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A great safe, reliable family vehicle

2015 Honda CR-V LX

I like how I am driving a mini SUV, but I feel like I am driving a car. I can only compare to my previous cars which were both Toyota Camry, but it is equivalent of driving a reliable safe car like those. It is my first Honda vehicle and I really like it. I love that I have a sunroof, a first for me. I also like the Bluetooth ability to connect to my phone to be able to drive safely and talk on the phone through the speakers. The text to voice feature is also nice. I like that the compartment where you can put your sunglasses also doubles as a rear view mirror for the back seat. A great feature to see my kids without having to turn around. The back up camera helps and right turning camera are nice safety features. The seats can be adjusted accordingly, and can be set on 2 different settings. I really like that the seats in the front can have a heating technology feature in two settings. That is really nice especially during the cold winter days. I really like my CR-V, it has nice safety features and family oriented. I also like that the trunk has a cover, to hide anything in the back. Tinted windows are a plus, just the right amount, not too dark. The only other perks I would wish to have would be a start up ignition on the remote to be able to start the car on such cold winter days or hot summer days. I do like the push button start up and the fact that you cannot lock your keys if they are still in the car. Also a button to be able to open the trunk would help, when my hands are full. I also like the air conditioner/heating vents in the back for the kids to be able to control. Another improvement would be to have a sound to signal when I am about to back into something, which would have prevented me from a minor scratch on the vehicle.

- Melissa J

15 Honda CR-V ex-l review.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

I really enjoy my vehicle because it has a sunroof and it also provides assistance with shifting into the right lane. As it has a camera that allows you to view your blind spot without having to force your head around and attempt to check the blind spot yourself. When you walk up to the car, you do not have to use the key to unlock the door. Just as long as the car is within range of the key, you can just pull the handle twice and the door will unlock itself. The car also comes equipped with a rear view camera that has about three new ranges and you can choose each one to view the surrounding areas. The trunk of the vehicle also has a covering that you can use for the trunk. When you go shopping and you intend of making a stop or more before going home, you can keep what you've bought hidden that way people do not feel inclined to break into your vehicle. When I fill the tank with gas, a 3 hour drive makes it last without having to fill up again. It actually ends up on half a tank by the time I am done with my 3 hour journey. It has a lot of space which I love more than my previous car which was a sedan. I like it for long distance driving and there's enough room for when you need to pack groceries in or any item that is bigger than that.

- Jamie C

Honda CR-V 2015 review. Affordable and reliable.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

The 2015 Honda CR-V is reliable, sleek, and comfortable. The price is affordable for a compact SUV and is great for families as it offers adequate space for several passengers and cargo. I went on several long road trips each year since I have gotten the car, and have never encountered any major issues that weren't normal for the age of the car (such as losing tire pressure). Living in Minnesota, it has gotten my family from all our home to the east coast twice, and three trips out west going as far as Nevada and Utah. It has a nice display for radio and Bluetooth pairing, and the digital display screen can be changed to one of four types that you find the most useful. The sound system is adequate enough, and the settings can be customized to allow for more bass or treble as well as some other options. All in all, it is a rather nice and reliable car. It is the main car that my family and I drive and we are definitely satisfied with its performance. Taking price and quality into account, I would rate it 4/5 stars.

- Gabriela E

My reliable, comfortable and easy navigation Honda crv.

2015 Honda CR-V

My problems before I bought my cry-v, I always forget my car keys., good thing I have a good husband that reminds me of not leaving keys at work. When he died, I have to correct my forgetfulness, I bought a new CR-V with a keyless entry. I love this car, it runs smoothly, it is good in gas and it has a lifetime warranty on it. I drove it to destination, Florida or anywhere when I am taking my cruise. It’s reliable, very comfortable and features are easy to follow. It has a camera on the passengers side and back-up camera. It has a navigation system too, you just need a little chord to use it though. Lol, I thought I solved my forgetfulness on keys, but unfortunately, I always forget to shut down the car. For all buyers, Honda CR-V are very good in gas, I save a lot of money on this one. I bought this brand new in 2015 and continue to love my transportation. Very easy to maintain.

- Lynn B

Comfortable at any station of the year and for those with kids.

2015 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a very comfortable vehicle for someone with kids. It is versatile and a great drive. It is performance on the snow is outstanding as it does not give me any trouble driving from place to place when it is snowing really hard. Overall, it is a great vehicle for anyone at any station of the year. Since I have a child, my Honda CR-V has enough space to fit my baby’s car seat in the back. I have a toddler so he already requires enough space to stretch his legs and just play while we are on the road. On my trunk I can perfectly fit all of his toys and stroller. As far as winter conditions, my vehicle heat up by itself. I have the heat up seating feature. It is so convenient for cold conditions. Also, the 4WD is a must when the streets are covered in snow. And the best part about my vehicle, it is excellent on gas!

- Sanchez D

Beautiful red Honda CR-V!

2015 Honda CR-V EX

The Honda CR-V is, first of all, a sharp looking car. There is plenty of room to seat 4 passengers comfortably. The hatch back allows for easy access storage and transportation of goods. The back seats easily fold down to allow cargo of different sizes including good sized furniture pieces. We are used to the Honda dashboard and have owned quite a number of Accords and Civics. This is our first CR-V and both my husband and I love sitting up higher than the other 2 models. It sits higher enough to afford greater visibility while navigating, but it's not so high that it's hard to get in and out of. We have made some long trips in this car and been very comfortable. The back-up camera and side-view cameras are clear and a helpful addition. I only wish our model had automatic operation of the hatchback.

- Marcia B

Honda CR-V summary by millennial.

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

I have a 2015 Honda CR-V ex-l and I have been driving it for over four years without any issues and I absolutely love this vehicle. It is great on gas mileage, the seats heat up quickly (way more than leather seats in my opinion) which is great for colder climates and the all wheel drive is super reliable in the snow and rain! It also has ample room in the trunk to store all of your grocery and I like the cover that conceals your belongings from passersby for protection. Handling is easy and the side-view camera and the back-up camera make it very practical and safe to drive. I love the automatic headlights and the media display as well. Overall, very satisfied customer and highly recommend others with concern for safety, handling, and any family looking for a large reliable vehicle to check it out.

- Michelle U

Excellent vehicle! Best car I've had since 2004 and that says a lot!

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I have owned a CR-V since 2004. I had a Nissan prior to that. I now have a 2005; 2011 and my present 2015. I also owned a Honda Pilot 2009. They have been the most reliable and trouble free cars I have ever owned. The space afforded in the vehicle is perfect. Space for all riders without crowding, and space for my 2 German Shepherds and all their cargo. All the cars mentioned are still running and have been passed down to kids and grandkids. The backup camera has come in very handy in spying cars that decide to rush by. I have been in three car accidents, none of which were my fault, and have come out unscathed. The upholstery remains looking like new. The mileage has been accurate and as advertised. It is better on a the road, getting as much as 31 mpg.

- Julie R

2015 Honda CR-V, best on the market.

2015 Honda CR-V

The 2015 Honda CR-V is a smooth ride with several nice features. There are two screens, one which keeps the time up while the second shows music/cameras. On this make there is a rearview camera and one on the right side mirror. There are some blind spots with this model but Honda took this into consideration with an extended left side mirror and camera on the right side mirror. Love having the back up camera, which has 3 different views. The steering wheel has controls for radio, Bluetooth and receiving calls. It is a comfortable ride and very roomy. The trunk area has a hard floor versus carpet and comes with a covering so you can hide what it in the back. The keyless entry and push start is also very nice. Needless to say, I love the 2015 Honda CR-V.

- Emily C

Great vehicle except if you want to listen to music through the USB!

2015 Honda CR-V

I love the reliability of my Honda and the resale value it holds. It is a great car. . . Safe, easy to drive and park, comfortable, hands-free operation, Versatile options with the back seats, and it looks good. The only problem, and it is a big one, is that I continually get USB errors when playing my iPod and the only way to correct it is to turn off the engine. It is random (not connected to "bumps" in the road or anything) and extremely annoying. When I went to the dealer about it (3 times) I was told it was an iPod problem and not a Honda issue but I know that is not true because my iPod plays in every other car that I have used it in with no problems; even in my parent's odyssey. If that were fixed, I would be 100% happy with my cr-v.

- Deb F

Helpful information about my Honda.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love how easy my Honda CR-V is to maneuver. I love the touch screen and how I can see my car details from the screen in the vehicle. I do wish that my back seat was a little wider to allow a 3 car seat to be put in for a possible 3rd child or friends. The backup camera is very convenient so I can get super close to curbs and such. I do wish I could turn the backup camera on whenever I wanted. I also love the camera that turns on when I turn on my right blinker or hit the button that turns it on so I can see everything from the right side of my vehicle. I do not have to worry about blind spots anymore. All in all I do enjoy my Honda CR-V. This is my 3rd Honda that I have owned and I do not plan on not having a Honda in my future.

- Emily K

Great family car. Full of safety features.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

No maintenance issues in the 4 years I have owned the car. I have put over 100,000 miles on the car and have had no reliability or performance issues. The all wheel drive has been efficient with the snow this year. We have taken this car on numerous road trips and everyone was comfortable, including adults in the backseat. Love the safety feature of the right mirror camera, makes changing lanes a breeze. As a female, I love the keyless entry feature. I never have to dig my keys out of a bag while walking through a parking lot and if I'm alone and open from the driver side, only the driver side unlocks so I don't have to worry hurrying to lock the other doors upon entering the car.

- Amber M

Why I love my Honda CR-V and the incredible details involved.

2015 Honda CR-V

Purchasing my Honda CR-V was the best decision I have made in a very long time. The car drives beautifully and it is so quiet which is a big plus in my book. I love the backup camera, as well as the right turn camera which really helps with any potential blind spots when changing lanes on the freeway. It is not a large car, but it is big enough for passengers as well as any large items that may need to be transported. It basically fit my entire college dorm room in the back and there was still enough room for my sibling to ride in the back seat. The small details that come with this car really make a huge difference and I'd recommend this car to anyone.

- Haley W

Great SUV, very reliable and great feature

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

The Honda CR-V is an all around great vehicle. The features I like most about the 2015 model include right side mirror camera for blind spots, the Bluetooth options for phone calls and music and the fact that I get the same mileage as I would with a car but get all the extra room of an SUV. My vehicle has over 100,000 miles on it and I travel every day for work, and it has had minimal issues, so it is also a very reliable vehicle. The one problem I have experienced recently is that sometime when I start Pandora over Bluetooth in my vehicle, the radio screen will completely restart while I'm driving, as if I had just started the vehicle.

- Megan S

Safe, spacious, dependable, sharp sounding & looking vehicle.

2015 Honda CR-V

I really enjoy the safety features such as the airbags and antilock brake system, . I also enjoy the Bluetooth capabilities along with the back up camera & guiding system. It is very roomy and could seat up to 5 people comfortably. The drive is very smooth and very easy to maneuver. I am very satisfied with this vehicle. It also is very spacious in the back/hatchback area if needed for hauling items or simply going on vacation. Very dependable vehicle and looks sharp too. The stereo system has good sound quality and works easily to connect to my smartphone for a handsfree trip. I love this vehicle and would recommend to everyone.

- Tracy B

The right sided side mirror has a small camera on it.

2015 Honda CR-V

I absolutely love my car! I bought my CR-V brand new in 2015! I got it fully loaded with navigation, sunroof, leather, and heated seats! The inside is very spacious and the trunk is actually very big! I have used my car several times to move and can fit a lot of boxes in the back with the seats down. The navigation system is awesome and very helpful, not confusing like some systems can be. My screen is very large and the back up camera is very helpful. One of my favorite features is that when you turn your blinker on one side it actually shows up on the screen so you can see in your blind spot. Nothing bad to say about this car!

- Mary L

Reliable car, but in need of certain design changes.

2015 Honda CR-V

There is a defect with the trunk door (I. E., when it gets cold, you cannot open it from the rear). It is indeed more roomy than a typical sedan, but not as comfortable for the driver as I had hoped it would be. That being said, the car drives well and is quite reliable. For a cry, the gas mileage is not horrible either. The seats are quite comfortable, but the armrests are not long enough for a tall person. The GPS system works quite well, but it is not so easy to program. The stereo system functions well. The battery died much quicker than anticipated. Overall, the car is not bad, but it could be better considering the price.

- Jon V

The CR-V is My Favorite Car!

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

I love this car! It is the perfect size for every activity I participate in including camping, car camping, and craft show vending which includes transporting a ton of stuff! It's incredibly reliable and I have had no problems with it since purchase. The height of the CR-V allows me to traverse even the most difficult of trails including a dirt bike trail I went down once! It is efficient with an overall 27mpg even considering most of my driving is for delivery in San Francisco, but doesn't sacrifice any power as I was able to tie a fallen tree to the front of the car and tow it out if the road to access a better campsite!

- Tara D

The CR-V is a great little SUV.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love my Honda CR-V. It has enough space for me to haul a surprising amount of cargo while still being a compact SUV. It is also comfortably laid out on the interior and things are always where you would expect to find them. I never use the navigation system, because I use my smartphone for navigation but the touch screen system is nice. I like the customizable color scheme and the 2 integrated USB ports. The maintenance for the vehicle can be a little confusing sometimes but you can quickly YouTube how-tos for pretty much everything since it is quite a popular model and it is usually pretty inexpensive to perform.

- Amber H

Honda is a perfect choice!

2015 Honda CR-V

Great performance! Very reliable vehicle that is quite affordable. I do not spend more than $30 to fill up the tank. So far driving it has been nothing but joy. Honda is one of the best car brands if you are looking for something reliable that will serve you long and will not cost you much to maintain it in good condition. The only thing with this car is to make sure that you feel comfortable inside. My husband is tall and it is not very comfy for him to drive because there is not enough space for his legs. Other than that I was only doing oil and filter change and soon will have to change tires.

