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Good ride, but weak build quality.

We have had our 05 CRV since it was only 2 years old with only 19k miles on it. It now has 179k. This is my third and last Honda that I will ever own. It will serve you well for the first 5 years of its life, but watch out afterwards. I have had consistent suspension and alignment issues despite replacing all four struts, control arms and even a ball joint. I still have a poping in the front end that the mechanic can’t figure out and it pulls to the right despite never being in an accident. I have had to replace a window regulator in the drivers door and now we cannot use the door lock and power mirror switches in the drivers door. Also the outside trim is falling off in the Az sun. The power steering pump went out and you will likely need a new AC compressor at some point like we did due to a design flaw were the exhaust manifold is too close to it making it too hot. I had a 86 Accord and an 89 Civic previously that we’re both a lot more durable. I am sticking to Toyotas and I hope to trade in this heap soon.

- Tim

Love my Honda! It is a comfortable and classy ride.

The car is really comfortable and roomy. I don't like that I have to manually unlock the passenger door at every stop. There is not enough front end storage for all today's items, the drop down center console is really a waste, could use it for more storage area. Under the passenger seat is a pullout drawer, have no idea what it is for, being that it is to small for anything other that a grocery store flyer. Love the performance and gas mileage. It is a really economical vehicle. Love the floor mats, they help to keep the camel colored carpet clean. Love the exterior design, it looks sleek and classy. We bought this used from a family member. I am sure the picked the one with less amenities, than I would of. They have said they would love to have the vehicle back.

- Diana H

Crv one of the best cars for all your adventures.

I bought my CR-V used and love it. We took our vehicle camping, the front seats go all the way back so you can sleep. In your car. It also has a fold out table in the back which we used to have lunch on. I have had no problems with car so far. The driver side has a small rust patch which I see on most CR-Vs but living in a state with no rust is on every car no matter what kind. The back seats fold down to be able to haul large items. We love it for garage sales. The front right seat has a hidden drawer under the seat great to put maps or anything.

- Beth S

A comfortable, reliable vehicle.

I like my Honda CR-V because it is a smooth drive and I sit higher up then a regular passenger vehicle. It has been a very reliable vehicle for me. I have been consciences about doing scheduled regular maintenance and haven't had to do any major repairs. It gets decent gas mileage although not stellar. About 28 mpg on the freeway and 22 mpg in the city. It is a comfortable ride. My only complaint is there is a lot of road noise from the tires. It helped when I bought high quality tires designed to reduce road noise.

- Chris M

Love this car, the only car for me.

Very reliable car, mine is over 100, 000 miles and the biggest problem I have encountered was having to get a new battery. With attention and regular upkeep, Honda CR-Vs will last you a long time. Really comfortable seats, has arm rests for both front seats, and the back is perfect for camping. I can fit a lot of stuff in the trunk and the back seats go all the way down to provide a good resting spot. I have only had CR-Vs, the first was a 99, but I wouldn't want any other kind of car. This is my all time favorite.

- Marisa J

Overall great car, but has some flaws

Overall the 2005 Honda CR-V is a great car. The one I currently have is a used car and I have had a couple problems regarding the headlights and side mirror; however, in my opinion it is a great car. Because the headlights changed the year of 2005 to a different model and then switched back in 2006, there are some problems with the lights going out often. The side mirror on the passenger side also likes to pop out and shatter on the ground, which is not normal, but this has only happened twice.

- erin s

It's durable and long-lasting. Absolutely reliable and runs great!

I love my vehicle! It's the right size and fit for me. I can easily get in and out of the car and have the seat just right to be able to reach the steering wheel and the pedals comfortably. I like that amount of storage I have in my trunk and the table as my trunk floor board. It drives smoothly and easily. The size is just right...not too big for tight parking lots and not too small that we can't fit everyone in our family of 5. Great turning radius and a loud horn!

- Sachi H

Great Car - Good for Family on Budget.

I love my Honda. I bought it used back 2006 and I have had very little to no problems with it. It was certified Used. It runs great, is safe for my family and works well with the weather we have here - lots of snow. It has been a good car and if I ever needed to purchase another car, I would choose a Honda again. The only problem we've had a few times is with the light bulbs in the front headlights. They go out every so often. We replace them ourselves.

- Sarah B

The used models are long lasting and great for people who need a reliable and great car but can't afford a new car.

I bought this car used and it is still in excellent condition. There were about 150000 miles on it when i bought it, and I've put on about 45000 more miles on it. The engine is in great shape, and my mechanic (aka my dad) thinks I could drive it for another 50000 at least if I take care of it. Part of that quality is the fact that the past owner probably put a lot of maintenance into it, but part of it is also the dependability and quality if the make.

- Jacqueline S

When I drive my Honda CR-V I feel like a road warrior!

My Honda CR-V is a comfortable ride but is a bit noisy. Some of the features no longer are working such as the CD player. I live in southern Michigan and in the winter I need to put weight in the back which helps with road performance. Paint it chipping and it is hard to really clean the interior good. I have had very few issues with this car. A new starter this year - but, besides the normal care for a vehicle it is been very reliable.

- Melissa G

I very happy with my car because it works well and does not need to much gas.

I haven't problems with my car, and it works very well. Does not spend much gas. I drive it to go work and back to home and do not have to pay too much gas. I really feel safe driving this car without worries. Since I bought it I have felt very comfortable and happy. Now the gas is too expensive I do not have to worry much, my car does not need much gas to drive to work and back home all the week and the weekend.

