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I would say the air-conditioning in the back isn't very good.

My car is really reliable it saves a lot of gas and it's very comfortable. I like how it looks the color makes it look like a different car depending on if its daytime or night time. I love the air conditioning in the front it stays really cool, the air-conditioning in back seems a little suffocated because all the air is in the front and I don't like that because my baby gets really hot when has back there, when I sit in the back I feel like it doesn't get much air flow. Also another thing that bothers me is when I put my rear windows down it makes a loud noise in the car and it hurts your ears and the car feels like it gets shaky, which really bothers me because I like having my windows down. Overall the car actually drives really smooth and I have never had any problems with anything that has to do with its engine. I also like that my car looks really elegant I love that it's bigger than a Civic.

- Alma E

I will always buy Honda accord ex-l.

I love my car. It is an example of practical luxury and I find it to be on par with the Lexus and Volvo in the same size and style category. I have the ex-l package that includes soft leather heated automatic seats, a sunroof, Bluetooth and aux connections. It has great controls on the steering wheel and let's me drive without distraction. One big selling point for me was the right side camera that comes on automatically when I put on my right directional. I work in the city where there are bike lanes and this keeps me and the bicyclists safe. I also love the other safety features like lane departure warnings. The entire car is spacious and comfortable. The trunk is a great size. The car looks sharp and expensive but the best part is it just drives and drives and rarely needs anything other than routine maintenance. These are all reasons why we have three Hondas in our house.

- Linda J

Drives amazingly and incredibly comfortable with plenty of leg room.

The performance on the Honda Accord is absolutely great. It is smooth on the road, very little cabin noise, the engine is fairly quiet. It has a very nice look on the outside. I love the rear camera feature, Bluetooth capability and the overall look in the inside. The Accord is also quite roomy you can really sit comfortably. Overall great leg room. The seats are quite comfortable and feel like they are hugging you when you sit. This car performs is great. Drive is smooth, haven't had any problems with it. The only thing that can be a little complicated is the tire installation making sure that its taken to a place where they work with the air sensoring, but this is quite minimal. Its a car I would highly consider buying again and even would recommend.

- Ilia R

Technological advances of the motor vehicle industry! Lane assist, backup camera.

I would have to say my most favorite part about this car is the driver assist features. The lane assist is my favorite out of the two, when you are driving outside of your marked lane, and alert goes off to notify you. Lastly the backup assist is the blind spot cure, the car detects and sees another person before you even have a chance too. The accuracy of the back up cam is spot on as well, the lines on the cam indicate how far you away you are from backing up into another car or object. 10/10 would recommend this car especially to someone who is new to driving, all this new technology will advance the driving world and hopefully make for less accidents by taking away the human error from operating a motor vehicle.

- Andrea L

2013 Honda Accord Sedan This vehicle is built to last!

My 2013 Honda Accord Sedan is a fantastic car. I love it! The performance is excellent. Comfortable interior, nicely designed. Just keep regular maintenance of vehicle like oil changes, etc. and this car will last a very long time. The only problem Have is the knob on the radio slides and volume adjustment seems to have a problem in the vehicle which seems to be an issue with this vehicle. I've had issues with the Honda car battery and had to have it replaced twice. Now I am on my third battery, but purchased a die hard battery so it should last. I highly recommend purchasing the Honda Accord Sedan and I will definitely purchase another one in the future. Well made and excellent performance built to last.

- Diana M

It is safe for driving and I feel very safe driving in it.

The car is economical and reliable if you get maintenance done. The Bluetooth broke just before the car was 4 years old and it is very expensive to fix it a 750 it is just not worth to fix it. The front seat is ok and doesn't cause me issues with my back but the rear seats are awful for sitting in. My car is a coupe and I don't use the back seat ever. The seats in the sedan might be better. The Michelin tires are great that came with the car, I drove 90, 000 miles on the tires (one tire replaced a 10, 000 cause it was slashed). The paint quality is poor compared to other vehicles like Toyota or Nissan. But Honda is a cheap car, so maybe they use cheaper paint.

- Christine R

2013 Honda accord lx sedan.

The 2013 Honda accord is front wheel, automatic drive with 2.4 l engine. Has a backup camera for assistance. Very spacious back seat. I have had the car for 6.5 years with minimal issues. Only thing I had to update was the battery sensor which was a recall. The seats are cloth material. There are not any seat warmers. It comes equipped with USB connection and Bluetooth. Has no-hands voice assist so you can talk on phone through the car. The trunk is very spacious. Good reliable car for traveling purposes. Average about 29 miles per gallon on interstate and about 24 miles per gallon in town. Very smooth and quiet drive.

- Andrew H

Oil burning and the great features.

It is a smooth comfortable ride. It is safe to drive and reliable. It is got great technical features and the cvt transmission is great. The one thing that's not good is that the car has been burning oil Honda will not help me with this problem I opened a case with the dealer and never got any answers back. All they said was that its normal. There is a no way a car that was on 3 years old was getting the oil changed regularly and 2 weeks later the oil line showed it to be bone dry. That is not normal. I worry about that the most because I feel like it affects my gas mileage and the health of my car.

- Lili G

Accord 2013: I actually like it a lot.

The 2013 Accord allows seating configurations to be saved for fast access of different drivers in the same car. On a full tank, I range from 485 miles - 520 miles (with the ecoboost on). Right-mirror and trunk cameras are a blessing, and the trunk space is to die for. I have the leather seats with seat warmers and a sun roof. Warmers come in great handiness for me, but I barely ever use the sunroof. The hands-off Bluetooth function is an easy set up, but sometimes it does not automatically connect to my iPhone. I am happy with my purchase, and Honda replaces all recalled parts with little hassle.

- Hudson B

2013 Honda Accord, a commuter's vehicle.

It is a super spacious vehicle, which is nice for me because I am tall. I have the lx model because I wanted the Bluetooth and sunroof. The backup camera is super helpful because it turns the guidelines based on the way you turn the wheel. The sound system is also super nice, I can play my music as loud as I like it without feeling like I am going to blow the speakers. The gas mileage is great, I get about 30 miles to the gallon on average. It handles super well in the rain too! All in all it is a great car for someone who commutes 40 miles to and from school every day.

- Emily H

My vehicle is a durable, comfortable and technologically savvy car.

When first turning on the car sometimes it takes a while to warm up. Other than that the driving of the vehicle is really good. The quality of the vehicle is really good. The reliability is amazing nothing major has happened so far knock on wood. The comfort is good I wish I would have opted for leather because I need seat warmers. The technology of the vehicle is good I wish that the back up camera had better sensors but to be fair it is one of the first models to have that feature.

- Meagan B

The Honda Accord has noise canceling windows!

The Honda Accord is one of the best cars to buy, it is safe and very roomy inside. I love the fact that it is easy to drive and the road feels smooth with noise canceling windows! This is a great car for the economy as it performs well on the highway with reaching up to 32 mpg. I wouldn't know what to do without this car it has truly been able to make me feel safe while going all over town with it! Not a disappointment, I would definitely recommend the Honda Accord to anyone!

- Kayla M

I love that I only fill up my car once a month with gas.

My car has great gas mileage. I only fill up my car maybe once a month. My car has great features like Sirius XM and Bluetooth hookup. I can listen to my Spotify or I can use the hands free Bluetooth to talk to people over the car speaker. I also love my seat warmers for cold winter morning on the way to work or school. I can fit up to five people, but four people comfortably. I also love the eco boost the car has, and it has synthetic oil which last longer than regular oil.

- Mae B

The love for my Honda and my future with Honda car ownership.

If your looking for an awesome car you have to get a Honda for sure! I have not had any problems yet with my 2013 Accord and this is why I love Honda. My first car I have ever purchased was a Toyota but ever since my 1987 Camry I fell in love with Japanese cars. I have friends and family that drives a Ford and BMW and watching my friends go thru car problems and the price tag that goes with the repairs, I am good and thankful to have my Honda Accord.

- Judy M

Honda Accord: highly recommend without reservation!

My Honda Accord is extremely reliable, performs very well, drives well. It is attractive. I have a sunroof, heated seats, am/fm and Sirius radio, as well as a CD player. I feel very safe and comfortable driving it, . I follow the maintenance schedule, take it to the dealer for maintenance check-ups, to assure that it performs and drives well. I have owned it for five years and have not had any major problems. This is my second Honda Accord.

- Amelia B

This is a reliable car. If it's well cared for (oil changes and maintenance) on schedule, it should last a nice long time.

Lots of power because it's a V6. Great acceleration, stops on a dime, very smooth ride. It's fully loaded with navigation, LOVE that there's a hard drive to store music, usb drive is great. Passenger side doesn't have enough leg room (6'1" husband with long legs feels very cramped). Center console between the seats is just an inch or so too low so I can't rest my right arm while driving with my left (I did this in my 2004 Honda Accord).

- Mer M

Lesson learned about wheel bearing repairs.

I have never had any really big problems with this vehicle. This Honda accord sport has been really reliable. The most expensive repair on this vehicle was the wheel bearing. I took it to a non Honda dealer and he tried to repair it. Well he put the wheel bearing back on the car backwards and he never would get one of the sensors to go off. My suggestion would be to never do what I did. Always get your car repairs at the Honda dealer.

- Lovette J

I am an Accord driver for life.

Hondas are very reliable. They never break down. They have great gas mileage. They last forever. I have owned three Accords. I have never been left on the side of the road with a broken down Honda. They look great. They service at the dealership I go to is excellent. Even the bottom of the line Accord has lots of bells and whistles. I cannot say enough about the Accord. Test drive one today and you will not be disappointed.

- Nan B

Premium gas and Bluetooth connectivity.

The only issue I have is that when going to and from the vehicle with a connected Bluetooth device, upon returning to the vehicle it takes a while to recognize or connect to the device or only connect to the phone and no music, or music and no phone. Great ride, extremely reliable. It says to use regular unleaded but I have noticed that I have to use mid grade or supreme otherwise it will knock while accelerating from park.

- Luke G

It is a very appealing, gas efficient, SAFE vehicle which is fun to drive!

