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Great car reliable car, great technology and safety features.

I love my car. It has the technology that I need such as the navigation system, Bluetooth, USB connection. I haven't had any mechanical problems go wrong with my car, I keep it serviced regularly and no issues seem to arise. I make a 4 hour car ride a few times a year to Nevada, I have never had a problem driving my car for that long. It is comfortable to drive that long thanks to the cruise control and comfortable seating. Its highly reliable, I have ever had it break down on me I can always count on it. The heated seats are amazing in winter time, the heating works really well the ac does too. The reverse camera is a great feature that I love, its adds that extra safety to the car, as well as the camera the pops up when I turn my right blinker on, it helps me see across all the lanes to check if it's safe to cross. The sunroof is pretty cool to have on a nice day, just open it up and let the air flow as I am driving. The economy button really helps save me gas, generally it does not cost much in gas but having that economy button turn on really helps to save on gas. I love my car and I think it's the perfect car for me. I know I'll have it for years to come due to have reliable and comfortable the car is.

- Emily R

2014 Honda civic ex sedan.

I really love my vehicle because it is economy friendly, meaning it drives for several miles before needing to refill the gas again. I use the parkway every day so I refill my tank about once a week. I also love the feature of the rearview camera for reversing. It is very useful, especially for backing up into tight spaces or using at night. The same goes for the side view camera. On the right. Some people prefer not to get used to it, but I find it is helpful when there is a lot of traffic, at night, or when it is raining. The car is very comfortable itself on the inside and has a lot of space. My favorite feature is the wireless key/ push to start, so all I have to do is stand next to my car so it will unlock and be inside the car for it to turn on, all while my key is in my pocket! The Bluetooth is very easy to pair to your phone, and once it is paired, it will always automatically pair. The steering wheel also has the buttons on the left side so it will be easy to answer your paired phone with a finger without having to pick up your phone and take your eyes off the road.

- Genesis R

The speedometer display has a neat eco-drive feature which is pretty cool.

The Honda Civic is a great vehicle, economically, and environmentally. It gets great gas mileage but does not compromise on the pick-up. The only complaint I have on a regular basis is the Bluetooth and sound system can get a little wonky. Sometimes my phone will not connect, or the screen displaying my music selections, will just cut out or not load properly on startup. The only other technology feature I would change, and this is not a problem, just an oversight maybe, is the brightness of the speedometer and the screens dim when you turn on the headlights, which is great at night, but in the day time it makes it nearly impossible to see them, which can be potentially problematic especially when using the back-up camera. The car is comfortable to ride in, and the steering is tight and responds easily. The inside is roomy enough for me, and I am above average in height, the seats are comfortable, and the interior is set up really nicely. I like that the dash is angled toward the driver slightly so that it is easier, and safer to reach the buttons.

- Lauren E

Excellent gas mileage that compliments a beautiful design, proving you don't need to sacrifice aesthetics to get an economical car.

I've been in two accidents, one that rolled the car over and one where a driver t-boned me. Both times, the side airbags in this car (I got the same model when I had to replace it) saved me from any injuries. So, I highly recommend their safety features. I also like how the dashboard angles toward the driver, and visually it looks very sleek and impressive from both the inside and outside, like a luxury car. The turn radius can be finicky, so that's the only complaint I have, but not enough to drop it down a whole star rating because the car drives smoothly, is powerful, and is reliable and pretty. It also has excellent gas mileage and is roomy enough for road trips with friends.

- Kelly W

Bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside.

I have the hf trim; at 40 mpg or it is been a real money saver, especially as gas prices have slowly started to creep up again. This is my second Civic so far and the exterior styling changes are very pleasing. The interior is spacious enough for my family and I and all critical controls are within arms reach. It is pretty roomy for a compact car, the looks I have gotten as I walk toward my care from the local home improvement store are priceless; the incredulity on people's faces, the look that says "you're never going to make that fit in there. " Yet, somehow I am always able to squeeze it in there. It's a great little car, meets my needs and then some.

- Ricardo A

2014 Honda civic: virtual bullet-proof reliability.

The 2014 Honda civic ex sedan is a great car. It is extremely reliable and efficient. It gets great gas mileage, and operates smoothly. The build quality is far better than most of the other auto manufacturers. I haven't experienced any problems with the car since I have owned it. Comfort while driving the car for long periods, or in heavy traffic is wonderful. Despite it not being a sports car it has a 'sporty' look and feel. The features on the car such as digital dashboard (speedometer), powered sun/moonroof, power outlets are not found on too many cars in its class that are made by other automakers.

- John J

Highlight: 1. Fuel efficient. 2. Bluetooth. 3. Back up camera.

I love my car because it is very fuel efficient. There is an economy button that helps reduce the amount of fuel I use when I drive. While it helps reserve fuel, it also helps me stop at gas stations less so it's a very good economy car. Furthermore, there is a back up camera that is perfect for helping aid in reversal parking; it makes me a more confident driver and the camera quality is pretty clear and easy to use. The car also has Bluetooth that was easy to link to my phone, and even my smart watch! It's a very comfortable, smooth ride when driving and it is just a very reliable car all around.

- Alexis R

The sound system is not the greatest.

Reliable car, smooth drive. Pretty decent on gas mileage. I get about 30 miles per gallon depending on how you drive. It is pretty comfortable to. The back seats are very spacious. I will say the stock sound system is pretty average. Not very good a all if you ask me. My ac compressor went out a 47k miles. I want to say it was because I rain over something in the road that caused it to stop working. All in all I would say the Civic is a good buy if your looking to have a cheap reliable car. They also maintain value pretty. I wouldn't buy any other car for the cheap price that it is.

- Giancarlo C

I love my Honda Civic, and you would too.

It is a very reliable vehicle. It has great gas mileage and is not very expensive to fill up the tank where I live. Because it is so small it is quick to heat or cool. Mine is a four door, but I know that you can get it in a two door if that is what you prefer. The seats are very comfortable and the trunk is a good size. The console is very modern with a mileage meter that tells you the exact number instead of a dial, which I love. The gear shift is between the front seats, and I like that a lot better than behind the wheel. The only thing is that it needs cup holders in the back.

- Sarah H

My favorite part is the backup camera.

I bought this car used about two years ago and it is never had any problems. It has amazing reliability. I would recommend to anyone who’s looking for an affordable car. The performance of it is just like any average car. I now see my car as my baby. It is very easy to work with and has a backup camera! Considering this is my first car I am so in love with it. The controls are easy to figure out. It also has an eco-friendly mode which I use so often. My best friend also has the same car and she loves it as well. It is just very easy and basic but amazing.

- Kimberly H

Honda Civic is one of the best reliable and economical car around.

My Honda Civic is very reliable and economical. It has bluetooth ,backup camera,cruising,and can tell the percentages of my oil and when it's time to change . It tells me how much mileage of gas I have left which is a must for me . I love the color is like brownish grey different from other greys .its not small or too big . But would of like a bigger or wider trunk. The only problem I have is the air conditioner,it takes a long time to cool. I have to be running on a highway for a while before it cools the car. Of course will be taking in for a checkup.

- Elena M

Family commuter car that is comfortable on long trips safe travels.

The Honda Civic is a great compact car for an individual or a family. We have used the Honda Civic both as a commuter car and just around town. We have experience no problems with the Honda Civic. For a year our Honda Civic was used as a commuter car, commuting 100 miles a day. Great commuter car and family car. Comfortable for long trips. We have taken many trips in our Honda Civic. The car offers great gas mileage and comfortable seating in the ground and back. The up keep on the Honda Civic is economy friendly. The Honda Civic is a great car.

- Emily L

Honda civic - great family car.

The Honda civic gets great gas mileage, typically over 30 miles per gallon, has some get up & go, & is very comfortable. It has plenty of room for a young family of five & has numerous safety features which was played a large part in my purchase. It has been reliable and thus far, I have only had to take care of regular maintenance; it was previously owned. My only concern is as my children grow the backseat will become too small, but I intend to keep the civic as it will likely become the car my oldest child drives.

- Tracy T

Safe and affordable car that's great for singles or couples

I have a very cute civic coupe in gray. I love the style of the car, the safety features, and the cameras. The back up camera especially makes city life much easier. I also like the right side camera but wish there was a left one too, or at least a blind spot indicator like some of the larger SUVs have. I also find the car very comfortable and easy to drive. I wish the screen could sync to my phone in order to display Google Maps or other navigation software without being forced to buy the navi package from Honda with the Civic.

- Kellye P

Let’s you what type of maintenance your car needs before something bad happens.

My Honda Civic is absolutely perfect. I honestly do not have any problems with it and if I did they might be really minor. My Honda Civic has a backup camera and right lane turning camera so I can make sure no ones in my blind spot. My display screen is a touch screen and it is about the size of a tablet where you can program your phone to take calls while driving. My car also has an econ button so I can save gas in city! It only takes 20 dollars to fill and last me a week and a half and that is driving everywhere all week too!

- Alyssa D

Reliable and affordable economical and every year step up the basic levels of interior. Honda is on top of the game

Love my Honda , 3rd Honda in row I've owned. Previous Honda Civic 2010 & 2004 Honda Accord. Have owned Several other makers and models of vehicles prior to my 2004 Honda Accord. For the price you can't do better in my opinion. Maintenance is minimal as long as you are responsible and take care of it as the investment it truly is . Also depreciation is lowest and has highest resale values . How many times do you see cars broken down on side or the road? Now think how many times have those cars been a Honda ? Need I say more ??

- Rob R

Honda civic - comfort and reliability.

I am a loyal Honda owner. This is the second Honda civic I have owned. I always buy them pre-owned to work with my budget. They rarely have problems, they run smoothly, they're good on gas, and they're comfortable and easy to handle, with enough room for my needs. If I had unlimited funds I would get a Honda with 4-wheel drive because I live in an area with snowy winters. The civic is not great in the snow and ice. But that is really my only complaint. My latest civic has the camera for backing up which I have really enjoyed.

- Sarah B

A Honda Civic is the car to drive.

My Honda Civic drives well. Currently my last visit to the dealership I was told that the serpentine belt needed replacing. Which is pretty typical for how many mileage it has other than that it running smooth. Reliability is amazing I have not had much problem with my Honda Civic. The comfort is great I can adjust the driver seat with ease. Both driver and passenger seats recline extremely far back which is awesome. Some of the features are push button start, blindside and backup camera, touch screen radio with Bluetooth.

- Ash C

Sleek and reliable two-door Civic is the best car I have owned.

The car has incredible gas mileage, which is great because I drive over 40 miles a day. I have never had an issue with the vehicle. The back up camera is smaller than in the newer models, but I actually find it to be in a better place. The speakers in the car are amazing as well. I have the coupe, and I do have one complaint about it: the doors are so large that upon opening my door to get out, I frequently hit the vehicle parked next to me. In addition, the doors do not stay open on their own because they are so heavy.

- Nicole H

The Honda Civic is awesome!

