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It makes a great first car!

My 2003 Honda CR-V has been running for the last 16 years with 230,000 miles on it! The starter finally died after 15 of those years. It's a pain to replace the starter as you have to remove the engine block to get to it. Good thing the starter lasts practically forever! The vehicle is very reliable with excellent gas mileage (28 mpg). It makes a great first car, mine has been through two accidents in each of which, it should have been damaged. However, this car only suffered a mere scratch and dent from both accidents! The vehicle is very spacious with plenty of legroom all around. The back seats fold down allowing for large cargo to be transported in the back of the vehicle. My only criticism regarding this vehicle is two wheel drive, definitely purchase a four wheel drive vehicle if your planning on winter driving. Also, changing the fuses below the steering wheel are challenging as the driver's seat only moves back so far. I'm a rather lean and limber individual and even then I still had trouble replacing those fuses under the steering wheel! If you take of the car responsibly though, don't be surprised if you get 400,000 miles on it. Even though mine has went for only 230,000 miles, I feel that it has a lot of life still in it.

- John W

Honda CR-V a wonderful SUV!

The car is 2003 with 132k miles and runs great. I have no problems with my car. It drives smooth. Starts up every single time. It is also all wheel drive so it is great during the winter when it is bad outside with snow and ice. It also drives well in the rain. It has no rust on it which is great for being a 2003. I have had no issues with it whatsoever. I have done the normal oil changes and up keep which helps all cars but having no problems is great. The inside of the car is very big has lots of space. It has a big trunk with lots of storage space you can also put the seats down in the back to get even more space. I have a family of 5 we all fit with plenty of room. The back has 3 seats the front is two seats. It had a space in middle with a little desk in between seats that can raise up or down. It has 2 storage spaces under radio for whatever you need which is great. It also has a storage area under the passenger seat. The car can hook up to belts on car seat so you your child is double protected hook those up and also the seatbelt which is what we do with the car seats. It has great ac and heat. If looking for an SUV I would highly recommend this SUV at least look at it and take it for a test drive you will not be disappointed.

- Tia K

Honda CR-V '03 is a fantastic all year round family vehicle.

Honda CRV is a reliable model. The spare tire on the back of the vehicle makes changing a tire easy. The 4 wheel drive works great. The check engine light is always on because we haven't taken it in for maintenance. We do our own maintenance so the light just stays on. Our Honda is easy to work on and easy to use. I love the 6 disc CD changer and the radio is good as well. There is a back tire that tends to make a noise like metal rubbing from time to time. We just changed the brakes and the noise is almost nonexistent. I can fit 3 car seats in the back seat. The back seats fold down to make a large cargo area in the back. I love that the back hatch opens to the side and the window can be opened by itself. I have recommended this vehicle to my friends and neighbors.

- Mindi K

My Honda CR-V- the reasons why I keep on driving it!!

I love my little Honda CR-V and even though I bought it used, it has never given me any mechanical troubles. Other than regular maintenance, like a brake job and a new windshield, I have never had any problems with it. I have driven it back and forth to Mobile, Alabama to Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas area four times. I love it for road trips due to the seats folding down and you can pack a lot of stuff. It is a four door v six motor and has great gas mileage as well. All in all considered, I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who is considering a new car. I am planning on replacing this one with a brand new one very soon!

- Marilyn A

Great car that is great on gas but has a faulty traction sensor.

I truly love my vehicle. It is spacious and can fit four people very comfortably. The back seats can easily be taken out for even more room. It drives well and is very good in gas. It gets great gas mileage in the freeways but still gets decent gas mileage doing city driving. My only issue is my traction sensor. That needs to be replaced. When I go around certain bends in my commute, my car will start beeping and jolt/swerve because the traction control sensor does not work properly. That is my only problem with my Honda CR-V. Other than that, I absolutely love it.

- Cherish H

Overall great vehicle for the price.

Bought the 2003 Honda CR-V used with 130k miles on it for around $7k. Had to replace the starter about 3 years later, otherwise no major repairs needed. Drives great, but not great gas mileage. AWD is fantastic! Drove to work and back on snow and ice with no problems, no skids, no loss of traction. Overall great vehicle for short distance driving. Great storage capacity also. Capable of moving large furniture, 8' boards, loads of boxes, etc. , also good for hauling boats or trailers.

- Michelle L

Reliable, comfortable, and versatile.

This car is quite comfortable in both the front seat and rear seat. The rear storage area is roomy and easy to access. There is a roof rack that is useful,2 have used it for a bike rack and a luggage carrier at different times. We are beginning to have battery issues, despite replacing the battery But the car is now 15 year old and has overall been very reliable. We have over work miles on it and expect it to last quite a while longer. I would definitely buy this car again.

- Martha B

Great to have as your first car!

I love how spacious my car is! The features are great for winter because it's a 4 wheel drive, and it's great for summer because it has a moonroof! The car is still in great condition and the back trunk is so convenient for moving big items or drive in theaters. The only downside to this car is that you can feel everything in the car. The ride is bumpy and the car shakes if you try to go past 75 mph. Other than that, love my good old Honda CR-V!

