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Accelerator sticks 2018

I have a 2018 Honda Civic Sedan LX. I hate that there isn't a CD player, no XM radio. The radio in it sucks. Last month on my way back to NC from a drive to California, I was in the mountains of NC and I took my foot of the gas, the cruise control was off and the engine was very loud and sounded like if you put it in neutral and rev it up. Well, last night on my way back to NC from Nevada and I was exiting I-40 and the same thing happened as I hit close to a stop sign. I was pushing the breaks but the car didn't stop. I went right through an intersection and up the ramp to get back on the highway. After tapping the gas petal several times it finally stopped. I could have been killed. I was terrified. I still have 8 hours left in my trip and some of that is mountain driving again. Pray for me. We are loyal Honda owners. We loved the Element. Had 3. Let the dealership talk me into trading my Element for this Civic that is trying to kill me.

- Renee

Loving my sweet new ride!

I have had my car for almost a month now, and it makes me finally love driving again! While not strictly necessary, I really appreciate the side and rear cameras, particularly during my city driving. The seats are really comfortable, and the interior is beautiful. The car is overall gorgeous, Honda truly stepped up their game with this year's Civic! I haven't had the time yet to sit down and figure out the Bluetooth options, but I really look forward to being able to effortlessly connect my phone to the car for music and GPS. Initially, I was wary of the button-start and touch-unlocking, but now that I understand them, I am really excited for the added safety and convenience. She's such a smooth ride, and, while not a racing car, has the capacity to have a little kick if you find yourself needing to accelerate quickly. I 100% recommend going in yourself for a test drive.

- Heather Z

Honda Civic ex gas mileage and special camera feature.

To start, I will say the gas mileage that the Honda Civic gets is fantastic! I get about 36 mpg, and it helps me a lot since I am a full time college student and also working part time. The inside of the Civic is very roomy, luxurious, and sleek. One thing I do not enjoy is the touch screen in the Honda Civic.. Mine has scratched so easily because the dirt and dust that collects on it. Wiping it off without scratching it is almost impossible. That would be my only complaint! One very cool feature that this car also has is a side view camera on the passenger side mirror. Whenever I put my blinker on to turn right, the camera view pops up on my touchscreen and I can see any potential hazards that may be in the way before turning. I love that! The Honda Civic ex sedan is a great car and I highly suggest it.

- Alicia T

My 2018 reliable sporty Honda civic.

I love my reliable, sporty yet inexpensive Honda civic. The look of the 2018 caught my eye first. I love the look of it compared to all other year civics. It's really good on gas and reliable. I personally think Hondas are as reliable as Toyotas. They last forever. Even though this vehicles still considered new that doesn't mean anything. Even new vehicles can have issues but I don't have any complaints about this one. The insurance rates are cheap as well. The features are all current. Everything is power operated there are places to charge my phone and plug in my USB cord. This car also has a good sound system and seats 5 but I would say 4 comfortably. This Honda also has good take off speed. Great car. I love it!

- Nicole M

Perfect for a 4 family unit, spacious, safe and reliable!

My husband and I have a 2018 Honda Civic. We purchased this car for our family with a little one on the way who was due June 2, 2018. It drives smooth and I have piece of mind that I am in a reliable car with my two sons! I love that there is an extra safety feature which includes a backside camera which has saved me from getting into many accidents (my husband loves that)! And I can also call and talk hands free while connecting my phone to the Honda. You can call or anyone can call you and it their voice can be heard directly from the speakers in the car. The trunk is a perfect size since I have to bring my sons diaper bag, stroller and bouncer and not to mention groceries! We love our Civic!

- Alexandra H

This Honda civic gets the same mpg as my previous car: a Honda civic hybrid.

It came with Bluetooth and a backup camera. I average 39 mpg and usually only have to fill up my tank once a week at about twenty dollars each time. It is a comfortable ride with great acceleration even in eco mode. It is very reliable. I have had no issues with it so far. I chose it because my previous Honda civic was on its last leg and needed a lot of expensive work done. My previous civic was a hybrid and 11 years old at the time I traded it in. This car gets the same if not better gas mileage than the hybrid. I love the Bluetooth. It automatically connects to the Spotify app on my phone and resumes playing whatever it was I was previously listening too on the app.

- Ashley S

I feel it is the highest dependability and mechanical soundness and most affordable vehicles.

I just recently purchased my 2018 Honda Civic. I purchased it because my car previous to that was a Honda Civic and I had well over 100,000 miles on it. Within the 100,000 miles I have never had a single mechanical issue. Maintenance was very cheap as well for the entire time I own to the previous vehicle. My current 2018 Honda Civic is a very reliable car as well it has high marks in regards to safety dependability and reliability. There is no doubt that I will get many years of service out of this vehicle as well. It has a sunroof, nice Entertainment System, air condition, and safety airbags. You cannot beat Honda's reliability performance or dependability.

- David L

Amazing car, horrible Bluetooth system. Awesome sound system. Smooth drive.

I absolutely love it. The only problem I have had with my car is the Bluetooth feature, it is constantly not connecting with my phone, either the phone part will connect or just the Bluetooth. People are not able to hear me when using the hands free feature. It also is hard for me to hear people talking as well since it is if as I do not have service on my cell phone, but when I take it off of Bluetooth and use the speaker it is much clearer. I have found that it quickly outgrew my needs as it is very small. It is very comfortable for short driving. This last 22 hour road trip I went on I quickly found that it is not as comfortable as I initially thought.

- Ham G

It is a great car. Has some downfalls nothing to major. Well reliable car.

My vehicle is good family of 3 car. It tells you how many miles you have left before running out of gas. I would say it does not have the most comfortable seats for long car rides. It does have a feature I like, when your driving at night it has a laser beam light pointing at the cup holder so you can easily see your drinks. The light is not distracting at all it is just nice convenience. It also has a econ mode for saving gas which is really handy. A negative to the specific Honda civic I got is the seats have a light tan color and got stained pretty fast. I would recommend darker interior I think it is a better look for the car as well.

- Mariah C

The latest Civic sedan has a more aggressive shape than others in its class, such as the Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet

The classic Honda Civic is easily one of the most important cars on the market, so when Honda released a downgraded version in 2012, the company disappointed buys as competitor models moved towards more upscale, full-featured compact cars. Honda thus gave the 2013 model a hasty facelift, but this stop-gap measure merely brought back older features. Then, in 2016, the Civic received a long-overdue revamp; Honda completely redesigned the model from the ground up, rocketing the Civic back to the forefront of the compact segment. Therefore, for its 2018 Civic model, Honda has decided to leave well enough alone and only make minimal updates.

- Randy L

This car was built for comfort!

I have not experienced any problems with my vehicle as of yet. It has really good acceleration to help on the freeway. I bought this car from the comfort of me and my passengers. I love that the air conditioning/heating can be controlled on both sides individually and that each seat can be heated. I love the amount of cup holders. I especially love the safety features of the various types of backup cameras, the right turn side view camera to see my blind spot, and the brake warning that automatically applies the brake when needed. The adaptive cruise control is amazing that automatically slows down the car when a car is in front of me.

- Brian K

The 2018 Honda Civic is very reliable and is a comfortable car.

I love my vehicle. My family has had Civics for about 8 years now and they have been very reliable. They're smooth riding and the gas mileage is amazing. Being in college I need a reliable car and that is what Honda Civic is. The only problem I have had with Honda is when I went to take my car in because my tire keep losing air. They told me there was nothing they could do so I took it somewhere else and they told me I just had a hole that needed patching. Other than that it has been amazing. The 2018 Honda Civic is awesome because the cloth inside on the seats is super nice and really easy to clean up if anything is spilt.

- Brooke B

My vehicle looks like a gray sports car.

I really love my vehicle. I like the back up camera along with the side view camera. I like the sport mode where I am able to go from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds. It does help when I need to pass a car on a two lane highway. I like the sporty look of the vehicle and so far I get really good gas mileage. On average I get about 34 miles per gallon. I like the subscription to Sirius radio. I doubt I will keep it after the trial runs out. The heated seats are a definite bonus too which I am sure I will enjoy in the winter. I have not had any performance problems let as it is still new. I do like the Apple car play also.

- Laura H

Great first car out of college.

What is not to love about my Honda Civic. I own the hatchback lx and it offers plenty of space for all the traveling and moving I have done over the past few months as a graduating college student on the move. While doing so, I have been getting great gas mileage (38 mpg for city and highway combined) which is great on the wallet. Now that I have moved I still make longer trips to see my friends and girlfriend frequently over 4 hours away and the car just rides comfortably the whole way. It is comforting to know that every time I make that drive, the dependability of my car is the last of my concerns.

- Michael H

Great gas mileage, very spacious, accommodating, great display, clear speakers.

One of my favorite features is that the back seats fold down flat but also fold up off the floor. I like putting my backpacks/groceries/purse on the floor instead of the seats, it gives so much more space and then nothing rolls off the seats as I am driving. I love the screen display and the fact I can set a background image of my choosing. The voice call options are awesome! And it is so clear when talking on the phone! It gets great gas mileage and I love that I can see my average. I do not do any highway driving so my average is usually somewhere around 30. Overall I really love my Honda civic!

- Ashley L

Best Honda Civic ever. I would definitely recommend buyer the 2018 Honda Civic.

Very smooth drive, the best color is candy apple, nice steering grip, everything is at reach. It should have mileage to gas comparison for convenience. Driver seat is low, hard to see front left to right must lift to see the front of vehicle while driving and parking. It is a fast car and when at brake the car completely stops even when you let the brake go the car is at a complete stop. Love the gas tank cover without cap and locks with locking doors. Has a nice body design. Heavy car feel on highway but also feels light on the highway. Solid body frame. Excellent customer service.

- Lisa R

Love my Honda civic sport touring!

My car has so many options I am not sure I have even used them all yet. I like that it lets me know when I am too close to the car in front of me and signals when I accidentally leave the lane I am in. I have seat warmers in both the front and back seats; automatic windshield wipers and lights that I can choose to use or not; eco boost to economize fuel; the option to put it into sport mode and shift gears; easy to clean leather seats; carplay allowing me to use my phone hands free to text, call and listen to my playlists. . My car is white with black accents. I absolutely love it!

- Nanci B

Love my Honda Civic sport hatchback.

I have the Honda Civic sports hatchback. Very sporty. Great color - cosmic grey. It handles fantastic. Powerful and quick. Feels very study on the road. The interior is black. Roomy for a small car. The hatchback is great. A ton of room in the back. I have the extra plastic carpet protector which is very useful. I have boys that carry sports equipment. Gas mileage is fantastic. I can go a week between filling up. The only complaint is the wheels. They are beautiful, but I have to parallel park a lot and if my wheel even touches the curb, the hubcap gets scratched.

- Sandy F

I absolutely love the new Civic!

I have driven Honda’s in the past, but it has been a few years. I recently needed a new car and decided to lease a fit. I absolutely loved it! So comfortable to drive, yet felt roomy inside! My daughter ended up needing a new car, so I let her take over purchasing the fit, and I leased a Civic. Wow! The Civic has had so many phenomenal changes since I first drove on decades ago. It rides smoothly and has great pick up. It is spacious and comfortable inside, and has lots of trunk room. I have been nothing but pleased with it since I got it 10 months ago.

- Celia B

It is great! Driving is a dream, and hopefully affordable.