- Kari K

Honda CR-V. Perfectly sized small SUV.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love my Honda. It is the perfect sized SUV, and is good to drive in chicago's winter weather. I have had no vehicle issues so far, it is comfortable to drive and is very reliable. I drove a Jeep for many years, just switched to a Honda CR-V and am so glad I did! I love the leather interior, sunroof, cargo space and the navigation system. I was somewhat reluctant to change car models, but now am so glad I did. Would definitely recommend the Honda CR-V to anyone that is looking for a smaller-sized SUV. I receive excellent service at my dealership and purchased a reasonable warranty for my car.

- Robin T

Easy to Drive, great handling, unexpected maintenance issues

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

Smooth driving, great interior, leased with under 50,000 miles, only one previous owner. I expected it to be in practically new condition, but faced some maintenance issues immediately, wouldn't start in cold weather even with a full battery charge - damage to the starter? Honda dealership couldn't determine a cause of the problem. Also had to replace rear passenger wheel bearing within a year of purchase. Despite the maintenance issues it is a good car and have not had any recent problems. It is comfortable. I do wish the entertainment system was more intuitive and advanced.

- Jerzy E

My traveling CR-V. Taking my car ?? is fun. On trips, I love to go in my car.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

My CR-V is wonderful. It drives great. It travels comfortably. I have taken it across the desert ?? and vacationed with my mother until she was 94. The gas mileage is very good but not excellent - 25 to 28 mpg. I keep it on its maintenance program with Honda. I do trust my dealership. My one complaint is that I did not get the automatic lights. I guess I didn't realize that I needed to ask for that is. This is my second CR-V. I still own a 2003 and it has had many great years. The air conditioner went out after about ten years. But, it is also a great car.

- Nancy D

Great drive but lacking some amenities.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I had a Honda accord for 10 years before I bought this Honda, so it is very similar in its handling and design. What I do not like is that it does not have navigation or ability to get Sirius radio. That seems pretty standard these days. I also think it is weird that the trunk door doesn't open close with the key fob. I am still having to reach for the door to close it manually. Not a big deal but you would think for a 2015 model of a CR-V, it would be standard. The vehicle drives well, seems to be good on gas, and is a good size for me to drive.

- Michelle S

4. 8 Stars on a scale of 5!

2015 Honda CR-V

The performance and reliability of this vehicle is outstanding. In almost 4 years, we have had to only change the oil. It is very comfortable, especially in the driver seat, which is adjustable in every way. I like the amount of storage this vehicle and the seats fold for even more. I would rate this car a 4. 8 Out of 5. I only have one concern - when traveling on the highway, the noise from outside the vehicle is very loud in the cab. Sometimes it is hard to hear the radio or carry on a conversation. I do love my CR-V and would buy another one.

- Andy H

Love my CR-V and the Bluetooth!

2015 Honda CR-V LX

I have really enjoyed my CR-V. It's roomy and comfortable in the front and back seats. A large trunk area can hold everything from a picnic blanket, to a large dog crate, or even boxes of teaching supplies. It has been fairly reliable for me since I've had it. One feature I was excited about going in was Bluetooth. I love that my phone automatically connects and I can play my own music or talk on the phone. My only difficulty was Figuring out the buttons on the steering wheel for phone calls, but now I've got it figured out and it is so easy!

- Allison S

Honda cr v is a great all-traffic vehicle.

2015 Honda CR-V Touring

There is plenty of room in this vehicle. It is easy to convert from seats to cargo. The rear camera helps when backing in and out of spaces. I get very good gas mileage, usually around 27 miles to a gallon. I also like the self-adjusting front seats which accommodate two drivers. I have had no problems with performance, but I bought the vehicle used at 19,000 miles and have only added 6,000 additional miles thus far. The vehicle has great maneuverability and quick response, which makes it great for driving on interstate and in city traffic.

- Suzi L

Great midsize vehicle! Easy to drive and fuel efficient.

2015 Honda CR-V

I really like the size. It is bigger than my previous vehicle the Honda Civic. I feel safer because the vehicle sits higher up and I think I can see better that way. But, it is barely longer/wider than the Civic so it still fits easily in the garage and easy to parallel park. It is an easy car to drive and maintain, I have had no major issues with the car except that my alignment is never perfect. My car pulls to the left and although it is in the "acceptable" range per the dealership, I notice it all the time and it seems hazardous to me.

- Sarah R

2015 Honda CR-V couldn't love another vehicle more.

2015 Honda CR-V

The CR-V has a tight turn circumference, I get about 32 miles to gallon with city driving! I am in love with the safety right turn camera which goes on anytime you put your right signal on. The size of vehicle is comfortable for 3 passengers-4 if they are not big. I can comfortable fit 2 kids car seats in the back. Oil changes I can wait and get 4,000 miles before needing it. Only mechanical issues I have is the starter chain loosens which every time I start my car sounds horrible grinding noises- it has been fixed twice in 3 years.

- Kelly S

We got a good deal on the loan, and purchased an extended warranty.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

This is an attractive vehicle, it is a white shade that is soft with black interior. The engine is in great condition and has been cared for well. The ride is a little rough for what I consider a good make vehicle. By that I mean the engine picks up very well, the actual ride is a little rough. I always think of a CR-V as an SUV, but I am disappointed that the car rides more a like a car and I would like it if you were seated higher so you can see over more traffic. The options are very nice, but not overly done with 'do-das'.

- Deborah L

Honda CR-V: safe, reliable, but with dysfunctional tire pressure warning.

2015 Honda CR-V

I like my Honda CR-V. It is a safe car. It drives well and is always smooth. I like the exterior and interior appearance of the car and think that it looks good on the road. It is reliable and I never worry that something will happen. The only problem I have with the car is that the tire light goes off a lot even if it does not seem that the tires have low pressure, and even if I fill them the light does not go off. I also think visibility is not the best with the window location, but the rear view camera makes up for it.

- Kristina K

It is perfect for the climate that I live in.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I do not have very many problems with my Honda CR-V, it has plenty of get up and go for a four cylinder and it is all wheel drive. It is a very reliable vehicle, it starts every morning no matter how cold it is outside and warms up quickly, plus it has heated windows, which is excellent for the climate I live in. And it also has heated seats. Very comfortable to ride in even on long trips. It has excellent cargo room for luggage and groceries and even the dogs. The floor mats that came with the vehicle are excellent.

- Mike S

This vehicle is highly reliable for all travel.

2015 Honda CR-V

This vehicle has good takeoff speed. Comfortable. Side View mirrors are extended to see more behind you. I have had this vehicle 3 years and have upkeep when Honda recommends. I have had no problems. Good brakes, cruise control helps with saving gas. Average miles per gallon is 28-31. Very reliable starting and brakes work very well. Easy care of interior with most cleaners. My average driving miles per year are 15 to 16, 000 each year. Intown driving is easy, parking, navigating traffic safely is always a pleasure.

- Diane B

The Honda CR-V is truly an astounding vehicle. From it is sleek look to it is all.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love this vehicle! This vehicle gets around in the snow, rain, drifts, any hard or difficult surface better than any other car that I had ever had before. The only problem is the space. I wish it were bigger and I wish the 2015 model trunk would open more efficiently. I have two kids and fitting younger ones in car seats, sitting comfortably, and packing for road trips; is quite an obstacle with this car. You cannot beat the reliability with the Honda CR-V, the mileage, or the price, just wish it was bigger!

- Ann H

The Honda CR-V is fantastic on gas mileage.

2015 Honda CR-V

I really like my Honda CR-V its not a big vehicle so it very good on gas. It drives smooth on the highways, I have had it for 3 years and I haven't had any problems with it, I. Can seat 4 passengers comfortably, so I wish it was a little bit larger. It has a remote entry system, and a security system, multi reflector halogen headlights with auto off, tilt and telescopic steering column with cruise control. As you can see I like my Honda a great deal I can go on and on about this car. I simply love it.

- Renee M

Perfect Midsize SUV for families

2015 Honda CR-V LX

I love the way it drives with ease, how it tells me all the details of any maintenance I need, the leather interior, rear view camera, side cameras, and the trunk size. I just had my third child and the backseat seats 3 but only 2 car seats so it's a tight squeeze for my kiddos. Repairs seem to be prices especially if you only get the standard warranties and because most repairs are technical. My key fob battery stopped working after about a year and there is no way to use a key that I could tell.

- Neda E

Favorite feature is the backup camera! It makes parallel parking a breeze!

2015 Honda CR-V EX

My Honda CR-V is very stable and reliable. I have only had issues with a dead battery, but that appeared to be a manufacturer fluke. I got it replaced and have had no other problems. This car uses synthetic oil and lasts longer than you would expect. I love that it shows you a percentage for the oil so you know exactly when to get an oil change. Durable in all weather conditions. Only complaint is that I wish it had leather since my dog sheds so much in my car and the hair sticks to the seats.

- Taylor K

Is a very comfortable car to sit and drive. It drives perfectly in the snow.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

Perfect size for me and my small family. Is not too big and not too small. Drives smoothly and is comfortable. I love how much space it has in the trunk, the grocery fits perfectly. The only thing that I've noticed that I don't like, is that you can hear everything while driving. For a example you hear every little bumps you hit. It drives smoothly, but you can hear everything from outside when your driving. Other than that I really like it. I also see them everywhere. They're pretty popular.

- Tatiana C

Is a CR-V perfect for you?

2015 Honda CR-V

I truly love this car! Not only is the look sleek and attractive, but I feel so safe driving it. I was worried to get a bigger vehicle but was pleasantly surprised when I got my CR-V. It was a perfect step up from my small car. I love the interior and all the features it comes with. My one complaint would be that not all CR-Vs have four wheel drive! I live where there is tons of snow and I think four wheel drive would have been a perk for me. But other than that minor detail, I love it!

- Madeline E

Honda CR-V is a great car

2015 Honda CR-V

The vehicle drives great, gets excellent gas mileage (up to 32 MPG for me) and has some nice tech. The only complaints are that it has a "split" mirror on the driver's side, and the many buttons and display screens can be cumbersome for the driver to learn at first. Also, the perforated leather wears much faster than solid leather, so 3 years in I am seeing some cracking and wear, whereas my last car I had for 13 years and it showed very little wear in the solid leather seats.

- Sarah H

The 2015 Honda CR-V is a reliable and dependable vehicle for the money.

2015 Honda CR-V

The 2015 Honda CR-V is a reliable vehicle. The only problem that I have experienced is the tire pressure light comes on even when the pressure in the tires is correct. If you reset it from the inside it will stay off for several weeks before coming on again. The dealership I use is always good about service to the vehicle and reminder of appointments. This was not the vehicle I had intended on buying but chose it because Honda has a good reputation for service and value.

- Tracy B

The most comfortable and money saving SUV.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

My car even though is an used one has exceed my expectations. It has feature that helps save money on gas. The different locations of the air vents keeps everyone in the car refresh. It's a very reliable vehicle that makes different sounds when it detects something out of the ordinary to keep the driver aware of the situation. Its spacious making long drives comfortable for everyone in the car also it's so stable that can make the passengers fall asleep comfortably.

- Alice M

Beautiful, white 2015 Honda CR-V. The perfect fit for a family of 3!

2015 Honda CR-V

My 2015 Honda CR-V is an amazing car. Previously, I owned a Honda Civic and loved it as well, but as we began to start a family, the CR-V was a perfect fit. I love the SUV look and feel. It has the perfect amount of space for one child - we have a baby on the way, so we will see when we need to enlarge to the odyssey. :). I have never had a single issue with my CR-V and I know moms that are the same way. It is an extremely reliable car and I recommend it to anyone.

- Laura C

The air conditioner smells like mildew and there isn't anything other than spraying cleaner in the intake vents to fix this issue.

2015 Honda CR-V

Overall it's a dependable vehicle but there are a couple of issues with it. The air conditioner often smells like mildew, and apparently, it's a known issue with no fix. Also the turn signal doesn't turn off on it's own when you switch lanes, you have to adjust the pressure on the gas pedal or brake pedal to get it to turn off. And since the hatchback is electric, if your battery dies you won't be able to get to your cables if you keep them with the spare tire.

- rachel s

It needs better air controls!

2015 Honda CR-V

I really wish there were more air controls for the back seats. I like how flat the seats will lay down, because I have three dogs that ride in the back, and it is plenty comfortable, but it does not cool off much back there, and we have to put an extra fan for them. I like how quiet the ride is compared to a lot of other vehicles. I came to the Honda CR-V after a Lexus, which is a very comfortable and quiet ride, so it says a lot that I like the CR-V as well.

- Katie G

All around wonderful car!!

2015 Honda CR-V LX

All around the car is wonderful, my only complaint being the amount of time the car requires to produce hot air on cold days, as it can take up to 10 minutes. The car handles extremely well and the acceleration is on par. The car can go upwards of 400 miles on a full tank of gas, and has an eco mode to allow for some preservation on your gas. There's very few blind spots despite the car being on the larger side, but the space is wonderful and flows very well.

- Kali B

I love turning on the seat warmers during cold days.

2015 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a good car. I have never had any issues with it and I have had it for almost four years now. It drives well and has lot more space inside than you would think when you first see it. The seats are very comfortable, they even come with seat warmers for those chilly days. I am even able to link my phone with it that way I can answer my call and drive safely while I am on the road. I can also link my playlist and listen to my music when I want.

- Rachael S

The Honda crv, an excellent choice of comfort, economy and high performance.

