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When you need a vehicle you can count on, the Honda CR-V will not let you down.

My Honda CR-V is a great compact SUV, ultra-reliable, comfortable with great visibility, and with the excellent ground clearance and all wheel drive, it is nearly unstoppable in the winter! It is a bit noisy inside at certain speeds and the suspension can be somewhat harsh compared to newer or higher-end vehicles on hard bumps and railroad tracks, but nothing unforgivable. The factory stereo is mediocre at best but sounds decent and is easy and intuitive to operate while driving. Cargo carrying is a breeze with the barn-door style rear door and our dog can jump right in, but because it opens to the side, be careful as it can get caught by the wind and be forced open or closed. Mine also came with a cargo roof rack which is extremely useful in hauling large items, skis, snowboards, bikes and even lumber from the home improvement store. Fuel economy is around 23 mpg and acceptable for my average day to day use, but if you rack up extensive miles, you may want to look at the front wheel drive version which gets slightly better mpg. Bottom line: the 2006 Honda CR-V is an over-achiever for daily tasks, hauling, commuting, sports and family events, and offers outstanding performance in adverse weather, but will remind you occasionally that it is definitely not a luxury sedan.

- Tony S

Great control in snow/icy weather

I love my Honda. It has been a trustworthy car for the past 6 years. I haven't had many issues besides normal wear and tear on the vehicle. Since Owning it I've had to get new tires, replace the timing belt and get new brakes. The car drive very well. I live in an area that we get lots of snow and ice and my car drives like a champ. I'm currently at 217,000 miles and I expect to make it to 300,000 in it. The gas mileage isn't super great, but I guess that is to be expected with how old the car is. As for features, I have the basic model so nothing to fancy. It does have AWD and passenger airbags as well. It has auto cruise control which make it great for long commutes. I wish the seats had more adjustability, but you are only able to slide forward and back not up and down. The car is extremely safe. I've only been in one accident where I was hit by a car merging who didn't see me. I wasn't hurt at all and the car sustained some damage but overall it was extremely sturdy. The only complaint I have is the noise in the cab of the vehicle, it's pretty loud even when everything in the car is functioning properly, luckily the stereo system is pretty great and helps me cover up the highway noise. I would most definitely recommended the CR-V to anyone who is looking.

- Emily A

Honda CR-V, a long-lasting car with great features.

We have had to do several maintenance repairs on the car because of its age and it has over 200,000 miles. We've had to change the brakes, replace a headlight, and change the catalytic converter. But the mechanics have said it is in good shape and will run for a while still. For a small SUV it gets really pretty good gas mileage, averaging at least 20 mpg in city and up to 25 mpg on the highway. Which is great for an older car. It is reliable and comfortable. We've made several 12 hour trips in the car and were able to take a lot with us because of the great trunk space. We work at a camp and that space has also proven very useful. It is also a good vehicle to take camping, with a small card table in the back that you can pull out of the trunk and use. It drives nicely and feels good and sturdy. Especially around other large vehicles on the highway. All in all it's a great car and I am glad we bought it.

- Christina S

Great family vehicle, perfect for whatever life holds.

I really love Hondas in general, this is my second one. The CR-V is an excellent size and very comfortable interior space, the gas mileage is better than most SUVs and the only accident I was in the car that hit me from behind was totaled and I could drive away. They drive easily and I have only had to replace batteries and tires every few years, never any serious problems. It is very comfortable to drive and reliable, not to mention safe for kids and plenty of room for car seats, at a very reasonable height'no back breaking while bending too low. The trunk space is ample enough that I have moved 5 times in this vehicle and can really load it up! Plenty of space for a family of four to travel and the rubber mat in the bag is great for cleaning after pets and beach trips. The fuel is very affordable, more so than the other SUV in our household. Overall, excellent vehicle choice with no complaints.

- Emily H

The Honda CRV, 2nd Edition is a versatile, well-built vehicle. It's a reliable daily driver and a fun car to own.

Versatility is probably the CR V's best feature. It's reliable, easy to work on mechanically and is still stylish. I was used to luxury cars prior to this vehicle but have grown to love it. It will be a project car when I do finally purchase a new car. Honda has a great following and a large aftermarket culture. There are some things that I don't love about the particular model, such as the side opening rear cargo door. It is heavy and restricts all access to the right in some cases. The (mechanical) parking brake is in a ridiculous spot in the middle of the dash and is cumbersome. If I had the choice, I would've preferred a more powerful engine option. Lastly, there have been a number of recalls, as well as an unaddressed issue with the AC (which is essential in FL) completely failing, and requiring a full system replacement vs one or two parts.

- Jason D

2006 CR-V longevity and durability.

I purchased my CR-V in 2006. It was my first "new" car. I had previously had a sedan with a large trunk. Plenty of storage. I got a flyer from a local dealership about sales on this vehicle. I drove down with my father and test drove it. The representatives were amazing. The car drove impeccably. Great steering. Great handling. I loved the pickup and go engine. That day, I traded in my old car and purchased the crv. It is such a spacious vehicle. I love the rear folding seats. It allowed me to transport furniture and such from one residence to another with incredible ease. It is 12 years old, and has just over 50k miles. It is on it is second batch of tires. It still gets great gas mileage. The air conditioner and all other features still work as though it were brand new. Two other members of my family have had crv and they loved them.

- Mike S

Overall the Honda CR-V is a good vehicle and we are happy with it.

The Honda has been very reliable and dependable. Where we bought the car calls us every once in a while to see if we want to trade it in or sale it back because there seems to be a demand for this make and model. There are two complaints, though minor. The first is road noise. The faster we drive the louder the radio must be turned up. If it is left at a comfortable setting starting out when we gain some speed on the state road we cannot hear the radio very well without turning up the volume. Second is that when my sister drives it the way the driver's seat sets it will hurt her legs if we travel more than just into town. No matter how much adjusting the seat is done it still hurts her legs for some reason. She is the only one who has this problem so we aren't sure what the issue is.

- Travis B

2006 Honda CR-V, best car by far!

No noteworthy problems with my CR-V, as far as performance goes I am usually very impressed with the car. It is quick to accelerate and brake, has sensitive steering but not so sensitive that it is hard to drive. It has a smaller frame than most comparable cars so it fits well in a typical lane/ parking spot. It also does about 28 mpg on a normal day which is great! It is very reliable and I have yet to run into any non-cosmetic issues with it. As for comfort it is top of the line in my opinion. It has fabric seats which I prefer to the leather, and an excellent sound system and heating and a/c system. It has a sunroof and removable picnic table built into the trunk!! All in all this is a wonderful car.

- Maddie D

Comfort and reliability are hallmarks of this vehicle.

The CR-V is a very comfortable ride. The seats are roomy and comfy, and there is ample room. There is lots of legroom in the back seat, too, with comfortable seats as well. The cargo area is large. I recommend getting the cargo cover, which totally obscures the view of what is in the cargo area. The reliability of this car is one of its best features. I have almost 176,000 miles and it and have had very few repair needs -- mostly just normal maintenance costs. We had a 2002 CR-V and had no question about getting another CR-V when the time came to do that. It is the best vehicle we have ever owned!

- Cheryl H

The best vehicle there is to drive and be comfortable it is a very classy looking.