My car is an absolute dream, driving on I am on a rough streets. . I do not feel the bumps and already dips of those streets that at the time I have the misfortune of being on. My Honda Civic is great on gas, seats adjust to your level of comfort to drive with ease. So far to date none to minimal maintenance has been required. Though it is just the basic model it comes with a lot of features like phone, Sirius radio, surround sound, hands free calling voice activated dialing and many other comfort, driving and listening features. Get one for yourself.

- Cassandra G

This car comes with more features than any other car in its price class.

The Civic carries a big bang for your buck. I believe the features in this car are apparelled for the price. The gas mileage is superb, it handles well, is fun to drive and makes for an overall positive experience. I love this car as much as I did the day I bought it. I would purchase it again without hesitation. The package I have includes leather seats, turbo engine and sunroof/moonroof. I tried to find the best car within my budget and believe I did just that. I do not think anyone would be disappointed with all the features this car has to offer.

- Beth W

Honda Civic Hatchback: Best Civic Variant With A Sporty Look

My car is a 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback EX-L. It has a very nice sporty look and it can fit a lot of items on its hatch without me having to buy a CR-V. The dashboard is very futuristic and the large infotainment screen is very useful for navigation, plus it supports Android Auto. For the price, it is the best car I have ever owned. This is definitely a far better variant than the Civic sedan and Civic coupe and would be the perfect car for young people and couples without kids that needs to carry a lot of items while having a sporty, premium look.

- Nathan S

2018 Honda Civic is a great choice for power, space and speed.

The 2018 Honda Civic is a highly reliable vehicle. It drives with a lot of power and speed. The interior is spacious and can easily fit five people. I haven't used the trunk that much but it seems to be spacious as well. The tires are sturdy and I am looking forward to see how they carry during the winter months. I have not had to much experience with the Honda link as of yet. But I have been using Apple CarPlay on a daily basis. It allows the driver to connect an Apple iPhone to the Audio system while using all the functions on your phone.

- Karma A

Comfortable, gas-efficient 2018 Honda Civic.

As a first-time car owner, I was nervous about making the right choice for a car. I decided on a 2018 space gray Honda Civic lx. My current average gas mileage is about 33 miles per gallon. This is great for long commutes. It has ample trunk space and the back seats can also go down for additional room. It is very comfortable to drive, and I feel very safe while driving. My favorite features are the backup camera and the Bluetooth features. My one and only issue with it at the moment is that there are no lights on the vanity mirrors.

- Hayley W

A sharp looking design with new features

I have a base model Honda Civic and it's great in my opinion. I love that it has some of the newer features like bluetooth and a screen that shows what music is playing. It drives fairly comfortably and I love the look of the Civic. The new style tail lights look sharp. I also love the color (Burgundy Night Pearl)...in some light it looks black, in some lights it looks red, and in some light it looks purple. My only complaint is that it doesn't pick up quickly, the transmission will skip a bit if you try to accelerate too quickly.

- Chantal D

If you are looking for a smaller car, be sure to check out Honda Civic.

No problems in 7000 miles. Great gas mileage. Drives and rides wonderful. Have gotten up to 50 mpg! Usually around 40-42 highway driving. The android/apple phone GPS application is a real plus. This is a bargain compared to full navigation system and works well. Comfortable once you are in but a little difficult getting in as I am 66 years old. Not crazy about the keyless ignition but again I am 66 years old. I have owned many Hondas. With proper maintenance they last a long time. Have driven most for 200 - 300 thousand miles.

- Ray R

Excellent small size car. Very roomy and huge trunk for the size of car.

The new Honda Civic is an excellent car. I love the navigation system and driver assist features. It has lane assist, automatic cruise control, and auto braking feature. Another helpful feature is the blind spot camera on the right side mirror. The Civic gets about 35 mpg around town and close to 40 mpg highway. Typical gas fill up is about $28 with gas at 2. 50 per gallon. The car rides very well. Comfortable seats. It is a little loud but not bad for an economy car. No major issues thus far with the vehicle.

- Kelly C

Great gas mileage for a Honda Civic 2018 manual drive car.

It has plentiful cargo space, spacious seats. Great fuel economy sometimes get 42 miles per gallon. The Civic gets great fuel economy estimates. The 2018 Civic sedan gets 28 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway with the standard manual transmission and base engine. The automatic transmission increases city mpg by 3. The turbocharged, 174-horsepower engine with the automatic transmission gets the best rating in the lineup: 32 mpg in the city and 42 mpg on the highway. Comfortable ride and agile handling.

- Valerie J

This car is very affordable for what you get.

For a student like me, it is offered at such a great price. The driving is very smooth and the accelerator is noticeably stronger than the previous year models. The height of the car is well fitted for me so I had no difficulty about comfortability issues. The speakers are in the front and back so the bass is very strong and clear. There are no air conditioners in the back so it may be a bit hard for big families in the summer. The trunk has a good amount of space and I never ran into any storage issues.

- Jenny Y

The one thing everyone should know about my car is that it is very dependable and gets me from point A to B in a smooth fashion.

I recently leased a 2018 Honda Civic sedan a few weeks ago. I love the car; it drives really smoothly and the interior is very nice. Also, Honda vehicles have always been very dependable to me. That being said, there are some things about it that could be better. First, I'm not nuts about how the center console gets in the way of the USB port and my USB phone charger. Another thing is the emergency brake; I'm used to either stepping on it or pulling the lever. I'm sure it will take some getting used to.

- Richard S

The ability to break on its own when sensing something too close.

I love my Honda Civic. The gas efficiency is amazing, especially compared to previous cars I have driven. It is always reliable in long distance road trips. I have the Honda Civic touring edition which includes apple and Samsung CarPlay and safety features. I also use the economy mode to save even more gas. The only flaw I have found would be that my “low tire pressure” light will not turn off even though my tire pressure is fine, but I believe that is due to human error from my last car service.

- Elizabeth M

Honda Civics: safe and savvy.

I love how much technology is in my car! From backup cameras and lane assist cameras, to being able to connect my iPhone directly to the touch screen, I feel like my life has gotten so much easier! My car is extremely safe as well. I was recently rear ended, which is a bummer considering my car is less than 5 months old, but my bumper only has some minor damage, and I felt as though my car had protected me and the seat protected me from a major back injury, something I couldn't say about my last car!

- Mckenzie H

Civic 2018 is a car with luxury features to make rides a comfortable affair.

Mileage efficiency could be better with a car like this. I imagine that certain parts could have been lighten with a carbon fiber version of it make it so the car is better off. The technology in the car has been thought out well and is reliable for the most part. There are some areas for improvement such as making it easier to configure how the remote works in conjunction with the key fob. Overall, it is a solid choice but I am sure as more money is spent, the car experience will get better.

- Langston J

2018 Honda Civic ex. Never going back.

No problems at all. Performance is great as well as a huge gas saver and it even includes an econ button. It features comfortable heated seats with adjustable temperature. Cameras are also featured on each rear view mirror for blind spots as well as a camera anytime you are going in reverse. My favorite thing about this vehicle is when you are in a hurry in the mornings and do not have time to sit and let the engine warm up, it has a self start button on the keys to warm up the engine only.

- Kristina D

Fast, sleek, affordable and economical.

The car is wonderful. It's a six speed/manual transmission that runs very well. I love all of the features associated with the car except one: The onboard navigation is very clunky and is difficult to change settings on the radio, iPhone, or AC/Heat without having to push buttons and click through several screens of menus. I wish there was a dial to adjust the fan level of air, but instead, one must push a button and select from a menu. It's quite cumbersome. Other than that, it's great!

- Jamin B

Honda is famous for (reliability) especially with the civics.

This car is very easy to drive and has what it takes to go from 0 to 60 in 3 or 4 seconds. Like most cars, it is power is something to be careful with, especially in the rain, I found out the hard way. I lost control going through a puddle and hydroplaned, slamming into the divider and ended up facing the other way. This car is very reliable and saves me a lot of gas. I drive 200 miles everyday to work without any problems. Keep up with the maintenance of it, and it'll keep you moving.

- First Name F

Its very spacious and saves me money on buying gas so frequently.

I love the car because its a smooth drive and saves loads of gas throughout the day. With this car a little bit of gas can go a long way. This car also has a back camera that is very reliable when driving, it helps a ton! Also besides the fact that its very comfortable to drive, it has a great amount of space for passengers and the trunk is spacious as well. The pricing of the car is reasonable as well. You get what you pay for as well as a great investment for your future.

- Brian G

Middle age womens sports car.

Overall a great car. I love the sensing options and cruise control features. It drives very well and is extremely safe. The sound system is great. It is a bit difficult to figure out all the navigation options and features in the onboard navigation system. And I am still trying to figure out that CarPlay thing. The only thing I would change in design is I wish there was a volume control dial instead of a sliding button. It is hard to turn down the volume quickly if needed.

- Julie W

Eco-boosted compact car. Kiss your knees goodbye!

The car performs phenomenally well. The eco-boost option makes a noticeable difference and turning it off when you want that extra bit of performance is actually quite fun! My only gripe with the vehicle is the lack of space. It is a compact sedan and you really feel the compact when you have a toddler in a car seat in the back and you have to move your seat so far forward that you are sitting in the glove box. It makes family trips less than enjoyable to say the least.

- Joel B

Great with gas, Bluetooth, space, and durability.

It is wonderful on gas $25 will fill up the tank. Has plenty of room. It has an ecosystem that uses up less gas. Emergency brake works perfectly, foldable back seats. This vehicle can function for miles and miles and miles, the motor particles are basically electric you may never have to worry about the car overheating, just need to refill the window wiper, the car also has Bluetooth can add up to 5 cellular devices a portable charger and a USB input as well.

- Ashley B

It has some inconvenient features

I just got my 2018 Civic a few months ago after previously owning a 2015 Civic. The new one is good, very reliable and has a sleek design. However, it's features are a little weird and inconvenient. For example, you have to manually select hands free mode when making a phone call on Bluetooth whereas my prior model would automatically go hands free. This seems like a safety issue since it makes you take your hands and eyes off the road to sever hands free.

- Stacey C

The perfect car for anyone looking for quality.

The vehicle is perfect for me due to my commutes in the morning. The car gets really good fuel efficiency. The seats are comfortable and the remote start is super handy during cold days. The only bad thing is that the seat adjustment lever is super cheap, it feels like really low quality while the car is pretty expensive. I have the ex model so I would recommend that one because of all the perks like the sunroof, push to start and remote start.

- Luis M

Tire pressure running low for a new, used car.

I bought the car used and I think there may be a faulty tire. When I first got the car, the salesman picked me up and the 'low pressure tire' sign came on. The problem I thought was fixed. Two days later, the sign came back on. I was frustrated and upset at the same time. The sign came on a third time and I think I resolved the issue without taking the car back to the dealer. I am constantly checking the dash to make sure the tire is ok.

- L F

Honda Civics are reliable, compact cars that are multipurpose.

I have no reliability issues with my civic. I've only owned it since June of 2018, so approximately 3 months, however, it has performed well for me over that time frame. I drive it to and from work every day. I've put on about 4500 miles on it and it runs smooth. The AC and all of the amenities work well. Plus, it gets very good fuel mileage. Therefore, overall I think Honda Civics are very reliable and trustworthy vehicles.

- Alexander A

Amazing gas mileage - easy to maintain.

