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2005 Honda Civic LX SE Coupe

My car is a 5 seater Honda civic lx special edition. It runs 30 miles per gallon, with a 5 speed stick shift. It is fuel-efficient and has an environmentally friendly engine. It has been extremely reliable. It has been run on very little oil, the tires have been super bald, and even the battery has gone bad. All of these show I am not the best of car owners, but it still chugs along. This car can handle it. Every time I go in for an oil change I feel proud because that tends to be the only issue other than possible replacements with time. This was the car I learned to drive stick shift on. I like how the car made learning easy with is smooth gear transitions and easy to feel clutch. The engine does not mind hitting the occasional 6k on the tachometer - Hondas are just build for that kind of thing. The gas mileage is incredible. Obviously when you buy a Honda you are not paying for its bells and whistles - you are paying for a good, reliable, and dependable vehicle. So as far as the quality of the interior/options go, it is not great. You could easily find a car in the same category as the civic with more options, but you'll usually compromise on reliability. Overall it is a great car.

- Ashley R

A reliable spacious four door Honda Civic.

2005 Honda Civic

Well I live by the shore, two blocks away from the ocean and one black away from the marsh national environment for wild animals. And when it floods over here the salt water will flood the streets so being forced to drive through it my breaks are now a little rusted. I am going to replace them soon but besides that my care is pretty comfortable. It does not pick up speed as fast as I would like it to be it is also not on the newer side. It gets me from point A to point B. I have always liked Civics because I like small cars. It is a four door so I am able to easily take my boyfriend's child's car seat in and out. The trunk is pretty spacious so we have all of his presents in there for his birthday coming up. I really have no complaints about my Civic, its my first car and has a decent amount of miles on it. I have always heard a Civic will be reliable for a long period of time and that is all I really care about honesty.

- Shannon H

It performs and runs great for how old it is, very reliable.

2005 Honda Civic

I am a young university student and my 2005 Honda Civic does what it needs to do. The car is old more than 10 years old but is still running smoothly, it is got over 150, 000 milestone on it and is still pushing. It is very comfortable and spacious, at least it is for me. I bought the car used and it is still reliable. My only complain about the car is that the back windshield does not have windshield wipers. I would recommend buying this car if you are on a budget and do not want to worry about future unexpected issues because this car performs great. As of late though I notice that when I turn on my ac in the car the ac unit creates a high pitched noise, it goes away after a minute or two but it gets annoying sometimes, that may only be for my car though because my friend has he same car and his has never done that.

- Noah S

Best features are the Bluetooth radio and good gas mileage.

2005 Honda Civic

For the most part my car is very reliable, I have not had any severe problems with it. It is great on the road it drives smooth, there’s no shaking or unexplainable noises. It is a coupe which is my favorite part because it is small comfortable. The radio works well it has Bluetooth so as soon as I get in my car I connect my phone and play my favorite music. It is also great on gas!! It takes about $20 to fill up my tank and it lasts me a week or longer depending on my schedule. One problem I have encountered is with my air conditioner, it does not blow as cold as it needs to, it runs out of Freon fast. Other than that one problem I love my car, I am confident that it will get my from point A to point B with no problem.

- Kiara R

The car is small, reliable, speedy, and perfect for a one-person household.

2005 Honda Civic

My car, for the most part, is rather reliable and comfortable. I love the sunroof in it. I have noticed that the acceleration on the car is decent, especially since I live in a state with such congested traffic. The maneuverability of the car is good. I feel safe making sharp turns. The comfort of the car is nice. I drove halfway across the country (eighteen hours in the car) and I barely even minded doing it. The only thing that I worry about with this car is that I have noticed I skid out when it is barely even raining. I have a tendency to accelerate pretty quickly at stop lights and any time that it is sprinkling, even after the whole "half an hour after it starts raining is the slickest time" thing.

- Rachel F

2005 Honda Civic feedback.

2005 Honda Civic

Five years ago I bought my first car, which was a 2005 Honda Civic. Overall, my Civic has been a great first car. The following are pros and cons for my car. Pros: - gas mileage. - reliability. - condition. - durability. - comfort. Cons: - air condition unit (I have had to fix it multiple times). - fragile door handles (easily break). - engine light is constantly on, even after a professional mechanic works on the car. In my experience, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The cons are primarily due to the car being 13 years old. If someone were to ask me about Honda, I would confidently recommend it to them. The next car I purchase could very well be another Honda.

- Philip L

Really reliable for what is needed

2005 Honda Civic

I have now owned two Hondas, my first was a 2002 Civic Coupe manual 5-speed, and now a 2001 civic coupe manual 5-speed! They have both been absolutely amazing. I just recently bought my 2001 used and have put some money into it, changing the timing belt and all other routine maintenance, and at 188k miles she drives like new! This car is so reliable and i wouldn't trade it for something never, accept a new civic! You really cannot beat Honda's reliability. The manual transmission and clutch are very smooth and easy to drive, I have also owned a BMW manual but i enjoy driving the Honda so much more. It is a wonderful car and I can't say anything negative about it.

- chris C

These cars last for years. Very easy on gas.

2005 Honda Civic LX Sedan

Have really had no issues with this vehicle until 4 months ago when an issue with the electrical system turned up. I have to disconnect the battery whenever I turn the car off when I go to work or shut it off at night or else the car will not start after leaving it for long periods turned off. It drains the battery. I just do not have the money to get the electrical issue fixed. I have had 2 mechanics look at the car and they cannot find the problem and said it is hard to discover the electrical issues and can cost thousands to fix. So I have my short fix until I can afford a new car since the car is paid in full and runs just fine otherwise.

- Kathy F

My Honda Civic is an old but reliable car with great gas mileage!

2005 Honda Civic

I drive a 5 gear manual Honda Civic. Sometimes moving from one gear to the next is difficult, but that is more of a problem with the clutch. The car also revs very high in order to go at high speeds. It hits nearly 4000 rpm when going 80 mph. This seems quite high, even for a manual. Otherwise, the car is old so it does not come with many modern technologies that cars have today, but that is more a problem with the year it was made. It is in good condition, drives well otherwise. Gets great gas mileage and is quite reliable. I have taken it on a 10 hour trip and back, and it ran fine the entire way. Hopefully, it will last another 10 years!

- Matthew H

My little red Honda civic.

2005 Honda Civic EX SE Coupe

The special edition package included alloy rims and a 6 CD changer which worked great for 10+ years. The car still runs great and is great on gas. We had an aftermarket sunroof installed which I do not think I'd recommend as it started leaking about five years later. We also had an issue with scratches on the door panel during installation. The dealer sent the Honda out to have the work done but wouldn't help us get the problem fixed. The clear coat is starting to wear away, especially on both bumpers. It is a very cute, sporty, reliable car and I would buy another Honda again in a heartbeat... Just from a different dealer.

- Suzanne T

This vehicle is a 2005 Honda Civic ex 4-cylinder.

2005 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic 2005 is black and silver, it has a detachable steering wheel, an upgraded radio, a bass system, and it is a 4-cylinder automatic. Its mildly comfortable your butt gets numb after a while. It will get you from point A to B. We found this car in a junkyard so has its problems here and there but nothing to major where it cannot be fixed. One time we sucked water up into the engine and it stalled the vehicle. No valves or pistons were messed up, but we had to buy new spark plugs. The battery lost some water to keep it cool. The o2 sensor get damaged so we also needed to replace that.

- Cassandra C

The Honda Civic is absolutely a good car. It is a blast to drive.

2005 Honda Civic

The Civic has great safety scores and is number three in ranking. It has deft handling, and a lineup of engines that offer plenty of power. These attributes help make the Civic one of the highest ranked cars in its class. The Honda Civic is absolutely a good car. It is a blast to drive and has a well-equipped cabin replete with high-end materials. Braking power is strong, steering boasts excellent feedback, and ride quality is comfortable. One of the Civics' few downsides is it's tricky infotainment system. Still, that shouldn't be a deal breaker given that the Civic is a terrific value.

- Kai I

Great, functional car, perfect for college students.

2005 Honda Civic

I bought my car used with the engine blown. I replaced it myself with an engine from a 2001 Honda Civic. I have had no issues with it- the gas mileage is incredible, never had issues starting, heat/ac works. This car is small and perfect for driving around town but does fine on the highway and interstate as well. I do not have an automatic lock and unlock remote but there is a button inside and the windows are automatic as well. There is not a wiper blade on the rear window of the car but it is never affected me. Overall I love this car and I would definitely recommend it!

- Kit S

It is very economical. Gas and repairs don't cost a lot.

2005 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is very comfortable it is good on gas getting around 60 mpg on long trips. I have had the vehicle for about a year and a half and other than regular oil changes and tires there has been very little money spent on repairs. I have replaced a relay fuse for the engine fan and a couple of other minor repairs. Normally the car handles nice on average road conditions. It does lose some traction on snowy roads or roads with extra heavy rain. Strong winds also push the car, something that does not happen with heavier vehicles.

- Cathy E

My car has aggressive look. My. Car have great handling.

2005 Honda Civic

My car Honda Civic 2005 is great in terms of performance and handling. My car is durable I have hardly done any repair in my car. I already have 145000 miles on my car. It still runs strong. The only bad about my car is the back seat of my car is not that much. Anyone above 6ft gets stuck sitting at the back other than that this car is great for college students or for person who travels a lot. With full tank of gas I do more than 300 miles with ac on. Car is comfortable and it has more legroom than any other vehicle in his class.

- Imran K

To: Honda. For always being there and still working as if it was made yesterday.

2005 Honda Civic DX SSRS Sedan

Personally, I will always treasure this car. It was the first one my mom ever got, ever since she immigrated to the us. It is now 2019 and (knock on wood) it still works like a charm. Compared other cars I have seen (whose prices are way higher than what we paid for our Honda) our car has rarely, if ever, broken down. Its comfortable and quite roomy. It is also very light to drive (if that makes any sense). If you are looking for something inexpensive yet high in quality. This is it.

- Jennifer B

The perfect car for young adults.

2005 Honda Civic

Considering it is an old model, I am finding that I need to take it to the shop a little more often. It is in near-perfect shape, however, and it drives well. I l prefer the idea of handing of a smaller car like a Civic because it is easier to drive and run on and off-road. Larger cars such as SUVs and trucks are too bulky for me, and I find them harder to drive and handle. Civics are truly the perfect size, especially serving as a vehicle for young adults or even college students.

- Stacey N

2005 civic oldie but a goodie.

