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Heavily Satisfied: Interesting detail; significantly less road noise

So far I've had no issues with my 2015 Honda Touring V6 Sedan. The ride is supple, tight, and the acceleration in the V6 engine is nice, especially with the sport gear option. This gives it a bit of a kick to get to high speed quickly, which comes in handy when getting on the interstate. As all my Honda Accords that I previously owned if basic maintenance is kept the car will treat you well. It's very reliable. The Touring edition is a pleasant surprise with plenty of legroom and a significant amount of 'bells and whistles' (I.e., Bluetooth, navigation, lane departure warning, USB port, multiple power outlets, ACC, rear-view camera,, leather interior, economy mode to help with gas mileage, Sirius XM radio, CD player, right turn camera for blind spot, and a few other items that I'm forgetting). Overall, beautiful car that I believe, most people would be pleased with.

- Patrick B

Great, fuel-efficient, safety, and roomy car.

I love my car very much. It has been very reliable so far. No issues big or small. It has the latest technology. Bluetooth capabilities and both a rear view and side view cameras, which makes the vehicle safer to drive. It also has USB ports that allows you to connect to a media device and to charge your phone. The back seat and trunk is very roomy. There is so much space for such a "small" car. Leg space is ideal if you, friends, or family are very tall or need a lot of space. There's an economy feature in the car as well. This makes the car very fuel efficient. I have long commutes for work and can average around 42 mpg on the highway. Overall, highway + inside roads for me is approximately 33 mpg, which is pretty great! Engine runs pretty smooth. I love everything about it.

- Sophie S

Honda Accord sport, 4 door, navy blue.

It is the 3rd Honda I have owed. I love them. They are reliable and the Accord offers me the space and room I need for family and friends to travel with me. The back seats fold down so I am able to carry longer and larger items, like lumber, or bikes. Honda offers a varsity of color and designs as well as different comfort choices. When I need a repair, it is easy to find a mechanic to work on a Honda due to their popularity. My Honda is a Honda Accord sport edition. It is a 4 cycle, but you would never know it. I traded a six cycle, 2 door Honda Accord and was concerned I was giving up some power, but I haven't experienced any, so I am happy with my choice. I also like the ability to turn the eco friendly mileage on and off as needed.

- Susan S

Long lasting reliable cars.

The Honda Accord sport 2015 is very comfortable and spacious. I highly recommend this car if you are looking for a car to travel in or simply an everyday reliable car. I have had no problems at all so far. I have traveled thousands and thousands of miles and hadn't had any problems, its very reliable. There has not been any mechanical or technical problems at all, very easy to maintain, I rarely do anything besides the basic check ups. It's been an outstanding car. You'll love it!! This car will last you for a really long time. And for those long distance drivers/travelers this car is for you there's lots of space for everyone and so much comfort it's indescribable! The driver's seat is adjustable by button, it's so nice!

- Maria M

Honda Accord. It has a sunroof!

My Honda Accord has a sunroof and seat warmers which I think are really great. The car drives extremely smoothly and has amazing gas mileage. The car also has low maintenance costs and every repair shop has parts that can fit my car type. Hondas are very reliable and can last years. My family has owned Hondas since the eighties and they have always been great cars. The car is very comfortable and spacious without being too big to drive. The trunk has a ton of space for things like groceries or going camping or traveling or what have you. Hopefully this car will last me a decade because I really love this car and don't want to buy a new one.

- Gabby H

My favorite detail about the car besides the power is the audio system. I love how it adjusts the sound based on the speed of the car.

This vehicle is very reliable! I haven't had any problems with it since I got it. It gets great gas mileage especially with the ECON feature on. I only fill it up once a week and I drive about 100 miles a day for work. I get at least 30 mpg in the city. They also did a really good job on the sound quality in the cabin. The sound adjusts to how fast or slow the car is being driven. I've had the car for 3 years and all I've had to do so far besides basic oil changes is change the battery since I commute quite far for work and the tires. I would buy another accord in the future.

- Lola J

This Car Has Gas Mileage that Goes Forever

The best thing about this car is the gas mileage. By far gets the best gas mileage of any car I've driven. I wish it was all wheel drive, but that's not a fault of the car. Just a preference. I do not like the cloth seats interior. They are impossible to keep clean - especially in the tan color that I have. Service: I've only put tires on, had the routine oil changed, and - in the coldest part of this past winter - had to purchase a new battery. Reliability is the #1 reason I bought a Honda. This is my second Honda.

- Rose R

Over it is an economic, luxury looking car.

What not to love about my Honda accord! I love that it is reliable, economic, and good looking. If you own a Honda you know that they are great gas savers and that is why I decided to become an owner of one. Not only that, it is also easy to navigate compare to all these other cars. My model type is not the sport type so it might not include all the luxury features but I still love it because it gets me places and to me personally, it already looks like a luxury car with the nice rims and the dashboard display that comes with it.

- Daisy M

The car to suit everyone in the family's needs.

Last year, my family purchased a 2015 Honda Accord. This car is extremely nice in so many ways. First of all, it is so extremely comfortable. The seats are made with high quality and are not cheap. The car also drives very smoothly and makes for a great car for everyone in the family to use. The comfort and smooth driving is something my mother is very fond of because she has back issues as well and we have never had any problems with it. I highly recommend this car for dependability, comfort, style, and the way it drives.

- Emily R

Reliable and comfortable. Poor voice recognition and Bluetooth connection issues.

Problems: at 65000, a belt part that was supposed to last 80000+ needed to be replaced. Voice recognition is subpar and the built-in Pandora usually has a difficult time connecting to my phone via Bluetooth and wired. Features: since I have the sport trim, it has regular, sport, and eco modes. Paddle shifters, larger rims, and a leather or faux-leather on the side of each door upgrade. Plenty of trunk space. Comfort: I really like the space for rear passengers. There’s enough leg room for comfortable long trips.

- John I

Honda Accord is a sharp great driving vehicle which is great on gas.

My personal car is a 2015 Honda Accord sport! It is charcoal grey, tinted windows and a 6 speed!! We recently went on vacation an drove my Accord, it got great gas mileage! It was a 6 hour drive an had to fill up going & coming but the great part was we got 37 miles per gallon! We were really surprised! I love my Honda it is a sharp great handling car and I'd recommend to anyone if you've never had a Honda go check them out! This is my first Honda I have owned and I've been driving for 30 years.

- Angela G

The affordable price of the car and the gas mileage.

I like the body style of the vehicle and the way it handles. It's very stable in turning and it doesn't roll when you do. The gas mileage is the best that I've had from any car that I've owned. The only things I dislike about the Honda Accord is the warranty, the drivers side seat and one aspect of the drive ability. The warranty should be more than 36K or 3 years. The driver's seat should have automatic adjustments, not manual. And the car should have more of a luxury ride (smoother).

- james w

Stylish runaround sport car.

I love my car for comfort, space, reliability, power, style, and about everything. It has many features that I still do not know how to use- I feel the manual could be easier to read. I have had other cars that had a quick manual, which would be helpful. My biggest complaint is that there are no air vents in the back for my kids. That should be a must in every car with a back seat. Air just does not circulate to back seats like kids need it to, especially when they are in car seats and hot.

- Char G

We made a great choice, buying a Honda.

We leased our Honda Accord 3 years ago and recently decided to purchase it. We haven't had any problems with it. It drives beautifully and looks very classy. The seats are very spacious which is wonderful because my husband is tall and has long legs. We decided to purchase a Honda because of their reliability and reasonable price. I love the heating features which allows passenger and driver their own heating preferences. I would definitely buy another Honda, they produce a great car!

- Lori M

The Honda is affordable and well made it has not broke down.

The Honda is a great deal and it is comfortable cushion, and the ac/ht work good, I haven't had any problem in years, I loved it so much and the size is just right for my height, it not too short or too tall, it just right, and the car itself look cute, and I can rely on it whenever I need to go somewhere even long distance road trip, it has not broken down which is great and the radio has variety different style of music which is great, I never get bored of listening to it.

- Jennifer J

Honda Accord driving review.

I have really enjoyed this car from the moment I got it. I was traveling a lot in the first year for my job at the time and it held up extremely well. I have not used the "sport" mode much as I am not a fan of having to shift when I am driving. The gas mileage, both in town and on the highway, has been very good. There is a lot of room in the back seat and trunk for stuff and can seat multiple adults in the back without them feeling cramped. Would 100% buy this car again.

- Andrea A

My stick Honda is a great car with just minor issues.

Some problems I've noticed with my car is that after some time it makes this loud noise. It sounds like metal together. That is all I've noticed that is really a problem. The performance otherwise is very nice. You can rely on this car more than others. The seats are very comfortable unless you are driving for more than 5 hours. Some of the features is that you can control the radio channel and volume from the steering wheel. There's also child lock on both back doors.

- Deborah T

It has great acceleration and gas mileage.

The vehicle is a luxury edition. It has comfy leather seats with electronic features for height. It also has driver and passenger controlled temperature. There is a sunroof and a large backseat and trunk. The sunroof is hardly used so not a necessary feature. The car is good on gas. The car has a great stereo and touch screen but lacks a touch GPS screen. Downside is when the phone is charging the Bluetooth will not play music from the phone unless it is from iTunes.

- Stacy K

2015 Honda Accord was a great purchase.

My 2015 Honda Accord ex-sedan has been great for me. It is acceleration and ride is incredibly smooth while constantly getting awesome gas mileage. The exterior look with dark grey paint and tinted windows gives the car a classy and sleek look. The interior of the car allows the ride for you and your passengers to be quiet and enjoyable. With Bluetooth connectivity and a quality a/c, I love driving my car for long periods of time just because of how comfortable I am.

- Joel L

The hybrid battery pays for itself in gas savings.

This car is very dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. I entrust my entire family to be in this car at any given time because i know that they are in good hands and a safe place that I trust. This car has every new feature from assisted lane control, rear backup cameras, a very long lasting hybrid electric battery that recharges itself with no need to plug in all the time, and all the other "bells and whistles" that will keep me with Honda for a long time coming.

- damien w

Roomy Smooth Driving Honda Accord

First Honda Accord owned. Drives great, smooth ride. Honda Accord has great mpg and great acceleration. Leather seats are comfortable and easy to clean. Accord has plenty of back seat leg room and AC vents. Great stereo system. Drove this car to Houston in the middle of a storm and it did not let us down. Backup camera works great. Trunk has plenty of room for multiple suitcases. Honda Accord cons include wind noise, and sits pretty low.

- Minerva F

A 4 out of 5 rating is not bad!

Sporty sedan, plenty of power from the 4-cyl. Engine, smooth ride, quiet passenger compartment. Leather seats and trim are very comfortable and easy to keep clean. The ergonomic designing is well done. The exterior is attractive, sporty, and aerodynamic. The weakness of this vehicle is the electronics. Honda had the right idea, but there are often delays in response or latency issues. Also, voice activated features often produce errors.

- Ernst K

Reliable & almost maintenance free.