- Gaby P

they run great and they are very well made

This CR-V doesn't have the road-swallowing pickup I was used to from my previous Hondas. (Prelude & Accord) But otherwise I'm very happy with this purchase. The ride feels very comfortable and stable, the visibility is great (no blind spot that I've noticed) and the AWD and high clearance make the climb up my driveway much easier. I call this car Snorlax because it's powerful and sleepy just like the Pokémon!

- Bernice D

It's 13 years old and still runs great. Although it is low mileage for It's age, it has never given me a bit of trouble. Also, Honda's really hold their value.

The only complaint I would have is it's a bit noisy on the freeway. Also, since I bought it so long ago it doesn't get great gas mileage. But I love everything else about it: the style, the color, the ride, the cargo room. I don't care to have a bunch of gadgets and high technology inside my car. This is what I want in an SUV and I've never had any trouble with it, except the airbag recall. LOVE IT

- gene T

This is a great, roomy vehicle.

The Honda CR-V is small enough but has a lot of room to haul a bunch of stuff and people too. It has been surprising just how much can fit in the vehicle especially the trunk. It is super comfy and roomy. It definitely is comfy but not as much in the back seats as adult sized. There are many cup holders (always acceptable to have more though lol) and it is less stressful when have enough/a lot.

- Jamie G

22 year old tries to explain car.

Our CR-V is blue and has been in the family for years. My grandma gave it to us after she drove it for 5 years, so it's been around pretty much since 2007. It is a great car with good a/c, heat, seating, speakers, etc. I always thought that it'd be a great car to have after my mom is done with it. It is small but not too small, easy to control and park in. Movements do not seem scary at all.

- Rebecca B

We have loved our three 5-speed CR-Vs which came with small picnic tables!

This is the third Honda CR-V we have owned. Overall, the dependability has been stellar. Our current CR-V has close to 200, 000 miles, and is starting to have some issues (we are on our third ac compressor, had to replace a motor mount, the clutch plate broke in half, some electrical problems). We would buy another CR-V in a heartbeat, but they no longer make stick shift transmissions.

- Sue B

It is been very dependable throughout the years.

Overall my car has been very reliable. The only problems I have had with it have been when it gets cold sometimes it does not start but that is because it needs a new battery. The only other complaint I have is that it does not have an auxiliary output which I find important for playing the music I like. However, they make cassette to AUX converters so this has not been a huge issue.

- Holly L

The black trim around the bottom and Edges does fade over the years.

My 2005 Honda CR-V is very reliable and gets amazing gas mileage. I have owned it for over 6 years and it has over 170, 000 on it and it still runs like a gem. It accelerates quickly and smoothly and it has very minimal blind spots which is very convenient. It is very spacious and allows for everyone to sit comfortably. I love the style, feel, and everything about the car.

- Andrea A

Vehicle will run forever with basic maintenance. Has good resale value.

No problems. Great in snow! Decent gas mileage. No blind spots. Car holds it is value very well. It has always run very well with just the basic maintenance. Has a fairly smooth ride for an SUV. Lots of airbags, it has six. Lots of legroom in back, and back seats are adjustable. Also has a picnic table and ice compartment under the floor in rear! Kind of fun feature.

- Elisa F

I am going to buy my Honda that lets you talk on your phone thru your radio.

My car is very comfortable. I really like how the back door swings open and does not lift up like so many others. So many people are impressed by the door. The seats are very cozy and there is plenty leg room. My car is now almost 14 years old and has 164, 000 miles. Since I take very good care of my car, I hope that it will be close to 250, 000. I love my car.

- Lauren T

It is very economical on gas, I occasionally run until the empty light shows.

I love the car, it is reliable, it always starts, never overheats and it is zippy on the road. I have 100, 000 miles on the car and it drives like new, no rattles or shakes. I still have the original tires and I have never used the spare. My off-road driving is about 10% of the total. I have allergies and I use the ac all the time and never a problem with it.

- Alec G

Honda - CR-V. Overall a great vehicle to drive.

The Honda CR-V is a good car to drive for a short time. After a couple of years it needs more and more maintenance. The parts are easy to find but I usually have to get parts often for the parts that mess up. Once running it runs great! It has take various out of the country trips and worked fine! Very soothing and comfortable to be in while driving.

- Ana M

I think it is very easy to drive.

My Honda CR-V is a very comfortable car. It is small enough to fit just about anywhere but still roomy enough for my family of 4. I also think it is great on gas. I am not sure of any problems if it has any because my husband takes care of that stuff. But I am very happy with my Cr-v. This is my 3rd CR-V (I have just upgraded years every time. ).

- Krystal M

Overall dependable, reliable and comfortable vehicle.

Reliable vehicle. Comfortable and spacious. Decent gas mileage. Affordable upkeep and maintenance. Safe and easy driving in harsh Ohio weather conditions. Honda makes sturdy and dependable vehicles, with 188,000 miles it drives like slightly used vehicle. Some amount of rusting due to road salt but otherwise good condition for amount of use.

- Amber F

Good reliable car. Great look and good value.

Reliable car. Good gas mileage. Sturdy. Looks nice. Big enough to fit family but not too big. No big problems. No issues with car. Able to keep interior clean due to leather seats. Good performance in the snow. Theater seats work well in cold. Comfortable seating for everyone and good amount of storage for dogs and camping gear.

- Holly G

Smooth ride. Gas mileage economic. Perfect for family rides. Spacious.

I didn't have any major problem with my vehicle. Just change oil, new tires, brakes everything that is normal. I recommend this vehicle it is performance is excellent no complain. Its a 2005 Honda CR-V and I still drive it had 176000 miles. I am not planning to buy a new car right now but if I have to I will buy a Honda again.

- Maria H

My leather seats and sunroof as well as my 6-cd player.

