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Honda CR-V: comfort, efficiency, and seat warmers!

My car's performance is absolutely amazing. It offers a very smooth ride and can go very fast without the loud engine noise. It is great for long road trips because the mileage is fantastic. Furthermore, the additional features on the car such as a backup camera and touch screen/GPS make it all the more great. I utilize the backup camera so much and the car even alerts me by making a beeping noise if another car is driving behind me. My car also makes the beeping noise as well to alert me when I am trying to switch lanes if there is a car in my blind spot. And finally, as I mentioned above, the GPS/touch screen is amazing for connecting your phone to! You can listen to music directly from your library and have complete control over the playlist by touching the screen or even using the built in controls on the steering wheel. While these are great features, I believe the best part about the car is the seat warmers. It is especially nice to have seat warmers when you live in place that has brutal winters! Overall, i�d recommend this car to anyone who enjoys comfort, fun, and efficiency.

- Savannah M

fuel efficient and easiness to handle the car

what i like: keyless car, the brake hold, the easiness to handle the car, the beeping sound when changing lanes when there are cars, back up camera, and i have the sensor to open the trunk using your foot, fuel efficient, safe, good design. What I don't like or complaint: cannot input GPS when driving. i understand it might be for safety reason but it should have options for passengers to do it for you like the old honda GPS. The GPS system needs to be fixed, like google map, it is confusing when the time to destination keeps changing (should be able to estimate it like google map especially on bad traffic, instead of giving you the normal time to destination and keeps changing every time). should be able to see the "red traffic" simultaneously on the map without touching anymore button. I hope the car can be faster.

- Helen S

Safety features are great for seniors (and everybody else).

It has a lot of safety features such as adaptive cruise control which keeps you a certain distance from the vehicle in front. Lane departure warning helps keep you in the lane and warns you if you stray. The backup camera display is excellent and you can see exactly what is behind you and the trajectory of your vehicle when you back up. It uses Apple CarPlay for navigation and other features on the vehicle. I have found it is easier to just use Bluetooth to play music off my phone or tablet. I have had problems with the program crashing and had to reboot a number of times. But I figured out the best way to use it for navigation. Sometimes it refuses to connect via Bluetooth and I have to delete the phone and reconnect everything. Frustrating and I have had to call Honda tech support for help a few times.

- Patricia C

Runs Good but Won't Buy Another One.

It performs well. It gets good gas mileage. It's comfortable. Those are the pros. The cons: The lay out is very awkward. The console is difficult to access. The connections for USB are hidden away under the shift stick. I'm a tech person, but find using the flat screen for heat, AC, radio, etc., difficult because it requires the driver to take her eyes off the road. Also, I don't understand why a camera is on the right side mirror. I know when I've passed somebody and can pull over. The camera should be on the left side so the driver can easily see the blind spot. Overall, I would not buy another Honda.

- Marla M

Review of my driving machine.

My only real complaint about the car is the size of the steering wheel. I have small hands and it is a little big. Other than that the car is great. I love the safety features on it. The backup camera, the lights on the mirrors and sounds when you are trying to change lanes and there is another car in the lane. . The car is economical to drive and easy to fill with gas without a gas cap. I love the carplay feature so you can use your phone with it for the maps and phone calls. It is easy to make calls when you are driving and I like the voice commands.

- Julia B

Honda CRV 2017 - Great gas mileage for an SUV 27-32 mpg.

I love the smooth ride. It has features that I really like; for instance, it has a back up camera, and it plenty of seating for 5. The cargo space can hold up to 1 large dog up to 120 lbs and if seats were down, two dogs comfortably. It has a feature that will monitor your oil change needs when monitor is reset after each oil change. I am disappointed that the headlights are not automatic and that the model I got does not have staying in lane assistance, and automatic lift gate in back. Those were things that I didn't double check before purchasing.

- Dera R

The Honda CR-V was the perfect choice for my family!

I love my Honda CR-V. I have had it for almost two years now and haven't had a single issue. I love the trunk space. We switched from a mini van to the CR-V and I was worried about losing so much space but we still have plenty of storage space. It drives great and is very easy to maneuver in. I love all the added safety features and the distance pacing cruise control. I feel so much safer driving this vehicle! The only negative thing I would have to say is the olive green color is not really green at all. It looks black and it scratches so easy!

- Christy S

Honda CR-V: a constant in durability and reliability.

My Honda CR-V had been a reliable vehicle for all of our long distance travels. In terms of maintenance, we have had a perfect record so far and have only had to take it into the shop for inspections and oil changes. It has a Bluetooth, navigation screen, and steering wheel controls. The back seats can be folded down to create more room in the hatch back if needed. The seats are standard but comfortable and windows are tinted. There are cup holders in the front but not an ideal cup holder location in the back (lower portion of the door).

- Joel W

That you should not fully rely on the safety features, because they are there to help improve your driving not to drive for you.

I like that it has safety features that make driving with a kid easier. for instance: lane assist, cruise control that monitors the speed of the car in front of you and adjusts your speed based on it (it will even stop the car if the car in front of you stops) Everything in the car in very user friendly and takes distractions away from the driver. What I dislike about the vehicle is that it does not have a camera for making lane changes. I found this feature extremely useful in the Honda Civic. I wish that the CRV also had this feature.

- Candace G

Very reliable vehicle with great handling. Honda could have better service representation.

The Honda CR-V is a great value for the money. The ride is smooth and it's maneuverability is amazing. The bluetooth connectivity works well with only minor hiccups and the interface, while not perfect is very good. I did have one issue that I was none too happy about, my seat side kept flipping inward making it dig into your side while driving. I was finally able to get it resolved with Honda, but it was not quick nor easy. Overall, I still enjoy my Honda and believe it was a good purchase that will serve me well for many years.

- Paige S

Honda is a brand of excellence and reliability. Excellent engineering.

Honda CR-V is very comfortable seating; multi adjustable drivers' seat; lots of rear seat legroom. The dash makes sense! Easy reach controls, awesome sound, USB in center console, on dash and rear seat console. Amazing turbo and excellent road handling. Only annoying to me was the constant beeping of alarms which fortunately can be turned off (close to road stripes and annoying if driving through road work that overlaps road lines temporarily!). I like sitting up higher than a sedan, not as tall as a pilot but very good.

- Dee M

Honda CR-V works great. No problems.

It works well. It runs well. There haven't been technical problems. I love the backup camera. I do not like the shape of the hood because it contributes to blind spots. It can store a lot, but I would also be okay with a smaller vehicle. It drives well. It is new, which is nice. I replaced my old one after an accident. I like this one better. I haven't had any major issues with it. There is not a lot of maintenance. It can hold a lot in the back and the seats are nice. There's a lot of room. It is comfortable to drive.

- Anna G

"Color-changing" paint. Changing from deep blue to green in bright sunlight.

Have always purchased Honda. Haven't had any issues with the CR-V. The ride is smooth and quiet, drives like a smaller vehicle. Love my moonroof with sunshade! One dislike, which is actually a benefit to have, is whenever the weather changes (somewhat drastically), the check tire light will come on. Realize this is for safety, as well as any other warning light, vehicle needs to be taken to service department to be reset. Other than this minor issue, I would recommend Honda (cr-v & all makes) to everyone!

- Suzan M

The CR-V is a comfortable and roomy SUV with top features.