It is incredible on gas mileage, especially when it is in eco mode. It drives very well, it is easy to learn all the features and the maintenance is very inexpensive. I would highly recommend this car to anyone who does not want to spend lots of money on maintenance and gas. It is very comfortable, I have cloth seats and I love them. The car also has remote start built in which is great because I park outside in the winter.

- Ella S

2018 Honda Civic: the urban commuter.

Overall it is a great vehicle with decent features such as Bluetooth, eco drive, and steering wheel controls. It gets great gas mileage and handles very well. The maintenance monitoring feature is very helpful as well. The monitoring system informs the driver of when the next service is needed and even lets you monitor the life of the oil. When the orange wrench shows up, that means your next scheduled maintenance is due.

- Harley S

Anti collision system, brakes when you are too close.

So far I love everything about this vehicle. It has a much smaller gas tank than my old car, however it gets much better gas mileage and it is much cheaper to fill up. The take off speed is very smooth and fast. The radio system in the car has a very nice sound for a standard system. I love the feature in it that allows you to not hold the brake down, as long as you wear your seat belt that is, very nice feature to have.

- Bailey S

Great vehicle to be seen in while keeping you safe.

The Honda I drive is equipped for me. It has great mileage control. The gas last for a whole week if you have a full tank. The speed you get when you accelerate is incredible not to mention you will not hear a thing. I love the engine work because it is easy to maintain. If I had to recommend a newer vehicle to anyone this car would be it. It has everything you need to look good while driving it and still be kept safe.

- Alicia P

Love this little sporty thing!

No problems yet! I drove a 2005 civic for years and loved it. Just needed a sportier update. I got the sport edition and it is a little happier than the standard Honda. The rims are super nice- only downside is this hatchback model did not include the apple car play. It has a nice backup camera (no sound while backing up) and a really nice sporty carbon fiber look on the inside. Feels like the middle class sport car.

- Haley L

Fun and comfortable vehicle for anyone.

Great interior with comfortable seats, Bluetooth feature for hands free calling/music, drives smooth and is very quiet, only complaints would be that the air vents seem to point upward instead of out which makes it hard to feel the air/heat and that the Bluetooth tends to get knocked off and it takes a little while to make it connect again. Love my car and really happy with my choice of the Honda Civic hatchback.

- Samantha B

Pleasantly surprised with my Honda civic.

Though I have only had my vehicle for a few months, I have really enjoyed it. I went from a Honda CR-V to a Honda civic. Living in Wisconsin, I was worried about how the civic would handle in the winter but it impressed me. The biggest advantage is the gas mileage. The only disadvantage I have found so far is how low to the ground I am compared to my old vehicle. But this was a given knowing the vehicles.

- Tina C

Honda civic, sleek and functional.

I absolutely love the civic! The interior of the car is simple and classic. The outside of the car has a sleek and modern design. All of the technology features are great, especially the apple car play! The only problem I have had so far is that the low tire pressure system is triggered whenever any work is done on the car. I am not sure if this is due to the cars system or the employees at the car shop.

- Maggie M

Awesome new cosmic blue Civic.

I have had a Civic in the past and didn't expect this new one to be much different. I knew I was wrong as soon as I took the first test drive. It is a very smooth drive. Very comfortable and easy to get in and out of. I have a 2018 and had leased a Civic previously. I never had any mechanical issues and am expecting the same from this new one. I got the cosmic blue color and it is really sharp looking.

- Katherine B

The great gas mileage and added features that help with safe driving. The backup camera and right turn signal camera are VERY helpful and add extra security to the car.

i absolutely love my vehicle. The car has very good gas mileage (32 Mpg city and almost 38 highway), sunroof, backup camera, right turn signal camera, touch screen, etc. The car is everything that I hoped it would be and was my first car purchase. The only complaint I have is the dashboard vibration that is typical of Honda cars. It's not that bad but at times can be very distracting.


How many miles you have until you are completely out of gas.

I have always had a Honda and they are really reliable, good on gas, and easy to fix. My most recent Honda is a 2018 and I have always had older Honda’s like 96’ 98’ and the even then them being that old they were so good to me. Honda’s have the perfect amount of space and are good travel cars. I do wish they had more of a variety in colors on lot as I am a color person lol.

- Klay W

The overall appearance for a small car.

I really like this car except the front and rear seats are too low. I am an amputee and it is hard to get in and out of the passenger front seat. The car rides very nice. The bigger tires on my model hold the road. I also had the windows tinted which makes it cooler in the Florida sun. The a/c works very well for a small car. I think the car looks like a small version of an Accord.

- Allan T

I really enjoy the brake hold option.

I really enjoy the vehicle all around something I have noticed that is concerning is when I brake suddenly the car seems to fish tail even if there is no water on the road. The adjustable seat has a wide range and I am able to get really comfortable when I drive. The car is also really spacious which is uncommon for Civics so the newer model is more spacious than previous Civics.

- Tara E

Smooth, quiet ride with bonus of low gas mileage.

The best feature for me is the gas mileage; 40 highway miles. It is also a quiet ride with comfortable seating. Great surround sound system. drives smoothly and turn radius is sharp. Some other features include: sunroof, nitrogen filled tires, remote keyless entry, remote start and four doors plus hatchback truck. The back seats fold down to provide additional storage as well.

- Jennifer L

The Honda is a very good daily car.

I like the great gas mileage it gets, I wish it had a navigation system but the car play system is super awesome and makes the whole screen set up like your phone. The screen is awesome and perfect size. The seats are very comfortable though I wish the backseat was a little bigger. I love the backup camera it gives you a full view of everything behind you even on the sides.

- Makayla B

Sensitive and comfortable.

We love how quiet it is. It is very roomy and the inside lights are great. Seats are very spacious and the adjustable heating and air features are perfect for us because I like it warmer than my husband. The only issue we have had is with the breaking assistance sensors - they tend to go off even when a car is on the other side of the road so we had the sensor turned off.

- Erin F

My 2018 Honda Civic hatchback review.

My car is very smooth and extremely reliable. On a full tank of gas, it goes 496 miles with the option for eco mode and sport mode. Bluetooth pairing makes listening to your music enjoyable and the seats are very comfortable. The only thing is the oil change is more frequent than I expected as it's not how much oil being used, but more so the life of the oil itself.

- Max C

2018 Honda civic (a must have for active adult).

It looks sharp especially for for a 4 door. Its sleek and sporty. It drives smooth and gets amazing gas mileage. For a civic it has room for several people. I would definitely buy another and tell others to buy it. Great car. Love it! It's a very pretty blue. The interior could be a bit darker. Every little spot shows up. It's a light gray. Black would be perfect.

- Wendy L

I like when you backup, going to make a turn the camera automatically turns on.

I like the fact that the seats warm up I like the cameras the side view camera and the rear view camera that it comes with I like the radio system and I like the way it drives smooth and the comfort I get when I sit inside it. I also love the feature where it tells you if something is wrong with the car like air needs to be put in tires or oil needs to be changed.

- Rudy B

Both sporty and compact w/ lots of features

The reason I love Hondas the most is because of the side view camera. It helps the most when changing lanes. Additional features are many USB ports, movable and giant cupholders, CarPlay is a lot of fun. This car is reliable, cute, compact, and Hondas are made to last forever. The only thing is this model is a bit larger than the 2015 version I had before this.

- Mackenzie D

Best most reliable car! Cute too!

Great gas mileage. Reliable. Comfortable. Spacious. Cute. Great family car. We haven't had any problems with it. We have a crack in the window right now. But getting that fixed. Great customer service with Honda too. We love that in the back seat there is a lot of space. We have two car seats back there and there is still room for someone to sit in the middle.

- Katie S

The new updated Civic with Apple carplay is a great choice.

The Bluetooth is a little difficult to manage when you are already on a phone call and pairing it when you first turn on your vehicle. The seats are a little too firm, and I wish they had an adjustment button for softness. The car handles nicely, and has some kick to it with the sport mode. I like how it has a little more horsepower than previous older.

- Lisa D

Its black on black, (black outside exterior, with a black cloth interior. ).

Honda's a reliable brand, I am driving a base model, and still love. Parts are usually in a surplus so if you ever need repair, it usually shouldn't cost a dime coin. It comes in a lot of styles now, so people have their choice of what seems cool or not. Style and reliability of a car are big choices in buying or leasing such an expensive item.

- Nathan W

A great car for an affordable price that meets all of my demands.

The 2018 Honda Civic is very reliable and safe car. Its base model comes with everything a car owner might need.As for the wants and desires of a car owner, the civic has room for growth; however, Honda takes care of these limitation by offer more expensive versions of the car that offers plenty to stratify some of the more luxurious wants.

- nathan f

Super sporty but also roomy.

Very comfortable to drive, great pick up and a very smooth ride. I immediately felt like the car was made for me upon sitting down and even more son the test drive. The dash is laid out perfectly for ease of access for the driver. I enjoy the Bluetooth feature for listening to music and the back up camera really helps with parallel parking.

- Amy C

That it has great gas mileage!

I have a lot of neat things in my car. I have driver assist - the only thing about this though is if you do not use a blinker all the time you will have problems lol. I have android auto - which is strange to use cause you have to plug in your phone the whole time. It does get great gas mileage so if you drive a lot this is the car for you.

- Brian C

Great gas mileage, smooth and safe vehicle.

I have driven Honda's all my life. I recently traded in my 2013 Honda Civic for the 2018 Civic. Only because I put a lot of miles on my car and live away from family so I needed something reliable. It drives smoothly and I love the camera on the passenger side mirror to help prevent blind sided accidents. I would definitely recommend Honda.

- Vanessa D

The car is very reliable and comfortable for how inexpensive it is.

I like that it has a reputation of being reliable. I like that it has an "ECON" feature to save on gas a little. I like that I can turn on "BRAKE HOLD" at stop lights so I don't have to keep my foot on the brake. The only thing I do not like is that the transmission is a little outdated and the car does not pick up speed very easily.

- Chantal R

10/10 Would recommend. A fantastic sporty vehicle.

It drives so smooth and is completely reliable. I always feel safe driving my car. It is also very good on gas and shows you how many miles are left until empty. It also show digital when your oil is low and need changed. The sound in this car is so great. It was Bluetooth to sync directly to your phone and it has hands free calling.

- Hannah D

Fun and sporty Civic hatchback.

I absolutely love the upgraded engine and power in the newer Civics. The gas mileage is excellent and the comfort is top notch. I have put thousands of miles on my Civic in under a year and could not be more happy with my car. It has room for up to five people and if you put the rear seats down it is great for a two person road trip.

- Matthew D

Amazing features and drive with new Honda Civic!

I absolutely love my new Honda Civic, it is small yet very spacious. I love the features of mine: backup camera, sunroof, touch screen panel, storage space, etc.. It drives very smoothly and has a great size trunk. They offered a variety of colors and interior options which I loved, the price was also exactly what I was looking for.

- Holly M

It has great gas mileage for city and highway.

2018 Honda Civic has the backup camera, hands free calling and brake hold. I love having those but the best thing is the gas mileage I get on the Civic. The car is listed as compact but it is roomy like a sedan which makes for a comfortable ride. The features along with the safety standards is a great value for the price of the car.

- Jenny D

Great sporty car with excellent gas mileage.

