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09 Honda Accord review. Rapid oil consumption.

I purchased this car with 89, 000 miles on it. I was hesitant but with Honda's reputation and my financial situation, I felt like it was the best decision at the time. I believe that the previous owner had issues with oil consumption and that is the reason they traded it. Quickly after owning it, I started hearing a grinding noise when I would accelerate. (I didn't purchase the extended warranty due to financial reasons. ) With this particular model, the piston rings were defective. I had many months and many trips to different mechanic shops trying to figure out why my vehicle was burning oil rapidly. I did my own investigating after many mechanics couldn't find the problem. I went to car complaints. Com and found numerous people with the same grinding sound and oil consumption. I noticed when I had the oil changed, I didn't hear the grinding sound until I had driven around 1, 000 miles. It was burning 1-1/2 quarts of oil every 1000 miles. After conducting a oil consumption test with the Honda dealership, a decision was made by Honda to rebuild the engine. The piston rings were sticking, resulting in rapid oil consumption. Since then, I have had no problems. It was rebuilt at 106, 000 miles and Honda provided an additional 20, 000 mile warranty. They also provided a rental car while they were rebuilding the engine. I have really not had any other problems with the car except for having to replace brakes more often than any other vehicle I have owned. I have had to get new rotors also. This seems to be an issue with this particular model as well. Overall, I love my car. It has everything I need in a vehicle. I love the heated seats, sunroof, nice stereo system, dependability and decent gas mileage.

- Tina H

Affordable Luxury with hassle free maintenance & great gas mileage

The gas mileage makes this car phenomenal! The comfort level while driving long distances is great. Easily, automatic, adjustable seat height and recline make driving a breeze. Plenty of backseat room and trunk space to accommodate any family. Normal vehicle maintenance is a breeze, and affordable. Tires are built to last, and easily replaced if needed at a fraction of most costs. Dashboard GPS capability makes traveling in new areas easy. Can connect through Bluetooth for all wireless calls. Speakers and sound are top quality. Automatic windows, locks, key fob, and drive makes even the most inexperienced driver comfortable. Six disc changing device located in trunk makes flipping through music easier than ever. XM radio option offered, or stick with normal local stations to keep it simple. Adjustable headrests for all seats, safety latches for securing car seats, leather seats, middle console for front and back with cup holders, access to trunk through backseat fold down, lockable glove box, alarm built in, and much more! Honda Accord has made driving a pleasure with this affordable, luxury vehicle.

- Kristina W

Extremely reliable and comfortable

When we purchased our Honda Accord new in 2009, our mechanic told us our car should last 'approximately forever' with scheduled maintenance. It is now 2019 and it is going strong. It has been relatively problem-free for the past 10 years. I sometimes use it as my 'truck' when hauling potting soil and nursery plants for my yard, and I love the fact that the seat in back folds down to create a cargo space. I live in the Pacific Northwest so it has been exposed to dampness and rain a lot of the time. The only issue was that moss grew in the crevices of the trunk lid if I didn't take the time to wash it. I have over 200,000 miles on it now and everything works as if it were new. The seats are very comfortable and adjust to any position that you like. I took the headrests off of the back seats for better visibility. .Features include CD player (up to 5 CDs can be loaded) AM/FM radio, A/C, sun roof (which has never leaked), cargo space, roomy trunk, speed control, center console, roomy glove box and variable windshield wiper speeds. Extremely reliable car, and has a lot of get-up-and-go when passing.

- Sandra C

Reliability in any weather is guaranteed to satisfy any customer.

I am almost 6ft. Talk, about 240 lbs. , the car has enough space for head room and legs to stretch and drive very comfortably and the passenger side too; the backseat is comfortable too but like any car of the same size, the sitting position is comfortable but of course you cannot stretch your legs as compared to both the driver and passenger side; very reliable and smooth to drive in the city limit and on highways; to date, not a single problem or issue whatsoever; at v6 engine, it is very silent but powerful engine when you need to; safety features such as power locks for the doors especially the back doors for children is an added value, sound system is superb and modern, most importantly, very comfortable and reliable in any four seasons. Price wise, the best investment money can buy. Style, it captures both younger and older generations. Maintenance by the automobile’s manual will guaranteed hi-performance and longevity, and most importantly, customers’ satisfaction.

- Charles U

My ten years with my accord

The car has a very spacious interior and plenty of trunk space for a sedan. Gas mileage is decent on the highway but city driving takes its toll. This year the brake pads fail early and I've had to change them twice in 40 k miles. I've only put 50 thousand miles in the 10 years that I've has my car and it is holding up pretty well. I've noticed that my car starts to stutter a little bit when my speed hits around 20 miles per hour and stops stuttering at. around 30 miles per hour. I have taken a couple of long distance drives of over seven hours at a time and the big gas tank is a major benefit for this car. Maintenance is fairly cheap for this car and I recommend Honda accords to most people. I will be looking forward to getting a bigger car in the near future because of my growing family but my wife and newborn find this car has sufficient amount of space for our daily needs.

- brian I

My review of my Honda Accord which is a reliable and fairly updated for a 2009.

My vehicle has a lot of features that I enjoy even though it is only a 2009. I have an automatic driver seat and manual operated passenger seat. I have automatic windows, an AUX cord hook up, CD player, fabric seating, and automatic locks. The engine runs smoothly, however I think the car's pickup speed could overall be better, however, again for the car being made in 2009 it is running very smoothly and generally drives nicely. The car is very reliable, I have never had a breakdown or really many noise issues, other than normal required maintenance of course. One feature on the car that never really impressed me is the speakers, they are slightly fuzzy and I can never seem to understand my GPS through the speakers properly, however on other speakers it is definitely clearer.

- Rachel A

One of least expensive car that gave me all of the features that I wanted.

My 2009 Honda Accord is the best car, I have had it for 6 years now and it haven't give me any problems so far. It holds gas pretty well, for the couple of years I have had this car, it is a 166k (mostly highly) now. This car has treated me greatly, and I would definitely recommend one for anyone looking for a used model. It is a heavy car, but very stable, earlier models of the previous generation felt a lot more nibble. If you use a good set of tires, it will make all the difference in the snow. It has Its quirks here and there, but overall you seldom have to be under the hood to repair it past basic maintenance. When it comes to parts and repair, these cars are expensive when going through your Honda dealer, but they are so reliable it makes up for the cost.

- Diana Das D

Indestructible reliable tank family sedan.

My 2009 Honda Accord is a tank with an indestructible engine and amazing fuel economy sharp sporty handling keeps you gripped to road not matter what weather conditions travel long distance road trips with ease the efficient Vtec Honda engine reliability and not to mention safety is always a concern Honda has a high safety rating and plenty of airbags to protect against collisions I have not had any major issues with this vehicle I drive it every day and it has two hundred and forty seven miles on the it still starts up and drives like it is brand new the only standard maintenance that has been done is new tires, brakes, oil and light bulbs other than that the vehicle float on the interstates with very comfortable handling.

- Matthew O

Spacious, easy driving vehicle.

The car overall performs very well, we bought it from my grandfather very cheap and it works perfectly fine. The seats are comfortable and, although it is a car, there is a plentiful amount of space, not only inside, but in the trunk as well. All of my tall friends are able to comfortably fit in my car making it the perfect commuter car. The brake pedal is rather sensitive but after so many years of driving it I am a pro at maneuvering that pedal. The only complaint I would have is that there is no aux input and I would have to install one myself in order to listen to my iTunes playlist. But other than that if you are looking for a car that is safe and performs well, then I would highly recommend this car.

- Hannah B

Sturdy and long term vehicle

It's a decent car and, being a Honda, is long running. I've got about 172,000 miles on my 2009 and it still performs decently. My only real issues with the car are the transmission is a bit wonky and lurches between gears no matter how smoothly you drive or try to limit RPMs. It engine breaks automatically, often when I don't want it to and applying the gas causes a huge lurch of the engine. Gas mileage is passable. I get about 32 highway, but there's a steep drop down to about 18 in town. Has a CD player, auxiliary hookup, and you can add a bluetooth setup easily. As with any vehicle, regular maintenance - both necessary and preventive - can make this a long term car.

- Kira B

Reliable car, lacking cosmetic durability.

The car has been reliable for the most part, a few mechanical issues that involved the spark plugs, and the battery. I have never been left stranded and it always was caught before any major issues. Currently I have almost 156000 miles and it is still going strong. It is a long car and can be hard to park in tight spaces. My biggest issue with the car are cosmetic issues, the center console wore out 2 years after purchase, the 'chrome' looking sticker of the door handles and front grill is bubbling and lifting. I just feel those items are wearing down way faster than they should. Over all the car runs great, provides lots of space, and is reliable.

- Carmen V

Honda Accord: dependable, affordable and holds its value.

My car is almost 10 years old and it has over 100, 000 miles on it and I have never had anything go wrong with it. I do all the regular maintenance such as oil changes, etc. that are recommended by the Honda Accord handbook. I love my car, it runs great, is incredibly dependable and holds its value. I get about 31 mpg on the freeway and about 25 in town. I hope to keep it for another 10 years if possible. I will likely buy another Honda Accord once I finally sell this one. I also recommend this car to my friends and family. It is the best car I have ever owned and I have owned a few.

- Kristin M

It is very good on gas and can last for 20 years easily if regularly serviced.

My Honda accord rides very well. I bought the car used at 140, 000 miles and have accumulated around 260, 000 miles since I have had it. The car has been serviced regularly and was taken care of very well before I purchased. In the 120, 000 miles that I have put onto the car, the only issues I have had were related to electric. I had to replace the alternator once and purchase a new battery, driven by having a bad alternator. Other than this issue, I have no issues with this car and have driven well across the country and I plan on keeping this car for many more years and miles.

- Stanley B

Honda accord: reliability at its best.