This is our second Honda accord to own. Drove the first one for 6 years and have driven this one 3 years. No problems with either car. Very reliable & almost maintenance free, except for oil change, tire rotation, etc. Took several trips in both of the cars and was comfortable, good gas mileage and lots of trunk space for luggage. I highly recommend an accord because it is dependable. I am sure our next card will be another Honda.

- Patricia M

Roomy Honda accord, great gas mileage, and all around good family car!

My Honda is great, love the gas mileage, and leather interior. It runs smooth and has plenty of room, huge trunk, and the turn signal camera is great! My only dislike is I have two screens, I wish one would have been built in navigation and my battery did not last as long as expected. I have spent years in a SUV or truck so sitting low to the ground has taken some adjusting. I would definitely entertain the idea of a Honda SUV.

- Brittany S

The black sleek body of my car hides the dirt very well.

It drives very nicely, has a sleek body/look, seats are very comfortable, I have taken it on many road trips and have not had a problem with fitting stuff in the trunk (very spacious), the music sound system is very easy to use and sound comes out very clear. I have only had a few problems with the car like battery, and other recall parts. The Honda dealership is very efficient and helpful to get your car fixed and with ease.

- madison B

The five star Honda Accord.

Incredible gas mileage, I drive it to and from class every day and to work a few times a week and only get gas about every 2 weeks. It handles extremely well, is spacious and drives incredibly well. There are plenty of ports to charge your phone and is compatible with an AUX cord, which I value highly. The only negative aspect is that it does not have a navigation system in it, but with phones today that is not a huge deal.

- Jessica F

It's engine has fast pick up and great power that makes me feel safe in certain passing situations.

I think the styling is very eye appealing. I also am impressed by the power the engine has. I feel very confident driving my Accord. I also feel that Honda produces a quality product. We have owned Honda Accords since 2003. I am slightly disappointed in the engine changes for 2018---less powerful---disappointing. I am also dissatisfied that they no longer offer a coupe---I thought they were extremely eye catching.

- Carol P

Check out Honda the number one car brand.

The Honda Accord is a safe car not too fast, reliable, and affordable. It also happens to be one of the number 1 brands in America and the safest. The gas mileage for this car is great can travel far with only five bucks. This car also seats up to five people with a comfortable amount of space. If you have the time I would recommend checking out and doing a test drive for the Honda Accord or any model that Honda sales.

- Vee B

Awesome car at affordable price.

The Honda Accord is a very reliable vehicle. Performance is pretty standard, with the added “sport” mode version, allowing you to weave through traffic with responsive acceleration. The seats are comfortable ( 6’1 300lbs) and the sound system is top notch. Bluetooth capabilities and phone connection could use some tweaking, as well as the incoming call connection. Sometimes the phone goes out of private mode.

- Ryan B

In the 2015 Accord, the heated seats are a great addition.

Honda Accord is the greatest sedan around. It really does not matter what year it is because they all drive great. It is a smooth drive and never gives any problem. It is great on gas in the city and on the highway. It is very comfortable and spacious. If you have a child that requires a car seat, then there is enough space. The trunk is big enough to haul around groceries and any other large items like a stroller.

- Khan K

2015 Honda Accord, by far the best car I've ever owned!

I have a 2015 Honda accord its an automatic. It's very roomy inside has a built in backup camera built in GPS and navigation system. A great stereo system that comes stock with the vehicle. The trunk is very big. It has electric everything sunroof heated seats, great heater and ac. It's absolutely great on gas. This vehicle is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. I strongly recommend the Honda accord 2015.

- Britt E

It has done remarkably well moving from Texas to North Dakota.

I haven't really had an issues except when the car needed a software update. The car is very reliable. This would be the second Honda Accord I have purchased. I also like the fact that it is very sporty and it as a V6, so it has some get up and go in traffic and on the highway. Very comfortable seats for long drives, and I am able to hook up my iPod to my car, in addition to other music options.

- Cindy B

Great on gas and still spacious.

I have always driven an SUV and I needed something more efficient on gas for work commute. I went with the 2015 accord BC of the ecoboost feature. I get about 30-35 miles per gallon with a combo of city and Hwy driving. I have 2 small kids and the car fits the 3 of us with car seats and still plenty of room! That was a concern with a car but this one is perfect for a small family and for efficiency.

- Lauren H

Honda reliability worth the service problems.

I have had problems with the tires, tire pressure light is constantly on, even when looked at and turned off the light turns back on. Another problem was the customer service at the Honda dealership I bought the car. The service station was awful, took the car in to get a tire changed and they changed the wrong tire. Aside from that, the car is pretty reliable, super comfortable and super spacious.

- Liliana B

I feel very safe in the car with lots of features added.

I love this car. This is my second accord and the first one I got in 98 and lasted me 15 years. However I would have thought that the gas mileage would improve a bit more. I have a V-6 but I had one back then and feel it is about the same. I do love the side camera and the back up camera. They have a cut out in the arm rest so you can easily get your drink out of and the trunk space is amazing.

- Michele W

Reliable, affordable, and great gas mileage.

This car is reliable, comfortable, a lot of power for a 4 cylinder car. The gas mileage is amazing. I haven't had one problem with it. I drive it out of town all of the time. Never had any issues. It is sporty, yet comfortable. Goes up hills no problem. It has backup camera, Bluetooth, USB ports and a beautiful dashboard that has everything you need to know for you to see while you are driving.

- Tammy E

Hondas are safe and long-lasting.

I really love my car, because it is very safe. The car handles very well, and you can tell that they didn't skip on quality materials. Another thing that I like about Honda is that the parts that they use under the hood are very durable and a quality made, and I find that this contributes to the long life of the vehicle that Hondas are known for. Most of all the cars just really fun to drive.

- Falon M

Extremely satisfied buyer.

I purchased the vehicle with 40k miles on it already. I think it rides really smooth and it is totally functional. The windows are automatic as well as unlocking and locking the vehicle. As fast as looks the car is stylish. It is all black with a silver trim framing the windows. The seats are adjustable and comfortable. The dash it high so short people may not be as comfortable driving it.

- Randall J

I drive a blue 2015 Honda accord. It is the first car I owned that has Bluetooth.

I enjoy my car overall but I have found that similar make and models after 2015 are much more smooth on the road, mine is a little less smooth. However, I love the gas mileage and I can rely on it to get me safely to my destinations without worry. I have experience a flat tire with my car after only having it brand new for one year, so sometimes I worry about my the quality of my tires.

- priya P

No kids? You need this Honda!

The Honda Accord coupe is the perfect car for me! Great pick up, incredibly comfortable, good technology features. Perfect size for a late 20s/early 30s person who does not have kids but wants a car that looks good and drives well. Heated seats are awesome. The best part is that when you turn your right blinker on a camera pops up so you can see where things are behind and side of you.

- J M

Reliable, comfortable, and safe.

I always felt very safe in my Honda Accord. It took me back and forth to Buffalo, NY (170 miles) from home, through snow and rain. The vehicle handled well in the snow, and had a sturdy body. The sound system was adequate- CD player with USB plug available. Electronic button temperature control. Spacious back seat and trunk; travelled well for my pet and all of my things from college.

- Stephanie B

Very reliable vehicle, great for everyone.

The Accord is a really great vehicle, very durable and reliable. Does not need to be serviced often, but when it does, it is very expensive to have serviced! Just buy the parts yourself and take it to almost anywhere other than an actual Honda dealership to have it serviced for much cheaper. Easy to handle and super fun to drive, best car I have ever had, I would highly recommend it!

- Ally P

I really like the amenities in my car.

My car has been wonderful so far. I haven't had any problems as long as I keep the regular maintenance up. Battery, tires, oil change has been the only thing I had to repeat. I actually did have a transmission issue but I am still not sure if that was due to my driving habits or if it was a factory issue. At the time it was still under warranty so I got it fixed with no problem.

- Jerry C

Reliability and pep in the engine. When you step on the gas, the car reacts.

The Accord has been wonderful - no problems at all. It is very comfortable, has great pickup which is a concern for me as I travel on NYs thruway a great deal. I am short but seat adjustment and steering wheel adjustment make it comfortable. Right side view mirror camera can show cars approaching (with push of button) on the right side and is helpful when backing into garage.

- Gail L

My year with an amazing Honda accord.

I have had a great experience with this vehicle. The car runs perfect and is good on gas. I love the backup and side view camera. This makes backing in and parking a breeze. The sound system is excellent and can get loud. I also enjoy the sunroof. Power seats work well. The dark grey color is slick as well. Overall a great car purchase for me and would recommend to anyone.

- David D

Honda Accord Hybrid an Excellent Driving Experience

The Honda Accord hybrid is an excellent vehicle with very smooth drive and handling. In addition the onboard computer is very easy to operate. Additionally, given the hybrid electric motors, gas mileage is incomparable. My experience with this car has been that on average, once the gas tank is filled, it is unnecessary to refill the tank until two or three weeks later.

- Robert H

Great car to drive with features that really help you and provide guidance.

I really like that the backup camera is a standard feature and I use this quite a bit. The only thing I really miss is my moon roof that I had in my previous car, which I really enjoyed having and used constantly. I also love the color of my car, which is a nice burgundy color, but I am starting to see more Hondas in that color and this no longer looks too unique.

- Alex K

Dealership sucks but I love my car.

We haven't had any issues with the car, has been an amazing car since the moment we bought it. The biggest issue is the dealership who damaged our vehicle in house when do a maintenance check up. They also do not return calls or answer issues/questions you have which sucks. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy it because of the dealership not the brand. I love my car!

- Jennifer H

There is a lot of room in the trunk!

My vehicle has not had too many problems.. It performs well in all kinds of weather and road conditions. It has been very reliable and gets good gas mileage. There is a lot of legroom in the back seat and front seat. The seats are comfortable and the leather on them has held up very well. The paint on the outside is still very shiny. It washes up well and easy.

- Suzette B

The car is ok but again the car is not 4 wheel drive.

The car is ok but I think it is missing a lot of features such as automatic brake system and alarm security system to tell away intruders. I think the arc is ok but I has a lot of missing items as well. The car is not 4 wheel drive which means the wheels need to be replace all the time and this is not cost effective as tires cost a lot of money as you know.

- Casey M

2015 Honda Accord lx - great car.

This car is good on gas, as I can drive very long distances with just one tank of gas. Or drive back and forth from work for over a week before filling up again. It is super reliable & has front wheel drive. Great back up camera so I can reverse with confidence. And the interior is very spacious. Also safe enough to where I trust putting my newborn inside.

- Nicole S

Honda Accord standard, smooth ride.

I haven't had many problems with my Accord, it is very comfortable and drives well. I always feel like I can depend on my car. I do eventually need a bit larger of a car (SUV). I drive a standard and I love how easy it is, and how smooth the ride is. The only complaint is that I had to get the breaks changed after only 2. 5 years. But I enjoy my Accord.

