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2017 Honda Civic coupe turbo.

My vehicle is one of my favorite cars because it drives very smooth and is responsive. I love having the three options of driving modes which are econ for efficiency, drive for regular driving and sport for hilly terrain. I use sport when I am in the city and need quick acceleration and I use econ for long freeway drives. The look of the 2017 Civic coupe is very sporty and sleek with just the right combo of curves and angles for a pleasant aesthetic. The turbo is great as it gives me the boost I need to accelerate or climb hills at the a good speed. The interior is very modern and appealing. The touch screen console is perfect and I use the back up camera often. I have found many cars at this price do not come with standard sunroofs. I love this feature and it was one of my top deciding factors. I also enjoy the apple carplay option as well as the seat warmers. My only complaint is the angle of the front seats are far too curved. The seat cups my lower back while thrusting my neck and shoulders forward. This is a very poor posture and has caused me shoulder pain and neck discomfort. I love this car and its wonderful fuel efficiency but the discomfort of the seats would have caused me to buy a different car had I known they would be so poor long term.

- Rachel M

Tech Feature Failures

I have a 2017 Honda Civic EX 5-door bought new in Dec. 2016. Since new have had failures & malfunctions with the tech features & electrical glitches. Now, 2019, under 32,000 miles the issues are still ongoing. Per Honda Tech, Honda Customer Service (including case management), & Honda Service @ dealer level, as either " unable to duplicate (a way to bypass responsibility for issues) " or, if able to duplicate, no repairs are possible & will never be resolved for life of vehicle. XM tuner, HD radio, HondaLink, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay have never, & still continue, not to operate well. Plus, the passenger airbag will not activate because weight threshold not met ( per Honda the official solution to this is to move seat all the way rearward (airbag still not functional) or have passenger sit in backseat. I will never purchase another Honda nor recommend Honda to anyone ever again. Honda has notified me that both the new vehicle & Honda Care warranties are to be voided due to excessive claims on this vehicle & there is nothing I can legally do & Honda representatives have bragged no US government agency including NHTSA have authority over Honda.

- J. Stewart

The 2017 Honda Civic is a dream car!

I am totally in love with this car! It really spoils you. The keyless entry and start is so nice. My keys stay in my purse, which means they never get lost. The car automatically unlocks when I open the handle, it is a push button to start, then it automatically locks as I walk away. It is literally impossible to lock your keys in the car, and if you leave a door open, it will beep at you to remind you to shut it. The back up and right hand turn cameras are great too. No more wondering if the lane is really clear. The handy guidelines show exactly how much space you need. The heated seats, in-steering-wheel controls, and voice commands are nice too. I frequently use carplay to send text messages and call people, all without having to look my phone. The only downside is an intermittent issue I had with the radio display beeping at us, or sometimes now working at all. Also, turning your right turn signal on or shifting I to reverse interrupts car play. Oh, I forgot to mention, the car handles like a dream. Rain is no problem! Bottom line, I totally recommend the 2017 Honda Civic!!

- Christy H

It gets really great gas mileage for it is class.

I upgraded to this vehicle recently and I love it. It is very agile and picks up speed on the freeway like nothing. It is got a ton of great features inside, my favorite being the infotainment system. The screen is large and easy to use. I don't like consoles that have a lot of buttons that take your attention away from the road. I like the apple carplay feature as well, however, it would be even better if I could sync up wirelessly. However, when my phone is plugged in, it charges so that is a nice touch. I like that it is a sedan put has enough speed and agility behind it. I feel like I am not really driving a boring sedan. The vehicle is incredibly spacing as well. 4 tall adults fit with plenty of leg and head room. The one thing that bothers me about the car is that it is very low to the ground. I practically fall into the seat when I get in it and I have to hold the side of the door to pull myself out. Older people have a harder time getting in and out of the car than I do.

- Callie C

My vehicle is a Honda civic sport touring hatchback.

I rarely have problems with this car besides an issue with the grill separating from the hood. It is super reliable, I get between 29-34 mpg each tank depending on how I am driving. I usually only have to get gas once a week or less, which is super helpful with the way gas prices are right now. Comfort wise I adore my car, heated leather seats keep me warm in the winter and nice ac keeps me cool in the summer. The leather steering wheel is the perfect size and all the hands free buttons are easily accessible. The touch pad display is nice and the apple car play makes being hands free very easy. The Honda sensing package on my car is also very nice safety wise, it has a front rear collision control, lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control. Over all I love my car and would highly recommend to anyone in the market looking for a new car.

- Sara W

Spacious, reliable, and worth it

It is a good car. It is good on gas and is reliable. It is also spacious as it has five seats, two in front and three in the back. The middle seat in the back also has cup holders. I also like the fact that even though it is a sedan it is quite spacious. The back seats are easy to fold forwards from the rear of the car. Inside of the trunk you will find two levers that help bring down the seats. I have been able to fit 4 full sizes 18 inch wheels with their rims and tires inside of that space. This car is a higher trim than the base model so it also comes with a with an easy to use touch screen control center for media and also serves as a display board for the rear camera and the right side camera that is connected to the right side mirror.

- Jasmine B

You can select your apple music and use voice prompts to speak commands.

My vehicle has key features including a large touchscreen with Bluetooth functionality. It has a brake hold feature that is useful when in traffic jams; you do not have to keep your foot on the brake pedal when stopped in traffic. The parking brake switch is not in a good place and can sometimes be set if accidentally leaned on or depressed. It is to the right of the gear shift. The economy setting does not seem to make a difference in fuel consumption. It is easy to speed and not realize it, so be aware of your speed to avoid tickets. The body style is nice and sleek, so for those accustomed to a larger, more luxurious vehicle will not feel as much of a shock aesthetically.

- Rachel L

Review of newest version of the Honda Civic released to us in 2016.

The newest release of the Honda Civic hit the us shores in 2016. Gone are the boyish looks and middle of the pack styling inside and out. You now get a more sophisticated and grown up vehicle that is willing to match and surpass quality, styling and reliability of other cars on the market. It even may give the German automakers a run for their when it comes to certain categories. The new Civic now establishes itself as a near luxury car when you opt for the higher models that are very competitive with features once only found in luxury brands. Some of those features are heated seats, 8 speaker stereos, suite of safety features, keyless entry, turbo engines and more.

- Daniel B

Everything you need for a low cost.

I love my car and whole heartedly recommend it to everyone. Hondas are known to be safe reliable cars and I agree with that. The model I have is a lowest model Honda offers so it makes it a fantastic starter car. My car payments are low every month and I have great features. There’s a digital speedometer, and one thing I love is that the oil life is also digital display so you can see exactly what percentage you have. My model has a back up camera which standard. There’s a USB port so I can plug in my phone Charger wire to keep my phone charged on long trips. I can also connect my phone with Bluetooth for calls and music. Also the trunk has a lot of room in it.

- Mandy C

Title: tom's Hondas. I am pleased with the buttons on the key.

This is the third Honda vehicle I have owned or leased over the last 25 years plus. I had some wear and tear issues with the first one as the mileage crept past 200,000 but might still be driving it except for some bad repair decisions on my part. I regularly drove the 2015 model to and from Southern California from east contra costa county when I lived in the bay area. I drove the 2017 model from the bay area to Southern California when I moved back to Southern California. On one leg of that move I got 39.87 miles per gallon without switching to economy mode. The vehicles cruise at highway speeds well and are otherwise fully adequate to my needs.

- Tom F

The new Honda Civic is stylish with great features for the price.

My vehicle is very reliable. The gas mileage is great. I love the new design and it is very comfortable to drive. The best feature of my car is the blind side camera located on the passenger side mirror. It is very helpful when changing lanes, a great feature that should become standard in all new vehicles. The new design is a lot more roomier than previous models. Great handling and performance. The vehicle has a great motor and picks up when you need it. I have owned this vehicle a little over 18 months, and I absolutely love this vehicle, and would recommend purchasing it. The price is great for everything you get.

- Elisa C

It is well worth the money spent.

My car has so many amazing features. I have owned it for over a year and I still love it like I did a the car lot. This trim level offers so many luxury items. The right mirror camera, sunroof, remote start, apple carplay, Bluetooth, two USB ports. The controls for the screen and the volume button on the steering wheel are especially cool. The design of the car was well thought out for a middle class worker. The truck space is very large. I like the individual headrests. The whole car is incredibly comfortable. The driver seat has the most space out of all of the seats. It is very roomy.

- Alexa H

It is stylish, modern. Love the color. Love the exterior and interior features.

My car is 2017 Honda Civic lx hatchback, Sonic gray color. My first impression was the new look, this Honda was quite different from other previous models. When I first saw it, I felt this car was the one that I want to get, it looked stylish and modern. The second impression was the interior features, it is beautiful design. It had navigation, voice command, hands-free link, apple carplay. It also had back-up camera, lane watch, the camera was on the right hand mirror so I could see the blind spot. Overall, I really love this car, I love all the features and it is beautiful.

- Hang D

The cup holders slide around and can be removed to make more room.

I love the color of the car, I have never seen an option like this before. It is called burgundy but it looks black except for in the sun. It is a sparkly purple and it's so gorgeous. there's so much leg room in the back and I love the rearview camera! There's a digital speedometer that I didn't want but I actually love it now. It has this cool feature that holds your brakes for you. So whenever you come to a complete stop you can take your feet off the brake and press the gas to let it go. The emergency brake is a little button which is a bit strange but I got used to it.

- Kendall K

My vehicle is a red Honda Civic, 2017. The interior is black.

My vehicle is very reliable. I have never had any mechanical issues. I find it comfortable. I like the black interior. This helps with hiding stains. Something I do not like about my vehicle is the Bluetooth feature. When I am on the phone using Bluetooth, I cannot see the time. I have searched through settings to undo this issue and I cannot find any cure to this problem. It is maladaptive because if I am on the phone and want to know the time, I have to look at my phone. Despite that issue, everything else about my car is suitable for my needs and cosmetic desires.

- Jacqueline N

Great small car with pickup.

I personally prefer smaller vehicles to larger ones. I love my civic sport hatchback because I have the space of a small crossover but I have the pickup of a turbo engine. It is a great combination for me personally because I do commute about 25 miles each way to work every day, so the comfort and the pickup are both big deals. The car also has plenty of room for my two dogs to lay down in the back seat, or I can even fold them down so they can go back to the hatchback part. It is a solid vehicle for anyone who wants both speed and comfort in a smaller vehicle.

- Ashley W

The Civic has a lot of the Accord's strengths.

Whether it is a casual suburban stop or heavy braking at a surprise red light, stops are sure and straight with a firm pedal that is easy to modulate. In our emergency braking test, the Civic posted slightly better than average stopping distances. The Civic feels strong when you roll onto the gas to execute a pass and quick at city speeds thanks to ample low-end power. The strong 1. 5-liter turbocharged engine accelerates like few others in the class as it pulls seamlessly to cruising speed, with an outstanding 0-60-mph time of 6. 7 seconds.

- Julia S

My car is very reliable.. Comfy. Runs great.. Very fast and looks good.

My vehicle is a 2017 Honda civic hatchback turbocharged and I couldn't ask for a better car. It's very reliable and dependable and only has 16k miles on it so it should last 15 to 20 years from now. One of the only problems I noticed was that it hydroplanes quite easily if it's wet outside. The performance is also great.. It accelerates really quickly. It's also super comfy and easy to relax inside. The car is lunar silver with all black interior inside.. Has a reverse camera and a panel of controls on the wheel for the radio. It's great.

- Brian B

My 2017 Honda Civic hatchback.

I love my vehicle because it does have a lot space for me since I usually have quite a few people in my car. Also, since it is a hatchback there is a lot of space in the trunk for grocery shopping and also if I ever have to go on the road. It also has a pretty design that is sporty which I enjoy and can drive very fast as well. I mainly chose this car since it is great on gas! The only downside about it is that when driving on roads that are in bad condition or in country areas it is dropped lower so you have to be careful.

- Melanie Z

Perfect sized vehicle and reliable.

