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Perfect to own as a first car

Fuel efficient. Will really save you money in the long run. Never had engine problems. I do have issues with wheel alignment from time to time. The battery was normal as usual- it did die on me one time in which AAA came and changed it on the spot for around $100. This car is decent in snow because it's front wheel drive, however you should probably install Blizzaks or Yokohamas during the winter for better traction. The cabin is a little noisier compared to other cars but this is expected. This car really holds up against the test of time. I also appreciate the 4 doors and the practicality of the civic. I realized early how practical the Civic is. I think the Honda Civic is best suited for new drivers ages 16-23. I must admit there are some performance issues. Other than that, I think that the Civic is a tremendous car, especially if it's your first. It will keep you humble, will get you where you need to be and you won't ever have to worry about it. If things go wrong, you have the peace of mind knowing that parts are cheap. If you get a ding, it doesn't really matter since I hate to say this but it's a civic. I mean that in the most respectable way possible and you really do get that peace of mind when you're working or studying. You won't constantly be wondering if anyone is trying to steal or key your car or anything. Overall 5/5 car

- Zaavon W

Good car, excellent gas mileage, loud anti theft alarm, spacious trunk.

This car is very good on gas mileage, it is very reliable. We bought it used for $10k with 60k miles on it. I don't really like the color, but it was the only one they had. It drives very smooth, but pulling out of a parking spot in reverse there are some blind spots. It is very comfortable with a lot of space throughout. I have also been put in the trunk and let me tell you there is space for two of me to fit comfortably laying down in the trunk. The car holds up pretty well, it is 8 years old and still looks brand new. The only problem that occurred was when I was sitting in the car (off) with the doors locked for a couple hours and I got too hot so I started the car to try to turn on the ac, and the alarm went off and did not stop for 10 minutes straight no matter what I did. By the time I found the section about the anti theft lock in the manual it turned off and to this day I do not know what to do if I ever have to deal with that again.

- Lauren L

My four door automatic Honda civic with heated leather seats..

My Honda civic is a very dependable car. It is silver with chrome molding. It is a four door automatic with leather heated bucket seats. The center console has two cup holders plus a storage that can be hidden. There is also an arm rest that has lots of storage. . The brightness of the dashboard can be as bright or low to your liking. The side mirrors are adjustable both up/down and in/out. All the controls are within a nice range to use. It has power steering and cruise control. There is plenty of room for long legs both front and back. . Auto windows with lock control. The back doors have locks that can be clicked so small children can not open them without your help. . My civic has the equipment to hold a car sent for an infant. It is user friendly. . Great gas mileage and the gas tank is on the same side and the driver making it easier to jump out and pump the gas. . I am extremely pleased with my 2010 Honda civic.

- Penny C

The good brake pedal installment is one of the major reasons we bought the car.

Some of the problems in the vehicle include: the black leather seats, since my state is kind of near earth's equator, it is gets cooked up in the car, fast. It is small space, I can barely stretch my legs in the front and back seats, and the manual seat adjusters, very inconvenient to do when driving compared to electronic switchers. As for performance, for some reason, whenever I am on a hill, when I let go of the break, it'll backup, very scary. However, I like how when I am driving, it feels quite smooth and I don't suffer from headaches, same goes with the passengers. Well, due to the leather seats, I guess comfort level is 8/10 while the features such as radio, convenience in placement of buttons for that is 9/10, but it would have better if it provided functions to connect Bluetooth with.

- J L

A reliable and affordable car.

I really like my car, but it is just a starter vehicle for me. There really is not anything special about it. I like the comfort of my Honda, and I feel like I can easily ride in it for long periods of time. I feel like it is really reliable, and I never fear it will not function correctly. It wasn't too expensive, and I feel like I will have it for a long time; I know it would last a lifetime if I needed it to. The car is really low to the ground, which makes me nervous sometimes, but it has great space and can hold multiple bags/friends. I haven't ever had to do major repairs on the car either, which leads me to believe it was very well made.

- Alexis P

2010 Honda Civic dx (basic model) review.

Dx sedan. Cons: rearview mirror falls of very easily in heat, steering wheel easily corrodes from heat, in cabin sound when driving on a highway is terrible, no electronic locks or cruise control. Pros: fantastic gas mileage, comparative cost of repairs is very low, most repairs are either tires or oil changes, pretty safe car, comfortable seats. It's been almost ten years and over 120, 00 miles for mine and it still performs just fine, most of the problems with the car are cosmetic, and living in hot south GA does not help. The car can typically drive about 400-ish miles on the highway before refueling.

- Patrick B

Manual car of my dreams...

Easy to drive manual, smooth and consistently good performance. Rarely needs maintenance and is inexpensive when needed for upkeep. I am not an expert but can easily change my own oil. Seats five comfortably and is a good car for long road trips as well as getting around town. Good turn radius. Is quite reliable and trust this car to go on long trips with no issues. The only thing I dislike about this car is the fact that it does not have power door locks. I have to manually unlock each door for every passenger or to dump groceries in the back. This is very inconvenient with a car seat in my hands.

- Taffy H

Nothing fancy but will always get the job done.

There is not a lot about this car that is fancy. It is however, very reliable. I have had no major issues other than the expected routine maintenance and occasional part replacements in almost nine years. The speedometer is digital and sits conveniently at eye level so you never have to scan down to know how fast you are going. My only major concern is that the acceleration is not great. This can be troublesome if n situations where you have to gain speed quickly from a stopped position like yielding before merging into a highway. Otherwise, it has been a great, low maintenance car.

- Brian S

Honda the affordable compact car.

The Honda Civic is weirdly free from compromises. It comes with a very agile steering and very responsive. It receives amazing gas mileage and the transmissions they come equipped are known to last a long time. They’re pricing is very competitive compared to other competitors. Servicing these vehicles are very cost friendly. Although many say that the interior has a lot of wear and tear over short periods of time. Insurance on these vehicles tend to be low compared to other vehicles. All in all I would recommend this vehicle to possibly a college student as it is a very reliable vehicle.

- Carmen G

Great car; great gas mileage; great for running around town.

I have loved my little Civic. Owned it for 7 years. It gets great gas mileage, has had no mechanical problems; I do keep oil changed, and have regular maintenance performed. The only problem, which I had heard about right around the time I bought it, is that the seats are just not that comfortable. It is fine for short trips and around town, but longer drives are not as comfortable. Other than that, I have been extremely happy with my Civic and would probably buy another one as soon as I need another car, except now I am getting old and may need something a little farther from the ground.

- Carol R

It has great trunk space!

It runs quite well and has held up to the test of time. My husband drives it at least 4 hours a day for work and it is still in great condition. We have three kids in car seats so it is a bit of a squeeze in the back but they do fit. I really like the size of the trunk. My husband keeps many things in the trunk for work but I can still fit a full load of groceries in the trunk. I do not care for the spare tire or tools that came with it. The tools, in particular, are very flimsy so we ended up putting our own in the trunk.

- Brittany C

2010 Honda Civic Review Reliable and dependable like a girlfriend

I love my Honda Civic! Very reliable the only work I've had to do to it other then oil change was brake work. Very dependable and reliable. The Civic is good on gas as well. My car has 140,000 miles on it and I am sure it will easily last until 200,000 because I have kept up with oil changes. I have a tune up that I have to schedule soon so that it'll last 200 or 200+ thousand miles. The only con is insurance is high on a 2 door coupe. I almost pay more for insurance than the car payments.

- Manuel R

Comfortable and sleek cannot be beat!

Very reliable and comfortable. I drive a two door Civic and I really enjoy the sleek look of the outside while still having enough room in the back seat. I have taken this car on long road trips including very steep hills and have never had a problem. The only thing about this car I would change is the radio that is installed in the dash is a little outdated but still keep the sleek look on the inside so it is not a deal breaker. All in all wonderful car easy to control and drives smooth.

- Brittany B

If you are taller than 5'10 it might not be a comfortable fit.

The 2010 Honda Civic is reliable, durable, and long lasting. I have owned for 6 years and have had no major car troubles. Standards oil changes and regular gas with a monthly interior cleaning. I have the basic model, but that still comes with AUX cord and charging port. It has comfortable seating and spacious back seats that can fold down for more trunk space. The trunk is already pretty spacious. It has a digital speedometer that is accurate and remains true. Battery life is decent.

- Harmon B

My car performs well. It is easy for me to drive and park.

I have a 2010 Honda Civic. The seats are comfortable. The car is not too small or too big. I can easily get it in parking spaces. It is able to hold lots of suitcases/boxes when travelling or moving. I think it handles well. It seems to get good gas mileage. I have had the car since 2010. In 2018, I had to change the battery. In doing so, my radio now needs to be reset. Sometimes all of this technology is not helpful even though we are made to think that it is.

- Patti S

2010 Honda Civic has been good to me, but it is time for a change.

Generally Honda Civic is a reliable car and it has gotten me from point to point b. But, it has shown wear and tear throughout the years exteriorly. Really bad paint job, not sure what's wrong with it but it's like peeling off. Rattles sometimes when I am on bumpy roads. Overall I would recommend this car for around town driving and not really interstate. Feels inferior on interstate and can sometimes feel myself swaying. Looking forward to getting a new car.

- Lindsey H

Not too many features but reliable for what I need it to do.

I think my Honda is pretty reliable. I haven't had any problems with it in general. It is not too spacious though. Also a big problem specific to my 2010 model is that there is a factory error with the clear coat which makes the paint on the top cloudy. The recall on the paint only allows cars younger than 7 years to fix it for free. Mine is 8 and just started to show these problems but it is too late to get fixed even though it was a factory error.

- Rebecca C

Honda Civic is the way to go!

I've had my car for 4 years now and it's been super reliable. I bought it used (Over 140,000 miles since I've bought it now) and figured I would face a lot of maintenance issues but within those four years all I've had to do is replace the rotors. Only other costs are oil changes and the regulars. It drives smoothly and efficient. Even got into two accidents and the car came out in good condition so I would feel comfortable with kids in my car.

- Grace M

The speed of your car is in lights.

