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Honda CR-V is built to last!

The Honda CR-V I own is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is all wheel drive, and I was most impressed in the vehicle's ability to drive thru snow. Its a 4 cylinder and it saves on gas but you would never feel like it doesn't perform like any 6 cylinder SUV. I've done all regular maintenance needed such as oil and transmission fluid changes as Honda says should be done. I've only had minimal issues with it, such as a small radiator leak at 220, 000 miles. I also replaced the hoses and the thermostat when getting an new radiator, but they weren't bad I just figured it was a good thing to do while having to take the hoses loose to replace the radiator. I purchased the radiator from amazon for under $60. It's just amazing that the car has over 230, 000 miles and runs and drives perfectly. When I purchase a newer CR-V my daughter wants this one as they are great to carry things in the back that you cannot fit in a car trunk. Our dog also loves the vehicle and rides in it weekly. I am far from a perfectionist and don't go out of my way to keep the interior perfect. The seats and all still look like new. The materials used were made to last for sure. I highly recommend the Honda CR-V for anyone as its economical and gives me and my family such security knowing it won't break down on long trips or as our daily driver. It's also safer than a car, doesn't cost a fortune like a full size SUV, and gets great gas mileage as it has a 4 cylinder engine.

- Holly M

My Honda CR-V is a good looking sport utility vehicle.

We have had no problems with our Honda and we bought it in used condition. We love it and recommend it to anyone that likes a sport utility vehicle. It is great especially if you live in a winter climate where it snows and you have to plow through the snow. It has a button to push when you have to go through bad road conditions that it gears down the transmission to give you better control on slippery roads. I am disabled with my legs and it is easy for me to get in and out of it. The one we have has the captain seats in it where it has armrests that you can lift up away or let down. It is 4 door and there is plenty of legroom for the people in the back seats. It has a large cargo area to haul items in the back. It has 4 cup holders and a big container in the center of the front seats to hold things and has a locked/unlocked lid. The glove compartment is huge. It is a 4 cylinder and is easy on gas. My husband and I really love it.

- Bonnie Y

Reliable car that has made it almost twenty years.

My car has been very reliable for me for the first eleven years or so. No real work other than tires and muffler until the last few years. I had to get a bunch of parts replaced in the last few years that had been affected by so many years of exposure to the elements. Have not had pretty much any engine work needed other than replacing the radiator last year. Have had great luck utilizing it to carry home pretty much anything. Now I only wish the back seat had a bit more legroom since my girls are getting taller than me and neither wants to sit in the back seat.

- Laura L

The Honda CR-V has lived up to the reputation of the manufacturer and gone the distance so far (purchased new 20 yrs ago). I cannot say enough about Honda quality for that generation of vehicles.

The Honda CR-V is my vehicle right now because it was my wife's turn to buy a car (I inherited this one). It's a good car to get around in. It has space to pack a good load and move it around. And, best of all, it has been reliable. I have to say that it's most endearing quality to me right now is that it's paid off and has been for a while. My primary dislikes on the vehicle are that it is red (not my choice) and that it is one of the dullest vehicles around in terms of style. I have looked at various ways to spruce it up to no avail.

- Jose J

Honda CR-V: the car that lasts forever.

I love my Honda CR-V. It is extremely reliable and the only problems I have experienced with it are small problems that do not really affect the performance of the car. After having it for ten years, a headlight went out. And then the stereo system has had trouble turning on (after 12 years). Otherwise, it is a completely fantastic car. It drives wonderfully, has little road noise, is comfortable to drive for long distances, and I feel safe driving it.

- Melissa A

Best little car I've ever had.

My Honda crv is a very good reliable little car. Gets very well gas mileage. It's very inexpensive for the most part to buy parts and put them on. I've driven all around town several times a day and I've even taken trips in and out of town 3 times one day and my car hasn't missed me yet. Very spacious. I love my hatch back. I feel safe inside my car. It's not plastic like most vehicles you see today.

- Sara W

Amazing Honda CR-V, would highly recommend.

I actually absolutely love my car. It takes me from point A to point B perfectly. It is reliable and the gas mileage is also reliable too. The one problem that I do encounter is that sometimes the emergency brake light wont go out on the dashboard when I use it. Other than this minor tick however, it is a wonderful car and I do encourage others to invest in a car like this.