I love my Honda Civic because it is reliable and actually purchased it for that very reason as my old car would break down over and over again. I have had little to no problems with my Honda Civic. It is easy to connect your phone to it with Bluetooth and the speakers are excellent. Drives smoothly, I have no complaints. It is the perfect size for me. I am a small person so every time someone sees me driving in it they say it is the perfect size for me. I have taken it on long trips (8 hours). And it is been very reliable.

- Elena B

Amazing, comfort car with amazing mileage.

Extremely reliable car. I have yet to have any issues, and I have had the car for close to 3 years. Performance is excellent, gas mileage you receive is amazing, and the car is very comfy for long road trips. Only a few things I do not necessarily hate. First, the trunk is small/average size, could have used a bit bigger. Second, the inside interior in my model is very light colored and easily gets stained. Other than that, absolutely love the car and will be leasing another Honda again, just a larger size car.

- Alyssa O

Overall it is a great investment.

I love my lx because it comes with XM Sirius radio. It has the navigation built in. It is a fully loaded and has a lot of other great features. It has decent mileage, but I was hoping for a little better gas mileage. With in town and highway driving it averages about 32 mpg. I also like that with the purchase of a Honda vehicle you get free roadside assistance. The warranty program is a very good program. The only thing I do not like is that the service costs are a little higher than average.

- Jason I

Hondas are the right way to drive.

My Honda Civic is really a great first car to buy for a new driver. Its small but very efficient and gets you where you need to go. It has a backup camera that many people love and whoever is driving it will love it too. The best part is it Bluetooth. The seats of the car are very comfortable and make driving nice. There is so much trunk space for this car. All in all I would recommend this car for someone who doesn't want to spend so much money and loves Honda just as much as I do.

- Cecilia D

Comfortable, reliable, great performance and nice features.

The Honda Civic is a really nice and comfortable car, it has a back camera, blind spot camera, Bluetooth, USB port, apple play, among other features. It is also really comfortable, and wide on the inside of the car. It is very reliable and easy to drive, it has a great performance and also is not super expensive. I am really happy with this car and I would totally recommend it to anyone looking for a new car, it is easy to drive, it has nice features, and it is not super expensive.

- Stella V

Safety, reliability, and fun! Honda does it again!

I love absolutely everything about my Civic! I love the turbo, and the throttle response is perfect! It is fast, yet quiet so even when flying down the highway I am super comfortable. Having apple carplay means I never have to worry about getting lost and the voice commands are instant. Knowing I am in one of the safest vehicles on the road gives me peace of mind during all weather, and I certainly do not mind filling up only once a month!! Couldn't be happier.

- Cassandra H

My car is a Honda 2017 civic. It is cosmic blue with grey interior.

Overall, I love my car. It has so many great features such as the side camera, the back-up camera, the connectivity to my phone, and the look of the car. The only issue I have ever had with the car was when the brakes system locked and the car would not move. It had to be towed to Honda and updated. I found out later that this was an issue with many cars like mine. I wish Honda would have asked me to bring the car in for the update before it became an issue.

- Morgan K

I enjoy driving my Honda Civic - looking forward to the new model.

I have had no problems with my Civic - this is my second one and I love it. There are so many features that amaze me - most of which I haven't even used yet! I like the convenient phone feature - and there is also a safety feature that will not let you perform certain tasks while driving. The best feature to me is the reliability because it is a Honda and I have had at least 10 of them - although I have always owned an Accord - now I love the Civic!

- Donna D

Good value car with head turning design.

I love my car! It is sonic grey pearl, which is one of the rarer colors this model comes in. It is a 5 door hatchback so it has plenty of room for anything I want to haul. It has black cloth seats, the fronts are heated. I use my heated seats daily. It also has a lot of other creature comforts and tech things like a sunroof, Bluetooth , radio, cruise control and interactive touch screen display. It gets great gas mileage and is so much fun to drive.

- Jacqueline Y

Incredibly comfortable, amazing features, best car I have owned.

My Honda civic is the first car I have ever bought new and it has really been life changing. I never worry about if it will make it to work in the morning or if it will start in the morning; it is reliable through and through. I think what I love most about my car is the features. My car has apple carplay which makes driving enjoyable. However, even without that upgrade, the car is sleek, modern and comfortable, putting me at ease behind the wheel.

- Audrey M

Satisfied Honda owner. Highlight would be sunroof and turbo.

Going on almost two years with this car have not had any problems basically all I have done is oil change.. This car has turbo so when I need it to take off it does it is awesome.. Even though it has turbo its still very good on gas, love the fact it's pretty much fully equipped except for navigation.. As for comfort when your the driver it is but as a passenger in the front not so much I think would've been nice to have a lil bit more leg room.

- Alberto A

Honda civic can carry lots of cargo.

Very reliable as far as the major components, but the windshield wipers went out the first 8 months. I eventually had to get the motor arm replaced. I had to get it serviced 3 times before Honda approved the replacement of the motor. I have always heard Honda is reliable and would last a long time. So far, I haven't had any major issues.,it is comfortable and very economic. But in the rain or wind I feel like I could use a more sturdy vehicle.


Styling out on gas mileage!

I love my Honda Civic. The gas mileage on the highway in the summer is fantastic, between 40-44 mpg. I am thrilled with the turn radius compared to my wife's SUV. It has been very reliable so far, with no problems. I do miss the valet key from later models, as I have locked my keys in the car twice. I used to carry the valet key in my pocket to save me. The trunk is large enough to carry two sets of golf clubs, which is a requirement for me.

- Andy L

In love with my Honda civic.

I love my Honda civic coupe 2017 model. It is very cute and looks so up to date. The inside is very stylish and everything is within reach. Extremely easy to operate. I love the sport mode, but my absolute favorite is the l( uphills) mode, it works amazing during the rain and driving through mountains, keeps the car nice and steady. Such a great and reliable car to have, I had it for almost 2 years now and I am sure I have many more to come.

- Valerie R

The new design makes it look like a sports car for an affordable price!

I love this car! The only problem that I have had with it is that is so low to the ground that I can't pull all the way up into parking spaces and when I do the front bumper gets caught on curbs and parking spots. That is my only critique about the car. I have had it for almost 2 years and everything has lasted and kept up very well, just have to be careful of how low the car is and driving over things and pulling up too close to things.

- Alyssa W

Luxury quality; affordable price.

Honda is one of the most trusted and amazing cars I've driven. It has luxury car quality but for a much affordable price. The car is used friendly and gas efficient. Not only can you drive the car with ease, you feel safe in it. It�s not too light but still sturdy enough to feel protected. Moreover, it has a lot of new features such as carplay which connects your phone to the screen. This way you don't have to go on your phone at all.

- Jenna E

Honda Civic review for families.

I chose a Honda Civic because it saves me on gas mileage. Going from a Ford expedition to a Civic has been a life changer, especially having a young child. It is reliable, safe, most importantly for moms it is easy to get a car seat out of the car. It is makes family trips possible without breaking the bank. They�re stylish for every age and when my daughter turns 16, I know the car will be around then for her to drive too!

- Christi M

I have had 3 Honda's prior and find that they are very reliable vehicles and my local dealership is very friendly.

I have had my civic for just over one year. I have not had any problems with it at all. I have had one oil change and tire rotations so far which was free of charge. (included in purchase) The only thing I do not like is that this year civic sits low to the ground. Sometimes it is hard to get in or out if items are in your hands. I enjoy having the bluetooth feature so talking is hands free. The interior is very roomy.

- Linda L

A great car for a family or just an individual, the perfect size for anyone.

I love our vehicle size, small but has plenty of room. The trunk has a lot of room when I go to the grocery store. My son is 15 and very long legs and he has plenty of legroom in the back. We love the back up camera and it has a great radio and computer system. Talk through the cars speakers, it's a great car and we've been very happy with it. It also is a good size if you have to parallel park, like we do at our apartment.

- Michelle L

The Honda Civic is very functional.

The 2017 Honda Civic is very comfortable and spacious. Maintenance is very easy to keep up with, as your car let you know when it is time for oil changes, tire rotations, etc.. The touch screen is very easy to use and limits function while driving. The USB connection allows for android auto or apple connections for easy GPS, voice text, and music usage. The lane assist is great during busy traffic times and when parking.

- Carmen T

2017 black Honda civic-- leather interior.

I love my 2017 Honda civic. It gets great gas mileage, is able to drive long distances, high technology, is a comfortable and smooth ride and has a very classy look on the outside. My only flaw with my car would be that sometimes when connecting my iphone to the apple car play, the connection won't go through. This is fixed by using my bluetooth adaptation, but is slightly annoying and frustrating when this does occur.

- Abby L

The one most important thing that other should know about this car is how cost efficient it is for a car that exceeds daily car use expectations.

The Honda Civic 2017 is an extremely reliable car. My favourite features include: Apple Carplay, autopilot on highways and winding roads as well as the comfortable seats and headrests. I have not had many significant issues with this car, other than the few times the car wouldn't start in the winter. The car is extremely reliable and easy to drive. It performs very well in comparison to other makes my family owns.

- Lucas D

It feels like a sports car at a great price.

I really enjoy my Honda Civic. The features really make the car what it is. Heated seats, push to start, turbo options. It drives really smoothly, feels like a solid car, and has an awesome turning radius. My main complaint is the touch screen entertainment system. It's so buggy. Half the time it freezes and doesn't work and it's the only way to use the radio, navigation, calling, etc there are no real buttons.

- Ashley P

I love my Honda civic for all of its comforts and simplicity.

I really enjoy driving my car. I like the smoothness of it when driving and how easy it is to exhilarate when entering the freeway. I am glad I got the touring along with all of the extra features. I use the seat heaters more than I thought I would. The only thing I can say I would like to improve is the gas mileage I get. I average about 29 MLS per gallon. When I got the car it advertised 32 mls per gallon.

- Susan L

Great gas mileage, very safe, very convenient.

I love my car! It is a pearl white sedan with a ton of extra space. I have a backup camera with 3 different view settings as well as a right mirror camera that turns on any time I have my right blinker on. The car also includes apple play which puts everything from my phone right on the screen and Siri at the touch of a button. I have driven Mercedes, Audi, and BMWs but still prefer the way my Honda preforms.

- Lacey H

Cool air with lots of space.

My vehicle is a hatchback so it has a lot of space in the trunk. Allows me to put all active gear that I own and other big items. I also love that its a hybrid it saves lots of money. I also learned a new feature on my car were you can hold the unlock button on the keys and it rolls all the windows down. I enjoy that feature because on a hot day it allows fresh cold air to move around before entering my car.

- Paula P

A care that you can count on.

Problems: none. Performance: amazing; the car handles beautiful on the road. Reliability: amazing. I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. Comfort: great! The seats are super comfortable and have nice material. The steering wheel is easy and comfortable to grip as well. Features: duel heating, seat warmers, fog lights, comfy seats, touch screen, apple play, more speakers, environment saving feature.

- Autumn T

Holds Its value! I have used Civics for 5 years & have never had a single issue.

I currently have no problems with this vehicle, it is very reliable and does well in the snow which is a huge plus for me. It does amazing as far as gas mileage goes, and I love the apple carplay that is installed. The rear view camera and lane changing camera make both backing up and changing lanes much easier. I love the sunroof. The seats are very comfortable especially when driving long distances.

- Jennifer I

I am not too fancy of a person, so it is standard luxury.

I love Honda my last Honda was a 03 Civic and it lasted me 15 years without any problems just got to keep the oil in the tires changed and this new one feels like it is sliding on butter goes so fast it just wants to go. . . It stops with ease too. I love the new safety features the cameras are awesome sound system good and how it hooks up to the phone every now and then gives me issues but is easily.

- Crystal T

The mpg and internal features like heated seats are amazing.

I have had no problems with this vehicle to date. It was gotten excellent mpg and continues to be a comfortable ride. The heated seats were a first for me but something I will continue to look for. The sleek design also makes for a good looking car while being at a price point that is very affordable. I purchased this vehicle as a commuter car since it get better mpg than my SUV and do not regret it!

- Jesse C

2017 Civic! My favorite car so far!

I love my 2017 Civic! My favorite car so far. I have had no problems with it whatsoever. Rides nice. I love the backup camera and the camera that comes on when I use right turn signal so I can see in the blind spot area. My Civic is sporty looking I thoroughly enjoy driving it. I have got Sirius XM radio with it. The controls on the steering wheel for radio and cruise control are very easy to use.

