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The ultimate quality vehicle for a budget!

I bought my car used. My 2006 Honda civic has withstood the test of time. Even after 200,000+ miles the car still drives wonderfully. While the car looks very small on the outside, on the inside there is ample space within the car and a large trunk which is great for groceries. One of the nice features of this car is the option to defrost your side mirrors along with the front and back windshield. This car's small gas tank is made up by the great gas mileage! I personally love the moon roof as it is a nice addition for when you want to enjoy a wonderful day of driving. The car has great handling and is quite responsive. The car's small size is also helpful for parking in small or tight spaces, but it can also be easily pushed around in the wind due to its low mass. One issue I have noticed with this car is that it is much more prone to skidding on ice and snow. Some issues I have run into is with the car's delicate wipers. Most wipers should be able to take a beating, but the Honda civic wipers are not totally reliable. I have had to replace my driver's side wiper a couple of times because the blood has broken off while in use! Be very careful of your wipers in the winter. I had to learn the hard way that these wipers were flimsy. This vehicle also does not have reverse parking lights so backing out in the dark doesn't have the best visibility. Overall the car handles quite well and drives fairly smoothly despite being a car that is lower to the ground. The acceleration is also quite smooth. Another feature I enjoy is the car's cruise control and steering mounted radio controls. These feature have helped me to enjoy the comforts of my car without taking my eyes off the road. The Honda civic has gone above and beyond for serving my needs as a driver on a budget. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a quality and affordable vehicles.

- Jessica S

Money saver for your gas budget. Affordable purchase! Drives excellent.

This car gets awesome gas miles! Which is amazing for a struggling single mom that only has to put about 20 dollars in for a full tank of gas and drive for about a week and 1/2 before I have to fill up again. The price of the vehicle because it's obviously a 2006 and older, is very affordable and I paid about 6, 000 in cash. It drives very well but it is a very light car. I do dislike when I get into the vehicle it sits so low it feels like you are plopping down into the seat and it's sometimes hard getting a toddler out of off. It has 4 doors and a pretty good size trunk. This was a used car so it has a new engine because I guess the engine was recalled and the previous owner had it fixed when he received the recall notices. Over all I love the car because it drives so efficiently. My number one concern is saving money and this car is the key to saving money on transportation! I love it.

- Hope E

It runs well and gets great gas mileage.

My 2006 Honda civic lx coupe wasn't my first choice when looking at vehicles after the transmission went out in my prior car. I honestly chose this car due to my limited funds at the time. Its a cute little car for someone younger than me perhaps but I would prefer a 4 door vehicle with a little bit more room and not quite as low as this car is. Due to some back issues, its difficult getting in and out of this car sometimes. Its a Honda of course so if its maintained, it still runs pretty well so that is definitely a plus. . Over all, it's pretty much just too small and too low of a vehicle for my liking, although it does have a pretty good size trunk for as little as the rest of the car is.

- L O

Cheap car, but very well holding!

I think Honda are really good cars. I have heard that when I was a kid and now that I am grown, well I cannot help but agree. My car is a 2006 Honda Civic hybrid with almost 200k miles. I barely go to the mechanics unless it is for oil change or just some checking. I mean this baby knows how to speed, and the brakes are fine. I have been able to do a road trip with that car from Omaha to Mankato with no issue even though I needed some alignment on my tires. I have gone through the last winter with just a few problems. For someone like me that does not go to the mechanics very often I think this car is holding pretty well.

- Ya T

Hondas are very reliable cars

My Honda had been the most reliable car I've had yet! As long as you get an oil change and keep up with maintenance it runs smoothly and without issues other than typical wear and tear. As far as cosmetics, I've noticed Honda civics made after 2000 tend to have bumper painting start to chip and it looks awful and/or dates your car. Also, the visor tends to be an issue and doesn't hold well in really hot weather like here in Texas. It's as if the equipment used melts and the visor won't stay up or in place. Can also be an issue when tall or bigger people try to get in your car, valet always complains.

- Rosie D

10 years and still going strong.

What I like most is the gas mileage and how long she has lasted. When I tune her up, she goes for a long time. What I dislike is the egg shaped window, I believe it causes blind spots and makes the wipers a little more expensive. I like that the Civic takes synthetic oil. My experience with the Honda customer service in Prescott is one of the reasons I have held onto my Civic for so long. I prefer going through the company over an auto shop. I am stoked about having a warranty on the engine, when I had a crack in the engine block, they took care of it and renewed my warranty. So that is a huge plus.

- Dahlia W

2006 Honda Civic - first time I have own a car of the year.

I love my car. I call it my "Escape pod" and prefer to drive over riding with someone else or even flying. My car has taken me on four trips from Texas to Utah for family events, and I never worried about anything breaking down. It consistently gave me 40 mpg on the highway. The only complaint I have is that the visors fell apart from the heat. The plastic is too soft, and one you tried to operate them when they were warm, they were done for. And while I got recall notices for all kinds of things, I did not get one for this and missed the opportunity to join a class action. Makes me very angry.

- Karen S

It's exactly the car you would expect it to be.

I've put about 60000 miles on this car in a period of 12 years. It's been reliable, I haven't had any days where it just didn't start, I have only had minor problems in 12 years. It gets good gas mileage - up to 38 on the highway. It handles extremely well. I've never had to use the safety features, but aside from the Takata airbags I've always had confidence in them. The fact that I've never needed them is a compliment to how the car drives. My only real complaint is that technology has passed this car by, it would be nice to have some of the electric amenities available in newer vehicles.

- Joseph W

Honda Civic. Great on gas.

For the most part the car runs pretty smooth. It's also spacious for a two door. It accelerates great, quickly with the speed of traffic if you're getting on the freeway. The navigation system is super handy works great. The Bluetooth on the other hand sucks. There's always static on the other end but that's when it actually works. I am not sure if that's from the vehicle or something to do with the system put in before we bought the car. (huge set up in the trunk for sound system) overall it works for our family especially as a commuter because it's wonderful on gas.

- Darion F

Great car overall, engine is too cramped though.

This really has been a great car to own! It is reliable, safe, fun to drive, and for the most part easy to repair without emptying your pockets. In the 9 years that I have owned this vehicle, it has only needed minor repairs and minimal regular maintenance. The turn radius is fantastic and overall the car is easy to maneuver. I would improve quality in some areas though. The paint quality is less than desirable, as well as the interior roof fabrication. My clear coat started to come off just 5 years after manufactured, and the lining began to sag soon after.

- Rachel H

Reliability of the Honda Civic.

I am very pleased with my little Honda Civic. I am an older person in this car suits me so well. The maintenance has been minimal. It is easy drive and most of all it is very dependable. I have replaced the battery which was the original. My only other problem was one of the back windows stopped working and I had to be fixed. Other than that I just change the oil and filter on a regular basis and it keeps my little Honda running like a charm. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Honda for anyone looking for an economical and reliable automobile.

- Gladys C

Long-lasting & reliable coupe.

My car is extremely reliable. In the 10+ years that I have had it, the check engine light has only come on twice for minor issues and it still drives very well. It is a coupe, so while it is a pretty tight fit with 5 people riding in it, it is definitely manageable on moderate-length road trips (4-6 hours) and the trunk space is enough to carry camping basics for the whole family. My car's year is 2006, so it does not come with any special features but it also has not had very many problems over the last decade and still performs excellently.

- Charity T

Stylish, dependable, and comfort on wheels.

I love my Honda Civic. I bought it brand new. It had 4 miles on it. Its reliable, stylish, easy to maintain. I still have it and have put a little over 101, 000 and it runs great. The only complaint is that the sun visors keep splitting so they have to constantly be replaced. The summer heat weakens the glue that holds it together. I wish it locked automatically after reaching x amount of miles and had a button on the key fob to open the trunk but other than those minor issues, I love my car. I plan on keeping it as long as it keeps running.

- Lisa M

Attractive and fun to drive. Durable car.

The only issues that I have had with the car is the paint job and the a/c system. Because I live in Oklahoma, the paint faded badly after about 10 years so I really cannot complain about that. The car has 240,000 miles on it and it still runs very well and it still has the original clutch. The a/c went out about a year ago; however, for the age of the vehicle I am not disappointed at all. The bottom line is that it has been extremely reliable and easy to maintain. It is a fun car to drive even after having it for more than eleven years!

- Steve S

2006 Honda Civic! Best car that I have ever owned. You will not regret buying one.

My 2006 Honda Civic is my second car I have had. I have had this car for 1 year and a half. So far I have only had a couple problems with it. My starter needs to be replaced and the plastic at the bottom of my car was dragging across the ground when I was driving but I took it off because I do not need it anyways. Other then that I love it. It is fast and feels very comfortable while driving. It drives very smoothly and accelerates quickly. My speakers are amazing. I love how much room I have even for it being a small car.

- Mariah L

I like my Honda Civic for its mileage and the easy care for it.

If you need an additional key for your vehicle, it costs over $150. 00 to have it made and programmed. The vehicle does get very good gas mileage which is at 40 mpg. Parts for the vehicle does cost a little more. I had a second starter installed recently. I bought the vehicle used and they didn't take care of it. The steering fluid and other fluids need to be designed for the Honda vehicle. Can't use basic fluids that can be used in many vehicles. Radiator and power steering fluids have to be used for Honda vehicles.

- Deric B

I warn people that my sound system is very well installed and expensive so I ask If they don't mind loud music so I know whether or not to turn on the stereo.

I love my Honda Civic regardless of its age and miles on the engine (180,000) but I work on cars, specifically Honda's so all repairs are very inexpensive for the most part because I do them personally.I dislike that I'm not the original owner, although I'm the second owner as well as the aftermarket wheels it came with aren't my style. I love the fact it gets great MPG, It's a 5 speed manual and I've upgraded the entire audio system. It's reliable, it looks pretty nice for how old it is and I love the car overall.

- Dominik G

Well maintained good running Honda.

