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2014 Honda CR-V for driving around town.

This review is for a 2014 Honda CR-V used for in-town daily driving. The car is comfortable, fuel efficient, and easy to drive. It has leather seats with front seat heaters, a roof rack, and a trim package. Routine maintenance is performed on a regular basis. There have been no major mechanical issues over a four year period, although the battery had to be replaced once. It does not have a navigation package. However, it does have Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in USB connection, and a separate Audio input jack. The Bluetooth connectivity feature enables the ability to use a cellular phone for navigation, phone calls, and receiving text messages. The USB connection is used primarily for charging devices such as cellular phones and tablets. It also keeps devices charged while in use, which provides the ability to use a phone's navigation system. It has a separate auxiliary Audio input port for playing Audio files from external devices using a male-to-male 3. 5 mm Audio cable. This is a nice feature for playing music playlists or Audio books from an external device. The car is used for short city driving trips most of the time. It has been used for one to three hundred mile trips on occasion with good performance and gas mileage. The econo mode helps with better gas mileage with a small decrease in power performance. Overall I have been very happy with this car. There have been only two unsatisfactory issues: 1. A defective battery and. 2. Difficulty getting a Bluetooth device to play through the car speakers.

- Phil H

2014 Honda CR-V purchased and driven by me alone.

My 2014 Honda CR-V has been reliable since I purchased it new in November 2014. I was able to get the color I wanted (white) and have not been sorry I chose that color. The interior is a gray cloth material. The gas mileage has been as advertised and I feel that it's reasonable. I use the fuel economy feature on it all the time, but do feel there are times that it causes me to lack 'pick up' when I start to accelerate or pass another car. This is especially true on inclines. Mechanically we have had not problems and have only regular oil changes on it. We replaced the original tires about a year ago and recently had to replace the windshield wipers. We have traveled several times in our CR-V and have enjoyed the spacious trunk area for luggage. My biggest issue is I don't feel the seats are very comfortable after an extended period of travel time. I'm not an overly big person but the seats feel narrow and after a while my behind gets really tired. I understand the newer models have larger interior seating. I think if I were to trade for another CR-V I would like to customize more rather than just buying off the lot. One feature I would like is a sun roof although I'm not sure that's available in a CR-V. I would also like to have heated seats and possibly some type of lumbar support for my back. All in all I feel that my 2014 Honda CR-V was a good value for the money.

- Alice G

Piece of mind and reliability. The perfect size auto.

This is my 1st car bought totally by myself. I test drove 3 or 4 models and decided on the Honda CR-V. I am the sole driver with my handicapped adult 'child' a constant passenger. The CR-V is roomy, comfortable, easy to handle and most important reliable. I usually have to transport a fold up wheelchair which fits flat or standing in the 'trunk'. There is plenty of room so my vision is not blocked and I am able to fit at least 6 shopping/grocery bags in the 'trunk' as well. My only issue in 5 years of owning my CR-V has been nails in tires. The light comes on in the dash alerting me there is a tire pressure issue. Three times now I have had to replace the tire. I have been extremely pleased with the maintenance department at Honda. I am able most times to have my car in for service that day. I also like the fact that a CR-V sits up higher than a sedan. I feel safe and I am able to clearly see in all directions. The car handles extremely well. I have been satisfied with the CR-V and have recently thought of purchasing a newer one only for more current safety features.

- Patrice B

Four wheel drive and good on gas!

The only downfall is the rims, they are so hard to keep clean. Water spots show bad. It's a beautiful turquoise with black interior, I love the black interior BC of stains. The seats are soft and comfortable. I love the arm rest, wish it was also on passenger side. It has 6 cup holders. Three phone ports, nice when charging multiple phones. Lots of storage compartments. Great on gas get 23mph gallon average. It rubs quite and is very smooth. It doesn't slide in snow or rain, I've never gotten stick or slid in it. I've not had any mechanical problems. The speakers are loud and have good base. If I leave my lights on it continues to beep reminding me to turn them off. If I use the Econ button I get 25mph. Five people sit in it comfortably. The back seat lay down which is nice when moving big stuff. The back up camera is accurate and has good visibility. The middle in the back seat folds down as on armrest/cup holder in one. The hatch is very large compared to other SUVs its size. It is by far my favorite daily driver and I'm glad I bought it.

- Marissa H

Great car for a great price.

It's a very reliable vehicle that I have had no major issue with. I like that it has a lot of room for storage. It has a nice feature to release the seats in the back so I can haul bigger items. It's safe which is good since I have kids. It's not too fancy but leaves a good impression. The body style is modern and the interior is cloth but comfortable. The back up camera is a nice feature and though the screen is small it does the job. I like that it has a USB port to plug into your phone if you want to access your music or podcasts. The Honda brand fulfills its promise of offering you a nice looking vehicle for the price with features and reliability that cannot be matched. The other thing I think of is that the AWD is great in the winter and helps with icy roads. Again reinforcing the safety aspect of the car. Something I am not super pleased with is that it is hard to change the oil light once it comes on. Also the hood release is in a weird place that I think is hard to find.

- Paul C

2014 Honda CR-V is the car that can do it all

I strongly recommend this vehicle. It is extremely comfortable both to drive and to ride in. The hatchback makes it the perfect size for travel, as the back seats can be folded down to create space for packing. While the car feels large enough to fit 5 people and road trip with, it is small enough to fit into almost any parking space easily. One feature I enjoy is the storage compartment between the two front seats, which is a great size/place for holding CDs, snacks, and more. It also contains a USB port for chargers/etc.. The car is Bluetooth- compatible and pairs automatically with your phone when you start it, making it effortless to pick up calls or listen to music through the car itself. The only persisting problem I have had with my car is that my tire pressure icon on my dashboard is always lit up (despite repeated tire fills and changes). This may be a problem with the dashboard. Overall, my car is reliable, comfortable, and attractive.

- Ellie M

Does the motor run well or not?

The car itself is very comfortable, I chose leather seats and they provide easy clean up and a great ride. I like that the car is a smooth ride. All the bells and whistles are easy to use and its got a bit wider wheelbase than the previous model. My biggest issue with the vehicle is that there always seems to be something that sounds or does strange thing inside the function of the motor, etc. The vehicle shakes, very badly and rattles in the motor when idle. I have had the brakes not function correctly on random occasions which makes me feel not safe, but upon having it checked out, they cannot find anything wrong with the vehicle or the brakes. Sometimes it feels as though it is trying to downshift at times that it shouldn't, like on a freeway. Again, they cannot find anything wrong. So, it seems to be a good car that will run forever, if you can get past the random issues that Honda does not seem to see as issues.

- Kelsey H

don't expect to much power cause it only has four cylinder engine.

The Honda CR-V is a very affordable and reliable vehicle. The four cylinder engine does not offer to much power especially on inclines. The base model does not come with passenger seat hand rest. It is a very light SUV and sometimes does not handle well on curves and windy driving conditions. On impact it is likely to flip over. The back seats don't have a/c controls and the leg space is limited for tall passengers. The front seats don't come with back storage pockets. The only USB port is inside the middle compartment and have to be opened to access the USB port. Noise reduction in this model is extremely great considering that is it is a basic SUV. The trunk has sufficient room for loading decent amount of goods. Overall it is a great SUV and very practical for city and highway driving. This is my third Honda CR-V and I am very pleased with Its cost ( approximately $24, 000 ).

- Vinod B

Honda CR-V: a northeast daily commuter�s perfect choice.

I really do like my Honda CR-V. It sits up higher than a sedan but is not as bulky as full size SUV. The gas mileage is so much better than the SUV I previously owned. It is reliable and safe. The cabin comfortably fits four adults and I have ample room in the hatch for daily use. Living in the northeast I appreciate the all-wheel drive for winter driving. The sunroof is great for summer. The engine provides good acceleration for highway on ramps during my daily commute. Some of the disappointments I have encountered are not in daily life, but during special occasions. This is not a vehicle in which you would want to take a family vacation. The storage space in insufficient for that volume of luggage. Similarly you would not be able to transport a golf foursome and golf bags. Also the screen for the backup camera is rather small compared to other vehicles I have been in.

- Dennis C

Excellent towing vehicle!

The 2014 Honda CR-V has roomy seating in both the front and back seats. The bucket seats in front are not very comfortable on longer drives. We had to add seat pads to provide extra support. Headroom is good. Visibility is fairly good in this SUV. It would be helpful if the steering wheel telescoped out for more comfortable steering. The hauling space is remarkable. We wish that the hatch had an automatic open and close. It is difficult to shut at times. The vehicle handles well in all road conditions and has been maintenance free except for routine maintenance. Honda is a good reliable car company. One of the main reasons we bought the vehicle was for its tow ability behind our RV. It's one of the few automatic transmissions that can be easily towed. Unfortunately this feature was discontinued with the 2015 models and on.

- Allison B

It is slow, and not very good on gas average at best.

My CR-V has a bit of lag when accelerating, had it for 2 years and only had an issue with a battery. . It died rapidly, although it was 4 years old. . A/c is ice cold and the seats are comfortable, got it in Pennsylvania and drove it here to Tampa Florida, about 1200 miles no issues. Quiet ride nice radio a lot more room then I expected, but it is a bit gas thirsty, more than I expected, on average driving 40 miles an hr. on back roads I get 19. 2 mpg. . Highway if you painfully nurse it up to highway speeds you can get about 26 mpg with a/c off. . . Eco mode takes all the limp power away and good luck trying to accelerate onto a highway. . Definitely need a turbo or bigger engine. . But if you are in no rush for anything this is a fantastic vehicle.

- Stephen E

Issues with tire pressure light.

The tire pressure light has always been an issue and one thing I do not like about this car. It is so sensitive it comes on all the time. We have tried to document the times it has come on. One particular time when I took it in for an oil change, I told the desk in the service area about the problem. He let me know it had to do with the year of the vehicle. Then my husband took it in this year and again mentioned the issue. It was taken overnight and it seemed that the problem was resolved due to the fact that the light did not come on for about a month in duration. In the last couple of week, it turned on again. The frustrating part of all of this is we never know if there are real issue with the tire pressure or if it is a fluke.

- Cheryl H

Honda CR-V: safe, reliable, versatile. The CRV is an all inclusive vehicle, meeting all your needs wherever you go.

I like that the CRV feels solid, substantial, well made. I feel safe driving it because of how solid it feels. I also like that it is pretty versatile. I sometimes drive alone in it, or I can fit multiple passengers. I can also fold down seats and move a lot of things in the vehicle. A few years ago, making multiple trips, I actually moved all my belongings, including bed and other furniture, in my CRV! It is amazing how much you can fit in this car! I love the stability and gas mileage on highways and on longer trips. I have a lot of miles on my car already, and I have been very happy with it's performance so far. It's a car I can rely on, feel safe in, and plan to continue to drive for many more years.

- Ann M

Really enjoy my CR-V but wish it had more armrest and a more "washable" interior.

Handles great! Comfortable to drive. Like that it sits higher than a car and that the seat height is adjustable. Previously I always had older vehicles so I really enjoy the newer features like Bluetooth handsfree, USB ports, etc. Seems to be a reliable vehicle and I have had no performance problems. I did select the lowest grade CR-V but I really wish the passenger side seat had it is own armrest. The interior color options were also extremely limited and with 2 toddlers I am worried the beige will not last long. I truly appreciate that the vehicle came with a spare tire and not an air pump in the spare space- that was very important to us. I also love the extra storage compartments and cupholders.

- Deborah C

Great car for short people to see and sit comfortably

It is very reliable and gets the job done. Pretty good in gas as well which is a plus since it's a SUV. Haven't had a need to do any major maintenance besides the typical oil and filter change and tire rotation. I've traveled from Florida to North Carolina and all the way to Miami with no issues. The love how the seats are able to be adjusted. It's great for small people like myself to be able to drive and reach the pedals and look over the windshield. It's not too comfortable for my husband though but he very tall. He's 6'5 and doesn't like to drive my car or really be in it. In the back seat it's ok for him though.

- Ruth A

Reliable for daily use, and gets great gas mileage

PROS: Great gas mileage, reliable, perfect size for my needs, great in the snow and ice. This is my first AWD vehicle and I needed it for winter travels, very happy with it. CONS: Very noisy. Very noticeable road noise, and also window noise. It's as if the windows don't seal well when closed. Also, if you like to drive with the windows rolled down on beautiful summer days, well, you can't in this vehicle. The air rushing in makes the seat belt straps vibrate, creating the most obnoxious noise and vibrations in the car, that it literally hurts my eardrums. No, I'm not exaggerating. My passengers have stated the same.

- Rosanna R


I own a 2014 Honda CR-V. Basic model, because it was affordable for me. It came standard with a color backup camera with night vision. No fancy frills on it except the back up camera. My biggest complaints is that the vanity mirrors do not have lights, the sun visors do not have a pull out extension to block light beyond the length of the visor. When the gas indicator light turns on, no audible sound is made. Lastly, when using the bluetooth for the cell phone, the speaker is on the top of the car, and the sound of the air going over the car is heard by the person receiving my call.


