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Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned!

First off, my car is a Honda so I absolutely love it because knowing it's a Honda, it will last a long time for my family and I. My dad always told me how Honda's engines last longer than most vehicles. I only rate my specific car 4 out of 5 stars because at about 160,000 miles, my steering pump hose needed to be replaced but that was a cheap and easy fix. The only other reason why I rate it that is because I prefer to have the DX version of the civic vs the LX I have so I can reverse immediately as I'm slowly in forward motion. I have a manual transmission so it's nice to be able to do that without completely stopping but only some cars have that option, and I believe the DX or the EX version of the civic does that. Besides all that, I love my car because it's so dependable and that's the most important thing when looking for a car. My power steering hose needed to be replaced and even though I shouldn't have, I drove with my car like that for over 2 years without replacing it and it was still very reliable. I also drove my car like this almost everyday at least 100 miles so that tells anyone how reliable Honda's are.

- Desirae M

Little Loyal Blue Civic Takes on Mother Nature, Apocalyptic Flooding and Wins! (even the driver was being an idiot)

My husband bought this car brand new from the lot. It was his primary car because we'd gotten a 2005 Honda CR-V in 2012 after we had our daughter. Unfortunately the CR-V was stolen and the insurance payout was just enough to pay off the loan. One week after we paid the bank back, they found the CR-V. I'm not sure if I will ever get over it. So we really couldn't afford another big loan then and my husband started driving a 2000 Ford Taurus my parents weren't using. He wanted me and our daughter to have the better car. It's a sturdy little car and runs great considering the torture I've put it through. I got swept away in a flash flood about a year and a half ago! I thought I was going to die! Not metaphorically, very much literally. The water was getting into the tops of my knee high galoshes. Someone finally saw me (it was evening and stormy) and they found a way to tow me out. My daughter was NOT in the car. Would you believe that Honda drove to the car wash and then home?! And after less money than you'd think it's still going?!

- Rachel B

Reliable model with the potential to keep you on the road for decades.

The 2004 Honda Civic Sedan DX is a reliable model, has lasted 15+ years with 200k+ in mileage. Have never encountered any problems with transmission. All repairs and parts have been affordable and easily acquired. It is possible to replace the engine with a new-used Japanese engine for a small cost and add life to the vehicle, because those replacement engines are retired extremely early, at about 50k miles, due to air pollution standards in Asia and reaching a maximum period on the road. The only downfalls are that with the DX trim, everything is very basic (manual windows and locks, no cruise control, no Bluetooth), and the interior rooftop upholstery does start to drop down a little, due to the adhesive wearing off over time and across temperatures. There is a lot of space throughout the trunk, when the back seats are folded down, to transport large items. There are not any luxury features but the car is still comfortable

- Laura C

Our Honda is part of our family.

My Honda Civic has been a reliable and dependable car. It is an automatic 4 cylinder driving machine. The great gas mileage I get(approx. 26 mpg) allows me the affordability to drive with peace of mind. I enjoy the sunroof feature and the stereo system with its awesome speakers, allowing me to enjoy the summer weather with the wind in my hair. I have had my Honda for a few years now, I have had very few issues with my car. Dependable in the winter and the summer for me. The features on the dash allow me to know what is going on with anything under the hood: oil change due, low washer fluids, etc. I have children I transport a lot of places, errands, daily check in on friends, to work, family reunions in others states. Its my 4 door, cruise controlled, dependable, loyal, escape from life as I head down the highway with my tunes. Outside of regular maintenance, my Honda is ready to go everyday.

- Delta G

The gas mileage is great.

Personally I believe my little Honda is quite comfortable. It is spacious enough for four to five people to sit comfortably. When I got this Honda it was an already used car but it still for wonderfully. It is a semi small car so I can easily park anywhere I would like to. It wastes little gas considering it is a four cylinder car which I am happy for considering I am a part time employee and a student so I have to drive almost every day. I have had a small amount of fairly easy issues with the time I have had this car. Since my car is a Honda almost anywhere I go they will have parts to fix my car for reasonable prices and they are usually fixed within the same day I take the car to get fixed. In reality most of the time I just fix the small issues myself since I have knowledge in cars but getting regular check ups is good too.

- Alicia R

Honda Civic Review: The Honda Civic is an affordable car

The Honda civic is a great car for anyone looking for something reliable. In terms of gas mileage the Honda civic does well around 25-35 mpg. The fact that it does well on gas combined with the fact that the Honda civic runs on regular makes it relatively cheap to fill up which is a bonus. The ride is smooth for the most part. The wheels are a bit smaller so one does have to worry about flat tires when it comes to large pot holes, since smaller tires absorb less shock. The back up camera is a nice feature in the newer models. The heating and air conditioning does well to respond quickly which is useful when it's steaming hot or ice cold inside your car. Overall in terms of repairs, the Honda civic is reliable long term. If something does happen to go wrong it's not too expensive to fix since its a very popular car.

- Arianna G

It only has 110, 000 miles on it and It's a Honda Civic.

It is a great A to B type of car. Good gas mileage, no internal problems, drives good and only has 110, 000 miles on the odometer. If your wanting a car for performance other than driving to and from work this is not the car for you but Its reliability is high always starts, has not broke down on me, does not leak any fluid. It's a very basic car best used for someones daily driver than a weekend car. Has no features to it, unless you like power locks, hand cranked windows, no cruise control, CD player, or AUX cord. On the plus side it was only $3, 000 that is the only reason I bought this car. So if you are short on money or just want a daily driver with no flash to it this would be the car for you otherwise I would advise looking elsewhere.

- Aaron B

2004 Honda Civic Standard trans, 4 cyl. 5 speed Reliable and amazing mileage.

My 2004 Honda Civic is still in good condition. I bought it used in 2016, and its still running. It is a standard transmission. I feel very safe and comfortable in the car. I use it everyday for work (and I work delivery services, so you can imagine the amount of driving I do), shopping, making distanced drives every other day (0-80 miles), and just little errands. My Honda Civic comes with a moonroof and I love that feature. I haven't really had any other problems. I did a engine change (because mileage was high), and the only other thing that really happened is the driver window motor went out, so I had it taped up for a while. Be cautious of your windows. If they start to slow down when rolling up/down, then ease up on using those windows.

- Sky D

My Honda Civic named Cindy

the Honda civic is a simple yet great and reliable car. I got it in 2016, brand new, as a lease. As long as regular maintenance is kept up with there are no problems with the car. The only concern I've had thought is how low it sits and the bottom being scraped up. Other than that, I've never had issues with the car. The seats are comfortable, and I really enjoy the Bluetooth features of the car for music and using the phone. Another huge advantage is the gas mileage. My old car was really terrible with mileage, so having this car now saves me more money on gas. also, the appearance of the car is great and I love the sporty look it has. I honestly plan to keep this car until it stops running.

- samantha H

Honda Civic - Reliable and Long Lasting

My Honda Civic is great. It's very reliable but at this point it's showing its age. But throughout the entire time of owning this car, it's been great. Performance-wise, it beats other more expensive car. I like that it's small but can has good speed. It's pretty comfortable and the features are great. There's upgrades so you want more bells and whistle, you can always upgrade. But for me why I love my Honda Civic is its reliability. When there's an issue with the car (which rarely happens), it doesn't cost and arm and a leg to fix it. I also know that my car will take me places and I don't have to worry. Overall it's a good, safe buy because it will last you a long time.

- Caroline K

Amazing Honda Civic Performance

Well, it's been 5 years since I purchased this car used, with 32k on the clock. It now has 145k on it, and I'm expecting to own it another 3 years and 60k. So that right there should tell you something about it. This gen of Civic is, quite simply put, the ideal commuter and city car. The engine is reasonably smooth and peppy. Very low road noise with Goodyear Affinity Triple-treads. Steering is nicely weighted for city driving. Ride quality is sportier than it's American counterparts, and build quality is far and above the class leader. 5 adults will fit if needed. Sunroof and power gizmos abound. Repairs are infrequent and cheap. 36 highway, 30 city.

- Ritchie B

Good but needs work. Should have bought from a dealer..

The car has great mileage. I drive from campus to home every weekend which takes usually an hour and I only need to fill up my car on gas once a week or so. Since it is an older car, and the person I bought it from was not reliable, it has some things that are in need of fixing. The trunk has damage from an accident before I purchased the car, I just had to replace my brake lines since they were very rusted and leaking fluid. I also needed new brake pads for the front of my car two days ago. This car only has 180, 000 miles on it and yet the underside of the car is very rusty. I will use caution when buying another car.

- Katie J

L I'm truly pleased with it. It's in great condition and runs super smoothly

I recently bought a 2011 Honda Civic. I know a few people that have a Honda, bought over ten years ago, and they still have it today! So I would say one of the most reliable cars out there. The comfort of my car, however, is average. The fabric they used for the upholstery is a little uncomfortable. It reminds me of a wool sweater that's not too itchy. Idk if that makes any sense lol. It is roomy for a compact car. It drives very smoothly and has pretty good pick up for a 4 cylinder car. It has all your average features. Radio, CD player. The odometer is digital, which I like a lot. The gas gauge is also digital.

- Benedict L

Used old faithful Honda Civic

My 04 Honda Civic is a compact vehicle that do to it being a manual transmission has a quick sporty feel when driven. It is good on gas and repairs are very minimal, yet easy to repair if needed. The only downside frankly is the excess road noise, but for the price and reliability it is a worthy trade off. At 175,000 miles _ all the major repairs I have had to do are wheel bearing replacement, O2 sensor, and belts. Minor repairs which are common on all vehicles brake pads, spark plugs, air filters, battery, tires. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who wants a good reliable vehicle with few hassles.

- Mark M

It's a very basic car, but I like that. I live in LA so it's the perfect size for Parking and merging without being super scared that i'll Hit someone. It's wonderful on gas. It's really the perfect little car, and when/if I get another one it'll be another Civic.

My last two vehicles have been Honda's and i'm Definitely a Honda customer for life. I've had my civic for nearly a year now and haven't had to take it to the mechanic for anything other than oil. My only complaint is the back right door does not always lock, so I have to keep an eye on that, and i've Heard from other Honda Civic owners that that same exact door gives them the same exact problem. Also, sometimes the cruise control doesn't always work. But these are more annoyances and the Honda Civic is far better than the ford escort I use to have or the Honda passport I also use to own.

- Samantha H

Is is economical, yet extremely well built and a blast to drive.

I love the solid build quality and feel of my car. I like the fuel economy, the ride, and the layout of my car. I have an Si version of the Civic which is a hatchback. So, it has been super versatile for hauling passengers and even larger items once the seats are folded down. This is something I could not do with most other small cars. I love the feel of driving my car. It is very sporty and has a manual transmission. It has also been very dependable overall. However, now it is starting to show it's age in that some of the interior pieces are starting to show wear and break.

- Casey S

It is especially nice to drive on the highway; good accelerator.

My car is a dark black. Air systems are up to date and easy to use. It is spacious enough for family. There are nice features such as being able to turn up and down music volume on steering wheel but it can be a hassle if you accidently press it. Sometimes when I turn my signal on, the front lights either flick or shut off but my car is used so this may not be any fault of the car makers. Accelerators speed up pretty good when you want them to but you have to be careful with that. The trunk is very spacious and can store plenty of stuff. Overall, I am satisfied with my car.

- Esther L

Little blue rocket that can!

I bought the car used in 2008 and have had very little to no trouble with it since then. It is now 2019 and the only major issue I have had with it was the need to change the master cylinder and the slave cylinder! Other than that it has been a pleasure to drive this little blue rocket through the city of Honolulu and also through the city of San Francisco too! It is excellent on gas, maneuvers exceptionally well, and the only thing I notice is that it is a little slow on the pickup. But it is a manual transmission so that could be my own fault!

- Micah M

Blue Honda civic 2004 good and the bad.