My Honda CR-V is the best car I have ever owned. Performance is excellent, no problems with breakdowns on parts outside of regular upkeep. I love my heated leather seats and sunroof. My car performs flawlessly and consistently. I feel very safe with my drivers side and passenger side airbags. Lots of passenger and trunk space.

- Carrie C

It rides high. Sometimes people with disabled legs have a hard time getting in or out of the vehicle. Other than that they (or I) have nothing to complain about. Pennsylvania has plenty of hills. And we all agree that we can see of the majority of the hills, unlike the smaller vehicles that have that kind of problem. Take care of this vehicle and it will take care of you.

I LOVE my CR-V. It is the only vehicle for 3 people. It goes Everywhere. We only keep up with regular maintenance. And we do. It runs just like it did when I drove it off the lot. Someone tore my cover for the Spare, but that doesn't hurt travel. I have nothing to dislike or complain about. But, LOVE LOVE LOVE my CR-V

- Pamela C

Reliable, long-term family car.

My CR-V is reliable, easy to drive, and fuel-efficient. I have room for our stuff -- chairs for soccer games, groceries, books, and random other stuff we are hauling. My problems are superficial like I hate the cup-holders and the electronic key no longer works (and we are unwilling to pay the high cost to replace it. ).

- Jennifer P

Hidden features and a table!

It is a little clunky sometimes, need to figure out what it is. But I love the roomy seats and all the compartments and places to put stuff. It is also a cute looking SUV. My favorite feature though, would have to be the hidden table under the back floor. It is really neat and handy. I love vehicles with hidden features.

- Gwen A

Amazing 2005 Honda CR-V, the best car ever.

I bought my Honda used about three years ago and have had absolutely no problems. The only thing that ever went wrong was my battery died, but that is inevitable with an older car. I have been driving it daily for years with no issues. In fact, there is almost 200,000 miles on it and it still runs beautifully.

- Abby L

Perfect and reliable car if well kept!

The only problems I have had with my car are directly resulting from its age! As a 14 year old car, it still runs incredibly well! Given that the mileage is still pretty low. The leather seats and the gear shift placement on the dashboard rather than in the center console are my favorite features!

- Mikaela H

Dependable and spacious CR-V.

I am not in love with my car, and if it was not a hand me down from my mother I probably wouldn't be driving it. I do not care for the boxy look and feel. The seats are hard and not very comfortable especially on long trips. I do like the cargo space. It drives well and has been very dependable.

- Patty L

Honda CR-V 2005 was a good year.

My Honda CR-V 2005 is older but I still love it. 260000 miles and she is still kicking! I do have to keep up on the oil changes and everything, and I have had to replace the battery a couple of time. As with any older car, you need to keep up an any maintenance problems before they get bigger.

- Deborah S

Daily driving family car never breaks.

Very roomy on the inside, especially when seats fold down. Excellent gas mileage. Very low maintenance. Bought with 60, 000 mI now 160, 000. Only major work was a timing belt at 100, 000 miles. Easy for a five year old to get in buckle up and even stand up and put coat on when it is raining.

- Brandon C

It has always been very reliable, including always starting,air conditioning works great, no breakdowns of any kind.

We bought our Honda CR-V new and it has given us excellent service to this day. It has always been reliable and no breakdowns, it is comfortable on long drives that we have taken. It is a 2005 and everything works very well. We have taken at least 20 long distant trips without any problems.

- Sharon B

The Honda CRV maybe a small package but offers much more than one would think.

The CR-V is very reliable car. It is great on gas consumption and definitely will not hurt your pocket to fill it up. It does however, lack horsepower, so if you like speed, this is not the vehicle for you. It does however, offer a lot of roominess on the inside considering its small frame.

- Cheryl B

It is a great car with good gas mileage and has lots of hidden features.

I love my car because it is safe and reliable. It rarely has issues and I plan on having it for a long time. I fits all the needs I have. I love the tire on the back and the empty wheel well for extra storage and the picnic table in the back for when we go to the park or just need a table.

- Ashley B

I think the most interesting detail is the table that comes in the back!

Well the brakes got really bad on it and my husband had to replace the pads. I love the sunroof. It has had some issues starting in the am which is frustrating but I just jiggled the battery and it works. It is comfortable and pretty roomy for the size. I love the table that it comes with!

- Liz F

Car is perfect for those beginning to learn how to drive.

Car has a lot of mileage, air conditioner no longer works, gas and brake pedals require a bit more force when stepping on it. Car is easy to drive though, perfect size for friends and family. You'll have to drive with the windows down in the summers. The heater works fine in the winters.

- Lydia H

Good basic SUV and very reliable.

The vehicle is reliable, gets good gas mileage. I had a Chevy blazer prior which had 4 wheel drive and wondered if this would be good in the snow. The CR-V is front all wheel drive and it is great in the snow! It is smaller than the blazer and easier for tight turns, much smoother ride.

- Sara W

The Honda CR-V has a lot of space and allows me to transport equipment as well as other people. It helps me get around effectively and at a decent cost. The reliability of the vehicle is great and is what largely swayed my decision in buying the car because Honda has very reliable cars.

- Joshua C

You can do anything to the car from my experienced off-road or rv you can do it.

Very strong and reliable car. Its roomy. Good with gas. Perfect for a family car. Even the mileage is high its still feel very strong. It's not that high tech car but you can upgrade your system. It can be off-road car too. I have leave in my car for how many months. I turn it in to rv.

- Joy D

2005 Honda Accord CR-V black.

I like it is easy to drive, comfortable seats, reliable. I have had this car for about two years and have not had any major problems with it thus far. I like it a lot! It is black with leather seats, am/FM stereo, CD player, auto doors, windows and locks, keyless entry, cruise control.