I love my Honda accord. My car has over 100,000 miles which shows how reliable it is. It is a 2009 accord and has absolutely no issues associated with it, the only thing I have ever had to do it replace the tires. Honda is a fantastic brand and my family has owned 4 of these cars. When it comes to comfort and features, Honda is one of the best. My accord is spacious with the front and back seats having plenty of legroom. My Honda also has key features such as a navigation system and heated seats which are key in a cold NY winter where I drive 30 miles to work one way.

- Shannon W

Excellent purchase - no problems over 7 years.

My Honda accord coupe has roughly 130,000 miles and has not had a single problem. I have religiously gotten the oil changed between 3-4,000 miles. The only major cost associated with owning this vehicle so far has been brake replacement. I would highly recommend Honda in general as a brand since this is the second Honda that I or my family has owned that has withstood the test of time. Gas mileage is decent, approximately 27 miles per gallon. Over the years I have had the car the acceleration does not seem to have diminished. Overall, 5/5 stars.

- William T

I will always recommend Honda for their excellence in safety.

I have owned my Honda Accord since 2009; bought brand new. I love it! It is one of the best cars I have owned. Very reliable and has had the normal repairs and maintenance so far. I love the colors, exterior and interior. The sound system is very nice. I tend to play music loud and the full sound is great. I really like the sensor that tells you when to change the oil and how much oil life is left. It is a very smooth ride and performs well on the highway and around town. I am a traveling music teacher and use it almost every day.

- Meghan E

2009 Honda Accord is an excellent classy and dependable vehicle to own.

My 2009 Honda Accord is an excellent vehicle. It is very dependable as long as you keep up with your normal maintenance, etc. It is excellent on gas mileage and it is comfort in driving is excellent. Its features are supreme. You have the comfort of air condition, heat, remote lock and unlocking the doors, excellent power steering with radio and CD player included. This car is fully loaded with all the features you can image. This vehicle has lasted a very long time and is a very dependable vehicle and classy car.

- Valerie W

2009 Honda Accord is Safe and Reliable, But Can be Expensive to Maintain

Tends to have issues with front-end parts breaking and oil levels deplete quickly. Smooth performance, though, and very safe and reliable. My model, specifically, comes with the navigation feature built-in, which is very convenient. However, it cannot be updated, so if roads change, you get incorrect information and directions. Overall, it is a very sound, safe car with good features, but be ready for a big part to break about 10 years after purchase. Maintenance can get pretty expensive if you go to the dealer.

- Johanna S

Back up cameras are so safe and it is an extra cautious step.

I absolutely love my Honda Accord! I have a 2017 and 2009(paid for). My 2009 has lasted me a very long time through long distance trips with over 200, 000 miles! Considering how old and used this car is, it is still in good condition. I have only had an issue with my steering wheel making a clicking noise (was told it was nothing they took the whole car apart). I love everything about this car, that is why I decided to get a newer model of it! The 2017 is beautiful and high tech and drives so smoothly!

- Caitlin W

With expertise, you can get the most out of your driving experience.

My 2009 Honda Accord is very comfortable and a very reliable car. It is been in many accidents but held up well and was able to be repaired several times. The tires on the car have lasted a long time in all different weather events. Braking can be a little difficult at times, but has not caused any issues. It takes some time for the car to heat up or cool down using the air conditioning and heat features--its knobs confusing at first--but once you figure out what goes to what, it is easy to use.

- Taylor R

Honda accord is highly recommended.

The Honda accord I own is reliable. It is the first vehicle I have not traded in when it was paid off. It is affordable for regular maintenance and repairs. The body design has remained desirable, and not dated. The paint has not faded after 10 years in the sun in southwest Florida, and it has not been kept in a garage. All mechanical elements, power seat, windows, etc. Have worked well for 10 years. I have owned 4 other brands and will stay with Honda for my next car purchase.

- Kim M

The best car ever made: the Honda Accord.

There is no current problems, and the reliability is great. I love it honestly. It was my parents old car so its a hand me down but Honda's are amazing cars and I definitely recommend. It is also very roomy and has lots of space in the backseat as well. The seats are comfortable and the reclined back very far. There are not really any up to date features because it is a 2009 but it is great and does what I need it to and gets me where I need to be so it is great.

- Jane C

I have not had any problems with my car in the 3+ years I have had it. Just a basic battery replacement.

It is a black 2-door Honda Accord coupe. I like most things about it, except for the 2 door factor. It has leather seats that I like. It has great pickup and is a smooth ride. It has a spacious trunk. I don't like how it doesn't have a temperature gauge for outside. The only other thing I don't like is that when the radio plays it doesn't display the song and artist name like some of my older vehicles did.

- Sarah B

I am a happy Honda owner with a car that is going to last a long time.

This make of Honda runs extremely well. I have not any problems since I bought the car. The only issue I have is that because it is a Honda the repairs are more costly and not every local garage will work on it. I have only had to do the brake pads & rotors, 2 tires and of course oil changes since I have owned the Honda. I love the way it handles in the winter, it is a heavier & sturdier car than my cavalier was.

- Sandy O

People should know this is a reliable family car with a surprisingly spacious backseat for little ones.

I like my car; it's gotten us a lot of places all over America! However, I wish it had a few more features, like bluetooth and I've never like how it doesn't have an actual lock on the truck. You can't open the trunk with a key, which is kind of annoying. I'm also not a big fan of how the auxiliary and charging area is inside the console. It's difficult to get to. Overall, though, it's comfortable and I like it.

- Rebekah B

I really like that the doors automatically lock when you get to ten miles per hour I had two late model Infiniti's that didn't do that. Cheers to the Honda Accord.

I'm very happy with my Accord mainly because nothing seems to go wrong with it. It's so low maintenance that I only take it to Honda once a year for an oil change. I don't drive very much which also explains a lot. The reason I bought it was because I very good friend of mine bought one and had it for almost 20 years and he had very few problems. I would recommend the Honda Accord to anyone and everyone.

- Perry S

Honda Accord (four door) good family sedan.

No major problems with vehicle other than the air conditioning not working too well in the back seat in the dead of summer, which is not ideal with children in car seats. Gets decent gas mileage. I also had an issue last winter when it was extremely cold and the brake pedal would stick so I had to pump it 10 or so times before I put the car into drive to ensure that I could break on the road.

- Erica V

The gas mileage and trunk space is very good and I love it.

Gets good gas mileage which is really important to me. Nice speakers in the car too. The seats are super comfy and good heating and cooling. The trunk is very wide and roomy so easy to put lots of things in it. A very good car to take on vacations or if you travel a lot. The seats make it easier to sit in the car for longer periods of time too. Lots of compartments and places to put things.

- Michaela J

Honda accords get great mileage run well and last forever

I as a woman like my vehicle very much . My husband on the other hand he does not care for it quite as much he is a large man and does not have as much headroom and legroom. However ; that being said the mechanic of the accord had been excellent. The car lines great we had no issues with it and we would probably buy another Honda again if we were in the market to get another car.

- Joyce W

It is not too expensive to fix or do maintenance on.

What I like about my Honda accord is that it has great fuel economy, has an AUX port for me to listen to my own music from my phone and it is spacious mostly for a big car seat and stroller. It's a very good family car to drive mostly if you do not like driving SUVs or minivans. The only thing I dislike about my Honda accord is that I cannot go off-road with it.

- Jos M

This Accord still has a generous backseat.

While this iteration of the Honda Accord remains an excellent mid size sedan overall, gas mileage is not as good as that of the previous model. This Accord still has a generous backseat, however both the four- and six-cylinder versions are more powerful than before. Stability control was made standard in all trim levels and crash-test results are impressive.

- Sidney S

Great vehicle at decent prices.

Great on gas mileage. Haven't had any real problems except an excessive oil consumption issue a few years ago but Honda took care of it for free. Mine is a more basic model but the newer Honda’s have so much more technology and are great. I like that Honda now has a roadside assistance program and a tire/windshield/chipped paint damage, etc. program.

- Lori S

Safe feel and comfortable.

I love how the car handles in the snow. I live in the Midwest, so we have a long winter. I always feel safe when driving my Honda Accord. It also has heated seats with the option of a low or high setting. That helps a lot when it comes to comfort. The air temperature/vent temperature allows for dual or single temperatures and the car warms up quickly.

- Andrea P

They are durable cars and you can expect to get many miles out your vehicle.

I love my Honda and plan to get 2-300, 000 miles out of the car. One issue I do have is with recalls and such but overall the company is a great one to purchase a car from. These cars are timeless. Although it is a 09 I still feel proud riding down the road in my car. My leather seats are really comfortable and make any long distance drive a breeze.

- Morgan M

How many ways can I love my 2009 Honda Accord?

We have had absolutely no problems with the 2009 Honda Accord. I hope to put another 50, 000 miles on it before we put her to pasture. It has great pickup, super comfortable and always reliable. The one feature I wish was included (which I do not think was available then) is streaming Bluetooth music. Pandora is such a great add in today's cars.

- Jennifer M

Honda accord: no regrets!

This is the first car I have owned that has seat warmers - I do not know how I ever survived without them! The car has a smooth ride and enough power to help you pass without feeling like you have to 'gun' the engine. . It has been super reliable and I haven't had any major issues whatsoever. . I wouldn't hesitate to buy another accord.

- Keith A

I drive a 2009 Honda Accord coupe that is white and has slight chrome detailing.

I love my car. It handles like a dream and is very low maintenance. It tells me when I need to get my oil changed which is helpful for my busy schedule and doesn't give me many issues. It's great on gas and handles like a dream. I used to have a long commute but it handled the 44 mile per day ride like no other. I will always own a Honda.

- Mikayla H

Best Car I have owned yet. All the right features included.

My 2009 Honda Accord LX Is the best car I have ever had. It has everything I need from safety features to great gas mileage even after 10 years of having it and over 100,000 miles it runs like the day I drove it off the sales lot. It's comfortable to drive or ride in for long trips, and spacious enough for my family of 4 to travel easily.