- Melissa H

I set my cruise control at about 70 mph, had no traffic, my ride was about 1.5 hours long and I got 56.8 mpg on that trip!

I love the gas mileage, and it is a nice looking car and handles well. I HATE that when a tire has low pressure it doesn't indicate which tire or what the current pressure is. I also am not fond of everything being on one touch screen. I'd like to see the gas mileage I am getting as well as seeing what song is playing on the radio. I also miss a compass to know in which direction I am driving.

- Barbara R

This car is awesome all around.

I drives awesome, I love the sunroof, and the features it has, the backup cameras are awesome and it helps a lot when your trying to backup and cannot see. The color is beautiful. I love the Honda link because you can ask for directions and it tells you exactly how to get there. When you sell rings you can talk thru the car instead of answer your phone. All the features this car has are awesome.

- Tammy E

The safety features are good but could be better.

My Civic Touring coupe has a very sleek and stylish look, which I like. The gas mileage is very good and a big improvement over my previous car. The technology is nice to have as well. I am enjoying the Apple CarPlay and like the safety features. I wish the built in navigation was easier to use and would have liked the back-up camera to beep or otherwise indicate the proximity of what is behind.

- Vernon P

Best in class: airbag features, braking distance, braking and lane-keep assist!

The safety features are great - brake & lane keep assist, backup and side cameras, and airbags. The side view mirrors give a large view, however they are quite large and create blind spots when driving. Taking extra steps to get to the climate control features is a bit cumbersome. There is no natural place to locate a trash bag, or even put a purse without it falling over or off the seat.

- Jennifer A

It provides amazing gas mileage. It does not take much gas to fill it up and it goes a long way.

I own a 4 door 2018 Honda Civic hatchback. I absolutely love my car. I like the new sleek exterior design. I also love the interior. It has all the features that I would expect from a new car. The inside is spacious. It fits 5 people comfortably. I use this car every day. From going to the store, going to work, driving to see my friends, or just going for a quiet drive, this car does it all.

- Rose L

The console is touch runs off my phone.

Great gas mileage, smooth sleek ride. The interior is comfortable and easy to clean. The sun roof opens up for fresh and outside enjoyment. Maintenance is inexpensive and easy to maintain. My vehicle looks black however it is a deep maroon red. The driving is easy. The accessories for hands free calling and listening to music is awesome. I love this big back up camera in the dash console.

- Patsy H

Sporty little car with a great pick up and go.

This car has great reliability, and will also hold its value in trade. I get great gas mileage, and it handles beautiful on my long trips. It's just the right size for me, and the bonus is that it is sporty looking also. I have had no problems at all so far, and don't expect any major problems. This is the best car I've had, and I have been driving a very long time. Best value for my money!

- Jeanne M

Love the sirius radio, remote start makes it nice in the Arizona heat.

Love almost everything about my Civic. Especially the mpg on the gas! My main problem I have been having is battery issues caused by a faulty display screen. Apparently it has a short and it is caused me to replace 2 batteries in my Civic over the past year. It is still under warranty. But the dealership wanted to try all their options before they replace that expensive touch screen/panel.

- Tyler R

A reliable, low maintenance vehicle leased at a budget friendly price.

I love leasing my Civic. I am single, in my 30's, and have a small dog, so it is a perfect size for me. I love that with leasing, I will always have a new car, and all maintenance is included. The car itself is not the fanciest model, but it's perfect for me. The price is in my budget, it's easy to drive, very reliable, everything is automatic, and I absolutely love the reversing camera!

- Erin D

It is absolutely beautiful and I love the way it rides

I love Honda because they last forever! Plus my car rides very smooth and the mileage is good. However, my bluetooth stereo has been messed up for a year now and Honda keeps telling me is my phone and not the radio. But I've tried multiple phones and all of them have issues. Also, the interior is poor quality. You could accidentally hit your shoe on the door or seat and it will scuff it.

- Hannah A

This car is reliable and stylish!

I love my Honda Civic coupe! It is sporty and sleek design makes me feel like I am driving a race car. It is interior is very comfortable and easy to move around when fitting people into the back seat or trying to move bulky items. For a coupe it has a lot of space and many options for storage. To be honest, I haven't had any problems with it in the two years that I have had it!

- Sierra G

Sleek looking luxury feeling.

I have always been a Honda driver. And when I purchased the 2017 Honda Civic ig did not disappoint. It has a very luxury feel to it when driving. The outside look is very sleek. I also like how fast it is. Merging on the frwy is simple as it is quick to speed. I think it's pretty good on gas too. Has great compartment space for all of my belongings. I love the touch screen too.

- Audrey B

The car is more fuel efficient. I think it is peppy and has get up and go.

I like that the vehicle is comfortable, stylish and reliable. I like that the vehicle has some good features inside. I don't like that connecting my phone to the screen is complicated and I have not be able to do it yet. I don't like that I can't see a navigation. I don't like that the car can't be on and locked with my key fob. Also, the app doesn't let me start the vehicle.

- Robert B

It has great gas mileage, and low maintenance costs.

Love the low maintenance, the great gas mileage. Dislike the A/C controls also being tied to the smart screen. Dislike: the car indicates how many miles until empty, but when that mileage gets to about 60 miles, left, it gives me a big message that says gas low...but won't tell me HOW low. I want the digital indicator to continue to tell me. I KNOW it is low...but HOW low?

- Jackqulyn G

Pearl white 4 door Honda Civic ex.

My Honda Civic has a lot of nice/useful features. Some of my favorites including apple car play, the sunroof, and the automatic starter. It drives pretty well for a car in the winter. I do wish it had heated and powered seats rather than manual. I would also like if it had more tint on the windows. Overall, it is a very nice car & for the monthly payment, you cannot beat it!

- Kelly K

Great sporty, affordable, reliable car.

My car is very reliable and very comfortable. I love its sporty look. It gets great gas mileage which is a plus since I commute a lot to and from work. I previously owned a 2003 Civic and this car is a lot larger than my last car. My biggest complains about the car are the size and that it is low to the ground (took a little time to get used to the low seat/sporty feel).

- Rachael L

The Honda civic is a fun car, of excellent value.

This is a very sport, economic car. Good features for the driver and passengers. Needs rear seat cup holders and a review windshield wiper to be perfect. Love the new transmission design that does not have any motion of shifting during acceleration. Good brakes and great acceleration for safety. There appear to be plenty of air bags and seats/seat belts fit comfortably.

- Shannon H

All the features... In one compact car!

I really love the keyless entry feature! So convenient to not have to fumble for keys all the time. I cannot live without the backup cameras now that I have them. The look is stylish inside and out. There is plenty of room for all passengers. The only fault I see is that the carpet is rather cheap and I have already cut a hole through the mat and the rug with my heels.

- Christina G

Overall great quality for price.

Comfortable, reliable, good on gas, ranked high in safety, sharp looking, spacious, large trunk, roomy backseat, good visibility while driving, very few maintenance issues so far, variety of nice exterior colors, holds a good resale value, smooth to drive, one issue is that it is very low to the ground so underside can be damaged easily depending on road conditions.

- Beth C

Honda Civic the dos and don'ts.

The only issue that I have with the Honda is the comfort and drivability of the car itself. It's not a comfortable car to sit in for a long period of time but the gas mileage is great. I feel that the car is more expensive than what they give you in the base model. You expect to get what you pay for and in the base model Honda you do not get the bang for your buck.

- Taylor W

You can surf the internet on the display!

The only problem I had with my Honda Civic was that I got a flat tire within a month or two of purchasing the car which was concerning. My favorite feature is that I can plug in my iPhone and the navigation from my phone map is displayed on the screen. Driving the car is smooth and the gas mileage is very convenient for someone who has a far commute like myself.

- Agnieszka W

The sporty and reliable 2017 Honda civic hatchback.

My vehicle has great gas mileage. It is has a very sporty trim such as black wheels, sunroof, and fog lights,. It also has a nice sound system, heated seats, anti-glare rear view mirror, and a 7 inch display to control the a/c and your music. The car is very reliable and seems like it will last me a long time so long as I keep up with the affordable maintenance.

- Jasmin V

The efficient 2017 Civic si will satisfy with it is performance on the street.

The Civic has great fuel economy. The engine and turbo combination makes plenty of power for great acceleration. The suspension design helps the car handle turns very well. There's a sport button which kicks up the power and stiffens the suspension for increased performance. Exterior design looks fast just sitting still. Interior is modern and very comfortable.

- Chris W

Gorgeous civic with many safety features.

I absolutely love Honda and have only ever driven Honda's as my primary car. The civic is roomy, comfortable and beautiful. It is a very sleek looking car and is a gorgeous color. I love all of the technology that has been built into it. I also find it extremely safe. Honda is a very reliable car brand and I will be sticking with them for a very long time.

- Brittany B

I love my amazon Honda civic with all of its features.

I love everything about my car from all of the features to the price for my vehicle. It has back up cameras and a side view mirror camera and is everything I ever wanted in a car. My car is black and very sleek looking. I have a sunroof which is nice when I want to let my hair blow in the wind. I have cruise control and also a brake hold which is amazing.

- Monica D

Previous Civics were known for their loud cabins, firm rides and less-than-friendly seats for tall folks.The improvements make it more well-rounded and as well-suited to long trips as short ones.

This Civic drives well no matter which version you pick. Out on the highway, this Civic offers a composed ride quality that doesn't get overly harsh. Honda has also packed in plenty of the latest technology, from smartphone integration to advanced driver aids that can help you avoid accidents. This 2017 Honda Civic is one of the best cars in its class.

- erin C

2017 white Honda Civic. Lots of room and trunk space.

Very spacious, its incredibly smooth which means a lot because the road is very bumpy by my house. Unfortunately it doesn't have a spare tire instead it comes with an electric pump? Was not happy about that when I found myself with a flat tire last winter. I like the key features I can even open the trunk with it, I thought that was super convenient.

- Elijah M

Amazing Honda Civic sports touring edition.

I own a Honda Civic sports touring edition. It is amazing to drive. I love the technology, especially the back up camera and the right turn camera. I am always getting compliments from people about the look of the car, especially the color which is Sonic gray. The car hooks up to my iPhone with Apple Carplay. I would totally happy with this vehicle.

- Barbara Y

There is not a cap for the gas. It has newer technology inside and touch screens.

The car runs smoothly. The interior has a clean look. It has a good shape and design. The easiest way to turn the volume up or down is on the wheel, which is not my favorite. I was used to a bigger car prior to this car. My only complaint is that the gas tank does not hold as much gas as the car before, so I feel like I am filling up my tank weekly.

- Courtney J

If you are buying a new car look no further!

I love my 2017 Honda Civic hatchback! I get compliments all the time on its sleek new look. And dependability is a big factor on why I bought Honda! The car sits amazingly with comfort. Not to mention the gas mileage is phenomenal! I made the right decision when buying my car and I have absolutely no regrets. The car will last me a very long time.

- Daisy D

2017 Honda Civic lx 2. 0l manual transmission.

The car is very reliable. I have never had real performance issues or any major system failures. The only 2 issues I have had were fixed at the dealership. First was an issue with the capless fuel filler freezing shut. The second was a software issue with the hands free phone. I have had the car for just over a year and could not be more pleased.

- George P

Love my 2017 Honda Civic ex!

I have the ex trim and love the comfort and features in this car. The exterior is a beautiful dark blue and I love how my iPhone connects directly with the Honda system. Smooth and comfortable ride and it looks nice. Only thing I would change is that it does not have seat heaters - kinda strange that it has mirror defrosters but not seat heaters.

- Sarah M

Life driving a Honda Civic.

My vehicle runs pretty good. I just feel like its basic. It is good on gas and does not give me any problems. It does not have much to it but it is a cute girl car and rides smooth. I have a screen but it is not touch screen. If I press the unlock button twice and hold it the windows will go down without the car running. Overall it's a nice ride.

- Lucy R

My pretty blue civic that fits my personality.

