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Great little SUV, packs more than appears.

2001 Honda CR-V

I am absurdly happy with my car. For my job I am often driving on gravel roads and rough terrain and this vehicle always handles it incredibly well. I was originally concerned about it not being 4WD but the all wheel drive has not let me down yet, even in some extremely icy conditions. This car can fit a lot of cargo, more than I ever expected it to. For an SUV it looks a little on the small side but it is deceiving that way. The only downside for storage is that when you fold down the back seats they do not fall level with the trunk, but it is not the worst thing in the world. I find it gets surprisingly good gas mileage for being an SUV (around 29 mpg on the highway), and it handles really well. Decent turn radius, engine is not too weak for being a v4. It is a little on the loud side, but not deafeningly so. When I had to purchase a vehicle I was looking for it to do 3 things for me: first was be able to drive gravel roads, second was to let me pack up most of my life into it, and third was that if I hit a deer I would walk away no problem. My car has checked off all 3 of those wishes for me. Couldn't be happier.

- Tess R

Our Honda keeps us very happy!

2001 Honda CR-V SE

I like my CR-V a lot. Its' dependable & reliable as well as comfortable. Very few problems due to basic maintenance & upkeep, however the front brakes tend to wear quick & require new pads/rotors every 6 months. With almost 300,000 miles, low gas mileage is still a perk. We are animate with oil changes every 5,000 miles but unfortunately, we have to add a quart to engine bi-weekly like clockwork. The AC unit needs a freon charge as well as a new belt and hopefully we will have repaired soon. The alternator & starter have both been replaced and our exhaust needs new muffler. Our tires are new and our vehicle suspension seems fine. We overall are happy with our Honda and will continue driving it daily.

- Nicole T

CR-V: comfortable, relatable vehicle.

2001 Honda CR-V LX

I enjoy the storage space that my car offers. The truck is much bigger than my previous car, and the back seats can fold down to create even more room when needed. There are a few problems with having an older CR-V. For example, the trunk door has to be forced shut. It does not shut easily like it used to. The battery also gives me a lot of trouble. I have had my car's battery light go off a couple times this past month simply because the car uses too much energy during driving that I have to recharge my battery. It is the car's problem since I replaced the battery less than half a year ago. The CR-V is great because it gives you the space and storage of a SUV, but the control and compactness of a car.

- Casey F

Reliable commuter, most comfortable driver�s seat I have ever had.

2001 Honda CR-V LX

The vehicle interior is fabric and very comfortable (I dislike the feeling of leather), the headrests have a cutout space that makes it easier drive when my hair is up as it slips nicely into the gap. Comfort of the driver's seat is very important to me, and this car fits the bill perfectly. I find many newer cars have headrests at a smaller angle to the seat that has resulted in knotted muscles, back pain, and tension headaches. . The gas mileage is decent, 25-30 mpg. The car is reliable and has a good feel to drive as well. The manual transmission is my preference. . Heating as cooling are both quite effective, though the defrost function has become less so over the past few years.

- Hannah R

Honda truck CR-V 2001 excellent.

2001 Honda CR-V

My vehicle has about 150,000 miles on it and it runs like it only has half that amount. The only major problems I had with this car was the fuel pump and the part that clicks it on. I was out of about $150, but that was expected considering I bought it from a used car lot. I also had to replace spark plugs and wires when I first got it. The seats are comfortable and the interior design is holding up well! I do not like the fact that the ashtray is right above the pull out cup holder. I cannot really sit a cup in either holder while I am smoking because of that reason. This truck is good on gas as long as the prices are not too high!

- Kyra L

You'll love the hidden table.

2001 Honda CR-V SE

The Honda CR-V has a sunroof. One thing I have discovered that it came with was a hidden table in the back of the CR-V that folds out. My CR-V has grey leather interior and is black. It has power windows and a main control panel for all the windows by the driver that has a on and off button we're just the driver can control the windows. Besides the driver seat moving back and forward it also has a lever to move the back into the recline positions and also to let lovers which controls the seat what you would sit on the part you would sit on 1 moves the front of it up and down and the one moves the back of it up and down.

- Marie C

My Honda CR-V Has Been a Long Lasting Beauty.

2001 Honda CR-V LX

I have love this car from the moment I bought it. I love the shape and look of my CR-V. I think the look is sleek and rugged at the same time. I would have gotten a blue color, but I'm glad I got my CR-V in silver because it looks clean longer and the few scratches I have on my car are not easily visible. My silver, Honda CR-V is a roomy size which helps with grocery shopping, traveling, camping, as well as, picking up bulky stuff and moving it around. I have taken my car on long road trips and so I know it is comfortable and safe to drive. I get good gas mileage.

- Katie M

Honda CR-V! A great family SUV, durable interior, exterior, and engine.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love my Honda cr-v. I have not had any issues with it. Change the tires, oil and battery is the only maintenance it has required. If there were anything I would recommend is more acceleration power, an arm on driver seat. . . That is it. Interior is cloth and after 17 years, it still does not show wear or tear. The engine is still running strong with 170,000 miles on it. I have not had to replace any of the components in the engine. It is just a great little SUV. . . Would recommend anyone looking at a small SUV to buy Honda.

