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My car is a white, Honda Accord, sedan. It has a spoiler and looks sporty.

I purchased this 2010 Honda after my 2008 Honda was totaled in an auto accident. I loved the 2008 Honda. It was larger than the 2010 Honda and I purchased it new. It had all the bells and whistles I wanted. I especially liked the heated seats. The 2010 had cloth seats and I made them change seats to leather. However, the seats are not heated and they are very cold in the winter. I have to place a towel on the seats for warmth. But the car is almost nine years old and runs very well. Plus I have had no problems with it and it has only needed regular maintenance visits to Honda service. The only complaints I have had with all three Hondas I have owned is that they are too slow on the take-off from a stopped position. Also, they are noisy on the inside. But they are safe, reliable cars and I would purchase another one. I plan to purchase one more car and it will either be a Honda or Toyota, used but with all the bells and whistles I have ever wanted in a car. And it will be fast and sporty.

- Jean M

Love appearance, comfort, gas mileage. Enjoy radio on the steering wheel.

I bought my Honda Accord used but it was like buying a brand new car, it has been extremely reliable and is very comfortable. I like the color of both the exterior and the interior. All lights, mirrors, dial buttons, etc. Are arranged conveniently. I really enjoy the radio volume and channel changer on the steering wheel as it is much safer when driving because I do not have to take my eyes off of the road. This car is not too big but also not too small. It's easy to handle but I feel like there is enough car around me to feel protected. The sound system is very good and easy to use. I appreciate knowing when a tire is low or if the oil needs changing. It is economical as far as gas consumption. I also like the remote key for opening doors and especially the trunk. Overall, I really like this car and have received multiple nice comments on it from friends and family member. Overall it is the perfect car for me.

- Renee B

White 2010 Honda Accord with great comfort and adequate amenities.

For the four years I have owned my car, I have never had any major problems. My car occasionally squeaks when it brake. I also have to add oil more often than other car owners due to the fact that my Honda gets great mileage but "eats" the oil frailly quickly. It is extremely reliable (I have taken at least eight road trips of ten hours or more and it has never had a problem). The seats are very comfortable and the back row has a large amount of space compared to other cars (According to my passengers). The car contains an excellent stereo system but does not contain Bluetooth. However, it does have an auxiliary cord adapt for people to plug their phones in to listen to music or answer phone calls. The car also has many places in which a car charger can be place and also has one USB port in the center console.

- Sarah H

Reliable, gas-friendly, and smooth drive.

I have had my Honda for over 9 years now and love it just as much as I did when I first bought it. When driving this car, it is always a smooth ride, no matter the conditions in which you are driving. It is also very good on gas, in which I can drive to work 30 minutes and back each day and still make it on one tank for two weeks. There is plenty of room in the seating areas, even as a two door vehicle, as well as in the trunk area. The only issues I have found are that it is somewhat low so I sometimes have problems seeing curbs, but it has not caused any major issues. It can be difficult when holding more than two people only because climbing into the back seat is a little difficult, especially for tall people. Otherwise, the car is a great and reliable vehicle and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Casey A

Accords high dependency experience.

My 2010 Honda Accord has been extremely reliable and sufficient. Although it only has the basics, for example no touch screens or sun roof, etc. The driving experience I have had to date is excellent. I have had little to no problems with the overall maintenance of my vehicle. The maintenance I have had has been routine oil changes and brake changes which are not preventable. The gas mileage has been rather standard as well. Long distance I would say the gas mileage has been superb. I would often drive long distances to and from school and have little change in the meter. Driving around town was a little different. Like most cars though I feel, the miles to gallon was certainly not the best around town. That being said I currently have over 85, 000 miles on the car and have no issues to date.

- William T

Drive safely comfortably and, economically with a dependable Honda Accord!

My vehicle is reliable and I can trust it to get me where I want to go safely. It handles well in the rain and that is important to me as I frequently travel with small children (9 year olds). It has steering assist and that gives me comfort that I am safer in the event of an emergency. I am tall and the car has ample leg room. I previously owned a Toyota Corolla and it did not have sufficient leg room. It also has good 360 vision and I can easily see what is around me when driving. I like that the seats fold down in the back so I can transport bulky items. It gets good mileage so I do not have to limit my driving. The only concern I have is that it frequently makes a strange sound when driving and no one has been able to identify the reason for the sound.

- Mary M

Cannot go wrong with a Honda!

I have not had any issues with my Honda Accord. It has over 100k miles on it and is still very dependable. I like the way it handles and the comfort of the car is good. There is plenty of legroom in front as well as the back. I do not have any special options on the car. I do like that the car is safe and rates high on consumer reports for safety as well as a reliable car. Love the oil indicator as it tells what percentage your oil life is at. The gas mileage is great for both highway and city. Thus Honda has the standard safety features, airbags as well as side airbags and a release in the trunk and child locks. I really like and depend on Honda products,

- Cat M

Wonderful make and model, just time for a newer version.

Originally there was hardly ever anything wrong with my car, but when there were issues, it was more expensive than most vehicles to replace parts. This is because they're manufactured in Japan. The only issues I had in the first four years of having my car was replacing the passenger side mirror (harder than you think because they do not manufacture this design any longer) and replacing the starter. This year (now that I own it) has been harder. The timing chain broke. I took it in right when it happened but the issue was misdiagnosed and it eventually killed my engine. I replaced the engine and now there is a recall on the airbags.

- Amanda F

Used cars: a better deal than you might think.

Despite being used when I purchased it and having a lot of miles added to it since then, my vehicle is very reliable, the only problem being a minor issue with the engine fluid. The seats are fairly comfortable, and I have driven the car for hours at a time without experiencing discomfort, or without the car acting up. Being a used car from 2010, it does not have many 'modern' features, but it is possible to plug an auxiliary cord into your smartphone and have your smartphone's music play through the radio's speakers. This is my favorite activity to do while driving. I can drive fast on highways without experiencing problems.

- Vee W

My car is a 2010 Honda Accord lx black four door it makes for a smooth ride.

You will not have problems with this vehicle as long as you keep up care, my car is very comfortable the seat adjust perfect for me, I like the way the car drive it handles very well I drive a stick shift so I have control over the car, the dashboard light bright so I can see, I have a good stereo system, I had one problem it was the muffler but it was my fault I hit a bump however it was very affordable to repair my car, drive well on wet road, my breaks are good, not to mention the car looks nice, my Honda was an affordable luxury like car, but then I am a Honda lover always have been and always will be.

- Crystal H

The information panel is useful.

I use the car for mostly in town riding and have used it for a few long trips as well. It performs well. When I do high speed driving it responds quickly it lets me know when I need an oil change. Other than that have not had any problems driving the vehicle. May need brakes in the future as I am hearing a drag sound when I step on the brakes hard. I purchased the car in 2010 with low mileage so I guess you what expect something to go wrong since I did not purchase it brand new. Even with new cars there are problems. At any rate, I am very pleased with the performance of this model.

- Al P

It is very reliable and dependable car.

Honda accord is a good car to purchase. It holds it value and stands up to its name. I never had any major problems. Honda can take the miles you put on it. I want take nothing for my Honda accord. If you are looking for a good dependable car Honda is what you are looking for. Keep your car service and rotate your tires and you want have no problem with your car. Honda accord is a good car to invest in. Honda is a family car is room able and very comfortable. Has a lot of great features that you would enjoy. Let Honda accord be the car that you purchase.

- Grant T

Great car. Leather seats are too hot as well as gas is too expensive.

My car runs and drives amazing the only problem I have if my leather seats since it is hot at the moment and when I step into my car the seats are extremely hot and make it impossible to sit down in them. As well as the leather seats tearing and ripping from the elbow rest and as well as getting discoloration but other than that the car is amazing. It is a little expensive on gas since other Honda’s only take 20 dollars mine takes 46 dollars or more every week and I do not even drive far. But it is really reliable and will never fail me at any time.

- Juana G

It is a pristine and reliable car to have.

I have been having my car for many years because it is a sustainable and reliable vehicle to drive. I typically save money on gas prices because the mileage is very good. Most of my friends would ask me how my car stay in prescribed condition. I would tell that I always clean it and take it to a shop. I might even buy a newer model if I ever to decide to buy a new one. It is very worthed to buy a vehicle that you can rely on to get you to everywhere you need to go. It is well worth for any to get a Honda accord for those specific reasons.

- Steven B

It's a comfortable midsize vehicle that's economical on gas.

My 2010 Accord has a sleek design, and is very comfortable. Since I could only afford the LX, there are certain features that I would have loved to gave. The inside temperature gauge, a V6 engine for better pick up on the freeway, however, gas mileage is just ok on this size of vehicle. I have only had a few problems that were taken care of during the covered warranty, which is way too short in my opinion. However, I continue to have issues with the fuel injector. I use a fluid cleaner often, but it still doesn't run like it should.

- Stefanie G

My Honda, my favorite possession.

I love my Honda Accord. It is reliable. I have never had a problem with it that made it unable to drive. There is plenty of space inside the car and trunk. I love the way that it rides. Pressing on the gas and break takes some effort but the ride of the e car feels so smooth that the effort does not bother me. The brakes are usually pretty smooth and are tighter than some other cars that I have driven. The gas pedal also is harder to push because than other vehicles I have driven which I like because it deters me from driving to fast.

- Victoria P

Reliable 4-door family car keeps reliably getting me from a-z.

My Accord has over 100, 000 miles on it and has been very reliable. I bought it used in 2013. My favorite feature is definitely the heated leather seats although I wish they had a low, medium, high rather than only low or high settings. The only real problem I have had with it was an issue with an alarm system that was from Honda but I think had been installed after the car was originally assembled. I can comfortably fit two car seats in the rear but then a third person is squished in the back. The car also has great trunk space.

- Kim L

Loyal Honda owner loves the luxury appointments and comfortable fit of accord.

Honda accord is known for strong reliability and consistently high performance. The car fits my short frame quite nicely and the leather interior feels very upscale. Road trips are as comfortable as running around town. The trunk is wide and deep, plus the back seat folds down easily to accommodate unusual loads, such as lumber. Love the remote control option to pre-lower the windows on hot days; push and hold the unlock and the car can begin to air out as you walk up to it! The skylight will open then, too.

- Stacy B

It is a reliable car and very spacious. It has leather seats.. that get hot in desert weather.