I just have the base model without the extra stuff, but it is perfect. It drives well and is great on gas mileage. I haven't had any problems at all. It is spacious on the inside and compact on the outside. It is easy to maneuver. The side mirrors fold which helps make the car even more compact. Overall it is a great car and I have no complaints.

- Breanna D

Comfortable and Convenient

The back-up camera on this vehicle makes it a lot easier to pull out of parking spaces, parallel park, or even back into a parking space. The camera placed on the passenger door mirror allows for more ease when switching lanes in traffic. Also, the touch screen allows for faster and easier control of the temperature and the radio while driving.

- Mariah R

It's a Honda so I have this car for a while these cars are long lasting and safe

So far I love my civic! It does amazing with gas I do a few day trips and only have to fill up once before I leave my city and on the way back from wherever I go. My favorite part is the oil change sensor I never have to think of when the oil is due to change the car tells me. The ride is smooth that my passengers fall asleep. I love my car!

- Paula E

Honda civic great styling and value.

No mechanical problems since my I leased the vehicle two years ago. With the high resale value, the lease rate is low. Great fuel economy. Very reliable. Great dealer service. Excellent exterior styling. Reasonably priced. The color selections could be improved. Would like to have a door strip to prevent dings. The Bluetooth is tough to use.

- Michael M

Sporty and comfortable! A must have for the busy family.

My Honda civic hatchback is very reliable and cost efficient. My Honda is comfortable and sporty looking and I get a lot of compliments on my car. The gray color is a nice color and the hatchback gives me a lot of extra room. I use this car for travel, business and leisure. It has enough room for my family and everyone can ride comfortably.

- Angie B

What I like about my Civic.

What I love most about my Civic is that it is great on gas. Lasts me about a week or so and I commute a lot. The size is very reasonable and is comfortable to drive. Driving is real smooth and I like how easy it accelerates. I feel like it is a very reliable car and can see why people enjoy driving Honda’s. I highly recommend this car!

- Lidia E

The whole daily driver package.

It is great on gas. I get an average of 36 mpg city/highway combo in an automatic. Some people say they get 40+mpg in a manual. Its roomy and comfortable. It had lots of creature comfort options like heated seats, sunroof, and of course ac. It has really aggressive looks and design inside and out. It drives smooth and has great steering.

- Jackie Y

It is a fun car to drive and worth the cost.

My Civic has a bunch of cool features, including a moon/sunroof, automatic remote start, heated seats, fog lights. The gas mileage is great, I can go 320 miles without needing to stop for gas. My only complaint about the vehicle is that there is no option to modify the Audio settings (adjust bass, rear volume for passengers) in the car.

- Callan G

Great car with features I was looking for.

Passengers always compliment the car's design and features. Very good quality of parts. The model has a moonroof and sunroof, as well as automatic start which I was looking for in a car. The only problem I can think of with the car is that the sound in the speakers cannot be adjusted for the rear seats. You also cannot adjust bass, etc.

- Cali G

Reliable and efficient car that is perfect for families and has plenty of space.

Very reliable. Good performance. Was a very good price and has great mileage. I enjoy driving it because it is very smooth on the road. I have been able to drive it for long distances and it is held up fine for road trips. Very spacious and a great family car. I have no regrets buying it and would definitely recommend it to more people.

- Alexander B

It is all fun and games until you have to get in the trunk.

I like the electronic features in the car. It is great to be able to charge your cell phone while driving. However, there is a problem: you cannot access your trunk at all if the battery dies. Most normal people keep their jumper cables in the trunk! I also feel like the hood obscures my view sometimes. It is a very reliable car though.

- Toni C

It includes everything you realistically need from a car at a reasonable price.

I like that my car is relatively fuel efficient, and I also quite like the sound quality of the stereo. I'm aware that my car is generally a pretty standard/common model but that's fine by me because I'm not too concerned with the aesthetics relative to reliable functionality. My car fulfills that and I don't have any major complaints.

- athena p

That it is fuel efficient and equipped with the latest technology.

I like the fuel economy of my car, but also the fact that 4 adults can fit in it comfortably. I also like the Apple Car Play that allows me to use my iPhone hands free while driving. Additionally, I like the side cameras and rear view camera that make it easier to get in and out of parking spaces and makes parallel parking a breeze.

- Nicolas P

Its fast, safe, and definitely comfortable.

a the end of the day I love my vehicle but I shouldn't have taken the car off the showroom floor. It has some loose parts inside the car. Also sometimes the radio will just stop working or reset. Or the lights will go dim as if It's day time a night. Also even though I have an econ button I feel like it wastes so much gas quickly.

- Teresa S

Honda Civic, all the way!

My Honda Civic has been nothing but good to me. I have driven it all around California and makes long road-trips comfortable for me and my friends. I enjoy all the cool features in the car such as hand free control, auto brake hold, and eco assist. The stock stereo sounds are fantastic. Also, the radio system is easy to navigate.

- Michelle T

Almost midsize vehicle with great available features for a small price.

The performance combined with the features in this vehicle are great for the price. Its a smaller vehicle although not too small for guests to ride along comfortably. Even with a turbocharged engine, I average about 45 highway miles per gallon too. I would definitely consider trading in for a newer model year for my next vehicle.

- Jason L

Right turn signal video on dash.

I love my car and has been extremely reliable. The last few months, I have heard a slight whining and do not know what it is coming from. I get regular checks and oil changes and will have that investigated on the next visit. Overall the right turn camera is my favorite feature, I wish they had the same for the left turn signal.

- Alanna S

My Civic is very comfortable and spacious. Keeping it for good if I can.

I never have a. Problem with this vehicle. It rights so smooth and the maintenance cost is. Way lower than European vehicles. The body of Civic has improved a lot with regards to safety. It has now a thicker and stronger frame and body. I had a 2012 Civic before and since I love it is performance I upgraded my ride to a 2017.

- Maria P

Apple carplay is one of the most unique compliments of the car. Being able to utilize many of the functions on my phone through my car is very convenient.

The civic is very gas efficient which is great for me because I drive a lot. Apple carplay makes listening to music and using my gps very easy. My only complain with the car is how difficult it is to get to the control panel for the ac. On very hot days it feels like it takes an eternity to finally get to the ac and turn it up.

- Gabi C

The apple carplay is the highlight of my vehicle.

Very comfortable! Good speed and great gas mileage. Gas and break are a little too sensitive. I fill up my gas tank about every two weeks which saves me a lot of money. The car is quiet and drives very smoothly. The interior is clean and fresh, making it look spacious. There is a lot of storage inside the car for my belongings.

- Destiny H

Great little Honda! It is reliable and comfortable.

Very comfortable, reliable, looks good, drives well. I am very happy with the car itself and the way it handles. This is my third Honda and I will continue to buy Hondas in the future. What else can I say? I love this car. It has everything I need in a vehicle, comfortable, warm seats, a good radio and the technology is great.

- Adele L

It says my mileage digitally if I have a problem w/ my car it says it digitally.

My vehicle is very reliable. It gets me from point A to point B, but I do wish it had more features likes seat warmers and if the seats had more options like go back or towards the wheel. My car does it require a lot of gas which is good. It drives very smooth I feel like I have a lot of control over the vehicle when I drive.

- Alex Z

Comfort and design. The reliability is there and.

Front window streaks in rain after change to every brand of windshield wiper. This has been a issue since new. Windshield seems to have design issue. Next step will be to replace with a aftermarket. All other features of the car are awesome. I traded my new prius for this and couldn't be happier. I wont own another Toyota.

- Jeff B

Civic good and bad points.

It does not get the mileage advertised, it says 40 mpg but the most I've gotten is 28 mpg other than that I like the car it looks nice. The ride is ok but I would not take it on long trips as the seats are not that comfortable for long term driving. It is white in color which hides the dirt well. It has a good size trunk.

- Lisa C

My Honda Civic has the best Audio system!

I love my Honda Civic, however it is very low to the ground. The car is not ideal in snow conditions at all. On the other hand, the Audio is amazing in the car! The bass is extremely powerful. One thing I dislike is the accuracy of the gas mileage, sometimes I think there are issues with odometer. Overall, I love my car!

- Cy R

Great value, attractive car.

Great gas mileage. Extremely reliable car. Maintenance minder system is helpful. Car looks good/is attractive. Overall good value. One thing that is annoying is the digital display is finicky. Almost any 'issue' triggers a warning display to go off, even when nothing is wrong. I could do without the all-computer feature.

- Melissa K

I love the backup camera.

I love my car. No problems or issues. I love the gas mileage. I feel like Honda's are the most reliable. I love the Apple music through my radio. It helps me drive without having to worry about looking down at my phone. I also like that my right mirror has a merging lane camera. It appears on the screen your blind spot.

- Kass W

2017 Honda Civic. You see it everywhere but there's a reason for that

Really like the car after 2 years. Tech is pretty sweet, like Android Auto and lane change cameras. Mileage is great as well. Sometimes there are issues getting Android auto to sync correctly with my phone but it doesn't break the deal. Also, I updated the sound system and the car seems to be handling it pretty well.

- Ben A

Great gas mileage and the turbo is an added plus.

I like my Honda Civic because of the newest safety features it has. It gets good gas mileage and is a smooth ride. The model is a little large for me. I have a preference to small cars. My one complaint is that the lines of the car make it difficult for me when parking. I always feel like the car is at an angle.

- Mimi S

Do not ever underestimate the power of a hemi.

My Honda civic is fun to drive. It is great on gas, has lots of safety features and has an excellent resale value. The only thing I hate about this Honda is the touch screen climate control. The touch screen climate control is very distracting, I have to take my eyes off the road for far too long every time I use it.

- Cindy F

it's affordable and it saves you so much on gas especially if you live in a big city

I love that it looks very modern and that there is a lot of room inside of the vehicle. The ride is very smooth and I also love that it comes with a rear view camera. What I don't dislike is that the car is very low to the ground but at the end of the day I don't really dislike it that much knowing it's a sports car.

- Jacob J

Cutting edge 2017 Honda Civic sedan.

2017 Honda Civic is a very reliable and economically friendly car. I get great gas mileage on highway and local driving. The Honda Civic has great safety ratings and has all the latest safety features including collision mitigation braking, road departure mitigation, lane keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control.

- Megan K

It is a reliable car. It is compact and ideal for long travels.

My Honda Civic is a comfortable car that drives smoothly. I've had some electronic issues, but I imagine that is to be expected due to advanced technical pieces in the vehicle. All complications typically resolve quickly on their own. This Honda is also pretty good on gas mileage, although there are better options.

- Leah S

Best car I have ever purchase.

My car is good on gas. My is low maintenance, which I love. Its fast. Its a cute car. It's a comfortable car for a family of 4. Reliable car. I love everything about my car. It looks sporty and fashionable. I get a lot of compliments on my car. I wouldn't have trade it for any other car. Best car I bought so far.

- Sandy L

A car that comes with some good features.

The Honda Civic ex-l trim is a great car that is reliable and has some great features. It has android auto installed and it comes in leather seats. The front two seats have hit enabling system installed. Although it does not come with Honda sensing, it is a pretty good car that will not disappoint anyone easily.

- Mark S

Honda civic, sporty, reliable, easy to drive easy to look at.

I enjoy driving my Honda civic. It gets great gas mileage. It is a very easy to handle, to drive, and to park. Sits low to the ground so it is very easy to get in and out of. The car has great body style. It came with a sunroof and I really appreciate that option. I like the ease of setting that cruise control.

- Amy H

2017 Honda Civic LX great car to cost ratio

So far owning the 2017 Honda Civic LX has been amazing. The car has been very reliable, comfortable, and great on gas. Maintenance is inexpensive and relatively easy if you are the tiniest bit mechanically inclined. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a vehicle that is economical and fun to drive.

- Jason D

Get this. You will not regret it.

This car is wonderful. Comfortable even with 7 hour long drives. It has enough pickup and go for any moment that could require a little more power. The cornering is comfortable and the sound from the road isn't deafening. Maintenance is cheap and it has been reliable with the 50000 miles I have put on it.

- Christopher T

Fuel efficient compact car.

I haven't had any major or even minor issues with this car since buying. Its reliable, comfortable, and gets great gas mileage. I like that it is compact in overall size but feels spacious. My favorite feature is Honda sensing. Adaptive cruise and lane keep assist come in handy even on my short drive to work.