- Sarah H

Hondas are the best cars for single women.

I have never had problems with my Honda it drives well good on gas I put a lot of miles on it and it runs good large trunk I can move a lot of things in the back seat good gas mileage I keep the oil changed and it will last forever. I had a 2001 Honda and I was sold on the way it drove and gas mileage my grandchildren loved riding in it.

- Paula C

Team Honda until I cannot drive anymore!

I purchased my Honda Accord pre-owned with around 45, 000 miles on it. I have almost gotten the mileage up to 90, 000 and have not had a single issue. It drives smooth, I feel safe while I drive and it is truly a nice looking car. I have taken it on multiple road trips and it performs wonderfully and is equally comfortable and spacious.

- Taylor C

Great temperature controls!

My vehicle is extremely reliable. There has been barely any emergency repairs or problems with the make of the car. The comfort is pretty good. The seats are pretty comfortable and roomy. The controls for the air conditioning are very nice because you can set an exact temperature for each side of the car. The radio is easy to control.

- Kay B

A car that runs like a sewing machine.

The car drives well, handles well, and runs smoothly. The fuel consumption is good for the size of engine and the age of the car. There is a chronic problem with a false reading from one of the tire pressure sensors which clears itself. The internal standard of finish is good with leather seats, plush carpet, and climate control.

- George R

All in all, my vehicle is a great one. I have never had any major issues with it.

My vehicle is actually quite reliable, for the most part. It gets me where I need to go, looks good enough to be proud of, is easy to clean, has good gas mileage, & is sufficient enough for me to use it on a daily basis. With my vehicle, I can get by in a breeze & still perform all of my daily tasks (or anything required of me).

- Gavin P

2009 Honda accord coupe. Great car . Reliable . Fender benders will cost you.

The 2009 Honda accord coupe is a very nice car. It has been very reliable and I have never had any problems with it besides user error (got into fender benders). The only complaint is if you do get in a fender it will cost a lot of money to repair because more than likely the front or rear plastic piece will have to be replaced.

- Stewart W

Honda Accord dependability.

My Honda is very reliable and dependable I haven't had any problems so far. It has great performance and gas mileage also it is very roomy and comfortable for the entire family. I would feel comfortable taking my Honda anywhere and not have to worry about it letting me down that is exactly how good of a car it has been thus far.

- Melissa D

Great gas mileage! Dependable and reliable.

This car has been a reliable vehicle that has great gas mileage, manual transmission, perfect size and has required little maintenance over the course of ownership. While not the most stylish vehicle, it is dependable and was affordable. I would recommend the Honda Accord to anyone looking for a good car with good gas mileage.

- Mary Lynn K

My Honda accord is the first new car I ever bought (at 42 years old!!).

I have owned my Honda accord since 2009. I have not had any trouble with the engine. I have kept up with the maintenance and it has reliably run for almost 100,000 miles. I have had trouble with the automatic locks. The locks just stopped working last year. Even so, I plan to drive my car for at least another 100,000 miles.

- Helen K

2009 Honda Accord review.

There’s a problem with more oil consumption that is a common problem with the 2009 and the years like it and when it starts it loud sometimes. No problem with electrical stuff or the way it drives. It is a great car other than that. I would recommend researching about the car and getting a mechanics opinion before buying.

- Taylor R

It is a good vehicle so far. Spacious interior, great on gas,

Runs good. So far I have started to experience engine trouble related to I believe the starter fuse. 3 Times now my vehicle has had trouble starting and maintaining acceleration and speed. I have taken it to the dealership for maintenance they have been the same amount of nice as they were before I had paid off my vehicle.

- Dustin R

2009 Honda Accord review. I had to replace rear brakes 2 times are original.

I have owned Honda vehicles, minivans and Accord. They are reliable, efficient and fun/ easy to drive. I now drive an Accord which has been fun to drive and repairs have been reasonable. I will be looking forward to buying a new one and will look at Toyota as well. Unfortunately American made cars just are not as reliable.

- Arnie L

Reliable and dependable family vehicle.

Reliable car, have not had any mechanical problems in the years I have owned it. The car is great on gas and is a very low maintenance vehicle. It carries 5 passengers with enough room to be comfortable on long road trips as we take very often. Honda has a reputation for being reliable and the accord does not disappoint.

- Janet B

My car is almost 10 years old but is still reliable. I am the second owner of this car and I haven't run into any major issues in the past 4 years that have owned it.

I own the 2009 Honda Accord LX. It is the base model so there are no real luxury or safety features in this car. It's not the fastest vehicle on the road but it is fun to drive. I like that the braking system on the car is pretty smooth. I also like option for switching gears while driving even though it is an automatic.

- Lekan B

like I said before the space is one of the highlights.

From previous Honda's I think their pretty reliable cars, even with high mileage if you take care of the car, tune-up, oil changes, etc...they can last for a very long time. Plus if you have any issues it won't break your pockets to fix. Very spacious including the trunk especially if you have kids and a lot of luggage.

- Elizabeth S

It drives really fast and.

I really enjoy my car it is not a very good car but it is reliable it is good on gas and it gets me to where I am going. Nothing really brakes on it and if it does it is not a hard fix nor is it a lot of money. I could drive that car for along time it is very comfortable driving. And it fits five people comfortably.

- Brandy G

The Honda Accord is decent but not an ideal car

My vehicle is reliable and gets me where I need to hobby is very low to the ground and scrapes when we go uphill or if a driveway is higher than usual. This car is also only two doors which makes it uncomfortable and back breaking at times when using the back seat. It is decently comfortable but has no new features.

- Natalie W

Honda: a reliable brand for any application.

Reliable through 170,000 miles. I bought brand new because of its reputation. I will continue to buy a Honda vehicle. It never breaks down and there are no major expenses, just the regular vehicle maintenance costs. I look forward to what Honda will keep producing with their innovative and creative engineering.

- Dave B

Great car for anyone to drive!

I do not have any problems in this vehicle. It moves well, it is fast, durable and looks good for its age! Its spacious and has navigation and seat warmers! It is great on gas mileage and does not cost much to fill up. This is a great used vehicle to buy, whether it is for a new driver or experienced commuter!

- Shannon C

Great reliable car, Honda.

Very easy car to have. Be consistent with maintenance and it will take you a long ways. Speed is great as well as the up to date features that keeps it in the loop with the new models that are coming to the market. Great first car for anyone that may be going off to college or need a reliable gas saving car.

- Miss M

2009 Honda Accord, very reliable

The car is extremely reliable, gets amazing gas mileage and is very comfortable. The leather interior makes is easy to clean up any messes. The Air conditioning and heat adjust to the climate very well and make long car rides relaxed. The car is overall the best and most reliable car that I have ever owned.

- Anna S

It's easy to maintain and it's been reliable.

Its reliable. It has never left me stranded on the side of the road. When something is wrong internally icons s light up on the dash and I know to take it to my mechanic. I don't like when the dealership sends me recall info to bring it in because everytime I do they find thousands of dollars wrong with it

- Annalynn M

It is good on gas mileage, spacious in the front as well as in the trunk.

I have had my car since 2015. My car has had one owner before me. I have enjoyed my car, however I have had some issues with the oil since I have had it. I have to continuously buy oil to maintain the durability of the engine. This issue came from not reading the meter behind the steering wheel accurately.

- Sade J

Great vehicles for any type of lifestyle.

The Honda Accord is very reliable no matter what age it is. Any mechanic will be able to work on it. The maintenance is very cheap compared to high-end cars. It is also aesthetically pleasing. I have had a Honda since I started driving when I was a teenager. They have never giving me major issue problems.

- Amy C

My powerful Honda Accord coupe.

My car is very stylish. The Accord coupe exl, which is the model that I own, is a 6 cylinder which gives it a lot of power. The interior is leather and extremely comfortable during long trips. As long as I have owned this car, I am always getting compliments on how sharp it is. It is also very reliable.

- Deb D

Honda's are one of the most reliable brands out there.

I drive a 2009 Honda Accord and I love it. It is the second Accord I have owned in my life, and the third Honda in general. My car is visually sleek and drives smoothly. Though it is getting up there in miles, I look forward to driving it for another couple of years, then moving onto another Honda.

- mike M

I really love Honda accords.

I recently got this car a few days ago. It was easy to get used to and it rides smoothly, I haven't had any issues. I love the sound system and the technical features. Its spacious, and comfortable. I feel it is a completely reliable car that will last me a long time with proper maintenance and care.

- Andy F

My vehicle is cloth material, AUX hook up, CD player, Cruise control.

My Honda is a very reliable car. It has about 130,000 miles on it, my air compressor is a little messed up so my car make a loud humming noise. On the exterior of the car there is a little divide in the left bumper. My hood is a little off balance, but my car is all together running and reliable.

- chelsea D

My 2009 Accord reliability and comfort.

Very smooth riding, easy to operate, handles very well, so long as regular maintenance i.e. Oil changes, brake pads, tires, etc. Car is a very reliable car. Got it after it had been in a collision with a deer and rebuilt and haven't had a single problem. Over 175000 miles and it drives like new.

- Kyle S

Great gas mileage, very reliable.

My Honda Accord is very reliable and has great gas mileage. It is a large sedan with plenty of room for a family of 4. The truck is very spacious and has a great feature where there is a small opening in the middle of the back seat that can be folded down for long items inserted into the trunk.

- Danielle M

Awesome vehicle, very reliable and economical.

Reliable form of transportation, very comfortable when driving even after long periods of time, economical when it comes to gas and mileage, no problem whatsoever. Spacious interior with cold ac, great trunk space. Speakers are great for listening to loud music on road trips. Great car overall.

- Tania R

I live Honda car because its function of the car is great. Last for long.

It is an old model car right now so it does not have any good technology as a modern car. But the system is still good. There's no camera back up or Bluetooth. I have been driving the car for almost ten years and the function is still good. Just need to repair the windshields and brake yearly.