My Honda is a great car. It handles well, is reliable and runs great, just like new even though it has a lot of miles on it. Is comfortable and roomy. Seats five and has a lot of trunk space. I would not trade it for another car even if I had the chance to. I love my Honda. I bought it used but it was well taken care of by the person who had it before me. They kept up on the maintenance and it shows by the way it runs. I have had no problems with it in the time I have had it.

- Billie S

It may be an older model but it is holding up well and very reliable.

The Honda Civic is a nice car to have. It is a modest car that will satisfy your quality and comfort expectations yet it is not too flashy. It has quite a bit of miles on it and there have been only some minor problems with it such as oil leakage, stuck belts and muffler problems, all of which are an easy fix. The car is comfortable and very reliable. So far there have been no major breakdowns and it even was able to travel across America twice with little to no worries.

- Evelina V

It is very comfortable and gas efficient! (about 30-35 mpg)

My car is very gas efficient and reliable. I have had to spend a bit of money on it but it has all been for things that wear out such as tires, batteries, starter, etc. It is very comfortable and A/C is freezing cold. I like the fact that for a 1.8L it can be quite fast when I need to step on it and get out of specific situations where I need to turn or get out of situations where I feel there can be danger of crashing. Overall a great car and I like it very much.

- Elvis M

Honda Civic 2006: functional.

The front of the car sticks out above the wheels. I have a mask that I can fit over the front of the car to try to keep the front of the car in place so the place above the wheels does not pop out, but I have to take it off when I wash the car, and it can be difficult to put back on. In terms of how the car functions, I do not really have complaints. It works fine, though every now and then it bounces when it stops. This resolves itself after a minute.

- Catherine L

Durable and reliable Honda.

I love the size of my vehicle. It is fairly comfortable, provides ample legroom, has a comprehensive GPS screen, a standard sound system, a large trunk, convenient center console with plenty of storage, side and front airbags. I feel safe and secure in my vehicle. I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. I have kept up with routine maintenance, which helps. My paint has not oxidized or faded, which is great because my car has been kept outside.

- Laurel C

In all I enjoy my Honda Civic.

My Honda is very reliable. I like the fact that it gets great gas mileage. Even after the low fuel light comes on you have enough time to get to a gas station without the worry of running out. I have a sunroof that I enjoy. My car has grade logic that works really well for driving on mountain roads where I live. The only problem that I seem to have is electrical. My system pulses and makes my headlights pulse. I'm not sure what is causing it.

- Nora C

This car handles well. I live in Vermont and for years on a mountain and went up and down with four studded tires no problem. The car is reliable and cute. It looks and functions as a sports car but can also work like a truck.

I love this car. It is sporty, fun to drive, easy on the eyes, and I got a GREAT deal. I hate that there is a recall on the igniters but my car isn't covered and the sun visor recall "expired" which is also crap. A recall is a recall and should be honored for the life of the vehicle, not for a while and if a car in the make and years of a recall has the same codes as the recall, it should be eligible the recall clearly needs expansion.

- Amy H

My Civic's battery lasted 12 yrs.!

I love my Civic it runs great, the ride is smooth, seats comfortable, had to change out the original battery for the first time last month. I love the sunroof. It is roomy, you can carry long things inside the car, by putting the seats down. Only issue I have had with it, is the trim around the window, also goes up along the edge of the roof, the rubber around the window came off, and to replace that, I have to replace the whole strip.

- Denise H

Honda Civic-dependable, affordable, and cost effective.

The Honda Civic has been my choice of vehicle for over twenty years. It is dependable, good gas mileage, great looking, and is affordable. I am currently driving my fourth Honda Civic and will purchase another Civic when the time comes. The Honda Civic holds its value so when it is time for a new one, I will replace the one I have with another Civic-and know I will be getting an excellent price for the current one I am trading.

- Lorraine D

Amazing luxury honda civic with A1 performance: Has very food features and one can buy it without any confusions and extra thinking.

Honda civic has 2 petrol engine and gives an average of 11.5 kmpl mileage.The features like Driver air bag,automatic climate control is good.Has good features but doesn't have electric adjustable seat which i was looking for.Parking sensor,rear camera should have been made available.Ac is good.Suspension is cool and on highways the speed would be around 150 km h.Driving civic is awesome.The car is available at affordable price.

- Arun k

2006 Honda Civic review (10+ years ownership).

I have been driving this car for over ten years. The car very gas efficient depending on how much you drive your car. I can stretch my gas for one to two weeks. The dashboard is nice considering it is a car from 2006. All the metric systems are digital. However, car speakers do not have much bass nor does the car come with an AUX cord. The car sits kind of low and I would not recommend this car for people with long legs.

- Rose A

2006 blue Honda Civic 4 doors with a sunroof

As of right now I did get an accident So currently have a front bumper and light issue but other than that as long as it's maintain it runs awesome here whenever you're starting to run out of gas in your own that last why did it says you have no gas thankfully I've always made it to the gas station and I think Honda Civics are the very best cars they're so dependable and both of my Honda were my best cars I've had

- Amanda O

The car that I am driving now does not take up that much gas and to be a older model car it does drive really well. The important thing that people who are looking to purchase a 2006 Honda Civic should now is that it's very important to have the oil changed regularly as well as have it tuned up when needed. If these things are ignored the car could start driving differently.

I bought my vehicle used in the year of 2017. I've been using my vehicle for about year to commute to work and other things that I might need to do. My car drives really well. My car does not take up that much gas and when I do need to fill up my gas take it would only take about $20 to do so. I don't really have anything that I dislike about the car. I would recommend the car that I drive now to anyone I know.

- Aryana H

My vehicle is very reliable. I would buy another one of this make in the future.

The car has been a great car. Very reliable. The only problem that I have had is that the air conditioning went out right after my warranty expired. I still have not gotten it fixed because it costs too much money. I have never owned a car that this happened to. All in all it is been a great at for me and my family. Always reliable. I have had some maintenance items that I have had to do but that is normal.

- Lori B

It is versatile and reliable.

This Civic is a lovable sedan. There's always enough room for groceries, gear, and friends. It is definitely spacious without being too big of a vehicle. One thing I found really useful was the plate underneath the car that protects that chassis. The dashboard is all electronic and let's you know everything from gas mileage to when the car needs to be serviced. It is a decent car that drives fairly well.

- Randall T

Comfy seats and convenient.

I love how comfortable the vehicle is, especially in the winter time. On contrary for people who like leather on their seats I prefer the soft material. One thing I especially like is the speed meter. I usually like it to tell me exactly what speed I am going than trying to read it when I am driving. The features are nice even though there’s no Bluetooth there’s still an option to charge your phone.

- Paula B

It has lasted over 12 years and 175,000 miles without any major mechanical issues.

I love that the display of speed is digital and i don't have to move my head down to view it. I love that the volume on the radio automatically adjusts higher as my speed increases. The car is very easy to maintain as long as you keep up normal maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations). I have had no major mechanical issues with my vehicle. I don't have any dislikes or complaints about my vehicle.

- Jessicsa J

2006 grey Honda Civic sedan.

I have a 2006 grey Honda Civic sedan 4 door. I love my car. It is a stick shift and was my first car. It drives really nicely, has a nice radio and good speakers. The seats are very comfortable. I often drive long distances, so comfort is important to me. The issues I have with this car are that the air conditioning no longer works and there is a small patch of rust by the back right wheel well.

- Lexie G

It is very well built and maintained. Will last a long time.

The a/c compressor went about two weeks after I bought the car so I currently have a belt bypassing the compressor entirely which is not ideal. The a/c is way more expensive to buy a replacement for than most other cars I know of. I also have manual windows which is fine until I have the passenger window down in summer and all of a sudden it starts pouring while I am driving on the highway. . .

- Christina K

A reliable car that will last a long time.

Great mileage, breaks have given me trouble, I have been able to use it heavily for many years and it is still going at 190, 000 miles. Comfortable, compact, reliable. It is nothing fancy but it works and that is what matters. It is hard to come up with 250 words about it because it is just a basic car. Everyone knows about a Honda Civic. There is a reason they are so popular. Good value.

- Tim B

It's a hybrid so the emphasis is on saving gas, not power.

I have the hybrid version. It saves me a ton of gas and gets great mileage. It's reliable, and even though it's 12 years old, I've only had a couple of repairs. I have absolutely no plans to replace it because I love it so much. The only thing I really wish it had was remote start. It also rides really low to the ground, so I end up scraping the undercarriage often; I wish it rode higher.

- Tiffany P

Great reliable small family car.

Very reliable car. Only issues are the visors keep breaking so they've been replaced about 5-6 times. Also a/c has been having minor issues in the past 3 years but probably just due to age of car. The trunk is a good size and can fit a full size stroller which makes it a nice, compact family car. Love the adjustable drivers seat since I am petite and can adjust it in the two directions.

- Connie J

It is solid, well-made and reliable. It's very basic with no bells and whistles, but it gets the job done.

My car is a gold-ish color, which I do not really like. I was gifted the car from my parents, but I never would have chosen it. It runs pretty well and is a hybrid, so I like that it is better for the environment and uses less gas than a typical car. The interior is comfortable and it is easy to drive. It's nothing fancy, but it gets me from place to place, and that's really all I need.

- Peter C

The gas mileage is great and it will last you a long time. The low cost of this car is a steal for the reliability you will receive.

This car has treated me well over the years. The gas mileage is great. In Atlanta, I usually spend $27 to fill it up and get about 315 miles out of a tank, which is my favorite thing about the car. It can seem a bit crowded in the seat, but it is manageable. It is very reliable � I am at about 250,000 miles and fully expect to take it over 300,000 before I get a new car.

- Riley W

Should you get a Honda civic?

It is nice, just a little worn out though. I would recommend it if you are going to buy a new one. Very reliable, it is a standard car. You should buy a new one as the older ones tend to give you more trouble, also just to be safe! I have had this car for so long and not a problem but you never know. This Honda civic is really cool as it has given me no issues whatsoever.

- Heidi M

My little blue Honda, I will never let you go.