- Jewel V

Very Reliable Vehicle | Great on Gas Mileage!

I've had my Honda CR-V since 2012 and it's been a wonderful car. I've had a few problems with it over the years. I've had the Alternator and Starter both replaced. It currently has over 220,000 miles and is still going strong. I've taken it on multiple trips out-of-state and it's worked great! It's also very good on gas. If I chose to buy a new vehicle in the future, I would definitely consider another Honda, they are very reliable and stylish.

- Abbi M

Long-lasting and reliable.

My Honda is great! I have had it for almost fifteen years now and I have only got 140 thousands miles on it. I get great gas mileage especially in times when gas prices are really high. It seats five people comfortably and the trunk has both a place to put the spare tire as well as space above to put all other necessities inside. I have been able to transport bigger items by being able to put the back seats down and bungee cord items on top.

- Alyssa B

Hondas will lasts forever

Runs no matter how hard I am on it. I have driven it 90,000 miles with no problems. Lots of room for road trips. I love the sunroof and leather seats. Gets great gas mileage for an older SUV with high mileage. I needed the catalytic changed so it would pass emissions but it never actually affected the Drivability. I would but this car in a newer model if given the opportunity. It's a good vehicle with high resale value.

- Jennifer S

Honda CR-V unique storage areas

braking on this car is a little slow, Love all extra storage areas, and I really like the reliability of this car. The gas usage has been average, this car is easy to get in and out of. This car was really well built and has minor body flaws for its age. I am the second owner of this car. The car has lots of passenger and driver leg room. Love the option to turn the four wheel drive on or off depending on the road.

- Angela H

Make sure all lights are off because it Won't turn the lights off automatically.

I have had two accidents and while the other cars had heavy damage, my CR-V protected me easily and barely took any damage. I also have to drive 3 hours to get home from school and on one tank I can make it all the way there without stopping. It also has amazing trunk space; I can fit all the stuff in my apartment room (share it with 3 people and have separate rooms) in my car and only need my car and one trip!

- Natasha A

Too much money for an old car.

I like it not a thing wrong but costs a lot to fix something and needs a new club for it and which they want a lot of my money for it and to me it is not worth a new switch it is 16 years old and they want me to pay like $2, 000 no thank you maybe if it was a brand new car and we could do something like that but it is not a brand new car so I do not feel that I should have to pay that kind of money for it.

- Nancy T

2003 Honda cr-v. The reliability and comfort of the CR-V is outstanding.

The CR-V has very comfortable seating and drivability. Steering, braking, and visibility out of the rear and side windows are excellent. There are ample areas of storage on the doors, on the dashboard, and around the seats. The engine has great pick-up and power, even on hills. Cruise control is reliable. Gas consumption is my only complaint. It seems to use a lot a lot of gas in standard city driving.

- Carol J

Older model Honda CR-V is still reliable.

My Honda CR-V is very reliable. I fell for it right on the car lot I had almost purchased a Toyota but this vehicle caught my eye this SUV is great on mileage. It has a lot of go power for an older model Honda. It is great on gas mileage. I have taken many long trips and am so pleased with this Honda. I am going to purchase another Honda CR-V in the future. It is so roomie and can take a lot of cargo.

- Dulce O

Honda CR-V: A Versatile Machine

My 2003 Honda CR-V started out as a mail delivery vehicle but became my daily driver and reliable steed. It was a lemon when I bought it, but after thousands in maintenance it runs like a dream and I really value the functionality of the aftermarket touch screen radio and the sunroof. The back hatch and spare tire storage inside is great for my camping gear. I would recommend it.

- Dakota B

Great but sneaky expensive

Car runs like a champ! However I've noticed getting easy things fixed like 2 bolt starters require full dismantling of the engine manifold and cost two days and 250 buck another 250 on the starter. So you there are some things I would have done differently as opposed to bending over valued customers for a cheap fix. That's my two cents hope it was beneficial.

- Tony H

A family friendly vehicle.

Other than general repairs. I have had issues with my air conditioning fans, the compressor and my starter. My power windows only work when they want to and there is an issue with my automatic locks in the back seat. You must manually lock each door. I do have lots of space and storage for long trips. Gets good gas mileage and is an overall good daily driver.

- Jess M

It is reliable, dependable, compact and handles very well in snowy weather.

When I bought the used car at six years old, it was a dream to drive. Even though I kept up with the oil change and tune up regularly, it developed oil leak after 3 years of ownership and then still performed admirably with little engine problems other than the aforementioned oil leak until finally it broke down last year and I had to replace the engine.

- Christopher O

It is has a spare tire inside the car under the seats.

Over heat sometimes, needs oil change almost every month, the maintenance is just too much at times. I want a new car someday hopefully, as of right now I do my best with the vehicle you know, I got no choice. So hopefully I get that money soon to fix my car sooner and than later you know. Cars are expensive period lol and yup that is life with a car.