The Honda CR-V is simple but done very well. You will notice the craftsmanship and quality of the vehicle.

I love the Honda CR-V. On the outside it is stylish and on the inside it feels like quality. It's basic but done well. A lot of vehicles have too much features that will never be used but the Honda keeps it simple. It has a backup camera with different settings that makes it easy to see behind you. There's plenty of room and is comfortable. The instrument gauge is big and almost 3d like. The only complaint is it has a small gas tank and find myself at the gas station frequently. Also not a great sound system. I will be purchasing another one when the time comes.

- Brett C

Spacious, dependable vehicle.

I love how room-y my CR-V is! It is great for road trips with friends - it has plenty of room for luggage and everyone rides comfortably. My dad is 6'2' and fit comfortably in the back seat next to my nephew's car seat when we go on family vacations. I am a big DIY-er and often bring home lumber/bulky materials. The complete fold down seats are a lifesaver. It is held a table, 4 chairs, and a huge pond liner all at once. I highly recommend if you are looking for a spacious, vehicle whether it be for a family or for hauling, you'll be able to do it with ease.

- Morgan M

This vehicle is a great vehicle for a small family very comfortable.

My Honda CRV is a wonderful vehicle. It's perfect for a small family. Its extremely comfortable for traveling. I love that it has a camera for when you are backing up and is Bluetooth compatible. This vehicle has never given me any type of problems as far as repairs and I purchased it as a new vehicle. I have stayed on top of car maintenance. I know for a fact this car has good mileage. The car drives well in the winter as well. I live in Idaho and it snows here. There was a winter where it snowed for two weeks straight and the car did great on the roads.

- Sandra V

It's great on gas and comfortable to ride in for long distances.

I went from a accord to my crv and there is nothing I dislike about it. I bought it used with very low miles. It's a fully loaded vehicle with a sunroof and navigation. It has leather and heated seats. I truly love it. If there was one thing I could change it'd probably be the color. I would love it more if it was black and all the windows were tinted instead of just the back windows. It's great on gas and since the seats lay down I can haul stuff. I wouldn't trade it for anything except a Honda Pilot ( a bigger version of the crv)!

- Jessica G

Spacious Honda with large trunk. Smooth drive and efficient.

I really like my CR-V. One of the compliments that I always get is that it is very spacious. I have 2 children so it is great having larger car seats and still enough room to move the front seats forward or backwards. I also like how spacious the trunk is. I am able to find a double stroller and groceries in the back and still have extra room. My car also has a feature to make it energy efficient which is nice because I commute to work every day. Overall I would probably continue to drive another Honda car because of how nice it is.

- Laura R

Reliable, comfortable, functional, save on gas mileage.

Extremely pleased with my Honda crv. Provides excellent gas mileage even with all-wheel drive. Is comfortable and reliable. Comes with backup camera and bluetooth. Very pleased with fit and finish. Performance is satisfactory. Provides good vision and overall I feel safe in my cry-v. I like that all window and door controls are illuminated and that door locks activate automatically. Has capability of being able to haul lots of items easily with back seat down. Access to storage area is easy. So far good brakes and steering is good.

- Sandy T

Super picky nick picks, 2014 CR-V

Only the driver seat has an armrest, which I kind of understand but it make the car look like it's missing something and the passenger seat is noticeably less comfortable. The screen for the backup camera is in a weird recess the can easily gather trash,(if you are someone that lets trash build up in your car just a little to long). It drives and handles fine, the brakes have always felt slightly off, they feel as though you have to press down just ever slightly more than you might think before it feels as though they are engaging.

- Gavin W

2014 Honda CR-V is a great value for your money.

My Honda CR-V lx is the base trim model. It has all the current safety features including a backup camera. It does not have GPS. The vehicle accelerates good for merging and passing especially at highway speeds. The ride is smooth and handling is tight. The continental tires are standard equipment and hug the road in wet conditions, with no slipping or tire spinning when accelerating. The interior is a little plain but functional. The seats are comfortable especially on a long trip. The gas mileage is 26/30. An enjoyable SUV.

- Nancy S

Safe and dependable vehicle!

My husband and I were looking to buy a new vehicle and without a question we decided to purchase another Honda. We have a lot of experience with Honda vehicles and they last so long. The vehicle drives great and has really good basic features. The back up camera has been wonderful and is a nice feature to have on the car. The only problem that we've had is the water pump. The water pump went out on the car and it had to be replaced. The car continues to drive well and I trust it to get my family wherever they need to go.

- Heather B

It is a simple to use vehicle with many comfortable features.

I love the size of it, and it is easy to park! Mine is black which I love. We did get one without leather seats, so it is definitely harder to clean and involves lots of vacuuming. It is not at all a gas guzzler and lasts a really long time on one tank which is great. The screen is generally easy to use and there is ample room for the aux cord, the radio, and a charger space. It is large enough to fit my many siblings, yet small enough that you never have to worry about fitting in between lines on the road.

- Julia G

Almost Perfect - CR-V is dependable and costs very little to keep.

This is my second CR-V. I updated simply because I wanted a newer model; my 2006 was still running like a dream. Other than oil changes and upkeep, I have not had any mechanical issues with either CR-V. I live in an area with a lot of snow and ice, and I can depend on the 4wd to get me to work. Although I love my CR-V, my only complaint is about the headrests. They are at an odd angle, and you can't rest all the way back in the seat. If I do that, my head tilts forward at a very uncomfortable angle.

- Kim F

2014 Honda CR-V - Just right!

I love the size of the vehicle. Front and back row seats are comfortable for adults. Back seats fold down very easily to allow for a huge packing area. I also love the option to drive in economy mode. I use econ mode the majority of the time, then flip to regular at the push of a button to merge into heavy traffic. Very responsive! The car also has a push button switch to enter 3rd gear for climbing and descending hills. The rear camera is a wonderful help. I am very happy with this vehicle.

- Joyce M

A good car but not for me.

I have had this car for 2 years. I bought it after a deer decided I needed a new one. My previous car was a Honda Odyssey which I truly loved. I could not justify the expense of a new van so I settled for the CR-V. I have to say it has been very reliable and it performs well however it is not as roomy and comfortable as the Odyssey. I also miss having the automatic door opener. The only major flaw I see in it is that visibility when backing out of an angled parking spot is almost nil.

- Gayle B

Honda CR-V ex-l - luxury & comfort at a reasonable price, and regular gas!

I just bought my used 2014 Honda CR-V ex-l today! Actually, we got it Saturday, but picked it up today, five days later. I love its smooth ride, great gas mileage, its looks, comfort, leather seats, sunroof, roof rack and color. I have always been a Honda fan, and am happy to have another in our family. I have owned or shared ownership of nine Hondas over my driving history (also had a VW and a mercury in there) Honda is just the best! Well made, efficient, nice looking, great gas mileage.

- Elizabeth F

Excellent value for your money!

My car has been remarkably reliable. My CR-V handles very well and has not needed any work other than routine maintenance. I have over 75k miles driven. The seats are comfortable and the space in the back seat is much larger than I expected. The feature where the back seats are able to be laid flat is very useful when transporting large objects. I can actually lay completely flat when the seats are down. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend to anyone looking for a SUV.

- Nolan S

Good mid-size SUV. Versatile and reliable with rear view camera assist.

It is a great size, it is comfortable enough to seat five people or you can fold seats down to transport large items. I like the sleek style. I like that the AWD only kicks in with bad weather conditions so you still get great gas mileage. However, since the car is so light and fairly tall it moves around a lot in high wind, I wish it was a little heavier and more stable. I like the visibility out of the large front window. It also has a rear view camera which is helpful for backing up.

- Laura F

Comfortable and Reliable; Great for Bringing Pets Along.

My Honda CR-V has been an extremely reliable vehicle. It runs smoothly, the pedals are at the right level of sensitivity, and it it's comfortable. The car is easy to get in and out of and has plenty of space for luggage, bags, hauling in general, and a great spot for a crate in the back to bring your dog along. My one complaint thus far is that it seems that the display screen has gone out. It still shows the time but the mileage monitor and some other related features no longer show.

- Emily R

Honda CR-V: it has an eco boost button to help save energy

It has great features. This car includes lots of extra features, which makes driving more enjoyable. It is a very reliable vehicle. I have had no problems with this vehicle so far and it has excellent reviews. As long as the maintenance is kept up with, the performance and reliability will remain intact. The comfort in this vehicle is amazing. It includes heated leather seats, cruise control, an electric sunroof, Bluetooth, USB ports, etc. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Melinda S

Amazing car for short drives

I love the performance of the car, however, it seems to use too much gas. Seems to use more gas than an SUV. It is not comfortable for long rides but it can be comfortable on most of my drives. This car's body isn't amazing. I've had someone hit my car once and it didn't leave a dent or scratch. It has not given me any major problems, only general repairs which is expected with a car. I love the Bluetooth stereo and the back up camera. The back up camera is early to get used to.

- Sanchez B

Honda CR-V positives and negatives- nice drive but minor inconveniences.

I like my Honda CR-V. It is easy to control and is the perfect size- small enough to maneuver into tight spaces but large enough that I do not feel intimidated driving on the interstate or next to hummers and semi trucks. Backup camera and sound system are nice. The main negative is that the defrost does not work very well, and the tires are often going low in cold weather. I am not sure if the tires are actually low or if there is something wrong with the tire pressure sensor.

- Lana F

Great starter car for anyone living in a rural area.

I do love this car. I have a basic version, so no navigator or anything. But for a basic car it works great. The gas mileage is awesome, I have had it for 3 years and I am still under 100,000 (drove cross country with it). The oil changes get spendy since it only takes a certain oil type. But it last a long time. Filling up on gas is cheap because of a smaller tank. The only thing I don't like is how light it feels.. When it gets windy, the car gets pulled and pushed.

- Mollie J

The Honda CRV: A Reliable, Comfortable Ride!

I own a 2014 Honda CRV which I like very much. It gets appx. 30 mpg and is a great highway car, comfortable and easy to drive. I particularly like the multiple device charging options and the heated leather seats. I purchased this vehicle used from a Honda dealer and have had very few problems, only needing to have brake shoes replaced after I had driven it appx. 1 year. I would highly recommend the CRV for anyone who values fuel efficiency but needs all wheel drive.

- Carol M

It is one of the best vehicle in this budget.

The Honda CR-V is a very good car. The most loving thing is its acceleration. The car is so fast. The 2nd thing I love is its comfort. There is enough space the seats are very good. You also get comfort when u are driving. The performance is also very good. I did not feel any problem while I drive. The reliability is also very good. I am using this for four years. I did not get any major issues. But you have to use it carefully. Finally I can say Honda is the best.

- Herman M

The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by Honda.

Honda began producing the CR-V in sayama, japan, and Swindon, UK, for worldwide markets, adding north American manufacturing sites in East Liberty, Ohio, in 2007; el salto, jalisco, Mexico, in late 2007 (ended in early 2017); Alliston, Ontario, Canada, in 2012; and Greensburg, Indiana in February 2017. The CR-V is also produced in Wuhan (Hubei province) for the Chinese market by the dongfeng Honda automobile company, a joint venture with dongfeng motor corporation.

- Juan B

I think the dealership should walk the prospective buyer thru the car dashboard menu usage. I know the car has a lot of settings available in the menu, but I don't have the time or patience to read the manual. The dealership/manufacturer should make a instructional video on DVD showing how to review and change the dashboard menu settings.

I love the low gasoline usage required by my CR-V vehicle. I like the vehicle features such as the automatic door locking for security. I love the fact that I can talk on my cell phone by connecting to the bluetooth speakers in the car. I would have given my car 5 stars, but the seats of this car are NOT COMFORTABLE AT ALL. The car seats hurt my back and I did not realize this until after driving the car for a couple weeks. HORRIBLE BACK SUPPORT IN THE SEATS.

- Jami P

Last year to flat tow a Honda!

This is the very first Honda I have ever owned. We bought it because it was the last year that could be flat towed behind an RV. It has been a decent car, but seems cheaply built for the money spent. Lots of plastic inside. Navigation system needs work. Seems very unsafe to use when it's supposed to make things simple. We should be able to just speak to it, not say a word one letter at a time and then have to look at the screen to ensure choice of letter.

- Shelly C

This vehicle is very roomie inside with enough space without being a huge SUV.

Perfect small SUV, very roomie. My favorite thing about it is the backup camera and how large the trunk space is. Perfect vehicle for kids but not too big where they cant get in by themselves. I feel very safe in this vehicle. The Bluetooth hookup to your phone and being able to listen to your playlist hands free is a must. After 4 years and over a hundred thousand miles this car holds up great. The only downside is the stock battery died within a year.

- Shannon F

Great mileage, features, and overall car!