My car is great. I love the style, the dashboard is turned toward the driver to make it easier to use. The stereo is great. It is very reliable and gets awesome gas mileage in the city and highway. It has an econ feature to be more fuel efficient in the city. The only thing I dislike is that it does not have an engine temperature gauge so I don't have a warning if it will overheat. Also, the tire pressure sensor have gone off but the pressure was fine - I had to go to the dealer for them to turn it off.

- Susie J

Great mileage, smooth ride for such a small car, good power and handling.

I like how much power my car has, it's only a four cylinder but plenty of power for the size. I also like the way my car looks, it's a sedan but it still looks sporty. My car gets really good mileage and should last over 200,000 miles so I feel I made a very good investment. A couple of small dislikes, the paint job seems to be fading long before it should, and a small pin tailed in my gas door so it doesn't stay closed all the way. I've had a lot of trouble finding a replacement for this part.

- Rachel J

Fantastic car. The extras, like Audio display and connections are great.

It is reliable, easy to maintain, inexpensive, nice ride, spacious. Having had mine for 4 years, I haven't had to put any money into it except regular oil changes and tire rotations, etc. It comfortably fits 5 people and the trunk is extremely spacious. For example, my trunk fit a kids train table with room to spare. I have never been in an accident with this car thank goodness but its safety rankings are terrific. I personally will not drive anything but a Honda. I am very happy with the car.

- Suzanne O

it has excellent fuel mileage and has a lot of trunk storage.

it is a manual transmission. i love that it has great fuel mileage, and i only have to fill up with fuel every two to three weeks. i like the simple yet cool design of the vehicle and that it is a four door so i can fit others in the vehicle for a trip. i dislike the plastic trim guards around the side of the windows because they fade too easily. the vehicle is also a base model civic so it has hubcaps and the finish wears off very easily. other than that i absolutely love this vehicle.

- amanda g

Car does not meet expectations.

The car is very unreliable in winter weather. The wheels continue to skid when the road is icy or wet from the rain. The break needs to be pressed really hard for the car to come to a complete stop. The car is not successful at blocking out outside sounds, so it is quite distracting when you drive on the highway. The Bluetooth works great and immediately starts playing songs once the phone is in the car. Overall, I cannot wait until the lease is up so I can get a different car model.

- Joyce K

Exterior style, great touch screen functions.

Terrific mileage, easy to drive and move in and out of places. Very reliable, I have never had a problem with it. The only two things that bother me about this car is one, when you drop anything under the seats, the only way to get it out is by going to the back & teaching from there. The other thing that I dislike is the seat material, it is extremely hard to get the seats clean and if you do get them clean and stain free it takes all day. Other than that, I am very satisfied.

- Amanda B

Excellent, Dependable Vehicle. Smooth riding, good on gas mileage, has excellent up-to-date computerized features.

My Honda Civic is a two door hatchback, the trunk space is excellent. I would prefer four doors mainly because of my age. It is a very smooth riding car and extremely comfortable to drive. It has a straight back up camera, which I do like , but I now know they make The Back-up Camera with more than just straight back... it has sides Etc- which would be nice so you don't have to still constantly be looking around. Mechanically, I couldn't ask for a better dependable car.

- Mary M

Summary of how amazing my car is.

There are no problems with my vehicle. The battery needed to be replaced once. That was normal because it was bought pre-owned. My vehicle is reliable because it gets me places without any issues. My car is comfortable because the leather seats are comfortable. The features are really cool. My car does not have GPS but I can use my phone for GPS if I wanted to. The performance of my car is amazing because of how it drives. It drives smooth and it has amazing tires.

- Julie G

The car is amazing to drive and a great compact car. Always reliable.

Driving a Honda, you will always expect you car to run perfectly. This is the case with the Civic. The car is 100% reliable. For its price, the comfort and features are great. The technology in the car is perfect. The blind spot camera and backup camera is excellent. It will prevent you from going back to driving a car without these features. The car is spacious enough, but do not expect to drive comfortably with 5 full adults as the rear seats are a bit tight.

- Aaron G

The 2014 Honda Civic base model is a reliable car with great gas mileage!

My vehicle is a manual transmission which I love. It is the base model of the Honda Civic series and I have added aftermarket roof-racks. These make it very useful. It is comfortable on long trips and has cruise control. I also like the AUX, bluetooth, and USB connection options. However, occasionally it has some software issues and screens/phone services get messed up. These are easily resolved with a restart of the car but I wish they didn't happen at all.

- David M

Ready to Drive this Honda as Long as it Lasts!

It truly is the smoothest ride I've ever had in a "non-luxury" car. When the tires are at the proper air pressure, you feel like you're driving a Lexus. Easy to operate, very responsive steering wheel - I'd buy another Civic in a heartbeat. Having a car from '14 allows me to use an Aux cable or Bluetooth when I want to play music from my phone, and it's a Honda so I'll be able to hold onto it for at least 200k miles. Very happy with my purchase!

- Peter F

A Honda Civic is a cheap, reliable purchase that will keep you satisfied

My car is a beautiful white Civic - I love the way it looks! More than that though, it's the right size for me, as I never need to pack it too full and I rarely drive more than one other person. The gas mileage is great as well, which helps save me money, and I know that the car is going to last a long time - very minimal maintenance has been needed so far. My only complaints would be that I got my car used so it has some scrapes and stains.

- Edward D

It is a blast to drive I really enjoy the reliable of a Honda I trust them.

My car is very reliable gets great gas mileage and is fun to drive I would recommend it to whoever is looking for a new car so test drive a Honda they are reliable cars and trucks I have had no real problems since I owned the car just go for a test drive some afternoon. It is a comfortable car not a super small car it does fit two adults and three kids or four grown ups quite well. So go to your Honda dealer and test drive a Honda today.

- Susan M

Very good car for practical use and your drivers.

Very reliable and very comfortable. No issues with steering like my old car. Much more comfortable than the last few cars I have had. The material of the seats holds onto smells, so not good for people who like to smoke often. There are larger blind spots in the front than the other cars that I have driven, which is annoying going around curves and such. Has an emergency brake in the middle so my sister used it to take her drivers test.

- Erin P

This Honda civic is for everyone!

The 2014 Honda civic is fantastic! I love it cause it looks very modern, drives smooth and gets great gas mileage(especially in the econ mode). The ex-l looks very nice and feels luxurious for the interior even for a Honda. The touch screen makes it way more easy to see the backup camera and the side view camera. I just love it and everyone who gets in it loves it too and wants one after they've been in mine. Good job and thanks Honda!

- Ko X

Stylish, reliable, and great on gas.

I absolutely love my Honda civic. It is one of the most reliable cars out on the market, and I have never had any big issues. It is comfortable, stylish, and great on gas. The only issue I am currently having is with the tire pressure sensors which is only a small annoyance. I love that my phone connects to Bluetooth so I can make hands free calls and listen to music on my phone. I will not drive anything other than a Honda!

- Katie H

Honda Civic: A Practical Car for All Users

My Honda Civic is such a user friendly car. It provides all the features I need to make my driving experience nice and easy. It has a right blind-spot camera and a rear view camera. The trunk is very large for me to fit my tennis gear and other equipment and the back seat is comfortable for my passengers. The car is extremely practical if you are someone who does not want fancy cars and just wants to get from point A to B.

- John S

Facts about my 2014 Honda civic.

I love this car. It is very reliable, very good on gas, and it is a very pretty color. If there was ever an accident I would feel very secure due to all the airbags around. As very reasonable trunk space. The air conditioner works very well. The cruise control is amazing. It even has a eco mode. It has a CD player or auxiliary or Bluetooth. You can make phone calls in this car. It is just a very reliable trustworthy car.

- Haley L

Honda Civic. . Smart reliable. Holds its value.

Very reliable. It has never broken down. I love Honda. This was my first new car and very nice addition. I drive thousands and thousand of miles a year. I have had a couple problems with air leaking on a tire due to a rim leak. But otherwise I love it. I wish it had a little more storage for my purse etc. But otherwise I highly recommend it. I love the new Civics. . At least the body as I have never driven one.

- Heather C

Gas mileage and the car displays how to improve it.

The Honda Civic is a 4dr sedan. It has many features that are desirable to a person who uses their car every day. The seats are comfortable and come factory with seat heaters. The car is equipped with a backup camera that assists in parking and day to day use. The a/c is another thing about the Honda Civic that puts it above other cars. It is all around a safe and comfortable commute to anywhere you're going.

- Cameron K

Has the econ button so it helps you save gas by the mile when driving for long.

I absolutely love my 2014 Honda Civic! The price I got it for was awesome and the guy I bought it from was helpful and friendly. I recommend this car to others because it is awesome on gas and has great pick up. It is a perfect car if you live in the city or even if somewhere where you drive long distances. I drove from upstate NY to Charleston SC (14 hour drive) and I filled up my tank twice the whole trip!

- Abbey M

Dependable. Lasts longer than a lot of other makes.

I have driven mostly Honda's in my lifetime that I have been driving. This would be my second Honda Civic. Always dependable and lasts way longer than other makes. Price is always reasonable and that are the two top reasons why my family chose the Honda Civic. Dependable and affordable. I would love a bigger and more spacious car in the very near future but for now and until then this car is great!

- Joy T

Reliable quality and a solid drive.

I love the steering on my Honda Civic - it navigates really well. I also enjoy the camera on the right-side mirror (wish there was one on the left too) as well as the rearview camera. The seats are adjusted manually, which seems a bit odd considering this is not a base model. Also, the acceleration is quite slow and could be improved. Otherwise, I love the Bluetooth and overall way the car drives.

- Kelly R

The best thing about my car would be the nice cross between sporty and efficiency it has a lil bit of a get up and go to while still getting great gas mileage

The car has great gas mileage which is a great plus I barely ever have to stop to get gas. My car also is a coupe so it has a somewhat sporty look to it which is nice. The interior of the vehicle is nice on the eyes, but the electronic dash could be a little more user friendly. The backup camera is kinda eh it's almost unusable when its really bright outside and the back has lots of blind spots.

- Anthony P

The Honda Civic is a great car!

Honda Civic is an overall great car especially for daily functions like driving to and from work. The Bluetooth technology and touchscreen interface is very helpful when making calls and listening to music. The Honda Civic is top picked for safety and comfort and it also drives well. However, if you are looking for a powerful car with high horsepower, it may not be the right choice for you.

- Rita S

My vehicle is a great family vehicle with lots of room and great mileage.

I don't really have any problems out of my car other than needing oil changes. It performs very well and is great on gas. My car is very reliable and it has technology to let you know exactly what is wrong with the car and exactly when and what needs to be serviced. It is a very comfortable car and it is actually pretty roomy. It comes with an econ button that helps get better gas mileage.

- Shayla C

Honda Civic-good, solid, reasonably priced.

Good gas mileage, pretty reliable. Haven't had any service issues other than the tire pressure sensor which still misfires on occasion-I really do not like that you do not know which tire it is. Reasonably comfortable for a small car. The backup camera is subpar. It is sometimes hard to see when changing lanes. I still like Honda but do not feel they are quite as well built as in the past.