My car is very reliable! It was purchased as a used vehicle, and I have literally packed on at least 30,000 miles in 6 months... It has only needed 2 tire replacements (I don't know how long it sat at the dealership) and an oil change. The only problem I have with the car is that the replace oil service light on the dashboard comes on every 3,000 miles. I check the fluids and the oil still looks brand new. I also can not add transmission fluid without a special tool from the dealership.

- Kirsten B

Honda accord, best of both worlds.

I love my car. I bought it used at a certified used dealership. It performs great and is extremely reliable. I love the way it drives and handles. It has basic features that I enjoy, key fob, radio, CD, air, heat, etc. I like that is does not have a fully digital dashboard. It is also very roomy. I can comfortably fit 5 people in it, 2 up front and 3 in the back. The trunk space is awesome. Great gas mileage in the city and on the interstate. I would buy the same make/model car again.

- Carolyn L

Reliable, affordable, and beautiful.

My car is comfortable and extremely reliable. It is a bit long, which can sometimes be inconvenient when parking, but it gives more leg room both in the front and back seats. There is a double cup holder in between the two back seats and a roomy console. It also is equipped with a/c, heat, an auxiliary cord, two car charging spots, one by the dashboard and one in the consul. It has beautiful tan colored seats that are very comfortable. It also has automatic seat moving for the driver.

- Abi Z

Used Honda Accord is still kicking.

I love my Honda Accord. It is very reliable. I have mainly had to replace the tires and brakes. It has a smooth drive. It is roomy. I can carry many groceries in my car. I currently have 150, 000 miles on my car. I have had no major repairs. I did have to replace the alternator. It is currently used for work and home. I finally dropped collision as the car has lost value over time. I plan to buy another Honda Accord in the future. I had a Toyota Camry before the Honda.

- Cathy S

2010 Honda Accord - For Commuting in Style

Extremely stylish vehicle, especially for the price. Handles very well although mine could currently use an alignment, I purchased it with 80,000 miles on it. The interior is very cool, it has a lot of good storage spaces. The seats are uncomfortable, I believe due to the vinyl material used being low quality. The leather interior used in the V6 models is much nicer. Overall a reliable and sporty looking vehicle, with basic features. It's perfect for commuting.

- Hope L

Reliable car with great gas mileage.

I love my Honda Accord! It is so reliable and has great performance. I have had very minimal issues on my car. It has over 100, 000 miles on it and still seems like it runs brand new. It also has great gas mileage which is another fantastic benefit. It is very roomy, in the seats, both front and back and also has plenty of trunk room as well. I find it comfortable and I never mind being the driver. Absolutely recommend Honda!

- Olivia Z

Hondas run forever, my one owner car, third in my life. Is a testimony.

Hondas are extremely reliable and have very low maintenance costs. The only problem to date after 155, 000 miles is a somewhat slowly increasing oil consumption. No major compose mb have needed replacement. Only regularly scheduled maintenance has been necessary to keep it running smoothly without any down time in the entire life of the car. I have been the sole owner, and have been loyal to Hondas since 1986.

- Sarah S

Honda Accord - reliable and smart.

I love my Honda because it has been incredibly reliable. The issues I have had with it have been due to an accident, but all things considered it held up very well. I love the gas mileage and oil life. The oil life lasts me way past the suggested mileage from the oil change companies. The gas mileage is at about 30 mpg which is crazy helpful for car trips. We saved so much money on our vacations.

- Mara W

Absolutely love my Honda!!

This is my 3rd Honda! Hondas are really reliable vehicles and also low maintenance. Gas mileage is great. It's the perfect midsize sedan, not too big and not too small. My son is a freshman in college 4 hours away and I feel confident that my Honda will be a very good reliable vehicle for him. I will be in the market for a new vehicle in about 6 months and I am pretty sure it will be a Honda!

- Tiffany L

Excellent gas mileage. Low maintenance cost. Great resale value.

Honda is a low maintenance vehicle. I change the oil when the light comes on and rotate the tires at the same time as the oil change. I purchase Michelin tires so I have only purchased tires once since I have owned the vehicle. The car get excellent gas mileage on the highway. I can travel 459 miles on one tank of gas. The seats are comfortable and I can see well out of the rear view window.

- Kim P

Light grey, small sedan with fabric seats. Decent carpet and simple wheels.

Sometimes my car does not blow a/c or heat and my windshield wipers get stuck. Overall my car is very comfortable and suitable for me and other things such as laundry, large amounts of groceries, etc. My car is get decent on gas, meaning I do not have to spend that much money on gas as much as I did with my Taurus. I would definitely recommend this car to small families and college students.

- Mila J

The reason I love my Honda is reliability and good gas mileage.

My accord drives and handles really well. It is a 4 cylinder and gets good gas mileage. I did run into some recalls and ended up having engine problems because of one of the recall items. The dealership where I bought my car took care of all the issues at no cost to myself. I have only bought Honda's or Acura's because of there reliability and my next care will be a Honda accord sport.

- Mike F

No recall on defective clear coat

This is my 3rd Honda that I have owned and I plan to purchase a new one within the next 6 months. Unfortunately this current accord had a bad paint job, the clear coat on back passenger side and front drivers side fender is bad and has caused the paint to fade. Civics the same year have a recall on the paint but not the accords so Honda will not do anything regarding the bad paint job.

- Crystal S

Basic sedan with basic interior. The sound system is great, though.

I have never had any issues with my Honda Accord. I have driven it for 8 years and see it lasting me for years to come. The car does not have many special features and is pretty boring looking on the inside and out. But none of those things matter to me. It is comfortable, spacious, gets me from point A to point B, and is reliable with little to no maintenance. Also good gas mileage.

- Shannon L

An older Honda that is still a great car!

This is a good car, very reliable. Not too expensive to maintain, and there are plenty of dealerships who will work on Hondas. The color of the car has not faded, and the interior leather has stayed supple and as not faded either. The carpet has remained it is color and has been easy to clean and maintain. The dealership was easy to work with and has stayed in touch about specials.

- Rachel S

Reliable, spacious sedan; I trust with my safety.

I have always had good experiences with Hondas; I have found their vehicles to be incredibly reliable, and no major problems, especially not with this sedan. (I have previously had odysseus). It is spacious, a little too spacious for my needs, but the ride is smooth. No super major repairs needed yet, and I am at 125k miles. I expect to drive this car for another 5 years at least.

- Rebecca F

Heated leather seats and comes with cruise control 6 spd automatic trans.

It's the options it comes with. Heated seats. Cruise control. Leather seats. Sun roof/moon roof. 6 CD changer w / 5 speakers with 2 tweeters and a subwoofer. Large trunks. Back seat folds down gets good gas mileage. 2.4 4 cyl. 16v vtec motor. Brand new tires. I does have quit a few recalls on it. Airbags wiring harness which I fixed. Paint was graded. But I am restoring it slowly.

- Mark B

I don't have to be constantly putting in gas. A tank will last me quite a while.

My car is great and I cannot say I have any complaints. I have never had any major issues with it since I have had it. The only minor issue I came across was a tire pressure light constantly going off even after I would check the air in the tire. Turned out to be I needs a new sensor which was an easy fix. The car has been great and continues to be, extremely satisfied with it.

- Gabby C

This car is reliable, easy to handle in bad weather.

I bought this car in 2012 with 16000 miles. I love the car. It feels sturdy, easy to handle. Not real problems except for a recall for sticky pistons which effects the oil consumption. The recall process was difficult. Comfort and performance are excellent. I travel almost monthly to pa (approximately 500 miles round trip) without any issues. Will buy another Honda again.

- Diane H

The 2010 Honda Accord is efficient, affordable and reliable.

The 2010 Honda Accord is comfortable, efficient and affordable. It has room to fit five people including the driver along with plenty of space in the trunk. It gets great gas mileage as I drive over 50 miles a day and fill up the tank about every week and a half. After putting about 40, 000 miles on it since I have owned the car, it have yet to have any mechanical issues.

- Jeff W

Classy car. The interior is roomy.

I love my Honda Accord. It is roomy inside and looks very classy. The exterior looks as good as any luxury car. Without the emblem it would be difficult to distinguish the difference. It gets good gas mileage and after 9 years, I have had no repair costs. Only tire replacement and maintenance costs. The only thing I do not like is the tires are very noisy on the road.

- Vanessa B

It is a great car. I would definitely recommend.

Car is very smooth to drive. It also has great miles per gallon so I do not need to always buy gas as often as other cars. Very spacious which makes it great for road trips as well. The only issue I have is sometimes it feels a little too big for certain parking areas where I'll have to go out of my way to find a spot, but overall I have no issues with my car.

- Joan N

Comfortable reliable and dependable car.

I have not had any serious problems with the car other than routine maintenance. It drives nice and is good on gas. The car is very reliable and gets my husband and I back and forth to work safely. It's a nice spacious car that works for our expanding family. Its great long distances as we have taken plenty of long drives for vacation and is very comfortable.

- Ali W

2010 Honda Accord excellent car.

It is a great car has over 100, 000 miles on it and still drives like a champ!! The only problem I have had with it is the paint has randomly started peeling off in random places. I really like Honda's and will continue to buy. I am keeping my 2010 Honda Accord till my 9 year old son is ready to drive then I'll give him mine and hopefully purchase another.

- Kristen E

Honda accord 2010 wonderful vehicle!

I love everything about my car! Not too advanced with technology, but it is safe and gets the job done. I have had no major issues in the last five years. Very reliable and smooth drive. The best car for new drivers and can be trusted! I put a new radio in and it has wonderful speakers and a system. Very clear sound and nice for someone who loves music!

- Ashley V

Buy Honda. It will outlast others.

My Honda Accord was a good choice. It has a classy and roomy interior and a modern and luxurious exterior. The Accord gets excellent gas mileage. After eight years of ownership I has spent $0 in repair, only tire replacement once and the recommended maintenance. I'd recommend the Honda to anyone and I definitely plan my next purchase t be another Honda.

- Vanessa B

A very reliable car, definitely would recommend.

It great on gas especially throughout highways and incredibly comfortable. This is definitely a sedan family car. It has beautiful interior with a safe feeling. I would defined recommend a bigger car if you are looking for trunk space. Very reliable car do not have many problems. The pedals are perfect not to big and the steering wheel has a firm grip.