My Honda CR-V is a great vehicle to have. There is great mileage and need to get gas about every two weeks with my current driving. It features a eco-boost to help save gas and when you are driving will let you know if your driving is economical. I have a sunroof which is my favorite feature and has a lot of trunk space. I have only had to change the battery once and have gotten new tires because of the amount of driving I have done on the highway.

- Rebecca Q

The Honda CR-V is great. This car is the perfect size to fit most needs.

I bought my vehicle lightly used. The car is in great shape and it is very reliable. I love the fact that my car has Bluetooth connection to my phone, hands-free calling, and a nice monitor for my radio. In the last three years of owning my vehicle I have not run into many problems. The only thing that I would maybe complain about is how sensitive the tire pressure light is in the vehicle. I overfill my tires by 2 pounds and the light comes on.

- Madison R

Great value for the money. Excellent car and would repurchase!

Durable, no major problems, good gas mileage, lots of room in trunk. Good value for price of vehicle. I previously owned a Honda CR-V and purchased a new one in 2014 (husband now drives 2009 CR-V) next car will likely be a Honda CR-V. Purchasing car from pacific Honda is very easy, warranty and service center is top notch. Car rides smoothly and has great features - moonroof, rims, that you would expect to see in more expensive vehicle.

- Gail M

I would say the most important thing is that larger cars such as this one are the greatest because you can haul almost anything.

I like how spacious this car is. Because me and some family members sometimes have to move for school/work, we need to carry a lot of stuff to our temporary homes (such as dorm or apartment). And when one car ride might be 6 hrs long 1 -way, it really helps to have so much space. It has sensors for stuff such as staying in lanes. However, these don't really work in heavy weather conditions, which is when you might need it the most.

- Jane L

It is a good, reliable, comfortable SUV.

I am really impressed with this car. It wouldn't normally be a car I'd choose but I like it a lot so far. The maintenance seems to be mostly oil and tires. It is very comfortable. I love the heated seats and the hidden middle console. I do wish there was more temperature adjustment for the backseat. Our whole family loves the sunroof. My favorite feature is the Bluetooth connection. It is so handy for phone calls and playing music.

- Jacoby M

Spacious and convenient Back

There are no problems with the car, I love it! The only issue I have is that the towing capacity is low and unless I update quite a few features I cannot get that capacity any higher. The actual car is great. The driver's seat is comfortable and has an arm rest. The controls are easy to reach. The back is spacious and the seats fold up and down so easily I am constantly putting them up and down to store things. It's so convenient!

- Corrie T

My Honda CR-V is comfortable, beautiful and dependable.

I love my Honda CR-V because it is good on gas, very comfortable and attractive and dependable. I haven't had any problems with it. I love how it tells me when I need an oil change, how many miles I have left to drive on the amount of gas I have, if there are any open doors etc. I love how I can hook up my iPhone and listen to YouTube etc. The only thing I regret about my particular model is that it does not have a GPS.

- Cathy V

Smooth ride but uncomfortable seat.

It is a smooth ride. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly into the next gear. I like the Bluetooth feature that allows me to talk hands free on the phone. As well as the average audio sound system. I wish that the headlights were brighter when it is dark, they hardly project enough light to see adequately. Another con with this car is the seating is very comfortable on my back after an hour drive and I am only 23.

- Kayla P

Love everything about my Honda.

My Honda is super reliable. It drives great and smooth, and handles really well. It has low road noise so my CD sound great and my wife and I can talk with each other while driving without raising our voices. It has very good gas mileage in both city and on the highway. And while it is a very efficient family car, the styling is still very appealing. I love the car and the driving experience I get when driving it.

- Jeff H

The CR-V is reliable, makes me feel safe while driving, doesn't consume much gas and is an easy car to drive.

So far I haven't had any major issues with the vehicle other than a few annoyances with the battery that dies out of the blue every now and then. The Honda CR-V has plenty of space for my needs, it's pretty economical considering it is an SUV and is a smooth ride. I enjoy having the rear view camera while parking and the Bluetooth feature that can be used for making/receiving calls or playing music from Spotify.

- Jessica M

Great everyday vehicle for a family.

Love the reliability of the Honda brand. My CR-V is a great everyday vehicle. Perfect for a family of 3-4. The oil life counter and the tire pressure gauge are great features. The tire pressure gauge has warned me several times of an air leak that would have otherwise gone unnoticed until I was stranded somewhere with a flat tire. My only complaint is that the headlights are not bright enough at night.

- Jessica S

Take Care of your Car and It'll Take Care of You!

I have had my car for about two and a half years and I've never had a big problem with it. Getting the tires rotated and the oil changed is necessary for how much I drive, and I've never had an issue with it. My 2014 only had to get a new battery for the first time ever in 2019, and only because of the cross-country, drastic temperature changes! I love my car and I'm going to drive it until it falls apart.

- Casey P

Reliable, safe, spacious and an excellent value!

I have owned a number of Hondas through the years and the CR-V is by far the best! It is safe, reliable, gets reasonable gas mileage, and has a spacious interior that can comfortably hold 5 adults. Its versatility allows for hauling large items. We added a trailer hitch and use it to tow a light pop-up camper. It is currently pushing 125000 miles and has required nothing more than routine maintenance.

- Paul P

Great in snow, great on gas and great trunk room.

I love the size, love the trunk room. Its pretty good on gas and is a smooth ride. I had a Subaru before and thought it was fantastic in snow, was worried about my Honda CR-V performing as well, however I was pleasantly surprised when I drove, it was just as good! My 2014 Honda CR-V also has a sunroof which I use all the time, also has shade to pull over glass to keep sun out when parked or to hot.

- Karen D

Honda CR-V is the best CR-V out there for a small family.

I love my Honda CR-V 2014 model. I bought this car used with 87K miles and now I am at 102K miles. The car is running smoothly with no issues whatsoever. I use the car everyday for my commute to the city. The trunk has a lot of space. The back seats also adjust forward if you need extra space to perform a move. The best thing is that I've had the car for about two years and haven't had any issues.

- Jose E

The backup camera is an awesome feature!

It drives very smoothly and I trust the safeness of it. I really enjoy the backing up camera. The car is extremely reliable and comfortable. My interior is leather seating and extremely high quality. One problem that I have recently started having in the winter is that my battery often dies, which it is not an old battery. All in all I love the car and would get another model of it in the future.

- Leah G

The get you anywhere you want to go car.

The only issues I would say I have with the car is that after so many miles it seem like the transmission is about to go out. It overall still a great car you get great gas mileage, mine has a sunroof in it so I really enjoy that. I have no issues getting from point A to point B. It drive pretty smooth over all. You have handsfree, Bluetooth, and Aux in the car so you can literally go either way.

- Megan C

Love the reliability and comfort.

It is a reliable cast with little performance problems so far. We have had to get it r-aligned a couple of times. Gas mileage is decent, ride is smooth. Interior is comfortable. Love the leather seats with seat warmers. It is roomy enough for our family of four plus some cargo space in the back. Engine, transmission, etc. have all been satisfactory. It does well in all weather - including snow.

- Laurie M

It is very reliable and easy to drive.

The Honda CR-V is the best vehicle I have to owned. It has ample legroom for all passengers and offers a comfortable ride for all on long (or not-so-long) road trips. There is plenty of storage space for whatever you need to carry. The onboard system lets you know when maintenance is needs. The only downside to the CR-V is noise from the tires when highway driving when the windows are down.

- Wanda H

2014 Honda CR-V: ecoboost with a lot of room.

The Honda CR V has been a great car to me. I am in my 20s, and it serves as a great car. It has plenty of room in the back for people to sit and a considerable amount of trunk space. The price is not bad either. In addition, the ecoboost is really what sold me on it because I do care about the environment, and the ecoboost really makes me feel better about myself while I drive everywhere.

- Caroline L

Love my Honda CR-V best all around SUV.

I absolutely love my vehicle. I do wish that it had a nicer display/navigation/connected to my iPhone. However, I am sure the newer models do. It is a very comfortable vehicle, can fit lots of items to transport when the seats go down, and I always feel very safe in it. I would have probably preferred to not get a black one though, because you can see any little thing on the black paint.

- Lane D

Great reliable small SUV that has all wheel drive, Bluetooth capability.

It is a great reliable small SUV. No issues other than minor things like tire light comes on frequently, cabin/road noise is loud, seats uncomfortable, missing arm rest on passengers side. Good things are safety ratings, seats 4/5 comfortably, good in rain and snow, rear defroster & wiper, great rear cargo for shopping, (great for pets) and handles pretty nice for all wheel vehicle!

- Andrea D

My vehicle is a great vehicle for a starting family. I can accommodate 5 spaces.

The car is okay. The car has a feature called eco boost and when you remove it, the engine sometimes makes a sound. It is a real reliable vehicle. I love the gas mileage I get from driving this vehicle. I get around 24 miles in the city and 33 miles on the hwy. I love the back up camera on the vehicle. It is handy. The room inside accommodates my whole family and my 2 wonderful dogs.

- Mark L

Great vehicle! Wouldn't trade for anything else. . .

My CR-V is fantastic. The seats are very roomy, even for my husband who is well over six feet tall. The features are very useful, especially the back up camera. I feel very safe in the vehicle with front and side airbags. The design of the car is very sleek and modern. The hatch is large, and we have never had an issue with something we wanted to transport not fitting in the space.

- Amanda B

Honda CR-V, sleek, comfortable, performer.

I honestly do not have a single problem with my CR-V, it has performed beautifully for me. I love the size of this vehicle and I feel safe being higher up in the car. It is also a very comfortable vehicle to drive long distance in. If I said one slight negative thing it would be the operation of the windshield wipers, it seems a bit confusing at times. But that is probably just me,

- Dianne C

2014 Honda CR V great for traveling or when You just want to get out on the town.

I love my 2014 Honda CR-V. I have had it since 2016 and have traveled with it out of town multiple times. It's great on gas when going long distance. It spacious for me and my family. There could be better noise control when driving you do hear like the wind and sounds from outside which can be loud when the car is silent but when you have on music you can barely hear the noise.

- Simone L

My Honda CR-V experience and review.

I have not experienced and problems with my Honda CR-V whatsoever. The car is dependable and is all that I expected for it to be at the time of purchase and more. The rides are very comfortable for up to 5 people. The built in navigation is precise. The Bluetooth hands free car capabilities are the best and most reliable I have ever experienced. The performance is outstanding.

- Ricky C

Dependable economical attractive.

Very reliable economical and safe. It has a nice design and good interior features. I like the heated seats and the sound system is good. I feel like this car is extremely dependable and although it is not the fanciest car out there I know I can rely on it to start every time I get in it regardless of the weather. It has reclining seats and plenty of storage in the hatchback.

- Emily B

It is a good looking, reliable vehicle.

It is comfortable and mostly reliable. I like the way the controls are set up. They are mostly ergonomic. The headroom is good. The heat takes a bit to warm up on the cars heater. It sputters a little for the first few miles in cold weather. The door handles on the inside are sometimes a little tricky to grab. It gets good gas mileage, at 76000 miles, it still runs good.

- Adam K

Practical daily car with the drive for adventure

I'm in love with my CR-V! As a woman in her late 20's, this car is perfect for everything. I've been on multiple cross country road trips and the CR-V is spacious enough to carry everything I need as well as doesn't make me feel cramped in. I haven't had any maintenance problems so far! I feel like Honda CR-Vs will be my car of choice, even when it's time for a new one!

- amy C

Love our 2014 Honda CR-V!!

I love the CR-V. It gets great gas mileage and is perfect for our 3 person household. The cargo space is big enough for our teenager's sports equipment and I love the look of the vehicle. I have always been a Honda owner. The only issue we have had with this vehicle was having to fix an oil leak in 2018 - it was a spendy expense for a vehicle that was only 4 years old.

- Tiffany V

What I think of my Honda CR-V.

My CR-V is wonderful! I am a new mom and it is a great car to carry all the stuff needed for my little one. It is good for driving around town or taking family trips. It is a very reliable car and I feel safe when my family is riding in it. Compared to other vehicles that I have owned it gets wonderful gas mileage. I would definitely recommend the CR-V to other people.

- Sarah A

Great mileage and comfort!

Better gas mileage than expected. Getting highway/town bag of 27.5 mpg. Comfortable. Great on long trips. Lots of elbow room for a smaller suv. Downsides are the noise with the windows open and these are vehicle noises so we don't drive with them down. Also there aren't vents except for the front of the vehicle which makes it a little uncomfortable in the back seats.

- Vickie P

Reliable and Stylish Honda made For the Highway

My Honda is a very comfortable care. I feel confident driving it as they are very reliable. I love the leather seats and the blue tooth. My car also has a built in video so my grandson can watch movies on the road. The gas mileage is not that great, it is usually around 28 mpg. I spend time on the highway and I feel like the larger size car makes me feel safer.

- Diana B

Reliable. Spacious. Big. Drives well.