This is the best car I've ever owned. It rides great, really good gas mileage, rear camera assists in seeing cars when I back up, many airbags ( just in case) and still looks great! It handles like a dream and warms me if the car in front is braking or if I deviate from my lane. Did I mention the self adjusting rear view mirror or the right side camera so I can see when I'm turning corners? See why I like it??

- Millie P

Great car, low cost of ownership.

Our family loves our accord. The maintenance on it has been very low and it is been one of the most reliable cars we have ever owned. We have the sport edition and it was a great value for the price. While it is not the highest end of the accord, it had everything we needed and wanted which made it right for us. Overall our Honda experience has been great, we would highly recommend this car to other people.

- Vanessa E

Love love love this car!! Would buy again and again

I absolutely love everything about my 2013 Accord coupe. I immediately fell in love with the beautiful pearl white color and was blown away with the gorgeous mix of cream and gray leather interior. The car is sleek and sporty looking but has lots of inside room and a huge trunk space. Gas mileage is great and I average about 36 mpg on the interstate. Very smooth, quiet ride with very little outside noise.

- Shauna D

The Honda Accord is an enjoyable vehicle to drive on both short and long trips, with plenty of room, and really good mileage.

The Honda Accord is very fuel efficient, which I really love. It's also very spacious, including the trunk. I inherited my aunt's Lincoln, and the Honda was not a bad replacement in this regard. The car is also very comfortable, and handles very well. One of my few complaints is the door width when opening. I have had a few occasions when I wished I could open the doors a few more inches outwards.

- Sarah C

Why I love my Honda Accord.

The car is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. I really like how it tailors to me seating wise-- I am a short person and I feel comfortable driving my Accord. I get good mileage and have had only routine maintenance needed. One feature I really like is the side camera. I have heard they did away with that on future models and I am unsure why. I rely on mine on a daily basis-- I love it!

- Nicole H

Reliable, affordable, with enough space for my family.

In the past I had a 1992 Honda Accord that I drove up until year 2011. Which is why I decided to purchase a Honda again, if something goes wrong with the caf the labor and pricing for the part are inexpensive. I feel these kind of cars are in it for the long haul I love the backup camera function and the interior very easy to clean especially with kids this is important to me.

- Ana S

Starts every time for a comfortable drive

The Accord is the perfect car for a family with one or two kids. It's extremely reliable. This is my second Accord and I have NEVER experienced failure to start! It's comfortable to sit in and to drive, with easily adjustable seats, and has the capacity to carry a family of four and their luggage for vacations. Mileage is good too. I really have no complaints about the Accord.

- Susan K

The truly reliable and lasting car.

My vehicle has been relatively free of maintenance with only basic every car maintenance, such as changing brakes, the battery, and tires. The performance of my vehicle is great, the mpg is great. Although my features are a little outdated, they still offer reliable performance. I have confidence in taking my car on trips and plan to use this car for many more years to come.

- Rammy R

Seats 5 comfortably plenty of legroom. Smooth ride. And saves gas.

I have had a Honda for years and it is a reliable car. All you have to do is keep it clean and maintained with regular checkups. A great car to drive whether long or short trips. Honda’s hold their value really well. I love driving it anywhere. I have driven it for my vacation trips all the time. Low on fuel and very efficient car. Will keep until the wheels fall off.

- Amy B

Good reliable car that is easy to drive.

The Accord is extremely reliable and very easy to drive. It feels very comfortable and is very spacious inside. The trunk holds a lot. I average 40mph highway on low traffic times and about 32mph highway during high traffic. I get around 26 mph in local traffic. The vehicle is easy to maintain and with regular maintenance I have never had any issues with the car.

- Mary C

The Most Reliable Vehicle: The Honda Accord Fuel efficient and reliable. Leather interior. Heated Seats. Climate Control. Everything is on Power.

My vehicle is a Honda Accord Exl. It is i4 meaning it does wonders on saving gas! I love my Honda Accord. It is an incredibly reliable car. I already have around 125,000 miles on it and haven't had any problems with it. Still run as if it is brand new. This wonderful model has black leather interior. The seats are heated. And it also has climate control. Awesome!

- Anna B

Car of the future from 2013.

I love my car. It is a beautiful champagne color. For a 2013, it is full of tech, people were impressed by it back then, and people are even more impressed with it now when I tell them it is a 2013. They think it is much newer. The best part is the blind spot camera. It has navigation, backup camera, lane departure warnings, and forward collision warning as well.

- Brittany F

Great car for a family great safety features.

Very good looking car, has a lot of safety features, has great acceleration. And still gets good gas mileage. Love the leather seats, the radio and the back up camera. I get a lot of compliments on the car. It did not come with tinted windows which I wish it had, was not offered as an option from the dealer, the only aftermarket item I added was a trailer hitch.

- John H

Why you should buy Honda!

It is a easy to drive and comfortable car. It is very good looking and has a sunroof, and other extras. It is a safe vehicle and is very roomy. The trunk is large and three can sit in back. It is great on gas and most of the work I have had done is maintenance. I am thinking about buying another new one. My mileage is over 175000 and it is still runs strong.

- Ellen C

It has a very neat body shape to this 2 door coupe that I love.

There has not been any performance issues. I have a manual transmission which is working great. The car is probably 7 out of 10 on the comfort level. Its black and 2 door. It is not the fastest car but peppy enough to do the job. I love Hondas. I feel my car has been and will continue to be very reliable and the gas mileage is great too at around 27 mpg.

- Ashlee D

Honda Accord ex-l is definitely in a class above the rest.

Since being the owner of a 2013 Honda Accord ex-l I haven't had many issues. The ride of the vehicle is comfortable for a small family. The interior cabin is a little noisy but nothing unbearable. The only issue I have had so far is the tire sensor but that was due to an alignment. I really enjoy my blind side camera when I turn my right blinker on.

- Trivia E

Comfortable, safe, stylish.

My vehicle is wonderful. It gets really great gas mileage and it is sleek and comfortable. It does not have the most up to date safety features since it is a 2013 model, but it does have some good feature that make the driving experience better. I usually like SUVs over sedans/cars but this is a pretty great car if I have to drive a smaller vehicle.

- Michelle N

Decent gas mileage, about 30-40 dollars to fill up the tank, and about 20 mpg.

Drives smooth, hardly any problems at all. Oil changes are cheap, gas mileage is not the best but is not bad by any means. Very reliable car and I would drive it forever. Only car I would drive instead is a newer version or a brand new Toyota Camry, I also had a 2012 version of this car and it sucked but the version 1 year newer was so amazing.

- ana B

Honda Accord excellent for traveling and a lot of safety features.

I get good mileage. Doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Very comfortable. Looks good style and appearance. Love the colors to choose from. Car made to last. Rear camera for backing up. Am/FM radio. Bluetooth. I love my tires and especially my rims. Heavy windshield wipers. Could not ask for a better deal financing or leasing.

- Goode M

A highly reliable vehicle. Costly for an oil change.

I have had my Honda Accord sport since 2013. I have loved the car; however, it does not perform well in the snow. I literally have difficulty driving up the smallest incline, and had to purchase separate snow tires. I would never take this car into the mountains; however, with the snow tires, it is fine for driving within Denver city limits.

- Jessica H

Great car that runs forever!

My vehicle is very reliable, comfortable, and has enough features and easy integration with smartphones. I really like my backup camera with guidelines that turn with the wheel. I also appreciate the overall size. I am someone that is 6'3'' and I comfortably fit in the car without my head touching the ceiling. It is also very nicely styled,

- Sean O

It's a good car ac works gas is good.

My car is amazing. It is silver. It runs really good it is also very good on gas gets me were I need to go the ac and heat is wonderful it has a sun roof as well and a large enough trunk to pack stuff in it's a great use for my groceries when I go shopping I have been to Florida in it and it did very well it's a really nice car to consider.

- Selena B

Other than it's spacious and very comfortable, I can't recall right now about the important thing others should know about my car.

I am very pleased with my car. I love that it has a backup camera which I can see everything very clear. Also, the ecosystem makes it to save a lot of gas something very important to every consumer due to gas price. Lastly, I love how I able to pair my phone's Bluetooth to my car, so I can talk comfortably when I am driving to long trips.

- Esthefany L

I love that its a coupe, it's the perfect size for me. I don't need more space.

I love my car, its perfect for me. Its a couple for others it probably isn't as spacious, but I don't have people in my car often so it's perfect. I like that I am also able to control the ac or heater on my side and the passenger gets to control their side as well. I also like that it has Bluetooth, because it helps me stay off my phone.

- Jen G

Comfortable, reliable family car if someone is not looking to drive a minivan.

The car is comfortable and big enough to fit a car seat in the back, which is why I bought it. The car is reliable, and I like it, but I do not love it. I am not a car person, though, so it suits my needs. One feature I love about it is the automatic lights. I never have to worry about turning them on or off. I do wish I had a sunroof.

- Jessica B

My vehicle is a black sedan, four door, Honda Accord.

I absolutely love my Honda Accord, it is extremely reliable, and so comfortable. I get very good miles per gallon which is so nice because I drive a lot for work. It is very streamlined and attractive. I love that it has so many wonderful features, power windows, power seats, backup camera, cruise control, USB ports, comfortable seats.

- Jenelle P

Love my 2013 Honda Accord exl.

I love the car overall except for the rough ride. It is very comfortable and roomy enough for 5 people. It has been very reliable, with no major problems except for usual maintenance. After having this car, I would not buy another one without the back up camera and side camera, the lane departure warning and the cruise control assist.

- Eileen F

Good on gas, comfortable, and reliable.

The car is very reliable and good on gas. The Accord is roomy on the inside for comfort and has steering wheel features to make things like volume and channel switching more simple while driving. No major vehicle problems, just keeping it up to date by keeping up with things such as oil changes. Overall the car is great and reliable.

- Ashley S

Comfortable and smooth to drive.

As long as my vehicle gets me from point A to point B then I am happy. I personally love my vehicle because it is a very comfortable and smooth car to drive. It is very spacious, it fits five people in the car and has lots of trunk space, the only problem with the car is that it wastes a lot of gas I have to fill it up once a week.

- Bryan A

Honda Accord: it is the best!! Do not settle for anything else.