My 2004 Honda civic vehicle is comfortable and reliable. This car has nice seats, lights, and air/heat system. However, there is problems with brakes and alignment. There is also problems with the oil pan. These problems affect the overall performance of the car. It makes the car slower and it does not take to bumpy roads well. The windows and locks are manual which can easily be changed based on taste preference. Overall this car gets me from point a to b. It has not broke down on me and therefore I am satisfied once everything else is fixed.

- Indian T

It's okay not the best but okay

The tpms sensor is annoying and I have to pay some guy 50 dollars every time my wheels lose air and I just stopped paying for it so that's really annoying. That's just about it otherwise it's a great car. So if I could get it fixed free every time or an option where I can remove it myself that would be more than great. Also I will never trust another Honda dealer for the rest of my life. The service I had was the worst and I felt scammed after they just talked me around in circles and prevented me from taking final looks and rushed me through.

- Paul C

Comfortable, Spacious, Reliable Commuter Car

I love this little car, it is reliable, good on gas mileage and is comfortable, the trunk has a lot of space which is great for the camping I do. The rear windows no longer go down, but it is quite an old car. The roof has discoloration of the paint, but that has not caused any issues. Also the driver's side door does not take the key anymore, so I have to lock/unlock from the passenger side, which is annoying but I just haven't gotten around to getting that fixed yet. Altogether I love my little commuter car, comfortable and reliable.

- Samantha N

Honda Civic: driving for a lifetime.

My 2004 Honda Civic is very reliable. I have had it since 2012. Every time I take it to the mechanic for an inspection he comments on how great the car is and how long the engine should last. I currently have about 165000 miles on it but am told that it should go for at least 250000 if not more. The only problems I have is some plastic rotting under the handles causing them to break off, and the air condition makes a squeaking noise every now and again. Other than that, I have had zero engine or transmission issues with the vehicle.

- Bryan M

The most important thing about my Honda Civic is that it is a reliable vehicle.

I love my Honda Civic because it has been a very reliable form of transportation over the years, even with higher mileage (currently has around 150, 000 miles). I also love the fact that if any part of my Honda breaks, it is easy to find replacement parts. My Honda also gets very good gas mileage, I drive an average of 360-400 miles per week, and usually only have to fill my tank one to one and a half times per week, depending on current gas prices. I feel that the Honda Civic is a good valuable car at a reasonable price point.

- Miranda B

The year of a vehicle does not determine the quality of the vehicle.

Being that my 2004 Honda Civic LX is my first car it has ran pretty smoothly. Repairing this car is frankly very easy, parts are cheap and easily accessible. The car sometimes has slight problems with the battery but getting the battery checked routinely can decrease the amount of problems. When it comes to how comfortable the inside is the car drives very smooth and feels wonderfully. With this Civic although the age of the car is old the car doesn't show its age too much since it runs great aside from its minor issues.

- Key C

Great little car with great gas mileage.

This little car is a joy to drive. It has rarely had any mechanical problems even though it have 225, 000 miles on it. The hybrid battery has needed to be replace twice since we got it but the Honda corporation replaced it with no cost to us. The entire car has held up well for it is busy constant use. The interior looks very good as does the exterior. There is plenty of room in the trunk to haul whatever you wish. The car will accommodate up to five people. The gas mileage is close to 45 miles per gallon.

- Jean J

It runs amazingly well and is great on gas.

Honda is a very reliable car. It drives very well. My check engine light has been on for a year and a half and it still runs perfect. Once you maintain an oil change and an tune up on the regular basis its will drive like a brand new car smooth. I upgraded my Honda with a new radio system and a paint job that I did myself and it makes the perfect vehicle. Even though it is a 2004 car it still can pass for a new looking car. It is a great car to have if you want something reliable and still with speed.

- Evangelist Y

2004 Honda Civic Hybrid - Reliable but Showing Signs of Wear and Tear

The functionality of this car is one of it's high-quality features. It has 218,000 miles, so it has the endurance needed when looking for a car. However, now it is starting to show signs of wear (rumbling when accelerating from a stop, ABS light comes on when driving on the freeway, air goes out when in stop and go traffic or it gets too hot out). I'm considering a new car, but it's not urgent. This is all-in-all a great car, and I would still recommend it to anyone trying to find a car on a budget.

- Jessica S

Your go-to choice for a low-maintenance, comfortable commute car.

Honda is perhaps the most reliable car brand ever, and this is coming from someone who had the privilege to drive Benz, BMW, range rover, and ford. For a vehicle that is 13 years old, I have been driving it daily for the last 2 years without a single problems, with minimum maintenance too! It is comfortable for average sized man, any taller than 6 foot may find the space to be a little limited. It is the ideal car for beginner driver, commuter, and those who seek for a vehicle with minimum care.

- Alex M

Small, cost effective, reliable, and fun car

I have not had any problems with my Honda. My Honda has always been very reliable. I have owned more than one Honda for that very reason. My Honda does not have all the 'Bells and Whistles' but is perfect for me. Friends and family have told me to get a new car but I am happy with the Honda I have. I am comfortable with the size of the car and the features that it came with. The gas mileage is great and I have only invested in fluids, belts and tires. I have had the Honda Civic for eight years.

- Antoinette S

All in all, a good car; but be vigilant.

All in all, this is a great commuter car. However...be weary if you're buying it used. By the time I purchased mine, it was nearing 200k miles. While that's considerably high, I figured that routine maintenance would negate any concerning issues. However, in the two months I've had it, I've had to replace the radiator and the head gasket went out. Be vigilant when purchasing this car. All in all, it's a wonderful car, but be vigilant once it's getting up there in miles.

- Samantha C

My vehicle is compact and has great mileage.

My car is really nice in my opinion. I really enjoy how it handles and feels as I drive. The only thing I do not like about the handling is the brakes. The brakes are a little too sensitive for my liking, however you get used to it over time. I have had my car for over 4 years and it still runs very well, everything works just as it did when I purchased it. The mileage is also very nice, a full tank usually lasts me a week and a half full or driving to and from work.

- Luis E

Amazing gas mileage and never had any major issues.

Vehicle runs extremely well. Has had some issues with motor mounts breaking and needing to be replaced. Very reliable for the most part. Prior breakdowns were due to unknown issues before we bought the car which were not brought to our attention. Issues have since been fixed properly. Car is a bit small so taller or larger individuals might have some issues with comfort. Pre-existing radio/speakers were not up to par so they were replaced. Gas mileage is amazing.

- Lindsey Z

Honda Civic Pros and Cons

I love the gas mileage my car gets! It is also very easy and compact so quick road trips are a breeze. It is extremely reliable when taken care of with regular maintenance. A downfall would be if you need lots of room this isn't the car for you. It is also a coupe, so the blind spots can get frustrating when maneuvering through traffic and/or changing lanes. All in all, it is a great vehicle for someone who commutes often and needs something compact!

- Natasha H

The car is extremely dependable

I have had my Honda over 10 years with limited repairs needed. The fact that it's dependable and gets me to work and home is a plus after having so many miles on it. I plan to keep it until it gives out. Currently, it is still running without any issues. I would highly recommend getting a Honda. I also like that when the car needs repairs it does. It does not cost me lots to repair it. Everybody also seems to work on them which is a good thing as well.

- Heather L

04 Honda ex coupe still riding smoothly w/ over 170k miles!

My 2004 Honda civic ex is currently 14 yrs old with 172,000 miles and is in fair condition. It has pretty good handling, great gas mileage and takes regular gas. Due to it being an older model it does not include a navigation system or heated seats but does have rear window defrost & a CD player. Honda's are dependable cars that can perform well over 200,000 miles if maintained properly. Competitively priced compared to other 2 door coupe models!

- Jill P

Honda's last forever! You cannot beat that.

I have no complaints with my vehicle whatsoever. Honda is a good brand and they're known to last for a very long time. I would recommend that anyone who is looking for a new car to buy a Honda. I have not had any major problems with my car. My Honda is a 2004 and the only thing that I have had to replace since I bought it in 2009 is a new radiator but that was because I had gotten into a wreck, so that was my fault. You cannot go wrong with a Honda!

- Natalie V

One important thing others should know is that my car needs to have regular maintenance done.

I like a lot of things about my vehicle that I have had for 11 years. First of all the size is great and fits in easy parking places, as well as the great gas mileage. Also I like that mechanically I didn't have to fix anything for a long time except for regular maintenance. I do have a complaint though about the comfort level, and I really can't travel all that long without getting a backache and it is difficult to get out of the seat easily.

- Susan K

Overall, Honda civic's are very reliable and gas efficient cars.

The 2004 Honda civic lx is a decent, very reliable car. Gas economy is great, one of the best for non-hybrid cars. The turning axis is poor. Once the car gets above 140 or 150,000 miles the gas reader starts to have minor issues. It will sometimes be slightly higher or slightly lower than how much gas is really in the car. I have owned 2 Honda civic's (one 2005 and current 2004) and both had/have the same issue after that amount of mileage.

- Sam P

It is pretty reliable I haven't had to do much work on it since I have owned it.

The vehicle is very small. Not much leg or arm room. It is not very uncomfortable and not accommodating to a family with multiple children. There is definitely not enough storage space in the trunk or anywhere else. Other than that, I don't really have any other complaints. It runs well and has low miles. It is pretty reliable. It would be an ideal car for a couple without children or someone who is single that does not do much traveling.

- Randy B

Fun, reliable affordable car.

My Honda Civic is a great car. It is very reliable and gets me where I need to go. The interior is not the most comfortable with no center console to rest your arm but this is overall a great car. I have only had to take it to the shop once over the course of a year for a problem I couldn't fix myself. I drive this car over long distances frequently and it has never let me down. Very cheap, very reliable, and fairly fun to drive.

- Spencer M

Honda Civic is a great vehicle!

I love our Honda Civic! It is absolutely great on fuel, and saves me quite a bit of money. The small size of the vehicle is wonderful for weaving in and out of traffic, fitting into cramped parking spaces, and driving on narrow roads: however, it is not too tight as it comfortably seats four people - and can seat five. The only issue I have with it is that the lining on the inside roof of my car is coming undone after 13 years.

- Leanne P

Very functional motor vehicle

The car is a pretty good car. It does not waste much gas when it is driven and the air conditioner does it's job blowing air and heat. The material on the seats are comfortable and the car itself is good to drive. The brakes are fine. The only problem, which is not major to me, is that it always talks about checking tire pressure. My car is a used car, and there is nothing wrong with the tire after inspecting all four of them.

- Bree M

Hondas are the most reliable and cost effective cars.

I am the proud owner of a 2004 Honda civic. I love my Honda civic, it is such a great cat. I like Honda s because the are reliable. Hondas run forever you can get 300k on a Honda, they rarely break down. They are fuel efficient, 30 miles to the gallon! If something does go wrong parts/labor are inexpensive. The are reasonably priced and cool looking. With a Honda you get the most for your money... A good sturdy reliable car.

- Joseph N

Honda Civic, The Beast In Disguise!

This car has been there for me through everything the thick and the thin. Yes it's had a few problems here and there but it's not something that a visit to the shop couldn't fix. I haven't spent much money on this car yet which surprises me because this car is really old and it works perfectly fine for me and the performance is well it drives smoothly and I don't have a problem with it at all 10 out of 10 would recommend.

- A A

My car is sleek in design. I love the reverse camera it is so helpful.

I love my 2013 Honda Civic. My drive to work is I drive 50 plus miles to and from work and it is great on gas! Since I have my vehicle no problem problems whatsoever. I is reliable and suits all my needs. When the a/c is on I find that my car takes a little long to pick up in speed which isn't to big of a deal when on surface streets but since my work commute is primarily freeway I feel a little more pickup is necessary.

- Connie E

Older models of car can still run very well!

My Honda Civic is a 2004 model that I purchased about two years ago. Despite it being on the older side, it is never gave me many problems. It runs well, does good on gas, gets me where I want to go, etc.. I installed a updated radio system in my car and the speaker system is great. I drive my car almost every day and I do not have many complaints. The model I own is a navy blue with interior that is a beige color.

