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Honda happiness. I am very pleased with my Honda.

The main problem I had with this car was having to replace the brakes 3 times within the first 2 years I owned the car. I took the car to Honda for a fix and they told me I was driving with my foot on the brakes. Finally I took the car to a mechanic I trusted who solved the problem by putting better quality brake pads on the car. That seems to be the major problem so far. I have maintained the car as the computer tells me when I need to take the car in and what needs to be done. Performance is very satisfactory and the car has been very reliable even in the changing Midwestern weather. The car is comfortable to drive and handles well. Features include cruise control which is invaluable for highway driving and this feature is reliable and easy to use. I enjoy listening to music by radio or the CD. I think the sound quality is better than average.

- Laverne J

Feels like new, reliable 2011 Honda Civic keeps going without major issues.

I bought my car on a six year lease and have never experienced any major issues. I bought the car in 2013 and it is mileage was at 36, 000. It is now 2018 and I am at 102, 500. Only now have I had some issues with the air conditioning and heat system. I keep up with all my maintenance work including oil changes, transmission oil, power steering, tires, and brakes. To only now start having a problem with the cooling and heating system is amazing! I love how quick it picks up speed and how there is a digital screen to tell you the mph. It also feels bigger than what it is. This Honda Civic has never let me down! I plan to drive this car until it cannot drive anymore!

- Tiffany F

The 2011 Honda civic is a reliable, efficient small sedan that handles well.

My civic has been very dependable. I haven't had any major problems, just a new battery and maintenance. Very good gas mileage, 37 mpg on highway and 26 mpg in city during summer. The inside is a little small for a family but big enough for 2 to 4 people. Steering is smooth and tight. Suspension is not the best as you can feel minor bumps in the road.. The body is sleek and attractive. The trunk is small and the rear seats don't fold down so it difficult to transport fishing rods or long objects. In winter the car engine takes a long time to warm up the interior of the car but gets comfortable after 15 minutes. The air conditioning works well in the summer.

- Mike H

The Honda Civic has it all.

The Honda Civic coupe is all in all a great car and if you keep up with the maintenance, the car will treat you right. The interior is clean and comfortable for an economy model. I have owned two used Honda Civic couples cars (2009 & 2011- including a salvage) and they have both been secure and reliable. After the first 100k or so miles, the car begins to develop a few issues that could spiral if not addressed immediately. The ac broke in my first car and my second car begin to vibrate and rattle loudly without cause. Because of the front wheel drive and sports-nature of the car, limited driving is recommended during snowfalls and on mountains.

- Angela G

My reliable car for my daily activities.

My car drives very good. It is very excellent on gas. I don't have any issues when I park in small spaces because it is size. So far I don't have any mechanical issue, it is very reliable. I don't have issues in bad weather, even when snows. When I go shopping if I buy a lot, no issues because everything gifts. I always advice my family and friend that Honda cars are good, parts are easy to find, can be fixed by most of mechanics. Tires, brakes, and oil changes easy to perform. The most important thing for me is that my car is safe to drive, and gives me confidence when I drive far distances.

- Marco T

A reliable car that lasts.

I am very pleased with its handling. Being 5’1”, every vehicle does not fit me. There is plenty of room for four people, and that is including two car seats. The gas mileage is great. It saves a lot of money. The driver's seat is easy to make to fit your size. The traction on curvy roads is great. It can handle the country roads where I live. It is also a car that does not break the bank to purchase. And the resale is also a positive. These cars have a good name even with the car technician’s. They are known to last if you service them, and known to be safe.

- Ann P

Review of 2011 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic has been a great car for everyday use. I've had it for over 5 years and have not had any major mechanical problems. I get fantastic gas mileage around town and on long distance trips. One thing that is really important to me is air conditioning, because I get hot very easily and my last car just didn't push out a lot of air. The A/c in this car not only gets cold quickly, but puts out a strong breeze when you put it on a higher setting that you can actually feel. Plus the trunk is huge which has been very helpful as well.

- Leah K

Good car, but has had some issues

Overall, this is a good car. It gets excellent gas mileage, drives quietly and smoothly, and is safe for a small car. It is also deceivingly spacious. I do wish it was a bit taller as I have trouble seeing around larger vehicles while driving. I've had a few problems with it, like both front wheel bearings going bad and a small issue with the brakes. The wheel bearings were expensive to replace, and it was upsetting that they didn't last longer (I've had the car 7 years and the wheel bearings need replacing after only 6 years).

- Kelley B

Reliability, but behind the curve for fun.

The gas mileage is absolutely phenomenal. I can drive for four hours and only burn through not even a half tank of gas. It has that super reliable Honda quality to it, so I know with regular maintenance, it will last forever. My complaints are that it s behind the curve in features compared to other cars of same class. For example, a year older Ford Focus has tap for three blinks on the blinker lever, Bluetooth, etc. Honda Civic only has AUX and CD. Tpms was broken for no reason as of late.

- John T

My vehicle is small, and compact and great on gas.

I have had problems with my ac but the part were easy to find but not cheap at all. What I love about my car is that is small and gas mileage is amazing. On average I spend $25 on gas that weekly. One feature that I do not like is that it a very low car so when is raining I have to be careful with flooded streets especially in the area I live. My car is comfy is fits 4 people. Overall I love my Honda Civic they last long if you keep maintenance up and are great with gas .

- Hernandez E

The 2011 Honda Civic ranks among the best compact cars. The Civic rates well for reliability, and it offers a comfortable interior and composed driving dynamics.

The Civic gets good fuel economy for a compact car. It can return 26 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway with its manual transmission (25/35 mpg, automatic). It takes turns with ease, and the brakes slow the car evenly. The Civic's cabin has a clean and minimalist appearance, though some of its materials aren't up to par. Most of the interior plastics are finely grained and soft to the touch, but some are rough and cheap-looking.

- Elan B

My candy apple red car Civic Honda.

We got a good deal on my Civic easy on gas relaxing has a sunroof it's really drives so smooth we got it at John Hinf o Honda I would tell anyone about that place we got a good deal we haven't took it on a long trip yet next year were driving it to Florida I love the seats they are so comfy I really love my new car we just got it in July so its new to me my favorite part of it is its candy apple red which I've always wanted I love it.

- Donna Z

2011 Honda Civic 4 door sedan.

The Honda Civic 4 door sedan is a great car for a small family. It has comfortable seats, and plenty of leg room including the back seats. I feel it is a good reliable car, I have had no major issues in the 7 years of ownership. It is however not the best vehicle for snow covered roads, getting good winter tires will help though. There could be more settings for the windshield wipers, preferably a slower setting for light rain.

- Emily W

Abnormal wear and tear on Civic.

My Civic runs very well and has over 100, 000 miles. My primary issues with the car have been involving the general wear and tear—the wind stripping has torn off, the sun visor popped off, and the paint has oxidized. I also have a difficult time with the blind spots around the car’s front windshield. The frame is wider than most cars, making it hard to see in those areas. Comfort-wise though, the car has been excellent.

- Samantha V

How reliable the car is and how long they last compared to other vehicles

I have the coup version of my car, I love that it looks sporty but not as costly as a sports vehicle. I dislike the small back windows, they make it difficult to see properly when pulling out of spaces. I slap dislike the face that my car does not have hookup for music to my phone, that was standard the next year but not standard on my year. I like knowing that Honda vehicles last and the cost to repair is very low

- DeeDee A

I feel I would have been better off with a Toyota.

