K

Reliability and safety, I can count on it to do its job and more.

2008 Honda Accord

It's a good vehicle, if maintained with proper maintenance. Has gotten me from point a to b without dying, stalling, or making unusual noises. Wide body and comfortable.

- Orlando M

Hondas are great cars and are known for being a really nice and dependable cars.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my car because it has a lot of room and it drives very well. I love the color of it. The only complaints I have is with the sides of the bumpers always come loose.

- Brittany M

Great quality. It runs and runs without problems

2008 Honda Accord

Overall I love my car. Just turn the key and it goes. Very little maintenance needed. Had it a long time and it still runs fine. It is getting a little dated though.

- tj B

would buy a Honda Accord again -- very pleased with current vehicle

2008 Honda Accord

Honda is reliable for age of vehicle. Like the body style & comfort. Has design flaw -- when driving w/ windows down at highway speed, creates unbearable thumping noise.

- ann h

It is very reliable. Good on gas. A great gas saver.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my vehicle. Honda's are great cars. The parts are not expensive. Honda are very good on mileage. I have heard that a Honda engine can last for over 300000 miles.

- Andranette P

Review of 2008 Honda Accord Coupe

2008 Honda Accord

Runs very well Heating and cooling is fast Ride not always smooth because of tires Leather will peel on armrest Exterior prone to scratching Headrest is not comfortable

- Cassandra W

My car is a family friendly vehicle that is fuel efficient.

2008 Honda Accord

I love how reliable my vehicle is. Another thing that I love is how fuel efficient it is. One thing that I dislike is the lack of technology compared to newer vehicles.

- Nick M

Good service a dealer. Didn't need much, if any service. Very reliable.

2008 Honda Accord

It has done well for all these years. We had 2 cars previously, but decided we could finally do well with just one since I had retired and we didn't really need 2 cars.

- Keith B

It is a reliable vehicle.

2008 Honda Accord

With the Honda I enjoy the maintenance of it. I enjoy the ability and the reliability of the vehicle itself. And I enjoy it's easier to use and is low maintenance cost

- Jim A

My Honda accord coupe is reliable.

2008 Honda Accord

Love my Honda accord coupe. It is a 2008 and has over 125, 000 miles on it, but it runs like new. The only issue I have with it is there is no satellite radio option.

- Cynthia Z

That not only can you get it at a reasonable price, it's a classy looking car.

2008 Honda Accord

because it is a Honda. I like the size. It's me this is good for my family hauling the kids to school an back a lot of room and I like because it is gasoline driven.

- Teresa C

Most comfortable car, and smooth handling

2008 Honda Accord

It is the most comfortable car I have ever had, the interior is leather for added comfort and it is a smooth car to drive. It handles great and has good gas mileage

- Melissa P

It's very reliable and is what I look for in any car.

2008 Honda Accord

It's beginning to get older and I would like something newer. Otherwise everything works in the car and I have no recent need for fixing it. It is very reliable.

- John B

It's great on gas and runs like a champ.I get many more miles to the gallon than I do with my SUV.

2008 Honda Accord

It's a great vehicle dependable and good on gas. I have had very few problems with it as it is very low maintenance. The only thing that I don't like is the color.

- Candice E

Great if you do a lot of driving.

2008 Honda Accord

Really great mileage. Have had the car for 9 years and put a lot of miles on it. One problem that started within the last year is that it is starting to leak oil.

- Lynn T

We really like the excellent gas mileage and appreciate the heated seats.

2008 Honda Accord

We have a grey-blue Accord with leather seats. We like the leather seats and enjoy Sirius XM. Our only complaint is the car is very low. We love the heated seats!

- Shawna B

The air conditioner is not working and I just replaced the starter.

2008 Honda Accord

I like that is good on gasoline and mileage.. I dislike that the air conditioner isn'T working in it and that it doesn'T have a usb port connected to the stereo..

- Jamie O

When getting a new battery it resets everything electrical.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my car because of the gas mileage. It has over 130000 miles and still runs great. Easy to fix mechanically. Any mechanical issues are not expensive to fix.