2015 Honda CR-V

The vehicle is very comfortable, reliable and in terms of performance it runs smoothly, and in terms of gas consuming is nothing to be worried about. Its suspension is really good and comfortable when you have to drive long distances. It can accommodate 5 persons in the comfortable seats, and has space enough to carry your items. Its lines are beautiful. The vehicle is very well designed, both outside and inside. The engine is both powerful and economical.

- Angel R

A versatile family vehicle

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

The size is really good, very versatile. It has been very dependable, will no big issues. We use the car as our main family vehicle and have taken it on 1000+ mile trips. It has worked out very well, easily carrying the stuff for a newborn baby and a toddler as well as two parents with ease. It would be nice if it got better gas mileage but it isn't terrible and with the AWD it means there are not worries when driving to the snow or on muddy dirt roads.

- Joey D

Silver trim on the outside of car, Like the flat floor in back. No hump

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

My car is comfortable, the vents are a problem for heat & air the way they are situated, performs well, reliable, drivers side remote seats are great but wish drivers side was too, heated seats in front but not in back, Would love them in back, also. Problems at Honda repair where I go. Took 3 times there to figure out what wrong with tire & why it kept losing air. Steering wheel adjustment not good. It is very roomy in car and in the trunk.

- Karen C

Honda CR-V: 2015. What I like and hate about it.

2015 Honda CR-V

CR-V is a great vehicle for most of times. It is spacious for both driver and passengers and also large storage space in the back. Brake pedal is sensitive that stepping on it lightly will make the vehicle stop, which is the part I love about. Only downside I can think about is car feels lighter compared to its size. I used to drive acura and even though the size of CR-V is bigger, the weight of vehicle feels lighter when you drive it around.

- Eddy L

Short review on the details of a 2015 Honda CR-V

2015 Honda CR-V LX

Performance: overall great for someone who is looking for a not too expensive car In terms of cost, it does not cost much to fill up the gas tank. The eco feature really helps with preserving the amount of gas that the vehicle uses. Even though this is a 5 seat vehicle, it adds plenty of room in the trunk to carry whatever is needed. This car is great for someone who likes travelling on a budget, especially if you are a college student.

- Cindy L

SUV convenience with a comfortable ride.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I have been driving Honda vehicles for many years and find them to be very reliable. This CR-V is my first SUV and I am very comfortable with its ride and features. I like the back hatch. It is very convenient for shopping bags and luggage too. It is side mounted camera is a nice extra feature, as well as the rear view camera. Always gives me good gas mileage and performs great in the snow. I would and have recommended them to friends.

- Jeanette F

The mpg is excellent for its size.

2015 Honda CR-V

My car has a good capacity for hauling my pets and camping gear. I feel safe when driving especially on busy highways. The handling in inclement weather is superb. My gas mileage over the long haul has been above average for a vehicle of its size. Although I would prefer a blue exterior the cost savings on the silver model made sense. The service department in my dealership is customer friendly and takes very good care of my needs.

- Janet L

Spacious, reliable, and safe

2015 Honda CR-V Base

It is super comfortable, but it still handles well, so it doesn't feel like I'm driving a tank. I have driven in rain, snow, ice, and all sorts of less than ideal conditions, and I have always felt safe in the car. It has gone on several long road trips, and still there are no major problems that have arisen. It is fairly roomy for a crossover. One of my favorite features is the backup camera, which makes it easy to parallel park.

- Helen C

If safety and reliability matter more to you than sexy and speedy, this is the small SUV for you.

2015 Honda CR-V

It's the first SUV I've ever owned, so I really love the higher driving position, giving me better sight lines and greater safety. I appreciate knowing the 4 wheel drive is available if needed. I like the keyless entry a lot. I like the ability to fold down the back seats for more cargo space. I like the reliability of Honda in general. I wish it got slightly better gas mileage, but for an SUV, it already gets good mileage.

- Linda J

Great family vehicle with 4wd.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

Great vehicle - has been very reliable for our family. Love the extra cargo space in the back and the dual layer of storage. Gas mileage has been good - especially with the eco feature turned on. The Bluetooth link is better and more seamless than previous models. The heated seats are nice and the backup and turn cameras are great. There have been issues with the tire pressure sensors, no matter what we do it will not turn off.

- Ruth H

The fuel mileage of 30mph with summer fuel is great.

2015 Honda CR-V

I am currently getting 30+mpg. The cruise-control & CVT transmission work perfectly. I had a 99 CRV which I think had more inside space with several cubbyholes. I wish there were a book instead of using internet for any information about this car. I had a "factory" roof rack installed, but have not yet used it. I also have a class-3 hitch that has not yet been installed. The other 99-CRV only has a 21/2 class receiver.


Great, reliable, family accessible car.

2015 Honda CR-V

This vehicle gets great gas mileage and is reliable. It has had no problems in the 9 months I have owned it. There are no blind spots, the right blinker camera adds to the visibility. The back up camera makes pulling out of parking spaces easy. It is comfortable and easily fits three car seats in the back. Seat heat in the front seats adds to the comfort. Keyless entry makes it easy to get groceries and kids in and out.

- Jul F

Good camping during a storm.

2015 Honda CR-V

No problems, very reliable and quite comfortable. The only issue I had in the years I have owned it was that the battery failed. After a couple of trips to the dealer it was replaced at no charge to me. As far as the comfort, I like to hike and camp, taking my dog. Once a storm sprung up and we both slept in the car. I had no problem getting comfortable even though I am sure the car was not designed with that in mind.

- Joan K

Reliable, safe and stylish.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

My vehicle is comfortable, has a number of safety driving features I like, is fuel efficient and has a decent ride. The only item I don't like is the seat belt system. Because I am short, it is somewhat uncomfortable - pulls across my chest. Annoying at best. I am considering using a clip on the belt at the point at which it connects to the holder at the top in order to keep it from tightening across my chest.

- Pat D

My vehicle is a 2015 Honda CR-V in mint condition.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I have found my CR-V to be comfortable, even during a long drive, the back seat has great leg room for those who are sitting in the back row. I love the spacious trunk that can fit my golf club and anything that I buy. It has great gas mileage, which is nice when you have to commute or drive around for your work. The CR-V has nice storage for little things that you keep in your car; such as spare change and tissue.

- Miranda R

Be aware of the blind spots when reversing. Especially when backing out of a parking spot beside a long and large car, where you can't see to the side.

2015 Honda CR-V

Like? Meh, it is ok but I don't love it. Dislike: the ridiculously thick side walls in the back, which contribute to the horrible blind spots. Yes, it does have a backup camera, but everytime I back up I put extra effort into checking everywhere behind me because of the blind spots. A lot of controls aren't in comfortable places. Having to use the screen for everything takes your attention from traffic.

- Teresa M

Dependable and affordable car for individual or small family.

2015 Honda CR-V

Clean neat looking car. Good on gas and good for trips. Not as quiet as larger cars but gas mileage worth it. Love the hatch back rather than having a trunk. Makes traveling with e extra large items easier. Having Bluetooth installed is perfect now that in my state there is a no hands law for cell phones. Great air conditioner. It has never failed me. Console gives plenty of space to keep all your extras.

- Virginia S

It is a nice vehicle, definitely worth the price.

2015 Honda CR-V

Likes: comfy seats, power everything, backup and turning cameras are an awesome feature (probably my favorite), touch screen display. Very smooth ride. Dislikes: not a fan of the color, (exterior or interior), does not have a lot of get-up-and-go, like if you are trying to pass someone while slightly going uphill you better give yourself enough time. Also has a small gas tank in my opinion (13 gallons).

- Carl L

Cr-v: the family SUV that drives like a sedan.

2015 Honda CR-V

It is a 2015 Honda Civic. Although people have complained about the smaller engine not having enough power, I have found that there's ample horsepower for getting up to highway speeds rather quickly. It never feels underpowered and the cargo area is the best I have seen in almost any compact SUV. Handling is car-like. I haven't had it long but hope since it is a Honda that reliability will be good.

- Thai D

Blind spot monitor is the best.

2015 Honda CR-V

My Honda CR-V is an extremely reliable and comfortable car. My favorite safety feature is the right-hand turn blind spot monitor that has a small camera that helps when driving. It is not distracting or annoying. . It is a feature I miss when driving another car. For the price, the CR-V is packed with extras that are much higher in comparison to like vehicles. I would highly recommend this car.

- Alison I

This car has Room for all my stuff

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

The car has been very reliable, great pick up, leather seats, good air conditioning and is very comfortable. There is a problem with visibility. The headrests seems to block my view. I bought it because I am traveling quite often and needed cargo space and seats which can be laid flat to carry items. Also I have a large German shepherd who travels with me and he needs the entire back seat.

- Kathy H

Honda CR-V is definitely lovable

2015 Honda CR-V LX

I have seen no problems with this vehicle at all. It runs very smoothly, the interior is nice, there is a large console in between the driver and passenger seat for storage, and the back is quite roomy. The trunk is large enough for 5 suitcases and 5 bags all together! It's super comfortable and definitely a lovable car. The engine runs great, tires are smooth, and it has never failed me.

- Savannah S

Why I like my car, I spent months searching for.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

I really like the gas mileage I get, right now in winter with warming up before driving, about 20 to 23, in other seasons almost 30 on average. I like that when I need to press the gas the car responds and gets moving. I like how much room I have inside. Usually just me in it but can easily fit 5 and load up the back. My car is a dark charcoal grey outside and grey interior and I love it.

- Shelly D

the collapsible back seats.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

My car rides very smoothly, and it has not let me down yet. It is very reliable; I never have to worry if it is going to start or get me where I need to go like I have had to do with other cars in the past. I would recommend this type of car to anyone. It features a spacious back seat and trunk area, and the backseat collapses with a flip of a switch so that you can transport large items.

- Hannah B

I love the modesty panel in the trunk.

2015 Honda CR-V

None - my car is spectacular! It is comfortable and feels safe. The cameras are amazing, the Bluetooth works really well. The turn radius is great. I really love my car. I love that there are cameras and minimal dinging - I do not like a chatty car. It will tell you if your seatbelt is not on, but it waits a minute, and is lowkey. The Honda CR-V is a truly amazing car. I love driving it.

- Abigail S

It's one of the best vehicle that I have bought.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

This has been the most dependable car I have ever owned. The only thing we have had to replace is the tires. We do not do a lot of city driving, thus we have not even had to replace the brakes. Get decent gas mileage around 28-30 HWY and avg. 24-25. Lots of room in the back seat for a small SUV Would have gotten the leather with all the perks if had choice again. Would highly recommend.

- Lin C

Problems with heating not easily solved by car dealers.

2015 Honda CR-V

Our GPS has on many occasions just died and went blank, the heat/ac controls have quit and have heard loud popping sounds under the dash as it goes blank. It's been taken to 2 dealers and left for many days at both and nobody can duplicate the issue. The fix is easy, shut the car off and wait a minute and turn it back on but not convenient at all driving down the highway at speed.

- Elizabeth V

Great vehicle in all areas, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Honda CR-V!

2015 Honda CR-V

I have not had any problems with my 2015 Honda CR-V. I had a 2003 Honda CR-V before this one and had very little trouble with it as well because the Muncie Indiana service department team is the best! I love the body style of this year CR-V. I bought it because as a 4 cylinder it gets great gas mileage. Mine is also all wheel drive which is great for getting around in the winter.

- Becky H

Great riding, economical car. Great safety features.

2015 Honda CR-V

Love the car and have the touring version. I would expect, though, this higher end vehicle to have more comfortable seats. I do find it is economical to drive and has a great turning radius. I love the right hand turn screen to see if there is anyone in blind spot and would really love to see the same thing on the left hand turn. It is not always easy to see the blind spot there.

- Marilyn R

Pay attention to the payload if you plan to do any hauling of heavy stuff - it is not designed for that even though the room is there, it must not be able to handle the weight??

2015 Honda CR-V

I like the size of it - it is large enough but not too big. I love that the backup camera comes on when you put on the turn signal so it helps you see in the lane beside you. I do not like the "payload" or whatever you call it, is very low - I think like 1100 lbs. The car seats 5 adults and with luggage for a trip that is way over 1100 lbs - just worries me when we plan trips.

- Jackie C

I think they should know that the transmission is different so it may not be as smooth as other automatic vehicles they are used to

2015 Honda CR-V

I feel like the gas mileage on this vehicle could be a little bit better. I am not sure that I like the belt driven transmission because on hills it is very jumpy and not at all smooth. I love the roominess of the vehicle and field of view since I am up higher off the road. I love that I didn't have to purchase the top of the line vehicle to get the features that I wanted.

- Heather P

The back camera is very great for knowing where you are backing up into.

2015 Honda CR-V

The car is very nice. It has nice seats and the insides of the car is great for having kids in the car. The back camera above the license plate is very useful because I can show you how far away you are from something. The front mirror is great for knowing what is going on in the back is the car. The trunk is very great for holding lots of things. I very much enjoy this car!

- Lydia D

Great car otherwise A bit shaky and time consuming

2015 Honda CR-V LX

Shakey when the air or heat is on but I've gotten used to it. Buttons to adjust the seat are activated when sitting on the edge of the seat. Don't notice until your chest gets close to the steering wheel. Hooking up phone to the vehicle does not transfer phone numbers into the cars system. You have to enter them manually. Difficulty to make calls with steering wheel buttons

- Kirsten M

Great crossover for people on the go.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

The seats are comfortable. I enjoy the Bluetooth capabilities, as well as the blind side and rear view cameras. I am unhappy with the lack of GPS. It requires an app, which is faulty. It has good gas mileage. My tire light stays on, even after being inflated, which is frustrating. I enjoy the sunroof and the seats are comfortable. It has sufficient space for my daily needs.