2005 Honda Civic DX Sedan

I love this car. Like all Hondas it definitely lasts a long time. Standard maintenance needs to be performed on a regular basis. I have had problems with the breaks but that had to do with wear and tear. It is an older car and you can tell because it looks like a typical early 2000's car. It is a basic model so no automatic doors or windows. The radio that came standard with the car didn't last long and only played tapes so that was replaced. Overall really good car.

- Lydia L A

Honda Civic 2005 reliability.

2005 Honda Civic

Very reliable. Bought it used at 175, 000 miles. Very comfortable, radio was changed out and has an AUX cord. Runs pretty well, difficulty accelerating though. I have driven it for up to 8 hours at a time though, so endurance is great. Recently had a leak somewhere that drained all of my transmission fluid and busted the transmission. After fixing that up for a decent amount, she runs better than ever and I am expecting her to last another 100, 000 miles at least.

- Jason B

Honda is the best. Very good gas mileage. Good look interior & exterior.

2005 Honda Civic LX Coupe

I have had the Honda for going on 14 years. I have had no problems with the car at all. The only things that I have had to do to the car is regular maintenance. The performance has been excellent. Still getting around 30-35 miles to the gallon of gas. It is little bit hard to get into the back seat at my age (64). The only thing that actually do not like about the car is the trunk is a little too small. I will say that this the best car that I have ever owned.

- Lilly R

It has a custom brakes and rotors, also the air filter system is custom.

2005 Honda Civic

My car runs great it does have some body damage to the front and back bumper and also on the hood. There is a few scratches all the way around the car looks like it was keyed. The oil is changed every 3 months like it is supposed to. It needs motor mounts, and 2 sensors. The interior looks new all gages work. The only thing that don't work is the cruise control, it was unplugged when the heater core was replaced in 2017.

- Monica C

Long-lasting, reliable, and practical

2005 Honda Civic

I have had my 2005 Honda Civic for over ten years. I bought the car used with under 100,000 miles and it is now close to 200,000 miles. My car has had very minor issues throughout the past 10 years even now. The biggest issue that this car had is that the year and color of my car (blue) had a faulty paint job. Over 25% of my car is missing paint. Other than this, I would highly recommend this car and brand!

- Alicia A

The best feature in the car is the trunk, it's spacious.

2005 Honda Civic

I really like the Honda Civic that I have because it's good on gas. As has as the comfort within the car, I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars. It is on the smaller side so if you are tall or have frequent back seat passengers it's not an ideal size. The trunk space is amazing for a compact vehicle. It run for a long time with it being well taken care of. Really great for small family and singles. Great buy.

- Tin B

Surprisingly large cargo space for a small coupe.

2005 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic held its value for several years. It did not drop in value once I drove off the lot as many cars do. It is sporty, yet comfortable. I have had no repairs other than general maintenance types of things. My passengers say the back seat is comfortable. I enjoy being able to fold down the back seats so I can transport large and unyielding items. It is amazing how much I can fit in this vehicle.

- Tina D

As long as basic maintenance is maintained, it needs few repairs.

2005 Honda Civic

We have had the used car for about 10 years and have had very few problems which is characteristic of the brand. My husband keeps up the maintenance to help keep this older car going. The only thing I really dislike is the buzzer, and that is very minor and easy to fix by removing keys before opening the doors, and not putting key in ignition until all doors are closed and seat belts are latched.

- Deborah A

A great reliable car, perfect for various stages of life!

2005 Honda Civic

I purchased my Honda used and it had previously been in a passenger side accident. The only downside to owning a Honda is that they perform best when you purchase parts specifically made for them; which is more expensive - but worth it! For the age and for its history it has been an excellent and very reliable vehicle! I was 15 when I got it, and now at 23 I still drive it every day to work.

- Erin R

The Little Engine that could

2005 Honda Civic EX Sedan

With it being a Honda it's very dependable, it lasted well over a decade before it noticeable it was time for a tune-up. As of right now I'm having some trouble under the hood with a cracked/blown gasket but it's a cheap fix. Even with the symptoms of that I would still jump in it and take off anywhere! Also the 4 cylinder, small body type and lightness makes it an amazing gas saver

- Audrey D

Why to buy a Honda. An owner who loves theirs.

2005 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a car that will continue to please you year after year. Keep the oil changes regular and you'll have a car that will be there for you thru the rain and snow. These little cars kick butt and will bring you anywhere you need to go. They will start and drive with every turn of the key. I love Honda and I love my two Honda's. Great car great quality. Great friend.

- Tiffany E

Over 195, 000 miles and still gets better gas mileage than the newer cars.

2005 Honda Civic

I bought this car brand new, only 6 miles on it. 13 Years later and over 195, 000 miles it still drives as good as it did off the lot. Gas mileage is better than the new cars today, I get around 34 miles per gallon and that is driving around town. It has always been reliable. I call it my mini-Jeep, I purposely look for dirt roads and "we". . . My car and I go on an adventure.

- Sandra B

Great commission car. Perfect small family car.

2005 Honda Civic EX Coupe

The Honda civic ex coupe is a great car. It is great on gas, and is perfect for commissioning to work. It has a moonroof, cup holders, storage areas, and the trunk is huge. I have a 1 year old in a front facing car seat and it is roomy enough for her and 2 people in the back seat. This car drives extremely smooth and I am glad I went forward and made the purchase.

- Sophie C

It is not as fuel efficient as assume; sportiness drops the mpg below 30.

2005 Honda Civic

The car has been very reliable. The 50, 000 miles I have had it I haven't needs had anything other than regular maintenance. It is acceleration is great and handles well; ice and snow are no problem with good tires. It is a little noisy on the highway, just the sound of the road, not the engine or anything. Features are all basic but work well. I'd buy it again.

- James S

Great gas mileage and easy to drive.

2005 Honda Civic

Car is compact and easy to maneuver in traffic. Has great gas mileage and only have to fill up every two weeks. Has only had a few repairs even though very old. Only on its second set of tires and runs smooth. Financing was easy and not a high payment over five years. Should have chosen a lighter color because car is black and draws heat in the warm climate.

- Catherine A

Others should know that my Honda Civic is very dependable and fuel efficient, you can travel several mikes before you have to refuel.

2005 Honda Civic

I like that my car is compact, I can easily fit into any parking space and parallel park with ease. I like that my car has a four cylinder engine which means it's very fuel efficient and I can travel for several miles before I have to refuel. I also like that my car is very dependable, I've had it for about a year and it hasn't overheated or broken down.

- Yasamin J

Hondas are always reliable!

2005 Honda Civic

I have been delighted with my Honda Civic. I have had to get the brakes replaced and four new tires since I have had it. It is great on gas and I have the oil changed about every four thousand miles. I prefer to do it sooner than absolutely. Necessary. I have owned several Honda Civics and an Accord. I would not hesitate to buy another Honda in the future.

- Lisa D

2005 Honda Civic is a comfortable ride with minor problems and average features.

2005 Honda Civic LX Sedan

My car is very comfortable to drive. The car has very sensitive sensors which makes it reliable since you can fix the problem before it gets worse. My car has had some problems including some leaks and needing replacements (CPS, thermostat) but its still running in good conditions. Features aren't too impressive considering it's a 2005 but it does the job.

- I R

Honda civic hybrid, 2005- bought used but almost brand new.

2005 Honda Civic

I really do love my civic. It is a hybrid and it gets great gas mileage. It is been extremely reliable and I bought it used. I really do not like how the car jerks when it switches between using the battery and gas. It also is slow to accelerate. It is a great car for city living or long commutes. It is small and compact which is easy for city parking.

- Alexandria J

Very well maintained vehicle.

2005 Honda Civic DX Sedan

This car is a one-owner car that has been maintained its entire life. All major mechanicals are in excellent condition. It has a few flaws in the body of the vehicle. Great on gas and plenty of room for 4 adults. New tires. Most vehicle records are available. This car has around 125k miles and could easily go another 100k miles of fun and practicality.

- Bob C

The window on the driver side does not roll down, and it does overheat.

2005 Honda Civic

It is a good car. I do put a lot of work into making it keep running, it is nice seating. My radio is not working at the moment which makes it a quiet drive to and from places it is a coupe to it is two doors makes it small and hard to get a car seat in the back or get it out. I do love the moon roof but being in as I do not get to use it to often.

- Stephanie A

Honda is a very good inversion.

2005 Honda Civic EX Sedan

My vehicle is a Honda civic ex 2005 iits gray and I like the fit and the design it's very comfortable and also the gas consume is minimum or acceptable. I like the functions on it and I am confident when I am driving it. I am really satisfied with the mechanic development and I didn't have so much issues only the monthly or middle year maintenance.

- Christian C

Love my Honda civic, with just one exception.

2005 Honda Civic

It drives smooth, is easy to handle, and has given me absolutely no problems over the past 4 years that I have owned it. The gas mileage is great, and I get more than 25 miles per gallon on average. I have a two door, and do wish I had a four door sedan instead, as getting in and out of the car requires a little more effort in a two door.

- Serene S

It's a very small car with two doors so it's hard to take other people

2005 Honda Civic LX Coupe

His name is Timmy. He has been hit one time, so the air whistles through it oddly and makes a weird noise. My check engine light is on but nothing seems to be the problem there for some reason. It's very comfy with light brown cloth seats. My car is a fabulous car with amazing gas mileage. The only issue I really have is that it's small.

- Amanda M

I think that the Honda civic is a well built car.

2005 Honda Civic EX Coupe

I have always liked Honda's, I used to have a stick, which I loved, but I have a automatic now. I have not had a lot of problems with it over the two years I have had. It. I did have to have a power steering pump and overhaul. Basically they are well built cars. I have had three within fifteen years. I think I am sticking with them.

- Tammie L

Beautiful blue Honda gets me places.

2005 Honda Civic

My car is incredibly reliable. It gets me where I need to go. Being 13 years old means it does not have all the fancy features like the newer models do my favorite feature is the sunroof!! Its at 204,000 miles and is still running very well. The mechanical fixes are usually very easy and not that expensive. The car is great on gas too.

- Meredith W

A sports car type of look with a spoiler in the back that completes.

2005 Honda Civic

Drives smooth and very good on gas. If you are looking for a cheap car that will get you from point A to point B without constant maintenance then I highly recommend. It is a 2 door and has a spoiler on the back. Inside is nice as well and the seats are very comfortable. A lot of trunk space as well and loudspeakers on the both sides.

- France G

Hondas are great cars. They last for many years and don't have any problems.

2005 Honda Civic LX SE Sedan

Has not had a problem, very good car. Super reliable and comfortable. I love my Honda. It's perfect for day to day things and driving far distances. I drive from Ventura to downtown la everyday and this car has never given me a problem. The car goes slow up hills, but it's no different than any other car, and it is very gas efficient.