- Justin N

Honda Accord 2009 black. 4 door 6 cylinder.

The car is a perfect machine for people ages between 16-30 for economical use and decent interior. The car runs very well on gas, if well maintained such as tires, a/c and heater and oil changes are done the care will run at full potential no problem. Car can also be used for comfort carpool.

- David P

4 door and it is easy to get in and out it is a white Honda love it.

I love my Honda Accord it has been a reliable car still in great shape plenty of room in the front seats and also the back. I would recommend anyone to buy a Honda all. 6 of my family and grandkids have a Honda all very reliable. We all have different models each one is as good as the other.

- Jan B

A reliable vehicle with awesome gas mileage

My Honda Accord is an incredibly reliable vehicle with awesome gas mileage. It is a roomy car perfect for our small family. We have had our vehicle for a little over 3 years and haven't experienced any major problems. Our only issue has been with the passenger side airbag light turning on.

- Jenna R

Roomy vehicle at the expense for a loud ride.

The Honda accord offers a lot of great features like the sun roof and automatic windows and adjustable seats. My biggest complaint I would have an out the vehicle is the noise. It is not a quiet ride whatsoever. However it does offer a lot of space both in the cab and in the trunk as well.

- Ivy S

Honda accord is the best there's no other car like it

I am actually very satisfied with my Honda has scored. I would recommend this car for a first-time driver and in addition to great performance the parts are very inexpensive. It's not too expensive to get gas and I've heard that these cars came go well beyond 100,000 miles with good care

- Dominique J

It looks great and the acceleration in phenomenal.

It's truly a work horse. Its been through a lot and it still works without too many hitches. The acceleration is pretty good although it has decreased over the years. In addition, there have been many recalls on its components. But overall, I would recommend this car to just about anyone.

- Randy J

Honda Accord the new aerodynamic version.

Excellent vehicle must drive must own, people test drive people buy. Be sure to buy sedan fully loaded. Car is very aerodynamic and not at all noisy as opposed to earlier Honda Accord models. New Accords are comparable to Lexus and Audi. Plus point is the mileage it gives plus gallon.

- Dee E

I have always loved a Honda Accord, they are very easy to drive and handle well.

The starter in an Accord always breaks, but the gas mileage is great. The Tpm's is very sensitive so I have to check my tire pressure often. A high mileage Accord is never an issue as long as it was maintained properly. My last Accord had well over 200, 000 miles before I traded it in.

- Kimberly W

Difficult time with my car.

The only problem I am having with my vehicle is this sound it is making when I turn the car on and when I am turning the steering wheel. The sound recently started and I find it annoying and my mechanic thought it was the alternator or the steering pump but really it is something else.

- Kayla L

Just a really chill, reliable car. Easy to find parts for it too.

If you like Toyota's and Honda's this car fits like a glove. Not going to blow your mind, but is comfortable. Movies with decent get up and go. Again, not shocking. But enough. Very reliable, haven't had too many maintenance issues. Also small enough to snug into those parking spots.

- Shawn F

Comfortable heated leather seats fan option dual sided a/c.

Scale of 1-5: 1=bad 5=good. Performance: 4. Comfort: 4. Reliability: 5. Features: 3. Problems: tire pressure is low often, it is a coupe so difficult to get baby car seat in and out, can be difficult to park due to bulky sides. The radio always works. A/c is amazing. Good bass.

- Sarah C

Very good car for its age.

I like my vehicle but since my car was made newer cars have been functionality (rear view cameras, Bluetooth, blind spot assist). Overall my car is nice for the age and mileage. It is extremely reliable. It performs perfectly fine. I have very minimal wear and tear problems with it.

- Bryant H

2009 Honda Accord is roomy!

I love my car. Its roomy, has a lot of trunk space and for its age, has held up really good. There are some issues with a noise that keeps occurring when I turn on the engine, but other than that, the car runs super smooth! The back seat is huge and fits 3 people very comfortably.

- Joyce Y

I love my Honda car very much.

I love my car. The size and interior is great and it has good acceleration. The only thing I dislike is how close it is to the ground. The speakers are good, so is the heater and the ac. I love the big display of mph so I can see it very easily. The color is grey which I also like.

- Leah M

Safe car and a smart buy!

Hondas are very reliable cars that don't have a lot of issues. They are well made and safe cars. Pretty comfortable and have great extra features. I've had Hondas all my life and my sister was in a bad car accident in one. She barely had scratches on her. I highly recommend Hondas.

- Holly C

Engine: 2 turbo variants. Powered by a 192-horsepower turbocharged.

My Honda accord has always been reliable. I have had it for so many years now and it is still in good condition. Never had any type of problems with it since I have had ownership of the vehicle. It is performance is at an all time high. With an 8.4. This car has never let me down.

- Jarvis M

The car is a coupe; those who ride with me will likely end up in the back seat.

Like - it is the exact car I wanted. It is a manual transmission vehicle so not too many people know how to drive.... Dislike - the headlights are stock, would love for it to have more sporty looking headlights. Also, the moonroof is broken and it is too expensive to fix ($1000)..

- Sultan C

Good car for highway or city in standard.

I have only owned it a free weeks but so far it has been reliable, good on gas mileage and stylish, it is a standard so I have had some trouble adjusting as I have driven automatics in recent years but overall I am really pleased with this vehicle and would recommend it to anyone.

- Ken J

That it is good on mileage.

I have a 2009 Honda Accord, I have never had a problem with it, it is really good on gas and I haven't had any major issues with it a all, it is reliable, I make sure that I keep the oil change and keep up with new tires, it performs really well during all seasons of the weather.

- Felicia R

Great all around vehicle for my family.

This is a great riding vehicle with leather seating sunroof with dual heat/cooling. Heated seats are also on this vehicle. This has been and will continue to be a great car for my family. I feel this car is a very safe vehicle for my family. Would purchase another just like it.

- Sherry N

A little work for a top running car.

It gets good gas mileage. It has plenty of room for a car seat in the back. The only problem I had was figuring out to clean the throttle body when it was running slow. I thought it was the transmission failing, but after we cleaned the throttle body out it ran like a new car.

- Danielle G

2009 Honda Accord lx sedan.

Has good gas mileage, spacious enough for my husband who is 6’6” to ride or drive. Trunk is super spacious. The radio display is large and having controls on the steering wheel is a plus. Comfy, but sits quite low for my taste. Easily fixable, and oil changes are a breeze.

- Kat C

Hon-hon's a great sedan!!

I really enjoy my car, a 2009 Honda Accord sedan. I affectionately call her hon-hon. She's been through a lot. She's resilient. She's taken a licking' and kept on ticking. I haven't had many problems and recently put a little work into her. Great ride, runs well for her age!

- Angela H

The most reliable car. Worry free.

Honda is a very reliable car. Gives me peace of mind . Does not eat to much gas,and if you take care and perform scheduled maintenance,it is a car without worrying and trouble . Served my family for 10 years. Time to change the car,and I looking to buy a Honda accord,again.

- Karolina P

I have a Honda Accord 2009 all white 2 door with sunroof.

I do not have no vehicle problems been having it for 7 months now almost done paying on it hardly no miles at all very good reliable car love it! Just got a oil change and a front end laminate but drives very good. It is all white 2 door with sunroof air and heat does work.

- Denise D

An interesting detail about my car is the hiding spaces you wouldn't think of.

My vehicle is great on gas and is comfortable. Although I wish I had an SUV I love the room in my Accord. I have twin girls that enjoy the ride much better than my 1992 Honda Civic I had before they were in school. The Honda really is a reliable car for me and my children.

- Jenna T

Life saver. It gets me where I need to go safely and comfortably.

I love my car it is maintenance free drives well. . . I have a manual! I hope to have for a few more year and my next vehicle will definitely be a Honda Accord. I have even talked 3 of my family members into buying this car. I can rely on it and it gets great gas mileage.

- Lisa N

Very nice gas saver and cheap maintenance.

Very nice family vehicle. It saves gas and drives smooth. Also it has a very large truck with the emergency latch opener, spare tire and jack to accommodate you. Very spacious on the inside as well. Easy cheap maintenance and long lasting. A. C and heater works amazingly.

- Sierra C

Maintenance is affordable.

I love my Honda Accord v6. I haven't had any problems with it so far. It is eco friendly and gas efficient. My Honda Accord parts and maintenance is affordable. Runs smoothly, nice exterior/exterior, has a luxury look to it. I think Honda is the way to go. I love my car.

- Liz R

Reliability and dependability.

The vehicle is reliable and can go many miles. Mine already has close to 200, 000 miles and is still going strong. My only complaint is that the seats are not very comfortable and I get back pain when I drive it for a long time. I use a cushion to alleviate the problem.

- Linda D

Reliable, family friendly and comfy.

It is very reliable in most circumstances, except for harsh weather, like after it snows or is icy. Sometimes I need someone to jump my car. Most of the time it is fun to drive, is comfortable and has enough space for me and my kids, and I have been on road trips in it.

- Celia G

Most reliable car I've owned.

A little aged at this point but by far most reliable car I've ever owned. Very smooth driving and handling, to have anything fixed on it is very affordable and easy to get done. Haven't had any major problems besides normal wear and tare. No crazy features in my model.

- Jaime H

Love my Accord - used car but feels like new.

I very much enjoy being in my car. I looked for one with a sunroof. It has heated seats but I could live without them, I do very much like that the side mirrors defrost when you turn on the rear window defroster. Have had minor repairs/replacements but nothing serious.

- Gwen B

Good car with a few quirks.

It is been a good reliable car. Not much has gone wrong with it except it burns oil (most of this year do) and there is kind of a loud noise when it starts that mechanic told me was pointless to fix as it will happen again. But it always starts and is very comfortable.

- Erin C

This is a very reliable car.