- Amber J

My car runs well and I feel is safe enough to transport my children.

2008 Honda Accord

I like the comfort and smooth ride. I also feel like I'm getting better gas mileage then other vehicles. It is also very reliable, since I travel a lot for work.

- Joel J

It's a good size, never any issues with finding parking or carpooling

2008 Honda Accord

My vehicle works well and is spacious. I haven't had any issues with it breaking down ever. But it is older now and I might want to change to a newer model soon.

- Katherine G

I feel very safe in my car and the mileage is great.

2008 Honda Accord

I love how smoothly it rides. My car is in great shape and I enjoy keeping it that way. I have zero complaints, it is a great little car with great gas mileage.

- Pam K

The car is reliable even considering Its age. It has aged very well with little to no rust.

2008 Honda Accord

I like the car I drive, but there is a rattle that we can't seem to locate when at the dealership. It gets decent gas mileage. It also has been a reliable car.

- jeff c

simple and easy car for everyday use

2008 Honda Accord

very reliable car! standard maintenance required light oil change and fluid checks are a must. the brake pads do wear quickly, but a simple fix every six months

- mike a

Good on gas does not use so much of it and it does take regular gas very well as long as it it is a good brand of gas

2008 Honda Accord

Honda have always been my number one choice. It is a reliable car and very easy to fix if a problem erupts. They are great on gas and smooth ride all the time.

- Eleana C

It's one of the best sedans in the market and i would totally recommend it for anyone as their first or second car

2008 Honda Accord

It's a really good vehicle and quite reliable. I think it is could use more luxury features and some new technology but overall It's a good dependable vehicle

- c d

Simple and effective vehicle with good gas mileage and low maintenance.

2008 Honda Accord

Very reliable vehicle that hasn't had any major issues. Comfortable interior with full electric components including windows and locks. Also cd/aux dashboard.

- Zach S

It is very dependable and gets good gas mileage.

2008 Honda Accord

Had to replace the air conditioner but other than that it is been a great car. It is very comfortable, gets good gas mileage has plenty of room for a family.

- Lisa K

Luxury at an affordable price!

2008 Honda Accord

Our Honda Accord EX-L6 provides many luxuries and great performance unseen since our 1987 Nissan Maxima. Car performs well, is reliable and very comfortable.

- Warren L

It is reliable and it gets me to and from my destinations .

2008 Honda Accord

Very reliable! Great gas mileage! Comfortable riding with great features. Honda's are great cars. I have 195,000 miles and still runs like a sewing machine.

- yoyo l

My car is sturdy and steady. It is a great car.

2008 Honda Accord

I have had it for about 8 years now. I love my car and it has been with me through it all. When it comes time for a new car I will look for a similar one.

- Molly W

Its economical. And a great daily driver.

2008 Honda Accord

It's very reliable to and from work. Gas mileage is decent. Could have more luxury features. For the size of my small family it suits me needs comfortably.

- Marcus S

The most important thing is that the car is reliable.

2008 Honda Accord

I get great gas mileage and haven't had any issues with the vehicle. It has an AUX cord input. The Honda does not require much upkeep and still runs great.

- Dianne R

This car is awesome; if your single, this is perfect for you!

2008 Honda Accord

I love my car. It is a sedan with leather seats. I am single and I don't have any kids so it's just perfect for me.Only one time that my cars breaks down.

- Chelsea F

My vehicle has been extremely reliable.

2008 Honda Accord

My accord is extremely reliable. While older, still looks stylish and is fun to drive. It is a very safe vehicle and I feel well protected when driving.


It's fast, luxurious and won't break the bank!

2008 Honda Accord

I have the 2 door accord exl 6 cylinder in black with chrome trim. I love it so much, I have had no problems even though it has over 100,000 miles on it.

- Samantha G

No problems even though it is getting old.

2008 Honda Accord

It drives well and I haven't had any problems even though it is getting old. No more to say. It is a great car and I hope to keep it for many more years.

