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2006 Honda Civic Hybrid- Good and bad

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT Hybrid

My Civic has been reliable for the most part. It has 257000 miles on it so it's starting to fail a little bit. It sometimes doesn't want to go fast when I need it to. The mpg is great- usually about 32. Also, my integrated motor assist light is always on, which means the battery is going to die soon. The cost of replacing my battery is more than the car is worth.

- Emily P

Honda Civic hybrid is great on gas. It will auto stop.

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT Hybrid

A Honda Civic hybrid is really good on gas. It's a great commuter car. It's a great size because it's not too big or too small. It's four door which is convenient. There has been a strange sound that might be related to my transmission. Not too many problems with it. The speed pick-up isn't too bad when gaining speed for the freeway.

- Katie B

A silver 2006 Honda Civic hybrid

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT with NAVI Hybrid

Jerks, hard to go up hills, rolls back on hills, resists and makes a weird noise going up hills. It is a great gas saver car but it does make a ton of weird noises when you are accelerating especially going up a hill. It resists going up hills it feels like you have to floor the gas pedal to go up a steep hill at 25 miles an hour

- Sierra W

Good car, reliable, money saving and spacious.

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT Hybrid

My Civic Hybrid has been great. I've had it since high school and it is still chugging along. Being a hybrid I save money on gas and feel better about the environment. It has leather seats and is spacious for a smaller car. I have had only minor issues with the car that were easily fixed.

- Marissa M

Honda Civic with beautiful interior and cheap with gas !

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT Hybrid

My car is small but just right for me! Saves a lot of money with gas and is extremely comfortable and the interior is very nice and looks new for a relatively 'older' car. The only thing I would change is how close it is to the ground. Other than that, my car is perfect!

- Andrea R