- Carolyn P

Reliability and highest resale value / depreciation as long as you put the time into taking care of your vehicle as the investment that it is

I love my Honda Civic. I've owned many makes models of cars suvs and trucks . But my last three cars have been Honda Accord 2004 Honda Civic 2010 and my current car 2014 Honda Civic. Great cars stock options get better every year . Great gas mileage cheap to up keep and maintain . And have less overall problems requiring fixes with all of my Honda's compared to all other vehicles I've had

- Rob R

Reliable & sturdy 2014 Honda Civic.

The 2014 Honda Civic has been reliable and maintenance costs have been low, but mpg has been much lower than past Hondas I have owned. The backup camera and Bluetooth features come standard, even in the base model, and I have come to rely heavily on both of those after driving this car. In my experience, this car is very sturdy. It has survived 3 not at fault accidents and kept me safe!

- Meghan H

It's reliable, a smooth ride, and looks sharp. It is the basic model and doesn't include a lot of extras.

It is a 2014 blue Honda Civic. It is 4 cylinder with a 1.8L engine. The seating is comfortable, but I wish the was lumbar support and the seating was a bit higher for better viewing through the windshield. It has Bluetooth connectivity, which is wonderful, a backup camera and trunk pop on the key. I wish there were vents and cup holders in the back, as well as, an additional DC outlet.

- Nicole H

Reliable, comfortable, if a bit cheap.

Runs smoothly, very reliable. I like that the back seat folds down, makes transporting large items easy. Bluetooth system works well. Interior is cheap plastic, though the upholstery is clean and comfortable. Transmission slipping here and there, despite being only four years old. Also some issues with the tire pressure monitoring system. Overall, a great car, if a bit cheaply made.

- Beth H

Great daily driver especially for a working mom.

I have really enjoyed my Honda Civic. It is fantastic on gas and makes a safe and reliable daily driver. I would definitely upgrade to the leather seats, or darker cloth seats especially of you have children. I have driven this car almost daily for three years and have enjoyed bit immensely. If you have more than one child it may be slightly on the small side for you.

- Carolyn K

Honda Civic: simple and efficient.

The car battery is currently having problems. However, other than that, the car has been quite reliable for the past 2 years or so, and has been a good car for my first car. The Bluetooth Audio feature is really convenient because I can receive and dial calls with no hands, and this is especially nice knowing that in Georgia, the no hands on phones law is now active.

- Jenny K

Perfect for students and commuters.

I needed a car that was affordable, reliable, and would fit my needs for a long time. I needed something that had relatively cheap maintenance and was gas efficient since I commute quite a bit. I decided a Civic was a good fit and so far my car payments, insurance, gas, and maintenance have been reasonable. I expect to keep this car through about 200k miles at least.

- Stephanie T

I love that for being a basic model car it has great pick up and is so spacious.

I love the gas mileage the Civic has and even though it is a basic model (lx) it still has everything that I need and does not look or act like a basic model car at all. The car drives like it is brand new and it is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. For being a smaller sedan it is very spacious and maintenance on it is cheap as well. I just love my Honda's!

- Tyler S

The Civic, is amazing and adorable!!

I love my Civic. It gets great gas mileage, and the car noise is very minimal. The speakers could use more bass but are overall excellent. The Bluetooth is very clear and it is so fun to drive. I feel good and it looks good. I wouldn't have picked anything else over this car. My last Honda lasted 18 long years and I am looking forward to many with this one as well.

- Lauren E

Great car and the price cannot be beat with all that it comes with.

No problems with this car, it has plenty of space for a single person, the reliability is high, I always feel safe and comfortable in this vehicle. Works great in all weather conditions. Interior finishes are very modern and clean. The technology is great. The buttons on the steering wheel that help with the volume and station are great. Awesome car all and all.

- Vanessa V

Honda with good performance but challenges with warning lights.

The car has recurring problems with warning lights - first tire pressure, now emissions. They come on without any problems actually existing. I like the size of the car, the Bluetooth, and the backup camera. The stereo is also very good. It drives well and has performed well on very long (cross-country) drives. Handles well in multiple weather conditions.

- Anita W

Great compact car for someone with no more than 1 passenger.

My car is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. The front seat is comfortable. I love the rear view camera. I will never have a car without one now. The only thing I do not like about the car is the lack of legroom in the back seat. There is none. No full grown adult can sit back there comfortably without making the people in the front uncomfortable.

- Jennifer C

The car has a nice sunroof, and a nice back up camera and a side camera.

My recently just bought a Honda civic coupe about a year and a half ago. I do love how reliable my car is, and how comfortable and smooth it is drives. The only concern I have with a coupe, is that it is hard to put the baby in the car and it is very unreliable for baby. Other than that, if it was just my husband and I than there would be no problems!!

- Rhonda L

That it has amazing gas mileage for being stick shift and using premium Gas. Plus the upkeep isn't too pricey for Honda's.

The major issue I have is the tire pressure sign always going on. This thing is so sensitive to heat or cold. Gas is pretty good on this car, and maintenance isn't too pricey. What I would on is the speakers because since the day I bought my car brand new it will always have a static sound and the dealer time after time has told me this is normal.

- Tabitha R

Great comfort, reliable car, decent MPG (by American standards)

I like the luxury and space, and comfort of this car, compared to my previous. The trunk is large and passengers have plenty of legroom. I do NOT like It's relative gas inefficiency. Each car in the U.S. that I've bought has gotten worse - we should all be up to 40-50 MPG non-hybrid. This is what I got in the 90s with Civic CX. How, much worse.

- lynn s

It is safe and reliable and moves well.

I love the vehicle- it is sleek and compact but it also feels roomy and as if it has enough space. My only complaint would be the acceleration rate is not the best but it is nice that it has the eco-mode option. I also don't like that there is no volume turner- only the touch screen button or steering wheel feature. Overall, amazing, reliable car!

- Ari P

Honda Civic product review.

Amazing gas mileage, comfortable interior and amazing vehicle for long commutes. Little to no service has been done on it in four years and it still runs beautifully. It has a camera for backing out that makes avoiding objects while doing so super easy. It has an econ mode that when toggled allows you to make long trips without using a lot of gas.

- Diana D

The backup light. The right turn light.

My Honda is a great vehicle. I love to right turn signal camera. My vehicle handles great in the snow. I am happy with it. When I give someone a ride they always compliment me on the lighted dashboard. I love the backup camera as well. I also get excellent gas mileage with this vehicle. I also notice since I bought this car I see them everywhere.

- Christine E

Super smooth. Plenty of power for both in town and freeway.

I have never had any problems with my vehicle. It rides very comfortable, no noise and very easy on gas getting a average of 35-38 miles per gallon of gas. My vehicle has power leather seats which are very comfortable and so easy to adjust. My vehicle is a excellent for both in town and freeway with plenty of power especially for the freeway.

- Marvin L C

A lot of car for not a lot of cash

Extremely reliable, maintenance costs are reasonable. EX trim level adds nice rims, blind spot camera, premium audio, sunroof and touch screen. The CVT transmission is kind of wonky, sometimes it doesn't accelerate as smoothly or quickly as you would like, suddenly revs up on hills etc. But overall, good value and premium feel for the money.

- Ned D

Great vehicle for teens: stylish and safe.

My vehicle is functional, practical, and safe. It has many features, such as the rearview camera and ecoboost, that I utilize when I drive. The gas mileage is really good. Not only its it a safe vehicle, but it is stylish too. Perfect for teens as a first car. The security features can be tricky, so be sure to read about them in the manual.

- Lauren C

Traveling in a Honda Civic.

My vehicle has 80000 miles on it and so far I have only had to do routine maintenance. I just discovered the driver's seat elevates which helps me as I am a shorter individual. It handles great in the winter. I have driven cross country with it once and another 900 mile trip with no hotel stays. I slept in the car and I was comfortable.

- Cara M

If you are questioning buying this car, it is so worth it.

This car is so reliable. The gas mileage is awesome (from what I have had in the past) at 35 mpg highway. It is easily serviced anywhere, has not had any recalls, and is great for starting a family. I have enough trunk space and the inside is incredibly roomy for passengers. I am very pleased with my decision to purchase this vehicle.

- Kate M

Honda is a great starter car.

The car has good gas mileage. The features are somewhat limited. It has a sunroof and rear and side camera views. The car has touchscreen radio and Bluetooth capability. The car is not for you if you seek speed. The handling is great when it does get up to speed. The styles have sleek finishes, such as the stylish rims and trims.

- Sally C

Excellent vehicle. Especially if it is your first car.

The car is exceptional and really good for people if it is their first car. Love the controls on the steering wheel and it is easily maneuverable. The look is great and it is a good size when it comes to compact parking and parallel parking. I took my drivers exam in this vehicle and passed with flying colors. Highly recommend.

- Brit C

A leaky and smoky car that barely drives.

I have been told the car has a leaking problem that would have e cost four thousand to fix. Because of it the heater smells and sometimes smokes as well as the hood of the car smokes. Unfortunately I cannot afford to fix it or get a new car so I am just driving it until it dies and hopefully by then I can afford something else.

- Karen M

Honda Civic - good fit for first time buyer.

I love my Honda Civic. It is very spacious and the mileage is excellent. I need to do minimum servicing but still it runs very smooth. On the down side, the pick up should, be little better. Apart from that everything is good. I would like to recommend this vehicle to all people who are buying their vehicle for the first time.

- Navin S

Reliable good looking Honda Civic.

Reliable and a great ride. Good amenities. Backup camera Bluetooth and others. Hondas always last. Gave my last away with over 200, 000 miles. Looks great and plenty of space. Reasonable maintenance costs and repairs. They are getting expensive but I feel they are worth the money. Only downside. Are cloth seats stain easily.

- Diane S

Great miles per gallon efficient car y.

Very good reliable car so far 50, 000 miles no problems great gas mileage 30 mpg sometimes. Love my car coupe 2 dr is a little annoying with the 2 doors I am a bigger guy but other than that I love it just wish I would've gotten a four door. . . Only complaint is the doors are hard to keep open sometimes they close on you.

- James C

It's a great price for a reliable, timeless car that has high resale potential.

I love that it's the first car I bought new and on my own--it was cheap enough I could afford it and reliable enough that I know I can use it for a decade or more before selling it to another person for a good price. It looks more "timeless" so I don't have to worry if I keep it for a while nor is maintenance a big deal.

- Brian D

It has great gas mileage.

The car has been very reliable and gets very good gas mileage. Maintenance is cheap and it does not take long at all. I have had zero problems with this car and would recommend it to anybody looking for a relatively cheap, reliable, powerful car that will easily get you to point A to point B for the lowest cost possible.

- Marina O

Honda Civic review - excellent small class vehicle.