- triana T

My 2005 Honda, boy do I love her!

2005 Honda Civic

No problems. Runs amazing. Like a1 day1. 195, 000 on a 2005 Honda Civic dx-vp only one owner before me. Some body damage and paint missing. But its my baby. She runs like a champion! I love her to the moon and back. Plus hey guess what, .. Its cheap to fix I am meaning the parts you may have to purchase is so inexpensive! Love it!

- Corey G

Honda makes a good little car.

2005 Honda Civic

My Honda has been an excellent car. 240000 miles and if I had taken care of it like I should it would still be going strong. I get almost 40 mpg on the highway if I try and 35 mpg in town. My only complaint has always been the heater. This car does not put enough heat on the driver’s feet and always too much blowing in my face.

- Martha R

This is a review of my car which is a 2005 Honda Civic.

2005 Honda Civic

My car is reliable but boring. It gets good gas mileage. It has cloth seats and a sunroof. There is not cassette player or AUX plug in. My car is red, but they come in other colors too I am pretty sure. There are five seats in my car. One is the driver's seat and the others are for the passengers. That is all have a nice day.

- Adam N

Economic money saving car.

2005 Honda Civic Base Hybrid

It is really good in saving gas, it is comfortable & has advanced features than a basic car. I also like the reliability it does not acquire that much maintenance & I usually am able to travel 2 hours without a problem. It runs very smooth & overall gives a nice relaxing drive whether it is a long drive or short.

- Elena H

It will run forever, i'm at 275,000 miles and it still purrs.

2005 Honda Civic

I love the mileage and the reliability. I love that maintenance is so cheap. I love the interior and exterior of the car. I dislike the sound system and that the car only has a cd player. I dislike that the 2006 hondas drastically changed from the 2005's therefore It's sometimes difficult to get right parts for maintenance.

- Dan C

Amazing, reliable and good on gas!

2005 Honda Civic

My car is a Honda civic that have been extremely reliable. It is amazing on gas and out of all the cars I have driven Honda is always the best. It made the drive from Virginia to Florida. Even after I was in an accident, my car was able to be rebuilt and runs like new. Finding parts for my car is extremely easy if needed.

- Paula E

Honda Civics (and all Hondas in general) give you the best bang for your buck. The engine is well made and the car never dies. It lasts forever as long as you take care of it well by going in for routine maintenance.

2005 Honda Civic

I love my 2005 Honda Civic. It runs well and the engine is highly reliable. My only complaint is that parking on the street in the big city has caused many knicks and scratches on my car. They are all cosmetic damages, and do not affect the function of the car, but I do not have the means to fix these aesthetic issues.

- Flora F

An old reliable - 2005 Honda civic.

2005 Honda Civic DX

My car was given to me by my stepfather, but even after all the years of use, it is still a reliable car. It has been a fantastic and reliable car, it is easy to work on, takes nearly no maintenance, and is very economical to own and operate. It will hold up very well for commuting, travel, everyday use, work, fun, etc.

- Megan L

2005 Honda Civic, a perfect first vehicle.

2005 Honda Civic

This car is amazing for drivers that are first starting out. I got this car at 16 years old, my dad bought it when I was in 5th grade and it still runs like it did when he bought it. Its maintenance is easy to do, I am able to take care of my brake fluid by myself. The Honda staff is also very professional and helpful.

- Abigail J

The reliable 13 year old car that goes place to place.

2005 Honda Civic

The car is 13 years old so there is no Bluetooth connection for music so I have to listen to the radio. The gas is not accurate so I have to gauge it based on the number of mileage every time I filled up my tank. The paint is peeling or fading. Despite this, I am glad that I have a transportation that get me to places.

- Kathy N

Imagination is the key and knowledge and money makes a fast car.

2005 Honda Civic

My car is a Honda Civic lx it has the d17a1 non vtec. The power is 115 horsepower I have added some upgrades to it and done a couple other things but needs some more work but I drive it everyday. I have put brand new wheels and tires and taillights and headlights 141243 is the mileage on the car. I am a fan of Honda.

- Josh V

Gas efficient and Reliable

2005 Honda Civic EX Sedan

My 2005 Honda Civic has been the most reliable car that I've owned to date. It gets great gas mileage and cost of repairs when I have had to make repairs have not broken the bank. This vehicle rides and handles smoothly and my only complaint is the lack of passenger room in the rear for adults and slight road noise

- Josh W

No frills, reliable, family car.

2005 Honda Civic

This vehicle is extremely reliable considering its age. It drives well in the winter and has not had any problems throughout my ownership despite undergoing extreme winters and adding 100, 000+ miles. It is a comfortable family car. No frills. Recommend to anyone on a budget or just trying to get place to place.

- Ann B

Reliable and long lasting but weak as in power.

2005 Honda Civic

This car is quite reliable over s long term period. I have been using it secondhand for about 8 years and have had very little problems. The ac vent will go bad after about a couple years of use and need replacing. The acceleration is extremely weak compared to modern cars but that is the only real problem here.

- Peter C

Great car to own and runs excellently, we are very pleased with the Honda.

2005 Honda Civic

Car is older but runs excellently. Has been a great car overall. I would definitely buy another Honda. Just took car on trip from phoenix, Arizona to las Vegas, Nevada and car ran perfectly there and perfectly back home. Safe car to own. We have had only one problem. A cracked radiator but it is all fixed now.

- Cynthia A

Honda Civic positives and negatives: overall a grand car.

2005 Honda Civic

I have really enjoyed driving my Honda. I enjoy the car's size, how well it has done so far and how long it is lasting. The trunk space is grand for a smaller car. I do not like how much repairs have cost, including sensor repairs, pumps and such. All together the Honda has lasted and that is really important.

- Katrina M

I love my Honda silver! Yes that is her name.

2005 Honda Civic

The only thing I really do not like about my Honda is that the bumpers seem to want to come off if you bump them a tad bit too hard, so they have to be replaced, I had to replace the front bumper a couple of times and the back bumper once, that is the only thing that I really do not like about my Honda.

- Jae J

Honda Civic - very reliable.

2005 Honda Civic

Very reliable, has needed only routine maintenance. Since it is 13 years old, the ride is not what it used to be. The interior has held up well over the years. This is the second Civic we have owned. Just gifted our daughter our 2000 Honda Civic. Will definitely look to buy another Honda product soon.

- Nancy T

Very easy to maintain and very good on gas.

2005 Honda Civic LX Sedan

It is a great car! I have had it for 7 years now and I have never really had a problem with it. However, I do have a problem with the gas cap. The inside lever to open the gas cap does not worked and has not worked for many years. In order to get it open, I go in through the trunk and unplug the line.

- Miranda V

This car is highly dependable and am glad to have it on long car rides.

2005 Honda Civic DX Sedan

The car is dependable and great gas mileage. Parts are cheap. The car turns on a dime and is easy to park in tight spaces. Lots of trunk space for trips to go camping or to the beach. Handles great in bad weather as long as there are good tires. Can fit 2 car seats and a third child in the back seat.

- April C

This Honda has interchangeable parts that is the best part about this car.

2005 Honda Civic LX SE Sedan

With my Honda civic the performance has been reliable. For a 15 year old car over the years it is been sturdy as well. Recently I have replaced the engine, and transmission and the car has improved. Comes with cruise control and power windows. It has a CD player and a slot underneath to store CD's.

- Omari G

Hondas are great! I would recommend them highly!

2005 Honda Civic

I never had any serious problems with this car. Just regular maintenance. This is the second Honda that I have owned. I would highly recommend a Honda. When I buy a new car it will be a Honda. I think that a Honda CR V will be my next car. I have even kept this car and shipped it to the mainland.

- Nora G

If saving money on gas is important to you, drive a 2005 Honda Civic.

2005 Honda Civic

Great gas mileage, runs great, I had some issues with timing belt. But overall great commuter car. The seats are pretty comfortable and stereo is ok. The main problem I personally have with this car is that there just is not enough room and it is not all wheel drive which is very important to me.

- Jamie F

It is alright: if you want a good basic car easy on gas.

2005 Honda Civic EX SE Coupe

I like the car but it has issues and the car is very light so it is dangerous to drive when going fast or if ground is wet so it is not the best car. Make sure the care is well inspected before buying it because then you will lose value. It is a good basic call and that is all I recommend of it.

- Ti S

Runs great, no radio but that is okay.

2005 Honda Civic EX Coupe

I bought this as a used car, knowing it needed a new starting engine and a new windshield wiper container. After replacing those car runs great all features work except the radio. Comfort is great first time having a small vehicle didn't think I would get used to the small space but is perfect.

- Jennifer P

Big but not bulky spacious reliable and safe.

2005 Honda Civic

This car runs perfectly fine I love it I feel safe in it since the car is high up I love that it also has a lot of space for my kids I feel safe driving my kids around this car I would recommend to anyone looking for a safe efficient car. If you need a lot of true space this is the car for you.

- Alexandra R

The vehicle still runs extremely well at over 110, 000 miles.

2005 Honda Civic

Brake problems, interior peeling are the main problems. Overall the vehicle has been super reliable with over 110, 000 miles, and still has had no major problems. A couple lose things here and there but just minor wear and tear. Only problems were the two listed above but overall a great car.

- Kristin K

I got for a great price from a family friend.

2005 Honda Civic

It seems pretty reliable and performs well. The comfort is not great and it has manual windows, which I like, since the mechanism is less likely to malfunction, but it is inconvenient after having electric windows. Body is not in great shape. Minimal features. Not a great color (gold/tan. ).

- Margaret W

Easy to control, comfortable to drive, cheap to gas up!

2005 Honda Civic

This drives really well, and the seats are easy to clean. Downside is the light tan can show up lots of spots. There's no blind spots with nice decent sized mirrors that move via a power switch, and the acceleration is great- it is got a quick pick up speed, and parallel parking is a breeze!

- Sarah R

The energizer bunny drives a Honda Civic.

2005 Honda Civic

My car is a dream vehicle, very low maintenance, needs minimal care and has a great mileage in spite of its age. The only reason I will replace it is to technologically improve my vehicle, otherwise it would stay with me forever. It just drives on oil changes and gasoline, very little else.

- Eva G

Amazing gas mileage, great trunk space, cheap to own and repair,

2005 Honda Civic

It is a great little car, compact but lots of legroom and a large trunk, besides that the gas goes a long way in this little car. I have only changed the oil, had the brakes redone and change the timing belt every 80, 000 miles, this car has 211. 000 miles and is still running like a champ.

- Dianne A

That it is reliable and inexpensive to run.