My boyfriend bought this car and we drive it everywhere! It is a reliable car. He has driven it across the country and back. We feel very safe in it and find it comfortable for our many road trips. There is outlets/usb ports enough for both of our phones and Bluetooth.

- Sierra B

The Honda Accord: a practical and reliable vehicle.

The Honda Accord is a very reliable vehicle. It has a steady feel on the road even at higher speeds. The dash is easy to read even at quick glances. The seats are comfortable and would be a good car to take on road trips because of the fairly good gas mileage it gets.

- Mary D

My Honda Accord is a reliable automobile.

My car is reliable, very comfortable. I transport my very young grandchildren to and from school and I feel very safe with my car. It is durable and car maintenance is minimal, usually just an oil change. The most recent repair is the brakes and that was inexpensive.

- Cheryl P

Reliable and dependable auto.

Very comfo, sunroof, reliable car. I am buying another when this is too old. We have had the standard auto care only. It as 150,000 and nothing too major. The biggest fix was the stabilizer bar and struts. If course whole new exhaust system. We have had for 5 years.

- Michele B

Great family car, comfortable and easy to drive. Good on gas.

Bad roads in pa have led me to have to replace tires often and wheel/alignment related issues pop up every now and then. No real mechanical issues. A few recalls. Great on gas and sleek looking. Fits all three kids comfortably for road trips that last a few hours.

- Kari G

Easy maintenance and like new after 9 years.

The car is reliable and fairly low maintenance. It is easy to change the air filters and AUX connection that only stopped working after 9 years. YouTube is helpful for minor car repairs. The car looks brand new and feels like it too after a professional detailing.

- Kelly C

Midsize fuel efficient car. Good in gas. Lots of room . Comfortable.

My car does not go very fast, it does not have much power. It is pretty comfortable and drives well. It does not turn as easily as other cars I drive. The radio system could be improved. There is only one CD player slot. The cruise control does not work anymore.

- Laura A

Save money in comfort and style.

Honda Accords are great on gas mileage and reliability. I like that it is low maintenance and when I have to replace tires, I do not go bankrupt doing it. Comfort level is better in the newer models, with adjustable seating, seat and steering wheel warmers, etc.

- Nancy K

Keep up easy maintenance and this car will run for years.

Reliable comfortable trustworthy easy to maintain. Will last a long time just maintain yearly maintenance. Got my car detailed and it felt like a brand new car after 9 years and hope to get many more out of it. Very easy to change air filters and AUX component.

- Kelly C

A little bit of good and bad

The Honda Accord has A lot of recalls since I got the car. Air bag, engine, and steering wheel.. But when it has gotten fixed it is very reliable. Drive it everyday 60 miles back n forth. The seats are Very comfortable and Lots of room Holds up well as well.

- Ki F

Not a family car, but good for getting around alone.

Comfortable leather seats were with great reclining. Saves gas a lot. I could drive it for many miles. Small car but a lot of space. Reliable for work. haven't had problems with it. Very quiet. Love the seat heaters. Not good and safe for a baby car seat.

- Jessica M

It is a small silver Honda Accord with a slight dent in the side of the hood.

My Honda Accord was bought off a friend and we could not be happier with it. Everything works great, despite the car being nine years old. It is great on gas mileage and offers the safety a worrying parent requires for transporting precious bundles from heaven.

- Travis R

Aesthetically it looks good, but lacks in luxury comfort and performance.

after owning the vehicle for a short period of time I started to feel a significant deterioration of the interior comfort as well as the vehicle performance. I have been forced to perform a great deal of unplanned maintenance outside of the normal maintenance.

- Michael G

The car is good on gas and it has good speeds.

I love the Honda no major issues except regular maintenance such as brake work oil changes and tires. The inside of the car could have been put together a little better but still nice inside I would not go buy another car unless this one completely breaks down.

- Nikki E

It's a cool looking car with a nice style.

I purchased my vehicle as a new car. I love the style of it. It's a two door, so it's hard when people have to get in the backseat. The only problem I see forthcoming is when I start to have a family. It will be hard to get the baby in and out of the backseat.

- Laura D

Reliable but not luxurious at all!

Even though it has leather interior - it is still not very luxurious. It is reliable especially if you've been keeping up with regular needed maintenance. The car is more cheaply made than previous year models. Bottom line, still the most reliable car ever!

- Dusty F

That when the gas light comes on it still has about a half hours worth of gas left in the tank.

There is really nothing that I don't like about my vehicle. It is good on gas which is great for a college student like myself, and it is a very reliable car. It's big enough that I feel safe driving it, but it's not too big that I can't handle driving it.

- Maranda O

It has a quiet cabin and it looks like a expensive car.

It never gives any problems and good on gas. I also love the color and it is made in the USA and it is not a foreign car. Hondas are reliable cars. It is a midsize car that fit a family in the car without being squished together. The car has good interior.

- Virginia L

Average but reliable car, not many negative feedback on it.

Vehicle burns a lot gas it takes $40- $45 worth of gas. It is a v6 not a bad car but not my favorite. Does not cause a lot of problems, reliable car. The car has leather seats could be bad a cold day and even worst on a hot day. So seat covers are a must!

- Vicky J

It is spacious and reliable. I have never had a problem with this car.

I bought the vehicle used a year ago for about $8,000. It had around 89,000 miles on it. It has had no problems since I have purchased it. It gets me to and from school and home. It is easy to drive and maneuver. I would recommend this car to others.


Honda where it is at for value.

Very reliable and economical for me. Low maintenance and valuable car. Affordable and a go to car for my first car. I will recommend this car to other people in my family. I value their brand and the things that the company have. Honda is where it is at.

- Sha M

Its never had any problems.

It is amazing, the car runs and gets me from point A to point B. It is important to have that and barely has any problems even though it was used. So yeah it's pretty cool. You should get one, I liked it better than my 2017 car. Not really but that's ok.

- Brittany B

My Honda never lets me down.

Problem with elec. Windows not working. Not the first Honda I have had this problem with windows really do not have anything else to say. This is my experience with Honda's sometimes the paint gets oxidized. I have noticed this on other Honda's as well.

- Denise M

Honda Accord car of the year!

I love my Honda Accord! We haven't had any problems with it since buying it 18 months ago. I love that it has a display that tells you how much you have left on your oil life. It gets about 28 miles per gallon and I can go about 450 miles per tank.

- Macy R

Great car for a college student.

I truthfully like this car a lot. Its great on gas, has plenty of room, and does really good on long drives. The only things I wish it had that would make me love this car is having a sunroof and Bluetooth. That way it's easier to listen to music.

- Cheyenne A

Large gas tank and great mileage!

I love the v-6 engine because it makes me feel safer driving on the highways. I like that it has good gas mileage. My one complaint is that as a person who is 5?4?, it is difficult to find the right seat adjustment, but that is with all sedans.

- Jessica C

It is a nice reliable vehicle for its age.

It's sporty and gets good gas mileage. It fits our family when we are running kids everywhere. It is nice to not have to take our larger vehicles on places. I dislike that the driver's seat does not have setting to remember 2 separate drivers.

- cindi m

The Honda Accord is a very dependable Vehicle.

The car is roomy and comfortable. The gas mileage is good for a midsize car. I haven't had any major problems other than a recall for the airbags. Honda parts are easy to obtain and the price is reasonable. This is a very reliable vehicle.

- Debbie C

I think i would like people to know that Honda accords are super reliable vehicles

This is the only car I've ever owned in my life. I have survived a car accident in it and to have not had any major problems with it. I view cars as tools and this one has been a very reliable tool over the last 8 years that I've owned it

- Cory M

It is well maintained mechanically and cosmetically. Honda Accords are awesome.

My Accord is a pleasure to drive. It drives like a small car with the interior room of a much bigger car. It is very reliable. I have never had an issue with it. It is good on gas. It still looks like it is brand new. I love it.

- Laurie M

She is good on gas, and a perfect first or second car.

I love my car because it hasn't let me down, ever. Given the year she was made, she gets pretty good gas mileage. she's big enough for my growing family, but not too big and most people sit in her comfortably even when she is full.

- Michaelanthony Q

Fuel efficient and reliable

Reliable, Safe. Fuel efficient. This is my 3rd Accord and they have all been good cars. They are safe and sturdy as well as fuel efficient. I've had a few minor issues but not more than any other car. My car has 160000 miles on it.

- Lana L

Great gas mileage and needs little to no maintenance other than oil changes.

I actually really like my vehicle. It has great gas mileage and it is very comfortable on long road trips. However, I was in an accident in April and my car still needs some repairs made and I would like to have a SUV eventually.

- Angela R

Even though it has developed that annoying noise it still runs good and has been maintained on a regular basis.

The accord has ample leg room for me and still has room for whoever is sitting behind me. Very smooth ride with great acceleration. It has developed an annoying noise whenever we start the car after it has set for a few hours.

- Steven W

If you take care of it, it will last for many years.

I love my Honda, it is the first car I bought after leasing for years. I have over 200,000 miles and have had no major problems. My mechanic and a friend state that I have taken care of and and Honda is the best car that lasts.

- Janice L

I has less than 30k miles.

My car is quite comfortable, looks great, is very reliable, etc. On the downside, it gets 15 mpg or less for my typical driving, mostly town. It has a fm/am/CD, but does not have any advanced features such as rear camera, etc.

- Larry S

It has a sunroof and doesn't break down, unlike your car, which probably does.

I love my reliable and safe Honda Accord. There isn't anything I dislike about my car. I've never had an issue with it. I run the risk living in a city so there is minor cosmetic damage, but other than that it is fantastic.

- Chris N

No navigating Honda Accord navigation

Not the dream car, but it has had less work required than my last two cars. Good radio, though the navigation cds and code are nothing less than a pain requiring new owner needing cds and code, otherwise displaying nothing

- Kasey D

My Honda is very reliable. I have had my car since 2011 and love it. I recommend if looking for a vehicle,check out Honda. Great.