- Vanessa N

Honda Civic; this little car is quite surprising.

I love my car. Have had it for four years now. Has been very dependable with little to no problems. Have driven it cross country recently, got great gas mileage. Took her on terrain that is not likely for a small Civic; areas that were more suited for a truck or SUV. To my surprise, and my boyfriend’s, my car took all that we brought to it with ease! The day I replace my car, it will be with a new Civic.

- Jamie S

An interesting detail: tells you how many miles you have left when you're on E .

My car is a very beautiful car. Burgundy with matte black rims on it. My main problems with it is that, sometimes the air conditioning goes out. Maybe because it's an old model or something but nevertheless it's a great car. Another problem is that the leather seats are starting to tear. When it gets to the point where it peels I put seat covers on it. The reliability is great. Never went out on me .

- John F

On my vehicle, we have added Apple CarPlay.

My Honda Civic is a two door car, light blue car. There is plenty of space in the car and the gas reader is reliable, which I've had problems with in the past. The tire pressure monitor is not reliable, but everything else on the car works great, and provides an overall great driving experience. This is a great car for new drivers. It is very comfortable, and the car seats don't get hot in the sun.

- Elaine A

Durability and price point is excellent.

Just that it overheats now that it has a lot of miles on the engine, but it has been durability and comfortable. The ride is smooth also. The interior is nice and exterior is sleek. The price is affordable and cheap comparing the details and durability of the car. Honda is a notable car brand in which the resale value is pretty decent. The car parts are cheap and so it is cheap for maintenance.

- Tina N

The always dependable Honda Civic.

Our 2004 Honda Civic is one of my husband's favorite vehicles out of all of the cars that he has ever driven. It is a very reliable car that has extremely good gas mileage. The tires for it are very small so they are a lot cheaper to replace and it has been very dependable with no problems out of the inner workings of the car. It is small but still spacious and it is fairly easy to keep clean.

- Emily C

My comfortable reliable Honda civic.

I love my car. It handles well and it is reliable. As long as I keep it well maintained, it is a good vehicle. My car has cloth interior and roll down windows so that is the only thing I would want - electric windows. Also the trunk doesn't hold the spare tire as well as it could. There is no air conditioning/heat vent for the rear of the vehicle so it would be good if it had that as well.

- Dulce I

You won't ever regret buying a Honda. It's proven to be safe.

I really enjoy my car. When it's running at its top performance it gets great gas mileage. Car parts for a Honda Civic are easy to come by. Oil changes are a breeze. I love my Honda Civic. Recently my car was involved in a minor car accident. The airbag has deployed as it was hit on the front side. This makes me feel safe. No one was hurt. Regardless, I don't even need a new radiator.

- Melanie B

My favorite two door car ever!

Perfect small car (mine is a two door). Great on gas. Super reliable (mine has over 100, 000 miles and I still have no problems with it). Great "get up and go". Seats are comfortable, headrests are in a great place (not a huge fan of the head rests that push your head too far forward). Do not have a sunroof in this car although I think it was an option. All features work perfectly.

- Tiffany T

My vehicle is very terrible but it gets me places and to work.

My vehicle tends to shake rapidly even at red lights and the air conditioning does not work anymore. The seats are starting to peel off due to age and my check engine light constantly stays on every time I turn on my vehicle. The car radio is real statistically and sounds terrible, and my vehicle leaks gas when I drive. So overall my vehicle is terrible but it gets me places.

- Danny R

2016 Honda civic always a reliable, comfortable car.

The performance of the car I have no complaints about. I always like to drive Honda because I know I can rely on it. Its comfy inside, however the new seats in the 2016 weren't my favorite. It felt like it was made to sit in a curve. The Bluetooth feature is very handy and easy to navigate. I'm not too tech savvy either. I had a dark gray and I liked that color the most.

- Lucy P

The new motor in the vehicle

I don't have any issues with my car. Performance and quantity of the car is good. My car is very reliable. It gets me to work every day. I don't have a stock radio. And my air conditioner still works awesome! The only problem is my engine had a leak somewhere but there was already a TON of miles on the car so we just decided to put a new motor in the car and start fresh.

- Bridget M

Basic old school vehicle with no fancy tech

There has only been one recall on it for the air bags. I've had no major issues expect the wire broke that opened the gas tank one time. I have found my car to be reliable and is still running well. It does not have any fancy feature as it is an older vehicle. I like having manual roll down windows and, but I do sometimes wish it had cruise control for long road trips.

- Estrella T

Zippy car, that handles well and looks good

It drives very smooth. Handles well. I like how the onboard controls are situated - heat, air, Bluetooth, cruise control, wipers, etc. they are all very convenient. It does sit a bit low so it can sometimes take a little effort to get into and out of the vehicle. My seats are black cloth so it unfortunately does show up any type of spills or marks fairly clearly.

- Steve D

A conventional, reliable vehicle with great gas mileage.

On the positive side it is reliable, gets good gas mileage, was cheap and gets me to work and home economically. On the negative side, it's old, sits too low to the ground, the AC is broken, and it has no smart features. I use a Bluetooth 3.5mm adapter to use my phone with the car's speakers. It's just an old but reliable vehicle. It has no get up and go either.

- John H

Reliability and efficiency

It's the best car on gas. It has 240,000 miles and runs like new, My next vehicle will be a Honda Accord LX I cannot wait. I test drove a brand new one 2 weeks ago and it blew me away. It has power and luxury that I have been looking for. I would recommend Honda's to anyone looking to buy a new or used vehicle. It's the most reliable choice I have ever made.

- Melanie K

Love my old but reliable Honda civic

I have a two door 2005 Honda civic. I love my car. I have had it for over 4 years and it still runs great. I drive it back and forth to work 5 days a week and everywhere my family needs to go. I have a little boy that I feel safe driving in my car with. It has a little wear and tear because of how old it is but I depend on it and it has been very reliable so far.

- Marie S

The compact monster machine

The two door model can be a bit frustrating because the car is already very small. It is difficult to get to the back seat but there is excellent trunk space. This particular model of the car tends to have issues with the radiator causing the car to overheat over time so I had to get the engine replaced, which was a hassle. However, it runs perfectly fine again!

- Alexandra A

Fun to drive Honda civic 2004 dx model.

Driving a Honda civic is a blast. The Honda civic is a beautiful sports car yet can double as a get to work in car or a drive to the beach ride. The Honda civic 2004 dx is a fun little ride two doors and a four cylinder manual transmission. Super fast in 2nd and third gear and 4th and fifth for coasting on a highway. I think anyone would be happy with this car.

- Cris C

overall my vehicle is reliable and about the best vehicle I've had

This car is really reliable. Honda civics have always been very dependable and this make of it has smooth driving and great features. I've traveled over 100,000 miles on it and it still runs great. The only problem I've really had has been the tire pressure. I'm not sure exactly what it is but I've had numerous problems with the tire pressure light going off.

- Cynthia L

My car gets great gas mileage both in town and on the highway!

I love the gas mileage, efficiency, and level of comfort while driving. I love the sunroof and upholstery. I love the color. I dislike the lack of a rear windshield wiper. I dislike the level of safety I feel when driving in snow. I dislike the backseat passenger seats and lack of extra space coming from the trunk. I cannot carry any large items or my bike.

- Emily S

Honda Civic the affordable car

It is easy to drive. The seats are comfortable and it is spacious. Honda civic is the most reliable car. It is cheap in terms of maintenance. It's resale value is great and it gives awesome mileage. Known for the dependability and reliability of its engine, the Honda civic is the best selling family sized vehicle in America for the last fifteen years or so.

- Anna Z

The vehicle gets me where I need to go

I love the gas mileage of this car. I was able to make it from Arizona to Florida and only spent $300 on gas. I wish the ac system worked better in the car. I wish I shifted a little smoother. The interior of the car is simple and sweet. I like the seats. The trunk could use a little more space though. And the seats should move forward easier than they do.

- Sarah W

Honda Civic 2014 Review Cost-efficient

I had to spend about a little over a grand this year fixing getting a oil leak fixed in the engine it's another things besides the issues this year it has run really nice the gas mileage is amazing and I think it was just a one off. Overall I've been very happy with the car I get about 30 miles to the gallon and every time I fill it up it's around $20 .

- Nicholas S

vehicle information ; Honda

Overall very good vehicle. Very durable and long lasting. Seats are leather and very comfortable. This is a great car for people who first learn to drive, especially a good first timer car. Although it is only viable if you take care of the car in general, but I have never had to replace parts and if I would have to they aren't very expensive like most

- Tessa S

Still ticking after all these years.

Just runs and runs. Low maintenance. Good on gas easy to drive. Comfortable. My daughter bought it new and when it came time for her to get a bigger car we traded my car ( a Chevy ) and I took the Honda. I really love it. It is a 2004 and you still see hundreds of them on the road. A great first car for a young person and a great retirement car for me.

- George F

2 door, awesome moon roof

This is my first Honda and I absolutely love it way better than the Kia Sportage I had in the past. Great gas mileage, almost 45 miles per gallon, comfy car, rides smoothies. Love the moon roof, Spacey trunk, lots of legroom for front and rear passengers. Prices is good for a nice reliable car. Long distance driving is nice with the great gas mileage

- Lindsey F

It is so cute and compact.

The gas mileage is awesome, and the way it handles is great. It is a very comfortable car and even has a moonroof! I enjoy riding around town. It is a very reliable vehicle and it has lasted for years and year. There have been no problems. The only thing I would change is the seat covers, and that is easy to do, just haven't gotten around to it yet!

- Greta L

Money savings due to low cost on basic maintenance and fuel economy.

Few serious mechanical problems, great every day vehicle, super reliable, great on gas, low cost maintenance, poor clear coat and paint and plastics door handles break off over years in Florida, automatic transmission failed under 100,000, abs became defective when drivers seat bolt same loose and extremely expensive to repair, seat belt recalled.

- Lisa D

It is manageable and as reliable as I need it to be for daily commutes.

Features are all comfortable for everyday use but not very up to date. My car is reliable and has not had any major issues in the 2 years I have had it, it's a really smooth drive. The only issues that come to mind are my malfunctioning airbag which was recently replaced free of charge, and my driver's side window gets stuck when I roll it down.

- Kevin M

It's a black Honda Civic, it's name is Jinx

I like the fuel efficiency and the parts availability. Overall, the car is comfortable, a smooth ride, and has most of the supports that I need. One of the things I do not like most is the control that the car has in the rain. Otherwise, I would enjoy having a few more amenities on the car like a Bluetooth set up and a few more internal lights.

- Ian G

Why the 2004 Honda Civic is my most reliable car.

This car (a 2004 Honda Civic) is a great car for several reasons. For one, it is great on gas. I haven't had any issues with it whatsoever so far. It is really durable in that way. The heating and ac work really well; everything does. There’s also a sunroof which is great in warmer weather. As for any problems with it, I cannot think of any.

- Brittany H

Great on gas, would be good for teens or small families.

This is not a bad car, it does very well on gas. I usually get about 400 miles to a tank, which is between 37-40 miles per gallon. The tires/maintenances is affordable unless most cars now a days. They only down all for this car is the size, work good and gets the job down but if you have little ones, it can be a challenge with the car seats.

- Brandy B

Reliable 2004 Honda Civic.

I love my Civic. It is a 2004, but I bought it used in 2008. It is been extremely reliable over the past 10 years that I have had it. Only recently I have been having issues with the brakes. It is an old car though, so I know issues are bound to come up. I plan on getting it repaired now instead of buying a new one because I love it so much!

- Erin L

Drafting a Honda civic: the ins and outs.

The real problems with the Honda civic is having the right mechanic who teaches you how to take care of your car. The overall cost of maintaining the civic is not to expensive and it is easy to drive for most people since it is a smaller car. The best value car in terms of gas mileage and reliability as well as decent seat and features.