The Honda CR-V is very roomy and comfortable in comparison with other small all wheel drive vehicles in its class. It has apple carplay and a large screen for navigation. It has a roomy backseat and a roomy space for hauling groceries etc. The back seats also fold down if you need to haul a larger item. We recently hauled a small freezer. We also have roof racks and j hooks for our kayaks. All in all it is a comfortable and smooth riding vehicle. I would highly recommend it to a friend or family member.

- Sally S

Great electronics safety features. Sound system is great.

It is under powered, slow to accelerate. Seats are get uncomfortably on long trips. It does get very good gas mileage especially on the highway. The electronic safety features are also very good. Warnings when leaving a lane of travel are provided both visually with a steering required light and steering wheel shake when leaving lane of travel. When cruise control is set speed is maintained very effectively. Vehicle automaticity slows the car approaches within a set distance from the car in front.

- William H

My 2017 Honda CR-V-apple car play.

I love my 2017 Honda CR-V touring, it is my first Honda and I will purchase another in the future. I have always driven a bigger SUV and needed to downsize for better gas mileage and this vehicle has been perfect. It is roomy and comfortable. The only downside that I am just finding out is with AWD the tires have to be replaced sooner than my bigger SUV. So I am opting for a premium tire that gets at least 60-65,000 in mileage. Otherwise no other complaints, would totally recommend it to anyone.

- Mikie S

Third time I bought a Honda.

Great buy, third Honda purchased due to excellent reliability, value, and roominess. I love the addition of back up camera, lane assist, help with keeping space btw me m car ahead. Mileage good, I drive mostly stop n go heavy commuter traffic. Last CR-V I keep 13 years and +300,000 miles. Only thing keeping me from scoring car at level 5 is noise when you want one window open and heating system is sluggish to warm up the cabin. Love heated seats for this reason. Overall serial Honda buyer.

- Amy S

Our little white Honda. Even with the problems we still like the car.

It has a lot of safety features, which is important as our former car was hit by a semi on the Fwy. And totaled. We chose the Honda CR-V because it had the safety features we wanted. It is also nice looking and fun to drive. The only problem we have had is the battery. We left the car for 2 weeks and when we came back the battery was dead. We have missed appointments because the car would not start and we had to wait for road service to come and jump the car, which is totally annoying.

- Dorothy L

My Honda CR-V is a great cross between a car and an SUV.

My Honda CR-V drives like a dream. It has a smooth ride and fits in tight places well. It has a lot of nice safety features. It alerts you to cars in your blind spot. This is great when you are in heavy traffic. It has plenty of cargo space while maintaining the feel of a car. It has good traction when raining. The gas mileage is great for my long drive to work. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who wants more space than a car but not as much as a bigger SUV.

- Kristen S

This is the best car for a family with an infant.

I have had my car for almost a year and haven't experienced any issues. It is an extremely safe car with Honda sensing which aids in avoiding accidents. There’s been multiple times, the car has stopped itself in order to avoid an accident. The doors open at a 45 degree angle which is amazing but only poses an issue when cars are parked too closely. The interior is comfortable during a long trip and has plenty of space for passengers and merchandise.

- Danielle C

Safe & Reliable Accords to CRV

This is my 3rd Honda in a row. My first 2 were Accords that I had for 8 & 10 years. So when it was time to buy a mommy car I went to the name I trust to take care of me & protect my mini me. I was in a horrible wreck, in my last accord. I was hit head on & walked away with just a fat knee & luckily my kiddo wasn't with me. My car on the other hand was completely destroyed. When it's time to upgrade next I'm sure it will be either a Honda or Acura.

- Tabitha D

A great riding car with lots of room for everyone!

The C-RV is an easy car to handle. The seats are both adjustable and comfortable. The back up camera is a great feature as well as the cruise control. In fact the cruise control is the best we've ever used. You can set it by how many car lengths you want before it slows down. The technology is good. I do not like the GPS as you have to be completely stopped before you can use it. As with waze you can click on passenger. That would be beneficial.

- Valerie W

Navigation system is wonderful. I travel a lot & it is always right on!!

Love my CR-V touring. Great driving & riding experience. Lots of safety features. No wind noise. Great get up & go. Great colors available. I get a lot of comments on my car. My favorite feature is the lane change indicator. The auto brake system is great. You can set bit for distance from one car length to three lengths. I love being able to kick under the rear end & have my rear door opens. Great when you have groceries to put into the auto.

- Dianne A

Mostly good but some detractors.

It is a great car, gets good mileage, rides nice. It is a little overpriced. My car has a nice sound system. It has comfortable seats. The seats are roomy. My car does not have any special features like heated seats, driving assistance. The car does scratch fairly easily. One feature that I am not happy with is the windows will automatically roll down if you hit a certain combination on the remote key. It put my windows down in a rainstorm.

- Patsy B

I love my car! I enjoy driving it, I feel safe driving it.

My car has a lot of safety features which makes the insurance less expensive and makes me feel safe. The car is comfortable and easy to drive. The mpg is great, over 30 mpg on the road and 26 to 28 mpg in town. The trunk is very roomy and the back seats fold forward. The seat material is of high quality in very nice looking. I love the backup view, I do not have to worry about running over the neighbor's dog. The red color is very pretty.

- Martha W

The Honda CR-V is very roomy and comfortable. Great highway vehicle!!!

I love the room in my CR-V. It is great for traveling. It is good on gas. I must admit that I was disappointed that they hatch is not automatic. The CR-V proved to be reliable up until now (18 months later). I parked it for two days to go travel out of town. When I returned, it would not start. Long story short, I had to get a battery. Thank goodness, it was still under warranty! Free battery. Overall, I am satisfied.

- Krystal D

The c-RV is a great car for a single person or for a small family of 3 or less.

I like the c-RV but wish I would have got something just a little bit bigger. The trunk has a lot of room but I would have liked something a little bigger to go camping in or other activities like that. I really like all the fancy features with the car like the touch screen and driving assistance, although it is not always needed. I also like that you can hook up your phone when you are using maps and it appears on the screen.

- Kelly K

Great family friendly car.

I love the way the car drives and the mileage it gets. I also love the spaciousness. Unfortunately, my car did break down within a couple months of having it. Later there was a recall on the parts that caused the break down. I also had to replace my battery less than 2 yrs. after buying the car and my button on the shifter broke as well. Overall I love my car but these frequent problems have been annoying and inconvenient.

- Amanda G

Thoughts about my Honda CR-V.

I view cars as a necessity and do not get over excited over any type of vehicle. I typically get tired of a vehicle after 2-3 years. This is my 4th Honda and love the reliability of the vehicle and the fact that they seem to hold their value. As for comfort, the car is spacious enough and I love the back storage. The ride is smooth. My only complaint is that the hatchback does not automatically open when pressing the key.

- Dana R

I always feel safe in my car, no matter the weather conditions, and even if someone hits me, I don't fear being harmed.

I love my car! The Honda CR-V is the perfect size; it's big enough to trek my friends and me to the beach and withstand midwestern winters, but small enough that I never fear being able to park. The backup camera makes parallel parking a breeze and the steering wheel is incredibly responsive. I drive almost 200 miles home multiple times a year, and I am never worried about my car breaking down or not making it.

- Courtney S

CR-V Honda needs to give money back.