No problems,very reliable,much comfort for me. I would buy another Honda. I like the body. I have no problems with nothing that can't be taken care of. The Honda service from dealerships and servicing the car is excellent.

- catherine T

That it runs smooth on the road and you can't go wrong with hondas. The cars last longer than most car brands

I think honda are one of the best car brands to buy. I would choose this brand over other brands. I love the look of the car and the performance. If i had to change one thing about the brand, it would be the gas mileage.

- Shanda J

The value is the most important thing about this car. It is worth every penny.

I love my car because I have confidence in everything about it. I love how it handles, how it can speed up fast, take corners, stopping, how it looks. Plus I get a lot of compliments on it. I don't have any complaints.

- Nina s

It is very reliable and great on gas.

I like the style and that it is very comfortable. I like the leather seats and that it has an AUX cord. I like how big the trunk is for a smaller car. I dislike that it has a smaller engine than the other cars I have.

- Sydney K

I would like a 4 wheel drive and got to get winter tires

it a good car there not much problem it just has a little dent in it from last owner. it get me to where I have to be and back it comfortable for now . but it not good for the winter because I need a 4 wheel drive

- chiquita w

Best value and gas mileage for the price. You could make it last forever if you tried!

I love the size and gas mileage. I had a civic before and it's still running today, but my husband hated how small and low to the ground it was. I'm only 4'11 so it didn't bother me. Honda's are the best cars!

- Whitney P

It's reliable my car has almost 150,000 miles and has had very few problems. Minor problems for a car of its age.

I love my Honda because it's reliable and I don't have to worry about it regularly breaking down. The interior is nice and roomy but it's small enough to get great gas mileage. I would recommend it to others.

- Jess R

A safe and reliable vehicle at an affordable price.

I love that my Accord is a reliable vehicle. It doesn't have a lot of fancy bells and whistles, but it gets me to where I need to go. This is my second Accord and I like that it is familiar and easy to drive.

- Jennifer L

Honda Accord is a reliable car and is a good single parent car.

I love Honda's bc they are so reliable. Honda's are amazing on gas mileage. I love Honda's also bc when something goes wrong with them....so so many people know how to work on them and their parts are cheap.

- Kristina F

Fuel economy is very good on the car

The Honda Accord is very dependable for maintenance for the value of the vehicle. The vehicle was purchased brand new from Honda dealership. Paid off the installment six months in advance of the 66 months.

- Pavan S

Hondas have great gas mileage.

I dislike the aux input that stopped working. Other than that, I love my car, specifically the look and feel. I also love how it is been through all sorts of weather and road trips and still runs great.

- Erin R

It's a Honda, dependability. Which means very little problems. No creaking or rattling for a long time.

It's a Honda, it will last a long time. In Ca A Car is a great tool that gets used everyday and needs to be dependable. I got this thing for cheap and with low miles. Gas will be more expensive. 😢

- Jason L

It is reliable, and it maintains a good resale value.

It is comfortable, handles well and has plenty of power. It is reliable; requiring very little maintenance. My only complaint is, that as I age, it is becoming more difficult to get in and out of.

- John d

It's a dependable car and gets good mileage on gas.

I like that my car is dependable and gets lots of mileage per gas. I like that parts are readily available should I need repairs. I don't like that the steering is a little tricky during heavy snow.

- Thoeun K

Extremely reliable and easy to drive.

It is a very comfortable and reliable type of car. It has leather interior which is best for when you have a kid because it is easy to wipe off. I only have to do maintenance every couple of months.

- Celia W

The most important thing is that you should always get the oil checked every two to three months because something could majorly go wrong with it if you don't check it regularly.

What I like about my 2009 Honda Accord is that within the last 3 years it's never had any major mechanical issues other than the timing belt. What I dislike about it is that it's needs a paint job.

- Alanna D

2009 Honda Accord that drives great

I love my Honda Accord! I bought it used with around 80,000 miles on it and it drives like I just bought it from a dealership! Always drives smooth and has not given me any trouble whats so ever.

- Paige t

10 years old with 50k miles

I like that it has ample head and leg room, takes regular gas and gets good gas mileage. Also I like the sunroof and spoiler. I do not like the tires lose air every time the temperature changes.

- Reg M

My car is very reliable and requires minimal maintenance.

I enjoy how reliable my vehicle is. I do not have any complaints. I will say that I own a very base model so for my next vehicle I will probably get something with a few more bells and whistles.

- Francesca D

Low cost to maintain, fuel economy, not lose too much value when you want to sell it.

I'm trust in the Honda Brand, I have many Hondas before this Accord and the car is long lasting car. Amazing fuel economy. and anyone could reach very easy 300000 miles with a good maintenance.

- Gustavo D

It is a very reliable car.

It's a pretty cool car. It slows down the wipers when the car stops so that it's not annoying when parked. the music also goes down when the car stops. It's a long lasting car. Pretty reliable.

- Jenny C

My car isn't fancy, but it's reliable and paid for!

I like that it is reliable and retains value. I dislike that it doesn't get as good mileage that I would like. My only complaint is that it has some scratches and I'd prefer a different color.

- Jill L

Turning quick can 'throw you. An bounce car around.

Due to the extreme heat, the leather seats are not as nice as they use to be. Although, the seats are not nice the gas mileage is awesome. Also, I love the appearance of the outside of my car.

- Brittany W

Will run forever if properly cared for, regular maintenance will keep it running perfect. No recalls

Great car, incredibly reliable and well made. Almost no maintenance issues. Low cost to repair. Don't like that it does not have Bluetooth or a sunroof. Good gas mileage and handling

- Lauren M

it is safe to drive and gets excellent gas mileage, which saves money

it looks great - it's easy to drive - good gas mileage and is the most reliable car we have ever owned. i've never had any major repairs needed - would certainly buy this model again

- adrienne b

Sunroof, leather seats, heated seats.

Car drives very well, cold ac and leather seats. My car has a sunroof and rear defrost. Car also has heated seats. My leather is starting to crack a little. The car is very reliable.

- Natasha B

Any parts of the car can be found in a junkyard.

I like my vehicle because it does not require a lot of money for gas. My vehicle is easy and affordable to maintain. Ultimately, I like my vehicle because they have a long life span.

- Elizabeth G

This is a dependable and spacious vehicle.It is a great vehicle to drive on the interstate and cross country trips.

I have over 100,000 miles on my car and through keeping up with maintenance it is a good quality car. Also, I feel safe in this car. I really like that I can click to open the trunk.

- Stephanie S

It is not fancy and only us the most basic features that Honda offers

My vehicle has been extremely reliable and has only required minimal maintenance so far in its lifetime. It is not the highest performing vehicle but I only need it for my commute.

- Megan Z

My car is 9 years old and runs like I just bought it

My car is extremely reliable. I have had my vehicle for six years and it had miles on it when I received it. I haven't had to do much work on it. It still runs like it's brand new

- Chelsea G

Handles very well! Great on gas and comfortable ride

It is great on gas and ao far haven't had any major issues but i keep up on routine maintenance. The ride is very smooth and it has a lot more room in the back seat than it seems

- Tasha E

It is good on gas and it has over 100,000 miles and still running smoothly.

I love it. I wish it was a newer model. I can drive with ease and comfort. I like how it runs smoothly and all the bells and whistles that assist when something is wrong with it.

- Sheila B

The car has big blind spots.

I like how reliable it is. I dislike the temperature controls-when the fan is at the lowest speed it is too cold and when the fan it is turned off it is too warm, as an example.

- Kristina H

The one most important thing about my car is that it is very reliable.

I like how my car is gas efficient as well as spacious on the inside. My car drives very nicely and doesn't have many if any problems. I don't have any dislikes about my car.

- Cameron F

Reliable, it always runs when I need it.

I love my car. It is extremely reliable and even when it does need maintenance the parts are not overly expensive and the cost to have it repaired is cheaper than other cars

- Kasey S

I love my honda accord, smooth ride

I love my accord. It is a smooth ride, and i love the gas mileage. It is spacious from a driver & passenger perspective. It also, has the get up and go that i want and need.

- Kadice T

I think the car is very dependable. I haven't had any major problems.

I like that it is roomy and very comfortable. It is fairly inexpensive to maintain. I think the car gets good gas mileage. I really don't have any complaints about the car.

- Debbie C

It is dependable and worth the money

I like that the vehicle is still stylish after so many years. It has proven dependable since i've had it. It is more expensive than average to maintain but It's ok with me

- Melissa s

That with proper maintenance a honda will last 300000 miles. Stay away from nissans, poor quality!

2009 honda accord ex-L v6...love the leather interior, fit and finish is excellent. Love the power from the optional v6. Love the 18 inch come wheels, car runs perfectly!

- John G

Get sport model or V6. 4 cylinder accelerates sluggishly.

Does not accelerate fast enough, known brake issues with this model and make. Brake pads wear down to quick. Car is otherwise reliable and has good mpg on average 25 mpg.

- Dennis K

My car is very reliable and I do not want to buy a different make.

I love my vehicle because it is a safe and simple family car, the only thing I am not fond of is how it drives and time sound it makes now that it is over 100,000 miles.

- Emma L

Still running well after 168,000 miles.

Very reliable car with low maintenance. Good gas mileage commuter car. Fairly comfortable ride. Freeway noise can be improved as it's difficult to be heard on headset.

- Amie C

"Honda" the one that keeps going.

I love my Honda, best vehicle I have ever owned. 2009 and no problems, It performs excellent, very reliable, comfortable, roomy. Sharp looking car. Plenty of truck room.

- Chris T

Great vehicle and I love Honda’s.

It is a Honda and they last forever. I had a 2000 Accord and it had over 275, 0000 miles. The only thing that happens is the interior leather is soft and it wrinkles.

- Val J

My Honda Accord is great!

I love my Honda, it has heated leather seats which are wonderful in winter! It's very reliable, no problems so far. I look forward to having it for many more years.