My civic si is the perfect car for someone who wants a cross between economical and sporty. I get the great mileage but have the capability to drive my car like a sports car. The interior is incredible, I love the black and red combination and the customizability of the car's computer system. Going anywhere in it is always a blast.

- Michael B

My vehicle is sleek, reliable, and stylish.

I love my car, it's really easy to handle. It just sits exceptionally low so I feel like I am always scraping the undercarriage. Additionally, the rims are made out of really crappy material and scratch so easily. Furthermore my hands free link does not work that well. I love the way it drives, how sleek it looks, and the features.

- Kay C

Reliable, user-friendly car.

No blind spot detection/Honda sensing; user-friendly features; remote start key; very spacious for a sedan; great fuel economy; rear view camera as well as a camera on the right side; apple carplay makes navigation and playing music very easy; comfy seats; plenty of trunk space; would like if they had an AWD option for this car.

- Hannah C

Not the best car to the environment.

The car wastes lots of gas, and takes a long time to speed up and heat up. The setting for the front windshield could be wider, and breaks are not as good as different Honda models. Overall it is a good car, as a second car in the household, but not the main one. Rain always seems to lean into the car although it is brand new.

- Charlotte C

The car is overall amazing.

The Honda Civic is a very reliable car that I drive every single day. The car is very comfortable and drives well except for when going up steep hills unfortunately. That is the only time the car struggles to drive. Overall, the car is beautiful and gets decent gas mileage which is great because I drive a lot in my daily life.

- Sarah C

Fast, sporty, yet still economical mpg!

I have only had my car for a couple weeks. The gas mileage is over 36 mpg on average. I work 35 miles from work and a tank lasts a week! I love the hatchback so much more than a trunk. I can go to Costco and have no problem running out of room. The turbo engine is helpful on the freeway and the brake hold function is amazing!!

- Elisa M

Best vehicle in 2018. Will always buy Honda. The unique sharpness is well made.

I purchased a 2018 Honda Civic ex earlier this year. I absolutely love thiam vehicle. It has great mileage and spend $23 to fill it up. That's the best part. It has great pick up when I need it. The backseats have so much room I know my passengers are comfortable. The interior is not cheap and my dollar paid is well worth it.

- Julie M

It is above all else a very reliable car.

Absolutely no problems, very reliable car, comfortable with enough space in the front back and trunk of the car. Smooth ride with sport mode option on gear shifter. Really good stock sound system and Bluetooth pairing with Honda handsfree for calls on the road. Easy maintenance with controls to see miles, range and oil life.

- Jamie M

2018 Honda Civic review!!

I have had issues with the Bluetooth in my vehicle where it freezes my media screen I also do not like that there is no CD player in the vehicle. The location of the USB and AUX cord is underneath and makes it dangerous/hard to access. I think the ports for charging and AUX should be more conveniently located in the vehicle.

- Nicole V

It also has a feature called Hondalink.

It has great suspension and it is a smooth ride. Gas mileage could be better in the city, but it is great on the highway. It has a lot of safety features, comfortable seats and is a very tech savvy car. It has Bluetooth capabilities but also has apple car. It syncs with both iPhone and androids, but is better with an iPhone.

- James T

Hands free talk. Frequently used phone numbers and be saved.

The Honda Civic is a very reliable car. The car drives very smoothly. The look of the 2018 Civic looks more sporty than my 2015 Civic I once had. The trunk is very large and the back seats fold down for extra storage. Also there is the feature of hands-free talk. I highly recommend the Civic. I am on my 2nd one and love it.

- Carrie K

The camera system is excellent!

The Honda Civic is an excellent affordable vehicle. It gets excellent gas mileage. I love the digital screen and the back-up camera. It has a camera on the right mirror so when you switch lanes it will show your blind spot. It is unfortunate that there is no camera on the other side of the car. That makes no sense to me.

- Nancy B

Honda Civic 2018 Hatchback is a Great Car and this is Why

My Honda Civic Hatchback is a great vehicle. The reason I purchased it is because it is great on gas, drives very smooth, and is rated one of the safest cars to purchase. I have not encountered any problems with my car as of now, but I have only had it for 8 months. I will continue to keep this car for many years to come.

- Brandon A

All in all the Civic hatchback sport delivers stylish and fast.

Problems I've encountered so far is a faulty mileage reading, performance is expected out of the Civic hatchback sport with its 180hp turbo engine, reliability is amazing smooth ride from point A to B comfort is okay the seat could have been better, for the model I have a better infotainment center could have been done.

- Francisco P

Honda Civic Si. Real nice deal!!

My car is very reliable, fast, comfortable and economic. I can make about 400 miles on a full tank of gas. It is small on the outside but very spacious in the inside. It looks stylish and it is affordable. Turbo lag is something that can be a problem but, it is a little cheap sport car good enough for starters like me

- Valerio P

The performance of the car is amazing and that's what matters the most.

The mileage of the car is good and the exterior and the model is very impressive. I have Honda Civic in the color black we love the shine of our car and the overall look. One thing that we wish our car had was more extra space in the car trunk to adjust and put bigger items too. The car trunk size is very limited.

- J S

Superb Honda Civic EX-T Experience for All!

I love my new Honda Civic, I love the Turbo engine and its amazing pickup and fantastic fuel economy of 42 mpg highway! It's super sporty and many friends brag on its sportiness! I love its performance on the highway and city and love that it offers Android Auto to make for safer more enjoyable driving experience.

- Daniel E

It drives like a dream! The steering is amazing. It's not to tight or loose, the car goes where you want it to. It handles very well!

I pretty much love every aspect of my new car, except for the following... the screen display is very buggy! On three different occasions my entire screen went crazy and kept turning the volume on the radio up and turning the screen on and off. It took a total of 10 mins before it started to act normal again ...

- Madison F

So far by the best car in 2018 to have.

No problems. The Honda Civic is the best sedan. I love the way it drives and how comfortable it is to drive it. Bluetooth set up; sunroof, led illusion. Very stylish and has a decent price tag which I love. You can get a lot of features at a decent price. The trade in value of a Honda Civic is about 21 thousand.

- Sierra N

Passenger side view camera is a wonderful feature.

This is my 5th Honda lease. I have always found the cats to be reliable. Great on gas. Customer service and repair has always been the best. Maintenance is minimal. Features especially the passenger side camera is an important feature for safety I find the vehicles always comfortable since I do a lot of driving.

- Maria M

2018 Honda Civic. Luxury vehicle for a simple price.

I do not have any complaints about my vehicle. It is very reliable. Seems to be spacious inside. It has an easy to clean interior which is good for people with small children. Provides a very smooth and comfortable ride. This vehicle has very efficient gas mileage. I can get between 28 and 35 miles per gallon.

- Raven S

Honda's are notoriously reliable so you can't really go wrong, even with a lower model.

My model is the stripped down model. It still has features like: backup camera, power windows and door locks, bluetooth and hands-free calling. My young kids fit in the back seat just fine and are comfortable. It handles fine and has decent pick up for a 4-cylinder. Truck space is bigger than you'd think.

- Tiffany H

Get the Honda Civic 2018! You will not regret it!:).

It has a very sleek, clean, and luxurious design. Very popular among car buyers! I love it in either black, silver, or white! The performance is just great (everything you could ask for really!) And drives very smoothly. I haven't encountered any problems so far so 10/10 would recommend to friends and family!

- Diane F

It is a very nice looking car. I like that the remote is very smart.

I wish there was a better adjustment for short people. Head rest is too forward. I wish the lower models opened all the doors when you get close. It has been a very reliable car so far. The plastic material inside is easily dirtied. I with the screen was bigger and the mute button was available on the wheel.

- Stephanie S

Roomy sedan that's good on gas!

It's sporty yet very roomy. It can seat 4 adults comfortable. Good on gas and drives smooth. Plenty of trunk space. Only problem is sometimes the hands free phone option freezes up after a call and you can't reset it while the car is on and the radio or iPod won't play until you shut the car off and restart.

- Kristin D

Honda Civic is the best car around!

The style is beautiful, the trimming is really nice, I have a pearl white with black cloth interior. Leather gets too hot, had it in my last car. This is a 2017 Honda Civic, my first car was a 2009 Honda Civic. It drives really well, is very smooth, and is comfortable to be in. The air conditioning is great.

- Emily S

Maintenance is overall generally easy since it is such a common make.

Love my 2018 Honda Civic - it drives so smooth with such a nice sporty look. The radio is awesome especially with the carplay hook up so I can text hands free and play all my apple music. The only complaint I have is that the ac is weak for it being a brand new car. Hopefully this winter the heat will be ok.

- Kathy R

Sports car feel, Honda price tag.

This car is a fantastic one. It drives smooth and you barely hear the engine when it is on! I love the heated seats, climate control and retractable sunroof. This car is pretty, fast and reliable. The gas mileage is also great! This car gives you the sports car feel with the Honda reliability and price tag.

- Keerie S

Smooth ride, beautiful color, large trunk.

I have owned my car a little over a month now and have not had any problems so far. It gets excellent gas mileage. I love the color and it drives so smooth. I have received many compliments from friends and family on my car. There is tons of space for hauling people around and so much space in the trunk.

- Maria S

Reliable and efficient: 2018 Honda civic.

The biggest reason for purchasing the vehicle was for its longevity. It is a very efficient car with 20-22 mpg. The CVT transmission makes for such a smooth ride. And if it requires any maintenance, it is very easy as parts are inexpensive. The vehicle is extremely durable as well as extremely reliable.

- Daryl Y

Honda 2018 Civic, gas mileage 29. 7.

Honda lives up to the rep. It has good gas mileage- 29. 7. Comfortable inside as I am 6', room for 4 passengers comfortable and 5 little crowded. Body style inviting. Only had the car for 6 months, so far no problems. Little noise at high speed on turnpike. Lately noise on phone for person I am calling.

- Pat L

Reliable and cozy car for all seasons.

One great feature is that you can put the car on econ mode which helps you save gas. Car has seats that warm up which is perfect for the winter time. Car is very reliable. Has a mobile key which is great for security reasons . One problem with the car is that sometimes the car cannot detect the key.

- Britney R

My Honda--Amazing things come in small sizes!

I love my car. It is comfortable to drive, gets great gas mileage and has all the bells and whistles to make the ride fun! Opening the sunroof on a nice day while listening to my favorite song on the great sounding stereo takes my mind off the traffic and allows me to relax in the way home from work.

- Jane R

Love how safe my car feels.

Love my car! Versatile, durable and good for long drives. It also has enough room in the back seat and trunk so you don't feel like a sardine. I also really like the car seat grips and auto-lock for the car doors. The seats are cloth so they do not get too hot in the summers and it is easy to clean.

- Jane H

Reliable and trustworthy!

Excellent vehicle. Very reliable and well built. It's the best car I have ever owned and I just love it. Awesome customer service and a large selection of vehicles to choose from, wow so many to select, what else could I say! You can't go wrong when buying the right vehicle for you everyday driving.

- Francisco R

Great value - would purchase again.

Have owned several Hondas. Love the reliability and how they hold value. Hondas have also had less maintenance problems than other cars I have owned. This car has several features that my previous car did not - mp3 player compatibility, rear view camera, height adjustable seats - just to name a few.

- Tracy M

Great vehicle for everyone.

Great comfortable interior that is easy to keep clean! No problems so far and already have 6, 000 miles on the odometer. Fabulous on gas! Amazing standard features for safety. Drives great in all weather types. Overall a fun, reliable and economical vehicle great for many people and car enthusiasts.