I bought it in Dec 2018. It has been in the shop 4 times. First the next day after I bought it. The second a week later for four days. The third in Jan for two weeks. It has been in the shop a fourth time for over a month. I want my money back. Too many known problems with CR-V. The 2019 loaner stalled out in idle which is an existing problem and the lane warning system misfired in a very distracting way.

- Val M

A great small SUV with tons of space and features.

My Honda CR-V is pretty nice. It is comfortable, quiet for its class, and performs well while maintaining good fuel economy. It also has a lot of cargo space - we can easily fit golf clubs in the back without folding down the seats. The safety features are also great and help us avoid incidents. The only problems we've had have been related to the infotainment system - sometimes it can be a bit glitchy.

- Lisa P

Want a safe car with lots of space that's safe? Get yourself Honda CR-V

My 2017 Honda CR-V is probably the best SUV when it comes miles per gallon. Doesn't take much money to fill her up and also is a very safe car to drive as well. It has life saving features that keep you safe while driving especially for long distance. I see myself keeping this car for a really long time and would recommend it for anyone looking to buy a long lasting car that DOES NOT break down often.

- Eric W

The color is actually olive green with a shimmer that I really like

The crv is an excellent choice for those wanting a crossover. There is plenty of space in the car and I never feel cramped. Both me and my husband are tall and never feel like we don't have enough room. Also there is plenty of safety features as well as just little things that make it my favorite car. The large screen display is also very nice and I always get compliments on my car when people see it

- Kristen E

The Honda CR-V is an all round terrific mid size SUV.

This vehicle gets 30 mpg, it is incredibly roomy and comfortable. Since it is AWD, it is great for winter driving. The rear seats fold down completely, making it possible to pack a great deal in to this vehicle! Many cool features such as lane change alert, hands free driving, excellent back up camera and terrific sound system. Mine also has extras such as, sun/moonroof and heated leather seats.

- Cat C

2017 Honda CRV is a comfortable, reliable ride with a few bugs in its features

The 2017 CRV is a good vehicle, but it's not as great as the 2015 model that we had previously. The brakes don't feel as responsive, the bluetooth interface is significantly slower and has more frequent glitches. The paint and body don't seem to have the same level of high durability either. The gas mileage, handling, and comfort of the interior are nice features. It could use more cup holders.

- Andria S

Honda is reliable. Some extras are a little tricky to operate.

Although we like our Honda ( have owned several ), we were disappointed that our Honda did not have an ability to listen to books on tape, while we travel. We feel that listening to the stories helped pass the driving time. The car we test drove had one and we did not realize that one was missing until after purchase. Otherwise, our Honda has performed well and we have not had any problems.

- Virginia R

I get compliments all the time!

I absolutely love my CR-V. We also have the Honda Pilot, which feels too big. In my opinion, cars feel too small. So the CR-V has been the perfect fit for me. I love that is has heated cloth seats, but CarPlay has to be my favorite feature. It has a smooth ride and after an entire year at my inspection at the Honda dealer the only thing it required was a new filter during the oil change!

- Chelsea M

Comfortable and safe reliable SUV. iPhone compatibility issues.

My Honda is very safe and comfortable. My only complaints are the slow pick up and the phone compatibility issues. When it is plugged in sometimes it chooses to work and other times not. When checking out website re issues it states it is not compatible with any iPhone over the 6. I have an 8s and if I would have known this prior to buying I would have selected the navigation package.

- Darcy R

So much sound from outside of the car gets into the car at the front of the car (e.g., very loud at the dashboard and in the driver/passenger seats). This may or may not be a deciding factor for potential buyers.

I like the smoothness of the ride, the color of both the interior and exterior of the car, and the trunk's foot-opening/hands-free opening mechanism. One of the only features of the car I dislike is the lack of soundproofing (from the outside) - when I'm driving, I can barely hear my thoughts over the sound of the wind blowing past the car, even though all of the windows stay closed.

- Elizabeth M

It makes a great family vehicle and the gas mileage is pretty good for a SUV.

I love that it has 4 wheel drive and plenty of room. I am not very tall, so I do not feel like the car is too big for me.. I dislike that the electronics sometimes glitch. The brake symbol will beep and flash when nothing is around me. Sometimes warning messages or problems will pop up on the display and then go away before I can take a picture of them. Very concerning..

- Theresa N

Honda CR-V AWD family car

We really enjoy driving our Honda CR-V AWD. We got a good deal on a base model (which comes standard with a backup camera) because they were trying to make room for the newer models. We added the cargo cover and rubber floor mats to keep the carpet clean. There is an acceleration sensor that turns green when you are driving eco-friendly. Overall really good family car!

- Shannon S

New family car for young couples not ready for a massive car.

It's a great car with lots of features including back up camera, blind side detection, auto breaking. I would like it to have navigation and cargo door automatically open. It's easy to drive and has great fuel efficiency. Super comfortable with lots of ways to make it even more comfortable. It's the best family car for a new family or even if you just need to move.

- Marcy F

Comfortable and affordable.

Within the first month I had the battery die on me for no reason (just faulty). Other than that, there have been no major problems. It is a very smooth ride, and has all the current features (lane departure, adaptive cruise, back up cam, etc. ) The only real complaint I would give, is it does not handle as well in the snow as other SUV’s I have had in the past.

- Debbie S

Reliable, safe and comfortable!

I have had my car for a little over a year and absolutely love it. I have had Honda’s in the past but this was the first car I bought brand new. I love the safety features and the car can literally drive itself! Safety and comfort are the top two qualities I look for in a car. It is very safe and reliable. I recommend a Honda to anyone looking to buy a new car.

- Jess R

Great car with some quirks.

I love all the features of the 2017 Honda crv. The backup camera is especially nice. It is important to note that the navigation system is integrated with apple carplay and it has some problems. I have taken the car to the dealer and they tell me not to use carplay as they have not resolved the issues they are seeing. Other than that I enjoy the car a great deal.

- Jane C

It is dependable and fun to drive.

I love my mid size SUV. I also love the engine performance-believe it or not with my little Honda. I am a fan of the complete “ open back doors”. I am very happy about upgrading to the automatic trunk release and I get such a kick out of my automatic start button from my key fob. The stereo system is fantastic and my car is very quiet to outside noise.

- Sharon B

The car handles great and is excellent on mileage.

I love this car. The size is perfect and easy to handle. I also like the gas mileage. And the drive is quite smooth. This is my second C-RV and I will get another when my lease is up. I have never had any problems and the maintenance department at the dealership is outstanding. I have driven other crossover type SUVs and this has surpassed my expectations.

- Melissa B

The lift gate opening feature opens the liftgate when you kick under the CR-V.

Driving my CR-V is like a dream come true. It is the touring model so it has all the bells and whistles on it. I have never had a vehicle like this one before. One of the best features is the navigation system. I also enjoy the automatic functions on the vehicle like the automatic windshield wipers which automatically engage when rain hits the windshield.

- Donna D

Drive a CR-V and you'll see.

The sports utility vehicle is big enough to fit a number of people comfortably yet it is not as big as other sports utility vehicles. It is also easy to drive and does not take up too much fuel. The drive is smooth and is fun to drive. It makes a nice car to take on road trips as there is quite an amount of room in the car for everyone to sit comfortably.

- Jennifer R

If you want a safe and dependable car, this one's for you!