Honda used to make a really great car, but just like all companies, the quality is dropping each year. The 2011 Honda Civic has been an okay car for me. Not very many bells and whistles, but that is okay. The local Honda dealer here in Douglasville has been known to cheat its customers, so I have been taking my car to independent repair shops. I feel I might have been happier with a Toyota.

- James U

2011 Honda Civic coupe, great gas saver.

The 2011 Honda Civic coupe is amazing on gas mileage. I get roughly 32 mpg with it and drive it on highways and back roads mostly. I have never had any major mechanical issues and as long as you do not drive crazy fast it handles amazingly well for a two wheel drive car. The only downside to this vehicle is it is small, which can also be nice as it fits in the smallest parking spots.

- Anna F

Honda Civic is a very dependable vehicle.

Honda Civic has been a great car and has needed little maintenance. There are no major "bells and whistles" you find in other more expensive cars, but for me that's okay. My 2011 Civic is now 7 years old and I'm beginning to hear noises when I go over bumps. Dealership has not been able to detect where these noises are coming from. I have had to change the battery only once.

- Jim U

Good on gas and smooth driving on any type of road.

My 2011 Honda civic is a great car. It is good on gas and drives smoothly on any road. The car lets me know if my tires are low or if my car is sliding. I can fill my whole tank with 15 dollars. The headlights are bright and amazing for anyone that need a little extra light at night when driving. Small car but a lot of space inside, I can fit 5 people and a dog in it.

- Stephanie S

I love my car and call her “roller-skates”.

Well designed console area. Great gas mileage. Handles well in rain but needs snow tires in winter for the best traction. Heat and cooling systems work rapidly. No issues at all with the mechanics. Maintenance is completed by local Honda dealership. When buying the car -sales people were friendly fair and human. No gimmicks or “ let me talk to my manager”.

- Marjorie L

It's a really good first car. It is reliable and efficient.

I like that my vehicle doesn't need a lot of gas, and has good gas mileage. In addition, it has several features that appeal to me, such as Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, even a moonroof. I like that it is a really reliable car. The one thing I dislike is the size of the car. Its very small/compact. It's not ideal when going on trips and one has to pack a lot.

- Ilse S

The 2011 Honda Civic is a great car for new drivers with it is great gas mileage.

Overall, the 2011 Honda Civic is a very reliable car. Gas mileage is one of the best things about it, however, one of the major downfalls to this would be the rate of acceleration (especially when trying to get onto the freeway). Size of the car is pretty decent as well, although it can feel pretty cozy (not in a good way) for larger (weight and height) people.

- Ashley N

My car has an aux hole for your phone so you can listen to music while you are driving!

My car is blue. I like my car because it is comfortable and the correct size for me. My favorite part about my car is that it tells you how fast you are going and everything is accessible. The only thing i do not like about my car is that it does not have tinted windows nor it does have a button on the steering wheel to control the volume or the radio station.

- Ash S

My car runs very well even after having several thousand miles on it. There has been no major problems, and it gets good gas mileage.

My vehicle is a used vehicle from my dad, but he bought it new. It runs well and has several thousand miles on it without any major problems. My main use of it is to get to school, and it serves me well and gets good gas mileage. There might have been a recall on a part from this car several years ago, but I haven't had any issues with it while I've used it.

- Lucie H

Sporty-chic Honda Civic is the perfect car.

I love my Honda Civic, it is in perfect reliable shape even at 7 years old. Its looks really sporty and chic while also doing amazing on gas. Although, when I went bike shopping I could not fit my bike in the car while having a passenger. I like how the cubbies have covers to hide them. The back seat sometimes takes longer to cool then the front of the car.

- Erica L

Great around town or for longer trips as well!

It is very comfortable and drives smoothly. The air conditioning and heater quickly meet the optimum temperature. The passenger seat is very roomy, but I am not sure how comfortable the back seat is as I have never had anyone ride there. The steering is smooth, but the acceleration seems slow. However, once I achieve the speed I desire, it really moves!

- Brenda K

The Honda Civic is really reliable. I would say I drive it all the time and have yet to have a problem out of the ordinary.

I enjoy my car! It is the basic model though so I miss having extra features like a sunroof and navigation system built in! It doesn't feel as small as you would think a small sedan would feel. I feel I fit well in the car but my husband who is 6ft wouldn't say the same. If you are taller, the car (at least this year of the make) isn't as comfortable.

- Katie C

My Honda Civic is the greatest car I have owned!

I love my car, it works great! I love the digital speedometer and built in aux! Great on gas, I can usually fill tank up with $20/25. I traveled a 12 hour trip (there and back) and only filled up 3 times. An affordable great family car! I have used it all the way through college and I plan to keep it for even longer! The life on this car is great.

- Ashley D

Extremely reliable, with good gas mileage.

Very reliable, have only had to do routine maintenance, gas mileage is always within the expected range given at signing, the center armrest/sliding mechanism broke with very minimal use (only one adult driver), quoted $650 to repair by a Honda dealer, not happy with that, overall, it has been a great car and I expect it to last another 5 years.

- Anne S

This car will last forever.

Runs great. Fast. The seat adjusts great for tall or short person. Love the dash very nice looking. A little small tho inside. You cannot fit 3 people in the back if you have 2 car seats in the car. Has great gas mileage. Do not have to do much as far as maintenance as long as you keep up on the belts and oil changes this car will last forever.

- Mercedes M

Reliability is important for a car to have. It is built to be reliable.

It is very reliable. Very little problems or repairs. It handles well and easy to drive. It is not too big or too little. Has great trunk room and has plenty of room in back seat. Gets very good gas mileage. The only things I have had to replace in the past 7 years is the battery and the tires. It drives well on long trips... Very comfortable.

- Carol L

Honda Civic, fun, fast and reliable.

I love my Honda Civic. It is great on gas mileage, sporty, has pep and a great moonroof. I have had no performance issues with this vehicle. Structurally the inside visors break easily, the seats could be a little bit more comfortable in the front, however there is excellent legroom for the driver and passengers in this compact vehicle.

- Michael S

Great reliable car, not for more than 2 people.

Great car, runs very well, have only had a few issues with it. One problem I have with the car is that the seats do not go forwards enough for people to easily get into the back seat. It is such a slim space that it is even difficult for children to get into the back seat. That is the only serious issue I have experienced with this car.

- Elie B

Honda. Beautiful. Fast. Comfortable.

Fast comfortable it is easy to drive and you will feel easy and it consume less fuel it is stylish it is modern. Fast comfortable it is easy to drive and you will feel easy and it consume less fuel it is stylish it is modern. Fast comfortable it is easy to drive and you will feel easy and it consume less fuel it is stylish it is modern.

- Muhammad R

Great car, too low to the ground.

It is too low to the ground, besides this issue I am pretty happy with my car. I have had the car for about eight years and have not had any problems whatsoever. My only wish to upgrade is because it is so outdated. If I hadn't moved to a location with such a huge incline, I would get another civic. But I bottom out my car too often.

- Brie S

Reliable and dependability are what a civic is all about

Has 187k miles and no issues. Comfortable to drive and super reliable. Will never get rid of it. I have driven this vehicle on 1800 mile trips and the drive/comfort of it surpasses any vehicle that I've ever owned. Family fits comfortably and trunk space is good. I recommend a civic to anyone looking for a great vehicle purchase.