- Karen F

Perfect SUV for me - it is smaller and is higher off the ground.

It is a compact SUV which I like better than the full-sized models. It still runs well and gets good gas mileage and is easy to handle. I love that it is higher off the ground then compact cars. I like that it has 4 doors and a child seat as well. It also has a spare tire on the back.

- Jen R

Small SUVs are for me. I like SUVs better than compact cars for the visibility.

I like it because it is compact yet higher off the ground which gives me great visibility. It has tinted windows which helps repel the Florida heat. It still gets good gas mileage. It has a good turning radius and the seat is close enough to the pedals which is good since I am short.

- Jen R

Honda review for any car buyer.

The car is very comfortable and everything generally runs good. I have only had flat tires and battery corrosion. Besides that is has run great for me since I have had it. I would suggest this car to anyone. It is light so when wind picks up you need to be steady and pay attention.

- Tina T

Considering the age of my vehicle, it has held up impeccably well.

My car is not the most comfortable to ride in. The safety features are minimal due to the vehicle's age. The mileage is high, which will mean investing in repairs or purchasing a newer vehicle. I sometimes notice road noise and some of the backlighting does not work for the nobs.

- June D

Great deal for single family.

This car is great, we have over 200, 000 miles and it runs great and has minimal problems. The only thing is some of the things it lacks are more on the technological side. Some features like Bluetooth are missing but you can alway get around that. Great car for a small family.

- Anthony C

The Honda CRV is a great family car as well as a fun singles car.

I love my Honda CRV because it has plenty of room drives well and isn't a gas guzzler. I do wish that the tires didn't cost so much to replace otherwise... I would love to buy a new CRV. I also like that I rarely have mechanical problems with my CRV which means a lot to me.

- Renee M

I love my gold 2005 Honda CR-V.

Reliable. Easy to drive. Easy t get in and out. Good braking. Good stability. Fast enough. Like ease of changing seats in back. Do not like all of the cabin noise. Cheap radiator. Do not like that there are no heat vents in back. Do not like problems with brake replacement.

- Kathy K

Love the CR-V with the camping table.

It has 142,000 miles and no problems so far. I have had to replace the brake solenoid and do a little work on the clutch, but those are all parts that wear with use. No other problems at all, it also comes with a table for camping built into the cargo area, love the CR-V.

- Christian H

Honda CR-V has lots of space and high reliability ratings.

I bought it used so it already had a ton of miles on it. But I am over 200, 000, 000 and it is still going. I love the reliability of my Honda. I do not have to take it in to the shop more often than I would any other car, especially at its age. I love the spacious trunk.

- Lauren M

The car is a good car to get with a great value.

Its comfortable, safe, easy to drive not bad on mileage. It's a good running car. Economical. It has a nice body shape and style to it. A real joy to have in my life. It would be a good car for a large or even small family. The back can have animals to groceries in it.

- Cheryl M

Spacious in the back for bikes.

Good gas mileage, spacious in the back, fold down seats. It has a neat pull out picnic table. Runs pretty smooth. The back seats pull down where there is ample room to fit my bicycle in the back. It rides up pretty good on hills of you want to go on a camping trip.

- Nina K

CRV: Comfortably Reliable Vehicle

My CRV is 13 years old, 145000 miles and she has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Normal wear and tear. The biggest expense to repair her was the transmission when she was 10 years old. I hope to get another 10 years, 100000 miles out of her

- Jessica H

It's compact for a small truck but you can really pack a lot in there with the way the trunk is made

I honestly like the fact it uses very little gas and that when I do refill the tank, I barely break 20-30 range for a full tank. I like the little picnic table it has included as well as the special compartment for the car Jack built into the side of the trunk.

- Giovanna T

Honda CR-V and all its space!

It has been a great car so far. There is so much space. Both in the back seat and in the trunk. I love how easy it is to put the seats down if you have more stuff to put in the back. I also like that when you drive you sit up high so you can see the road well.

- Elizabeth Y

my car, Honda CR-V, is a very reliable and safe vehicle.

I love the capacity for hauling and the picnic table in back! I hate that back seats take up so much space still when folded down. I hate how much outside noise I hear inside the car. I hate my cassette tape player... I love the heated seats and mirrors.

- Michaela C

Honda CR-V is a family friendly car.

We really enjoy our CR-V. It is a very practical car. With good gas mileage and space. It is not the comfiest car for long road trips but it is good for around town. We have not had many problems with it at all. We bought ours used and it has been great.

- Madison W

Will not buy again... Disappointment from the start.

Have had to replace engine; been one thing after another; replaced water belt and timing chain x 2; replaced oil pump; radiator x3; there is an electrical short that nobody can fix; fan blades replaced; frequently have problems with tires and alignment.

- Tiffany M

2005 CR-V - very reliable vehicle!

I bought the CR-V brand new in 2005, it has been a very reliable vehicle for over 13 years. Other than normal maintenance items and oil changes, it has only been necessary to replace tires and brakes, and the motor that operates the front seat windows.

- Ellen L

Even for a SUV type car, the gas mileage on it is perfect for someone traveling.

I haven't had any problems with my car besides the dealers not changing the brakes before I purchased it and them going bad within 3 months. It is a really comfortable car with a lot of space and storage. Great for someone who has 2 or even 3 kids.

- Brittany B

Gas mileage and the space.

I like that my car has easy access to the trunk. Best for everyday loading of large items and of course groceries. My car is just the right size for me. Not too big and not too small. Great on gas mileage. Reliable which makes me feel safe.

- Rebecca P

Even after all this time, it still gets great gas mileage.