Love the safety features on the car- large camera screen, hands free features, back up sensors, oncoming rear traffic sensors, blind spot signals on both side mirrors, cruise control, emergency braking, eco mode to save gas, brake hold. I did not get the top model, the touring, so the trunk door is not automatic and neither is the passenger side seat.

- Jennifer G

I love the Basque red of my Honda cr-v.

I enjoy my new Honda cr-v. The only problems I have with it are: the backup camera is not as precise as ones in other vehicles I have driven. Also I am disappointed that the SUV is not equipped with a compact disc player. The other feature that I do not like is that this model is not equipped with apple play so I could use my iPhone for a GPS system.

- Sarah B

Fuel efficient, roomy, and great car to buy on a budget.

I love my Honda CR-V! It is very roomy and gets great gas mileage. It has an economy button to help save gas. I love how the middle seats fold down to maximize storage. It has rearview camera to help with backing up and it has lots of cup holders for drinks on the go. It also has a tire sensor so you know when to get air. The best car for any budget.

- Rosy T

If you want more power in your vehicle this may not be the car for you.

This is the second Honda CR-v I've owned. I love the heated seats in winter. The automated seat adjustment is awesome. I don't do much night driving, so it was a surprise to learn the high beams automatically adjust to lower beam when sensing oncoming lights. There is no cap to screw on and off to pump gas. I do wish the CRV come in a 6 cylinder.

- belinda s

The most important thing people should know is the size is great.

The Honda crv is reliable and has a nice backup camera so I feel secure about backing up. I also like the comfort of the leather seats, heated seats and the spaciousness of the back row. The screen for the radio and backup camera provides a good amount of choices so GPS, Sirius radio and playing music from your phone is made easy on road trips.

- Anne R

The most comfortable, spacious SUV.

I love my cry-v. I drive everywhere! It is comfortable, I can make a lot of miles with little gasoline. Easy maintenance. We have long legs. We have enough space between seats to sit comfortable. The back is very spacious. The visibility is great! I do not like the Bluetooth. I always have trouble getting my cellphone to connect it there.

- Gladys G

Best of the smaller SUV/crossover models

After owning an Odyssey (that I LOVED) for ten years, I bought the CR-V when it was time for something a little smaller (it's just me and a dog now; used to be a family of five). It isn't quite as comfortable and spacious up front, but it is still a great vehicle -- and better than the comparable vehicles I test drove from competitors.

- Kathryn C

There's more than enough space for a family of four.

The CR-V is a great family car. My kids love watching the rain hit the roof through the moonroof. There is enough room for my daughter's car seat and two passengers in the back seat. I love the fuel economy of the car. I did not like the interior wood trim at first but it has finally grown on me. Overall this is a great family vehicle.

- Nani D

It is a great car. I have no problems with it. I hope it last 20 years or more,.

I like the size of my vehicle and the way it runs so smoothly. I like how the functions are easy to use and the touch screen is big. I wish there were seat presets so my husband wouldn't have to manually adjust the seat whenever he drives. I wish that Honda didn't get rid of the camera that comes on when you're signaling to turn right.

- Julia C

Reliable and has a pretty color.

I like the reliability of the Honda. I have not had any problems with this model yet. I do not like that there is no middle console. There us no place to sit my phone, or food without it sliding to the floor. I also do not like the tiny buttons or the brightness of the stereo display. Very dangerous to change channels while driving.

- Kathy W

Everything about the car is good. Next year should be bigger.

It performs very well. We haven't had any issues. Other then someone backing into it we took it to nicer collision and they took care of us. I should've choose the leather seats, but it's okay we still love the vehicle. The wheels are superb, decent trunk space, air conditioning is right on point. Windshield is like a spaceship lol.

- Mike V

Great updated Honda CR-V vehicle!

Good technology including driver assist and lane departure, and easy to use once you get used to it. Even has a front collision detector and actually works although it is scary when it brakes for you. Excellent gas mileage and lots of legroom in back seat. Lots of room to haul luggage, small furniture, large boxes and groceries too.

- Al H

2017 gray and black Honda review.

My CR-V is my mobile command center. The exl trim package is very comfortable and the car drives and handles very smoothly. The fuel economy is amazing for an SUV also. The only con, as is the case with all CR-Vs (I have had 3 now) is the fact that they are hard on rotors and need replaced yearly or at least once every two years.

- Mike D

The absolute best safety ratings in the country! The only family car you should look at

Absolutely love love love the Honda CRV. The drive is so smooth and we haven't had any issues. The design is so attractive and I love the interior. The seats are very comfortable. My number one feature that I love are the safety ratings. You can't beat them. So much peace of mind to know my babies are safe and sound in the car.

- Julia M

Best Affordable Compact SUV

The 2017 Honda CR-V is cavernous cargo area , solid safety and predicted reliability ratings and upscale interior help it land a spot in the top third of the compact SUV class pros : 1. Ample rear seat legroom 2. spacious cargo area 3. Excellent fuel economy Cons: 1. Mediocre engine power 2. High average price of the class.

- George M

the honda cr-v, a fun to drive car with plenty of cargo space

it's a honda so it has the reputation of a well made and quality vehicle. it gets better gas mileage than its competitors and has plenty of cargo space that fits most if not all the things i need to put in it, it has a very nice exterior and interior designs, rides smoothly and has good performance making it a fun car to drive

- george e

Sweet ride! Highly recommend this car!

My Honda CR-V is an amazing vehicle. I have had it for over 2 years and I have had no problems with it. It is great is snow, rain all conditions. It is comfortable to drive and be a passenger in. It is an awesome value car and I highly recommend! It is great for all age drivers and it is a sleek looking car! I really love it.

- Jen R

Compared to my husband rav 4 it riding more smoothly. Even my children have to agree

Honda is reliable and have not had any problems mechanical. I will need new tires and brakes soon. I need to fill my tank up weekly. Owned a Chevy in the past and always had problems. Only one thing I wish the trunk had more storage. And the backseat is bigger. With 2 young children I can only fit them with there car seats.

- Tricia S

Honda CR-Vs are reliable, stylish and awesome. I love Apple car play the most.

I love how my car handles, I love the Apple carplay feature. It is a great design, comfortable, efficient and reliable. I have never had a problem with any Honda I have ever owned. Including the one I am currently driving. I also like the safety features, and how so many features are automatic. I feel safe in my Honda CR-V.

- Cassandra S

It is easy to drive and spacious

I like the safety features such as blindspot notification, adaptive cruise control and collision detection. I don't like that some of the features fail at random times and the only way for the service department to diagnose the problem is for me to drive directly to the dealer when it happens and not turn off the ignition.

- Gail N

CR-V is the perfect size for city life.

My CR-V is truly the perfect size for me. It is small enough that I can fit into parallel parking spots, but big enough to transport everything I need. I was even able to pick up my couch in it! I especially love the rear view camera and blind spot detection on the side mirrors. You cannot beat safety features like that.

- Ashley T

Honda CR-V is a sports car for trips to the beach mountains and has great mileage.

The Honda CR-V is a wonderful car only problem is passenger seat window doesn't seem completely sealed the Saturn l300 on the other hand is a waste of money and needs lots of repairs only with 55, 000 miles. The Honda has the best gas mileage in a car that I have bought so far it's very affordable to keep on the road.

- Jack V

The Honda CR-V is family approved with excellent safety rating!

