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Smooth ride - fun to drive

2019 Honda Clarity Touring Hybrid

My husband and I purchased this car approx. 4 months ago and have really enjoyed it ever since. Pros: very smooth and quiet ride using electric; easier than expected to plug in on a daily basis; love driving past gas stations; great for daily commutes and in-city driving; sharp styling; handy trunk storage bin; front cup length changer; ample interior space; to name a few. Cons: arguing about who drives; small misses - lacking storage for coins and parking cards; manual seat positioning (Canada); tighter space in our garage; and a second vehicle that no one wants to drive anymore. The lower battery charge as the weather cooled off has been noticed but oddly enough, the car doesn't seem to use as much when driving in the cold... yet. It's still not winter though. Since the electric driving range is longer than many others, it's still an asset for most of our driving trips. We weren't sure about having to install a quick charger but there's no reason at this point to justify the add'l cost. One last point. We purchased the forest pearl (green) model. If you're looking online it is UGLY and I would not even have considered it. However, in person, it's rather nice and looks quite different depending on the light. Sometimes it's a navy blue/green, even dark grey and sometimes black. Other times it looks just like the online pics but it only lasts a minute. ;-)

- Paula D

A nice car to drive. Smooth driving with battery on.

2019 Honda Clarity

The Honda clarity is a very nice car to drive. When its on battery it is very quiet and smooth. This does changes when the engine switches on as it becomes louder than you been accustomed too while driving with the battery. It has nice features some of which I think are not completely necessary, such as the side mirror camera for the right turn signal. I feel that a simple blind spot sensor with lights to indicate a vehicle is near would be sufficient. Another issue is that the battery will not charge fully if it is too cold outside which can be frustrating for people commuting. In conclusion the car is very nice by design and is comfortable to drive. There are minor issues that I feel can be rectified easily in future models.

- Edward A

Low cost hybrid plug in vehicle with the flexibility of electric or gas.

2019 Honda Clarity Base

Haven't had any problem with the car just yet as it is a new lease. The performance is pretty impressive to be a hybrid and we love the fact of being able to plug it in to save on gas, but also having a gas option for longer distance trip. It's very spacious and comfortable on the inside with also a ton of trunk space.

- Tau E

The lack of comfort in my car.

2019 Honda Clarity

It is boring and not fun to drive, I'd honestly rather ride a horse. It quite possible would be more comfortable.

- Justin L

A good car to drive

2019 Honda Clarity Touring Hybrid

Drive electric 95% of the time and verycomfortable car.i like that car a lot.

- Jean-Louis Beaudet

Love it. Quiet, comfortable and cheap.

2019 Honda Clarity Base Electric

No gas! Charge quickly and cheaply. Rides great. Fun to drive.

- James Brodsky