- Meghan P

2017 fun family Honda Civic.

This car is very comfortable and safe. I really enjoy the blind spot camera when turning right. This car also handles nicely. I do wish it sat a little higher. The eco drive is a great addition. The car on average gets about 40 miles per gallon. I do wish the USB port was not so hidden and hard to get to.

- Rebecca G

Working wonders, miracle baby.

I do not have any problems with my car, but it has heated seats, 4 wheel drive, with a sunroof, I installed tinted windows and black rims! It is very nice and affordable. I can rely on it to take me to grand junction and back to see my boyfriend play basketball. It gets me to and from work 5 days a week!

- Megan J

Mileage is great, eco assist is helpful. The backup camera is a big bonus. Hondas have great resale value and last forever.

I got it new, so everything works well. I love the color, it's bright red! The fuel mileage is great. It turns on a dime. Plenty of trunk space. I love the backup camera. Only complaint is that it's could be a tiny bit bigger, but then I may not be able to whip it into all those parking spaces like I do.

- Shiloh S

Smooth car, easy maintenance.

Car is great, especially with the multiple cameras and coverless fuel cap. The only issue would be with the wipers, it keeps leaving streaks. Also the back window fogs up a bit, which seems to be common with some cars. The ability to adjust the side mirrors from the driver's seat is also very convenient.

- Nin S

A surprisingly sporty car.

I love the look of this car. It is sporty and has great performance. I also like that it has very good fuel economy. The interior is also very roomy and that goes for the backseat as well. I like my right turn camera a lot, and it is very useful. I think that they should have a left turn camera as well.

- Zachary L

Great Gas Mileage for this sporty looking car

Great gas mileage (30 mpg), very comfortable to drive seating wise, turbo gives you good pickup for a smaller engine, radio plays well and speakers are great, works fairly well in snow for a small car, hatchback provides ample trunk space and back seats fold down when large items are needed to transport

- Gean M

Honda Civic Review of its Best features

The Honda civic is a great four door car with great mileage and excellent reliability. The car may not have leather seats but it is still very comfortable. Perfect for any size family. The trunk space in the car is also very good. I would highly recommend this car to anyone looking for a reliable sedan.

- Rachel M

Amazing quality from inside to out.

I love my Honda Civic it is great on gas 41 mpg! It is roomy and very comfortable! You get a quality car for little money! It is very safe as well! The service and up keep is very inexpensive as well! I love he unique. Color. Burgundy midnight pearl it looks black then in the sunlight it looks burgundy.

- Jamie C

Honda Civic car review 2017.

It is got great mileage and I have yet to have any issues with it mechanically. I think that the only thing I have had to do is get an oil change since I have had the vehicle. There's a good amount of space for a small car as well which is nice. I have always leased Civics because they are so reliable.

- Li B

Love my 2017 Honda civic!!

Love my Honda civic. Drives smooth, great gas mileage, and I like the extended backseat space compared to the older models. The dash is well designed and aesthetically pleasing. Only issue I am having is with squeaking on driver seat in my third year of owning. The dealership is fixing for free though.

- Warren G

It is a reliable car in every way possible.

It works great in every way. It is a car I really enjoy driving unlike other cars I have owned it is gas efficient and drives faster or as fast as any sports car. I am only leasing it but would probably be purchasing my next one. It is q family car, good to travel with, and my girlfriend enjoys it too.

- Mart A

Honda Civic are reliable cars.

I love my Civic! I drive 60 miles a day for work and I love that I can control my radio and phone right from the steering wheel. The backup camera really assist with parking. There is a wicked big cup holder for when you have an oversized beverage. The ride is comfortable and I enjoy driving my Honda.

- Johanna B

My 2017 Honda Civic. Very wonderful car and very reliable.

It has taken me over a thousand miles every few months. Haven't had any major problems. It is really good on gas. Very comfortable. I love the car. I wouldn't trade it. The trunk is very spacious. I was able to put a lot of stuff in the trunk when I moved from Indiana to Texas with my little daughter.

- Tuesday B

Very "smart", reliable and comfortable.

There haven't been physical any issues with the vehicle. It is great on gas, comfort, and the smart features also are a great addition while making everything super accessible and convenient. There has been issues with the sensitivity of the air pressure sensor. Other than that the car has been great.

- Steven T

It is comfortable to sit in and drive.

It is slow to start the vehicle, not so powerful engine, cannot drive very well on hills or slopes. However, the speed is good and overall comfort of the car is pretty good. Moreover, it gives you good value for the price of the car. I did not face too many problems with the car since I purchased it.

- Neha K

Honda civic -spacious and sophisticated starter car for young professionals.

I love the size of the car. I feel completely comfortable driving it, especially with the back up and blind spot cameras. I love that it connects to my phone as soon as I get in the car and it has a surprising amount of trunk storage and a spacious back seat for anyone else that I am driving around.

- Aly L

The color because when I drive my car is the only beetle color.

There�s no problems with my car just wished other folks knew how to drive better. Especially on highways, my car is convenient, comfortable, and reliable. I guess my windshield needs some assistance because of a rock causing the crack that looks similar to a curve from a exponential math equation.

- Lee N

I noticed that you do not have to put in the key to start the car.

The seats are very comfortable and the gas and brake are sensitive but smooth and easy to use. All the buttons are easy to access and easy to figure out. Bluetooth connection is easy to use but sometimes it glitches out and you would have to turn off the car and turn it back on for it to work again.

- kelly N

It is a great car that is easy and fun to drive.

It is an amazing little car. It has enough power to make it go when I need it to go. It is very gas friendly. The only issue I have had is that the connection to my phone sometimes does not work correctly. I have taken it a back to the dealer to have it corrected, but it has not resolved the issue.

- Jessica V

It is really good on gas consumption.

The drive is really smooth. backup cameras are a great help. The brake hold function that keeps the car on brake once fully stopped without changing gears is amazing. I never knew how comfortable it was to have my foot off the brake while waiting a stop light and smoothly go without changing gears.

- Patricia S

Not much wrong with Honda.

Very reliable car. I have had it for about 2 years now and have only had to get general maintenance work on it about 3 times (oil changes and tire rotation). Honda provides free car washes. Runs smooth and long. Speakers could be a little louder without blowing it out. Otherwise, I love my Honda.

- Marc C

Hondas are great vehicles.

Performance is good. Honda’s are reliable and priced well. I do not like the Audio controls and I like other smart features. The 2017 Civic is similar in size and length to older models of the Accord. I like the heated seats as well. Gets decent gas mileage and had no problems to date with it.

- Liz A

My Honda civic hatchback is a very reliable car.

If you love to travel the Honda civic hatchback is the way to go. I have gone to very far places and every luggage I put it in my car fits especially when I have more people in my car, also it is very comfortable for naps too. Very good on gas as well! I have never had any problems with my car.

- Andrea U

Thumbs up all around the board.

Very reliable, have had for 6 months and not experienced any system failures. Very comfortable and has all the features you'd want. Only thing I feel I could complain about is it is not always a smooth drive. It has boost, which is awesome but smoothness would probably be my only thing to note.

- Cassie M

Civic sedan 2017 Aegean blue.

It has very good gas mileage because of the eco feature. I also love the color of mine, its blue. I love how, like in most modern cars it has Bluetooth compatibility, for safer driving. The only dislike I have is that Honda is the only car company that got rid of a CD player in this model year.

- Krystal S

Honda Civic. GPS. Backup cam. Side cam.

This car is one of the best I have ever driven. It has enough room in the backseat if you have a lot of people with you. The trunk has plenty of room for groceries or luggage. It has backup cam and a side cam for helping you change lanes. There's handsfree connect for you smart for and GPS.

- Margaret L

cute and sporty, surprisingly not that comfortable when driving long-distance.

I purchased this vehicle with the impression that it would be safe and reliable. The vehicle has been everything but that, with the numerous issues. My vehicle has always had an electrical issue. First, my car audio unit would control itself causing navigation, radio, Bluetooth, clock, etc.

- Jasmine H

You can open or close you are windows by putting you are key in the door.

I love my car the only thing I do not like about the lx model is it does not rid as nice as nice as the ex models. I have enough room and in it for myself if u have more than two other people in you are family I wouldn't recommend getting it as a family car. Comfort is ok reliability great.

- Stefanie L

A reliable vehicle with different models and features for everyone!

Excellent for reliability and performance. Wouldn't recommend newer models for high mileage and there are different features for the different models so you just need to do some research with what you're looking for. I would say also best compact car for safety and most weather conditions.

- Kathie S

The greatest thing to be in.

I absolutely love my car. I have had it for almost 2 years. I always offer to drive places because I love it so much. I haven't had any issues with my car. Everyone loves riding in my car because it is such a smooth ride. I wouldn't trade my car for another car. The sound system is great.

- Kayla H

It is awesome. Best gas mileage, safety, and comfort while looking all stylish and sporty

I love my Honda, it is so much fun to drive. It is super quick and zippy. The inside is comfortable, I love all the cubbies in the console. I love the sunroof. I like the touch screen. I really like the options with the door locks. It makes it fun to drive with excellent gas mileage

- chris M

Civic hatchback is definitely worth it!

Love the look and style. Plenty of features and amenities that make driving this car a pure joy. Like that it is apple carplay compatible. I have the hatchback model which provides plenty of cargo space. It gets great gas mileage. Has a great rear view camera as well as side view camera.

- George S

Civic is a great buy, and there's a lot of value for your money.

My car runs very smoothly. The design is very sleek, and contemporary. The ride is comfortable. The vehicle provides great gas mileage. I drive over 100 miles a week, and only have to fill up once a week. The interior is very current. I love that I can connect my phone through Bluetooth.

- Kimberly D

The New 2017 Honda Civic pros and cons

The car is absolutely amazing. I love how high tech it is. It has the keyless push to start, the ability to start the car from a distance and it has XM radio. The only disadvantage is, is to pull your seat up and down its manual and doesn't have the automatic button other new cars has.

- Kortney C

Basic car, comfortable for its size and easy driving.

Since it is relatively a new car, so far there are no problems with the performance or reliability. It is comfortable, not too much leg room, but does not have too many extra features. Since there are still some people who do not have a smart or apple phone, wish there was a CD player.

- Stephen J

Amazing car with great features.

So far so good. I love the way it drives. It is a great car and has great features. There is a camera on the side mirror which helps so much when changing lanes and it Leo has apple carplay which is super helpful. The color options are nice and it has a big sunroof. The car is amazing.

- Lauren S

Honda civic ex-l worth your money!

This is really a great vehicle. It lets you know when you need service done through the dashboard. Longer you drive the better your mpg gets! I have had one minor issue with axles needing to be replaced which I guess is common in Honda�s but besides that I love it is very reliable.

- Christina H

Sleek look that is great in gas!

Drives smooth. Very comfortable. Easy to navigate. Lots of room. Cheap to fill up with gas. Sporty look. Good on city/highway mileage per gallon. Great for hauling kids, too. Love the econ mode. Nice touch screen for music and climate control. Love the Bluetooth/hands free capability.

- Danielle B

Most Convenient vehicle ever

Very nice and compact car. Perfect for a small person. Affordable ESPECIALLY on gas (I fill my tank up with 28 bucks!) drives very smooth, gets me anywhere without any problems. Will definitely recommend wheel and tire protection as the wheels are rare AND expensive. 9/10 car for sure

- Angie J

Dependable it does not break down:.

I like that it has a rear view camera and touch screen stereo. I like the fact that is spacious and the trunk is a very decent size. I also like that the mileage per gallons is really good, it saves me a lot of money on pumping gas and it lasts a decent amount of time. No complaints.

- Arlene T

It feels like you are in deep in the car.

It is a little hard to see out the front of the car when parking. It feels like you are further down in the car and cannot see the front of it. You can get the seat to go up and down to help. The rear window seems a little small as well. Comfort is great and it is a fun car to drive.

- Steve S

Comfortable and stylish car which was redesigned

Don't have any issues with my car. It is a very well designed car both interior and exterior. I like the features including sun roof, side and rear view camera although having one on the left side would of been nice too. Just do not like that I can see water stains on the dark paint.