- Florence G

It is economical and powerful

It is perfect for traveling on interstate or in town - plenty of trunk space, handles easily, and has plenty of power - it also looks awesome - love the leather seats

- Carol G

Great gas mileage and if you do regular maintenance it will last a long time

It's great on gas mileage. I love my sunroof. Have had no major issues with ir. I have over 130000 miles but i also keep oil changed and keep up with the maintenance.

- Patty M

it is a good car that gets me from A to Band is reliable.

It's a great car with plenty of space. It seems to have issues with engine oil which turns into other issues. The brakes can get squeaky easily. It is a nice car.

- Dan S

Very low maintenance as long as you keep up with the regular issues.

I love my Honda accord and would buy another one tomorrow if I had to. I have no complaints. I am currently over 100,000 miles and have never had any major problems.

- Sandra K

That its small but comfortable. I enjoy it overall.

I like my car. It is comfortable, I like being able to see the mph nice and big, and the sound system is good too. Sometimes I have problems with starting it though

- Leia V

Very reliable car. Good gas mileage. Holds value well.

I really like my Honda. It gets good gas mileage and drives very well. It has all the extras I want and has performed mechanically well. There is nothing I dislike.

- Heather E

It's used, but despite how worn it is, it still works really well.

I like the design of it, and although it's a used car, it looks good as new. The mileage is great. It's a newly bought car so I haven't had time to find complaints.

- Diana F

It's super dependable, mostly care free, and it gets great gas mileage.

The car is a great vehicle. If it last like the other Honda it will run fairly car free for many years. It's nice to have a car you can depend on and is affordable.

- Jason L

You should always make sure you check the facts before purchasing a new car.

I like that I can put 25 dollars in gas and get around for most of the week. I like how spacious the inside is. I also like interior and how big my trunk space is!.

- Hannah D

The car is very reliable.

The car is very reliable and long lasting. A family friend owned it before my family did and it has been a great car to have. It also gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Zoe F

Get it while it lasts, because 2 door cars are going the way of the dinosaur.

I like that it's a 2 door car, which is a rarity in today's automotive landscape. I also like It's features, like a V6 engine, leather seats, and satellite radio.

- Gavin S

It is dependable and reliable and gets me to where I need to go.

I love that my car is dependable and reliable. Honda makes high quality products that are a good value. This is my second accord and I don't have any complaints.

- Jen C

I would tell them that it is reliable and efficient as most Hondas are.

I like that it is reliable and is a workhorse. I wish it were a bit smaller, as I was used to my Civic prior to purchasing the Accord. It also is fuel efficient.

- sabine s

It is an excellent quality car

I love the way it drives, it's smooth. It's very good in snowy & rainy conditions, it's easy & comfortable to drive. Also there are very few mechanical problems

- Vicky T

Reliable and comfy, with a sporty look.

I love my car, except for not having a backup camera. That's the only reason I will be getting a new car next year. I will probably stay with Honda, however.

- John W

It is good on gas, it looks pretty good. Good lines.

Like is not good enough! I love this car! Excellent car! Reliable, stylish, good value..... Only drawback or dislike-seats are not comfortable for long trips..

- Roger S

It runs really smoothly and rarely has maintenance issues.

I love the size and it offers almost everything I need inside. I only wish it had Bluetooth connection to my phone. I also think it could be more comfortable.

- Sue B

It lasts past 100,000 mileage and that's a very long time.

I like the reliability, the mileage it will go to, and the amount of time the gas tank provides. I dislike the easy dents and color abrasions of black paint.

- Reid E

The Honda Accord gets great gas mileage and is cheap to maintain.

I love the fact the car has very good gas mileage. It is inexpensive to maintain and very reliable. I would just prefer if there was a thermometer in the car.

- Abby A

The pick up with always leave you with a smile every time you press on the gas.

Not the best on gas with the v6 model but still very efficient and fun to drive, I truly love the Honda brand but this car is the brighter side of the brand.

- Zac R

It is safe and reliable, after 150,000 miles we have only had to do preventative maintenance.

I love that it is dependable and reliable. It is a very comfortable ride. My whole family also does in it comfortably. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Julie M

It requires frequent oil changes and other minor maintenance, because it is a high mileage vehicle.

I love my car, it was relatively inexpensive and it runs well. The only thing I dislike about it is how much gas it consumes, being a six cylinder vehicle.

- Kelvin M

The Honda accord is a reliable car. We have never broke down on the road.

I love my car. We love the car's performance, no complaints. Gas mileage is good to. We have to do regular maintenance to keep it going like any other car.

- Carla G

Stability, nice looking best of the best and I enjoy it when I drive it.

I love everything about my car, the mileage I get, so smooth to drive, makes me feel important and friends like to drive on it. I do not dislike anything.

- Lorena B

Good car, requires only typical maintenance

The car runs very well. The major mechanical issues that I had to take care of were tires and breaks. The AC has a life of almost 8 years. It's great car

- Alejandro P

She is reliable and good gas mileage for the time, a good used car if the previous owner took care of her.

I think considering how old my car is that she is pretty good. Good gas mileage and comfortable, she needs some special attention but overall a good car.

- Rebecca J

It is very reliable and is great on gas.

I like that it is reliable. It is great on gas. The maintenance has low costs. Honda accords are great because they hold their value and last forever.

- Patricia A

It gets about 30 miles to the gallon even in stop and go traffic.

I love that it has lots of pick up and go. It's also known to be a reliable car that will last a long time. Finally, it gets very good gas mileage.

- lorie s

Best car ever highly recommend to anyone.

I love my car. It's good on gas and easy to fix. This is my first car and I haven't had any problems so far. Over 3 years of me personally having it.

- Antonio M

The big drawback is lack of color choice.

Extremely reliable. Roomy. Has good gas mileage and I don't need synthetic oil. Cost of ownership is low. Never needed a repair only maintenance.

- arsenia a

I love the reliability! It gets me from point A to point B on icy, snowy roads.

I have had my Accord for 2+ years and haven't had any mechanical problems. It runs like a trooper and that is important when you are a single woman.

- Athena S

It is extremely reliable.

I like the acceleration of a V-6. I like the cargo capacity. I like the look of the exterior and interior. I like the road handling of the vehicle.

- Jim M

It is reliable and drives easily. It seems to have the pick up and go that I need for mountain driving.

The car is easy to drive, it has power, it has not had any issues that would prevent me from driving it. Seems like a good car. I bought it used.

- Susan S

The ability to open the windows without turning on the car by just pressing and holding the unlock button on the key/controller.

Affordable, great features, easy controls for radio and seats. Love the fact that I can open the windows without turning on the car. No complaints.

- Veronica E

How many miles you can expect out of it. Maintenance plan.

My car is almost 10 yrs. old, NO problems, I LOVE it! It's the first new car I've ever bought. Has a little over 100,000 miles and runs like new.

- Deidre H

It has great mileage for a 9 year old car.

I like the mileage per gallon. I enjoy the stereo system. I like that I don't have to do much maintenance on my car. I dislike my tires right now.

- Darrell C

My car drives smoothly and I've never had any majors problems with it. The pick up is decent on the interstate and it's a very safe and reliable car.

I like everything about my car except we purchased the basic model so there aren't any cool extras with it. The car itself has been great, though!

- Andi S

I have not had to repair my car. It broke down only once.

I love the ease of driving the car. It is small to fit in any parking spot. It is fuel efficient. It is compact yet large enough to fit 5 people.

- Hannah L

It is a very low-maintenance vehicle.

Does not cause many problems. Easy to drive, and enough space for everything- groceries, equipment and people. It is a very low-maintenance car.

- Case T

It get gas mileages around 22 mile per mile.

I have had this vehicle for nine years. I have had no problem with this car. It has performance will and has been very reliability, and comfort.

- Harry C

No free rides in my car man.

My subwoofers have strange vibration but the everything else on the car is great. Although it has slight hail damage, the paint is still shiny.

- Alex M

Sporty car for car enthusiasts sleek look and design

Very Reliable and extremely sporty Speed is pretty good too comfort for a small car is amazing but if you are a heavier person it's a tight fit

- Shannon M

Reliable sedan with excellent fuel economy

maintenance is a headache. but my car has a large space and performance is great. besides, fuel economy is a great feature for japanese cars.

- ying y

Honda's are cost efficient vehicles that are extremely reliable.

My vehicle has been very reliable. I love the maintenance reminders on the vehicle as well. There has not been a lot that I dislike about it.

- Tanya M

It's a cheap alternative to other more expensive cars.

It's a very reliable vehicle for transportation. It has great gas mileage and repairs are minimal. Its an efficient choice for everyday use.

- Cris C

It holds it is value for the lifetime of the car.

I love the way it handles. It is durable and very dependable. Also, gets great gas mileage. It performs great when traveling long distances.

- Kathy M

That it functions well getting from a to b.

My car is comfortable and reliable. It is utilitarian, yet also fun to drive. I wish it got better gas mileage and was a little sportier.

- Tom K

My Honda is the best car I ever owned.

The Honda Accord is very reliable, has room for all errands I run and is very gas efficient. It has great performance and easy to maintain.

- Douglas J

Excellent ride and good mileage.

Excellent ride with comfortable seats, great drink cup holders while driving, and gets good gas mileage. Love the sunroof and heated seats.

- Connie F

Honda - durability is great.

Great gas mileage, no major problems, had a factory issue that Honda always took care of. Have a lot of miles and still in good condition.

- Erica R

It's a bit pricey but makes up for it with gas savings.

it's a nice comfortable ride. it does not consume too much gas. it's spacious enough to do some light packing for camping or hiking trips.

- Thomas P

Its highly reliable despite its age.

The only problem I have had with that vehicle is that the power steering pump went bad. I have not really had any other problem with it.

- Melissa M

Hondas are awesome cars to own!

I purchased my car new in 2009. I do regular oil changes. the only things that I have had to replace are the brakes, tires and battery.