Love my CR-V it is very dependable. I love how it handles on the road when you're driving. Love the picnic table in the back compart. The car is just the right size if you are looking for a vehicle that is not too small or not to large then this is the vehicle for you. The CR-V has plenty of storage. I actually moved in mt CR-V my husband has loaded a washer or a dryer in the back with no problem. It is a very comfortable vehicle we have driven from New Hampshire to Tennessee and back in the same weekend and the ride was nice we had room to stretch out and relax when we stopped for a rest.

- Linda G

Honda CR-V's are Sturdy and Reliable

I love my Honda CR-V. Although it is a 2006 model and the car is lacking some of the newest technologies, it is sturdy and safe. It is very gas-efficient as well, I spend about $35/week on a full tank of gas. The car is very comfortable and spacious inside, the trunk even brings a table for picnics. On the road, the car remains at a steady pace and has features such as cruise-control. I also appreciate that it doesn't swerve easily like other mini-SUVs. It performs great in all kinds of weather, including snow, and storms.

- Karla B

Comfort and reliability in a great family vehicle

This vehicle has been a family workhorse until recently. It drives well in snow, gets decent gas mileage, and is comfortable to drive and ride in. Recently we've had problems with things feeling and sounding 'loose', with some clunking noises, but so far the mechanics haven't been able to find the problem. Otherwise, this vehicle has met our needs in terms of flexible interior space, comfort, reliability (mostly just routine maintenance), and safety. I would definitely consider replacing this vehicle with a newer CR-V.

- Judith L

The Honda CR-V is a great car!

I really like my car. It travels really well in the snow, which is a great feature to have for young drivers especially. The only problems we have had with it are the air conditioning breaking, but it was an easy and fairly inexpensive fix. Overall, the car has held up very well in the amount of time we have had it, which is 13 years now. It is fairly comfortable as well. It definitely is starting to not work as well, but based on the fact that it has held up this amazingly, I think it's a pretty great and simple car.

- Devin C

The 2006 Honda CR-V is a vehicle that I can recommend to others.

The car handles very nicely and goes through deep snow when most others will not. It is a 4 cylinder that gets good mileage but also has power as if it had a bigger engine. It is very comfortable to ride in and easy to drive it handles very nicely. The ride is quiet and smooth and 5 people will fit in it comfortably with a hatchback for storage or transporting objects. It has 235000 miles but drives like it is new, I have owned it for about 6 months now and anticipate it lasting a good long time.

- Steven G

The seats are very comfortable! Even the ones in the back.

The car itself has had some updates, as it is twelve years old at this point. I have put in a Bluetooth speaker that can use Apple CarPlay. As well as had some other work done. This is my very first car, and it is great for the 3 hour drive on the highway between my home and my college. Additionally, it is great to have four wheel drive! That acts as a great reassurance for my parents. Overall, the car is really incredible. It was purchased for a reasonable amount, and runs very well.

- Emily R

Very reliable car, has lasted over 10 years and shows few signs of wear.

Very trusty car, very minimalistic interior, has problems with the tire monitoring system and had to replace the headlight covers. Very easy and comfortable to drive and would definitely recommend Honda to a friend. The car gets good gas mileage, usually around 20 miles per gallon and is small enough I can easily maneuver it. The radio does not really work, I get minimal channels and they have a lot of static. Not the best looking car since it is the most basic model.

- Katie B

Card table inserted: need extra table or personal items in a safe place.

My Honda CR-V is perfect for me. It is reliable and comfortable for short distances. When taking it on a long drive cross country it became clear that the seats are very uncomfortable. But for in town driving it is great! It fits everything I need to transport. I like how it puts me sitting more upright instead of lounging back in the seat. I have better visibility this way and feel safer. It has lot of potential as well for transporting large items on the roof.

- Melinda W

I love how spacious the back seat is.

The car is very good for it's age. The only issue we have had is that the air conditioner isn't working any longer (recent problem). Everything else was just common maintenance work, like changing the breaks, new tires and wipers, oil and filter changes, etc. It is very comfortable and has a spacious back seat that can seat up to three people. The front passenger side and the driver's side seat are both heated, and the sunroof gives a nice breeze.

- Victoria W

2006 Honda CR-V is dependable.

The Honda CR-V is reliable, comfortable, and roomy. It has very low tow capacity and does not go fast but it is dependable and gets me from a to b. The back is roomy and I feel very safe. I have had no mechanical problems except for a transmission swap at 150,000 miles. It still gets great gas mileage and is going strong at 215,000 miles! I took it around the country, to each and every state and put 30,000 miles on it in 6 months. Honda for life!

- Michelle M

Honda CR-V wins on versatility.

My Honda CR-V is the most versatile vehicle I have ever owned. It is good for taking grandchildren to events, taking pets to vet or on a trip, camping, or picking up used furniture to rehab. It is also the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned with no major problems. Taking a 3-1/2 hour trip to visit friends is comfortable. The only minor complaint I have is I wish the windshield wipers had more speeds and the odometer was lit at night.

- Patricia B

Fun to drive compact sport utility vehicle.

Great gas mileage. Roomy and comfortable interior. Drives and handles very well and is compact enough to easily get in and out of tight spaces. Seats 5 people comfortably. It has a large trunk area with a folding table that doubles as the floorboard. It is great for camping and the folding table comes in handy. It has great safety ratings and lots of airbags. I have not had any major issues with this vehicle and I get it serviced often.

- Brittany F

Reliable car, good cargo space

After reaching about 180000 miles the vehicle has gained some electrical problems, burning out lights very quickly and dying frequently. Otherwise has been a very dependable car. There is plenty of storage for such a small car. However, I do wish that the seats would fold down to create more cargo space. The cargo space however is convenient and roomy, with a door that opens sideways and also has a glass latch to open halfway.

- Kate F

Honda CR-V is a family friendly ride.

I love that I get good gas mileage in this vehicle. The trunk space is great. Best feature is that your things do not fly around or end up under a seat. You can haul a lot around. The cupholders are deep enough that you do not have to worry about spills if you suddenly stop. As long as you do regular maintenance on the vehicle, it is a get in and go vehicle. Safety ratings are good and I feel safe driving my family around in this.

- Jackie S

Reliable family transportation.

Purchased this vehicle used from a dealer in 2016. It had about 96k miles on it. Besides routine maintenance, the only service it has needed has been replace wheel bearings. Actual mileage is about 18 mpg in city, so it is not particularly fuel efficient. It has been very reliable, even in very cold weather. Performance is acceptable. It can accommodate lots of stuff and, with different seat configurations, is flexible.

- Debra B

Practical car for all your needs.

This tan CR-V drives well and has a very low number of miles on it for its age. While it is 12 years old, it drives smoothly and runs without problems. It is great for taking five people for a weekend trip to the mountains, to go camping, or to the movies. The trunk is spacious, and the car is great for watching drive-in movies. There are some scratches and paint issues on the car, but other than cosmetics, it is great!

- Marissa L

No major problems after 200, 000 miles.

The only problem I had in the first 10 years and 200, 000 miles of ownership was that the CD player broke. Otherwise my Honda CR-V has been reliable, easy to maintain, gets great gas mileage, and is safe and easy to drive. The parts and labor can be somewhat expensive as it is a foreign car, but since there have been many issues, the cost of repairs is not enough to dissuade me from buying another Honda in the future.

- Jennifer G

Front seats fold down, then fold the back seat down it makes 2 sleeping cots.

My vehicle feels very safe when I drive-in it. It hugs the road during twists and turns. The all wheel drive is great especially for the snow where I live. It has so much room inside I could fit all the children and still have room left over. I love the fact it is camping friendly and the seats fold down as the back seat does and makes to sleeping cots and there is a fold out table as well. The sunroof is a plus.