- Steven R

Bertha blue- a great Honda Civic.

I love the digital speedometer, it is the biggest reason I bought the car. Gas mileage is great, average of 28, and parts are reasonable. Mine is a 2011 and has 115, 000 miles and I have yet to do any major repairs. It is a great vehicle, it is never broke down, never failed me, and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

- Elizabeth M

It is common for the a/c compressor to break.

I really love my 2011 Honda Civic. The only thing I do not like, is that the a/c compressor is broken, which the mechanic quoted $1600 to fix. I live in Ohio, so it is only super hot 3-4 months out of the year, so since it is a 7 year old car, I am opting to go without air conditioning until I am able to make another car payment.

- Katie A

Long lasting, but always use care.

The car is really sturdy and lasts for a long time. If you take care of it, it'll take care of you. It has a good sound quality as far as the stereo, too. I will say that after 105k miles, it'll start to show some heavy wear and tear. Rather, you will not see it, but you'll hear it. Best get it checked and fixed when you can.

- Maya L

Super great car provides security and durability all in one.

It is safe, durable, never any problems good on gas. It has a smooth ride. It is very comfortable. I have never had the first problem with my car. I feel very secure when I am on the road. These cars are made for the long haul. They are very durable. I am often surprised that my little car has made it through snow and ice.

- Natalie D

I love the large digital speedometer.

It has become a bit "creaky". Lots of squeaks and noises. It is reliable; has never left me stranded. But I' am a bit concerned about the noises it makes sometimes and I cannot identify what they are or where they are coming from. It does get really good gas mileage. For a small car it does have a roomy trunk for storage.

- Kay W

Sporty & reliable 2011 Honda civic lx-s sedan.

I have not had any problems with my Honda civic since I purchased it. With regular maintenance it has been a great car. It is sporty and reliable, but does not have too many bells and whistles. It is a 5 speed, and I actually love it. When I decide to purchase another car, I hope to get a newer version of the car I have.

- Alicia K

Great on gas comfortable nice looking sporty car.

The Honda Civic sedan is a very comfortable nice looking car I love the small steering wheel it is great for me because I am only a little over 5 ft tall great on gas is a nice solid car that is pleasant to drive the only way I would trade it in is probably for a Honda Accord which is one up as far as I am concerned.

- Kathleen W

Comfortable reliable and classic.

It is incredibly comfortable and the sound system is great. I get good mileage per gallon, but I would eventually like to get a hybrid. I have leather seats that are good quality. I also have a small scratch that has rusted a little bit. I had a small fender bender last year but I only came out with a bumper scratch.

- Rebecca F

Not as great as the average moron believes they are.

Hondas are claimed to be the most reliable cars, yet I have had to replace the starter and deal with multiple transmission issues at low miles. These cars and Hondas in general are vastly overrated. I would look at all manufacturers first before settling on what everyone else says is great, such as Honda and Toyota.

- Michael M

Sunroof, thermostat, plenty of setting room.

My vehicle is a four door it is really good on gas uses no oil I love my vehicle. I travel a lot for work I can usually full up in the morning and get anywhere from 400 to 450 miles on that gallon of gas. The air and heat have the thermostat control settings it also has a sunroof. Honda makes really great cars.

- Dawn C

Honda economical and affordable.

My car is very dependable great on gas it does not have power locks but when I purchased it the price was right has power windows haven't had any problems with it change oil every 6, 000 miles use synthetic I would recommend a Honda to anyone repairs are reasonable as to a foreign car that is more expensive.

- Lori A

It is the easier car to drive and maintain.

I have been driving my Honda Civic for approx. 4 years now and it is drives wonderfully. . . It is great on gas, it has good pick up, and it is almost maintenance free. . Except for the usual yearly inspections and the changing of filters, oil, and wiper blades. . . It is been a great car to have and drive.

- Joyce P

Nothing above and beyond but a great all around car.

Reliable car, never had any major mechanical issues after 7 years, decent gas mileage, would recommend to anyone looking for a more compact car. Very smooth handling and easy to access needed maintenance. Good sized trunk. Comfortable seating with plenty of room inside so you do not feel cramped inside.

- Michael E

My Honda Civic was good to me!

My Civic was always comfortable. I never had a problem with space or seating. It seat 5 comfortably. It was also easy to keep clean. The gas mileage was amazing. I felt like I rarely had to fill my tank, and it took regular gas. The only thing I didn't like was that it didn't handle well in the snow.

- Monica V

Honda Civic, great car, but not wonderful.

It runs great, but it drives low to the ground and I do not necessarily feel safe driving so low. It is a very compact car so when you drive with anyone in the passenger seat you feel like you are sitting on top of each other. The gas mileage is great, but that is honestly the only plus to this car.

- Sara V

Honda Civic! Great gas mileage!

This is my 3rd Honda Civic. Great gas mileage, 35 mpg. The only things I have had to have work on were getting new tires and new brakes. That wasn't anything to do with the car it is self. Just maintenance. Nice seating capability. I love Honda Civic's! I will continue to keep purchasing them.

- Laure D

My car is a basic sedan which a lot of people drive, but it is very reliable.

I have had my car a long time and love to drive it. I have had some minor problems such as a broken gas and trunk opener. Also when it rains some comes in on the floor of the driver side door. I hope to keep it as long as I can so I do not have to have a car payment. It gets great gas mileage.

- Cassidy F

Honda Civic, for great gas mileages and can last years.

My car is very reliable and has great gas mileage. It is 9 years old and in still very good condition, only cosmetic scratches. The only major issue I have had with my vehicle is the tires have gotten nails or leaks in them, but it is not the fault of the car, but rather the roads in my city.

- Christine C

Despite the car being compact. It’s has unbelievable handling.

Car is quick, comfortable, and reliable. Heats up fast in the winter. Light weight for great gas mileage. Parts if needed example ( brakes) are affordable. Small and compact even with four doors. Car doors lock once you pull off and start driving giving safety and a feeling of security.

- Nelly S

Reliable vehicle with good gas mileage.

Vehicle is reliable and great gas mileage. Performance. Is amazing haven't had many problems with my Honda. I wish it had more updated features such as Bluetooth heated seats and sunroof. But compared to my other friends and family and there vehicles I haven't had to get many repairs done.

- Sabrina G

It is 7 years old and still going runs incredibly well.

My car has great gas mileage. I drive for an hour daily and only need to fill up once a week. I have never had it break down. The driver's seat is very comfortable and offers lumbar support. I enjoy the digital speedometer as it gives me a more accurate driving speed than a traditional one

- Madeline H

Problem free Honda civics.

Honda's are wonderful. I get oil change every time light comes on. I service it regularly. Never had anything major go wrong. It has 128,000 miles. Radio, air, clock, electric windows still work in good shape. Only thing replaced are tires, batteries. This car is paid for and runs great.

- Janet H

Feeling good in Honda Civic.

I love my Honda Civic, very reliable has a bit of oomph~ and great gas mileage. The stereo rocks as a cruise with the sunroof open. Sporty looking. With it is shiny silver exterior and sleek curves. The interior is cloth but soft blue and extremely durable. This car makes me look good.

- Cory K

Very dependable and reliable.