We love our Honda CR-V and have found it comes with some very interesting features, like brake assist for high traffic driving. The Honda CR-V has great gas mileage and was given an excellent safety rating. We do wish that the overall look of the car was a little beefier and that the interior seats were a bit comfier.

- Jill B

Really dependable, and comfortable as well. I would definitely recommend this car to anybody looking for a great all-wheel-drive vehicle .

I really love my car , it's a pretty shade of burgundy. It handles well and AWD gives me comfort that I can travel in the snow. I love the auto headlights and adaptive cruise controls. My only complaint is someone hit me in the parking lot when the car is only six months old in the front and have some nicks and cuts.

- Wendy B

I love my Honda CR-V. This is my third one. Over the years I keep picking Honda.

I love my Honda. I have 2 children and its very spacious in the back seat. I have a feature called "sensing". Literally a life saver. Busy schedule means a lot of time on the road. This car is great on gas. It also has apple play that connects to my phone for easy responses to text messages verbally as well as calls.

- Gabrielle M

Too much test for a car review site.

None; I love my vehicle so much. It has all the bells and whistles that any car/SUV can have and don't want to trade in for a long time - I hope. It is very reliable great gas mileage and quiet comfortable and fun to drive. I am getting tired of putting more text down as I have nothing more to add to this question.

- Debra M

Interior of a 2017 Honda CR-V.

This car is comfortable to drive. The driver's seat adjust up and down, forward and back as well as the seat front can tilt up and down. It has a spacious carrying space. Comes equipped with Sirius XM capability. Back seat area is comfortable. I would recommend this car to anyone considering purchasing a new SUV.

- Deborah S

Best vehicle is Honda CR-V 2017.

This SUV is very comfortable I have about 1 year and a half with it and I have never had any problem with the engine, lights or any part, I always try to give it the proper maintenance so that I do not get any type of fault, but really a comfort is incredibly good, and above all I love the detailed inside of it.

- Ez P

Definitely recommend the CR-V to all!!

I love my 2017 CR-V. It is great on gas mileage for an SUV. It has a lot of room in the front, back, and trunk. Also, the design of the car is sleek. The exterior and interior have a luxury feel to our. But most importantly, the vehicle is safe, and it is a smooth ride. I definitely recommend this car to all!!

- Alicia F

2017 Honda CR-V sport utility review.

My Honda CR-V is a great vehicle. It is a very comfortable vehicle with lots of room inside. The design is very sporty. The vehicle does very well on long distance driving except the gas tank is not overly big. One thing that annoys me is the crash response system get radar interference when it is really cold.

- Chris T

Your next soccer mom must have the CR-V.

I absolutely love my CR-V. I never want another car. The Honda CR-V touring is the most reliable car for a mother. Lane keep assist helps stay on the road, and warn when there is lane departure. The blind spot detection in the mirror is so helpful if you didn't realize there was a person coming up beside you.

- Sarah T

Awesome vehicle with lot of features, spacious and apt for long road trips.

I have driven my all new 2017 Honda CR-V since July 2017, and have loved every bit of it. Have done many road trips on it with family and friends, and made great memories. Only recently, the gear shift button came off after driving for 21 months, probably because I shift gears very abruptly. Rest all is fine.

- Annie B

Why I wouldn't recommend a Honda CR-V to anyone.

After buying my 2017 Honda CR-V my car didn't come with a roof rack, all the CR-V I drove had roof racks not the dealer wants to charge me an additional $1000. 00 to install one. Plus the rear window doesn't flip open so I can not use this car to shop for lumber when working on my home improvement projects.

- Richard S

Great car for seniors with very large dogs.

We've had our car for 2 years. We have had no problems. We got the electronic package. The adaptive cruise control is great. I also love apple CarPlay, blind spot monitoring, automatic lights (including brights). Our great Dane fits nicely in the back seat and enjoys the sun roof. We would buy another CR-V.

- Terri M

2017 gray Honda CR-V with GPS.

My Honda CR-V has quick pickup and great comfort with many safety features I really love the blind side feature in both side view mirrors I get 34 miles to the gallon on the highway and about 30 in the city. The dashboard display is bright and very informative with Bluetooth, GPS, XM radio and car details.

- Anthony D

That it is practical (seats up to 5 with room for luggage), affordable (I average @ 25 mpg), nice looking (modern lines, shiny finish).

Disappointed with the interior; the carpet seems cheap and some of the trim doesn't seem very substantial. Especially in comparison to the 2004 Honda Accord I owned before I bought my CR-V. Like the handling, the spaciousness, the gas mileage, the amenities - cup holders, USBs, Bluetooth, backup camera.

- Virginia F

The electric system will need rebooting every once in a while by pressing the radio power button. Despite that, it is a good purchase.

The main thing that happens is that the electronic radio system needs to be reset every so often. The other thing is that the knob on the gear change broke, but the car still works. The thing that I do like is that it's a high car that can take on bumpy roads and can fit all of my musical instruments.

- Nata M

Best car I have purchased yet!

Lots of safety features that are handy for us older drivers. Has excellent back up camera and nice leather seats. Visibility is good and side mirrors with warnings and lane departure work well. The navigation part was easy to use once I figured it out. The dealership and salesmen have to be the best!

- Al H

Drives very well and is very advanced when it comes to special features.

I love my Honda CRV we have had very few issues since purchasing it. Our only issue was that the button on the gear shifter broke and will not stay in but the dealership will fix since its under warranty. Recently became a family of 4 so we are hoping to purchase a Honda odyssey in the near future.

- Morgan H

Latest technology in this vehicle.

I love almost everything about this car. I love the Bluetooth. The brake hold for use when you're stopped is wonderful. The electronic maintenance minder is awesome. It gets great gas mileage. I wish it had a CD player. The spot where I rest my arm on the door turns white and that's annoying.

- Kelly L

It is one of the most reliable automobiles available at a reasonable price.

Have always loved the reliability of Honda. The new features of the cruise control are awesome. It practically drives itself by keeping between lines on road and slowing if someone cuts to short. The only negative is that it does not come with a CD player and we like to listen to books on tape.

- elaine s

Interesting thing about my CR-V, hold the unlock button too long everything opens.

No issues at this time with my car. All wheel drive is great in the winter. There are many options I am finding on a daily basis. Would have liked a pilot but not practical at the time. Only thing missing is an indicator for low washer fluid. Great on gas. I fill up every 2 weeks for about 25.00.

- Lee C

A wonderful car. The price is affordable for all of the features.

I love my Honda. It is wonderful to drive. I love the keyless entry and the size. The mileage is wonderful. I average 33 mpg. I love the radio and safety features. The GPS is great also. I cannot say enough good things. I also love the radio and the exterior paint job. The radio has a good sound.

- Diana S

It's a reliable car for families

My car is a small suv which makes it the smaller car I want with the room I need to transport things. It has good pick up when I need to go around someone. I like the climate control feature where I can set the temperature for the driver and the passenger separately. I like the back up camera.

- Micky S

I love the screen, dashboard and apple play car feature.

I have had some trouble with my vehicle from purchase. I had to have my electrical system rebooted due to a short circuit in my gear shift. Aside from that, my mpg is great, very comfortable vehicle for long distance drives and the features such as apple play and auto detect brake are helpful.

- Gina M

Great value! The CRV is great for a small family looking to upgrade from a sedan to something with a little more style and size.