- Ashley T

An interesting detail is the inside and all the sporty details it has on it.

My vehicle is great! I just recently purchased it and I have no problems with it because it's a new car. It has a backup camera drives great awesome interior and great gas mileage. The speakers are great the outside is beautiful and I have great payments. Honda is the best car dealers I've ever had.

- Matthew S

Great car with amazing smooth drive.

The 2018 Honda Civic runs very smoothly and has amazing smooth brakes. The car also is very spacious and the color black looks amazing with the black seats inside. I would recommend this car to any new driver. I am a new driver and this car is small and perfect for me to commute to school and work.

- Sara A

Easy accessibility, comfort, and smooth ride.

I love my car because it is comfortable, has heated seats, and it is a very smooth ride. Everyone who has been a passenger always comments on how smooth the ride is. I also love that I can auto start when it is cold and that I can just open the door as long as my keys are in my purse or. Pocket.

- Meghan B

Honda Civics- reliable and fun to drive!

The 2018 Honda Civic is quieter, roomier and more comfortable than ever. It is easy to drive and the controls are simple to manage. Hondas are very reliable and problem- free. My Honda is attractive, functional and very affordable. I highly recommend this car to anyone looking for a new vehicle.

- Mary R

It is very versatile! I can use my car for almost anything!

The Honda Civic hatchback is a really great vehicle! Not only does it have a lot of space, but it is also still compact. Making it easy to drive around tight corners, and it offers up a really smooth ride. The interior is very nice, and it comes with heated seats as well as a great sound system.

- Julio V

Real good, on gas mileage and performance.

My Honda Civic is really good on gas, excellent performance my Honda Civic is really good on gas, excellent performance, my Honda Civic is real good on gas, excellent performance my Honda Civic is real good on gas excellent performance my Honda Civic is really good on gas excellent performance.

- Renee J

The remote start is a must have in any car nowadays.

Very good performance I get at least 32 miles to the gallon. Love the heated seats. Had a problem were I was able to turn the car off while it wasn't parked. This is a very affordable car for college students that work a decent job. Love that it has turbo gives me bragging rights to my friends.

- Richard H

2018 Honda hatchback with modern comfort

I love the wifi and bluetooth capability, rearview camera, and hatchback. I also love that it does not feel cramped inside the car. My old 2012 Ford Focus was the same size as well as a hatchback but the interior of this car is shaped in such a way to make you feel like you have more leg room.

- Alexus S

Honda civic hatchback great for a busy mom

I bought this car because I recently had a child and needed a car with 4 doors. It has been the best car I have ever had. Plenty of room for the the baby in the back plus 2 more to fit comfortably. Hatchback provides easy viewing and plenty of trunk space. Drives very well with great mileage.

- Jessica P

Great gas mileage and comfortable space.

The Bluetooth connection is often confused and gets stuck in call mode when there is no active call. Sometimes Bluetooth does not connect at all. The voice command is also hit or miss. You have to "reboot" the communication consul to fix the "stuck" mode. The system is also slow to start up.

- Sa M

Wished Honda had a left side camera.

Everything is perfect for my Civic 2018 ex but I wished Honda would have put a left side camera as well. The lane watching, lane assist helps a lot but it can also be a little annoying. I love the way my Civic drives, I feel I am driving a more of an expensive car for the price I bought it.

- Divine M

Honda's are great, affordable buys.

Love this car! Great gas mileage, great sporty look, and great performance. Starts very quickly and motors runs smooth and quiet, same while driving down freeway. I would say this is a very practical vehicle and a good buy. So in closing, go out and buy yourself one and see for yourself.

- Paul F

The paint job is good and seats are comfortable.

What I dislike about my car is that when I am in eco mode and I have to stop quickly then go quickly (usually happens in busy intersections) my car stalls for a few seconds, I have to take my foot off the gas then press down on it again. What I like about my car is the sunroof and the mpg.

- Audrey T

Amazing car. Every up to date overall.

Had the car for over 6 months & I am loving it. Extremely reliable, seats are comfortable and easy to clean. The performance is amazing and on top of that its extremely economical. The technology in the car is great and I can not complain. So far so good for the little time I have had it.

- Gaby A

Beautiful, efficient, reliable.

This is my first car I have ever bought for myself. I am 21 and it will be taking me from college to my career. This car has been extremely efficient when it comes to gas. It is sleek and beautiful. I love the handsfree compatibility with my phone. Everything has exceeded my expectations.

- Shannon H

Maintenance is easy for example I get a prompt when it is time to get my oil changed which is based on my style of driving. In my case I went over 8,000 before the prompt came up.

I purchased our Civic because of fuel efficiency but have found it to be reliable, easy and fun to drive, sporty,literally maintenance free, and gets 36 miles to the gallon. I was surprised since this was our first non-luxury car (BMW, Mercedes). Will stay with Honda for a long while.

- Richard R

It is economical comfortable and reliable.

The vehicle runs good and has good mileage for gas. I have gone from Los Angeles to las Vegas on a full tank of gas without stopping to pump gas. It is very comfortable has seat warmers for when it gets cold. So far there has not been any problems with the car runs good very reliable.

- Carlos S

All around great vehicle!

My car drives smooth and is spacious but it is not a boat. It is great on gas and has great features like the back up camera! There are a lot of compartments inside of the car and plenty of places to plugin phones. I prefer Honda over any other make. They are very reliable vehicles.

- Ashley M

Honda Civic is awesome dude love it.

I absolutely love my Honda Civic because it is reliable and looks sleek. I wanted a sporty look with a reliable body. That is what I got with the Honda Civic I believe that anyone that wants a car like this should check it out because it has a great screen comfortable seats and all.

- Natalie J

Greatest car of 2018! Comfortable and smooth!

I love car! It's perfect for me, a short person, but also easily comfortable for taller! drives smooth, easy to navigate the controls on the inside. Have not had any problems mechanically. A full tank lasts roughly 345 miles, which is awesome! I would recommend this car to everyone!

- Kelly K

Honda Civic! Love this vehicle!

Love the look of my car from the outside. Very sleek and sharp. Inside I love the color of the interior and feel I have adequate space. The control panel is very nice and easy to use. One thing I don't like is how time consuming it is to change the air control. Love my remote start!

- Tara C

Outstanding quality and performance for the price.

Best features for the price. Previously owned a Nissan sentra and the Honda is far superior in every aspect. Ride is exceptional and gas mileage is equal to sentra. Interior options for base model is better than that of sentra. Researched safety for both and Honda was clear winner.

- Rob B

I love the great quality and gas mileage of the car.

The car is a good quality car with great gas mileage! I love the features that come with the car as well! Great air conditioning, you can open the windows with you car key before getting in, Apple play, Bluetooth features etc. . . I also like the look of the car. It is very pretty.

- Caroline Elizabeth W

Love it! I couldn't ask for a better car!

There are no problems with my vehicle I absolutely love it. I love the sea heaters in the front and in the back. It has Bluetooth and satellite radio. Also has a rear view camera this is awesome for backing up. Camera also turns on when making right turns to see what is behind you.

- Sophia M

Like that seats can fold and create a giant room for items.

Could use two more cylinders to make it a v6. Even though it is a 4 cylinder it accelerates pretty well, but not as well I was expecting since the manufacturer claimed turbo charged. It drives amazing at high speeds. Could use more USB ports. The rims are very weak, easily scratch.

- Ergs Z

My car is the best car ever, you should have one like me.

I think my car is ok, I had to change things but for maintenance only. For example new tires, added other things of my preference to change the appearance of my car and that is all, in the future I would like to make other modifications, but for now I am fine with my car that way.

- John H

It has a back-up and right turn camera.

The only problem is that it is small and does not have a lot of get up and go. Also because it is so light it does not handle well in bad weather. It is however very comfortable, cute, and sporty looking. I have not had any problems with it. Love the back-up and right turn screen.

- Amy R

Very best feature is gas mileage.

The car is a basic model. The screen is small for the camera view and it does not have carplay. It is great on gas mileage and sporty. But the seatbelts are hard to reach in the coupe. Long trips are not comfortable as the car sits low to the ground which makes a rougher ride.

- Dawn M

The sporty look and how smooth it drives. The great gas mileage.

Drives extremely smooth, it has good gas mileage, cameras on the rear and side so when you want to signal to the right it will show, still really new, I like the color, the seats are nice just the passenger cannot adjust the height of the seat but the driver can't adjust anything,

- Kevin K

2018 Honda Civic- great car, even better ride.

The 2018 Honda Civic is amazing on gas- it has an econ mode which also maximizes gas mileage. The car has apple carplay, Bluetooth, Sirius am, radio, and USB plug in capabilities. I love the way the car handles, it is a very smooth ride- even in poor weather such as rain and snow.

- Grace K

Opinion on my Honda civic 2018.

So far I have no problems with the car, I love it, I love that it features 3 different angles for the reverse camera and also that it has a camera on the right side of the mirror and I love that it saves gas, I also love spacious trunk and the amount of space there is in the car.

- Elizabeth C

The perfect car for comfort and style.

I love how my car zips around corners. The trunk is still large for a small car. I also like all the safety features that come with all Honda’s. The car is really comfortable. There is lots of back seat space. I was debating between black and white. I chose black and I love it.

- Lida R

The trunk space is very large.

I love my Honda Civic. It offers great cabin and trunk space to be used as a family vehicle while still being sporty and trendy. The upgraded features such as Bluetooth audio, leather seats, apple CarPlay, push to start and keyless entry make the experience so easy and carefree.

- Samantha M

My awesome white Honda car.

Very comfortable, drives smoothly. Although when I start it the muffler sounds loud. My car does not have a remote starter which I wished it does have it. My car is white its clean and spacey. I love that the dash has changing lights as I drive which is a great fancy feature.

- Bernadette M

Love the turbo and great gas mileage!

Overall, I love it! I chose the black fabric interior and I love that it will still look nice as the car gets older because light wear such as some dirt will not show. The turbo is a great feature because you have the extra acceleration and better gas mileage is a nice bonus.

- Elizabeth M

Very good looking efficient vehicle.

Vehicle with good mpg and enough power for my city/highway use. On average and after 7000 mile I am about 32.4 mpg. Comfortable and a great look. Something I do not like is the materials they used on the armrests. It is easily stained. Despite this I do not regret my choice.

- Guillaume C

Awesome car! You definitely will not regret getting it!

Runs super smooth and great on gas. $28 max every two weeks. Very spacious, but cozy at the same time. Compact so the car fits in most parking spots. The speakers are very good as well, and you have the ability to use USB and Bluetooth. I wouldn't change my car for anything.

- Ana G

2018 Honda civic: Great first car!

This is my first car ever and i really enjoy the speed and mileage, also the one thing that bothered me was the structure of the driver's seat . it tends to hurt my lower back, but overall the car is very spacious than what you think it would look like based on the exterior.

- bella s

2018 Honda Civic; sporty but roomy.

The 2018 Honda Civic is a very nice and beautiful looking vehicle. It is considerably roomy for a sedan and allows for good movement. The quality of the car is great. I purchased the manual transmission and I am here to tell you that it is a very fun and sporty car to drive.

- Chance H

All around comfortable car!