- lisa N

It gets the job done for the price that you pay for.

It is a mid size SUV. Not too big but high enough off the ground where going on dirt or gravel roads are not too much of an issue. Gas mileage is alright considering its size. This vehicle has lasted a good amount of time with only regular maintenance being done to it. It does well in bad weather as well with its all wheel drive. Comes with a full spare and even a table. Lights could be a bit brighter.

- Kenneth S

2006 Honda CR-V what a car!

I bought this car about 3 years ago used and it has been extremely dependable. I spent a little when I bought it on brakes and some other worn out parts, but since I just change the oil and keep it maintained and it runs great. Always starts in the morning and I love the huge cargo space in the back. I use this car for my business and it has been very useful to own for me.

- Andrew T

Honda CR-V 2006. Navy blue car. Minivan. 4 cylinder. All around tires. Good on gas.

I love my car / I had it for a year now, it's good in gas and well maintained. It's just an old year car I need something a little bit more upgraded. I love the comfortability of the shift and how affordable the car parts of the car is. I picked a blue Honda and only one owner had it and bought it. I don't finance or lease because it will put you in a lot of debt.

- Jasmine G

Honda is a good investment.

Car is dependable, safe, reliable and the car is comfortable. It is easy to drive. Allows me to see the traffic a couple of cars in front of me. Handles high traffic times easily and has good pickup. It is safe. Reliable and has not had any major problems or repair. Even though the is a 2006, it only had 40, 000 miles on it and had only had one previous owner.

- Joann M

Great vehicle, very safe. Great size

No problems. If/when I need a new car I'd strongly consider getting a new Honda CR-V. I'd like back-up camera. My car gets me from place to place. I'd like a self-driving car if that becomes affordable. My current vehicle is very comfortable. It is the perfect size and easy to drive. Although it would be nice to have a car that parallel parks automatically.

- Maria D

The back seats fold down giving you lots of cargo room.

Honda is a reliable car that maintains a high valuable sale cost. The seats are leather in a light tan color. My car only had 40,000 miles on it and only one previous owner. I get good mileage in town. I have seat warmers, which were appreciated when I spent 4 months up north. It handles easily, but the steering is too sensitive to any movement of my arms.

- Joann M

It's very reliable despise how basic and simple it is .

My car is very basic and it's an older model so it doesn't have any upgraded technology but it's amazing in all types of weather. The size of my car is the perfect size for my family size. The only thing that sucks is the MPG but that's with any SUV compared to an sedan. Apart from that no complaints it's a very reliable car if car is well taking car of .

- Lesly E

It is a great car that will last for a long time if you take good care of it.

It is pretty old so it is had some issues with the engine and battery and the windows on one door do not move. If it is not used for a while in the winter it will need to have the battery charged before being able to use it. But other than that it is been a pretty good car that is lasted for a long time and has allowed me to put tons of miles on it.

- Natalie R

My vehicle is a 2006 Honda CR-V. It is maroon and a small SUV.

I bought my car used and so far it has been a great car. I have never had any issues with my car. It has never been in the shop. For the car to be 12 years old I find it great that I have not had any trouble with my Honda CR-V. The car has a few scrapes but that is about the only thing wrong with it. My car also has about 150, 000 miles on it.

- Rachel F

Best family SUV for it is size!

My 2006 Honda CR-V is perfect for my family. Enough room for all four of us and two big dogs if necessary. It is comfortable, safe and reliable. By far the best car I have owned. Any maintenance needs were met fully by our dealership. CD player, sunroof, heated seats, fold down back seats for cargo, if needed. An excellent "small" family SUV.

- Kari C

Honda's are comfortable and reliable.

My vehicle is extremely reliable. When there are mechanical issues, they are easy to fix and parts are relatively inexpensive. It is roomy, and very comfortable and I know my child is safe. I love the sunroof! And the temperature feature can be handy. I have no complaints at all about my vehicle and would readily purchase another CR-V.

- Abbey P

2006 Honda CRV - very good car for teen driver.

I have had a few issues. I have had issues with air conditioning and the cooling system in the engine. But, this is because it is older. The car is overall a great car. It has lasted a long time and is a very comfortable car to drive. The size is perfect because it is not too big or too small. It also feels to be an extremely safe car.

- Ava W

The unique color of my Honda is the most interesting detail.

I love my Honda CR-V it sits me up high enough so I can get in and out of the car easily. The back area suits my needs in transferring purchases etc. The car runs good always starts and meets my needs for a car. The car is easy for me to keep clean. Maintaining basic care such as oil changes offers me to keep the Honda CR-V indefinite.

- Michael R

Nothing particular, I like everything in my car.

Comfortable, good in gas consumption, Honda in general are good vehicles and the company has a good customer service. I like my CR-V and looking forward to upgrade to the newer version. They are strong cars, good design, have good safety rating, price wise the are responsible, and they usually maintain their value for a long time.

- Sam H

Good car for heavy use and even a couple of kids

I love our CRV. We bought it used, but we haven't had any major issues with it so far. In fact, I'm trying to think of the small issues, and I can only remember taking it in for regular oil changes, tire rotations other normal maintenance. We have almost 200,000 miles on it, and it's reliable, performs well, and it's comfortable.

- Shaleena B

Best car I have ever owned!

Love my CR-V! It is roomy, reliable and fun to drive. No mechanical problems in 13 years! I have all services done on time and it is going on 198, 000 miles and my mechanic says it can easily go another 200, 000 miles with minimal maintenance. I wish they would bring back the old body style that had the spare tire on the back.

- Dianne J

Spacious comfortable reliable car

I enjoy how spacious and heavy duty the car is. The performance is decent but the brakes and acceleration are not very sensitive and stutter at times. The mileage for gas is not too expensive and can last for 300,000 miles. The features are very traditional and the wheel is heavy for the 2006 model but I love the CR-V style.

- Alexis P

2006 Honda CRV - Honest Review

The engine shudders when my speed is where a manual transmission would need to be shifted. It has done this for years and I've taken the car to 2 mechanics and no one can figure it out. Good performance and reliability, which is why I still own it. Pretty comfortable. Wish the A/C blow colder. Basic features, but all I need.

- Melanie R

Simplicity is best - do not fix what ain't broke!

It is great on gas and it starts reliably every winter. It is the last year they made the shifter on the dash and I love that. It is a comfortable ride and it is a car to drive - not a car that has distracting technology. It would be nice if Honda would still make cars for people who only want to drive a car, not live in it.

- Linda A

Best all around vehicle, Honda CR-V.

I have so much confidence driving my Honda CR-V. If I could afford a brand new one or a newer model I would definitely buy a Honda CR-V. It is great in bad weather because of the traction system in the vehicle. I give it ten stars. It is also very roomy and comfortable. I highly recommend a Honda CR-V. It is very reliable.

- Lisa K

The reason why I love my car and why I would recommend others purchasing as well.

I have never had any real issues with this vehicle. I have only had to keep up with the normal maintenance such as oil changes, brakes, tune ups, etc. This vehicle has never let me down. I have never been stuck on the side of the road, it's great on gas, and has made it on several long distance trips. I absolutely love it.

- Katrina M

A very comfortable car that is worth the price.

I find my Honda CR-V to be a very comfortable car, I like how it has big windows on all sides so I do not have any blind spots while driving. It has also lasted a long time without needing any repairs or ever giving out on me. It has wonderful safety features and a lot of space in the seats and trunk for road trips,

- Brooke M

Best SUV with reasonable price.