- Debra D

The Goldilocks of Compact SUVs

2001 Honda CR-V

I bought my car used, so it has inevitably had small issues here and there, though nothing extreme. It has been a pretty reliable car for the past 4 1/2 years. From the outside, its size is deceptive as, when putting down my back seats, I have been able to haul a number of large things home, including a treadmill, inversion table and 6' tall bookcase (not at the same time, of course). It is great on gas, and is the perfect size for my son and me. I am in the market for a new car, and would definitely buy another Honda CR-V.

- Amie J

It has a lot of miles on it but runs like a dream most of the time

2001 Honda CR-V

It's a cute, comfy car that has a lot more space that one might think. It might not be the best looking out there but it gets me from point A to point B and beyond with no real issues for the age of the car. It has always started for me and have had no trouble with running, that might be because my hubby works on honda's so he keeps it well maintained for me. There aren't a lot of extra features, which can get annoying but again age is a factor. Overall I would say this car would do for just about anyone.

- Angie M

It is a smooth ride, low maintenance, and economical.

2001 Honda CR-V SE

It's an older, pre-owned vehicle with very few whistles however, it is economical, reliable, roomy and perfect size for my lifestyle. I keep. Up on the normal maintenance of a vehicle, such as oil changes on a timely basis, tire rotation, etc. I've had very minor repairs throughout my owning this vehicle and would recommend a Honda CR-V to those that want a SUV but not a gas hound, a little higher than a car but no so big it feels like driving a truck.

- Patricia J

Awesome compact SUV - for work or play!

2001 Honda CR-V

My 2001 Honda CR-V has just over 150, 000 miles on it and is a great car! All wheel drive really is handy during bad weather. I follow the manufacturers recommendation for servicing. I have had to replace the radiator and brake calipers. Normal wear and tear on a car this age usually results in major repairs, but not this car. It is a compact SUV so my dog and I are comfortable traveling in it. With folding rear seats, I am able to carry quite a load too.

- Barbara A L

Plenty of storage/transportation space.

2001 Honda CR-V LX

Overall, I like my car. It does well for my purposes and the gas mileage is pretty good. There is plenty overhead room and leg room. It still runs pretty well and there is a lot of storage compartments and cup holders which is nice for keeping first aid kits and backup supplies for the kids. The back is large enough to transport a lot of things, which I like. The only thing I'm not very happy about is there's no radio clock.

- Crystal A

2001 Honda CR-V -- largely reliable, and inexpensive to repair.

2001 Honda CR-V

I have a 2001 Honda CR-V, and bought it used (second owner). The pros are, good mileage, lots of room (comfortable for 5 adults) and the hatch is generous. The drawbacks have only been documented failures in older models (2005 and older), such as the temp sensor (etc. sensor) causing hard starts when the car is warm, and replacing the fuel injection relay sensor. Easy fixes but a nuisance to track down.

- Alison L

My car is super easy to find in almost any parking lot because it's covered in stickers

2001 Honda CR-V

My car is a 2001 Honda CR-V. I love it. It's got 171,000 miles on it and still drives like the day we got it off the lot. I like that it's got a lot of storage capacity and good gas mileage, all things considered. I dislike It's turning radius. It's my favourite car to drive and I would highly recommend a Honda to anyone for their price point and drive-ability over the life of the car

- Joseph S

Good college car. Very dependable and works well for packing.

2001 Honda CR-V

This car is very dependable. It does a great job transporting me from one location to the next. It is an older car, so I have to refill the oil often, which is inconvenient. It also makes rattling and squeaky old car noises. Nonetheless, there is a lot of legroom in the front and back to store all my things and transport all my friends. It works great for an inexpensive college car.

- Autumn C

The outside looks a little rough, but has nothing to do with the dependability of the vehicle.

2001 Honda CR-V

This is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. It's big enough to take camping, or get a big load of groceries, fits all of our family with space extra. It's a little loud on the road, but has never left us sit by the side of the road. We just drove it from Dallas to Seattle when we moved and it never gave us any problems. I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

- Kathryn G

Comfy Honda CR-V very reliable.

2001 Honda CR-V

I haven't had any major issues with my car. I think it is very reliable and great when it comes to comfort because it has lots of room and it is adaptable to accommodate whatever our family is doing. Seats are comfortable and easy to clean. I expect another year or so out of my car even though it already has a lot of miles on it. I would definitely get a Honda again.

- Victoria B

Honda CR-V is a great first car

2001 Honda CR-V LX

The Honda CR-V is a great car and has great mileage. It's a great vehicle for people who want to drive an SUV type vehicle, but it's not too big which helps. The layout of the vehicle is nice because it's very open and eliminates the chance of blind spots well. The only thing to be careful about with the CR-V is it easily rusts near the wheel well, and the gas door.

- Lauren W

??Honda's amazing deals. Great prices, for great quality.

2001 Honda CR-V EX

Honda's are amazing vehicles. Long lasting and very durable. Easy to fix with less expensive parts. Most of the Honda are extremely eco friendly. Honda motors are to designed to cheaper on gas but also very dependable. I have owned a Honda, and it was by far my all time favorite car in my lifetime experience as well as I have to see if they will have a great ones.