My car has room for my family and gear, while providing a safe, fuel efficient way to get to work or play. I like the interior roominess and the ease with which I can install and remove my child's seat. With a growing family safety is a primary concern, and I feel my CRV to be incredibly safe

- Michael A

Warming system is awesome.

This car gives you comfort! You do not really have to worry about maintenance rather than other cars. It keeps good gas, and durable. Especially, ex-l has warming seat system which women are really needed in cold weather. Mostly, Seattle is rainy, so I really enjoy using warming seat system.

- Vivian J

I love and recommend my Honda CR-V.

This is my fifth CR-V. They have all been excellent vehicles requiring only suggested maintenance. It gets good gas mileage, is comfortable and handles well in all weather conditions. I would highly recommend a Honda vehicle to others looking to purchase a vehicle especially the Honda CR-V.

- Chris S

I am a fan of the Honda and expect to drive this car for a long time.

The car is a dream to drive. Smooth ride, excellent acceleration with turbo feature it includes a great sound system, convenient controls on steering wheel although I am still getting accustomed to them being there. It also gets really decent gas mileage. I am very happy with this purchase.

- Angela C

Reliable, comfortable car with perks!

It handled fantastically in the snow storms this past winter. The technology is a wonderful help. I love being able to get directions and have text messages composed without touching anything but the steering wheel. I find it more difficult than my old car to back up, even with the camera.

- Andrea C

The exceptional safety features that come with the vehicle.

It's a very comfortable car to drive. Love the safety features, especially the self braking system and the lane keep assist system. The wide opening doors are really nice for getting in and out of the vehicle. I do wish that the seats would automatically heat when I use auto start though.

- Lynn E

Dependable vehicle for everyday use.

Only maintenance needed after 1 yr /10,000 miles is an oil change. It runs well, is good for our trips to rugged areas, and handles hills/snow well. Good visibility, LOVE the storage space. Simple model with the essentials and non of the frills I didn't want (leather seats, fancy screens).

- Becky C

SUV with great gas mileage

Good pickup, visibility not the best. Front headrests cause blind spots when checking for oncoming traffic. Would be good if they would light the radio, air buttons at all times. When pulling into dark garage during daylight if you don't put headlights on you can't find these controls.

- Gina I

Great safety features should be on ever. Vehicle!

It is very stylish for a CR-V it is very comfortable. The safety features are fantastic I have difficulty. Seeing at night and the safety features make me. Feel much more confident when changing lanes. And the passengers have plenty of legroom I would. Highly recommend this vehicle.

- Colleen D

This car is equipped with all alert systems when driving.

I love driving in this car. Gets great gas mileage. Very comfortable and reliable. Only problem is it constantly has tire gauges issues. Still cannot figure out what it is. Might be a sensor or a fuse. Has lane departure and back rear camera. Huge trunk and seats that lay down entirely.

- Katherine B

Honda CR-V 2017, bossy but fun, very safe.

It is nice looking, drives smoothly, very comfortable inside with tons of safety features. This car is actually pretty bossy but it is fine, very safe. You can control many features so it is not too annoying. Just short of the touring model, really just missing the leg control for back.

- Mary Ann J

Useful vehicle with nice design details.

Too soon to tell about reliability, but it handles well and is a good size SUV for hauling home project equipment and supplies. Wish we would have purchased one level up so that we had more technology on it, however, that also might mean more problems if the technology is not good.

- Nancy S

Love it. Would/will buy it again.

The back seat is roomy but I wish there was a little more trunk space. I like the remote start and the push start engine. I also like, while it can be annoying, the automatic braking feature. The side mirror alerts are also nice as well but the beeping can get on the annoying side.

- Elizabeth A

It has really impressive safety features.

Honda CrV is a really comfortable and reliable car. It is really safe and easy to navigate. It has all the latest features including rear view camera, blind spot detectors, Smart Entry with Walk Away Auto Lock, Power Windows with Auto-Up/Down Driver's and Front Passenger's Windows.

- shanti A

A perfect fit with ease of handling.

This is an excellent car as I have downsized from a Honda pilot but it is a perfect fit. It has a lot of the bells and whistles that I love such as Bluetooth, backup camera, alerts for any cars in the blind spots and a lane sensor. It is an ex l and easy to clean, handle and haul.

- Karen S

My car is clean and I enjoying driving it.

I have never had any issues with my Honda cars. It is very dependable and I would recommend Honda. I buy all my cars from Dulles AutoNation. I have a comfortable CR-V which drives well and is my fifth different model from Honda. My next car will be another Honda - Honda ridgeline.

- William B

The excellency of the interior and performance of the machine make it the best.

My Honda CR-V 2017 is a magnificent car. I'll call it the dream car because of all the futures included in the vehicle. Less gas per mile. Comfort steering, with heating on each of the front seats. Back up camera, power steering, electronic system, navigation system included, etc.

- Walter L

Great driving car and very roomy.

It is a great car to drive. Responds quickly gets great gas mileage very roomy have had no problems with it at all. Very comfortable on long trips. Has great visibility and stops on a dime when needed. We have never owned a Honda before but this will be our go to car from now on.

- Renee M

How reliable and what a good reputation Honda has and what a great car it is.

I love the size of my Honda CRV. It looks small from the outside but is very roomy on the inside. It fits myself and my dogs' lifestyle perfect. It is just the right size to navigate it around comfortably. It is also a very dependable and reliable car with a good reputation.

- Stacey W

The one most important thing about my car, would have to be all of the safety features that the car comes equipped with.

Like the available room that the vehicle offers. The technology features are really nice. The safety features are also nice. The only compliant would be a part that broke in the shifting mechanism, after having the car for less than a year. Honda was quick to fix the problem

- Randy R

Safety first gas mileage looks cost a d the smooth ride.

I can't find anything that I don't like about it. I had an accord and trade for the CR-V beat more I've made in along time. It is the right height for me not to low not to high. I had a stroke and it really has been a lifesaver for me the seat makes it so easy to get in and out.

- Catherine B

Honda cr-v: best in class.

The Honda CR-V gets excellent gas mileage. , averaging 30 miles per gallon in mixed driving conditions. It is well built. The ride is smooth, quiet, and comfortable. It is to my taste, the most attractive vehicle in it is class. The turbocharged engine is powerful and efficient.

- Dave A

Why I like my Honda cv r and what I might improve.

Love the safety features: blind spot detector back up mirror, lane departure, auto speed, etc. Missing? 360 camera. Radio is difficult to figure out, no CD player. Somewhat comfortable, easy to get in and out of. Good gas mileage, no hassle with gas cap cover, uses regular gas.

- Phyllis V

Comfortable and nice ride for a very affordable price.

I love that it has bluetooth and the seating is comfortable. I also like there is an air conditioning vent for the back seat. I don't like the look of the car, it is definitely a mom car. Also there is some things that jut out in the back that makes it hard to load big stuff.

- Heather W

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I like the reliability & user friendliness of this car. I like that it is kid friendly and comfortable for longer drives. I dislike some of the quirks of the apple car play system and I do not like that I do not have a CD player option (even if that is considered old school).

- Chelsea B

It's a very reliable vehicle and a long lasting one! We will probably have this vehicle for the next 15 years.

We purchased our vehicle in 2017. We love our vehicle. It's gas mileage is excellent. The only thing I dislike about our vehicle is the seats. I wish they had more comfortable front seats. But It's something we live with as we like the whole vehicle other than the seats.