- Samantha B

This car is fun and spacious to drive. Great gas mileage.

This car is very reliable! It is extremely great on gas, it very spacious. Tons of body and leg space for those big people out there. It's one of the smoothest rides I have been in. One of my favorite parts about the car is the foldable seats. It allows me to fit furniture to help friends move or instruments when my band plays a show. I recommend everyone to drive a Honda crv

- Luis I

Great classic design, powerful engine and smooth ride.

The dodge challenger is a great ride with great power and comfortable ride. It does not have to much gadgets but it simple and very responsive. The fact that your driving a style and classic design with the power is all so good. Right from the moment you start you can hear the engine roaring with power and ready to take off. Love the car and want to do more to enjoy it.

- Steve M

My car is a Honda CR-V 4 door. It is green with some rust. It is a smaller SUV.

My car is older so it has some quirks typical for an old car but overall I am satisfied with it. I like that it can handle country living and it is a smaller vehicle that can fit a lot of things. I do not like that the passenger side front seat doesn't have an armrest. Also there are not any clip-ons for car seat installation so we have to use the seatbelt.

- Emily H

Utility middle of the road but reliable.

The car is nice for longer rides as opposed to heavy traffic short trips. The acceleration in start stop traffic is not very good. It is comfortable for what it is and certainly affordable. It drives well and the shifting of gears is best where it is close to the steering wheel. It is roomy and comfortable in the back for both passengers and luggage.

- Ebenezer N

My car's things and my routine with it.

It had a transmission changed but now it's working perfectly. It needs it fill up the power steering monthly just in case and also it has a little sound in the co-pilot seat, anyways I still love my car. I love also how my boyfriend doesn't fit correctly on it because of the tall he is always getting his head down to don't break it.

- Karla L

Honda CR-V’s clear coat problems.

I love my Honda CR-V! Gas mileage is perfectly reliable, spacious enough for the whole family, and with a simple dashboard it gives for easy reading of the vehicle. Every aspect of the vehicle is affordable and the family loves it. The fabric seats are easy to clean, only inconvenience is the thin clear coat will peel away quickly.

- Maddie B

The good and the bad and everything in between.

Rides great very basic vehicle, but still has the power window and locks. On the downside even being a smaller Honda it doesn't get the gas mileage that I thought it would. And no matter how many times you replace it the handle to open up the hatch always seems to break, other than that seems to be a wonderful and safe vehicle.

- Cody J

Cute car with minimal upkeep.

The C-RV does not look like every other car on the road. It gets great gas mileage and I have had very few issues since I have bought it, and it almost has 200, 000 miles on it. I have a few cosmetic problems, but I can safely take it on a road trip. It has tons of room for storage which is great cause I do a lot of biking.

- Amber B

Family car that brings memories.

Honestly this car is great. It is the family car, it fits up to 5 people and it is a car that is great with gas. I would definitely recommend this car to a big family. The only downfall of this car would be its color. It's an ugly brown. Given the year, this car is not the flashiest but newer versions should satisfy you.

- Erika R

My car is incredibly reliable.

I really like my Honda. My wife had it for years before we got married and it is been a good car through all the miles put on it. Super reliable with a roomy interior for moving and going on trips. We did have the alternator go out recently, but figured it is going to last until we can save up enough to get another.

- Lily H

It has a table in the back under the fabric.

The window will not go up as easily when it is cold out. I have to pull it up physically with my hands. My door handle on the inside drivers side has broken off 2 times since I bought it 3 years ago. The axel has broke on the right and left side already as well. The a/c has to be recharged almost every summer.

- Emily R

The radio does not work anymore.

My car performs very well for its age. A year ago, I was driving it nearly two hours every day and never had any issues. It is held up and I am hoping to have it for a long time. The window is a little noisy and the radio has decided it does not want to work anymore, but other than that I love my car.

- Melissa K

Long lasting, as long as you service it properly, suggested by Honda.

I have been the sole owner of my Honda CR-V 2000. I have ensured to have all required maintenance and services. My mileage is 1040k and the car is still running and looking great. Some say it looks like new. The interior, exterior and mechanics had has little service, it is a very reliable sport SUV.