- Amy S

A Substantial method of transportation

2001 Honda CR-V

Although my car is not outstanding, but it gets the job done. I bought my car used and it often breaks down. I assume this is because of the previous owner and does not reflect on the company as a whole. I figure this because I have relatives who own hondas that give them no trouble at all. Back when I was a kid, my family car was a honda and it was very reliable.

- Sarah G

Do not teach people how to drive stick.

2001 Honda CR-V

I bought my car three years ago and it has been running great ever since. It is a standard which I love however I have thought a few people how to drive stick shift which has definitely hurt my clutch which will have to be a replaced in the next few years. I’d recommend not teaching people how to drive stick on you are vehicle. It usually hurts the clutch.

- Gabriel V

Old and cranky but reliable!

2001 Honda CR-V

The air conditioner only cools while driving but not when idling. Cruise control does not work and can cause can to accelerate out of control. Electric door locks stopped working in august 2018. The rear windshield wiper blade has to be ordered at the local Honda dealership. The digital clock stopped working years ago. Air conditioner makes a clicking sound.

- Barbara B

The one most important thing would be that it has been an extremely reliable vehicle, not too big and not too small, and I really depend on it.

2001 Honda CR-V

The things I like best about my vehicle is the size of it. It is an SUV, so I like how high I am off the ground, and how much storage I have between the hatch and the backseat. The bad part about it is that is on the older side, and only getting older. I have recently had more than a few things going wrong with it and I'm afraid it might be on its way out.

- Shauwna G

2001 Honda CR-V: still a good ride after 18 years.

2001 Honda CR-V LX

I have been very happy with the car's performance. It has been quite reliable. There are some minor electrical issues that we have been unable to fix by replacing a fuse'specifically the clock does not work and the instrument panel does not light up. It is a 5-spd and I still enjoy driving it. The ride, however is a bit too bumpy for my 90 year old mom.

- Patti A

. The back seats fold down so it is great to take to a drive in theater.

2001 Honda CR-V

It is just an older car so you cannot be so rough with it. Like you cannot go too fast otherwise the car might start to shake. When turning it will make a funny sound but it is just because it is an older car and sat in a lot for a while. When I first bought the car the two back doors needed some wd40 because they would make a loud creaking sound.

- Liz R

Honda CR-V 2001 reliable car

2001 Honda CR-V LX

My car is about 18 years old. I have owned for 3 years with no problem. I was able to take this car on a road trip from top of country to bottom without any issues. One common issue about this year and model is that a light rumbling or humming noise can occasionally occur when driving about 80 mph. This never is a greater problem for me.

- Ellie H

Cr-v will get you where you need to be.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love Hondas, it's one of the only car brands I trust completely. I never had a doubt in my mind when I was in school that it would get me there safely every day despite the snow and ice of my area. The CR-V is bigger than my last car and I was able to help my best friends move with the fold-down seating so I have no regrets upsizing.

- Katherine A

Great roomy car and good on gas.

2001 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR V is extremely reliable No major problem since I buy it Work great and it's roomy the seats are comfortable and have amazing leg room for all sizes. Holds multiple items And I can take five people on it. The gas mile are very good I love the vehicle and I highly recommendation it to everybody it's fantastic to drive.

- Bahia M

My vehicle has a lot of storage and leg room.

2001 Honda CR-V

My car is very reliable, comfortable to drive and ride in, and has a lot of storage space for luggage and other items. Additionally, my car gets very good gas mileage and is extremely durable. When riding in my vehicle, there is ample leg room for my friends regardless of whether they are sitting in the front or the back seat.

- Chelsea W

It is a black, 4 door CR-V.

2001 Honda CR-V LX

It is a great car. However, sometimes the air conditioner starts to dip in and out. Also, the gas gauge has started to fluctuate recently. It gets me around and has not left me stranded so that is always a plus. I have an older version and the fact that it has not given up on me is a testament to the quality of vehicle it is.

- Ana O

Good reliable CR-V. Great family car.

2001 Honda CR-V LX

The car needs a little work but so far it is a good car. I drive it everyday and it is the perfect size for my family. It has a ton of room. Seats are comfortable. It is a very reliable vehicle. I just need to get some work done and the car will be 100%. I love the car. It is also pretty good on gas too so that is a plus.

- Courtney H

Perfect fit for an everyday driver.

2001 Honda CR-V

The car is still going strong at 228,000 miles with minimal issues. It just needed a transmission rebuild of the original transmission. No other issues to note. It is good on gas and great for my needs. Seats fold down completely flat, giving a lot of trunk space. I love the two part trunk door. Really nice smaller SUV.

- Alexandra L

It is reliable. The gas mileage is also pretty good.

2001 Honda CR-V

My vehicle is a 2001 Honda crv. For the first 125, 000 miles I had absolutely no problems with the vehicle. In the last 50, 000 miles, I have had to replace tie rods, the radiator, broken axles etc. My car is 17 years old. Overall, the performance is excellent. When a car gets older, you have to deal with the problems.

- Ken H

A dependable car. It has been very dependable with very few repairs.

2001 Honda CR-V LX

My car has been a really good car for me. It's old but I haven't had to do a lot of repairs on it. I'm grateful that I've had it for about 5 years now. There aren't a lot of luxuries but the ac still works. Honda is a great make and I would definitely buy another Honda when I have the chance and can afford it.