- Tania T

Sweet ride for a small family

2015 Honda CR-V LX

I have always liked the Honda CR-V. It was my first brand new car back in 2001. After buying and not liking 2 other cars in between, I went back to the CR-V in 2015. It has been very reliable and spacious enough for my daughter and I. The 2015 model has a drop down mirror so you can see what is going on in the back seat, as well as hooks to easily attach a car seat.

- Lisa J

Honda CR-V: A+ Family Pick

2015 Honda CR-V EX

This car has flourished in both long and short commutes and trips. I like the safety features as I have a young child, and transport other children in my vehicle. It is great on gas, quiet, and roomy. My family enjoys the trunk space - roomier than my husband's Rogue. An all over great family pick. I envision having this car for many years to come and would recommend it.

- Cristina H

My fav - Mimi�s car - it�s blue, it rocks!

2015 Honda CR-V Base

I love this car, the only problem I've had with it is that someone slammed the rear hatch and now my rear camera is wonky. It cannot be repaired unless I pay some exorbitant amount. It still functions but it is off kilter - otherwise, I like the color, the seats, love the right camera, I with our other vehicle had one. I like the radio and the Bluetooth is great!

- Ann L

Roomy: for people or things.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I love my Honda CR-V. It is the perfect sized vehicle for our active lifestyle. The backup camera is a lifesaver and it drives very smoothly. It very comfortably seats 5 adults. I love the maintenance information it gives such as the oil life. I have found it to be extremely accurate. There is a large amount of storage and I feel it was a fantastic value for the price!

- Michele D

Very safe, smooth drive. Love this vehicle

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

I really enjoy driving my Honda CR-V. The handling is quite nice and I like that is a smaller SUV. I feel the safety rating is top notch so when I am traveling with my daughter we feel very safe. I have only had a few issues with the car, one being the battery conduit broke down and it made the car randomly not start. Once that was replaced I have had not other issues.

- Katie M

Best Car I've ever owned! Will never own another type of car.

2015 Honda CR-V Touring

I love this car! I have never had any issues except normal wear & tear (brakes/tires/oil changes/etc). The only small issue is that there are sensors around the car for LKAS, Cameras, Etc and in the winter they get covered with snow and sometimes say things are not working, which is a little terrifying. So you really have to pay attention to cleaning off your car!

- Catherine H

Honda CR-V with its awesome capabilities.

2015 Honda CR-V

It is awesome on gas, it is spacious, the features are very nice. The safety functions are great. Easy to drive. The back up camera in it is awesome. You can really see everything with it. The amount of functions you can do with your phone. There’s Bluetooth, iPod, Pandora and regular radio. You can control it from your steering wheel which makes it safer to drive.

- Heather A

I have to say that I love that I have daytime running headlights.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

I thoroughly enjoy my vehicle. I like the trim, and most of its features. I am not a fan of the fact that to use the Bluetooth, I have to upload individual contacts. I also do not like that there are not as many interval options on my windshield wipers as I am used to. But I love that I have the outside temperature reading, and that I have running daytime headlights.

- Brittany F

Comfortable, reliable, do it all kind of vehicle

2015 Honda CR-V EX

Comfortable, reliable, driven all over the place. Nice size, even camped in it on a trip to PA in the winter. Comfortable and warm inside through the night. If repairs need to be made, parts are quick and easily available. Durable car. Used it up mountains, in the farm, going to the beach. Really great way to get around and easy to keep organized with all our gear

- Anastasia S

Honda CR-V 2015 (used) review.

2015 Honda CR-V

I have really enjoyed this car so far, I got it used in February. It gets good gas mileage and is generally reliable, I have had no real issues with it. It is comfortable to drive and responsive to steering and braking. The one problem is that sometimes the heat takes a while to kick in, which is not good given that winter is starting and I live in a cold area.

- Haley T

This car saved my life last year

2015 Honda CR-V

The car literally saved my life in a car wreck. My 2013 CR-V was totaled when a Dodge Charger traveling 50 mph rear ended my stopped vehicle. I was largely uninjured, thanks to the protections included in the vehicle. I was devastated at the idea of having to buy a new car, so to patch my broken heart I bought a 2015 CR-V and love the new features it came with.

- Kirsten F

An all around amazing vehicle that�s reliable

2015 Honda CR-V Base

Absolutely love this car! It's perfect for getting out and going on hiking trips with enough room to accommodate our large dog and a few extra passengers. With leather interior it's easy to clean, the technology and cameras assist with driving especially in situations where it may be difficult to see - the side camera opposite the driver makes it super easy.

- Anna H

Great tech package, cloth seats not the most comfortable.

2015 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a great car to drive. It has a smooth quiet ride. It has one of the largest rear cameras screens. Another great feature is the right lane camera that comes on with your right turn signal showing three car lengths back. The only negative comment I have is that the cloth seats are not the most comfortable especially for long drives.

- Rachel K

It's the perfect crossover/midsize SUV- plenty of room and still fun to drive.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love almost everything about it. I like how it looks, how well it handles (very responsive), the gas mileage it gets, and how much room it has. The only thing I don't like is that when I have the seat all the way up as high as it goes (I'm short), then even with the seat moved forward, it is uncomfortable to reach the gas pedal for long periods of time.

- Nunya E

It's a great car to drive because it's efficient and handles really well.

2015 Honda CR-V

We love the heated seats, the cargo space, the comfort and the fuel efficiency of our car. We dislike the rear sightlines and also the tires that came with the car. If we had had the money at the time, I think we would have gone with the more equipped model because the one thing we really want is seat position memory since we both drive the car equally.

- Rebecca P

Reliable and helpful features.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

I bought it almost a year ago. It is running fine. There have been no problems with performance. Gas mileage is good. Also, I can watch the scale and change my driving to maximize the mileage. I like that feature. Also, I like the seat adjustment which lowers itself every time I enter or exit my car. Then I can adjust it back up when I am ready to go.

- Susan T

Very good vehicle to me and I will encourage others to purchase it.

2015 Honda CR-V

It runs smoothly, red color, four wheel drive with ac and heating system. mileage of 110, 000. I love it just that I feel like I need to get a new one. Maybe the latest model or 2018 year make. Honda has been my car since teen age and will encourage people to purchase it because of its durability. Some friends also have it which has lasted long too.

- Matilda A

So much storage! Perfect car for family and big dog.

2015 Honda CR-V

My Honda CRV is by far the best car I've ever owned! It's comfortable for all passengers in the front seat and back. There's plenty of space for all passengers and my shepherd in the far back. The seats easily collapse in the back for hauling large items or big grocery trips. I also appreciate the reverse camera - only wish it was a little bigger.

- Emily F

Heated seats. Entertainment system.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

The CR-V is great for my growing family. We currently have one baby who is 6 months old. The car has enough room for us and all of baby's things along with a DVD player and screen. However, the year of our CR-V has a known transmission problem that allegedly cannot be resolved. The car will shake between 25 and 30 mph if the car is not very warm.

- Stacey G

My new car I love everything about it.

2015 Honda CR-V

I had this vehicle since may of this year. I have not had any problems with this vehicle. We took it to New York it was very comfortable. It got really good gas mileage. It has more room in it then you think it packs things very well. When we decide to get another vehicle it will be another Honda. First time owned something besides a Chevrolet.

- Mary Jo D

Awesome features make the CR-V convenient for anybody.

2015 Honda CR-V

The features of the CR-V are what make it such a great car for me. I love the backup camera, the keyless push start, and the amount of space you have inside while the car is not overly large on the outside. I also particularly appreciate that I can open the car just by touching the handle if the key is in my purse or pocket. It's so convenient!

- Katy V

Love my Honda CR-V it is a great car, and holds their value.

2015 Honda CR-V

Love my Honda CR-V his is my second one, I had a 2013 before. It is great on the highway good gas miles. I like the CR-V as it gives me room for stuff in the back I have hauled lumber, large item, s that fits perfect. Back seat gives leg room for people sitting in the backseat. All over I am looking at a 2019 to purchase in the next few months.

- Sandy D

Honda CRV 2015, seats so uncomfortable not worth buying

2015 Honda CR-V

At over 100,000 in less than 4 years, the car has been reliable without technical issues with good gas mileage. But they have the most uncomfortable seats in a car ever. I have to take frequent breaks when driving due to leg and back pain from sitting in the car seat. Not an issue in our other household car and pain not a typical issue for me.

- Kendra A

Fuel efficient for city driving, durable and reliable for mountain adventures.

2015 Honda CR-V

My car has been very reliable especially during winter months in Massachusetts, throughout my cross-country relocation to Colorado, and on rough, mountain roads. Features that I like include the AWD capability, ability to connect the Audio system to phones via USB and Bluetooth, and the spacious trunk space considering this is a mid-size SUV.

- Caitlin L

Reliable, comfortable, great to drive.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

My 2015 Honda CR-V is great for long or short trips. It has good gas mileage, I appreciate that it supports my phone, it has two camera angles that are great safety features, has good entertainment features, and is a really pretty color. The vehicle has good power and is very low maintenance. It performs well in all highway conditions.

- Nancy G

CR-V handles like a charm and the fuel economy will help you meet your budget

2015 Honda CR-V

We love the fuel economy, interior roominess, ease of handling, and styling of our CR-V. We love the back-up camera and ability to use bluetooth through the speakers. Our only minor complaint is that we wish we could completely close off the heat/cool vents & wish there was a defrost-only setting that did not also direct air to your feet.

- Kari J

The Honda CR-V drives smooth and stores a ton.

2015 Honda CR-V

Since I have owned it, it is been very comfortable and reliable. Performs great! Love econ mode and how easy it is to use cruise control. You cannot beat the storage space for an SUV because the back seats fold up doubling trunk space. I also really like how I can customize my cup holders (barriers slide in and out in the front console).

- Adam D

Excellent vehicle! Safe, roomy, and great features for the price

2015 Honda CR-V Base

I love the rear and passenger side cams. I wish it had a cam on the driver side view. Living where it snows, AWD is divine! Ride is very comfortable for a tall woman too, even in the back seat. I wish it had the option to connect to my phone with a cord rather than Bluetooth. It's kind of a pain to switch from my phone to my husbands.

- Amelia T

It has great twerk, moves fast, sprints forward, and has good downhill control

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

I do love it, but have to admit I'm a new to driving the CR-V specifically - but so far have noticed random sounds that are hard to source. Otherwise, fine. I might just be paranoid. I'm hoping repairs aren't too costly compared to other cars. That will drastically change my opinion, although I could have done that research initially.

- Robert H

This is my car, not my husbands.

2015 Honda CR-V

No issues, we have oil changed every 3, 000 miles (husband's rules) easy ride, can hold 5 adults--put back seats down for carrying stuff. Has done well in snow-live in MN I prefer 4 wheel drive, this is all wheel and so far so good everything works--has backup camera and r camera, would like l camera for driver's side but it works ok.

- Donna B

I had a problem and they didn't fix it.

2015 Honda CR-V

Very roomy and comfortable. But they lack in customer service once you drive off the lot. And if your a woman they tend to not listen or treat you as if you do not know a thing about cars. They didn't fix the initial problem and tried to charge me for something that was covered by the warranty just brought in when I could drop it off.

- Gigi D

The most important thing that others should know about my 2015 Honda CR-V is that it is rugged, gets you where you are going, and has minimal upkeep.

2015 Honda CR-V

I really enjoy the size of the vehicle. I live in Colorado where the weather is unpredictable, so having a large car that can get around in any weather is crucial. The side and rear cameras are amazing for avoiding blind spots and accidents. The vehicle drives smooth and has yet to have any issues so we are very happy with our whip.

- Jason X

The greatest car: Honda CR-V.

2015 Honda CR-V

My Honda CR-V is a very reliable and safe vehicle. It has held up well through three teenagers driving it and has had little to no problems. It handles snow and rain well and is a good vehicle for safe highway driving. The seating in the car is also very comfortable and it is a good car for carpooling and driving friends to places.

- Alexa W

Luxury vehicle with plenty of cargo space

2015 Honda CR-V LX

This is the second Honda CR-V I have owned and I love it. The newer vehicle is a bit smaller than my older CR-V but the 2015 rides like a luxury car yet you can easily carry items large or small. There is plenty of legroom in the back seats and it's great how the seats in the 2015 CR-V fold flat down and provide more cargo space.

- Jen Z

My CR-V is a good car, and I like to drive it.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

The car has been really good for me mostly. The brakes are a little shaky, which is kind of annoying, and a lot of times when I am stopped, the car shakes. Other than that, it's a great car. The space is great, because we can fit everything we need to in there with the fold-down seats. The Bluetooth interface is very nice as well.

- Michael L

Honda CR-V A LOT OF ROOM Great on the Room

2015 Honda CR-V EX

love it easy to get in and out of. A lot of room great to move about anything you need. Up high of the ground to see around you when drive. The vehicle has great performance in its steering on a dime. Great gas mileage 400 on a tank of gas. The backup camera is great helps you to see around you. This would be a great family car .

- Kathryn M

Fit for short term period.

2015 Honda CR-V

Back seat space is not enough to comfortably fit car seat and two passengers, battery life is pathetic, pick up is deteriorating with time, fuel efficiency is falling down, alloys can be better, dashboard has scopes to be better, very few customization options were available at the time of purchasing, shakes a lot at high speed.

- Sur S

The Honda CR-V gets great gas mileage and dependable.

2015 Honda CR-V

Good gas mileage, 26 mpg. Haven't had any problems mechanically. Love the back up camera and right turn camera features. Comfortable to drive but my sons are tall and it is a little crowded for them in the back seat. They have no problem if they sit in the front seat. It has a good amount of space for a smaller utility vehicle.

- Lora Lea V

It's AWD and has so many safety feature it's makes it easier to drive without being distracting.

