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A Tale of Two Cars: Beast of a power train. Mediocre passenger compartment

The review falls into two areas: (1) power train, (2) amenities. POWER TRAIN This car, now 17 years old, has over 200,000 miles on it. In all this time, nothing has ever broken down or needed replacement in the engine, radiator, ignition system, exhaust system, engine electrical, transmission, on-demand 4WD differential, power steering, axles/wheels, or brakes (excluding consumable parts and recommended maintenance). 5 STARS. DRIVER AMENITIES (a) The car's air conditioning system has experienced catastrophic failure on three occasions, costing thousands to repair;; the last failure has not been repaired due to lack of funds. (b) The vacuum-driven airflow routing selectors (e.g., VENT<>RECIRC, airflow output location, etc) have become inoperative, making it impossible to select DEFROST output (to windshield), which is unsafe. (c) The electrical wiring has degraded to where the driver's door can't be operated using the remote (transmitter and receiver are known good); some interior lights no longer come on (bulbs are good); one driver's-door window switch won't operate right-rear window (can be operated by switch below window); etc. 2 1/2 STARS. So, this is a TALE OF TWO CARS: (1) a BEAST of a power train (2) a MEDIOCRE auto body. Unfortunately, repairing the environmental features listed above would cost me well over $6k ' more than the car is worth. FWIW, the car now lives with me in California, but its first 15 years were spent in New Mexico, where it was originally purchased. The NM high-desert environment is hard on cars.

- Bill V

Title: cross the road to a Honda.

Owning a Honda was and still is the best investment a person could make. Standard maintenance-oil, other fluids, battery and tires. Still very good gas mileage especially being 16 yrs. old. Very reliable only 1 time not starting-needed new battery. I have a regular door to open up the back-love this feature because hatchback hydraulics break easy. Completely safe in car - was hit from behind (not bad), but airbags on front and side deployed immediately and I had no injuries at all. Not even a scratch. Still comfy including adjustable back for driver's seat and all features still work. I especially like the hidden drawer under front passenger seat. Also various hidden and lockable compartments for valuables. Paint color still looking good (use hair conditioner not car wax sits on top of paint, hair conditioner conditions paint and keeps it from fading). Another great value are the shocks. They are the original ones and the price to replace them is quite high. The brakes are another great feature-they still work like they were brand new. The value of a Honda does not drop dramatically like all the other vehicle makes when driven off the car lot. When I go to trade it in I will get a higher trade-in value than most other vehicle makes. Old saying: "if you can't afford a Mercedes - buy a Honda". I know definitely my next car will be none other than a Honda. I'd like to get the Accord touring sedan. No regrets. No regrets at all!

- Sharon K

Love my 2002 Honda CR-V-EX

I purchased my 2002 Honda CR-V in June 2013. 6 years and 25,000 miles of mainly city driving later, it still runs great. This was my first SUV and I really enjoy driving it. Repair costs to date have been modest (approx $1000 per year) with no major repairs to date. There was one Safety Recall in 2017 for the passenger side air bag which was fixed by my local Honda dealer. The body and interior are starting to show the car's age although very minimally (cloth lining is coming loose on driver's side door, left rear caliper replaced due to rust). My mechanic informed me that the transmission will likely need to be replaced in the 1-2 years so I am planning to buying another (used) car in the next 12 months or so. Performance has been really good with quick acceleration and a comfortable ride. Fits 4 adults comfortably and 5 if folks squeeze in. I have always liked the body styling (some say it's a little boxy but that's what I like about it; good cargo room!). The dashboard controls are easy to read although I never liked the vertical gear shift mounted next to the steering wheel. I'm sure that won't be an issue with my next car.

- Allison W

It has all features you would need in a compact economical car.

Honda CR-V is a very reliable and low cost running vehicle. Its is spacious and a lot of space in the storage as well. It is a compact car/van. It does good mileage - that is the reason a lot of these vehicles are sold yearly. It is very easy to maneuver this vehicle in and out of parking lots and driveways. The seats are made of leather so that adds comfort while driving. It has sun/ moonroof so during the summer it great and a night. It amazing to drive with the roof open. The interior is grey and black and the exterior is silver so the colors go well together. It comes preinstalled with 6 CD player /radio, alarm system and a lot of small compartments for storage. It is a four door car so traveling with family and friends is very easy. The wheels are 4 wheel drive and this is automatic so no need to switch it manually. It comes with airbags as well. . Finally this is a great car and I have had it for 16 years without any major issues.

- Catherine R

Scratched old gold Honda car in still good working condition.

When you drive you can hear too much the noise from outside and the car itself makes a lot of noise that it is sometimes difficult to tell when the car is fine or it has a problem. The car will not raise its speed as it should normally. The car is old but durable. It is over 16 years old and while many parts have had to be replaced it takes me where I need to go everyday without problems. It is gold with a few scratches here or there in the car. It has gone through Harvey but it did not turn off even if it get flooded a bit in the car. The car was clean after the fact and the smell is gone. It has gone through two car accidents and got fixed from there. The wheel of the car is very easy to maneuver. In the last 6 years that I have owned the car, the car horn has barely been used. I have only used it about 4 times. The car has a CD player.

- Laura E

It has great gas mileage and a lot of space.

My air conditioning went out pretty early. The interior has done very good. My water pump has had to be replaced but all in all I have had good experiences with my car. It has over 200, 000 miles on it and performs fairly well. My radio speakers went out and I had to replace them. Although my air conditioning does not work, my heat is very strong. My seats fold down and there is a lot of space for anything. I am in college and moving stuff to and from home to college is very easy with my car. The seat fold down and go behind the driver and passenger seat. I love the spacious trunk and the extra room. My car also came with a table where the spare tire would go in the trunk. Overall it is a very good car that has been very reliable and has done really good for me.

- Zoe S

This vehicle is a reliable, fuel efficient SUV for anyone who needs space.