- Christina L

1997 Honda CR-V still runs very well in 2019.

Due to age of vehicle, having problems with power windows, rear window wiper, and minor oil leaking. Love the size, comfortable seats, rear hatch with fold-down rear seats to make plenty of cargo space, and when you open the rear hatch and lift the carpet on the floor, there is a folding table!.

- Beth O

My fervor car I can work on it myself and it is a 4 wheel drive.

I love my Honda it rides great drives like a new one it is easy for old people to get in and out of runs good thank god and a Honda last for years I can tell anyone how much I love it I can put 550 miles a day on it and it do not let down I can't buy a new car when I have this one paid for.

- Doris L

My car is very reliable and gets great mileage.

I like that it even though it is old, it runs very well. I like that it is very spacious because I've only had small cars before it. It sounds weird, but I love that the driver seat has Its own arm rest that can fold up or down. The mileage is great on it, too. No complaints about my car.

- Aaron A

It's dependable, fuel efficient, and has never let me down.

I love my SUV because it has a lot of room to do all the things I want it to do. But, it's small enough that I feel comfortable driving it (I don't have to use pillows, etc.) It has 219,000 miles on it, and it's still running like a champ-I know I'll be sad when it no longer runs!!

- Teresa A

2000 Honda CR-V drives comfortably and very spacious.

My car is reliable and spacious, only has 40, 000 miles on it and may be a year 2000 but feels new to me. It is comfortable and easy to drive. It performs well and rides smoothly. I haven't had it more than a few months but have loved driving it and is my favorite car I have had.

- Marie M

Hidden bonus inside Honda crv.

This is a very dependable vehicle. It has very good gas mileage due to it being an AWD 4cyl. It has a very spacious cargo area and for a small SUV type vehicle it has a lot of room inside. I love that it came with a hidden picnic table that is removable form the cargo area.

- Amanda T

Hondas run forever and are solid reliable cars.

Starting hard the first time. I like the space and the seats are comfortable. I like the hatch. I also like the tire on the back. It is teal and sparkly, I like the glitter. It currently has over 216, 000 miles and still runs. I like my car a lot and do not want a new car.

- Kendal C

Crv good and bad but its still recommended.

Weak transmission. Non-ergonomic. Not good miles per gallon. Comfortable but a bit compact. No heat in back. It's kind of hard to get in and out of. It isn't real powerful which makes a lot of shifting if you encounter any sort of inclines, hills, corners and such.

- Kevin S

Comfy spacious and reliable.

Very strong motor with 300, 000 miles and still running strong. Very roomy and comfortable. Big trunk and perfect for my small family. Holds 2 car seats comfortably and its the camping edition with a table and chairs included. Love this car and would not get rid of it.

- Heather M

2000 Honda CR-V putts along.

I absolutely love the reliability of this car. It is been in my family since 2000 and still runs very well. I have had a few problems but such is life. I have nearly 300, 000 miles on my CR-V and it still runs smooth. Routine checkups & oil changes my friends.

- Haley D

Hunter green 2000 Honda CR-V.

The vehicle that I drive the most is a 2000 Honda CR-V. Performance wise I really enjoy it.. Fuel economy is definitely a plus.. It is amazingly comfortable for an older vehicle.. I have had it for about one year and really have not had any problems with it.

- Justin C

My 2000 black Honda CR-V with over 145, 000 miles.

It may be old and have a few rust spots, but it is reliable and still gets pretty good gas mileage, although it gets to be really uncomfortable on long distance trips. It has power windows and locks. The heater works well but the air conditioner does not.

- Robert W

It is 18 years old, has over 306,000 miles on it, and still looks good. It is the most reliable car I've ever owned.

My 18 year old Honda CRV is reliable and easy to handle. The back seats fold down individually to make multiple configurations so I can carry a wide variety of cargo. It has a standard transmission, which is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

- Pamela C

It is an amazing car, would recommend.

I love my car, the only problem I have had with it is the air conditioning pump broke and busted my radiator. Other than that it is a great car. Runs smooth and it is reliable for me. It gets me where I need to go and back.

- Brandy S

it is very reliable, having never given me a days trouble.

my vehicle has all the room i need, it has all the power i need and it is aesthetically pleasing. it has over two hundred thousand miles on it and has never required more than routine maintenance. i have no complaints.