- Debra A

Used Honda still going strong.

2001 Honda CR-V

Some performance issues are a result of buying it used. One of the engine mounts is missing, and the suspension is not the most comfortable. We bought it in a terrible state, so that it is still running at all is impressive. There's not as much storage space as you'd expect, so road trips can be a little cramped.

- Alexandria W

AC is junk. It's a really good family vehicle though. There's a lot of miles on it, and it still runs great.

2001 Honda CR-V

I like that it comfortably fits my two children, myself, and my husband. We even have room to put another carseat if we choose to add to the family. I have a few problems with the fact that it's just older and requires a lot of upkeep. We've gotten the AC fixed several times and it still doesn't work right.

- Samara B

Great for the beach and camping lifestyle

2001 Honda CR-V LX

I really love this car. Very comfortable ride for its age and holds up well when the regular maintenance is done on the vehicle. It some very useful features that come with it if you are an avid beach goer or camper. It has a table that pulls out in the back that is easily stored away and out of the way

- Loren G

Very reliable car with minimal problems.

2001 Honda CR-V

I have had this car for quite a while now and the only problems I have experienced haven't been big ones. The only problems that I have experienced have been the clock not working and the driver side window stopped working. The car has been very reliable. I have taken my car on so many road trips.

- Jacky L

Vintage Compact SUV still outshines more current models.

2001 Honda CR-V LX

It has been the most reliable car I've ever owned, despite being nearly 20 years old. I haven't even been that responsible with upkeep and maintenance but I have had very minimal issues. It's the best size compact SUV ever made because it's very high up but much smaller than the more modern ones.

- Julia N

Great car for personal travel and adventure.

2001 Honda CR-V LX

It is the perfect adventure car for me and my dog. It was a hand-me-down, so it does not have all the high-tech things some newer cars have, and that can be a downfall. However, it is still fantastic. At only 92,000 miles, it still runs perfectly, and I have only had to do routine maintenance.

- A P

Bad air conditioning system.

2001 Honda CR-V

The a. C is always going out. It overheats too much and leaks oil and everyone I've known had this same car has had the same problems as me. I think there should be some recall on the air conditioning system and oil leaks. Every time we get it fixed it breaks again. Same as other people.

- Crystal B

My Humble Opinion on Honda CR-V

2001 Honda CR-V LX

It's very old, and gas inefficient. It doesn't have the more advanced features cars nowadays have such as a car turn-on button, it doesn't have a navigation screen, and it doesn't run as smooth as modern cars. But overall, it is a decent car for anyone that just wants to get to places.

- Anonymous A

It is been the best by far all wheel drive vehicle I have ever owned.

2001 Honda CR-V

Excellent car very dependable, great gas mileage. Only problem I ever experienced with it so far that was bad is when timing belt broke witch was my fault for not changing when dealership recommend. So far other than that I haven't had any other major problems, just the normal upkeep.

- James P

The Honda CR-V -- reliable, attractive, solid.

2001 Honda CR-V EX

Aside from regular wear and tear this car has held up great -- 165,000 miles so far. It allows me to carry cargo but have an attractive SUV family car as well. The simulated four-wheel drive has come in very handy during snowy weather. The full-size spare was also a pleasant surprise.

- David H

Transmission issues. Seems to be common on this vehicle.

2001 Honda CR-V

The transmission is messing up on my car. It only has 120000 miles on it. Cant even get an extended warranty on it. Other than that it's been a great running car. Easy to get in. Fits 5 comfortably. Plus room to haul things. Nice room. Up to date technology. Over all a nice vehicle.

- Rebecca P

Jane the ongoing Honda CR-V

2001 Honda CR-V SE

Small oil leak, good running car, shakes a little on highway, lots of room, comes with a table which is pretty awesome, very reliable car, have had it for 5 years and hasn't given me any serious problems, there's some cosmetic damage to the leather seats, but overall in good shape

- Chantal C

Easy and low maintenance.

2001 Honda CR-V LX

Great on gas. Fast although it takes a little to accelerate. Very roomy on the inside and come with a portable camping table in the back that is not noticeable. Reliable and dependable. Great family car or good for racing. Parts are not too expensive and labor is easy to do.

- Rachel G

It is spacious without a decline in maneuverability.

2001 Honda CR-V

This car is very comfortable. The rear seats fold down flat, so there's lots of room for moving furniture or other large items. It handles well. My only quibble is that it is not very fuel efficient, but there is always going to be a trade-off there when you go for an SUV.

- Beth S

Cr-v's are great vehicles.

2001 Honda CR-V

My CR-V has always been a very reliable and comfortable vehicle. It has plenty of space in it to move items and transport people. It continues to run very well with little upkeep. The only issues that I have had with it are due to rust because it was owned in ma for years.

- Stephanie W

2001 CR-V still runs really well in 2019

2001 Honda CR-V LX

My CR-V has always ran very smoothly. I've never had any issues with it breaking down. It has a pretty low MPG but it has a rather large tank so it's not extremely noticeable. The car has good cargo space and the ability to carry things on top if needed with a roof rack.

- Caleb C

CR-V, A car you can depend on

2001 Honda CR-V SE

This car is very reliable. It will go for a long time without maintenance. It doesn't have the most power in the world, but it makes up for that in dependability, storage space, and capability in snow and ice. This car retains its value, even when it has a lot of miles.