- David D

My vehicle has a stylish look and a very metallic grey look. It has Limo tents

To be honest it's a great vehicle. I absolutely love it! It's very stylish and have wonderful features such as digital dash, seat warmers, sunroof and digital GPS system. It's great on gas and rides really smooth. It's easy maintenance, rarely any problems mechanically. Maybe an oil change or a tire change here and there but that's it!

- Sierra C

Great for people who need a cheap car for long commutes!

The only real problem I have with my car is that sometimes the oil pan needs to be replaced more often than with previous cars. However, I also feel that the Civic deal better with mileage, and often drives and feels better than cars half its age. It also gives very good gas mileage, so I think it is good for people with long commutes.

- Kayla B


Gas mileage is great! Car is great overall. Everything is great. Comfort is good. Everything about the Honda Civic is good. I recommend to get a Honda. The reliability of the car is awesome. You can rely on the car to take you anywhere. Performance is really good as well, it allows to drive comfortably and better than your average car

- Sandy G

I like my Honda, keep my oil changed.

I do like my Honda Civic. I believe as long as you change the oil on the regular, the engine may run forever. The only large repairs that I have had done, were due to driver, or mechanic error. It rides comfortable. Being a 2 door it can be kind of cramped inside. That is to be expected if riding with more than 2 people, by design.

- Mitzi B

This car is good for you and for me

This car is good. Come and see this well-maintained 3 bedrooms, 2 baths all brick Cape Cod w/ hardwood floors throughout, formal dining room, full basement, 2 car garage w/ side concrete drive, in a quiet neighborhood. New hot water heater. Newer furnace and central air. Fully fenced backyard with patio and shed for extra storage.

- Judi M

It is great, fast, and economic.

Is a great car, is really economic, is also a fast car if you on a highway, that model has good critics many people use them for racing, when people see my car they love it! If you give good maintenance to the car it will last for a long time, the car is good for using inside of the city because it does not consume that much gas!

- Cesar S

The nicest and wonderful car I ever purchased.

I love my car I have never had any problems with it. It drives great very smooth, gas is very economic enough leg room. I Will be buying another Honda when I need a new car it will be a bigger car so I can do some traveling with it. The paint is wonderful especially when it's wash I get a lots of compliments with my passengers

- Julia S

It is a car I drive around.

It is an average car. It is fairly decent on gas. But it is also a little bit bulky inside. Wish it had little less noise yet the color is perfect. So it is generally a toss up. It is ok I guess the tires seem to be a little out of balance and a new water pump was recently needed that made a horrible sound. Now belt problems.

- Samantha L

Honda Civic—as seen by a 20 year old girl.

The Honda Civic is very reliable. The gas mileage is good. I have taken it on many 5 and a half hour trips to visit my parents, and it is still holding up fantastically. I haven't encountered any problems so far, but I was lucky enough to have the car purchased from someone who kept up with vehicle maintenance and we do too.

- Casey M

The Civic truly is the practical, budget-minded driver,

It save much gas. Aside from the car's excellent crash protection, it also offers some useful driving aids. Honda's exclusive LaneWatch camera system gives you more security on the highway. Every driver will benefit from the Civic's well-designed braking system, which provides superior stopping power in emergency situations.

- Theresa N

2004 Honda Civic an awesome car!

My Honda has heat and air, it has a great sound system too. It has awesome gas mileage along with an adjustable steering wheel and seats which car make for a spacey front seat and a compact back one. Great for two to three person families. Backseat is able to fit two maybe even three car seats. Easy to clean, inside and out.

- Amy L

Bought a used Honda with 200, 000 miles.

My Honda Civic is extremely reliable. I bought it used with 200, 000 miles on it, and it runs perfectly. I have gone on road trips with it, and have not had one problem. Honda is a very reliable brand for a long lasting car life. The interior is comfortable, and does not get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

- Jack C

My vehicle is a plan Honda Civic that is grey outside and in with a few dents.

My car has had issues with the ac unit but other than that it is comfortable and gets great gas mileage! I would recommend buying a Honda vehicle to any person. It has great options for a single person and families of many. Every person in my family has driven a Honda and I believe each of us would recommend it to someone.

- Beth C

Great on gas, cheap on parts!

It is great on gas, great on mileage, the parts are cheap for Hondas. It is also spacious enough for me and my two kids. Easy to clean after having two dogs always in the car and two toddlers. The car never really breaks down. I hate having a white car though because you always have to keep it clean & wash constantly.

- Taish L

The headlights are LED so that's a plus and my odometer read is digital

A lot of creaking noises and when I brake I hear something like it's going to pop it overheats when I put ac on! It's a very reliable car and I wouldn't trade it for the world but it's a lot of minor issues maybe from wear and tear. I do recommend this car for other people maybe for like a work car not meant for luxury

- Amber H

Great gas mileage, Reliable, Comfortable smooth ride.

I love my Honda Civic, extremely reliable and fantastic gas mileage. Comfortable for long trips and enjoy the features that come with this vehicle. I have never had any issues and have always trusted my Honda to be reliable and it has not failed to be so since the purchase. Would highly recommend to friends and family.

- Jamison E

Hybrid. You can't go wrong.

I love this car I have had no problems at all with it. I get great gas mileage with it being a hybrid. When I come to a stoplight or stop sign it conserves fuel by operating off the battery. It's awesome to take on trips. I would recommend this car to everyone and I'll stay with this make n model on my next purchase.

- John M

Comfortable and Reliable Little Car

This car is fantastic for college students or people who commute and need to save money on gas. It has great gas mileage! It is a comfortable little car with just enough space for luggage and people, but isn't too big or clunky by any means. This car is perfect for in town driving, something simple to get you around!

- Alex O

Loving my Honda it still runs good as new like day 1.

My Honda is the best car that I have bought. It doesn't use a lot of gas it runs great a/c works good as well as the heat it's the perfect size for a little lady like me. I love it so much. It also has a sunroof and a great radio system. All the material is the same as I bought it. The condition of the car is great.

- Christian G

My Honda Civic gas is so awesome, full tank lasts a long time

My car runs perfectly in every single way ! The only issue was the radio doesn't always want to work the way I like it to. I think it should have an Aux cord or a Bluetooth. I really enjoy my car, I've had it for about a year now and I really rely on it, I drive my family and my significant other around all the time

- Haley H

My Honda has gone through 3 owners before me and has been reliable to all.

It is very comfortable and reliable for the most part. I bought the car used and so it does have occasional problems like, overheating (which I have since gotten fixed), lock issues (I never received a spare key or key fob and one of the tumblers on the doors is worn out so the key gets jammed from time to time).

- Marissa T

the sport mode on it is fantastic and it has a good radio system

I love my car! it is very good on gas and is extremely reliable. It has a good air conditioning system, and the seats are very comfortable. My car is reliable and gets me to my destination safe and sound. It drives very smoothly, and makes smooth turns. My car has never broke down on me, and has never failed me.

- Sahara H

good and reliable, never had any major issues

the upkeep can be costly, but overall it is good and reliable. Good gas mileage and never had any major issues. The car is farley comfortable but the seats are old and could be redone the appliances are outdated and the radio no longer works. However it is paid off and reliable and gets good gas to no complaints

- Kaitlyn B

My car is perfect for me and anyone who likes decent cars that'll last forever.

I absolutely love my car. It was my first car to rent to own. The car rides very smooth gives me no troubles in any type of weather. The engine sounds great and has not given me any problems. It takes maybe 25 dollars at most to fill up my tank with high gas prices. And the gas lasts me a decent amount of time.

- Essence J

Honda Civic: the car smells bad, and the chairs are very uncomfortable.

The problem performances are the smell, maybe it's just my personal opinion, but I really hate the smell of the car. And where you sit on, it's very uncomfortable, I feel like my back is force to be not in posture than it's supposed to be. When me and my family have road trips I just feel my back sore and hurt.

- Kathleen G

Just your average Honda review

There is no aux port. It is a bit low to the ground and I have taken off the front bumper on a curb trying to park. The manual transmission has issues going into 1st and reverse like it gets caught in a 'false set' or something. The car has a number of rattles from interior panels working loose over the years.

- Mitchell J

Reliable car, cute, comfortable car.

Very reliable car. Keep up with maintenance and Hondas go forever. It is on the older side, so it just has a manufactures CD player (CDs have started getting stuck in the last couple years). No USB plug, like the newer cars. Gets me around and I am never worried it will not make it somewhere. Good gas mileage.

- Jennifer J

Honda Civic review and experience

Very reliable and needs very little maintenance with great gas mileage and a pleasure to drive and always performs as if still new. Original equipment is durable and very rarely needs replacement except when there is normal everyday wear and tear due to normal usage over time and not due to inferior equipment

- Ralph S

My car is almost brand new and I started leasing it with only 8 miles on it

I love my car. The gas mileage is great. The only thing negative is that when it rains and the roads are wet, it's very easy for the tires to slide even when making a comfortable turn. As long as I'm really careful and aware when this happens, I'm more than comfortable in my vehicle and find it very reliable.

- Allison D

Great on gas mileage! The Honda Civic is a great vehicle to own.

This car was an amazing first car! It was very reliable and safe on the road. I remember this car was a Christmas present from my mother. I couldn't have been more happy. I barely had any issues with the car. I basically only had to take it in for oil changes and inspections. It was also great on gas mileage!

- Morgan F

2004 Honda civic a smaller size sporty looking car that does not break the bank.

It is very comfortable to ride in and drive especially on long road trips. The car is good on gas usage. In the last 2-1/2 years that we have had the car there have been minimum repairs and those repairs were inexpensive. Not a lot of legroom in the back seat for taller passengers not being short it is fine.

- Cathy E

I think of do not judge a book by its cover.

I drive a 04 Honda Civic ex with a 2. 7l 4 cylinder with a standard transmission. Its gets awesome gas mileage, and is one of the easiest engines to work on. It has gotten me every place I needed to go. The only negative remark I have is that it does not have cruise control, other than that it's a great car.

- Dusty D

Very reliable car with no mechanical issues and over 188k miles.

This is a very reliable car. It currently has 188k miles and no I have had no mechanical issues. I have only changed the oil, replaced shocks and struts , and changed rotors and tires. This is my commuting car and I wish the ride was a little quieter and smoother. This car should last me several more years.

- Timothy S

A reliable transportation: Honda Civic.

Honda Civic has a strong engine and does not give transmission problems as such. The ac runs really good and the car runs really smooth. Although mine is an used one, Honda is really reliable. The price might be a bit expensive as far as buying an used car is concerned, I believe it is completely worth it.

- Pal R

Reliability - would buy again

It's very reliable. I never have to worry whether my car will start, even after all this time. I've had a few repairs along the way, but the reliability of this car is unmatched. It drives well, but the safety aspect is the most important to me. When this car finally does die, I will definitely get another

- Elle V

The Honest Honda Civic Review

The Honda Civic is the most reliable and comforting four door I've ever driven. Although it's not great for mountainous areas or rocky terrain, it's perfect for suburban homeowners, and first time cars for new drivers. I've owned it for over four years now and don't plan on getting a new car anytime soon.

- Michelle J

Very comfortable and economical car.

Very reliable and very comfortable and Versatile and economical and features are verify and speed is very good condition and the best way to get it right away and the rest is history of the most part. The other day. It was a little more than just the right place, but the fact, it was not a good time. It.

- Anil A

Honda Civic is a reliable car.

I really like my car. It has held up through quite a bit of use. The outside is looking a bit worn, but that's understandable. Maintenance has not been more than expected. The gas mileage it gets after 14 years of use is still decent. I would definitely consider buying a Honda Civic again in the future.

- Heather O

Nice gas mileage small car.