- richard F

It is dependable over time and able to carry larger loads.

I like my Honda because it is dependable despite its age. It's a sturdy vehicle that allows me to carry big loads around. I don't like the increased amount of maintenance I have had to do on it in recent years though.

- Megan V

It has had just basic maintenance in 18 years. No major repairs have been needed.

I love the handling and driving of the vehicle. The seats are very comfortable The complaint I have is there is no arm rest for the passenger seat. A complaint I have is the cup holders do not hold the right size cup.

- Joyce P

Very reliable. Good room in the trunk. Comfortable ride. Holds it value if you eventually need to trade it in. Runs forever!

Considering it's a very old vehicle it has given me no major problems. It holds Its value better than most vehicles. It's still running great. Has loads of room for toting stuff. Maybe not too powerful on hills.

- Deirdre C

Room for 5 people and very roomy for all to be comfortable.

This is my second one, and I love the size on the inside. All the room needed to haul small loads. Easy to drive yet not too large to not feel in control. Last one was 20 years old when it was in an accident.

- Gail C

My Honda CRV is the most dependable vehicle

I love the way it handles bad weather. I feel safe driving it at all times. I don't like that it has areas of rust on it but it has been a very reliable vehicle. I have been able to depend on it for 18 years.

- Sandra H

If taken care of properly it'll last a long time and give good gas mileage.

almost maintenance free. Haven't had any major problems except regular tune ups. It's compact and small yet roomy enough to take to grocery stores and take trips too. Love the ride and the peace of mind

- Furqana K

it is very reliable as long as you maintain the car regularly

it is very reliable. Not many problems which is good since it has 218,000 miles on it. Gas mileage is not bad. The clock no longer works and the radio does not get a good signal but i am okay with that.

- Darlene P

Maximum comfort with minimum maintenance

I am handicapped and able to get in and out easily. I have had my car for 18 years and it is still reliable. I do very little maintenance which saves me a lot. I feel safe and secure while driving.

- Denese B

It is great for construction/handyman type work the way the back seats fold down works good.

I hate how there is no separation on floor from the driver area stuff rolls into my gas and brake pedal area. It is not a smooth ride. Gas mileage is great. Seats are surprisingly comfortable.

- Jonathan B

It's a reliable car even though it's an older car.

I like its reliability, the way it handles, the visibility through the windows, and even the color. Only one small thing to dislike, which is that there is no arm rest on the passenger side.

- Heidi S

That it's good for long road trips and in and around the city, it is great.

For me my vehicle has not had any major problems, as of yet. For me it's a nice small SUV and is very comfortable. Great on gas. The performance is very smooth. This is a very reliable car.

- Billy N

It will last forever. A mechanic told me once that the engine will last forever. It's everything else that will go.

It's been a great car. Long lasting, little maintenance needed, and it drives smoothly. It's getting old now so it's time for a new one. I'll probably get the same car, just a newer model.

- Samantha F

It is great on gas and has little to none problems so no headache.

The Honda CR-V is reliable and barely gives any problems it is nice and compact for me and the family. We recently took it camping and it includes a table in the back which is helpful.

- May G

It is extremely reliable and has not cost me very much to maintain.

My only complaint is that it is 18 years old and doesn't have a lot of current options such as a rear-view camera, options for me to hook up my phone to my stereo system or XM radio.

- Lisa P

Great gas mileage and the car just keeps on going like the ever ready rabbit.

Dependable in all weather conditions and I can haul a good amount of cargo when I need to. It also has a great air conditioner with power windows. It seems virtually indestructible.

- Patty I

Great car for first time driver

Still in great running condition. Got it over a year ago and it had less than 90,000 miles on it. It has automatic windows that still work pretty good. Great for a beginning driver.

- Katie J

Car is driving fine a almost 200, 00 miles!

Holds a lot of stuff with the seats down, has lasted 18 years but has a lot of issues. Check engine light that solution cannot be found for, often overheats due to leaking radiator.

- Rebecca D

Others should know that even though my car is old, it is still safe and it gets me where I need to go.

I love how reliable my car is. I know if there is ever a problem with it, the repair won't cost much. My car gets great gas mileage, but I wish it didn't have a lot of miles on it.