My Honda CR-V 2006 model is an awesome SUV. I never had any issues with this vehicle. I have been very much comfortable driving this car for last 13 years. I really can trust on Honda CR-V. The engine as well as gas are very smooth. It has a plenty of good features and has been performing fantastic for me as well.

- Mohammad R

Vehicle will treat you right, provided you are consistent with maintenance.

Vehicle has been incredibly reliable since I started driving - never broken down, always handles smoothly as long as oil is changed consistently. Acceleration is a bit slower compared to modern vehicles, however I find modern acceleration to be too touch and go for my taste. Seats are adequately comfortable.

- Harold L

Perfect camping rover wow.

Perfect size for hauling materials and groceries. Versatile out in the woods for camping as well. There are enough seating for about 5 people comfortably, but I am sure several more can fit in the back. There's even a fold out table that can be pulled out from the trunk and used externally, perfect for camping.

- Mark W

Old reliable; second series CR-V is a dependable buy.

The old series of Honda CR-Vs are reliable and good on high mileage; there is a reason that many owners will drive Hondas until they fall apart. I have had very few issues over the years of ownership. Ride is smooth and the SUV series from Honda always has the room you need for hauling families or items.

- Rebecca W

I would highly recommend my Honda!

My Honda CR-V has been so great and reliable! It started off as my mom's car and it was later passed down to me. It was the perfect car to learn to drive in and I would recommend it to anyone, not just a teen driver. I have had to only do a few minor repairs besides the standard repairs most cars need.

- Claire W

My 2006 Honda CR-V is a great beginner car and is very reliable.

Brakes are a little rough, but I love the size and shape of it. The seats are very comfortable and the steering wheel is at a nice height. I have a lot of room in the back and trunk. My heating is a lot better than my account but it still works. Love the sunroof and how the windows go all the way down.

- Elizabeth S

The BEST car I've ever owned!

This is my favorite car of all time. The size, dependability, ease of maneuvering, durability (still like new, after 112,000 miles), value, and comfort are all great! Although I would enjoy the technological improvement provided in the new cars, I am still very happy driving this 13 year old car!


It is spacious, comfortable, and smooth to drive.

Honda CR-V is good for families. Has a good trunk to fill with groceries for the family. Enough space to sit comfortably for long road trips with friends or family. All in all, a Honda CR-V is a good car for anyone who is looking for a spacious, comfortable, car to carry friends and family up and down.

- Joanna M

Off roading and camping car

Drives over bumps and holes nicely, great for going outdoors and in nature, has an attached table in the back for car camping! It does have a front seat passenger recall for the airbag but after getting that fixed, it's a great running car. The parts are easy to find and it's comfortable and spacious

- Jamey K

I absolutely love my CR-V!

I love my CR-V! I bought it new in 2006, and have yet to find a car I want more. I have been diligent about basic maintenance (fluids, tires, etc.), and it is been very reliable--I've never had to have any major repairs done. I am at almost 99,000 miles, and intend to keep it for several years more.

- Cynthia C

My Honda keeps on ticking.

My CR-V has had relatively few problems throughout the twelve years that I have had it. It is the perfect size for the things I need to carry - luggage for trips, a drum kit, etc. I highly recommend it. My older model also included a table that I use for tailgating and other events all the time.

- Sal R

An outdoor enthusiasts dream.

I have a Honda CR-V and I absolutely love it. With good snow tires it drives really well in snowy conditions. Similarly, as I am an outdoors enthusiast, I do a bit of off-roading and my CR-V has no problem. I will say with the v4 engine, steep hills can give my CR-V a little bit of a slow down.

- Erika B

My vehicle is a very good vehicle will not buy anything either.

My Honda vehicle is a great SUV will buy again both it new in 2006 I haven't had no problem with it very reliable vehicle Honda will always be my choice of vehicle. Will not compare it to any other vehicles it is the best vehicle I have own I have own lost of vehicle was nothing like my Honda.

- Brenda H

Good Review of 2006 Honda CR-V

It is a reliable and sturdy vehicle. The size is big enough to be able to move larger items but small enough to still be comfortable driving. One great bonus is the full size spare tire as this is not a common thing to find. There is also a small table in storage which is a nice added feature.

- Megan B

Honda CR V review - as reliable as can be.

The best part about the Honda CR V is reliability. It is an extremely reliable vehicle and I have not had many problems with it. My family has owned Hondas since I was born and we have never had any issues. I am considering getting a Honda Civic for my next car based on the reliability.

- Adam S

No major problems - runs well for an old vehicle.

I have not had any major problems with this vehicle but I have only had it for a year. It does make a popping noise every once in awhile and the fan just went out on it. Also, the car charger no longer works. We haven't taken it in to get looked at yet since these are minor problems.

- Carol M

My 12 year old Honda CR-V is a Rockstar.

This is a very reliable vehicle. I absolutely love it. Excellent power and response! No problems over the years. There was a recall on it because of the airbags needing to be repaired. The backseat is not as cushy as I would like, but on the other hand, I never sit in the back seat!

- Teresa M

My little CR-V that I never want to get rid of.

My Honda CR-V has been passed down from my uncle to sister to me. Runs and works wonderfully. A little rough going up hills and getting to speed limits quick enough. In one of the worst winters Idaho has had I was completely save in my car. Considering it was my first year driving.

- L G

Love my kids. We have such good times in this car.

I bought this car in 2006 with 11, 000 miles on it now has 63, 000. It has had a few problems. Transmission. I took it to the wrong place, but then I took it to someone who knew what they were doing and it has been fine. I love it. My mechanic recommended a Honda and he was right.

- Jan R

Great car!! Very realizable and safe!

Car has lasted several years and has not have too many issues. Love the car can fit lots of luggage for traveling. There is plenty of room for passengers. Gas mileage is good. Would purchase a Honda CR-V in the future. The car is extremely reliable and the performance is great.

- Aly L

Very reliable car for anyone!

My CR-V is a great car! My mom drove it for about nine years and I have been driving now for about two. We have had to do very minimal work on it besides the standard things you do for an average car. It was a great car to learn to drive in and it continues to be very reliable.

- Clare M

A great all purpose vehicle.

I love the all wheel drive, spaciousness, reliability, and versatility. Handling, acceleration, braking, and overall driving are smooth. It's great for use in city where I live, or to take out for camping and hiking trips. Main concern is that I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Matthew G

I often see new cr-vs on the road, but I also see some that are just like mine.

I enjoy riding in my car because it is easy to handle and it is quite gas efficient it is a comfortable ride both in terms of how it moves over land and the amount of space I have on the inside. The amount of cargo space meets my needs for day to day tasks as well as travel.

- Julia S

Trustworthy vehicle that is fun to drive and offers decent gas mileage.

It is making an undetectable screeching sound during acceleration. It is fun to drive around, good gas mileage, good for camping, and I have a dog so it is good car to travel around with him. I like the idea of a smaller but gas efficient SUV that has the options of storage.

- Alyssa B

Great, dependable car that has great gas mileage and easy to drive.

This car was actually a hand me down from my mother but I do not mind at all! It's a great car! I feel very safe driving my baby around in it. It is a decent sized car without being too big and it drives very well! It is also a sturdy car and the four wheel drive is great!

- Julia W

That it is not four wheel drive.

I love that it is so reliable. I love how it drives so solid. I love that it has a sunroof. I love that I sit up so high and that it is roomy enough to carry anything I need. And, that it includes a table in the trunk for picnicking. I really do not have any complaints.