I have not had any issues out of my vehicle. It is very reliable and really great on gas. If you maintain your basic oil changes and tune ups they will run forever my current vehicle has well over 100, 000 miles on it and the Honda Civic I owned previously had over 350, 000 miles on it.

- Stephanie G

Honda Civic a safe affordable ride

The car is not flashy but gets the job done. The drive is very comfortable and feels safe. While basic the interior is functional. The seats are comfortable for a car of the price. In seven years there has been very little maintenance outside of oil changes and basic tire rotations.

- Geoff H

Honda Civic and its cute quirks.

The Honda Civic 2011 has many things I love about it. Although it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the newer models have it still does the trick if you want a nice reliable car. Its nice, cozy, and compacted. I would highly recommend this car for a first car for someone!

- Jamie C

A good car for one person without a lot of stuff.

It is very small, but that is fine because I rarely have passengers. The seats are comfortable and the dashboard is user friendly. There does seem to be an issue with the front bumper that I have observed on other cars as well. It would be nice if the backseat were a little larger.

- Kristina K

this vehicle comes with a digital speedometer which is nice to have.

There is a paint defect on mid 2000 models to 2011. Motor mounts can be a issue. Tire rods sometimes go out after years. The car gets great gas mileage, very sporty, and is reliable. It is a great car. I would highly recommend this car to anyone purchasing or investing in a vehicle

- Christopher P

Honda Civic- fun to drive, and safe!

I love my car. Everything about my Honda Civic is fantastic and reliable. However, the air conditioner no longer working after 7 years. My car is an automatic, and it worked really well to deliver pizzas for over four years. The Civic is zippy and able to make U-turns very easily.

- Katie W

The gas mileage is great! It is roomy and has a lot of space to transport things, assuming a lot of people aren't in the car.

I love the gas mileage. Compared to my old car, I am saving more on gas and I don't have to fill up as often. I also love that it is roomy for a sedan. I don't feel cramp. My complaint about the car is I can't see the nose since I am so short, but that is not the car's fault.

- Liesel S

Why I love my Honda Civic.

For a small car, the Civic is incredibly roomy on the inside. Aside from routine maintenance, I have had to do no major work on the car in the 4 years that I have owned it. Definitely will buy another Civic when the time comes. My mechanic assured me it will last me a long time!

- Jenna W

Excellent vehicle for the price.

This is a very reliable vehicle. It is excellent in snow. It handles well, gets good gas mileage, and is inexpensive to run. The only repairs I have made in over 95000 miles is new brakes. I change the oil regularly and plan on having this care for at least another 50000 miles.

- Jane L

My vehicle is very dependable, sturdy, and has been very sustainable through a couple of accidents. The best thing about my car is that it's very good on gas and $30 will give me a full tank!

A couple of things that I like about the 2011 Honda Civic are the low maintenance of the car and the durability of the car. One thing I don't like about the car is that it's too low to the ground. It's also too compact on the inside for a family that may be overweight or tall.

- Trae D

You can personalize the radio screen to any of your pictures & nice shape of car.

Comfortable but not family friendly. And another down side is the blind spots are literally blind spot hard to see certain things at time. But besides that it is really reliable and great with saving gas. It had eco bottom to help you save more gas. Seats are very comfortable.

- Alex M

The car runs great and hasn't had any issues.

It's a blue 4 door. It runs great! I like the digital speedometer. The console with the clock and radio is very basic, no bells and whistles. I love the AC! The car sits low to the ground so to me the tires always look a little flat even though they are fine. No complaints.

- Jessica a

Natural gas Honda Civic car.

It is a natural gas vehicle so getting gas has to be planned since the stations are few and far between and there is no chancing it when the gas gets close to empty. The trunk is small. The car has little power and the handling is not the greatest that I have experienced.

- Jennifer J

Silver 2 door coupe, front wheel drive, compact car.

It runs smooth but sits low to the ground, I have the lx model which does not have a Bluetooth system and I am not a fan of it being a 2 door. Mileage and gas wise, it's amazing! I can go 10-11 days without filling up my tank. It runs smooth and I have no problems there.

- Sal J

Easy to drive, silver, low maintenance, economical.

Good gas mileage, low maintenance, easy to drive, one person car, silver, automatic transmission, radio, connection for phone, recharge for phone, deer attractive, haul stuff, wrecked on twice, 4 black tires, anti skid brakes, fuel economy measures, mirrors reflect bad.

- Mike B

My car is a Honda Civic. Small car but too comfortable and fun to drive.

My car is a Honda Civic. It is a compact car but has a lot of space inside. The truck is big. The safety is remarkable. The driving is smooth. I have all the tech I need in my car like heated seats, camera on the side mirror and on the trunk. Phone dial and GPS.

- Sophie B

I love my Honda! My Civic is really clean, but has some scratches.

It does not have that many problems. I have had break problems in the past and also tire pressure issues a lot. I have had my car for four years now and I love her. I bought the car used and it has been working well ever since, despite a few issues. I love my Honda!

- Tamara M

Good and bad 2011 blue Honda Civic.

It is great. I like the ac and heat. I like the AUX jack too. I like that it is blue. I do not like that I had to buy all 4 new tires, new braking system on the front and back of the car, and the plastic that keeps the rain out of my car on the windshield came off.

- Ari P

It is good on gas and incredibly reliable.

It is super reliable, great on gas. I love that the speedometer is digital, it makes it easier to see your speed at a glance. It is a 4 cylinder so it is kind of a pain to get up to speed in certain situations. Not a fan of the leather seats. Mostly love the car.

- Courtney S

I like that it is very smooth driving.

I like that is its small and saves gas. It is convenient for getting around. It does have a lot of problems because of the previous owner. I do want a car with more space and a higher front because it scrapes on everything. But I love my car it is a good old car.

- Trinity L

Honda civic 2011. Reliable vehicle gets me where I need to go.

I have only had issues with the a/c. There also has been a recall on the passenger side air bag, planning on taking this to retailer asap. Car has shown to be pretty reliable otherwise, I have not had to many issues with it. This model and make seems to be good.

- Emily M

Honda civic is reliable and efficient.

Very good on gas mileage, especially on long trips and rarely needs more repairs. Could stand to have more room inside but is not a deal breaker. As long as the basics are kept up, this car is reliable as it gets. It really has some get up and go to it as well.

- Clay W

Blue Honda Civic. Great on gas mileage and very good trunk space for groceries.

Very dependable. Great on gas. As long as you get your oil changed every three months you will have a car that will last you. Also can pick up great speed quickly and also can turn on a dime. For a older person who wants dependability this car is hard to beat.

- John C

My car is a great first car.

I love my car except it is a bit small if you have a family. Gets great gas mileage and I have never had any major problems with it. The only thing that seems to be a burden is the visors. Those tend to break easily and need to be replaced every couple years.

- Jenna P

Comfort and easy to drive.

Have not had any problems very comfortable and extremely reliable. Love the color and seats are comfortable. Air conditioning works well. Heater warms up quickly in the winter. Drives like a luxury car and handles like a sports car rain snow or good weather.

- Patricia V

It doesn't need a lot of maintenance.

I love that Honda makes quality cars that do not need a lot of maintenance. As long as I change the oil regularly, the car works well. I need a car that takes care of me instead of the other way around! I also like that Hondas retain their value pretty well.

- Leslie M

The sound system is great and I love the eco setting for the car.