It is just the right size, great ground clearance, perfect height to load groceries without my back complaining about it. Dislike lack of infinite speed control on windshield wipers. Complaints? The horn could sound a little more 'beefy. '.

- Ivy H

I gave my vehicle a name: Smiley Cyrus because I put a smiley face tire cover on it.

Amazing reliability, comfort and size are perfect for my needs. Now that the vehicle is getting older he gas mileage is worse, and the some of the features aren't the greatest. but it has over 112,000 miles on it and still runs great.

- Kaitlyn N

It is very reliable. Never had a problem with the engine.

The vehicle is roomy for my big dog. Easy to get in and out of. Is high enough to see very well when driving. I like the side action door instead of the old tailgate design. It is too loud in the cabin. Could have more insulation.

- Kathryn K

It is very reliable. I've had it for over a decade and have had to take it into the shop very rarely, even for maintenance.

I like how it's AWD and there is a good amount of storage. I also like the safety ratings. The one thing I dislike is all the recalls it has had with its airbags. I went to the mechanic several times and there are still issues.

- Jen B

It is the all around best SUV I've known, great size, good gas mileage, runs well for so long!

I love everything about my car, the size, the engine power, speakers, etc. I especially love the trunk space and don't mind the miles to the gallon. However, it could stand to get better gas mileage and could speed up faster.

- HP P

This car starts every time no matter what.

I dislike that the car is underwhelming and unassuming. The air conditioning is notorious for breaking and mine did, costing me hundreds of dollars. I like that the car is dependable and runs even when others might not.

- Hanna V

Dependable car, but also fun to drive. Good size for many purposes without being too large to easily drive/handle.

I like the size of the vehicle - large enough to carry everything, but smaller than a full size SUV. It handles more like a car than an SUV. It is very reliable. It's also fun to drive. I have no complaints about it.

- Tammy S

The car gets great gas mileage while not sacrificing room or the ability to drive off roads.

I like that it is all wheel drive and does well driving in the mountains. I gets good gas mileage and has a lot of room. It has some problems with locks and minor mechanical problems. It is slightly underpowered.

- Brandon R

Honda engines last forever if you take care of them properly

I travel a lot for work and also own 2 dogs. I like my cr-v because I can haul my pets and my tools from home to construction sites that allow them. It's also excellent for shopping and hauling building supplies

- Jonathan L

Very pleased with my 2005 CR-V.

Only issue I have is not being able to pull my horse trailer and had electrical issues with the headlights for a while, but love the CR-V otherwise. The gas mileage is great and it is a very comfortable vehicle.

- Mary C

Still runs good but has small issues that can be fix for small amount of money

I like the way it drives. High up so it don't get stuck in snow. Has lot of power. Like my multi cd player. Lot of little things going wrong like passenger window not working. Or key remote doesn't work etc

- Kathleen W

Honda is my only choice for a vehicle!

Love my car. It's 13 years old, and still running well. I haven't had any major issues with it. I'm just not comfortable putting it on the road to drive 5 hours away. Next car will definitely be another Honda!

- Karen B

I love my CRV! It's a reliable vehicle I can't stop recommending.

It is old, but very reliable. It is inexpensive to repair and has 4 wheel drive, which helps in the snow and ice. I can easily carry my family of four and our dog. I will be so sad when it finally kicks it.

- Marcy B

that it is old, but has held up over the years. I do not like the new cr v's

I think my cr-v has great hauling capacity for both people and stuff. I am able to haul up to 5 people and up to 8 foot boards with the seats down. It is an older vehicle, but it still runs quite nicely.

- mat a

Honda lover. Easy to handle in any type of weather or road condition.

Easy to handle yet roomy enough for 2 adults and 3 kids. Great on gas mileage. Keep it service with regular tune ups and it will run 200, 000 plus miles. Con's if you do have to have a repair it is costly.

- Anna S

Manual AWD Adventure car Reliable and low mileage for the year.

The car that I currently own is outdated, and also a manual. I would prefer to own an automatic car with an updated sound system. Specifically, if I had to choose though, I hate the manual engine the most.

- talissa h

Reliability in performance and maintenance.

I love everything about my vehicle. Mileage, style, versatility for storage - can put seats down if necessary. Lots of places to put things inside near driver and passenger - not just glove compartment.

- Cynthia L

It is sturdy and reliable.

My car is the most reliable ends 30 car I have ever driven. I haven't had any problems with it and I bought it used. Hondas are the safest makes in my opinion, and I wouldn't want to own any other car.

- Madison P

It is a reliable car that can get you from point a to point b without issues

I like that I can fit my family in the vehicle and have room for trips in the back. I wish that it had a third row so i can fit more passengers. I dislike that the ac doesn't work as well as it should

- Monica H

My car is very reliable and versatile in it's use for our family. (e.g. from swim carpools to mulch pick up)

My CRV is very reliable and cost efficient. It allows me to sit up high which provides better viewing of the road. I would like to see more technology integrated into the car and better gas mileage.

- Kathryn M

perfect size and perfect mileage for someone looking for a good safe car

I love my car it is like my baby. I bought it preowned about a year ago once I got my license. It is the perfect amount of space for me and would be the perfect road trip car. Great mileage as well.

- Morgan L

Best car I ever had. Love my leather heated seats.

Best car I ever had. Outside of regular maintenance repairs, no major repair issues. Great gas mileage. Love my interior and beautiful sunroof. Lots of trunk space. Handles beautifully on the road.

- Carolina C

we love it! and would definitely buy another one. Also my daughter is a new driver shes only had license 8 months and she loves to drive this vehicle

we just got this vehicle about 3 months ago. It's a nice size, bigger than the old rav4 but not too big. It has way better pick up & engine power. It is fun to drive and good on gas consumption

- mary s

That it is a very reliable car that I can depend on.