- Isabella H

2010 Honda Accord, blue in color, 4 door sedan, 4 cylinder DOHC vtec engine

Very dependable, great on gas, comfortable, and easy to drive. Never had any major issues at all, other than just your basic maintenance my vehicle is as good as it gets for the money I've paid for it. Overall I wouldn't recommend any other vehicle when it comes to reliability because Honda is at the top of that list in my opinion and always will be.

- Dale B

The Honda Accord reliability.

My Honda Accord is great on gas, not too large so easy to park. My Honda Accord is roomy for back seat passengers. The Honda Accord has a large trunk to hold all the packages. My Honda Accord is a 2010 model, its mileage is now at 115000 and I find it is now burning oil. My Honda has been very reliable and with front wheel drive is great in the snow.

- Diane D

My car is safe and reliable.

My car burns through oil extremely fast. If I waited the recommended 3, 000 miles between oil changes then I would be completely out of oil. My Honda does get great gas mileage and has a large gas tank so I do not have to fill up very often. The backseat is fairly large for a midsize car which makes putting my children's car seats in much easier.

- Lindsay H

Honda Accord coupe - stylish reliability.

I drive an Accord coupe. Love the style, color (red), and reliability. The car is over 8 years old with minimal problems. Plus it looks like a sports car without the price or insurance bills of one. The only cons are that I am not happy with the sight lines/blind spots - very hard to see cars beside you - and the tires are expensive to replace.

- Laurie A

2010 Honda: survived four years of college, a wreck, and is still going strong!

Its super comfortable! Even though its nine years old now, it is very dependable and holds the road well. This car was my first and it has been through four years of college and one wreck with me! The c as r was still drivable after the wreck, which pays testament to the reliability of Honda as a car manufacturer. They really are built to last!

- Samantha S

My vehicle has 165, 000+ miles and has never had any mechanical problems.

Has been a reliable car. No major problems or issues. Regular maintenance is fairly easy to obtain and afford. I only wish I could perform regular maintenance myself. But not like the older vehicles are to complex for self maintenance. Example I cannot get under the vehicle to drain the oil for the oil change. It sets to low to the ground.

- Rhonda J

Honda, the most reliable car ever!

I have had no problems with my vehicle thus far. It is great on gas. It is very comfortable and roomie, sits 4 in the back comfortably. I like that the doors lock immediately after closing door, a safety feature. It chimes when you leave lights on as a reminder. This prevents battery to die. Heating and air conditioning still works great!

- Ivette C

Honda's are normally really dependable. The car drives good and looks good.

There is a recall on the eco boost system with this car. It fouls out spark plugs and can cause other motor problems. My car has been in the shop twice now for this. I wish I would have read up on it before I bought it. I have had my plugs and pistons replaced and if they foul out again they may have to replace other parts of my motor.

- Lorna H

Its many strengths and lack of major drawbacks make it an easy recommendation.

The accord while now a little older offers plenty of advanced driving features. Adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning with automatic braking, and lane departure warning and mitigation are optional on other Hondas, but they are standard on every accord. Top-notch crash test safety scores give you added peace of mind, too.

- Elizabeth F

Xellent on gas, the engine is quiet, the steering is great and it is very roomy,

Have very little problems with my vehicle. I love the front wheel drive for the winter months where I live in the north. The cloth seats are comfortable and it is roomy inside. The power steering is excellent, it's not like the cars of old. Its cheap on gas and the mileage is excellent. I have the automatic trans, good in the city.

- clayton W

Fuel efficient, reliable and comfortable.

I really like my car, the services I have are basic, no real problems at this time with it. I have found that Hondas are pretty reliable cars. The truck is perfect and really open to packing in quite a few things. The only issue I have is that I wish it had a remote to easily open the car, going to look for one to make it easier.

- Gaby C

Honda the car that pays to have.

It is very reliable. The car is great on gas. Most parts are inexpensive and easy to maintain. It has longevity in miles. Runs longer than 200k plus miles. It has up to date features such as Bluetooth GPS alarm systems keyless entries. It's not oversized but not small where you feel like your trapped. Overall Honda’s are great.

- Jessica T

Awesome white ghost that will not let you down in performing.

Had my car for 5 years. Through the five years it has been great. But now it giving me problems. It's very reliable though. It's easy to fix, well for the most part it is. I have put a lot of wear and tear to my car. I love the new brand of Accord that came out. All Honda will last you along time if you keep the maintenance up.

- Terrence W

Works decently but not 100 percent.

Is a decent car that can get me around. Performance is decent, not the best. Reliable 90 percent of the time. Sometimes it has trouble getting started. The key gets stuck once in a while. The inside of the car is okay, air conditioning works fine, everything operates just fine. The radio works but the aux cord does not work.

- Eli A

Requires minimal maintenance.

This has been such a reliable family vehicle, I have had this Honda for 5 years and no issues at all! Features are easy to use. Comfort is awesome, nice leg room and big backseat for the children. Trunk space is huge! The only issue I have ever had is minor paint chipping on the front bumper but the vehicle is 10 years old.

- Jessica M

Car of the decade: 2010 Honda Accord.

Extremely comfortable, very smooth drive, cool design, and great price tag. The gas mileage in city is around 30 mpg, and it takes me quite a while before I have to get more gas. Plus, insurance is affordable on it. It's also a Honda, and my personal experience with Hondas has been fantastic, very reliable and made to last.

- Jared R

It is a luxury sedan with leather seats and dual exhaust.

Had a recall to engine using too much oil but it was fixed and my care is better than ever! It is reliable and has dual exhaust and CD player. It is comfortable sight leather seats and is a model I love. It drives like a dream. It has anti lock brakes, power steering and anti theft features. It is black and has four doors.

- Nancy B

I love the green color of my car.

The car runs great. I had one issue with starting it one time, but it was the cold weather and I haven't had any other issues with it since then. The stereo system is fantastic, and the car rides smoothly. I usually get about 400 miles per tank of gas, which comes out to about 24 mpg, mostly highway and some city driving.

- Maggi C

It has a roomy interior and handles the roads nicely.

I like that it is easy to drive. It has a roomy interior. I do not think the driver's seat is that comfortable as it could be. I also do not like that the car has some sort of lock system on it.- I changed the car battery and I can no longer use the radio because the previous owner must have had a pin number code to use.

- Kay S

Honda Accord, best car I have had.

Smooth ride, comfortable, spacious inside and decent trunk space. Meets all the needs a person who loves music and requires plug ins and ports for. Have had no issues with the car as far as the engine and performance is concerned, have driven it over 50k miles since purchase, it was a second hand car and runs like new.

- Hera R

It is a cute little car, great for driving around town.

It is gets great gas mileage. Does pretty well in the snow and rain. I am always driving short trips around town dropping kids off for activities and it does awesome. We haven't had any problems with it since we have owned it. We got it used about 3 years ago and all we have done is regular maintenance with no issues.

- Patty M

Wish the car had more horsepower than it does.

My car has very good gas mileage. That is one thing I cannot knock about Honda’s. It is now 2018 and I am driving an outdated, basic model Honda, and that is really my only problem. It wouldn't be as bad if I had leather seats or Bluetooth connections. If you keep your maintenance up, it'll last you years to come.

- Holly C

It will last a long time. I Purchased it with only 80,000 miles on it.

I like my Honda accord because it is very durable. I have had Hondas in the past and you get a lot of mileage out of them. I do not like that mine is a two door because I would've like to use it for Uber. Other than that I like most everything about this car. I do wish it was a V6 instead of a four-cylinder though

- Steve S

Solid and dependable, so worth the money.

I have purchased Honda products for years due to their dependability, and the Honda accord is a great car. Repairs are few and far between, offers good performance, has been very reliable, has the comfort and amenities that suit my needs, and it gets good gas mileage. I have never regretted getting another Honda.

- Chris F

Driver and passenger side heated seats.

My car is a black fully loaded Honda accent. Has all leather seats equipped with heaters. Has a sunroof that is great when out just riding. Has dual controls for ac and heater thermostat so each person can be comfortable. Car runs great, have not had any problems as of yet. Only downfall is a black car is hot.

- scarlett F

Chris's thoughts on the Accord.

I am very happy with my Honda Accord. It drives very well and is very comfortable. It drives extremely well on the highway and can be driven for long distances without being tired. I would consider buying another Honda Accord in the very near future when the other vehicle in our stable is up for a replacement.

- Chris B

Good and Bad of the Honda

The car is efficient on gas. It rides good, but is very loud when on the road. You have to turn the radio up pretty good to hear it while you are riding. My passengers say that the air does not circulate to the back very well and they are hot unless I have the air blowing wide open and on the coolest setting.

- Kim K

Love my little sports car.

I have a Honda Accord v6 coupe. I love that my car performs amazing. Its my little sports car. It has leather seats that are heated, it has am/FM radio, 6 disc CD player, navigation, DVD player, a/c and is very spacious in the backseat and trunk. I wouldn't trade my care for anything unless it dies on me.

- Stephanie W

Never a problem and runs good as new 9 years later.

I have never had a problem with this 2010 Honda Accord EX Sedan which is maroon with beige leather interior. Have only ever done regular maintenance. Separate air conditioning for driver and passenger. Sunroof is in perfect working order. No problem with electrical systems. Everything works like new.

- Terri H

Its a 4 cylinder car, good on gas, 4 door with spacious seating, easy to drive.

It is made in 2010 so it has a bit of high miles, and the car is good because the parts are cheap to replace. It's really good on gas since its only 4 cylinders. Its good if your a college student or a mom. The car is very spacious and super fast. Overall I really love the car and the properties it has.

- Mary A

This may be the last car i'll ever own so I had to get a good one.

I like almost everything about my car. It's been maintenance-free and very reliable. I don't like the fact that it's such a popular car. I go out into the parking lot to find it and there are a million of them out there. I finally had to put a magnetic sticker on the back so i'd know which one was mine.

- Claudia M

Amazing Honda: very good and reliable car

My vehicle drives very well it has about 173,000 miles on it and only has needed to have a few parts replaced. I have had the vehicle for over 7 years and have only paid a couple hundred in repair. The car has been with me on very long distance trips to Florida and Canada but is always very reliable

- Jamal E

Silver Honda Accord bullet.