I love how my car drives. I love how it has the numbers in lights. This car has great reliability. I have had it for almost 9 years now and I have never had it break down on me. I have used this car through high school, through college, and now through a job in which I have to drive everyday for 45 minutes. This car gets great gas mileage and it does not cost much to fill it up. Great first car for first drivers and very reliable!

- Elizabeth B

Reliable Honda Civic with good gas mileage!

Overall I really like my Honda Civic the price was right and I have had very few problems over the years. I feel that Honda is a reliable brand the drive is smooth and I drive my car a lot. It is fairly comfortable has good gas mileage and I like the look! The next vehicle I get will most likely be a Honda SUV I am just looking for more space for camping and trips but I want the same comfort and reliability of the brand.

- Nicole I

Reliable car that holds its value.

I like my Honda Civic because it is reliable, and it holds its value very well. It is a very easy car to drive. I haven't had any major issues with it just as long as I make sure to change my oil on time. The only complaint I have is that the side panel on the windshield is too far up so it is hard to see if pedestrians are walking in a parking lot. I have to move my head forwards in order to see past the side panel.

- Alison A

Honda Civic great little car in town or for a road trip. Great trunk space!

Very reliable, easy to drive around. Not as tight of turning radius as I would have guessed it would have had. Great mileage! Very good acceleration for a 4 cylinder. Good sight lines. Love the airbags all around for safety. Very nice stereo and the seats are comfortable. Steering wheel is adjustable, which is nice. Not crazy about the sight line of the dash/speedometer. . . How I drive my hand is in the way.

- Lori F

Super reliable and gas efficient. I have drive for days at a great distance and not have to worry about the gas tank running out on me.

I have a Honda Civic LX-S and I love it. The gas mileage is amazing on highway and street. In my specific model, the seats are amazing! Super spacious and comfortable. The only problem I've ever encountered is that there is a blind spot right by the mirror of both sides of the car. The frame for the window is really large and it makes it difficult to see sometimes. Be very careful when making a left turn.

- asami h

Honda Civic keeps on rolling.

A few cosmetic issues, other than that my Honda has been a dream - always reliable! Nearing 300k miles and I still trust it out on the open road. I buy tires every 18 - 24 months; change the oil when the light comes on, approximately every 6000 miles; replace the brake pads three or four years ago, and I have replaced the windshield, twice, I think. Other than that no issues for which I am very thankful!

- Diane D

Old reliable: the Honda civic.

The Honda civic is a reliable vehicle and has lasted me the better part of 8 years. It is sturdy and has never broken down. It is easy to clean. It is compact and easy to drive long distances. You get a lot for your money when you invest in the Honda civic. It may not be the flashiest car, or the most stylish, but you'd be hard pressed to find a more reliable, more affordable vehicle on the market.

- Nicole W

Long lasting reliable car with no issues!

I have owned the car for a year and have had no issues besides regular maintenance such as oil change and tires. It drives very smooth and comfortably. The upholstery holds up well and say little wear and tear. This car is perfect for someone looking for good reliable gas saving car. I roughly fill my gas tank every two weeks and that is with a regular commute to work and other personal things.

- Allison B

Overall a amazing car got it at the best price.

My car is a 2010 Honda civic hybrid. It has 100k miles on it. The interior is a navy blue. It has leather seats and they are really comfortable even though parts of the leather is being tore. It is a slow car that is for sure. I use it to get to point a to point b. But the performance is good. It is grey and has stock rims. The transmission has problems at times but gas is really cheap.

- Yor S

Gas mileage is inexpensive.

My Honda Civic is reliable and comfortable. Gas mileage is inexpensive. The parts to repair my Honda Civic are relatively inexpensive compared to other vehicles. It is a great car for commuting! Although it is a 2010 car it still drives and performs like I just got it yesterday. I would recommend Honda Civic's for anyone looking for an affordable, reliable, comfortable car.

- Madison S

It is a reliable car as long as you are able to upkeep the maintenance on it.

The car has a lot of space which I love, however, since it is no longer new its prone to different part breaking and needing fixes. I love the gas indicator and the different dashboard components as well. I think my biggest complaint is that the car has great space for people but not a very spacious trunk and the back camera makes things a lot closer than they really are.

- Ashley S

Honda Civics: the perfect first car.

I have had really good experience with my car so far. I got it used in 2014, and its held up well. It gets really good highway mileage, but does not do as well in super compact areas (like a college campus). The turn radius is great, and this car fits into most spots, which is nice. The trunk is fairly small. The only downside is the fact that it only has two doors.

- Claire S

I called it midnight ride. Black 2010 Honda Civic, quality reliable

It is great on Gas. have never had major engine problems, always get service done on time and it will continue to run like new. The biggest expense has been changing motor mounts and tires. has great look in the inside and it has maintained its self in great condition, this is in pary I think on me taking care of it. Nothing crazy just enough regular cleaning

- Ivan R

it has been very dependable and taken me on several trips without incident.

it is compact and with proper maintenance will continue to last and be my mode of transportation for many more years. what I do not care for is that it sits so low to the ground and that makes it vulnerable to damage by scraping. it also does not ride as smoothly as the Accord. It is very dependable and suits my needs which far outweighs the negatives for me.

- rebecca h

It is small so it can fit comfortably in many small spaces with extra room.

My car has great driving hand ability and mileage. The seat moves in many ways to help you get the best comfort. The problem with my coupe is it does not have the best visibility so you always have to be extra careful when driving to make sure there is no one in the blind spot. Also the paint job on this particular year seems to not be as durable and is peeling.

- Melissa S

Small, compact and an easy ride.

The car drives great but it smaller so it is not comfortable for a tall person to drive. The seats are fairly comfortable, there is not a lot of space in the back seat for people with longer legs. The car has very simple features nothing fancy. As long as the oil is changed the car runs great! Have noticed that some dashboard lights come on after 80,000 miles.

- Amber K

Honda squad: comfort and reliability.

Really reliable, great on gas, comfortable if you are petite like me, I had the car for six years before I finally had to replace the battery. However, it is a basic model so a little more style or luxury would be nice. Steering wheel is easy to maneuver and smooth compared to other vehicles. Overall, nice and smooth ride and not too much maintenance needed.

- Amelia K

I can currently get a full tank of gas for $20!

My Honda civic is reliable, and great on gas. In the last five years, I have replaced the starter and brake pads. It's not luxury, but I use it for work and errands etc. I enjoy driving it, city or highway, it gets great mileage and its inexpensive to repair. I plan to pass it on to my daughter as it has only 107,000 miles. It could go another 100,000 miles.

- Kim R

Reliable & durable with some cosmetic flaws.

I like the reliability of my Honda Civic. I have had it for 5+ years without having to make any large repairs and it has never broken down before. Cosmetically though, I have had some disappointment. The paint/sealant on this car as well as my last Honda Civic started to discolor, forming large uneven blotches of discoloration across the hood, top, & side.

- Christine P

A reliable car that's comfortable to drive.

My vehicle is reliable and comfortable. Performance has been up to standards but things are starting to break down. It is almost 10 years old so its expected. It has a few scratches and dings. The interior has held up well. The paint on the roof is starting to have an issue but it was not recalled. There is a recall on the airbags I need to get fixed.

- Tiffany R

An inexpensive choice for a super reliable, easy to maintain and easy to love car.

It does everything I ask it to: It has good storage in the trunk, and seating space for most people and things I haul around. It has a very responsive engine and can be pretty zippy. It isn't the most comfortable or luxurious ride ever, but I think it has everything I need. And I really really have gotten spoiled about the excellent fuel economy.

- Karen G

Your Civic responsibility.

I love my Honda Civic. It is pretty good on gas, which is huge. It feels homey but with enough space for everyone, and the trunk can fit a good number of suitcases or boxes. I am a bit short so the front rounds out in a weird way for my line of vision, and there are a good number of blind spots that I deal with that others who are taller might not.

- Alex S

It's easy to maintain. I won't ever sell.

I like how easy it is to drive and maintain. You can just point and shoot and the car will take you where you want to go without a second thought. It is such an easy car to have I don't even need it but keep it because I like it. I don't want to sell it even though it's the financially responsible thing to do. I like having the freedom it gives me.

- Emily C

The vehicle is reliable, but not built as well and functional as it could be.

I bought it used and the engine is constantly shaking. The two doors version is very inconvenient and the doors are long and heavy. It is reliable regardless, but the engines shaking has not been resolved despite numerous trips to the garage. The speedometer is electronic but at night time it reflects off of the windshield which is pretty annoying.

- Amelia H

The most important thing about my car is that it is a Honda. Hondas last forever.

I have a Honda Civic Coupe. This car gets amazing gas mileage and is inexpensive to fill up at the gas pump. It is comfortable, although not particularly roomy. Being a coupe, it is difficult to travel with more than one other person. The car is really fun to drive. I have owned this car for the last three years and haven't had any issues with it.

- Kimm P

Honda is reliable, very much recommended for sure.

Our Honda civic lx sedan is quite reliable. Have not got a major problem with regarding this vehicle of ours as of yet only regular maintenance like change oil and tune ups. Our Honda civic lx sedan is quite reliable. Have not got a major problem with regarding this vehicle of ours as of yet only regular maintenance like change oil and tune ups.

- J G

Like all well build machines, it requires maintenance if it is to be serviceable for a significant amount of time.

The car's design renders two significant blind spots in the driver's field of vision out the front of the vehicle....they are related to the angle and width of the frame between the windshield and the side-windows. An entire vehicle can get lost in that field of vision and without double and triple checking, can lead to detrimental consequences.

- Tonya W

Honda’s reliability and customer service is exceptional.

I love the durability of my Honda Civic. It runs like it is still new after 8 years. Regular maintenance and suggested mile maintenance has kept it running perfectly. There was a safety recall on the airbags but Honda made it very easy to take care of. I would buy a Honda Civic again because of its reliability and Honda’s customer service.

- Rivera S

W/ rising gas rates, this is for you. Rides with much comfort & very dependable.

I love my little Honda. It is my 2nd one I have owned. Got a 4dr this time. Much better if you have more than 2 people riding. Drives great. Rides great. Awesome gas mileage. Roomy for a small vehicle. No major problems thus far. I highly suggest purchasing one if you are looking for a great car to commute several miles back n forth daily.

- Marcy T

Easy to drive my Honda Civic! But I need more room for my kids!