Nice basic transportation with great gas mileage and solid performance. The maintenance aspect of the car have also been great with no issues encountered. Only have had to conduct routine maintenance. The car has the basic features needed and provides reasonable comfort. It is enjoyable to drive and handles really well.

- Bob R

2014 Honda Civic is the best car for college students.

There are major problems with m car just the occasional flat tire. The performance is good for me because I need a car that can I take to school and to work. It's the right car for me. The comfort is great for me it's not a big nor small car right in the middle. And my favorite part of my car is that I can play music.

- Kelly A

A summary of my Honda Civic and all of the great features about the vehicle.

No issues so far great gas mileage very reliable would recommend this car to anyone Honda is a great brand of car and they last forever. Highway mpg is great I average 34 miles to the gallon which means less trips to the gas station. This is the third Honda that I have owned and I have no complaints about any of them.

- Beth F

Perfect, everyday car that will last you for years to come!

The vehicle and all of it is features are extremely reliable, modern yet easy to use. Sometimes when there is a new iPhone update, the phone will have a hard time pairing on the wireless. With time, the driving or ride in the vehicle has become less smooth but maintenance is rather easy. It also saves a lot of gas.

- Amy A

Sporty, fun, dependable coupe

It has a lot of good tech features, drives smoothly (I really like the CVT transmission, especially compared to the standard automatic on the Civics of that age), is comfortable, and looks great. My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to be as robust (things fail faster) than in the 2004 Civic I had years ago.

- Alexandra H

2014 Honda Civic great car.

I constantly get over 24 mpg in this car. It is a very smooth ride and I love the acceleration. The Bluetooth that my car has comes in very handy. I have had this car for three years and never had any problems with it. I have been in two accidents with this car and after repairs, it drives as if it were a new car.

- Ashley E

Reliability personified. Whether it is performance or reliability. . . I love it.

I have not had any performance or maintenance problems with my vehicle. It has been very reliable. I drive almost entirely on the highway, to and from work. 70 miles a day. One fill up does it for those 5 days. It has a camera that activates when in reverse. There is nothing about this vehicle that I do not like.

- Edward S

Love the ecoboost feature which helps me save so much on gas.

Love how smooth of a rides she is. Handles and steers incredibly well. I've never been able to parallel park a car so easily in my life lol I do miss the gas countdown gage on my sentra though. It would count down from 50 miles down so you know exactly how much gas you have. Luckily I haven't run out of gas yet!

- Kerry S

Back seat not wide enough for two baby seats and a booster, only 2.

Keep having tires low on air. Bluetooth no longer syncs with certain phones that are okay syncing in other cars. Good gas mileage because its a hybrid but does not need a charging station. I wish the car were wider so three baby seats would fit, but I also wish it were narrower to fit in more city parking spots.

- Beverly N

The slickest car on the block.

The only problem I have had with my car is that the censor for the tire pressure has malfunctioned. In both my 2012 and my current 2014, the censor has gone out and has had to be reset at a car dealership both times. I find that the car is fairly comfortable, and most people can fit in the backseat comfortably.

- Morgan L

Blue 2-door Honda 2014 Civic lx.

No problems have occurred in the 4 years that I have owned it. Honda is a very reliable company. My Civic lx runs smoothly and the seat can raise up and down which allows short people, such as myself, to be able to see over the dash. There is a backup camera that can see behind vehicles next to you when parked.

- Julianne S

It's a great car for someone who wants good mileage and reliable transportation.

I have the LX edition of my version and I really enjoy all of the advanced technology in my vehicle. I have touch screen controls, Bluetooth and so much more! I even have a wallpaper on my screen. I really feel comfortable in my car and can rely on it to get me everywhere. It starts quietly and runs very well.

- Megan L

Great reliability, features, not ideal for family!

It is a nice commute car, gets you from point A to B. It is reliable. I just wish it was a bigger car. Not ideal for a family. It is excellent on gas, saves money at the tank! Not too much maintenance needing to be done. I think it is a great value. Not comfortable for a family of 3/4. Love the reverse camera!

- Marissa C

One thing I would tell others is that it is a reliable car.

I like the comfort of knowing I'm driving a reliable vehicle. It has a lot of bonus features and perks such as Bluetooth, backup camera and good gas mileage. There aren't any complaints I can offer, other than seeing new cars with features that weren't out when I bought my car that makes me a little jealous!

- R P

Comfortable, reliable car you can depend on!

There are no problems with the vehicle. Four years in and we haven't had to repair a thing. It is super reliable, good in bad weather, and has made it cross country twice with no problems. Comfortable enough but definitely not luxury. I love that it has gas saving options and never costs more than $30 a tank.

- Caitlin C

It is very comfortable. Honda makes a super reliable and easy to maintain vehicle. Would certainly recommend or buy again.

It is not as fast as I would like it to be. I also wished that it would get more mpg compared to what is currently on the market or at least for a better, cheaper, or more economical method of transportation to become available. Sadly electric / renewable transportation has not quite yet become common place.

- nino r

Perfect first car, reliable.

My favorite features include the easy access Bluetooth for my phone (and anyone else in the car), the notices regarding car maintenance, and the driver oriented display. The only adjustments I would made would be specific to my year of the car. The Audio system feels outdated but I still love its simplicity.

- Molly Q

Sporty looking miter. Comfortable ride.

It is nice ride, comfortable, smooth, economic, nice accessories. Nice looking car. Good suspensions. Minor problem. Oil change cost double than my old car, however I only need to go once a six month the instead of three month. Interior is nice, grey/black color. Like view of meter, nice and clear to see.

- Akiko W

Extremely modernized features with no problems!

The car’s performance is excellent! It comes with features the eco-friendly and the drive is extremely smooth. It is pretty advanced for a decent price, such as Bluetooth connection and hands free calling. The interior of the tends to be a bit tight, but other than that, I am experiencing no problems.

- Linda H

The Honda Civic drives smoothly.

The Honda Civic is a remarkable car with a backup camera as well as side cameras. The seats are comfortable and you can listen to your music via Bluetooth. You can also select radio stations near you by music type. In addition, the Civic is easy to drive and safe. I haven't been let down by this car yet.

- Sara B

Honda Civic the modern family car.

I like the modern features it has and the sleek interior it has. I also like how it is digital so the speed and all of that is digital. I also like how it can tell you everything wrong with the car on a list and alert you. I do not like how sometimes the Bluetooth will not work sometimes it is a hassle.

- Mau S

All features in the car are easy to use and it is comfortable and roomy.

My car is used but it runs smooth it's comfortable. Haven't had any major problems with it. Its small but still spacious enough for a small family. Looks simple and decent on the outside but is a really good car to have even now. The trunk is bigger than you think. The radio is loud and easy to control.

- Angelica G

Honda civic - reliable and comfortable car.

My car is very comfortable and reliable car. I have not witnessed any issues or problems with it personally. It has proven to be very reliable so far. I have taken it out of state and it has been very good on gas and maintains good mileage on the interstate. The Bluetooth radio is an excellent feature.

- Hayley J

Good old reliable Civic - safe and efficient.

I love my Honda Civic, it is the 3rd Civic I have owned in a row. Incredibly reliable, it gets around 37 mpg on mostly highway driving. It is a fairly smooth ride and the Civic usually gets one of the highest safety ratings from consumers reports. It is also very roomy considering the size of the car.

- Ton F

2014 Honda Civic is a great car.

I really love my car. Any problems I have had have been user error. The speakers are really nice, and for a small car, there's lots of legroom. It also runs really well in snow for a smaller vehicle. I have had this car at college for the past couple of years and it does all the running I need it to.

- Rachel H

Charcoal in color like osu buckeyes!

My car gets good gas mileage, has four doors, comfortable to ride in, nice look, cost effective, easy to clean, environmentally safe, easy to maintain, close to service center, easy to get appointment for servicing, car rides smoothly, it has Bluetooth, back seat goes down, and I really like my car!

- Kathy E

Car came with ecoboost. I have had it on constantly since 2014.

I have had it for 5 years and it is extremely reliable. No internal issues, only the routine oil, tries and ac refill. I tend to have blind spots when looking towards the front to my left or right with the way the side window panels are designed. Very gas efficient when the eco button is pushed on.

- Shirley B

Excellent mpg, highly recommend this for any drive, long or short.

Like the size as I am a short person. Love the gas mileage, especially with the eco save button. Like that I can see the dashboard easily. Two complaints, 1) the pickup/acceleration could be slightly improved, and 2) would like an automatic seat mover versus moving the base of the seat manually.

- CC K

Best small car you can drive.

I love my Honda Civic! In 3 years, I have only had to keep up general maintenance on it and have not had any major issues. It also gets excellent gas mileage. Although small on the outside, it is roomy and comfortable on the inside. I will definitely be purchasing another Honda when the time comes.

- Jenna W

It is great on gas and very easy to drive.

The 2014 Honda Civic is a very reliable car! It is great on gas and is very comfortable. It has Bluetooth and CD. It also has a backup camera so you can see behind you and your blind spot! The Honda Civic also has a sunroof, which is also a nice touch. I have never had any problems with this car.

- Kayla M

It is a very reliable car and will get you to where you need to go.

Its a 5 speed manual, with a 1. 8 liter, 4 cylinder engine. It's a Civic lx, a base model. It has been nothing but reliable in the two years that I have owned it. The only problem I have had with it was the battery. Right after I bought the vehicle. I replaced it and have not had a problem since.

- Caitlin B

Safe, reliable car that is great for an individual or family.

The Honda Civic is reliable, safe, and easy to navigate. It is sleek looking, and a stylish everyday car. I have not had any mechanical problems, however if I did, there is a fantastic warranty to make sure that it continues to operate at maximum capacity. I am extremely satisfied with the car.

- Hannah G

Wonderful car gets the job done.

No problems. Works well very reliable and comfort level is high. Its white with leather seats. Everything about it is very fantastic. Gets me from point A to point B. Not really sure what else to say about it. Other than it's a really good vehicle. New rims and tires it hasn't had any problems.

- Andrew L

It's reliability. This car has proven to be very reliable in my frequent travels.

I enjoy the safety and reliability of this car. If problems do arise I usually have no problems finding a mechanic that is familiar with this model of car. With it being an "older" vehicle I do dislike the lack of technology included in it. Being able to connect my phone would be very helpful.

- Lindsey F

Rear camera has saved many a fast car.

Great gas mileage, good acceleration, beautiful exterior, pretty interior, only regret wish I had leather seats, instead of fabric, love excellent sound system, both radio & Bluetooth, huge trunk space. Love rear camera, and all the safety features. Gorgeous paint exterior and car lines.

- Mary R

Honda Civic built for life.

No problems. It is very reliable. I have had no major issues just regular yearly maintenance. Drives well and has decent space. Works well for a single person or with kids. Enough space for family of 3. Only issue is doors are very heavy so when parked on incline they close on you and hurts.

- Tamara H

Honda civic review - a great car.

The car gets pretty good gas mileage. I like the phone connectivity. The steering controls for radio, phone are helpful. It is compact, yet has a lot of room to store and carry things. The maintenance minders are helpful because then I can call and get pricing and time estimates for service.