2015 Honda CR-V

Love it!! Some great qualities are Accurate cruise control adjustment (brakes and speeds up on its to it set speed), front collision sensor, passenger side camera, backup camera, AWD. Something I wonder is why they didn't put a camera on the driver side to match, but on the driver side mirror there is an extended mirror to help

- Syn D

great car! durable and modern!

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

it's a really great car! runs smoothly, really reliable. My favorite feature is the Bluetooth system and the touch screen dashboard which are very easy and simple to use. The interior of the car is also very nice and really spacious. The trunk is also roomy and in general is a very durable car that can last many long road trips

- Sofia P

Honda CR-V is a great small SUV with plenty of room.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

This car is very reliable, great on gas. I have had no trouble with engine. Tires have lasted then manufacturer recommendations. Service warranty is great. This car is very comfortable. Plenty of room considering it is a small SUV. XM radio is great. No Navigation system on my model. Definitely will purchase a Honda again .

- Lora S

Easy to get in and out of car.

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

I love my CR-V. It handles very well in snow. It has a spacious back-end. The seating is comfortable. The space between the front seats and back seats is spacious. I do wish it had pockets on back of front seats. It's easy to get in and out of the car as I do not have to squat to get & out. I can just slide onto my seat.

- Marie V

it's dependable, but expensive to maintain if you go to the dealer

2015 Honda CR-V

It's dependable and I bought with minimum features because I don't like a lot of technology. I want to switch thing on and off and that's all. The only thing I don't like is the body looks like many of the other manufacturer's out there. Other than the shape of the back window, it's hard to tell which cars are which make.

- Dianne D

It is sporty safe and fun.

2015 Honda CR-V

My car drives really well and it is very roomy especially in the back seat. There is lots of legroom and storage. I do not like the radio as I wish it had a dial to change stations. The phone does not always work on the first try which is very annoying and the radio is hard to get used to but the sound quality is very good.

- Michele Z

Reliability is outstanding. I've only changed oil in the three years that I have owned the vehicle. I have never had to have any repairs on the vehicle.

2015 Honda CR-V

I like the size of the vehicle and the cargo capacity. It is small enough to be easy to navigate with adequate cargo capacity. I like the reliability of the vehicle, vehicle handling and fuel economy. I somewhat dislike the styling. It's not horrible, just a little boring. I would also like a more premium sound system.

- Chad J

Very dependable if normal maintenance is done.

2015 Honda CR-V

This car has been very reliable. I have plenty of room not just for passengers (great legroom) but also for cargo in the back! I have had no mechanical issues and have just had to do normal maintenance- love it is dependability! It is also a very attractive automobile and they hold their value better than many other brands.

- Michele V

I like how the gas button is inside to open.

2015 Honda CR-V

It is a nice vehicle. It is comfortable and safe. Love the SUV. It is not too big but also not too small. A lot of legroom the back. Trunk is pretty big. It seats 5 people. Bluetooth is very nice to have. Sunroof gives it a another good touch, but I do not use it very often. I like it locked automatically when I walk away.

- Kristen H

A Very Smooth Ride in a Honda CR-V

2015 Honda CR-V LX

Love this vehicle. I feel very safe in it and it rides really smooth. It also features an eco fuel option which helps to save on gas. It is pretty roomy as well and has plenty of space in the trunk too. I love the feel of the entire vehicle and couldn't ask for a more reliable car. We haven't had any issues with it so far.

- Molly W

Honda CR-V a great family vehicle

2015 Honda CR-V EX

Honda CR-V is a great vehicle for a family of 5 and it's great for camping and fishing. It's good on has and needs light maintenance. It's a great vehicle to own. The prices are great for a small family. The seating is for like 5 people and if you have any furry friends, the back is great for them or they can sit up front.

- Maria D

Honda's get great gas mileage and have a good resale value!

2015 Honda CR-V

I like my Honda because it is just the right size for me. I had a Trailblazer which was twice the size and it was to big for just me. I like that it gets great gas mileage compared to the Blazer. It has backup and side cameras which are great!! The down side is it has a small area (trunk) which I wish was a little bigger.

- Rose T

Great winter car with good cargo space.

2015 Honda CR-V

I am completely satisfied with my Honda CRV. It has a comfortable ride and gets good gas mileage. It also has AWD which makes it great for driving in the winter. It also has a good amount of cargo space especially when you fold down the back seats. I really can't think of anything specific that I do not like about it.

- David S

Comes with a touch screen navigation system and has Bluetooth .

2015 Honda CR-V

The only negative thing I can say about this car is that the steering wheel turns very easily but other than that I love everything about this car. It comes with heated seats, sunroof, and a built-in nav system that is touch screen. I am able to make calls and connect my phone through Bluetooth to listen to my own music.

- Kaitlyn C

Great downsizing choice: all the comfort of a bigger car without the cost.

2015 Honda CR-V

I get great gas mileage and I feel safe driving it. I have plenty of room and great maintenance with the dealer from which I bought it. I would like to have an electric seat adjuster but otherwise I love the car. Long distance trips are comfortable and city driving is easy. I like this because I mostly drive in the city.

- Catherine T

Sturdy, reliable, comfortable.

2015 Honda CR-V

My Honda handles the New England snow and ice like a pro. It's comfortable to ride in, it has many features like heated leather seats, a right turn camera (which I love) a clear back up camera, the back seats fold down to provide lots of space in the back. It's been reliable and a pleasure to drive for over 3 years.

- Jacqueline P

I love my car! It was the best gift I ever got in my whole life!!

2015 Honda CR-V Touring

My car is mid-sized. It fits 5 adults. I don't have any problem. Just normal wear and tear. My car has about 35,000 miles on it so that's not bad. I love my car. It's good on gas. And with the price of gas. Today I am very-happy about that! My next car will also be a Honda. It is the only car I will never buy again!!

- Kristen S

Enjoyable seats that can be warmed if the weather's cold

2015 Honda CR-V LX

extremely smooth ride, exceedingly comfortable, seating can be warmed, looks appealing, lots of cargo space for road trips or camping or other needs, reclinable seating, can drive over rough terrain decently well, lots of option for connection devices on the sound system, enough room to fit a cooler if one is needed

- Danica J

Great mileage for an SUV, safe and reliable. Spacious trunk, easy to transport family.

2015 Honda CR-V

It is spacious and I like the trunk and fold down back seats. The audio system is very good. It is reliable, safe, and easy to maintain. I wish that we could have presets for our seat set up choices, it is frustrating to have to continually adjust and try to get it back to the way I like it after my husband drives.

- TIffany V

Spacious? Handle wells? AND gets great gas mileage? You bet!

2015 Honda CR-V LX

This little SUV gets great gas mileage and boy does it go! It is almost too powerful around my little town without the economy mode on. The second row seating is easily maneuverable and provides more space if need be. I love this SUV! Honda hit the nail on the head with this one. The oil is even a breeze to change!

- Savannah H

It is a family friendly car and can fit 5 persons inside the vehicle.

2015 Honda CR-V

We do not have problems in relation to our Honda CR-V. It runs perfectly and is very spacious. The seats are soft and comfortable which makes us happy about this purchase. We've had this care for 3 years now and it still runs tremendously. The front seats also recline which is also an extra factor for long drives.

- Julienne R

The Honda CR-V, my favorite car I have had.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love my Honda CR-V, it is comfortable, it is spacious and it is great on gas. Most importantly, I feel safe in it and I feel safe driving my family around in it. I love the extra features such as the Bluetooth and the sunroof. It is also great in the snow, I have never felt so safe driving in inclement weather.

- Lacey C

Honda CRV's are the top high rated crossover SUVs.

2015 Honda CR-V

My vehicle is the right size for me. I have been very pleased with every aspect of this vehicle. It drives well, holds well on wet roads, and gets great gas mileage. It is a great looking vehicle, has lots of features, and is comfortable. I have no complaints about this vehicle. I plan on buying another one.

- Cheryl S

It is sturdy and safe and the backup and side cameras help me feel extra safe.

2015 Honda CR-V

My car is completely reliable and so comfortable! The seats have great fabric and you can personalize the settings. There are seat warmers and air condition vents in the backseat. The trunk is large and the car can hold a lot which is good because I transport building materials often. I feel very safe in my car!

- Elizabeth B

Door strips are worth it!

2015 Honda CR-V EX

Car runs well and is comfortable on a trip. Five adults are not comfortable, as backseat is not big enough. Plenty of cargo area, like split seats, adjust for unusual sized packages. It gets good gas mileage, and does not require much upkeep. Door strips are a good investment and do protect the sides of the car.

- Susan C

Love this car, perfect for a small family.

2015 Honda CR-V

The SUV is perfect size, I love the updated tec stuff in the car. It does need all wheel season tires where I am at because it snows a lot. The headlights do not turn off automatically. Otherwise love it is a great car and super affordable I didn't want maintenance to be super pricey and with a Honda it is not.

- Brandy S

Very comfortable to ride in and easy to drive.

2015 Honda CR-V

Excellent on gas. Very comfortable to drive. Back seats fold down easily, which gives my dog plenty of space when she goes for a ride. Back up camera makes backing up a breeze! Back opens up high enough that I do not bump my head (I am tall). Two cup holders in front for my coffee and water. Can play CD or mp3.

- Margaret S

Reliability of a Honda CR-V is unsurpassed.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love my Honda CR-V. I have owned Honda's for over 25 years and have never been disappointed. It is an extremely reliable vehicle. On long drives I can adjust the seat and heat my back which makes it quite comfortable. I feel very safe driving my vehicle and I love the rear camera! Great SUV for a great price.

- Tina S

Honda CR-V is the best vehicle I have ever had.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I love this vehicle. It has enough room and is so comfortable. We got it because we had a child and it's the best decision we made. No issues with the car but we take it in every year to check a check up. The trunk and back seat our very roomy. I have never had a hard time putting groceries or boxes in the car.

- Megan B

Great, dependable, and stylish car!

2015 Honda CR-V

I love my Honda CR-V! It is a great dependable family car. Not only is it a great car, it looks stylish on the interior and exterior. The only small problem I have had is the tires are very loud on the road. But those can be replaced. Again I love this car and will most likely to buy another one after this one.

- Katie S

I love my Honda CR-V because it is reliable and gives very smooth rides.

2015 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a reliable vehicle. I am not experiencing any problems right now. The vehicle is spacious and can fit up to 5 people. My vehicle comes with a sunroof so I am able to open it up on nice weather days. The rims that come with the Honda CR-V are already nice so buyers do not need to upgrade them.

- Teresa N

Reliable, affordable vehicle

2015 Honda CR-V LX

This vehicle is extremely reliable. Great on gas. Only complaint I have is blind spots. I'm not very tall so seeing left and right is a little difficult. Back up monitor is awesome. Stereo quit working on and has to take in to get fixed. Overall car is a good reliable source of transportation. Low maintenance.

- Sherry E

Super reliable but flimsy plastic parts.

2015 Honda CR-V

Performance wise my vehicle is great the only complaint that I have is that cosmetic things about the car such as plastic parts seems to get worn very quickly. Plastic pieces on the car seem to get loose easily and it is slightly annoying when they have to be replaced. Other than that the car works perfectly.

- Jacob J

Family size at a decent cost

2015 Honda CR-V

This vehicle is comfortable and has an easy to access trunk. I like driving it and utilizing the middle console for plugging in my phone. The quality is a little less than what I would prefer for a vehicle. I have not had any problems aside from flat tires. Gas mileage is decent for the size of vehicle it is.

- Amber D

Reliable, mostly comfortable and handles well while driving

2015 Honda CR-V EX

Doesn't always ride smooth. The car handles well in the snow and on wet Roads. The car is extremely reliable, never had any major issues with it. The seats are moderately comfortable but would love the car to be a bit more spacious. Overall I really like the car and would probably buy another down the road.

- Jennifer G

Best most reliable car on the road. Stylist, fuel efficient. Attractive looking.

2015 Honda CR-V

Have had zero problems with my Honda CR-V. It is as comfortable as my BMW. Totally reliable. It's never been in the shop except for regular check ups. It has all the features you would want. For example, heated seats, backup and side views, fold down seats, sunroof, leather. Great sounding system, Bluetooth.

- Beth H

Great gas mileage and spacious.

2015 Honda CR-V

The CR-V is actually really great on gas, I get more than 28 miles per gallon and for me that is great since I drive a fair amount, and having to get gas all the time is not really my preference. I also like how spacious the back seat is and that there is a backseat air vent also. This is very helpful to me.

- Tammy O

Reliable and feels high end!

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

I've had the CR-V for about six months, and it has had no issues whatsoever. Drives smoothly, is very comfortable, and reliable. It's a reasonably priced vehicle, but it feels like a more expensive vehicle. Gas mileage has been about 28 mpg since winter tamed down. I do a split of highway and in town miles.

- Ali D

Good all purpose car for everyday use.

2015 Honda CR-V

This is a reliable car. It is well suited for road trips. I like the navigation screen. The only issue we have is that the trunk door will not open when it is cold out and there is no backup release button or lever, so you can not access the back area for groceries, or nothing you have placed back there.

- Karen T

Crv! What an awesome, great car!

2015 Honda CR-V

It is a wonderful car. It is my tenth Honda and second CR-V I have owned in a row. I'll never drive anything else again! Gas mileage, road performance, smooth quiet drive, just excellent! I love the way the car handles and it is so comfortable to drive. The Honda dealership has been awesome to work with.

- John P

Happy customer- only Honda's from here on out!

2015 Honda CR-V LX

I haven't had any issues in the last year of ownership after buying it used. Great mileage, leather seats are sturdy and comfortable, and overall very pleased. I love it and would only consider Honda's in the future because of the longevity of the car life and minimal maintenance needed for the vehicle.

- Stacie B

Will probably be the best vehicle you have ever owned!