I really like my Honda Civic because it is very easy to drive. But at the same time it is a little bit too small for me because I am a mom of two! I don't have a lot of room for extra kids in my car if I'm doing carpooling or room for a stroller AND groceries in my trunk! But other than that I actually really do love my Honda Civic!

- Taylor G

Reliable, affordable Honda civic runs great!

I bought my used car at the BMW/mini cooper dealership in Indy and the service was great as well as the car! Only tiny fixes, nothing major. I had to get a new radio because the aux didn't work but besides that, just a tune up and oil change. Honda's are always reliable and comfortable cars plus the 2010 interior style is very nice!

- Ariel P

Good budget car for first time buyers

Sun visors separate, they replaced under warranty but said one time deal . Honda will not admit there is a problem. Motor mount had to be replaced, cost over $600. Never owned a car that had a motor mount go bad. Contacted Honda USA, they didn't really care. Did nothing. After owning 2006 and then 2010 Honda, I now own a Hyundai.

- Arjun B

Good car for family would recommend for others and likely to buy another one.

Slow pick up when starting the car. Small for 4 adults who are average height and weight. Paint came off prematurely one year after the extended warranty wore off and no notice. Good gas mileage for long distances. Comfortable drivers seat able to adjust up and down and back and forth for two drivers of different heights.

- Sean C

Honda Civic: High Technology and a Must Get!

The car is very comfortable has high technology. There is a rear camera when you reverse the car to make sure you won't hit anything. Overall, I would recommend people to buy this type of car. It is a mini vehicle that can carry 5 people, which can be not as convenient as bigger cars, but it is comfy and good for a first car.

- Victoria Z

That it is our families life blood and has driven us many places including Maine and Florida without incident.

The car is excellent in driving and handling. There has been little to no incidents except for the airbag recall, which was more inconvenient than a problem. I only dislike the fact that it is getting older and the warranty has run out and I may have to replace it, so I worry that my next car may not be as good as this one.


I think the best thing about my Honda is that it is great on gas.

I love my Honda! I have one child and it is still roomy enough for another passenger. I did have a problem with the alternator but I mean it is 2010 with almost 180, 000. She has done good and still going!! Honda’s are a great vehicle! When the time comes my daughters first car will be some kind of Honda, very reliable.

- Kristen H

Low maintenance, low fuel costs.

My vehicle is nice and reliable. The fuel efficiency of my car is as well pretty good. It is not flashy but it gets me where I need to go, and I do not have to stress about maintenance often. My previous car was a Honda Civic as well. I had the car for 13 years and had very little maintenance required throughout the years.

- Drew V

Very reliable automobile. Never a worry about it breaking down.

Very reliable, never any mechanical problems. Very basic, good for one person. I only do minimal driving around town and it is perfect for me. I do wish for something more substantial when I am on a highway surrounded by trucks. I also wish for more interior luxury but this is a very good reliable car that I can afford.

- Sharon F

Honda Civics are a very reliable and cost efficient car.

Tire sensor is always on. It is a false negative. Other than that, this car is super reliable and is almost never in the shop outside of normal wear and tear (tires, alignment, brakes, etc. ). It handles well, has decent pickup for a 4 cylinder. Comfortable seats and has an auxiliary input for ipods or other devices.

- Peter S

Honda Vehicles as an economical car

Hondas are very reliable vehicles in my experience and can get a lot of life out of a single vehicle. They often run reliably for many years and can accrue high mileage which makes them highly economical and of added value. Additionally, Hondas tend to be of decent gas mileage and for not break the bank at the pump.

- Sarah M

My car is compact, gets great gas mileage, and is very easy to drive.

My Honda Civic is overall a really great car. It often gets 30 mpg in the city, and more on the highway or on a road trip. I like the way it handles while driving and the radio/CD player/Aux input works quite well. I do wish that the key fob had a button to pop the trunk, but overall I am very satisfied with my car.

- Danielle S

Beautiful, reliable, comfortable Honda Civic coupe is a great buy for anyone!

I absolutely love my Civic coupe. She's been a great, reliable car. There have been issues with the paint fading in weird spots, and one of the engine mounts breaking. But other than that, she gets great gas mileage, has a fantastic stereo system, and looks beautiful. It is the perfect size for my very petite frame.

- Sheryl C

It's a Honda so it will last forever. You take care of it with regular maintenance and it will take care of you.

It's perfect for me. It does what I need it to do. It has what I need without having a bunch of extra junk. It's a car not an entertainment center or an office. It's purpose is to get me from point A to point B, which it does. A car's purpose is not to be a work area or a theater so that's why it is perfect for me.

- Mark B

The most important thing to know is that pressing the gas can be pretty sensitive. A light tap on it will rev it up fast. Other people's cars I've driven have not had as touchy gas pedal as mine.

This is the first car I have ever had and I think it is great for my first. Haven't had too much car troubles which is nice, everything is still working well, and there is a good amount of space for a small compact car. The only thing I wish it had was a bluetooth option. There is an aux cord though which is great.

- Natalie L

A highlight of this car is how quickly it defrosts in the morning.

This vehicle is a quality vehicle. I inherited it with 50000 miles and currently has over 144, 000. The car has not given me any issues at this point. The only major repair I have had to do was to replace the clutch. Other than that all repairs have been routine such as rotating and changing tires and oil changes.

- Philip D

Great Car, Highly recommend

My Car is very reliable I love it ! no problems at all. If you want something reliable and affordable then this is the car for you very easy to drive and comfortable. Also perfect for a first car. I currently have a 2010 model definitely looking forward to upgrade only because I know this is a great quality car

- Charlotte R

Great gas mileage and very comfortable seats.

My Honda Civic is well made. It has cruise control and ice cold ac. The color is dark grey with tan interior. The seats are very comfortable and it is automatic transmission. MPG is about 35 on the highway. It runs quietly and I can hear much road noise. My only complaint is it the car is too low to the ground.

- ruth b

Honda Civic are the way to go.

The Honda Civic is very good on gas. The car is also very compact. Not to expensive when it comes to repairs. Good for one person with no kids. Also very good car for beginner drivers. If you are up to date on services car should last a long time. Definitely a trooper car. Backseat gets very hot in summertime.

- Valerie R

Reliable, compact and fun to drive!

It is very reliable! I have almost 180k miles on it and have had very few problems or required maintenance, other than regular oil changes, tire rotations, etc. The only problem has been with some of the internal lights going out, over the years, (that which lights up my radio, the gear changing stick, etc. ).

- Megan F

Economical and environmental friendly.

It runs great, I have only had to put new tires after 6 years and replaced the radiator once. Oil changes are cheaper and for gas it usually takes a little over $20. Handles well on the interstate and excellent gas mileage. The only thing I do not like is the lack of trunk space. Other than that I love my car!

- Miriam G

It is tiny and does not fit big pieces of furniture. Great with the gas.

I love that my car offers great gas for the mileage. It is big enough for my needs. My complaint would be that the material that the car is made of is pretty cheap and does not withstand much abuse. It gets dinged up quickly and the interior gets pretty banged up no matter how much you try to take care of it.

- Ashley L

Very reliable car, that is comfortable.

It is very comfortable. I originally had to get used to how low the seating was, and I think your range of view is less compared to other sedans. I feel it has more blind spots. However, it has been very reliable so far, and have not had to do a lot of repairs on it other than general maintenance and upkeep.

- Jacqueline B

My vehicle is small, reliable and a good commuter car.

My vehicle drives smoothly, it is comfortable and reliable. I can drive over two hours straight, probably more, and not be worried that my car will break down or something will happen. I have never been happier with my first car as it has not let me down. It is small and it's a good car for college students.

- Xenia C

Motor mount designing flaw.

It is a pretty reliable car. The only problem I have had so far after putting 80, 000 miles on it is the motor mounts. They're not bad, they're not gapped correctly. It is a design flaw and it is a problem with all of this specific generation of Civic. The steering wheel covering is starting to disintegrate.

- Jessica G

Black 2010 Honda Civics very nice seats and interior.

Our bumper comes off it is broke but other than that it is a great vehicle. I have had it for years now and it is really good when driving. It makes a weird noise like rattling. The seat comfort is very comfortable the air we have a little problem with because it is not very powerful and seems to stop a lot.

- J F

Not my favorite car or even close.

This car heads no power. It is their most basic model. The mirrors you pull down do not even have lights. The passenger seat it too high and you cannot adjust it. I like some of the way it looks but that is about it. I have a 4 year old and I hate buckling her seat belt. It is very difficult for me and her.

- Leah B

Gets excellent mileage both in city and highway.

Great gas mileage, low maintenance, rides smooth and quiet with the correct tires. Very roomy even in backseat. Easy to handle. . Blind spot on both side if front windshield where air bags are located. Clear coat was not applied properly, thus has been coming off for last several years. Honda will not fix.

- David R

A good reliable first car for living on your own.

Not enough room for family, but love the reliability. Very basic features. It was a great first car out of college, but now that I have two big dogs, I need more room. We do use my car for the two dogs. One sits in the back, while the other one sits in the front passenger seat. Bigger trunk than you think.

- Kelly L

It is a two door coupe with great gas mileage.

I like that it is small and compact given that it is just me driving it and I do not constantly have people going in and out of it. I do wish it had four doors, at times I feel that would be easier to get items in and out of. I also like that everything on the dashboard, including the odometer, is digital.

- Debbie P

It has nice seat warmers.

The problems that I have with my car is that it is a little cramp. The air condition in the car does not work sometimes and it only blows hot air. My car does have some nice seat warmers for winter. It fulfils its role on getting me from point A to point B well. I would recommend this car for new drivers.

- David N

It's a great vehicle to have. Very smooth ride.

I have no problems with my civic, you have to keep up good maintenance and you'll have your civic forever. Honda hold their value so that's always a plus. And it cheap to maintain. I can find upgrades anywhere ie amazon or eBay. So I am always putting in new lights or whatever to keep up with my styles.

- renee J

The Honda civic is a pretty okay and reliable car.

The air conditioning has had a lot of maintenance issues within the past few year. The civic uses more gas than the other cars in my household. For an almost 10 year car however, it had not broken down (except for the ac). For the most part, the civic has been a pretty decent car with no major problems.