- Jennifer A

Great gas mileage and I love the max ac when it is super hot.

Really easy to drive ac super cold and the back up camera is amazing. I love the sound system and the ability to turn the radio up and down on my steering wheel is so handy. Gas mileage is wonderful as I have a 30 minute commute daily to work. Great car for a family or single person like me.

- Vicki L

Reliable car, keeps going and going and going.

Its reliability is really good it is a Honda. It can get up and go and brake really easy and quick. It is not too big or too small, can hold 5 people, and there's not really any blind spots to see behind you. I got it used three years old but it is still going and I got it with low mileage.

- Cinnamon S

It's very okay not great not terrible, good value.

Good gas mileage and low maintenance cost. Easy to take care of. Gets slightly uncomfortable after awhile. Need something with 4 wheel drive though. The car has high mileage and will run forever. The coupe version is perfect for a high school driver or college student. Small and convenient.

- Conor G

Decent little car, I enjoy it.

Good gas mileage, pretty good handling, poor turning radius, too many blind spots. But it is very comfortable and I enjoy the sun roof to let air in. It is small enough to park in most spaces. There's a decent sound system and I enjoy the feature showing me my gas mileage and remaining gas.

- Peter B

It is a very popular car in my area, I know many other people who drive them.

I love my car but the sensor for my tire pressure is broken and no longer works accurately. Whenever I get in the car, I get notified that my tire pressure is low, even if it is not. I had this problem fixed once at the dealership and it stopped for a brief period but soon happened again.

- Tim S

The great travel car for everyone!

It is good on gas and has great performance in the rain and snow. Looks good and is easy to drive. Would make a wonderful family car and my dogs love going for a ride. He trunk is large enough to load several large suitcases and I have driven it from Florida to Canada without any issues.

- Gin B

Ny vehicle is a quick car especially if you like the go cart feel.

Its fast but small so people seem to hit it often, which sucks. Its low to the ground so you feel like your hitting ever bump, speed is decent. And it's very reliable. The gas runs out pretty quick because the tank is small but cheap to fill up. Seats are hard, and air bags had a defect.

- Tara W

Great car with money-saving features.

Great gas mileage. Very quiet engine. Good turn radius. Gains speed nicely - good for interstate driving. Love the backup camera. Small but big enough for comfort and transporting groceries, etc. Only complaint has been the battery - had two dead batteries within just a few months.

- Michelle H

Enjoy driving this car. The sunroof feature is great.

This vehicle gets good gas mileage, runs smooth. Some of the maintenance reminders are great. To reset maintenance reminders or other error messages is not user friendly, usually have to check the manual to figure out. How to do things. Upholstery is light color and shows stains easily.

- Denise C

Honda civic, one of the best.

A full tank of gas goes a very long way and to fill up its very affordable. The car will tell you when it is due for maintenance or something is wrong. It is spacious inside. The trunk space is large. The rear view camera is amazing. It is compact so easy to fit in tight parking spaces.

- Marina V

It is very reliable and comfortable to drive.

I love my Honda Civic. It is easy to drive and very reliable. I am pretty short, and I love how the seat is completely adjustable to my height. I just wish it had a backup camera, but I can do without it I guess. It has good pick-up. So far, I have not had a single problem with my car.

- Joan D

My 2014 Civic lx could have more sound isolation, the cabin could be more quiet.

I love my Civic lx. It is reliable, comfortable, and has great handling. The requirement of full synthetic oil change is a problem for me on a fixed income, the Civic is a wonderful vehicle. It is the epitome of reliable basic transportation. I get 33 mpg combined. On average daily.

- Michael S

The car is amazing and worth the money.

The back up camera is really nice. The side cameras are really nice. The mileage on the car is great. It accelerates really fast and the seats are comfortable. The stereo system is really nice and loud. The sun roof is really nice it gives a lot of extra light and air into the car.

- Katherine G

20 14 Honda Civic - owner review.

Car is economical to operate. Handles well and acceleration is fine in highway driving. The passenger seat is comfortable when driving but is difficult to get in and out. Ergonomics are not well thought out. Radio for example is unusual with changing stations and volume control.

- Alex B

My Honda CR-V is reliable, gas efficient and compact.

I like my Honda CR-V because of its compact size. It sits higher than a car but lower than a big truck. I am only 5’1 so it is the perfect size for me. I also love the gas mileage that I get on the road. I currently have 81, 000 miles and have not needed a lot of maintenance.

- Monica S

I am not edmunds, I do not do reviews.

It is my daily driver, not much more to tell, I got it because it is a Honda, gets good mileage, is reliable, etc. My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died! Land of the pilgrim's pride! From every mountainside, let freedom ring!

- Paul C

Good, reliable vehicle when on a budget.

Car is very reliable and has very good gas mileage. The parts are cheap so having to have something fixed is not as costly compared to other brands. My only gripe is that the tire pressure warning always comes on randomly. Seems to happen a lot after I come back from a repair.

- Ralph M

It gets good gas mileage.

I have a Honda Civic sedan which is a really nice vehicle for fuel economy and commuting. In general, the cost of ownership has been really reasonable. The Civic has been reliable with no problems or issues. While a basic car, it still feels well made and comfortable to drive.

- Bob R

She is a beaut! She looks very sleek and stylish!!

I have not had any problems. It is very comfortable, looks very nice, others say that it is very nice looking. The features include a sunroof, heated seats, and Bluetooth. Having the heated seats is a very nice feature, especially in the winter months since it gets very cold.

- Jamie K

Easy to drive and fuel efficient.

Saves on gas, easy to drive. Small and easy to park in crowded places. Does not cost much to own or maintain. A lot of people choose this car. I can drive it to different places and it saves on gas. It does not cost much up fill up a tank of gas compared to other bigger cars.

- Jessica H

Reliable. Runs well. Holds value.

Car rides very nice, gets excellent gas mileage. I have no complaints about the car other than the interior stains very easily. I have cleaned it numerous times and it never comes out. The car is extremely reliable and holds it is value. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Lyndsey C

It is reliable and safe. I've had this car for 5 years and have had no problems.

I love my Honda Civic coupe. It has an econ button which helps get me great miles per gallon. I only have to pay $20 bucks to fill my gas tank. It is a smooth riding car and has some great modern features such as a backup camera, Bluetooth compatibility and 2 USB connectors.

- Allie W

My Honda is what I want it to be.

It is really good I like the look of it and it has really a nice drive. I hardly have any mechanical issues with it and people say it looks nice. I also think it is really safe to drive as it has 4 airbags and has really good breaks. It is not too big but big enough for me.

- Sarah A

My Honda Civic: a true deerslayer.

I love my vehicle. I hit a deer in it one time and the deer slid across the road. I thought, surely there's quite a bit of damage to my poor little Honda. Checked it out and there wasn't a single dent on it! The only complaint I have is there is not room for all of my kids.

- Courtney P

An extremely dependable and sporty car

It is sporty, fast, reliable and fuel efficient. It has been more reliable than some upscale European cars I have driven in the past. It may not be as glamorous as a Mercedes or BMW, but it is a better and more affordable car. I would recommend a Honda to all my friends.

- Klaus U

Awesome car to drive! I love my Honda!

I love my Honda Civic! It is a 2014 and the color is charcoal. My car gets great mileage and drives smoothly. My Civic is very comfortable to drive and it has the added feature of Bluetooth. Such s great safety feature! I have a loan on my car. I will always drive a Honda!

- Kathy Essex E

Very comfortable and great.

I love this car. It is very comfortable and I have no problems with it at all it drives very smooth. They only problem I would say I have is its little for me because I just had an infant so it's a bit small but other than that I would say that it's a great car for anyone.

- Lauren R

Reliable and friendly Honda Civic.

I love this car because it has never given is not any major issues. It is reliable and I feel safe driving it. It is roomy on the inside but not bulky on the outside. It is also comfortable in the front and back. Seats. I do not have any major complaints about this car.

- Antoinette G

It gets great gas mileage. Even with city driving and my lead foot, a tank of gas can last me almost two weeks.

My vehicle is a black Honda civic. I love it because it gets good gas mileage, even with my lead foot. I have never had any maintenance problems with it. I wish it did have a little bit more space but right now my kids are small enough that they don't need much space.

- Wendy S

It is a 2-door car which is very sporty, but also modest.

My car is a coupe, which means that it has only 2 doors. Although I love the way the car looks and drives, it would be nice to have a 4-door. 4-doors are much more convenient for carrying items and other people. However, I love the color of my car and the extras inside.

- Danica S

It's very fuel efficient and worth the money since it is very reliable.

My car is very reliable, it gets great gas mileage around the city and don't have to pay a lot to fill up the tank either. It has lots of nice features like a rear camera and right hand turn camera. It's compact but also spacious. I haven't had any major issues with it.

- Roxanna A

Overall the car drives smooth and fast enough for saving time. Worth the money.

The tire pressure gives in fast for some reason, the handle on the car is accurate to its specifications, comfortable, not too small, and compact enough to squeeze through tougher places. The mpg is excellent for long distance as well especially when the economy is on.

- Jeremy B

It has heated leather seats.

My issues with my vehicle are the fact I have to manually reset my alerts such as check tire pressure and I feel as if I am filling my gas more often than my previous vehicle. Some of the settings such as the heat are a bit difficult to figure out how to work properly.

- Vivian G

2 major problems other than that a very good reliable car.

The only two major problems we had with the car are the blower motor went out only 3 years old and the tire pressure gauge kept going off constantly no matter if we put air in the tires or not. Other than that it is a very decent car. I would recommend it to everyone.

- Amber S

Great car, fully loaded and still affordable.

My Honda Civic is great. The design is cute, it drives really well and is really dependable. I haven't had any issues with it. There’s a reason you see so many Honda Civics' on the road, they're great cars. I would recommend this car to all of my friends and family.

- Dee R

Worth the money and saves on gas.

This Civic is so quiet, runs smooth, and has all the features I wanted including a sunroof. Love all the features! Car looks great! Very comfortable. Love the ability to see how I am driving with regards to fuel savings. Honda makes great cars - glad I chose this one.

- Dominique B

The gas mileage driving around the city is 30 miles per gallon.

I love my Honda Civic. The gas mileage is incredible! My Honda has cloth seats and is extremely easy to clean. I have a dog and the dog hair comes out pretty easily for short dog hair. The inside of the vehicle and trunk is spacious. Also, the maintenance is minimal.

- Hannah K

I loved the rally red color, it was bright and hot!

The buttons on the steering wheel wear off easily. The actual material on the steering wheel also peels off. The buttons off mine began to wear off immediately after two months of purchasing the vehicle. My steering wheel started to peel off after a year of purchase.

- Blanca L

It is fun to drive and gets good gas mileage.

I love that it has high gas mileage! Very reliable car and can use when going long distances (gas is pretty cheap too). There is Bluetooth connection for my phone and auxiliary cord if needed. The only thing I wish there was for my car is a sunroof and leather seats.