Well I just love my car because it's definitely a gas saver I can go from my house to Disney with a full tank and get back home with more than half of my gas. Also its so smooth u don't even notice that you have been driving for long. The only bad thing is the interior but it is a 06 so what do I expect. I really do not have any problems with my car that's why I love it.

- Lily M

Honda Civic 2006. Reliable, great on gas, and fun to drive.

My Honda Civic is very reliable, it is great on gas. Almost takes only less than 25 to fill up tank and you are good for a week. Have had it for 4 years and have not had to have any work done except for change in battery and oil changes. Not a very fast car but for sure reliable. I use it to commute to school almost 100 miles a day. Honda is the best car make out there.

- Bernie R

This vehicle will last you a lifetime.

The 2006 Honda Civic is a great and reliable car. It is GPS system comes in handy for when you need directions and of course cannot constantly be turning over to look at your phone. It is a comfortable car that can fit up to 5 people & has great interior space. The best part though, it is the reliability. This car will last you a lifetime if you take proper care of it.

- Vanessa L

Great gas mileage and comfort, a Honda Civic is a great choice!

My Honda has actually been a great car. I maintain it pretty close to what Honda suggests and have had no real major problems. It still drives well and feels comfortable with about 134, 000 miles on it, after 12 years. The body has held up well and so has the interior upholstery. A Honda is still one of the most reliable vehicles available today, in my opinion.

- Darin P

My 2006 Honda Civic is a gas saver!

My 2006 Honda Civic is a really reliable car. It's a really gas saver and I feel really save driving it. I love it because it has a sunroof so I can open it whenever I want and see the sky above me while I am driving. If you keep up with its maintenance like all cars should be it will last you a long time so you don't have to worry about buying a new one.

- Gigi S

Honda Civic is 2006 save my girlfriends life after rolling twice on highway.

No problems really. This car saved my girlfriends life when she was driving on the highway and slid in the snow and rolled the car twice. She walked away without even a scratch. Truly amazing safety wise. But the car overall performance is good I would buy another one if I could. Still not my first choice in vehicles but everyone has their own preference.

- Thomas J

The inside looks like a spaceship!

I love my car. I just bought it and so far I have only had one issue and that was not the car's fault. The bumper started hanging because of someone's bad driveway. Fortunately it snapped right back into place. It has 161, 000 miles and drives like it was brand new. My only complaint is the fact that there is not much space, but that is all two door cars.

- Cami H

Get the bumper guard fixed if the car is still on warranty!

Economical to operate and service. I am comfortable in it and am 6'5" tall. The front bumper guard is always coming off after getting caught on parking stops; I have heard others describe the same problem. State farm rates autos on a scale of how likely are repairs going to cost and the Honda Civic is in one of the more expensive classes for this rating.

- Zack V

It is a reliable car and great family starter car.

It is a small but reliable car. We are a family of 3 and fit perfectly. The only negative thing I would say about it is that if you are looking to expand your family, you will need to look into getting a bigger car. But other than that it has worked great and considering we have had it for a few years now it has not failed it. We personally love Honda.

- Judith C

The Honda civic is an amazing low maintenance car.

I have had this car for a long time so parts of my radio are not quite working but it is extremely reliable. I use this car daily to and from work, it is lasted me years, oil changes are fairly cheap and maintenance for this car is overall very inexpensive and gasoline for this car is also inexpensive. Honda outdid themselves with the civic model.

- Denise P

It is highly dependable and gets great gas mileage!

The vehicle is terrific. It is a hybrid vehicle and gets close to 40 mpg. The vehicle is dependable and comfortable to drive. The battery does drain more quickly if the car is left dormant for a month or more. One advantage is that when the car shuts down at stops, it is barely noticeable. The hybrid for an older car is very effective.

- Lance G

All in all I love my Honda Civic.

I love the car as fast as handling, gas mileage and dependability. It has been a very reliable car for me for 12 years. I bought it used with 1700 miles on it. The only complaint I have with Honda cars is that the clear coat deteriorates as the car gets older. My daughter had 2 Honda vehicles while in college and this happened to them also.

- Kathy T

The car is very reliable and has given me no troubles.

Overall the car has been very enjoyable. It drives well, gets good gas mileage, and is very comfortable. The electronic dashboard and odometer are also very nice. The only problem was when the engine overheated and melted the dipstick and ruined the head. However, it was under a manufacturer warranty and Honda quickly corrected the mistake.

- Caleb S

Honda Civic, safe, reliable, affordable.

Honda Civics are very reliable and last for many years. They are affordable to maintain. They are a comfortable car and would be a great fit for family with one or two children. Always feel safe driving. Only car that I feel my cars are real safe in. And they are good on gas. I can always depend on my Civic to get me where I need safely.

- Madeline V

It's a pretty reliable car for the number of miles on it 260k.

I like that it gets around 32 mpg without the AC running, also I like that it's a 4 door. The driver's seat could have been designed better. I'm 5'6" and it is hard to judge the distance right in front of the car, for example, how close you are to a sign. Though you can see the sign in front of you, you cannot see the front of the car.

- Joe p

It is a good reliable car that will last you a long time.

I've owned my vehicle for 5 years and it has been reliable, of course with the normal maintenance required. In the time that I have owned it I've never had a problem that couldn't be repaired and I bought it used. My car was ten years old when I bought it. The only issue is that its probably not the best vehicle for driving in snow.

- Erik F

Older but well-maintained and functional.

Honda Civic has had no major problems with routine maintenance. It is small and doesn't have a lot of power to accelerate quickly with the air conditioning on. Because it is an older model it does not have a backup camera, but it does have power locks and windows, a functioning radio and CD player, heater and rear window defroster.

- Susan S

The best part has to be the gas, you can fill it up for less than $30.

My 2006 Honda civic is very reliable and has great gas mileage. The inside has cloth seats and is very comfortable, the front has plenty of legroom. The car also has buttons on the steering wheel to control the radio which is much safer. However, it does have some trouble in the snow and ice and is also very low to the ground.

- Alexa C

Looks good and performs well.

I like the size of this car. It is pretty compact but roomy on the inside and there's plenty of trunk space. It is good looking as well, somewhere between sporty and casual. We bought this model used and its been really reliable so far. We're only just starting to have problems with the starter but that should be an easy fix.

- Kelsey A

My car is the perfect size for me

My vehicle is a sedan four doors, dark grey, with grey suede(..ish) covered seats. I love the the grey color because it makes me feel real cool and casual formal. Also I love that the windows are tinted just right keeps too much light and glares out. I dislike that it is old, and will like to change it for that reason.

- Chioma K

This car has been with me for 12 years and it's still in fantastic shape.

My car has great mileage, good breaks, easy to drive, reliable, and still in great condition after 12 years. I have had minimal issues with it and is has withstood the test of time. The only issue I have is that despite using multiple different types of tires, my car still tends to skid in the rain if not super careful.

- Brittany A

Gas mileage reliable easy and natural to drive. Air conditioning gets cold fast.

2006 Honda Civic is a great reliable car that I would recommend to anyone, especially a new driver. It is very easy to drive and very natural feeling. Rarely has any issues in the long lifespan that it has. Can get past 200, 000 miles without any issues as long as taken care of appropriately. Great gas mileage as well.

- Britney D

Dependable, safe family sedan.

I bought this car brand new in 2006. And I still love it. I bought it because it was the safest vehicle on the market at the time. I have driven it over 155,000 miles and it has done great. I replaced the transmission and clutch in 2013. Otherwise, it is only needed regular maintenance and has had normal wear and tear.

- Christine J

Good Basic Car to get from point A to B.

It's a good, reliable car. Gets great gas mileage. I keep the maintenance schedule, so I've had very few problems. It has had at least one major repair with the computer system that was fairly expensive. On the whole, it's a good, economical car though not fancy. It has power windows, steering and cruise control.

- Denise M

How reliable it is. I rode with the check engine light for months and it stuck it out. Driving place to place.

I am a fan of Honda's they are reliable and good on gas. I have always had Honda's and have been overall very satisfied with the affordably and the style of Honda. I am not a fan of my car simply because of the color and that it is a 2 door Civic. I do not like 2 door cars for the inconveniences and size 2 doors are.

- Kaitlyn M

Still love my 12-Year Honda Civic!

I've had my Honda Civic for 12 years and I absolutely LOVE it! Reliable, great on gas, and overall just a great car. The battery has given me trouble though - had to be replaced 3 different times but outside of that it's been a great car. I'd like to stay within the Honda when purchasing my next car if possible.

- Megan F

Honda's Hybrid batteries are not at the quality level that Toyota is, but a failed battery does not mean the end of the car's life.

We have an older Hybrid Civic so there's a few problems with it including a dead hybrid battery and front bumper damage. With the dead battery the performance and mileage is underwhelming, however the reliability is top notch, has never left us stranded or struggled. Not a lot of space so carrying stuff is a pain

- Rachel B

Honda civics are the perfect first car if you are going for the affordable side.

I have no complaints at all for my car. I bought it used and I have had for one year. The only issue that I had was the battery. Apparently when it was bought it was old so I had to buy another one which only cost me $100. I really haven't had any issues. It is affordable in gas as well. Is the perfect first car.

- Nicole P

Tells the driver when something is not right with the vehicle on the dashboard.

No problems, very good vehicle to use. The only thing I would give advice on is to check oil and change tires regularly. Car tells the driver when things are not right with the vehicle so that the problem can be fixed right away. I have had the car for about 2 years now and it has never failed. Very safe car.

- Arianna H

My car has really good on gas mileage.

My Honda Civic is 12 years old but has never given me an ounce of trouble. I have driven it around town and around the country. It is beginning to show some signs of wear, but nothing serious. It is dependable, comfortable to drive and ride in and it is a ultra low-emissions vehicle so it keeps our air clean!

- Meg W

Graceful driver. Graceful on the road, graceful on your wallet.

My car is reliable. Great on gas. Low maintenance. Great family car because its spacious. Great trunk room. I plan on keeping her for as long as possible. Features are touch based so it is easy to use while driving. She has an exhaust leak that makes her sound really loud. She has no major issues whatsoever.