- Cherie H

Excellent car with unmatched reliability.

I love this car this cat and will almost definitely buy another civic. Bought secondhand and has been unwaveringly reliable. Continues to drive as smoothly as the date of purchase and remains visually appealing. Very comfortable to drive, even on long trips; driver's seat is very supportive of my back.

- Erin F

Reliable and efficient car.

The vehicle is great on gas. The look and the features of the car really stands out. I have had no issues with the engine or transmission and my car now has over one hundred and ten thousand miles. It is a reliable car. One drawback is that it does not do well in the snow or other hazardous conditions.

- Jacob M

2010 civic. Just buy it!!

The 2010 Honda civic is very loud on interstate, and seats are not very comfortable for long rides. Daily driving is okay but long drives are not great in this car. Very safe and very reliable as long as the upkeep is a priority. Backseat is very small so large baby car seats are doable but difficult.

- Taylor W

The best car for me at the moment.

doesn't have any problem I just wish to have a bigger car for work purposes. It doesn't consumes a lot of gas and works great in all whether. Not so good for kids since its small and doesn't have a lot of compartments. Is a little rusty in some parts but works like new and doesn't have a lot of miles.

- Raquel G

Comfy cost effective ride.

Good on gas mileage and overall a comfortable ride. Some people do complain it is hard to get out of because they find they hit their heads on the door frame. Personally I find that it is perfect for me as I am on the shorter side and can easily adjust my driver seat to drive comfortably and safely.

- Judy D

Drives like a dream and has great gas mileage.

Other than tires, oil changes and basic tune ups I have had no problems with this car. Drives around corners like a dream, and I have a lot of curves on the local roads. . The comfort is not the best for bigger people but I am comfortable. Really tight for 5 people but fits 4 great. Large trunk!

- Gail M

Always ready to go! I never worry about not starting up or being stranded!

I purchased this vehicle for its history of reliability. It is living up to this reputation. I ensure proper maintenance and even at 82000 miles the mechanics say it will be around for another 100,000. While it is boring it is durable. I hope to get a CR-V next, but it will definitely be a Honda!

- Janice D

Cheap body, reliable engine.

Overall it rides well and it has a reliable engine. The body was made cheaply though. Everything is falling apart (weather trim along the windshield, visors broke twice out of nowhere, center console handle broke also out of the blue, window trim looks like it is falling off). Very frustrating!

- Ariana A

You can always count on your Honda to keep you safe and get you to your destination.

I have no complaints about my Honda - I love it! First off, it has never required a repair other than damage caused by a rear end collision. Second, it is super reliable and easy to drive. Third, it was affordable. Fourth, when I was involved in that accident neither my mom nor I were hurt.

- Chris A

It is a solid, practical car. It is reliable. It is easy to care for. It gets me where I want to go.

I really like my civic. It was my first car, and I have had it for about 4 years now. It gets great mileage. It is reliable. It is appeals to my utilitarian sensibilities. My main complaint is that it does not handle well in the snow, although I suspect that is because I do not use snow tires.

- Rachel M

My Honda Likes To Be Beaten Up.

Good mileage. Size convenient for parking spaces, good handling on freeways, replaced tires once. No major problems. Easy maintenance. Comfortable also in back. Trunk space can be added by reclining back seats. A good, small car. I have basic features, but radio quality good. Fog lights handy.

- Barbara K

Great little car that lasts.

Really great. Lots of space for a little car. Good on gas. Not for places with snow and high wind since it gets blown around a little. There is not a lot of tech either, but there is an AUX hook up. But it is been a reliable car. Right now I have over 100, 000 miles with no sign of stopping.

- Rochelle K

I wish it had a moonroof.

Love the car very reliable! I like the coupe body style. May be a little small for some people but it's perfect for me. It is great on gas and smooth driving. The vehicle handles well. Just not in the winter. May change to an SUV soon but otherwise great car and overall great deal and value.

- Cate L

The anonymous Civic, the bond.

This Honda Civic has been through much and has traveled far places. So far it has 150, 000 miles on it and it runs so smooth, that is really good for me as I personally always am the one driving everywhere for any occasion. The car is super comfortable with it is fabric and nice cooling a/c.

- Luis J

2010 Honda review great condition.

Being an older car, it still drives pretty good and has not had a lot of things wrong with it. It is a very reliable car. It seats 5 people comfortably and the exterior and interior is quite nice. The performance is good and it does not have a lot of fancy features as the newer models have.

- Sally M

Great compact car that is reliable and low maintenance.

My Civic is very reliable and low maintenance. I am able to get 36 miles per gallon highway. It has great pickup for a 4 cylinder car. The car is a compact 4 door with a sunroof. It makes a great car for work and college students. The only complaint I have is it can be tiring on long trips.

- Janice B

Amazing car - Honda Civic.

My Honda Civic is a great car! It is got great mileage, so gas is never an outrageous amount of money that I need to spend often. Acceleration is consistent. I use an ownership for repairs and am always satisfied, both by prices and attentiveness. Never have had a serious issue in 9 years!

- Jane O

Easy to maintain. Fuel efficient. Comfortable.

No issues with comfort or reliability. Easy to maintain. The most extensive repair I have so far had to make for this car is replacing the two front tires and I have had my car since 2010. Honda is especially fuel efficient. As long as you take basic care of it you will have it for years.

- Charlie B

Great car for a great price!

Pros: Dependable, good on gas, quiet running engine, comes with spare tire with jack and tire iron, a good quality car for a low price. Cons: Loses power going up a hills, dashboard is too dim when you turn your headlights on, USB hook up in center console doesn't work on Android phones.

- Casey S

I like the style or shape of my car.

My Honda Civic has no problems. The performance is good enough to pass cars on the highway with no problem. The reliability of my car is good with no repair work done so far. The car has a comfortable ride. The car has a lot of features for the money. Like a/c power. Brakes and steering.

- Al M

A very efficient and comfortable vehicle.

For a small vehicle is has plenty of power, it is reliable, comfortable, and gets good gas mileage. I drive it to work every day at least 50 miles round trip and it does it in a very efficient way. The ride is smooth and it is very easy to drive. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Jeff D

Steering wheel radio controls.

It has excellent pickup, brakes, and steering. Very reliable for longer distances. Comfortable seats. Love the steering wheel radio controls for less distracted driving. Also gets great gas mileage and is roomy for a full car. Trunk space is deep and good for moving boxes, storage, etc.

- Danielle C

Window and door linings are cheaply made and expensive to replace.

The window liners and rubber door seals are easily damaged and don't last long. They are expensive to replace. Cosmetically it looks terrible but costs $600+ to replace each time. They don't last well if it rains often. My car runs fine and is in great condition, but it looks neglected.

- Diana D

Honda Civic safe sturdy family car.

Never had a problem with my Civic it is a great car. Great gas mileage, handles the road nicely. Easy to drive, easy to park. Good size trunk, back seats come down. It has window locks so the back windows can only go down half way. Escape latch in trunk if you are locked in the trunk.

- Denise G

My review of Honda Civic 2010 model

Very reliable and spacious. It is sluggish pick up when air conditioner is turned on in summer months. It could use a faster engine. Feel safe in it and fits family groceries etc and good for commute to work. The price was good and Honda dealer gives me free oil changes and tune ups

- Mica T

Great economical, dependable car.

Easy to handle. Good on gas. Rear seats fold down. Does not have power locks. No Bluetooth. Aftermarket Bluetooth was easy to install. Engine hesitates sometimes for no apparent reason. It is a good economical car. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a dependable, economical car.

- Rosa K

Four door car. Perfect for a commute to school or work. Good gas mileage.

I love my car it is perfect for my life style right now. Good gas mileage. The best thing about it is the trunk space, I have never had issues fitting anything in my car. The only issue I have is the tires lose pressure easily when temperatures change. Other than that I love my car.

- Ren H

My car is reliable and affordable.

My vehicle is very reliable. What I like the most about it is that there is not a high cost associated with it when it comes to repairs. It is not fancy at all, but it gets me to the places I need to get to. It currently has all the stock features when it comes to radio system, etc.

- Lory P

Overall the car is quite small which makes is easy to maneuver.

I really like my Honda Civic because of the gas mileage. I have to commute for school and the car makes doing so much simpler. I also enjoy the size of the car because it is very easy to drive, especially with the freeways near me. Overall I think the Civic is a great car to drive.

- Noelle B

Honda Civic. My second Civic in review.

Nice care. Reliable. Comfortable for long as well as short trips. I have been passenger on a six week road trip with no complaints at all. Nice car with great gas mileage. Getting small oil leak at 160, 000 miles. Hate the slide to center console. Have owned two, would buy again.

- Diana B

Honda is very reliable and keeps its value.

I love that the 2010 civic is so spacious inside even though it is a compact car. It gets wonderful gas mileage and feels safe to drive. The trunk is larger than most compact cars and it is a rather quiet driving car. I wish it had a sunroof but I guess you can't have everything.

- Madison B

Good for parents. Bad if you want to be flashy.

The vehicle is generally very reliable. I am used to small sports cars and had to switch to daddy mode when the kids started coming. Overall the car has great trunk space, ample rear passenger space, and it's a Honda so problems are few and far between (with regular maintenance).

- Curtis P

I am extremely happy and satisfied with Honda.

The Honda that I own runs very well and without issues. It provides a comfortable ride and has all the features needed to accomplish my objectives. It is a reliable means of transportation with very good fuel economy. Both important elements to me. I am pleased with the vehicle.

- Ed R

Honda reliability and safety.

My car is very reliable. It is a well known brand so I trust it is ease in getting parts. The only thing I can think of is a problem is the struts and shocks are totally worn out leaving the car with a lot of road noise. I am thankful to have a well maintained and safe vehicle.

- Cheryl V

It is dependable. Gas mileage is great, filling it up isn't expensive, and I know it is a safe model

I have had my car since 2010, so I have had it for 8 years now. I drive it every single day and I have taken it on lengthy road trips. I love it. The Honda Civic is very dependable and comfortable and it looks very sleek. My only issue has been with the brakes and battery.

- Megan S

It's just fine and like a good vehicle just like that.