- Jennifer M

Spacious, Economical, Great

It's a wonderful car. Spacious since we have a toddler. Works great in the snow. Only defect it has is that if you turn the A/C on it sucks up the gas and if you have a full tank in the morning it will be half way by the end of the day if you've only used it for 1 hour

- Iris R

Comfy, reliable but uses lots of gas.

This car is super reliable and still drives really well. It has lots of room and storage, so it's great for moving, road trips and transporting things. It's a sturdy car that can be taken off road in the four wheel drive. The only downside is that it uses a lot of gas.

- Johanna E

Honda CR-V why I would purchase again.

Very few problems. Minor maintenance ie. Tires battery brakes pads rotors good on gas mileage no rust issues doors never squeak. Plenty of room to sleep in if needed. Great highway driving. . Plenty of room to eat your meal while on the move. Storage space is great.

- Thomas Y

Great family car, wonderful for adventures. Wonderful for driving anywhere.

Great gas mileage, great size, not to big and not to small. Perfect amount of trunk space. Safe, comfortable ride. It can seem loud inside when driving, especially when driving on the interstate After having it for a few years it has recently had difficulty starting.

- Jenny F

Spacious CR-V, with plenty of room for a family of 5.

My vehicle is comfortable and has the space I need for two children. It gets me where I need to go and has not had too many problems for being previously owned. If I were to get another car I would probably get another CR-V like the one I have except a newer edition.

- Kaitlyn B

Good quality comfortable car.

Good car for long distant travels, very reliable for trips. Has enough room to be comfortable for long periods of time. Has sunroof, had probable with that but it was on recall so it got fixed for free. Gas mileage is good, helps me save extra bucks on longer trips.

- Reilly N

We love our CR-V—very reliable.

This CR-V is a very reliable vehicle. We like the back door feature where it opens like a car door and not overhead. The back seats fold down to haul lots of stuff. Holds way more than you think it can. It has more power than the 2004 CR-V that we owned before.

- Marsha R

Surprisingly indestructible.

Amazed at how reliable and long lasting this vehicle is. Has survived snowy, salty midwestern winters, cross country road trips, and the punishing hills of the bay area. Sounds like 700 angry lawnmowers when running, but amazingly I still pass the emissions tests.

- Annie N

Very reliable and comfortable car

The car is very reliable, do not have any problems, is very comfortable, great on gas, very well maintained, the sunroof is a great assets makes the car look very nice, the way the trunk opens is very convenient and has lots of space, couldn't ask for a better car

- Barbara L

It is mechanically sound. Very dependable.

What I like most about my crv is the great gas mileage I get. Also, very dependable. Only major repair that has ever been done was the a/c. Everything else is original. My only complaint is that it is rusting around the windows and has been for several years

- ray H

Smooth ride. Great mileage.

The car is almost 13 years old and has not had many major problems. The ac stopped working 2 years ago and the lower heat shield on the exhaust is just now coming off. It has a smooth ride, can comfortably fit 4 adults and get better than average gas mileage.

- Crystal W

I have had my car for about 4 years now.

It is old and has a lot of mileage on it. The comfort is great and it has some good features but does not have a lot of things that newer cars have since my car is a 2006. The performance is fine especially of a car of this age. And it has great reliability.

- Emily A

Love my Honda CR-V so much but hate having to write a minimum word review. :(

Love my CR-V. It's a 2006 and still runs great. I haven't had any major issues... Just the usual brakes, tires, etc. It's had a few recalls due to air bags. Handles our cold snowy winters. I love it so much that my next car will probably be a CR-V as well.

- Sta H

You can put the back row down so your available space for stuff increases.

The car itself is great very comfortable and reliable. The seats are cloth and are easy to keep clean. Very great for storage in the back! However, it does not accelerate very quickly so getting onto the freeway and making quick movements is not very good.

- Mackenzie L

My car is just a comfortably and practical car

For the most part I like my car. The issue I'm having now will hopefully get resolved soon. It sat for too long without being turned on so the battery although it is fairly new, is cutting out on me.I'm not sure if the age of the car makes it less reliable

- Erika L

I love my Honda CR-V. It is dependable and a great family car.

I like my Honda CR-V. It is very dependable, comfortable, a nice size, and attractive looking. It is a good family car. The model is an older version, and it does not have all the up to date technology, but it still gets me to and from where I need to go.

- Melissa C

Great family car for your needs.

I bought the car new. My headlights go dark often. My a/c whistles. My car won't lock from my key. I want more seat space. It has been very reliable. I like that I can keep it as long as I have. It is a great ride. It gets you from one place to the next.

- Kim M

It's a Honda and Honda makes great cars.

I like the fact that I sit a little higher than most cars. The seats are comfortable and allow for easy adjustment if necessary. Radio and cruise control on the steering wheel allow easy control of these systems without removing my eyes from the road.

- Lori L

2006 Honda CR-V - practical and comfortable!

Handles well comfortable ride, cloth interior, back seats recline for transporting lengthy objects. Back door swings out. Has not had major mechanical problems. Some repairs can be costly ($ 300.00 to replace cracked windshield wiper wash container).

- marie-solange B

Honda just keeps rolling along

I have owned my Honda for twelve years and as long as I follow the maintenance schedule have had very little issues. I have spend about $3k in repairs in the twelve years. I have never been broken down on the side of the road and I am thankful for that.

- Sommer S

I love my 2006 Honda CR-V.

I love my CR-V. It's small enough to get in and out of traffic but large enough to move your belongings and driving your friends around. It's a 4 cylinder so it's great on gas. Incredibly reliable and if taken care of, can go more than a million miles.

- Jesus B

My car runs great. I will always buy Honda.

I love my car. I bought it brand new with 3 miles on it. I now have over 190k miles. I think about trading it in, but I do not want to let it go. My car has been very reliable. I may just pass it on to my son. I expect it to last at least 5 more years.

- Annette R

Reliable and have for a long time.

The car is really reliable and as long as you do oil changes and regular check ups there is no problem. Good for all my needs. Rides ok not like luxury cars but good for me. Will always by a Honda. First car that I have for so long and driving great.

- Cynthia F

Hondas are reliable and likeable cars that will last you forever.

I've had my car for more than 12 years and I love my Honda. It is durable, reliable and has more than 200,000 miles on it. It is a four-door vehicle with lots of space. I've never had any reason not to like my Honda and really have no complaints.

- David D

It should last well over 200k miles as long as we do the maintenance required. Very dependable and gets me from point A to point B with no problems.

I've owned the car for over seven years and I've never had an issue with it. It has been very reliable and as long as I do the minimum maintenance I've had zero problems. It's big enough for most jobs and I feel safe in it with my family.

- Scott S

It is the best car for reliability and cost. It is super roomy.

I love the reliability and having low costs. I have kept up on maintenance, so it runs like new at 12 years old. Dislike- the back hatch light switch is the only thing they couldn't figure out how to fix. We put a plastic ring as a fix.

- Lisa S

The one most important thing that people should know about my car is it's too safety features. I had an accident back 11 years ago about a year after I bought the car and it kept all 4 of us riding in the car safe and uninjured.

I have been lucky to have such a great car. I have had it since 2006 and it has been a very reliable vehicle. It has kept me safe in an accident and it is easy to maintain. There is tons of storage space and it fits my needs perfectly.

- Valerie G

The windshield fluid should be replaced.