- Kristina C

it is the single most reliable vehicle i have ever owned.

my vehicle is very reliable. i have had it for nearly twenty years, it has nearly one hundred and eighty thousand miles. i have never done more than routine maintenance on it.

- richard h

My hobby is mechanic skills so I practice every month with my own car.

It is a little noise because of the ac, it got a transmission changed for the first time a month ago but it is in a great condition thanks to my maintenance every 15 days.

- Karla R

It is 18 years old but still has fewer maintenance issues than most newer cars.

I love the dependability, the interior space as well as the ample cargo area. I like the sight lines with minimal blind spots. It has been a very good fit for me.

- Scott B

That it is not always dependable to drive long distances in, but I still love it.

My vehicle is safe. But it does have a belt that squeals loudly. It has been sturdy and reliable for as long as we have had it. Honda is a great brand to have.

- Heather W

It's one of the safest vehicles on the road. this vehicle has been rated the safest numerous years in a row and feels solid and safe even after all these years. i love this vehicle

nothing i dislike. this has been one of the best vehicles i have ever owned. has really not given me any trouble. i keep up on maintenance and it runs smoothly

- Karin A

There really is nothing important about my car that others need to know

It is really out of date and it has some issues. I am basically keeping it until I can afford something better. It's just a means of transportation anymore

- Bobby C

The model is reliable, durable. Not much problem for about 18 years.

It is reliable, durable, and gas economical. I love my car cause it keeps running for me all these years. The only complaint is the engine is a bit loud.

- Pooh B

I wish to say, I love the outer skin and the space it has. It's a very useful vehicle, sporty and roomy. The seats are not cluttered and lots of head space.

I love the fact that this Car is made of steel and not the today's Plastic vehicle. I have persons asking me to by my Honda 2000 CR-V. I know what I have.

- Angelina W

It's roomy, gets good gas mileage and lasts a long time.

This car sits high so I can see ahead of me easily. It doesn't have a great ride but it's roomy, has good gas mileage and has minimum maintenance issues.

- Jeanie H

It is a great gas saver and spacious.

My car has not cause me any problems. It is performance is great and it is very reliable. My car is spacious from inside so it is very comfortable.

- Carina L

My car is old and run down.

My vehicle is old. I want a new vehicle. My vehicle is run down. I want a new car soon. I like it but I do not like it. I am ready for a new car.

- Lee L

I have been driving this car for years without a lot of costly repairs for years.

I love my Honda! It is dependable and paid for! I like the ease of driving, the gas mileage and it is the first car that I brought on my own.

- Rhonda F

It is easy to maintain and repair.

I like the gas mileage and the size, and reliability. I also really like that it is a manual, has good visibility and is easy to maintain.

- Anna E

Comfortable reliable 2000 Honda CRV

It is a very comfortable reliable car that gets me where I need to go daily. It is a 2000 but only has 40,000 miles and is also spacious.

- Shiloh M

I like the gas mileage it has.

It is an old car but it does the job. It is also a bit of a lemon, requiring constant monitoring, but that is just because it is so old.

- La L

My Honda CR-V is small enough to park, but spacious enough to hold many people and their items.

It is a well run car with lots of space. I have had it for six years with minimal work done. Seats are adjustable to create more space.

- Nina N

It is very small and it is great on gas.

I dislike space I understand its an older car but space is a big issue for me. I like how it drives and it is very good on gas miles.

- Isabel V

It's reliable and gets you where you need to go . I've taken it on long trips and it gets great gas mileage . It's fabulous for hauling stuff like taking off the trash or going grocery shopping with plenty of room . It's comfortable.

I love everything about my CRV. It's got the power to get up my rough driveway. It fits my personality . I love the color of it .

- Wendy A

It gets very good mileage.

It gets good mileage. It is attractive. It is comfortable and easy to drive. What I don't like is that It's not a :status car,"

- donald l

2000 Honda CR-V is an amazing vehicle

Performance is amazing, love taking drives almost every day in my vehicle. Runs smooth. Old car but still in perfect condition

- Ashley P

Nice, reliable and sufficient

Very reliable. No major issues as long as we keep up on maintenance. Drives well enough for us. Not too expensive to maintain

- Kylie w

How comfortable our car is and how roomy it is for our family.