This is my second Honda Accord. It has been consistently rated #1 midsize car for more than 10 years. It handles beautifully, looks good. I have a sunroof, seat warmers, CD player, am/FM and Sirius radio. I follow the maintenance schedule faithfully and try to take good care of it. I have never had any major problems or issues.

- Amelia G

The most important thing I think others should know is that it is reliable

i like my car because I have not had a lot of problems with it. I like that it holds its value well. Looking at resale prices, I will do really well when I trade it in. I do not like that the parts are expensive in comparison to other cars. Hondas, or at least my car, does not like OEM parts, so they are expensive. I

- tami s

Style is very elegant and very pleasing to the eye.

Very reliable with good gas mileage. Nice looking and comfortable. Have owned Honda cars for 44 years of marriage and can always count on our car to get us where we need to go. Seats are very comfortable for long distance trips. Seat belts are strong and secure to protect adults and children if an accident should occur.

- Cindy M

Safe, reliable and comfortable.

I absolutely love my Honda! It rides great, has back to view, hands free calling, Bluetooth, moonroof and lumbar support. Those are just a few of my favorite features. Also warns of services required, like oil changes and tire pressure. My only suggestion would be a better sound system, but that can easily be upgraded.

- Crystal F

Honda Accord touring where safety is priority.

Great reliable vehicle with lots of safety features. Love the blind spot camera built in. Great speakers and connectivity options. It has black leather seats with a sunroof. It also has a built in navigation system. The car has adaptive cruise control that automatically slows down when you get closer to other vehicles.

- Kristen K

I love my Honda Accord. Has a lot of awesome features for the price.

I've had absolutely no problems with this vehicle. It's very reliable and the gas mileage is amazing. The radio can link up to your pandora app and /or bluetooth. It also has an aux hookup and a cd player. The car is very comfy and has a perfect amount of room and the seat heaters in the winter are an awesome feature.

- Kaci P

Honda is a family car and family company. They care about keeping you safe at all costs.

honda is a great company built car. It has kept my family safe thru numerous winters, storms, etc. My local dealer is very hands on and helps out whenever needed. It has had little problems, and when it did it was covered by warranty. This is an everlasting vehicle that I hope one day my son will be able to drive.

- Alyssa v

A car with a decent trunk space.

It is very loud inside the car. The oil burns off and then the car starts to shake. I just record notification of a recall issue that could possibly result in death. There is enough leg room in the back for a middle size man or a circus size woman. The trunk space is quite big. I have problems with my Wifi connection.

- Jim W

Honda Accords are very reliable.

My vehicle does not give me any problems. It is very reliable and has very excellent safety features. I am very comfortable driving it and it is advanced in technology. It has Bluetooth and can connect to your phone as a hands free so you can take calls and it aware you of incoming calls and messages. Very good car.

- John A

I would buy this car again!

I bought my 2013 Honda Accord used in 2014. I love it. I have had no problems with my car. I feel safe because of the size and reputation. I will say I am 5'1" and I cannot see over the front of the car so I have to take a look to see if I have moved up far enough in my parking space. I am proud to be a Honda owner!

- Nancy G

The comfortable ride with the leather-like, electric seats.

I love the style of car; grey with silver accents. The leather-like seats that are electric making riding very comfortable. The beautiful stereo and the awesome speakers that let me hear my music in style. The sunroof is also great and makes me feel like I am getting some sun before and after working inside all day.

- Esther M

The Honda accord is a great reliable car.

I love my Honda accord. It is such a safe and reliable car to take on long trips. Mine has an eco feature that helps save on gas mileage when on long trips. I think overall the Honda brand is the way to go. All of their vehicles are reliable, affordable, safe, and sporty. It runs well and doesn't have any problems.

- Marissa M

It is a highly reliable and long-lasting beauty.

I have a 2-door Honda Accord Coupe EX-L. It is fully-loaded v6 with candy apple red exterior and black leather interior. I love its reliability, sharp look, and all the bells & whistles, especially the side-view camera. I don't like how quickly the paint has begun chipping off the buttons on my steering wheel.

- Gillian L

The Honda Accord is reliable and smooth.

The 2013 Honda Accord is a very reliable and comfortable car. The car drives smoothly and has good gas mileage. I have had few problems with the car, but when I do, it has been very affordable to fix. The Honda Accord has important features including a backup camera, Bluetooth , and a camera to help change lanes.

- Madeleine R

Views of 2013 Honda Accord.

The car is very fuel efficient and reliable and easy and inexpensive to maintain the car has a good resale price it handles very good on all types of roads the car is easy to get in and out of but could use more room inside the only thing is the seats are very uncomfortable and hard to sit in for a long time.

- Richard S

Recommend purchasing this car or something similar.

Very good car. Gets excellent gas mileage. Very comfortable ride, has very nice sound system. Is a nice smooth drive. Plenty of room for whole family when going on road trips. Excellent trunk space. Very easy to drive and has nice turn radius. Plenty of headroom in car especially for someone tall like I am.

- Eric O

Silver blue Honda Accord 2013.

My vehicle is really spacious and has leather seats. I run a dog business so I need seats easy to clean! Butt warmers are great on a cold day. At the same time the type of seats get very hot and cold depending on the weather and that can be unpleasant. I can seat 7 people in this vehicle including myself.

- Sophie G

I love the color and the sporting look.

Well I have 5 year with my vehicle I live in New York, we have snow and I just do regular maintenance. I drive my car a lot I am work as a uber and Lyft driver I use my car every day. My Honda accord drive very smooth it feel like a new car I haven't had any big issue just regular maintenance. I love it.

- Ramon A

Looks very stylish. Paint perfect everywhere on car.

Performance is great. Have 17000 miles on it with no trouble. Love the cvs transmission since you cannot feel it shifting. Car has good power in order to keep up with traffic on highway. Brakes are good..Inside trim looks attractive and upholstery is comfortable. Car locks automatically after taking off.

- Jackie A

Honda accord real good safe automobile great to drive.

Ok I really like my Honda it is comforting to drive and very nice to have my safety features. I like the radio in my car. I also like the cameras in the back up and the turn signals. I love the good gas mileage I get with the Honda. Almost 28 mpg. I like the trunk space and the easy opening of the back.

- Lewis K

Honda accord 2013. Great car, exceptional performance and mileage.

Reliable car. Holds a lot of mileage and is great on gas. I haven't had many problems with it over the 6 years of owning it. It is a safe car as well. Great size and very comfortable for all passengers. Have driven very long trips and it always performs well. Great investment for a long lasting vehicle.

- Molly M

Hondas great reliable cars!!

Hondas are very reliable. I have had no problems with the car. Love the back up cam and the center console screen. The car has been to the dealer for just regular recalls and have pass with flying colors on their maintenance checks. All cars are getting very expensive but I don't regret owning a Honda.

- Jose A

It is an Accord sport sedan six speed.

I think for the price it should have seat warmers. The tires are too expensive. The car body is larger than I prefer. I think the rear camera is rudimentary and not useful. For the price there's not a lot of bells and whistles. I do like that it is a 6 speed. I like the controls on the steering wheel.

- Christine I

Honda Accord review from a person who knows nothing about cars.

My Honda Accord is great!! It gets great gas mileage. It is very spacious so I always have room for groceries or whatever else I need space for. I live in the city so it is important I have an easy to maneuver car, which my Accord is. I would recommend this car to family or friends without a doubt.

- Renee B

My Honda Accord is my go to vehicle.

My Honda is exceptionally reliable very fuel efficient and fun to drive! I have owned my vehicle for over 3 years and with regular maintenance it has been wonderful. I bought my car used and the life of a Honda is like no other, and I plan to drive it well into the hundreds of thousands of miles.

- Mary B

2013 Honda accord sedan v6 with navigation. Grey in color.

Very dependable, good looking vehicle. Almost 100,000 and very few repairs needed. Good gas mileage too. I love the Honda repair center. They handle any repairs and give a free rental vehicle while repairing! The sound system is good for the radio. Good acoustics. Love the navigation system too!

- Lois C

Space of a coupe: I love two door cars.

I do. It really have a problem with the performance, reliability, or features of the car. But since it is a coupe, the comfort of it is not very great. I have kids so there really is not a lot of room. But kids or not, it being a coupe, there really is not a lot of room, specially trunk space.

- A V

Hondas are the best cars you can buy. They are very reliable low maintenance.

The car is reliable, I have know problems with any of its electrical, brakes or transmission. The interior is good it has low maintenance. It is good on mileage. Trim is good, paint job is not good on some Hondas. It drives good handle the road good. Heating and air conditioning is excellent.

- Patsy P

Honda is a comfortable, reliable great in gas car.

Reliable car, had problems with my battery. The a/c always made a noise. Good on gas. Like that the seats can cleaned underneath. When turning I do not feel super confident at a certain speed. A darker interior helps hide any imperfections. It quite roomy inside and comfortable for children.

- Carmen C

Wonderful car with ample amount of space.

My Honda Accord is my favorite car I have owned. The cvt (continuously variable transmission) takes a little getting used to but it overall is a wonderful car. The interior is very roomy for a mid-size sedan. I have the 4-cylinder and the gas mileage is phenomenal for the size of the vehicle.

- Logan M

The camera to eliminate the blind spot for the right side is helpful.

The radio when using the satellite it does not always start playing when I switched to it. I have to turn it off then back on or go to am or pm. I do not have this problem with the other bands. It seems that I have to reboot for it to work. I do not know if it is the radio or the satellite.

- Kirk H

Practical, spacious and affordable.

I love that it helps me save money on gas, the maintenance is very affordable, and it just does its job living in a big city like Chicago, where the traffic is always so crazy. I would recommend it for sure for whoever is in a similar situation, and does not care about having a fancy car.

- Gabby S

Side mirrors very flexible.

Blind spots toward rear of car; finish of car scratches and gets dents far too easily - as though made of tin; poor gas mileage; radio not easy to operate; heating/cooling system is either hot/cold or not able to be felt - turn temperature down and does not feel as though still operating.

- Kathleen M

The good points of a Honda Accord.

It is the most reliable car I have ever owned. The comfort level great for driving as well as being the passenger. The features are also great the backup camera has prevented me from backing into another car or individual. Also time able to answer my phone hands free due to the blue ray.

- Joy B

Why I love my Honda. It'll still be reliable at 150k miles!