My Honda CR-V is a great vehicle. Probably the best, most reliable, and fuel efficient vehicle I have owned that allows me to carry lots of stuff. Recently I have been moving for college, and the space of the Honda CR-V has allowed me to make far fewer trips. Also the gas mileage is great for the size of this vehicle. I have not had any issues out of this vehicle as the second owner for a year. This makes this vehicle very reliable. As far as comfort, I would say that I have sat in more comfortable vehicles. I love my sunroof on sunny days. I roll all the windows down, including the sunroof, and jam out. Overall, this is a great vehicle if it is taken care of properly, and is very reliable for college students like myself.

- Justin S

2002 Crv you can't go wrong!

This vehicle is the yardstick which I use to judge any vehicle I may want.In 250,000 miles I have replaced 2 sensors,cat converter,spark plugs 1 time,And now the starter.The starter is in the middle of engine.It will cost a lot of money to replace.But when I consider the miles I have put on it what a deal.This Crv is worth more to me than what I could get to sell private or trade in wise.It is a good investment I feel.It gets good mpg-25 to 27 mpg! It is bigger than the new crv.It drives very sporty.It's more like a very good car.Everything is well made.Because of the years and it not being garaged the plastic is wearing out in places. But is still worth more to me to fix than replace.

- Greg T

Our Honda has been a reliable family car

We bought our car used in 2015. I am short (5'0'), so I like a car that sits higher up. Since buying our car, we have had a baby who is now three years old. It has been great as far as feeling secure for our entire family. I really like Toyota and Honda, they are honestly one of the most reliable vehicles on the market, and they seem to last forever! Even though our vehicle is 17 years old, it still runs good. It's had its fair share of little problems: the CD player doesn't work, nor does the charging port, and we've had it worked on a couple of times for upkeep and basic maintenance but we have definitely felt like we got our money's worth out of it!

- Amit L

One of the most reliable vehicles out there.

Wear and tear is when you end up replacing items after many miles then it is like restarting the odometer as it keeps on going and the body is long lasting and cannot beat all wheel drive for anything you encounter. If you like taking music via CDs you have a standard 6 CD changer and excellent sound system. It is great on gas and performs extremely well. It is a great vehicle for hauling things, if needed, and you can tow a fairly good load if you have an installed tow hitch. This year model today is a great second vehicle to have but for us we have it as our main vehicle right now and would keep it when we upgrade to a newer model down the road.

- Edward J

Hauls anything and everything!

I have had my CR-V about three years now and it has never let me down. Even though I haven't given it the maintenance it deserves, it has never left me stranded anywhere, it is an amazingly reliable car. It currently has 193, 000 miles on it and I still haven't had engine trouble. I got it because of the roomy back seat (I always have friends riding in my car) but I needed something that could be used like truck too. The back seats fold up giving me ton of room to use. I have hauled concrete blocks, five 8 foot folding tables at once, twelve 16 foot 2x6 pieces of lumber, and loaded it up with debris from storms.

- Catherine B

Super Reliable and Bang-For-Your-Buck SUV

I like my old CR-V almost better than some of the newer models. It looks and feels more rugged and outdoorsy without taking away the comfort. I've had this vehicle for almost 1 year now and we do all the maintenance ourselves, but we have not had any major issues. Honda makes things super easy to work on the car ourselves and recently I've rotated the tires and realized the tire changing tools that come with the car are actually really sturdy and well made too. I will recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a bang for your buck kind of a secondhand car.

- Kunkyong L

Still safe, sound, reliable after 100,000 miles! What I expect from a Honda.

I've had my CR-V for 17 yrs. bought it me with 2 miles on it. Currently have 98000 and expect it to lat another 98! I have the Ex With Moonroof, 6 player CD, remote key. It has served me extremely well and I have performed regular checkups. Reliable, easily handled, about 22 mpg highway. Replaced tires twice and serviced brakes and had regular upkeep every 20000 miles, including tune ups. It can be a little boxy in high wind situations and can sway when passing large semi's on a highway. Excellent heating and air, still.

- Susan G

It is very reliable. Besides any normal maintenance issues, I have had very few problems related to it. Any ones now seem to be more from old age.

I love my Honda but it has had some issues. The door lock on the drivers side door stopped functioning and I had to pay over $200 to have replaced as my year was not part of a class action suit to get them fixed for free. When driving, the car noise is loud compared to other cars I have been in. I like the older backdoor style of it swinging open to the right versus the newer models that lift up. All in all I have very few complaints regarding how it runs and how long I have had it with very few repair issues.

- Ena O

Still going strong with over 200,000 miles!

My Honda CR-V has been a reliable car over the last 10 years we've owned it. With regular maintenance like oil changes, tires and brakes, the car last about 160,000 miles before had to replace a head gasket. Since that repair, at about 193,000 miles the A/C gave out and had to replace the resistor on the blower motor which was a cheap DIY project. Still driving it at 202,000 miles and going strong. Would definitely recommend this Honda vehicle. It's been a comfortable and reliable vehicle over the years.

- Steven H

It has a lot of space but it drives like a much smaller car.

Its been running pretty well we have only had it for about 4 years but we haven't had a single problem with it still runs great. It drives well great steering and it feels like your driving a much smaller car which is nice since it has plenty of space in it. The seats are very comfortable great back support and there is still not any damage on them. Dials are extremely accurate and very visible and it provides a wide range of viewing. It also has pretty awesome storage space throughout.

- Michael D

I bought my car new sixteen years ago and I've been extremely happy with it ever since. With regular maintenance, it continues to run well!

Previous to this C-RV, I owned and loved my Saturn SC. Co-worker highly recommended that my next car be a Honda, owing to its quality and reputed high resale value. I bought my C-RV new and have been highly impressed with it! My only issues with it have been the door locks needing replacements more often than I think is necessary. They're expensive to replace. After doing it twice, I'm now making due with two door locks that don't work. Besides that, it's been an amazing car!

- Frank P

The back seats can drop down which add another two to three feet of trunk space.