2005 Honda Civic

I have been very satisfied with my Honda Civic. I have replaced items over the years but that is expected in a car that is 13 years old. My mileage is fine. I take it in for a check up in the fall and spring and anytime that I think there is something wrong. I would buy the same car again.

- Barbara N

It is great on gas and is a lot of fun to drive.

2005 Honda Civic

I like how reliable it is and the gas mileage is low. I like that maintenance is so cheap. I like the design inside and out. I dislike the sound system and that it only plays CDs. I dislike that Honda changed so much between the 2005 and 2006 civics that sometime it is hard to find parts.

- Dan H

Honda Civic basic review. Reliable car and fun to drive!

2005 Honda Civic

I have put nearly 100,000 miles on this car, it drives great! Good gas mileage and very easy to drive. Reliable and in good condition still. It has air conditioning and heat, speed control, 5 speed transmission, power windows, and more. Exterior color is cherry red and dark grey interior.

- Honda F

Drives very nicely, but a few issues.

2005 Honda Civic

I wish it was a 4 door instead of a 2 door coupe but other than that I like the car. It drives nicely, it goes through gas like crazy, I do wish it had an alarm system but it does not. The sound system is amazing, but the only issue is the Bluetooth sometimes has a hard time connecting.

- Lacey S

Honda Civic for college students.

2005 Honda Civic

The only problem with my car is the slow oil leak it has but then again I bought it used. It is amazing on gas and as a college student I love that. However, this model does seem to be very faulty on a few major components. I would probably just relate that to the age of the car itself.

- Zee B

reliable transportation no bells and whistles

2005 Honda Civic VP Coupe

Car is almost 15 years old never had one problem with it. Basic maintenance and its runs great and has never let me down. Hondas are the best. They are dependable, reliable, basic transportation. I will be keeping it a long time. I just change the oil and keep up on basic maintenance .

- Nancy C

Reliable and durable family vehicle

2005 Honda Civic

The 2005 Honda Civic is extremely reliable. We have over 160,000 miles and have just had to do complete the biggest repair outside of regular service. The Civic is a smaller vehicle and lower to the ground so if you are taller in stature it can be more difficult to get in and out of.

- Dexter C

Honda. Civic. 2005. Ex. Silver. No alloy rims. Stock version.

2005 Honda Civic

There were never any major problems, however I was never satisfied with the gas consumption. It consumes a lot of gas. The car has always been reliable, comfortable and the features are enough for the price I paid for the car. Acceleration is ready good and the drive is pretty smooth.

- Waleed S

No power windows for an 05.

2005 Honda Civic DX Sedan

I do not like the fact my car does not have power windows. It gets tiring putting the windows down manually. Also no aux cord option. Other than that the car is not bad. A little small but that is fine as long as it gets you moving. It is uncomfortable in my opinion and drives good.

- Gene M

Reliable civic. Really old. Kind of attached.

2005 Honda Civic

Was great for many years but at 179000 miles its running loud. Had to put tons of money into an ac repsit last summer. It doesn't have power locks which is a pain. The windows are roll down. Its comfortable enough for me but many would not agree. Would definitely buy a civic again.

- Margaret B

Honda is an excellent imported vehicle!

2005 Honda Civic

Honda is an excellent vehicle, the stereo, the a/c and the heat work great. Miles are nothing to a Honda! It drives great and the brakes work good. I think a 1994 Honda Accord was better than my 2005 Civic, but the Civic is still great. I would recommend Hondas to any and everyone!

- Karen M

Lasts and very comfortable.

2005 Honda Civic LX Sedan

It has lasted this long with no problems so I would recommend it to anyone. It starts up right away and works great in cold weather. The comfort is great but the size is a little small. You cannot fit large things in the trunk. For a normal size car it is very rooney on the inside.

- Steve C

Reliability and comfort for 14 years.

2005 Honda Civic

I have had my car for almost 14 years and I have not had any acute problems with my vehicle. I have had things need to be replaced but that is expected with an older car. It is comfortable and reliable. I do not have anything automatic on my car but that does not bother me at all.

- Christy P

The amazing forever-running dream car.

2005 Honda Civic

Bought for $1, 500(us dollar) 188, 300 miles. Only one owner before me. It runs like it a newborn baby. I put 194, 459 miles on it so far and only thing I've had to do was oil/filter change. Cost for all that was only 18. 56$(us dollar) cheapest fix on a car I have ever heard of.

- Alexis S

Environmentally friendly due to low-emissions and fuel efficient.

2005 Honda Civic

I like the low-level emissions and how it handles on the road. I like the roominess, and the color. I especially like the trunk area where I can place items on top instead of on the ground. I dislike how even when I'm inside the car, I can still hear the outside noises loudly.


Civic--13 years with no major problems

2005 Honda Civic

I've owned my Civic for over 13 years and never had a major problem with it, only "small" things like wear & tear (tires, battery, etc.). It gets 40 miles to the gallon on the highway. I did my homework before I bought my car, and after 13 years, I wouldn't buy any other make.

- Karen G

Despite it is age and damages, the car still works and is reliable.

2005 Honda Civic

The gas mileage is great! I bought the car used with 200, 000+ miles already so of course there are some issues with the car. Despite the issues I have experienced, the car is still reliable and gets me from point A to B. I highly recommend Honda, especially for new drivers.

- Chloe S

It works and gets me where I need to go without hassle and without breaking the bank.

2005 Honda Civic

Travels well has been a pretty good car for us. Largest issues include the air conditioning system and a jam in the cd player, not too much to complain about there. Gets good gas mileage, somethings wrong with the wheel but cars always need maitmence over the years afterall.

- Leilani L

A reliable no frills basic car.

2005 Honda Civic

It is just a little old, the weather stripping leaks, and I do not have cool stuff like heated seats. Also the air conditioning seems to have just gone out. On the plus side it has 150k miles and I can probably drive it another 150 thousand miles before I have to replace it.

- Joanna C

Great lasting car that can be passed down generations if taken care properly.

2005 Honda Civic

Car is reliable! Must keep up regular scheduled maintenance with any car. Gas mileage is great and economical. Car runs smooth. It has lasted in good condition to be passed down to children. Try to keep manufacturers products on car. Safe car and will last another 10 years.

- Sonia M

My old, yet reliable Honda Civic.

2005 Honda Civic

The Civic so far has been quite reliable, which is a primary feature I search for. It had less than 100k miles on it when I bought it a few years ago. Comfort level is not wonderful, but I can certainly deal with it. I want my car to get me where I am going. Color is bland.

- Carol W

Honda Civic is a very great vehicle

2005 Honda Civic EX Coupe

Very comfortable vehicle with a lot of space. The performance is great and it doesn't use very much gas. Has not given me any problems since I have it and only requires it's normal services and oil changes. Overall it is an amazing vehicle and I would highly recommend it.

- Rebecca B

It is 12 years old but it is got only 100k miles on it.

2005 Honda Civic

The car runs great but lots of little things are beginning to fail on it. The door locks are having problems, now the airbag is having a problem. I just find it frustrating because all the little things add up to a lot of money. Each door lock to get fix is $265. 00 each.

- Leslie H

Good color. Nice interior. Wonderful for short people.

2005 Honda Civic

The car is wonderful. Not only is it spacious but it looks good too. The only thing that I do not like is the cost of maintenance. It does get wonderful mileage and the color red is cute, it is almost like a Revlon color red. It is easy to park and the radio is wonderful.

- Brooke A

I love my Honda civic hybrid.

2005 Honda Civic Base Hybrid

Few repairs in 14 years; most covered by warranty. Does not go up hills well; at some points could only do about 40 mph when going from Sacramento to Truckee. Very comfortable and inside has held up to heavy use. Does not require oil change as frequently as previous car.

- Caroline L

Gas/electric hybrid Civic with a manual transmission.

2005 Honda Civic

I drive a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid with a manual transmission. I like to drive a manual transmission. I also wanted a Hybrid. Not many vehicles have both. Unfortunately, it's still a Civic which doesn't have a lot of oomph so it kills going up hills. I can live with that.

- Kathleen P

2005 Honda Civic lx special edition review.

2005 Honda Civic

The car is nice drives well but its so uncomfortable small not spacious at all; however it is reliable car good on gas too. Is a nice model-wish it had headed seats because of the leather and living in New England is needed also the parts for repair are very affordable.

- Marie Z

Very reliable, comfortable, and long lasting vehicle.

2005 Honda Civic

I have had my car for about 8 years and it has been awesome! Very reliable. I have not had any issues thus far as I keep my car maintained. The interior is very comfortable and decently spacious. Though I do not have automatic doors or windows, which is not a huge deal.

- Natasha D

Good car and qualify gasoline saver.

2005 Honda Civic

It is ok car and it can be better card but for now it is fine probably later I buy it a new car like hybrid and sensors collision and back camera and parking it self and Wi-Fi include good mileage and gasoline save and take care road any time and warranty for 10 years.

- Margarita J

Gas saver and comfort ability.

2005 Honda Civic

This car is a great one. The gas mileage is around 32 mpg, and it is a smooth comfortable ride. It is never given me any problems. As long as you keep up one maintenance- this car will start right up every time! The reliability is unstoppable. I have had zero problems.

- Emily B

It's reliable. Sure, it's been in the shop a few times, but what 13 year old car hasnt?

2005 Honda Civic

I love my Honda civic! It is fuel efficient (from my understanding the best of it's class at the time, 2005), small and easy. I just hate that it is getting older, but I'll absolutely consider Honda during my next car purchase. It has served me well for several years!

- Abby B

It's good for one or one party! Large trunk space and lots of legroom!

2005 Honda Civic

I am usually driving by myself, so I do not need a large car. When I do drive other people I can comfortably fit 3 others in my car. The car is good on gas mileage, I used to have a larger car that went through gas very quickly. This car has a nice ride, very smooth.

- Rebecca M

Nothing interesting just a perfect car to get me from point A to point B.

2005 Honda Civic

I bought my Honda Civic off of a guy from work. Worked great then and still does too this day. Never had a problem. Great on gas, handling is good. Small car but can park in small spots. Never had a problem with a/c or heat. Comfortable to be in without cramping up.

- James L

Honda is a great car if you are on the road a lot.

2005 Honda Civic

Had to get the head gasket replaced at about 180. 000. Also had to replace the wheel bearings at about a 170, 000. Other than that it has been a great car. I would definitely own another one if I was to get another car. I also love the gas mileage that it gets.

- Harry U

It is a dark blue Honda Civic and is a reliable, easy maintenance car.