- Karen D

Love my Honda CR-V great sports utility vehicle.

I have owned it for a year, and have had no issues with it at all. Love the back up camera, and the side mirrors letting me know there is someone on either side of my car. The sunroof is great when cooler weather comes around. And in all, I am very happy with my Honda cr-v.

- Gayle C

That it has a very spacious trunk for groceries and other space for holding various items. It is very roomy inside the vehicle.

There is sometimes difficulty discerning if it has been shifted into drive or neutral as the shifts are rather close to each other. There have been times in the dark when I am unable to begin driving due to being unawares that it has shifted into neutral rather than drive.

- Raquel D

My vehicle is a comfortable SUV. It is not too big or too small and is reliable.

Performance is really good. It is also pretty comfortable and has many good features. It is a very reliable car. I have had not many problems with it at all. I think more safety features and technological advances would be better. More room in the car for comfort as well.

- Serena T

I have named my vehicle the silver fox as it is foxy.

I like my C-RV because of it is size. It is not too large but still big enough to go on nice trips. I feel safe because of it is size. It is a nice looking vehicle. I have had no problems of any kind. I like all the extra features. The only thing I miss is the CD feature.

- Carol J

I feel very safe yet can have a fun ride.

Very safe, smooth ride, good sound system with Sirius radio, sunroof. Fun to drive. You start it without a key. Has Bluetooth, can listen to pandora from my phone. Love the color too. Heated seats to warm me up in the summer. Great back up camera and side warning cameras.

- Diane D

The 2017 CR-V is sleek, reliable, and affordable. The perfect everyday car!

I love my 2017 Honda cr-v. I upgraded from a 2007 CR-V and it is so nice to have all the technology. My favorite things are the large screen, apple carplay, blind spot monitor, and backup camera. The seats are very comfortable and the back is spacious enough for 3 adults.

- Julie K

Love to drive a Honda CR-V:

After a year on two months we have not had any problems. We consistently get 27-29 miles per gallon in town and over 30 miles per gallon out on the road. We enjoy all the safety features the CR-V has including the back up camera and vehicle warnings on both side mirrors.

- Rex D

The Honda CR-V is a really wonderful car!

Love the keyless ignition, assisted steering, and the smart cruise control feature. I also like using Apple carplay for music and navigation. I really appreciate the blind spot warning system that works on both the right and left side. It makes lane changes much safer.

- Nancy G

Honda C-RV strengths and review.

I like the way this Honda CRV handles on the road. It is easy to drive and very comfortable. It has the gadgets that I use like backup camera. Would recommend this car as a great family car. It is good on gas and can carry a lot of cargo and is easy to load this cargo.

- Ginger B

You need to drive one today!!

Have owned for over a year now and have had no problems with it at all. This car drives and handles excellent in all weather conditions. I would recommend it to everyone who is in the market for a car. It has plenty of power and gets very good mileage even when loaded.

- Roger V

The most important thing people should know of Honda CR-V is Reliability

It's very reliable (I own previous models before). Also gas efficient. There are also a lot of details that are very convenient. It's obvious that they have put a lot of past experience into the car. I also love the service minder instead manually follow instructions.

- Alex J

My CR-V is a great companion for long trips.

The CR-V is a great car for students. It is helpful for long trips due to the cruise control and the different modes the car can go into. Furthermore, the space is great for moving especially if you are one person. The car is great on gas which 400 miles is about $30.

- Lisa V

Review from a mom of two with plenty of cargo.

This is a great vehicle. I have had it for over two years and have had no repairs needed. The cargo space is very sufficient. I am able to bring groceries and two strollers in the back without any issues. Visibility is also excellent, even in snow or rain conditions.

- Kathy B

The height of the vehicle is the best for older people.

This is a very reliable car. I love the styling and the height of the vehicle is perfect. It is very good in the snow with the 4 wheel drive. The only complaint that I have right now is that the phone number does not show up on incoming calls otherwise it is perfect.

- Deborah G

Honda CR-V is a good car choice based on size, mileage and space.

There is some noise while driving. It gets good mileage for the size. The back is very roomy with large storage area. Low maintenance, easy to drive, easy to park, allows for 5 passengers, adequate stereo system, small screen size, maps not visible on screen, no CD,

- Deb R

It has great gas mileage and is a reliable car

It's a really nice vehicle on the inside. The outside looks like any other vehicle. I would like it to look more luxurious and unique by It's what fit in my budget at the time. I also don't like the poor customer service from the service department at the dealership

- Shar b

Great Honda crv, dark green great ride!

I own a Honda CR-V - love how it rides, great mileage and comfort. My car is dark green which I love. I travel for work and have only had to do regular maintenance. Love all the features of the Bluetooth, radio, heated seats, size of car, how it handles in the snow.

- Karen R

Honda CR-V for grandparents.

I like the safety features in this vehicle including backup camera, lane and brake assist. I also like the smooth ride for a small SUV and the storage area in the back. I have 2 car seats in the back for grandchildren and hope to be adding a third as it should fit.

- Lynn R

The perfect. SUV for anyone!

Very comfortable, very responsive driving, loads of legroom in rear seats, lots of headroom, great sound system, fantasti gas mileage, huge cargo area for its size, fun to drive, every detail just makes sense, easy to change the oil diy, sometimes too many sensors.

- Don M

This car practically drives itself.

It is reliable and gets great gas mileage. It has many features. But maybe too many. I don't even know what all my car can do. It is roomy and comfortable and easy to drive. I feel safe in it. I love that it handles well. It looks luxurious but did not cost a lot.

- Joann C

Great gas mileage. Problems with Apple Play

Love the gas mileage I get. I have apple carplay which has both pros and cons. The cons are worse that every time I hook up my phone it changes to Apple Play even if I'm listening to the FM radio. It's a distraction and possibly cause accident by being distracted.

- Jacki R

Perfect car for all occasions

My CRV is a perfect mid-size vehicle. It's big enough to carry 5 people and has a sizable back area for toting groceries, suitcases, etc. It gets great gas mileage and isn't expensive to insure. I love the backup camera and the side cameras for changing lanes.

- joann S

The camera on the sides of the car tells me when a car is in my blind spot.

It has a very small gas tank so I have to fill up quite often. I love the interior and how the dash is configured as well as the lane assist and the cruise control features. It is a very comfortable car to use for long trips. Wish it had a heated steering wheel.

- Leigh M

The best car available. Practical and high performance Honda

I love my Honda. You can feel the quality of the vehicle from holding the key in your hand, to hearing the doors quietly latch, to sitting in the driver's seat. It is not only practical, reliable, smart to drive. It is also fun and sleek and full of performance.

- Jacob S

The car drives like a dream.

The car drives like a dream. It has a lot of space and plenty of technology to keep you entertained. The car does not cost too much gas-wise. It is a 4 door vehicle. It alerts you if a car gets too close by beeping whenever that happens. I highly recommend it.

- David V

Excellent family car! Lots of great safety features!

The safety features in the Honda CR-V are absolutely fantastic. The vehicle rides extremely smoothly and I always feel safe in this car. I have trusted and been a Honda driver for years, and they will last forever. Excellent car highly recommend for families.

- Summer L

This is a great SUV! It is very reliable.

No problems, so far. Drives great. Silent road noise. Very reliable, with proper maintenance. Great features and the comfort of the ride is great. The new engine that the car has really makes it feel like it is more powerful than a regular 4-cylinder engine.