I love my car! It's spacious, which is great for families. My car is an older model so I had to replace the alternator. Other than that and the usual maintenance of oil changes and brake changes, I haven't had any major repairs. The A/C works great. It had a really big trunk area which fits our stroller and lots of other toys, scooters, balls, etc. It's also good for shorter people like myself because the seat is up high so I feel like I can see so much of the road.

- Vanessa M

Best old SUV ever. Must buy

The car runs very smooth despite its old age. I have no issues with it aside from replaced a heater cord. The locks start to have problems with their consistency but that is expected given the age of the vehicle. The 4wd works great and has helped me out a lot when I go to the mountains. I wish the gas mileage was better but that has been fixed on newer models. It has performed very reliably and I recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap but excellent car.

- Thomas M

The amazing Honda CR-V has the ability to get the job done.

The Honda CR-V is an amazing vehicle that has provided me with a lot of good adventures. I purchased the vehicle with 200, 000+ miles on it yet it still was able to efficiently get me from point A to B. There was minor complications, mostly revolving around the tire pressure being a 4WD and having the appropriate tires for each side. The braking system also became a little faulty over time as well but all in all the vehicles performance speaks for itself.

- Noah A

Very reliable! Love it! Would buy again!

It does not seem to have too many problems other than the usual car problems, like having to change the breaks, but it has been very reliable. Sometimes in the winter it takes a while to start, but it has always started. I have had a couple problems with the cruise control, but I bought it used 4 years ago, it was already 12 years old. It is very comfortable and roomy. I can fit almost all my stuff in it when I come back to college after the summer.

- Grace F

A little thing that I really like--the console in the middle is a little table so you can set your purse or whatever you might have underneath. There's additional storage underneath the radio, though.

I love my car! Hondas are super reliable vehicles, I have had very little problems with my car, I take care of it regularly and that's really all it needs. The only problem I've had was a fuel leak but the car is 15 years old, so of all things to go wrong, it wasn't the most expensive fix (about $350). It's got plenty of space and it gets relatively good gas mileage for its size and age. It's not a very flashy or cool car but it does a good job.

- Syd D

Something very interesting about my vehicle is that it has a big trunk.

A problem is the engine light comes on when it does not need to. The performance on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the worst it's a 3 .Reliability is good. The seats are very comforting. Some good features, or features I like is the tire in the back of the Honda that makes the car look cool in my opinion. I believe that it is a good car and I think the problems I have with my car are because, it is simply old.

- Lon B

Back seats will fold down for hauling. Good on gas/mileage.

Been a very good vehicle. Great on gas/mileage. I get oil change and get it checked once a year. Good running. Can haul a lot of items in it. Only major repair was when key ignition took out. That cost me around $1200. 00 for towing and driver door latch repair for new key. Have to use one key for driver door and another key for passenger and back door. Could not afford for all latches to be changed.

- Sharon C

Honda�s are built to last

This car is very reliable. Great engine system. The only problems I've had have come with age, like replacing the tires, shocks, the battery and the alternator. No big problems. The car drives really well. It's a good family car. It's good for long road trips. The year I have has a 6 disc CD changer, cassette player, and radio so I can play any kind of music. Good heating and air conditioner system.

- Emily M

Great vehicle love to drive it. Reliable safe.

I love our car. It is very reliable. Comfortable roomy. No problems that are not routine. Low miles. Tons of lights and outlets. Enjoyable to drive. Easy to fix. Very happy with our Honda. Number one selling vehicles in America right now. Sound system not bad for stock. Six disc CD changer. Going to buy a newer one once we pay off this one. Would recommend this vehicle to anyone and everyone.

- Jamie E

Best midsize SUV. Reliable, suitable for small families. Perfect for road trips.

It's like the energizer bunny. Just keep going and going. When it reaches certain amount of miles then the wear and tear begins one by one, radiator needs replacement, motor for auto window, defective seat belts, etc... But this vehicle is extremely reliable and can go on for years and high mileage before it breaks down. Keep in mind it needs to be taken care of. Maintain regularly!

- Olivia D

2002 Honda CR-V appreciation.

There is some minor issues that I have with this car. Since it is so old, my gas gauge is broken and therefore I do not know how much gas I have. It is very reliable and gets me over 200 miles for an average of $20. It is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. My favorite features are the sound system and the large back window. The spare tire on the back is very convenient.

- Michael M

It's sporty yet reliable and outstanding on gas. As parents safety is our main concern and this vehicle lets us feel safe while transporting our little one!

I love our family Honda CR-V. It may be outdated and need a few improvements but it's reliable and outstanding on gas mileage as I travel a lot. Our family also partakes in a lot of outdoor activities and it's great for having enough space for a weekend in the mountains or camping on the lake. Now that we have a daughter, we feel safe transporting her around in our vehicle.

- Amiti L

Honda CR-V all wheel drive.

I love that it has a sunroof the back seats recognizing as well as lay down for 4 loading/hauling stuff easily. There's lots of pockets for things, even has a spare tire space under the floorboard in the back and the floor board that is covering it actually comes out and turns into a table!:-) it's all wheel drive all the time so you can't get stuck anywhere even in snow!

- Samantha M

The gas tank is incredible.

My car is very reliable. A full tank can last me 3 weeks on average, and even when on empty it takes a while for it to truly be empty. The car drives well and has caused me no mechanical problems like brakes or engine issues. It is very comfortable and I enjoy most of it. I just hate the radio because it is a tape deck and I would like a Bluetooth radio instead.

- Emily K

Big trunk. Great room, and ability to relax on long trips. Stable car.

Extremely comfortable, it has 2 rows (5 seats), big trunk, reclining back row seats, safe, lots of storage, tons of extra features that surprised me compared to a regular car. And performs amazing even after being used by a previous owner. Would keep getting a CR-V after the life of this one dies. Doesn't seem like it's going to die for a long time.