At this point is not having any problem just some noises but once a year. But is a good performance. The features and reliability is good at this point is okay and just fine but the idea. They do not have kinds of problems. Or features that don't includes. The truth is okay.

- Danielle G

It is white with black interior. Fabric.

The ac has been dying. And there’s a rattling noise. But it is almost 10 years old and is great car. Looks good. Reliable. Easy to drive. I like the way it handles. It is a little small but was perfect before I had kids. I am hoping it lasts long enough to give to my kids.

- Jill K

It is a reliable safe vehicle and uses as really well.

It is reliable, comfortable and has as near 360 degree views as I have found. It starts immediately under cold conditions and handles easily. It turns on a dime. The heater works well as does the air conditioning. I wish it had more features like the higher price models do.

- Jo D

The trunk is surprisingly large.

My vehicle is extremely comfortable and reliable. It is a very nice car for somebody who is not looking for a big car. I personally like that it is small because it is easier to park anywhere. It has many features including an aux cord port, which is really important to me.

- Samantha G

No mechanical issues. I have replaced the battery twice; it always runs.

My Honda has been an awesome car. I change the oil change regularly, put new tires on it every 18 months or so (I drive a lot). I have never had any mechanical problems. On the other hand, it does have some cosmetic issues. But I prefer that it run rather than look pretty.

- Diane D

It's a perfect car for one person with no kids. It's too small for car seats.

Too small for a family of four. We have two children and the car seat barely fit in the back seat. We are looking to buy a SUV in the near future. I do love my Honda civic especially because it was my first car I used to drive to college everyday, but it's time to upgrade.

- Brenda M

It is reliable and hasn't had major repairs that were needed. It has only involved the expected air conditioning.

I like how it has been reliable and gets me to and from work reliably. I dislike how there was a recall with the paint job and only certain areas of it were fixed. I like how it shows the exact speed that I am going. I dislike that it does not have bluetooth connectivity.

- Austin T

Honda Civic 2010. Silver. Four door.

Needs a lot of maintenance if you do not keep up with it. But other than that it is pretty much like a tank and does not break down often. It is comfortable and I love how quickly it speeds up when I hit the highway. Other than that I have no complaints or anything else.

- Courtney E

Fantastic investment as first adult car

Great sedan! It drives well, and is a reliable commuter car. It is smaller and can easily navigate through small spaces and parking spots. Love the sunroof. The trunk is spacious! The air conditioner is loud if you turn it on high, but that is really my only complaint.


30 dollars to fill up from empty.

The Honda Civic rarely has any problems. The car runs perfectly smooth and feels great. The gas mileage is wonderful and filling up does not take your whole bank account. I have 90, 000 miles on the vehicle and the vehicle still drives like it was just taken off the lot.

- Mira S

Why I'll always buy Honda

The car rides comfortably and has been adaptable through the years for any Bluetooth or plugin device so I can still listen to my music through my stereo even after almost ten years of ownership. The car still looks great and has had minimal problems through the Years!

- Shelby S

The Honda Civic is a great city car. Not so great only when driving in the hills.

The Civic is a great hybrid for our in-town and in-city drives. We're saving on fuel and helping with the environment. Easy to park as well. The only downside is that it is bad when we're driving uphill. The car makes an embarrassing sound whenever we're driving to la.

- Debbie P

A smooth ride and easy to handle.

I really love my Civic except it was in an accident before I bought it and is very loud. But I love the way it handles and the ride is smooth. It is easy to park and has a great turning radius. It brakes nicely and accelerates nicely. And I love the color! It is blue.

- Nancy E

Vehicle gets great gas mileage!

I love my car! It is the perfect size, not too small not too big. It gets great gas mileage and runs really smooth! I have never had any problems with my vehicle! The trunk also has a lot of room for storage when going on trips. Great legroom for passengers as well!

- Delilah M

Reliable Civic, it has Bluetooth compatibility for a hands free experience.

Very nice reliable car, I have just put on new tires, just had oil change, it does really good on gas, it gets about 38 mpg on the highway and 27 mpg in town. Still has stock radio and speakers. I consider my car to be safe, also has alarm system that is not stock.

- Christina J

Honda Civic is a wonderful vehicle.

I love how well it drives. Makes amazing sharp turns and can stop and go very efficiently. The a/c features are fantastic and easy to use and understand and the seats are very comfortable. Pretty quiet while driving. I have had no problems with it since owning it.

- Courtney L

Overall happy with my Honda.

Love the safety, reliability, and comfort. I do drive on brick roads and over city potholes often and find that this means I need about $800 in services at the Honda dealership each year for things like brake repair, tire replacement, etc. which is a little steep.

- Maddie A

Fuel efficient. Comfortable. Practical.

My Honda Civic is a 4 doors, 4 cylinders, very easy to drive and fuel economy vehicle. It has not given me any major problem, the only expenses I have had are oil changes and whenever a light bulb goes off from the headlights. It is a fun car to drive and to own.

- Francisco J

Great car with lots of unexpected storage capabilities.

Because it is small, the car gets blown around a little by the wind. It is not the best for places that get a lot of snow, although it handles pretty well in the rain. There is not a lot of technology like Bluetooth capabilities or steering wheel radio controls.

- Rochelle E

Drives smoothly and no problems once so ever

Besides my jobs tearing and wearing my car down it's still very good. I had this car for 3 years now and it's still in very good shape and drives smoothly. I traveled everywhere with this car and I didn't break down. Hondas are my all time favorite car to drive

- Lay S

Its classy looking, bronze in color and tires and rims are nice.

This car has been very good no issues at all. I've only replaced tires. It has good gas mileage. Is comfortable and easy to drive. Cleans up well. It has sun roof, air conditioning, power windows, tinted windows. Has CD, am/FM radio. Cloth seats easy to clean.

- Bonnie P

The car is reliable. It runs well and I haven't had to spend a lot of money or time fixing it.

I like the reliability & comfort. It drives really well and has a lot of miles on it. The only thing I don't like is that the paint is coming off. That doesn't look so great. If I had gotten it new I would've taken better care of the outside but I got it used.

- Brandy K

As I said before I loved, ride, color, compact size.

I had no problems with this vehicle, only changed oil and did some maintenance things. Car runs well, gas efficient in comparing to other cars. Hatchback allows to putt lager thing that will not fit in Honda Accord. I traveled out of state and had to problems.

- Victoria B

Gas is great i'll fill my car up and it'll take $25 and it lasts me almost 2 weeks.

It has great gas mileage, and it is spacious and roomy for only being a small car. The dash is all digital which is pretty neat too. As long as you keep up with the oil changes and things like that the car will last you a lifetime. It is a really smooth ride.

- Jordan K

Very sporty and agile. Fun to drive and lots of nice aftermarket available.

This is my second Civic, also had a 1999. Love my is. The only real issue I have had with the car was factory warranty on paint failure (had to have it fixed 3 times and still have clear coat failure on drivers door) but mechanically it is a blast to drive.

- Shane P

It is a great starter car. Perfect for teenagers and young adults. It is safe, dependable and affordable.

I like my Civic because it is dependable and it has low gas mileage. I've been pleased with the performance and cost of repairs and oil changes. I dislike how small it is. My family is growing so I would like to have something bigger with more cargo room.

- Michele B

That it is very shaky on the highway.

I have a black, 2-door Honda Civic. I like that I got in for free from my parents. It has pretty good gas mileage and is updated enough for my tastes. It has air conditioning, power windows, etc. I don't like how shaky it is, especially on the expressway.

- Erica k

Great Style, Great Price, Great Features

My vehicle has had low maintenance issues and has not cost me a lot of money to fix. It drives like a dream and has an updated look to it. I like the computerized dash and it lights up blue. I have traveled over 100,000 miles and it's still going strong.

- David S

It drives beautifully across country. Very comfortable..

I like that it is reliable. I have had it for 7 years and never had a problem. It is also comfortable, I feel safe in it, and I like how it looks. The only thing I dislike is the visibility - the way the hood slopes, it is hard for me to see the corners.

- Amanda J

The Civic is a great first car.

My 2010 Honda Civic has been an amazing car and the only trouble I've had with it are due to the conditions around where I live. Cold weather and bad roads have caused me to purchase new tires as well as a new muffler after the stock ones deteriorated.

- Gabriel C

Loving my two door Honda civic (2010).

My car is very reliable and comfortable. I have not had any issues with it besides regular wear and tare. I drive two hours for work daily and my car is very reliable. Hondas are always a great choice. My civic has basic details no bells and whistles.

- Kristen C

It goes fast really quickly.

It has a blind spot because it is a coupe. It has great handling and acceleration. The color also is peeling badly and it seems to be this particular model. Being a coupe it does not have much room in the back but still is spacious in the front seat.

- Melissa S

Reliable and fun to drive!

We have had no major issues with the vehicle other than normal maintenance issues. It is a very reliable car. The car has excellent power and is fun to drive. The seats are very comfortable. It does not have seat heaters, which would be nice to have.

- Nancy G

2010 Honda Civic - great gas mileage.

The car has great gas mileage. The speakers are decent they could be a little louder. Music is fine but when I listen to podcasts it does not play as loud. The seats are comfortable. The suede inside the car is difficult to clean, it is inconvenient.

- Alexandra M

I love this vehicle. I have never had a problem with it.

I have never had a problem with this vehicle. It goes down the road much smoother and is less affected by wind than my 08 Corolla. The gas pedal is also very nice. You press it down until you are going the right speed and you can let off it slightly.

- Jeremiah S

They are fairly affordable and reliable cars.

This is the second Honda Civic that I have owned. I like these cars because I have had few mechanical problems with them. The only thing that I do not like is the older model that I own is not very sporty looking and is not equipped with bluetooth.

- Kathie F

My car runs great especially during a rainy day which is key here in Texas.

My Honda Civic is a 2010 model. It runs pretty well and has been for the past few months. It has about 93, 000 miles on it so far and the comfort is okay. It is a small car considering it is a 2 door but other than that the car runs perfectly well.

- J J

In a Civic you can see all around you pretty well and it turns on a dime.

It runs fine, uses gas economically, and gives me little concern. It rides well and the seats are comfortable. I had keep the oil changed on schedule and have no major problems. The heater works fine but there is small leak in the air conditioner.