2005 Honda Civic

It is a very reliable car and easy to maintain. Parts are pretty cheap so if repairs are needed, it is not too costly. It gets great mileage and will run for a lot of years. My husband is able to do most of the work on my car since it is fairly easy to maintain.

- Mary D

Honda’s are the best older cars to own.

2005 Honda Civic

Good sturdy cars but often have electrical or transmission problems. They are extremely easy to work on and very reliable if you take care of them with routine maintenance and service. The dealership is fair priced for the specialty parts and it is very roomy.

- Jennifer G

My vehicle is a two door but also a low rider .

2005 Honda Civic

I absolutely love my vehicle .Its small so I can get around real easy , I like how it looks kind of sporty also . My vehicle is silver and I call it my go-cart . Great for a first car being young this is actually my first car and I tend to never have issues .

- Nikki C

I love that it is standard.

2005 Honda Civic EX SE Coupe

I haven't had any issues with my Honda civic since I purchased it, the air works great, no oil leaks, it is fast, I love that it is standard, tires are great, no shaking, transmission works like a fine oiled machine, I do not have any complaints about it yet.

- Kayla A

Grey with black bumper, does not look old.

2005 Honda Civic

It runs well, it is not that smooth to drive but will get you places. Manual doors and windows. Windshield wipers need replaced. Tinted windows. The seats are comfortable. It is slow to accelerate but can drive fast. It has a black bumper but the car is grey.

- Ashley G

Reliable Honda Civic will get you where you need to go.

2005 Honda Civic LX Sedan

My vehicle was purchased 2nd hand, so I would say the current issues have more to deal with the amount of mileage it has than anything else. The computer part of the vehicle is currently malfunctioning but the vehicle still rides smoothly. Very good on gas!

- Wanda V

Reliable if you want it to be.

2005 Honda Civic

I have absolutely no issues with this vehicle. It is reliable, partially because of the Honda reputation but also because I maintain the vehicle as required. Most of the maintenance is self done but also some items have to be done in an automotive location.

- Mary P

No worries with a Honda Civic. Reliable, safe and modern.

2005 Honda Civic

Normal maintenance issues. No breakdowns or problems ever. Very reliable and great on gas. Inside design is roomy and modern. I like that the windows have no thick panels obstructing the view or light. Just wish the exterior paint would be in better shape,

- Margaret C

Average but reliable! You are getting’ somewhere!

2005 Honda Civic

Totally reliable I would recommend to anyone on a budget or a first time driver. Love that I do not have a car payment and I know it will get me from point A to point B. It is pretty comfortable for a single person. Maybe not for parents or growing family.

- Nicole W

Its hybrid, there is two battery in it, very supportive.

2005 Honda Civic

Very durable hybrid car automatic and low gas consumption, almost new, blue color, very comfortable , it runs also when gas level is low, high performance speaker with disc player so many other qualities like safety measures in it, very comfortable drive.

- Imran I

It is a cool car and it is the best

2005 Honda Civic Base

It is a very reliable car and gets me where I need to go. Very good on gas as well. I've had this cafe for quite some time now and it still runs super smooth no hiccups ever. This car is one of a kind and is super affordable and very good for a first car.

- Jasmine J

My dream car for me and family.

2005 Honda Civic

I want a new car for my family with a good quality and well-known fusion style power import this is all I want so you can understand me and brand that I love and my husband too so we can be happy I am tired of writing this survey but I need the money ok.

- Margarita Q

This tiny car has amazing speakers and powerful bass!

2005 Honda Civic

I have only had this car for a short time, but it is an amazing vehicle. It is around 13 years old and still runs like a charm. The only issues I have ever had with it were ones that I have caused or were inevitable such as flat tires, blown lights, etc.

- Morgan F

Well Worn Car Still Going Strong

2005 Honda Civic

My car is over a decade old yet it is still holding strong. It has almost 200 thousand miles on it but there are no issues with the performance of the car. The only complaint I have is that the AC stopped working very recently. Everything else is great.

- Virginia M

Love my car!! Great gas mileage and an amazing family vehicle.

2005 Honda Civic Base

Love my car! Very dependable for me and my family. The gas mileage is incredible. We just replaced the motor because the person before me didn't change the oil regularly. That's the only problem/problems we have had. Wouldn't trade my car for anything.

- Angela D

Drives good gas is great.

2005 Honda Civic

It drives good and gas is very good on it. Has great safety features. Have had no issues I've had to deal with. It has lots of space and easy to get in and out of. It had all automatic windows and locks witch helps. Has room for kids and truck space.

- Nick H

It is a gas saver and very reliable. It's a small car and will barely give you any trouble if you take proper care of it.

2005 Honda Civic

What I like about my car is that it is very reliable and a gas saver. I went almost three years without an oil change and my car gave me NO trouble. The only thing I dislike about my car that it is old, of course, and it doesn't have an aux cord lol.

- Kay J

It gets you where you need to go without guzzling too much gas.

2005 Honda Civic

It's old but it's reliable. I don't need any bells and whistles. It gets me where I need to go and without burning a ton of fuel. Only problem I have with it is that the interior is faded and tends to smell old and stale. I miss the new car smell!

- Eduardo P

would i but a honda civic hybrid again? yes.

2005 Honda Civic

my car gets amazing gas mileage.. around 35 mpg. the only big problem i have had out of it, is the hybrid battery. it died out at around 98,000 miles, which is the expected life; however, it was much more expensive to replace than i had imagined.

- rac m

I have engine and transmission issues with my car.

2005 Honda Civic

I love the make, model and size of my vehicle but my vehicle needs lots of work! I haven't had it for long. My Honda Civic was a gift from an Ex. I was happy with my car until I started experiencing major issues with the engine and transmission.


Warning: Be prepared for an expensive transmission repair with this car!

2005 Honda Civic

I greatly dislike the CVT. Not only is it less responsive accelerating from a stop than traditional automatic transmissions, but this model's transmission is not made to last. It is currently in the shop getting a pricey starter clutch repair.

- Bree D

It was great until it wasn't.

2005 Honda Civic

It is old. It was a really great car until a bunch of little things started to fail. One right after the other. The door locks failed, the ac went bad, different lights failed. Air bag failed. The first 180, 000 thousand miles were great.

- Leslie H

It is a very reliable car.

2005 Honda Civic

My civic has been a very reliable car. It is nothing fancy and has Its quirks, but I have been driving it for a long time now and have had very few problems with it, and the problems I have had have been quick and inexpensive fixes.

- Luke W

I love my Civic - incredibly happy Honda owner

2005 Honda Civic

I love my car. Given how old the car is, it is incredibly low maintenance. I also feel confident that my car will continue to last for a while, as Honda builds reliable vehicles and the maintenance and repair is reasonably priced.

- danielle s

Honda is very good on gas mileage.

2005 Honda Civic

Good on gas and I own it. There is nothing I dislike about my Honda civic. I bought it brand new and have had mechanical problems through the years because of age. Otherwise I love it and do plan on getting another one next year.

- Robert F

The gas mileage is really good. Also, to fill up the tank is very cheap

2005 Honda Civic

I love my Honda because of so many reasons. If you want a car that has amazing gas mileage and is super reliable, then this is the car for you. Gas is cheap for this car and Hondas are super reliable and last a very long time

- Gianna G

It's a very dependable car, it is worth the money

2005 Honda Civic

It has been a very dependable car and it get great gas mileage. I have close to 240, 000 miles on it and has never broken down, it just keep on going. The only dislike i have is the replacement battery cost a great deal.

- Franklin R

Comfortable to drive, good on gas and very reliable engine.

2005 Honda Civic

Overall, very much a reliable car. Only problem system is with the air conditioner. Had it replaced three times, but only by a Honda professional this last time. Hopefully they know more about Honda's and fixed it right.

- Tricia Z

the car car saves me money on gas

2005 Honda Civic

it saves me money on gas it still works like a brand new car it has comfortable seating because it is not a new car it doesn't have the new radio system but you can always find some alternatives for that if you like.

- jiselle f

It is reliable and comfortable to drive and is quite roomy.

2005 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a very reliable car. It is comfortable and gets decent gas mileage. Keeping it maintained properly adds to Its longevity. I have had that car for over 10 years and I have not had a problem with it.

- Andrea P

Honda Civics are great reliable vehicles.

2005 Honda Civic

I have only owned Honda Civics in my life, they are very reliable cars. Honda Civics are built well and they are built to last. Honda Civics are able to run efficiently even when a lot of miles have been travelled.

- Ryan M

It has great mileage. Honda's are known to go up to 100,000s or even 200,000's.

2005 Honda Civic

I like how small my car is and how comfortable it is. However, due to the snow I would like it to be taller and more heavy weight and to have seat warmers. I would also like window wipers for the back of the car.

- Julia E

Great on gas mileage and very easy to drive.

2005 Honda Civic

It drive nice. It is great on gas. Really easy to maneuver. It has an automatic transmission and everything is easily accessible. The only thing that I don't like about it is it the windows fog up to Eastpointe.

- Steve P

Don't buy a 2005 Honda civic.

2005 Honda Civic

Breaks down alot. Sometimes it chooses not to start when turning the key, I've had several mechanics look at it. No one knows whats wrong. Horrible car, in my opinion. Good on gas though, that is when it starts.

- Amber M

It looks new and has less than 75,0000. Drives perfectly.

2005 Honda Civic

Even though my vehicle is 13 years old, I keep it in pristine condition. It drives perfectly and it is a fire engine red! Love it! The only reason why I would ever get a new car is for the latest technology.

- June L

It only has 2 doors, so not ideal for driving multiple people around easily.

2005 Honda Civic

I like that it is gas efficient, and I like that it is manual. I do not like that the windows are manual. I do not like that it is only 2 doors. I do not like that I do not have a "fob" to unlock it from afar.

- Victoria V

It is an affordable car, good on gas mileage, gets you where you need to go, low profile, sporty yet economical, and need to be able to stand and kneel low to get in and out of car.

2005 Honda Civic

I like that my vehicle is small, compact, has good gas mileage, and accelerates fast. I do not like the small trunk space, pressing a button to open my gas tank cover, and how low the car sits to the ground.

- Jennifer L

It will last a long time with cheap repair.

2005 Honda Civic

It's an older vehicle that has a lot of mileage on it. It has held up for many years which I like. Problems with the vehicle are easy to fix along with them being very cheap. Yet I would prefer a better car.

- Joseph O

Not glamorous, but very reasonable and reliable

2005 Honda Civic

Although it doesn't have as much get-up-and-go as cars with bigger engines, my civic is fuel efficient and reliable. Mine has a LOT of miles on it and is running smoothly despite having been in an accident.