I love that my car gets good gas mileage. It is a manual transmission and I really like how the clutch feels. I wish my car was larger. I have two boxers and it is hard to travel anywhere with my car because I cannot pack the backseat and since I only have 2 door it is hard to get them in the backseat.

- Ashley P

It's very reliable and has given me many good years of service! Hondas are great reliable cars.

I really do love my little Honda! It's small and zippy and very reliable, and it's lasted me a long time with few repairs. What I want to do is upgrade to someone with more of the modern bells and whistles (navigation, safety, etc.). But it's reliable and fuel efficient and gets me where I want to go.

- Crystal D

Reliable low-maintenance car.

I have had the car for 11 years and have spent very little on repairs. Most of it was on basic maintenance like a serpentine belt and brakes. It is not the most exciting-looking car and it is on the smaller side, but it is extremely reliable. I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted another 50,000 miles.

- Sarah L

04 Hondas never die, they just keep chugging.

My Honda is one of the most dependable cars that I have ever driven. I had problems starting the car but it was a bad battery. It is low to the ground and handles curves very easily. It is a little problem for people getting in and out but. My wife and I have no problem even with both of us over 75.

- William R

My Honda has a great car!!

My vehicle has been great. The car is fourteen years old and still reliable & running. Couldn't ask for anymore than a reliable vehicle. The car runs well and has had some general upkeep, but that is expected with an older vehicle. I enjoy my Honda civic. The car is great on gas and easy to maintain.

- Faith B

Sparkle electric blue color

Currently my vehicle runs well and performs well with current mileage. Car is strong and durable and is great when it comes to gas. Although, age of vehicle has began to cause maintenance troubles. Overheating, brakes, radiator, etc. vehicle is expected to continue to run for long continued duration.

- James T

Gold, Honda Civic, two door, cloth interior.

Only a two door which does not allow for mass capability of transportation. The gas per mile is wonderful and does not run out easily. Drives well and has not had any issues other than an issue with a battery and alternator. When I was in an accident the car left without a scratch and it slid on ice.

- Hayden R

Honda is reliable, safe and lasts. I would recommend this car to everyone.

I have had it for 14 years. Very reliable car. I have had no major issues. I have kept up with oil changes and day to day maintenance. I will definitely buy another Honda. I currently have 140, 000 miles on it and it still runs perfectly. I hope to pass it on to my child when I purchase a new Honda.

- Jennifer A

Great mpg. Love having the camera so I don't have to strain my neck.

I have no problems with our Honda Civic. It gets great mpg on the highway and does well in town. It is comfortable to ride in. We are leasing and will turn in next year or purchase this Honda that we like so well. I love the color, smoky gray. If your for another vehicle check out the Honda dealers

- Susan V

Hondas are truly reliable.

Really great on mileage which helps if you live in a place with high gas prices. It is a little tricky in the snow and heavy rain, but if driving slow and steady it drives fine. It is really spacious and comfortable. My model has roll down windows and manual locks and has an automatic transmission.

- Kelsey C

Honda Civics are the best.

My car is 14 years old and runs perfectly. The seats are fantastically comfortable for long drives, and there seems to be plenty of legroom. There’s enough trunk space that I moved cross-country in it, needing only a few items shipped (or retrieved on a second road trip). It has zero blind spots!

- Madeline S

Reliable and dependable car

Reliable, good mileage as far as gas goes, looks great, fits a lot of people, good trunk space, I really enjoyed this car and would never drive anything other than Honda if I had to choose another car in the future. I also feel very safe inside of this car great safety features are always a plus

- Tamara M

It is reliable and does get the job done.

I have been the only owner and have taken care of it properly. Recently I have had to replace countless things part after part mostly due to overheating. I had to replace the timing belt, water pump, and other associated things. There is not enough space for our family, I am going to sell it soon.

- Jennifer P

This is a good car to have with the gas prices going up! It is a hybrid.

My Honda Civic is a hybrid. I love the care but it has transmission problems. I have had 2 used transmissions because, I couldn't afford a new one. It only has 134, 000 miles. It also has a new integrated battery (hybrid battery). I swear if I had a new transmission, this thing would go on and on!

- Patti L

Honda Civic: Dependable in the long term

Dependable and with routine maintenance has held up well over the years, although several similar, minor issues are springing up recently, door handle broke off, trunk latch no longer catches, hood lever broke off, etc. These may be just wearing out due to the age of the car, now 15 years old.

- Trish L

Civic hybrid is a great car.

This car, although being over ten years of age, has given me few problems. It is a hybrid and the big battery had to be replaced within the warranty period at no charge to me. Other than common maintenance, there have been no major expenses. It is reliable, comfortable and gets good gas mileage.

- Rachel D

Know what kind of engine you have!

It's a great car, maintenance is not too difficult until you have to replace the belt. If you discover your belt needs to be replaced, do yourself a favor and take it to a shop, as it can cause other issues. Otherwise, great, reliable car (not recommended if you are extremely tall or have kids).

- Lesley D

It is a black two door Honda with stock interiors but all modified under the hood.

If it is not one thing it is another. I have put more into changing everything under the hood than the actual car. I merely got the car to spend less money trying to make it nice and functional but I was wrong. Everything is literally wrong with this car. Inside and out. It needs to be replaced.

- Amanda S

Very good, reliable, low maintenance vehicle

Very reliable. It has over 254,000 miles and is still going. It gets great gas mileage. Mine has manual windows and seats so I have never had to replace or repair either of those. The only major repair was the head gasket but that's pretty good for as old as it is and as many miles that it has.

- Abbey W

It's a good car, it runs smooth, but a few defects

The performance of my car is incredible for a car from 2004. It runs really smooth and the car just feels right. However, a few things I would complain is that the air conditioning of the car doesn't really work. Another thing would be that sometimes the car would often just skid off the road.

- Eric C

Always reliable, have had for over ten years without major issues.

Reliable, have had it for over 10 years and not a single major issue. Have noticed over the years that the air does take longer to cool and only keeps truly cool when the car is running. Interior is cloth which is easy to keep clean, having the coupe means there is a lot of extra trunk space.

- Cassandra G

Good car. Honda 2004 civic lx. 2 door.

It's very reliable. It is a nice small car and has good gas mileage. I have taken the car on many trips with no problems. It is one of my favorite cars that I have owned. It is great for someone who is single and does not have kids. The insurance is kind of high but overall it is a good car.

- Angel S

Black 2004 Honda Civic EX

Performance and reliability of this vehicle are starting to get worse with age but for the most part are fine compared to other options. Comfort and features are definitely lacking compared to new cars but are par for the cars age. It would be nice to have better but it gets me around well.

- Keegan H

She's bright red and she does not make much noise. I do not know what else to put.

It is very reliable, the headlights are a bit weird to get replaced but overall it is good. It has butt warmers, it speeds up and slows down well. The brakes are still good and it has good mileage. The speakers are nice. The ac can take a bit to start up sometimes but that is okay with me.

- Alexis A

Honda Civic is dependable, great on gas mileage, safe, with lots of room.

I love my Honda! It's perfect size, roomy and dependable. There is plenty of trunk room when I need it, and the folding back seats increase the room. It's an older model, even though I purchased it brand new, I would love techy updates, like wifi. It's been a great car for many years.

- Dawn R

Honda Civic are great cars.

It a great little car. Good on gas. Can easily fit 2 car seats. The motor for the back windows are not the best I have replaced it twice. Breaks are not the best always need work on mine. The ac and heater work awesome. It does not require a lot of maintenance. Always good on oil changes.

- Ruth S

Best car on the road, unless the road is covered with a foot of snow

The car is great. It is very easy to drive and comfortable. It's been very reliable. It is rarely if ever in the shop. My one issue is it doesn't drive well in the snow. If it wasn't for the snow issue or if I could work from home on those days, I would get another Honda Civic hands down.

- Megan K

gas mileage. length of miles

I don't have any problems with my car. I love my car. It has great gas mileage and miles. The tires are still brand new. It hardly needs an oil change. It is super slow and fast. The body is in great shape.I can drive all day and still have a lot of gas. It gets me to where I need to go

- Adam G

Civic! Must buy - long lasting and worth the value.

Everything has lasted long trips. Like 6 months with 6 hour trips every two days! Only thing that went is the A/C. doesn't work and can't be fixed. Like expected the gas mileage has gone done, but still better than most vehicles. Recommend to purchase, my next car will be another Civic!

- Ryan F

Wonderful compact vehicle for mileage.

Honda Civic hybrid provides great fuel mileage. For large people, it will be tight. My Civic was built for fuel mileage. Therefore, on the road it is noisy and not comfortable. The cost was reasonable, but next time, I'll opt for a larger hybrid mainly for good fuel mileage and comfort.

- Robert O

Honda Civic - 2004 - reliable car, no issues with it and it has 160,000 miles.

My vehicle is very reliable. I love the gas mileage that I receive. It is getting old that is why a new car is going to be in my future. I haven't had many problems with the car itself, just regular maintenance issues with 160,000 miles on it. I think another Honda will be in my future.

- Michael W

Love my Honda 2004 car yes I do.

I love my Honda. I will be looking to buy another car next year and will definitely be looking at Hondas. I've had no major problems with this car. The car gets good gas mileage and runs good. I really can't say anything bad about his car. I maintain it well and get regular oil changes.

- Gary S

2015 Honda civic - reliable, dependable, solid vehicle

wish backup camera was better, love the safety features, rides really smooth, aux always works, dislike the seating material it could be more luxurious, got into two accidents and car held up well. Overall really happy with this vehicle due to the numerous features that I listed above.

- Lauren M

I love my vehicle fast and reliable and not at all high maintenance

My timing belt went out once. My A/C always blowed out ice cold air. I had to replace my starter after a couple of years. I replaced my tires every couple of years with Goodyear tires. My car goes pretty fast. I enjoy driving my car for long periods of time. I also have tinted windows.

- Elizabeth R

Honda Civic Ex Car Review

It's a good overall car. It's really good on gas. The car is small though and could be a bit roomier. Overall though I like and enjoy driving my vehicle around. The only issue that I have had with the car is that the clutch went and I had to replace it but since then it's been great.

- Rodolfo L

Honda Civic Great Reaction Time!

Good gas mileage, and it has given me no problems. Small and efficient for work and school. It is a great car for one person, and gets me wherever I need to go. My car also has great reaction time, but the speakers could be better. Everything works well, but the volume isn't very loud.

- Jessica C

Honda rav 4. The small truck is good on gas and does not need a lot of repair.

My car is a small truck. That is a good thing because it is off the ground. It is easy on gas. It is easy as far as repairs go. I like that it came with tinted windows. I have had it for two years and I have not had any big ticketed repair cost. It also came with a good stereo system.

- Janet L

Great mileage and cheap on fuel nice to take on a trip.

I love my cars cheap on gas its not to big u can park it about anywhere got a nice stereo system in it it's a 5 speed good for going on a road trip just right for a small family what a gas saver runs good new clutch and brakes. Could not ask for a better car only 16700 thousand miles.

- Tammy B

The car is reliable. It does not have many fancy features but always works and has great gas mileage. Great commuter car.

My 2004 Honda Civic has been extremely reliable. It has 165,000 miles and only an oxygen sensor broke. I have put routine maintenance, tires, brakes, oil changes and new belts. Other than that the car has been fantastic. Always starts and always reliable. It was a great purchase.

- Larry T

I love my 2018 Honda Civic Si !

I really love Honda cars. I've had Hondas all my life and they last forever. I have a 2018 Si which runs and sounds beautifully and can surprisingly keep up with an STI. My only complaint is that because it is Turbo I am running through gas a little quicker than my previous vehicles.

- Natalie C

It is really the best vehicle for a family.

I have had very few problems with it. Most problems come from its size, however. One automatic door is malfunctioning but that is mostly due to old age. It is performance is always great and is always a smooth ride. It is the car we use for emergencies and has plenty of space inside.

- Merida H

Honda Civic cars are exactly what they hype is, safe and reliable.