I have leather seats, sunroof, good gas miles. Runs pretty smoothly. I always take it if we go on trips out of town. I know I can count on it. I bought it used and it still is a good car you cant tell its almost 9 years old. It does use oil some but not bad. Google says that a lot of Hondas do that.

- Jasmin M

I love my Honda for the following reasons.

I love my Honda. I came out of a 2006 Jeep and I was making a paycheck only to put gas in it. So the change in gas mileage was a pleasure and it only took a day or two to get used to driving a smaller car. I love it. I haven't had any major problems other than the brakes and normal wear and tear.

- Christine Z

Great 2010 Honda Accord review!

I love my Honda! At one time we had 5 Honda's in our household. This is our 3rd Honda in 26 years. Their reliability is unsurpassed. Very minimal repairs, only regular maintenance. I would and have recommended Honda to my family and friends. Having a dependable car is the utmost importance to me.

- Sheila R

My favorite feature of my Honda Accord is the sunroof. I love the fresh air.

It has leather seats, seat warmer, and rides very comfortably. It has seating capacity for five people. The back seat is easy to get in and out of. It has a spacious trunk. Also, we love the sunroof for a beautiful drive on a sunny day. It gets very good gas mileage both in town and on the road.

- Fran O

Trunk problems but overall a pretty good car.

I do not actually drive the car, however sitting in the back seat is pretty comfortable. We bought our car used so the experience may differ. The only problems my parents seem to have is unlocking the doors and trunk. There were instances the trunk would not open even when we clicked the button.

- Mayumi T

Moon/sunroof is nice on pretty days. Auto a/c feature is great.

This is my fourth Honda and this last one has been my favorite. Comfortable, reliable and fuel efficient. Unfortunately this Honda has fallen short on the following; all seals around. Windows have dry rotted allowing moisture to damage interior over time. Road noise in back seat is unbelievable.

- Jennifer S

I love my vehicle and I love Honda.

My vehicle is a Honda Accord it is a four cylinder with aftermarket intake and exhaust it runs way faster than a four cylinder should and plus it is standard transmission gets great gas mileage I absolutely love my car. I have never had any major issues with my car it practically runs like new.

- Alfredo S

Honda Accord will basically run forever.

My Honda is generally a pretty reliable motor vehicle, has good comfortable ride, the radio and the air conditioning and heat still work well. I make sure to take it for regular oil changes though, that seems to keep it in tip-top shape. I did have to replace the battery, and a front headlight.

- Kelsey D

Extremely reliable and driver friendly.

My Honda Accord 2010 is very reliable. The seats are comfortable and its spacious. Good sound system. GPS is very user friendly. I love that I can play my music from my phone. Just keep up with regular maintenance and it will keep running. Certainly a practical buy. Would buy another Honda.

- Thea R

Special edition Honda accord.

I have a 2010 Honda accord special edition. It is a two tone, fully equipped, all electric, automatic transmission, custom rims great car. I have never had any major problems with it as. I keep up on the regular maintenance as well as a little preventive. Runs great, looks great. I love it.

- Denise M

Falling apart slowly piece of junk.

My Honda was a great car until the GPS went out. It asks for a 4 digit code that was never given to me nor can any Honda dealer figure out. Now I ride in silence as the GPS also controls the radio, air, ac, and heat. Very unhappy. There should be a way to figure out the 4 digit number.

- Mindy J

Honda accord is a nice ride.

The Honda accord drive very well. It's a smooth ride and great on gas. The inside of the car is nice and the adjustable seats are super comfortable. The car is pretty reliable. I have had a couple issues with it, in regards to the computer... Which was an expensive and time consuming fix.

- Jess L

Classy Honda Accord rich and classy looking.

I love my Honda. I'm a short girl the seats adjust perfectly for me. I've been on several long road trips 5,000 plus miles each, my car has never let me down. And it's classy. Looking. Gas mileage on highway has been consistently 50+. I depend in my car and my Honda has never let me down.

- Pamela C

This car goes the distance with no mechanical worried.

One recall about gas consumption good on gas, easy to drive. Car runs smoothly, good pick up. Paint quality is very good. Just the right size for my needs. Pickup is very good, brakes work well. Turns corners with precision. Tight wheel for good control. 4 door model helps with ease.

- Jean L

It is a reliable vehicle, which is very important when you have a family.

I like that my Honda Accord is reliable, I trust it from going to point A to point B with no issues. It is great on mileage, I do not have to spend a lot of money on gas. It is an economical, contemporary, and family-trusted vehicle. The only complaint I have is I receive recalls often.

- Desirae F

What kind of car I would like.

It is reliable and dependable. I will bye another one when the time come. Black I'd my color for the car. Two door is my choice too leather interior. It also needs to have a DVD player in it. The kids enjoy that. Will have a tracking device in it to. I would like to have rimes on it to.

- Janice J

Meeting driver's needs as to the reliability, sustainability and comfortability.

Smooth to drive, quiet, reliable, great sound system, impressive interior, relatively stable in the highway, better gas mileage, it performs well on dry as well as wet and icy roads. There's a big delay in power being delivered once you stop on the accelerator in the normal drive mode.

- L S

Love it nothing bad to say drives great.

I really do not have any problems car drives great. Love the color and the drive. Easy to drive and great car I am. Lucky no problems only will buy this Honda. Very reliable and relaxing I really do t have anything bad to say about it just drives great I recommend this vehicle to all.

- Lori L

The good old reliable Accord.

It is been very reliable. The gas mileage has been pretty good. I have had no issues with the car. This is not the fastest car but I didn't expect it to be then I bought it. That is not to say that it is snail slow. It is a good family car. The gas tank size is also good for a sedan.

- Richard N

Great big family car with transportable seat. Very smooth car.

New, smart technology future. Safe, kids friendly, 7 seat. Great for road trips. Smooth drive, easy to lock and open. Comfortable setting, plenty of room, great family car. It has lot and lots safety features. Great air conditioning and heating system, temperature change really fast.

- Mk K

It's a very dependable car and will get you where you need to go, however, if you like to listen to music when you are driving, this make/model of car often has radio failure and you will have to spend extra money to buy a new one.

What I like about my car is that it is comfortable and easy to use. It is dependable and I have had very few problems with it. What I do not like is that the make and model of my car often has problems with the radio randomly not working anymore so I had to have a radio put in place.

- Bran I

Want a shorter Honda Accord Coupe

I have a coupe and it is super nice because it drives smoothly while still aesthetically looking nice. The only thing I wish was a little different is that I wish it could be slightly smaller in length. It is still the same length as a regular Accord so it's a pretty big size coupe.

- Tiffany Y

My favorite car is a Honda because make me happy drive that car.

I like my vehicle the problem I need to change frequently the tires. I like driving during the snow is easy. Also the motor is excellent. I like Japanese technology. I will buy a new car like that. The problem those cars are expensive I do not know if I can afford one car like that.

- Ricardo V

Comfortable, classy, and trendy.

My car is a luxury model with leather seats, dual exhaust and antI theft device and antI lock brakes. I did have an engine recall for an oil and piston problem but I got a new engine installed by Honda and it runs like a top. It also a CD player, air conditioning and smooth ride.

- Nancy A

At 255,000 miles I expect to get another 50,000 miles out of this old car.

my Honda has required little more than general maintenance and we keep up with it. This car just keeps on going. I have 255,000 miles on this sweet, not too attractive, old car. I get very good to good gas mileage. I can't think of anything I dislike. it's been a great little car

- Mel T

My Honda sucks. The car is nothing but trouble.

Check engine light keeps popping up. Took it to the dealer and still have the same issue. Before that had issue with the fuel line. The battery sucks. The car shakes while driving. It is a 4 door sedan. Has CD player air and heat. The seats are electric and the windows are power.

- Jean L

Dependable and affordable. Maintenance is affordable.

My Honda Accord ex is very reliable. It has leather interior, heated seats, sunroof. 4 cylinder. Power windows, power locks, power driver seat. Cruise control on the steering wheel, along awesome radio controls. Nice ride, plenty of space for midsize vehicle, would buy it again.

- Wanda B

Performs as expected. Would purchase again.

The car is what we expected. We have to add about 1 quart of oil between oil changes(every 3,000 miles). The mpg has slightly fallen off(approx 2 mpg) over time. We drive this as our primary vehicle and has proven reliable in doing so. We keep up on the maintenance which helps.

- Joe H

Cannot go wrong with a Honda! Comfortable, affordable, and safe!

Great car with great gas mileage. Smooth ride and looks great! It's a Honda so it will run forever if taken care of. Very comfortable and quiet inside. Honda's safety record is second to none so if the unexpected does happen you are more likely to walk away from it still alive.

- Danny B

2010 Honda Accord for the win.

Quality performance, exemplary interior, and reliable. Nothing better than a good old fashioned well built machine. The gas mileage is a bonus too. Best of all is the price, for such a wonderful vehicle the price is astounding. Safety is also a beneficial feature in this model.

- Jack L

Easy to drive and good on gas.

Very reliable vehicle with little problems. Comfortable and easy to drive. Best of all it is great on gas. Priced right and very little maintenance required. Plenty of legroom and the seats are comfortable. Very safe vehicle and have had no issues with the overall performance.

- Steve A

Working horse without any bells or whistles.

I have no issues with the car. Would refer to it as a working horse. Takes me from point a to point b. Runs great with regular maintenance. Inside interior is faux leather, easy to clean. Auto pilot, hands free phone, decent speakers, 5 CD changer, AM, FM, Sirius radio option.

- Maria P

My used 2010 Honda accord.

This car has good mileage, runs well as long as it gets regular maintenance, and is fairly comfortable. I haven't had any problems since buying mine used in 2015. There are no special features with mine, other than the CD player, electric windows and locks, and keyless entry.

- Jennifer F

Reliable long lasting if taken care of great on gas.

Very reliable great on gas pretty durable in different weather conditions very easy to work on and has cheap repairs drives very smoothly good for families or singles has good sound system multiple plug ins for devices great heat and a/c very spacious for multiple passengers.

- Ryan T

My first & only car: the best car.

The Honda accord is the only car I have owned. I have owned it for 8 years and I have no complaints. It is very durable, safe and reliable. The seat are comfortable and easy to clean. It is very spacious for a lot 4 other passengers to fit. The trunk is very spacious as well.