With my Honda Civic, I don't really have any problems. Its big enough for my family of 3; it's a great gas saver; you get amazing mpg; it's all around a comfortable car. I guess the only con I have to it, is the cut system is a bit goofy and takes some time getting used too.

- Amanda S

Honda: the reliable company.

Performance is good, reliable, no problems except when there is snow, tires may skid on icy road, good for long drives, comfort level is admirable but is more convenient for four people ride, extra person will have to squeeze, overall satisfied and Honda is always reliable.

- Fuck R

A good day to drive with.

Had the car for about 4 months and no problems yet. Drives just fine with econ on or off so highway driving is never a problem. A/c always nice and cold when I need it to be. Great trunk space with plenty of room to fit most of your needs. Sits 5 with no trouble at all.

- Jared H

2018 Honda Civic sir with a six speed.

I love the gas mileage and the seat are really comfortable. There are not a ridiculous amount of features and it has everything I need. Only thing I do not like is the rough cloth on the armrests, door panels and center console. The car is an excellent value for the price.

- Mary V

Honda Civic 2018 review!!

I have only had my car for a few short weeks but I love it! It handles well and is a smooth ride! I caution folks it is not a big car though so it may not be best for a big family. The trunk is spacious, the safety features are great. The technology is a little lackluster.

- Sarah V

I love my car it's pretty good and amazing for me, it is like another son to me.

Very amazing for me, I love it it's pretty good for me and for my beautiful family to travel and go around the city and the beach. I have to go from Europe to Canada and in this car is pretty amazing all I can accomplish. I love so much my car it is like another son to me.

- Pete S

It looks sharpe and drives easily! Also very good on gas!

It drives very smooth and is very tech friendly. It is also a very tight looking car. It has a lot of style and the hatchback gives the car a ton o room. You an even movie furniture in this car! It has a ton of space and is very easy to drive. I highly recommend this car.

- Nicole L

Great car, affordable and reliable.

Very reliable and efficient. Practical and great sporty look. Even its a 4 door hatchback, it sits pretty low to the ground. I do not recommend as a family car but its pretty comfortable. As far as price, I think it affordable but a bit overpriced with regards to quality.

- Nicholas V

Reliable drive, but broken USB.

It is reliable and comfortable. I am never scared that my car will not start. The Bluetooth is very nice, but my USB port does not work which is very annoying, the same thing happened to my younger brother too. Otherwise, I really enjoy it because even the base model is.

- Emily L

2018 Honda Civic hatchback ex sonic gray.

It is reliable, great on gas and plenty of power! No problems at all I love it the color and comfort is awesome great sound system, great suspension and love the 1. 5 liter turbo! I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a dependable car on the market.

- Winston R

Honda will get you where you need to go.

Air conditioning is tricky to get it just right, passenger headrest cannot be adjusted, it is hard to get the defroster to work, but when it does it works well, gas mileage is not great, inside is roomy and relatively smooth ride. Very reliable and price is acceptable.

- Julia S

Civics are the best cars to own or lease.

Keep getting nails in tires but love the car. This is my 3rd civic. I love the Bluetooth and the display screen. The seats are comfortable and the trunk is nice and big. My car is my favorite color purple and I love that it came in that color. Civics are the best cars.

- Morgan W

2018 Civic coupe- way more fun than a stick in the eye.

I have only had the car since august, but so far I am impressed with it. I wanted a new Civic coupe because I love how the exterior looks, and I do not regret my decision. The car is just plain fun. It looks great, handles great, and has all the features I could want.

- Jess S

Informing great car review.

No real problems with my car. I love the XM radio feature added in this years model. The car is very good on gas and very reliable. I have only had one oil change thus far and the car takes synthetic oil. I've only had one minor incident where I had to replace a tire.

- Von S

It is very well maintained.

There are no problems with this vehicle. It is very reliable, very comfortable, very easy to maintain and has a lot of space to fit people and luggage. It performs very well, gets very nice gas mileage and gas lasts for up to two to three weeks of driving around town.

- Alex R

Performance. Great gas mileage.

I love my car. It is new and reliable. Performance is great and it has a backup camera and an mp3 and a USB connection for media. It also has Bluetooth and very comfortable. It was affordable and very much worth it. It is great on gas mileage and overall a great car.

- Stephanie L

Great car that feels more expensive than it is.

It feels like a luxury car. Drives great, love the back up cam. The touch screen audio system is super annoying though. I am constantly bumping the volume or turning it off unintentionally. It's incredibly sensitive and not easy to navigate. Love the look of the car!

- Molly M

This vehicle makes great mileage.

Drives good and is excellent on gas. The air cools much better than an American car. I can go anywhere for a week, without buying gas. I love the color and it fits in practically any parking space because of it is size, I never thought of buying this car, previously.

- Maria H

The honda civic is a very well rounded car

I love my Honda civic. It drives and handles great in addition to having a well designed interior. It is very spacious and gets great gas mileage. I also love the great safety rating and features such as having a blinker camera to show what's on the side of the car.

- Nicole D

Stick shift is fun to drive.

The car is great on gas and fun to drive. It is not loaded with unnecessary gadgets and buttons. I love the short throw transmission. The only thing I do not like is the cloth on the armrest and doors. It is rough. It would be nice if it was leather or a soft cloth.

- Mary V

The one most important thing others should know is that there is no key slot, it can turn on once the keys are in range of the car. So you need to be careful and be wary of where the keys are.

I love the 2018 Honda Civic because It's interior design is comfortable but stylish at the same time. The advanced touch screen allows me to hook up my phone and I have a rear view camera as well as a right signal camera. I don't have any complaints about this car.

- Louis M

Love my car; it is the ideal car!

I love my car! It is the perfect car, from quick grocery runs to weekend road trips! The blind spot mirror is beyond helpful. Sunroof is my favorite perk! It is the ideal car! Do not believe me? Ask to drive a friends, test drive one, you'll fall in love instantly.

- Alin K

The Civic has a sportiness feel to it, spacious interior, has sufficient horsepower compared to other cars, and is fun to drive.

I like how the vehicle handles, I like the acceleration. The gas mileage is good for a non hybrid car, over 40 mpg on the highway. I dislike driving with the economy mode on, it doesn't make any difference in fuel economy, and makes the car feel a little sluggish.

- Christopher E

Powerful engine luxury ride for the cost of economy car

I love the responsive nature of the engine..I live where there are lots of steep inclines through mountains and the car handles them like a champ I fly up the hills smooth as butter. Only thing I dislike about the car is interior is more suited to a long armed man

- Allyson B

2018 Honda Civic review the good bad and the ugly.

Great gas mileage on the in the city and the highway has great pick-up for a four cylinder car. Handles the highway well. Takes curves well. Not enough headroom but the seats are comfortable. Like the dashboard, but hate the fact that it does not have a CD player.

- Bill R

The Honda civic impresses me and I'm looking forward to the next model.

I had it for 6 months and really loving it. A very reliable car. It drives smoothly and the radio connects to your Bluetooth and it is super gas saver (40 miles per gallon). It has enough room for 5 people and plenty of space for extra cargo. No problems so far.

- Marica R

It is safe and easy to handle and is also fuel efficient.

I love that it is easy to handle, has all the amenities at my fingertips and is fuel efficient. I would like the seats to be a little higher or have an adjustment for this as everyone, myself included feels they are too low. Other than that I have no complaints.

- Joyce M

You should consider a Honda if you want the perfect car.

My car is wonderful - very comfortable and a beautiful blue color. I have not had any problems at all. It has all the new features that are available - automatic high beams, "brake" appears when necessary and "you have moved off the road" feature is great, too.

- Mary Colleen M

My car is beautiful. It is very easy to drive and family friendly.

I absolutely love my car. It is a pearl white Honda Civic and it glistens in the sunlight. It is very easy to drive, and does not waste too much gas. I got a 4 door Honda and it is incredibly spacious. It is not too loud compared to other Hondas. It is perfect.

- Julia G

Spacious, comfortable and clean.

My Honda accord is extremely roomy. The vehicle looks small on the outside, yet so spacious in the inside. The vehicle drives very smoothly. It also has a back camera for parking. The speakers are very loud. The interior is designed very beautifully and simple.

- Rachel S

Fuel efficient and sporty.

Very comfortable, good on gas, I like the right hand side viewing mirror when making turns, rear view camera helps with parking or backing out of spaces, has a sunroof. Defrost features for front, rear window and side mirrors. Eco mode helps to conserve fuel.

- Matilda G

Absolutely the best car for the buck!

I absolutely love it! Great on gas.. Easy to drive.. Best decision I have made regarding cars! I loved it so much that when my husband needed a car we got the same exact one (different color) for him! And when my son is ready he will probably get one as well.

- Loretta B

2018 Honda Civic review/highlights.

I have very little problems, every aspect is electronic so that was a huge change from my last car. There is a huge blind spot on both sides but there is a passenger mirror camera that helps that. I do love the material and the cooling/heating system though.

- Miranda M

It is an ok car. Would never but another.

The 2018 Honda Civic with turbo has lack of automatic seats and jack of automatic seat tilt and recline as well as lack of auto seat remembrance with the key fobs. One would think for the price of the vehicle it would have more options than it comes with.

- Amber K

One interesting detail about my car is the switch parking brake.

My car is the perfect size for golf clubs, camping equipment, ski equipment, and hiking equipment. I have saved on gas which is the best part. I only wanted a car with basic features and works great so far! Great room for taking coworkers to lunch too!

- Patricia M

High technology of the Honda Civic 2018.

My Honda Civic includes apple car play, a feature that allows you to text via Siri. It connects my iPhone and allows me to use my GPS from my phone onto the screen. It also has a great camera that turns on when I make a right, indicating my blind spots.

- Samantha I

Comfortable and reliable ride.

The vehicle is comfortable and it drives smoothly. However after driving an accord for many years this vehicle is not as spacious. The vehicle overall though is reliable and has decent gas mileage. I have yet to encounter any problems with the vehicle.

- David P

Great car would buy another one.

Car makes a weird noise when the air is on, but we've had no problems with the car. It drives so smooth. The seats are spacious for a car size. We have the basic model so we do not have a lot of features. Handles rode well, stears good, fun sport mode.

- Casey D

Great car! Everything about it!

Very comfortable: smooth ride, easy handling, good pickup especially with turbo. Seats comfy. Everything easy to reach. Good gas mileage. Reliable. Good music, heater and air conditioning. Automatic lock and unlock spoils me. Love the no-cap gas tank.

- Deb M

Great gas mileage and very comfortable to ride in.

It gets great gas mileage gas mileage, it is comfortable to ride in, it has a big trunk. It has a nice back up camera and stereo system. The car comes in a lot of colors and different models. Honda is a great manufacturer with very dependable engines.

- Christine B

Plenty of room for a family.

Love that it is comfortable and has plenty of room. Love how it handles when driving.. Dislike the design for air vents, seem to point up instead of out. Dislike the Bluetooth system, always kicks my phone off and takes a few tries to get connected..

- Samantha B

Never go wrong with a Honda.

Love my Honda Civic no complains so far it is easy on the gas mileage, smooth drive eco friendly. Love the rear view camera and side camera love the touch screen radio it take Apple carplay which is a must. You can never go wrong with a Honda.

- Jackie D

It's great on gas mileage that it is a very comfortable safe vehicle.

