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It's the fastest front wheel drive car in the world

I dislike how some of the parts don't seem to fit properly like the plastic in the rear wheel wells. I wish it had automatic folding mirrors and the sensors that other Civics have. I wish the paint didn't chip so easily. I love how fast and fun to drive it is. Overall, it's the best car I've ever owned.

- Mike K

Sporty car which at the same time is easy to drive.

I love the car. As it is a sporty vehicle, it is powerful, fast but at the same time easy to and soft to drive. However, the car is really low, so it is sometimes hard to drive through some places. Also, it is not as spacious so it is not suitable for travelling to different places.

- Liza S

Does not explode, no hocus pocus.

The seats are very comfortable however some mechanisms do not work properly. I love my car because it is reliable and does not ever break down on me or explode randomly or get into accidents I hate my car because it explodes too much too much too much hocus pocus.

- Fred B

It gets great mileage for a sports car

I really love my car! It's honestly a great car for the price. I love all its features like tracking mileage and how many miles i have per tank. I love my bucket seats and its sporty look.

- Jenwinn B

The car gets excellent gas mileage, city and highway.

I like the standard features of the car - back up camera, bluetooth speaker, etc. I like the agility and speed of the car. I dislike how low the car sits to the ground.

- Caitlin G

I love the body style, it is a very sporty four door hatchback

I think my car is great I love everything about it. It has every feature that I love and is very reliable. It balances style and function for me

- Daniel R

That it is a sports car. Require quite a lot of gas.

Fast, comfortable, inside and outside interior is really amazing. Also, it has some sport card features that enhances its performance even more.

- Lucy G

it's a family car and that you can go everywhere with it.

what I love about the van is that you can actually fit your whole family into the car and the fact that it's a family car.

- Magienette M

Smart car with lot of room

Very convenient care, I love sport car so I like how fast the car is .. and also have Honda sensing which pretty cool

- Rosie V

great gas mileage. i get over 300 miles to the tank and it's not expensive to fill up

i love my civic! it has the side directional camera that helps you change lanes. i also love my heated leather seats

- Stephanie D

This is the best car. This is the car for someone looking to go fast.

I love the power. This car has a lot of style. I get a lot of people looking when I zoom by.

- Beck L

My car is cool, classy and sexy. Makes me wanna take on the world

My vehicle is a great drive! It is compact but does not make me look like a peasant.

- Kasim A

I think others should know that it is a good car

I like the way it works. I like the gas mileage. I like the smoothness of the ride.

- Brent J

That it's fast and can corner well. Eats stis

It is very fast and looks aggressive. It could do with a better sound system

- Kamron J