- Lynn G

Review of Honda Accord. Honda's are known for a good resale value.

Performs great, good mileage, dependable. Body molding tends to come loose. Other than that a great vehicle. I have taken it on long road trips with no problems. If it was not for the body molding problems I would have no complaints. The car is fairly comfortable to ride in.

- Christopher K

Great sunroof, brakes worn out.

The brakes have worn out rather quickly after 100,000 miles. The shudder while I am trying to stop the vehicle and sometimes do not stop in time. Otherwise it is very comfortable and spacious, reliable and functional. I love the sunroof. The sound system is also pretty good.

- Rhea S

General use of car & continuing problems.

Great gas mileage, love the large screen, comfy seats, lots of room, fast acceleration. Seems to have problems with right front tires as they seem to wear faster than the others no matter whether I have had an alignment done recently or not. Otherwise it's a great car.

- jordan S

My view on my car in my eyes.

It is a reliable car. Nice to drive, has nice interior to the car, I like the color. Casual car, does not go fast but it is alright I guess. I think there may be an oil leak or it burns oil fast so I have to change the oil every 4 or 5 months or so. I am okay with it though.

- Hamed H

Honda's are not that expensive.

I believe that the Honda Accord is a great buy it is very fuel efficient and runs good on high miles. The only issue that you may encounter is having the break pads replaced more often than not but other wise for a 4 cylinder it does not burn gas like water and it is sturdy.

- Owen O

The Honda family for life.

Had my car for 8 years now and they only items I have had to purchase for this car is tires and oil! It is a great reliable car and we purchased it as our family car. The car ride are always extremely smooth and quite I enjoy that fact that it is such a low maintenance car.

- Lilly A

My Honda Accord performance.

My Honda Accord is a great car. It is very dependable and reliable. It is also very stylish. It has good gas mileage and drives well. It's a nice size ( not too big or too small). Yet, it still seats five comfortably. There is not much maintenance to keep it running good.

- Mary W

2010 Accord for a family of 5.

Super reliable and comfortable, great on gas and plenty of room in the trunk to fit the families groceries and then some. Radio sounds amazing and the heated leather seats are perfect in the cold weather. When putting in car and booster seats, the latch system is amazing.

- Jill C

It's comfortable to be in and drive around in.

Don't really have a problem just about to have another baby so need a bigger car So I need more room to move around in But a lower car payment Less mileage Need a lot more space and faster car with better a/c A better model and year Maybe something newer or a lil' older.

- Jesse J

The smooth ride: the simple but durable vehicle.

The car is a smooth ride. One of the problems that can be faced is that you have to go slower on dips or it will hurt your engine. The tank is sixteen gallon tank and it tends to go about thirty miles per gallon. The tires tend to not cause problems with the performance.

- Rebecca N

Very roomy and has a nice big trunk.

Good gas mileage, I like that both the driver and passenger side windows are automatic, I like that the controls are on the steering wheel.. It has bad blind spots and do not like the cloth interior. Overall this is a good starter car it drive good and has a lot of room!

- Anna T

It is reliable and requires very little maintenance while lasting way past it's warranty.

The Accord is extremely comfortable to drive. It handles well, great braking system, decent sound system and comfortable seats. It also is extremely reliable requiring very little maintenance throughout it's life and last a very long time. This is my 4th Accord in a row.

- Stuart R

Sleek and comfortable family car.

Performance has been great. Repairs have been very minimal with the exception of the air conditioners air compressor. Parts have not been too expensive. The car is comfortable and has been reliable even when putting 300-400 miles on in one week. It does not hog gasoline.

- Shannon G

Honda 2010, one of the best in class overall.

I have never had any problems with that car. I only had to change batteries and tires, the rest of the car was perfectly fine. I will not plan to change that car in the next couple of years, and even then I will probably pass it to my grandchildren. Overall, a good car.

- Sam A

This is an easy car to maintain.

My yr. had a few technical issues but were fixed for free by the company. It is a great car runs very well. It is reliable and safe. I have used this car to go on multiple road trips and it has done very well maintenance is very simple ad I haven't had any major issues.

- Chanel G

Awesome car that will last.

The vehicle is awesome. It will last you forever if you keep up the maintenance. Like the oil, spark plug and air filter. Any foreign car will do the job. My air the check engine light keeps cutting on. The brake system is going out. Cars are not meant to last forever.

- Terrence L

Honda Accord review oct 2018.

No major problems aside from the airbags issue. Still waiting for side bags to be replaced. Car has comfortable ride. Good size and configuration. Wish it sat a bit higher on the road like a SUV. Wish it had more bells and whistles, but that can wait for the next car.

- Jr H

Oscar: the 2010 Honda Accord.

The 2010 Honda Accord is an extremely reliable vehicle. It gets great gas mileage and has little to no problems. The tire air pressure sensor in my vehicle has recently stopped working but I am owning that to the age of the car. Otherwise it has been running perfectly.

- Brittany D

Always starts and provides smooth, easy, ride.

Reliable starting & running. Easy maneuverability in driving. Spacious & good trunk size. Headrests clearance through rear view mirror not best. Nice sound system & radio. Easy maintenance upkeep. Could use ash tray & liked little wing windows in cars.

- Jack S

I am a satisfied Honda owner.

I have been loyal to Honda my entire driving life. They are extremely reliable cars with low maintenance costs. I bought my current car new and have put over 150,000 miles on it, and have only had to have serious service (more than an oil change or tuneup) done twice.

- John H

2010 Honda Accord highly recommendable.

I have not had any problems with my car, regular maintenance and oil changes have kept it in top shape. Comfortable fits my family of 3 for short and long distance trips. Performance is as it was when I bought it. Very reliable never had a problem. Highly recommended!

- Brooklyn D

My Honda Accord is an amazing vehicle.

My Honda Accord is a very reliable and dependable vehicle. This is my second Honda Accord and I can see myself with a third one (if needed). The size is just right, not too small and not too large. The gas mileage is very good. It is roomy - will seat 5 comfortably.

- Mary R

My no complaints Honda Accord.

My Honda Accord gets wonderful Honda my Honda Accord gets great gas mileage. Rarely have had any car trouble in the past 3 years I have owned it. And what little trouble I may have had was an inexpensive and easy fix. Fully loaded, love the features and the comfort.

- Jessica P

My favorite feature is the seat heater! This helps alleviate my lower back pain!

My Honda is very reliable and comfortable. I feel it is an attractive car that runs smoothly! I love the rear camera and seat heater! Helps with my lower back pain! I am motivated to purchase another vehicle of same make, maybe even the model when the time arises!

- Lulu S

Honda accord could be fine with some tweaks.

The doors are very heavy, not easy to open and stay open when pushed; it is too difficult to retrieve lost items between the seats and console; the seats are not necessarily comfortable, the driver's seat belt buckle holder rubs against the driver's right hip bone.

- Willie C

2010 Honda accord automobile.

No problems. Only regular maintenance required. Good gas mileage. Very comfortable. Large trunk. Greer performances. It is a v6. Original tires last 90 000 miles. Good price but a little high in my opinion. Would definitely recommend purchase as it is a good value.

- Mike K

It is not a family car unless the kids are older.

It is a really nice car. It drives good and haven't had any problems with it. The back seat is comfortable but when someone tall is driving nobody can sit behind the driver. My only problem is that it is a two door so putting a baby in the back seat is a challenge.

- Courtney G

Honda Accord a really good car with a lot of features.

It has really good gas mileage with comfortable front seats with extra wide arm rest and drink/snack holders. It also has a gage that tells you when you need to change the oil, or low air in the tires. It also has a place to hold your phone for hands free talking.

- Jennifer H

My vehicle is part of the car community, so I do have mods on the vehicle.

I only issue I have with my car is the clear coat paint is peeling. Especially on the roof and trunk of the car. No other issues; Honda is very reliable. I know there was a recall on the factory clear coat paint. But other then that, there were no major problems.

- Marissa A

We are a Honda loving family.

I have always loved Honda’s and I have owned several in my life. They are good cars. They are reliable, worth the money you pay and they hold their value. Actually my whole family drives Honda’s. I bought both of my daughters Honda Civics when they turned 16.

- Nan P

The Honda Accord is such a great car!

I really love the Honda Accord. It has plenty of room, and is very comfortable. It is also one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. The Honda Accord also has very good gas mileage. I have taken this car all over the us and has never disappointed me.

- Victoria R

Loving Honda year after year.

Great on gas mileage. Never an a/c problem in summer. Still looks modern. I recommend a Honda to everyone, my next car is going to be another Honda. The only advice I give is to keep checking the oil. If you take care of a Honda it is going to take care of you.

- Mark T

Honda accord has everything my family and I need...

Great car, fantastic gas mileage, and very reliable. Comfort level is equal to my old BMW. Heated seats are great for cold mornings. Sporty enough to hit the road with superb handling. Seats 4 comfortably, especial on road trips. Cargo room for 6 big suitcases.

- Helen M

It's been mostly all about the door locks and getting them fixed.

Each door lock on all of the four doors have gone out and I have had to replace all of the four locks on each and every door. I have had to replace one of the window motors also. It is a pretty good and reliable car. I would definitely consider buying another.

- Sandra D

That it has been recalled numerous times and not to buy the make and model for the ones being recalled. It's nothing but aggravation.

I love the features of the car but there have been numerous recalls on this model so I am constantly having to take it to a Honda dealer. There is no compensation for my time that I have to take it in and then find rides while it takes them forever to fix it.

- Donna P

Irrelevant car question for.

It has been mainly reliable except for recent steering pump issues and so on. There have not been any other major problems. They have not been able to diagnose any other major vehicles problem. This is so irrelevant and irritating in relationships to a survey.

- Jeff S

The accord is a good, reliable car.

The accord is a great car. It's a very smooth ride, gets good gas mileage, and is very reliable. The only issue we've ever had with it was a flat tire but even then it was an easy fix. The seats are super comfortable and probably my favorite aspect of the car.

- Shalee R

It is economical, because I do not spend a lot on fuel.

I like the reliability of Honda vehicles. I also am very familiar with Honda's so I like being comfortable with this vehicle. I would like to get a larger vehicle, maybe an SUV instead in the future, and possibly one with at least 30 miles/gallon gas mileage.

- April M

Honda is a reliable car maker.