My 2006 Honda CR-V is tan on the outside, with some scratches on the outside. It can comfortably fit five passengers and has a spacious trunk. The seats are less comfortable than seats in newer cars, but they are fine for long drives.

- Marissa L

Dependable. NO power Honda.

I don't think it handles properly in the snow. I think I have to turn off the VSP before it works properly. Also it has a terrible blind spot on the drivers side. Not much power going up steep hills for sure. But it is a 4 cylinder.

- Kristee M

It handles very admirably in snow and ice.

I truly don't have any complaints. I've had it for 9 years with almost no problems outside of normal wear and tear. It's a perfect size for me and has the last year of the model that looked like a SUV and not a van/SUV hybrid.

- Brandon Z

Comfortable and awesome to drive.

This is a very reliable car that handles well. It is very comfortable to drive, and the only complaint I have with performance is the road noise can be excessive. The interior lights do not work, but the car is 12 years old.

- Diane A

It's a Honda. I feel like I can trust Honda- they put out good products that last.

I can fit so much in the car. It is great for traveling with a small family. It gets good gas mileage for a car of its size. It is a Honda, so I know it will last. We're Honda groupies, our other vehicle is a civic.

- Laura B

This is a very reliable brand.

Great vehicle all around. Met my needs for a small SUV. The back contains a card table that is great for tailgating. I use it for parties for an extra table also. It gets good gas mileage also. Great safety ratings.

- Aurelia B

They should be prepared to change the headlights a lot because it's known for having electrical problems

I like that it's easier for me to see the other cars around me. I'm short so that's usually hard in smaller cars. I don't like that it has electrical issues that make me go through a ridiculous amount of headlights.

- Jay G

Great Honda CR-V. 2006 in excellent condition.

I've had my car 12 years. Great on gas. I've had to replace starter and ac fan. It has 169, 000 miles and it still running good. There's plenty on room for 4. Plenty of room for moving large items. I love my CR-V.

- Veronica B

Honda's will go forever if basic maintenance is done on them.

No problems a all but the clear coat has peeled away on the hood and on the top of the car. This car is very basic but has 197, 000 miles on it and I believe that it can go another 100, 000 more. I love this car!

- Dianne P

Can handle a lot of miles & is very reliable

Can handle a lot of miles & is very reliable. I like the size of it and that it sits higher than a sedan. It's comfortable for me and any passengers & easy to drive I can haul things (13 bales of pine straw)

- donna M

It drives well and doesn't require a lot of attention.

My Honda CR-V has been a great car wash road trips, trips around town, hauling furniture, groceries, and anything else I need to haul back and forth. The space in the car is great! It also drives so well!

- Sarah R

It has had no serious mechanical issues after 150, 000 miles of driving.

Good fuel economy for the size and capacity. Very comfortable interior, especially for long periods of driving. Large storage space without being too bulky. All wheel drive is great for winter driving.

- Andrew D

The longevity of the honda crv is amazing.

while it is a 2006, it only has 87,000 miles. it has had limited amount of issues and i do maintain it according to the manual. the gear shift blocks the a/c vent but that's really my only complaint.

- Pam W

My 2006 CRV is a great vehicle!

The best part is the front wheel drive that I have. Weather in New England can get bad and I have never had an issue. Also, my car rarely needs to go into the shop, made great and it's very reliable!!

- Amber O

It gets poor gas mileage for such a small car. But it is easy to drive.

I like that it sits higher on the road than our saturn. I do not like the gas mileage. It is about 20 mpg, which doesn't seem very good for a small car. I do not like that is is hard to work on it.

- chris s

Has compass and tells you the temperature outside.

No complaints.. Reliable for the last 11 years.. Safe driving in snow. AWD prevented me being in an accident at least three times.. Nice looking. Most people do not believe its eleven years old..

- Jean B

It's a good car because it is very reliable and safe. It is also comfortable for some people to drive, not all though. My husband hates it because some things like the shifter and the parking brake are in odd places and it's low to the ground. It's also a little slow so you literally have to put the pedal to the floor sometimes to get on the highway

I like it because it is comfortable, reliable, safe, and drives well. The only complaints I have are ones associated with it being older so things like dash lights and headlights need to be fixed

- Monique S

It is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. The honda cr-v is also very affordable.

The honda cr-v is an excellent vehicle considering comfortability and gas mileage. It is also sleek and stylish. The only complaint is it's a little too small considering it's a mid size suv.

- Ashley P

It may be old but it runs great and I haven't had to put much work into it other than routine maintenance.

My vehicle is just perfect for me. I have plenty of room to load oversized items as well as groceries. The vehicle gets great gas mileage. It is a sturdy vehicle that just lasts and lasts.

- Jody R

It runs great and has plenty of room!

It's a great running vehicle that gets me where I need to go. My air conditioning went out a long time ago, and I can't afford to get it fixed. That is really my only complaint about my car.

- Melissa W

I don't really care what others think about my car.

Dependable, good gas mileage, meets my family's needs well. Little things like the heated leather seats add a lot. The ability to tow is important. I wish it were newer and had fewer miles.

- Gayle M

Honda CR-V: Safe and Reliable

I feel that the Honda CR-V is a very safe car. The handling is remarkable, easy enough to maneuver that my son found it easier to use this car rather than my other sedan for his road test.

- Francis V

Honda CR-V: reliable and safe.

It is not a stylish or fun vehicle, but it is extremely reliable. I have not required anything more than basic maintenance in nearly a decade of ownership and I feel very safe driving it.

- Luke S

Good ol' reliable Honda CR-V.

I bought this car used and it has fulfilled all of my needs. It is just an older model and it has been "loved, " but still runs really well and is usually pretty affordable to repair.

- Jessie D

It has a decently large amount of storage capacity.

I like the height on the road. I also like the storage space in the back. Though the passenger seat is not as roomy as the driver's seat. The ride is not as smooth has I'd like it.

- Donald M

I've had no mechanical issues with this car. We haven't had any other services besides the regular maintenance.

My CR-V looks great. It sits high which helps a lot. I love the storage and that the back opens sideways. I have tendonitis, so it's very difficult for me to pull down from the top.

- Marilyn G

It runs great with minimal issues.

It is an older car with few bells and whistles, but it really gets the job done. It holds our family of four and all our stuff. It has over 192000 miles and is still running great

- Heather M

It is a very dependable car.

I like that it is higher in the air for better visibility. I also like the versatility of the vehicle.. What I do not like is the chargers do not work and I cannot charge my phone.

- Melody S

It has a lot of cargo space and makes those family road trips a breeze!.

It rides higher than a sedan - great view. Very dependable. I get good mileage. I have owned this car for eight years sniff have never had any large repair bills. Very reliable.

- Cindy P

It lasts -- both in terms of mileage, durability and even if you take it up mountainous areas, it holds up.

It's such a safe car. Even though it looks like it's made strictly for older people, I have zero complaints about it. The ride is always smooth and it's given me no troubles.

- Karen J

It is great for hauling things you need. Seat warmers are great.

I love the room in the car. I love the space to haul things. Seat warmers are awesome. It drives nice and I like where it sits you get a big car feel with small car awesome.

- Lucinda S

It will get you from point a to point b without wasting too much gas. It has a lot of space for plenty of people or groceries.

The Honda CR-V is a great car. It is easy to maintain, it has great mileage and has been with me for years. The only thing I dislike is that it can be a bit of a bumpy ride.

- Israel B

It is 4 wheel drive, not all wheel drive.