- Chad C

Great Car, definitely would recommend

2001 Honda CR-V

This car is really great, there are no problems. My particular car the clock doesn't work, but just about everything else is perfect. It's the perfect size for hauling things or having lots of people in the car. It has many cup holders also. Great for road trips, too.

- Danielle A

Owning an older car. It is very good.

2001 Honda CR-V

It is a very reliable car and gets me where I want go. It has a very roomy inside and can carry all the groceries that I get in one trip. It is great in all kinds of weather and holds the road very well. For being an older car it still gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Ronald T

In the 18 years I have had the car, I have not had any breakdowns.

2001 Honda CR-V EX

I have not had any real problems with it. The only things I have had to fix are the automatic windows mechanism. The car drives great. I need to have the air conditioning serviced but that's all. I believe maintenance was key in all the years I've had this car.

- Veronica D

Best Honda around! Super safe, reliable, and comfortable!

2001 Honda CR-V

It has everything I need. The seats are comfortable for my friends, family, and I, and it has been in our family since 2002. I have never had a problem with it, it is always been extremely safe and reliable. The map and the charging station are my favorite parts!

- Sarah O

Very easy to drive. Holds up very well for its age.

2001 Honda CR-V

Excellent performance and very reliable. Need to check that there are no lights left on when not in use as battery can be drained easily. Rides a little rough and noisy. Can turn sharply and is easy to park. Seats not very comfortable. Runs very smooth and quiet.

- Louie S

This year make and model is a very reliable car.

2001 Honda CR-V

Love the style of this year and everything about Honda is quality. In this town you see more of this year CR-V and any of the newer models. It is great to just keep going and going and going and going regular repairs and new tires once in a while is all it needs.

- Robin N

It's a reliable car. It's a safe car and it still looks good for it's age.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love that it is an SUV and not a car and that it has 4 wheel drive. It has also been a great car that has lasted since I bought it in 2003. No major issues and still drives well. I would love to have Bluetooth capability in it and the clock doesn't work.

- Judy C

Decent mileage and good AWD.

2001 Honda CR-V

The gas mileage is pretty good for an SUV, it does have some mechanical issues, the window does not like to roll up all the way and the back door can sometimes be difficult to shut but those are minor issues. It performs really nicely in the snow as well.

- Sarah C

I love how easy it is to control all the windows at once

2001 Honda CR-V Base

I got my license 2 years ago and it is a really easy and safe arts drive. The only problem I have is there is no auxiliary cord to play music from your phone, only radio. There is no adapter, only a CD port. The car drives smooth and I've had no problems

- Kristen K

Perfect for road trips due to the large storage space, spare tire, and comfortable interior!

2001 Honda CR-V

I like having all-wheel drive, the good visibility, decent gas mileage, and the look of the car. My only major dislike is the high rollover risk of this car, which makes me nervous on fast turns. Due to the age of the car, it has needed a lot of repairs.

- Morgan M

The CR-V is dependable, reliable, and gets great gas mileage.

2001 Honda CR-V

This car gets good gas mileage for its size. It has always been reliable. The 4WD feature is very important in winter driving. The only complaint I have is the front passenger seat does not have a left armrest and the seat is a little on the hard side.

- Shelby K

The most interesting detail about the car is the seats, which you can adjust.

2001 Honda CR-V

Being that it is old, the car has problems with air conditioning and the engine. Other than that I love how it runs. Could use an update though because it doesn't have an installed touchscreen with a GPS. It has nice adjustable seats and nice leg room.

- Lauren S

My Honda is the best ever.

2001 Honda CR-V EX

I couldn't ask for a better vehicle. I can fit all 5 of my kids and myself. Excellent on gas and low maintenance. Also inspire tire compartment is a square table with a hole for umbrella if need be. It's very comfortable and handles the road very well.

- Shannon B

It almost seems frowned upon to drive an older model. When I say it's a 2001 model many are surprised. Though it is older, it is very dependable. I have no reason to buy a new car and add an unnecessary payment when my auto still does all I need of it.

2001 Honda CR-V

This is the first vehicle I've had over 100,000 miles. I've had no issues, just normal maintenance. The only damage has been from theft. I've had my vehicle for a very long time, it is paid off, and I still find it dependable and in good condition.

- Denise W

My car has been able to function for 17 years

2001 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is an efficient car that has been going strong for 17 years. Though it is an old car, it is quite outdated with features such as Bluetooth and radio. Overall, the control of the car is nice and it feels safe and enjoyable to drive.

- Nathan G

It may be old but it's still a great SUV, especially for tailgating.

2001 Honda CR-V

The 2001 CR-V drives like a jeep and comes with a small table for tailgating. It has been one of the most dependable vehicles our family has owned. The only thing I dislike about it is the back seat is a bit snug for tall people to ride in.

- Lindsay B

Over the past 17 years my Honda CR-V has been very dependable and had very few problems.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love the quality and dependability of my Honda. I've had very little trouble with it. It gets excellent gas mileage and it's very comfortable to drive. After 17 years the seats still look like new. The fabric has been very durable.

- Paul B

This car is very reliable and can handle any weather situation including snowstorms.