- Eugene N

The table in the back has come in handy on more than one occasion.

I love this car. I've never had an issue with it other than the usual routine stuff. Good mileage and this car had made a lot of road trips around the state. And this car has a lot of room in it so you can put a lot of stuff inside of it. I once had an entire camping trip inside of the thing. Plus the table which you can pull out is pretty cool.

- Ian L

A very easy and great driving car.

Performs very well. Great on gas. Two negatives: first is the back seat headrests (3) are very obstructive in viewing in the rear view mirror. The middle headrest blocks almost the entire back window view. I had to remove them. Second negative is this car is not built for a 36” inseam. The driver’s seat does not go back far enough for me.

- Minann S

It's great for anyone who spends a lot of time doing things outdoors.

The car runs great. It's very reliable and has needed minimal upkeep in the time that I've had it. It's been very comfortable and has a lot of trunk space for travel and camping. It's been a fantastic car for camping and hiking and doing things outdoors. My only concern is the gas mileage this car gets. It's similar to that of a small truck.

- Morgan L

A worthy investment for a family.

Great midsize SUV that retains its value even in the higher mileage range. Has been very reliable for me. It is our main vehicle we use and fits my family comfortably. I will most likely purchase another one but a newer model when I am able to. I would recommend Honda to my family and friends if they were looking to buy a new vehicle.

- Rachel P

Lots of space, great mileage, goes the distance.

I love the space that this vehicle offers, when I got the vehicle I was just going to college so I needed the space for moving all of my things. The mileage per gallon is also very nice, the vehicle has over 250, 000 miles on it though. I bought it used from a neighbor, so it is getting pretty "tired". But not tired enough!

- Erica G

Comfort of my Honda CR-V I feel safe and comfortable

My Honda CR-V is an older version. I was very fortunate to be able to purchase this vehicle that was only driven by 1 owner and had very low mileage. I enjoy the features of this car. There is a moonroof, power doors and power windows. The car drives very nice and smooth. There is also an excellent amount of cargo space.

- Kate L

I will not buy another used Honda.

Gas mileage is good. Room is also good. Have had a broken transmission mount. Air conditioning had a compressor failure the wrecked the whole system. Repair bills are outrageous. Service finds a new problem every time I take it in. They cost me a lot of money by telling not telling me I needed brakes sooner than I did.

- Donald H

15 years of dependable service.

My car has been very dependable and has not required any major mechanic services. I have been very happy with the gas mileage, although with its old age it has decreased some. I believe that my car has been more than enough car for me being 15 years old and look forward to purchasing another Honda in the future.

- Jessica A

Good young college student car

I really like everything about it besides the fact that it doesn't tell you if your lights are still on and it does lock the doors automatically after a few minutes if keys aren't in which can be good or bad. I have locked my keys in my car once. Overall a really good car feels very safe and has good gas mileage

- Andrea W

Mileage; I don't have to get weekly gas for routine travel.

I cannot think of problems that are associated with the vehicle independent of breakdowns due to age. The performance of the vehicle for it being 16 years old is pretty good and extremely reliable. For it to be a compact SUV it's pretty comfortable with soft interior however due to age has limited features.

- Nicole W

I love my CR-V and plan to buy another in the near future.

Best car I have ever owned. Very few issues with a little upkeep. Get factory parts the first time, aftermarket cause some issues. Cv shafts, o2 sensors, valves driveshafts etc.. Handles excellent in snow, on ice, in the rain, wind, I love that it is AWD. Go with factory. Would buy another in a heartbeat.

- Michelle M

Comfortable CR-V, great for all heights!

I love the size of this vehicle, it is perfect for our small family. We can fit our daughter's carseat, our dog in the back, and still have room for storage. The car drives smoothly, and is very comfortable. As a short female, I struggle to find a car that is comfortable for me, but this one is perfect!

- Shannon K

2003 Honda CR-V needs more oomph.

A lot of road noise. Not good for highway trips. Accessory failure such as windows and door locks. Have had some costly repairs but we got it at 172000 miles so to be expected. Not enough power. Cargo space is decent. Wouldn't buy a new one, would like to switch to something more powerful, v6 or v8.

- Ever D

The trunk has a wheel-well that is covered by a folding table as the trunk.

My Honda CR-V has 5 doors (the trunk opens like a door). It is spacious and has enough room for all of my adventure belongings. It drives and handles really well. I love the visibility out the front and back windows as well. Because my vehicle is a 2003, it is older, but still handles really well.

- Kelly B

Dependable small SUV good for everyday driving

The vehicle is acceptable for short trips to town and long trips to distant destinations. The vehicle has some convenience features, e.g. a sunroof and cruise control, but not as many features as more recent models. The gas mileage of the vehicle is good, although I think it could be better.

- Leon R

16 yrs old and 130,000 miles and she is still dependable

Still going strong after 16 years. Some minor mechanical issues- door lock had to be replaced after 14 years, but everything else is running well. We have followed the recommended maintenance schedule. The last few years we have our fewer than 3000 miles per year so that may be a factor as well.