2015 Honda CR-V EX

Most reliable car I have owned! Superb gas mileage on the interstate (~400-500 miles/tank) with a smooth ride. All parts feel sturdy and well engineered. I travel for a living and can always rely on this vehicle for transportation. Provides ample room for family members and more than enough trunk space.

- Dave H

Gas mileage is consistent whether around town or highway travel.

2015 Honda CR-V

The Honda name represents reliable and durable to me. The cargo area is roomy enough to transport large items. 32-34 mpg is a big factor in purchasing this vehicle. Phone connection makes traveling safer with the hands-free factor. This is our 3rd Honda and would not consider buying any other car make.

- Jacqueline G

Great Space in a Little Package

2015 Honda CR-V LX

Just purchased about 3 months ago, no issues yet. Runs very smooth, smaller SUV makes it easier to maneuver, park, and get into smaller spaces. Seats fold completely down to give more cargo space when needed. Seat warmers for driver and passenger are great, and AC in rear keeps passengers cool as well.

- Tess P

2015 CR-V decent car not for more than 4

2015 Honda CR-V EX

The vehicle is overall reliable, great on gas, but too small for a family of five. I see it as a regular car. Trunk space is great, appealing exterior. Small front storage. No rear air vents. Cloth seats are a light grey which get filthy quickly. Rear view camera is a plus as well as passenger camera.

- Vanessa G

I have put a dark paper over the white color, and it helps.

2015 Honda CR-V

Mostly I am alone so the size is great for me. I appreciate the savings at the gas station also. I have not had any mechanical problems with this automobile. I have also had only two oil changes in three years of driving. The only thing is I have a blind spot on the drivers side that is hard to judge.

- Janice O

Honda CR-V the gem of the road.

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

This is the 8th CR-V I have owned and is the most reliable vehicle. It retains its value and when driving it you do not get fatigued like many low riding vehicles. It is like sitting at your desk. Winter snow driving is with ease and handles perfectly in many driving conditions. Gas mileage is superb.

- Stephen D

The most important thing about my car is that it is very reliable. Hondas are well made.

2015 Honda CR-V

I recently purchased it, moving from a honda pilot. I loved the versatility and size of the pilot, especially because of Minnesota winters. The CRV is obviously smaller, but still allows me to sit high above the road which I like. It also has plenty of space for storage still, so that is not an issue.

- Erik R

My car has been very reliable. I have had no major issues with it since I purchased it. Maintenance costs have been minimal.

2015 Honda CR-V

I like that my vehicle is 4 wheel drive. It has performed well in the snow and inclement weather where I live. I did not like that my battery died when I had only had the vehicle less than a year. It was replaced by the dealership at no cost, but was an inconvenience. I have not had any issues since.

- Jamilla H

Reliability in a Honda CR-V

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I enjoy my CR-V. It is very reliable. It gets me where I need to go, and it is roomy enough for me to store and carry anything I need when I go on vacations. Also, I have two dogs, and I like that the rear windows have the safety roll down feature, so my pups can't hang all the way out of the window.

- Jess G

It has a vibration issue Honda will not fix and I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone.

2015 Honda CR-V

This vehicle has a constant vibration due to Honda's flawed CVT design and they refuse to fix it. The rear brakes also had to be replaced with less than 30k miles. It does get good gas mileage. Overall, it is a stain on Honda's reputation for quality and I would not buy or recommend a Honda vehicle.

- Bob D

The gear shift near the dashboard.

2015 Honda CR-V

The front and rear view window glass seems to be more prone to scratches and scrapes than my previous model of car. Also, the battery on my key fob is dying sooner than expected which is a pain. These are minor details, though and overall I have had no serious issues other than normal wear and tear.

- Roma D

Issues with cars make Honda.

2015 Honda CR-V

The only problem with the car is the view from the passenger. If you have a passenger at the front you do not have s good visuality in coming cars. The ac in the back is not enough. It is a good for a student. I love the camera and starts when you push the button, I don't have to look for the keys.

- Diana G

My 2015 Honda CR-V is a great family car. I am very happy with my purchase.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

My car is a wonderful family car. I have two nephews who are both 5 years old. Their car seats fit perfectly in the back of the car and still have room for another person. The leg space is incredible. The only downside to this car is it isn't very suitable for tall people. The ceiling is quite low.

- Ashlee J

My CR-V has a black exterior with a black leather interior.

2015 Honda CR-V

The only major complaint I have regarding my vehicle is the tire pressure sensitivity. I feel like I have to go to my local dealership and get my tire pressure recalibrated frequently. The biggest pro I have is the right side camera. This is a huge win for people like me who have blind spot issues.

- Madison H

CR-V are a great overall car. Great for travel, work and everyday life

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

This is a great car! I haven't had any problems thus far. I drive many miles in the summer and the car does amazing on gas. It is the perfect size not being to big but big enough. I love the backup and side cameras. They are very helpful and clear. My only issue has been nice getting in my filters.

- Veronica J

Vehicle pros and cons for Honda CR-V

2015 Honda CR-V LX

Great car, limited towing capabilities. I love the back seat options to lays seats down and easy to drive. Reliable car so far. Downfall is minimal screen capabilities. Does not show MapQuest directions, but will allow voice commands when driving. Love Bluetooth options to answer and make calls.

- Christina W

The Honda CRV is a great vehicle in performance, reliability and comfort.

2015 Honda CR-V

I have not had any problems so far with my CR-V. It is performance is great and it is a reliable vehicle. It is very comfortable and roomy. I like the rear view camera for backing up. It has cruise control and many other features, some I haven't used. Overall, I am satisfied with the Honda CR-V.

- Paula H

This car is very trustworthy you should buy it

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

Very reliable and comfortable. Is able to fit the whole family as well as luggage for vacations. Very trustworthy and comfortable for road trips. Sunroof, Bluetooth, and an all leather interior make the car very nice. The only problem is it does not have max AC which is not a big deal at all.

- Dylan W

White Honda CR-V. Bought used. Perfect condition. Tan cloth seats. No sunroof.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

Very comfortable for my family of three. It is the perfect height for loading and unloading baby. I wish that the seats did not stain so easily when they just get wet with water. I enjoy the backup camera so that I am aware of smaller children in my neighborhood. Great car overall and I would.

- McKay J

Good mileage, and lots of storage space.

2015 Honda CR-V

I like the fact that it sits a little higher than small cars, so visibility is better. I like the features on the dashboard that tells me remaining number of miles for the existing gas levels. I also like the backing camera, and the side view camera. It runs great, and has a good resale value.

- Jeri C

I love my CR-V! It is the perfect sized family car.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I like this vehicle a lot. I bought it used but it is still going strong! It has a very good sound system and smooth ride. It is compact enough so I enjoy driving it, but large enough so my family can go on trips in it and feel comfortable. We can fit everything we need without being squished.

- Abby B

Quick thoughts on the CR-V.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

The CR-V is great in all weather conditions. I live where it snows a lot- I have never needed studs or chains. The inside of the car is somewhat small, and there is a lot of road noise. I have 84,000 miles and never had a problem. I was in an accident and was surprised airbags did not go off.

- Rachel H

Beautiful comfortable car.

2015 Honda CR-V

It is a very comfortable I can see out real good. It drives really good. Like the way it shows behind u when back up. Very safe & I like the way it drives. It is roomy & u can haul lots of stuff when u put the back seat down. I like the way u can release the handle & the seats just lay down.

- Joyce C

Great all around and very dependable.

2015 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a very reliable car. I have had mine for almost three years now and I have not had any engine troubles or other problems. It drives well in the snow and rain. I love the comfortable interior and the heated front bucket seats. I recommend this car to everyone in my family.

- J M

Honda CR-V - an excellent vehicle to drive

2015 Honda CR-V EX

Love the reliability from Honda vehicles. They offer comfort, value performance and keep their value over time. An excellent driving vehicle. Honda offers an app for easy service scheduling, vehicle manuals and so much more. Also offers live chats to get answers and more information.

- Robin W

My vehicle is very good. I couldn't ask for a better daily.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

My Honda CR-V works like a charm. It has been 4 years since I've owned it and what can I say, great purchase. I keep up to date with regular maintenance all around the vehicle. As for when it comes to driving, very smooth in the road especially over those annoying man-holes on the road.

- Amy L

Reliable and Affordable SUV

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

My Honda CR-V is awesome. Super reliable, great on gas mileage and really comfortable. I drive around 400 miles a week. I would definitely recommend the CR-V to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable SUV. I live in the East so we get lots of snow so the car does so well in the snow

- Jennifer S

I love how much cargo space it has!

2015 Honda CR-V

First, I absolutely love how much space it has without being a massive vehicle. It is comfortable and smooth. I have always felt safe in my car at all times. I love the design on the car both interior and exterior. I love the cargo space in the rear. We can also fit 5 people comfortably.

- Nicole J

Great size and easy to drive.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

Problems front seat randomly adjusts itself. Heated front seats only one selection. Doesn't tell you which tire is low on air. Pros: love the blue color. Love the heated seats, easy to connect bluetooth, great speakers, 4 doors, moonroof, eco option . , large trunk, remote start no key,

- Katie F

Everyone should drive a CR-V. . . At least once!

2015 Honda CR-V

My vehicle is fund to drive, roomy, comfortable, gets good gas mileage, handles well in the snow and has plenty of storage room. The CR-V is easy to repair, has a great reliability rating, and does not cost an arm and a leg to have work done on. It is also a very good looking vehicle.

- Steve W

The wonders of a Honda CR-V.

2015 Honda CR-V

Great gas mileage, easy to drive, great handling. My son has taken my car to Disney 3 times and says it handles great on the interstate. I would recommend the car highly and I would buy this type again. The only negative is that I wish I had darker seats instead of light colored ones.

- Susan R

Great to drive, great on gas.

2015 Honda CR-V

Drives great, easy to park, great on gas. Love the backup mirror and charging/power ports. Wish there was a programmable garage door opener button/device. Also, preferred the dual hatch of the 1997 CR-V which was great for long items if you didn't have a truck. Colors could be better.

- Gem B

One owners view of the Honda CR-V.

2015 Honda CR-V

Very reliable - no unexpected problems in the 3 years owned. Good takeoff speed to enter highways. Brakes are excellent. Comfortable. Enough room to fit my 4 dogs comfortably. Maintenance kept According to Honda schedule- no problems ever. Starts up in cold weather without a problem.

- Diane B

Honda CR-V owners and we love it

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

Performance is great, only have had it for a year but it seems reliable and the make and model have an excellent reputation. The car has plenty of features, anything we could possibly need, and it is incredibly comfortable for our family of three and will easily fit more if necessary

- Scott A

Honda CR-V is great for mountain towns and driving in weather. No complaints.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

The mileage is great. I love how smooth it drives. I wish the seats were more comfortable but everything else is great. It is easy to maintain and does not cause me any mechanical problems. I wish there was a GPS system in the car, but the newer versions of this car have that option.

- Madison T

That it is easy to drive and a well known brand with no recalls or problems

2015 Honda CR-V

Very easy to get in and out of especially for this old lady. I like sitting up higher and it drives so nice. Lots of room for people or cargo. We took it out West and got over 32 miles a gallon. Wish it had a smoother ride but then the hubby has a pickup and that is rough riding too.

- judi s

Excellent vehicle and features

2015 Honda CR-V

My CR-V is the perfect size for me. It is very comfortable, has plenty of room and great features. I love my backup camera, sunroof, but most of all I love my side camera that comes on when I turn my blinker on. This camera allows me to drive safely and see anything in my blind spot

- Ann W

My Honda CR-V is comfortable to drive, gets great mileage!

2015 Honda CR-V

My Honda is a very reliable vehicle. I enjoy driving my CR-V with its rear camera that makes backing up so much easier. Parking is no longer a hassle. I feel much safer driving an SUV because I can see further than driving a passenger car and it is a Honda so it is a win/win for me!

- Chris S

My 2015 Honda CR-V is a great for work or traveling. It is a great investment!

2015 Honda CR-V

My Honda CR-V ex is a great, reliable vehicle. It rides smoothly and the AWD helps keep me safe on snowy roads in the winter. Further, I like the heated seats in the front when it gets cold out! I also like the privacy screen in the back. It hides my purchases! This is my 2nd cr-v.

- Teresa D

Amazing car for anyone to own!

2015 Honda CR-V

My Honda CR-V is perfect for on the go people who might have a dog or kids. It is very comfortable, safe, and comes with many luxury features such as GPS, Bluetooth , heated seats, and other small details that make it the perfect car. I recommend this vehicle to all of my friends.

- Emily A

The vehicle has been far the best car. It is good on gas and mileage.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I love my Honda CR-V. It has the rear view mirror camera and side camera. It has plenty of trunk storage. Myself and my children are satisfied with the room in the car. I love the size of this care which makes parking very easy . I'm totally happy with my purchase of this vehicle.

- Sai P

It's efficient and gets the job done.

2015 Honda CR-V

It is a hardy, standard vehicle that gets good mileage and safe ride. I don't like that the driver seat adjustment is frequently hit when getting in and out of the vehicle. I also don't like the vibrations from the engine. Other than that it has been a low maintenance vehicle.

- susan J

Smooth Ride of a car, with lots of space of a pick up.

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

I love the Honda CR-V. Smooth Ride, low maintenance, with features that keeps me up to date on when things need to get done. When my oil gets low and needs to be changed, I can see what percentage it is at, and when it's super low, it'll ding at me so I remember to take it in.

- Kim W

Great gas mileage and safe for everyone.

2015 Honda CR-V

My vehicle is great on gas mileage. All wheel drive. My vehicle has many safety features. I love my backup camera and sunroof. I feel safe in all weather, especially snow. My vehicle also has a camera underneath the right mirror which helps when moving lanes and right hand turns.