2001 Honda CR-V

Extremely durable vehicle that is weather resistant. A very reliable SUV to drive as long as you keep it well maintained. This is the best vehicle I have ever owned and even at 17 years old, still has a lot of drive and pep.

- E G

It is reliable, easy maintenance.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love the seating and space arrangement. I love it is versatility in hauling and the ability of the seats to fold flat. The rear door should swing the other direction, it would be more convenient for loading and unloading.

- Phil G

Older Hondas. The car still runs well.

2001 Honda CR-V

For the first 150,000 miles, the car was very reliable. The car also averaged 23 mpg. I never really started having problems until the last 25,000 miles. I have replaced the radiator, tie rods, and a broken . ball joint.

- Ken H

It can drive pretty fast.

2001 Honda CR-V

I bought the vehicle used and what I like at first is its SUV and good for winter because its all wheel drive. What I dislike is the gas mileage is low and now it is noisy exhauster I think it needs fix.

- Michel B

How well it drives in inclement weather. I feel very confident when we drive through snow storms now.

2001 Honda CR-V

I fell in love with it the first time I drove it in a snowstorm in Buffalo, NY. It handles really well and feels very compact for an SUV. It has lasted us for a long time, and hoping it will keep going!

- Judy H

Reliable, comfortable and affordable.

2001 Honda CR-V

It is reliable, comfortable, spacious and provides me with worry-free driving. It is stylish while also having great gas mileage. It is also easy to get in and out of and is comfortable on long drives.

- Jeff T

It's great on gas and has a lot of room or extra space for whatever you may need .

2001 Honda CR-V

My car is really old , it had never been in an accident but it has a lot of miles on it . It's fire truck red and the tires are horrible but it gets me places so that's all that matter for right now .

- Adriana N

Reliable Car that everyone should buy one

2001 Honda CR-V

I love the comfort of the honda crv - I like the view of the road I get from the height. Easy to get in and out and a lot of room in the back to eady pick up lumber or anything you need. Very reliable

- Deborah S

I love my Honda CR-V because I have only had to do regular maintenance on it in 18 years and still running now .

2001 Honda CR-V

My Honda CR-V runs amazing and it's 18 years old the motor doesn't use any oil or anything. Honda's are the best cars they run until the wheels fall off . I definitely recommend getting one .

- Corey C

It will run forever with care.

2001 Honda CR-V

I like how high up it sits. I like the hidden table. I dislike how small it is. I feel much safer in an SUV but it does not have much protection in an accident. I feel very loose in the seat.

- Brittany B

It is a wonderful addition to any family! It is a great model.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love the color! It is gold and we call it the golden dream. So far there's nothing I dislike. I have had it for many years and it hasn't given me many issues even though it's an old model.

- Loren P

She has some issues and she's a bit old, but she drives nicely and has never done me wrong!

2001 Honda CR-V

I like the size of the car, I don't like being to low to the ground. I like that it is a car and it gets me where I need to go. I like that it's not too flashy, I just need a car that moves.

- Denise E

It's a really fun car. You can fit so much in it for the size of it.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love the size of it (smaller than your typical SUV). I also love how much & how many people you can fit in it. I have actually had 4 teenage boys and 4 hockey bags all at the same time.

- Caroline B

This is a reliable, quality car that has not required me to spend much on upkeep over the past 18 years.

2001 Honda CR-V

This car has been amazing. Very little maintenance needed over the past 18 years that I have owned it. I bought it new and it is still running strong. It is and always has been reliable.

- Nina S

Since it is a Honda it is extremely safe if I ever get into an accident because it has a solid frame, including bars in the doors to protect the driver and passengers in case another car hits mine in one of the doors.

2001 Honda CR-V

I like the body style and the cloth seats. It is an older car so repairs are becoming more frequent. I don't like that the newer models look more like raised station wagons than SUVs.

- Jennifer D

it is a safe car and has been reliable in the winter time - snow

2001 Honda CR-V

the cr v has been a very reliable car. I have driven it to myrtle beach twice, ocean city several times and many other day trips. it has plenty of space inside and fits my life perfect

- preya c

People interested in purchasing this vehicle should know it's reliable and will hold up for many years.

2001 Honda CR-V

Easy to drive. Good visibility and comfortable. Good for carrying many things or multiple passengers. Negatives are that it gets poor gas mileage and is harder to park in the city.

- ben l

Great gas mileage and have not had major issues considering how many miles is on the car

2001 Honda CR-V

I like it because it gets very good gas mileage. And it is running great for having so much mileage on it. The one thing I dislike is that does not have a spacious seating space.

- Macy C

It's been a good quality car.

2001 Honda CR-V

The car is lasted 17 years so how can you complain about it. We kept up with the maintenance in the engine is running fine. I have 190,000 miles on the car and it's been great.

- Mike M

It is affordable and reasonable.

2001 Honda CR-V

It has a lot of storage room and a high safety rating. The all wheel drive is good in the snow but it does not handle curves very well and could perform better in hot weather.

- Sarah C

If you take care of your car, it will take care of you.

2001 Honda CR-V

It is a very good balance of utility, comfort and reliability. For an 18 year old vehicle, it still performs very well. I would hope it would last me at least another decade.

- Karlo G

Hondas are very durable and safe.