- Diane B

It is a very reliable car.

So far the only problem I've had is the engine got of of time and had to be retimed, which wasn't too bad, considering I did it myself.

- Dj F

It is reliable and I love that it is a manual.

I love the Honda accord I haven't had any problems and it is 9 years old. Other cars I have had need work constantly but not my Honda.

- Lisa N

Great and reliable car that fits a family of 5 comfortably.

It drives nice. It gets good gas mileage. It has problems with the wheel bearings. I do not like how the middle console was designed.

- Amanda H

Price is one of the most important things in my opinion to know about your car.

It is very functional but is kind of old. Also, the leather on it rips easily it is good on miles and does not need too many repairs.

- Gina D

Love my Accord It is comfortable and very reliable

no problems performs really well is comfortable and is good on gas mileage Would recommend this car to anyone looking to buy a honda

- joanne h

Cost of repairs are higher than your average american car.

I like the fact that it is a 4 door and has the weight & build to keep me safe in most car accidents. I do not like cost of repairs.

- Sandy O

It's a white SUV with 2 front seats, 3 middle seats and 2 seats in the back

the vehicle was given to me used but it works great and my kids feel comfortable in the car. they have there space and they love it.

- Isra D

It gets good gas mileage and it looks really good.

I like most everything about my vehicle. I like the interior and exterior. The only complaint is that the lumbar support is broken.

- Chamagne D

It is a practical and dependable car

I dislike how the airbag had a recall and we had to get it fixed. I dislike that my s belt is very squeaky. Everything else I like

- Harrison N

Extremely reliable and seldom needs service.

It gets me to and from where I need to be.. No engine problems or problems so far.. Love my blue color.. Great for my big family..

- China H

Honda Accord Car (2009) Strong car, good engine, parts are easily accessed and durable

The car has lasted 9 years, but it's brakes are beginning to wear now. It's a very strong car and its parts are easily accessible.

- Theophilus A

The car is a great vehicle but the hot Florida weather causes the leather to peel.

I am overall happy with my car. The hot sun has caused some of the interior leather to peel. It is a great car that runs smoothly.

- Bernard W

It's the most reliable car I've ever had. If need to replace it in the future, I would definitely buy another Accord.

It's a very reliable car. Has the standard features you need for everyday use. It's very spacious and comfortable for long trips.

- John A

It is old, but it still runs well!

I love the color, it never breaks down, the gas is good on it. I dislike the carpet in the car and the wheels have to be ordered.

- Virginia W

I've put it on the ride for a couple of road trips, love the ride also gas saver

I love my car. The Motor Mounts has my car running like a 18 wheeler. Once they were fixed I can't even hear it running. Love it

- Susie W

Amazing Honda Accord experience over the Past years

Great Vehicle would definitely recommend to anybody that us looking to buy a used car. It has great leg room, comfortable seats.

- Alex S

It works and it is not too fancy. It is an old car though.

It's reliable and it was in my budget. The car goes just as fast as I need it. I Don't like how it doesn't have any technology.

- Cindy L

Overall summary of a honda accord

The Honda Accord family offers multiple models to choose from including the playful Coupe, professional Hybrid or proven Sedan.

- Anthony A

It has more storage than you would expect it to upon initially reviewing the vehicle!

I love that my Honda Accord gets great gas mileage, runs like a dream, performs with no issues, and is still a stylish vehicle.


Reliable and has reasonable wear and tear for ten years old.

Clean car for being 10 years old. Has had few scratch and dents but all fixed. Runs good new tires. Color white 102, 000 miles.

- Sanjay P

Good awesome car and very reliable

Very good reliable car. I would recommend it, no problems or issues, just have to do your normal maintenances, oil changes ect.

- Nunzio V

Honda's are great cars!! :)

It's got a sunroof, electric windows, heated seats, 6 cd changer, pretty good on gas for long trips, leather seats, big trunk.

- Jessica S

Good value and long lasting as long as you keep up with your maintenance.

It runs well, easy maintenance, somewhat fuel efficient, able to haul a lot of stuff. I wish it was a smarter technology car.

- Kellie C

The gas lasts me a long time no matter how much I drive.

Its reliable, I have rarely had any problems with it but I do not love driving it. It simply gets me from point a to point b.

- Dylan M

It is paid for and should last a few more years.

Reliable still good looking. Whenever there is s recall they take care of in good time. It large enough inside for everyone.

- Linda B

It is reliable. Does not have many maintenance problems.

I like its reliability. It is a nice looking vehicle. I haven't had to spend much money on it. I don't like the cloth seats.

- Lisa C

Affordable clean nicest service good service great.

I like that it is reliable. It has lots of trunk space. The inside has a lot of room. I dislike the smaller windows in back.

- Marie N

The best and reliable sedan in the market!

It's a very comfortable car, affordable oil changes, gas saving, spacious, reliable, style and design is unique and elegant.

- Selene G

It's great on gas mileage. Smooth driving.

Great gas mileage on my Honda. I have no complaints about my car. I keep the maintenance up on the car very few problems.

- Alice G

It is very spacious on the inside.

I love that my car is smaller in size but has a lot of room inside. I can not think of anything I do not like about my car.

- Julie S

It is comfortable, sporty looking, and I feel safe driving it.

I like that it is sporty looking and drives well. I do not like that I have had problems with my brakes and my door locks.

- Jennifer P

It's a perfect car with good speed.

Nothing is wrong with the car runs perfectly fine no major problems. And I love it so much lol. don't want a different car.

- Mohammad M

The ride is beyond comfortable.

I dislike no Bluetooth because everything has Bluetooth. I love the handle, speed, reliable nature. Always is running good.

- Melissa R

It is a great car a lot of space and very comfortable.

It is dependable and has had very few problems. It is big enough for people to ride with me and it is comfortable to drive.

- Lana L

Honda Accord is the ONE you TRUST!

Great reliability to drive with ease of worries on service costs; Very important to keep maintenance regularly and promptly

- Robert P

Everyone should know that it is a very economical car.

It gets great gas mileage and is low maintenance. It is a very safe vehicle to drive. It seats my family very comfortably.

- John M

It is affordable and reliable.

It is reliable, good on gas, and nice looking. I do not like that it is more expensive to buy. Otherwise, nice little car.

- Nancy K

It is reliable, is up to date on maintenance, and drives great. No issues

I love that it is a car I can depend on. It is spacious and looks great on the outside. The sound system is also a perk.

- Diana M

It's a great car. Even though it's a V6, it still is good on gas as most Honda's are.

It is good on gas. I like the body style, even though it's a 2009. It's still very sporty even with it being 9 years old.

- Jarrett M

The car is extremely reliable and very smooth to drive.

It is extremely reliable. I love the look of it. I love the leather seats. I don't love the fake leather on the arm rest.

- Dustin H

Very reliable cars, for a reasonable price.

Our Hondas have been very dependable. They are also a very good value. Though not luxurious, they are quite comfortable.

- Bo J

Leather interior and heated seats. Looks brand new.

Love my Honda Accord. I have leather and heated seats. The heated seats are great for long travels with my back ailment.

- Valerie M

The Honda Accord is the best vehicle for the price and comfort

My car has leather seats with heated seats. It has a V6 engine with a lot of power. I have never had any major problems.

- Brandon M

Good gas mileage, good pickup.

It handles well with good pick up, and gets good gas mileage. Not great in inclement weather. It also sits a little low.

- Paula R

Good Low Maintenance Vehicle.

Overall good car for general commuting. Gas mileage is good. It is low maintenance and haven't had any major problems.

- Matt S

It's in a great condition, I always check my car once a week for anything.

I like that it's black. It has great mileage. I dislike is that it takes a lot of gas, not very economical to drive far.

- Angie S

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

I have always been a Honda owner. I find this manufacturer to be very reliable. I never had an issue with this company.

- Kay T

It is a good little car but needs a lot of body work.

I like that it is very reliable. I like that it drives smoothly. I dislike that there has been many recalls as of late.

- Vincent R

Good, reliable car that parents are comfortable putting their child in

Super reliable, leather seats, sunroof, seat warmers. Never had an issue with engine. Bought car used for under $10,000

- Molly R

Runs well with current maintenance and upkeep.

The car is reliable and dependable. Always runs well with maintenance. 4 cylinder a little slow for pickup on highways.

- Linda L

engine has a good balance between power and gas mileage

the car is quiet and has good power. the car is solid and has good features. for the price i feel you get great value

- Cap k

That it gets about 30 miles to the gallon

I love that I have to do little to no maintenance. I wish my car had more technology. But I recognize that it's older

- Marcella Afro-Manu A

Very durable, gets good gas mileage, easy to drive.

Like everything about it, no complaints. This is why I would get another one. I like the looks. Gets good gas mileage.

- Barbara L

I think others should know about the airbag in this car because recently they recalled back the car just for the airbag.

I like it is easy to use and travel, however recently the engine suddenly stop a lot when I tried to start up the car.

- mandy l

Can't go wrong with an Accord

Most comfortable car I have ever owned. It has a very large passenger compartment yet it is considered a small sedan.

- Mary C

Nice automobile for commuting. Comfortable, good mileage, reliable.

Good gas mileage, good performance in handling, low maintenance, stylish in looks. Comfortable seating in back seat.

- Nancy L

It is a reliable car with regular maintenance.

My car is reliable and rarely has problems. However, it is getting old. It also lacks some features, like Bluetooth.

- Brandi K

It has 130,000 miles, and I expect to get another 100000. Drives like new!

Extremely reliable, comfortable, and has required very little maintenance. Absolutely the best value on the market.

- Deb J

It can be expensive to fix and maintain but is a very nice comfortable car.

No complaints, the miles in it plus gas miles. Also the color and how it drives never break down love Honda's cars.

- Joan B

I have taken good care of it.

I love the comfort of my vehicle and easy maintenance. It rarely needs work done on it and it is highly dependable.

- Dan B