I like that it drives smooth and doesn't shake. Great on breaking and steering. What I don't like is the way the back end is shaped it's too complexed. Another thing is I am not liking the air condition does circulate well with the back seat.

- Jimmy L

Smooth drive, see it all in the Honda Civic. It does not disappoint!

It has an awesome amount of view, no blind spots, it has everything that you need to see right in front of you and the steering wheel obstructs none of it. The radio and hands free phone controls are right on the steering wheel. Great car!

- diane A

It has good mileage for the size car it is, getting an average of close to 35.

I like its efficiency. I like its compactness. I dislike that the low air pressure signal needs to be calibrated after every inflation and that it does not show the tire pressure. I also think the outside temperature number is not accurate.

- Anthony D

It is very comfortable and easy to drive, hopefully it will be very reliable for a long time.

It is a small grey car. It has bluetooth connectability, which I enjoy very much. The only complaints I have are that the windshield wipers don't have different interval settings, and there are not blind spot mirrors on the side mirrors.

- Sabrina C

it has Great gas mileage and will last for a long time.

I don't like that I feel cramped getting into the car. I like the keyless ignition but don't like that it doesn't alert you if you get out and leave it running (which I did once). I like the good gas mileage, leather seats and sunroof.

- Mary B

Great cars that have if you need or have trouble backing up.

My Honda is a great car to have. It has cameras side view and rear view for backing up and turning. It has warnings for when flat tires or oil or gas is low. It also has a great radio and speaker system and is comfortable roomy me.

- Rodolfo B

It's reliable and the cameras work great if you live in a big city!

I love the side camera and back up camera features! I also like the lane sensing and adaptive cruise control. I don't like how long it takes to speed back up after cruise control has slowed you down, but it's still a great feature.

- Alex O

The car is advanced yet has a simple and sleek look.

Love the shape of the car, and it drives really smooth. My only issues are the fact that there is no slot for a physical CD and that the seats are so high up that it is difficult for me, a short person, to look at my blind spots.

- Krystal J

It's reliable with great resale value.

I like that it's a Honda - reliable, great mileage. I like leasing my car - no maintenance. I dislike the style changes they made this year - it's mean-looking and they reduced interior storage space and eliminated the CD player.

- Bee E

It can basically drive itself!

It has lane assisted steering, and is a very smooth ride. I also like that it has a hands free mobile option, and that I can play my Spotify playlists and make calls either by using Bluetooth or usb. It also gets great mileage.

- Lauren H

Miles per gallon, it is amazing.

I like the fact the it has pretty high mpg. It is small enough to fit into compact space large enough in the inside for room. Bluetooth sometimes can be a bit annoying because it does not connect with my calls and media audio.

- Do Hyun A

Great car but cheap interior

The Civic runs great, it has quick acceleration and always feels like its ready to go. The only concern is that while the interior looks great it has a cheap plastic feel the interior that I have doubts how long it will last.

- Jody J

More than just a Honda Civic.

I am not a big car person but I fell in love with the Honda Civic. A smooth ride with great gas mileage and sensitivity breaks. It is a small, but spacious car with aux, Bluetooth features and a break hold button that I love.

- Amber P

Awesome New 2018 Honda Civic

I love my new 2018 Honda Civic Sedan. I get GREAT gas mileage! Once I hit 50 mpg ! There's Bluetooth and a USB Port which is awesome to have if you love listening to music. It drives smooth and the car itself looks awesome!

- Bre K

My car gets great gas mileage, 42 miles to the gallon.

I really like all the new technology. The 1. 5 liter turbo engine makes a big difference than the older model I used to own. Honda also changed the style of the body which I have grown to appreciate more and more everyday.

- Brittany Z

It has a good safety rating and gets very good gas mileage.

I like that I can hook my phone to the car and use Carplay. I like the backup camera too. Being able to control a lot of the features right on the steering wheel is also helpful. I like everything about the Honda Civic.

- Lori S

Great gas mileage and Honda reliability keep me coming back to the Civic.

I have owned many Civics and although I like this one, it just is not as comfortable as the others. Also, there seems to be too much technology! I find myself all over the road while using the touch screen control panel.

- Leslie S

The car is very safe. I love all the safety features.

I love that my car fits my lifestyle very well I love the color ad the design of my car. I also love that it has a turbo because my last car did not have one. The interior of the car is beautiful and very comfortable.

- Nicole H

It is very fuel efficient.

It's great on gas mileage, I can maneuver easily in it. I love the way it looks, and the backup camera helps keep it looking that way. I can also appreciate the Bluetooth, although I do miss the CD player on occasion.

- Jasmine W

It gets 38 miles to a gallon. It also has a lot of safety features.

although I have only had this car for 2 months it is my third honda civic. I like the way it handles and it reliability. I has great gas mileage. The only thing i do not like is that it is bigger than earlier models

- sue m

It is very easy to maintain.

It is very comfortable, it drives very easily, it gets great gas mileage, gas lasts about two to three weeks just driving around town, it is very easy to maintain, it has a lot of space for passengers and luggage.

- Alex R

It has apple play and a right hand side camera.

It drives smooth. All the bells and whistles are great. The leather is comfortable. My only complaint is that the ac system is too hard to use. It would be easier to just have a knob to adjust the temperature.

- Amanda R

It gets fantastic gas mileage averaging about 48 mpg overall, highway and city.

I love the gas mileage averaging 48 mpg. I also love the look and feel of the car. It handles very well. I think the speakers are a bit weak. And the rubber moulding/ plastic moulding is not perfect in places.

- Rich P

Honda civics are known for their reliability and I'm an advocate and huge supporter of this claim.

My car is extremely reliable and I've never had any major problems with it. It gets 42 mpg, so I'm rarely at the gas pump, which is a great quality. It's so comfortable and the design is sleek and innovative.

- Brittney Z

It's a good economical vehicle that is a pleasure to drive.

I love my Honda Civic 2018. It is the perfect size for me and my teenage son. It is very comfortable, reliable and gets good gas mileage. I started out a Toyota fan, but my last two cars have been Hondas.

- Donna K

It's a super safe and practical car and the gas mileage is really great.

I like how sporty my car looks and I like the hatchback it makes it more roomy in the trunk and I like having apple CarPlay. I dislike that you have a screen to go to for the AC vs having actual buttons.

- Rae V

Great family car and reliable

I love the color of the car. The gas mileage is pretty good. I like the Eco option and the multiple back up camera views. The only thing I don't like is that there aren't any lights on the mirror visors.

- Kasey G

The incredible gas mileage, I can drive over 400 miles in a single tank.

I really like the gas mileage that i get with this vehicle but I wish it had better headlights. The headlight output is very poor considering most newer vehicles come equipped with HID or LED headlights.

- Victor C

2018 Honda Civic: best car I have ever owned.

Honda is known for being reliable. The comfort is great, plenty of room. The center console screen is great, easy hookup to your phone. Side and reverse cameras are so clear and the car drives very well.

- Brittany P

I said it in the last answer.

It is a fast smooth car it has cameras in the rear so u can see where u backing up and it is reliable. Nothing wrong with the car it is a good car a car that I would recommend to a friend or family mo.

- Jay C

It has great functionality for the size.

I drive a 2018 civic hatchback sport. It's a standard transmission and lots of fun! Gets great gas mileage. Great pick up and the wife likes it because we can still carry the kids and groceries in it.

- Michael T

Honda Civic - get your bang for your buck.

It is a bit too low to the ground, but other than that it is a solid vehicle. The trunk of the car and the back seats are very spacious. The seats are not leather, but the cloth is very good quality.

- Sara S

It has great gas mileage and the Bluetooth feature is great too.

I really like the backup camera. My car is manual and I like that when you release the clutch it doesn't roll back right away. It is also very fuel efficient. I wouldn't change anything about my car.

- Kassie A

It gets the best gas mileage.

I love my 2018 Honda Civic. My only complaint is the handsfreelink doesn't always work with my phone. I don't know if it is my phone or the car and need to test my wife's phone to figure it all out.

- Ryan C

Gives a great drive, very comfortable, great sound system, would buy again.

It has decent gas mileage. It has a good sized seating and trunk. Dislike that even in the lightest rain have to close drivers window because water pours in in a straight line - really hate that.


Spacious and comfortable car.

We love how quiet it is. The sound system is also great. The custom heating and air is great for me and my husband since we like it different temperatures. The back seat and truck is very spacious.

- Erin F

The most important thing people should know about this car is that the battery isn't the best. They should probably invest in a car with a better and more easy going battery.

The vehicle runs very smooth. My vehicle doesn't have many issues however, sometimes the battery can shut off. This can occur while i'm actually driving the vehicle and it gives me lots of issues.

- Alexander B

my honda civic in beautiful blue color

fun looking car, lots of features, tech savvy, can hook up to my cell phone for nav and emails. Beautiful blue color. great mileage...33 mpg around town. Rear and side camera. lots of airbags.

- leanie r

Its blue and very fast and looks great.

My car is great and very good on gas. I would really like to let people know if you are interested in a new car you might want to want to look a some Hondas, cause they are great affordable cars.

- Jason W

A great car that you can trust to last at a reasonable price.

I like the technology features and the price point. I like that it's a Honda and I know that it will last for a long time. I also like the way that it looks and that it is a bit sporty to drive.

- Scott P

The color job, the overall design of the vehicle is sleek and clean lined. Relatively large inside. Nice compartments.

Sleek design. I like the inside design as well. Yet the rear and side windows do not defrost. Can be difficult to see out of the back windshield and the rear viewfinder camera could be improved.

- Alexa D

It's a great little roadster. We could have gone a model up with a faster engine but didn't. Thats my one regret was not getting the bigger engine.

I lo e my car. This is the first brand new car i've ever owned. I love just about everything on the car except for the volume buttons. There is none. I know they changed that on the 2019 model.

- Jasmine R

It is an excellent value for the price and should be a choice for those looking for a car at this price range.

The vehicle is very fuel-efficient car which is one of the positives of having one. The price of the car also was very good and is affordable. A negative of the vehicle would be the low seat.

- William B

It handles excellently, it is quick and has a turbo engine. I love it!

The air conditioner broke after 6 months of use. They replaced the compressor free of charge. I love the car otherwise, however Honda mentioned an air conditioner problem with the new Civics.

- Nicki C

It feels like a luxury car, but is an affordable option.

I love that it is small and fun to drive. I'm especially fond of all the features that it has. Some of my favorites are: moonroof, turbo engine, remote start, heated seats and Apple carplay.

- Lindsey C

That it has a lot of good safety features.

I love the back up camera, and the right turn camera. I just wish there was a left turn camera. I love that it has plenty of cup holders. I love the design of the body, and the smooth ride.

- Faith H

It is a great car 41 mpg highway and 34 mpg city.

Great 2018 lineup for Honda, Civic is very similar to the 2016 version, but comes standard with their new safety equipment. Would definitely like a better radio with their standard version.

- Zoe G

That it has both a sporty look and feel but can maintain good has for travel.

I like to lease cars so that I don't need to worry about anything going wrong. The car has a nice sports look and silver color. The ride is very smooth. The hatchback has good trunk space.

- Matt D

I think it's important for people to know that if you mess with my car you should out.

Im very happy with my Civic. It has a really nice look and I feel comfortable driving it. It'll be sometime before I'll need another car but I plan on getting another Honda in the future.

- Jackson D

It is dependable and fun to drive.