- Brad F

Good look, gas mileage, but bad functions

It always has problems such as having small issues like tail lights out, engine overheating, and doors not able to be opened. I love the look of the car but not the functionality of it. However it gets good gas mileage and I love the aspect and it can go long miles to places I need to travel to

- Olivia E

Extremely reliable with no major issues.

I love my Honda. No problems whatsoever. Maintenance is low. Just keep up with the oil changes and normal maintenance. The amount of room I have is excellent. I can seat 5 passengers comfortably and the truck area holds a lot. Buying this vehicle was one of the best purchases I have ever done.

- Angelina L

Love my Honda CR-V. It is a very reliable vehicle.

The only thing is the check engine light is on due to a pinhole leak in fuel line somewhere. . Which the mechanic had said it does not affect the vehicles driving ability. It gets extremely great gas mileage. It is extremely roomy inside, enough room for 5 people plus large cargo area.

- Tina J

Reliable car . Seats are comfortable and back seat can fold down.

Reliable transportation problem areas are door locks -cylinder, had to replace and after a few years the same problem emerged I had to replace master control panel for power window plus individual window motor exhaust system is great Honda is now 16 years old; had to replace sensor.

- Barbara K

Honda is the only type of vehicle to me that is worth the money and will outlast

various creaks, replaced air conditioner twice too many times for a car in one year. The paint job did not last because it is a dark color. Other than that the comfort and space is there inside. The car drives great with an excellent turn ratio and the engine has lasted long thank God

- Lee C

Very dependable. Looking forward to sticking with the same make and model.

My car is wonderful. Right now at 15 years old it has not given me any major mechanical issues and has always been very dependable. I am looking forward to purchasing another CR-V in the future. Honda has been known to offer very affordable vehicles that offer quality dependability.

- Jessica A

I love how Honda motors are reliable.

My 03 Honda CRV is my first car! Nothing but a great experience. My starter went out and my back brakes twice in the 3 years I've had it. I really cannot complain! I am due for an upgrade but will definitely be sticking with the C-RV model. Comfortable ride, sunroof is a great plus!

- Raven C

It is a quality vehicle and it has lasted a long time.

I like that my vehicle fits the needs that I currently have. My car is getting old so I have to put some money into it that I would prefer not too, as I do not currently have the funds to purchase a new vehicle. I like that my car is paid off and I do not have a monthly payment.

- Corey V

Boring but safer vehicle.

It's super slow but easy to drive. It's a basic vehicle, not really that exciting. It's compact so you can park in almost any space. It's super reliable because it's like a tank. Some of the features include cassette player and a CD player. It's a car that'll get you anywhere safe

- John N

Good car to have except minor problems her and there.

My only problem was the alternator of the car kept messing up. And as well as the axle of the car but other than those things the car is pretty reliable and parts to the car are not as costly as other cars. Worth every penny to say the least. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Julie S

2003 Honda CR-V - Reliable, affordable SUV

I bought my 2003 Honda CR-V because I needed a reliable car with low gas mileage. This car has been amazing. It's never let me down and has good gas mileage. It also comes with a picnic table in the trunk. Would highly recommend to someone that just needs a reliable, cheap car.

- Tara L

Love car would never trade it in.

Love the car, can put a lot of miles on it. Big space in the trunk, can store a lot of stuff in there. My clock is messed but I think that is because it is old. Love the CD and cassette player. I would never buy another first car or any other car. Very reliable and trustworthy.

- Haley M

Honda CR-V that sucks but I love Honda.

I love the model of my car and I love Honda's in general, but the specific car that I have was bought used and gives me so many issues. The entire exhaust system needed repair and it currently has no working a/c because everything keeps breaking even after getting it repaired.

- Haleigh F

My vehicle is four wheel drive and gives great gas mileage

My vehicle is extremely reliable. I've never had problems with it and generally any repairs that it has required has been very cost effective. My vehicle is very comfortable; however, it lacks Bluetooth capabilities and does not have a way to connect a music player or XM radio

- Yolanda R

Honda CR-V most reliable car

Haven't experienced any problems. Has great performance. Is a very reliable car, I don't have any maintenance problems, mediocre comfort, and no special features. Car feels a little top heavy. Powerful engine with great acceleration. Lots of room for storage. Great crossover

- Madison M

Functional fun. My CR-V fits all my needs.

My CR-V is reliable. It is functional, meaning I can take my dog with me or use the rear compartment to haul my artwork. It drives beautifully in the rare snow I live with and feels very safe on southern California freeways. This is my 2nd CR-V and it will not be my last.

- Elaine G

I like that it is good on gas, helpful when needed to move road trips.

The key gets stuck and will not come out properly. Which causes the car to still be on, and will run down the battery. Can be a bad problem dealing with cold weather. I love the fact that it is bigger than my two door Honda which as difficult to move and fit many kids in.