I really like my car. It is a reliable source of transportation. I got it because of the safety features of the time. It also warms up and cools down quickly. I wish I had a backup camera and 4 wheel drive. The original battery and tires lasted about 6 years.

- Amy G

Royal blue color of the car.

Royal blue Honda Accord coupe. . Reliable, comfortable, extremely fast, great on gas, has a lot of leg space, color is amazing, has a lot of trunk space, great for finding parking, smooth drive, sound bass is pretty amazing, USB usage, fabric cleanable seats.

- J J

Reliable, gas efficient, comfortable, long lasting.

I have had minor problems. As far as performance, it is not the fastest however it drives smoothly. It is very responsive and have a good turn radius for a sedan. The car is extremely reliable, the seats are very comfortable and the gas mileage is efficient.

- Joseph K

Smoothness of the ride from the car.

It is awesome on gas and also on repairs. Performance is very good. I haven't any major problems on the car. It is a very comfortable ride on a long trip. . . I would purchase the car again. It does keep its value also for a trade in. . Body style is great!

- Sherry M

Always reliable Honda accord.

Pretty well, no major issues. Pretty basic design and features. Been reliable and have not needed to do much more than preventative maintainable. Not very fancy but hoping to get it to last a few more years and continue driving it to and from work every day.

- Dan G

Keep it with all the checks on time and it will never let you down.

The Honda Accord is the most reliable car I have had. In 3 years and with 187 miles all I have done on this car is oil change, breaks, tires ooh and there was one time my air conditioning stopped working but that is about it. Super spacious and comfortable.

- Jesus A

It is a beautiful car and runs good.

I like the black leather seats, the GPS, and the Bluetooth capabilities. I also like the front driver and passenger heated seats. I do not like that it accelerates quick, and that there have been 2 recalls on parts of my car when it was barely 5 years old.

- Jenny H

The car is a comfortable.

It is a good car that is dependable and reliable. The emission is set too low and goes off when nothing is wrong with the car. This car is comfortable and a smooth ride. I find the car to be reliable, but believe that the battery goes out often on the car.

- Kelly P

How I have enjoyed my Honda.

I own a 2010 Honda Accord v6. I have been the owner of this car for about two years. I have had no major problems with the car and has only needed the routine maintenance it has been very reliable. Has great performance great pick up, and good gas mileage.

- Michaela T

Bruised and showing wear needs help.

Vehicle problems, routine maintenance, tires, spark plugs, oil change. Paint is peeling off the top of the vehicle. The interior is showing wear and could use some work. The windshield wiper blades need to be replaced. The trunk leaks water when it rains.

- Ron C

I like how it automatically locks when I leave it, and how long it has lasted me.

No problems on the own cars faults. All fault have been due to me. The only instance I had that was wrong with the car was that the battery died but that was because I left my lights on. It also goes through oil quickly but I usually drive long distance.

- Day G

Reliable, dependable Honda.

I have had no problems with my car. I have kept up with the regular maintenance and oil changes. I love the design of my car. The pickup is great for interstate driving. I will always have a Honda in the future. I have found it to be a very reliable car.

- Pam H

My car is a four door sleek black Honda.

My car is really reliable, I have been owning it for 3 years and it has never left me on the side of the road. The reverse camera is very efficient and makes parking much easier and not as time consuming. The car drives smoothly and the breaks are great.

- Cynthia T

The Honda Accord EX-L coupe is fun but reliable

My vehicle has been very reliable and easy to maintain. All of the issues I have had with my car we're just from normal wear and tear. The cream colored leather seats, sunroof and sport exterior makes it feel more luxurious but it is still very reliable

- Amber M

Low maintenance, great mileage, luxury car.

No significant problems other than routine maintenance. Handles very well and the 4 cylinder performs as well as the 6 cylinders. My only concern is the paint job is fading on the front. Extra features allow for extra comfort leather seats adjustable.

- Mary E

Smooth riding vehicle for teenagers or adults of any age.

Great on gas comfortable smooth ride lets you know when to change the oil super enjoyable radio system. Long distance trips are made suitable and comfortable for children and adults. Great family and safe vehicle I would recommend this car for anyone.

- Mindy M

Good car for the money and very reliable.

Good car for the money and reliable, not as flashy or as fancy as others but it does what I need it to. I really enjoy the sound, I had previously owned a 2005 model and this 2010 model is much improved but I wish it had the sunroof that the 2005 did.

- Ryan V

Sleek & stylish and keeps its retail value.

I am sold on Honda’s because they are dependable cars and for their safety features. While driving my previous Honda Accord, I was in a bad car accident that involved 2 other vehicles that hit me simultaneously and I walked away from the accident.

- Carol E

I have door trips that has shielded my car from being dinged from other cars.

No problems. Did have to replace serpentine belt at 80, 000 miles. I usually get 27 miles per tank mostly highway. Reliable car. Only had one wreck, someone rear ended me. The next morning the dent had already popped out. Overall a really great car.

- Kelsey E

I bought a Honda because my other car is a Honda and they are reliable cars

My vehicle is a Honda Accord 6 cylinder. I love all the power the engine has. I bought my car used at 90,000 miles so I did have to have some parts on it replaced once I went over 100,000 miles. I love that it has all power options and a moonroof.

- Dawnya K

The reliability is fantastic. Never had a day the car didn't start.

I like that it is reliable and has not required any repairs, just routine maintenance. It is the best car I've ever owned. I dislike that it is starting to rust along the rear wheel. I don't think the car received a good paint job at the factory.

- JoAnn S

It is fast and very fun to drive!

I love my car- it was the first one that I bought by myself after I got my first job out of college. It is fuel efficient, fast and compact. The only dislike I have is that it is a 2 door. It was practical in my 20's but not so much in my 30's.

- Jennie S

Completely reliable. Great get-up and go. Comfortable.

The only issue I have with my honda accord is replacing the brakes every few years. Aside from that, I love this car. The performance is great, it looks sporty and maintenance is minimal. Oil change and tire rotation about once per year.

- lisa m

The car does not have a lot of "pick up".

I had a 1995 Accord and liked it so much I bought an Accord for my next car in 2010. It is reliable, and has a smooth, comfortable ride. The gas gauge is not extremely accurate. I like that it reminds me when it is time to change the oil.

- Dinah W

The most important thing that others should know about my car is how easy it is to maintain and how safely it drives.

I really like how spacious my vehicle is. I also really like how smoothly my car breaks and accelerates. I enjoy driving my car and especially love the sound system within my vehicle. It is also very gas efficient. I have no complaints.

- Susila L

It comfortable seats up to 5 people. Also, there is plenty of storage space both inside the car and in the trunk.

It is a well made car. I like the way it handles and hugs the road. It is very good on gas. My only complaint is that it is not a truck. I prefer to do all of my traveling in a full size pickup truck. I feel much safer in a truck.

- Bettelynn J

The most important thing is that you do not have to pay that much in gas.

I like the gas mileage and the safety architecture of the car. I don't even know have any complaints about a Honda accord. I really like this size and durability of everything. And they're not too expensive which is what I really like.

- Mary A

A fantastic and safe slightly-used Honda Accord.

I have a Honda Accord from the year 2010 it was slightly used when I purchased it, but it still runs in excellent condition. It has soft seats and an excellent dashboard, when something is wrong it lets you know as soon as possible.

- Kab W

The oil change reminder light and the tpms (tire pressure monitor sensor) is a great luxury for people who don't watch out for those things.

My Honda Accord is very easy to maintain and the most reliable one I have ever had. I have had many vehicles in the past which needed too many repairs or maintenance issues. Having my accord, it's not too difficult to maintain.

- Xavier S

a nice family car, good size, lots of room

my accord is a good looking car, it has quick acceleration and is peppy. it is longer than other years and has a big trunk. it doesn't get great gas mileage, the highway is 30 miles per hour, the city is 20 miles per gallon,

- barry l

Great gas mileage, dependable.

I don't really have any complaints about it. I like the safety features and the way it handles. I do wish they would have carpet as an option and not as a standard addition though. I myself would prefer a car without carpet.

- Katrina M

Hondas are one of the most reliable brands.

Hondas have proven to be reliable. My Accord has got me to my destination without breaking down or getting a flat tire. I used to have a Civic, and the Accord takes more gas to fill up. The Accord is bigger than my Civic.

- John R

It drives really well and gets good gas mileage.

I love that I have never had any repair issues with this car and it has 100,800 miles. I also love how it handles and drives. I dislike that it is so low to the ground because I have hit a curb and dented the rocker panel.

- Pamela H

It is a nice looking reliable car that you can count on.

I like that it will have a fairly good resale value. It looks and rides nice. It has been pretty reliable except for a few minor things such as the door clicker battery keeps going no matter how many times we take it in.

- Shawn A

It is dependable and needs little attention to repairs, just regular maintenance.

It's a solid daily driver that has few problems, but it is not a very stimulating driving experience. It's had a few dependability problems I did not expect. I'm glad to have it and think I'll keep it a while longer.

- Pat H

Take care of it and it will take care of you.

I take care of all the basic maintenance and the car has been very good to me. I do recommend getting oil changes at the advice of mechanic and not the gauge in the car, which tends to go over the suggested mileage.

- Dane J

It is cheap and it has a slick design.

Cheap interior but slick design on the outside, cheap to repair and it is affordable also the miles per gallon is very affordable and it is convenient for anything that wants to carry lots of things on their trunk.

- Daniel F

It looks great got it for around 20,000. I love how it rides.

It's great on gas mileage. In 2 in a half weeks I fill up only once. The style of the car is slick with its two doors. I have a V6 so it doesn't shift into different gears fast but still can take off. Rides smooth.

- Kamal S

Great reliable vehicle that is last a long time.

I have had my car for all of 5 yrs. now. It really has not failed me in this time. As of recent I have had to replace parts such as wheel bearing, rack and pinion but those are all of wear and tear to the vehicle.

- Omar P

Very safe, reliable and affordable as a small family car.

I love our Honda it drives smooth and that makes it comfy for road trips and it's quite a spacious car we can fit 3 carseats in it. So far we haven't had any complaints. And the gas mileage isn't to bad weather

- Angela K

To watch the brakes if they are going to drive it. It kind of jerks people around if they have people in the car with them.