It is a good reliable car the gets decent a fair amount of distance to the gallon. The interior is nice and large enough to fit the vast majority of my needs. It also has a nice sound system and provides computer warnings if something is wrong with the car.

- Page M

It's high performance and it's modern design and gas saving

I love my car because of how I save money on reliable and low maintenance. It safety quality and warranty. And it gets me from point A to B. I really haven't had any problems with it in years since I've purchased the car. And it's modern quality and design

- Anita B

Great Performance from My Honda Civic

In 8 years owning my Honda, I have not had any problems with my Civic. The adjustable seat level helps a lot with my comfort and the car's Drivability. The design inside and out has always been very appealing to me. I get good mileage from my Honda Civic.

- Mar S

Good basic for everyday use.

This covoc gets excellent gas mileage, has a long oil-life, and is very reliable if upkept regularly. It is not anything too fancy but certainly gets the job done and works well. I would recommend to anyone looking for a daily vehicle to consider a civic.

- Meg S

Honda's reliability and features.

Honda's are very reliable vehicles and they last a long time. Like any vehicle, they have some issues, but for the most part they are few and far between. More recent Honda models include quite a few items, such as backup cameras which is a great bonus.

- Kat T

My daily driver, the Honda civic.

Has been very reliable so far. Have had it little over a year and only had to get tires, brake lights, etc. I really like Honda vehicles. Very reliable. The 2011 has the digital number speedometer gauge instead of the dial. Squares for the gas gauge.

- Melody M

The gas mileage from my car is great.

I love the gas mileage I get out of my car. I also enjoy how easy it is to drive. I don't like how some of the window seals have begun to dry rot or how in order to change the front bulbs, you have to have a special tool to remove the wheel well.

- Chris F

Great small car for anyone!

It's a great, reliable car. The trunk and cabin are spacious for a small car. My only complaint is that it's short, so I sometimes hit my head getting in (even after owning it for 7 years). Short enough to park in tight places, and easy to drive.

- Liz Z

The standard four-cylinder engines make 140 horsepower.

Honda Civic definitely fits the description of a fuel-efficient vehicle. An optional cvt automatic transmission enables you to obtain the maximum fuel savings. When equipped with the base four-cylinder engine, the Civic can return up to 40 mpg.

- Sonia A

It is gas efficient, and dependable!

I have leased Honda's before in the past. They're a dependable vehicle, and good for growing family’s. We recently had a Kia and it only lasted 7 months before we had issues with it. Our Honda has pushed 4 years now, with no problems!

- Lindsey B

Runs great...just too small

My car is 7 years old and never had a major issue with it. The only problem I'm experiencing now is that it is getting harder to get in and out of it because it is a small car. Need something slightly bigger since I'm getting older.

- Cindy F

Honda Civic LX Sports Edition

My Honda Civic is good on gas and drives reliably, however there are issues with the heating and cooling lines malfunctions, as well as issues with the water pump. I was told by my Honda dealer that this was common with this model.

- Kaitlyn P

My Honda Civic is perfect for me!

My Honda Civic is very reliable. I have had no problems with it. Features I like are the sleek design, spacious interior, and fold down back seat. One thing I don't like is the blind spot at the front left and right of the vehicle

- Lindsay P

The Honda Civic is a reliable car, albeit with a couple small flaws.

I really enjoy the fact that the vehicle has an automatic transmission. In addition, it's pretty quiet, so I don't cause huge disturbances to my family. However, the climate control doesn't exactly work as it should all the time.

- Al R

Others should know that my car is a reliable vehicle without major mechanical issues.

My car has been very reliable. I have not had any mechanical issues. I like that it gets good gas mileage. The only complaint that I have is that the vinyl strips beside the windows has been peeling for the last several years.

- Amy H

My car is affordable and rides like a speeding bullet. It's perfect for someone who is looking for something affordable.

I like car because it's easy to use, fun, and roomy. I also like that it doesn't take much to fill my tank. I don't like that my car doesn't have a radio that is touch screen or video cameras for backing out and blind spots.

- Lauren P

Others should know that my car has automatic daytime lights. They should know that it has been well taken care of. All routine maintenance performed as required.

I purchased my vehicle four years ago. It had 26,000 miles on it. I have driven it to about 86,000 now and have not had any major issues. My vehicle is reliable and has most of the features that I want and need in a car.

- Brittany W

The plastic guards come loose to easily. They scrape the road and the tires and need to be remounted or removed.

The mileage is great and the handling is excellent. I don't like that it's built so low to the ground. It scrapes parking blocks. And the plastic protector in the wheel wells and under the engine comes loose easily.

- Randall M

It's a great car and drives very smoothly and is not costly to maintain.

It's a great car. Very reliable and easy to maintain since most places can work on Honda's. It's a few years old so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of new cars (keyless start, pre-heat and pre-cool ... etc).

- Lina D

it is reliable and low maintenance. This is my second one and I driven them for 20 years now

This Honda is fairly fuel efficient and was reasonably priced. It is also wonderfully reliable. My only problem with the civic as I get older is having some problems getting in and out since it is fairly low seating.

- kate w

Honda Civic Sedan - Affordable and reliable

The best thing about it its that its a reliable car. Easy maintenance and affordable parts when needed. I have had it for 7 years and no big problems have come up yet. Its comfortable to travel since I have the Sedan.

- Bren T

That it is a nice car and is a good option for people who drive a lot.

I like the car it runs very smooth and quiet and is very good on gas but there is a problem with the system because the tire pressure light stays on all the time even after going to get it reset it still stays on.

- Georgia M

How you drive it matters! There's not an optional eco button so gas mileage isn't always the best.

My dislikes would be there is no navigation system, it doesn't get cold fast enough, and it doesn't get that good of gas mileage. What I like about the car is that it's safe, reliable, and has a lot of life left.

- alyssa h

It is a classic style with many features.

I especially love my sunroof, spaciousness inside, nice trunk size, safety features, color of gray and size. I dislike its gas mileage, too low at 29-30, and the flimsy front bumper, who is low and catches curbs.

- Cynthia G

Sits very low to the ground. Beware of potholes and speed bumps.

The vehicle is very customizable with aftermarket or stock parts. Fuel economy is amazing. Has a surprising amount of speed for the average driver. The only caveat is the interior size as I am a large individual.

- Jhanaul L

It has very good gas mileage, and is reliable. It is very low maintenance

Every Honda I have owned have been very easy to maintain, and are very reliable. The gas mileage is very good for what I need my car for. It has a very sleek body, with plenty of room for my family and my needs.

- Jennifer B

It is very fuel efficient and I can go a long way on one full tank of gas, plus it uses regular gas.

love how much trunk space I have. I also like that it easily fits 5 passengers. I do not like that I cannot pop open the trunk with a key button and have to actually put my key in the lock to get in the trunk

- Tina Z

Comfort. Ease of use and all of the controls are within good comfortable reach.

It is a 4 cylinder and very good on gas mileage. It runs smooth. It is very dependable and reliable. The small compact version is comfortable. The automatic shifter on the floor makes it comfortable to handle.

- Jen M

It's a car that I can see myself driving for years to come.

I like how reliable and durable my Honda Civic is. It has held up well during my daily commute to Boston and gets decent gas mileage. I also like how the dashboard notifies me on any maintenance issues.

- Connor B

It's small and easy to park. The gas mileage is great!