Overall solid vehicle. Very few problems. Car runs great although it's not fast. Maintenance is minimal a few big things every 5 years. Comfort is good although wish car would be slightly bigger. Love the trunk size. Car keeps its value so definitely worth keeping for resale.

- Michael H

car review in my personal opinion even if I'm not supposed to have my opinion.

the only problem I've encountered with my car would be that it occasionally has standard problems that result from an old car. However I cannot operate my drivers right and left back seat window, I do not know if it was my fault or fault of the car. I have not been able to fix it.

- kim F

2004 Honda Civic two door coupe.

It is getting older and I am wanting a new car. But it runs great and haven't had many big problems. I wish it had four doors, harder having a two door. Would like to have a bigger trunk and backup camera. The oil pan ended up getting a hole in it. Runs smoothly and is a good car.

- Cassandra E

It is amazing on the gas mileage when taken care of.

Transmission always goes bad, alternator, head gaskets, thermostat gets stuck fan stops working, serpentine belt continue to squeal. Great on gas, always needs work, one thing gets fixed and 10 other things go wrong. Too low to the ground and scrape the bottom at every small bump.

- Virginia B

Easy to drive, easy to park, has a nice interior and exterior.

Really good on gas, easy to drive/park, tells you the exact speed you're going. The interior and exterior of the car are both really nice. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to buy a new car. The car has a lot of compartments which is convenient for storage purposes.

- Ashley H

Reliable and inexpensive!

It's a really great car its very reliable. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is not electric so the windows I have to roll down myself and when I have to lock or unlock it I have to do it with the key itself or lock it from the inside. Other than that I love the car.

- Isabella M

It is a good car. It may have some problems here & there, but I vouch for it.

It is sometimes very noisy after a while of driving. The tires are always making a weird sound. The inside of the car is comfortable and I enjoy using it with friends and family. The mileage for the Civics are very good also. The trim and overall look of the car is cool and sleek.

- Ashley R

Civic gone wrong Civic on steroids.

Got a k&n filter on it makes it run smooth the compression is bumped up just leaks a little bit of oil the best running car I ever had my own pocket rocket only run mobile one oil in it planning to put header on it magnaflow and twin 88mm turbos and make this one sick Honda Civic.

- Derek W

Good entry level vehicle, you might want more content.

It's reliable - starts all the time and doesn't have a lot of issues. However, it's underpowered and I wish I had a higher trim level so I could have things like power windows and locks. I have a few repairs to do but lack the money right now. Otherwise it's a good little car.

- John O

I LOVE the gas mileage great car for long drives

my car hasn't had any problems and gets really good mileage. no issues except one small wreck but it was an easy fix and my car was good to go. Only issue I will have in the future is that the battery Is very expensive to fix once it goes out. I am very happy with the car I have.

- kelsey B

This car is dependable and has lasted for 15 years thus far.

My car is the one I learned to drive in. I feel comfortable driving it. It feels sturdier than other cars I've owned. It is old though and I'd love to eventually be able to afford to buy a newer version of it. But ya girl is broke (much like everyone else in this stupid country).

- Robin C

My Honda Civic is a great vehicle!

My 2004 Honda Civic is a great vehicle. It gets great gas mileage, and is very reliable. It is not a luxury vehicle, but it suits my needs just fine. Since owning this vehicle, I have become a big fan of Honda, and will likely continue to drive Honda's in the foreseeable future.

- Robert F

I hate my 2004 Honda Civic

It doesn't have working AC unbeknownst to me at the time. There is also problems with the brakes starting to give out. The car is not terribly reliable and is I want to replace it. I do not feel comfortable leaving the city or the county with my car and it is stressful to do so.

- Becky A

Display on dash looks newer than a 2004. I was surprised when I got the car.

Great gas mileage. Cruise control is broken and no Honda garage can figure out how to fix it. Drove it 1, 500 miles on only three tanks of gas, I average about 42 miles per gallon right now. Car is very low to the ground, beat my bumper up constantly, even on the road sometimes.

- Lucia M

Reliable and safe car with good interior condition

Stable car. Has some ac/heating problems. Reliable. Interior still looks brand new. No major damages to the outside interior, minus a few little scratches. Bought new tires. Might have to change the brakes soon. But all the parts for this car are not that expensive, very doable

- America E

the appearance of my car is the only good thing

smart cars have more problems than older cars. More glitches, system fails, and just a lot of sensitivity to certain things. I love cars that are good on gas, are smooth to drive and have a great outer appearance. Backup cameras are a plus and leather seats so they won't stain

- Shea W

Honda civic review small compact car.

My car is small and compact and very easy to drive, however it is so old it does not have a lot of the modern features that I would like. I do not know much about cars so it is fine to me, and it does get a good amount of miles per gallon. I would just like more extra features.

- Anna L

Honda review 2004 Civic lx.

Honda Civics are good reliable brands not good for snow driving though needs a version made with all wheel drive or four wheel drive but has great gas mileage for both highway and main road driving. Frame of car scratches easily not very well built kinda made of cheapy plastic.

- Jessica M

Honda Civic: the best amongst the rest.

Honda Civic is a very good car, comfortable, reliable, I have not had any problems with it since i've been using it. The only thing I do is oil change, coolant topping and tires. Every other thing about the car is perfect. The only thing is that it does not have a radio input.

- Michael E

Honda's are great, get one you won't regret.

My Honda is great, it has everything I need and more. The Honda is low on gas and has all sorts of modes you can put it in for example sport, Econ etc. It is also a good family car and is a very smooth drive. I would definitely recommend the Honda it is really an amazing car.

- Micah R

2004 Honda Civic. It's electric blue.

My vehicle is a 2004 Honda Civic. The performance is very good and I have rarely had problems since I've had it. It's extremely reliable and comfortable. The features include 2 doors, AC and a radio system. I highly recommend this car for anyone who is a first time car buyer.

- Sabrina N

All good, but battery drainer

The civic takes curves and speedwell. However the civic does not hold a battery well at all. I have had to buy 3 new batteries within about 2 years. Other than the battery issue, I have had little problems with the car. I would definitely recommend this car to a future buyer.

- Sarah F

Yolanda the Honda! She's mean, clean and one heck of a machine.

I love the car since it's fuel efficient, but being so low to the ground makes every bump on the road seem that much worse. On the positive side, it's a great size, sleek interior and exterior! Love that it has the ability to connect to my phone so I'm able to play my music.

- Amber B

Honda 2015 Civic: Compact Quality

My Honda is a great size and has an Econ mode that really maximizes gas usage. I love how it handles except there is a slight lag in acceleration. Otherwise the car handles really well and all the controls function nicely. There is plenty of space in the trunk and backseat.

- Andrea C

This car is reliable and has been through my 160+ mile drive to and from college.

The vehicle drives and handles very well. It is comfortable and spacious, with great gas mileage. I know this car will last me a long time. There are some minor issues with the door handles periodically falling off and the visors falling off, but otherwise the car is great!

- Christine V

Honda Civic. Reliable auto that usually yields a good trade-in value.

Vehicle is not used much. No problems. Performance is good. Could improve on acceleration. Reliable and adequately comfortable. There is not much more that I can contribute at this time. Would be helpful if cars came with a mounted standard tire instead of a doughnut..

- Linda D

Great on gas mileage, great ride.

Great on gas, comfortable, reliable, great air and heat. Nice body style, would buy another Honda. Low on miles. No problems so far. Very happy with it. My son drove it for 3 years to college. Now I have it. Couldn't be happier with it. Would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Denise A

It works well if you commute especially for students.

It's great on gas which is a plus since I commute. I like the style and how contemporary is it and it's a color I like driving. I wish the back seats weren't so arched back, wish there was a way to adjust to one's comfort. Overall the quality for the price is really great.

- Stella I

Smooth sailing easy driving vehicle

My vehicle is a 2004 Honda Civic. It is very reliable for me and only requires few maintenance check ups yearly. It gets me from point A to point B safely and efficiently. I love the way it drives and the smooth sailing. It is easy to operate and all around a great vehicle

- Sara S

Honda Civic is super reliable!

No problems. Great gas mileage and super reliable. Only general maintenance has been done on the car such as tires, breaks etc. Nothing has broke and I have also had a drive belt replaced. I am keeping it for the long run and have 165, 000 miles. I am hoping for 300, 000.

- Larry T

Great gas mileage and smooth driving car

Very good gas mileage. Usually have to fill up on gas about every two weeks. Rides smoothly. Has roomy trunk storage. Only downside is if you have more than two children they wouldn't have enough room in backseat. Honda is one of the most reliable car companies out there.

- Emily M

Very fast and great mileage plus nice to look at.

My Honda is dependable, very spacious, and nice to look at. Here's great gas to the mile, is reliable for long trips at fast speeds. The inside is roomy and very comfortable, the color is easy on the eyes. Mileage starts low despite long trips. The truck is very spacious.

- Cindy P

It's a pretty decent car.

I wish it had an ashtray and the cruise control only works half the time. Parts are pretty easy to find though. I don't like the fact that you can't lock the doors while the door is open. And I don't like that they don't lock automatically after a certain speed is reached

- Jade V

Happy car. Made to last. Great mileage goes far on a tank of gas that's enough

Great car bought in 2017 car was 2013 only had to have 1 oil changes so far. Handles well. Great features and stereo. Like controls on steering wheel. Comfortable seats. Mechanic said best car to buy lasts long time. Would definitely recommend to other car buyers.

- Debbie S

Amazing car for college student.

It is a great car. It is drives well and makes long drives. The interior is large and comfy. I have had this car for five years and it is never left me stranded. It have drive it for four hours at a time and it is great. It gets awesome gas mileage and drives very smooth.

- Madeleine M

The inside of the car is very elegant, headlights are nicely formed.

I really love the comfortable seats, easy maintenance, requires low gas which means less money spent. Reliable car and worth it is price. It runs very smooth and I would not change it for another. I would not like to purchase a different model, Honda is very trustworthy.

- Joanna De Los Santos J

Family friendly vehicle!!

This car is a very dependable car. Trunk holds enough room for a single stroller and groceries. Vehicle came with am/FM radio and a single CD player. Back seat is spacious enough for my 2 children and all their belongings, and child locks work amazing. Great family car!!

- Amanda K

My current car is like the average car today

It is a gray vehicle, Honda brand, Civic model. There are no problems with it, and it's nothing special; it's just like an average, typical car. We got it earlier this year, having traded it for our previous vehicle. With the trade, this current vehicle was used before.

- Moira M

Long lasting Honda's. Worth the initial cost and occasional maintenance

Very reliable. Has lasted us years and we plan to drive it to the ground. This car has rarely needed any major repairs and is definitely a brand I'd look at again! The car isn't cute as it is a 2004 but so worth the fact that it cost 5,000 7 years ago when we bought it.

- Hannah Z

It is a really reliable car.

I love the quiet engine and the fact that it shows the gears on the dashboard (drive reverse etc.). I also like the fact that it has a sunroof that is easy to operate. The best thing by far is the great gas mileage that the car gets even after its reached 170,000 miles.

- Rachel H

That she's still running great after 14 years.

I love the fuel economy, the compact size, and the durability. I hope to keep the car running for a few more years. I hate the blind spots, they're pretty big. I also dislike the wear and tear on the car's interior and exterior. It's 14 years old and it looks rough.

- Laura B

sporty style without the cost

it's a coup so it's a little small, hard to get in and out of the car especially with other passengers. Its an old car so some things need repair. Comfort is great. it's a manual, occasionally when getting off the gas pedal it makes a click sound. Plenty of trunk space

- Kay H

She may not be the prettiest but she gets me where I'm going

Overall performance is pretty good. It's faster than my friends Honda. Maintenance on the car is usually very cheap. The only big problem I ever had with it was the head gasket going. But it's a good car with a lot of life left in it being a 2004, definitely reliable..

- rah T

Civics are great commuter cars.