I like my car because it's a little gas saver. It's cute and gets me where I need to go. The only complaint I have is that the brakes are a little touchy. I can't stand that but other than that my car is great.

- Jacy C

It's reliable and has high gas mileage with a large trunk.

I love the large trunk, the good gas mileage, and high reliability. I've owned Hondas since 2000 and I've had great success with all of them. I also have a really great dealership nearby to handle maintenance.

- Jonathan C

Great vehicle for price point.

It has every feature available (sunroof, leather seats, v6, etc.) Except for a backup camera. My car still looks new. Family and friends comment on how nice my car still looks, even though it is 8 years old.

- Lisa G

It is expensive to fix but then runs great!

I like. My Honda because it has a sunroof you can change the radio in the steering wheel it really gets up and goes I hate it is expensive to fix not like regular cars but when it is running right it flies.

- Kimberly H

It has 159,000 miles and has no major repairs. It also gets great gas mileage

I love the dependability of my Honda, it runs great. I wish the seats were a little more comfortable. I love the fact that it has lifetime powertrain warranty. I've had it for 8 years, with no major issues.

- Rebecca C

It is not as reliable as a Honda should be. the engine needed rebuilding and the leather seats are cracking.

It's very comfortable inside and I like the acceleration of the 6 cylinder. But I have had problems with this car. I wish I could give it a higher rating, but it is not as reliable as a Honda should be.

- Karen S

It is fairly reliable and priced right.

This car drives very smoothly, it gets great gas mileage, is comfortable for passengers to ride in, and has a large truck. The downside is poor traction in winter driving without putting on snow tires.

- Lo E

It is very reliable and is worth paying a little bit extra for. It lasts.

I like my Accord because it is reliable and it does not require many repairs. It is durable and holds up well through the years. It looks nice. It is the type of car that can be kept for many years.

- Anne O

That as a young mother reliability was the key factor and this car has exceeded my wants and needs

Love my car but have had a minor fender bender(not MY fault) The car runs smooth and looked great I was proud to be seen in it. It is a little sporty but still practical enough for a small family

- Suzy P

It is safe and easy to drive. It is small enough to park but big enough that it is safe.

It is reliable and fun to drive. It is safe and looks nice. It is not too sporty and has features lacking that other cars offered that model year, even though I opted for every option in my car.

- Pat B

The aux port in the car does not work correctly. Needs to be replaced.

I like how my car is affordable, gets good gas mileage, has all that I need for the most part. I would like a back up camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and a working auxiliary port for my phone

- Wilson s

My car has all the necessities for a dependable car.

I like the dependability of my car. I like the size of it and how well it drives. I do not like how it is not all that updated in the sense that I cannot connect my phone to it via Bluetooth.

- Nicole C

Reliability is most important.

I bought it used with 90, 000 miles. Excellent condition. Nothing wrong with it and a year later, still in great working condition. I like the pickup of a 6 cylinder and comfortable inside.

- Mary Ellen P

It is sporty yet luxurious at the same time and holds up to Honda�s reputation.

I bought the car used in august of 2017 and it was like buying a brand new car. I have traveled quite a bit with it, almost going across the country, and it still purrs like a kitten today.

- Hugh M

It only has 107,000 miles on it.

I dislike how it makes noises, I dislike the old look of it, I dislike the peeling of the leather. I like that it drives, I like that it is a perfect size, I like that it is somewhat fast.

- Marissa F

It is so reliable. There is no car that is more reliable. I never have anything to worry about.

Love it. There can't be a car that's more reliable than a Honda Accord. The thing never breaks down and never causes a problem. It's a smooth ride and I feel like it could run forever.

- Nick D

It is affordable midsize car.

The rear view mirror is too small. The door locks is not working very well. The power window needed to be fixed after a few years. It is easy to drive. The driver seat is comfortable.

- Lan Y

The should know that it is a very easy to drive, comfortable and durable car.

Great midsize sedan with comfortable seats. It has a decent sized trunk and a 6 cylinder engine. It gets decent gas mileage. Maintenance is very simple with no major repairs required.

- wimmr H

Honda makes great, reliable vehicles. I love my Honda!

I love my Honda Accord! I use to have a CR-V but love the luxury feel of this sedan. I have had no major issues at all, which I attribute to staying current with routine maintenance.

- Colleen H

In all, the Honda is reliable.

The Honda Accord is very reliable, even if you get behind on the maintenance schedule. It is comfortable inside- if kept clean. I like the Honda due to the price and dependability.

- April H

It is a reliable vehicle. Easy to maintain and good on gas.

I like the style of my vehicle. It is comfortable. The stereo system sounds great as well. I do not like how it does not have navigation built in. Love the satellite radio as well.

- Barbara M

It is the most reliable vehicle I have owned.

It is reliable. It is spacious. It is a pretty color. I wish it had a little more power. The sound system is nice, and I love the automatic volume adjustment for highway driving.

- Erin M

Team Honda. My favorite feature is that my Honda is great on gas.

No problems, the performance is great, very reliable and great on gas. The seats are very comfortable. The vehicle has anti-theft, power steering, its an automatic transmission.

- Jasmine E

Great gas mileage, affordable and comfortable. Aesthetically beautiful vehicle.

Have never had an issue as far as motor, or internal. Have always loved Honda Accords! Very comfortable as well as reliable. Still in great shape as the day I purchased my Honda

- Jill W

The color of the car is the most important, very nice paint job.

I do not have any problems with my car. It runs great, it is reliable, has cold ac, and comfy seats. My radio system has great bass and it is very spacey inside. The car is red.

- Alex H

Wonderful to driving experience, it has pick up and go for all the highway driving I do.

I love the way it drives, the feel of it while driving, the control, I have had very little maintenance besides the usual wear. The only thing I do not like is the road noise.

- Stephanie K

Honda Accord is great to use when traveling. It has a 16 gallon tank so it goes for a while and is a great car if you drive a lot because it is reliable

I like that it is a 4 door vehicle and it receives good gas mileage. I dislike that it takes up a lot of oil, so I have to add oil in more frequently than the normal oil change

- Claire A

The gas mileage is very good and it's a fast car, gets you where you need to go.

I like that the mileage isn't bad. I enjoy a fast pick me up kind of a car. Although I do not like that it isn't the most comfortable car and the stereo isn't very good either.

- Tahllia B

It is very reliable and it will always be an easy and nice drive.

I love how reliable y vehicle is, i've never had any major issues. What i don't like is how dated some of the technology is. I wish it had a backup camera and touch screen.

- Andy T

It has heated leather seats.

I had a problem with one of the struts and there was an airbag recall on the vehicle. Fortunately we did not have pay for it. But overall the performance is satisfactory.

- Jameel P

Keep an eye on the a/c and most importantly ever miss a check up.

The Honda Accord is been my favorite car so far, to be honest in the 3 years I've been with this car it hasn't had any mechanic problems is very comfortable and spacious

- Jesus A

That it runs really nicely.

I like everything about my car. I do not like that it is old. I like that my car has lasted this long. I also like that it does not take much money to fill up the tank.

- Kyra B

It is reliable and dependable.

Just regular maintenance. No major issues. It is reliable and performs well. Its comfortable even for me being a short woman. I can adjust the seat how I need it to be.

- Alicia F

It is very dependable. I believe Honda makes a fantastic reliable vehicle.

I like my Honda because it has had no major breakdowns. It is built well and handles nicely on the road. I dislike that I don't have a navigation system in the car.

- John D

This is the most reliable car I have ever owned and have will probably buy a new Honda when it is time to get a new car.

I have owned the car for three years and the maintenance costs have been minimal. The car is super reliable. Interior of car is spacious and it is a smooth ride.


Really bad blind spots tend to hamper one's driving.

2 dislikes: the blind spots are really bad, and the tires are very expensive.... Likes: style, color, engine pick-up, handling, sleekness, dependability, interior.

- Laurie A

If you keep up with the oil changes, an Accord should last a long time.

I love the reliability of a Honda engine. I am also very tall so it has good space for my long legs. Only complaint is that the seats could be more comfortable.

- Burleigh G

Honda Accord - Mr. Reliable

I think the Honda Accord is one of the most reliable cars on the market today. Over my six years of ownership I have only needed to perform routine maintenance.

- Joe G

It does it's job well without any extraneous flash or fuss.

I like that it's simple and reliable. It doesn't have a lot of flashy features so it's easy to concentrate on the basics. I do wish the doors weren't so heavy.

- Amanda L

I drive drive a Honda Accord because safety matters to me.

I love the smooth ride and comfort of using all the buttons. It is a quiet ride as well. The sunroof is my favorite for late night rides watching the stars.

- Laura M

It's good on gas and can drive really fast.

My car is very fast. But does okay with gas. However it doesn't have a Bluetooth. You can however use an aux cord. To me at least it feels like drive a boat.

- Kaila C

Comfortable family vehicle

Very spacious, fits two car seats and plenty of space in the trunk for additional storage. Comfortable seats. Steering wheel controls. Long lasting vehicle.

- Shauna C

Very reliable and low maintenance.

It is very reliable and has required no major repairs with over 120,000 miles. I am tall, so it's a bit cramped and too low to the ground to be comfortable.

- Jim F

Honda accords are good on gas.

I love that my car gets really good gas mileage on and off the highway. However when i am on the highway going 70 plus my car shakes and i do not like that.

- Andrea V

The keys are expensive to replace so keep track of the spares.

I like how it handles even in snow for a car its size it does pretty good. I do not like how low you sit in the vehicle compared to other cars in its class.

- Daniel W

Great car but could use improvement

Car drives great, gets excellent gas mileage and is very comfortable. It is roomy for a midsize car. My only negative is that it performs terribly in snow.

- Andrea H

Already has 165000+ miles on it and it runs like a dream.

No real problems with a Honda Accord. As it is a Japanese car, it's really reliable. The resale value on Japanese cars like Hondas are really good as well.

- Christopher L

It's not expensive to maintain. For its size it does very well on gas and it has been very dependable.

This is a very dependable car. It's been going and going for a long time and I barely have trouble with it. It's slightly slow, but it gets great mileage.

- Frank G

This model is very dependable.

I enjoy driving this car. The seats are very adjustable for the different driver height. The only thing I do not like is the side mirrors seem too small.

- Be B

The car is extremely dependable.