I love my car but would have purchased a four door if I could do it over again. The gas mileage is awesome. I haven't had any mechanical issues. The car is low maintenance, affordable and stylish.

- Lori A

It has its own personal touch to make sure it has my own flare

I love my car because it is safe and reliable, it also has a nice modern touch and is compact which is perfect for my short stature. My only complaint would be that my air compressor is very loud.

- Val B

Good on gas, safe and a breeze to park.

Just the right size for me, good on gas. Honda's are dependable and look good. No complaints at all about my car. I downsized from an accord and do not feel cramped at love. Highly recommend Honda.

- Susan W

All of it is wonderful and I love it.

I do not have any real issues with my Honda except for it being slow. I love my car and I get excited every time I get in it to drive it. Everyone loves the black color and how smooth it rides.

- Josephine N

In a Honda, you are getting a very reliable vehicle for the short and long term.

I like my civics' durability and how the dashboard notifies me when there's a maintenance issue (check engine, oil and filter change). I do however wish my car could have more miles per gallon.

- Connor B

The reliability and safety of this car is top rated

I love how reliable my vehicle is. I never have any problems with it and have over 100k miles one it and not once has something fallen apart. We just keep up with maintenance and it looks new.

- Katie L

Good car for a short period of time

The 2011 Honda Civic was a great car up until a year ago where the computer started to malfunction. Besides this issue, the car look greats, is very comfortable, and is a good car to buy new.

- Adrian L

That it represents me. It is bold, fun and stands out in a crowd.

The smooth ride it provides. The dependability of it. I have had it for several years and the only issue I ever had was a flat tire due to a pipe in the road. in other words, no problems!

- Michael L

Gas mileage. The most important thing people should also know is great for traveling

I like the gas mileage on my vehicle. I like the efficiency from highway to street way, the gas lasts. Also, I like compact feel of the vehicle. It's not too big or too small. No complaints.

- Alexandria J

The warranty does not cover pebbles puncturing your air condition condenser/compressor

I miss my SUV. It is too low to the ground and little stones in the road have punctured the air compressor twice. This is not covered by the manufacturer warranty. Definitely a defect

- Elizabeth B

Fun to drive! Safe and reliable

The car is inexpensive to operate and maintain. It's fun to drive. Gets good gas mileage. Other than basic maintenance i've never had to do any work and it has over 140k miles on it.

- Christine D

It gets great miles to the gallon and both the streets and highway

I like the gas mileage my car gets on the highway. I also like how smooth the car ride usually is. However I don't like how small the back seat is whenever I have people back there.

- Lizeth S

Outstanding gas mileage and plenty of performance.

I have never had a problem with this vehicle. Great gas mileage. Good handling and performance. Body styling remains current. I can put 4 adults and gear comfortably into this car.

- Tim C

Honda Civic offers comfort for travel, value in cost, maintenance, gas mileage.

Comfortable, decent gas mileage, sunroof, good temperature control, nice sound system, back seat drops down for hauling, eats tires, easily banged up with chips on plastic bumpers.

- Cynthia G

It is engineered with safety in mind and is definitely a safe car to drive.

So far I have had my car for 4 years. . . I have had absolutely no problems with it at all. . . It is easy to handle, has great gas mileage, and is made with excellent materials.

- Joyce P

Sleek design, reliable and fun to drive.

The Honda Civic is a very reliable and comfortable vehicle, one of the things I love the most is that it tells me when something is wrong so I can get it fix as soon as possible.

- Evelyn S

Good investment! I've had my car almost five years now.

I enjoy the dashboard and digital speedometer. Parts seem to last longer than in my previous car (Chrysler Sebring), too. I dislike the lack of a cover in the center console.

- Monte M

It's a more affordable option for a very reliable car.

I like that Honda has a good reputation to drive it for miles and miles. I like smaller cars so I like the size. I wish it had a USB port. Nothing I really dislike though.

- Stacy B

Honda Civic - Keeps on going and going and going.

Gets great gas mileage, is a great work vehicle and is very reliable. Not very comfortable for long distance travel. Smaller compact car. Not good for families with children.

- Linda S

I would say it has very good gas mileage.

I like that it is good gas mileage. I don't like how there isn't much trunk space. I like how the seats are comfortable. I don't like how it doesn't have a backup camera.

- Melissa B

Others should know that I own a car that will last for years.

Honda is a good car in general. I like that it drives smoothly and it is good on gas. What I don't like about Honda civic is that it's not good for driving in the snow.

- Agnieszka Z


So far I've pushed our Honda to the limit. Forgotten to get oil changes, and regular check ups and the car has literally held up fine, besides some superficial damage.

- William H

It is a low frill car that gets good gas mileage especially on road trips but it is a little cramped.



It's reliable and has good fuel economy and does not give much trouble

I like that it saves gas. I like that repair costs are low. I like that it is reliable. I don't like the plastic wheels. I don't like the rubber pieces wearing out.

- Tuan H

That it seems to be a lemon in the electronics department but overall hasn't given me too much problem

It's great on mileage but it has many issues with the electrical parts- my speedometer is broken and lights flash at random times where the air conditioner panel is

- Kel F

It is roomy and reliable. Has a very smooth comfortable ride.

I honestly have no complaints. It is comfortable, drives good and gets decent gas mileage. I guess I wish it was a slightly larger vehicle if I had any complaints.

- Matthew G

Can be very customizable. Very reliable car and gas efficient.

Very limited model, Si models are my favorite and very quick to drive. Small car but can get you anywhere and fit anywhere. Gas is very efficient for an Si model.

- Brian M

Reliable and stylish vehicle. Decent power and good resale value.

Gas efficiency is good. Pickup is good. Hate the way the front windshield is designed.. leaves a big blind spot where the front door / windshield come together

- E A

That it is extremely dependable.

I like the quality. I have never had to do any repairs. I like that it is rated safe because my grandchildren ride with me a lot. I will buy another one again.

- Susan D

Great on gas!! Very reliable. It's a car that will last you forever.

I like everything about my vehicle. I bought it new and have owned it for 7 years. I have had no issues with it since buying. I'd recommend this car to anyone.

- taylor S

It gets great gas mileage and is very well built. Someone hit me in the side and nothing happened to me.

It's a hybrid so its gets 45 miles per gallon in the summer and around 40 in the winter. No major problems so far but doesn't have much room to carry things

- Matt p

Ride is great and it looks good.

I like that it is small and compatible with my height. I like that it is easy to function. I do not like that it is not updated with the new technology.

- Christine C

Reliable and comfortable!

I bought my vehicle used, but it has been incredibly reliable. It is spacious, functions well, and is generally a great car. The sound system is great!

- Nora R

The most important this is the mileage as well as minimal maintenance.

I like that I get good mileage. He only thing I hate about my car is he celent pealed of the front widow. Also the leather seats have started to peel.

- Rachelle O

It is a great commuter car that also has room for my family.

I like the size, gas mileage, affordability to maintain and color of my car. I dislike how common it is, limited features, and price to purchase.

- Cassie W

Nothing unexpected, would recommend.

It is reliable. There haven't been any breakdowns. I am having a slight issue right now where I have to restart the car to get the radio to work.

- Grace V

The car is easy to drive and comfortable. It is small enough that it is easy to park in small tight parking spots but can also fit five people comfortably. One issue is that since it's only a V4 it doesn't have as much power as a V6

The most important thing other's should know about my car is that it is reliable and as long as you maintain it, it should last you a long time.