- Tiff Z

The joys of owning a Honda!

2015 Honda CR-V

My car is very reliable. It is almost maintenance free. I take it to the dealership for scheduled maintenance and so far that is all I have done. This is my 4th Honda. I also must say the dealership has great service department. They treat customers with drinks and fresh cookies.

- Cynthia T

A bigger, better version of the Honda Civic

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I love the gas mileage that I get for it being a crossover vehicle. It rides smoothly. I have yet to have any issues with the car. I previously owned a Honda Civic and happily upgraded to a slightly bigger version with the CR-V. The standard Bluetooth in vehicles is also great!

- Sandra P

The gas mileage on this vehicle is wonderful and amazing despite its size.

2015 Honda CR-V

I like the color and design of my vehicle. The ride is smooth and the design is comfortable. I do not like the navigation as it is difficult to use and set. The navigation is not user friendly and it takes too much time to set up when traveling and setting up address in advance.

- Ann S

Best car according to my family and myself

2015 Honda CR-V

I love my Honda! It's comfortable and very high quality. It is a very dependable car and I have never had any issues with it. Every time I take it in for an oil change or am just talking about it with friends, everyone says that it is one of the best cars overall on the market.

- Taylor s

A great Honda option for older people.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love the heated seats, Audi, gas mileage, sunroof, and the way the car handles. The keyless entry is fun. It has been great for my husband and I to have a car that we can get into and out of easily. I wish the car had the navigation feature and it really needs tinted windows.

- Bonnie M

CR-V Honda. Awesome car for everyone.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

Nothing is terribly wrong with it except it has no cup holder. Also, the air conditioning sometimes craps out. Drives and handles well. Carriage is roomy. Trunk is spacious. I can easily fit my child and my dog. Maintenance is easy. Car has a Bluetooth capability which is nice.

- Olivia B

We got us an excellent Honda CR-V!

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I love the CR-V model, we bought it used and certified and before the first payment got crashed into. The vehicle sustained 10,000 in damages but was not totalled. After repair you cannot even tell it was in an accident. It is safe and reliable and I would definitely buy again!

- Tim L

The Honda CR-V drives and looks like a luxury car, but at economy car prices.

2015 Honda CR-V

My Honda feels like a luxury car at an economy car price. It has an amazingly smooth ride and excellent gas mileage. It has beautiful heated leather seats and an in-console GPS and Bluetooth center. There is nothing that I have found to dislike about it, nor any complaints.

- Wanda F

CR-V is A-OK...Check out this awesome SUV

2015 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a terrific SUV. Lots of room, plenty of trunk space and handles with ease. I love that I can put six people in the car and there is plenty of space. Sound system is solid and the drive is otherwise quiet. Excellent gas mileage and overall, a terrific vehicle!

- Allison M

Smooth ride, back up camera, spacious, easy to use.

2015 Honda CR-V

Well driving vehicle. No major issues other than having two nails in my tires. Good size for a single adult who likes to keep things in the car, or for a small family. Good mileage. Great trunk size and easy to fold down the seats. Rides smoothly. Nice having a backup camera.

- Rachel F

I love CR-Vs the drive and comfortably of it.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

Great performance and has great gas mileage. I love how comfortable it is when I go on road trips with my family. It's a beautiful car. And I feel very comfortable letting my teenage kids drive it. If I buy another car it will be CR-V. I love the drive and how smooth it is.

- Maya A

Overall a Good Vehicle for the Price

2015 Honda CR-V Touring

The 2015 CR-V is reliable but only has a 4-cylinder engine. The touring edition comes with the navigation unit, heat front seats, moonroof, lane departure warning system, and smart cruise-control. This model also has the push button start and push button tailgate lift.

- Rebecca S

Honda CR-V is a great value.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

No major problems, very reliable, overall my Honda CR-V is a great value. The dealer service is quite expensive so I would recommend finding an alternative provider. My wife drives approximately 35k annually and there have been no major issues other than routine maintenance.

- Jim W

The best things about my Honda CR-V

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

The car has been very reliable. I had to jump start the battery once during a bitter winter, but otherwise no issues. Seating is comfortable and I like the heated seats. It is easy to haul a lot of cargo by putting down the seat backs. I wish it had cooling seats, too .

- Cheryl P

It is a brown 2015 Honda CR-V that we bought brand new in July 2015.

2015 Honda CR-V

It has about 45, 000 miles on it. No real problems so far. It has been reliable. I like the interior features. We have the sunroof and touchscreen. The only thing we do not have is the navigation and leather seats. We intend on keeping the vehicle until the wheels fall off.

- Jared K

A CR-V is ideal for my lifestyle.

2015 Honda CR-V

It has plenty of cargo space and is low enough to make it easy to enter and exit. Bought it used so does not have power driver seat. Great sound system and Bluetooth. Exactly the car I wanted and needed to haul plants and transport cats. Has enough features to challenge me!

- Sarah F

2015 Honda CR-V is a good car.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

I have not had any issues with the 2015 Honda CR-V. I do wish the pickup of the car was a little faster but the gas mileage is really good. The new radio system is difficult to use but the backup camera screen is very nice. The tan interior is very difficult to keep clean.

- Patrick J

Reliability is the most important thing about the Honda cr-v.

2015 Honda CR-V

The car is extremely comfortable and roomy. Other than oil changes, I have had no problems. The car indicates when maintenance needs to be performed so you do not have to guess. People sitting in the second room find it roomy. The dual air and heat are definite positives.

- Anita N

Affordable, comfortable, and reliable!

2015 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V was exactly what I wanted- an affordable, durable, and reliable car that would get me from point A to point B for years to come. I wouldn't say that I am overwhelmed by the look and luxury of it, but it was what I wanted at the time and works like a charm.

- Kay M

The perfect road trip SUV for a small family.

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

We only got it 2 months ago, but we have loved it so far. It was reliable and comfortable on our long road trip, the sunroof is nice and big and the touch screen is easy to use. Because of the CVT transmission it accelerates as fast as you need it to in a smooth fashion.

- Ben E

Great car all year round!

2015 Honda CR-V LX

I am very happy with my first Honda CR-V. It is very reliable and great on gas. I have had no problems with this car and would definitely buy again. We have rough winters in New England and I feel safe driving my CR-V in all kinds of weather. I highly recommend this car.

- Carole W

It�s a car that gets me from point a to point b.

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

Battery sensor and gas cap sensor died early on. Very expensive service costs. Otherwise reliable car. Visibility is great. When you put the seat down in the back they lay really flat for picking up larger items. Heated seats and navigation are my favorite on this car!

- Jen N

Expensive car battery for the CR-V.

2015 Honda CR-V

The battery has too short of a life compared to other vehicles & it costs too much to replace. It has too much plastic in the body which is easily damaged. The electronics are good so far. Oil changes could be further spread apart. It would be better if it was electric.

- Patti K

The Honda CR-V is a rust colored SUV in mint condition

2015 Honda CR-V LX

Good on gas. 3 liter engine. Top notch battery life. Easily accessible sound system. Windshield wipers in optimal condition. Power steering, four wheel drive. Automatic four high level for heavy snow falls. Beautiful interior wood panel design and built in airbag

- Anna R

Good indoor space good for family of 4, not for long trips.

2015 Honda CR-V

The front brake rotors can warp and cause a vibration when braking. The rotors will need to be machined or in cases where they are worn to thin, replaced to correct this issue. The water pump bearing can go bad and cause a growl type noise from the front of the engine.

- Eli V

Highly recommended vehicle.

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

I love my Honda CR-V. It is very comfortable. Great, smooth ride, great radio system. I love my heated leather seats. I've not needed any repairs other than new brakes and new tires. I absolutely love my car and would recommend it to anyone! My entire family loves it!

- Stephanie V

In love with my SUV, can think of nothing else the my future model Honda!!

2015 Honda CR-V

A very comfortable reliable SUV!! Recommend for a large family!! Good for long family strips. The manufactures have to consider make more models like this great vehicle!! Almost our entire family have a Honda SUV!! And ready for an upgrade to the news on the market!!

- Ana L

. perfect size .gas efficient .compact .stylish

2015 Honda CR-V EX

The Car is an easy stylish car, drives really smooth and I love the sound..It's a 4 cylinder and it doesn't take a lot of gas. I will definitely recommended for a family of four. Is very economic. It's great for a student or a young family. I will recommend.This car.

- Dalia M

Honda CR-V - great family car.

2015 Honda CR-V

Very sturdy and reliable, great for driving in winter, plenty of room for kids and pets and all of their things. Plenty of room to fit a Christmas tree in the back. The only downside is that it seems as though every other person in the parking lot has this exact car.

- Kelly N

Reliable car with easy maintenance.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

Overall, great and reliable SUV. Does well in the snow as well with gas mileage and maintenance is straightforward. The most annoying issue with this car has been a faulty tire pressure alert system- the sensor sometimes goes off even when all tires are within range.

- Rupa P

This car is super functional, comfortable, and looks slick!

2015 Honda CR-V Base

This vehicle is very reliable! Although it's only a 2015 I've already had to replace the battery though. It's spacious on the inside and perfect for hauling stuff or kids. Honda's are known for lasting a long time and that's why I got this car. It gets around 25 mpg!

- Erin A

Mileage of 29 for the last 3 years!

2015 Honda CR-V

Its is an easy maintenance vehicle. I have been using it for 3 years now and my mileage is 29 or higher which is great. The service is very good under the factory warranty. I have a maroon color, I love the look of the CR-V which is the primary reason I went for it.

- Ram S

The CR-V is a very reliable car.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

My Honda CR-V is a very reliable car. It is efficient for a crossover making it a good choice in town, but it's also perfect for road trips. My last CR-V was 17 years old and still working well when I finally decided to upgrade to a newer year. Definitely reliable.

- Tracey M

This joint hard tbh, I cannot complain.

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

It is straight frfr especially for us bigger people. I got wiggle room in that jawn and everything I cannot even complain homie. The radio sound good, the Bluetooth straight. Bad thing is the rear camera is in black and white which is wack but still it is all good.

- Two P

Great sleek SUV for all ages!

2015 Honda CR-V

I love the ride and feel of my cr-v! The body style and look of the interior is really nice too! I was surprised because I did have an issue with the compressor early on but the customer service to deal with the issue was great and they did get it resolved quickly!

- Jessica V

Review of a Honda CR-V vehicle.

2015 Honda CR-V

My Honda CR-V drives very smooth. There is more space in it than I thought looking at it. The back seats fold down and so much space. The tightness of the steering wheel really makes me feel like I have complete control. I feel very safe while driving this vehicle.

- Emily B

The Honda CR-V is one of the easiest cars to drive.

2015 Honda CR-V

I really like this model of Honda because it gets good mileage and is comfortable. It also has a large cargo area that can carry a week's worth of groceries for two households along with a walker for a mobility challenged friend. It is easy to drive and looks nice.

- Diana M

Great gas mileage, great storage. Dependable. Awesome.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love the space in the cargo area and the gas mileage. It also has a great look for the outer body. The AWD is very nice when driving around curves. The only thing I don't care for is how small the engine is, I would like to have the option of getting a V6 engine.

- JACob M

2015 Honda CR-V used vehicle review @ 25, 000 miles.

2015 Honda CR-V

Very high reliability, super comfortable seating, access easy to all features through steering wheel and great sight features through windows & mirrors. On board computer has easy functions for oil, mileage, tire air pressure and gas mileage. Nice smooth ride,

- Tim A

It is a great car and comfortable.

2015 Honda CR-V

It is well designed for driver comfort the Bluetooth functionality could be more reliable. Also, the battery on the remote key dies too quickly. I enjoy the push to start and storage capabilities. I wish it also had an automatic closing trunk and more cup holders.

- Roma D

Why I love my Honda. The best thing about it is the backing camera.

2015 Honda CR-V

Love how it drives. It has heated seats that is wonderful in the winter months. I love the review camera. I would buy another if this wears out. We have never had any problems with it. We have it serviced when it is time. It rides very well. I would give it a 10.

- Brenda D

Good drive with more safety features

2015 Honda CR-V EX

Comfort to drive the vehicle the features available to drive the most safety wise more important, Mileage also important drive the car. Safety of people inside driving the car, cold weather able to modify. Like to drive the most and feels better to drive the car.

- Mp M

Great for everyday driving, had more issues than anticipated.

2015 Honda CR-V

The CR-V has good maneuverability and plenty of room for a family of four. We have had several expensive repairs including the steering belt melting and seizing up, brakes that wore down quicker than expected and batteries that only lasted 2 years from purchase.

- Olivia M

Excellent mid size SUV for all.

2015 Honda CR-V

No problems since ownership. Tire light has been set off but easy to turn off. I love all of the lovely features to the vehicle. I feel very safe and high up in this car, which is a big plus as a short person. All around I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Candice D

This car is a dream to own. It is simple and has great features.

2015 Honda CR-V

The gas mileage is the best part. It is a smooth drive and can fit 5 people and luggage easily. It is so reliable and easy to use. I have not had any troubles with it. The seats are comfortable for both front and back passengers. Plenty of leg and storage room.

- Clair G

It has a lot of great safety features

2015 Honda CR-V

I love my car. I love the color that I chose (red). I love that it has safety features such as a lane assist camera and a backup camera. It also has heated seats. I like that I can use my phone and play music through bluetooth and it is easy to charge my phone.

- Julie W

A great vehicle and reliable.

2015 Honda CR-V LX

It is a great vehicle. Nice design. We have had no problems with it. In winter weather no problem it never slips. It is a reliable vehicle for winter weather. We have had it 4 years now all it needs it oil changes and tire rotations. Just it is usual check up.