The Honda CR-V is an excellent vehicle. It is comfortable, reliable, and 4 wheel drive is a bonus. Good gas mileage. There's road noise but I just turn up the radio lol.

- Angie C

Still stylish 2006 Honda CR-V.

It's not as comfortable as newer cars and I often worry that something big will go wrong. All in all it has been a very reliable car with very few maintenance issues.

- Kathy F

It is a reliable all wheel drive vehicle. It is the second cr-v I have owned.

My cr-v is the perfect size for me. I mostly drive around town but it does well off road and on wet/snowy pavement as well. I have no complaints about it at all.

- Jackie M

Reliable, if maintenance kept up you can get 300k miles out of it

Its a Honda, that should say enough.Very reliable, parts can be replaced easily and not expensive. As long as maintenance is kept up they can go up to 300k miles

- Tonya J

Totally safe and reliable.

Reliability, is excellent. Appearance is great. , 4 wheel drive makes winter driving a snap. Mileage is decent. No major complaints. Heater and ac work great.

- James Y

Dependable, good gas mileage for suv and lots of inside room

Look of it, great room inside and low maintenance Fun to have moonroof Only problem I've had is having to change headlight bulbs more often than think should

- Rebecca S

That it's a good, safe, reliable vehicle, and 2006 was the last year that CR-Vs were best in class.

I love the leather seats. I love that it's reliable. I love that my family fits in it. I love that it has airbags in lots of places to keep my family safe.

- Jillian S

This car has been reliable for me, no breakdowns.

I love my CRY. It is 12 years old and I have not had any major problems with it until now. I have 187 500 miles on it. I am going to look at New hondas.

- Sharon H

Maintenance free. Runs great. No problems.

I have had my CR-V for 13 years, it runs great and never any mechanical problems. I would buy another Honda for this reason. They have a good reputation.

- Linda D

Gold Honda CR-V 2006 4 door the two back seats fold for extra room!

My Honda CR-V is great on gas, it's a wonderful family car. has awesome mileage. Needs New Tires! It's also comfortable with lots of room for groceries!

- Monica B

Even though it looks small it can really carry a lot of stuff!

I like how much it can carry. I also like the built in table in the back of the trunk! I have been a Honda fan for many many years! No complaints!

- Laura S

I love my car and I don't plan on buying a different kind ever!

It goes anywhere no matter the weather. The height and visibility is perfect as I'm rather short; but, it isn't too high to climb into it either.

- Elaine g

It is a very well-made Honda.

Like the power. Really appreciate being a little higher than some vehicle on the road so I can see what's going on around me. No complaints.

- Lori H

It's a reliable vehicle, I had it for many years and no internal engine issues.

I like the how spacious it is. The seats are comfortable. I dislike the engine is a little weak, it is not very good for mountain driving.

- Ve P

It's safe, reliable, and has a lot of room. The gas intake is not bad either.

I like how big the vehicle is, although I went from having a V6 engine down to a V4, so I can definitely tell the difference in the rev up.

- KEvin C

Awesome Car for Anyone!!!

It is very reliable and safe. I've had it almost 10 years and have had no issues with it. It is the perfect size and makes me feel safe.

- sidney b

Reliable. Still kicking after 12 years. Nothing major done to car

LIke that it is comfortable and relatively economically. Would like better gas mileage and several features like aux and rear view camera

- Alex C

Honda CRV - Great Family Vehicle

I have no complaints! Works great and is a very reliable vehicle for me and my family! It runs very well and has not had any problems.

- Michelle G

It is mechanically sound and very reliable and gets excellent mileage for an SUV.

It fits our family needs. Leather interior still in.. Good condition. Still gets 25 mpg on the and still going strong at 305,000 miles..

- Littleton S

It is well maintained, gets great gas mileage, is dependable & holds it is value.

Love the dependability and gas mileage... Wish it was a manual transmission.. Also wish I could afFord a newer one with more options..

- Jennifer L

It is dependable, comfortable to drive, and has a lot of space for passengers and baggage.

I am overall very happy with my CRV. It is a very reliable car and comfortable to drive. My major complaint is that it is very loud.

- Allison H

I never thought I'd find my dream car in a Honda.

I love everything about the 06 CRV from the heated seats to the all wheel drive. Its my dream car, kinda sporty and always reliable.

- Allison C

Lots of them great windows

Really like the size, the window view all around, the ease of getting in and out of it. Good consumer reports for years on the CR-V

- Margie D

It has a built in portable table that I find extremely useful.

I like that the CRV-v can hold a lot of things. It is easy to drive. I do not like that it cannot hold three car seats in the back.

- Laura S

Take care of it with tune ups and oil changes and you'll never have problems!

Good-Very dependable. I like the dark blue color. It's good in the snow. I wish it had better pick up. It's getting a little old.

- Beth B

Comfortable CR-V best one made.

Love the smooth ride. Love the spare tire being on the back of the truck, not underneath. Comfortable seating, room for 5 people.

- Teresa L

Very reliable and easy on gas. Hardly any major issues with engine. Other than normal wear and tear, it drives fine.

Very dependable and gets me where I need to go. I have had this vehicle for 12 years with no major issues. No complaints so far.

- Mary R

It is a great efficient car that has a lot of safety features for a great price.

My Honda is a very reliable car. It has all-wheel-drive and is fuel efficient. It is a perfect compact SUV for my daily errands.

- Shannon H

This is a Honda-- quality and dependability.

This vehicle is reliable, always starts. We like the roominess, ride, and the seat height to see the road. We have no complaints

- Andrea H

The car is reliable and comfortable.

No major repairs needed with 137, 000 miles. Has excellent sound system. The brakes do. Require replacement every 2 to 3 years.

- Leslie L

it hasn't been in any accidents. it drives and handles nicely. The storage space in the back is quite adequate for a long trip for 2

it's easy to get into and out of. It is economical on gas. It's has a D3 gear for hills. I have only 1 complaint --VSA system

- judy g

If one keeps up with the basic preventative maintenance the vehicle will last.

Hondas are very reliable. They handle very well in any kind of weather. They are comfortable and the features are easy to use.

- Joseph S

It is smaller than you think and will make you feel small on the road.

The car is very reliable and runs well. It is old and i'd like a new vehicle. I would definitely recommend a Honda to others.

- Dawn I

Great on gas mileage and a lot of space. Drives smooth and fits 5 people.

I do not dislike anything about my car, no complaints. Works great, looks good and I hope to be driving for another 5+ years.

- Olga M

It is a wonderful vehicle to drive.

I like that the back door opens out instead of overhead. I like how dependable the car has been. I do not have any dislikes.

- Julie W

It is reliable. It's fuel efficiency is really good for my purposes.

My car is absolutely amazing. I've had it for a few years and it has a lot of miles on it but it has always been reliable.

- Jack F

My Honda CRV is a reliable vehicle.

My vehicle is a small SUV. It handles well and looks nice. It is versatile. I get good gas mileage. I have no complaints.

- Ellen P

Old, but gets the job done

Because it is a slightly older car, there are some issues that may arise from wear and tear. However, it still works fine

- Amanda W

It is a very dependable car.

I like that I have not had any major issues with my car. It rides very smooth. I do not like how the headlights fog up.

- Jason P

It's a Honda so you know it is safe and high quality

I like the size and how I can see easily when I drive - it is not too low. It is safe and I feel good driving a Honda

- Kristen S

It has manual transmission.

I like that it has a manual transmission. I like if it had Bluetooth connectivity so connect my cell phone to the car.