- Jo D

Honda is not just a car is it is a lifestyle.

I loved my Honda if was perfect for me because I was just learning how to drive to drive it was comfortable and durable also stylish and it does not cost to much if it break down you get your money worth when you buy a Honda it also great mileage.

- Kenyon W

Cheap and reliable Honda civic.

I have no complaints about this vehicle. This vehicle has a higher mpg than my other vehicles and I think that if I take it on long distance trips it will be my best option so that I can go longer without spending way too much money on gasoline.

- Edgar M

The Honda Civic is safe and reliable car. It's a great purchase for the price.

I have driven my civic for five years and have had no major problems with it. I like that it gets pretty good mileage. Now that I have a child and need to use a car seat, I will probably buy a larger vehicle when it's time to replace this one.

- Allison W

It may cost more than other car companies, but it is worth the investment.

This car is very reliable. I think Honda makes great cars in general. I have over 130, 000 miles on my car and I have been told by numerous mechanics that the car will run forever if I take care of it. And it also holds great resale values, too.

- Danica K

It is great on gas mileage.

It is a great, resourceful car that gets me from point A to point B, no problem. The only issues I have are my interior lights do not work any more and sometimes service lights pop up when the car is fine. Other than that I love my Honda Civic.

- Christina R

My car has amazing gas mileage. I get about 40 miles to a gallon, and it only takes about 25-30 dollars to fill it up.

My car is so great. It has a beautiful interior and sleek exterior, and is easy to clean inside and out. The car also runs very well, I have never had problems with it, it is amazing on gas, and I have yet to run into any difficulties with it.

- Elizabeth A

it's basically everything i was looking for in a nice looking car

I've only had it a month now but it seems reliable. it has all the feature i was looking for. power windows, cruise control, sunroof, aux plug etc. it's comfortable and drives very well. very smooth on the road and comfortable for passengers

- Megan B

I used my car to travel 200 miles on a single tank of gas, enjoy the mileage.

I love the gas mileage that my car gets. It fights what I need in terms of space for transporting my school supplies. I would like better lighting in my car, which has a single light in the center. Floor lights would be a bit more helpful.

- Matthew T

Major cosmetic flaws not covered by Honda.

It is reliable mechanically but has major cosmetic flaws. The window masking clear coat started peeling when it was just 3-4 years old and even though it was a known common problem, Honda refused to cover the repairs which were expensive.

- Amanda B

Great practical car for an everyday driver.

I really like the civic, as it is comfortable to drive and handles well. The turning is really tight, which I prefer to a more loose style of steering. Plus, it does really well on mileage and Honda has a reputation for making great cars.


The car is very dependable and the maintenance is very low. I haven't had any major problems, just the regular things like tires and brakes

This car has been extremely dependable. It is low maintenance and has great fuel efficiency. My only complaints are the one adapter has suddenly decided to not work all the time, there is also quite a blind spot out the front window.

- Kate J

The Honda gets about 34 MPG, is reliable, and we don't have any payments on it.

The car runs great, it needs new tires at the moment. It had a different engine put in it at 100k because the old was damaged in an accident. Cosmetically, the car shows a lot of wear, mostly the interior. The exterior is pretty good.

- Matthew R

That it is slow to accelerate, it takes a while to shift gears.

I like the roominess of the car. I like the sound system. I do not like that it takes awhile to accelerate, the rpms go crazy. And I do not like the fact that it goes through gas fairly quick. But I drives smooth, and I still love it.

- Callie G

It is reliable, but the acceleration is not great.

The vehicle has been very reliable and gets good gas mileage. I haven't had any repairs except for routine maintenance. The car has adequate room for a 2 door coupe. The road noise is loud in this car and the acceleration is lacking.

- Nathan H

It is a mechanically reliable car.

I dislike the quality of the build. The plastic and a majority of the rubber is falling off. I like the mechanical durability of the car. It has not had any mechanical issues in 8 year and is suppose to last longer than most cars.

- Brandon W

That my car is great on gas and fuel economy.

I like that my car is great on gas and cost effective at the pump. I like that I can lock my trunk and it can not be open without the key even from inside. I like that my gas tank locks and can only be opened from inside the car.

- Yvonne A

That my car is a really good gas saver.

I really like that the car is good on gas. I like how it is good for just me because it is not very big. The only thing I dislike it the fact that the cars trunk is not very big. I wish there could be more technology in the car.

- David H

I have a very dependable car that I call it Rocky

I have a comfortable car that I rely on for any kind of travel, long or short distance. I love the seats though I wish I had tints on the windows because it gets very hot out. I wish the car did not have so much recalls though.

- jo S

It is very compact, so if you are a taller/larger person, it may not be for you.

This is the perfect car for me. It is a beautiful blue, and it drives so smoothly. I can park it just about anywhere, and I love the amenities that go with it. I can charge my phone via USB in the car, and I can use bluetooth.

- Kori m

It has served me exceptionally well from the time I got it to the present.

It is the right size for me. It is a color that does not superheat in warm weather. It is easy for my mechanic to work on it. It has been a very, very reliable car, so much so, it's probably what I'll buy when I replace it.

- Eileen F

Civics are fantastic cars

It's a fantastic car even in the snow. Very reliable. Only main problem with the civic of this model and year was the paint. The paint on this year was very thin on certain colors like the arctic blue so it wears easily.

- Michael L

I have relied on my Honda Civic for years and years...

My Honda Civic has been an extremely reliable car. It has a smooth ride and gets great gas mileage. I have had very few mechanical problems during my ownership...only natural wear and tear (tires, wiper blades, etc...)

- Steve F

It is a sporty vehicle with good fuel economy.

Like the way it feels when I drive. It does have good pick up and handling. I don't like the way you can hear the road when driving. Also have had problems with the sun visor and the rubber around the windows cracking.

- Kim B

Gives great gas mileage, easy to steer, drive and park

It is great on gas mileage, easy to park, lots of room in the trunk. It is way too low in the front-- the bumper gets pulled off its clips when I park up near a curb. It could use a couple more cup holders in the back

- Stacey B

I consider its efficiency and reliability the two most important features.

I consider my Honda Civic is 8 years old with high mileage. I currently do not have any issues with my vehicle. It is a reliable and gas-efficient vehicle. Regular maintenance enhances the longevity of this vehicle.

- Simone F

Overall Great Car, Very Happy.

This car has a very smooth ride for a coupe. Gas mileage is also very good. It seems this year and the 2009 model have problems with the relay switch on the air conditioning, but other than that it is a great car.

- Angela J

Check out Honda Civics stores.They Have the best cars..The t family stand up for their cars

Comfortable runs great.Wonderful features..Low on gas..price reasonable tv internet access.smothe riding..4 door Beautiful Design.Beautiful body.low on gas.power steering deluxe nice interia radio and cb access.

- Victoria T

I would like them to know that this is a classic car that is dependable and stylish.

I like my vehicle because it's dependable and I don't have to wonder if it's going to work or not. I also like how it has all the accessories that I find useful. Gas mileage is something that I am interested in.

- Elizabeth C

It gets exceptional gas mileage.

My Honda is a pretty nice small vehicle. I particularly like the gas mileage. Would prefer to have a larger vehicle, however, there's not one I can think of that would give me the gas mileage my Honda gets.

- Charlie W

The vehicle is grey, and it has scratches and bumps all over. The right side of the front bumper has rust on it. The seats are. a cream color.

It is a used car, so it tends to break down. The radiator always makes a loud, humming noise even after taking it to the mechanic on multiple occasions. The driver's seat is too small for my legs as well.

- Jason A

The one most important thing to know about my car is its reliable. I can jump into my car at any time and expect it to do exactly what I need it to do every day, all day.

I LOVE my car! I do not have any complaints on it. It gets great gas mileage. I keep the maintenance up on it so it goes everywhere for me with no problems. I would definitely buy another Honda any day.

- Nunya B

Good comfortable car, good on gas .

Overall I have not had too many problems with my 2010 Honda Civic, the worst problem I have encountered is needing to replace my whole air conditioning unit. Also it does not have backseat cup holders .

- Elayne P

This car is very fuel efficient and well made. It's very comfortable as well and has good features.

I like my car very much. However the only issue I have is the wide frame around the windshield on both sides. Although there are small windows, sometimes I still can't see well and have a blind spot.

- Tina G

That most important thing that people should know is that I am so thankful to have this car took a lot of saving up to get it but it is worth it I love this car.

The things that I love about my is it run very smooth and it is very low on gas mileage love the color of the car because red is my favorite color never had any problems with it messing up on me.

- Markus C

The car has great gas mileage on the highway and very good mileage in city.

Honda is very reliable. The 2010 Civic is comfortable for our needs and gets excellent gas mileage. One drawback is the rear drum brakes. They do not provide stopping power as well as I'd like.

- John M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is very reliable. My car is a very basic car that will get you from point A to point B.

Reliability is amazing. Problems do happen more often than other people I know. There aren't too many features in this car which can be a bit eh. But it works and has been amazing for 5 years.

- Catherine C

It looks and feels brand new but it is not.

I like my Civic because it is very reliable and easy to drive. It is smooth and sleek. I do not like that I cannot adjust my seat to many different angles and closeness to the steering wheel.

- Emma R

The car is very reliable. Its 8 years old and has 118k on it and still runs extremely well.

I like that my vehicle is great on gas. It has been a great first car for me. The only thing I really dislike is that the exterior scratches easily and the gas tank is only 11 or 12 gallons.

- Jordan S

Longevity. I believe that Hondas hold their value well, will last a long time if taken care of, and will keep people coming back for new Hondas in the future.

I love the gas mileage, reliability, convenience of a small car. My biggest complaint would be the lack of ground clearance and having to worry about running over rocks/things in the road.

- Matt R

It is as small that you think it is.

I dislike how it feels like my car is “struggling” constantly, but I do like that it is a comfortable size on the road. It gives me wiggle room in the lanes and that is a nice feeling.

- Alyssa L

the AC unit across most that year isn't very reliable - had to get it fully replaced

I really enjoy the gas mileage. Also how cheap the parts are for the car. What I dislike about the car is the speedometer - the steering wheel blocks it when you are in a relaxed position

- Alexander D

It easy to drive and has smooth handling

It is easy to drive and is a good size. The interior is comfortable. The brakes seem to need more frequent maintenance than other cars, which I do not like, but overall it is a good car.