- John S

Comfort, great cost, reliable, and cute

The CR-V gets decent gas mileage and is extremely reliable. The car has over 160,000 miles and has only had a few problems that are normal wear and tear. The car came with a stereo that changes colors and seat warmers. The middle console can flip up or down. There is also a table in the trunk of the car, as well as a lot of trunk space

- Haley H

An older vehicle but a great vehicle that makes life better.

I bought used, so it is much older. Even with the mileage, it still has been reliable. It allows me to carry items I cannot otherwise carry in my other vehicle. It is comfortable and gets decent gas mileage. It is not easy to work on for self repairs. Recently had to replace the starter. Other than that, I have enjoyed the vehicle.

- Doreen L

2002 Honda CR-V. Tan in color good on mileage even with it being this old.

I've had my Honda for years with regular oil changes it has lasted a long time. I am starting to have to replace things in it of course. The starter went bad not to long ago but it is a rather old vehicle now. I got it in 2010 from a relative. I haven't had many problems with it until this year. I am quite happy with it.

- Amy F

Honda CR-V 2002, 4x4 does well on all terrain/weather and is reliable.

The 2002 Honda CR-V is a reliable car, low cost of maintenance, with standard options that make it comfortable enough as compared to new cars. I dislike the cloth on the seats the company chose but that is just personal preference. The car has greater than 250, 000 miles on it and had the engine replaced at 180, 000.

- Kristin D

It's old with lots of miles, but still runs good.

This vehicle has lasted through three different owners, has over 260,000 miles on it, and still runs very well. It seems if you take care of this type of car, it can last for decades. I'm grateful this car has lasted so long & is so USABLE being that it's an SUV. Drives & handles perfect. Great for commuting to work.

- Rico R

Over 300 thousand miles and still going strong.

The performance is great, gas mileage good but uses more now its older. I have no major problems of any kind. I have keep up the regular required maintain and believe that has help greatly. It has over 300 thousand miles on it and is still doing great. I would not give it up or change for a different make and model.

- Betty B

A great car and fun to drive!

The Honda CR-V has a wonderful car. It has lots of room with her with the seats folded down. It is very spacious in the front and in the backseat even for tall people. It is a great on gas mileage. The Honda CR-V holds it is value very well. I have never had a problem with my vehicle, they are a great car to house.

- Debbie L

A fun all purpose vehicle.

It is a very reliable. There’s lots room I have never had a problem with that. It holds it is value too. It is a fun car to drive it is great when you've got kids and things to take with you to sports, etc. If you are looking for a car that gets great gas mileage and fun drive the CR-V‘s are the one to get.

- Debbie B

Great reliable car for everyday

No problems with the car until it got to around 140k miles. Air compressor, shocks, engine blocks had to all be replace at the same time. Other than that it rides smoothly and is great on gas. This is an everyday car and I still put on the road when I go on a road trip across the states. Really love the drive

- Christian G

For an old car it needs little maintenance.

Very reliable. I have had it for 3 years and have never had any major engine trouble, but did need to replace the catalytic converter. Alignment goes out easily in the tires, but vehicle runs amazing. The CD player no longer works but radio does. Also need to replace ball joints as vehicle has 278, 000 miles.

- Deborah B

Built to last! An affordable yet aesthetically pleasing vehicle.

Bought it used with salvage title, then took to Guadalajara Mexico and back with zero issues! So dependable and comfortable, cannot beat the mpg for an SUV. Maintenance is very affordable. Appearance is nice for a bigger car, however there is a lot of cab noise. Would consider buying another in the future!

- Michelle S

Manual drive, sunroof, open and reliable.

Gas gage is off, does not show correct amount of gas. No arm rest. Performance is good. When the ac is turned on it does affect the acceleration it is a slight delay. Gas mileage could improve. The car has a lot of room with the seats and with the seats put down as well. Great car for outdoor adventure.

- Emily M

Great adventure car for a small family.

We love our CR-V. It does amazing in the snow and has a sturdy build that we always feel safe in. The size works great for a smaller family that only needs one row of seats. The back stores a moderate amount of cargo. The only complaint I have is the blind spots are a little bigger than my last car.

- Tori D

Reliable and comfortable.

My CR-V always performs well. It starts even on the coldest winter days in MN and handles wonderfully in the snow. I love the way it handles. The interior features are nice and user friendly. It has over 200,000 miles on it and I won't give it up until it dies. My next car will be a Honda CR-V too.

- Kimberly J

I have rarely had any problems with it and have had it since 2002.

I like that my vehicle has been reliable over the years and has never given me any problems. I dislike that it doesn't have some of the newer features of other cars, like built in gps. I also don't like that I have to use both hands in order to lock the doors, that I can't just press a button.

- Erica H

It saved my life in a wreck

I do enjoy my car for the most part l. However, it does have its problems. The diff does squeal, and the engine lights on. There's also a lot of recalls for my car. However I was in a wreck, and this car did save my life. If I was in a different car, I wouldn't have the front end of my car

- Tiffany C

230,000 miles and still running

My car has been passed down from my dad to my brother to me. It has had some problems but considering it has well over 230,000 miles I would say it continues to run well and get me the places I need to go. The radio, AC, windows all still work and create a better, safer vehicle to drive in

- Katie F

My thoughts on my 2002 Honda CR-V

My car is in great shape and it is over 15 years old. Very good on gas and easy to work on for maintenance. I have had this car for about 3 years and a couple months now and haven't had any major issues at all. Honda CR-Vs are super reliable cars and the newer models are great family cars

- Brody P

It is very dependable and I would recommend a Honda vehicle to anyone.

I drive a 2002 Honda CR-V. It is AWD and I love that it is small yet roomy. I do wish it had a little more power but it is a 4 cylinder so it is good on gas. The cargo space came with a nifty little table that you can take out and use for camping and etc. The table has been very useful.

- Amanda T

250K miles and still going strong.