- Angie V

I'd say that my vehicle is dependable.

It is a very trustworthy car that makes me feel safe and I like all the features the car has and it has excellent engine power and gas mileage. Something else that I love about the car is that I believe it to be the absolute best make that Honda has ever done with its dynamic performance and sleek design.

- Alex B

It is a fantastic vehicle for first time drivers

I like that my vehicle has plenty of control in the steering, and has not caused me any significant problems with maintenance. However, the air conditioning system is not always dependable. Also, the brakes squeal a lot at times, although this may be the fault of the mechanic that installed the new brakes

- Jordan c

It is a highly dependable car. It's usable in any weather and can last a very long time. It's not difficult to maintain it.

It is a small car, which means it parks very well and can do sharp turns,. It's a very practical car that has enough space for either more passengers or just storage. Maintenance isn't that bad and it endures quite a bit and lasts for quite a while in consideration of of the price that was paid for it.

- Grace C

Comfortable gas saving car.

My Honda Civic is a comfortable car. It saves me on gas. Comfortably sits 5. It has great horsepower considering it is only a 1. 8 l'4 cylinder engine car. It is very reliable. I have not done any major repair other than the normal wear and tear on tires, brakes, shocks, struts, spark plugs, oil changes.

- Dulce R

Honda customer service cannot be beat.

This is my fourth Honda and I do not think I will ever drive anything else. It is ridiculous fuel efficient, getting 40 mpg on the open road. I call it my "escape pod. " The only this that has gone wrong on it in 12 years of ownership is the motor mounts needed replaced. And the clock is fast. Go figure.

- Kathy S

New body style is slick¡!!¡.

All in all it is a pretty good. The only bad side would be when the car is loaded down with 4 adults it loses major power. Any get up and go that it had, it totally loses it. I love the car though I have not had to deal with any problems since I brought the home. I am hoping to get many miles out of it.

- Mike C

My car is a lovely blue color and I love it.

I love my car. I have no problems with my Honda. I love the interior of my car. My Honda runs perfect and I have never had a problems with my car. I get great gas mileage and only cost me about 20 dollars to fill all the way up. I only fill up about once every 3 weeks. If I just stay in my small town.

- Mackenzie K

My Civic is a small car gets great gas mileage yet it has plenty of room.

I love my Civic, it gets great gas mileage. I is comfortable, lots of room for a small easy to drive small car. I have had little to no problem with the motor. My Civic is easy to drive and fits into small places for easy to get around when in the city driving in and out of traffic with easy to park.

- Cathy C

The 2006 Honda Civic is a great performing car with excellent gas mileage.

Everything runs great on this car. The performance is excellence as well as for gas. Pay $35 for a full tank of gas and it lasts for a long time. The only concern is the paint. The paint wears off making the car look flakey and it costs a lot to get it painted and sanded so it does not happen again.

- Meghan G

Its good with mileage and gas.

I love the gas mileage and it runs smoothly. The only thing I'd wish was that there was a USB connection for music and charging for my phone. Seats are comfortable for me and passengers. The back is roomy with lots of legroom. Maintenance is very little and the cost to replace things are affordable.

- Kayla B

Dependable and reliable over luxury.

I like Honda makes a lot for their reliability and their gas mileage. They tend to be durable and dependable for long periods of time and get me where I need to go. Dependability is more important to me than luxury. Even if it is a little old at this point it is still been a rather dependable car.

- Floyd R

Honda civic 2006, black four door.

My Honda civic is a 2006 and is black. I seriously love this car! I get amazing gas mileage and also everything has lasted me a very long time. I recently replaced my headlights for the first time in years! This is an awesome starter car for a new driver, easy to learn with and simple to maintain.

- Allison V

Honda Civic 2 door reliable daily driver

This car is very cute and compact. It is the two door version. It does have terrible blind spots though. 4 to be exact. Right now we're dealing with front end issues and the clutch is going out but it has been reliable thus far. To fix it's issues is going to cost $800 so we may just trade it in.

- Tabitha F

06 Honda civic on it is last leg but still hanging in there.

The passenger airbag will not deploy, cv axle is cracked, ball joint needs to be replaced, there is a clicking noise when turning left/right due to the axle, there is a missing motor mount and some minor leakage, overall it is 13 years old but it is still running but not sure for how much longer.

- Hannah D

Grandma chic car: embrace this gold Honda Civic's charms.

My car is a gold, old lady looking car. It is sturdy and stable, if a bit slow, but it handles curves well. It is small enough to parallel park but big enough to handle moving boxes and furniture. It starts a little slow, but I would definitely recommend this wonderful car to friends and family.

- Nick K

Can never go wrong with a Honda!

I love this car. I have always loved Honda’s. They are great on gas and cute/stylish as well. I did have a couple problems when I first bought it. . The starter went out, I had to replace ac, replace the battery, etc. Other than that, I have had it for a year and it is been a reliable vehicle.

- Whitney S

It is gas efficient, reliable, cheap to fix, affordable and a great family car.

The Honda Civic I own is incredibly reliable and efficient. The gas mileage allows us to go for a long amount of drive time between filling the tank. It rarely breaks, and when it does it is cheap to buy parts to fix it. I plan on buying a newer version of this car if this one ever does break.

- Alyssa M

Reliable Honda I am thankful that the Civic has been very reliable.

I have really enjoyed the Honda. For the most part it has been a very reliable car. I had a few problems with it last year and realized how much I rely on it and how grateful I am to have it. I would like to do some proactive maintenance work on it when I get in a better financial situation.

- Melissa M

Opinion of my Honda Civic with stick shift.

Very problems with the Honda Civic. Great on fuel economy and old vehicle with very few problems. Has 250, 000 miles and still performs well. Since smaller vehicle not good in snow. Larger than average trunk, highly recommend for second car. This should cover my opinion of the Honda product.

- Vincent M

Reliable practical Honda Civic.

The Honda Civic is a reliable vehicle with many color options and can get the sporty package. I have only performed routine maintenance and followed the recommendations from the owners manual. Only issue I had was the exhaust system. The system is basically one pipe that is expensive to fix.

- Re C

The Honda Civic is good on gas mileage and a reliable car.

My vehicle is a red two door Honda Civic. I like that it is a good quality car and I don't have to spend a ton fixing issues. I like it gets good gas mileage. My biggest complaint is the Honda dealer doesn't seem to know how to fix their cars and I wind up taking it to the local shop.

- Lisa P

Very dependable and very low maintenance.

This car has been virtually trouble free gets great gas mileage is very dependable the only down side of this vehicle is that it's not very roomy other than that it's a good vehicle and is environmentally sound great stereo system and has great horse power for the price you can't beat it.

- Rodney W

Reasonably priced car that is very reliable and will last a long time.

Over 10 years old. Never had a major mechanical problem. Cloth seats. Could be better with nice leather. Interior parts are not the most high quality plastic. Gas mileage is good. 30 plus for highway mileage. Small tank of gas. Only 13 gallons so you might fill up often if driving a lot.

- Drake T

It is reliable and comfortable.

My car is comfortable it is small but cute and having a family of 3 we fit perfectly. It is a very reliable car have had our car for about 10 years and it is still in perfect condition. The only negative thing I would say is if you are looking to expand your family it is a bit too small.

- Judith C

Very easy to drive and great gas mileage.

It is so easy to drive. It also gets great gas mileage and does not usually cost that much to fill up the gas tank. Very few vehicle recalls, low-maintenance, and always in great running order. Once this car dies in several years, I would definitely repurchase another car in this model.

- Jenna B

Lasting vehicle even with issues.

The rotors are going bad, the ac had to be bypassed from the engine due to belt snapping, needs new brakes, the ac doesn't work at all, but it is reliable, it is great on gas, it also gets me to work with ease and I do not worry about it breaking down even with all the problems it has.

- Patrick T

The perfect reliable family car that outshines the rest

The 2006 Honda civic I own has proved to be an extremely reliable car. It has its problems but most of the issues come from poor maintenance from before I owned it. But even with its problems it still provides a reliable family ride that one would expect from the great company, Honda.

- Ashley W

Honda Civic: it just runs!

No major issues except for recall issues such as the airbag inflator. Have over 150, 000 miles and still runs well. Car does have some road noise but is not too bad. It is easy to change the oil and spark plugs. The tires do seem to wear unevenly. Seats are somewhat uncomfortable.

- Todd C

Fun to drive and gas saving hybrid.

I like the car and the mileage. Though it isn't as high as the sticker said it would. I will not get a hybrid again, though. . If i like the civic and for the most part it is reliable. It is fun to drive and it is good over distances which is good because my job is 30 miles away.

- Martha N

My car is awesome because it is mine.

I love Hondas because they are affordable and they are economic. They do not waste much gas so if you drive far it is a great car to have. They are also fast if you like speed. I have mine fixed so I cannot really race. I do drive it fast so it is great that I have a Honda Civic.

- Ariana L

Fast, fuel efficient and easy to park!

It is small/compact and good on gas. Has a good kick of speed. Good during highway driving. It is horrible in urban/city terrain. It does not hold up to bumps and dips in the road. The entire car shakes and rattles at the smallest bump. I have had 4 starters in the last 3 years.

- Chez D

Ultimate dependability and superior quality.

I bought this vehicle in the beginning of 2007 used from a dealership. Since then I have not had a single major issue with my car outside of the normal belts that need to be replaced due to wear and tear. My car has been rock solid and reliable for the past nearly 11 years now.

- Ken H

Basic car with fantastic gas mileage.

It has so far been very reliable for an older car. The seating is not very comfortable on long trips. It is extremely light and can sometimes feel like it is being pushed on the highway. It takes a long time for it to accelerate. The console can be confusing sometimes as well.

- Gia H

It is good at saving gas in my opinion.

Very good on gas, reliable & I love how cheap the parts are 8f I needed to fix it up. It's a perfect car to travel with and comfortable to fit grocery, items etc. I have had no problems with this car and would recommend it for new buyers also I.E college students and such.