I have had no problems with my Honda Accord. It is reliable, sleek, great gas mileage, has backup camera, leather seats, 4 cylinder engine. I have always had a Honda, and I have never been disappointed. My friends love my car. Long drives are comfortable and the stereo system is amazing.

- Rita M

There's many fascinating things about my car.

I love everything about my vehicle. It's one of the best things I ever owned. I just wish to upgrade it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. My car is fantastic in terms of performance and durability. Wouldn't want to change anything about it. Probably would change the interiors.

- Abc D

Ok car with small backseat.

Problem is lack of space in the backseat. Not really enough for three people, let alone two car seats and a third very small person. Does get good gas mileage, has not had any major mechanical malfunctions in the 3 years we've owned it. Also looks sleek and is not embarrassing to drive.

- Virginia M

My 2013 Honda Accord coupe is sporty, & sleek, but also comfortable to drive.

Honda’s are top of the line in my opinion. They will drive, & perform well as long as you keep up on the fluids/maintenance. It is a coupe so it is very stylish, sporty, & comfortable. It also has a sunroof as an added feature, & comfort. I will drive this car until I cannot anymore.

- Marcus B

Great reliability love this car.

Never had any major issues, just minor maintenance costs. The car provides a comfortable ride depending on the quality of the tires. I never worry about my family being stranded or encountering issues when driving this vehicle. I intend to remain a Honda customer for a number of years.

- Dylan H

No repairs required so far and I have it for 5 years .

I am very happy with the way the car drives(handles) and that it has required repairs just the ordinary things like tires etc. It gets very good gas mileage but I will probably get a hybrid next time. It looks great and is very comfortable . I do wish it had a heated steering wheel.

- jan c

My Honda consist of a cool grey color with tinted windows reach speeds of 160mph.

I honestly don't have too many problems with my vehicle, but if I had to pinpoint a problem I would say the performance with my breaks. They make a loud screech noise when performing a stop. Other than that, I love my car. Also negating the fact I could do for a newer model, I love it.

- Jay L

Amazing car for travel, great on gas.

It is very easy to drive. It is really great on gas as well. The only issue that I have with it is that the driver's seat is fairly uncomfortable. However, the other seats are much more comfortable. I have had no issues with the car, except for a water leak that occurred in the trunk.

- Marisa T

The best car that I have ever owned.

There's no problems at all with the car it drives great it is fully loaded and it has leather interior but the greatest thing ever about it is great on gas mileage it is however giving me problems with the check engine light bim which I cannot seem to find the time to get it repaired.

- Shawn M

Great purchase. Highly recommend.

The Honda Accord is a great vehicle to choose. I have been very pleased with the performance and also the smoothness of the ride. I have had no mechanical issues and only have had to perform routine maintenance. I would recommend the Honda Accord to anyone in the market for a vehicle.

- Sandra F

My car helps me go around places, take me to work.

The car is perfect as a first car, very reliable and saves on gas, the stereo system is amazing and it is power locks windows and everything works fine. The odometer is 130k and it only takes 40 dollars to get the car, smoke free and the exterior is black and inside is beige leather.

- Kayla J

Would recommend this vehicle.

I have not had any problems with the vehicle except for the tire pressure light coming on occasionally and the volume knob does not work so I use the one on the steering wheel. It has great gas mileage and on average I have to fill up every 1-2 weeks. The seats are easily adjustable.

- Amanda W

This car is awesome and a great upgrade from my last car.

My vehicle is very reliable. It gets me from point A to point B easily. It is great on gas, which is very helpful in New York city. The car has a cvt engine which I believe is fairly easy to fix and has not given me any trouble yet. Overall, I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Michael S

After 5 years with no problems, I thing the reliability cannot be beat!

My Honda Accord is extremely reliable. I have had it for 5 years. In that time, I have replaced the battery and the windshield wipers. No other problems. It is comfortable with an electric driver's seat. Lumbar support is able to be changed. Quiet ride. My next car will be a Honda.

- Margaret H

Great value and smooth ride.

I have had the vehicle for 5 years. I have never had any problems with it. Have only had to do routine maintenance. The ride is very smooth with minimal road noise. The gas mileage is good and has remained steady throughout the life of the car. I would recommend the luxury package.

- Sandy F

The quality and the comfort of a Honda Accord is absolutely excellent.

I think my Honda Accord is a very reliable vehicle. It is also a very popular car. I have not had any major problems with this car since I purchased it in the year 2013. I have only had to have done the regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, battery replacement, etc.

- Kelly D

Sometimes fueling get confusing however after a while you will get used to it.

Amazing comfort, safety, technology, handling, performance, and styling. Better than Toyota, hyundai, and Nissan standard brands, and I dare say I prefer over audi, BMW, and other luxury brands with superior technology, handling, performance, and styling a third to half the price.

- David H

A bucket of trash but reliable.

My car has been in some accidents so just looks like a hooptie. It runs well just the exterior and interior are a mess. All which fall on me and not the car brand itself. It gets me to point A to point B so the reliability aspect is definitely there however I would like a new car.

- Stacey G

My reliable 2013 Honda Accord.

No problems other than having a boring Audio system, could be a little faster on the acceleration and the body could feel a little heavier. They should add more sound deadening insulation to help make the car sound more quieter on the road especially when driving on the highway.

- Raj S

Dependable & great vehicle!

Honestly, this is my third Honda and never has had any problems except for normal wear and tear i.e.: brakes & tires. Therefore, performance, reliability comfort of vehicle is great! As far as features go with every passing year the car just keeps getting better & more advanced.

- Richard S

I love how it is a push start and you cannot lock your keys in the car.

I love my Honda Accord. It was my very first car. It is very comfortable, reliable, and has a lot of room. I have never had any issues with it. The Honda company is always eager to help when I have any questions. When I am ready for another car purchase I will be going to Honda.

- Alexandra M

Spacious, stylish, and clean.

I have a flywheel issue, but other than that the car is in great condition. The car is spacious, rides nicely, luxurious, and comfortable. It is stylish and has great features such as seat warmers, sunroof, etc. I love the interior and it is high quality. The trunk is spacious.

- Melissa W

Great gas saver. Smooth riding car.

Currently it has lights displayed on the Honda that is deals with fcw systems. It sometimes does not start at times. Try to located problems online. There seems to be same problems with other car buyers. However Honda has not issued a recall hopefully they will fix the problem.

- Sharon M

2013 Honda Accord sport edition gray exterior and tan interior.

a lot room inside gas saver, drives smooth not a lot problems. Good music volume. a lot backspace trunk to put many things inside. Love the customize wallpaper you can put in the dash. Adjustable sears to your comfort. Back seat is really big space to be able to put things in.

- Emily D

Why I like it. A man and his Accord.

It is the best vehicle that I have ever had. It gets great gas mileage and the maintenance is low. I love the moonroof and keyless entry. I do wish that the vehicle had a remote start option for the winter months. The Bluetooth option and USB ports are also a positive feature.

- Matt T

A sleek looking sedan that is as much a people mover as it is a luxury car.

There are not any problems with the vehicle so far. I love the leather seats, they are super comfortable. Plus it has a really nice sound system and a great navigation computer. I like the design and it fits four people comfortably. Plus all the added features are really cool.

- Bridget R

Silver car with black interior. More basic model doesn't have the built in GPS. However it does have an econ button to help with gas mileage

In the beginning my car wouldn't start due to corrosion on the battery connections, after buying a new battery haven't had the problem since. Love how it drives, very smooth ride. Even being 6 years old the car runs great. I truly love this car best car I have ever purchased.

- Lisa M

Honda 2013 accord ex coupe.

Overall fantastic! Only complaint would be that the front bumper can get caught from the bottom easily and can detach... I have had to reattach it a few times/frequently click it into place. Otherwise, it runs fantastic, has a great sound system and features. Very few issues.

- Elizabeth J

Beautiful Car, Great Features, Exceptional Gas Mileage.

Overall this is a very impressive car. I get an average of 30+ mpg and over 500 miles on a single tank of gas. The chrome accents are brilliant and the overall look of the car is impressive. I also enjoy the weight of this car. This is not your typical recliner on wheels.

- Ryan W

Looks small from outside, but is very roomy inside.

Good looking, very easy to drive, answer great to commend, interior large, nice and clean, CD player, air conditioning working great, support by Honda corporation, reasonable price, very resistant to weather change, easy to get in and out, many colors to choose from. Love it.

- Mia D

Safe and comfortable ride.

My car is comfortable and quiet. I have had no issues other than basic maintenance and I am at 87000 miles. It is safe and reliable and great for me and my daughter. It is fully loaded for a 2013 which is nice. This is my 3 Honda accord to own. I always feel safe driving one.

- Lindsey J

2013 Honda, very reliable.

Honda really has great cars. It's just a little dated, with me having a 2013 and all. It does not have the same bells and whistles a car that is not that far away from it has such as 2015 Honda Accord. It does not take away from the quality of the vehicle, just the luxury.

- Kris T

It is a very dependable vehicle that has never failed me.

I really like the dependability of my Honda which has never needed any work other than maintenance. I enjoy the additional safety it provides with the many cameras it has which allow me to see things in my surroundings much easier. I also enjoy the sporty look of my car.

- Carl S

Spacious and economical, and in the same time with a nice design.

I have a Honda Accord from 2013, that has just been serving the purpose of what I'd need from a car as long as I am living in a big city like Chicago. Therefore, the gas is cheap for this car, it is also pretty cheap to fix it if needed, and spacious enough for my needs.

- Gabriela S

Hondas last forever and get great gas mileage too!

My car gets great gas mileage. It is reliable and I have never had any mechanical issues with it. My car has Bluetooth compatibility and I can play Pandora through my car. I see Honda purchases as investments. They hold their value much better than many other car models.

- Amber W

Why I love my car and why it is good.

I think that the problem with my vehicle is that it is too good for the fact that it is a car that is pretty small although it is very good. It has very good tires and very good senses. Also, I think that my car has a nice Bluetooth feature which allows me to play music.

- Dave M

Comfortable relaxing ride never worry and the gas mileage is excellent.

I have no complaints it is very reliable I have done traveling with elderly handicapped who could easily move in and out of vehicle as well as the walkers used. Trunk room plentiful for sport equipment and or groceries backseat has room enough for car seat, and 2 others.