My CR-V has over 250k miles on it and still running. It has its problems from years of being for deliveries. But overall it's a good dependable car with plenty of room for the kids, lost of room in the back for whatever your hauling, and I love all the storage compartments in the front.

- Felicia B

Spacious 4 door SUV with sunroof

The car is great for the outdoors and travel. It has a lot is space for everything you need. The car also drives very swiftly and has given me no problems. On highway it doesn't take in as much gas as it would in stop and go traffic. This car is great and I recommend it for families too

- Bailee S

It's a good car for trip like camping, hiking and fishing

It's was perfect when I first got it now about 4 years down the line the car is still running great but sometimes the tires sensor keep popping up that's the only issue I have now but the car is good for small family size and perfect for camping and fishing that what I do on time off.

- bobby O

Should have looked around more.

It was not what I expected.. I was looking for something that would handle the roads better in the snow and rain. It did not meet my expectations. On top of it all the car was recalled for defective airbags. I also didn't like the shifter on the dashboard. I was always reaching down.

- Susan S

Maroon Honda CRV, 2002, with a moonroof.

The Honda CR-V is a really good, long-lasting vehicle. It drives well and is really good for winter driving in ice and snow. It has had some issues with the brakes, and it sometimes makes a clicking sound when transitioning between gears. Other than that I have very few complaints.

- Mary F

Great family car! Cozy and reliable.

It normally has break issues more than other cars I have drove. I did have to replace them twice in five years. It is roomy and was so great in out last move. The seats are comfy and it in general is really reliable. Better on gas than I thought. It is a great car for family trips!

- Amber T

Its older and I hate it I want a new car.

I hate the car its just not for me I wished I could own a newer model I have never had a newer model car... But I have 2 kids and bills so maybe one day I can get me a new one... But that is my dream to have a newer car one day all I can do is pray about it and leave it up to god.

- Jason B

It has almost 200,000 miles on it, so it is towards the end of its use.

I enjoy driving my CR-V, even if it has a few problems. The A/C is broken and I have to unlock the car with the key because the remote doesn't work, but I have gotten used to those problems. Other than that, the car runs fine, and has been reliable for as long as I have driven it.

- Daniel A

Honda CR-V are really good Cars and very affordable.

I absolutely love this car. It is comfy and perfect for me and my children. I don't spend too much in gas. And also is really good for winter. It drives smooth and it's safe. Ac is good and heater is good it's very affordable. It's a 4x4 so like I said it's really good for winter.

- Melissa R

Cheap Off Road Vehicle that won't let you down

The 2002 Honda CR-V is an exceptional vehicle. Very reliable. Does not wow the driver with speed or acceleration. However it is real time four wheel drive. High enough off of the ground that taking it off road is no problem whatsoever. Its comfortable and has great gas mileage.

- Caleb J

Honda CR-V- Good Reliable Everyday Car

It is a good, reliable car and great for road trips and day to day driving. It has decent gas mileage considering the size. Lots of room for comfort or for loading up luggage, good performance, and needs little repair and maintenance. Mine has over 190,000 and still runs well.

- Philip D

My Honda CR-V is a very reliable small SUV that has been running for 16 years.

Super reliable car, has 224, 000 miles on it and it still runs like new. The dashboard ecm is a bit faulty at times, and the gauges come and go, but other than that everything has been updated and is in great working shape. I would recommend a CR-V to anyone who asks about it.

- Chris W

Burns oil but reliable car.

Burns through oil quickly, needing to be added once a month. Good gas mileage and reliable. Not enough windshield wiper speed options, and the speed is marked by 20 not 5. Several options however for heater/air conditioner. The seats are not comfortable for lower and mid back.

- Allison J

Cars and trucks I love my Honda.

Reliable relaxing spacious clean it all works fine and well good trunk space and feel to it outside is nice also smooth ride not bumpy at all I need no other car gas is nice a last very long very good mileage to the gallon I can fill up the tank with $35 and last me the week.

- Vincent D

Comfortable seating rear seats lean back like front seats and slide.

The overall performance has been great. I have not had to many repairs even though I have high mileage a 265, 780. Recently however started hearing strange noises coming from the motor /tranny area. The transmission is now slipping as well. Overall it has been a good vehicle.

- Christina C

Reliability and performance, especially on long trips and in winter weather.

Reliable car with decent gas mileage - I usually get around 20mpg. Features include a 6-CD changer, which I love. Performs well in snowy and rainy conditions. Other features work well, including a/c and heat, automatic windows. Great space, including roomy back compartment.

- Samantha G

2002 Honda CRV all wheel drive.

My vehicle has served me well, the only things that need to be replace are the radiator hoses which were the original. I get good gas mileage, The ride is comfortable, and I have the original radio CD player, it gets me where I need to go I originally bought the car used.

- Patti B

An interesting detail is that the car makes it hard to lock your keys in the car.

I love the size of the car, it is perfect. The seats are comfortable. There is plenty of trunk space. It has been very reliable and I haven't had many problems with it at all. It gets pretty good gas mileage, I fill it up about every two weeks. I also love the color of it.

- Katie D

I love that it is vibrant red!

My cry is very reliable! It has almost 300, 000 miles and still runs smooth. . I purchased off of a family friend who’s had it for many years! It has not left me anywhere thank god. The engine is in great condition. It is the perfect family car! I would hate to sell it.

- Sky C

Most amazing car I've ever owned!!

I do love it. Its a 5 speed. The only thing I've had to replace is tires, brakes and the starter. But for a 16 year old vehicle. It drives awesome. Completely reliable. Lots of space. I just really love it and given the chance for a new car. . . I would buy a new CR-V.

- Lorries R

Functional and comfortable.

Purchased secondhand, very well maintained by previous owner. A little old-school but has working CD player and air conditioning. Lots of storage and convenient places/holders. Makes odd noises sometimes due to its age but nothing serious (after several inspections).

- A H

Why I love my Honda CR-V!