2006 Honda Civic sedan 2 owner car.

I have only had a few issues. For about three months the gas cap light would come saying that it was loose, bit in reality it was on securely. The error code did end up going away. I get really good gas mileage, just about 250 miles per tank and my model has a 10 gallon tank.

- Leah V

A long lasting dependable car.

I have had my car for 12 years. In that time, I have had minimal repairs. Those I have had have been expected based on the age of the car. I have not had any repairs that exceeded $1,000. Most service has been under $200. The car is comfortable, dependable, and fun to drive.

- Heidi D

It is a two door Honda civic 2006: silver.

There was a callback on my airbags which was quite frustrating. The car is very light and sometimes I feel like I am going to fly off of the road when it is windy. However, the car is very reliable and has not had many problems in the past several years that I have owned it.

- Jill M

Best car I have owned; great mileage.

My Honda Civic hybrid has been the most excellent, reliable car of all the vehicles I have ever owned. It is comfortable to drive and has all the features I need in a sporty looking body. Best of all, I still get 35-45 miles per gallon, which saves me tons of money on gas.

- Candy U

Honda's a very reliable & the hybrid is great on gas.

I have a hybrid. The electric battery was recalled but I was too late to get the battery replaced so the car is having issues. I love the fact that it uses less gas than a full gas car but the car has slow pick-up & cannot climb steep hills because of it being a hybrid.

- Denise R

My vehicle is the best I wouldn't choose any other car over it.

My vehicle is amazing. It drives smooth, has enough space for a family. It also gets me anywhere and everywhere I need to go. It is great with gas, I never have any problems getting places with it. I do not think I would choose any other car because I love my car so much.

- Mariah I

Love the size of the car and the reliability it has brought me over the years.

Loud when driving fast, no AUX cord available, still rides great, perfect car for young adult, trim and steering wheel are worn from the years, high mileage, a reliable car, CD disc capability, somewhat uncomfortable for taller people due to smaller size of the vehicle.

- Ashley W

Black, tan inside, my car is low roomy inside, the bass for the music is awesome.

The color is black on black. Been in an accident one time. I have had to since February of 2018, I named her bullet, she’s a 4 cylinder. She drives fast especially on sport mode, she’s nice and clean inside, smells fresh as well. And the bass in that car is awesome.

- Melissa R

Reliable economical comfort car.

My vehicle is very reliable. The parts are very inexpensive compared to other cars. I have not had any major issues with the car besides the basic wear and tears. It is a good car for road trips. I do wish that the backseat was a little more comfier for the passengers.

- Cindy R

It is comfort and had some good feature.

I like my car very much, it is slightly small in size, I need a more large car. For large family I need a car with large space. I am looking for a new car with good color and large space. Otherwise, it is another features are good. I need a car with latest technology.

- Mack T

190,000 miles and counting

I love my 2006 Honda Civic. It gets very good gas mileage. It took me a while to get used to the digital speedometer, but now I don't even notice it I have had no major problems, except routine maintenance. Currently, I have 190,000 miles on it and still going strong.

- Hillary B

Perfect everyday car for all types of individuals.

Small car perfect to parallel park in small spaces, comfortable, mechanically reliable, and gas efficient. Not hard or expensive to maintain. 4 door family friendly car. Honda is evolving in style choices buyers have many options at time of purchasing a Honda vehicle.

- Sandra J

Good overall car for being older.

Good fuel economy that is comfortable to drive and a safe car. No technology features found in newer cars. Air conditioner could be better. Good car for the price. Performs well both on highways and city driving. Has airbags both side and front and internal security.

- Michael M

For a 12 year old car it is doing well.

Just getting old and didn't hold up well. The ac broke, the oil leaks, the brake compressors are bad, and the bumper cracked. The passenger window also opens and closes extremely slow. The interior held up well thought with minimal seat damage and no carpet tears.

- Andrew S

The car was bought just for work and is nothing to brag about.

It gets the job done. It is not great, but it is what I can afford. I bought this car so that I could get to and from work. I certainly will not be going on any road trips in this car anytime soon. If I could afford it, I would buy a new car for that purpose alone.

- Julia L

My fabulous 2006 Honda Civic.

Many a/c problems, but other than that car is great and runs great. Fixes that come with it getting old are necessary, new brakes, new tires, oil changes, transmission oil. Those minor things are the only things I have needed to keep my Honda Civic up and running.

- Kayla R

Do your research before buying a used Honda. Make sure there aren't any major known issues because Honda will not back up It's product re: known issues

My Civic was one of the unfortunate ones that ended up with a cracked engine block - one year after the extended warranty (extended by Honda because this was a known issue) expired.The car is fine for everyday driving around town. It gets very good gas mileage.

- Diane D

Minimalistic car that runs well.

I have a two door Honda Civic. It is reliable, but it has its issues. It is not a very comfortable car and it does not have many features. It is too small and does not fit much, but everything works inside besides a few minor things like some electrical issues.

- Tiffany D

It is a great investment for the price.

I like the way the car moves on the road. I also love how low it is to the ground so I have a very low risk of flipping. I do not like how it's difficult to see out the back seat windows when backing up or checking my blind spot. But overall it's a great car.

- Miranda C

Dependable, reliable, and great on gas.

The best thing about my vehicle/car is its reliability and dependability. The most important things I think are needed for a good car. It also gets great gas mileage which is important since my work commute is probably a little longer than average for others.

- Floyd P

Great car on gas and mileage.

It is able to hold gas for a cheap price, and last a long time. It does not have much room for a growing family, but it is perfect for anyone that is single. It is comfort and has a smooth drive. It does not have an auxiliary access with it which is a minus.

- Alicia A

It is great for what I use it for, to and from work.

It is very reliable and fun little car. It is great for mini trips. Gets great gas mileage at 32 mpg. The clear coat is peeling. It looks horrible, but there was a recall on the paint. It has a few recalls on this car. Quick acceleration for a four cylinder.

- Brandon A

Honda is powerful and economic.

Comfortable, somehow economic, powerful car, however when temperature goes up sometimes it's hard to get it down again, and you have to park the car and wait. For it to cool. In summer days it takes time for the air conditioning to start cooling as expected.

- Asma B

My Honda Civic is a great car. Its reliable and it gets great gas mileage.

My Honda Civic has been a great car and I haven't had any problems with it yet. It is very reliable, and gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable also, for driver and passengers. Sunroof, cruise control, automatic locks and windows. Automatic transmission.

- Hannah H

good gas mileage, reliable as well.

Its a basic car, doesn't have a AUX jack, no bluetooth which is fine, low to the ground, hard to get inside or out occasionally. Versatile in trunk size but not able to do a partial back seat down, only all or none. Cup holders are ok, needs some for back.

- Sarah P

Cute small sports car with 2 doors.

It is very reliable. I have not had many issues with it, but I get regular oil changes and have regular maintenance checks. I have put about 150, 000 miles on it and it still runs great. I only worry when driving in the snow because it is such a small car.

- Natalie N

Very durable but has easy to crumple crumple zone.

The vehicle is relatively comfortable, gets good gas mileage, handles well in snow and rain. Fast, a/c and heat are generated quickly so you do not need to warm up your car in winter for that long, I can reach over the top to get snow off, which is nice.

- Peter S

It's one of the safest cars out there. It's also got great gas mileage, to fill up the tank it's usually only $25.

My vehicle is a 2006 Honda Civic. It is beige with material seating. There is only a standard CD player and radio, I wish there was an aux input, but that is the only thing I dislike about the car. It's low on gas mileage so that is great. Love the car.

- Diana D

Best little car your money can buy!

Great little car!! Just the right size and speed for getting around town! Very little maintenance required! Oil change, wiper blades, and air in tires!! This car has been abused and is still going strong! I plan on driving it till the wheels fall off!!

- Mandy B

The sound system is okay, the speakers in the back are louder than the front.

I like the way it drives and how easy it is to turn around and parallel park. It is a little dated in the fact that it does not have Bluetooth on the radio. I do love that it is not too big and I do not feel like I am going to hit a curb when turning.

- Emma L

Compact sedan, very reliable, easy to maintenance.

Compact sedan, very reliable, easy to maintenance. Compact sedan, very reliable, easy to maintenance compact sedan, very reliable, easy to maintenance compact sedan, very reliable, easy to maintenance compact sedan, very reliable, easy to maintenance.

- J N

Perfect roomy comfortable.

I love my vehicle. I haven't had but a minor issue which was with the tires but it was fixed. Good gas mileage. Just an all around perfect car. Best choice i've made. Its comfortable and very roomy especially since my kids are all over six feet tall.

- Dawn C

It is economical and inexpensive to drive. The performance is awesome.

Love the performance. . . Very little maintenance. . . For a small compact vehicle it has more space than I expected. . . It is very comfortable. . . Lots of room. . . What can I say, Its a Honda. I love my vehicle and would recommend it to anyone.

- Holly A

Wonderful everyday car to get you where you need to go

This car gets great mileage. It's comfortable and has plenty of room. The back seats go down if you need space for something extra long. Recently, the starter went out and we had to get that replaced. Overall, it works well and is a great vehicle.

- Amber W

One major highlight with my car, is how well it is on gas and to maintain with up keep.

I love my vehicle because it is small and easy to haul my little family around in. I am a single mother of two, so I need something cheap small and reliable. Only thing I don't like in my Honda is the blind spots that come with the windshield.

- Maranda S

Twelve year old car has 140,000 miles gets 50 hwy/40 city miles per gallon.

I loved my car at first sight . It has black leather heated seats, moonroof, 5 speed standard transmission, back window defroster. My mechanic told me the car runs like a new car because the preventive maintenance was done and cleaning engine.

- Erulyne M

It is very reliable and gets great mileage. I have had it for several years and the Honda dealer I bought it from has taken care of any problems.

I love my vehicle because it is very reliable. I have rarely had problems with it breaking down and have only had to have the tires replaced a few times It gets great gas mileage. It is a very pretty blue color and is comfortable to drive.

- Amy A

It has speed. So be careful how you press the gas.