- Kerry H

the honda's really hold their value over time. I had a ford and a honda of the same year and the honda was worth much more.

the vehicle has not any major issues. The comfort is nice, the ride and power of the vehicle are great as well. I love the fact that it looks nice without looking too flashy. I have the V6 and the get up and go is really fun. The biggest downside seems to be that the display and menus on the dash are a little outdated and not as nice as other makes.

- Shawn C

Honda Accord 2015 overall I recommend it to anyone that likes fast cars.

It's a very simple car for daily drive whether you are going on a small trip or long trip. It has Bluetooth connection and sensors when the car is moving to lock all doors. Also it has 185 to 278hp is you are a fast driver. Super simple to drive since it is automatic and ready to go. The fuel tank capacity is 17. 2 gal which can last you a few hours.

- Alice R

We bought the right car for our family of four.

The car is a very good car to save gas. It does not give problems just regular maintenance. It is runs well pretty fast car takes of pretty fast. Drives smooth and comfortable for long drives. Back seat is comfortable for three people. Two car seats fit well in this car and kids still have space in the back. The front seats are also comfortable.

- Andy R

2015 ex-l Honda Accord. Color - pearl white.

I have had such a positive experience with my Honda. I purchased the ex-l 2015 Honda Accord because of its luxury features. This includes heated seats, front and easier ac, sun/moon roof, etc.. In the fours years of owning my car, I have had zero issue is pertaining to the reliability. I love my Accord and I highly recommend this model and make.

- Suzanne B

2015 Honda Accord,honest review

Personally I love and enjoy riding as a passenger and as well as the driver .Driving the 2015 Honda accord is smooth and equipped! From the seat warmers ,all the way to the gas mileage it can hold . 20$ last for maybe 1-2 days and fills up the tank . The quality and make of this honda accord ,was pretty well constructed and planned out!

- Sydney R

A great runaround car with good gas mileage and safety features.

This is the 3rd Honda we have owned. It has great performance and reliability. Love the backup camera and electronic features, including the Bluetooth. . I do not like the seat position and sometimes find my side view blocked by the side mirrors because they are at my eye level. I would purchase this car again, but would prefer a hybrid,

- Carla S

Love my Honda coupe, very good choice.

Love all the features: backup camera, Bluetooth features, car can seat 5 comfortably, stereo speakers was a plus for me, steering wheel features are available. Exterior colors are: pearl black, tiger eye, royal blue. Black interior. The only issue I have is a hard time adjusting the defroster it takes a while to clear the windows of fog.

- Leah C

Honda Accord. The driver seat is higher than the passenger

I really like my car. It's reliable and very smooth. It's lasted a few years with no problems. There is plenty of room in the car and plenty of trunk space. I love Honda and the Honda Accord. The seats are comfortable and perfect for kids. In the back seat there is a compartment leading to the trunk of the car which I really like.

- Shane V

Reliably fast and never breaks down!

Easy ride, low maintenance, accelerates, relatable. The interior is very comfortable the driver side consul is very intuitive and easy to read while driving. The engine is awesome the v-6 is an incredible engine the pick up is really quick on the highway and in the city you are still able to get good mileage without over accelerating.

- Brian F

2015 Honda accord sport v4.

I have yet to run into any problems with my car. I have over 70,000 miles. Just the usually oil changes. Once the car hit 50,000 I changed the tires and filters. Very good on gas. Love the sport look on it. Easy to upgrade lights to hid lights. Comfortable ride once the tires have the correct pressure. Handles potholes and bumps well.

- Nicholas P

Two doors makes it have a sporty look, and the all black is my my appeal as well.

I love everything about my 2015 Honda Accord coupe. It has an eco mode for me to save gas, and also has a sport mode for when I'm feeling a need for speed! It's leather seats come with heat by just a click of the button which is very nice in the winter, and the Bluetooth radio lets me take phone calls and listen to music more easily.

- Selinay T

Comfort and space, prefer leather seats.

Great performance, gas mileage is really good, maintenance is inexpensive, and car is a good size for a family and very comfortable. Bluetooth capability, and you can change screen colors. I would prefer leather seats or dark seats. Tan seats are easily to get stained. Plenty of trunk space, back seats also let down for more space.

- Ashley W

Incredible Honda accord. The vehicle for stress free.

The 2015 Honda accord ex-l is a wonderful sedan. It is incredibly spacious and reliable. I haven't had any issues with it whatsoever. The v6 engine has more than enough get up and go. The heated seats are very nice, and the lane watch a camera on the right mirror is a welcome addition. I would recommend my car to any and everyone.

- Joshua A

Best value on the market and best looking.

Best resale value of any vehicle, will last longer than most, will handle as good as most, as luxurious as most need, great looks, good mileage, . Less expensive than most at retail or used level, dependable, just may need battery,tires, windshield wipers, little items that wear out with just normal wear and tear, good warranty.

- Randy G

My hybrid is a terrific comfortable affordable vehicle.

I drive a Honda Accord hybrid. I love it. The gas mileage is amazing I have had no problems. I average about 40- ish miles per gallon. The car runs quiet. I live the tan leather interior. My car has a key that lets you adjust the seats According to the driver so driver 1 and driver 2 are preset to their seating preferences.

- Fran Z

It is a very dependable vehicle.

I love my Honda Accord. I have only had it for about 6 months and it is the perfect vehicle. There is plenty of room both in the front seat and backseat area so you never feel cramped. The ride and handling is so smooth and the gas mileage is better than any other vehicle that I have ever owned. I am a happy Honda owner!

- Carole G

It gets great gas mileage, especially on highways, which is important, especially during the summer when I travel the most.

I love the fact that it does not require too much maintenance. I need to take it to the dealership once a year for state required inspection, and it rarely cost much more than the cost for the inspection itself. I have never had an unexpected breakdown, and that saves me a ton of money each year in maintenance costs.

- Vernon H

Honda Accord sports edition.

My Honda is amazing. Drives smooth, very comfortable inside and I always get compliments on it. I never have any maintenance issues. I get oil changes every 3, 000 miles and car washes. I have put 72, 000 miles on it in 2 1/2 years. The sport edition comes with the nice rims and nicer interior and also has sport mode.

- Vincent P

The Honda Accord is a very reliable vehicle that gets great gas mileage!

I love my Honda Accord. I would have rated it a 5, except the backup camera isn't working, and I feel that it shouldn't have gone out so soon. I love the style of the car and the little features, such as the power windows, locks and seats, and how much room you get from a sedan - both in the car as well as the trunk.

- Julia M

Sunroof. Back up camera. Heat control each side. Press release on trunk.

I really enjoy this car. Control the heat on each side of the car. Hands free for phone. Camera for backing up and on passenger side. Sunroof works amazingly. Only issue I have is that its keyless you have a push start button and as fob. Car is different takes time to get use to it but soon all becomes second nature.

- Alma Lee R

It is a nice size car and is very convent smooth to drive.

It is a good quality car, rides good. This car has a great performance style fits me really well. With this car it helps save on gas it also tells you when something is wrong with the car such as oil change or tires. The comfort in it is great also with the seats being soft and the features are good for hands free.

- Ruby J

Compliments for 2015 Honda Accord.

For the most part I am very happy with my Honda Accord. Great gas mileage. No issues. Routine maintenance. Oil changes. Tire rotations. For a 4 cylinder it has good pickup. I wish it were a little bigger but that is on me for buying a two door. I like the push button start where keys do not have to be in ignition.

- Cheryl G

Cars to suit petite people.

It is fine but it is a little wide, I prefer cars that are smaller. Otherwise, everything else is comfortable and easy to use. Signals are a little hard to maneuver. Mirrors are easy to adjust. The breaks and gas pedals are easy to use, and I really like the back camera which makes it easier to back out of areas.

- Nicole K

My car name is Tron and he's a gem.

My car is very reliable and great on gas. The only thing that I'd like to say about it is that I wish my car had a sunroof and sensors on the side to let me know if there a car in my blind spot. Also I wish the stereo system was better. But other than that the ecoboost really works and sport mode is unbeatable.

- Dominique H

It is very reliable and spacious.

I love my Honda pilot. I am is three years old and I have not had any problems with it. I do wish I would have gotten leather seats. I have the light grey interior and it is difficult to keep clean with young children. I love the rear view camera. It is the absolute best. I will never buy another car without it.

- Claudia F

The efficiency and comfort of my Honda Accord.

My Honda Accord is very reliable. Not only reliable but very affordable to drive. The gas mileage is excellent, even in town driving the mileage is awesome. The comfort of our car is hands down the most comfortable driving cat I have had in many years. I will no doubt only purchase the Honda Accord from now on.

- Greg B

My Accord is a charcoal gray color and an ex sedan. It is extremely comfortable.

I love my Honda Accord. It makes me feel safe while driving it and it is always a smooth ride. I have had my Accord for three years now and have had zero issues with it. The car inside is spacious and makes me feel very safe. I really do love my Accord. My next car will more than likely be another Honda Accord.

- Patricia R

Honda Accord thoughts by me.

We have had problems with our battery. We have had to replace it twice in our 2 plus years of owning it, which we have been told his highly unusual. It runs very smooth and is easy to drive. It has screens which help you backup and switch lanes, but they take a while to get used to. It is comfortable to sit in.

- Kaitlyn B

Family car with enough features to be comfortable.

No problems, it is just a basic vehicle.It's nice to have a little bit of space, does a few things electrically, decent gas mileage for a sedan. Pick up is not great, it is a safe car, though. Handling is good. I am used to driving a civic, so this car has additional space and room. Gas mileage is not as good.

- Mary T

It's a smooth ride! Never worry about spilling a drink because a Honda Accord drives smooth and easy.

I love the way it feels on the road - I have had other cars that feel a lot more bumpy, but riding in the Honda it is very smooth and nice to ride. I also love that phone calls come directly through the car, and streaming music is easy. One complaint is lack of GPS system on the dash - I have to use my phone.

- Laura D

Honda Accord, reliable ride of a life time.

Our Honda Accord 2015 is the most reliable car we've owned. After owning and repairing many European cars, it is comforting to know that the Accord is much more reliable and durable. Consumer reports and many owner reviews confirm the Accord is a reliable car, maintaining its pluses even after high mileage.

- Jessica C

Honda accord, great family vehicle!

Very reliable, super comfortable and family friendly! The interior and exterior are sleek and sharp looking adding to the cars performance appeal. Simple yet advanced and user friendly! Touchscreen dash is a great feature adding user personalization and detail to customize. The car rides great and smooth!

- Stephanie H

Honda Accord 2015: sport.

Vehicle is pretty reliable. Floods are common, and I see a lot of cars malfunctioning and mine does not. Smooth drive, gas saver and the sport version gives the car a sharp yet elegant look. Other than the required (car computer lets you know when is required) oil changes, nothing major maintenance costs.

- Omar M

Small size with big car advantages.

Comfortable and good on gas mileage. Good trunk space. Does not have rear window defroster with wiper which makes storm visibility poor. Backup camera helpful. Good turning radius. Backseat has good passenger seating. Ac and heater work well. Windshield wipers are nice with both intermittent and steady.