- Laura H

Comfort of driving and riding in it.

This car gets Great gas mileage and I feel very safe in it when we drive with our three kids.. But it's small with my three kids. It's needs more space there is more room in the trunk..

- Sam H

That is is affordable, gets great gas mileage and is very reliable.

I like the gas mileage, the inexpensive cost and its small size. I don't like how it handles in snow/ice, I wish the trunk space was a bit bigger, but overall it is a great, basic car.

- Beth S

It has a few bangs & bruises but it is very dependable & it's the perfect size for me!

It was my best friend's mothers car with very low mileage. They wanted her to stop driving at 93 & my current car had over 275,000 miles. Handles well. Has a nice big trunk. I love it!

- Barbara S

It is very reliable and economical to drive. It is also sporty looking.

It is very economical and sporty. I like the gas mileage and the sporty look of the vehicle. For a 4 cylinder vehicle is run very well. It is very reliability and seldom breaks down.

- Jeff P

It is very gas-efficient and can save you a lot of money in the long run!

It's built well, very gas-efficient, and doesn't break down very often. It is very low to the ground and I feel like my bumper is very vulnerable to hitting curbs or parking curbs.

- Keanu V

It can go pretty fast even though it's an older make. I can weave through traffic well if I'm in a hurry.

It is a slightly older civic but it's in great shape. Everything works well and it still looks newer. I wish it had built in navigation, but other than that it's practically perfect.

- Jana P

Great gas mileage and has been trouble free.

The seats are very uncomfortable, no low back support and the headrests just too far forward. Too low to the ground, hard to get in/out. Great gas mileage and has been trouble free.

- Skyla C

It's a good buy for a young family of four, or smaller.

There are a lot of things to,lie. The fuel economy, it holds up over time, the quality of the build, the smooth ride, etc. but it's a touch too small for someone over six feet tall.

- Michael w

Civics are reliable cars. Would purchase again if I wanted another car.

Reliable. Easy to work on. Not too much technical stuff. Want to get an suv to have more room. Otherwise it is a great vehicle. However the paint job on the 2010s is horrible.

- Jodie T

It is dependable and worth the money. I would buy another.

My Honda is a classic little car. It is the second Honda I have had because they are reliable. I like my newest car and might get another one later! Probably a hybrid this time.

- kolly k

The air conditioning is inadequate. Don't buy if you live in a warm climate.

It is easy and inexpensive to maintain. If you follow the protocol for upkeep, you have no problems. The air conditioning is terrible though, so would never buy a Honda again.

- Melissa G

The gas mileage is wonderful and it is so easy to drive around the big city.

My vehicle works amazing. The only problems it has is from previous owners wrecking it. Honda's are reliable and have wonderful gas mileage. Easy to handle cars in the big city.

- Lauren D

Honda is a smart and practical choice all around. Definitely my first choice

My garage is tiny but my Civic fits! Hondas are fuel efficient, reliable, affordable, safe, and stylish. I've owned 4 Hondas already and will likely always consider Honda first

- Rachel R

Very family friendly vehicle!

This has been an incredibly reliable vehicle for our family. We've maintained it through the years and have never had any major problems with it. We'll be buying a Honda again!

- Jennifer C

It is very economical to drive and sporty.

I lived about 25 miles from work so I like the gas mileage. Also, it is fun to drive and virtually maintenance free. The only complaint is that it does not have a lot of room.

- Jeff D

That it has efficient fuel economy.

I love that it's small enough to zip around, but not so small that I feel unsafe. I love the way it handles and the way it runs so efficiently. I think it is a well-made car.

- Diane M

The most important thing others should know about the car is that it was in an accident.

The vehicle is all black. The car was previously in an accident, so there are scratches on the bumper. It's also a basic model so nothing is automatic except for the windows.

- Dan J

One important thing to know about the car is that you really can trust it.

Love the reliability, gas mileage!! I can know that wherever I go, my car will start, which is important, and that if I need to take it on long trips, the gas will be cheap!

- Mark M

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. It handles well. It is roomy for a small car. The seats are hard. The heater and air conditioner work well. I have had very few mechanical problems.

- Teresa W

That it is reliable and good on gas.

What i like about my Honda civic is that it's easy on gas and it drives smoothly but what i dislike about is that the backseat is way to small it is not enough room at all.

- Shay M

It has a good gas mileage and a tank of gas doesn't cost a lot of money.

I like that I can drive without having to pay for gas for a while. I also like that it's doesn't take up a lot of space. One thing I dislike is that there isn't Bluetooth.

- Lauryn S

It is reliable. Honda is a brand that has a reputation of lasting and with my Civic that holds true.

It's a really great vehicle that is great on gas, is roomy, and safe. I absolutely love the car, and have had very few problems with it over the past 5 years of ownership.

- Nick C

It is very reliable, starts in any weather. The upkeep is easy.

Like the gas mileage and size makes parking a breeze. I also like the dash design; easy to see everything while driving. Dislike the lack of turning radius and no sunroof.

- Lori F

Great if you do not have car seats.

Runs great, good on gas, not very comfortable with a car seat in back due to the fact that not much room in the front for the person sitting in the front seat of the car.

- Mia C

The maintenance has been great.

I enjoy that I get great gas mileage. The car is spacious enough for me to transport my stuff. It is compact enough that it fits everywhere. I feel safe while driving it.

- Sara W

Great on gas and good on space too!

This car is great for gas mileage! The back seat is pretty small, but there's plenty of room in the front. And you can haul a lot of stuff if you fold down the back seat.

- Ashley O

Very reliable, gas efficient car

I like that, so far, I've had to do minimal maintenance even though I've put a lot of miles on my car. The gas mileage is great, too. I would prefer a bigger car though.

- Dana J

2010 Honda Civic performs great in all weather conditions

My car has performed exceptional throughout the time that I have had it. There has however been one recall on the airbags that needed fixed but other than that I love it

- Coleton H

It's 8 years ok and generally ok but could be better

I like that's is small and compact. It seems generally easy in gas. But I don't feel like it's holding up. I think I'll need a new car soon. I wanted it to last longer.

- Casey J

That it's amazing and basically my baby. We travel everywhere in it.

I love how roomy it is and we like to go shopping so all our bags fit right in. I like how stylish it is, also that's good. And, I wouldn't trade it for any other car.

- Denise J

It's safe, reliable and dependable.

I like the car. I really have no complaints. Gas mileage could be a little bit better but I don't really travel far in it. It handles great and has been very reliable.

- Adam d

Still nearly perfect after eight years

My car has had no serious issues and has been running smoothly for about eight years now. The only times I have brought it into the shop was for routine maintenance.

- Kristine R

Easy to manage, comfortable, economic.

Good mileage, dependable, has pretty much all I need in a car is why I love it.. My only concern is may need a larger vehicle to transport dog and expanding family..

- Jay S

Very reliable and I know it will work great for me out on the road.

This car is extremely reliable and I know it will get me from point A to point B with no issues. Also has great gas mileage and does not burn through oil or coolant.

- Jordan Z

Not flashy, but reliable.

It is very reliable. I haven't had to do any repairs other than regular maintenance. It's also gets good gas mileage. I feel like It's great value for the money.

- Ava G

It is a straight drive and very difficult to drive.

I like my car because it is small and fuel efficient. The one thing I do not like about my car is that it is a straight drive and sometimes it can be hard to drive.

- Denise J

Great value without sacrificing performance or comfort

Reliable and fun to drive. Really easy to maintain Cost efficient without losing performance. Decided within a week of having it that my next car would be a civic.

- Am H

We've taken it through a lot. Between the East Coast and Los Angeles a couple times and it's still quite reliable.

I like the size and gas mileage. I think the clutch (it's a standard) is too tight. I sometimes have a difficult time driving it smoothly because of how it shifts.

- Erin B

Knowing everything I do about this car, I consider it one of my best car purchase decisions in my life.

My car has given me many miles of reliable service. It is easy on the gas and fulfills my needs. If there is a disadvantage, it is a light car for winter travel.

- Keith W

I upkeep on my car. If not then I am not sure it would have lasted so long.

This car has never had any problems. As long as you up keep the car then it will last! I have seen my families cars go down and they have newer cars than I have.

- Alyssa F

It drives better than any other car.

It drives amazingly. It gets from point A to point B and I do not know what I would do without it. Anyone that is considering buying one should definitely do it.

- Amber K

Reliable and efficient vehicle.

Really reliable vehicle. No major problems but I have kept up with maintenance. My only complaint is the driver sun visor had to be replaced due to poor design.

- Morgan B

It is affordable and gets good gas mileage.

I love my car and have had it since 2010. I have had regular oil changes and have never had to perform any serious maintenance on it, even after 135, 000 miles.

- Andrew S

Excellent Miles Per Gallon! I get about 38-40 mpg when driving on the highway!

I love the miles per gallon I get with my Honda Civic. It also drives easy. Lastly, Honda vehicles hold their value which is something I'm come to value myself.

- Tera B

My car gets excellent gas mileage. It has a low total cost of ownership and has been reliable.

I wish I would have gotten a model with more features. I dislike the lack of features. I also dislike the problems I've been having with my driver side lock.


It's always been dependable.

I like that It's an affordable car with good gas mileage. I don't like that it doesn't have 4 wheel drive and it's getting older. It requires more maintenance.

- beth M

Honda Civic 2010: a great product for the price

The car is very reliable and fuel efficient. I think the mpg is about 25. I have taken my car on several long road trips and it is very sturdy and dependable.

- Nicole W

You can always depend on a Honda!

Comfortable and dependable. I like the look of the car. Good gas mileage. Seats 4 comfortably. I have owned Hondas in the past, and I like this one the best.

- Renee S

Compact. Easy handling. Low miles. Reliable. Great on gas.

The only problem I have with my car is its too low. I love the steering, so smooth. Lots of room for a small car. Low mileage. Engine runs smooth. Cold a/c.

- Teresa S

It is good on gas and drives very smoothly.

Always problems with the breaks. But drives smoothly and is good on gas and reliable. Seating is comfortable and it is a good size. Not compact but not big.