The vehicle is reliable. Even when broke, the parts are cheap and easily to find. The Honda Civic coupe is also a gas saver. Drives smoothly and fast. It is a small car so it moves through traffic very easily. This car will not let you down.

- Sierra J

I drive my car very hard and, in the 10 years I have owned it, I have never had any major problems.

This is the second Honda I have owned and enjoy the performance of both. I have never had any major problems with it. The one complaint I have is that when it rains the steering wheel gets moist and, through the years has started to crack.

- Kris B

Honda Civics are dependable

No major issues. I simply have routine maintenance done and fix normal issues as they arise. I currently have over 170K miles. Besides normal wear and tear, brakes, tires, etc., the only part I have recently replaced is the AC Compressor.

- Alfred C

Honda's are super reliable and fuel efficient.

My car gets amazing gas mileage. It has also been extremely reliable. In the 5 years that I have had it, I have only had to take it to the shop twice. I love Honda's and will probably purchase another Honda next time I buy a car.

- Clinton K

The most important thing others should know about my car is that its a honda and honda I feel are the most reliable.

I love my vehicle. My family and I only buy honda's. The Honda civic was first my mothers and she passed it down to me. It still runs really well. The only problem is that the wheel and alignment need to be worked on every so often.

- Audrey W

2006 Honda Civic an overall solid car

A solid hybrid car. Great gas mileage and decent pickup for a hybrid. Only a few drawbacks with this early hybrid. Everytime the check engine light comes on, it could mean anything from basic maintenance to more serious problems.

- Pablo M

It's a fantastic starter car - It was the first car that I owned and it is pretty easy to maintain.

I love the size and the storage - great trunk space and I love that it can squeeze into small parking spots. For my lifestyle moving forward, I think I will need a larger car which is why I am looking to get an SUV in the future.

- Catherine K

It is so fun to drive and you can choose automatic, paddle shift & regular shift.

I need a car that can get me places, I am not picky. My civic does the job and has a good size trunk. It is in good shape for a car that is 12 years old. The only thing I am not a huge fan of is the fact that it only has 2 doors.

- Jess L

I take care of it and it takes care of me.

My car has been reliable. I like the size and color. I feel very low to the road compared to most other cars. There are some blind spots due to the configuration of the car. Because it is so old it doesn't have a backup camera.

- Susan L

My car has better gas mileage and has the small, sleek car look.

Some problems were that my car alarm would randomly go off in the middle of the night, and the speakers suck, so to speak. The car is comfortable, but the speakers need to be better. The horn should be a different sound too.

- Grace W

The Honda Civic has probably been the most reliable sedan for a while now.

I like that the 2006 Honda Civic maintains its fuel efficiency in its later years. I also like that it is a relatively low maintenance car. Only thing I dislike is that the interior has deteriorated somewhat over the years.

- Daniel B




It's really slow, but it'll get you there with very little gas.

It's a hybrid with 100,000+ miles. I like that it is dependable and starts every day. It's annoying that the back seats don't fold down. I'm worried that the (second) hybrid battery will die around the 150,000 mile mark.

- David C

Why Honda is the greatest and best buy for your buck

I love my Honda Civic! It's great on the fuel efficiency I can fill my car with 35 dollars a week. The part or repair for my car are not expensive and finding someone who is able to work on it is easier than other cars.

- Jorge M

Honda civic great car and very reliability

Great reliability. Have own for 7 years and have only dealt with brakes and tires. Performance is still great and still handle well. With regular oil changes and maintenance I expect the car to last another 5 years easy

- Andy M

It's comfortable to drive, handles turns and weather well, and has very little blind spot area.

It is very reliable, has been great for getting me around in the day-to-day but also for road trips. I am only giving it 4 out of stars because as it gets older, it is having more problems, but that is to be expected.

- Audrey B

Honda Civic is a reliable vehicle with great gas mileage.

Love my car. I wish the driver seat could move to a higher level, as I am short. I sit on a foam cushion. Other than regular maintenance, my car is great as far as repairs. I get about 30 mi per gallon on the highway.

- Shanna C

It's a very low car so you have to be careful with it over big bumps in the road and going out of driveways.

I love my car. I love how cozy it is and the stereo system is really good. The car also performs great and haven't had any problems with it for the past 3 years. The only thing i don't like about it is how low it is.

- Brianna W

The car is fuel efficient. We are very comfortable inside. The car has a lot of horsepower.

The Honda civic is very powerful and increase very quickly in speed because of the horsepower. I really like the car and it's very reliable. The consumption of fuel is efficient. The design of the car is very nice.

- Moses P

Has been very reliable and dependable.

Gas mileage is great but I have had troubles with electric issues as well as transmission. My car is affordable, reliable, dependable. I believe there are to many blind spots. Car sits a bit too low to the ground.

- Elsie S

The age of my car no accidents

I like the fact that it still runs smoothly, especially for It's age. The engine is the original and clean. seats are in good shape.. I don't have any complaints except some people want to stay with book value.

- Erulyne W

It is a good investment that will serve you well for many years.

My car is steady and reliable. I've had it since I was 18 and it's caused me very few problems. I've had an issue with the air conditioning but everything else has been routine. I like having a dependable car.

- Alison W

The civic that just keeps going and going

I have own my civic for over 10 years now and I have not had a single issue that wasn't caused by myself. Very reliable I have driven the car all the way to North Carolina and back several times with no issues

- John H

The car is very dependable and easy on gas. We put a lot of miles on it and it holds up very well.

The car is older but it is very dependable. The maintenance is cheap and the car is good for all the driving that we do. I would like something a little more nicer to fit me better, but this car works for now.

- Monica S

The Digital Age of Driving

I love the way my Honda drives. It's smooth and I feel safe. The only downside is that I'm average height (5'7"), but find it difficult to read the digital mileage gauge over the steering wheel when driving.

- Sarah M

it is beautiful, 2 doors, which I like, with lots of trunk room.

I have over 200000 miles and it is still running. Heater is great. The only problem is that my mechanic said the radio was shorting out the battery so he disconnected the radio which does not bother me

- Maureen V

High mileage Civic without leaks.

My Civic has 220, 000 miles and has not gone through any major problems, only expected age-related repairs. Even with the advanced mileage no oil leaks are present and the gas mileage is still like new.

- Mike S

Still running with the original engine and transmission 15 years later!

No complaints I have had the car since mike 5 and it now runs exactly the same with 35000 miles. I did all the maintenance as well as all the crashes. It has never left me on the side of the road!

- Denise S

Hondas last with few repairs.

It has been a really great car for us. It get good gas mileage. It is getting older now and we had to replace the brakes and may need new tires in the near future but everything is working fine.

- Kevin S

Although it is ten years old, it is still very reliable and will get me anywhere.

I like how my Honda is very reliable in all type of weather. It is very economical when it comes to gas. It is the perfect size, small enough to drive around and spacious enough to bring friends.

- Eddie L

Great gas mileage. It get 40 MPG on open road and around 36 mpg in city,

My car is a hybrid. It gets 44 mpg and is just an amazing car. Save me a fortune on my 60 mile one way trip to work but doesn't have the get up and go. Not built for speed but for efficiency.

- robin n

Great gas mileage, runs smooth!

I haven't had any issues in the last two years since I purchased my Honda. It runs great, gets good gas mileage, just all strong good little car. It is a bit small but I don't need a lot if room

- Amanda T

It is very easy to handle.

I like the gas mileage I get.. I like the low cost to maintain my car.. I like how durable it is considering how many miles I have.. I dislike that it is not equipped with latest tech features.

- Chuck G

For how high mileage it has, it still feels reliable and is a smooth ride.

It's a 2006 civic coupe with manual transmission. For the high mileage it has, it still runs great. It requires low maintenance costs. It's still a quick and zippy little car to drive around.

- Eric B

It's safe and gets good mileage. It's worth considering a hybrid for your next vehicle.

It is a hybrid. I like the decent gas mileage. I tend to have issues stopping and going sometimes probably due to the relationship between the gas/electric system that makes the car a hybrid.

- Jen Z

It is family friendly. There are eight seats. The gas is economic.

The Honda fits the entire family. It has enough space to fit everything we need when going on vacation. On the other hand, the doors are automatic and one of them doesn't fully close anymore.

- Miriam S

If the bumper guard starts detaching (as it has for many) and you're on warranty then get it fixed.

I like that it's economical to maintain. I like that it has good gas mileage. I hate that the front bumper guard always falls off and always has. I think it's a little too low to the ground.

- Zhora V

The best car I have ever owned.

Love it. Over 250k miles with minimal maintenance issues. Most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. My first Honda but will not be my last. Great gas mileage on the highway and in the city.

- Bobby D

for me the most important thing is that Gasoline saves

like that it saves gas, the truth is very comfortable inside. It comes well equipped with everything necessary .. only thing that I do not like is that the shock absorbers are lost quickly.

- Cladie m

It works and it makes the drive easy and pleasant.

I like it because it is easy to drive and gas efficient. It is a bit dated, but I don't need all the new bells and whistles. It is dependable and affordable, and that's what matters to me

- Lori S

It fits my personality and lifestyle perfectly!

It has great gas mileage and is the perfect size! It is getting up there in years and mileage though and doesn't have some of the features I'd like--such as Bluetooth, backup camera, etc.

- Kenzi R

It is a manual transmission so you need to know how to drive standard to use it

My car is super reliable, it always starts when I get into it. The features all work on it although the air conditioning wasn't working last year. It is a standard so I love driving it.

- Bekah E

It has excellent reliability.

Love the reliability, miles per gallon, and ease to repair. Every time I turn the key I know that it will start and get me where I need to go. There is not anything I dislike about it.

- Jon M

It gets over thirty miles per gallon most of the time. I think this is a pretty good level but could be even better.

My car is good because it runs and it is relatively fuel efficient. When I choose cars I focus on fuel efficiency because it will help me save money and it helps save the environment.

- Lauren R

My Life with my Honda Civic

Great gas mileage, smooth ride. Decent sound system, average seat comfort. So far, I have owned the car for several years, thing that is wrong with the car, dashboard lights flicker.