- Winnie K

Smooth ride, excellent performance, eco friendly.

It's a really smooth ride, very comfortable, it has the eco as well which helps save you gas big time. It also drives fast, you barely touch the pedal and it picks up quick. Overall it's a really good car, Hondas usually are good models. I rarely have any problems with it so I am satisfied with my car.

- Kenya C

You can make more space by pulling down the rear passenger seats.

I highly appreciate vehicles with a lot of room to hold not only a lot of people, but also a lot of stuff. I love the technology built within that helps driving easier such as the vehicle sensor and the rear camera which helps me park. A good investment for new car buyers who also need the extra space.

- Kathie R

It's better built and has a great repair record because of that.

I like that Honda's have a better repair record. I dislike the seats...they're awkward to get into with a skirt on. I also dislike the dashboard...too many things going on for an old person like me. I do like the looks of Accords & we've been buying them for years & have had great success with them.

- Kathy P

It is so easy to listen to music via Bluetooth without having to plug anything in.

My Honda accord is an excellent car. It has all of the features I want of out a car. Cruise control, backup camera, 4 doors, Bluetooth enabled speakers, and more. The paint is beautiful and I haven't had any issues like cars in the past. I also love the gas mileage- I average about 32 miles per gallon.

- Polly L

Great car for sales representative!

Very reliable and comfortable ride. It gets great gas mileage and I have never had a problem yet with almost 60, 000 miles. The technology is great and very easy to use. I have navigation that is very helpful and easy to use. I am on the road everyday for work and this is the perfect vehicle for that.

- Laurie T

I just love the silver/ chrome dash detail.

I love my Honda Accord 2015 it is fully loaded. From the spaciousness that it has on the inside, to all the wonderful tech that it has like side view camera, backup camera, and the touch screen navigation system. It is a really good and reliable car also good on gas thanks to the econ button it has.

- Daly M

Loyal Accord owner that believes she will still be driving this Accord in 2025.

Performs very well, comfortable and extremely reliable. This is my 3rd Accord, my daughter is currently driving my last one. Looks good, rides great! The Accord gets great gas mileage and only requires regular maintenance. I. Just bought it at the end of a three year lease. I love my Honda Accord.

- Debbie P

When I turn on my right blinker a camera pops up making lane changing a lot safer.

I love my Honda Accord. I have owner two Civics & one Accord and by far the Accord has many more features. Very comfortable leather seats, love when I turn my right blinker on the camera pops up which makes it safer when changing lanes. Ac could always be a little colder but, the heat is perfect.

- Ashley R

Honda’s are dependable cars!

I love the dependability that Honda provides. The car lets me know when it needs service which I appreciate. I get great gas mileage and it is comfortable for long road trips. I do not like the interior because the fabric stains very easily, even if water drips on it when coming in from the rain.

- Nicole D

Everything is great and it is comfortable as well and runs smoothly.

I can't' think of to many problems with the car it is smooth driving car. It handles long road trips and the comfort and features are top gear. I do not even have to change the oil that much and the performance it has great gas mileage. It is one of the best cars that I have in a very long time.

- Antonio B

Back up camera. Helps so much.

I have no problems with my 2015 Honda Accord. It is a great car. Starts right up. It is a 4 cylinder and the pick up is great. I used to have a 6 cylinder and thought oh no. But it is really great. The backup camera is amazing. Really helps when in a parking lot with all the cars flying through.

- Lisa H

My Honda Accord was bought used and is still in great condition.

I enjoy driving my Honda-Accord. It's really not the best vehicle but it gets me from point A to Be with no issues. I bought it used and it has not given me much trouble since, other than a little problems with air conditioning now and then. It drives smoothly otherwise and has a nice interior.

- Abigail A

My Honda gets great gas mileage!

It is comfortable! I get really good gas mileage. Although I like having the Bluetooth it can be tricky at times. I do not like how easily the seats stain! There needs to be more capability to adjust the driver's seat. I like the low costs of maintenance. It is a good car that I enjoy driving.

- Maria W

Luxurious eco-friendly sedan

I love my 2015 Honda Accord hybrid touring. I bought it new and the only problem I've had in four years it the batter had to be replaced and standard maintenance on the vehicle. It feels very luxurious even after four years. I would highly recommend this vehicle to a friend or family member.

- Autumn T

It is an affordable luxury car.

I love my Honda accord. It offers a great mix of functionality and luxury. It is very versatile I could fit 3 car seats in the back when we had kids. It also works well for just two of us. It gets great gas mileage. I wish it was a little higher off the ground but otherwise it is a great car.

- Christina D

That it is very efficient,slick,and eco friendly. Has very good gas mileage.

Ex typically means an upgrade to include a moonroof and alloy wheels. Ex-l would be an upgrade to include leather interior. In certain years they have also had a base model (even lower than lx) and a sport model (between lx and ex), and the ex-l is also available with navigation as an option.

- Henry A

Honda accord 2018 great car.

I love my Honda accord. It is charcoal grey with black interior which I love. It is great on gas and has tinted windows. I have had no problems with it at all. It is very dependable transportation for a great price. Honda is well known for their longevity. Everyone at the dealership is nice.

- Beth C

My vehicle is a Honda Accord, and it�s silver and it�s very nice.

Overall, my vehicle is very perfect! There is nothing I don't like about it. Maybe I would like more technology but that would probably be it. For example maybe a bigger screen for the radio screen, and the map screen. But that probably be all the things I do and don't like about my vehicle.

- Beth R

The Accord is a great car!

The Honda Accord is reliable and comfortable. I feel safe driving it and I get good gas mileage. My favorite part is the camera on the right side side-view mirror, it allows me to see in my blind spot before turning or switching lanes. I also find that there is a good amount of trunk space!

- Lara L

Drives great and looks great!

The vehicle performs excellently. I live in a cold climate and have no problems starting in the winter. The sport model looks nice, but I found when I had to replace tires, that this model took a special tire which costs more than the standard ones. I intend to drive the car for many years.

- Jeanne L

I love my Honda Accord sport.

I love my Honda Accord sport. I have only had it for a couple of months. It is been a great car and I haven't had many issues so far other than general upkeep. I love the leather interior and added features including back up cam with a large screen. I have never had that before and love it.

- Kim W

My very own batmobile...On a budget.

Good mileage, nice design, the features are okay. The tires are expensive due to size. I have not had any issues with reliability and plan to lee current vehicle until I change to job where I do not drive as often. The seats are comfortable. There have not been any mechanical issues so far.

- Jarrett E

Very dependable vehicle and extremely comfortable.

My vehicle is extremely comfortable and very dependable. It has lots of options that are user friendly. Gets great gas mileage. Has beautiful leather interior and heated seats for comfort. Car is very comfortable for travel and the navigation is really dependable and user friendly as well.

- Melanie W

It's great reliability and at really good price. I would definitely buy this car again.

I have not had any problems with my Accord. I think 5he car is very pleasing to look at. It is sporty without being a sports car. The stereo is excellent. It gets good gas mileage and has a great ride. The one negative is that despite being front wheel drive it's not great in the snow

- Joeb B

Reliability. Seem to maintain their resale value and reliable.

The vehicle is reliable. I have not had any issues with this vehicle. It is comfortable enough for me to drive, decent on the gas mileage. The car performs well based upon my driving habits. With regular oil change and scheduled maintenance. I think that this vehicle will last a long time.

- Vee S

I love the Bluetooth capability for listening to my music from my phone

Smooth ride and very nice details. Love the touch radio and leather seats. Love the heated seats and motion sensors to let you know if you are close to something or not on the line. The headlights are really bright and you can see a really good distance in front of you if driving at night.

- Janet H

My favorite feature is the review view cam.

I really love my 2015 Honda Accord coupe. It has some great features including, rear view cam, seat warmers, cruise control, and a cool feature that warns when are approaching a vehicle in front of you and get a little too close. I have owned Honda Accords since 1990 and keep buying them!

- Pam H

One interesting thing about my car is that it has a digital speedometer.

Honda's are reliable vehicles. I would only consider having a vehicle that will be affordable and reliable. Honda's have been around for years and they run forever. This is why you see most parents buy this brand of car for their child's first car. The parents know they are quality cars.

- Tyler W

Mama's 2nd baby, it takes care of me and I take care of it!

I love my backup camera. Larger than many others. Very gas efficient! Maintenance is very low. Oil change and go. Haven't needed anything major just a few usual maintenance visits. I love the pick up. It has been extremely reliable. Thank god for this since we have to drive everywhere.

- Elizabeth K

Check out the Honda Accord today!

Honda is one of the best cars to own. They do not depreciate as much as some cars. I feel very confident driving this and the rearview camera is very convenient. I like the Wi-Fi feature it has. And I can use my Ipod. In the car which I really love. Please. Check out the Honda Accord.

- Judy M

Honda Accords are great on gas and reliable overall families.

My Honda Accord is fantastic on gas and has a smooth and relaxed drive. It also has plenty of room in the back for the passengers and plenty of trunk space! Safety features keeps me at east and safe while driving longer distances. The vehicle also looks cool and sleek on the outside.

- Christina A

Honda is awesome for everyone.

Great comfort and reliability. For sure everyone should drive one. These vehicles last forever and low maintenance costs and high resale. When choosing a color they all work well. The interior is designed to be easy and lots of handy cupholders. The ride is sporty and tight. Value.

- Debi B

It's a great model and they should looking into the car.

No complaints, great gas mileage, great drive. Nice color also with a nice interior. I can take this car into the city and have no problems at all. There is space in the back and good trunk space. Also an AUX cord in the car which helps. A lot of room for cups and other space areas.

- Angela A

I love it and I recommend it to anyone!

Great on gas which I love since I can get decent mileage for cheaper, perfect size for myself and my two children, repairs are a reasonable price and parts easy to find, and I love the style as well. CD and AUX plug in which I love, great sound system, slate black with chrome rims.

- Ann T

Small car has tons of pick up, comfort and beautifully sleek.

The Honda Accord coupe is incredibly comfortable and reliable! With this car I haven't had to compromise power or comfort. Although the car is small the front is spacious. The back seat however can be hard for people with long legs. We only put our dog back there so it is perfect!

- Kristin N

Awesome car, Honda Accord lx.

My Honda Accord four door sedan is dark gray and at a glance looks like a BMW. I love it. Would never buy any other brand of car, am a loyal Honda customer forever. The body style is so elegant, interior is gray as well. The wheel is easy to move and the ride is smooth not bumpy.

- Joy D

Smells nice and is aesthetically nice.

The car is not as good on gas as advertised I have to fill more than I expected it is also not as quiet of a ride as advertised and the car is expensive for a Honda. Also it burns oil at a fast rate also the airbags do not work properly the heating and cooking do not always work.

- Steve F

V-tech technology, I love it.