2001 Honda CR-V

It is durable and has not had any major issues. The only issue I have with it is the rust issue on the wheel wells which other owners seem to have the same problem.

- Iva G

Old cars have better parts

2001 Honda CR-V

It is old, but still operating. Love the size of the vehicle. Very practical in this day in age. Wouldn't mind upgrading to a newer version if more gas efficient.

- Paulie Z

That it's well taken care of and will be very reliable when I go to sell it.

2001 Honda CR-V

Still in great working condition, much more spacious than the newer models. My main dislike is that it doesn't have a lot of the upgrades that newer models have.

- Constance H

The car is reliable, safe, comfortable and a great value.

2001 Honda CR-V

This car is great!!! It's got a 188k Mike's on it but runs great and is very reliable. It's comfortable and can transport a lot when the seats are folded down.

- Shane B

It is easy to break into. I highly recommend getting good car insurance.

2001 Honda CR-V

It is easy to break into. Overall it is spacious and reliable. It also has a four wheel drive option, which makes it great for road tripping and camping.

- Lauren W

it has a high rollover rate so you need to be a safe driver

2001 Honda CR-V

the honda crv is a really good car for my family. it has just enough room for all 4 of us perfectly. it has ran very good for the years i have drove it.

- angel c

It is used to carry children around, so it definitely looks like it.

2001 Honda CR-V

I like the roominess of it and the ease of using with children. I dislike the safety of the airbag since it was involved with the Takata airbag recall

- William D

The gas mileage is very poor. It's great to drive in all kinds of weather.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love that my Honda is made of metal instead of fiberglass. I'd like better gas mileage. It's hard to find electronics to fix this year and model.

- Gayle B

The 2001 Honda CR-V is a reliable car, since it has lasted, but, it is old.

2001 Honda CR-V

The car is just old and I do not always feel safe driving it. There is rusting on the wheel covering, even though the car has a spot in the garage.

- Grace O

It's a reliable car that is easy to maintain and drives well

2001 Honda CR-V

It sits up high, but small enough for me to handle. It has large rear view windows. I wish it had an auxiliary plug and was a few years younger.

- Kim N

It makes you feel safe and is sturdy. Up keep is pretty low.

2001 Honda CR-V

Drives really smooth for how old it is. Relatively low maintenance. Has relatively low mileage for how old it is. Just old and a little run down.

- Kimberly M

Good performance car great buy.

2001 Honda CR-V

It is a really good car brakes are good on it gas mileage is good and it a good family car. Problem are the control arms need to be greased.

- Brenda S

Great mileage , heater and air conditioning works great !

2001 Honda CR-V

Have no complaints , great gas mileage , constant 4 wheel drive , what I don't care for is a small gas tank , takes about 13 gallons total

- Frank Z

Honda's last forever, the most dependable car you could have.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love how much room there is inside for people and luggage. I wish there were car seat anchors. But it is an awesome care for adventuring

- Julia A

It is solid and well made, it has a ram bar in front so I feel safe from deer.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love the fact that it is big and makes me feel safe. It would be nice to have a newer car, where the wi does worked and was less on gas

- Janine H

Grey baby trip lover with broken glass

2001 Honda CR-V

it is very comfortable and I enjoy driving it. I like that now there are not as many of them on the road. I get good miles for gas....

- john l

It's not a stick shift it's an automatic, so it's easier to drive

2001 Honda CR-V

My vehicle is a silver, 4 door Honda CR-V. My car doesn't have any problems and it runs smoothly! I love how much room it has in it.

- Lola J

The most important things he should know is that there's enough room to fit us all.

2001 Honda CR-V

I like how the vehicle drives. It gets the best gas per mileage. I like that's it's not so sensitive when you step on the brakes.

- Rosie B

Very well taken care of older Honda vehicle.

2001 Honda CR-V

it is a 2001 Honda CRV. It is black with 106,000 miles. There is a slight rattle underneath the carriage. Overall a great car.

- Michelle C

Reliable car. I've never had any big car issues with this vehicle.

2001 Honda CR-V

My Honda CR-V has been very reliable. I've only had to do regular maintenance and fortunately, have not had any large issues.

- Lori B

It has a table in the trunk. If you go in the trunk and lift up the fabric there is a table folded up.

2001 Honda CR-V

I like that I have control over the car. It functions well and plays really loud music. I enjoy driving with the windows down

- Erika K

It will last you a very long time and the only major repair you'll have to do is switching the timing belt at 100k miles.

2001 Honda CR-V

Vehicle is old but reliable. It has one hose coolant leak but otherwise no major issues. I like It's size and convenience.

- Adam S

It's an all-wheel drive vehicle.

2001 Honda CR-V

I like how compact it is, and how it performs. It is very easy to operate. I don't really have any complaints about the car.

- Emma H

It is very reliable and safe. My Honda has almost 300,000 and is still running well.

2001 Honda CR-V

My vehicle is very old. It is very reliable though. Air conditioning still works well but it has started to burn oil badly.

- Michelle A

Go for Honda CR-V if you want a reliable car

2001 Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is very reliable, it hasn't had any big problem since I bought it in 2001. The only problem is the audio system.

- Jackie L

It is durable and has lasted long.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love that it is tinted. I love that it is an SUV. I love that it has lasted this long. I hate that the air does not work.