I have really enjoyed my vehicle because it has been very reliable and low maintenance. This is despite being purchased used with high mileage. I have enjoyed how the vehicle drives as well.

- Amanda R

It is a good, reliable car. It is worth the price.

I like that it is small and compact. But it is also big enough for my family right now. I like how smooth it runs. I like the trunk space and how it drives. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Trenton M

That it is great for small families. For transporting long distances to driving around doing errands.

It's a mid size SUV which is perfect for towing around my soon to be 2 kids. The all wheel drive is perfect for the winters here in Montana. I also love that it isn't too big or too small.

- Tiana A

Very dependable. Runs great and always starts with 175, 000 plus miles.

Runs like a champ. Never have problems, good gas mileage and has the basic features. Air, power windows, heated seats, tinted windows and mirrors, sunroof, rear wiper and defogger. .

- Doreen S

It's an excellent size with plenty of cargo room.

The structure of the vehicle is very solid and safe. The cargo area has a generous amount of room. Overall, it requires very little maintenance outside of the normal needs of a car.

- Brad T

Be gentle with it, because it is getting older.

I like how dependable it is. I like how I have driven many miles and it does not fail me. I do not like that it is starting to fail and get old, but I think it is very dependable.

- Kylie C

Hondas are the most reliable vehicle. You will not go wrong with getting a Honda.

The honda brand has always been incredibly reliable. While there have been some minor issues, it has never cost a lot to get fixed. With my other vehicles, I can not say the same.

- monica b

It's mine and nothing better happen to it like the last one.

I don't like the fact the lights have to be on in order for the dash lights to illuminate. It runs smooth and has space for everyone and everything. Only wish it was a newer model

- Jacquelyn M

it's a great car that gets decent gas mileage and has a perfect amount of space for a small family

I just need to have my airbags replaced because of the recall - other than that i love my car and i love that it's big but not huge and has the maneuverability of a smaller car

- Anjelika G

Best little SUV on the market.

Love how it handles. Plenty of room for anything you might want to haul. Great for my dogs and kids great on gas for a SUV and has a lot of power for a 4 cylinder just love it.

- Brenda P

The most important thing is that it is a Honda. It is reliable. I hope to have it several more years.

I love the versatility and reliability of my vehicle. It's small enough to be fuel efficient and yet it has a good ground clearance. It also has a rearrangeable storage space.

- Elizabeth J

Love My Versatile Honda CR-V

I love my Honda CR-V.. It has plenty of space. I love that the seats all fold down and also like that it has higher clearance from the ground but is not hard to drive at all.

- Leanne P

It is made to last longer and gives good mileage.

Honda crv is a reliable car and is quite spacious. It is good for a growing family. It is safe and has all the features/options that are needed to make it more user friendly.

- Alka K

I have been very lucky with this car. I have had no major problems.

It has been an extremely reliable car. However, you can tell it's starting to get old. I am definitely considering getting another CRV when this one needs to be replaced.

- Rebecca B

It is a dependable, reliable and lasts a long time as long as you do routine maintenance

My vehicle is dependable, gets me from A-B and is a pleasure to drive. The car's biggest fault is that is does not have lights that automatically shut off after driving.

- Laura I

Dependability handles well all wheel drive is excellent.

Dependability all wheel drive is excellent in inclement weather. A little small but handles very well. Great stereo sound with 5 disc CD changer. Over 271000 miles!!

- Martin H

It has terrific visibility and is easy to handle and drives like car not a truck.

I love that my car has good gas mileage and is a great utility vehicle. I can fit a lot of stuff but easily can have a tidy car. There is great visibility in my car

- Lyndsey W

It is old. Again, reliable but old so there are typical issues with pickup, etc.

Almost 200, 000 miles. Typical old care problems. No modern features like XM radio (or a nice radio a all really). Average in comfort. Again, just old but reliable.

- Kathleen C

Lasts for years and years with no problems.

I like the size of it. I love the trunk space and that the door pulls out and not up. The locks stick a lot so I have to manually unlock the door most of the time.

- Sophia C

It has more options than a Mercedes Benz c class.

Uses a lot of oil. It needs to have oil added every couple weeks. Other than that there are not any complaints. It is a rebuilt vehicle. Bought it from my husband.

- Karen P

I love that this car is able to get around in snow. It's the perfect size for anybody, especially a college student.

My car runs pretty well for being almost 13 years old. The car has lasted and still running fairly smooth. It's a good travel car and has pretty good gas mileage.

- Michelle B

My car still drives great, and I still enjoy getting behind the wheel!!

I love my CRV. I have had my 2005 since 2010. I have had only one problem with it. I needed a new transmission after 13 years. I will definitely buy a newer one.

- Paul O

My car is very reliable as far as basic needs are concerned.

There is something wrong with my headlights, so they go out every five months or so. I love that my car is a hatchback. My driver side window does not roll down.

- Blair B

It is very reliable. I have very few problems with it.

I am very happy with my 2005 Honda crv. It has run well for a used car. The only thing I wish was different is that it would be a newer year model Honda crv.

- Christina H

It's dependable and has stood the test of time. It's a great little truck.

This vehicle has been pretty good to me. I'm not happy that the air conditioning has been gone for 3 years, but otherwise it's been a good vehicle.

- Violet S

Dependability is always the best

Love the vehicle, it has great gas mileage and has been exceptionally dependable. Maintenance does not break the bank an added feature in my book.

- Jerry G

It is considered a small SUV but it still has a good amount of space.

It is a fun and reliable car. Although I would like more mpg, it is an SUV. It has lots of space and the folding rear picnic table is a nice plus.