I like that is has low fuel consumption and that its very fast. It is very spacious and has a big trunk, but I do not like that it also has some low quality materials in it, like plastic on the door and dashboard. I wished for more high quality material, like wood and leather.

- Ruben R

Cheap plastic interior for the Honda 2015.

I really love this car! The only thing is that in my opinion the material from the interior of the car is made too cheaply! The plastic is not the best quality and it gets scratched too easily! Everything else is good! I just wished better materials for the car interior was used.

- Gabby T

I have moonroof with a windshield. I also have a personalized plate on my car.

Because the wheels are not deep sometimes I mess up the rims when I turn a corner. Cost me $450 to fix them. Still trying to get use to the way you turn a corner. It is almost like a truck when you try to turn because of the wheels. Wish the rims could be traded for regular rims.

- Debra H

Honda Accord 2015 should be your next car!

I love my Accord. It runs great, awesome gas mileage. I could not dream of a better, safer car to own. It has the best temperature control system, especially in the winter when I am freezing. The sound system is great. I always feel comfortable driving it or even just sitting it.

- Gina M

Honda Accord review. Car with super gas mileage.

This car gets really good gas mileage! The only thing I do not like is the trunk release on the floor. It does not work. I like the indicator that tells you how many miles left to go on your tank of gas. The window washer switch is hard to figure out. I like the auto headlights.

- Anne S

Honda is perfect for every phase in life!

My Honda Accord never goes out of style. It is reliable and comfortable for long trips! I love that it has all the features of a far more expensive sedan, while not breaking the bank for gas expenses and shop visits. I have always driven Honda's and have never been disappointed.

- Megan C

The best car brand for me.

This is one of 3 Hondas that I have owned and I find them to be extremely reliable, comfortable and fun cars to own. They perform excellently and have very good gas mileage. I would not consider them to be cutting edge, but they do keep up with the latest technology eventually.

- Jim W

Very happy with the vehicle and here is why

Haven't had any trouble with the vehicle, it handles great and has never let me down. I would highly recommend to any interested. The seats are spacious and easily fits up to five, the accessories such as AC get the job done. Gas is very inexpensive since the mileage is good.

- Josh A

Best sedan car in the market.

This vehicle does not give any problems at all. I love the performance on this car because it is really smooth and very comfortable. I would definitely recommend this car to any of my friends or family members. To make this car perfect it would need to have a navigation system.

- Cesar A

Great car at a great price.

Really great car. Runs smooth. . . Has great "get up and go" and can comfortably sit my very tall children. The gas mileage is great as well and I really do not have to fill up very often. I bought the maintenance package through the dealership and overall the car is very safe.

- Brian S

2015 Honda accord is amazing.

Leather, sunroof, cruise, climate control, fog lights, back up camera, right turn camera, front collision warning, lane departure warning, USB auxiliary and Bluetooth. Reads text messages. Great gas mileage and most comfortable car I have ever owned. Heated seats! No problems.

- Emily A

Love it. Very reliable. I was really surprised that I would enjoy driving it as this was my first Honda I've purchased.

My vehicle is very good on gas. I love the capability of having bluetooth. It is very comfortable. Honda's are known for lasting a long time and for their reliability. I have had my vehicle for 3 years and I have not had any problems. I would recommend purchasing a Honda.

- Valerie S

Check out Honda, the affordable mobile.

So far I have had no problems with the Honda Accord. It is easy to drive. Gets me to where I need to go has cheap affordable gas. Good durability for long road trips. Go check out the Honda Accord and take it for a test drive. It has a couple great colors for you choose from.

- Vee J

Very efficient in all ways.

It is an extremely comfortable ride. Smooth driving, great gas mileage, reliable make. We love the power and the speed and look forward to having the car for a long time. And we got it for a great price! We definitely will consider purchasing a Honda when we get another car.

- Michelle V

Great car with great features!

This vehicle drives smooth. Has great features like navigation and lane assist. Leather heated seats as well. Great car and haven't had any problems with it thus far. If you are looking for a luxury vehicle but do not want to pay a luxury price then this is the car for you!

- Natasha A

One of the best features of my Honda Accord V6 Touring is the Technology package.

My vehicle is a Honda Accord V6 Touring. It is a special edition for the year 2015. This vehicle has built in navigation, side mirror right lane viewing when signal is used, heated seats and many safety features. I feel safe and comfortable when driving my Honda. I love it!

- Jean S

Great everyday vehicle, nothing fancy but is dependable and cost effective.

Good driving car was nice size for teaching my daughter to drive, a little noisy, good mileage, got the basic interior not the greatest quality but it is sufficient, floor mats were pretty cheap, good trunk space and fold down back seat was nice when carrying a lot stuff.

- Michael D

Reliable and stylish Honda Accord.

I love my Honda Accord. It is sedan with four doors gets great gas mileage has many features that I enjoy. It is a Honda so it is very reliable and has several safety features. It does not require much maintenance beyond standard oil changes and other routine maintenance.

- Christina D

My Honda Accord handles well and is a fun car to drive

I love my Honda accord. It drives smooth and handles well. I love the push button start. The bluetooth feature to connect my phone is a well used accessory. The only thing I don't like is sometimes the push button doesn't work well if the remote is not in a certain range.

- brandy h

You can have all the benefits of a luxury car, at an affordable price.

I love all of the features I have. The luxury items that I enjoy, like leather seats, power everything, moonroof and push to start is what makes me love my car. Also, how the car automatically unlocks when I reach for the door has saved me so much trouble carrying thing.

- Tibi A

Affordability and dependability.

Great performance, affordable gas mileage, easy to drive, dependable and spacious. It is a car you can have for many years and not have to worry that it will perform negatively. Parts are affordable as well. It is a well made vehicle and you will not regret the purchase.

- Jenny U

My Honda is a great all around sedan.

I love everything about my car's performance, reliability, and features. I have a problem with the comfort of my car's passenger seat. The height of the seat cannot be adjusted. This seat is so uncomfortable for my knees and legs that I cannot sit in the passenger seat.

- Jennifer C

You get a very safe feeling driving it.

I've had 4 Honda Accords. I like the fact that there's room in the front seat and in the back seats. In fact, the Accord I had before the 2015 one, I gave to my grandson and he also loves the car (even though in the beginning, he thought of it as an "old person's car

- mary W

The accord sport is fuel efficient and looks sharp.

I love my Honda accord sport. It has great features including leather interior, Bluetooth, and rear backup cam. I love the eco mode for keeping my fuel saving in check. Sometimes my lead foot gets the best of me and it is nice to see my fuel reminder stay in the green.

- Kimberly W

Excellent gas mileage and looks sporty for a sedan.

The car gets approx. 30 mpg which is excellent considering the price of gas. It rides very smoothly and is roomy for a sedan. The car is very affordable and I have had no issues at all regarding maintenance. Just oil changes and tires. Honda’s are all very reliable.

- Jeff B

Bluetooth capabilities and backup camera

I don't have any problems with my car. It gets around 30 mpg, I do wish that it got more than that though. It is very reliable and it really has some pep for a 4 cylinder. I love the fact that it has USB ports for charging, a backup camera, and Bluetooth capabilities.

- Amber S

Love my zippy Honda accord!

This car is very dependable. It is easy to drive. It feels substantial and although it is four-cylinder it has quite a bit of power. The seats are comfortable, it is good on gas and it is a very responsive car. I like that it has seat warmers and the rearview camera.

- Deborah W

Its a Honda of course it's great.

This is a great car with all the bells and whistles. It has a sunroof, right turn display. The takeoff is quick. The gas mileage is good too. The push to start is amazing. I just wish it had remote start due to it being so cold all the time. The turning is good too.

- Shay B

It's environmentally friendly and safe.

I love that it's a hybrid, which makes it environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. It is a nice blue color. It has modern features and connects with my cell phone. What I dislike is that it's a lot longer than my last car and difficult to park in limited spaces.

- Jennie D

Great car for anyone, highly recommended!

Very comfortable, trunk is spacious, drives smooth. I have not had any technical problems with this car yet and I have had the car for about 8 months now. The seating is comfortable, back seats are spacious, pretty much anyone can fit in the back and be comfortable.

- Ryan Z

Perks of owning a Honda Accord.

Very comfortable. Great accessibility features on steering wheel including volume and music controls and Bluetooth controls. One issue is that seats are a light colored cloth material which is prone to staining but overall a very smooth and comfortable car to drive.

- Nora C

Ride along with me and my get up and go vehicle.

I love driving my car. It is a smooth ride. The V6 has the get up and go I need when I am on the highway. I know that my car will go and go. I wish it had the Apple technology that the newer models have. The oil is easy to change and tire maintenance is a breeze.

- Melissa F

It's reliable and a great car for everyday and casual trips.

I love the gas mileage/reliability of the Honda Accord. It is spacious/roomy and is a great car for virtually anything (i.e commuting, road trips). I only wish there were proximity sensors (which I feel like should be in all cars), but otherwise have no complaints.

- Dominique M

Nothing, everything on the Honda is bad. Battery, brake problems.

Battery problems the car is a real lemon, Honda should re-evaluate the accord and make it a better model. 3 recalls on the first 2 years and still experiencing battery problems. I don't think people should buy Honda since the gas mileage is bad as well. Real lemon.

- Robert Z

"Is that an Audi?" Our Honda hybrid.

It makes me car sick so I don't ride in it a lot. Other than that it's dependable and attractive as far as non-luxury cars go. It's starting to "feel" old after three years, but there haven't been any major problems at all. It's maybe the nicest looking hybrid too.

- Carolyn W

Honda accord is a dependable great value.

Reliable, economical, efficient, safe, low cost of repair, easy access to parts and great fuel efficiency. Have been happy with the vehicle. Great for commutes and long distance business trips. Would highly recommend the vehicle to those looking for a new vehicle.

- Gordon G

The trunk doesn't have a keyhole.

This is my second Honda, it's great on gas mileage and low on maintenance. Most interior features are up to date. The cabin is spacious and interior is easy to clean. I only wished that it had a push button start, which I think is only available in certain models.

- Tia S

The first vehicle I have that has a side view camera!!

My vehicle is reliable. It's very comfortable and great on gas! The newer models are packed with features like fcw side view camera reverse camera sunroof leather. Great affordable vehicle and also a great size sedan! Would recommend to a friend or family member!

- Jessica C

The perfect car, great on gas.

I love it, great reliable and very beautiful to look at, great on gas. The inside is spacious, and I love having the cameras. Hondas hold their value, so if I want to sale it in a couple years I will get my money worth. I couldn't be happier with having my Honda.

- Lindsay D

Honda accord pro/con list.

Love it. Got a good deal. Good on gas. Am/FM/XM radio. Phone connection. Sunroof. Problem is interior color being beige. The seats stain when anything hits them, even water. Also wish I had larger seats. Also wish I had remote start. Love my backup camera though.

- Alison M

How I feel about my car and its features.

This is a quality, certified pre owned vehicle. It is really nice. I wish is had seats and a sunroof for this make and model. I would also like it if the seats adjusted electronically and not manually. I enjoy the rearview/back up camera and the handsfree option.