I love this car so much. I've had it for about five years, and I would definitely buy another one in the future. It has the right amount of size for my family, but it isn't too big. It's easily able to be parked, even in a compact spot. I love that I feel safe in it.

- Angelique M

Very relatable and zippy SUV

Have ac and starter problems after a few years.I really enjoy how long I had a car and how well it lasted just had a few minor repairs.I really like Honda and how well It lasted. Drives well during snow and ice I recommend it for short trips and around town drive

- Andrey I

Handy, fuel-efficient small SUV.

It is a nice little SUV that fits in parking spaces easily and yet has a decent amount of passenger and cargo room. For a 4-cylinder engine, it has a surprising amount of get up and go. This car gets very good fuel mileage - usually around 25-26 miles per gallon.

- Melanie M

The picnic table and built in cooler is the coolest feature in the car.

I love my car, it is an older model that has a picnic table and cooler built in the back so cool! It is great on gas has enough room to go camping in, great car for family and kids, I have traveled from Alabama to Florida 6 times and never a problem, love my car.

- Deborah A

Buy a Honda Rugged Sound Roomy

Bought vehicle back in 2017 and haven't had any problems with it at all. Body is sound, no rust, runs great. Plenty of cargo room in the back, seats fold down to add more room as well. Regular maintenance every 3 to 5 thousand miles, I would buy another one

- Andrea R

Honda CR-V the all around versatile car

Dependable, air conditioning does not perform well, is comfortable but to high with someone with bad knees to get in. Drives smoothly on highways. Although needs struts in front as when it hits bumps it's very rough. Has plenty of room in the back storage area.

- Kim O

New serpentine belt, new tires.

It drives really well but it isn't the greatest on gas. It's comfortable and very spacious. It's an older car so there will be problems but they've been fixed and it's drives like it's new. I love my car overall. I've had it since 2013. She's been good so far.

- Virginia W

Honda CR-Very Good Vehicle

This car has been very reliable but is quite old so experienced normal wear and tear. In the years I've owned it a driven it past 200,000 miles I've only ever had to do AC repair, brakes, a radiator hose, and oil/tires. It's an excellent and reliable vehicle.

- Allison C

It's completely paid off and still going strong at 165K miles!

I love the height of it, and driving it is pretty fun. However, it's a very old car and it's lacking in modern amenities like Bluetooth, a backup camera, etc. Plus, when the AC is on, it barely accelerates. But it has a moonroof, and that makes up for a lot.

- Jennifer D

Transmission problem but good car

The transmission started slipping shortly after purchasing it. The car was really nice though. It began jerking when you would just begin to take off. I liked how it was considered a small car but had good space. Mine was midnight blue but looked more black.

- Kristina R

Reliable and appearance still sparkles.

Originally purchased for 1 hour highway commute and it was perfect for the 10 years I used that way, now use for leisure and transporting grand kids. Appearance was a highlight, blue paint job make sit still look like a vehicle that is less than 5 years old.

- Chester W

The parking brake does not look like your typical parking brake

It's old. It is having usually issues that comes with a car over 10 years old and over 220000 miles. Seats are fairly comfortable. Have wiring issues but again, it's old. Fairly big on the inside. Good for moving or picking up flowers. AC works really well.

- Alexis F

The CRV lives up to the SUV class with versatility in a economical design

The CRV is a great small SUV, with ample storage space and recreational capabilities. My particular model has the luxury trim package which is nice. The only negative with the car is that Honda had some issues in the transmission design for this generation.

- Rob B

AWD good on gas four cylinder

The Honda CR-V is great for outdoor adventures and even road trips it's really good on gas and doesn't ever give me any mechanical problems it's durable against bumps and scrapes pretty durable windshield spare is easily accessible in case of emergencies

- Lawrence C

Perfect off to college car.

It performs very well considering it is 16 years old, very reliable. I would love to have a newer model, but this one is perfect for a college student like me. I would highly recommend a Honda to everyone, Hondas are very reliable and last a long time.

- Elise G

The 2002 Honda CR-V has a secret drawer under the passenger's seat.

My 2002 Honda CR-V has 180000 miles on it. I lost my ac around 150000 miles. If, Michigan had a longer summer, I would find this a bigger problem. I keep up with the oil changes. I love the room this car has in the back. I like all the cubbies it has.

- Annette D

Dependable and Trustworthy

My 2002 Honda CR-V is a very dependable and trustworthy car. Even though it is an older make I never have any fears that it will fail me. It has successfully gotten me where I need to go every time I get into it. My car is truly a dependable vehicle.

- Hayden H

It is one of the safest, family friendly vehicles you will find.

I love my CR-V! Runs smooth as a whistle for being 16 years old & me being the 2nd owner. It is always been reliable, fuel efficient, and super comfortable. Other than regular maintenance, I have never needs to replace anything - runs like a champ!

- Kayla H

The Honda CR-v comes with a card table in the back.

I love that it does not have a huge blind spot. The newer versions have too many blind spots. I used to be able to pack my life in the car and move across states. I can drive back roads and the all-wheel drive has come in handy.

- Kirstie L

It is a safe, reliable vehicle. Fantastic in snow even if the roads have not been plowed or treated.

This vehicle is good in snow, but it is getting old and cranky. It eats oil. One of my favorite things about it is that it has a tape deck as well as a 6 CD changer. The sun roof is great for getting summer heat out quickly.

- Emily H

It's a comfortable commuter car that has great storage space.

I love the size because I can fit luggage etc when traveling or moving, but is not so big it's uncomfortable to commute in. I would prefer it get better gas mileage, though. It's very comfortable for long distance travel.

- Lauren B

Fun vehicle great for the wide open and outdoors.

It is comfortable ride with lots of versatility. I have driven for over 5 years and have had very little maintenance issues with this vehicle. I was able to add crossbars and easily carry kayak or skis on my roof rack.

- Kimberly C

It is safe and always dependable.

I love my CR-V it is so roomy! The best part in my opinion of this model year would be the removable card table hidden under the carpet!! It is very efficient and dependable in outdoor adventures. AWD works great too!