- Caitlin L

It gets great gas mileage. It is reliable. It's not pretty but it gets the job done. It's a small 2 door so I can't drive many other people.

2005 Honda Civic

It is very basic in terms of amenities. Only a radio and cd player, roll up windows. It gets me where I need to go and gets good gas mileage. It works for what I need but would prefer more amenities.

- Jordan F

As long as you maintain it, it will drive for a very long time.

2005 Honda Civic

It is the very basic model. I dislike the fact that it still has roll-down windows and all of the carpeting is kind of coming off because of the heat. Drives good, easy maintenance, long mileage.

- Kristina K

pre used honda civic review

2005 Honda Civic

This car was pre used. it runs okay, but is coming apart after only 3 months of owning it. the gas in honda cars are very efficient, but i am looking into another car soon. still of the honda brand

- Daisy V

The gas mileage because I could have a full tank and it would last a long time.

2005 Honda Civic

Car has great handling and is very easy to drive. The car is great on gas and lasts a long time when you fill the tank. The engines will. Last forever and your Honda should last a very long time.

- Alexander B

That it has amazing gas mileage and is a great car for anyone

2005 Honda Civic

I love the car because of the amazing gas mileage that it has. The only thing I don't like is that my car is a 2005 yet it doesn't have automatic door locks or windows. but I still love the car!

- Kaya T

The Honda Civic is a dependable and long-lasting vehicle.

2005 Honda Civic

It's a pretty sturdy car and works pretty well in the heat and the cold. I did get the belt replaced recently and it now screams when I start it and ~5 minutes into the ride, but then it stops.

- Grace D

It's a very reliable car. I've had the car for over 10 years and haven't had problems outside of normal maintenance and wear and tear.

2005 Honda Civic

I love my Civic. It's been reliable, easy to drive and is very comfortable even on long drives. Aside from regular maintenance and normal wear and tear it rarely gave me any mechanical issues.

- Kimberly J

It has been a reliable car since my purchase with only minor issues that needed fixing.

2005 Honda Civic

The car runs well for the age. I have had a few issues with the car since purchasing one being a issue with the ignition barrel which required a replacement. Also had a issue with the heating.

- Nick P

I keep my vehicle's clean.

2005 Honda Civic

This vehicle has been pretty reliable over the couple years. I have only had to change the timing change which is my bic maintenance fee. Overall the vehicle has been pretty steady and solid.

- Kendall T

All around great family vehicle.

2005 Honda Civic

Well it has great gas mileage. It is comfortable inside and looks phenomenal on the outside. The steering is accurate. The engine still holds up well. And I am overall very happy with my car.

- Joseph N

Honda Civic Reliable As Ever

2005 Honda Civic

Vehicle has been more than reliable, given that it was purchased in 2005 - over 13 years ago - and it is still going strong for both local and long distance (cross country road trip) travels.

- Wai Y

It is dependable and consistent. I typically never have problems with it.

2005 Honda Civic

This car has been dependable for many many years. With routine maintenance, I can see this car lasting a while. The only thing I dislike is the age of the car. To me, it has lived It's life.

- Adam S

It has never been into an accident. It is good for students and new drivers.

2005 Honda Civic

I don't like the car because it is very limited and loud. There is no camera or Bluetooth or aux cord. I like it because it has minor issues. I like it because it does not use a lot of gas.

- Elisabeth M

I would tell anyone it's a great purchase to anyone.

2005 Honda Civic

It is reliable and dependable. I have had it 'since college and never gave me any issues. It is paid off. We love the Honda civic, no matter how old it is. It is never given us any issues!.

- Olivia U

This car will get you where ever you need to go no problem.

2005 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is. Very reliable on gas the gas mileage is really good it is a nice small car with a lot of space I really cannot think of anything bad to say about it everything is good.

- Jose M

I enjoy having two doors.

2005 Honda Civic

I love the size and the sunroof. We've been together for 13 years and I love my car. The only complaint is that it is getting older and I have to start putting more money into the upkeep.

- Quinn A

It is very reliable and gets very good gas mileage.

2005 Honda Civic

This is my very 1st car. I like that it is compact, easy to handle, and gets great gas mileage. It was very useful when I was single, but now that I have a family, I could use more room.

- Asad H

It's a great reliable car, that if you take it in for regular maintenance it will last for a while.

2005 Honda Civic

Overall, I love my vehicle. It drives great and it's comfortable. However, since it's an older car there are some features I'd look for in a new car when I decide to purchase a new car.

- DeLisa F

It has a long lifespan, been driven over 200000 miles and still going.

2005 Honda Civic

I like the fact that I have been able to drive over 200000 miles and not had to spend an inordinate amount on maintenance. It is a reliable vehicle. I'm satisfied with the gas mileage.

- James N

My car doesn't run into problems often it doesn't cause me headaches. I trust my car to take me where I need to go.

2005 Honda Civic

I love my Honda Civic. My civic is the most reliable car that I have ever experienced it is reliable, it is amazing on gas it performs great it just always runs no problems no hassle.

- luiyi C

It gets great gas mileage with an eco option for driving.

2005 Honda Civic

I like how well the car drives and how easy it is to take care of and navigate. The Bluetooth feature is one of my favorites! The only thing I wish was added is backseat cup holders.

- Haley B

Great gas mileage, fabric seats, and plenty of space inside of the car.

2005 Honda Civic

I like my vehicle it is reliable an almost every mechanic know how to fix it and the parts are cheap. I know that it does not have the fastest engine but it gets amazing gas mileage.

- Chantelle W

It hardly needs any maintenance, and it is reliable.

2005 Honda Civic

It is fast, and it is reliable. It rarely needs any maintenance. Unfortunately, it is quite small, so other cars sometimes do not see it and roll into my lane as if I do not exist.

- Jillian D

Honda civic 2005 review (solid vehicle)

2005 Honda Civic

it's been a great car for years but I could use an upgrade. I recommend it for a good starter car but after awhile I would get something different. Cheap gas and good mileage helps

- bailey c

It has good gas miles a very dependable car and love the way it drives.

2005 Honda Civic

I love my Honda it drives good has nice body and love the wheels it's a good dependable car good gas miles and have had no problems out of it drove it to Texas and back rides good.

- Sheila R

It is a solid automobile which is in serious need of $4,500 in repairs to get back on the road.

2005 Honda Civic

I like the fuel efficiency in my car. I need something that gets 30 mpg or more. Unfortunately my engine blew last June and I haven't been able to afford repairs or replacement.

- Tim T

2005 Honda's have a slight transmission problem , and the paint can easily wear if the car is not cared for but it is a decent starter vehicle

2005 Honda Civic

The car is comfortable, mostly reliable I use it to get to my job weekdays. It has a sat radio installed. It previously had transmission issues, however it gives good gas mileage.

- Jaime D

Great quality that's last for years and only requires regular maintenance.

2005 Honda Civic

I absolutely love my Honda Civic. It is the second one I have owned and they run forever! They are great quality cars and rarely required repairs other than regular maintenance.

- Sabrina B

The most important thing that others should know that it is a very reliable car.

2005 Honda Civic

I live that the car is gas efficient. I also enjoy that then car is a four door. I dislike the age of the car. It is pretty old and unappealing to look at compared to new cars.

- Jonathan Z

That it has more interior space than it appears from the outside.

2005 Honda Civic

I like that the shifter is located on the dashboard. Also that there is a good amount of cargo space in the back. I don't think there is anything that I dislike about the car.

- Sean F

It has great reliability.

2005 Honda Civic

Old but reliable. Not new enough for upgrades but great around town. It is low to the ground which I do not like but the gas mileage is great and still hardly any maintenance.

- Duffy M

It may be old but it gets me from a to b and doesn't cost me a fortune each month

2005 Honda Civic

It's an old honda civic we bought when we were younger and first starting out. i hate that it doesn't have power locks but i love that its simple and there is no car payment!

- Sarah K

Low maintenance, great gas mileage!

2005 Honda Civic

I have 273m+ miles on the car. No major problems i.e. engine, transmission, etc. It is compact but the seats are roomy and has a good sized trunk. Would recommend to anyone.

- Diana R

I like it, because it runs well, is good on fuel, and I get good service from the auto place from which I bought it.

2005 Honda Civic

It drives well. It has many good features. It is good on gas. Some of the dashboard lights are too sensitive and could negate inspection for a non-threatening condition.

- Thomas S

Good running car. Very reliable

2005 Honda Civic

Just replaced motor, brakes, rotors, wheel bearings,water pump, radiator, hoses. Put 3200 dollars into this vehicle. Normal wear and tear over 200,000 miles on this vehicle

- Sarah V

Watch the temperature gauge. Water bottles are in the back seat if needed.

2005 Honda Civic

I love that it is quite. I like that it has a CD player. I love the gas mileage. I don't like that it does not have a USB port. I don't like that it overheats on occasion.

- Tracy S

It's great for a daily driver because of the gas mileage and the low cost of maintenance.

2005 Honda Civic

I like that it gets good gas mileage and it's cheap to work on. I do not like how small it is. I like that it's cost-effective. I do not like how easy they are to steal.

- Stefanie C

It's probably the last brand new car I decided to buy.

2005 Honda Civic

This car of mine is getting quite long in the tooth, but it never let me down. In snow, in sleet and in sunshine its always there for me and it's very low maintenance.

- Eva G

Why the older Honda Civics are a great car.

2005 Honda Civic

I like my 2005 civic because it still has manual windows. It is very good on gas. I can handle it really well because it is a good compact size. It is very dependable.

- Stephanie T

My car gets great gas mileage so it is extremely economical to drive.

2005 Honda Civic

It has been a very dependable vehicle. Extremely comfortable and the interior has held up well. The only complaint I have is that the exterior paint has not aged well.

- Kimberly F

I have had it ever since I got my license.

2005 Honda Civic

I have had my car for 12 years and It's great. It never breaks down and needs very little maintenance. It is old now so I want a lot of tech upgrades on my next car.

- Brooke c

It's a good basic car but by no means is the car in style.

2005 Honda Civic

I like my vehicle because it has good gas mileage. I dislike the style of the car. I dislike the lack of updated electronics inside. I love how low-maintenance it is.

- Alicia T

It is rather small. Most importantly it is a very economical car to own and operate.

2005 Honda Civic

My Honda has a peppy engine which I like. It is rather small, which I dislike. It is very durable and has never let me down. It is unlikely to be stolen or vandalized

- Matthew F

that it's a great running car and i wouldn't trade it for the world

2005 Honda Civic

i like the fact it's a small car it ran smooth not loud at all . the only thing i dislike about it the transmission went out the other day so have to get a new one

- joe b

Runs like it does when it was new.