- Andrea J

I love this car because it has great gas mileage!

This car gets great gas mileage! I only dislike the trunk release from the inside - it does not seem to work well. I love the backup camera. The seats are very comfortable. I like the miles left to go indicator on the dash, and I like the roominess of the trunk,

- Anne S

Love trying it to work everyday! I love the style of my car!

I love my car! It saves me a lot of money on gas and I never have problems! It runs really smooth. Always ready for me to drive. This car was the best choice I have bad. It is good with gas. I only need to fill it up once a week and I am good. I love it so much.

- Raul V

Would recommend Honda Accord to anyone.

Love it! Extremely comfortable and spacious. Bought it used from a dealership and I haven't experienced any issues yet. Most I have dealt with was a flat tire which wasn't overly expensive to replace. Oil changes are reasonably priced. Would recommend to anyone!

- Savannah M

Honda accord ex sleek and cool design. Blind spot viewing is amazing

Absolutely love my Honda accord! Great on gas. Very reliable car. Love the heated seats. Reverse camera. Love the sleek design. Sun/moonroof. 8 speaker stereo system. Chrome grill. Steel chassis for safety. 185 horsepower. Power driver seat. All power controls.

- Kerri B

Good vehicle - ok price - ok dealership.

I love my vehicle. Only issue I have had since I bought it new was the paint started to peel off. The dealership took care of it, but only because I had a warranty on paint and inside of vehicle. Overall it has been a great vehicle and I can't complain to date.

- Spencer W

Too many service issues with Honda.

The starter went already, need new tires for not even driving it very long. Had to get 2 new Cadillac converters. The salesman should of never sold me a sport vehicle at my age. Their maintenance fees are way to high at the Honda dealership when it is serviced.

- Beverly L

Exceptional car. I love all the features and great price for a 2015.

I love my Honda Accord 2015. It has a great sound system, large screen, comfortable chairs, a lot of room in the front back and trunk. I recommend it for anybody and everybody it's a great car. Also it has aux, roadside assistance, and steering help. I love it.

- Laura L

Very reliable and fun to drive.

This vehicle is great it is the most reliable car I have ever owned. Looks great also. I have never had a performance issue with it. As long as it is maintained I believe this is the best you can get for the price. Lot of room. Sits 5 people very comfortable.

- Tina K

It is an all around great vehicle for your money.

I love this car. Dependable, great gas mileage, great value for your money good family car, kids love it, comfortable, compact,great freeway driver, no maintenance issues, family car, all year round car, great stock vehicle, great stereo, good on long trips.

- Kerry H

My vehicle gets a lot of miles per gallon.

I have a 2015 Honda Accord. I really like this car. I love the gas mileage, the radio, the interior, the space inside of the vehicle. The ride is a lot smoother than the other cars I have had and it is very reliable. I get really good gas mileage per gallon.

- Destiny W

My vehicle is awesome and gives me a smooth ride every trip the inside is beauty.

My Honda is excellent it gives me a smooth ride no matter the weather. The interior is black and its comfortable very clean a/c is always cool and when need the heat kicks up well too. The rims are a nice finish and it's all black with a silver lining on it.

- Alexis J

This car is super nice and I love it

My car has so many nice features including heated seats, sport mode, a sunroof, air conditioning, heating, leather seats, GPS, a backup camera, a blind spot camera, and a safety system that notifies me when I'm getting too close to a vehicle in front of me.

- Colleen S

2015 Honda accord. It features smooth ride, sleek interior.Great car to drive.

The Honda accord is an industry leader for a reason. Our 2015 accord has sleek stylish interior. Like the dashboard and dual a/c and heating controls. Nice control and smooth ride. One thing I do not like is proprietary parts and more expensive oil changes.

- Ria G

2015 Honda Accord - very reliable and dependable vehicle.

My 2015 Honda Accord is a very good-looking vehicle, interior and exterior. It gets very good gas mileage. I have never had a problem with this vehicle to date. It is very reliable and I always benefit from the safety features on long trips to other states.

- Joan E

Bluetooth leather seats touch screen.

Great vehicle, great features, runs smoothly, no problems, fast, touch screen, nice speakers, very spacey, nice moonroof, comfy, everyone loves it, Bluetooth, cup holders, overall great car, never had any problems with it, black exterior with leather seats.

- Alexa T

A reliable, comfy car that drives smooth and feels safe.

I have had this car (used) for one year and it has been very reliable. It is comfortable, but the seats are bouncy when you hit bumps. The biggest problem I've run into is that the clock keeps getting behind and you can't adjust it while the car is moving.

- Danielle S

It is a very comfortable ride.

The accord is a durable and reliable vehicle, only requiring timely maintenance. I dislike the current interface with Bluetooth, as I find it needs daily programming, in order to use it. Overall, the Honda accord is a good choice for common transportation.

- John A

Honda Accord coupe 6 cylinder w/ 2-tone interior.

It is sometimes sluggish (especially for a v6) but it handles well. The leather seats are so comfy & stylish. The exterior has a sleek look & Honda service is amazing (fair & not overpriced). Love the right side camera that can stay on for highway driving.

- Paula A

Honda accord is a great car overall.

Very reliable car. Never had any issues so far. Very comfortable ride. Love the side camera and rear camera. The dashboard has really good flow. Brakes are starting to squeak but it's been a few years now, so that's to be expected. A lot of passenger room.

- Cameron H

Battery replaced early on. It was under warranty, but still frustrating given it was a newer car.

like: space, power, safety, style, most features (touring) dislike: passenger seat does not adjust in height, comfort of front seats, dead battery in less than 2 years, front led lights burning out & extremely expensive to replace...thank god for warranty!

- Aphro T

Honda Accord 2015 - reliable and fuel efficient

It is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. I love the Bluetooth feature which comes standard. My wife has a 2018 which comes standard with a backup camera. The car handles great and the Honda dealership does a great job of keeping the car maintained.

- Chad S

Smoothest ride and best handling of any car I have ever owned.

Drives like a dream. Smooth as silk, comfortable, roomy, my dream car. Shifts seamlessly, safest economical luxury version available in a midsize sedan. I cannot imagine owning any other vehicle because I love this Accord so very much. It is my dream car.

- Melissa M

My vehicle is very reliable and I love the color.

Reliability, good on gas fill tank for less, no issues as far as needing parts. I always feel secure when I get in the car. Comfortable easy to use all features in car, insulation good never cold in winter and heats up fast. Has not broken down on me yet.

- Cindy J

My Honda accord. This is the most reliable car I ever bought.

Since I bought my car it never displayed any kind of trouble. I love it because it is reliable, comfortable and run smoothly. Every three months I take it to a car mechanic for check up and engine analysis to be sure it does not break down any time soon.

- Morgan E

All the features of Honda Accord v6.

It has the full package. Very comfortable and reliable. Navigation leather. I was just told I need a new timing belt. The radio system is awesome. I am also happy that I can talk on the through the car and it also has a moonroof. I really do love my car.

- Sonya D

My Honda features a backup camera, navigation system, and heated seats.

The Honda accord has very low maintenance requirements. I believe that it performs comparable to most luxury vehicles, such as backup camera, navigations system., etc. It has all of features that I would have had to pay extra for on most luxury vehicles.

- Betty J

This car is financially sufficient and cute.

I haven't had any problems with my Honda. It drives great and is good on gas. The car seats are easily stained but that is no real problem. I would recommend this car to every young adult it is very financially sufficient as long as you take care of it.

- First Name I

NJ Honda driver with features.

The Honda accord has all updated technology. This car does ride a little noisy but the room inside is adequate. This current car has a few recall but once Honda gets it together and fix them it should be excellent.Honda makes a reliable and sturdy car.

- Loren S

Trippy back seats. If you are going on a “trip’” this is the car to drive.

My Honda Accord has not had any problems. It performs perfectly, handles great and is very comfortable. It has an abundance of features that makes driving fun: push button start, leather seats, hands free Bluetooth phone use, and touch screen settings.

- Shelley C

The Accord and it is many features.

This car is a very comfortable and solidly built vehicle. I have had no mechanical issues with the vehicle to date. The features are really nice and make the time in the car very relaxing. The trunk space is adequate and the leg space is exceptional.

- Shelley D

Love my car plenty of space and come in a lot of good colors.

My car is good on the highway and great on gas. I love all the features Bluetooth, carplay and also have GPS. I have cloth seats and seats warmers. It has plenty of leg space in the front and back. They come in quite a few good colors. I love my car.

- Wanda W

Love â

Honda is a very reliable car. It is comfortable and smooth riding. Look really good on the road. Excellent value in comparison to other vehicles it's size. no problems vehicle, dependable I highly recommend a Honda accord for any family or person

- Latonya S

One of the best cars available for purchase. You don't need to buy high end luxury cars to feel spoiled.

I love the luxury feel without the expensive price. I love that my car is reliable and dependable. It is perfect for me and my family. It has great gas mileage. I love the performance and handling of my car and the service the dealership provides.

- Raleigh B

I love the looks of the car. Very sporty but a decent sized car.

I have had quite a few problems out of this car, such as; oil filter problems, battery problems, transmission problems, tire problems (not the tires the self but after having them rotated, balanced, and aligned it still drove very rough and loud).

- Haley W

Overall for the price for this sedan it is affordable and reliable.

Virtually no problems with the 2015 model of the Honda Accord sport. Very reliable assuming you do regular maintenance. Good features, but could use a GPS built in which was not an option or even an add-in option like it is on the touring model.

- Paul B

It feels like a very safe car to drive. I've had it for a little over a year and have never had a problem with it.

I love how smoothly it runs. My old car broke down every month and my Honda is very reliable. It's got lots of room and cloth seats. One small thing that I dislike is that you can't adjust the direction of the air vents as much as I'd like to.

- Katharine S

I love the look and feel of Hondas.

I really like the performance and handling of the car. It is highly reliable with excellent gas mileage. The past car we had was also an Accord and it was totaled in an accident but was extremely good in protecting us. I will always buy Honda.

- Manesh U

Number one student car that will least.

The 2015 Honda Accord is very good car for a student like me it good on gas and it is very cheap to maintain you spend about 50 dollars on gas and to me it least me about two weeks and also 60 dollar oil change that will least about 4 months.

- Amin A

It's a amazing car trust me

I totally love it since it has a good amount of space and is very comfortable to drive. I decided to buy it on a promotional event from our local Honda dealer and it was love at first site. The price was eh but overall i think it was worth it

- Lewis K

How economical it is. 500+ miles on a full tank of 15 gallons.

I have a Black Honda Accord 2015. I absolutely love my car because it is not only economical, but also very comfortable. I can go 500+ miles on a 15 gallon tank, at about $50. The interior is spacious as is the trunk.No complaints whatsoever.