- Cathy M

I like the fact that there are numerous vehicles from which to choose.

I love my Honda Accord. I have not encountered any problems whatsoever since I have had my car. I have had no performance, reliability or other issues. I make sure that I get the car serviced when it is time to do that so that I can make sure I will have a reliable car.

- Robyn M

It's reliable. It's durable. And despite the model changes, it always looks contemporary.

I've traveled from Alabama to California and back and averaged 31 miles per gallon. Never have had one problem with it. My favorite feature is the right side camera located beneath the outside right mirror. Being blind in my right eye, it has been a great driving aide.

- Jim H

Awesome affordable luxury car.

Love the ride, comfortable car, reliability, performance. Not many problems, comfortable features. Best vehicle in the market and great resale value, great long distance ride. Reliable, good car, affordable price, lot of great features. Consumer report rated very high.

- Mona Y

Great fuel mileage great handling performing is superb very low maintenance looks great get compliments all the time great stereo system. Climate controls are user friendly awesome back up camera never have issues parking had a great safety rating air bags everywhere.

- Rafael P

Great vehicle in all aspects.

My vehicle is great. The seats are comfortable. I like the heated seats. The cameras are great. It is easy to drive. I feel safe driving me and my kids around in it every day. The gas mileage is great. It is an affordable vehicle. All the cameras on the car are great.

- Leticia N

Honda Accord is decent car.

Battery recall problem where the vehicle keeps having problems turning on. Overhead visor is flimsy & broke without any provocation. No a/c vents in the back seat and takes a long time to cool down. Turning radius is terrible and have to make multiple turns sometimes.

- Katy J

Very clean looking vehicle. I received many compliments on it.

Very comfortable and smooth riding vehicle. Has many features. Fun to drive. Fast. Reliable. Very efficient on gasoline it is pretty cool to get it done in the front of the garage door and then you lock the door and then you can pick up your car door and grab a cart.

- Ethan H

Love my Honda Accord 2013.

My car is reliable, gas efficient, and has not cost me much in repairs! The turning radius is fantastic, the interior is spacious and it is great for a small family. I have nothing negative to say about this vehicle. I will for sure but another Accord in the future!

- Rachel E

Honda Accord best for millennials.

Saves me on gas specially because I drive long distances every day. It is compact and easy to drive. It fits my personality and it has not given me any problems in the past 5 years. It uses synthetic oil, and only makes me do maintenance every 6 months instead of 3.

- Catherine E

Honda Accord, the best buy for your buck.

My vehicle is the perfect size for my family. When I was on the market, I needed a car that can fit my toddler car seat with 2 additional guest in the back easily and Honda accord offers just that. And all the additional features makes it a good find for your bucks.

- Valencia P

This is the 4th Honda that I've owned, and it's proven to be the best and most reliable vehicle.

I love the entire look of this car. The interior is durable and comfortable. Good gas mileage. Low maintenance. I dislike that sometimes the ride is rough like when going over railroad tracks, and it can be very loud when traveling on the highway next to other cars

- Melissa B

Great car with comfortable seating and nice storage.

Very reliable, good gas mileage. It is very comfortable to sit in on long drives. There is a backup camera which helps with backing up. The radio and the CD player has very good sound and there are many channels to choose from. The trunk has ample storage space.

- Peggy L

Hondas are really great cars. My family has bought multiple hondas and we've liked all of them. They are affordable and a great value.

It is a very safe vehicle and was affordable to purchase. It's nice looking on the inside and outside and drives well. My only complaint is that it doesn't accelerate that well, but it definitely accelerates well enough to the point that it's safe and driveable.

- Bridget S

Honda is the best car out today. Honda is the best brand car. I love it.

It is a Honda! I love it. Sports sedan. drive comfortable. The only thing is I do not care for the bucket seats. However it drives very well. This is our primary family car. The car is used mostly to take me to work. However as a family we use it on the weekend.

- Casey J

The go to car. It is affordable, reliable and safe.

I honestly can not complain about my Honda. It is a good reliable car. I get very good gas mileage on it. It is affordable on maintenance which is very minimal. It runs like new. I have yet to have any problems with it. I can say I enjoy getting in it everyday!

- Sammy L

We own a 2013 Honda Accord Sport. We were originally attracted to this model for price and what you got with the Sport package. Not too over the top, but a bit nicer than the base model. It's been a great vehicle.

We have owned our honda accord for just over 5 years now and we love it. The cost of ownership has been very very low and it's been incredibly reliable. We haven't had a single issue with the car since we've owned it and have kept up with normal maintenance.

- Vanessa S

Reliable, comfortable, good value.

Have had Honda’s & find them comfortable & reliable. Good mileage, few repairs, happy with care. Feel safe. Good on wear & tear. Comfortable on long drives. Good resale value. Great value for cost of car. Would buy another & have recommended Honda to others.

- Ann S

It has great fuel economy and the maintenance is very low.

I love my Honda. I enjoy the features in it. I got the high end vehicle so it has a lot of special things like my sunroof and heated seats. I would get the same car again in a heartbeat. It is very comfortable and has fuel economy. I love my car so much.

- Kristi V

The perks of a Honda Accord.

I never have any problems with my Accord, I love it and I would say it is the best car I have had. Everything is so smooth running, maintenance is quite cheap, it is good on gas as well, I commute 70 miles a day. It is also quite comfortable and roomy inside.

- A T

My car is not only spacious, but saves on gas as well.

My car rides very smoothly on the road. It handles all conditions well, including water, curves, and hills. The room inside is very spacious for all passengers. I am tall and have long legs, and this car accommodates this for me. The car is also great on gas.

- Yohan C

Still new to me. So many things I still do not know about my car and it is a 2013.

I have had no major problems with my car. I love driving my car. It has great force. The only problem I have found with the car is the passenger seat. It is really hard and I cannot lift it. I asked dealer about it and was told that the seat does not lift up.

- Jeanette K

Great reliable vehicle suited for anyone.

This car is very reliable. It is comfortable and convenient. It is very good when it come to miles per gallon. Only problem is that the tire pressure light comes on, even when the tire pressure is good. Sunroof is nice, and haven't had any problems otherwise.

- Brey G

it's just the best car I've had.

It is completely reliable. I enjoy driving my car and the stereo system lets me enjoy the experience zoning out to my tunes and having good steering control. Its over 100,000 miles on it and it still runs great and hasn't given me any major issues as of yet.

- Eddie F

Well made car that provides great reliability.

I have been a long customer of Honda because of how reliable they are! It is nice to know that I have to spend a ton of money on car repairs. Along with reliability the Accord provides spacious comfort for up to 5 passengers with plenty of legroom for all.

- Kelly M

I love my 2013 Honda Accord.

The Honda Accord is a very reliable car. I have had no issues with it at all. I bought brand new in 2013 and it still runs like it did 5 years later. I highly recommend this car to anyone considering buying a new vehicle. Very reliable and great on gas.

- Meghan D

Comfortable everyday car, but not luxury.

The car easily breaks down and has a lot of wear. However, it is really easy to drive and comfortable to be in. It is extremely reliable, because I am able to drive it long distances without having to worry about any problems with the car breaking down.

- Stephanie N

Superior Honda for all driving needs!

My Honda Accord is compact and has several safety features. It is smart looking and easy to handle. The leather interior is rugged but yet soft. I feel very comfortable about the maintenance and repair of my Honda Accord as opposed to a hair in vehicle.

- Phyllis H

Very dependable and reliable for the price.

No problems so far. Just put in gas and change the oil. Very reliable. Car is comfortable. The fit and finishes are more than acceptable for a car in its price range. Miles per gallon is industry or slightly above average for a mid size car these days.

- James Z

Smooth gas saving Honda love.

My automobile drives very well, has really good gas mileage. The only it had to be at shop was to get new tires or for a brake job\ oil change, with that being said never no mechanical issues. The car also drives really smooth and I enjoy the sun roof.

- Andrew B

Perfect for the little ones!

The most reliable vehicle we've ever had, perfect if you have a little one! Enough room to comfortably fit a car seat, stroller and all things baby related while not crowding up the back way of the car. 10/10 would recommend this car to a new family.

- Andrea L

The car, overall, has been reliable and a good value.

The vehicle has been reliable, but I've found it underpowered at times. I also find the handling a bit iffy, since if feels different at different times. I also find it isn't as fuel efficient as a car this small should be, based on past experience.

- zippy N

It's fast, yet great on gas mileage.

I love the reliability of the car. It's sleek, compact, yet roomy enough to fit myself and four friends. The gas mileage is really good as well. No complaints, would definitely recommend a Honda to friends, and I already have on multiple occasions.

- Carolyn E

Definitely not great Honda

I have had the car since 2013 when we purchased it there has been multiple recalls including the airbag the battery twice and also there has been an issue with Honda allowing replacing my wheel bearings that went bad it took them 2 years to listen

- Kylie W

It is a top seller and has good resale value.

It is comfortable especially a long trip. It gets decent gas mileage when on a long trip and decent mileage around town. It has good security and safety features. If you get too close to another car it beeps and also if you drift out of your lane.

- Pat K

Quality of vehicle and the low cost of maintenance and high gas mileage.

Our Honda Accord has performed very well. I get about 36 mpgs on the highway and around 29 mpgs in the city. I have not had any problems in the last 5 years. It's easy to drive and people comment on the amount of good leg room in the back seat.

- Fred W

It has great pickup for entering highways.

My Honda accord is red with black interior, a 2 door with sunroof. I have never had a problem with performance or reliability. The only problem I do have is that my older friends have problems with getting into the backseat. My grandkids love it.

- Sue S

Reliable and Safe with many safety features.

My Honda Accord is reliable and safe. I do have a hard time getting into and out of it due to it being so low and a "curb" on the bottom of the door that I have to step over to get in. I love my backup camera and have been spoiled by having that!

- Kathy S

I Can Feel the The Quality

My favorite thing about my Accord is how comfortable it is, the quality of the materials used to make it, and I also love the backup camera. It kept me safe through an accident, and there is a lot of room in the trunk for carrying large items.