- Alyssa E

I change my car oil every time the engine light comes on. I take care of my car!.

I like that it is reliable and still in good condition. The gas mileage is great. What I do not like about my car is that my ac went out a few weeks ago.

- Vena S

It is a reliable and great quality vehicle. It has a good layout and feels spacious for an economy vehicle.

I love the design of my car. It is sleek with clean lines and still looks fairly new. I wish there was more space in my car for my growing family though.

- Jessica O

Great shape, runs well, easy to maintain and 35 to 40 mpg

Over 200,000 miles and still going. Nothing wrong, great gas mileage. May look in the next few years for a newer vehicle with all the bells and whistles.

- Katherine T

Older and used with a lot of miles

too small for my needs and doesn't fit my growing family. Too small of a trunk. I do like how many miles I've been able to drive and how smooth it runs.

- Mia J

I think the one most important thing others should know about my car is that the maintenance upkeep isn't too expensive.

I don't like that the car is so low to the ground. It is however great on gas. The touch screen radio is tilted upwards, makes it hard to see the screen

- Linda H

Gas mileage is truly spectacular.

There are only two doors, but there is room for four. It is too small and many vehicles do not see it or disregard it. It has had a lot of brake issues.

- Marjorie S

The civic is a sturdy car, that kept me safe in an airborne hydroplane incident.

I love the how reliable the civic is. I drive 500 miles a week for work and the civic has great gas mileage. Also, the car drives smooth and feels safe.

- Hanna C

It gets really good gas mileage and can travel where you need to go.

I love my Honda Civic it gets me where I need to go. The only thing I do not like about it is a strip down model so you have to manually lock the doors.

- Grace D

It retains its value which is good for trade in. It's easy on maintenance costs. I, however, keep mine forever 'cause if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I like the size-it fits in small spaces. Rear seating is limited so that I have an excuse not to drive others all over the place. It's easy on gas.

- Arlene K

It is extremely reliable.

Mileage, it is comfortable to ride in, lots of legroom for passenger.. I hate the sliding console, it is too small for multi passenger travel and old.

- Diana B

It has great gas mileage. It has really helped us since the gas has been so high lately.

I love my car but it's black. I always wanted a black car but now it always looks dirty. Also we bought it used and have had to do a lot of repairs.

- Niki J

It's a great car that never gives me trouble plus, it has great gas savings!

It hasn't had problems except for issues with tires constantly losing air. It's not very comfortable but has good visibility and decent gas mileage.

- Amanda G

The gas mileage that the Honda Civic is able to get.

It is a small Honda Civic. I got it at as graduation present from high school. I love it because it is big enough for me and gets great gas mileage

- Gretchen H

2010 Honda Civic: functional and reliable.

Simple and reliable. It seemed to wear down quickly in terms of paint and rubber pieces along the windows, but in terms of performance - no issues.

- Kayla M

Great resale value very few repairs.

Good on gas. Resale is good. Just replaced brakes and no major problems routinely take it in for service checks. I am thoroughly happy with Hondas.

- Bonnie M

It is a reliable, dependable, and good-looking vehicle.

It gets great gas mileage and looks nice. It has been a very dependable car. At eight years old, though, it is starting to show some wear and tear.

- Rayah M

It is really spacious for a small car. I fit a table and four chairs inside.

I love that it is small but can fit a lot of stuff. I do not like that there is not a lot of tech i.e. Bluetooth or steering wheel radio controls.

- Rachel C

That's it's been very dependable.

I like that it's low maintenance and gets very good gas mileage. Only thing I dislike I'm ready for a more modern vehicle with Wifi bluetooth etc.

- Jacquie T

It has security system on it, I got it installed it didn't come stalked.

Good on gas, rides smoothly, starts right up. Stock radio, tan interior, red exterior, brake new, oil changed every 3000 miles. Has 45, 000 miles.

- Christina M

It has been a very reliable car over the years.

I like that it is reliable and easy to maneuver. I dislike that there isn't much space in the back. Overall it is a good car for getting to work.

- Rebecca C

it is hybrid and that I am doing my work to help the environment

like the fact that it is a hybrid vehicle which helps with great mileage. I is also quitter than I had imagined which helps the interior be nice.

- sunny J

A honda civic is the most reliable and dependable vehicle on the road.

I absolutely love my civic. I get fantastic gas mileage and it is super dependable. I have never had any maintenance issues besides oil changes.

- Abigail M

I have a 2010 Honda Civic coupe.

My car is inexpensive. It's pretty flattering especially when accessories are added to upgrade the look. It's amazing on gas and it's reliable.

- Jaynesha R

It's a hybrid which means i am using more out of my gas and wasting less of the energy

i like the fact that It's a hybrid. this gives me a very good mileage. it also has all digital displays which makes the instrument panel sleek.

- sunny B

It is very reliable and good on gas

It is very reliable. It is very cute and can fit most things in my car that me and my fiancé need. When we have kids I will want a bigger car

- Lauren K

The car has good mileage. The look is nice as well.

I feel that more add one such as a back out camera would be beneficial. Also, feels heavy when driving. Not as fast as i would like it to be.

- Demetra M

It's good on gas and good on mileage.

My car drives pretty well and has good storage. My dislike would be that whenever something breaks down on a honda, it costs a lot to fix it.

- Josh T

People should know that Honda Civics are safe, reliable cars.

I like my car! It's small enough for me to maneuver it easily and it gets really good gas mileage. I don't like how low to the ground it is.

- Celina S

It is good on gas mileage.

I like my Honda because it is small and fits in a lot of parking spots since I have to parallel park. It is very sleek and cleaning looking.

- Donna C

My car is easily damaged.

I dislike the lack of horsepower on the car. Furthermore, I do not enjoy the fragility of the car. However, I do enjoy the good gas mileage.

- Ethan F

It is small and does not take lots space for parking.

I like my car because it save me gas. Especially in this economy if you are looking a car that does not need gas, this will be the best car.

- Mohamed M

Mechanically very dependable and agile

It is reliable and economical, thought he driving position could be more comfortable. And, it needs somewhat more logical instrumentation.

- Glenn C

That it is extremely efficient. Honda makes great, durable cars.

It's a nice car that gets me from point A to B. I've had it for 3 years and it's a pretty standard car. I am in the market for another one.

- Juliette J

This is a great vehicle for anyone who needs to save money on gas. It's a great back and forth vehicle for someone working and good for a small family.

It's difficult to find replacement parts for this vehicle without going directly to the dealership which makes maintenance more expensive.

- Sierra W

It's a very reliable car, will get you where you need to go and gets great gas mileage

Great on gas mileage, has not had any real problems other than cosmetic issues and regular tune ups that have to be done. Just getting old

- Jennifer S

Modern sleek design for an ultimate out of the world feeling.

It is a reliable car with amazing truck space. No thrills family car. Sleek, stylish and modern decor. It is like driving in a spaceship.

- Carol L

It is often messy. I do a lot of driving and do not clean it as frequently as I should.

It is easy to drive and reliable. Its small size makes it easy to parallel park. I would prefer a car with a little more space, though.

- Jennifer K

The safety features/ airbags and great gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage & lighted console on the dashboard. The only thing I can say that is bad is how low the car is compared to an SUV.

- Sandy E

That it gets great gas mileage

I like that it is great on gas,and plenty of trunk space. I don't like that the car itself is small. Only complaint I wish it was newer.

- Jennifer H

It sometimes hydro planes.

Small car, gets great gas mileage. The only complaint I could have is the paint does not seem to hold up as well as the rest of the car.

- Kelly T

Not a flashy car. Very basic but good.

Basic car that gets me from point A to B. Affordable. Sedan version is nice to have. Only change oil and rotate tires for maintenance.

- Lisa H

Honda does it again !!!!!!!!

it's amazing. it runs like it is I new and fresh off the lot. I did have to get the airbags replaced since there was a recall on them.

- jazz w

It is great on gas regardless of gas prices.

It is small. Only two door. Hard to move stuff. Great on gas. Easy to park. Awful in snow. Uncomfortable when traveling long distance.

- Gabrielle H

The gas mileage is fantastic.

It is easy, and cheap maintenance. Decent mileage, and very reliable. No extras though, have to lock manually and no satellite radio.

- Maria G

A reliable car that is great on gas and on the wallet.

This car is very affordable. It is great on gas, not expensive to fill the tank and has great gas mileage. It is a reliable vehicle.

- Vanessa H

It is does very well on gas mileage.

The gas mileage is perfect for the amount of miles I drive. Maintenance and repairs are not to expensive. The paint is chipping off.

- Paula P

It gets great gas mileage - 28 to 30 mpg in town and 41 mpg on the road.

I love the design and comfort of my car and it's easy handling. Mostly, I love the great gas mileage it gets. No complaints at all.

- Linda A

What’s covered in warranty.

Like good on mileage. Smooth transition. Dislike stereo system. Dislike auto control mode. Airbag does not expand in timely manner.

- Tan W

Its economical, great buy and reliable car with peace-of-mind to work everyday

It's a fairly reliable car. It gets good gas mileage. At times I don't like it because it's not roomy enough for our growing family

- Dianne C

I only drive a honda because my husband likes Honda!

I think it has good gas mileage. I like the color. I only have a honda because my husband likes them. I think it was too expensive

- nancy p

You still have to plug in the key to start. The interior is not leather.

I like it that it is easy to drive. I like the size of it that is small and easy to park. The trunk also comes in a perfect size.

- Emily P

It is very dependable, no major repairs have been needed.

Love the car, it has quite a few miles on it but it has held up well, no major repairs. It's a hybrid and gets great gas mileage.

- Eva B

The Honda Civic is a safe and reliable vehicle for drivers of every age.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I also like that vehicle maintenance is cheap and minimal. It has also been a safe vehicle.

- Theresa J

It is worth to buy Honda Civic because many great features, if is hard to pick one. I would say safety.

It is very fuel efficient. This is the second time I got Honda Civic because I trust the brand and I loved the firsts car I had.

- juliana m

Keep the maintenance high on this baby if you want it to last a while.

My family drove from New York to Florida in this baby & back. Even suffered through bad oil & still kept going. It's a nice car.

- Kiki L