- Ana Z

"2015 Honda Accord -- Affordable and Reliable"

I like my 2015 Honda Accord because it has a well spacious cabin, a good bit of engine power, and great fuel economy in terms of mpg. Only problem is that it has dull steering responses, and its navigation and bluetooth is a bit hit-or-miss.

- Ryan S

The safety features of my car and how well it handles in all types of weather

I like the comfort that my vehicle provides for my family and myself. I like the feeling of having a large piece of metal around me. The car drives very nice and is quiet. It handles turns well and travels easily at a good speed.

- deborah p

Safe, reliable car with great features that will be perfect for your small family.

Black Honda Accord with black interior offers a smooth reliable ride. Bluetooth capable along with USB ports to plug in your phone, ipad, etc. It roomy and feels safe for my family of little ones to ride in with a worry free drive.

- Celena P

The vehicle is black and has a back up rear view camera.

My vehicle rides smoothly and comfortable. A lot of room in the front and the in the passenger's seat I have not had any problems with my vehicle. The paint does not chip when I go through the car wash. It is great on the highway.

- Porsche J

The fuel range and getting 35 mpg on the hw is great.

The car is extremely comfortable, the ride is very smooth. I drive the car every day on the highway and in traffic and even still the ride is enjoyable. I owned a Volvo previously and I prefer my Honda. The mileage is spectacular.

- Colleen H

It is fun to drive and very cool.

My Honda Accord EXL is the nicest car I have ever owned. It has all the goodies that make driving a pleasure. It is low to the ground which increases handling... The only thing I do not live is the power of the 4 cylinder engine.

- Keith P

Honda Accord 2015 good review.

No problems, also includes sport mode, which is great because it transitions easy runs smoothly, only problem is recall issues that I am still getting. Gas mileage is really great and also had eco mode, which saves a lot on gas.

- Torre-ann C

That it is good on gas mileage.

No complaints love it good gas mileage never had problem with it had 3 years now.. I really like this car I use it everywhere I go...It has everything I need for my daily travels to from work and comfortable enough use all time.

- Michael M

It can go a long distance on a tank of gas (over 400 miles)

pickup is not as good as my previous car (4 cylinder engine vs 6 cylinder engine). Has a rearview camera, but I can't see the screen in daylight because of the glare. some of the chrome on the interior reflects light in my eyes

- Brenda R

Very comfortable and affordable.It drives very smooth easy to handle.

Honda accords are very good cars reliable,affordable,and low maintenance.I love them so much after my first one got stolen I bought another one the following year.I would definitely recommend buying a Honda Accord to everyone.

- Rahjan B

2015 Honda Accord sport with wind noise.

The vehicle is a reliable vehicle with good gas mileage. It is moderately comfortable with minimum features. The car has had a problem with wind noise around driver’s door, and the dealership was unable to resolve the issue.

- Lori M

Great mileage especially for long commutes on the highway!

I like how the vehicle is reliable. Very good mileage - I get to save a lot of money on gas despite my very long commute. Smooth ride with Bluetooth capabilities. There's nothing to dislike about it. I wouldn't change a thing.

- Han P

That when the battery dies and you get a replacement, it has 100 month warranty.

Very good car. The gas mileage is good. I got it certified used in 2016 so maybe I haven't had it long enough to give a grand review about it but for the time I have had it, it is treated me well except for the minor things.

- Sonia D

I feel I get great gas mileage with my car additionally.

What I like the most about my vehicle is the dependability and reliability of vehicle and relatively good reputation of the maker and what I dislike about my vehicle is some recalls for it in the last couple of years or so.

- Seth R

Unlike my last couple cars, I purchased the vehicle.

I get good gas mileage and it drives well even in the snow. I do not drive as much as I used to because of work, but my girlfriend uses it more frequently. I purchased with the idea of being able to resell down the line.

- sam c

Even though it is a sedan, it is not great on gas.

I don't like driving my car on the interstate, due to feeling like my car is to light. By to light, I mean, if it is a windy day, my car will be all over the road. The carpet is hard to vacuum. I like the Bluetooth option.

- Nancy B

The mps, the cool radio system, that you can connect your phone and it has many feature. It is great, nothing has gone wrong and it is a good quality car.

I love my car, it is stylish and compact, it also has a very cool radio system where I can answer my calls. The mpg saves me a lot. For a vehicle with 2 doors it is very comfortable. I would recommend this car to everyone.

- Mila E

It is a very dependable car.

I like that it is a practical, comfortable, & reliable car. I also like that it gets great gas mileage. The only thing I dislike is I wish the folding rear seat was a split folding seat rather than a single folding seat.

- Andrea T

I love my 2015 Honda Accord.

I have found no problems at all with my Honda Accord. I love the camera when I am backing up as I do not worry if anyone or anything is behind me. It has excellent power and handles wonderfully. I get great gas mileage.

- Marcia L

2015 Honda Accord rocks!!

My 2015 Honda Accord sport is exceptional! It is light, eco friendly, sturdy and very appealing. I chose the microfiber interior which cleans easily. I will definitely get another Honda Accord when the timing is right.

- Amanda C

It is a lot faster than you’d expect.

What I most enjoy about my vehicle is the gas mileage. On the highway I can get up to 60 miles per gallon. I also appreciate the backup camera it has. It is perfect for living in the city. I do not have any complaints.

- Jacob T

Honda Accord - reliability and comfort!

This Honda Accord is the most reliable and comfortable car I have ever owned. Some of the features I like are the automatic back view camera, the Bluetooth function for your phone and the automatic door lock function.

- June T

It's worth upgrading from a Civic!

I like how roomy it is- we can fit a car seat plus 4 average sized adults in it, as well as tons of trunk space. It feels like it's made with quality materials. We love Honda longevity and the good gas mileage we get.

- Bethany A

The automatic driver safety alerts are extremely useful.

The vehicle has had almost no maintenance problems. It is reasonably fuel efficient. The automatic notifications for moving out of lane or sudden stops ahead are very useful and have stopped at least one accident.

- Raymond S

It will drive forever with very little maintenance beyond the basics.

Most reliable car on the market. For the value and ROI it is not comparable. Great gas mileage 400+ freeway on one tank. Features for the sport model are good. Only issue is no built-in GPS only touring model had.

- Jimbo B

Others should know about my car is that it is made from a reliable company.

I like that my vehicle is dependable and fairy new. I also like that is a very safe car for children and that is has a economy button that helps me save gas. I dislike that the interior of the car is not leather.

- J G

My Honda Accord is safe, reliable and a high-quality car for a low cost and low maintenance.

I bought this car because it has outstanding long-term value for its price. The car, although bottom of the line, is very well appointed, luxurious and comfortable. It is safe, reliable, and cheap to maintain.

- bekahg l

It's hard to pick one thing. My car is cute, comfortable, safe and reliable.

I like my car a lot. It is a good size and gets good gas mileage. It is also comfortable and I think stylish. I believe Honda has a good reputation for making safe and reliable vehicles at an affordable price.

- Rachael S

Great fuel economy and a smooth ride, in a family friendly package.

I love the fuel economy and economy mode. I also like the sunroof and ample space for my kids. I wish it had a tire pressure monitor that actually sensed the pressure instead of just a balance between the 3.

- Drew W

It is a pretty reliable car and gets good gas mileage.

It is very reliable and drives nicely. I like the dual heat/ac on driver and passengers side. I wish it had a different set up for aux cables and usbs and the visual style of the exterior is not my favorite.

- Miranda R

This car has power built in to it. It may look like a standard sedan, but it will blow for socks off.

I have the 4 door V6. It is powerful, sporty, and sleek. I love that it has enough for my family, but when I want to drive fast, I can feel the power it has under the hood. I absolutely love this car.

- Robert A

Reliable and fun daily vehicle

My car is great. Very reliable brand. Service and maintenance is very easy and affordable at the dealership. I have the short version and it adds a little fun to the drive. Car drives great. No issues

- Adam C

Others should know it's a great car and they should consider it if they're looking for one.

What I like about my car is it looks great, it drives great. It's really comfortable and has a large trunk space. It gets good MPG as well. It's all around a great card and I'm really happy with it.

- Christopher H

I have no regrets about buying it.

This car is a pleasure to drive, smooth and fuel efficient. It has a nice sleek look and I know Accords are safe family cars that tend to hold their value. I have had no issue with the car thus far.

- Haley S

It is a gas saver, and Honda makes long lasting cars.

It is a pretty good car, good on gas and it is a 4 door vehicle. Honda makes pretty long lasting cars and I am excited to have bought this car. My car is overall comfortable, roomy, and a gas saver.

- Miracle C

I am going to summarize this as being smooth coasting ride.

I really believe Honda's runs pretty smooth great engines, but the best part about it is if things goes wrong on your car more times than not you can work on it yourself they have that easy access.

- James W

The Honda Accord is reliable and gets excellent gas mileage.

I love my Honda Accord because it is reliable. It gets great gas mileage and I know it will last a long time. This is my second Honda Accord, and based on past experience, I know it is dependable.

- Erica F

The car is spacious, reliable, great with fuel, and is a good quality purchase.

Electrical problems and a hair in my clearcoat. The car is very spacious, the eco friendly button is amazing, the fuel efficiency is great. The car is reliable, the car is a good quality purchase.

- Roger H

My car is spacious. Has awesome climate heating and a/c. Very affordable and is very sleek looking.

I love that my car presents the look of an expensive make car but is affordable pricing. My car has been very reliable and is very spacious. It also has extremely good a/c and technology factors.

- Krista B

It is reliable and nice to drive. It has leather seats and a sun roof.

I like how it drives. I like how it looks and it is reliable. It is a good car for the money. It has a lot of features like the backup camera and the camera on the passages side for lane changes.

- Denise S

It gets great gas mileage.

I love Honda. I especially love my accord. I have never had a mechanical issue. It is super dependable and very comfortable. Gets great gas mileage. I love the hands free features for my phone.

- Cathy B

My Honda Accord has held up to all the high standards I expect in a vehicle. It's stylish, offering all the "tech" niceties with rich leather. I haven't had any performance issues, making sure to get All recommended services, like oil changes, etc. As far as gas... couldn't ask for a better car to help make every gallon go it's furthest.

That it's stylish and makes me feel protected and up to date. This vehicle has not given me any problems with routine services. And that for a larger type sedan it actually is fantastic in gas.

- Mechelle A

It is a stick shift, with six gears.

I like how small it is, but roomy in the inside. Has a great takeoff and stop. The gas mileage is amazing. I love how easily my phone connects to my car. The back up cam is especially helpful.

- Tatiana M

If you love a car that can move and make some natural roars will revving.

Honestly to me there isn't anything wrong, it has some fun speed you can put to use. This isn't a car for people who can't drive, it is very elusive. Hard to control at first but then its fun.

- Joey B

It's amazing on gas and comfortable.

I love my car as it's new and clean. I love how big it is inside, It has plenty of room for my car seat, stroller, etc. The only thing I don't like is there is no sunroof or navigation system.

- Alexis W

Reliable all the way, Honda Accord and low maintenance.