2005 Honda Civic

High mileage with little to no issues. Honda is a great brand that I will continue to buy. Car has over 180K miles on it and continues to run like it did when new.

- Steve V

I get terrific gas mileage but make sure to keep up with regular maintenance.

2005 Honda Civic

I just love my Hondas..great gas mileage, simple maintenance and comfortable interior. I bought it used and would have prefered tinted windows, but I got used to it.

- Pamela A

Honda civic 2005 good gas mileage long lasting

2005 Honda Civic

It's pretty reliable to me. Honda's are always good on gas like mine is. Also no engine problems so far even thought it was used and had some decent mileage on it.

- Jay H

Honda Civics offer economic and reliable transportation.

2005 Honda Civic

My car has been reliable, offers good mileage and is easy to drive. It's old, so it doesn't have much in the way of technology, i.e., bluetooth, built-in GPS,etc.

- Jane Y

It is a fun, fuel efficient car.

2005 Honda Civic

It's a great vehicle in general. I really like the steering on the vehicle because it feels very smooth. I dislike the ac, it takes a while to cool the car down.

- Jacob L

The car can go with no problems from A to B the Civic will take you.

2005 Honda Civic

I love this car the Honda Civic is a very reliable car. I would not switch it for anything. It performs amazing it cheap on gas and it does not give me problems.

- Luigi A

Hondas last a long time if you take good care of them

2005 Honda Civic

Hondas are very reliable and gas efficient. If maintained properly, Hondas last a long time. We own five Hondas. We will replace when needed with newer Hondas.

- Leslie W

Yeah, Honda's are best cars to drive. I thing.

2005 Honda Civic

Air makes the belt squeak which is kind of embarrassing a times. But other than that it is great and it is good on has in all honesty. More than you'd think to.

- Mary Katherine O

I have loved and enjoyed my Honda!

2005 Honda Civic

My car had been affordable, dependable, reliable, has been good on performance and gas mileage. Should I determine to purchase again, I will return to a Honda.

- Carolyn M

Reliable, affordable, dependable

2005 Honda Civic

Super reliable car that keeps on going with little maintenance required. great gas mileage and comfortable seats are a huge plus, and the reliability is great

- Alexa M

Small reliable maneuverable

2005 Honda Civic

It gets great gas mileage. Comfortable seats and great turning radius. Very maneuverable and reliable. It's a hybrid and the battery rumbles and poses issues.

- Noah K

The car is great on gas and very easy to fix.

2005 Honda Civic

It's great on gas, it is very reliable, easy to fix. The only thing I really dislike is how small it is but that is the price you pay to drive a Civic coupe.

- Jeremiah W

If you are looking to buy a car that is long lasting buy a Honda Civic. Honda Civics are long lasting cars.

2005 Honda Civic

I have a black Honda Civic. I like that my car has been very dependable,and it does not burn a lot of gas. I do not have any dislikes or complaints about it.

- Christie K

How reliable it is and easy for mechanics to work on. Parts are affordable.

2005 Honda Civic

I like the good mileage I get on it. And it is is pretty reliable. It is the perfect size for myself and two kids. The trunk is spacious also. No complaints.

- Mary D


2005 Honda Civic

I love my Honda Civic. I've been driving Honda's for 30 years. My Honda Civic is reliable, comfortable and has basic features. I will always drive Honda's.


The car need to be fix a lot of time in the year overheat a lot. Engine problem.

2005 Honda Civic

The car need to be fix a lot of time in the year overheat a lot. Engine problems brakes and have airbags recalls. The only good thing is that safe you gas.

- Jennifer B

It might seem boring in it's design, but that is only due to its extreme reliability.

2005 Honda Civic

This is a really reliable car. I have had no issues with it since I first bought it. Basic maintenance is all that I've had to perform to keep it running.

- Nick C

honda civic 2005 1.4 litre

2005 Honda Civic

Love it.never caused me a problem or failed to start. never even had a puncture. smooth running, cheap to run, id keep it for another ten years if I could

- Darren G

Do proper maintenance and it'll last forever.

2005 Honda Civic

Honda's are generally extremely reliable cars. They get really good gas mileage. They run for usually 300, 000+ miles before having issues. No complaints.

- Sarah L


2005 Honda Civic


- Brooke H

It's trustworthy; Hondas are built well and it gives me peace of mind.

2005 Honda Civic

It's trustworthy and dependable. It's small, which is great for navigating in the city. Good gas mileage for traveling longer distances out of the city.

- Name N

I like it, it's features, and the way the car handles and drives

2005 Honda Civic

It is old so I have typical issues like needing new parts, it performs very well though, it is relatively reliable, it is the SE so it is fully upgraded

- Jessica G

The Car is Cheap! It's not funny, it's noisy, the paint is peeling. But it gets me from point a to point b.

2005 Honda Civic

I like that it was a gift. I like that it runs. I dislike that it's maintenance light stays on. I dislike that I don't know how much longer it will last

- Parker J

Honda Civics are very reliable and easy to maintain their performance.

2005 Honda Civic

Car is extremely reliable and it is easy to maintain through self-maintenance. It has over two-hundred thousand mileage on it and it still runs great.

- Hannah B

2005 auto .... with NO body rust!

2005 Honda Civic

I've owned this car for 13 years now and is the best car I've ever owned. With regular maintenance, it hasn't needed any major repairs (110,000 miles)

- Dennis S

It is a hybrid so it is environmentally safe and also it's a good small family car of you're on a budget and need a car

2005 Honda Civic

I like that i save money on gas with my vehicle! It can be completely full with only $20 and this car does everything I need it to with a family of 4

- Shenae T

It is very reliable great on gas and very roomy.

2005 Honda Civic

It is old it needs work it is great on gas it is a 5 speed it is a 4 door it is paid for and in my name it has a good sound system it has a sunroof.

- Zack E

I get 40 miles per gallon.

2005 Honda Civic

It's been a reliable and economic ride. It has much less tech than new cars; and I like that. It's too small and not comfortable for long drives.

- Dave A

It is comfortable and safe...

2005 Honda Civic

I love the power I get with the vtec. I also like the body style. I like the standard transmission. I do not like the key fob with not trunk button.

- Evan C

It is not quite fast, but the ride quality is superb.

2005 Honda Civic

I enjoy the organic feeling of older cars so I quite enjoy my civic. I also love how reliable it is, and the excellent gas mileage. A real keeper.

- Dillon H

It is highly reliable and a great car to own.

2005 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic is the best car I have owned and driven. It is fully reliable and is a great car to own. Have use it for many long distance trips!

- Hoppy G

It's got good gas mileage all the time.

2005 Honda Civic

It's kind of small. Love the features. Have always liked Hondas. Have owned a Honda in the past. My family also owns a Honda. It is great on gas.

- Heather R

It only has 130,000 miles on it and it's in great shape so it's like new

2005 Honda Civic

It's a great small car to get me to school and work. It has great gas mileage. I bought it used but it runs great and has low maintenance costs.

- Katherine H

It is reliable and has a long road life.

2005 Honda Civic

My car will probably live longer than I will. It doesn't have a lot of thrust but it is reliable. I know it will get me from point A to point B.

- Samantha Y

It is a reliable car that I would recommend to others as their first car

2005 Honda Civic

I like that it is reliable and lasts a long time. I dislike that it is old and parts are starting to fail. I dislike how expensive repairs are.

- Meghan G

It is a cost efficient vehicle.

2005 Honda Civic

My civic has four doors, manual transmission, power windows, power locks with key fob. It gets Ana average of 30 mpg with regular maintenance.

- Stef C

They are very quick, stylish, and cheap.

2005 Honda Civic

I love my Honda civic SI hatchback. It has been very reliable and gets great gas mileage. They are reasonably priced and are cheap to repair.

- Thomas J

Nothing. It's a good car and has served us well.

2005 Honda Civic

It's an old car with 277,000 miles on it. It united me and my husband. It survived tons of travel and adventures. It holds a lot of memories.

- larae W

I love my car because it is Honda.

2005 Honda Civic

It is amazing. Most reliable car ever. It will be a sad day when I must part with this car. Maintenance is easy and performance is excellent.

- Dominic C

Some things that others should know about my car is that it has a Bose radio.

2005 Honda Civic

Love the fact that my car is real good on gas. It also handles very well and drives good. I would consider the it does need a new paint job.

- Juan B

It is safe and reliable and has needed few major repairs

2005 Honda Civic

I like my vehicle because it is safe and reliable. I get good gas mileage and it rarely needs major repairs. It is cute and easy to drive.

- laurie k

It gets me from a to b and that is the most important thing you can ask form

2005 Honda Civic

I love that it is a fuel efficient car. However, it does leak oil and power steering fluid. But it does have a/c so that is a definite plus.

- Cody M

That it gets really amazing gas mileage even with almost 300,000 miles and it being 13 years old!

2005 Honda Civic

It has great gas mileage and is very reliable. It's a good little car that has almost 300,000 miles on it. I often talk about it to friends

- Kirsten S

Reliable 2005 Honda civic

2005 Honda Civic

My Honda civic is a very reliable vehicle. It gets great gas mileage and in the 5 years that I have owned it I have had very few problems.

- Jeremy K

Reliable and dependable transportation

2005 Honda Civic

The civic has been very reliable. Still going strong after 13 years. It has almost 200,000 miles on it and is still my everyday vehicle.

- Storey K

It is well made and has lasted for a long time. I still trust it more than most vehicles.

2005 Honda Civic

It is a tough vehicle and is very good on gas. It has taken me back and forth to work for 11 years. I couldn't ask for a better vehicle.

- Paula R

It is a great family car!.

2005 Honda Civic

Likes, good gas mileage, solid reputation and dependability, cheap.... Dislikes, no luxuries, not very roomy, would have liked a sunroof..

- Jacob F

I do not know, besides it is good on gas and can get you from point a to point b.

2005 Honda Civic

My car will last forever and needs few repairs. Honda charges way too much for aftermarket repairs and makes it hard to do them yourself.

- Dean G

It is maintained and taken care of. It has lasted a long time for me.

2005 Honda Civic

I like my vehicle for the safety features and reliability. I don't have to have the newest as long as it works. Reliability is the key.

- angie w

Great Performance for Value

2005 Honda Civic

Great performance and comfort. Just always needs small repairs on non critical parts, but that's expected fovent the age of the vehicle.

- Cinthya C

That Honda civic is everything a family needs.

2005 Honda Civic

Love it because it has been dependable and wonderful on fuel. Never have any issues with the motor and has plenty of room for my 3 boys.

- Joey R

Great gas mileage. Tank of gas lasts a long time and gets me far.