I love how reliable our car is and the room is really great for groceries and family trips. I love the look of the vehicle.

- odette b

Gold Honda CR-V 2000. It's a great first suv

I bought it at income tax season and it gets me from A to B. It's my favorite car because it's good on gas and is high up.

- Lindsey C

It is good on gas. It is rugged. It is a safe suv to drive. It has normal wear and tear, however it is still holding up.

It is very comfortable, and roomy. Handles nicely The car has lasted me for the past 6 years. I d not want t part w it.

- Steph B

It's a great travel car and has plenty of room for bags. It's also four wheel drive so it can go up hills easily enough.

It's used so it's a little old, it has over 250 thousand miles so it's a bit old and has some issues but it's a good car

- John G

No ac brakes transmission windows smells good thought.

I think that my car can do thing other cars do but not so well a same time help me like I would always help Honda out.

- John B

It's only a 4cyl so sometimes I struggle to climb hills so don't ride my bumper.

I do not like that there isn't an arm rest on the passenger seat. Other than that I am satisfied with my vehicle.

- Mandi V

Great gas saver and very spacious.

My car has given me no problems. It is very reliable and comfortable. My favorite feature is how spacious it is.

- Carina L

I do not know what the most important thing is.

I like the leather seats because it is easy to clean with children. I wish there was a little more trunk space.

- Rachel F

An amazing car a must buy

This car drives very well you can hardly feel like you are in a car also the car is a great car for a beginners

- Tif H

That's its popular and I recommend buying one. . It's great on gas and sporty too.

I don't have any complaints about my car it drives great and I love driving it. . It's a great vehicle to own.


Pleasure to drive. Good on gas and drive great.

Pleasure to drive reliable have not had any major problems. Put starter on. Get normal maintenance oil change.

- Ellis C

This car will outlast most others. Needs a little body work but that is cosmetic.

This has been a reliable vehicle. It still has low mileage. Great cargo space. Perfect size vehicle for me.


CRVs are dependable cars that last a super long time.

I have really liked my car. It is old but dependable. I like the style and size and I would buy a CRV again.

- Kris M

It is a very good car and very comfortable.

I do not have any complaints about my vehicle. My vehicle is good for my family very comfortable and roomy.

- Brenda S

Safety and good gas mileage. This car lasts and last, very little if any issues.

I've never had any issues with it in all the years I've owned it. Good gas mileage, all terrain & safe.

- Sonia W

Reliable Honda CRV I recommend it to anyone buying a new car.

The most reliable car I've ever owned. It's amazingly good on gas, very comfortable and very roomy.

- Raquel A

My car has great visibility out of the windows. It is roomy in the interior. It is long-lasting, there are many of my same car still on the road. I dislike how noisy the ride is.

It is low maintenance and lasts a long time. The durability makes it a purchase I'm proud of.

- Pamela Z

It lasts forever. Nothing ever breaks. Very reliable.

It's roomy enough for camping, has never given me problems. I take good care of it.

- Mary L

I runs well. I've had no problems with it except routine maintenance.

l like that it is four wheel drive. I like the color which is red. No complaints.


There is rust above the back tire from water from rain sitting over time.

I like the color. I like the bigger windows. It has a lot of space for things.

- Emily D

My car is very safe to drive for a beginner driver.

I love everything about my car. There is nothing to dislike about my car.

- Melissa G

It goes very slow up hills and doesn't have power to get up them very fast.

Just an older car in need of a newer car. It has over 100 k miles on it.

- Jennifer C

It's an oldie but goodie.

It handles very well. It is good on gas, and fun to drive.

- Stephanie C

It is great car, although not very new but works great. Have lots of space that we carry lots of stuff with it.

Have a very great space that can't recognize in first look.

- Mah M

i don't know, you tell me, i am happy with it. She has never let me down.

I never have any problems with it, it is a workhorse

- conn s

My Honda is reliable and has all the bells and whistles that I need. It is very comfortable and fun to drive. It gets great gas mileage and handles all road types. My Honda CR-V is durable and it makes me smile. I Love my Honda!!!!!

My 2000 Honda CR-V is a seriously reliable car/SUV.

- Kate S