- Linda C

It was cheap and safe. Both very important to me as a mother

I'd prefer more legroom for the front passengers. The gas mileage is not as efficient as one would hope. I do love the heated leather seats.

- Lin N

It's a Honda and it will most likely outlive any other car I've ever owned.

A little more expensive to fix than others but the quality and safety are so much better. Road noise is probably the least attractive problem.


We can fit our bikes in it and two car seats. It's durable

It has 150k miles and runs smoothly. I drive it daily locally and we luckily haven't had any major issues with it. It's reliable and durable.

- Laura W

that the gas mileage for what it was, really is not impressive

it's been great just a car that i am not a fan of really. It could have better interior design, and more accessible features but it does not

- Albertus B

I have had it for 13 years and it still runs well.

It has been in 2 accidents and it still runs pretty well. I wish that it had a faster pickup speed. Sometimes, it is a little hard to start.

- Adam B

The table hidden in the back is cool.

The Honda CR-V is great. Love the space. Also love the durability and all the different compartments including the table hidden in the back.

- Gwen C

It gets me where I need to go and it's very versatile for doing lots of different things

Great size, not too big or too small. Decent gas mileage. Been having some mechanical problems lately though, unexplained sounds and such.

- Clarissa G

Used it to travel up and down the east coast since 2005.

I have has the car since 2005. Purchased it brand new. It has over 195000 miles and runs like the first day. It is reliable and looms new.

- Kim M

it's a very efficient car economically.

i like its being wide enough to carry stuff when I need to. but i didn't have tow hitch si I had to install one. and it's pretty safe car.

- Meltem A

It has foldable back seats.

The durability on this vehicle is nice and sturdy. Miles per gallon on this car is pretty decent. Steering is not to difficult to handle.

- Jorge B

People should know that it is a good value.

I like that it is reliable, easy to drive, and fuel efficient. I do not like the cupholders. I do not like that the locks have worn out.

- Jennifer A

it a great car and very dependable.

I like the space it has and that it has working AC. I'm not a fan of the age and maintenance it requires. Overall, it's a good vehicle.

- Samantha B

Great space and easy to drive !

I love it. It has great trunk room. The seats go down very easily in the back to make more room. It is easy to drive and roomy inside .

- Theresa A

It is safe and it gets great gas mileage.

I love how you sit up higher. The gas mileage is good. It rarely has any mechanical problems. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Karen H

The most important thing about my car is that it is a comfortable reliable vehicle that will last for years without complications.

I love my Honda CR-V. It has been a reliable vehicle for over 10 years now. I love the smooth ride and decent gas mileage of my CR-V.

- Megan W

It is dependable and gets good gas mileage.

There is not enough space next to the driver for my purse or lunch or whatever. I can not reach the passenger side of the back seat.

- Lauren T

It's comfortable to travel in.

I like that it has power locks. I dislike the fact that it's costing more and more to repair. I like that it's all wheel drive.

- Megan K

Dependable fir another 100,000 miles.

Easy to drive, dependable, comfortable, no problems, love sunroof, wish I had leather seats. It is tan which us not too bad.

- Susan W

Easy and inexpensive to fix.

Love the room in the car. Style. Perfect for my needs... Dislike that the car does not have a thermometer for outside temps.

- Madison K

It is a reliable car and works decently well.

It is a decent little car. Reliable. Not great for long distance road trips due to small interior. Gets decent gas mileage.

- Bee B

It is the first choice for those preparing for an apocalypse.

It is good for hauling my work equipment. It is all wheel drive. It is reliable. Would like it to have better gas mileage.

- Ruth B

Reliable - I rarely have to service it even after more than 180,000 miles!.

Very reliable and comfortable. Good storage. Nice size for my needs. Never needs major repairs. I like the look of it.

- Salvatore R

it long last and durable,I like it.My family feel comfortable.

Comfortable and reliable.It runs safety.Its affordable.Sometimes there's a problem about the engine but not too much.

- Irene k

It is reliable and rarely breaks down and maintenance costs are minimal.

It is reliable and roomy and meets all my transportation needs.. I dislike that there is quite a bit of road noise..

- Sally J

If you take care of it and keep up with maintenance it will last forever

There are weird electrical issues, the headlight bulbs burn out several times per year. They flicker sometimes also.

- Jamie L

It is a reliable car good for day-to-day and trips.

Rarely have to take it to the mechanic. Comfortable for up to 5 people with plenty of trunk space. Drives smoothly.

- Lindsay D

the vehicle is reliable and no major maintenance issues

I like the front and back seat roominess. I like the cockpit feeling in the driver's seat. Too much road noise.

- gilbert v

pull down seats enables you to fit a lot of things in the back

I love the space where I can fit my bicycle in the back. Decent gas mileage. Even has a pull down picnic table.

- Michelle L

It runs very well and is in fair condition with low miles.

I like that my car is spacious, but not too big. The seats have a heating option. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Jessica M

I have 3 cupholders in the front

Transmission needs to be flushed every 3rd oil change. Window switches will go out. Other than that its solid af

- Max W

Dependable 4WD vehicle for cheap

Very economical and dependable vehicle. Only gripe was that the ac condenser went just after the warranty period

- Pest P

I got a great deal on it. Saving my family a lot of money.

I like that my car can carry a lot of stuff. I like that it is all wheel try. I wish my gas mileage was better.

- Ruth B

2005 Honda crv Silver awd

Very maintenance free vehicle. Gas brakes and tires all wheel drive great in any weather this is our second crv

- Scott F

Be sure you try all controls: odometer reset, windows, position of everything.

Hate: Visibility is poor. Gas mileage is lower than expected.Road noise is high. Position of controls is lousy.