- Kavita D

Honda Civics are a safe, reliable choice for everyday driving.

I like the gas mileage and the safety features. I think it is a trustworthy brand. I wish that it had a hybrid engine and was a little larger.

- Stacy H

It takes good care of me.

Love the whole dashboard and feeling it gives me. Just wish it had gps, bluetooth, backing il visuals, updated and more current electronics

- Marlene M

Affordable price. Had great ratings. One of the most top seller cars.

I like that my car is reliable and gets me to and from where I need to go. I dislike that I am constantly having to have my brakes replaced.

- Morgan B

I feel very safe in the car.

I like the way it handles. It gets good gas mileage. Has not cost too much to maintain. I cannot really say there is anything I do not like.

- Eloise M

You can fit multiple carseats in the back of this car!

I like the size, gas mileage, color, features, longevity, ease of repairs. I dislike how common my car is, the key does not open the trunk.

- Cassie S

The Honda Civic gets great gas mileage and even does great getting around in the winter.

My car is a base model meaning that there is no cruise control and no automatic locks. This can be annoying when traveling long distances

- Kristi S

Great affordable car for everyone.

I have over 75000 miles on my car - it has not given me any trouble at all since I bought it new. I would recommend this sedan to anyone!

- Andrea S

This car is reliable. It is worth the investment. I would buy another one.

This has been a good and reliable car. I have put many miles on it. I've had to replace the brakes and cv joint. Gets good gas mileage.

- zachary b

Hondas are incredibly reliable, well-built vehicles that last

I love Hondas! they are dependable and consistent. I also have a 1998 civic that has over 278,000 miles on it that still drives great!

- Samantha B

Fast car and nice looking

It's a really great car, I haven't had any problems with the car since i've bought it back in 2012. I have really good gas mileage too

- David C

The car is great on gas and has excellent mileage.

My vehicle is reliable. It is also good on gas. What I do not like about it is that it is a two door car, I would prefer a 4 door car.

- Alina W

Good on gas and on speed.

I love my car. I live size and that is it economical on gas. I have no complaints on car. I will be purchasing same type of vehicle..

- Carla T

It is safe in an accident.

It runs well and it's reliable. It gets good gas mileage. I was protected in an older model of the same car, during an accident.

- Rachael D

2011 Honda Civic is great!

I love this car. I have had it for 5 years and it is never given me any major problems. It is super safe, gets great gas mileage.

- Sarah H

It is reliable and it is also affordable ours has all the bells and whistles.

I love this car. It has a few dents. But overall love this body style the best. Honda is my favorite car company very reliable.

- Danielle L

It is a smooth ride and a 4 wheel drive.

The vehicle parts are accessible. The price was great. It runs wonderfully. I appreciate the aesthetic of the vehicle, as well.

- Sarah K

Good looking car with minimal maintenance.

I have had my car for 7 years and I have had no major problems. Good mileage and comfortable ride. Replaced brakes 4 years ago.

- Virginia H

My honda civic is very reliable. It also is easy to fix. It is also a safe car.

I like my honda civic because it gives me great gas mileage. It also the right size car for me to drive. It is also a safe car.

- mary h



- maheswari R

Very comfortable and does not consume to much gasoline.

Is really comfortable and does not consume to much gas. I have not had any problems with it and I be driving it by a year now.

- Hector L

Comfortable, with a moonroof

My car is overall in fair condition. The paint is coming off but the car runs good. It's very comfortable to drive, and easy.

- Erica H

I would say the best thing out a Honda Pilot is that for a SUV they hold the value better than other brands of cars.

I love my SUV because it has 8 seats. It has a lot of room and has towing capacity. My only complaint would be gas mileage.

- Lauren L

Love my car has new features and just need an oil change and new alignment.

New brakes new car battery new paint on car new carpet need an oil change soon and new alignment and maybe new tires.

- Erika F

Very economical. Saves gas and maintenance costs.

Excellent gas mileage. Handles well. Comfortable seats. Good storage size. Very little maintenance. Good visibility.

- James E

My car is reliable and it gets me to where I need to be.

Great gas mileage and inexpensive to operate. It looks stylish and modern. I don't like that it does not feel solid.

- Mike C

The most important thing others should know about my car is, how reliable it is.

The Honda is great on gas. It is a good family car. The Honda is also very reliable. I have no complaints about the.

- Helena W

Does not need repairs often, it is very dependable.

I like reliability and gas mileage. I like the safety features. I dislike the sun visors seem to break too easily.

- Tim L

Dependable and low maintenance.

No complaints! Love the design. Handles well. Reliable car. Great on gas mileage. Would purchase this model again.

- Suzanne K

It's fuel efficient, that lasts long without any big maintenance issues. Take good care of it and it'll last long

It's a good car with good design and fairly decent fuel efficiency. No complaints other than it being out of date.

- Kevin P

A Honda engine is the Best engine.

My car is comfortable and reliable. I haven't had any problems with the car it runs good and it has good mileage.

- James D

It has great gas mileage and reliable vehicle not many problems.

Vehicle is fine just wish it had more updated features. It is reliable, has a good gas mileage, safety features.

- Susan G

The 2010 equinox is horrible. I believe they have fixed all is with newer models.

I like the size for driving, but wish it was bigger for storage. I would like better mpg. I would like a hybrid.

- Diane N

The car is reliable and does not require a lot of maintenance

I've owned car for about two years; so far, no problems other than regular maintenance and rear shock absorbers.

- Chance E

Can find parts for it everywhere.

It is easy and cheap to fix. Great on gas mileage. Has lots of accessories to customize it. Rarely breaks down.

- Eric F

It is easy to drive....comfortable and safe.

It drives well. The car is comfortable and I feel safe. Hondas have always been reliable cars. No complaints.

- NoWay H

It is a small but powerful car so you need to be careful sometimes.

I dislike how small it is but I like everything else about it. I also wish it had a better stereo and speakers.

- Alexa T

Minimal maintenance required, but the seats are uncomfortable for long distance driving.

It is great on gas but the driver seat is uncomfortable for long distances. no major issues after 150k miles.

- Kendra T

affordable. Good brakes and steering.

Good gas mileage. Good brakes. Good maneuverability. Nice size and color. affordable. Good heat and cooling.

- Ellen M

It's efficient, reliable, and comfortable.

It's a very reliable car. It has excellent gas mileage. The brakes are very responsive and it runs smoothly.

- Julianne K

Good car for college student

Good car for students it runs well and gets good gas mileage I would recommend it as a first car for someone

- Karma B

Well built, efficient all around great car.

I love my Honda. It drives well has good traction. Downside it is not 4WD. Where I live you really need it.

- Rosemary C

My car is very safe no problems at all.

I like my vehicle no problems it gets me from home to my destination safely. Good gas mileage. No problems.

- Danny C

That they need to lock their door when they get out.

Does not have automatic locks or cruise control. Does have automatic windows and has a digital speedometer.

- Kimberly S

It's economical. It is great fun to drive.

The vehicle is smooth on the road. I love changing the gears. it does not use much gas. It's fun to drive.

- Adrienne D

This car is cheap & easy to fix.

I really like how small it is. I really like how it drives, smooth and easy. I really like the look of it.