- Stephanie M

Love my pre owned 2014 Honda civic.

Great reliable car. Handles well. Great on back roads and highway. Leave eco option off when accelerating on to the highway. Good on gas mileage. Decent in mild snow, with better tires it may be even better. Dashboard lights lower when headlights go on. Not sure why.

- Jill R

It is a sedan I bought to replace the coupe I had.

It is super reliable and drives really well. I have had it for over a year now and I have never had any problems with it. I bought this to replace another Civic I had for 9 years and never had problems with that car either. Civics seem to be a really reliable model.

- Kay L

Great car for a small family.

Good on gas, love the sunroof, a little small on the inside if you ride with tall people. It has a comfortable ride. It was a lease trade in. Have not had any problems with the car. The trunk is a nice size for carrying luggage and other items. I really like my car.

- Karen K

Reverse backup camera and right side mirror camera.

I love the camera features and it is reliability in the snow. It is dependable and low maintenance as well. I also love the general look of this car. I feel safe when driving it. The only thing I do not like is it has a small gas tank so I need to refuel frequently.

- Nicole G

Great first car! Incredibly safe and affordable, and great gas mileage.

I love the fuel efficiency and how smooth it drives. It is usually pretty cheap to fill up. I do not like that there are no air vents in the back, so the air does not circulate as well in the back seats. Nice spacious trunk for traveling back and forth to college.

- Hannah B

Honda is the most commonly purchased brand and it shows! Best car I have owned.

Reliable and easy to drive. Very comfortable and sporty. I purchased this car when I was 18 because I needed a reliable car and I absolutely love driving my car. I plan to keep it as long as I can and maybe my kids will be able to enjoy it too. Honda is the best!

- Andrei H

Learn about the reliable Honda Civic.

I have only had it for about a year, but it seems to be a reliable vehicle. It is great on gas mileage, especially on the highway. It has side and rear view cameras, which I love. It also has a comfortable ride, though the seats could be a bit more comfortable.

- Nancy B

It is a great small car with more room that is appears to have!

My honda civic is the perfect size for my current family. I have a husband and two boxers. I love the technology in the car and it is easy to drive. I like the gas mileage. My only complaint is when you lay the seats down you have to move the middle seat belt.

- Gina L

Honda civic 2014 - what can we look forward to?

Features - rearview mirror, right side mirror . Comfort rating - 8/10 very comfortable . Reliability rating - 7/10 gets you where you want to go and is reliable. Performance - good. No breaking down. Problems - none except for mechanical ones (battery etc...).

- Vanessa C

Reliable, except back-up cam.

Drives well, good gas mileage, comfortable for its size. The backup camera went out on it shortly after purchase and no one's been able to fix it. I have been told that is just part of a common electrical issue with that year's model, but no solution offered.

- Amanda Z

I love the way my car drives front wheel drive of course but I love it.

The car is amazing just getting to small need something bigger. The color of the exterior is beautiful the screens inside the car are awesome they can be changed to preferences and the Bluetooth is outstanding could not be happier with my choice of vehicle.

- Felicia W

Honda Civic: most reliable car I have ever driven.

I have never had a single issue with my Honda Civic. It is always reliable and always performing marvelously on the road in terms of gas mileage and handling. The only thing to mention is that I do keep up with the manufacturers maintenance recommendations.

- Jeff C

Honda Civic for a teenage driver.

It is a sleek model with many features that help an inexperienced driver like me drive safely. I appreciate the feature that helps me stay in my lane and the emergency brake feature as well. Lastly, the sound system is really good as is the built in map.

- Miles K

Back-up camera: love the back-up camera!

I do not drive much so haven't really had many problems. But, it is very reliable. Love the rear back-up camera!! It is easy to park and back-up with the camera. Just wish it had more cameras in this model. It is roomy and the trunk is big for a small car.

- Connie H

It's the best bang for your buck! Honda civic lives up to its hype for delivering a car that will last for generations.

I love my Honda Civic. The car lives up to its reputation for its performance and economic value. Since I bought it, I have had to only bring it in for regular maintenance which is inexpensive. Also, the Honda customer service and service center is great.

- Prajwal S

Highly recommended to anyone looking to invest in a new vehicle.

The 2014 Honda Civic is the best car I have ever owned. It has great gas mileage on and off the highway, is very low maintenance, and very nice looking. I am a huge fan of the econ feature, which saves gas. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Allie D

Bev's Honda Civic hybrid at 80, 000 miles.

Hybrid gives great mileage. Lots of backseat room for baby seats and booster but 3 of them do not quite fit. The tires need to be aligned frequently. Having trouble keeping Bluetooth connected to phone. Glove compartment is not as big as I need it to be.

- Beverly N

The Honda Civic isn't just for practical reasons, it is sporty and fun to drive as well.

I love the way my Civic drives. I love the red option along with the two doors,which makes it look very sporty. I love the side and rear cameras. I don't like driving it in rainy, flooding weather because it is so low to the ground it is frightening!

- Christy S

My car is very dependable. I am happy of my purchase.

NO problems. I purchased it for the highway to commute to and from work 2 hours one way. I did it for nearly 3 yrs. I bought it brand new with 2 miles on the dash in 2014 now in 2018 it has nearly 200,000 miles. I've only had to change the headlights.

- Tee D

We can save you a lot of money and last a lifetime if you take care of this for door and spacious everyone should own one is better for economy

I love my Honda Civic because it's good on gas it looks great when I'm riding down the road and it's good for the con of me I love the fact that it has the Econ button also love the fact that it has a backup camera which is great when you're backing up

- Christopher S

The Honda civic has everything you would want in a first car.

I have never had any problems with my Honda civic. It is great with gas and gets about 30 miles a gallon which is wonderful. The drive is smooth and rides nicely. Many features such as a sunroof and Bluetooth connection. This car is affordable as well.

- Cameron K

Honda's are for me and everyone that ones a great car!

It is very easy to drive and has awesome mileage. Looks good and requires little maintenance. I have driven it up and down the east coast of the us with no problems. It fits 4 adults well including luggage. This is the fourth Honda Civic I have owned.

- Gin B

The most important thing about this car of mine is it runs good and has ac.

I like and I am thankful to have this car! I dislike it very much for it being too small. Not enough space for the kids! My complaint is that it is too small. Nevertheless, I am and will always be grateful to have a vehicle that has ac and runs well.

- Joy T

Very reliable and good technology.

I have a 2 hour round trip for work, 5 days a week but my car is so solid and reliable. Gas last longer than previous cars that I have had. Rarely ever needs work. The only thing i'd say is that I would like a bigger car since my family's growing.

- Ashley L

My civic gets really good gas mileage in the city and on the highway!

I love knowing I drive a safe brand of car. My car came with a back up camera standard, which was a huge selling point. I also love having a lot of room for a small car. I don't have any complaints - I can connect to bluetooth and it drives well.

- Kate P

The greatest thing about the 2014 Honda Civic is that it has a right side camera when switching lanes.

I like that the car has a backup rear camera, as well as a side camera to see my blind spots for the right lane. I like that it is reliable and does decently well on gas. I do not like the material of the seats and how little leg room there is.

- Jennifer N

Best feature are the cameras.

I love that it has side cameras which allows me to see my blind site. Only thing I would change about my car are the seats I would have preferred leather easier clean ups with children. Really good on gas and hardly had any problems with it.

- Miriam S

It's a great purchase and holds Its value

I love the backup and side view cameras. I also like the different types of audio cords you can plug in and multiple cup holders. It's nice to push start and key lock trunk. I wish it was a bit more spacious(not ideal for y'all individuals)

- Sarah Z

Economic and comfortable.

I love my Honda Civic. I get great gas mileage. It is comfortable and spacious for a compact. Outside of the preventative maintenance, the only thing I have had done is brakes and new tires. I currently have over 110, 000 miles on the car.

- Angie B

The most important thing about my car is its dependability.

My civic is dependable and has not had to have any work done on it other than standard servicing. It gets great gas mileage and rides very smoothly. Plus it has a surprising amount of legroom, which is a huge plus for a taller guy like me.

- Nick M

It's amazing on gas and feels good to drive.

I love my car because it has a backup camera and blind side camera. It also has a sunroof and touch screen display setting. Also, music is easily playable from it, which I love. Also, my car is good on gas. Problems, I have to pay for it.

- Matthew C

It drives very well and is very good on gas with good technology.

I love the way my vehicle drives and I like the technology that is included. It is comfortable and looks good both inside and out. It is also very good on gas and has an Eco mode to conserve even more. I don't think I have any complaints!

- Kaitlyn T

It is dependable and we have never had to have any work done on it.

I like how sporty it looks and I love how great it is on gas, I am now a mother, so it is extremely hard to get my child in and out of the car seat in the backseat because it is a 2 door car, so that is what I dislike most about the car.

- Destiny W

The car has a side camera which comes in very handy when changing lanes.

I like the technology in the car with the touch screen, side and rear view camera, Bluetooth, iPod playing capabilities, and the usb charging ports. I don't like that sometimes there's a delay on the side camera. I like my heated seats.

- Lynn A

The fuel economy is the best value for the size of the car.

The car has more room than you would expect from a smaller style vehicle. The fuel economy is fantastic! I would like a bit more trunk space for those bigger store runs. Overall it is a great car to own and very affordable to drive.

- Rachel D

The gas mileage is amazing.

I like how speedy it is and if it gets really great gas mileage. I do not like that it is such a small car, I feel like I am riding too close to the ground and it feels too small a vehicle to be comfortable when I drive in the winter.

- Jennifer H

It can last up to 300,000 miles!

I love the digital dash and the hands free connection. Although my car is almost 5 years old, it's still very up to date and relevant with technology. I only wish I waited a year to get the HR-V because the back seat could be roomier

- Crissa V

It is a reliable vehicle. Synthetic oil requirement is costly.

I like the handling, mpg, and the fact the controls are buttons and knobs which are easy to reached do not require as much attention as controls on a screen. Only dislikes are the ride could be smoother and cabin noise could be less.

- Mike R

2014 Honda Civics are reliable, sporty, and everything you need to get from point A to point B in safety and style.

2014 Honda Civics are great. Mine has more than 100,000 miles and is still going strong. I get compliments on its sporty style and color all the time. The digital display is sleek and the car really feels more expensive than it is.

- Lin H

My car may not have features exclusive to luxury kinds, but it is certainly a great vehicle for it's kind.

The car offers a wide arrange of features, ultimately refining it's integral structure and embellishing it's basic use as a car. Performance is as expected of a car of it's kind, with a great reliability for a day to day commute.

- Denisse R

Civic is a great car especially for commuting.

The pickup on the car is great. Unless you are an unusually tall person, the seats are very comfortable for driver and passengers alike. The car gets great gas mileage, I routinely get 37-38 mpg and I do mostly highway driving.

- Tom F

It gets good gas mileage while being big enough to carry passengers and/or stuff - not a mini-car.