It is very reliable. I have only had an issue once and it was my fault. If you put the oil changes in and do regular maintenance this car can last at least 150, 000 miles with no major fixes.

- Prescott L

The Honda Accord, affordable and a comfortable ride.

I love my Honda Accord. It drives smooth and gets great gas Mileage. The seats are comfortable and the interior is attractive and all instruments are easy to use. The car has great features.

- Dana C

The ease of driving and dependable nature of the vehicle is awesome and the overall reputation of the Honda Accord gives a sense of safety and security.

I love the way my car drives and handles the road. The shape of the accord is stylish. The reputation it has as a great reliable vehicle is great. I will be a loyal Honda customer for life.

- Matilde M

Retains value because it is so long lasting and dependable.

I love my Honda Accord! It is my 4th Honda over the last 30 years, and it is just as dependable as each of my previous Hondas. It gets great gas mileage and is very inexpensive to maintain.

- Mary M

I think the main thing others should about this car is it's Safety, reliability, inexpensive, and fun. Also, a fun fact a lot of people think my car looks like a bmw until they see the Honda logo

Very good and sharp looking car for a reasonable price. My Honda gets great gas mileage, It's reliable and dependable. I do wish it was a push to start, a sunroof and digital spedomintor.

- Nick T

The Honda is dependable. We never have to worry about it starting and getting us where we are going.

We have had 3 Honda's and you can tell we like them since we keep buying them. It is a safe, comfortable car and easy to drive. They last for a long time with very few repairs needed.

- Barb E

How dependable it is, and how well it runs.

I like that the car is easy and comfortable to drive and that it is dependable. I do not like the steering wheel design nor the dash 'storage space' in the 2015 as well as in the 2003.

- Molly M

Reliable and safe to drive. Durable and have good resale value.

Reliable car with good acceleration and speed. Energy economy feature saves gasoline. Low maintenance saves yearly costs. The only complain is the Navigation system is not up to date.

- Art R

I have the V6 coupe model Accord, which was fairly uncommon while it was produced and now is not made anymore at all.

No dislikes, other than the fact that Honda doesn't make a 2-door Accord coupe model anymore. I'm glad I got one before production on them stopped. Some of us do still like coupes.

- Sidious D

I feel Honda provides reliability. This model also has a sunroof option, which I use frequently.

I do like my Honda, it is very comfortable, and I have had no issues mechanically with the car. I like the back-up camera and side camera and the dashboard controls are easy to use.

- Heather S

It is a reliable and safe vehicle with a comfortable ride.

It is a comfortable ride but still has plenty of power of acceleration. It has the features I want such as backup and blind spot cameras. The car is safe and gets good gas mileage.

- Tim t

Honda's are a dependable car. I don't have to worry about a lot of upkeep.

I love my Honda. It's reliable, comfortable, and high performance. This is my third Honda. I can't imagine buying any other brand. The cost is on point. You get a lot for that cost.

- Ann M

It is well maintained. I drive very safely , especially if conditions are not ideal.

I really like my car because of the way it drives smoothly. Parking is easier because of the back up camera. I used this car during drivers education class and for the driving test.

- Marie H

2 door cars are beautiful.

Like: 2 door styling, v6 power, big trunk, color, Honda sensing, backup camera, heated seats, push button start, connects to phone for hands-free calls. Dislikes: no complaints yet.

- Kris D

It is an extremely comfortable and fun car to drive.

I enjoy the comfort, ease and gas mileage. The car's electronic functionality from seat warmers to navigation is impressive. I have experienced wear issues with the center console.

- Travis K

It's a Honda and it's a hybrid, so you'll be getting a car that will last forever and cost you half of your gas bill. Worth the investment.

It's a hybrid, which means I get wonderful gas mileage. It's comfortable and roomy inside, with a decent trunk storage space for a sedan. The interior is holding up very well also.

- Meagan M

Go Honda or Go Home, as I always say!

My 2015 Honda Accord is great! Dependable and reliable. I look forward to not breaking down or having issues with my vehicle. Comfortable, financially reasonable. I love my Honda.


Honda Accord the color on my car is like a glittery dark blue and the inside seats are light grey color

I love my Honda I haven't had any problems with it I do my regular maintenance on it the only thing I have done major in the past 3 years is buy a battery other then that the best

- Martha H

It has great handling except in the snow and was very affordable.

It has a great ride. It is sporty looking but not a sports car. It is pretty good on mileage. It has the right amount of gadgets without being overwhelming. It is dependable

- Joe B

Its a two door coupe thus there is not a lot of trunk space and its low to the ground

It's a 2015 Honda Accord Coupe. I like two door vehicles. I like the way the car handles the road, I like the way the interior is designed and I like the exterior appearance.

- Keith W

Great car with low owner costs!

I love this car - it is reliable and the out of pocket costs are minimal. It has all the necessary features without a big price tag. Just take a drive in one and you will see.

- Michelle C

The safety features of the right turn camera and the back up camera and great gas mileage.

I like the safety features of the back up camera and right turn camera. I like the style design of the car. I like the great gas mileage. I like the Bluetooth phone feature.

- Sarah P

The Honda Accord is the best bang for your buck.

The Honda Accord is safe comfortable and very easy to drive. It offers good visibility and handling. One problem is the battery died and needed to be replaced after 1 year.

- Anthony B

It has a sport shift mode for quicker acceleration.

The car is stylish, smooth running with no real issues other than a broken trunk release. The seating is not super comfortable but it is not extremely uncomfortable either.

- Richard Y

Honda Accord 2015 model, no major issues after driving for 3 years

I really like the features of the Honda Accord. You can sync buttons in the car to your garage or entry gate for a neighborhood. The backup camera system is very helpful.

- Priscilla H

It is a very reliable car

I like how my accord turns into sport mode but also has an ecosystem. When I need speed it fulfills my needs and when I need to save a couple of bucks is does the job too.

- Kaelly I

The gas mileage. I can get over 40mpg easily on the highway and anywhere between 25-35 mpg in town.

I like the gas mileage and the smooth ride. I dislike the noise and the inability to shift the steering wheel lower. I overall enjoy the car and am glad I purchased it.

- Natalie J

My car gets absolutely Great gas mileage and cheap to fill up

I absolutely love the gas mileage. The car is sleek and sporty. It has a very comfortable ride. The sport package makes my insurance higher. I don't like CVT transmission

- Kimberly G

It's great for road trips! Very comfortable ride, and plenty of interior space.

The biggest complaint is that we don't want to get it dirty. When we first purchased the vehicle we were unaware that we would be wanting to haul trash/brush/hay/animals.

- Rashelle C

My car has a backup camera as well as a right turn signal camera that is very useful.

I like that the car is spacious on the inside while not being too big and taking up too much space. I dislike the dated stereo system but it is a 2015 car so it's decent.

- Kelvin N

It's the perfect mid-size, non luxury sedan.

It's a very dependable car. It has high customer satisfaction rate. It's rated high for both safety and fuel efficiency. It handles well and has great interior design.

- Rick S

The car is a good all around car for everyday use with good gas mileage.

Great quality vehicle that is dependable. I love the backup camera feature and the Bluetooth and aux capability. The space is great both inside the car and in the trunk.

- Sarah M

It's a car that you can use for many years and won't have to worry about expensive repairs.

Everything is great about the car. It runs smooth and is fuel efficient. The car could be a little more smooth in terms of the sound, a little more quiet could be nice.

- Kaytlin D

The very affordable, reliable family car with great MPG.

I love the gas mileage. I wish the back seat was slightly larger, so it would be easier to get three car seats in. It's a good quality vehicle for the price we paid.

- Krista V

The one most important thing about my car would be that i am comfortable with all of It's settings locations within the vehicle

i feel safe in my vehicle if i should have a crash. my vehicle's engine runs smooth. i know my vehicle will hold Its resale value when it comes time to trade it in.

- rick H

The car rides just as smoothly as a luxury car.

It is a practical car that required minimal maintenance. The value of the car was well worth the price. It is dependable and the dashboard is very easy to navigate.

- Tracey B

It gets fairly decent gas mileage.

I like how it handles and some of the features it has. There isn't anything I really dislike about my vehicle other than voice activation which doesn't always work.

- Lea C

It gets great gas mileage! I can go to work which is 40 miles round trip , for two weeks on 1 tank of gas!

I love the way it handles. It is the sport edition and has ability to paddle shift. Smooth ride. I've only had it for 4 months, but still love driving it every day.

- Carrie N

It's fun to drive and handles great.

It's a sporty vehicle that's very fun to drive. It gets very good gas mileage. This car handles great. The one thing is it sits low and is hard to get in and out

- Xander M

It's very safe and reliable!

I love my Accord. It's extremely comfortable, reliable and safe. It has tremendous resale value and looks very nice without having an "over-the-top" look and feel.

- Don Z

It very awesome on gas. A tank will last a good while!

Its white and so good on gas. I enjoy driving it because it doesn't take much to fill it up and I can have a good tank for couple week. Not much complaints on it.

- nick s

My car is worth every dollar that I paid for it, it is my 4th Honda!

It is reliable. It is a very comfortable car for long trips. It has a very large luggage capacity. The gas mileage is great! I can be sure of a good resale price.

- Mary T

I love the Honda Sense technology. The lane assist and warnings make my car fun to drive and safe.

I have an Accord EXL. This is my 3rd Honda accord, but my first EXL. I won't buy any other car now but an Accord EXL. It is fun to drive and has been features.

- Taryn A

I don't that it has safety features like the camera so you can see backing up.

I like that it has cameras. I also like that its sport and fun to drive. I like that there were several colors to pick from. There nothing I don't like about it.

- Brandy T

The back up camera is awesome.

I like that it is reliable. It is comfortable. It is safe, and it fits my family of four. I also like that the interior is dark, and that it has a backup camera.

- Hannah O

Honda Makes Good Automobiles.

Th seats are very comfortable with the long drives. I feel safe with all highway driving. Bad weather has little effect, one problem is watch your tire pressure.

- Steven S

That it is extremely reliable.

It has a smooth drive experience and does not encounter many problems. Has excellent gas mileage for my uses. Is compact enough to not feel cumbersome and heavy.

- Ajay S

It's a very solid car in these days when everything is made of plastic and spit.

I love the smooth handling and I enjoy the color. I like that it's a quiet engine. I don't like that the electronics are overly complicated to operate/change.

- Anne C

Honda’s are very reliable.

It is a good car. It is never given me any problems. I have dented it but it is getting fixed fie $250. 00. As long as you keto up with maintenance your fine.

- Tania T

How dependable it is. I am saving half as much as money in fuel compare to my other car.

I like that I am saving a lot of gas, that it is a smooth drive. Very dependable. But the interior color is cream, it gets dirty easily, especially with kids.

- Emc D

I have extra airbags, very spacious seating, looks great !!

I love my honda accord sport, it has all the necessities a sports car should have. I also recommend the honda sloane dealers there employees are so wonderful.

- Yahaira R