- Viki T

I love the gas mileage the best.

No problems. Love my car it is smooth ride it is gas mileage. Only I could say is I wish it was manual transmission and I wish I would have added more options. Maybe more cup holders and maybe put the brake hold button in a different spot. But really other than that my car is great.

- Shelly B

Excellent as a daily commuter.

It is a good, reliable vehicle. It has little frills but is excellent as a daily commuter. It is a little small and underpowered, but that is consistent for the class of car it is in. The gas mileage I get is excellent, even in stop and go traffic. It is a comfortable car to drive.

- Corey J

Honda civic: great technology and is very safe.

I love driving this car. It is such a smooth ride and has awesome technology. I don't really love how close it is to the ground and sometimes I feel like I bottom out. Overall it makes me feel safe! It also has great gas mileage, it only takes about $40 to fill up the entire tank.

- Emily V

Love my blue Honda! That is my baby.

Honestly, I absolutely love my car. It drives extremely smooth even when going above 100 mph (sometimes I do not realize how fast I am going from how smooth). I find that there is a lot of legroom for rear passengers. The blind spot camera is really amazing and helps me immensely.

- Carina V

Spacious, sporty and superb handling.

The performance is great and there have been no issues so far. I keep up with routine maintenance. The car is reliable and comfortable. It has up to date features like a fuel economy option. It has up to date technology like Bluetooth connectivity and a touch screen control panel.

- Pamela M

Honda Civic is worth it for the money.

The gas mileage is great. Uses regular gas. Would like a better sound system. Carpet in vehicle is cheap, hard to vacuum. Wish it had more standard safety features. Wish that you didn't have to purchase additional accessories to make the vehicle look better and more user friendly.

- Crystal R

Lx hatchback is great for anyone

civic lx hatchback is a great car. I use it for work. Great gas mileage and performance. Very spacious and reliable. USB capability is spotty though using a smartphone. It does cut out sometimes. Stereo system is wonderful, Bluetooth works great. Overall review of the car is 9/10.

- mike A

It has booming (and subtle and sharp) speakers and very smooth handling.

The only issue I have ever had with my Honda Civic is Its distance from the ground. I have to be sure to go slow when driving up a steep incline, but that is not a big issue a all. The car has great gas mileage and an impressive acceleration rate, as well as a beautiful exterior.

- Dominic D

It is very reliable. It has outstanding reviews from customers.

Performance and reliability are excellent. It runs smoothly. Have not had any issues. It is compact yet it feels roomy and comfortable inside. The color is a shiny white, and it is nice because even when it gets a little dusty, it really does not show. It also has a touch screen.

- Julie H

Good and reliable vehicle.

It is a good, solid vehicle. I have had no problems with the vehicle. The gas mileage is very good and the vehicle is very cost effective. It is the base model so it does not have any bells or whistle of previous vehicles I have owned or leased, but it gets me where I want to go.

- Chuck G

Honda civic is the best choice!

I cannot say I have anything terrible to say about my car. It runs amazingly, the gas last for awhile, however, I am having problems with my Bluetooth system. Other than that my car runs and works and functions amazingly. I love Honda and would like to keep my business with them.

- Lauren I

Great car, just missing a couple handy features.

I wish that it had a back windshield wiper as well as one in front. However, it is a very comfortable and easy to drive car. Very roomy in the back and a surprising amount of trunk space. The rearview camera is a huge help when parking, especially because I am really bad at it.

- Isabel S

Amazing comfort and reliability

I love this car. It drives with such ease and helps a lot. It is super comfortable. I've slept in between classes in it and I've knocked out like if it was my bed. It�s super safe and amazing. It hasn't had any problems since I have had it honestly it doesn't break down at all.

- Francesca G

Sporty car with ample hauling ability.

Performance, reliability, comfort & features are wonderful. Very sporty car & great for hauling items. Tire pressure gauge is extremely sensitive. I need to take it at least every 6 weeks, especially after driving 120 miles or more. Radio also had to be fixed after 1 yr.

- Mary W

Fast car! Bluetooth capabilities!

It has great gas mileage and has an energy saving feature. It goes super fast in a short period of time and drives very smoothly. The seats are extremely comfortable and can be reclined forward and back. The features include a radio with Bluetooth capabilities and a brake hold.

- Bailey L

Reliability, Honda makes quality vehicles that are reliable and also affordable.

I enjoy my Honda Civic 2017. It gets good gas mileage roughly over 40 mpg on the highway. It has good performance and handling. I have the dx sedan. I have no complaints with the vehicle. In the future I will most likely be switching to a hybrid to get even better gas mileage.

- Daniel O

Honda Civic is the best!!

I have no problems, I love my Honda Civic! It�s very comfy and has great MPG. I have had no issues since I've bought it so it�s very reliable. The technology is fun too. I enjoy that it has Honda Apple play so I can connect my phone to my car. I wouldn't buy any other car.

- Sarah W

Reliable, roomy, and comfortable.

I love my Honda! It is a very reliable car and I definitely feel safe while driving it. Honda�s have a reputation for making great cars and they really do! The seats are very comfortable and you have plenty of legroom in the back seat while also having plenty of trunk space.

- Jill F

I really love its detailing and interiors and all the jet black look of it.

Great design and interiors. Eco friendly and great mileage. All black and amazing design. Smooth drive and everything looks chic and sporty look is everything. Really looking forward for the next model. Good mileage and can do better. Good pickup and can go better. Thank you.

- Neha E

Great value and easy maintenance

Car is very reliable. Has all safety features. Quality of paint seems to be deteriorating but I do not know if it is environmental or product. Very easy on gas and easy to maintain. I routinely get the oil changed. Plenty of trunk space and easy to access the spare tire

- Allie F

Personal Honda Civic 2017 review.

I love my 2017 Honda Civic. I have a very basic one, but it still comes with backup camera, and Bluetooth radio. One thing about my car that I dislike is that the tire light keeps coming on and no matter how many times I take it in. Trunk is very spacious, and holds so much!

- Georgia R

Trip out west great trip to Yosemite national park.

Great car good gas mileage very good ride lots of legroom in the backseat just got back from a 4000 mile trip. Went to Washington state all over the state spent a month in Oregon had no problem with the mountains we traveled went to Death Valley no problem with overheating.

- Don D

I will be a Honda customer for life.

Super comfortable on road trips, apple carplay, good size touch screen, heated seats, back-up camera, right turn camera, the eye catching red color has actually kept people from running into me a couple times, dual climate control is nice, roomy back seat, huge trunk space.

- Melissa T

Sporty 2017 Honda, a definite smart choice!

The vehicle is very reliable and dependable. The new models are all fantastic, this one is extremely great with gas mileage. Even the sport models are great. The vehicle handles well in both dry and wet climates. I do not have any issues or problems to report at this time.

- Sasha G

Why I love the Honda Civic.

Super comfortable, drives easily, has a ton of safety features and navigation is a huge help when driving to unfamiliar places. Safety features include road departure and automated braking system when getting too close to other vehicles. Overall, a great vehicle for anyone.

- Caitlin Z

2017 Honda Civic an affordable luxury.

Runs well. Is very reliable. Occasionally will rattle with the climate control, particularly with the heat. Very comfortable car that rides smoothly. Good Audio features. This is my second Honda Civic and I am very happy with the model. Will likely continue to lease Civics.

- Maggie K

2017 Honda Civic sport hatchback.

I love my 2017 Honda Civic sport hatchback! Plenty of space for a family or even if you want to take the dogs to the park. Great gas mileage and very comfortable to travel far distances in! I love the silver on the car and I love that you can paddle shift if you would like.

- Taylor M

Civic: surprisingly luxurious.

It is reliable and fun to drive. With the added features like leather interior and sunroof, I really feel like the Civic is a great deal that helps me enjoy my commute a little more, without having to shell out the kind of money I was thinking of spending on a BMW or Audi.

- Jennifer B

The sound system is amazing.

I had no problems with this car. It is smooth, clean, and is very accessible. Comfortable seats and fantastic sound system. Great trunk space as well. Leg room and space for taller/ bigger people are exceptional. I have had the car for 2 years now and I absolutely love it.

- Ariel A

It's mileage within the city of 30 miles/gallon It's camera features

Honda Civic is great in exterior design . It has all necessary safety features and comfortable space inside the car. It offers good mileage of 30 miles/gallon in the city and has powerful engines . The dashboard panel is cool and back and side cameras make it easy to drive

- Anilkumar J

Love my Civic. It is a dream to drive.

I have had no problems or issues with this car. It is fun to drive. It is economical. It is a good looking and sporty vehicle. I get regular comments on its looks. It has a lot of get up and go. Only negative comment is it has no CD player. I am old school in that regard.

- Karen R

Best amenities for your money

I have the touring edition and it has the most bang for your buck in terms of amenities. Heated front and back seats and the hold brake system is my favorite! Also has navi and rear side view camera along with back up. Sometimes the apple car play has problems working.

- Danielle D

2017 Honda Civic - great car!

Excellent gas mileage, roomy, good trunk space, good performance, a lot of included features. Having a bit of a problem with the walk away locking mechanism, it sometimes does not work. Overall, a great car that I would recommend to anyone looking for a car in this class.

- Ryan F

2017 Honda Civic - silver.

The 2017 Honda Civic coasts great, the brake system on it feels amazing and it picks up great too! My only problem with it is that it sits very low. Haven't had one problem yet. It could be a little snug for the bigger than average person. Not much room in the back seats.

- Joey L

Great car to drive. I have gotten this car three times on a new lease each time.

The vehicle does not give me any problems. It has a great turn ratio. It comes equipped with tons of stuff inside the car to make the car an enjoyable experience driving it. The seats are very comfortable and very adjustable. It performs really well and accelerates great.

- Kristen H

The vehicle is really great. A push on button feature is very convenient. The side cameras on the mirrors are very helpful when changing lanes. The air conditioning and heating works smoothly, and are very quiet. There is plenty of legroom. I am very spacious, and slick.

- Justin D

The car is very sleek. I feel like I am in a spaceship.

There are currently no problems with my Honda Civic. She is a beauty. I worked hard for her. I kind of wish I got the luxury model or whatever its called. I got the base model. Still nicer than my 2008 Jeep grand Cherokee. I love the radio screen and how fast she drives.

- Jennifer H

Recommend for someone who needs a reliable car that is great on gas!

So far I have had no problems with my Civic. It is amazing on gas the seats are so comfortable. I have the coupe and the back seat has so much room even fitting car seats wasn't a problem! If you drive a lot and need something reliable I highly recommend the Honda Civic!

- Katrina T

Stock turbo, fun and still great gas mileage. Amazing vehicle

Nothing yet, two years old and I'm still in love with it. Zero problems. Smooth acceleration, great features. Blind side camera and backup camera are much more useful than I expected. Seat warmers are heavenly. Great gas mileage and stock turbo is incredibly fun to drive

- Jason K

Its has a very good pick up for that budget.

Amazing design, it almost looks like a sports car, with all black finishing and amazing customizations. It has really good pick up and mileage, very smooth and high performance. Lovely rides and memories with my loved ones. Never had any performance issues till date.

- Neha E

I love the white paint that adorns the vehicle.!

Car is very reliable, great gas mileage and rarely needs maintenance. Oil changes and repairs have been inexpensive so far and I would recommend the vehicle to any lover of the Honda car company. It drives amazing, fits 5 adults and has great storage space in the trunk.

- Elliot B

Important is the safety features that sold me on it.

I love my Honda and have no complaints, I feel safe with my family and even my pets in my Honda. Has plenty of power and gets great gas mileage. Love my white color and insurance is unbelievable at price for such a Beautiful safe car. I highly recommend the Honda Civic.

- Clarence H

Very sporty very good looking front end

It�s an amazing car only thing I wish it had was automatic seats, and man does the screen collect dust. But overall perfect ca. Comfort is really good and they fit the ac vents perfect very good on gas and drives like a little sports car that it is. Wouldn't trade it

- Gina S

Honda civic 2017: easy to care for vehicle.