- Tiffany T

Review of my 2003 Honda. (:

Very safe and reliable car. Gets great gas mileage for a mini SUV. The car is very comfortable and I have not ran into any major issues with the car yet. It has all wheel drive which is very convenient and a nice addition of this sporty car. Would definitely recommend.

- Lauren K

It's a wonderful car with a lot of space, features, and an overall great value!

It's a very reliable and good vehicle. I do sort've wish it had a backup camera, but since that's fairly new, I find it forgivable. My only complaint is the AC has stopped working, but I guess it's fixable. It gets good mileage and has a lot of space - very sturdy too!

- Johndavid E

If you are looking for a reliable car then this car is for you.

It is a really reliable car. It is great on gas mileage. I am able to take it from the bay area and to the valley and still have half a tank of gas. I love that it comes with a foldable table with the spare. I also love that it has another spare on the trunk as well.

- Cecilia M

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is a bit old, so you need to be a little careful when driving it. It does not speed up super quickly, shakes a little if go over 80, and the brakes and steering wheel are a bit hard/sticky to use.

I like the size. It is spacious without being bulky. It has plenty of storage in the trunk. I dislike stereo/sound quality (it's not the worst but can definitely be improved). The steering wheel and brakes are a bit hard to use, and on long drives, can be tiring.

- Priya P

2003 Honda CR-V: 9/10 would recommend

It works great, although since it's a bit old it lacks some modern features such as an aux port for playing music. Also the speakers are really bad. The car itself is nice to drive though and I haven't had any problems after more than 100k miles. Would recommend.

- Jay R

It is 4 wheel drive which will be good for winter weather.

I have nothing bad to say about my car, it is good on gas, and easy to drive it would recommend it to my family and friends, just a great all round car,I like that it is 4 wheel drive for the winter time with snow, it is roomy, and has a lot of storage spaces.

- Tammy E

My car is the perfect size. It is not small so people don't feel cramped but it is not oversized and a nuisance like a minivan

I love my car, it was originally my mom then it was passed down to me. The car runs well and has little problems. I would only say that I've had had some problems with the AC that was costly but other than that the car is great and I'm happy that I own it.

- Melissa G

great Honda CR-V quite an amazing SUV

love the durability and the reliability of Honda, roomy but not so big. Never goes out of style. The price is quite affordable, comfort and design are really great.it's old but never broke down on me, engine has never went out. Put a lot of trust on my CR-V

- Belle A

Why should you buy a Honda CRV? Plenty of room in this suv, yet it still feels like a small vehicle, high enough off the ground but I don't need a step ladder to get in.

Great vehicle big enough to take Grandkids to beach, but still practical to drive daily. Good on gas and easy to drive. Repairs are expensive, but all the newer cars are with all the electronics. Love it and will probably buy another CRV when it's time.

- Toni S

Safe and great performance.

Has great stability, is a 4 wheel drive that's helps a lot in the snow, great performance in the streets, got all the features that you need to be safe and comfort while driving, great interiors, and also, nice room, comfortable for a family of 5.

- Elizabeth N

It has AWD and can easily drive on uneven terrain and snow.

I love the AWD. It has taken me into the mountains many times and is dependable in that aspect. However it has started to go down hill and has cost me a lot of money in the past couple months to fix. The gas mileage is also not very good.

- Charlotte M

The longevity of Honda is amazing. I am a lifelong Honda driver now

My car is amazing. It has room for luggage, pets, and passengers. It's about 15 years old, has over 300,000 miles and with normal maintenance has continued to run smoothly. AWD handles awesome in the snow and I will drive a CR-V forever

- Emily H

Hondas are built strong and built to last. They hold their value well.

I would always love to buy Honda vehicles. They are well made to last. They have good gas mileage and they are really stylish. In 1999 I was in a car accident and at that time I had a Honda Accord. I believe that car saved our lives!

- Deborah L

Gas mileage in the city is pretty low.

I bought the car used and there were problems that needed to be fixed-brakes, shocks and struts, new muffler. The car is reliable now. Very comfortable. It is a 2003, so no touch screens or GPS, but I like it. I am simple.

- John N

It is extremely spacious and would be very good for a family or anyone looking to transport multiple people.

I have not had any performance issues with this vehicle. It is very spacious and is very comfortable. It has arm rests for the front two seats that can be moved up or down that are really nice. It drives very well also.

- tyler d

It is reliable and an easy car to drive.

The routine maintenance is affordable. If you keep up with that this car will last you forever. It drives well and has room for traveling with the fold down back seats. All in all I would recommend anyone to get a CR-V.

- Monica Y

The gas tank is pretty small but the car gets good mileage so it's rather cheap at the pump.

Lots of space in the trunk for ski or camping gear. Handles well in the mud and snow and even though it's an older car it still comfy to drive! My favorite part is the secret picnic table under the mat in the trunk.

- Erika D

has lasted 15 years and over 250,000 miles

It has 250,000 miles and has lasted me awhile, but is dying now. It has a hard time accelerating and the breaks are starting to fail. The car is very comfortable and has a decent sound system for the age of the car.