My car is very reliable. Big enough to fit 5 people and fill the trunk with anything and everything. Very comfortable and spacious. I have had my car for 5 years and have not had too many issues. I just recently had to change my battery for the first time and I am coming up on the need to change my rotors. Overall a very great price for the vehicle I bought.

- Tina S

Honda CRV, a good price for what you get if you choose to get one preowned.

It is extremely reliable. I got the car pre owned, and have only had to change the battery once and the stock tires. It is great on gas and overall just a great make of car. It's a go to for long distance travel. The only problem I've had is a leaky tire but that is due to the company that I had change the tires, put the new ones on wrong. Overall great car.

- Amber W

Base model that fits my family needs

My CR-V is extremely reliable. It has driven all around California and I haven't had any issues with it that aren't cosmetic or normal wear-and-tear. It is a base model, but it includes modern features like Bluetooth and USB plug-ins. It is extremely spacious and roomy. It's perfect for a small growing family. It is great for road trips and family events.

- Cat A

Extremely reliable and easily serviceable

Extremely reliable. I perform regular maintenance, oil changes, etc. and have 87,000 miles on it. No signs of major internal issues/engine problems. Expect to last for many more years and hundreds of thousands of miles. All parts are easily purchased online or in service stations. It is a very common vehicle so easy to work on or find documentation for.

- Hunter S

Perfect vehicle for a senior.

I love my CR-V. The height of the seat is perfect for a senior. It is easy to get into & easy for me to see the road as it sits up higher than s sedan. The C-RV gets great gas mileage and gives me a smooth ride. I have had the car four years and have taken a number of road trips in it, as well as driving it around town. It is my favorite vehicle ever.

- Brenda B

Honda CR-V is a great car for taking dogs cross country.

I love my CR-V. It has an ecoboost option which helps it get pretty good mileage for an SUV. Perfect car for two dogs with plenty of room in the very back. I drive it cross country frequently and have never had an issue. The cloth seats are the only thing about it I wish I had considered. It's hard to keep them clean with dogs and gardening supplies.

- Laurie S

My Honda is great for hands free talking on the phone.

l love my Honda. It is dependable, it looks professional, and it has plenty of room. I like that the seats fold forward in the back and I can put large items in through the back. It rides smooth and I love the coffee color. It also gets great gas mileage. I love that I can use my Bluetooth for my phone and take phone calls or listen to music.

- Cindy L

2014 Honda CR-V. Extremely reliable and easy to operate. No extraordinary repairs.

We got this car used from a dealer after we hit a deer with our other car. Last car was a minivan and the CR-V isn't as large so my wife doesn't like that about it, however, we have had zero problems with it, new tires and oil changes are all in the two years we have owned it. Rear seats are easy to fold down. A little hard on gas mileage, I think.

- Dale B

Gas mileage was a deciding factor and continues to make me desire to buy a Honda for my next car.

I love the safety, the ease of driving it, and the colors that were offered when I went to buy it. My favorite thing about it is the gas mileage. I hate the small amount of space in the backseat due to my long legs and the uncomfortable seat. It is not cohesive to driving around kids or taking road trips which is sad because of the great gas mileage.

- Madison M

Good pace with good mileage.

My SUV has been really reliable so far. I have only had to do typical maintenance on it for the past year. It is spacious enough for all of the animal rescue that I do, but it still keeps really good gas mileage. That is exactly what I was looking for when I was buying my next car. I would absolutely still choose the CR-V if I was buying a car again.

- Rebekah P

A dependable vehicle that you can fit a 65' TV in!

The car is very reliable. Haven't had any mechanical issues; however, I have had some non-mechanical issues. I sometimes have trouble opening my trunk. It gets stuck. Also, some of the plastic pieces on the interior door have fallen off and I have had to put them back on. The gas mileage is pretty good at about 28 mph on average. Dependable vehicle!

- Jeff A

2014 Honda CR-V - great family vehicle.

My Honda CR-V is reliable, roomy, and supports all of my needs. It comfortably fits car seats for children, sports gear, and luggage. The back up camera is an added bonus. I have had the vehicle for 3+ years and have only needed to do basic maintenance and upkeep. It is a great family vehicle and I will continue to purchase from Honda going forward.

- Sally W

Leather seats are so comfortable, I thought fabric would be softer. I was wrong.

I have every bell & whistle you could think of.. Except air conditioned seats, which by the way I would love considering where I live - Texas. I do not have any problems with this vehicle so far and it is four years old. What a gem! It is gas conscious with great mileage. This is my second Honda and when I trade it in, it will be for another Honda!

- Beth B

Honda CR V'S affordability with comfort and luxury

I love the comfort and luxury the CR-V offers at a decent price. Repairs are reasonable and within reason for an SUV. Honda's have always been reliable for with as long as you are consistent with general maintenance and oil changes. The EX-L offers a sunroof, navigation and leather seats. Honda CR V's offer a smooth drive when taking road trips.

- Amy W

Honda CR-V best vehicle to drive in the snow.

The Honda CR-V is a wonderful car to drive. The interior is very comfortable and roomy. The CR-V gets excellent gas mileage in town as well as on the highway. The all wheel drive model goes well in all road conditions and exceptionally well in the snow. The CR-V is the best car I have ever driven. It is a great value for a multitude of reasons.

- Katie S

2014 Honda CR-V reliability and personal review.

This vehicle is very comfortable and easy to drive. I am the second owner and have had no problems with it whatsoever. It drives smooth and handles well. Visibility is great and the size of the vehicle is just right. The cargo area is excellent. It can hold quite a bit of stuff and when the seats are down there’s not much it cannot handle.

- Sheri L

2014 Honda CR-V review to help make up your mind

My 2014 Honda CR-V has been extremely reliable, with only a few minor repairs that the dealership took care of for me. My Honda has been from Missouri to California three time and still no major issues. The only thing that I dislike about my car is that the seating isn't very comfortable for long road trips such as the ones mentioned above.

- Wilhemina H

CR-V Review from the Midwest.

We bought our CR-V used and for the last two years we have not had any problems with it. We have kept up with the maintenance on the vehicle, which has been very little. Its at almost 70000 miles and I am now getting the brakes changed. I drive it through the Midwest seasons and feel very comfortable with it. Highly recommend this to anyone.

- Amanda A

Honda CR-V. Stylish and reliable.

My car has an easy smooth ride. It is reliable. I am not scared to ride in inclement weather because of its handling. And I like the way I sit higher off the ground than a sedan. Also it has many advanced features and extras that make driving easier and more enjoyable. And last but not least I like the look of my car. I think it's stylish.

- Rhonda L

Perfect for me and my son!

Love this car! Perfect for me and my son, whose car seat fits perfectly in the back. Smooth ride with comfortable seats. Great mileage too! I use the Bluetooth for my phone so I can be hands free while on the road, as well as listen to my music from my phone. Haven't had any unexpected issues with vehicle since purchasing it two years ago.

- Catherine M

Honda CR-V--the best car you'll ever have

Overall, it is a great vehicle. I haven't had any major mechanical problems over the four years I've had the car for. The mileage is good. I am able to fit lots of cargo in the back. I love the built in GPS system. The only thing is that the windshield wiper fluid tends to freeze in the winter and that doesn't seem to happen in other cars.

- Fiona C

Honda makes a great car!!

Drives great. Sound system is good too. I am very happy with my vehicle. Honda makes a reliable product. I do wish I had XM radio in it but that's ok. My phone hooks up to the Bluetooth so I can listen to my music or podcasts. I also like being able to have a hands free phone call. You can answer the phone right from the steering wheel.

- Pilar K

It handles really well on the icy road in the winter.

The only complaint I have with this car is the timing chain stretched at 67, 000 which should happen after 100, 000 miles. I like the sunroof. I like the interior. I like the colors - dark red on the outside, light grey on the inside. I like the all wheel drive. I like the gas mileage between 25 miles per gallon to 30 miles per gallon.

- Tracy N

Honda CR-Vs are great for moms on the go.

This car has great gas mileage in town and on the highway. Performance is fantastic from the power needed to pass to the excellent braking for emergency stops. Comfort is excellent and all the modern technology provide added ease while driving. Easy in and out of the car with kids as well as unloading groceries from the rear hatchback.

- Pam F

It has never left me stranded. It's very reliable.

My Honda CRV has been very reliable which is the most important thing to me. I like the amount of space inside and it's just big enough on the outside. I can easily load the back area for a road trip. The dog gets the back seat, and my bicycle straps to the back of my car. It sits just high enough off the road and is quite comfortable.

- Kathryn K

So much space! I could fit everything I own in it.

I love my Honda crv. I live in Utah so it is perfect.to drive in the winter. It has all wheel drive which makes it easy to navigate uphill and in the snow. It also has economy option which makes you get more miles to the gallon while driving. Mine has a sunroof, which was a great addition to the car. I recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- Morgan H

Never be stuck from snow or ice again!

I love the ride my car has. The ride is not loud and it is not bumpy at all. I like that my car is all wheel drive when the snow and ice hits. My favorite feature is the one that tells me that my tire pressure is low. I live in an area with tons of construction and that light made sure I fixed the screws in my tire before it got worse.

- Caitlin M

The best vehicle available.

Vehicle is extremely dependable, great ride, great price, great safety rating, excellent gas mileage, and great resale value. Also, plenty of room and a very comfortable ride. Next year I will be buying another one, as they are still rated the best crossover SUV by all major ratings organizations, you cannot go wrong with this vehicle.

- Kenneth C

Everything fits, dogs, kids, luggage, and anything else I want to move around!

I have been driving a CR-V since they came on the market. This is my 4th Honda cr-v. Living in VT, and driving long distances, this car is excellent. It is higher than many sedans, and has excellent handling, especially in bad weather, like snow, rain, and slick conditions. I feel very safe in the vehicle, and would buy one again.

- Dorothy R

Perfect mini SUV for ladies!

The Honda CR-V drives like a dream. Very comfortable for petite drivers that are on the go. It makes a perfect errands vehicle because it is easy in and out yet can accommodate large and heavy items that need to be transported. The between the seats console is large and perfect for purses or gear that needs to be easily accessed.

- India M

Reliable and sturdy with inefficient bluetooth

The car itself is great. It gets good gas mileage for its size and is reliable in the snow. However, the bluetooth system is not user friendly at all. You have to listen to an automated voice read an entire paragraph before you can say anything when trying to give voice commands. The caller ID also doesn't work for phone calls.

- Alexa V

The pleasure of owning a Honda CR-V- exl is handling and great on gas.

I have owned this vehicle for over 2 years and I have had 0 issues. It is great on gas. Has plenty of room ie; used it to move & took someone who is in a wheelchair to the hospital. I get all of my service from Honda here in Cary NC 27518. They are extremely helpful pleasant and friendly. I am glad I purchased this vehicle.

- Kristina R

Leather seats and sunroof.

Comfort. Drives smooth. Durable. My 4 kids travel in it without complaining. I have the luxury model with all leather seats and sunroof, so we travel in style. The only thing I am not crazy about that I think could be better is the backup camera. You can hardly see anything through it. Guess it just makes you use your mirrors.

- Christina M

the overall of the Honda CR-V

It is a great reliable spacious compact SUV. The only thing is that it needs more pep, and less road noise. overall, the Honda CR-V meets my needs. All Hondas seem to hold their value which is very important when deciding on another purchase. Overall it is great, and I would highly recommended, and would purchase again.

- katie H

Reliable, good mph. I like the day lights and the maximum ac option works fast.

Just recently it started to stutter at 25-30 mph when the engine is still cool. After it is warm it is fine. I thought it was the transmission but it is fine. Back seats are not comfortable during a long distance ride. Back seats are not comfortable for three adults. I wish the back seating area had their own USB outlets.

- Yolanda E

CR-V a versatile family car.

I love my CR-V. It performs well and is versatile. I would like it to have more power and more electronic bells and whistles. It drives well and is very comfortable. Able to seat five and all the luggage for a trip. The leather seats are heated and that is nice plus for the winter. It is aging well and still runs nicely.

- Michelle R

The car has secret compartments.

My car is reliable and I keep up with the maintenance that is needed. My car drives really well. I am proud of my car. My car is spacious and it is very comfortable. The color is beautiful it suits it. When I bought the vehicle it had 35, 000 miles on it I was excited I bought my car in Tucson, Arizona at autonation.

- Georgette M

The best Honda model by far.

I rarely have issues with my Honda CR-V. Compared to our other Honda, its performance is much better and has far less issues. While its features are slightly outdated and I would prefer them to be more modern, the vehicle is an older model. It is extremely comfortable and even on long drives I feel comfortable in it.

- Kate W

Love my Reliable Rebuilt Title

My Honda CR-V is a rebuilt title (it was in a major accident). Because of this the only problem I have run into is that the frame of the car is a little disfigured. Excluding that, my car is extremely reliable and comfortable. I have fallen in love with Honda because of this car. I will never go to any other company.