I feel safe while driving it and it saves me money on gas. I have had it for two years and have not had many issues with car. It is also easy to add on any other features. The one thing that I wish my car had would be heated seats, but the heat in my car works quickly.

- Beth M

Best & affordable buy - Honda.

Real good and comfortable interior . Superior performance and extreme comfortable breaks and clutch shift. Superb mileage and speed without a hitch. Inbuilt music system is amazing with bazz music. Interior is of tan leather and is if great quality. Overall a best buy.

- Neha B

Grey Honda Civic el-x. 2017. Very nice and has all advanced features.

I love my Civic. It has great features like moonroof, Bluetooth, and heated seats. The back seat is very spacious. I love the look of the car, it is very sporty but cute. The vehicle gets great gas mileage, as I can usually go 400 miles before needing to fill up again.

- Danielle C

Great family car sleek model.

Great car. Love it is safety features. Ride is smooth get great gas mileage. Comfortable to ride in high tech love the carplay feature and sunroof. Right turn camera is awesome. Good for families or young teens. Just wish it had GPS in it. Everything else is top notch.

- Christina C

The 2017 Honda Civic. a lot of car for little cost.

The 2017 Honda Civic is a nice car to own. It is comfortable to drive and offers nice standard features. The gas mileage is very good but you do not have to sacrifice any performance to get it. The car performs and handles well. The braking and handling are both good.

- Marc W

The sporty feeling of it.

Great on gas mileage. Haven't had any problems yet. I love my new Honda Civic, we take it all around town and even across country. I am a electrical engineer and have to travel often so it's a great ride for not only me but my family as well. You should get one too.

- Erik J

Love the camera feature to see vehicles coming from the back.

Very comfortable and feel safe driving with family. Window wipers are a little short and makes it hard to see when it rains. Front lights are a little dim, which makes it hard to see at night. Gas is fair on mileage. Love the camera feature to see vehicles behind me.

- Abby D

My car it is easy to drive park and can fit five children in the back.

Love the gas mileage, the low maintenance costs, and the luxury feel inside the vehicle. Dislike the music button being a slide bar, dislike being unable to adjust climate controls while in backup mode or while car is initially starting and computer screen is loading.

- Jackie G

Honda Civic: a smooth ride toward the future.

I would have rated it 5 out of 5 if the seats were a little more comfortable. It does, however, drive very smoothly and accelerates easily. It has great gas mileage and offers nice technological advances like a rear and side view camera as well as built in Bluetooth.

- Amber M

Best Well Rounded Vehicle

I haven't had any problems with it. Such a great car, great gas mileage, super reliable. Love the system in it that tells me when I need to change my oil or anything. Great car. No engine problems and it�s the best car I've ever driven. Great stock sound system too

- Ashley S

Good for you and your family.

They're not really my favorite but I do not think it is really important for them and I have a good time with them because they have an advantage that I can get through the process. I know that it is finally time for someone else to come and apply for the same thing.

- Max L

Fantastic stick shift and comfortable ride.

Great performance and pickup for a standard shift vehicle. Great gas mileage. Would recommend it to anyone. Great price and the dealership was fantastic. Has plenty of room for the family. The payments are affordable. The handling is good and the maintenance is low.

- Michael L

That it has a back camera, so you can see what's in back of you from the inside.

Some things I dislike about my vehicle is that the seats are too low. Also I do not particularly like the color of the seats. I do like that my phone can connect to the radio via Bluetooth and that there's a camera in the back. I also like that it wastes little gas.

- Alice M

Very satisfied with Honda Civic.

I have been very happy with my Civic. It is low-maintenance and gets decent gas mileage. I like the way that it drives, and I have no problem fitting anything that I need in it. The back-up camera is my favorite feature. It has made me an excellent parallel parker!

- Kelly R

Reliable, robust, and efficient!

My Honda Civic is very reliable and robust even though I have put so much mileage with long distance travel everyday drive. The physical appearance is not so much but what it the use of beauty if it breaks down in the middle of the road. My Honda is still the best!

- Khane S

It is fun to drive but very economical and reliable.

It's compact enough to drive in the city but it has plenty of internal space for our family of 3. It has amazing gas mileage, so very economical and extremely reliable. The only thing we do not like is the touchscreen, we feel it's not sensitive enough to control.

- Maria L

My vehicle saves me gas money and time from going to the mechanics.

I love everything about my car. I can fill the gas tank up with $20. I never had a car problem with this car (no jinx). I wouldn't trade my car for anything. I recommend car buyers to get you a Honda! I promise you will not regret it, I am glad I made my purchase.

- Damian P

Honda civic touring model.

No problems very reliable very comfortable I love all the features the right sided cameras, the left side cameras the rear camera the cruise control, the automatic lights and wipers the great radio only thing I would have added are rear wipers I miss having them.

- Deborah R

The gas mileage is AMAZING. I get on average 413 miles each time I fill up my gas tank.

I love that it is a 2 door coupe with a sunroof. It gives it the sporty feel of a sports car but the practicality of being able to have great gas mileage for travelling. My only dislike is that I got a white car which means I am constantly giving my car a bath.

- Melissa S

Honda Civic - reliable and comfortable.

The Honda Civic is a great car for a reasonable price. It is very reliable and is great on gas. It is very sharp looking and sturdy. It drives really well and is comfortable. I will definitely get another. It also has great technology like Bluetooth capabilities.

- Sam M

It is sporty but practical.

I do not have any issues it gets great gas mileage it's comfortable for my husband and I we love it. I love the moonroof and the satellite radio my only concern is. White is the color it has minor scratches that show. These would never show up on any other color.

- Tammy A

Highlight is the side camera.

I love the screen and the turn signal camera for checking blind spots. The trunk is amazingly large for a car this size but there could be a little more room for the driver area. It handles well in all kinds of weather and has been very reliable on most terrains.

- Meagan M

It is a smart purchase for a car. It is nothing fancy but Hondas last and are easy to maintain.

I like that the engine is solid and dependable and that Hondas have great resale values. It is great on gas. I don't like how with the wireless remote, unless you hit the button- the wireless signal only unlocks the 2 front doors and not the back passenger doors.

- Carrie P

Honda Civic 2017. The specs and details

No problems works well. Great on gas and very fuel efficient. Runs fast.very flexible and aerodynamic. Good suspension. Perfect for college students or a first car. Perfect for a first time purchase. Has Bluetooth and great technology features like apple carplay.

- Melanie M

It is fuel efficient plus very reliable and will hold its value for a long time.

I like that it is a hatchback model which makes it easier to carry a lot in the trunk area. Also it has some cool technology built into the dashboard. Only thing I don't like is that the temperature controls are electronic versus having physical knobs to turn.

- Mike G

Honda Civic review, interesting detail is that it has a spacious trunk

I really don't have problem with my vehicle it�s a really great car it�s easy to drive it save a lot of gas so that a plus and it�s very comfortable and it has a lot of space I really recommend this car, one of my favorite features is that it has Bluetooth

- Musty J

It is a dark blue almost grey color that sparkles in the sunlight.

It is comfortable and roomy. It gets me from one place to another very efficiently. The features are very nifty and easy to use. The problems is that there is a very bad blind spot on the driver side mirror. Very good gas mileage, and it is a good car for trips.

- Britney O

Comfortable car with plenty of power, great mileage for a sports car.

I have a Civic ex turbo; love it. Performance is awesome average 37 mi/gal & I got a 0. 9% interest rate. I had a Prius before & it would barely make it to 70 mph. My dealership is great about sending reminders for service and Hondas have excellent resale value.

- Mitzi W

An efficient vehicle. Nice.

Excellent car. Drives well, economic enough if driven sensibly. Good safety equipment, nice shape and looks modern. Nice to drive long distance. Sunroof is a bonus. Apart from that, a decent standard car for the family. Gets the job done in an efficient manner.

- Marc D

I love my Honda civic 2017 exl.

I love my car. It has no issues and the features are great. I like the apple car play set up as well. The seats are very comfortable. And it gets great gas mileage. The car runs smoothly and is very spacious. There is a lot of trunk space. I love the moon roof.

- Lindsay J

Honda Civic highlights and descriptions.

The Civic is performing as expected, engine and transmission are rock solid, it has good looking interior and exterior, I did not experience any issues until now. Beside that it comes with backup camera and the price is very reasonable for the feature you got.

- Eddie A

Great gas mileage - 33.4 miles per gallon.

Great gas mileage - 33.4 miles per gallon in town. Do not use it on the highway often. Reliable as well. With it being a four cylinder you have to punch it if you are getting on the highway to speed up. Good tech features with Bluetooth and hands free options.

- Scott G

Our car:). Honda makes a stylish car, safe, comfortable. We enjoy the ride.

The only thing I would like more is if it sat a little higher. . . And air conditioner vents in the back. Otherwise, I really like it. Also, the CD players that are not in cars anymore is an issue. We would prefer a CD player because a lot of us own many CD's.

- Suzanne L

Love my car with backup camera.

I love the color, a blue that sometimes looks almost black. Good gas mileage. I especially like the backup camera, the first time I have had one. Surprisingly large trunk. Roomy interior. The only thing I do not like is that the seats are not very comfortable.

- Ellen B

This vehicle is a comfortable size, reliable, safe, and a great family car.

Gas mileage is really great. The seats are large. The trunk is sizeable and fits everything from beach chairs to luggage! I can take this anywhere. It fits into small parking spaces. I drive this into cities, on country roads, and to beaches. I love this car!

- Brenda M

That, it has no issues. at all.

I love my car. It's the perfect size and i have no issues, except the seats are a light beige and unfortunately dirty already, I have kids, but still it makes me sad. Also, my payment is super high due to credit ..which also makes me sad and gives me anxiety

- Brianda G

It has good resale value.

I wanted a car that I could zip around town in. The Civic is good because it is compact but I can still easily get up to speed on the freeway with ease. Some features I like are the Bluetooth connectivity and the touchscreen inside. I wish it had GPS though.

- Charlie S

The go car. The right side camera is a lifesaver.

Performance is quick and sounds fast. Reliable this first year and tires have lasted so far with 29k miles. I can quickly weave in and between cars to pass. The camera on the right side is incredible and a huge help to see blind spots before switching lanes.

- April B

Less than impressed to be honest.

It is way too slow. I wish the car had more acceleration. I have the si trim and I thought it would be quicker. I do love the stereo system. I do wish they had different controls for the temperature and air conditioners however. All in all it is an okay car.

- Keith K

2017 Honda Civic hatchback.

No problems. It looks great, runs great, gets great miles per gallon( 40-42 mpg highway, 37-38 mpg around town). It comes with really nice wheels and tires, plus it is really comfortable inside. It is got a decent backup camera and the steering is very nice!

- Case C

Civic is reliable and sporty.

The Civic is reliable, sporty, comfortable and economical. I trust Honda products. Issue with pressure sensors displaying as low, even when the tires are filled. This causes an intermittent beeping that can be annoying. Also, road noise in the car is loud.

- Barbara M

It is a luxury interior look yet affordable to maintain. It is got great mileage.

It had battery problems early on and in less than a year the battery needed to be changed. Other than that it is a great car. It is reliable and drives quite far in terms of mileage. It has a great sporty look and looks like a luxury car but is affordable.

- Mia R

Big bang for your buck with the Civic coupe.

You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Civic coupe. All the bells and whistles come with the second highest trim level - leather seats and steering wheel, push button ignition and remote engine starter built into the fob. Also, XM radio is available.

- Maureen M

2017 Honda Civic is a vehicle I would recommend 10/10 times!

I have no complaints so far. Very easy to drive & operate the vehicle and it drives smoothly as well. Also, for it is size, it is a very spacious vehicle and other people have even said so themselves. I would recommend getting this vehicle to other people.

- Mariah K

Car for those who love the little details

I love my car and all the options that came with it. I like the android auto/apple auto, remote start that's especially helpful during winter months, the USB ports and the overall look of the car. I wish I got a different trim though so I can drive manual.

- Jo C

I like the automatic brake hold feature.

Great gas mileage. Love the hatchback. Love the navigation. Really like rear windshield wiper. Reasonable price. You get a lot for the money. Makes me feel safe. I would recommend for others. Passenger seat is comfortable. Like my color. Like the sunroof.