- Sydney H

It is pretty reliable and works well. I like having so much space.

I like the size, and the space inside the vehicle. I like how smooth the ride is when it's functioning properly. I've had issues with the air conditioner, which has caused issues with the gears and shifting.

- Emily M

It has been a dependable car.

I love the way it drives and rides. I purchased it new and it has been a great car. I dislike that the door actuator assembly has had to be replaced on all doors and now one has already gone out again.

- Merv B

It is good in bad weather conditions and on rough roads.

Like It is all wheel drive. High up so I can see over most cars. Good on gas for a SUV. Dislike that is has a wide turning radius. Spare wheel on back slightly throws off parallel parking confidence.

- Anthony M

I gave my car a pink steering wheel!

My vehicle has no air conditioning and only produces heat even when the heat is not turned on. It always tends to have something wrong with it after it comes out of the shop for being fixed as well.

- Jenna M

It's a Honda CR-V. It has a low cost to insure it, and although repairs can be expensive, it doesn't need repairs often.

I bought the car and had to replace the rear wheel bearings immediately. Other than that, it's been a good runner. I can count on it. It's moderately sized; it's not too big and it's not too small.

- Mike R

Reliable vehicle for family use

My Honda CR-V is reliable and has had Minor issue that was fixed. It's runs great even I'm the winter months. I love the stereo and CD player and the sunroof. And power locks and security system.

- Kendra K

Best car mechanically, comfort, economy and for the long-term!

It's PERFECT - great, compact, but super roomy, perfect for my dog (regular companion in the car), excellent cargo, 232k miles and increasing, mechanically fantastic. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my CRV!

- Jen C

It is a sturdy and reliable car. It might not be fancy and super modern, but it really gets the job done. It also has a lot of trunk space so that's nice.

I love my little CR-V! It gets me to and from wherever I need to go. I do not have huge problems with it - just the usual stuff like engine checks and tire issues. No serious complaints!

- Nikki S

Easy to work on and repair yourself even with no experience.

The only thing I don't like about my CRV is that while it is always cheap to maintain and reliable, it is like sitting in a box with some modestly comfortable seats and nothing else.

- Cameron L

Reliable, comfortable, SUV for all.

My CR-V has been reliable for 15 years. The car runs smoothly, has never had any major issues, comfortably seats five passengers, and more. I would trust Honda to buy any car from.

- Kat H

It is also a standard transmission. It is very reliable.

The car is trustworthy, and good on gas. It is easy to park. Being a hybrid it will run on electric if out of gas. The dislikes are it is older and I am starting to replace parts.

- Christine R

It's a safe car that lasts a long time! I've even seen like maybe another 10 honda crv's in my neighborhood.

I like it because it's an SUV or crossover of me. It's slightly spacious, durable and lasts a long time. I haven't had any issues with it. It's amazing and I bought it used.

- Kiana B

Honda Crv is a Good Compact Suv and a great value for the money

I have no problems with my Honda Cr v. It's very reliable, gets good gas mileage, roomy for its size and has a good amount of cargo room. I really like the sun/moonroof.

- Denese D

It was one of the most popular models Honda has EVER sold. After 2005, they redesigned and reduced the overall size of the Cr-V. People who bought Cr-V's after 2005 have not been happy with them.

We love the interior room. We love the exterior style. We love the dependability of it, even after owning it for 15 years. There is more tire noise than we would like.

- Rosalie S

The driver seat is not that comfortable.

I like the comfort of the interior and handling, the gas mileage and the real time 4 wheel drive. The only complaint is the lack of lumbar support of the driver seat.

- Paula B

i love the size of it. it's decent on gas, is comfortable for passengers

i had to replace the catalytic converter, there are some issues with interior (part of door came off, the visor broke). had an electricity issue with the power windows

- allie B

Keeps on going...even with a lot of miles...has over 100,000 miles

It is rather old and several electrical items have quit working. It is too expensive to have them fixed so I live with them. It is a good car - over 100,000 miles.

- dani c

It has plenty of room in it and can hold lots of equipment or fit up to 5 people.

very reliable car for It's age and decent mileage. plenty of room even with the back seats up, Odd placement of the E break however. Overall, very reliable vehicle.

- Dylan H

2003 Honda CR-V: The perfect first car

Fantastic vehicle with great gas mileage, even after using the vehicle for over five years currently. An easily recommendable vehicle for any person looking to buy.

- Allan L

It has needed very few repairs.

I love like that my vehicle is reliable, it is older but it drives nicely. I also like that it is good on gas. I dislike that one of the windows no longer works.

- Delaney B

Gets the job done for what I need

I like how reliable my car is. I like that the maintenance for my car is affordable. I like the appearance of my car and how high it is elevated from the road

- David K

My car has amazing gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. I like the size. It has everything I need. There is plenty of room for kids and pets. It is the perfect size and style for our family.

- Angie B

Reliability! I have never had any problems with it breaking down.