I love the gas mileage of my honda civic. It is comfortable to drive. It is dependable. It is FUN to drive. It has 4 doors which makes it easy for my passengers to get into and out of.

- Mark K

It has a ledge for my cell phone where the charger connects.

This is the first brand new car I have ever owned and I love everything about it. I love the ledge where I can put my phone, I love the headroom, trunk space and the spacious back seat.

- Sheila D

Reliable and haven't had any issues with it.

It drives very smoothly and has great gas mileage. I like that it is keyless entry because I always lose my keys in my purse. I also like how comfortable the car is. It is easy to park.

- Annie M

It appears to be more sporty than earlier models. It takes synthetic oil only.

I love the fuel economy. My biggest complaint is the gas tank locking. If I am pumping gas, I can not lock my car. I would like to be able to lock my purse in the car, but then I can't.

- Megan M

great gas mileage, affordable, safe, sleek driving

I love how it drives very smoothly and is agile. I think the design of the care is awesome as well. my only complaint is the audio connecting to phones via bluetooth. it takes forever

- gary j

Ok but not great; not enough customization.

I always buy Honda’s since they are reliable and last a long time. However the radio is not good and you cannot even get a CD layer on it. Also you can feel every bump on the road.

- Anita S

Love the hatchback. Lots of room in the trunk.

No issues with the car. Saves gas and drive smooth. Great for going long distance as well as short, but sucks when there is a lot of traffic. Not very good in a stop and go traffic.

- Matthew M

How roomy the vehicle is compared to older Civic models.

I really enjoy the room in the car. Civics are usually much smaller compared to the Accord but this vehicle is very roomy. I drive 140 miles every day and the gas mileage is great.

- Tara W

The engine shuts off when idling.

I love how sporty it is. I love the feature it came with including the rims, headlights, heated seats etc. I love that I get good gas mileage while also maintaining a sporty image.

- Savanna L

I really like the fact my phone connects through radio.

I have had this vehicle for a year and have had no problems. Gas mileage is good. I have owned Honda's for the last 10 years with leases and have had no problems with any of them.

- Wanda W

The Civic is well made, safer to drive than others and holds its value.

Dislikes: Too many "bells and whistles", controls difficult to use without taking eyes off the road, blind spots....Loves: consistent, reliable comfortable. It's our fourth Civic.

- Margie F

The way it is sounds when you rev the engine.

My car is absolutely amazing. It is so fast and the sound of the engine is just amazing, the outside of the car looks beautiful and shiny especially when you pull it off the lot.

- Zane M

Great car for a person looking for a stylish yet reasonable price.

I love my Honda civic. It has all the features of more expensive cars, but at a lower cost. Cos are that it is touchscreen for the volume and it wastes more gas than expected.

- Roxana L

It gets great gas mileage.

I am loving my new Honda Civic. It gets me to where I need to go. I have had no issues with it thus far and it is doing great on gas. I am averaging 40-45 miles to the gallon.

- Emily W

Excellent car for the money.

No problem so far, drive smoothly and very quiet, the design is nice and price is affordable, it is high quality car for the money, the body build is light, fuel is excellent.

- Wendy S

It's a good, safe car. It's definitely a good starter car without running or appearing like a starter car.

I like how it's spacious though small. I don't like how it doesn't have air vents in the back seat. It also lacks cup holders on the back seat. I like how smoothly it drives.

- Mimi D

The gas mileage whether highway, city or combined makes this car a great value.

My car is a 4 door sedan and is very roomy. I like the features and the gas mileage that I am getting is 39 mg all the time! I am not happy with lack of trim in door frames.

- Susan S

I am very blessed to be driving it as a generous benefit from my employers :)

It's a company-provided vehicle to use for business and personal use. I've always wanted a Civic so I enjoy the opportunity to drive this one. I like the features and color!

- Lu K

It is easy to handle( drive)

It's easy to drive and maintain (until now) and doesn't consume that much gasoline. I don't like that it's a little light. On the freeway, the wind can easily sway the car.

- C D

Dependable and has few to no problems.

Amazing quality for the cost. I love the pickup of the engine, the ease of connecting your mobile device and the sensing that will brake for you if it detects a collision.

- Jackie M

The vehicle is reliable and can get you from point A to B without any problems!

Honda Civic is a reliable and dependable vehicle. It is also affordable. What I don't like is the new design but can live with it since I know it will last a long time.

- Maria L

don't open the sunroof unless the car is dry.

I have only had the car for a month, but it is easily the best car I have ever had. It has keyless entry / ignition and a sunroof, both of which make me feel super fancy.

- Jessica S

Honda Civic EX 2018 review

It's a great car. The ex is a great model but the engine is quieter and slower to rev up so I wish to leased the ex-t instead. Also the hatchback is nicer than the sedan

- Garik G

That it has space in the back and the trunk as well.

No problems with it. I love every part of it. Love how smooth it feels when I drive it. Love the tinted windows and how low it is. It looks small but Its spacious inside.

- Monica H

Very high tech for being an ex model.

This is my second Honda Civic (first was a 2015 Civic). It rides smoothly. Gas is great. It performs really well. Once my lease is up, I will get a new model of a Civic.

- Jenna C

Honda Civic sport touring review.

The car has lots of options that are very nice. My wife likes the car and loves to drive it, cannot believe the price I got it for. The gas mileage is avg around 35 mpg.

- Jeff S

It can carry a sizable load and still get good gas mileage.

I like my car because it was affordable. It is cute, fun and safe! I like that it has apple carplay and is comfortable for passengers. The heated seats are really nice.

- Erin S

One of the best car buys you can make.

The vehicle has everything you would want and more. One of the best decisions you could make. Sporty and provides comfort, technology, performance, economy, and safety.

- Mackenzie V

The Honda Civic is larger than expected. It holds its value and is a great value

I love the gas mileage i get to and from work. The back camera is a great feature. It drives smooth and is reliable. The bright blue color gets a lot of compliments

- Tim J

Apple carplay and side view camera is the must-have.

Civics are known for their reliability. The Civic 10th is an awesome affordable car with luxurious technologies, apple carplay and side view cameras are my favorites.

- Jeffrey Y

Honda Civic car enthusiast

I have always driven civics, I love that they are safe vehicles and good on gas. They are also low maintenance. Only thing is I don't have good luck with their tires.

- Robin J

It has great gas mileage even when driving around town.

I like the fact that my car is very compatible with electronics. I don't like the fact that it's so hard to clean with all the crevices. I also love the gas mileage.

- Sierra D

It seats 5 comfortably, has a rear back up camera and it also comes on when you use your right blinker. It also has Apple carplay in which you can use map navigation, receive text messages, voice command, etc.

The Honda Civic is a great car at a comfortable price. It is a very comfortable car, drives very smooth. Gas mileage is fantastic, I love the rear back up camera!

- Heidi L

The civic is very eco friendly.

There is no dislike here, my car has all the bells and whistles. The car is good on gas. It is very efficient. It rides smooth on the road and suspension is awesome.

- Christian C

2018 Honda Civic Hatchback

I have hatchback EX. Has touch screen. Back up and right turn camera. Sport mode that is really run when I don't wanna get stuck in traffic. Great warranty coverage.

- Michaela R

It can link to a cool app that knows exactly where the car is at all times.

My vehicle has a fun, sporty design and is comfortable to drive. It has great technology features & can charge my phone. I wish it was compatible with Apple AirPlay.

- Mimi R

My Honda Civic is a 6 speed.

I love my Honda Civic this is the 4th Honda I have owned and 3 have been Civics. They are reliable and great on gas sporty and comfortable with great sound system.

- Nancy S

It drives very smooth and has an eco button.

Car dealership did not make me aware of brown smudge on the ceiling of brand new car, and did not tell me about water drying on the car posing a risk to the paint.

- Coral A

The number of features you get at the price point.

A lot of features for the price point (including push button start, keyless entry, lane change assist, Android Auto, etc.). I wish the car was a bit more powerful.

- Peter M

Reliability of the car, built very solid and sturdy.

Very smooth performance, seats are very comfy, as if they were memory foam. Very easy to use the system on the car, love how easy it is to know your current speed

- Aleister M

I highly recommend it. It is a very nice vehicle and drives so nice, they are cheap.

I love my vehicle. It drives very nice. It is good on gas. I don't need to fill it as much as my old car. It is very smooth on the road and the tires aren't loud.

- Matt W

Heated seats are really nice in winter time or even in summer

We used to own Honda Fit but right before the warranty it started working weird so we bought new civic. Like:stylish, built in japan Dislike:less space in trunk

- Nana H

It is fairly good on mileage not as good as promised.

Love that it is new and shiny dislike the tech that is hard for me to understand the salesman is not patient and helps but then says I am not paying attention.

- Sandy R

Thoughtfully detailed technology.

My Civic is a uniquely designed car that gets good gas mileage. It has some awesome technology features like apple car play that really elevate the experience.

- Thomas B

The eco option for saving gas.

The option eco for the fuel is fantastic, I save a lot on gas, also is really safe to drive, the features are really good, is amazing drive it on the highway.

- Maria F

It's made by a dependable car manufacturer.

It is a good running, dependable vehicle. It's roomy enough..not too big or too small. It gets decent gas mileage vut wish it would do even better on mileage.

- mo B

It a good car of course what else it's also highly recommended that it can help your life

The car is nice good mileage and it is efficient. So it is okay and runs well plus its new so I like its capability. Also, the type and the car itself is new.

- D H

Has awesome spoiler on the roof, notices that there is no type of car that has same spoiler as I

No problems, this car is great. Eats not so much gas, love the adaptive cruise control as it helps you drive your car and breaks for you whenever you need to

- Viktoriia I

sweet looking car, a must to buy

great gas mileage I can go weeks without going to QT,car is really sporty looking like a camaro a lot cheaper, I love the hands free, I can play my own music

- charles l

Doesn't waste too much gas. With 20 dollars of gas, the gas tank is almost full and it last about more than a week. I save more money on gas with this car than other cars in the past.

Does not waste a lot of gas. It has a camera, so when i reverse my car i can see the other cars passing by. I also like that it has a digital speed meter.

- jose g

The speedometer is digital.

It has a touch screen inside which is pretty cool. And the seats are comfortable. It also has Bluetooth which is useful when you are driving but get a call.

- Jacob A

It has front and side airbags and drives smoothly.

I like style and. How it drives, also like that it doesn't cost so much to keep it fueled. . The color is nice and it's very roomy for being a two door car.

- Misty B

My Honda Accord 2. 0, a beautiful car!

So easy to drive, has a lot of safety items, like leaving lanes, rear camera, warns when you are too close to the car in front of you, and is nice looking.

- Sher H

My car makes me feel like I am a Nascar driver with how well it handles.

This car is a Honda so of course we already know it's great. But it's also stylish and a very smooth ride. Very simple and easy but premium too. I love it.

- Megan H

It is bigger on the inside.

I like the way it drives easily, it is easy to maintain, it is comfortable to sit in and drive, and I really love the color. It gets great gas mileage too.

- Carol R

It is very fuel efficient.

I love the sleek and sporty body style of my car. My Honda is very fuel efficient. I love the fact that the interior as well as the exterior is all black.

- Angela W

The mileage is great and it feels like a sports car, sort of.

I love the acceleration, layout, and ability to stuff my civic with all the things i need in life. I do not like the maps integration with my cell phone.

- Danielle L