- ken m

Honda CRV, a reliable SUV from 2005.

The Honda CR-V is a pretty good SUV that still has a spare tire, a good ac, and good steering and control.

- Kamil Z

It rides great and looks good.

I love the gas mileage I get. I can put a lot of items in my vehicle. Very reliable vehicle I ever owned.

- Oleg Y

I use it every single day to commute to college.

I love the leather seats and moonroof. I also love how spacious my car is. It is a great car for camping.

- Angelina M

Air conditioning does not work.

Air-conditioning does not work anymore. Easy to practice and drive in. Vehicle has a lot of gas mileage.

- Lydia N

Easy to drive and great visibility all around.

I have no complaints. I love the car. It has an excellent turning radius, pickup, and road performance.

- Agnes L

It's very reliable and a good family car

I like that it's a reliable vehicle. It's not too expensive to maintain. I wish it was a little bigger

- Krys J

It is fuel efficient and easy to park because of its size.

I like that it is a small suv. I like the sun roof. I don't like that it does not have a smooth ride.

- Diana J

I would tell people that it is dependable and has good gas mileage.

I really like my car because it is comfortable and good on gas mileage. It also has good resale value.

- Pat G

The Honda CR-V is a very reliable car. I have not had mechanical issues with it just normal maintenance and wear and tear

It drives really well. It feels safe. There is a lot of room. The ac works really well. No complaints

- Lorrie J

Love this spacious family vehicle!

Still in good working condition. Love the camera for reversing. It also has a very spacious interior!

- Ant C

The Honda CR-V gets great gas mileage

I love my CRV, it is the perfect size for me. It gets great gas mileage and I have no complaints.

- Carole S

Dependable and good gas mileage

Good turning radius, roomy inside, good gas mileage, sits up higher than a car and very reliable.

- John r

It is secure because never broke down in the streets.

It use few gasoline. Move well. A small SUV that fit in difficult parking spaces. No complaints.

- Lau L

It is very study, yet comfortable. It gets good gas mileage. It has AWD.

It's dependable and it's easy to get service on it because it is a popular brand of automobile.

- Cindy B

It's reliable. Honda is a brand I trust

It's been wonderful. I have put over 100,000 miles on it. Love the look of the older model CRV

- Julie L

The car has enough space to put things that I would need to move when I want to buy furniture.

I like my car because it allows me to have enough space to fit the whole family comfortable.

- Daphne P

It's 13 years old and still runs well and looks great

It's small. It hauls large items. It drives smoothly. I have very little trouble with it.

- Roberta H

It's a great model and very dependable. I highly recommend Honda.

I Dislike age and high mileage. It has been very reliable. I am thankful for many years.

- Julie R

That it can get us to where we are going. Comfortable

Love the reliability. Don't like that a lot of things are starting to break down on it

- Jim S

I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Will be upgrading for newer year of same model.

Spacious, great handling, Dislike the placement of compressor that was a recall item.

- Dennis M

My car sits up high, so I have a good line of sight while driving

I like that I sit up high. Has enclosed space for moving items. gets good gas mileage

- Lisa M

It's trouble free and cheap to maintain

It has been totally trouble free, gets great mileage and I can carry anything I want

- Linda B

no mechanical issues ever since I have regular maintenance done

it is reliable, well made, never have problems , I would buy another Honda again

- cheryl k

The backseat is a little uncomfortable for passengers because it is basic

I love my car. It is reliable and works really well with little maintenance needs.

- Kelly S

It is very comfortable and is very safe to drive and is roomy.

It gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable on long trips. It has plenty of room.

- jeff h

It's very reliable and dependable. Very minor issues have arisen with it since we've owned it.

I really don't have any complaints about the vehicle. It's a good reliable suv.

- Kelsey B

It's all-wheel drive so it drives well in the snow.

It's a good size. It's all-wheel drive. It has little maintenance issues.

- Erin U

the honda crv is sturdy, dependable and most importantly it drive very well in the snow and ice. the repairs are minimal

the honda crv is incredibly dependable and requires little maintenance

- lori p

I love the reliability. The car gets pretty good gas mileage for a SUV. It's still running after 220,000 miles. The cargo space in the back is amazing.

It's very reliable and has lasted for a long time with few problems.

- Dorothy N

Very Reliable and Safe!!!

I love how it drives, very smooth. Wish it was a little bit roomier.

- Peramjit F

Still runs great and looks great.

A great car with longevity. It has lots of storage and seat room.

- Michelle F

More reliable than any other care I ever owned with no major repairs required

reliable. safe ride. handles well all the time. Fair gas mileage

- Therese W

Few repairs. Very rarely at the shop. Over 180,000 miles on it

Reliable car that needs few repairs. Good storage. Smooth ride.

- Sal R

Honda's are well made cars

Lasted 13 years without any major problems, does great on snow

- Michele P

reliable and dependable -easy upkeep and maintenance

reliable and dependable-no problems-no complaints or dislikes

- terri m

My car has been very reliable and Honda isn't just a name, it is quality.

It has been reliable for 13 years with only a few problems.

- Jennfier k

I like Honda crvs. They are reliable cars and look cool.

I'd like something newer and it costs me too much in repairs

- Pam L

It's economic and fits with my lifestyle

I like then space, the visibility. I love the good quality

- Michelle J

quality of the vehicle no problems with the vehicle

I love it, no problems with it, Honda is a great brand

- Diana C

very dependable honda makes a great car that will last

I like my honda but i would like a newer year model

- Dawn d

it is 13 years old and going strong

i love it the way it is. Very dependable.

- ricky B

Swing gate is a plus. Sturdy, solid body/design. Very reliable.

- Andrea W