It's very reliable, and gets good gas mileage. I like being able to track my mileage as I'm driving. It's comfortable, and has enough room for my needs. I like that it's a sedan, so people can be comfortable in the back seat.

- j l

Honda Civic: Great for all types of work commutes.

I have a Honda Civic sedan that has suited me very well in the past years. I have had two jobs in the past: one that required an hour commute and one that was materially shorter. The Civic handled both commutes very well.

- brian K

Fashionable fuel efficiency. Dependable, I always have a peace of mind while driving.

The car is very reliable, as you would expect from the Honda name. I've driven it over 140,000 miles and have no issues. I was never able to get the gas mileage advertised, which is disappointing. The car is comfortable.

- Kelly F

It gets good gas mileage, doesn't require as many maintenance services, and it drives well.

I absolutely loathe the tan cloth seats. My son was four when I got the car, and it looks like someone was murdered in the back they have stained so badly (despite using about 7 cans of scotchgard on it when it was new).

- haley h

My Honda civic is a great reliable car to use around my city.

I love my Honda civic. It has an economy option which cuts down on my gas usage. I only fill up once a week. I love the size of it, it has great trunk space. I also like the easy control buttons on the steering wheel

- Lindsay C

I absolutely love my Honda Civic

I absolutely love my Honda. It is very comfortable, even when I was pregnant I still was comfortable. It's not too big and has really great visibility! My sons car seat fits safely as well which was really important.

- Jennifer P

It has the economy ( green feature) which helps with gas

So far we really enjoy the car. The only thing is when we accelerate the gas, it gets kind of lazy. The car features like Bluetooth and how you can manage them through the steering wheel it's pretty good too.

- Sue F

Honda is one of the most reliable brands!

I have never had a single issue with my car. It runs beautifully and always gets me to where I need to be safely. It is comfortable and has many nice features. I have replaced the battery & tires. That is all!!

- Sarah S

Minor problem and all the great features

Only problem I've had is the tire pressure becoming low really quick but I fixed that. Love the features such as a bluetooth system and backing camera. The mileage is great and probably the best you can get.

- Deeksha B

It is a nice little car it gets me from point A to point B good gas mileage.

It has a back up camera which is really helpful. It has a great turning radius. It is nice and little to fit in small places. It can hold two full size car seats in the back seat. The trunk is pretty large.

- Brittany M

It's a safe car that's easy to drive and handles well in the winter. I've had no real issues with it in the past 4 years.

I like that it drives smoothly and is compact. I like the rear camera to help with backing up. I would like it to tell me more about my car- how much air is in each tire, more answers when a light comes on.

- Nicole C

I just need it to get around. I am not really vain about it, I just think it should have lasted better.

I dislike the paint they used, it chips easily. My car is not very old and it already looks like crap. I dislike the liners of the windows fall out, the black padded pieces. Everything seems cheaply made.

- Amber T

Reliable and safe vehicle!

I think this car is very comfortable - the seats and the sound system are great. It is not a luxury vehicle, but is very reliable and safe. I love Honda's and would continue to purchase them in the future.

- Katie B

It is stylish and economical to operate and maintain..

I like how easy it is to keep maintained. I also like that it gets really good gas mileage and takes lowest grade gas. It also has a good resale value. I really don't have any complaints or dislikes.

- Jaque B

Performance is great, never lets you down.

It is been almost 5 years since I got my car and I still love it. I haven't had any problems or breaks down other than changing the battery once in 4 years other than that it is just great in all ways.

- Edwin S

I can weave in and out of traffic on the freeway. I can ride the pedal all the way and if I have Bridgestone tires, no one can catch me.

The car could be crumbled in a wreck, yet it gets great fuel mileage. This car can beat a Camaro any day. It is the best and counting the words is cool as well. This is a better way of doing business.

- Michael S

Honda Civic 2014 review...

I drive a 2014 Honda Civic. It is a two door. I love the color and the interior. The only problem I have with it is that it is not a family friendly car. Other then that, it is very efficient on gas.

- Karen E

It is fancy for what it is.

The only thing I dislike about my vehicle is that it is not a manual car, and that it does not have heated seats. I like everything else. I love the sunroof, push to start, and touch screen interior.

- Shannon K

My Honda may not be my best buddy, but it is my only buddy.

I like my Honda Civic very much. I hit a deer with it 2ce, and I believe the vehicle brand and make saved me from having a serious accident. It saves me gas mileage. I do not have any complaints.

- Terri J

They should know it is a push start and the speedometer just shows numbers.

I like how it runs and drives very smooth but I do not like how small it is and the push start. I am also a big fan of the sunroof and I have a hug trunk. Looks very sleek on the outside as well.

- Elizabeth G

A civic is an excellent vehicle to own, as long as it is taken good care of and general maintenance is kept up-to-date.

My civic is a great car for commuting and is very dependable and durable. It has great gas mileage and I've had little to no problems. The only thing is I wish it had 4 doors and all wheel drive.

- Kevin M

I feel that my family and I are safe on the road.

I enjoy how it drives, I've never had any problems with the computer part of it and it is great on gas. The shape of the car is a little odd in my opinion but that's the only part I do not love.

- Sky T

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage. It's one of the best cars someone can get if they just need a car they can rely on.

It has been extremely reliable and I can offer no real complaints. I like the Bluetooth features and backup camera as bonus features. I also like the gas mileage and comfort I get driving it.

- Renee P

Honda Civic Coupe pros and cons

I have a Honda Civic coupe, which has its pros and cons. one of the pros is that it looks very sporty, but it makes parking difficult (passengers in the back will have a hard time getting out)

- Kyle E

The Civic is very reliable, provides ample leg room for front and back seat passengers.

This is the second Civic I have owned as they are reliable vehicles. I enjoy the additional safety features of the cameras and side airbags. The fuel efficiency is good, but could be better.

- Thomas T

2014 Honda Civic 4 door sedan

Great gas mileage, comfortable ride, do not like driving in rain due to compact size. It is a great commuter car and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an affordable vehicle.

- Lorinda R

It has good pick up and once up there your cruising.

I hate the sunroof. When the sunroof is open, It blows my hair. I also don't like the trend towards the very slanted windshields. I can't reach my dash. I do love the color and the wheels.

- Katie P

The mpg is exceptional with my engine package.

I love my car. I get great gas mileage, and it is just the right size for me. The only thing that could make me like it better is a few extra inches of space for leg room in the back seat.

- Suzan O

The car gets great gas mileage on the highway and the city

I love the gas mileage the car gets and the look. I don't like how the gas tank only holds ten gallons. Love the look of the interior and how all the screens and controls face the driver.

- Katie G

Honda Civic - an easy to care for car.

My Honda has been a very reliable car. I have owned it for it 4 years without any problems. It has only required retires and it's normal check-ups. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Sharon O

It is very basic, but that is just fine. I still like it.

My car is nothing fancy, but it gets me from point A to point B, which is all I'm really looking for in a car. I have no complaints, except that it doesn't handle super well in the snow.

- Hannah P

Gas efficient and comfortable.

This car is great, its fuel efficient, it's comfortable every this is automatic, the only problem is after some years the interior paint on the radio and window button tends to wear off.

- Jade D

Everything you want in one vehicle: great gas mileage, modern features, and practical price.

I love the technology features like Bluetooth and backup camera. I really love the great gas mileage. My only complaint is there seems to be a lot of road noise. But I still love my car!


Very reliable with good service records.

The fuel economy is great!! The dash is easy to read. I like the rear camera. It is comfortable to sit in. I like the floor and trunk liners. There is not anything that I really dislike.

- Jeanette D

The most important thing others should know about my car, is that Honda is a trusted brand.

Honda is a trusted brand. My car has proven to be very safe, and reliable. The build of my car is very appealing, in my opinion. There is absolutely nothing that I dislike about my car

- Angie K

The gas mileage is definitely a plus and one of my favorite features.

I love my Honda Civic for many reasons. It is reliable yet affordable. I get an average of 32 miles to a gallon and can easily fit my family of 5 for short trips or extended vacations.

- Candace W

Great vehicle for all your needs!

I love my Honda Civic! This vehicle has been reliable, predictable, and safe during my entire ownership. Aside from routine maintenance, I have not needed to do any work to the car.

- Katie N

It gets Great gas mileage and it is very roomy in all seats and the trunk

I like the great gas mileage, the color of the exterior and interior, and the roominess. I also like the trunk space and console design. I love my sunroof. There's nothing I dislike

- Katherine W

It has a side camera to use as you choose and when you make a right turn.

I like the gas mileage and dependability of the car. I like how it drives and the way the interior looks. It is easy to see out the back and I love the side camera and rear camera.

- Kim W

Great in gas. Economy friendly. Compact and maintenance is awesome.

I love my 2014 Honda Civic. It is reliable I have had no problems. As long as you keep up with your routine maintenance the car is awesome. It is excellent on gas. I love my car.

- Daly T

Gets great gas mileage!! You will absolutely love driving this car!

Love my honda civic, it drives very smooth, gets great gas mileage. It has a great turn radius and the back up camera is a great help when it comes to parallel parking downtown

- John W

I chose the design/colors and had it made for me.

I like my car because it is a gas saver at times. I dislike my car because it does not take off as fast as other cars. It gets me to where I am going and for that I am grateful.

- Lisa J

Sporty four door sedan that's fun to drive.

It's a treat to drive because it handles so well and accelerates quickly. Its dash is loaded with tons of technical goodness, but it's still easy to use and looks nice as well.

- Tucker Z

It's a great truck does everything a truck should do.

The vehicle is reliable. It has a rear camera to assist in backing out to avoid hitting other vehicles. The size of the vehicle is just right and is relatively simple to drive.

- Marisa K

Savings on gas. This hybrid is terrific on long trips and in the city.

Hybrid saves fuel. Comfortable and smooth drive are a real plus. Great handling compared our truck. Love the ease in turning capability easy to get in and out of tight spots.

- Penny M

2014 Civic LX is great and reliable

I have had my 2014 Civic for 2.5 years now and have had no problems with it. The gas mileage is great, it's comfortable, and always gets me where I need to go without issue.

- Jonathan L

The importance of the back up camera.

I like the ease of handling and the back up camera. I do not like the door design. The drivers side door often closes on my leg when I am trying to get in or out of the car.

- Robert P

It is reliable and safe, it has great pickup for a sedan.

My Civic is a 2014 black model. It is not upgraded, which I wish it was. I dislike the light color seats as it shows stains very easily. I love having the bluetooth though.

- Mckenzie S

It has excellent mileage, but doesn't do well in the wind.

I really like the blue color of my vehicle. I don't like that it doesn't have much space in it and that it doesn't do well in the wind, but it does get great gas mileage.

- Ashley P

The trunk has a plastic liner so if anything spills it won't ruin the upholstery.

I love the size and maneuverability - it's easy to whip into tight parking spaces and crowded suburban streets. I love the Bluetooth connectivity. I love the gas mileage.