- Jose P

Lots of storage space under seat.

The vehicle has plenty of leg and storage room; and gets great gas mileage, it is just not that pretty or luxurious.

- Nicole G

It gets great gas mileage and is dependable!

So far love everything about the car, it has lasted over 250,000 miles and will hopefully keep going past 300,000!

- Jordan K

It is reliable for many years.

I like how it drives in the snow and it is reliability. It could be a smoother ride and be more efficient on gas.

- Sue M

How roomy the car is and how much stuff you can put in it.

Like: safety and reliability and style.. Dislike: too small too old. Too old. I would want truck a Toyota truck.

- Otto J

2006 Honda CR-V Lots of bang for the buck

powerful smooth running comfortable built well good paint job lots of interior space tight steering nice wheels

- John B

Great car low gas mileage, nice interiors, roomy very spacious

Awesome car to drive, 120k mile and no issues. Only change oil on schedule maintenance. No mechanical problems

- Melissa D

Honda CRV: How I feel about it

The vehicle is not good on gas, but is very reliable and easy to drive. It is nice that it is a smaller SUV.

- Anne L

Very spacious, reliable and easy to maintain.

Very reliable, only needs its regular maintenance, has over 170, 000 miles and running well, very spacious.

- Linda S

I handles great on the highway!

It drives great. Good gas mileage and low maintenance. Could use a little more room in the drivers area.

- Shane H

It does not depreciate as fast as other cars.

Love it is reliability and how well it runs, easy to maintain. There is nothing I dislike. No complaints.

- Karen R

It's practically maintenance free

I love that it's easy to drive.I love that it's great on gas mileage. I love the color. I love the style.

- Linda F

Makes you a better driver because you can SEE everything

Great visibility. Great gas mileage. And I like how high up it sets off the ground unlike a 4 door sedan

- Monica G

That it is been a very dependable vehicle.

It is very dependable. I have had a Honda for the last 40 years. My present car has 125,000 miles on it.

- Anna D

It gets me to where I want to go and works for me.

Has room to carry large items in back, fair gas mileage. Does not drive as smooth as I thought it would.

- Shara S

Love my cr-v it's the best vehicle I've had

Really reliable and gets good gas mileage. Has a big backseat to help transport my 4 dogs or groceries.

- Zachary T

Great Car, 4WD. Great camp vehicle.

4 wheel drive. Reliable if maintained. AC issues. The fold up table in the trunk is great for camping.

- Gary Z

It is a reliable vehicle. When the time comes to resell the car, you will get more than the average used car.

It is a very reliable car. Well built. It is roomy without being too big. It has a great resale value.

- Karen P

Great Honda CR-V, it is a great small family vehicle. It is a good size.

It is reliable, low maintenance, and gets good gas mileage. It is roomy enough with our being to big.

- Jenny F

It's a burgundy red color

It is a great car and I have had it for over 10 years. Still drives well. It's in excellent condition

- Tanya A

Honda CR-V is a great car.

A Honda CR-V is a good reliable car. It drives well, pretty good on gas, and it is just a great car,

- Rodney G

Honda cars are great. They are easy to drive. They never seem to have any problems with them.

I love my car. Very easy to drive. It's comfortable inside. I like that I sit high about the road.

- SuzieC E

It's paid off. It pulls to the right. It has a small tank.

I like the height. I like the roomy cabin. It is dependable and good in the rain and snow.

- Kimberly S

It's very reliable. With good maintenance and care you do not have issues

Lots of room, good gas mileage, very dependable. Able to transport family AND luggage

- Lisa W

It never fails me. I have never had any problems. It is a perfect car. In my opinion.

Definitely no complaints about this car. It is dependable and trustworthy. I love it .

- Linda M

It is as reliable as most vehicles come. I've never had any serious issues with it.

It's a reliable vehicle with great clearance, but it doesn't work as well in the snow.

- J K

This car been super reliable

Great on gas! Easy with car seats. Only complaint is the legroom in front for men

- Danielle H

It's safe, needs new struts and an oil change-which I'm getting next week

It's 12 years old, and still running great, gets good gas mileage and is dependable.

- Rachele N

The reliability of my car is decent. However, there are a lot of mechanical issues in regards to the lights and gadgets within the car. I wish the car didn't require so much time and effort to maintain.

It's overall a very reliable make. Honda has always been an amazing brand of car.

- Katie A

Storage space and reliability

The Honda CR V is very reliable. It also has plenty of cargo space in the back.

- Paul O

It has a lot of room. It has a tot of room .. .......

It's nice for my manual wheelchair. A lighter-weight backdoor would help a lot.

- Dave B

The car is a great family car

My car fits my personality. It holds the amount of people who are in my family

- Kim M

It's a very reliable car and makes me feel safe

It's a great running car very roomy and spacey great on gas minimal problems

- maria K

That it's a reliable car meant for traveling. You can travel far with a full tank of gas

It's luxurious. Fuel efficient and trustworthy. I have no negative feedback.

- Alexis S

My car is very safe. It is also reliable and runs well

I like the silver color. I like that it gets me to and from work safely.

- Michelle E

The honda crv is the perfect size car for me and my needs and I love it.

I love my car. It's very reliable. It's the perfect size car for kids.

- Katie M

I love my Honda CR-V. I travel often and it is very reliable. There is a ton of trunk space, which is especially great for when I go camping or on long car trips. It feels very safe and I am confident driving with my daughter in the car. I like the style of the 2006 model much better than more recent models that have come out. No complaints!

It is very reliable. I rarely run into issues or maintenance needs.

- Elysha C

it is a very safe vehicle and would be good for small families

it has been a great vehicle. i have had hardly any issues with it.

- Caitlin H

That it's mine. I like how it handles its reliable

that it's a very older model, I wish I could have owed it in 2006

- Gary N

reliability and that it is a car the holds it value however can be expensive to repair

good gas mileage and easy to turn has gotten harder to get out of

- pat y

Good fuel economy. Handles very well in snow and rain.

The fuel economy-the storage area. Good in snow. Easy to drive

- David R

Reliable long lasting vehicle

Reliable low maintenance. Roomy for both passengers and cargo

- Jan p

Fuel efficient!!! Good 4 cyLinder engine

Worth the money it cost. It is durable and easy to maintain.

- D C

Low mileage, does not break down easily, sturdy and trustworthy

Reliable, efficient, wish it were more sporty (sunroof).

- Odette M

I like the car because it's a small SUV. It's higher than a sedan, but drives like one.

It drives great! It also gets a good number for mileage.

- Rebecca L

I love the size and functionality of the car. it is the perfect size and works great.

great size, perfect for singles or families, versatile

- miki u

i think the cr-v is a very good car, it is reliable and i (and my passengers) think it's very comfortable. i would recommend it.

it's a very good car! idk what else to say about it.

- katy k

it is mine - it is good looking - not dated and absolutely no problems

nothing - no complaints - would buy again and again

- Suzanne A

It turns on a dime and handles great. It carries a lot I the back.

It runs great. Inexpensive to fix and good on gas.

- Nancy R

Love our vehicle. Great gas mileage. Only complaint is how light it is, so not so good in snow or even heavy rain sometimes.

Great gas mileage, and roomy enough for children .

- Melissa T

This last for a very long time no issue with the it

It is a great car. Honda last for a long time lol

- tammy I

It is Very dependable and reliable. It is a joy to own.

It is Very reliable and inexpensive to own.

- Martin V