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Smooth running, and great mileage!

2005 Honda Civic Hybrid DX

I've had my Honda Civic-Hybrid for almost 3 years now. Runs great with regular maintenance. I change the oil and transmission fluid religiously. The hybrid battery is great and easy to get adjusted to. I've been getting roughly 43 mpg on interstate. Handles turns like a dream, and runs very smooth. Interior is nice and the seats are very comfortable. As far as problems, the only thing I've had to replace is the converters, which I've heard isn't uncommon. All in all, a great car and I love it.

- Amy C

Honda's First Hybrid Vehicle

2005 Honda Civic Hybrid DX

This car gets great mileage. It is quite comfortable to drive long distances as you don't often have to stop for gas and the ride is smooth. The engine turns off when at a light to conserve gas. I have had little to no mechanical issues with the Honda Civic Hybrid which is great because cars can be expensive to repair.

- Richard P

It's fun to drive and ride in

2005 Honda Civic Hybrid DX

A real reliable vehicle. Fun to drive and ride in. It can be a bit scary in difficult weather has it hydroplanes, but is safe to drive. Works all the time, normal maintenance easily worked out with dealer considering that we're onto the second battery for this model, the cost to keep it going was reasonable.

- Rich L

Awesome electric Honda civic

2005 Honda Civic Hybrid DX

It runs great. It is excellent on gas. It runs very smooth and you can't feel the bumps in the road. I like that when you stop the engine stops and saves on gas a lot. It gets great highway mileage and I never have had any issues with it. You can drive it a long time before having to put gas in it.

- Laura S

My Honda has broken power steering

2005 Honda Civic Hybrid MT ULEV Hybrid

My Honda performs really well, for the most part. It moves well and has good mileage, but the power steering is sometimes wonky and doesn't work. It can fit a lot of people and the seats are super comfortable. It drives well and the headlights are very good.

- Nora H