- Kelli S

It has keyless ignition and you can set it on "economy" to save fuel.

Like gas mileage. Like how it handles. Like camera and audio system. Dislike the seats as they are not comfortable on longer trips and they are fabric that stains easily.

- Kari S

Affordable and reliable..

Never had any real major issues other than normal wear and tear. Several recalls, however, that were rectified with ease for the most part other than the inconvenience.

- Doreen D

The gas mileage in eco mode is fantastic. I average over 30 mpg, even though lots of my driving is in the city.

I like its size, as it's easy to park in NYC. The gas mileage is fantastic. I do wish that the trunk were a little larger, as I often bring lots of gear around with me.

- Joe M

They should know that it is very well maintained and cleaned

I like the Honda vehicle as it is very good to drive, has a great fuel economy and very safe to drive. As do not have back camera in my car, have to be little careful.

- Himadri N

It has great mileage and is easy to navigate. Also has extra features like rear backup camera and Bluetooth.

I bought my Honda Civic a few years back and loved it at first. It had great high-tech features. Unfortunately, overtime I began to have a lot of break issues with it.

- Umair B

It is fuel efficient and overall a solid buy. I would probably recommend this car to others.

I love how it has really great gas mileage. But, it's a little too low to the ground and it's the angling of the mirrors make it harder to see than other compact cars.

- Amanda W

Honda’s are very reliable.

Gas mileage, easy of driving, reliable, low maintenance cost, sporty, looks nice comfortable, roomy interior. Only thing I do not like is backup camera does not beep.

- Sara D

The gas mileage is incredible. The car has amazing airbags and is considered an incredibly safe car!

I love my gas mileage and easy to clean interior. The seats are comfortable for long drives. The stereo is great for playing music loud and relaxing after a long day.

- Owen F

The gas mileage is wonderful. The car is really safe.

I like the gas mileage, and that my car is pretty safe. I dislike that it's so low to the ground and everyone is driving a freaking SUV and I can't see around them.

- John D

It gets really great gas mileage. I only fill up about every 5 weeks.

It gets great gas mileage; it is a hybrid. It is black though I would prefer a different color. It is fairly comfortable. I like the backup and lane change camera.

- Mindy M

That it is a long lasting vehicle that will meet their driving needs while looking great and meeting their comfort needs.

I love the outside appearance of the vehicle. The silver color has stayed and it drives great on both highway and city road. The interior is comfortable as well.

- Carrie D

Important thing someone should know about there car is when to change the oil.

I love my car. I have put a lot of money into my car. I love it because it is gas friendly. And can go fast too. I also had never had any problems with it so far.

- Stephen E

Econ button to help enhance fuel efficiency while driving.

My car is great on gas, eco friendly, and very reliable. I have not had any problems with my car so far. I recommend Hondas because they are affordable, reliable.

- Andrea C

It has served me very well when I had a newspaper delivery job for over three years.

I like the gas mileage and the back-up camera. The cargo space is nice, too. But I would really like to have a built-in GPS, or at least more adjustable seating.

- Ann M

this car holds Its value.

I like the gas mileage i receive on this car. if i had to complain it would be that i wish the gas tank was a little larger. overall a great car for the money.

- michael R

It's worth the investment to buy this car because it's reliable and easy to own.

The car drives smoothly and gets great gas mileage. There are no blind spots when driving. The storage and legroom are good for a small car. Maintenance is easy.

- Emily K

Very dependable good car. Good on gas. Comfortable driving.

I like that my vehicle is very economic in terms of fuel I do not like that my vehicle is so low to the ground. Also the windshield wipers do not go fast enough

- Stacy R

My vehicle has an eco button which means it can save me even more on gas mileage.

I love Honda. They are a very well made car, reliable with very little problems. The features have come along way since earlier models and the comfort as well.

- Jack F

It is made by a good company and their cars tend to last a long time.

I like the side and rear view cameras. Also the touch screen and the multiple USB outlets. I dislike that the backseat area seems small and wish it was bigger.

- Sarah W

For those that don't need a fancy ride and like to save money

For the most part it's a smooth and reliable ride. I don't drive it hard and try to keep up on maintenance. At 112k so far no major issues that I can think of.

- Iman S

It gets great gas mileage and keeps you up to date on maintenance with reminders.

My Honda has been running strong since I purchased it new in 2014. Barely any problems, but can tell it is cheaply made. Plenty of legroom and good technology.

- Shelley D

That it is really reliable.

I really like that is reliable. I also love that it has amazing miles per gallons ratio. I don't really like that it is a 4 cylinder, I really like more power.

- Omar A

Sport mode and the great sound system.

I do not have any complaints about the car I love it drives great. The sound system is good and the overall drive is great I would recommend the car to anyone.

- Justin R

Great on gas mileage. Very reliable car.

I love my Honda Civic. No problems a all. The car is perfect and reliable. I bought it used and in 2015. Great on gas to. I can get up to 40 miles per gallon.

- Brooke H

Love my Honda Civic! Great on gas and fun to drive!

It's fuel efficient and easy to maneuver. The brand is reliable and dependable. It's a little small and not a speed demon, but it's comfortable and stylish.

- dee b

Nice car giving a sporty look.

It is a coupe i.e. 2 door and it is a bit uncomfortable if there are more than 2 persons in the vehicle. Almost maintenance free. Very economical in running.

- Shiva J

Good economical car for the money. Good on gas, no problems in past 4 years.

Performance reliability and comfort are very good but the night lights do not go on automatically. That is a nuisance to remember and to have to put them on.

- Leslie F

So far it is dependable and has a nice ride.

It's a hybrid so I love the gas mileage, it has enough power to get up and go, I love the color. I wish it had better iPhone connection, and a bigger trunk.

- Kelly H

It's important to know that I have never had any problems with my car.

My Civic suits my lifestyle. It is easy to drive and park, and has a trunk big enough for anything I want to carry. It is reliable and gets good mileage.

- Barbara Z

The technology it came with is impressive.

I like the in dash the cane with this year and the sunroof. I do not like that the interior is light gray instead of black as I have seen in other Hondas.

- Lucia Z

All around a great car to own. Still very pleasing to look at but very practical

my car is great on gas. the MPG is averaging 32 mpg. I drive a lot for work and this car is very reliable and i have no concerns of it ever breaking down.

- ricardo r

The right side mirror has a camera for blind spots

I love my Civic! It has great features inside and out, plus it rides really smooth. Downfall is the tires; they didn't last long so I had to buy new ones.

- Jacqueline T

Reliable Honda Civic - comfortable and spacious, great on fuel efficiency.

So far very comfortable and reliable. Performs well and has not need any service. Was able to get it used but with very low miles so it is in great shape.

- Michelle M

Honda Civic Design and Functionality

My vehicle is very efficient, the gas is not used up to rapidly the brakes and everything are fully functional. It has a nice comfortable design as well.

- rogena J

great gas mileage, beautiful color, very low maintenance long oil life

great mileage , comfortable, roomy, no heated seats though, next car. Beautiful color, have protection pack for outside, will get inside on next car too.

- Brenda G

The Honda Civic is comfortable to drive, and safe. It is a good family car.

Our car is a black Honda Civic. I like how smoothly it drives. It is reliable, and safe for my daughter. I like that it fits her rear facing car seat.

- Maureen B

The most important thing about my car is the fact that it moves so smoothly and stops randomly.

My vehicle performs well and never fails me. Its white and blends in with the bird poop lel. I like the fact that it has leather body work which is nice.

- Cece D

Very comfortable seats and good gas mileage.

It is loud when driving at faster speeds but it handles great and has good gas mileage. Sometimes my phone does not connect to the car correctly though.

- Erin J

The back tires may spin in wet weather.

The car handles well. It has good pick-up when needing to accelerate. It is easy to park. Only complaint is the driver's seat could be more comfortable.

- Dale W

The most important thing about my car is the consistent dependability/ease of maintenance.

I like that my vehicle is basic and very dependable. The maintenance is consistently easy and low key. I like that the styling is not flashy or trashy.

- lisa t

It's a great, dependable car. It has a great ac and heater. The eco-friendly settings are great.

I love how it has eco-friendly settings as well as the rear camera when backing up for an extra layer of safety. I love how the car looks and it's ac.

- Ashley C

Honda has such a great track record in performance and safety.

The Honda Civic is such a reliable car. It gets great gas mileage and is stylish. Honda's hold their value so well which makes it great for resale.

- Ash R

Great Car, Fast, Black and is mean.

I love my car, it works really well and it's great on both Oil and overall usage. I would say aside from the usual maintenance, it runs like a dream!

- Shai G

Honda Civic: The best value car for those who want more

A Honda civic is wildly popular, and for good reason. It is a fantastic value. With Eco mode, I average over 31 mpg. The reliability is outstanding.

- Robby K

Great gas mileage, while on eco mode.

The backseat caught on fire when I was in an accident, do not feel safe driving it, do not like how it feels like it stalls when you start to drive.

- Kelsey C

Great things about a 2014 Honda Civic.

No problems, smooth ride, easy maintenance, great gas mileage, sleek look, very reliable. Also has very helpful blind spot camera and backup camera.

- Amy P

The most important thing that people should know about the Honda Civic is that the car is a completely good car overall

Some things that I like about tbe Honda Civic is the reliability of the vehicle. The car is fuel efficient. It's a comfortable little car after all.

- Shanit B

My vehicle is a 2014 black honda civic with only two doors.

The civic is a perfect size, not too big not too small. The only negative is the small backseat and the cloth seats are extremely hard to keep clean

- Mari M

That it get me were I need to go.

I love the car its good on gas tale me real far on little gas and the only thing I hate about my car I am a big guy so I need a bigger car so there.

- Tyrone D

It gets great gas mileage.

It has a smooth ride. I love the side view and rear view cameras. It gets great gas mileage. I do wish the seats more a bit more comfortable though.

- Nancy B

Toyota makes a great car. Low maintenance and built to last..

I like that the car has Bluetooth, backup cameras, nice radio, and good handling. It has a few small things I do not like but cannot think of them.

- Caleb P

It is a great car and drives extremely well.

I love my Honda, the gas mileage is great, it is compact and easy to drive. It is nice to look at. It dives well and does not cost much to service.

- Katie D

Sunroof. Runs and drives great.

Its ok. Reliability is good. Performance is good. Uses more gas and maintenance than I like. Comfort is ok. I am not crazy about the leather seats.

- Sharon M

Honda is the best make on the road.

I really love the backup assist camera. I really hate the lack of legroom in the back seat. A full grown adult cannot sit back there comfortably.

- Jen T

Hondas are very reliable vehicles.

I love my Honda Civic. I have had it for four years and have never had any issues. It is reliable, saves on gas and it is the perfect size for me.

- Catherine R

The mileage is amazing, and it's a top rated car, which was very important to me.

I like the reliability of my car. The gas mileage is amazing. I dislike the road noise from it though. Also, there is not much storage for moving.

- Holly B