- Shay W

It might not be the most beautiful thing in the world, but it can handle a lot.

Very reliable car - handles snow & ice really well when it has right tires on it. Have worn out the battery once while leaving the flashers on but has not been a problem since. I am not in love with the back of the car, but the space it provides is incredible. The interior is nice for its make and I do not hate it.

- Bridget S

Honda CR-V, Your dependable family vehicle

I have never had any problems with my Honda CR-V. I would recommend that you have the oil changed every 5,000 miles, rather than the typically recommended 10,000 miles. I love the leather seats, navigation, back-up camera, heated seats, Bluetooth connect, XM Radio feature, and back seats that are easy to fold down.

- kayla S

My family friendly Honda CR-V.

Has economy setting that saves on gas. Controls for stereo are in the steering wheel. It is extremely reliable. It suits my family of 4 with plenty of space for road trips. The seats are comfortable and have arms that pull down. The seats in the back go home which makes it useful for bringing large purchases home.

- Samantha T

Best car we've owned in decades.

Comfortable easy to drive, good gas mileage. Sporty looking, rear view backup feature very good to have. Feel safe and secure in this car. Taught our teenager to drive in this car and she loves it. Highly recommend this vehicle if you are in the market. Honda’s in general are very reliable and long lasting.

- Laurie H

It looks sporty and can handle rough terrain easily.

It is quiet, rides smooth and runs great. I have gotten flats while driving and it doesn't make me lose control. I love that when I am driving I am sitting up high. It has a lot of room. The lights on the dash are great indicator for when I need service. It has over 100,000 miles on it and still holds up great.

- Laurie L

Honda CR-V - not worth the money you pay for it. . .

It is not all I expected from a Honda. Paint already peeling on front bumper. Does not get the fuel mileage I expected at all for a 4 cyl. Already appears to be burning oil which is why I traded in my equinox before. I will probably never buy another Honda. Just not impressed with them for the price they cost. .

- Jean C

Honda is definitely a dependable brand name. It would be a very smart investment!

I like Honda vehicles. They have always been a dependable brand to put high miles on them! My only complaints with the 2014 CR V is that there is no button on the key fob to automatically pop trunk open and while at a stop light car will jump after you put your foot on the brake which could be a safety hazard?

- khriston w

Honda CR-V: safe, comfy, and convenient.

Has backup camera and Bluetooth for hands free cell phone use. Radio volume and station control buttons on steering wheel. Center console has 2 large drink holders and very roomy covered center stow bin with USB and auxiliary inputs and 12 volt power point. Excellence fuel economy. Back seats fold down easily.

- Jennifer H

Back seats can flatten so you can cargo more things.

Basically in short: a little slow and the back window is round. The CR-V model 2014 is not like the 2012 version. I liked 2012 version better. It offered more. This does not offer much. It is more difficult. Oh wait... What I do like about it, the back seats can be flattened. The 2012 version couldn't do that.

- mousey M

My CR-V overall is a reliable vehicle.

Steering is stiff. Considerable wind noise on interstate driving. Steering wheel blocks ignition view. Seats are comfortable and easily adjustable. Ac struggles on really hot days and tends to cause engine to rev down. I have a black interior: seats, dash, everything and it shows every little bit of dust/dirt.

- Bill C

The vehicle has good gas mileage. It has good storage room and is very reliable.

Did have an issue starting the vehicle without a grinding sound initially. It was a known manufacturer introduced glitch. We got that fixed on warranty otherwise everything is great and will probably buy another one down-the-line. Will possibly go up a trim level though. Want all the modern creature-comforts.

- Randy C

The backup camera is very nice. The car is super comfortable and easy to drive.

Overall, the drive feels very smooth. I think that it is super comfortable and good for the type of driving that I do. It has a backup camera and air bags. The trunk space is very large. The backseat does seemed cramped, but not too much. The windshields are both very large and make visibility extremely easy.

- Julia C

The CR-V is a reliable vehicle with great accessories includes.

The CR-V has a lot of room in the back and a hard rubber mat for easy cleaning. All the controls are easy to operate and it includes Bluetooth to connect to the phone. Our CR-V also has a sunroof that will open up to the front and the back. It is a reliable car and we have had very little maintenance issues.

- Ashton B

I love my CR-V. It's the perfect combo.

I love my Honda CR-V. It handles great in all weather conditions. I have only owned CR-Vs and they have always been great. It's a great vehicle to take on camping and outdoor trips, but also good for just getting around town. The back up camera is great and I love that you can use Bluetooth to sync my phone.

- Serena H

Honda cr-v: very reliable.

Very good car, good mileage. Very comfortable and roomy. It is a 4 wheel drive, very convenient because when it snows I can get up the hill to my house. Very reliable car. I had to get a new battery a year ago and that was unexpected. I like the Bluetooth link with my phone and the feature that reads texts.

- Nora M

Reliable and gas-efficient vehicle.

Except for the battery that unexpectedly died during below-freezing temperatures last winter, we've not had any problem with this Honda CR-V. . It is a reliable vehicle and fairly efficient in terms of gas mileage. The back seat row can be folded, which is a nice feature to have when carrying large cargo.

- Suzanne F

Great little SUV for anyone.

My car is extremely reliable. It is a comfortable smooth ride. Gets good gas mileage. The passenger and storage area is very roomy. This car has a good get up and go, as you have to watch for speeding. I have had this car for three years and maintained it regularly, so have not had any maintenance issues.

- Cassidy G

Roomy, reliable and great value!

My car is very reliable and maintenance is relatively inexpensive and worry-free. I get very good gas mileage which is great since I drive 15 miles to work alone and sometimes at night. Since it is an SUV, I have lots of cargo space for my quilting hobby supplies and machines. Great value for the money!

- Marilee K

The go to car for comfort and a very nice ride.

We love our Honda, it has plenty of room, cheap on gas and very comfortable. We have the CR-V model so it goes well in the snow. It has heated seats and it has all wheel drive. On long trips it is great, because seats are adjustable up and down and move forward or backward. I would definitely recommend.

- Beverly B

Camera a very helpful feature.

Nice to drive smooth ride comfortable to sit as a passenger. Beautiful color choices available. Default camera help with backup and lane shift nice feature to have as a safety measure. Have USB feature included where u can post picture on the dashboard I like it a lot. Plays song from USB too if needed.

- Dee G

I like that I can pair my cell and use it hands free for phone calls.

I've had my vehicle for almost six months now and I love it. There has been no problems at all with this vehicle. It handles very well and I get very good gas mileage. There is plenty of room for stuff when I go shopping and plenty of room for passengers. I would highly recommend this SUV to anyone.

- Roger L

This car has built-in Bluetooth and an eco-driving feature.

This car is very reliable; I use it to commute to work everyday, and never have any problems. It has a great audio setup, and also has built in Bluetooth. This car is fairly compact, and easy to park and also has a great eco-driving option. The only thing I would improve would be the gas mileage.

- Amber T

Outstanding vehicle purchase.

My CR-V has been extremely reliable over the course of ownership. I have had no problems and aside from gas and routine maintenance there has been no extra costs to operate. The only warranty issue was an update to the control circuit for shifting that was performed as part of a routine service visit.

- Carl K

It is comfortable to drive and has great visibility.

The Honda CR-V drives like a car, but you sit up high like and SUV. I can see around the ridiculously large vehicles in parking lots! It's easy to park - even parallel! It is comfortable on long trips, and we've taken plenty. It also is safe (was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler and wasn't injured at all!)

- Ann R

The worth of Hondas do not decrease when trading in as others do.

Great gas mileage on vacation long trips. Great looking does not change from year to year much at all. All around use shopping and recreation. Great features absolutely comfortable. Honda has a friendly service. Have not had any major problems and warranty is great to have although had not to be used.

- Georgette B

My Honda rocks my socks off. Great on gas , comfortable fit

The Honda CR-V is compact but roomie on the inside. Easy to Handle and shifts smoothly the best part is she goes fast. The only thing that bothers me is the split side mirror, it was better without it. The image is distracting being split like that. Gas mileage is great, and nowadays that means a lot

- Stephanie J

Good, reliable SUV the Honda CR-V.

I have not encountered any problems as of yet. It drives smooth, gets great gas mileage, and is affordable to maintain. The car is comfortable, but the passenger seat does not have an armrest which I find to be an inconvenience for my guests. The back up camera is a bit small, but it works just fine.

- Chelsea W

I like the size of the vehicle as well as the AWD and heated seats.

I love the awd. I have never had an SUV, not a vehicle with awd. It handles wonderfully in the winter weather, here in indiana. . I also like the heated seats. This is also something I have never had and love them! . Luckily I have not had any problems with the vehicle and hope it continues that way.

- Kelly M

My vehicle accelerates at a pretty fast speed for being so old.

I bought my 2005 Pontiac used and as time goes on, the more I find issues popping up consistently. I have always liked the way it drives, I find myself comfortable driving it. Although, I put far too much money in to fixing it. The car is decent but the issues seen are too taxing to keep it anymore.

- Zach O

I love the gas economical gas mileage it gets on a long road trips.

My car is hard on tires. If I do not buy a high quality tire tread they tend to make for a bumpy ride. Sometimes the front wheels wear out faster than they should. Sometimes my voice command on my Bluetooth does not work. I have to manually dial the number I am trying to call. The volume is too low.

- Tracey J

Black beauty-best sports utility vehicle.

The Honda CR-V is reliable and safe. My husband and children were involved in a car accident (someone ran into them) and didn't feel much impact. They were all okay. The body of the car was damaged. Drives smooth and perfect for road trips. Spacious and includes a USB port to charge mobile devices.

- Kimberly A

Joys of Honda ownership - the CR-V is sporty in appearance.

One of the most reliable cars I have owned. I am enjoying the extras such as the heated seats, lumbar adjustment, Bluetooth connection, and many other perks. Am enjoying the Sirius radio channels. The CR-V handles solid on wet and ponding roads in heavy rains. It has a good amount of hauling space.

- Brenda T

The Honda CR-V is very reliable.

The Honda CR-V is very reliable. There is a large amount of room in the trunk, legroom in both back and front seats, and has easy access. I have had no issues or complaints about the Honda crv. It is a great family car and is very safe. It rides very smoothly and is great in all weather conditions!

- Bailey F

It is a very comfortable and smooth riding vehicle,

I like the space for packing. I like the controls on the steering column. I like the gas mileage. I don't like the visibility out the rear windows;you have to use the mirrors and backup camera to see anything. The back seat needs better cup holders. I love the way it drives. Very comfortable ride.

- Joanne P

Honda crv is an excellent car.

I love the Honda CR-V because of all the nice features. The leather seats are a nice touch. I love the rear back up camera. The entertainment system is really wonderful with excellent speakers. I love how roomy the car is and how comfortable the back seats are. I also love having the seat warmers.

- Aubrey L

Honda vehicles hold their value and are dependable

I haven't had any problems with my Honda CR-V. It drives smoothly and has lots of room inside. It also has better gas mileage than my prior vehicle which was an Acura RSX. This is my 2nd CR-V. The last one I had I bought new in 2000 and it lasted for ten years. It had close to 200,000 miles on it.

- Karen M

Best vehicle I've ever owned

The car is simple, reliable, cheap to fix, straightforward, and above all else, safe. Comfortable, tons of space, aren't enough good things to say about this car. Plenty of little comforts as well. Phenomenal sound system, great backup cam, and plenty of other great options available for purchase.

- Sam S

Great car that will get you there comfortably

It's a good car but I thought I would love it more than I actually do, but that might be just me because I'm more of a truck/Jeep person. Features are all nice, most annoying thing is when the Bluetooth connects and the car says "the phone has been connected". Every. Single. Time. Freakin annoying

- Randee S

Reliable, comfortable ride!

It is a very comfortable ride which I like, also it has been reliable the last two years I have had it! I like it overall, it is just a bit expensive since it is a sedan. It came with the stock battery which I had to change out after one Wisconsin winter because it didn't have cold cranking amps.

- Layne H

Very spacious and stylish family car.

I would highly recommend the Honda cr-v. It very spacious and can easily fit your family of 5. There is plenty of room in the trunk and the space is very large if the middle seats are put down as well for large storage. It is the perfect family vehicle without the extra worry of being a gas hog.

- Breanna D

The CR-V gets great gas mileage.

CR-V is a reliable and safe vehicle, comfortable to drive. I have never had mechanical issues with it in the 5 years I have owned. Gas mileage is great, I usually get 26 mpg with combination of city and highway driving. It has plenty of seating space and storage. Rear view camera is very useful.

- Heather L

I love my CR-V despite the few problems it has

It's very comfortable and fuel efficient. I love this car. It has a lot of storage but could have more. The AC is either really strong or not strong enough nothing in between, but it does work well. The seats in the back go all the way down easily. Connecting to the Bluetooth was a bit difficult

- Hannah R

My vehicle is my dependable partner that gives me a peace of mind.