The car insurance companies consider this a sports car with a high personal injury rate, so the rates are high for a basic car. There are many aftermarket customizations for Civics. They are great on gas mileage. Other than that I love my Civic. I will buy another one.

- Jennie F

We use plus gas in our car, our mileage is anywhere from 35-40 miles per gallon.

It's a great car, low maintenance and great gas mileage. We haven't had any major issues with it, it's been a great car! It has over 200, 000 miles on it and still running strong. We always do oil changes on time or early. If you want a great car get yourself a Honda!

- Niki P

Honda Civic 2.0 best car I've ever owned!

I love the reliability my car offers as well as the mpg. It's very comfortable and nice! I would buy another Honda in a heartbeat. It's the best car I've ever owned and it has never ever let me down. It's also a nice blue and has a perfect engine. Best car I've owned.

- Jon B

Good enough for day to day usage

Bad to decent performance but doesn't stop working. Never really had any major problems with it, only had to replace the right headlight once before in the many years I've owned it. Very reliable, comfortable enough, not too many features, buts it's a good enough car.

- Richard W

My car is older and I love it. But, I would love new upgrades.

The muffler makes the car super loud and hard to drive in. To add, my model doesn't have newer amenities to it. Also, the air conditioning fan keeps going out after an hour of driving in it. To continue, my car struggles to switch gears if driving uphill or downhill.

- Megan O

My vehicle was bought from my high school teacher.

My car is very old and runs like new. Obviously there are going to be burps and hiccups but for the most part, I haven't had performance issues. This car is so comfortable and the reliability is amazing. I have over 130,000 miles on the car and couldn't tell the age.

- Deborah L

It's been in my family since 2004 when my aunt bought it.

overall my car is pretty good just cosmetics that need to be worked on but it runs perfectly fine. I don't have much money to fix the paint or constantly buy new tires but I do what I can. The only thing that bugs me is the paint job and the radio I need an AUX cord.

- Brenda T

Good over all car, good gas mileage.

It is a very reliable car. Its small, but great on gas. Very low maintenance cost. Two big car seat fit in the back seat. The cost is very reasonable. Tires are not as expensive as other cars. Would be good car for kids just learning to drive. It's a pretty safe car.

- Heather R

The gas consumption is good. It drives for a long time before it needs more.

My car is very reliable. Besides regular maintenance, I have had no problems. It drives well but not a lot of get up and go when you go uphill. The engine is good and so is the transmission. I have on only had to change the brakes once and the brake pads a few times.

- Michele L

Economic in gasoline but lacks gadgets.

It is a economic car from the gasoline point of view. But it is an old car and it do not have the features and gadgets from the new cars that help you drive. Like the GPS and smart radio with Bluetooth. Also it do not have the mechanism to help me drive in the snow.

- Isabel R

Consumes little gas and its reliable.

The car is very comfortable, its compacted and reliable even if it's some years old, it works very well, it saves a lot of gas, and the parts aren't too expensive but it used to heat up a lot, and the bumper is make up of a plastic like material that cracks easily..

- Wendy P

2004 Honda Civic. Nice car just growing out of it.

It's old. Way to small. Had to replace pretty much everything but the engine. It's reliable just getting to small and old for my boyfriend and I. We would like an SUV whenever we can afford a new car. Only a two door so we don't have much room. We will switch to SUV

- Emily S

I love my reliable Honda Civic!

My Honda Civic drives nicely and gets great fuel mileage. This was a great starter car and it is still working like a dream. If a parent is looking for a car for their high school driver this car is not only safe, but it is reliable and plenty big. I love my Civic!

- Josie M

Honda racing is the only jdm car Brand to go with.

Great base model to upgrade. Swap the motor. I am getting ready to drop a j35 with j32 heads and pistons with an itb setup. Also a great car for your daily driving. Honda is my car of choice and it's the car I am going to stick with. Not sure what else to say here.

- Mark A

This car is a very reliable vehicle to choose.

This vehicle is very reliable based on my experience. It runs very well and so far no issues. I'm very happy with its condition over time. It fits 5 people total and everyone fits comfortably in the back row. It helps with the long drives we do to Vegas sometimes.

- Lauren L

It is extremely good on gas.

I love the gas usage on the civic, about 25 fills up the tank and can last me up to a week and a half if I'm careful. Sometimes it doesn't start up but it has not stranded me yet. I would prefer a default radio that has an aux but it is an older vehicle after all.

- Devin B

My Honda Civic Slandered Windshields

I love my little black 5 speed civic. I do wish I had 4 door and a skylight. Great on gas. Had to replace thermostat and the hood latch and hood need replacing. The latch problem cause 2 busted windshields. Other than that it has been best I have had in awhile

- Jodi P

Very happy with our 2015 Honda Civic, great car!

Very good gas mileage. Constant mileage display is handy, as well as color economy indications. Comfortable, adjustable seats. Good sound from radio/CD. Screen easy to see and use. Maintenance reminders are very helpful. No problems so far--about 18,000 miles

- Ernie H

The car looks as if it is new unlike as we used the car from many years.

The car Honda civic is very comfort car its speed and the features are wonderful and the performance is very great that we never needed to get repair it and they are no problems with it. And the looks as it is a new car as it is maintained very well from years .

- shivani P

Honda Civic 2004 Ex sedan

This car is really good and heavy duty, I like to drive this car most of the day, it has a great motor that provide power and stability to the car on the road. The driving wheel is more than stable on the freeway that can give you safe feeling. I really love it

- Mina H

A 2011 Honda Civic with Highway miles and a sunroof

It is a very nice car has some paint problems but is sound driving and running little car it is wonderful, It is pretty clean inside but has some stains and needs new paint, and a few dings, but it is a really nice vehicle, it is blue in color and has a sunroof

- Marty J

Honda Civic- affordable and reliable

Very reliable and affordable car. New features like the eco button help me save gas and protect the environment more. The navigation system could be better it doesn't save me time but rather adds time the farther I go. Overall I would continue to buy this model

- Neha K

Hondas are extremely reliable cars.

It is an extremely reliable car. The engine light is always on for me and can't be fixed currently. My automatic doors don't work. Very good miles per gallon. The car can go very far. Decent acceleration. Nice stereo. Hondas are very reliable cars. Get the car.

- Abigail L

Hondas run forever, and are reliable

It's a Honda it runs forever, it's super cheap on gas and when something breaks parts are the cheapest of them all super easy to fix hands on. But because of the age and I am in the Midwest and these car a prone to rust on the quarter panels but that's just age

- Raul B

Smooth drive Doesn't take too much gas Has great engine

Honda civic is my favorite especially the new edition 2016 is amazing, drives wonderfully, engine is excellent, and smooth ride. It doesn't take a lot of gas, has no problems, it drives smoothly. I would recommend highly for buyers to purchase Honda civic 2016.

- Rosa A

I find when I wash my car (it's ) black, it always looks rich and beautiful.

It rides smooth, is easy to handle and is very good looking. If I had to get another car it would another Honda Civic. My main concern when I purchased it was does it have a tape deck, and yes it does. I can honestly say I have not had any problems with my car.

- Barbara N

Honda Civic Qualifications

Maintenance is expensive. Keep receipts. Know the you want. Look up the specific make and model keep at least 1/4 tank in the car. Recline the seat back adjust the wheel so that your comfortable enough to drive. Be safe and buckle up at all times. Don't drink.

- Eva F

Satisfied with my Honda Civic

The car runs very smoothly and I have not encountered any problems with it so far. The gas mileage is better than the last car I owned so I'm also very satisfied with that. The interior of the car provides ample space for 4-5 people to be comfortable as well.

- zach B

Headlights are pretty bright, long lasting for a decent amount of time.

2004 Honda Civic is a actually pretty great car, I've had it for 9 years now & the only part of the car that I see problems start to form its within the brakes, rather than that if you want a long lasting semi decent priced car I'd get this model of a Honda.

- Sydney S

Honda Civic: runs like a champ!

My Honda Civic is reliable, has great gas mileage, and has only needed front end work needed to be done. It starts during cold nights and the AC is still working during hot summer days. It handles great in the snow with good snow tires. 270,000 miles on it.

- Amber A

A car that is costly effective and must have.

Loves to rev very high. It can lead into poor reliability like a blown head gasket. Performance is very good. It runs well and has one of the best mpg available. You can get around 26 mpg in city and about 32 mpg on the highway. Average is around 28-30 mpg.

- Christopher L

Honda civic oldie but goodie.

Reliable vehicle, good trunk space. Legroom is great for a car. Shoulder room is lacking, in the front. Noisy cabin from road noise, but comfortable seats. Good gas mileage. Reasonable repair rates. Paint is holding up despite sittings outside since new.

- Lisa H

Overall nice ride, reliable and comfortable.

Car performs normally with some degree of comfort. Lacking newer features obviously, but I do not mind so long as I can commute daily, and this car is great for that. My faulty airbag was also recently replaced free of charge as part of an ongoing program.

- Kevin M

the display where the GPS and SiriusXM channels are displayed its very clear

Good car, rather reasonable price point and decent gas mileage. It is reliable and is easy to get fixed. Pretty comfortable, the seats could be more comfortable but it's not bad. Bit of a large blind spot but once you're knowledgeable about it, it's fine.

- Erin G

Civic will get you where you want to be.

My Civic always gets me where I need to go, no matter rain or shine. The mpg is good for me, I can get to and from school each week without running out of a tank of gas. I have had my Civic for years and I wouldn't think about ever getting anything else.

- Alexis A

Maintenance free solid little car with great gas mileage and handles well in all seasons.

My car is a zippy little thing that is good on gas mileage and really dependable, until 200,000 miles. It is a bit small and not as comfortable as it could be but pretty easy to take care of and basically I am very happy. I just would like a newer model.

- Susan C

My vehicle is one of a kind.

I love my car! Only problem is it makes this weird noise when I turn the air on. It turns off maybe like in 2 mins. Other than that I love my Honda civic. It was one of my first cars and I absolutely love it! I would definitely recommend buying this car.

- B B

Dependable and comfortable car.

Dependable, comfortable, runs well, no problems except door liners and ceiling material comes off. Would buy same model but newer version when I purchase next car have 99, 000 miles now and expect another 100, 000 miles for this car to keep on the road.

- Dawn E

The Faithful 2004 Honda Civic

As many know, Honda Civic's are incredibly reliable cars. A 2004 Civic (that I own) is a bit older, so I may not have any newer, 'fancy' things (built in GPS, heated seats, etc.) but Gas mileage is amazing. It is reliable. Easy to 'upkeep.' Perfect car.

- Alexia A

Honda Civic review and details!

Smooth drive and I usually use it to go out and drive to places but mostly driving to work as well. Speed is decent not the best it most definitely could do better but the car does have a smooth drive as well. The civic is a good car for beginners too!

- Nick K

Cute little car and has great zip

I have had no problems with this car. Drives smooth and good on gas. Very comfortable for travel. I like the heated seats and sunroof with it. Great car in all. No issues. I have done regular schedule changes. Brakes are a great thing with the airlock.

- Audra E

Good service and mileage with my Honda Civic

My Honda is 11 years old and has provided good service. I really like the gas mileage it gets. It is rated at 35 miles per gallon, but we have got as much as 45 miles per gallon on occasion. I have been pleased with the service we have had with it.

- Carroll H

The best car that I ever owned.

This car is eco so great in gas It gets me wherever I want to go and super economical, White is the safest color of any car, so I am glad to have white. So far, it has worked well for me. I can go wherever I want to go. I am thrilled I bought this car.

- Pamela P

Honda reliability it can't be beat.

The Honda civic is one of the best cars on the market. It will last forever and give you nearly no problems except for regular maintenance. Mine has 240,000 on it and it runs like new. I would recommend as Honda to anyone that wants a reliable car.