- Lynne M

It has multiple safety features. It has a warning system so you know when either you cross the line of get in front of another car and are about to crash. The cameras are wonderful and to my knowledge is the only brand that offers the camera on the passenger side.

I love that my car has a camera on the passenger side. I am able to use it to change lanes and turn. It also has a back-up camera which as been wonderful to make sure my children are not behind me. Those are the main items I love of my car.

- Elicia w

When you press one time to unlock , only the driver's door, twice all four doors unlock.

My accord has navigation system, ride is smooth and has power. I was disappointed that my starter went out before my extended warranty. This is my 3 Honda Accord which I bought brand new. I really don't have any trouble with the Accord .

- Sasha k

I get 35 mpg on the highway and 24 in the city without sacrificing power.

I have a black 2013 Honda Accord with black leather interior and a V6 engine. I like that the car still gets good gas mileage with plenty of power. I also like the way it looks. I don't like having black paint because it shows dirt easily.

- Kory S

A very dependable vehicle that has attractive appearance and good amount of features for baseline model.

Overall I really enjoy my vehicle. -Problems: Driving can be noisy. -Performance: Acceleration is quite fast. -Reliability: Haven't had any issues thus far -Comfort: Good for base model -Features: Base model includes bluetooth/screen view

- Katherine G

That it has many safety issues.

I like that it is well appointed. Hate that the rear seat doesn't fold down as a 60/40. The seat is either down or up with no option for a passenger to sit in back with part of the seat down. Can not turn radio on/off from steering wheel.

- Ronald M

Gas mileage is great and feels like a luxury car.

This car is very reliable and easy to drive. It is like driving a luxury car without the luxury payments. I have always owned Hondas, all Civics up until recently, and am completely satisfied with every aspect of all Hondas I have owned.

- Beth T

It's reliable. It has good gas mileage and is small and compact yet roomy enough for people and luggage.

This vehicle has been very reliable so far. It's small enough to fit into tight parking spaces but large enough to hold enough of my luggage for road trips. It's also not flashy, so it doesn't draw too much attention and put me at risk.

- Serena J

You will be safe and the vehicle is always dependable.

Honda Accord and Civic has always been reliable, comfortable and safe. I wouldn't buy a different make of a vehicle. I have owned Honda vehicles for over 20 years. My 1999 Honda Accord was still great. Traded it in for a newer version.

- Rose B

Style and reliability. Standard features: backup camera and Bluetooth radio.

I really enjoy the backup camera and radio display. I like the updated exterior in comparison to years before. One thing I dislike is the black/gray interior in my black accord lx. It's okay, but the material hasn't seemed to age well.

- Yolanda B

They are very reliable vehicles.

This is the second Honda Accord I have owned. They are extremely reliable vehicles. We sold my prior Honda accord to my son when it was about ten years old. He had it for a number of years and drove it extensively without any problems.

- Cindy A

2013 Honda Accord coupe. A very nice and economical car purchase.

I have almost 100,000 miles on my car. I have had no problems out of it aside from.a couple recalls performed on it. It gets great gas mileage. It drives and handles well. It has a nice interior and is comfortable to drive.

- Cathy C

I've worked my rear off to get it and am so proud to have such a nice car.

Great gas mileage, plenty of room, clean. No sunroof. Pretty color and body style. Doesn't have electric or heated seats. Wish it had a push start needs windows tinted. Cloth interior is a light grey that shows dirt easily.

- Bridget W

It's reliable and handles well. Very rarely will you have trouble with this car.

I've had the car for about 5 years now, and I rarely have any problems with it. It drives and handles smoothly. It's reliable. It gets pretty good gas mileage. And it has a camera on the passenger side mirror which I love.

- Amber C

That it's awesome and everyone should own one! I hate driving and I'm an incredibly nervous Parker and my accord is the only car I can park in right spots comfortably

I love how easy it is to turn and park. It's such a cute car and the seats are super comfortable. The only thing I dislike is that the brakes and the catalytic converter broke before. But it's ok because we got them fixed

- Devin T

It's fun and safe to drive. It's large enough to carry anything needed, but small enough to easily fit into the smallest parking place.

I love Honda Accords because of their dependability and resale value. This is my fifth one that I've owned. I've never had any issues with any of them. I only upgrade when new features and technology becomes available.

- Melissa S

It runs on a lot of gas. the key battery has to be replaced after a certain period of time if not the alarm system will be automatically turned on and there will be no turning on until next day or for hours.

I like the style. I like how it sounds. I like that it's reliable. I don't like the key problem that I had. It went on alarm system or something like that and I had to wait until the next day to be able to use it again.

- solanlly m

It's my only car, I guess.

Good compact car without any complaints, at least so far. Replaced the tires a few times, but aside from that, not much repairs. Of course that may be because of the excellent condition the previous owner had left it in

- Jon K

Reliable comfortable car.

I love honda since I got the car on 2014 it hasn't really given me any problems. I do have to do the regular oil change, change brakes once and change wheels once. It is really comfortable on the inside and spacious.

- Alejandra B

This car is a reliable car. Though I wish I'd gotten a V6, this car does what I need it to do. It's the perfect fit for me.

I love the rear and right-side cameras. I love the tinted windows. I love the many positions the driver's seat can be moved to and the position saved. I wish the windshield wipers would come on earlier than they do.

- Karen W

This car gets great gas mileage! Perfect road trip vehicle!!

I love the great gas mileage. The floor mat on the driver's side has a hole worn completely through. I'm hoping it doesn't wear through the bottom floor boards! There is plenty of room for my son, my dog and me!

- Becky W

It is reliable and will give you the most on resale value.

I have owned three Hondas. Each gave great gas mileage, a smooth ride, great reliability and resale value. I was the original owner of each and kept each vehicle between 8 and 10 years so am a Honda girl for life.

- Pat L

Standard features are high end at an affordable price point.

I like the combination of styling and performance. The features are like those from a luxury brand. The cost made it a great value for the mileage. Safety is also a key factor in what makes this car a favorite.

- Daniel J

It has lane detection, back up camera, Bluetooth capability, and has a right Side camera for your blind spot

It had low mileage when we got it, it rides smooth, it helps with your blind spots and has lane detection, it doesn't take much money to fill up. It is a great car and we haven't had any trouble out of it so far.

- Brianna G

That the base model comes with the backup camera which is a great amenity to have.

Love that it's automatic, has tinted windows, a sunroof, backup & right-side blind spot cameras, & the nifty features with radio, CD player, & Bluetooth. I also like the multiple positions a seat can be saved in.

- Karen W

The Honda Accord continues to please It's owner!

The car is a 2013 so I would like to upgrade but primarily to get the newest in tech. The car is very comfortable and handles 4 adults who like to vacation together. It is a nice smooth ride and very comfortable.

- Dave M

Make sure you keep up the maintenance on your car and it will be a forever car

My car is midsize very good on gas has plenty of room for a midsize sedan. The style of the car is really good looking. It has been very reliable to me I wish I would have been buying honda accords from age 18

- Persel K

The vehicle came with good Michelin tires.

It is reliable if you maintain it. The backseat is not comfortable for riding. I have a coupe, the four door car might have more comfortable back seats. The paint is poor quality compared to Toyota or Nissan.

- Christine R

Low maintenance required on my Honda Accord! Get one now.

Love the way it drives. Have not had any issues in 5 years. I enjoy the several features including the sunroof, hands free phone and cameras. Don't like the fact you can't open the garage and direction icon.

- Ron F

This car is safe for all passengers and feels good to drive.

I like how smooth it feels both speeding up and slowing down. It controls well and has good gas mileage. For a sedan, it is roomy although sometimes I wish it had more cargo space to transport large items.

- Ryan R

I love my Pre-owned Honda Accord!

I love my Honda accord. I purchased it used but it was in very good condition. It gets great gas mileage and has a big roomy trunk to store things. It has been extreme dependable the 2 years I've owned it.

- Donna F

Is really good with gas and is very comfortable.

I love that rides very smooth, very good with gas. I always wanted a Honda, the size is perfect and is very spacious. I love that it has a camera, I can see when I turn to the right and when I back up.

- Jose N

Gets good gas mileage and is comfortable.

I have not experience any problems with my Honda Accord. It gets very good gas mileage and has been reliable for short and long distance driving. It is comfortable for me. Really like having rear camera.

- Angie L

Really solid car, worth getting.

No problems with the car, it drives well and gets good mileage. The only complaint I have is that there is a bit of a lag when connecting your device to Bluetooth, but besides that everything is fine.

- Lili B

The Accord is a great family vehicle.

Our Honda Accord has been a great car. We have three children ages 16, 12 and 6. We have ample space for all of the kids plus plenty of space in the front for my husband and I. We love our Accord!

- Darla H

Honda saves money and time. If you need to get around town or far distances on a regular basis with reliability, Honda is the best bet.

Honda is known for reliability and efficiency, which is what I bought mine. At that point I drove 60-80 miles a day. It's held up well and still has a good value with being very close to paid off.

- John b

It is extremely dependable

It is virtually maintenance free other than standard oil changes. It will last me and my family for many years. It's also large enough to fit me, my husband, our two kids and our two large dogs.

- Jessie D

For a reliable, safe, and overall good car with good resale value I would definitely recommend a Honda.

Honda makes very high quality and reliable vehicles, safe, just limited basic upkeep. What I do not like is I would prefer my next vehicle be an SUV, not a sedan. Honda has very good resale value

- no D

It is cost effective. Get good gas mileage. Turning radius is sub par though.

Great commuter car. Get food gas mileage & is reliable, and inexpensive to maintain. One disadvantage is the turning radius is terrible. Also, some of the interior features are breaking already.

- Katy G

It is a safe and reliable vehicle.

I love how easy it is to drive. The features are easily accessible from the driver's seat & the mileage is great. I do not like the way the headrest is bent forward - it messes with my ponytail.

- Katherine B

Great value for the money and great gas mileage. Very practical

My car is roomy and gets great gas mileage. It is very easy to drive and comes with a back-up camera as a default option. Ride and sound insulation quality is slightly inferior to a Ford Fusion.

- Thomas J

The gas mileage is the best part. I don't have to spend a lot of time at the pump.

I put a lot of miles on my car for work. I've had no major problems, just regular maintenance. It rides very smoothly and is great on gas. It has a power mode that is helpful to the environment.