My car is incredibly reliable. I do not worry about it breaking down, having problems, etc.. I like the amount of space it has, without being a huge car.

- c s

Very versatile! Gives you the ability to drive in all conditions and not worry about getting where you need to go.

Love the crossover style, height, and usability. It handles really well even in the rain. My complaints are mostly features I wish I had/ could afford.

- Natalie H

Reliability. Few mechanical issues with the vehicle and is great for the snow.

Reliable vehicle, but a few issues while the vehicle is getting older. Fuel gauge has stopped working, and the trunk needs a harder push when closing.

- Michael T

Great family van. Runs great.

Height is just right. Available handy space with folded seats. Likable folding middle table and great hidden table. Perfect for an active owned. Me..

- Ma C

It is reliable and has not had many major problems despite it being 10 years old.

I like how it fits my family and doesn't have the van feel. I dislike how fast gas goes so quickly. I have no major complaints about the vehicle.

- Jonathan V

the dependable wheels something you can depend on and watch the rewards come

has stood the test of time, over 125000 miles and no major problems to date biggest replacement wa air canister, then just regular maintenance

- bob q

It is roomy and reliable. Gas mileage is pretty good; performance is adequate.

I like the reliability of my vehicle and the space it offers for people and cargo. I wish it were less noisy and could get better gas mileage.

- Stephen G

Gets you to where you want to go.

It is quiet while driving. It takes me to the fishing places I want to visit, on and off road. It is a size I like and the gas mileage is ok.

- Not Happenin T

Great on how it holds up and keeps on going!

I bought it used and it has treated me so well! It has 245000 miles and keeps on running! would love to get a new one that is like this one!

- Joseph c

Very reliable and sturdy.

It's been a really reliable for the time I've owned it. The biggest issue was an engine lock up in which it cost over 3000 dollars to fix.

- Hailey C

Very safe in accident. Hit by vehicle traveling a high speed. Minimal damage.

Never any issues. Handles well. Low maintenance. Very dependable. Good gas mileage. Only problem seems to be road noise from underneath.

- Claude C

Reliable, good on gas, cheap on repairs.

Honda CR-V is extremely reliable. Routine maintenance is all that is necessary to keep it running. I have spent very little on this car.

- Francine Z

It runs well. And is a reliable car.

I love it has a sunroof an is roomy. I wish it had more car charger ports. I like that it an SUV. I like that it is good in the winter.

- Melissa T

CRV's are a good family car.

Overall it is a reliable car. However, since it is 15 years old, of course there are some problems. We have always taken care of it.

- Valerie O

It's very durable. It's been through a lot of off road situations, and it runs great after 15 years.

It runs well. There's a ton of passenger room as well as storage space in the trunk. Considering it's an SUV it gets great gas mileage

- Raymond H

It's been on all kinds of adventures!

It's been our family car for the past 11 years, and it's been a trooper. We've kept up with maintenance, and it has served us well.

- Angie A

Honda CRV is a great vehicle

It is very dependable. I've owned it 14 years and it has never given me problems. I just keep it maintained and it keeps running.

- Ann F

It's stylish enough for city and rugged and roomy enough for adventure.

I like that the seats are comfortable. I like that it's easy to drive. I don't like the road noise. I wish it had higher clearance.

- Noelle B

It can get me from point a, to point b.

I love the gas mileage and how my vehicle drives so smoothly. I like the space it has. There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Jen F

Good running car that is called Romeo.

Car runs great really comfortable and easy to see if you are a short person very fast and good pickup. Would recommend this car.

- Patricia G

It's reliable and gets fairly good mileage and has good resale value.

It is virtually care free. The only thing I've had to replace is the battery twice. It gets fairly good mileage. It seats 5.

- Debra S

It's good on gas and it can go anywhere.

Ii like it because it has a lot of space. And also its pretty big car. And everything works fine. And it's pretty good in gas.

- Roger R

It has needed few repairs. Basic maintenance has been enough for it to continue to perform well.

It has stood up well, requiring few repairs with just basic maintenance. The color does not show dirt. The mileage is decent.

- cathy b

What a long lasting car indeed.

My car is very comfortable for going to places to places. Plus, I used it for 10+ years and it still in a pretty good shape.

- Kristian E

It gets me where I need to go. that's all I require of a car

It's old, but it does the job. I was recently hit from behind and that care was severely damaged. My steel car had no damage

- kim t

it's important for people to know that honda is consistent and that extra parts are readily available.

the honda crv is a reliable and family friendly vehicle. spacious but not too big - it's the right size for a small family.

- jon v

Honda doesn't stand behind their vehicles. They knew about this problem.

like the gas mileage. Like the amount of room. Don't like that air conditioning compressor broke and Honda won't fix it.

- Don H

It is size and capabilities and mileage.

Cup holders are too small. They rear visibility not the greatest. I love the color. We have had only a couple of repairs.

- Kathy F

It's a reliable car and good on gas, it's just an older model.

The ac still looks great. It does look beat up since the paint is coming off but over all the car has lasted a long time.