- Frank C

2004 Honda Civics are very good on miles and gas.

My Honda Civic 2004 drives very well. Good on gas plus easy to drive. Speakers have good quality as well as the heat and air conditioning work fast and good. Easy to vacuum no hard corners. Only problem so far is getting the good to latch all the way.

- Summer M

Honda Civic hybrid is a wonderful asset!

This car gets great gas mileage. Even though it is a hybrid, the maintenance cost is not much higher than a non hybrid vehicle. The only downfall is the imam battery is very expensive, but comes with a warranty in case there are any additional issues.

- Rachel O

Blue Civic Sedan with Sunroof

Highly reliable, great fuel mileage, smooth transmission, wonderful sunroof, and good visibility. Sun visor had an issue with spring clip and headliner has sagged after 10 years, A/C not as cold as I would want it to be, otherwise great reliability.

- Robert C

I have been diligent about maintenance work with my car.

My car is 14 years old and still gets over 40 mpg! It is compact enough to give is simple room around it in the garage, but I can fit more in its trunk than I can in my SUV. I dislike that it is looking old because I would drive it forever if I could!

- Christina Y

Love the Bluetooth, GPS, and great gas mileage.

It has GPS, Bluetooth, moonroof, good on gas, sporty rims and steering wheel. The car is good and reliable. It also has a maintenance minder that lets me know when maintenance is required. Even though it is compact, it holds a lot of stuff and people.

- Kim S

The gas mileage of my Honda Civic is great!

My Honda Civic is my primary vehicle. Is does not have automatic windows or locks it also does not have cruise control. It is very loud on the highway. My child’s car seat barely fits in the back seat with the front seat a comfortable position.

- Madison L

I feel like it will keep working forever.

I like how it drives very smooth and breaks quickly. I like the black color. I like that it gets good gas mileage. The seats are not that comfortable and my neck starts to hurt on long drives. I wish it had Bluetooth connectivity and cameras.

- Rachel S

It's small, which can be a bad and good thing. The car can fit anywhere and has great gas mileage, but the car takes a while to pull off because of the size of the engine.

I love the gas mileage that I get. It only takes me about 25 dollars to fill it up. I don't like how long it takes to pull off after stopping and it's a bit too low to the ground. I love how small it is, makes it very easy to park it.

- Najah H

Long lasting car without too many problems with maintenance.

It's a very well performing vehicle. It's a good brand and the car will last you for a long time. Also, without many problems with maintenance. It's a good car to own or have. Does the job of dropping you from point A to point B.

- Levina G

The car holds it value through the years.

Great gas mileage, save money on fuel. Holds value. Easy to maintain, goes well in the snow. Very comfortable ride for a smaller car. Can do a lot of work on this car by myself. Have had offers to sell at a very fair price.

- William C

It saves you so much gas!

Honda Civic is everything I need. One of the perks of having a Honda Civic it saves you so much gas. You definitely get the best bang for the buck out of it. Even though it is a small car it makes me feel safe and secure.

- Hanna B

Good gas mileage for an SUV.

First, it was reasonably priced. I love how easy and smooth it is to drive. It does not eat up my gas. I guess my only complaints are that it does not have an auxiliary cord or automatic windows. But I really do love it.

- Samantha S

It is a good car it runs good and it is very good on gas.

Battery messes up sometimes. Great on gas. It is very reliable it is got speed and performing. The battery has been changed a few times but I don't thing that has to do with the car that may have been something I did.

- Jennifer D

They should know that just because its old doesn't mean it's of little value. It's actually got a lot of value for me

I got it as a gift from my brother 7 years ago so I have a lot of emotional attachment with it. I also like the gas mileage, the fact that it's small but runs fast. The seats are comfortable and it is low maintenance

- Rabiah Z

This car is amazing for its age

This car I have had for many years it is very reliable and comfortable with a lot of space inside to carry people or things, only ever issue it has ever had has been with its thermostat every few years after 150k.

- Ronald M

Efficient and economical in every way.

It's very reliable, doesn't have many problems, but isn't that exciting either. Could improve across all categories of performance, comfort, luxury, etc. But for the price and its utility, it is a great purchase.

- Kerry M

Great gas mileage. Actually better than the 2016 I leased previously

For an older car, it is great on gas. Rides smooth and has a lot of power. Compared to the 2016 Civic I previously leased, it compares exactly except for obviously the updates in the newer car (bluetooth, etc)

- Sandra W

It requires minimal maintenance and will last virtually forever. Very few things go wrong with this car.

My current Honda Civic actually began as my mothers Honda Civic. It is extremely well-made (obviously) and gets great gas mileage. And for someone like myself who needs low maintenance – it is a perfect fit.

- Michael B

It is falling apart from age, but it still has a lot of character.

I prefer compact cars because it is easier to squeeze into places which comes in handy living in Houston where parking is always an issue. I do not like that it is not 4 wheel drive. I feel like I waste gas.

- Holly W

Can't beat the value and quality of a Honda

This car has been a superb value. It was purchased 14 years ago and has about $130,000 miles and has only ever needed routine maintenance. When I purchase a new car, it will definitely be a Honda civic.

- Laura K

Gets great gas mileage since it is a hybrid.

I love that it is a hybrid getting 40 MPG and that it can seat 5. I like the color and the wheels (even after having owned it for 14 years). The only thing I dislike is the back seats do not fold down.

- Barry P

The Civic gets good gas mileage.

The Civic is the perfect size easy to park. It has enough room for 4 people the backseat is roomy enough for passengers. It also has a good size truck with a fold down seat for more storage if needed.

- Nan S

She’s been with me for almost 6 years.

I have had this Honda for such a long time, never really had any problems with it, people have tried breaking into my car 3 times, my lights go out often, but I rely on my car to get around the city.

- Luna R

It is very reliable and I haven't needed expensive repairs.

I like that my car is good on gas it does not cost much to fill and lasts. I do not like the specific color of my car it is not exactly my style. I love the condition it is in for being an older car.

- Madison J

well made and durable. it has low maintenance costs

i've enjoyed having this car. it has been with me for the car. i use it for road trips across california. and very minimal costs in repair. helps with my daily commute to and from work. very durable

- omotaiwo l

It's nice, reliable and good on gas.

I like the color. I like the way it drives, though I think it could drive a bit smoother with shifting. I love the moonroof. I like that it is comfortable and everything I need is easily accessible.

- Krista W

it is a value for the price

Honda is a great car. It's made to last, and It's durable. pretty good value for the money. it has good gas mileage and rides well. the only dislike I have is that I wish it was a much larger car.

- Bobby M

2004 Honda Civic dx sedan.

I love that the gas mileage, handling, comfort, and reliability are high for my vehicle. The disadvantages are that I am having recurrent brake issues and the car has manual windows/mirrors/locks.

- Jessica S

Its runs very well but too many recalls.

It's old so it needs repairs semi often but it is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. Now that I've fixed the ac and bought a new radio it is pretty much all I really want/need from my car.

- Lexie H

It is reliable, study and very good on gas mileage.

My car is the most reliable vehicle. It has almost 300, 000 miles on it and still runs very good. As long as you give it is main care like oil changes and updates nothing major will go wrong.

- Trina S

My car is very fast. It will trick you about speed.

My vehicle has no problems besides the fact that I bumped somebody on the road and that I bumped the side of my house. But other than that the gas is good and everything works perfectly fine.

- Imani L

The vehicle delivers great gas mileage and is very dependable.

I like the fact that it continues to deliver great gas mileage. The vehicle is still stylish. It has a great sound system. As I have gotten older it is harder to enter and exit the vehicle.

- Robert H

How to fox it and to have the money to fix any issues

My control arm just went and now my tires are worn down to nothing and I need so much work done, my O2 sensor is gone and I got hit in the back so there's a huge dent I just need a new car

- Danna S

It may have a few scratches but it runs well.

We bought it used and it works pretty well for the most part. We just got it back from the mechanic. We had to bring it to the shop because it was overheating but otherwise it works well/

- Kelly V

I love "Black Betty" my lil black civic

I have had my car since it was brand new in 2004. I have never had any problems with it besides a few minor things. It has never left me stranded and I have almost 200,000 miles on it

- Lindsay M

The Honda Civic is by far the best car for someone not needing too much out of their car

very reliable and exactly what i need in a car. can go long distances with little gas pay and doesn't need too many fixed here and there. over all comfortable for me and my lifestyle

- alexis m

It's a hunk of crap, you have to sometimes push the clutch into gear

It's a nice compact car, parts are cheap for it which is a plus. Unfortunately i dislike it because everything keeps breaking because the previous owner didn't take proper care of it

- Brittany B

change the oil every 3000 miles. it's super important because it can be sensitive

it's not as good as toyota. i like the size and look of the car but i don't like the feel. it's a bit slow and weak compared to others. overall it's a good car just not for meet.

- Fernando r

This car is very low maintenance

The Honda Civic lx is a very reliable, gas efficient, and low maintenance car. In the 2 and a half years I've owned mine, with regular maintenance, I haven't had a single issue.

- Destiny C

It's fuel economy is excellent

i love the fuel economy and the way the car feels when i drive it. The only thing I don't like is the radio; I don't have any way to play music from my phone through my radio

- shauna m

As a hybrid, you can expect to replace the integrated battery at 100,000 miles.

I have had three transmissions and this 3rd one is bad also. Otherwise, it has been a great car. I wish I had known that year, 2004, reported problems with the transmissions.

- Patti H

It is a nice car that is good on gas

I enjoy driving the honda civic, it is very good on gas. It doesn't have much problems, but then again it does have problems because i bought a bad car from a terrible buyer

- Ryan H

You may think that a civic is garbage. It obviously not a sports car, but I works for what I need.

It's a small coupe which is fun to drive. It has a CD player which I love so that I can collect physical media. The gas mileage is wonderful and gets me where I need to go.

- Jacob G

It is a great commuter car that gets great gas mileage.

I like that it gets great gas mileage and easy to fit in tight spaces. Downside is that the car is old so it doesn't have many of the common features found in cars today.

- Brandon B

Reliable vehicle with the ability to keep you safe and on the road.

It's a reliable car, and the monitoring system is top notch like the alert from tire pressure. Being that its automatic it is easy, and has a great anti theft feature.

- Charitie S

that it is affordable and gets good gas mileage and is very easy to maintain

It is a great car that gets good gas mileage and is comfortable to ride in. It is small but is big enough for what I need to do and to complete all of my daily errands

- Angela P

If it is parked outside, the metallic paint will oxidize.

I love my car because is has been paid off for years, it is very reliable, heats up and defrosts quickly in the winter and the air conditioning still works very well.

- Victoria O

It is fairly reliable and has good gas mileage. Good point a to b car

It works very well and I have had very few issues with it. It is a little boring as a base model and has manual windows. Had to have the transmission changed as well

- Chris H

Low speed, high dependability.

Very reliable. The mileage is also very impressive. I have had few mechanical issues since acquiring the car. Radio reception needs improvement. Highly recommended.

- Jerry C

It will stay with you for a long time and keep running despite wear.

I like how it has withstood many miles. I also like how it has been able to stand many dings and scratches. I like the air conditioner, and I also like the engine.

- Emily B

Economical with great gas mileage, not fancy but sufficient.

Basic, Not fancy, paid off, comfortable, reliable, great gas mileage and value, low upkeep costs, no extra digital features but fits me great. I love this car!

- Shawna F

They should know that the gas mileage is very good and it's reliable.

What I like about my vehicle is that it is always reliable. The gas mileage is good as well. Also quite comfortable. It is an older model but still works well.

- Cassie S

My Honda: Highly dependable and proven durability

older car with over 100.000 miles still runs like a top. I brought the car used many years ago. I change the oil on schedule and maintain regular maintenance.

- angela c

If you take care of it, it will last for a lifetime. It is great on gas mileage also!

Our car has over 100,000 miles on it and it is still running. The Honda Civics are very reliable and last for a long time. They are easy to fix and maintain.

- danielle k