- Jessica J

The quality and performance are outstanding.

I like that the accord is a classic design. I also like the size because it accommodates tall passengers. I like the v6 engine. I do not like that the new models are only available in a 4cl.

- Ginger P

It beats a number of hybrids in highway gas mileage.

The only thing that I would change is make the car a bit smaller. It is sometimes hard to park in tight spaces because it is fairly wide. It gets good gas mileage and provides a smooth ride

- Harrison B

I drive a black Honda accord, sedan. I feel safe within this car. It has given me no problems in the 5 years I have owned it. I plan to drive it for quite awhile.

It is safe and economical, I think it is a good option for anyone who does not have a large family. It performs very well in inclement weather regardless of it only being front wheel drive.

- Stacey M

It is very economical to drive and still has a nice look to it.

My Accord gets great gas mileage. It is very low maintenance. I feel very safe in this car. There have been a few recalls, but the manufacturer is prompt to repair/replace defective parts.

- Carrie B

Backup camera for safety while reversing.

Saves a lot on gas with the eco button. It is very reliable. Maintenance on the car is affordable and the appearance is overall great. I do dislike the fact that the engine is pretty loud.

- Lydia Y

Awesome blue HONDA Accord

Car handles great & is very reliable. Very comfortable ride. Do regular oil changes & maintenance as specified according to mileage on odometer. Had it 5 1/2 years & still love this car!!

- Cheryl S

It's extremely comfortable to travel in and the seats are those usually found in a very expensive car.

Love its reliability. Love how comfortable the seats are. Not bad in the snow. Only complaints are that it's a little light for a car and that the cabin is quite noisy on the expressway.

- Debra F

Its reliable, dependable and is on the larger side of a sedan.

It's a smooth ride and is large on the inside. I would have preferred leather seats but am overall happy with the fact my vehicle over the last year has only required minimal maintenance.

- Brandy D

Honda is a well built and dependable vehicle. Very little maintenance required to keep my car in good running condition.

My vehicle is a nice dependable vehicle that has required very little maintenance. It is well built and for the most part a comfortable car. Honda's are a good dependable vehicle to own.

- Lori S

The most important thing is that it is reliable.

It is reliable and affordable. It has good gas mileage. I don't like how the FCW goes off almost haphazardly. It needs more USB ports, but I guess that's because it's an older car.

- Grace D

Great on gas. Has great speed pick up. Rides smooth and looks great and a great price.

I like the sport version. I like the hands free phone and text. I enjoy listening to music like Pandora or I heart radio. Safe, reliable and comfortable car. Not so great in the snow

- Kimberly K

My vehicle is a nice red Honda accord with very nice feeling seating.

The car, like most Honda cars, are extremely reliable. I've only had to do basic maintenance since I've had it. I have saved a lot of money for gas because of the great mileage.

- Riley B

Honda last forever. You really just have to change the oil.

I love my Honda accord. It is very reliable and has never left me stranded. I have the EX/L model and the interior is very comfortable. Love the sound system and camera system.

- Christopher P

Total reliability outstanding comfort

We have had this car for 5 years and the only time a mechanic has touched it was for routine maintenance. I also love how wide the doors open and how comfortable the cabin is.

- Kieran M

It has good gas mileage, great for road trips.

I like my car the only problem that I have with it jerks sometimes. It is a coupe but or me is perfect it is comfortable and the back seats are spacious for being a two door.

- Mari G

I like the care but I wish the cruise control had a decrease button.

So far I have enjoyed this car. The seats are comfortable. I like the car and it is good quality. The only issue I have had is the AC tends to blow very hard at random times.

- Jamie D

The 3rd roe is useless, there is literally no leg room at all.

I like that it has the camera for your blind spot. I also like that it has the forwards crash warning and lane departure warning. I also like that it is a smooth quiet ride.

- Leticia M

It is spacious and comfortable to drive and sit when you travel.

Likes: Extremely spacious and airy. You need not worry about cramping. Pickup is excellent and engine works great Dislikes: I wish I didn't have flat tires as often as I did


Amazing reliable car for everyday.

No complaints. It is a really good realizable car. I use it every day to drive to work. I get it checked for maintenance issues every couple months and nothing major really.

- Alyssa A

It's reliable. I have had no problems with it, and Consumer Reports says that is usual for Accords.

I like the body style, the way it handles, and the gas mileage. It doesn't show dirt. It's comfortable to sit in it. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's a car.

- Larry D

Honda Accord is an excellent vehicle.

I love the styling of the vehicle. The interior is roomy enough for me and any packages that I need to bring home. I like the technological features that are in the vehicle.

- Howard V

That overall it is a five star car, it meets our every need.

We really like our car. Because it's reliable, comfortable, gets good gas miles, has a good size trunk and is safe. It hasn't had any recalls. We don't have any complaints.

- Brook R

Honda's are extremely reliable, great on gas and have a nice look to them.

I like that it's good on gas. I like that it's very reliable transportation. I don't particularly care for the color & I hate the payment & amount of interest I'm paying.

- Shawna O

I have not had any problems with my Accord.

No problems very reliable and easy to drive, good fuel mileage holds value very well. This is my fourth Honda that I have owned and would highly recommended to everyone.

- Vicki M

It is environmentally gas saving.

I like that it saves gas. It has Bluetooth. I also like the cameras that is installed on the passenger side and in the back as well. I hate that it didn't come with GPS.

- Jenny T

What I like: 6 cylinder, automatic, leather interior, heated seats, a/c, power doors and windows, premium sound system, moonroof, power steering, traction control, LDW, FCW, ABS, Bluetooth, satellite radio, USB ports. There is Nothing I dislike.

It's easy to drive. The safety features like backup camera and right lane camera, coupled with LDW and FCW really reduce your chances of an accident due to blind spots.

- EdenM M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has very safe side airbags that can save you in a wreck.

I like the Honda Accord because there is a roomy trunk. The rear camera is nice. We like the side airbags feature. It is large enough for car seats to fit comfortably.

- Ariana M

It is always dependable! It looks good even at 2013.

I like the durability, dependability, & how they look. Honda has a great reputation! There’s nothing I really dislike except maybe the price of vehicles to upgrade.

- Cheryl P

You need to know and pay attention to all of the required maintenance requirements so that you can get the most out of your vehicle.

Honda is a very reliable vehicle that is of great quality, is great on gas and is a good looking vehicle. I'm very happy with my vehicle and plan to buy another one.

- Derrell G

From experience, Hondas in general have less maintenance repair than other models. Other than the oil changes, tire, and routine brake check ups there's no major cost that would break the bank.

I like the handling of the car. I enjoyed the gas mileage, which saves me money. I also like that it is easy to maintain. I do not have any specific dislikes so far.

- Kiana C

It is economical and dependable.

I like everything about my vehicle. It gets good gas mileage, is smooth riding and is very roomy on the inside. There is really nothing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Beverly B

I love Honda vehicles. I've had 3 now since I learned to drive so I may be a bit biased.

I love my Honda Accord. I've had it for 5 years now and it has great gas mileage, and good pickup speed. It still looks great and has had no mechanical problems.

- karen I

Its automatic, has a big back space and bluetooth is included.

I'm in love with my vehicle is a sport honda accord with sunroof. Very comfortable and spacious inside. My vehicle is so stable in the street for me and my family.

- Betsy M

It is a somewhat distinct car in the sense that it is the full "tech" package and a manual transmission. Supposedly very few of these cars were sold in the U.S.

A very reliable car. It has great styling, has six cylinders and therefore good power, and has a NAV system. It is a manual transmission. Fantastic reliability.

- Gus T

Its black, so you see all the scratches & dents.

No complaints. I love everything about this car. The way it handles in the winter is incredible. It's also very roomy so everyone fits comfortable for long trips.

- Amanda L

Reliable, reasonably priced, and family of 4-5 friendly.

Not a fan of the headlights - seem to be low lying. Do enjoy the space especially having two car seats in the back without compromising front passenger leg room.

- Sarah T

It is a very dependable car.

We have over 160, 000 miles on the 2013 accord and have had no issues whatsoever with the vehicle. It is comfortable, dependable, and overall just a great car.

- Katrina Y

Hondas are a great make, much like Toyotas, they'll last forever.

I wish I had bought a V6, but overall love the performance of the vehicle and other than rotors being warped from the manufacturer, I've had no other problems.

- Denise B

It's a very comfortable ride

My car has all the conveniences of home in a small area. I love how smooth it drives and the ease of turns. I wish it was bigger to accommodate my whole family

- Jessica M

Everyone should own at least one in their lifetime.

Drives great. Only have to get oil change every 6,000 miles. Gets great gas mileage. Very high tech, lets me know when a tire is low or time for an oil change.

- Amber A

there are plenty of standard and available tech features

honda accord is a very reliable sedan that I even driven, maybe the best family sedan in america.it is driver-friendly, affordable, comfortable and fashionable

- michael n

I love the fact that it has a rear camera.

Absolutely love my car. Will keep it as long as it runs. Probably end up giving it to my son when he turns 16. Great mileage and not very expensive to fill up.

- Jennifer O

It's a good car for commuting. It's comfortable, but not practical for more than two people.

I like the style of the vehicle, the color, and that it has two doors. I wish it was a hybrid and that it had leather seats. I also would like a built in GPS.

- Heather V

Great gas mileage - and very little maintenance requirements.

The only issue I have with the car is the wipers pull water from the left back into the driver side window causing some disturbance unless wipers are on high.

- Jennifer J

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is great on gas.

I love that my car is very economic and great on gas. It is a very durable car that will last a while. I bought it used and have not had any major issues yet!

- Raquel N

Hondas are super reliable.

It is a comfortable drive. I wish it was a bit bigger, but that is only because my work commute involves very busy roads. Other than that, it is a great ride.

- Kari D

Great every day ride. Gets good gas mileage. Overall good value.

Love Honda vehicles because they are reliable and practical. Rides smoothly. Dislike that it doesn't have integrated garage door opener like I have in van

- Cyndi C

Honda Accord EX 2013 sedan

It has a heat shield rattle and we have replaced the starter. Otherwise we like it a lot. It is the EX model with all the bells and whistles and that is nice.