I love my Honda CR-V mainly because it is a very reliable vehicle. It is a compact sports utility car with a four wheeled drive, which it performs well during the winter when roads are wet and slippery. I can always count on a smooth and comfortable ride whether driving near or far with my CR-V.

- Sandy W

Falls short for EX model Honda

Tire pressure warning issues, wheel bearing issues. No USB or power source in back seat. No heated mirrors. There should be one larger cup holder for larger containers. The rear cargo area should have power source as well. It would be nice to come standard with a roof rack for the EX model

- Pete M

It's dependable. I have not had any mechanical problems with it and I hope I didn't just jinxed myself.

I like the ride of my car. I think it is styled nicely both inside and out. I do not like that the tires that come with the car are incredibly soft and had to be replaced with only 20K miles on the car. And it's not the first time that happened with a Honda. That's my only disappointment.

- jean s

A good looking car with a smooth ride, great gas mileage & safety features.

I love my CR-V. It is comfortable with a leather interior. It has side and front airbags for safety, and it has great gas mileage both in town and on the road. It has a smooth ride, a leather interior, and a sunroof. I think it is a good looking car. I would definitely buy another Honda CR-V.

- Lisa M

Great family car when you don't want a minivan

Smooth ride with very little maintenance needed. Perfect amount of trunk space for a family of 4 or less. Decided on this over the HRV because of the difference in trunk space with small children. Bluetooth feature in this car gets used almost daily for answering phone and listening to music.

- Alexandra L

Wonderful vehicle for a small family.

I have really enjoyed the trunk space in the CR-V. The dual floor mats are wonderful as well. It is great to have the hard mats in the winter with the snow! The dashboard is very intuitive particularly the connecting of phones to the car. The steering is great and the ride is not enjoyable!

- Stephanie A

It is safe and roomy. Looks nice.

The car rides wonderfully. It has a good pick up and it rides smooth. It looks nice, is not too big, but still has an SUV feel and is roomy. It is a 2014 so it does not have many tech features but enough to feel like you have a more advanced car. It is very safe and is good on gas mileage.

- Alison F

She gets good gas mileage and the water resistant seats is a big win.

I like even though it is a midsize SUV I feel comfortable getting in and out of it, and it rides like a car, not bumpy like some SUVs, good gas mileage, plenty of storage and easy to understand. Only complaint is when a tire is showing a low tire pressure, if it would indicate which tire.

- Judy D

Safe, reliable Honda small sports utility vehicle

no problems. Very reliable. Safe and steady to drive. comfortable. My second CR-V. very happy with decision to buy. Only routine maintenance after 65000 miles. Drive locally and long distance. Good capacity to carry items in the back. Passenger comfortable too. Good climate control.

- Jeffrey K

Nice appointments but underpowered.

The cry is very dependable and the leather interior is very nice. It has a problem with any more weight than two average adults. Larger adults almost always make the tire pressure warning glow on the dashboard. The engine and transmission always struggle on hills no matter what the load.

- Pete D

The Honda CRV is the best car because it is very DEPENDABLE!

I love our Honda CRV for everything about it. The safety, the comfort, the gas mileage, the color or it (white), the size of it and just the fact that it is a Honda -- which means very, very dependable, low cost ownership and long life! Yay Honda CRV. Love it! No complaints at all!!!

- Colleen Z

A compact SUV with lots of cargo space and great mileage.

I love my Honda CRV as it is not too big, but has ample cargo space. It is AWD and feels safe in the winter. And the gas mileage is amazing. It is a 2014 model, so I miss some of the features of newer cars like keyless entry/start, but overall it is the best car I've had in 25 years.

- Jennifer F

Honda CR-V. 2014- we recommend this vehicle.

The CR-V we own is a good vehicle, the interior, leather, is lively, the interior features are updated and timeless, we have had some trouble with the stability and had it repaired 2 times. We would recommend this make and model of a vehicle. The gas mileage is not as high as we wished.

- Mari J

Love my Honda. Peppy and economical.

Love this car. Dependable, comfortable and fun to drive. Has eco mode for better gas mileage when I do not need rapid acceleration. All controls are reachable from driver seat, especially enjoy controls on stalks. Backup camera is a great feature - however did take some getting used to.

- Raymond D

The Honda CR-V is easy to drive.

It has great space and I really like the crossover style rather than a huge SUV. The CR-V is easy to drive and has been low maintenance. It has handled well in rough winter snow and ice. The only negative is that it is not easy to fit three car seats, so I am likely to have to trade in.

- Sarah T

It is dependable. I also typically get better gas mileage than the manufacturer estimates.

This is my third CR-V and fourth Honda vehicle. I was not planning to purchase a new car in 2013, but my 1-year old car was hit by a semi truck while parked in front of my house, so I was forced to replace it. I love my heated seats. I have always loved the turning radius of a CR-V.

- Mike T

Great everyday everyman car.

The battery died after having the car for 4 years. But otherwise, I really like the car's size, style, and safety features. It is also not flashy and is a great everyday car for most anyone. It is reliable and comfortable. The fact it is AWD is a plus since I live in upstate NY (snow).

- Anna M

I like the leather seats and it still looks fairly new, and it holds gas well.

It's not my car it's my moms but I love the way it drives and looks. I would most definitely love a car like if considering I don't want anything to big or too small. Also the current model and year is good enough for me. The car doesn't give us much problems which is great or course.

- Kyra B

Perfect car for moms and kids

My Honda CR-V is super reliable! I have yet to have any issues (knock on wood!) in the years that I've had it. My only complaint is that I didn't get the model with tinted windows, so we are going to pay to get those done. It's super roomy in the back and is perfect for a car seat!

- Lauren C

Comfort, quality, great on gas!

I love my Honda CR-V. It is very comfortable with leather seats, a moonroof, and automatic everything. It is great on gas and drives very smoothly. For a family of four, it can become tight for space, especially on road trips, but in general it is spacious enough for our daily needs.

- Jennifer K

This vehicle gets great gas mileage.

Do not like the middle console, collects dirt. The back bumper scratches easy. Love the way it drives. Very comfortable. Enjoy the ease of laying down the back seats with the levers. The screen is a little small. It gets really good gas mileage and that was something important to me.

- Dana G

My CR-V, nicknamed 'highlight" because it is champagne color.

I have a beautiful champagne colored vehicle. Its a Honda CR-V 2014 with a sun roof. The stereo is great, as well. I enjoy the fact that I can fold down the seats to fit a large variety of all shapes and sizes inside. It is very easy to move. The gas mileage is pretty good as well.

- Irene Z

The perfect mid sized car.

This is a very reliable car. I has so much room and even a rear view camera when the car is in reverse. I enjoy using Bluetooth to connect my phone so I can listen to pandora or even take a phone call. This car drives smoothly. I would and do recommend this car to everyone I know.

- Erin R

I am obsessed with the interior.

I love the car. It is very comfortable, rides well and gets me from A to B. Its durable and reliable. . I have not had any problems with my vehicle, my normal services go well and don't cost me an arm and a leg. It rides very smoothly and has sport mode as well as all wheel drive.

- Taylor Y

CR-V is the best, buy one today!

I really enjoy this vehicle. It is comfortable, safe, and reliable. I have only had routine maintenance to do to the car. I drive about 20,000 miles per year, and have not had any issues either it. It is spacious and easy to drive. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- Jen E

Very sleek, drives like a car and plenty of legroom.

Very reliable vehicle. Will be purchasing a new one. Drives great in snow and rain. It's not a big SUV, it's the perfect size. We have 3 boys and everyone has plenty of room. Love the sunroof and the back up camera. Drives very comfortable. Very comfy for long trips to the beach.

- Crystal Y

Honda CR-V the ideal family vehicle.

My car is very reliable. It has only required one repair since I purchased it. We love the backup camera. The blind spots are very minimal. I wish it had an armrest for the passenger seat. It is easy to drive and accelerates easily. As someone who commutes it is an ideal vehicle.

- Allison D

Honda CR-V is worth every penny!

I have a base model that does not have any of the fun extras but I love the gas mileage, durability and quality of model. Good storage as well. Would buy another CR-V in a heartbeat. Honda is the only model that I will buy. Next time I would get a mid grade model for more extras.

- Becky B

Beautiful to ride and have a nice day with it.

Really good to drive, smooth ride, has backup camera as default which is a nice feature to have helps in parking without the fear of hitting anything. Has blind spot detection feature warns if you are close to any vehicle. Really nice for teenagers too due to this added features.

- Gee D

Comfortable, reliable SUV that handles really easily

This is our second CR-V, and we love it. We've had no problems with this one, and with our last one we didn't start having any issues until it was 10 years old. It's a little crunched in the front seat with a rear-facing car seat behind it, but that's seriously my only complaint.

- Andy R

Family loves the ride and the puppy is very content.

It gets good mileage. . It is high up so it is easy in and out and seeing the road. . . Plenty of space in the rear for luggage. . Tools or other things. . Seating front and rear is lots of space and foot comfortable. . Requires very little service. . Easy to handle on the road.

- Melvin J

Honda CR-V why search for something better?

User friendly. Loaded with tech options. Great mileage. Super comfortable. Great for families and trips. Roomy interior, particularly in the back. Seats can recline thus increasing trunk space. The front panel is classy and very functional. Instruction manual easy to understand.

- Adrianne G

Go drive a Honda! You will really enjoy the ride.

Have no problems. I get very good mileage and it is very easy to drive. I am a widow and do all that is needed on my car, so I am very happy with the low maintenance. It is comfortable and easy to drive. Have plenty of room for me and my two dogs. Would recommend it to everyone.

- Mary P

The car was a gift from my Grandmother when she died. I love my car very much and won't let many people drive it. I want to keep it in the best shape I can for as long as I can.

I love my vehicle and it's been a huge help. I love the way it handles winters since I am from a snow filled state. I don't like the windshield wipers. I wish there were more than 3 speeds. It gets difficult to gage the wipers when it's a mild rain. There should be more options.

- Hannah D

Reliable and very roomy car.

Honda is very reliable. Gets great gas mileage and I do not have to fill up very often. Although I would love it if I could open the trunk with the push of a button like some other cars, the features and technology included with the CR-V are great. I can fit a lot in the trunk.

- Lo S

That it's extremely reliable and exceeds my safety standards. Also an excellent value for the money.

Very reliable - no mechanical problems at all during the time that I've owned it. I also purchased the AWD model and I'm really impressed at how well it handles in snowy weather. Much better than my Subaru did. It also gives a much more luxurious ride than my Subaru did.

- maureen f

My car has a lot of space, and a rear view camera which is extremely helpful.

My car is very reliable, I have not had to have any work done on it besides the routine oil changes and checks. It performs well in all types of weather and is great on gas mileage. It has a lot of space which is very helpful for vacations and road trips or if you has children.

- Deborah W

Honda C-RV, great car for safe drivers

Very easy to drive, cheap to fill up and a reliable car to drive! The only problem I would say about a Honda CRV is that it's super light and fragile, meaning if you were to hit something, there would probably be damage to it. But other than that it's a great car for the price!

- Anna M

HMMM...That it is roomy and comfortable, but the seats can be put down to open up a spacious cargo area.

I have a 4-door hatchback CRV. I love the comfort, room, gas mileage, style. My only complaints are that the headlights can't be set to turn off automatically (my former vehicle had that feature and I loved it!) and the front passenger seat does not have a left hand armrest.

- Amy R

Honda CR-V still loving the car.

I love my vehicle. The only complaint is sometimes programming is not as user friendly as I would. For example, it is sometimes difficult to program my phone for music and calls. Also, the tire pressure light does not go off and stay off unless taking to the Honda dealership.

- Stephanie F

Practical car. Very basic.

It doesn't have great pick up when pressing gas. The tire pressure light comes on a lot. The steering wheel is a little too high. It dents very easily. It doesn't have a trunk key or button on The key. Sometimes I hear odd noises from the engine. No good place to store purse.

- Mari R

Dependable and reliable car.

Comfortable with long or short trips. Great gas mileage and very dependable. The all wheel drive is great in all conditions. The sunroof is great and I love the heated seats. Satellite radio and a great sound system. It has fold down seats in the back for moving cargo around.

- Tiffany C

I have come to wait until I can get into my auto.

The only problem was that I had to replace tires otherwise nothing major. The vehicle is ride is outstanding and handles the road beautiful. The fuel economy is the best of any vehicle that I have own in the past. This vehicle is able to be placed in my garage with no effort.

- William G

Reliable car for a road tripper.

I really like my car, I recently had some belt issues around 90,000 miles and had to take it in but other than that no issues yet. The gas mileage is about 25 mpg for me. It is a good car for long travel, big enough for a road trip but not too large for small parking spaces.