- Jennifer D

It is a very reliable car.

Great working car. Not many problems. Easy to repair. Rides very comfortably. Wish I could keep it for another 10 years.

- Glenn H

It has an engine problem and no idea what it is.

It gets terrible gas mileage and has an engine issue that we don't have the money to get checked out to be repaired.

- June G

It is reliable and I've never had a major issue with it.

I like the size of my vehicle. It is easy to drive and does well in all weather. For a my family and my lifestyle.

- Nicole I

it looks old but droves beautifully. It will break down alot but it will not let you down.

it does good driving and has good mileage. it does breakdown a lot though. I wish it could handle a little better.

- Angel w

Very good on gas seats lay down to a bed so it is good for traveling

The wheel bracket has busted three times and been replaced Other than that good car I love it. Would recommend

- Sarenity P

Love my CRV and wish they still made this type of model.

Best vehicle I have owned. A bit underpowered, but reliable, roomy and tough. Wish they still made this style.

- Nan L

It's very dependable and problem free. It has 4 wheel drive which I love.

It has given me no problems in the 15 years I've owned it and it sits high up so I can see well and it's safe.

- Maxine S

That I can count on it to be a reliable source of transportation.

I like that it is reliable, that it is cute, that I can fit everything I need in it, and that it is durable.

- Kim G

The Amazing Honda CRV wahoo

The air conditioner doesn't work and the driver seat won't lock by itself. It can only be locked manually.

- Kevin N

This CRV is Low Maintenance and great on gas mileage.

I like that it is easy to drive. I have low maintenance. I can travel everywhere with the all wheel drive.

- Lesa G

Relatively inexpensive to own. Drives more like a car than a truck.

Easy driving, low maintenance cost. As with every Honda I've owned, the seat-belt retractor is worthless.

- William R

Its reliable as long as your willing to take care of it.

Gas mileage is good, 4 wheel drive, and dependable. High rollover risk. Problems with side airbag recall.

- Mary T

It's a safe car. When there were issues, HoNda contacted me and fixed it.

I like that it's roomy and comfortable for both myself and passengers. Gets me from point A to point B.

- Evelyn M

Honda CRVs are great on gas and great over cars with a lot of room for storage and passengers.

I love my Honda. It's good on gas and inexpensive to upkeep. I love the small SVU feel when driving it.

- Jade B

High quality and comfort, reliability and durability

It is comfortable as it has plenty of room for people and cargo. It runs great and it is very reliable

- Jon R

Compact SUV that is great in the snow.

Good dependable roomie the AWD is a great feature handles snow beautifully good crash rating compact.

- Mackenzie K

Very gas economical SUV and very reliable as well. The price for aftermarket parts is perfect.

I really love the comfort of that vehicle. There aren't a lot of options on it but still be very lit

- Alonso T

I would want to tell them that it gets fairly good mileage.

I mostly love my Honda CR-V, but I do wish it it was a smoother ride, and that it was not as noisy.

- Sally W

The Honda CRV drives great.

Great handling. Drives great. Great visibility. Very stable and surefooted. Very maneuverable.

- FR S

the manufacturer has delivered what it promised over 125000 miles ago

best of the best, over 125000 miles and holding its own, still save and gives a comfortable ride

- pamela Q

Dependable and comfortable transportation

It is comfortable. It holds a lot of things. It is reliable and uses a reasonable amount of gas.

- Lui s

It is dependable and requires very little maintenance.

It is dependable. It requires very little maintenance. We have had very few problems with it.

- Eddie F

It's a good value for the money

It's fun to drive. It has been maintenance free. It looks nice. Gas mileage could be better

- Jeff P

It has required very low maintenance and upkeep. I love my CR-V

I love my car! It is reliable, dependable and efficient. No dislikes or complaints!

- Pam L

It has very good mileage and very spacious for a smaller looking car.

It's a good quality car, there's usually a few problems with the shocks and struts.

- Jossie A

Extremely reliable vehicle. Comfortable, easy maintenance .

Has been an excellent vehicle for our family. Very little maintenance. Ok mileage.

- Debbie R

It's really dependable I don't have worry about it being a gas guzzler

I like the it's a small SUV it's good on gas wish it had more of the extra stuff

- Debbie M

very reliable and good gas mileage has good control easy to navigate not to big

good gas mileage nice hatchback don't like interior - wish it had power seats

- jill W

Honda CR-V has a great safety rating for the product.

Honda CR-V has high safety ratings and a product that holds it value.

- Anna D

I feel that my car fits my personality to perfection

I call her Black Betty She is a dream She is my little zoom zoom car

- Becky C

Great on gas and has four wheel drive and good in the winter

Love the size it's not a gas hog and safe for my son to ride in

- Suzanne H

Any manufacturers recalls, so that I can have them repaired.

It's very reliable, but I have a hard time getting in and out.

- Anne R

Four wheel drive, is important in midwestern winters

Spacious, low maintenance, good for winter driving

- Hannah A

- Kelsey P