2005 Honda Civic

I love that the rear seats fold down to expand cargo space. Love that I can control the side mirrors from inside the car. No complaints.

- Diane H

Others should know that the handle on my car on the passenger side does not work properly

2005 Honda Civic

I like how my vehicle overall looks but it is also older so it's coming across more problems. I really like how well my car does on gas

- Chloe S

It is a reliable means of transportation and you can get your money's worth out of it

2005 Honda Civic

I love that it is a hybrid. It is reliable and has caused me very few problems. It has almost 230,000 miles on it and still runs great.

- Kevin M

I would buy another one! My Civics have been faithful.

2005 Honda Civic

I really haven't had any problems I get good gas and mileage. It does not overheat! The ac works great. And the trunk is nice and big.

- Jennifer G

You could save money on gas.

2005 Honda Civic

I like that everything is good with it and it gets us around. The a/c works real good. The only thing I dislike is that it is a coupe.

- Jordan G

I important thing about the Honda civic is that it lasts for a very long time. It is one of the main reasons I chose it.

2005 Honda Civic

I like the size, reliability, and the gas mileage it gets. I like the style of the car and many people have complimented it, as well.

- Stacey M

It's safer. Can accommodate a lot people. And the interior does smell nice.

2005 Honda Civic

Its comfortable for whole family to drive with. Looks safer. But it does give starting problem even after all maintenance being done.

- Biju N

Great gas mileage only need to fill up every two weeks.

2005 Honda Civic

Car is old now but has great gas mileage. Small and easy to drive and has no payments anymore. Will need new tires and ac needs help.

- Catherine A

Very dependable car as it gets good gas mileage.

2005 Honda Civic

I get good gas mileage. Very dependable car. Only have replaced the tires, and no major spending on parts. Has a lot of miles on it.

- Jon S

My Honda Civic is easy on the wallet for a car. The car itself is less expensive than other brands and the gasoline and upkeep costs are also low.

2005 Honda Civic

My car gets great gas mileage and still looks a little stylish. It gets me where I need to go. The upkeep costs are also reasonable.

- Abigail Z

Good midsize car. Have not had any major problems with it so far.

2005 Honda Civic

No complaints at all. Hondas are great cars. They are low maintenance and good on gas. I love Hondas and I will always prefer them.

- Donna M

It is braces are not the best.

2005 Honda Civic

I like that it's good on gas. I do not not like that it is older. I like that it gets around easy. I do not like the braves in it.

- Haley S

It is a nice car for its age, it drives well and has held up great.

2005 Honda Civic

The only complaint I have is that my car has hail damage. Otherwise my car runs great. It has decent gas mileage for an older car.

- Mackenzie A

It is reliable on a consistent basis. I have owned this car longer than any other as a result.

2005 Honda Civic

I love it . There is nothing about it that I dislike. It has never let me down . Maintenance is minimal. It has been a great car.

- Scott S

Hondas are definitely built to last

2005 Honda Civic

I have an early hybrid - a 2005 Civic Hybrid. It's been a great car. I have over 150,000 miles on it and it still runs very well.

- Ally L

It gets great gas mileage. I rarely fill my tank more than once per month.

2005 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic is a great car. I have had it for 10 years now. It has been consistently reliable. I enjoy driving it very much.

- John F

it's a car that lasts for years I hope I still own it for another 10 years

2005 Honda Civic

love my car I just the right size and its great on gas i've had my car for 12 yrs and have never had to had any major repairs

- leo h

It is not a vehicle for larger families but it is great on gas.

2005 Honda Civic

The vehicle is very small and only has two doors we are expanding our family so it does not accommodate our needs any longer.

- Stephanie K

It's a great SUV and good for families.

2005 Honda Civic

Quiet, smooth driving, small and easy to drive. There is nothing I dislike about this vehicle.. It is very reliable as well.

- Hope C

It is a very reliable car. I have never had any problems with it.

2005 Honda Civic

I like the sun roof, the ac blows freezing cold air. The gas mileage for a Honda Civic is amazing. It's very princess, cute.

- Carlissa B

Great on gas and very reliable

2005 Honda Civic

Great on gas and super reliable. Literally just have to change the oil and you are good to go. Spacious enough for 4 people

- Patrick C

My vehicle is currently 13 years old and doesn't have any upgraded amenities such as Bluetooth, navigation, etc. I've had issues in the past with maintenance such as fluid leaking and current check engine light problems. Aside from some off and on issues it's been reliable as a Honda with gas mileage and running for this long.

2005 Honda Civic

Sometimes it has issues getting up to certain speeds when it comes to going uphill or passing other vehicles if necessary.

- Alexis B

Honda vehicles can last a long time, they're worth the money.

2005 Honda Civic

Overall the car is awesome, it is still fully functional even though it is a 13 year old car. Maintenance is inexpensive.

- Fay W

Awesome Car, awesome value, awesome gas mileage!

2005 Honda Civic

Great reliability and great gas mileage. Fun and sporty to drive with plenty of power. Easy to maneuver in city traffic.

- hugh j

It operates on a manual transmission and will therefore require extra experience in order to drive.

2005 Honda Civic

Small, fuel-efficient. Manual transmission is a plus. Mostly reliable and replacement parts are relatively inexpensive.

- Nathan J

Keep good tires on it and keep up the maintenance.

2005 Honda Civic

Only complaint I have is no power windows and locks other than that It's a great little car had it for almost 3 years.

- Tara K

It's a reliable family car.

2005 Honda Civic

I like that it's good on gas and reliable. I dislike that it is a two door. Overall this is the best car I have owned.

- Heather M

The gas mileage is amazing.

2005 Honda Civic

My vehicle gets great gas mileage and is roomie. Very easy to take care of and is safe and affordable. No complaints.

- Megan C

Drives really well and has 4wd for bad weather. Great bose stereo system.

2005 Honda Civic

Gas mileage is great. Comfy seats, nice and cushiony. Good tires, pressure is ok but front tire is wobbly sometimes.

- Gary G

It's a great economic compact sedan with great gas mileage and safety features.

2005 Honda Civic

great car, very reliable and affordable. Excellent gas mileage, and great safety features. I would recommend highly.

- Miranda L

Honda is great, but newer is better.

2005 Honda Civic

Early hybrids do not work well. They haven't quite worked out all the kinks yet. I had to replace the tranny twice.

- Steven K

Nothing, it's an old car.

2005 Honda Civic

Not spectacular, gets me from point A to B. My car is old yet reliable and still in good shape for it to be so old.

- Marie C

very reliable good dealership lasts a long time wish they still made it

2005 Honda Civic

Very dependable good mileage comfortable they stop making it in 2015 wish they would go back to making it again

- debra v

It is a small compact car with really good gas mileage.

2005 Honda Civic

I have a compact car, so it is really easy to fit into small parking spaces. It also gets really good gas mileage.

- Jenna R

It is reliable and it suits my everyday needs.

2005 Honda Civic

It is an excellent reliable car that has excellent mileage. It is very comfortable and it I really love this car.

- Alex B

it rattles when driving twenty to thirty miles per hour

2005 Honda Civic

it is a comfortable small car which is great for parking. It rattles a bit when driving from 20-30 miles per hour

- Julio E

It is reliable and easy to find parts for.

2005 Honda Civic

I love Honda. Super reliable and parts are not extremely expensive. They run for a long time with a lot of miles.

- Alex B

The Whip that everyone loves

2005 Honda Civic

My car has four doors it isn't silver blue grayish. It is spacious and it fits anyone it has black leather chairs

- Shirley P

It runs so smoothly and if it is taken care of no really problems occur.

2005 Honda Civic

No complaints! It is a great car that runs great. I've had no really issues other than just general maintenance,

- Sarah A

It gets me from place a to place b.

2005 Honda Civic

Likes: easy maintenance and low fuel consumption. Dislikes: not exactly the smoothest or most comfortable drive.

- James O

Low consumption or gas,automatic.

2005 Honda Civic

Petrol consumption is good, automatic,.. Engine is power full, not double silencer, but little repair is needed.

- Imran R

It is affordable and runs well.

2005 Honda Civic

I like my car because it runs well. I like it because it is a good color. I like it because it is cheap to fix.

- Maura C

A reliable car that holds up.

2005 Honda Civic

My car has held up for almost 15 years. I've had minimal issues with it, and it has been consistently reliable.

- Chris W

Great on gas, also has eco mode when driving long distances.

2005 Honda Civic

Just that it is too ugly. I do not think I would want to have this car for the next couple of years, you know.

- Em M

Great work commute vehicle. Never had problems running.

2005 Honda Civic

Runs well. Over 200,000 miles. Working condition. AC does not work just needs to be recharged. Battery is new.

- Kelsey D

Very fuel efficient and reliable. I never have to worry if it will start in the morning.

2005 Honda Civic

It is fuel efficient and reliable. It does not have a lot of power though and is small and low to the ground.

- Mak V

Great on gas! Car will last at least 20 years.

2005 Honda Civic

The air conditioning is my least favorite because the air is not cold enough. I like that it is good on gas.

- maria g

It gets great gas mileage. I believe it is close to 30 miles per gallon.

2005 Honda Civic

I love that it gets good gas mileage. I also love that it is small and compact. I do not have any complaints

- Selena B

Good gas mileage and is safe and reliable.

2005 Honda Civic

Good gas mileage kind of small if you have kids good for commuting cute reliable safe drive my kid loves it.

- Kayla S

Honda's are Awesome cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005 Honda Civic

I love my car, it is great on gas and is so cute. It is very compact but is perfect for me and my two kids.

- Monica c

One of the most important things is the car is very reliable.

2005 Honda Civic

My vehicle has great mpg. Good handling. What I dislike is its a 2 door car. I also dislike its small size.

- Tommy A

Great reliable vehicle for families

2005 Honda Civic

I have owned this car for over 3 years without any major issues. Car is very reliable and family friendly.

- Rebecca W

It is safe, everything works.

2005 Honda Civic

I like the gas mileage. The way I can get easy access to the parts as well. The car is the right size too.

- Heather M

it's a blue 2 door car, I bought it used and had super low milage

2005 Honda Civic

it's a great car, very reliable and always runs but its outdated. There is no GPS and it only has 2 doors.

- Brooke P

My car is super reliable and fuel efficient.

2005 Honda Civic

It's fine it has a couple dings and dents from use, but it runs smoothly, and does not break often at all.

- Julie J

I bought it brand new when I was much younger and it has lasted me over ten years.

2005 Honda Civic

It is getting old and needs to be replaced. It isn't that great on gas really compared to newer vehicles.

- Marie S