Not one complaint. It is comfortable. It is great on fuel and the car has had very few repairs, in fact outside of regular service, repairs are minimal.

- Richard R

It lasts a long time. Honda is known for cars that go and go and go.

It is reliable. It gets me where I need to go with little maintenance. Sometimes the tire pressure sensors drive me nuts though. They are too sensitive.

- alice a

It's basic, nothing too special but it runs pretty well

No real complaints about the car. It is very basic, however I don't feel the need for anything fancy. It is also my first car so I have an attachment

- brandon c

That it has a spacious trunk with a v6 engine.

I like that it is cheap on gas. I can go a long way with a full tank; it lasts me a month. It drives smooth and handles the open highway really well.

- Gonzalez E

my car is comfortable and reliable, you don't have to worry about this car failing you.

My car is very sleek looking with white leather seats which are heated my car has just enough space on the inside and very reliable and good on gas.

- tammy w

Be careful with the power. It is fun but you have to be safe.

I love the speed and control. In my old car I didn't feel safe, but in this one I feel more at ease. I am finally okay with driving people places.

- Candace J

It is a great sedan and Honda is very reliable model because it is long lasting.

The car is spacious and a great family sedan but the ground clearance is quite low so it keeps scratching the ground, especially over speed bumps.

- Nicole D

bad things about driving a Honda accord

do not like the bucket seats, since it's hard to get out off the car and the car is lowered and it is not easy going over bumps or steep driveways

- rick l

My car has good gas mileage.

I like my car. It runs fine. I do have a problem with the comfortability of the seats. They are very uncomfortable even for a person my age (21).

- Lily G

Very reliable vehicle and it is trustworthy to the max, assuming regular maintenance is done, of course.

This car is a good and faithful servant. Drives well in ice. Have had no maintenance issues except battery replacement and it was under warranty.

- Elizabeth K

It is reliable and gets me where I need to go.

It's an older model. Older models start to not run as well. It is a great car but I am starting to see the wear and tear that happens to cars.

- Drue S

It is a reliable vehicle. It gets decent mileage.

Hondas are very reliable vehicles. My 8-year-old car has required very little beyond routine maintenance. I like the size and it handles well.

- Sue M

Reliable and works well for the price that it is. Family friendly vehicle

My car is a 4 cylinder car, it makes 30 mpg on the freeway and 20 mph in the streets. This vehicle is durable and with maintenance it is great.

- Marissa r

It gets great gas mileage.

I love everything about my vehicle, however, my family is growing and I need more space. We will probably keep my vehicle and also get an SUV.

- Tiffany U

The Honda Accord 2010 is reliable and dependable.

My current vehicle is pretty reliable and runs pretty well. I haven't needed to make any major repairs since owning this vehicle for 5 years.

- Thoeun K

It's very good in bad weather. Good on gas. Seats 5 comfortable.

I like the size of the body of the car. It handles nice on the road.The accord sits low on the road and is difficult to get in and out of.

- Susan M

Solid, dependable car. Shouldn't give you too many problems

Overall it's a good car. Never any major problems. Handles well. Front brakes squeak but nothing structurally wrong. Pretty good gas mileage

- Don P

It's in good condition regardless of use.

My vehicle is pretty big, or at least for me. The steering wheel is rough but im used to it. The gas pedal is too but i prefer it that way.

- rocio m

My car is very reliable and has great gas mileage.

My vehicle is very reliable. It is excellent on gas. I love that it tells mean when I need an oil change. It is a very comfortable vehicle.

- Corey D

it is very reliable and does not need to go to the mechanic everyday

It's a nice car but it is can of outdated and i will be in the market for a new one within 2 years. The best thing i like it very reliable

- bob J

It is a good looking car. It is stylish.

I like that my car gets good mileage. It has a sporty look.It has good handling. I dislike that it lacks more technology in the dashboard.

- vau M

Reliable transportation, super cold air, smooth ride, and quality car

Wonderful vehicle! Expect it to last many more years and miles. Wish the hubcaps stayed nicer longer, but the interior looks great still

- jamie k

Not flashy but super dependable. Just a solid vehicle.

It is dependable and good gas mileage. Nothing exciting about it. If I traveled further for work, would probably look for something else.

- Michael C

It will definitely get you from point A to point B.

I like that there's an AUX cord hook up. I like that it tells me when I need an oil change. I do not like that the steering wheel shakes.

- Jenna B

Why I love my Honda Accord

I love my Honda accord. It gets decent gas mileage. All my friends love how cool it looks. I love the leather seating that was including.

- Gilbert R

It lasts a long time mechanically.

I like how smooth it drives and how compact it is. I like how there is hardly any mechanical issues ever wrong with it good gas mileage.

- Jessica M

It is long lasting. We did have to replace the transmission.

Great on mileage, great on service, will last for 200,000 miles or more, great features, leather heated seats..... Hard on tires, noisy.

- Laura L

No frills but reliable transportation.

It doesn't have a touch screen or backup camera. I love it in that it runs great, low maintenance with few repairs at almost 100k miles.

- Will g

It is a pretty standard vehicle.

My car is overall comfortable and reliable for traveling long and short distances. It has performed relatively well for a few years now.

- Claire O

It is a very safe car and has great gas mileage. I love it.

No complaints. I love the gas mileage and it is a very safe car. I have driven Hondas in the past and they have very good gas mileage.

- Jen R

It has heated seats and gets decent gas mileage.

I like my car always have but who does not want a new car with all the bells and whistles. I really like my heated seats and XM radio.

- Kristin B

It is low maintenance so far and pretty economical.

I like the reliability and longevity of the Honda. I like the low mileage but would like it to be a newer model with more features.

- Donna R

That it is very reliable and safe for kids.

The vehicle is an all around good car. I like that it came with tinted windows. If I could change one thing it would be the exhaust.

- Wes D

Big trunk. Can fit lots of groceries and a large stroller.

It's a good family car. Nice and roomie. I love the AUX cord plug in and it has the straps for car seats in all 3 seats in the back.

- Courtney F

Pick Up is really good and really reliable for long drive.

I do not see any problems so far and it is very reliable and also gives me the good mileage and also it is very spacious for family

- Dineshkumar W

I think others may want to know if my car is spacious.

It's difficult to find a parking space. I don't like to wash my car 2 times a week. I don't have to walk. Takes me anywhere I want.


Solid first car for anyone

It's a 4 door sedan that has fabric seats that are comfortable and drives pretty smooth. I have never had any problems with the car

- Alec G

It is very reliable and it is a great value for the price, which is very reasonable.

I like the gas mileage on the car. It handles well and looks stylish. What I don't like is that the interior wore out very quickly.

- Mike R

Pros and cons of Honda Accord.

Awesome gas mileage, horrible with oil. . . Bigger for a car, we're able to fit 3 car seats in it. Huge trunk, awesome in the snow.

- Lacey G

Honda- always worth the money

I love my Honda. It is reliable, dependable and comfortable. I wish the sun visors were less problematic but that is a minor issue.

- david T

Honda last a long time without breaking down because they are durable.

I love to drive a honda because it gives me stability. It allow me to go to work and important places. Everyone should get a honda.

- michael w

Very dependable and great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. I like the style. I like the size. I just really love Honda's reputation for being a long lasting vehicle.

- Kristen W

It's a solid, practical car that is best bought in the v6 version

I like that it's a v6, it has a good engine with good pickup and goes past, handles well. I don't like that it's basic and boring.

- Alexis S

It is very dependable, has never failed to start for me.

My Honda has been very dependable. I find it comfortable to drive. It is reliable, with very little maintenance. It is economical.

- Joe D

It is a reliable car with great mileage and essential safety features

I like the spaciousness in the car. The vehicle is sturdy and has low maintenance cost. A great car for family with great mileage.

- Sumit K

The parts can be more expensive.

No real complaints other than the price of gasoline. We did have some major repairs done, but the company gave us a good price.

- Gary H

My vehicle serves its needs.

I love my vehicle. The seats are very comfortable. One complaint I would have is that it is very hot when I enter it every time.

- dani c

It is a great buy! The main reason I purchased a Honda Accord is for its long lasting quality. They are well made and take little to maintain.

This is my best vehicle! It is comfortable to ride in and drive. It has leather seats, navigator, moonroof, and is great on gas.

- Paula W

It runs really well with little problems except for an oil leak

I have a Honda Accord that I have had for a couple of years and it drives really well the only problem I have had is an oil leak

- Marie S

It is safe affordable and economical.

It is great on gas and I think it is easy to maintain and I feel it is very safe and it holds it value and it is easy to drive.

- Junior R

It is reliable, clean and well maintained. It will get you to where you need to go safely.

I like that my car is reliable, good on gas and gets me from point a to b. What I don't like about my vehicle is that it's old.

- nyki r

Always a smooth drive. I wish I had a four door though.

Drives great. I have never had any problems or had to get extra maintenance other than oil change and brakes after three years.

- Kara D

Honda's are a Great quality vehicle. Very dependable!

I love the dependability, although I could use a bigger family vehicle because I can't fit my double stroller inside the trunk.

- Christina C

It is not always the cleanest.

I like that my car has a sunroof. I like that my car has black interior and black exterior. I like that my car is a 6-cylinder.

- Cameron M

It has great mileage and drives smooth.

It drives well and is reliable. The car does not look that great. Mileage is okay but can be better if I drive on the highway.

- Paul H

It is very safe and the dealership is very reliable.

It is very dependable. I love the heated seats. I love the radio controls on steering wheel. It is a very sturdy and safe car.

- Max R

Dependable and sturdy automobile

I have had no problems with this car, it is a sturdy automobile, it has good gas mileage, it runs well and it is a nice color.

- debra f

Dependable, safe, and efficient

It's an extremely safe and dependable car. I rarely have any issues with it. It drives smoothly, and I feel like it suits me.

- Marci M

Its dependable and great with gas mileage.

I do not have any complaints it's good on gas and its dependable and it's easy to maintain and it I think it holds its value.

- Bill R

The Honda Accord is a very dependable , well built car.

it has good gas mileage. plenty of legroom. it has been a very reliable car. handles well in bad weather with all wheel drive

- John m

It is well made, I have no worries about driving the car, it is built well.

I have no problems with this vehicle, it is reliable, it is comfortable and it is a nice car to drive I am glad I bought it.

- Ken K