- Jennifer D

Initially, my vehicle was efficient and ran very well. However, I discovered that sharing my vehicle with my sister has taken a toll on the car. While it used to run quietly and smoothly, it has recently been in and out of the maintenance shop due to body issues.

It picks up speed quickly. It also is gas efficient and does not cost much to fill the tank up each week.

- Morgan C

I love it and it was my lower-end dream car. If Honda makes the new model like it again, I'd love it

I love that it's compact and it runs well. The interior is great! I like it better than the newer models.

- Arianne C

Fuel efficient and very reliable. Great for college kids.

Best car I have ever had, mostly because of how fuel efficient it is. The controls are also easy to use.

- Samantha A

It's keeps my life moving forward.

It's small so it gets good gas mileage. It's a Honda so it will last a long time. It's expensive to fix.

- Stacie A

Reliable, long lasting vehicle

Basic features but reliable car. Keeps oil changed and fluids checked and will run for a very long time.

- Jenae C

Roomier than what one might think. 6' 4" son has plenty of head and leg room.

The car gets good gas mileage. It drives smoothly. The car is comfortable in both front and back seats.

- Ellen N

I love my car and take good care of it.

It is very reliable. Good on gas. Easy to drive. It had many safety features and not many blind spots.

- Julie B

The engine light of my car is on

The glass has been broken for the past few month.so they are ways that needs to fix also I have to see

- Minares E

Works great and runs well. I never have any issues

I love this for my long work commutes. It is a little small for my family though but I have the coupe

- Leah H

is it very fuel efficient and it rides smooth very spacious

I love my car is very fuel efficient, it's no noisy, a/c cools very well, rides smooth, very spacious

- anthony b

Style, and usefulness. Color.

It is a very nice car, everybody tells me that I have a sport car. Because it is dark blue and clean.

- Elvan C

That I have very few problems with it and it's low upkeep.

I love the gas mileage. I like that it is low maintenance. I wish it were newer with newer technology

- Julie S

That is runs extremely well. Keep up with the maintenance on it and you will have very few issues

The vehicle runs very well. It gets excellent gas mileage and has seen very few mechanical issues.

- peggy C

Hondas make good and dependable vehicles. The Civic is no exception.

I like that it is a hybrid and gets good gas mileage. There is nothing that I dislike so far.

- Jessica D

It is safe and reliable in all weather conditions.

Reliable, with good gas mileage. Safe with low maintenance. Relatively inexpensive but nice.

- Lauren C

great to drive and fun to be in

Blue speedy sedan. The car is great to ride, really smooth. I have fun driving it around.

- Brian C

It has great gas mileage for the car that it is but headlights at night.

It's a good car to cruise in. Good radio. Wish it had more power. And better headlights.

- Joseph B

The Honda Civic V4 engine works well, but requires more time to get accelerate, so allow plenty of time

I have no complaints about my Honda Civic. It hasn't broken down once since I bought it

- Dylan S

It gets pretty good gas mileage. It moves around pretty well and it's comfortable to drive.

It's blue and compact. I like that I can move around easily in it. It's easy to park.

- Sarah B

My car is well made and the quality shows. The car maker is also very reputable.

I love that it's great on gas, better than most cars for the environment, and is safe.

- Michelle B

The car is comfortable. It is cheap to maintain. The car has great mileage. It is somewhat small

It is a honda car that does its job well as a basic car with all the functions needed

- Bob C

My car is fuel efficient and is a great commuter car.

I like that it is fuel efficient. It is a good commuter car.I wish it was a 4-door.

- Ryan B

I love the fact that it can get me to the places that i need to be

I like the speed. I like the miles per gallon the of vehicle. ANd i love the color

- Austin D

Seating cramped.for small people. Good on gas but low on power

Good gas mileage. Uncomfortable seating. To small and cramped. No enough power.

- Jim e

it's safe and good on gas

i love that it's good on gas, safe, and a sturdy vehicle that i love driving.

- Monica L

It's reliable, only routine maintenance spending so far, no repairs

It runs well, is reliable, good gas mileage. It's smaller than I would like

- robert r

good mileage and very dependable in all type of conditions.easy to handle

I lie the vehicle. it has kept a good resale value with little maintenance

- marty b

With regular maintenance, car runs for a long time

Great on gas, easy to drive/park anywhere, enough space for my daily needs

- Jasmine C

great pickup comfy but need new one

nice to drive and great average.. i don't have any complains but It's old

- kothari S

It is very safe and a good first car to have for young drivers.

My car is very reliable and drives smoothly. The interior is comfortable.

- Megan M

It is the best car on Earth.

It is so reliable. I never have any problems. It gets great gas mileage.

- Robert G

It's dependable and it looks good.

It's reliable. It's stylish. I trust it to get me where i need to go.

- Christopher W

It's reliable dependable and fun to drive down the highway

It runs well. I like the color. Dependable and my daughter drives it.

- Patrice H

It's a great car, it's good on gas it's a very economically car

I love my car it's awesome. It drives amazing.it takes me everywhere

- Arlin V

Its reliable and very good on gas. Its surprisingly spacious for a car! It's a very comfortable ride.

Rust already and it's not that old. Not much else that I don't like

- Emmanuel G

Make , mileage, body, make .. nice .. good.. beat.. n nice

Good nice car. To travel. With .family n good car n nice travelling

- Raze K

It's quicker than it looks

honda civic charcoal grey 4 door sedan. It's been very good to me

- katie H

it eats tires at an alarming rate wildly fast really fast goes through tires

Gets good mileage. eats tires. like the color.wife hates my car

- David J

It is a great car that always is reliable

I love my vehicle. It gets me everywhere. It's stylish and dub

- Ashley P

It is fun and drives good. It also is a good value for a coupe

It was a good deal. Rides good. Looks cool. It is legendary

- C H

It is cheap to maintain and cheap to operate. It has high resale value.

It is dependable auto and worry free. It has good gas mileage.

- nick s

Good mileage and resale value

Entry level sedan. Great mileage but not much more. Works fine

- Noway N

The car is reliable and gets good gas mileage. It is too small for me.

It has great gas mileage. It is very reliable and comfortable.

- Sarah K

it rides comfortable and smoothly and has very little repairs if any

no complaints...runs well, good gas mileage, easy to drive

- Joy P

I think it has a great price and it gets great gas mileage.

I love the fuel efficiency. Sometimes it feels too small.

- Rebecca R

The Honda Civic is a little large, but it's very reliable, and has great mileage. Front visibility isn't great.

The Honda Civic is very reliable, with great gas mileage

- Lynn H

great mileage and reliability. great resale value too

trustworthy and reliable. great mileage and performance

- Noway J

It is mine. Always wear your seat belt when riding in a car

I like the reliability.. I like the good gas mileage.

- Tim S

High Performance with very good mileage. Easy maintenance

Great car, good mileage, perfect for my family of 4

- Noor A

Very well rounded car indeed

This car runs pretty well. Also takes corners good

- Konnor B

It's reliable and has good gas mileage

Reliable stylish. Goes where I want. Good on gas.

- Amanda M

It is economical and attractive

It is easy on gas. It handles well. Easy to park

- Pam L

How reliable it is. I never have issues.

Very reliable. Great gas mileage. No issues.

- Andrew P

Pick up, comfort, make n other features are imp

Nice good fab car.. Nice to drive.. Good.

- Raze P

Great purchase, best purchase I have ever made!

- Molly M