- Savanna R

Convenient reliable compact SUV

It's a bit compact but has plenty room to carry or load things. Fuel efficient. Comfortable with sunroof for open air when needed. Rear End Camera for easy backing. Can accommodate 5-6 passengers and can recline seats for luggage space. Automatic door locks and power windows

- Dexter M

Love My Crazy Honda CRV. The color is called Spring Mountain Green. It reminds me of the Great Outdoors with the green meadows and the fresh mountain air and birds singing with babbling brooks

Very reliable and dependable car. Ride is very comfortable and spacious. Great mileage . Very easy to handle. Easy to fit into tight spaces. Love the color choices. Servicing this car is low maintenance which is another great feature. Great performance with low maintenance .

- Betty C

Great vehicle at a low cost.

My car runs great. Smooth ride every time . I love the backup camera. It is very roomy inside. Much roomier than it looks from the outside. I can always depend on it to get me where I need to go. The ac still blows ice cold air as well as it did when I drove it off the lot.

- Amber W

A small car with big cargo capacity.

I don't like the leaf fuel saving feature it prevents me from navigating traffic quickly. I like the size and cargo capacity I've used it to haul around a lot of goods. It's not luxurious but it's comfortable on long trips. I could use a bit more back support on long trips.

- Michele B

Honda CR-V 2014, lx. Great car

No problems, works great. Had for 2 years and no repairs. Drive good, good gas mileage, comfortable, safe and reliable. Could be more quiet but that's ok. Would buy Honda again. Lots of space and seats fold down. Would be nice for it to be fancier, but I got the lower trim

- melissa H

Easy on gas small SUV. Perfect for small family

I like that it is easy on gas. 30 mpg. It has a smooth ride. Bluetooth and USB hookup for connecting phone. It doesn't support any iPhone newer than an iPhone 5 which is awful. We can only play music from music app from our iPhone XR. It's pretty spacious for a small SUV.

- Christie K

No outstand recalls. Honda did not use Takata airbags,

The most comfortable car that I have had the pleasure of taking on a cross country trip. Very fuel efficient, handles great. This year does not have a large screen in which to control heat/ac, which I love. If I had to purchase a second vehicle, it would be another Honda.

- Donna D

Great on gas, Bluetooth, back-camera & great storage space. Perfect mom car!

5 seats. Comfy. Leather seats. Extremely reliable. 21-27 mph highway. 18-25 mph city. No problems. Heated seats. Backup camera. Bluetooth. Stereo. Aux. Air conditioning. Great storage space. Headroom. Plenty of space for a car seat. Drives smooth, fast, steady. I love it!

- Ashlee G

Honda CRV is great for a short Mom! :)

The Honda CRV is so comfortable. I am only 5'3" and I can adjust my seat to be completely comfortable. I love the arm rests on the captains seats, the sunroof and the rear back-up camera. My car is very reliable, and I have had no problems in the 4 years I have owned it.

- Beverly L

My vehicle is a 2014 Honda Cr-4. It is all wheel drive. It easily seats six

My vehicle is a very reliable and dependable one . it is the third Honda that I have owned in the past 15 years. It is all wheel drive and allows me to get around in bad weather and it is also easy on gas. It seats six comfortably and still allows me room for groceries.

- J P

Love my Honda CR-V and local dealership.

Love my CR-V. Local Honda dealer is a no haggle experience. Long term salesmen and employees. Active in community. Excellent service work. CR-V is AWD which is great in bad weather. Lots of room and good gas mileage. First car I may buy again when ready for new vehicle.

- Janet L

My 2014 Honda CR-V review

The biggest problem is that the tires lose air and the warning light comes on. This seems to happen when I drive on a thruway more often than not. Performance, reliability, comfort and features are all good. I really enjoy this vehicle and would probably buy another.

- Janice M

Reliable and dependable Honda.

I love my Honda CR-V. Although I bought it used. I purchased a Honda based on reputation of reliability and ownership longevity. I plan on passing it onto my daughter when she drives. I am a simple person and it has all I need for comfort and features. Love my sunroof.

- Stacy P

Very decent car that lasts for a long time

In the 3 years I've owned the car I haven't had any major issues with it only small maintenance upkeep. With studded tires it handles very well on winter roads. I get pretty decent gas mileage with the eco button. The only thing I wish it had was electric powered seat.

- Beth B

My husband and I love the ruggedness.

My car handles well. Is very sufficient and reliable. The gas mileage is great. I would definitely buy another Honda SUV. Even though this is a mid-sized vehicle, we have been able to do a number of things. We have moved from one home to another just using our vehicle.

- Teresa B

The shape of the car is very easily recognizable.

I love my Honda cr-v. It is reliable, drives very well, is super cute, and is fun to drive. I love the color (mine is a very pretty blue). I had never owned a non American made car before, but I love it. I do not think I would ever like another car as much as this one.

- Heather K

Highs and lows for 2014 Honda CR-V.

Squeal coming from engine. Brakes are weak. Good gas mileage 25 mpg Hwy. Awesome a/c. It has really good pick up especially on the Hwy. Interior is comfortable but wish I had gotten leather instead of microfiber cloth. Cargo space is ample for what you are paying for.

- Christopher S

2014 Honda CR-V vehicle review

This vehicle has been great. No major issues, oil changes and you good to go. Very reliable, it's good with the snow and the gas mileage not bad at all. I definitely recommended this vehicle. If you are looking to save money, it is a very good options and no headache.

- jimmy V

The best car to get!! So reliable and comfortable.

I love my car. I get good gas mileage for a bigger sized car. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. I love the features. The back-up camera is amazing. I will never have a car without one. The sunroof is a great feature too. It is very roomy but not too much room.

- Meredith C

Comfort and dependability in fun vehicle.

Comfortable, dependability, and, safety, gas mileage, drives well, features - built in GPS, all wheel drive, Bluetooth, trunk space allows cargo, more when seats are folded,, ease of folding seats, seat heater, back support, seat adjust easily, movability in traffic.

- Karen P

Great SUV! Would recommend to my friends and family.

I love my Honda CR-V it is a comfortable car and has good gas mileage. I would recommend it to anyone to purchase. I have heard not any major problems with that just have change my tires change my oil regularly and it works great. I would purchase another one when I.

- Phyllis S

Great quality car that holds great resale value!

Easy to drive, really good trunk space and roomy back seat, good mileage, comfortable, clean classy look, nice features. Only issues is the way the windshield is slanted because if you drive on highways often then it's more prone to get rocks that hit the windshield.

- Erica C

Cute, reliable, economic SUV

This SUV is the perfect size! I love being high up but it's still easy to park. It gets great gas mileage! It has Bluetooth, navigation and a backup camera. The AC is ice cold. It's super comfortable and very reliable. Honda's are my favorite. Best car I've ever had!

- Lindsey T

Honda CRV is a very reliable vehicle.

I love my CR-V, it has plenty of room for groceries pets, etc. We drove many miles, have had no trouble. We traveled from Tennessee to Florida with pet and disabled person, no issues. I bought the vehicle in Tennessee but have had service in Florida with no problems.

- Bobbie B

2014 Honda CR-V- best in class.

Very spacious car. Accelerates well and gets good mpg. Best in its class and great for undergraduates or younger drivers. Standard back-up camera and very comfortable. Lots of trunk space and chairs can fold down. Car can comfortably fit five people without an issue.

- Eric N

Honda vehicles are good quality, reliable vehicles.

It has a rearview camera, lots of cargo space, fully automatic, motorized side mirrors, and gets good gas mileage. It can have heated seats as well and the screen lets you know when it needs maintenance done, such as tire pressure and miles until you run out of gas.

- Erika K

Handles great on massachusetts potholes!

I love my Honda cr-v. The interior is roomy and comfortable. The ride is smooth and easy on bumpy, potholed streets. Acceleration and ride on the highway is also great. The vehicle is reliable and low maintenance, and my Honda dealership is efficient and convenient.

- Susan B

Reliable, low maintenance and safe

Reliable, good gas mileage, comfortable, roomy and can get up tough trails. maintenance is minimal and cheap. Backup cam is helpful and reliable. Backseat has plenty of room and trunk space is spacious. I feel safe in the car. Would love to have cross bars though.

- Edith C

Total satisfied with my Honda CR-V.

I find the Honda CR-V to be the perfect vehicle for me. It is dependable. I can shop and have plenty of room for plants, soil, mulch, whatever. I feel secure is driving the CR-V. I drove my last CR-V for 13 years and had no problems. I can recommend the Honda CR-V.

- Anne R

My favorite car for comfort and room.

Love this car. Great gas mileage, comfortable ride and quiet. Very roomy and a lot of space in the back. Wide window in the front for better view of sides. Power locks on the doors and also windows which is s good safety measure when you have children in the car.

- Toni W

Heated seats, and the sunroof. The counsel has built in charges for my phone.

I love this car. I like the gas mileage. Lots of bells. Lots of comfort. Just took my first road trip with this car. Great performance, handles well. 4 doors vehicle has work will for my needs. One feature I do not care for is the rear hatch. It is all one piece.

- Kim H

Solid vehicle with great features.

I love the car. It gets good highway mileage. City mileage is a little low. I wish the cabin was quieter - especially on the hwy. I find it to be comfortable and provides plenty of cargo space for my needs. I especially like the bluetooth connection for my phone.

- Lydia W

Easy to drive. Retains value. Good Company and service.

I like the Honda brand and how it retains its values. I have bought several Honda vehicles. However, this is the first vehicle that I have had problems with since the beginning. Issues with engine and transmission. Both had to be replaced right after purchase.

- Katina A

If you want an SUV but dislike the massive size and gas mileage, the CR-V is for you.

I love that it is an SUV but short to the ground compared to some other styles. I love the hatchback style of rear door instead of a trunk. I like how much cargo I can carry. The back seat is a little small for 2 people and an infant car seat but it still works.

- joy S

The CRV handles very well and Hondas hold their value.

I purchased the Honda CRV because they hold their value which I like. I like the look and how the CRV handles. My only dislike is that there is a grinding sound when starting the vehicle in cold temperatures which after several attempts has not been corrected.

- Susan B

Amazing in all road conditions.

We have had no problems with our CR-V in the year we have owned it. Great gas mileage and reliable. Vehicle performs well in all road conditions. Tire replacement is a little costly but worth it. With routine maintenance this vehicle should give you no problems.

- Carolyn E

My experience with the Honda CR-V.

The car is great. I don't have to spend too much on gas. Going from my home to work and back only costs me about $10 a week for gas. The car also has a lot of room for extra people. There are also many features in the car like the aux cable which I enjoy a lot.

- Fred G

2014 Honda CR-V quick but good on gas.

It is vibrating right now when I hit the gas. I do not have any other problems. It is great on gas. Great for my dogs in the back. I can depend on it. Drivers seat is comfortable. It is quick if you need it to be. It can switch from 4 to 6 cylinder. Nice radio.

- Beverly H

Great midsize SUV! Practical and dependable!

Best car ever! Maintenance is minimal. In town driving averages 22 mpg so gets pretty good mileage. Leather seats are super comfy and show no wear. Sunroof works great. Handles well with a very smooth ride for an SUV. Good looking vehicle and super aerodynamic.

- Lisa B

Low maintenance with great miles per gallon and does well in the snow that's all.

Very low maintenance and great mpg good in the snow it's quite comfortable could have navigation never had any unusual problems doesn't use any oil can't think of anything else also wish I had leather seats and cant type well how many more words for pets sake.

- Don M

How comfortable it is to travel in, arm rests to rest your right arm and the seats are also very relaxing for long trips.

I love my Honda CR-V, it goes great in the winter with AWD. I love that the Bluetooth automatically connects to my phone or IPod for easy use. I love the back up cam and how comfortable I am when I drive it with my arm rests and the seats are so comfortable.

- andrea s

The CR-V is perfect for those who need space for kids.

I love that I get great gas mileage with an SUV-type vehicle like the CR-V. There is ample space for anything you need. I feel my CR-V is reliable, it hasn't let me down yet. I have the base model, and I feel the seats are comfortable and provide back support.

- Christian s

Practical yet sporty, highly reliable SUV.

I have never had an issue with my vehicle though it had a recall to replace the airbags like many other Honda models. It has the feel of driving a car though it is a mid sized SUV. Very comfortable and stylish. Very reliable, nice interior, good sound system.

- Joan S

It's a nice family car if you have a small family

It's a small SUV. I like that it holds a lot of "stuff" in the cargo area. Sometimes it is hard to see around parts of the car frame. It'd be nice if the back seat was a little wider so when my son's car seat is in the back seat, passengers have more room.

- M K

Reliable and affordable. Honda is rated high for safety and is easy on gas.

No problems great vehicle. Safe and reliable with good gas mileage. I only drive Honda. They are cost effective and look good. They are rated high for safety and reliability. I enjoy driving this vehicle and will purchase another one in the future. Thank you.

- Vivian D

Reliable car for mid-sized SUV.

Love the reliability of the cry-v. Do not like the fact that it is tough on tires, usually have to put a new set on every two years. Comfortable ride. Would like a little more room in the cargo area and wish the back window either popped open or rolled down.