- Madison T

Great amount of room inside, there is plenty of leg room and plenty of space in the back.

I like the size of my crv. It is a comfortable ride and easy to get in and out of. Not to high,not too low. The only problem I have is when I put the sun visor down,it sometimes seems it comes down to far

- Stephanie M

Great vehicle for the outdoor family.

Drives smooth, plenty of room, feel safe, great gas mileage. Love that there is a picnic table on top of your spare tire, but under the carpet. It's a great camping vehicle so that adds to its greatness.

- Amanda O

My Honda cr-v is very reliable.

I do not dislike anything about my car; I love everything about it. I have no complaints- it is a very reliable car that has required very little in the way of repairs other than routine maintenance.

- Kim B

It's very spacious for the type that it is.

I like that the car is a bit taller than a sedan, the windows are big so I can see, and the trunk is huge. The only thing I do not like was the manufacturer mats were brittle after a while.

- Jennifer B

It is a good solid vehicle. Drives well. Just a good basic vehicle.

There is really nothing wrong with the vehicle. I had a Toyota prior to the Honda. I loved my Toyota. The Honda was what I found in my price range when I bought it after the Toyota died.

- Marian W

Drives easily but has room for transporting bigger pieces of items I need to bring home. High mileage but great performance.

It is exactly what I needed when moving to a new residence ~ room to load furniture, ladder etc. It has been reliable which is even better esp at Its age. No complaints at all.

- Claudia N

You should make sure to pump the breaks.

Its pretty good, the seats are comfortable enough. It is not without faults though, the engine gets problems often. It is a 16 year old car though so not to many for the age.

- Timothy G

Reliable and dependable, very trustworthy

My Honda is about as reliable as they come. It may not be a luxury car or the smoothest ride but it is perfect for driving around the city and it's great for hauling loads.

- Mary H

Good, reliable and small SUV. Good for families or individuals.

Small and compact SUV. No 4 wheel drive. I wish the inside carpet was more rugged for a SUV type. It would be nice if the lift was a bit higher for smaller off road stuff.

- Peter P

2002 amazing Honda vehicle.

My 2002 Honda CR-V is extremely reliable. It has over 150, 000 miles on it and still runs like a charm. I do not want to jinx myself but I have not had any major issues!

- Melissa H

It is a pretty good vehicle overall for it's age. But, lots of recalls for airbags.

I like the way it handles in the snow. I like the size, and that its higher up from the ground. It seems to need more repairs than our last Honda which I do not like.

- Judy L

150,000 miles and going strong.

Car is reliable, easy to drive, good on ice/snow. The only problem is the windshield/windshield wipers leave blind spots. Also, the breaks rust out faster than normal.

- Becky S

The 5.3 makes amazing power.

It is very dependable. It has four wheel drive. Gets good gas mileage. Lots of space.. Do not like that it is old and getting worn out. Wish back seats folded flat..

- Deborah B

It's a well-made vehicle. I've never had any major issues with it and have only done regularly scheduled maintenance.

I love the size of my vehicle. It's not too big or too small for an SUV. It drives smoothly and handles well. The maintenance for it is very easy. No complaints.

- Tera b

The air conditioner always breaks and they will not put a recall on it.

It has good gas mileage. Its small enough to fit in parking spaces. It has a nice look. Not enough leg room in the front. Has a bad reputation for air conditioner.

- Christy F

Best Kid friendly suv of 2002

It has great gas mileage very comfortable and kid friendly the only complaint I have is I have replaced almost every part in the 6 years I have owned this car

- Nicole S

That it is old but works very well. Never had to have any major maintenance done on it.

I have had my vehicle for almost 16 years. Have only had to have routine maintenance and still runs like a charm. It handles well and I feel safe driving it.

- LuAnn W

It has had very little mechanical issues.

I like the size the comfort and the flexibility in room options. I like the quality and endurance. Its has been a very food vehicle with low maintenance.

- Beth B

It used to belong to my grandparents so its weird for me to get used to.

My vehicle as been through 3 owners, insured for over 10 years and still runs like a beauty. Plenty of room for a small family with stuff of their own.

- Vincent B

It's durable, great size/height and easy to drive.

I like the size of the car. I like the built in table. And Some of the parts have needed to be replaced, like catalytic converter which was upsetting.

- Alexandra B

It gets pretty good miles per gallon. It can fit quite a bit of stuff in the back and it is a comfortable ride.

I love that it sits higher up off the ground then a standard car. I love how the back seats fold down and I am able to fit a lot of stuff in the back.

- Colleen H

It is reliable and can be trusted for years to come.

It is a very reliable vehicle. I have never had any issues about it. The only thing I don't like about it is that I need both hands to lock the door.

- Erica f

Gas saver pennysaver good car.

The car looks and runs smoothly just kind of small but has good space in the trunk radio is old but has power windows very good on gas too 30 mpgs.

- Vincent D

The transmission trouble that I have had with it. It had to be replaced. Mechanic said CRVs are known for that.

I like the size of the suv and the space. Also, the table in the truck. I had a severe transmission problem with is though. Cup holders need work.

- Jonna W

It is very roomy. Nice to drive.

Likes rides well, plenty of room, good in bad weather, decent gas mileage, good trade in value.. Dislikes needs better brakes and defrost system.

- Jing L

It gets me to where I need to go.

I love my vehicle. I love everything about my vehicle. I do not dislike anything about my vehicle. I do not have any complaints about my vehicle.

- Katie K

It's reliable and runs well. It has a roomy interior.

It's incredibly reliable and runs well. It looks nice and is in good condition. It provides quality safety features. My whole family fits in it.

- Derrick M

It is reliable, a workhorse vehicle you can depend on.

Perfect size for me and my big dog, Hondas are super reliable, has all the basics I need in a car, leather seats clean easier and do not smell.

- Jessica L

Reliable and long lasting!