- Kay K

That the SUV does great in the weather.

2001 Honda CR-V

It is really good in the snow + weather maintenance is cheap in it as well. A great reliable vehicle cheap on gas as well.

- Ashley W

It has been a great car. No serious problems for 12 years.

2001 Honda CR-V

I have no complaints I love my vehicle dearly. It gets me from point a to b everyday I do not have anything else to say.

- Shay T

It is a reliable, fun, and sporty little car.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love the easy access for loading groceries. The seats are comfortable and adjustable. I regret that it is getting old.

- Judy P

Honda CR-Vs never die and are great!

2001 Honda CR-V

It can shift hard, like a stick shift, but it is a great tough car. Very reliable. Very easy to fix. Great gas mileage.

- Jennifer M

Reliable, gas-saving, good quality for the price you pay.

2001 Honda CR-V

Honda CR V is very reliable, I haven't had any big problem with it since we bought it in 2001. It's with high mileage.

- Jasmine L

The greatest vehicle for people who just need to get ride through the city.

2001 Honda CR-V

My Honda CR-V is a great vehicle for the city, it has a low consumption and it is comfortable, all wheels drive.

- L A

It's rugged can go anywhere, it is also stylish to go to a big event.

2001 Honda CR-V

fun to drive the cost of maintenance is very low. You can get in and out of tight spaces.It rugged but stylish.

- Rhonda G

My car has low mileage to be older.

2001 Honda CR-V

I like that it is reliable. I like that it is safe. I dislike that it is old. I dislike having to do repairs.

- Melissa C

It is reliable and easy to drive and maintain. We love it

2001 Honda CR-V

I love the size of it. It is big enough to fit my family but small enough for the city. It is comfortable

- Lauren Y

It is great on gas for being an SUV.

2001 Honda CR-V

My Honda CR-V is smooth, good steering, and comfortable. This is the most reliable car I have ever driven.

- Jessica P

It has had 3 radiators in the last month due to a wreck I had last month.

2001 Honda CR-V

Well other than the mangled front everything is great. It runs fine and takes you from point a to point b

- Sampson F

The brand is really reliable and economic.

2001 Honda CR-V

It is good vehicle, economic, reliable, and good brand compared with other brands like Nissan or Toyota.

- Roberto R

It will last a long time and that is good.

2001 Honda CR-V

I like the size of the car. I like the shape of the car. I like the gas mileage and how long its lasted.

- Emily B

The vehicle is very comfortable, safe and reliable.

2001 Honda CR-V

this car is very roomy, safe and reliable. I've got over 180k miles and it is still running very well.

- Shane B

This car has a great design.

2001 Honda CR-V

A great reliable car with good resale value. See more the older CR-V on the road still running strong.

- Rita M

Handles well. Gets good mileage. Looks great. Fun to drive.

2001 Honda CR-V

It is a good car but it is old and needs repairs i can't afford. Otherwise it is really a great car.

- Laura J

It's a Reliable and economic car. Smooth drive all the time. Responsive when needed.

2001 Honda CR-V

I love my car. It gives me Great gas mileage. It's easy to maintain. Parts aren't expensive.

- Navi G

That it is very dependable and good in all kinds of weather.

2001 Honda CR-V

I like the color. I like the air conditioning. I like the storage capacity. No complaints.

- Ronald T

Handles nice, is bigger than it look on the outside, ideal road trippin' car.

2001 Honda CR-V

It handles really nicely, small size but a lot of interior room, good "road trip" car.

- Cat S

Durable and built to last for a very long time.

2001 Honda CR-V

Long lasting engine and low maintenance for the good part; really nothing to dislike.

- Mike B

Reliable and a good car..

2001 Honda CR-V

I have not had much trouble with it. Reliable. Older so no up to date technology.

- Adrienne P

Reliable low maintenance and good resale value.would recommend

2001 Honda CR-V

Reliable. Low maintenance. It's not top,of the line but it gets the job done.

- Scott D

It is very dependable and roomy and great in the snow.

2001 Honda CR-V

It is very dependable.It is very roomy.It hard to check oil and other things.

- terry h

It has never broken down on me but it does need tires. I does extremely well on gas and I hardly had any issues.

2001 Honda CR-V

No enough room for two children. but I does well on gas and it very reliable.

- Mayra S

It drives easy. It looks good. It rides well. What else?

2001 Honda CR-V

It is easy to get in and out, and it is pretty. It also drives smoothly.

- Amber M

It's an older vehicle so it requires some maintenance.

2001 Honda CR-V

I have no complaints about my vehicle. It works great for an older car.

- Virginia L

paid for, good on gas dependle, great cars honda is best

2001 Honda CR-V

honda crv i own 2 hondas a crv and an accord 2 door coupe ex leather,

- cra c

It leaks oil. But has low mileage

2001 Honda CR-V

Used, but new to me. has issues with leaking oil, but was free.

- Diane T

Great vehicle for price. Some vehicles are a lot more expensive and not as versatile.

2001 Honda CR-V

Like: Sleek, Good gas mileage, Drives well Dislike: Only 4 cyl

- Pie R

It is reliable most of the time.

2001 Honda CR-V

Long lasting. Reliable. Minimum problems.

- Pie C