- Diana O

That it is a gas saver and also that it is very efficient.

Drives very good, is extremely good on gas as well as it is quick to get from point A to point B. I dislike that the passenger window does not come down. I also enjoy the moon roof.

- Al A

My Honda Civic gets great gas mileage. I usually don't have to fill up my tank in less than 2 weeks

I love the gas mileage my car gets. It's small so it's easy to drive around and park and turn, etc. It isn't so good for holding lots of stuff and/or people, but I'm okay with that.

- Sydney S

Reliable car, will last a long time.

I have put 170k miles on this vehicle with only routine maintenance. The car is small, but adequate to drive to and from work. I would buy another one today if I was in the market.

- Matt A

2006 Honda Civic hybrid car

Car is hybrid and very good on gas. Small compact vehicle but has plenty of legroom and trunk space. Had to replace motor mount and is starting to skip. Tune up parts are expensive

- Tammie P

My car is really reliable.

I love my vehicle. It has lasted me a long time and I think that it will continue to last me a long time. The only thing I would change is change it from two doors to four doors.

- Cole D

A great, long lasting, reliable car

A great small car that is fun to drive. I've had this car for over 10 years and it's needed very little maintenance. Currently have about 200k miles on this little car. Love it.

- Mike B

It's a good car even when the miles get high.

Honda's are great vehicle's and last for years. I have over 200, 000 miles on it and It's still driving great. If you want a lasting car than you should probably go with Honda.

- Mignon D

It is a cost efficient car.

I like how dependable the car is. It is very reliable and low maintenance. It gets good gas mileage but it could be a little better. It is a good car to get from point a to b.

- Marie C

2006 Honda civic...oldie but a goodie!

Great gas mileage, 4 door car which is great when you have kids, large trunk space. Handles great, my car had over 190,000 Miles and still going with minimal repairs needed...

- Kerri C

It's doesn't require much to maintain.

It's easy to drive. It doesn't have a lot of unnecessary electronic gadgets. It's not too expensive to upkeep. It's a hatchback where I can put lots of things in the "trunk."

- Dee Y

My car is dependable and is great for commuting from one place to another. It does a a problem with burning oil.

My 2006 Honda Civic is a dependable vehicle. It has given me very few problems over the past years. The only problem i have with my car is that it tends to need oil often.

- Antonio y

It is a older hybrid car which means a special battery is required for it and can usually be worth more than the car itself

I like how efficient it is on gas. The compact size of the car is nice too. I don't like how as you speed up it seems to take a while and seems to be difficult on the car.

- Maria A

My car is very safe and a great car for a beginner.

The car itself is phone but needs repairs. The trunk is broken as well as air conditioner. The car began needing repairs in the summer so the heat might have affected it.

- Ashley B

Blue Honda Civic, 2006, I named it Bruce.

Good hardy car, lasts forever and has never let me down. Always will get you where you need to go. No major problems if you take care of it and get it regularly serviced.

- Emily C

It is a great first car for the money

I love the fuel mileage you can get.i have not had to do too many repairs on it as well. I drove it out of state and back with no issues. the beige interior is a turn-off

- Dsn K

Very Dependable and gets great gas mileage. Economical to operate.

I like that it gets good mileage and is efficient and dependable. I don't like it that it is too small for family and if there is a re[air needed, repairs are expensive.

- Dwight B

It is fuel-efficient and reliable, and relatively low cost to maintain.

I like that my car is reliable, fuel efficient, and requires little maintenance. It has held up well for over a decade. I don't like that it lets in a lot of road noise.

- Sunny L

Reliability. You can always count on a Honda.

I have owned my car for over 12 years and it has been nothing but reliable. It drives well, never any mechanical issues, and it is great in gas. Will buy another Honda.

- Charles G

Comfort and safety features.

This has been a great car for me and one I have confidence giving to my daughter. I love where the speed display is and wish Honda had not gotten rid of this feature.

- Debbie S

Love my Civic! Great mileage, great size, dependable

My car is a 2006 model and still very reliable! I have never had a major problem requiring extensive work to be done. Great gas mileage. I love the size of my car

- Danielle R

Dependable and peppy little car

This car has been very reliable. The paint deteriorated rapidly, but the performance has been fine. This is my third Honda, and I would consider buying Honda again.

- barbara l

Air conditioner does not work well

It is a nice car, except the air conditioner and six port do not work. It's reliable on gas but I wish I would have looked harder when I was looking for a vehicle.

- Ashlyn B

It is very dependable and has good fuel economy.

I like the way it looks. I like its gas mileage and its reliability. I find it comfortable to drive. It is getting old though and some of the parts are giving out.

- Eden B

6-speed manual, gear shifting!

Great cornering, solid ride. Great styling. Decent gas mileage, but not as good as I'd like. 6-speed manual a big plus, feel really connected to the car and road.

- Jack v

Honda Civic- Great quality

I really can't complain about my car. It hasn't broken down in the two years that I've had it. My only issue is that it's not the best for driving in the snow.

- Abby M

In terms of value, it is more affordable than most vehicles in its class and its longevity is at the top of the line for sedans

The car is 12 years old and has served me remarkably well. It has been well maintained with the standard maintenance and has topped 230k miles with more to go.

- Joseph B

Honda are a good and reliable cars.

It is running hot the air conditioning is not working. . It is a late model. My oil gasket need change. The airbag need to be put back in and it have a recall.

- Wal M

Love my sunroof 2006 Honda civic ex

There is nothing wrong with my little car besides a electrically glitch and the a/c is not working atm other than that I love my 2006 Honda civic ex 2006 model

- Crystal T

It drives well. Is really efficient on gas and is a good reliable car.

Blue 2006 Honda Civic. Body damage towards the rear but nothing sever. Shortage in aux input on the radio. Airbag recall. Passenger window works when it wants.

- Dawson C

She's a workhorse. She's getting old, but I hope she holds on for a while longer.

This car has gone across the country multiple times. It has about 230,000 miles with only a few major problems. We will probably purchase a Honda next time.

- Claren R

It has been around a lot longer than it looks, but its well cared for.

Very reliable, even after all this time. I like how much room we have for storage without giving up comfort. I dislike the quality of the interior lining.


Bon qui qui the Honda Civic

the only problem I had ever had was a busted head gasket which was covered under warranty but other than that I have had no issues with great gas mileage.

- hannah h

It has a lot of bass and is very loud when you press the brakes.

It is a standard. I like that. It has a lot of problems though and I am poor so I cannot fix it. Other than that I like the car and have driven it a lot.

- Brett E

It's reliable. There are some blind spots on the car. Air conditioner has issues and after researching the problem I see that many have the same issue.

My car has been reliable. The only issue I have with it is the air conditioner. When it's been sitting in the sun or idling it does not get cool enough

- Susan E

hondas are very reliable cars. i have only had very minor problems with mine i would highly recommend honda to family and friends

i love the way my car drives. civics have always been my favorite car. mine is a coupe and the only complaint i have is that i wish that it was a sedan

- David P

This is the best car I've owned. It lasts forever and is perfect for travel.

I love my civic. It gets great gas mileage since it's a hybrid. It also looks good inside and out. It's a comfortable drive and the perfect size car.

- Rebecca P

Very, very reliable and inexpensive to operate. Gets 30 mpg.

My Honda is very reliable. .Other than the regular maintenance my car is inexpensive to operate considering it is 12 years old with over 100+ miles.

- Joe Z

2006 Honda Civic in Las Vegas

Wind visor hinge keeps melting in the summer, had to replace it every year. Interior plastics are not durable and can't stand up to the Vegas heat.

- Don A

My vehicle is more economical than luxury, sacrificing comfort quality for a slight financial saving

I got it used and it had previous problems. The steering wheel locks up sometimes when the car starts. There was no cabin filter in the car as well.

- phillip d

Silver Honda Civic, Sedan

I really like my Honda Civic because it is small and compact. It does not use up a lot of gas. It runs pretty well and it has lasted for many years.

- Karen B

It is generally reliable, but not perfect at all

I dislike that I've had a recall and had to put some other money into it, I like that it's been somewhat reliable, put the car was made a bit cheap

- Ro L

Over the past twelve years it has been one of the most stable, reliable things in my life.

The vehicle has run flawlessly for twelve years. Only had one major repair. The car is incredibly fuel efficient. I love the steering and handling.

- Phil G

Honda Civic 2006 sedan is a reliable car

Reliable. Good gas mileage. No issues. Only maintenance needed has been oil changes. It has kept is value. I hope to keep it another ten years.

- yie m

That the car is good on gas and it drives smoothly on long car rides.

I like that it is good on gas. And i like that it rides smooth. And the only thing i do not like about it is that it is hard to fit everyone in it.

- Kimberly A

That it's fuel efficient and durable. There's not much else to say.

It's fuel efficient and easy to drive. I like how small it feels when driving and parking. The mileage is great. It's a very safe and durable car.

- Megan R

Its compact but great on gas and gas mileage. Easy to maintain

To low to the ground. Right now my car speakers went out. It's very good on gas as long as oil change is regularly maintained. To compacted for me

- Adam M

It's a reliable and fun car to have. I have really enjoyed owning it and would recommend the make and model to others. I intend to drive it until it can't be repaired.

I like the reliability and fuel economy. It has not had too many maintenance issues. It has a lot of problems with interior and trim coming apart.

- William V

Honda makes very reliable and dependent civics.

The car is very reliable. The car is very good on gas mileage. The car uses the inexpensive unleaded fuel. The car has good steering and braking.

- Ethan E

Vehicle was worth a higher purchase price due to the outstanding quality and lower lifetime ownership costs.

Awesome vehicle in every way. Gets outstanding gas mileage and requires very little maintenance. Has been dependable for over twelve years now.

- Deez B

My AC doesn't work but I have a sunroof.

My car has needed a lot of repairs since I bought it 4 years ago but the parts have not been to costly. My car is reliable for long road trips.

- Marissa E

It is one of the safest cars on the road.