- Lisa C

The reason to buy Honda cr-v.

The vehicle is too noise. Probably, the producers tried to save on the materials. Also, the original tires were very cheap. But it is a very reliable vehicle. The speakers have a very good quality of sound. I like the exterior and the interior of my vehicle.

- Alena F

All-around pleases driver

I like the fact that it's a good size but not too big. Drives smoothly. Easy to park in small parking spaces. And the sunroof is much enjoyed. Cruise control is also a bonus on interstate driving. And with Honda's, you know they'll last forever. Good stuff!

- Steve L

Why We Love our Honda CR-V

Purchased pre-owned in 2018. Have had no problems. Smooth and comfortable riding. Easy to drive. Roomy. Great for distance traveling,I.e., day trips and long-distance. Super audio system and GPS. Easy to adjust rearview mirrors. Backup view is very helpful.

- Deborah F

Comfortable and roomy for a compact SUV.

Honda packs a lot of features into this model. Roomy,. The standard backup camera is very useful to overcome rear visibility. The driver seat right arm rest is comfortable when driving. Aside from scheduled maintenance it is not required service. Great car.

- Jodi G

Honda CR-V: reliable and worthwhile.

It is safe on the road and has been very reliable. I have not needed any repairs, and I enjoy having lots of room to transport things, as well as comfortable seats. It is spacious, without feeling overwhelming. I also have been pleased with try gas mileage.

- Kelly D

The commonality of the Honda crv.

It serves a purpose, it is good on gas, I like a bigger engine, though. It was affordable, although it looks like every other car on the road. I should have choose another color, white is too common. The oil changes are more expensive than my other vehicle.

- Christine S

Driver-Side Mirror Annoyance

I love my CR-V. I don't experience any 'problems' per-say, but I do have one annoyance that I can think of off the top of my head. The driver-side mirror has a weird line that I think is supposed to cut down on the blind spot, but it doesn't work very well.

- Nat S

It is a GREAT CAR! Great comfort, great handling, great gas mileage. Great car, period.

I like everything about my Honda CRV. I like the way it drives and the gas mileage that I get. I like the ride, the comfort and the body lines of the vehicle. There is nothing that I dislike about it -- and I have no complaints at all! Thank you Honda!

- John H

2014 Honda CR-V the perfect family SUV.

I have had 0 problems with my vehicle. I love the heated seats. I love the size and the gas mileage that it gets. It's easy to drive. I love Hondas. Its reliable and goes great in the snow. It's the perfect size for my and my daughter. The price was great.

- Donna C

Honda CR-V for comfort and design

performs well and is comfortable. Has a sunroof and rear-view camera. It has Sirius XM radio as well as FM and AM radio. It has hands-free capabilities and Bluetooth options. It also has seat warmers and lumbar support in the driver's seat. AC and heating.

- Anne G

Honda CR-V has it all for every need.

Solid ride. Good all weather vehicle. Handles well in all conditions. Nice amount of space. Has a good sound system. Heated seats are nice in the winter. All wheel drive is nice but gas mileage could be better. Fold down seats allows for good cargo space.

- Rick L

The Honda CR-V for the win.

My car is very reliable and decent on gas. It is a great family car and I have not had any problems. The backup camera is great and it has a lot of room. I wish the passenger seat had an arm rest and there were seat warmers but it is not a deal breaker.

- Kayla W

Honda CR-V. Another great vehicle from Honda.

No problems at the moment. Everything has been running well. Great visibility. Handles great in the Minnesota winters, much better than other cars I have driven. The rear camera is a plus when parking and backing up, but it takes a while to get used to.

- Joe W

Great car - awesome features!!

Great drive! Always feel safe and the car has some great features. The sunroof and 4WD make for great all-weather driving. The only thing that I do not like is the acceleration is a bit slow, especially going up hill. Other than that, it's a great car!

- Ken S

Honest deduction of car bonds

It's just a bit smaller than I want. We already had to replace brakes. Whoever owned it drove dumb. Ac works good. Has some scratches though. Keys work. Radio works. Backup camera is great. Paint is good engine great. This is hard to add stuff to this

- Rachel K

Classy and functional vehicle.

This car is very comfortable to drive and to sit in. I mostly ride in this car and it has plenty of foot space and also has a great Bluetooth features. It has a reverse camera and also has plenty of space in the back. The seats in the back fold down.

- Claire C

Steering, Park, reverse, drive, and round wheels.

Very functional, easy to drive, spacious, economical. Not strong for large or heavy capacity/towing. Transmissions not the smoothest, but no problems so far. Overall great value for the money. A good daily driver or urban based SUV. Wheels are round.

- Victor S

A compact and roomy family car.

The CR-V is a very reliable car. I have had no issues with it or recalls so far. It is almost at 50, 000 miles and then only maintenance it is required is oil changes. My only downside to it, is the 0-60 acceleration is a little slow for my liking.

- Jonathan H

Extremely reliable and comfortable.

Great vehicle! Very reliable! Comfortable for long trips. Enjoy the Bluetooth! Great air conditioning. Keeps the vehicle comfortable during hot Georgia summers. Back s a has great legroom. Plenty of room in the hatch to carry groceries and luggage.

- Linda R

Comfortable and practical...

I love my Honda CR-V...It's not only comfortable but it also is easy to gain more space in the back when transporting furniture or others. It is reliable and I absolutely do not regret my purchase. My next car will most probably be another CR-V !

- Elodie N

It is a method of transportation, not who I am. That being said, I do need it to suit my needs.

I love the size of my car and how it fits my lifestyle. I did buy it used, so there are some things I'd prefer to have gotten that I didn't. Sunroof and in-dash navigation are the top of my list--and I miss my heated seats from my last car!

- Anne-Marie C

Blind spots both sides/rear

My vehicle is very reliable but has a few faults. I have blind spots when looking out the lateral rear parts. My tire light has also been on almost continuously since I bought the car. Good gas mileage. Reliable. Just not a joy to drive.

- Trudy O

It is so easy to drive and park - best car ever!

Love the height, ability to carry a large load of things when needed, the arm rests, the large storage space between the two front seats. Dislike- I wish the gas gage would make a sound when getting close to empty, or have a brighter light.

- Susan M

Reasons why seniors should buy a Honda CR-V.

I like the fact that it is higher off the ground than my last car. It is noisy and feels like a truck. However, it is great to drive and has a lot of room for passengers and hauling stuff. I would buy another Honda CR-V in the future.

- Linda C

It is dependable, which is important when you have to beat work.

Honda is dependable which I love, and I love their service department. I wish I had a stronger engine like a v8. That is something to consider next time. I also like the menu board to keep me informed of oil levels and tire pressure.

- Melissa J

My car is leather in the inside have worm seats is four wheel drive

I love my car is well equipped, has no problems but most of all is front wheel drive which mean I won't be stuck in the snow and when it rains I be able to go Thru puddles of water and not get water in my ingenue 💞💞

- Marlene C

I trust in the safety features and it very easy on gas.

We bought a used Honda last fall and are completely satisfied with It's comfort, handling and low fuel consumption. It is pre comfortable than a Nissan and has never given us any mechanical breakdown problems. I am hooked on Honda!

- Debra M

Reliable, affordable (family) car.

Love the way it looks and the price of the car. Hate how loud it is in the car while the car is on the road, the auto-locking is really loud and wished there was an automatic trunk opener on the key fob or foot-activated liftgate.

- Mai p

It's reliable and retains its value well.

I like how it's an SUV with food size, but drives like a car. I like how reliable it is, even though this one has had more service than my previous ones. And I like the good gas mileage I get, but that could still be improved.

- Mike M

I love it, and I have personalized it so that it reflects my personality.

The last car I owned was a Honda Civic. I believe that Honda's a very well made cars and I will continue to drive my car until it no longer is able to run. My mother also owned 4 Honda's until she purchased a larger vehicle.

- Kendall H

It is versatile and fits many lifestyles.

This is a great vehicle for young singles or small families. It drives well, has nice features, and is still affordable. It is very comfortable and has plenty of space for any type of adventure. It is reliable and well made.

- Francesca M

Fuel efficient, comfortable ride, meets all our needs.

We purchased this vehicle brand new. We continue to have it serviced on regular schedule. No problems with it. We have had to replace tires before forty thousand miles. Other than that, we have had no problems or complaints.

- John D

It is an all around great, quality, reliable SUV.

I love that it had lots of space, drives well, gets great gas mileage and can meet all my needs. It is very reliable and feels safe. I do not dislike anything about it other than the color i picked. It is a great little SUV.

- Allison P

People always comment on how comfortable my car is, and I like how quiet it rides.

Very comfortable, drives well, great gas mileage. Love the backup camera and can spaciously seat 5 people. Front passenger side has no arm rest which is weird, and there is a bad blindspot on the hood of the passenger side.

- Marie G

It's big enough for us! And it's comfortable.

It is big enough to contain our entire family, including pets. It is big enough to hold what we would need to carry once we start our own business. The mileage is good, the interior is nice, and it is even a favorite color.

- Gayle H

It's Stylish, Reliable, Safe & Fuel Efficient. Love it!

I appreciate it's style, I enjoy the way it handles similar to a sedan, and I love the feeling of safety when I drive it. Honda vehicles are stylish, reliable, and efficient with gas mileage. Like this vehicle a great deal!

- Niveen M

It is only 5 seats and has some bigger blind spots.

It has a rear backing camera. It gets good mileage. It is reliable. It is sleek and stylish. It is Ecoboost. The seating suits the family needs and has decent trunk space to put the dog or groceries or some larger objects.

- Lydia S

Thoughts on owning a Honda CR-V

Not a comfortable ride. Laying the back seats down leave a large hump. If make it difficult to transport something that needs to lay flat. Gets good gas mileage. 2 infant car seats is a very tight spurrier in the back set.

- Judy W

THis car is not Not smooth a ride; the suspension feels more like a truck than a car.

THis car was chosen because of seats and the comfort of them. The way the rear seats can be folded down makes this car ideal for country life. I do wish the car had a tad bit more leg room both for front and back seats.

- Jo n

Travel near and far excellence.

Gas mileage is excellent and my Honda CR-V is very comfortable on long trips, even for my husband who is 6 feet tall. I'd recommend this vehicle for anyone from new drivers to elderly for its stability, size and handling.

- Anita S

Reliable and durable vehicle!

My Honda CR-V is the most reliable car I have owned yet. It performs wonderfully over new Orleans potholes, and can fit an incredible amount of gear in it. I have been very impressed with its durability among everything.

- Ashley S

That it is good with gas mileage. We have to travel far for work and gas is expensive so getting the most out of your miles is important.

I like that my car is good with mileage and doesn't take a lot of gas to fill up. It also has a good reputation as a company for not breaking down and being affordable to fix. I'm looking for long term use out of a car.

- Amy V

Honda vehicles are the best!

I love my Honda CR-V! I chose it for the value, the style, gas mileage and safety features. I haven't had any mechanical problems. My previous vehicle was also a Honda and I was able to hand it over to my teenage son.

- Julie H

Great gas mileage because of the 4 cylinder engine.

I love the fact that it is so great on gas mileage. It is also great in hair pin turns. I dislike the fact that it is a 4 cyl engine, therefore it is so light that it can turn over when you make too sharp of a turn.

- Dotas S

It performs well in traffic and the gas usage is good.

The Honda is very comfortable. It is easy to drive and makes turns easily. Some of the perks like heating seats are not necessary in ca where I live. My only complaint is that the motor is led and noisy when driving.

- Marcia A

Happy honda review a great car

My happy Honda keeps me going and never lets me down. It has only needed scheduled maintenance and a car wash here and there. The size works well for my family with space for hauling stuff and rom in passenger seat,

- Susan T

Safety is of the utmost importance to me and my family. This car provides that!

A CRV was always my dream car and I can honestly say it has lived up to that expectation. I love this space it provides for my family without being too large. It drives incredibly well and is very reliable and safe.

- Shannon W

I love the green button that allows you to use your gas most efficiently.

I love the Honda CR-V due to its comfortable and roomy interior. It is great on gas mileage. It is a sturdy and reliable family car. The only issue that I have is that there is a lot of wind noise on the interstate.

- Ash H

It's a great car to drive and own.I plan on buying another Honda CR-V when this one wears out.

My car gets great gas mileage, is comfortable and easy to drive and park, and is comfortable to ride in. It has room for lots of people and cargo. I've had it over 3 years now with no problems. No complaints so far.

- Annie W

Honda CR-V - the best great value!

I have had no major issues with my Honda CR-V. The tire light came on frequently the first year but lo and behold there actually was a leak in one of my tires. After that was fixed there were no more problems!

- Judi H

Wonderful vehicle, I'd recommend it to everyone.

This vehicle has been great for me, the gas mileage is good and it takes me from point A to point B safely. The old changed needs to be kept up a little more than other cars but other than that I love my CR-V.

- Brooke R