I love my CRV! It gets good gas mileage and has always been reliable. Currently, it has over 200,000 miles on it and still runs like a champ!

- Alana S

I have had it for 16 years - very reliable.

It is old but has performed very well - used to be very reliable. The car has over 170, 000 miles and currently has no air conditioning.

- Michelle T

It has no ac or heat, so it gets cold in there.

I enjoy how it looks, and how smooth it drives. I also like how spacious it is. It does not have ac or heat, though, which is a problem.

- Cheyenne S

It is the kind of car one can expect to make it to 200,000 miles and more.

It is most reliable. I enjoy it's economy. I also appreciate it's adaptability for snowy conditions. Further it is just fun to drive.

- Wayne F

That it is one of the last SUVs made with standard transmissions by Honda.

I love my car. It came stock with everything i wanted and needed in a car. Sunroof, standard, stereo with tape deck power everything.

- Eileen H

It has over 150,000 miles on it. It is a reliable car and drives good in the snow.

It has high mileage and has started to have some problems with the suspension and exhaust system. It is a reliable care though.

- Dana H

Keep the oil changes update and the car will last you a long time.

I love how much space in it with two kids you need all space you can get. It drives very smooth and does very well in the snow.

- Donna R

Great drive very comfortable to drive and ride.

The comfort of my car is nice.. There is enough room for my family and me to have a nice trip.. The color of my car is great..

- Dolores K

It is reliable when running correctly. Very roomy.

It has had a long list of problems from jumping time to the AC going out. It has high miles though, so it is to be expected.

- Carrie V

The car is very reliable, it's 16 years old and runs smooth

The car is good, we got it about 5 years ago. It's still going good. The car is close to 200,000. I recommend, drives well.

- Nick T

Great small SUV. Love the cargo space - more than it seems

Bought this vehicle brand new. Do all regular suggested maintenance. Have not problems, very reliable. Comfortable. Has CD

- Becky Y

My 02 Honda CR-V is great!

My 02 Honda CR-V has 195, 000 and still going strong. With proper maintenance a Honda will last for over 200, 000 miles.

- Connie H

it drives very smooth and I like how big it is!

I bought it used and it runs great. it is high on millage but that doesn't seem to affect how its running at this rate!

- kenn k

I haven't had much maintenance but I have less than 90000 miles.

I haven't had any problems really. Just the usual maintenance like oil changes, replace brakes, and things like that.

- Steve H

It is well made but old. Nothing lasts forever.

I like the radio and air-conditioning. I do not like the material used for the seats. I like how it sits high up.

- Meredith M

It may be old, but it is still a very good vehicle.

I like that it is reliable and feels safe. I dislike that it doesn't have bluetooth or heated seats for winter.

- S M

That it may be a old truck but I like it is mine.

I like my truck very much I just wish that I had a new one. There are nothing that I dislike about my truck.

- Thomasina R

Can't think of anything to highlight!

go up/down with master buttons; some lights out; tape player dysfunctional; otherwise,excellent performance.

- Gail J

Love my Honda! Will drive it until it dies then will buy another one!

Love my Honda CRV. It is a reliable car and a very comfortable ride. I don't have any complaints about it.

- tracey w

The vehicle is quite dependable.

It's really dependable. But shakes, rattles and spits. It always gets me where I need to go, if it starts.

- Anna G

Always ready to go, and very easy to drive.

My Honda CR-V is a very reliable care. It is easy to maintain. I wish I had more opportunity to drive it.

- Joan C

Excellent gas mileage and dependability. I'm sure newer models get even better mileage.

For being 16 years old and only doing recommended periodic maintenance it's been an excellent investment.

- Mar F

It is easy to drive and has a lot of space, worth the lack of gas mileage.

It is spacious. It is very nice for winter and potholes. Gas mileage is pretty low. Sound system is old.

- Evan W

Maintenance and replace oil often.

This vehicle is in good quality. It has good color and good design. It is also stable and comfortable.

- Karen C

Don't crash into it, it's old but I like it and it needs to go for a bit longer

It's reliable and save. It's kind of big but easy to park it It's cheap to maintain It's a bit old

- kati b

The motor and transmission are of a good design and have held up very well.

It has been fairly reasonable to keep running. It has defects in the air conditioning system.

- Lisa C

nothing, really...just a great car

none. love it. won't buy another. We love it. Im happy with it. Wouldn't buy another.

- sadie H

I love the size and the ease at which to drive my vehicle. It's easy to navigate and drive, from the city to the mountains and in between. I just wish it was slightly larger.

Versatile, great gas mileage, easy to drive and navigate, fairly roomy for its size.

- Hannah L

Good has Miles. Can handle kind drives. It's an suv so room for passengers and cargo

Reliable and safe. Won't break down and can handle the snow. Old and still running

- Michele G

Over all very good vehicle. Works great for a family of 5.

It fits my entire family. It is really good on gas. Very comfortable drive.

- Michael M

It is very basic and uses a lot of gas. Good for driving around town.

It has a good amount of room in the trunk. Sometimes it won't leave park.

- Missy o

Maintenance is kind of expensive

I dislike the gas mileage. I like the roomy space. I like the cargo area.

- Betty s

I like my vehicle because it's very reliable, it has over 200,000 miles on it and it still runs very well. I would like better gas mileage, but it's ok. A lot of space, so can hold stuff in it.

Honda is a very good brand and I think the CR-V is perfect for anyone

- Aelise G

It's very sturdy and is a low maintenance car.

A great car that has been to a lot of places with the family.

- Grace S

Front light of car is out

It drives very smooth, love the color and It's a nice size

- Deborah W

it's been very reliable my favorite color no major repairs

it's been very reliable my favorite color no major repairs

- jen t

There are never any bumps with this car, even though it's not a car.

I like how smoothly it rides. I don't have any complaints.

- Amber C

It is a decent vehicle. No major issues. Simple, not luxury.

This is a simple but reliable car without any frills.

- Jasmine L