My vehicle is great on gas. It has had very few mechanical issues. And is very reliable transportation, that also handles great in any weather.

- Carla G

It is dependable and earth friendly as it saves a whole lot of gas.

The vehicle is good on emissions ,The vehicle has really great gas mileage. It also has safe airbags that deploy from the front and the sides.

- Winston R

I love my vehicle she may have her days but we all do

My air conditioning stopped working in the beginning of the summer it goes a decent speed and doesn't use to much gas I personally love my car

- Shelby G

Honda cars are very reliable.I have only ever had to do routine maintenance.

It is very reliable and I still enjoy driving it even though it is 12 years old. It still looks good. The road/tire noise is very loud though.

- Lisa W

It has great fuel efficiency.

My Honda is the perfect size with wide windows and comfortable seating and legroom. It has almost 90, 000 miles and is still running strong.

- Carol G

It has good gas mileage and is a comfortable ride.

My car gives is economical, has good mileage. Over the years it has had very low maintenance costs. The styling is average for compact cars.

- HT C

Problems I didn't expect for a Honda.

Has transmission issues from the very beginning. Honda’s should last forever. It is a low emissions vehicle and I feel like I got a lemon.

- Jennifer G

The most important thing about my car is that it lasts a long time and is very reliable.

My vehicle is a 2006 Civic Hybrid. It still drives well, gets good gas mileage, and has a very nice interior. It is paid for and I love it.


Hondas run forever and gave great gas mileage

My car is super reliable and gets great gas mileage. It's easy to drive and small. I've never had any issues with my car. It runs great.

- June W

It is very reliable and efficient.

I have had very few problems with the car since I purchased it. It is very reliable, gets good gas mileage, and has low maintenance costs.

- Josh G

Reliable and Inexpensive Car

My wife and I love our Honda Civic. It has been very reliable for several years. It is inexpensive to maintain and gets great gas mileage.

- Colton P

My car is reliable and most importantly affordable.

The is has a premier Audio system and is fully loaded. It is great on gas mileage and is a very reliable car. It is a great first vehicle.

- Scott S

It's a hybrid and saves gas.

It's a hybrid, and I like that it saves gas. The shape and color look nice. Dislike that it has no power and acceleration is very slow.

- Linda N

It is old but dependable.

Good performance. Has not had too many problems considering age of car. Finish is still good. Gas mileage is good. Like this size of car.

- Anita M

Great car for everyday use.

The seat does not fit my small frame well. The lumbar support cushion hits my mid back and is not comfortable. That is my only complaint.

- Marisa N

It is a reliable car and it will last for a really long time.

It is still running, I have had it for 11 years it has about 260k miles on it I use for work only. So it gets me from point A to point B.

- Erika R

Honda is a really reliable brand

no major problems had to change the battery and alternator the door handle was also replaced a while back Other than that no major issues

- chad M

The car is very reliable and has great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage and the seats are comfortable. I dislike that it is a coupe. I also do not like how expensive the maintenance is.

- Victoria B

It's reliable and amazing.

I love the size and gas mileage. Since It's older, it doesn't have all the technology i would like such as a backup camera or bluetooth.

- Katie H

it's very comfortable and reliable. It doesn't waste gas a full tank lasts me 2 weeks

It makes a really loud sound when its on, but I still need to get that to get fixed, its comfortable and reliable. I love the color too.

- Karla R

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid Review

Been a good car for me. Bought it new in 2006. It's fuel efficient. Drives great. Barely any problems with it. Changed tires and brakes

- Steven L

The Honda civic has very high reliability in everything it does

Works after 180,000 miles. Fuel efficiency is good, doesn't deteriorate. Ceiling fabric falls down sometimes but that's a minor thing.

- Thomas N

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is dependable.

The car is very reliable. There is never a time where I have to worry about my giving out randomly. The car also has great mileage.

- Shiquauna K

It gets me where I need to go in a safe and efficient manner.

I don't have any complaints. I need it to get me where I'm going so I'm not very fussy. I much prefer this over an expensive vehicle.

- amanda v

Because it is a Hybrid it qualifies for the carpool lane even if there is only one passenger/driver

I like the Hybrid, and the built in NAV system. There are other vehicles that are not Hybrid now and get just as good of gas mileage.

- Brt T

That the car gets amazing gas mileage at 42 miles per gallon

my honda is a great car that gets 42 miles per gallon, Its blue with a sunroof and a warranty that is good for 10 years, now expired

- Xavier S

It is one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned

The #1 dislike is that it is rusting. Not The happy about that. The # like is it is very reliable. #2 is it gets 30 mpg around town

- Joe Z

It is a good commuter cat.

Good car good gas mileage love the sunroof only downside is I wish it had more head space my head is almost a the top of the roof.

- Danielle G

The gas mileage is great! It's a cute car and pretty spacious.

I like the gas mileage. I love how it's a hybrid. Honda is a common car so parts are hard to come by. I don't have any complaints.

- Erik H

It's incredibly reliable, I have no problems with it.

I love the interior and dashboard and audio system. The trunk is a bit small, it could be bigger. The lighting flickers sometimes.

- Jesse M

It has a full navigation system that can be updated at any time already installed.

It is very reliable to get around in! I have a hybrid, and it's so quiet! Very good for gas mileage and getting around town easy.

- Bekk P

Reliability is key when you choose a civic so it better live uo

There has been a big recall repair. The florida heat is making the inside liner fall apart runs decent had few repairs otherwise

- Rol O

It gets great gas mileage.

My vehicle is reliable, gets great gas mileage. It is easy to fix. The only problem I have is it is a little small for my family.

- Kimberly M

It's safe and dependable and saves on gas.

It's very economical and dependable yet it's sporty and attractive and fun to drive. I've had Hondas in the past and I love them.

- Anne B

It's affordable and easy to use.

I love how small it is so I can easily park and squeeze in places. It's got great trunk space. I love that it has a build in GPS.

- Kaitlyn S

It's amazing like great gas money is saved

It's just a high quality machine that will run for miles and miles. It gets amazing gas mileage so it's great if you drive a lot

- Matthew M

It is very reliable - I have had 2 Honda civics and seldom had issues with them.

I love how smooth my car is when I drive. I have excellent control when steering as well. I do wish that the interior was nicer.

- Sophie E

That it has curtain airbags.

I like the fact that it is a stick-shift. I also like that it is good on gas. There is nothing that I dislike about the vehicle.

- Tiffany M

The Honda Civic is my favorite vehicle

I am extremely pleased with my Honda Civic. It has been the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. It is very fun to drive.

- Brandi T

It is reliable and stands the test of time.it has few repairs other than yearly maintenance. It's nice looking and rides well in Buffalo winters.

I like that it has a smooth ride. It's good in the snow and stays cool in the summer. It's 12 years old and still going strong.

- Barbara R

The safety lock for children is good. . Signal lights on side mirrors is a plus.

The seats are not very comfortable. The hybrid only kicks in when you stop, not when your parked. The car is slow to take off.

- Gladys Rivera G

Dependable vehicle, easy maintenance

I enjoy how reliable my car has been over the last ten years. As long as it is maintained, I've had very little issue with it.

- Lauren F

Car consumption for miles, safety, comfort.

Hate that I cannot get car seat in it. Love gas mileage. Very durable, very little issues with car. Wish it was more updated.

- Kristen H

My car can really provide quite a punch.

I have had my Honda Civic for over 12 yrs. With regular maintenance, it has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

- Wendy H

Love the space of it, how big it is, and the speakers are amazing!

It is perfect but it does have continuous problems with the wheels where it sounds like something is dragging on the ground.

- Sophie K

It's a hybrid vehicle so it gets good driving mileage.

I have had this car since 2006 and it still works great. It's spacious which is good because I'm tall. It's comfortable too.

- andrew l

2006 silver Honda Civic ex.

Runs great, and super efficient. I can ruin all week on a tank of gas and is only $30 to full it up. I love my little Honda.

- Anthony C

it keeps running and running.

it is the most maintenance free car i have ever had. i have the highest gas mileage of any vehicle. i have no complaints.

- lenny D

A Nice Family car to Have

Overall performance of vehicle is really good. Inside comfort and leg space is decent. Never faced any issues with engine.

- avi p

THe most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

My vehicle has been very reliable. I had issues with the paint. I haven't had any other significant issues with my vehicle

- Ashley P

reliability for the past few years

it has been extremely reliable. which i have needed the past view years. because I lost my career because of brain damage

- barb D

It drives fine, and is a fairly reliable car, but there are some engine problems and a/c problems that may develop.

My vehicle is very easy to drive. It is rather noisy, but it functions fine. There are some problems with a/c, however.

- Andrew S

It is very dependable and good on gas mileage.

My car is really good on gas mileage and is very dependable and reliable. It has a good stereo and I know I can trust it.

- Deegan B

My car is a Honda is red and we already fix everything on it

My vehicle doesn't have any problems it work really well. My car got new brakes.I love my car. My car is a Honda and red

- Brenda A

The aux cord is the best feature. Also the sunroof.

I love my vehicle. I love that there is a sunroof and a aux cord. It is kind of small but I love it for a first time car

- Bryonna S

Is very comfortable and safe.

I like that it saves money on gas. I do not like that its small. I like that it's easy to drive. I like that it's quiet.

- Diane G

takes a beating and keeps on going

The air conditioning has been broken for two years. Otherwise it runs well. I like the easy to read display on the dash.

- Galen S

It's fast, it's fun, it's the perfect car for style and performance

I have really had no problems with my car other then normal day to day wear and tear. I do see a problem with the paint.

- Kim J

Very reliable! Good small family car!

This is a very reliable car. I have had very few repairs other than expected wear and tear. It's also safe and stylish.

- Susan H

The car we own is one of a reliable nature, that consumes a low rate of fuel.

The car is actually my boyfriend's car that we share. We both love it - it's a reliable car and gets great gas mileage!

- Kristen L

Low to the ground so it's a little hard to get into it

Honda Civic has great gas mileage is fun and sporty to drive. Very easy to maneuver around especially in parking lots.

- Sandra S