- Iris Y

We highly recommend the Honda line.

My wife and I love our 2017 Civic. Good ride, good gas mileage, overall just a very nice car. We have had Toyotas in the past and this is our first Honda and we love it. We highly recommend looking at the Honda line if you are in the market for a new car.

- Brandon F

Awesome Honda Civic with lane-assist camera.

I absolutely adore my Honda Civic. I love how small and compact the exterior is, but the interior is very roomy and comfortable. I also really appreciate the right side mirror’s camera and the 3 way rear view camera. It has a sports car feel to it, too.

- Nicole M

Stylish with plenty of comfort features.

This vehicle has been trouble free. It get about 44 mpg on the highway. I love the Bluetooth that lets me use my phone hands free. It's the best car I have ever had. It will have a great resale value. It's quiet, stylish and has lots of comfort features.

- Steve H

Honda civic: smooth first car.

The vehicle is spacious and drives smoothly. It is easy to use, and a good first care. I enjoy how good the music system is. The car has very little problems since I got it. Honda also is always very helpful when I need to ask questions about my vehicle.

- Alexis H

Honda civic attractive, reliable and economical.

My Honda civic is very comfortable and easy to drive. Attractive and has nice lines. In the body, roomy enough and very good on gas mileage. It has a very smooth ride and plenty of trunk space and you can fold the back seats back for more storage space.

- Barbara Q

That the MPGs are outstanding. If I try my hardest, I can get over 40 MPGs

Love Honda's. I have the Civic hatchback sport with CVT. Love the performance of the car but not the CVT. Very nimble car with lots of easy parts that can be installed to make the car faster than the SI model and have nearly same stability as the type R

- Chris V

Smooth ride, good a/c, no problems with it - unlike the Hyundai that was bad from day one and company would do nothing

it is a smooth riding efficient car - after having a Hyundai Elantra there is no comparison Hyundai was a piece of garbage from day and upper management would not do a thing. Honda is a dream come true and when the time comes, I'll go for another Honda

- barbara a

Great value for your money.

Great pick up, good on gas, comfortable easy to park, love screen and Bluetooth. Reliable, great comfort in back seat, love right turn hand screen display, good space for storage and plenty of trunk space interior design is perfect. Car is stylish too.

- Deborah P

The car of my dreams, I love Honda civic.

My Honda civic car 2017 is safe, reliable, tall, luxurious, auto of the year, fast, white that is my favorite color, latest model, luxury wheels, cute and designed for a person as young as me. It really is the car of my dreams and I love its structure.

- Natalia N

Sleek design and gas mileage.

Comfortable, looks good, touch screen is nice, sound system is cool. I get great gas mileage. I pay less than $25 each time I fill up. It is very reliable and I am able to have such a car. It also looks great inside and has great room for other people.

- Ashley N

This model of Honda has a brake button which helps in bumper to bumper traffic.

This is one of the most amazing cars I have ever bought. It is great on gas, has a beautiful look to it and very fast for a Honda. I absolutely do not regret making this decision in buying this car. It is safe, cheap to repair and good in bad weather.

- Jennifer A

Luxury car but not luxury price.

I really love this car. Very high tech car for it to not be a luxury car. There are some minor glitches on the tablet but overall nice car, it has a sport mode, economy mode and regular mode so it is fast as well. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Antoinette A

I would definitely recommend Honda crv.

I have not had any performance problems with this car. It is reliable, drives smoothly, features are easy to use, comfortable, I feel safe driving this vehicle. Bluetooth features make using my phone and GPS safe. I would recommend this car to others.

- Caitlin S

Small sports car that is pretty fast and lasts long

Small, very basic, low bumper. Fuel mileage could be better. Backup camera is basic. Price is pretty high. Car is fast, nice looking sports car, enjoy the interior color and exterior color. Large trunk space for small car. A/C works quick, pretty safe

- Frank O

Good car for low cost, you should buy now.

No problems so far with vehicle, it runs great and has had no performance issues thus far, mine is black with gray interior and four alloy wheels. This was a great car for the money and I would buy it again. This was a car that I am happy with so far.

- Christopher Y

They should know that the car is reliable and is something that will work every time that they would like to drive it.

It is a really good car that I have owned for about a year now. It has been very reliable and has been something that I have enjoyed being able to drive and use everyday. It is something that I am very proud to be able to go out and drive most days.

- Corey T

Good value re: cost and gas mileage.

Like: appearance, color, sound system.... Dislike: sits low, loud/noisy a/c especially top 2-3 fan levels, media system w/ipad - too many complications just to try to get to one song.... Complaint: sore back without additional back support device..

- Barbara L

I love my Beautiful Honda Civic!

My civic is absolutely amazing. I love the backup camera, the lane watch camera and how my phone can hook up to my touch screen stereo. It's very roomy inside and comfortable. I love the sleep look of the car. The center console has so much space

- Ruby A

Watch out for the ac. didn't get enough of charge when made. I put more Freon in.

Honestly it is a good solid car, gas mileage is amazing on average I get about 39. 8 to the gallon. I drive about 3 1/2 hours a day and the seats are comfortable. I really love the passenger side camera. It is a smooth ride and very spacious!

- Kelsey G

Very reliable car with great gas mileage.

2017 Honda Civics are very reliable cars. I get great gas mileage and am able to seat 4 other passengers comfortably. My car has great features such as the backup camera, the side camera on the right mirror, everything is also touch screen.

- Lauren F

It doesn't have two doors.

This vehicle is very dependable and easy to drive. It acquires many features that bring comfort and performance. This model is also very stylish and eye catching. The rims are a little hard to clean but other than that it is an amazing car.

- Brooke R

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it gets very good gas mileage and it also has a very good safety rating.

I like that the Honda Civic has an in car navigation system, along with sirius radio capabilities. I dislike that the back seat headrests are not adjustable. I also dislike that the front passenger seat does not move like the driver's seat.

- Laura L

Unique look, a joy to drive!

I have had no problems with this car. It is by far, the best car I have ever owned. It is fun to drive, it has a powerful engine, and performs very well. I have the hatchback version of the Civic, and it turns head wherever I go. I love it!

- Castillo C

It's a good price for a good car

It is a 2017 honda civic. I like how 'sporty' it looks, the backup camera, and the camera that turns on when you use your right turn signal. I don't like that the touch screen freezes often and you have to restart the car to get it to work

- Keely a

It is a great vehicle and gets good gas mileage.

I love my Honda Civic. It drives very nicely, I haven't had any issues with it so far. The USB and Bluetooth features are very nice. I do a lot of driving and this car gets really good gas mileage, and it handles very well on longer trips.

- Maria H

Honda Civic: do not miss out on this amazing car.

I love my Honda Civic. It is am amazing car because it rides really smooth, it is great on gas and is very comfortable! I also love the Bluetooth settings, the heat/ac settings and how easy it is to drive. I highly recommend a Honda Civic!

- Abby P

It is very fuel efficient

I like that it has a very sleek looking body and that there is a touch screen. it is also a very nice car to have if you are only intending to drive 2 people. The interior is kind of small and the speakers suck if you sit in the back.

- jason m

Break hold button assist will enable the roll.

Just do not like the car. Although Honda's have a reputation for long life, I think that they didn't put a lot of effort on the trim & interior. The technology is not adequate nor up to industry standards compared to ford, Lexus, etc.

- Gina M

The most important thing is that its fast, efficient, and safe.

I like its gas efficiency.It's also very spacious compared to previous Civics I've had. However, the bluetooth function is finicky and devices have to be regularly deleted and reconnected to be recognized by the bluetooth connection.

- Nicole C

Even though it is not a hybrid it still gets very good gas mileage.

The vehicle is a 2017 Honda Civic. It is a very nice 4 door sedan. My wife is the primary driver. It has a 4 cylinder Vtec engine and a 6 speed manual transmission. It is a very fun car to drive and it gets very good gas mileage.

- Daniel M

Others should know that my car goes through gas fast.

I love the effortless drive. I feel safer driving this type of car due to the sensors and cameras. I do wish that the turn sensor wouldn't turn off my ability to use hands free services. Other than that, I can think of no complaints.

- Chelsea C

Civic hatchback sport is ok.

I am use to driving a luxury vehicle. This was definitely a downgrade. However I have the sport hatchback so it is cute. I do not like that the sport option does not have a sunroof. I no longer have push to start, heated seats, etc.

- Jess E

My First Car Purchase: Honda Civic

My Honda Civic has been extremely reliable since I purchased it. It has great gas mileage - I only need to fill the tank every other week. The seats are very comfortable and there are multiple ports for different cellular devices.

- Melissa G

Amazing and comfortable, bang for your buck! Chic!

Has great and helpful tech features, including showing you your gas rate, oil status, linking up to you phone wirelessly or through USB cord. Side and rear cameras. Sunroof. Extremely spacious and comfortable. Bang for your buck!

- Yoli S

They should know that it is very efficient on gas and they will save a lot of money

I love that my car is great on gas. I have saved so much money not having to pump gas as often since I have to drive far distances for work and school. I also love how spacious is it, it is compact but with enough space for me.

- Bianca R

It's a great car for someone that's young and wants a reliable vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and has all the tech younger people like!

I love my Honda Civic. It's got all the bells and whistles that I wanted in a car. I like the sunroof, touch screen display, and the Apple CarPlay. It's also gets great gas mileage. There's nothing that I don't like about it.

- Roman W

Love saving gas with the ECO button!

The car is great. It runs smoothly, has good pick-up and good steering. One of my favorite features is the "ECO" button, which takes the car off overdrive and helps use less gas. The finishes are a bit too rough for my taste.

- Percy A

The Honda Civic is not only economical and sturdy, but stylish as well.

My Honda Civic meets most of my wish list for a mode of transportation. First and foremost it is good on gas, it has a very solid build, it has a decent amount of convenience and safety features, and it was priced very well.

- Jason P

Includes a side mirror camera when turning on the right blinker.

I have always had a car by Honda, recently I traded in my 2004 Honda Accord for my new 2017 Honda Civic. I am a huge fan of Honda vehicles, you definitely get your money’s worth. They're reliable, rarely have any issues.

- Maria E

The auto-start function on the key is great for warm weather!

I love the gas mileage that the civic gets. It is incredibly reliable, and with over 35000 miles, it drives like a dream. I love the acceleration and the turbocharged engine, mixing performance and efficiency beautifully.

- Cade B

It is a good,affordable price for the amount of features that is included.

I have a black honda civic coupe. It has a sunroof, wheels, Apple carplay, leather seats, navigation system, heated seats, LED headlights, turbocharged engine, etc. I love my car it is fully equipped and was a good price.

- drew h

It is a great first car good on gas.

I like that my vehicle has a camera for my blind spot for when I get over. I like that my vehicle has a camera for when I reverse. And I like that there's a button so when I do not want to hold the break the button does.

- Alexis W

My car makes me feel like I can transform into someone else. Race car driver, due to its speed and excellent handling. Rock star, due to the great sound system.

Amazing fuel economy. Comfortable and plenty of space. Drives great in all types of weather. Attractive and stylish inside and out. Many included features for convenience and safety. Very reasonable price. No complaints.

- Anna K

It's a really reliable car.

I love driving it and the way the cruise control works. I like the music controls and the air conditioning. I don't like that it cost over $1000 when a rock hit my windshield and I had to replace it, that was ridiculous.

- Kelsey M

It has great gas mileage.

I really like the gas mileage. It is very easy to drive. I was able to get the dark blue color that I like. It is rated very well. Like me, it is (so far) low maintenance. I'm not that crazy about the design of the rear.

- Rosemary W

The Civic is an excellent, responsible, enjoyable car!

I really enjoy my Civic. It gets excellent gas mileage without sacrificing power, has a comfortable interior, and looks great. If you can get a model with the passenger side blind spot camera, do! I love that feature.

- Josh B

That I love it: great looking, great mileage, fun turbo powered car!

It's name is Old Navy. He's gorgeous! Fully loaded Touring in a gorgeous navy. It gets great gas mileage, smooth ride, fun to drive with turbo engine! It's one of my favorite cars I've ever owned and I have owned many!

- Ty C