- Mary H

Feels like luxury but for a more competitive price.

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

This is my second CR-V, and my fourth Honda in a row. I will be loyal to the brand due to its quality and durability. My current car has leather seats and push button start. Additionally, it has safety features like rear and side cameras as well as fog lights.

- Amy M

Great safe car for long drives and commuting.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

Reliable comfort and safe for driving many different climates. Does well in snow. Great gas mileage and plenty of room in the trunk and back seat. Also love the heated seats. The battery did fail early. Wish the USB would work better with connecting my phone.

- Jill L

It has a camera to be able to see the blind side on the right

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

This is the second Honda vehicle that I have gotten & I just love it. I just got it a couple of months ago and I haven't had any problems with is. I recommend it to anyone that is looking for and SUV. This one has a lot of space. Great for drive in movies

- Monica V

My vehicle is great for any adventure

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I love the safety features on the car, this is one of the many reasons we purchased the car. I love the space in the trunk because it can fit a ton of items, especially if you are going on a long trip. This car is great to go anywhere in, I'm glad I bought it

- Vivian R

I love my Honda CR-V it is a great family SUV

2015 Honda CR-V EX

It's a great family car with good safety features. It was an ergonomic interior and a nice Bluetooth stereo that easily connects to your cell phone. It gets great gas mileage. Has plenty of cargo space. I love my Honda it's part of the family and I love it.

- Richard K

I like that it is easy to drive. Most importantly gas is very affordable

2015 Honda CR-V EX

I personally don't like the fact that it isn't necessarily a smooth drive. Investing in better material would have helped with the comfortability as well. Overall the car is alright. I guess that it needs to be serviced more often and needs updated features

- Ese O

Leather heated seats in the front and plenty of room in the back

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

This vehicle is Reliable. Does great in the snow because it is AWD. I love the grey leather, heated seats and there is enough room in the back for two car seats and a dog. Plenty of storage room in the back to fit a family of four to go away for a weekend.

- Beth P

Very affordable car with great. Gas mileage.

2015 Honda CR-V

Super reliable, comfortable ride, very roomy, easy to maneuver for parking, great gas mileage. Love how easy it is to fold down seats when needed. Have not had any problems with it, just regular maintenance. Only complaint is pretty significant blind spots.

- Nicole W

It is a great car for a reasonable price.

2015 Honda CR-V

Extremely reliable, good size, zippy, lots of space. Some wind noise on the highway. Gas mileage is pretty good. Love the color of my car—mountain air. Sound system is good but there is no internet radio in this model. The safety features are unbeatable.

- Anne E

I love the car, and very pleased with it�s performance.

2015 Honda CR-V EX

The only frustrating thing is a transmission issue. Other than that, and the typical recall, I am very pleased with my purchase. It gets great gas mileage and I do not feel like I am driving a compact car. It has been a joy to own. I recommend this brand.

- Jim C

The best deal for your money

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

I love that car. It's good on gas mileage, has just the right amount of technology, and handles very well. It's low maintenance and Honda is a proven and tested brand that I trust to have my back. It's the perfect family car and can handle any road trip.

- Tierra D

Honda CR-V is an all around great car, awesome mileage and comfortable ride.

2015 Honda CR-V

There is so much room in the Honda CR-V that you can even haul a new stove!! The option for heated seats is a must!! I love the cameras that are on the turn signal and reverse. The backup camera has 3 different settings that make parking so much easier!

- Dianne S

Great, reliable vehicle that gives great value

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

Very good car for all my needs. It's the perfect size, with plenty of room in the back seat for riders and all my things. I travel for work so I need space and comfort when I'm on the road a lot. The features inside are great for a tech savvy driver

- Nikki D

Air Conditioning Honda 2015 CR-V

2015 Honda CR-V EX-L

I am not pleased with the air conditioning system. It does not cool off my vehicle enough. I am often uncomfortable in the summer months. I have taken my vehicle to the Honda dealership multiple times but each time they assure me it's running properly.

- Susan M

Eco friendly, perfect for mothers.

2015 Honda CR-V

Eco friendly! I previously owned a 1999 Toyota 4runner and it was a gas guzzler, which I absolutely hated. I am an expectant mother and I feel this car is perfect for mothers. Roomy, eco friendly, updated features that my previous 4runner didn't have.

- Alexandria C

Honda CR-V got it going. On.

2015 Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is gas efficient one my favorite things. . The front section is a little tight. . I do not like that the radio does not have any knobs. . The rear is good for smaller age kids but adults or teenager to tight. . It is a great car to drive. .

- Angie V

Honda CR-V for Everyone and Everyday

2015 Honda CR-V EX

The Honda CR-V is a great mid-sized SUV. Not too big and bulky but still has plenty of room for passengers, hauling things, and getting around town. I drive mine for work and have to use large sound equipment. My CR-V has plenty of room for all of it

- Nate Q


2015 Honda CR-V LX

It seems to do well on gas and feels comfortable driving. Comes with Bluetooth usability, I like the rear view camera. I don't like that there isn't enough fans in the back during hot weather; the air from the AC doesn't reach passengers in the back.


Great quality vehicle in the cr-v.

2015 Honda CR-V

Very smooth ride, great features and plenty of room for my family. Driving is very comfortable. I have had no issues with the CR-V and enjoy driving this on a daily basis. The car is reliable and I would definitely buy another one when the time came.

- Stella M

Rides good, easy to handle, good cargo room. The look is very streamlined in my opinion.

2015 Honda CR-V

The design and movable is very good. Just the right size for me. Very good on gas, especially city driving. The only slight negative is that I hear the wind around the front door windows but not all the time. It seems after around 65 miles an hour.

- Maury L

I would highly recommend the Honda CR-V to anyone looking for a midsize SUV.

2015 Honda CR-V

My Honda CR-V is terrific! It is very reliable, comfortable and gas-friendly, averaging about 26 miles per gallon. I love using Pandora through my phone via the Honda hands free feature so I am always sure to be listening to the music of my choice!

- Daniel B

Honda CR-V is economical, quiet and comfortable. Great family small SUV.

2015 Honda CR-V

Great gas mileage, comfortable, low maintenance. Plenty of space in the cargo area. Quiet. Seats five comfortably. Back up camera is awesome. Seats adjust easily. Seat warmers are wonderful and are my favorite feature, especially on cold mornings!

- Linda N

It's extremely safe and great size for a family car.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love my car. I purchased it first back in 2009 and after seeing how safe it kept me in a bad accident I repurchased the same vehicle in 2015. I feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied with the price I paid as well as the maintenance and gas costs.

- Jackie A

There is more space than you'd think when looking at the outside.

2015 Honda CR-V

The drivability and longevity of my Honda CR-V is outstanding. I highly recommend this vehicle if you are looking for a family, traveling, or a car to last you through the next decade. Splurge for the upgrade and get leather seats and a sunroof.

- Kelsey S

I love my heated seats, the car has great visibility and gets reasonable gas mileage. Combine with great reliability, and you have the perfect car.

2015 Honda CR-V

My CR-v is comfortable, reliable, big enough to put my bicycle inside and whatever else i need. I love the heated seats. It handles very well--yesterday a car veered in my lane and stopped and I was able to miss the car and avoid an accident.

- Diane R

I absolutely love my CR-V!

2015 Honda CR-V

I love my CR-V! It's so comfortable. Has a navigation system, heated seats, sunroof. It's so reliable and a smooth drive. My only complaint is the paint in the steering wheel controls is coming off from overuse and it's not even 3 years old.

- Sarah L

Great "band for your buck." I honestly can't believe how quiet the drive is with this car!

2015 Honda CR-V

The CR-V is a very spacious car, yet it is compact and able to fit in a garage with ease. We have a basic model, but that too is in fact packed with features. The car runs smoothly, and I don't notice rocks and potholes when on the road.

- Jairus K

It has a great safety record!

2015 Honda CR-V

I like that it is a small suv with all wheel drive. However, I do not like the interior and or th comfort of the ride. Road noise is too loud and there is not enough room for the driver. Vehicle also does not have enough towing capacity.

- Amber j

it eats a lot of gas. I really thought in this day and age that a car would be better at gas mileage but this one is no good.

2015 Honda CR-V

I do not like the way you see out the front window. I always feel like the blind spot is way too large compared to other SUV type cars. The AC is not that strong and I had it checked they say it is perfect. It really does eat gas also.

- jenn b

That it is the best car a person can own. Good control, great features, plenty room.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love the Honda CRV because I can see the road bett because I am higher off the ground. Feel like I have good control on curves. I have GPS so I feel more secure in areas that I am not familiar with. Have good control in bad weather.

- Marlene S

I love the tech package the Honda cr-v had to offer!

2015 Honda CR-V

The Honda cr-v has a nice smooth quiet ride. The tech package for the car is one of the best I've seen for this size vehicle. The only complaint I have for the vehicle is if you get the cloth seats the comfort level is not the best.

- Rachel K

2015 Honda CR-V! Reliable, affordable, practical.

2015 Honda CR-V

I really like all aspects of my car. If I could make changes, I would have leather seats. Because it is an older model, it does not have navigation which I would have liked. Great sound system and comfort. I feel safe in this vehicle.

- Sam G

It's very safe! It got top ratings across the board.

2015 Honda CR-V

I absolutely love the gas mileage; it gets at least 29 mpg. I have AWD, so it does great in the snow. It's extremely comfortable, I love how the exterior looks, and most importantly, it is a really safe vehicle. I have no complaints!

- Catherine T

Smaller SUV that fits a family of 5.

2015 Honda CR-V

We have a family of 5, which includes 3 young children in car seats. It is a little tight, but we can fit all 3 car seats in at once. It is a very reliable vehicle that drives well. I prefer smaller SUVs and I love this one so far.

- Amy K

The Honda CR-V has a good safety rating and I feel safe in the car.

2015 Honda CR-V

It is my 3rd CR-V, so I really like the car. My current model is a 2015. I love the backup camera. It makes it so much easier to park. I like how the CR-V drives and easy to turn. It has good gas mileage and is a very reliable car.

- Julie P

Hondas are great vehicles and the CRV has everything anyone could ask for in a reliable vehicle.

2015 Honda CR-V

I absolutely love Hondas in general and since I've gotten the CRV I don't ever want another kind of vehicle. There's plenty of room for my kids. The gas mileage is the same as my smaller car. Maintenance is also very inexpensive.

- Tiffany P

It is very reliable and has plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

2015 Honda CR-V

I like the camera for blind spots, backing up and turning right. I would love if there was a camera for left turns too. I would also like to have the in dashboard navigation system but they say it can't be added aftermarket.

- Renee S

it has great gas mileage in both city and highway, I enjoy driving it

2015 Honda CR-V

I like the size its not too big and not too small. I like being up a little higher than a car. The gas mileage is great for a non-hybrid. Access to the radio choices can be a little convoluted if not initially on that screen

- Sharon M

The value is great. I was offered 7,000 dollars more than what I owe on it to trade for a new one.

2015 Honda CR-V

This is my second Honda CR-V. It gets great gas mileage, is comfortable, easy to get into and out of and has lots of cargo space. It is well built--I had 140,00 miles on my first CR-V. It also holds it value. No complaints.

- bev k

The CRV is a comfortable drive and is good on gas mileage.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love the color of my vehicle. It is a nice copper color. I like the back up camera. The legroom in the back is nice. I don't like the small space between the seats and the counsel. Things get stuck down there all the time.

- Stacie S

It is practical for everyday use.

2015 Honda CR-V

I love the size of the car for my little family. I also enjoy the rear view camera when backing up. I do not like the feeling it gives when going around some curves and/or hills. It makes a weird shift that I'm not a fan of.

- Leah V

It's a great car to drive.

2015 Honda CR-V

It gets good gas mileage. It runs nice. It is a reliable car to drive. It may be a little small with family and luggage for a trip, however if you pack light and well, it will still be a fun car to take on many family trips.

- Kristen H

It has a good interior with good condition.

2015 Honda CR-V

I like how comfortable it rides. It has great gas mileage and acceleration. What I do not like is hands free phone calls when it is in the process of calling will get canceled when the right turn signal camera is activated.

- Faith F

Android and smartphone up to the system if there's an accident.

2015 Honda CR-V

I pick the Honda cry because it is roomy it has a hatchback all-wheel drive all the electronics that I have and like or in the car keyless entry the paint job pearl white I have no dislikes about my automobile at this time.

- Lena F

It has a lot of pick me up which is really surprising. It also has great ac.

2015 Honda CR-V

The vehicle is roomy. It has great air conditioning for a hot climate. It is not to big but big enough to transport goods. I do not care for the interior color, a light tan. It shows a lot of wear in a short period of time.

- Molina P

Great car for small family and adventures.

2015 Honda CR-V

Vehicle gets great gas mileage, has more room for a tall guy like me than previous models or other cars in it is class. I dislike the decreased cargo space and weird curves in the storage area, it makes it less functional.

- Jackson A

It's a perfect family car for a smaller sized family. The trunk is spacious.

2015 Honda CR-V

It's the perfect balance between the spaciousness of an SUV but with the driving feel of a car. My whole family fits along with our adventure gear, but I can easily maneuver and drive it. It gets great gas mileage as well.

- Laura H

All around great dependable vehicle.

2015 Honda CR-V

It is very comfortable for long drives which we do often. The gas mileage is excellent. It has great space for carrying things. Good driving in snow and ice has great traction. Good acceleration when merging onto highways.

- Kathleen N

It is super reliable!! I have had this car 3 years with no issues.

2015 Honda CR-V

My Honda is very reliable. I can count on it to start and run smoothly. I like the features, camera, technology. It is very comfortable, seats and seat warmers,.. I wish I had more safety features but it was too expensive.

- Sherry P