- Carol F

The vehicle drives very well, dependable. I love interior and the sleek design.

2008 Honda Accord

The only large problem that I encountered was a recall for the steering wheel airbag. It can malfunction, but Honda sent a free recall to have it fixed.

- Aaron S

It has so much space and is great on gas.

2008 Honda Accord

My vehicle is amazing. It has enough space for my son in the back seat and it is gas efficient that my husband and I get to travel as much as we'd like.

- Mae M

It had been working really well for all the years we had owned it.

2008 Honda Accord

It is very trusted. It is comfortable and brings no worries even with years. The only complaint is there is not enough space as our family had expanded.

- Evelina G

Reliable to drive on short or long trips.

2008 Honda Accord

Honda Accords are really reliable vehicles. My car is good on gas mileage and with regular maintenance kept up will last me another few years a least.

- Amy W

The car is comfortable. the car is spacious. the car engines are really good

2008 Honda Accord

Honda brand cars are really good. They are very spacious and comfortable. The maintenance of the car is less expensive. They run more than 100K miles.

- Komala S

It is my first major investment

2008 Honda Accord

I like that my vehicle is reliable and doesn't take too much money to fill up. The downside is the maintenance due to my vehicle being purchased used.

- Alyssa J

If you take good care of it, the car will last a long time.

2008 Honda Accord

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage. I love the SiriusXM radio in it. Maintenance is very affordable. It still looks good even for an older car.

- Brett S

Gas efficient and good space.

2008 Honda Accord

I like the gas mileages and the engine. The only thing that I dislike is the size. I wish the size was a little bit bigger, but overall a great car.

- Charlie l

It's an awesome car and a great value.

2008 Honda Accord

It is very dependable. It is 10 years old, but It's styling is still current. It also gets good gas mileage and maintenance costs are reasonable.

- Robert P

reliable I have 115,000 miles and besides normal wear and tear, brakes, oil, tires it has served me well.

2008 Honda Accord

It's a midsize, 4 door which I wanted for ease to enter and leave car. Roomy inside. I wish there were cup holders for passengers in the backseat

- donna C

The reliability of my car is like no other make or model of cars. Honda can always be trusted to get you where you need to go.

2008 Honda Accord

My car is very reliable. I never have to worry about it breaking down. It gets good gas mileage as well. It is a very comfortable car to travel in.

- Emily B

I trust that it will run for a long time if I take care of it.

2008 Honda Accord

I like the gas mileage, but it was better in my smaller civic. I like the size of the interior and that the trunk is roomy. I would prefer an SUV.

- Elizabeth W

It is a reliable car that hasn't given me many issues in the years since I've bought it.

2008 Honda Accord

I like my vehicle because it has a built in navigation system, heated seats for the winter and it drives smoothly. I rarely have problems with it.

- Cathy P

It gets very good gas mileage and is very easy to maintain.

2008 Honda Accord

I love my vehicle. Only complaint is the hot black leather seats in the summertime. It is an easy problem to fix because I use a windshield cover.

- Emily H

Don't expect to race in it because it doesn't have that much kick.

2008 Honda Accord

I love it! It has some technical issues but that's only after I hit the dear but it drives great for being 10 years old and almost 100000 miles

- Gavin h

I have had problems with it, but the car worked well through all that i put it through

2008 Honda Accord

I like how smooth my car runs. it gets great gas mileage. the radio is versatile and the speakers work well. it's comfortable as well as stylish

- Amelia A

It's the best car that I've ever owned, and I always get compliments on it. And it is very reliable and can handle wear and tear.

2008 Honda Accord

It's a very reliable car. It's very sleek and classy looking. It gets great gas mileage. And I feel very safe traveling far and short distances.

- Tamera P

Reliable: comfortable ride with very few issues ever.

2008 Honda Accord

Very reliable, but lots of little noises that do not appear to affect anything. Braking is a little soft, so keep your distance at high speeds.

- Mark S