- Jim L

It is a very comfortable car to drive as well as ride in.

My car has leather interior and heated seats that are adjustable. It's is a very comfortable ride that's drives very smooth. I've had no problems with my car.

- Alida F

My car seems to be dependable. I take good care of it and I make oil changes.

The only problem I have had so far is my air conditioning went out after only three years and it cost a lot to get it fixed. Otherwise my car has been great.

- Bridget W

It's kind of a traditional car, but it feels more sporty.

I like that it is small, but I still have great viewing angles in it. I like that it has extra features like heated seats. I also like that it has a sunroof.

- Mic G

Best mommy car that fits stroller and groceries.

The car is extremely roomy and comfortable. It has a large trunk and plenty of legs space. The Bluetooth system is amazing and connects to all smart phones.

- Melody U

You should know that your maintenance is up to date.

I like that make and model. My car is very reliable. It meets my performance needs. The actual design is very sleek and stylish. Also, the car is very fast.

- Tiara S

It is sturdy and well built.

It gets great gas mileage. It handles well. There are very nice features and the interior is nice and has held up well. The gps/nav system could be better.

- Susan J

Very dependable and it has a backup camera

I like the leather seats. I also like how comfortable it is and how easy to drive. I love the camera when you are making a right turn. Good gas mileage.

- Sandra H

The interior has a sunroof, GPS, leather seats, digital radio, remote control on the steering wheel, and also air conditioning in the front and back.

It's almost perfect, just regular maintenance performed in the last five years such as changing the battery, getting new tires, new windshield wipers, etc.

- Derek B

Its comfortable and will transport more than you think.

I like it, it is just a bit small for me & they didn't have the color I wanted and I couldn't wait to have the color I did want cause I didn't have a car.

- Toni S

I bought it used and it has a good resale value.

I like that my car is spacious on the inside. I also like that it drives smoothly. Lastly, I like it will hold it is value compared to other makes/models.

- Dana G

Made by Honda and this company makes good quality cars

I like that my car has been reliable for many years and keeps continuing to push through the years providing great quality service for a reasonable price.

- Mark B

Dependability and great smooth drive is second to none

The Honda Accord provides all the comfort I desire. Safety is a very high priority with Honda and the Accord has just that. The style is second to none.

- Bruce M

It has had no issues since I've purchased it, whether it be mechanical or otherwise.

The Honda Accord is a great reliable vehicle with a smooth ride and great default features. After 50,000 miles I have had absolutely no mechanical issues.

- Brandt E

Good vehicle for a family of 4.

It is a good vehicle, it is good on the road and comfy. It has good features, heat, ac, locks, etc. The trunk is good sized but I prefer if it was bigger.

- Jane K

Recommend the Honda Accord Sport

Very reliable car. Only issue is that it is a bit noisy due to wear on tires. I was told this is because of the wheels. Not dangerous but can be annoying.

- Emily L

All the safety features are great. From the LDW to the rear camera and the side camera, it is great to drive.

I like my car very much. It is very gas efficient. One of the things I like the most is the interior. It is a very comfortable car. No complaints yet.

- Jonathan C

It's a dependable car. Great for young people and college students.

My Accord has been extremely reliable. It's fairly new so I haven't had any major issues with it. It's very comfortable and has all the features I need.

- Megan S

Honda makes a quality car! May be a little more expensive to purchase but well worth it when it will last a long time.

I love the color of my car. Price was bearable. Like how much room I have on the interior. The only thing I don't like...is the trunk space. Not enough.

- Gina S

Accords last forever and are least costly to fix

I bought my car for the reliability and the low cost to fix. I drive to and from work a short distance and I only have to fill my tank 1-2x per month.

- Lindsey P

The honda accord is a reliable car. I have had this car now for over 3 years and it has not given my any issue. Maintenance is not expensive and its very fuel efficient.

I love the model of my car. It is very sleek and innovative. The performance adds value. I love the fact that it has keyless entry and push to start.

- teiarra s

it doesn't cost so much, but it looks like it does.

I love my honda accord. I love the size of it. I love that it looks good. I hear that the new models don't have a V-6 engine and that disappoints me.

- Dawn S

The car gets great highway gas mileage. It also is easy to maintain. Just last week I did the brakes and rotors on them myself.

I like that I have owned my vehicle for 5 years 100 thousand miles and have had no issues. I like that it's good on gas. I do not like how it drives.

- Michael M

It's a Honda so the engine is made to last. I have over 150k miles on it already and it's still running strong.

It is very reliable with few engine problems. Paint and some parts can be of better quality. Interior design could be better with more room/storage.

- Thao N

It's good on gas and affordable to buy.

I love my vehicle because it's good on gas and looks nice. I like everything about my car I wouldn't change anything. Honda is a reliable car model.

- Bre B

Hondas seem to last a long time.

Gets good gas mileage. Air conditioning causes condensation underneath the car when hot out. It has hands free Bluetooth and a decent sound system.

- Mia M

The sport model is great! This model comes standard with lots of great features!

I'm very happy with my car. It's been a great car. I just had to have the sport addition when I was buying. I love the features and the sport rims!

- Khrista H

If you buy a two doors Honda accord just be aware that it's pretty small.

I love the look of the outside of my car. The accords are really nice on the inside. Having only two doors on mine can be a hassle at times though.

- Elisa S

Saturn's tend to burn oil. Honda's are reliable cars. They last quite awhile when maintained.

My actual vehicle is not listed, 2003 Saturn Ion. I selected my parents vehicle instead. I like the reliability of the vehicle and the trunk space.

- Nicole B

Good economical and reliable vehicle.

The only problem I have had with my car is one of the door locks stopped working. Other than that, it has been reliable and gets good gas mileage.

- David S

Accord gets great gas mileage and has reputation of being very reliable and lasting forever

Car has extra features like navigation, xm radio, leather seats, side view camera. Gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable for someone 5-8

- Dan K

It is reliable, cheap on gas, looks good and feels comfortable.

It has really decent gas mileage, it is extremely comfortable, has enough power, and looks nice. The electronics are seriously impressive as well.

- Noah Z

Great gas mileage in a full size "family" car that's still stylish.

Love the space in the car, it comfortably seats 5 people. Gets great gas mileage and uses regular gas. It's a really pretty green metallic color.

- madeline W

Minimal maintenance, and good mileage.

Honda accord is mid size sedan. It is one of best affordable and most rated car, along with inexpensive it very reliable and has low maintenance.

- Jay S

The car handles well and has a reliable powertrain.

Drivetrain is strong with very few issues. Design is nice and options made it a good value. Fit and finish is not as good as expected for honda.

- Joe j

Honda's are well built. I had my last one for 20 years and it was still running. And the best part was I didn't have to spend much in upkeep. Had to replace brake pads a few times and the alternator. Never had any engine trouble

I love my Honda. It gets great gas mileage. I had a Honda before this and it lasted 20 years. It has all the extras I want and need in a vehicle

- Deborah F

Good reliable family car.

I love Honda accord but it is getting old and worn out. I do not love leather seats. I love the visibility and how easy it has been to maintain.

- Melanie W

Honda Accord 2013: Why It's A Great Car

My car is good on gas and good on miles. I love the fact that it has a black color, it's easy to clean, and I can fit all of my friends easily.

- Karla R

Blind spot camera is amazing.

Good gas mileage. Recently having some issues with the starter on the car. Vert comfortable and spacious car. Electric windows and power locks.

- Moriah M

It is a pretty nice car for anyone

This might just be my specific car but recently I feel like it accelerates too fast. I like the seats a lot and it is relatively easy to steer.

- Anam A

It is reliable and safe for people who are on the road often.

Has good gas mileage, drives smoothly. Gets me where I need to go, just getting up in miles. Always did love Honda, the vehicles are reliable.

- Chloe C

My car is economical and is dependable in all weather conditions.

Love the gas mileage, affordability, and the room it offers for all passengers. Had issues with the stereo and that is my only real complaint.

- Jacob L

Durable, comfortable and reliable. It is just that simple.

I have never had any problems with my Honda. It is reliable and I plan on purchasing another Honda next year. It really is a car I can trust.

- Elizabeth V

Amazing car, highly recommend!!

My car is an amazing car. I have never had any issues with it and it is always running perfect. It is extremely comfortable and my dream car.

- Sunni H

Affordable but reliable and well designed car offering a variety of comfort for its drivers and passengers.

Spacious and a near luxury car for an affordable price. Comfortable seats with plenty of legroom in front and back. Ecoboost is a small plus.

- Luis N

Great gas mileage and comforting drive.

What I like is that it does not consume much gas and it is comfortable.. What I do not like is that it is small, and that the trunk is small.

- Dana K

It is very roomy and you can pack a lot of stuff in the car.

I have had Honda's for over 20 years. I like the the gas mileage of the car. I like the size and the drive of the car. I have no dislikes.

- Harold S

Its reliable and affordable.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. I also like how simple the dashboard is. I do not like I long of a car it is, it is very hard to park.

- Marie M

The Honda accord is very tech oriented,

The Honda accord 2013 was very affordable and offers a variety of options. It fits my lifestyle and has ample space to accommodate my needs.

- Valencia D

Our 2013 Honda Accord have been very reliable for us.

So far the honda accord has been very reliable. Only repairs I have done are replacing the battery and tires other than normal maintenance.

- Doug L

Great safety features with this car mlm

I live the blind spot camera on the mirror. I love the backup camera. I love the keyless entry. I live that I don't have to fumble for keys.

- Jane W

It is reliable in terms of quality and gas mileage.

It is user friendly. It gets good gas mileage. It was a good price. I wish it had a few more luxury items like heated seats and Bluetooth.

- Shira T

My Honda Accord gets me great gas mileage

The gas mileage on my Honda has been one of the best things about the car. I get about 30 miles to the gallon! I also like the rear camera.

- Chellis Y

It's just as reliable and safe for college students.

My parents bought this car for me when I graduated college. The only dislike is the CVT transmission that's everyone is complaining about.

- Edpund B

Sleek looking and great on gas. A 4 cylinder car gets better gas mileage.

Comfortable car with great gas mileage. I traveled about 60 miles a day to and from work. The only bad thing is it has only 2 cup holders.

- Dianne D