- Luis T

Safety features and a modest price.

Love all the safety features, particularly the back up.. And cross traffic. However, it is not as comfortable as I would like and I would also love to have a 360 mirror. After six months we have still not figured out.. The radio. Lover the old dial models..

- Phyllis C

Honda CR-V: just do it now.

I love the sized the C-RV because it is not too big or too small. It rides smooth and is comfortable. It gets good mileage considering it is an SUV. I like it has navigation system and connects to my cell phone. I also appreciate the back up camera feature.

- Stephanie W

My honda is the best car because it is realizable and has great features.

I love my Honda crv. It is comfortable and has all the latest technology features. It is great on gas. This is my fourth Honda that I have had and will continue driving Honda's because of their reliability and performance. I am overall happy with my Honda.

- Christin D

The car is good for those who are slightly taller drivers.

The inside of the car is spacious and comfortable. The car does not make any unusual sounds and it has smooth acceleration. The car has Bluetooth and touch screen monitor on the dashboard. The car is very reliable, can probably last for more than 8 years.

- Angel G

I love my Honda CR-V. It also has lane assist,

I love my Honda CR-V. It gives me a smooth, car like drive, the seats are very comfortable, there is plenty of room in the backseat too. There are 5 people that can fit comfortably in the car. The trunk space is huge, considering that it is a smaller SUV.

- Petra B

Amazing car everyone should buy and drive.

I love my car. It is very comfortable, drives smooth, has a lot of great safety features as well. I would like a v6 engine, however for a smaller engine it does have good power. I have had very little to no problems with the vehicle since I purchased it.

- Amy M

Honda CR-V review, 2017 rust red edition.

Really smooth drive. It is good on gas and the safety features are very convenient. There is ample trunk space as well. Great family car. I would recommend this car to any small family, with 5 seats you have the feel of a sedan but the storage of an SUV.

- Kate S

I couldn't imagine a better first car.

It has safety features like automatic braking and lane departure detection. It has a backup camera and a large screen. It also has apple CarPlay where I can play music or get directions from my phone. It also looks very nice and is comfortable to sit in.

- Haley N

Great in all weather and very reliable.

Large vehicle for the class, high end features, AWD is great in snow, never had any reliability problems, fits 3 adults in backseat, love the screen and apple play, stylist exterior, moon roof is great size, great in all weather, leather is high quality.

- Megan S

The power going uphill is remarkable.

I love my car is handling the gas mileage it has room for four I like the safety rating it is an excellent family car and Hondas are so reliable when we move we have a ticket to Las Vegas from Los Angeles six times I was really blown away by the power.

- Mike H

Overall this is a great car but the seat is very uncomfortable.

The seat is uncomfortable. I like the radio/XM setup. I love the heated seats. There is good storage. I like the look of the car. There is plenty of room to have a car seat and a large dog. The heating and cooling system is great. It is a reliable car.

- Susan P

Honda's are good vehicles to have.

It drives good and smooth. The engine is quiet and it has good gas mileage. Honda's are good brand of vehicles. But when something breaks down it cost a lot of money to fix the problem. But as long as keep up maintenance and will run for a long time.

- Randy D

It's comfortable, dependable and well worth the money.

I like the trunk space and ease of pacing the vehicle. The remote start and automatic locking and unlocking is handy. I also love how simple it is to back up using the camera feature. This is a comfortable vehicle to drive, especially with a family.

- Nakeisha A

It does not keep an accurate mileage record for all years. Management is not at all responsive to customers

The Honda CRV is a good value pricewise compared to other similar vehicles. However, they keep changing it - and not for the better. The AWD is not an advance. 4WD was better. Less space every model. Plus, the car does not keep accurate mileage

- Linda M

It is the third CR-V that I have had!

These are fantastic vehicles! They are roomy, always reliable, the 2017 is extremely miserly with gasoline & they always have had high resale values. Plus the mid-level models have an extremely high amount of safety features. What is not to like?

- Teddy M

It is one of the safest and most reliable vehicles on the road with all the latest features

It is very comfortable and has heated seats! It has all the latest in technology which makes the car safer. The headlights are quite bright, which is good for my aging eyes. It does not have quite as much room as the minivan that I had prior.

- Anne V

It has GREAT gas mileage, and I love the place where it shows how many miles of gas I have left.

It has lots of room. I don't like that the shift console in the front takes up too much room. It is a beautiful color of blue. I wish it had the tire on the back like our old model. It needs cup holders in the back seat, I found out today.

- sally M

Just because it is smallest mean it does not have power.

I like my vehicle's comfort. It is gas mileage. I space for my children and our activities.... I dislike that the key fob can make the windows go down. This will happen while the keys are in my pocket making my car accessible to strangers..

- Brady C

The Honda CRV is stylish and great on gas. Great for a new family.

No problems. Excellent on gas -only fill up once a week. I travel from Lockhart to Austin everyday. It has a lot of room. Good backup camera. Excellent blind spot indicator. Lane corrector is a little heavy-handed. Great vehicle overall!

- Sara B

A great SUV for 5 people!

I love how smooth the SUV rides. I also like how much room there is in the trunk. It gets pretty good gas mileage. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of storage space and places for your cups. I wish navigation came standard.

- Karen K

It is a reliable car and comfortable to ride in. I love this car.

I love how reliable the Honda is. I don't like how it is not text hands free for my particular phone. I also am unhappy with the voice commands. I try to talk clearly for it and it still does not understand some of what I am saying.

- Michelle R

The SUV has great safety features.

The thing I love best is the vehicle assist with changing lanes. What i like the least is it really has bad ventilation I am forced to run air conditioning all the time to keep windows from steaming over even when windows are down.

- Barbara K

Lots of features at a great price!

Bought a Honda CR-V just over a year ago and love it! For the money, you get some great features! Impressed with the road assist, the automatic high beam feature, compatibility with my phone and the GPS on the screen. Great car!

- Jhanna A

It does not ride as smooth as the Honda Pilot.

The CRV is a small SUV. I like the way the car drives but I hate the way the hatch works. If you are not careful when you open the back some of the items may fall out. I wish there was a little lip in the hatch to prevent this.

- sue R

It is a really nice, reliable car to own and yet still in the affordable range.

i love the new technology that allows me to see behind me by camera. The car also alerts me if I am lane drifting. It lets me know when a car is close left or right which is vital for lane changing. The seats are heated. Yes!

- Cecelia S

Great highway and fuel performance

My CRV is fuel efficient, spacious but still easy to handle. Great highway performance. I would probably work on the tire sensors which manage to go crazy easily. But overall great performance and consider best car purchase

- Naysha S

CRV is a great car made by Honda.

CRV is made by Honda. CRV has excellent fuel economy and reliability. CRV has a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, and many driver safety features, including collision warning, lane-keeping assist and blind-spot monitoring.

- Joe d

It is great on gas! It drives great and looks great.

My CRV is an excellent car. It is great on gas, has enough engine power to advance when you enter the highway. It has great storage when you pull down the seat. There are plenty of ports for charging electronic devices.

- Joseph T

The model is built like a mid size vehicle while also keeping to economy built

It has built in navigation, which can be accessed by plugging in your phone. The space is able to accommodate five people also carrying a good amount of cargo. The only downside it doesn't have automatic braking system.

- john l

Mileage for a small SUV is fantastic!

Love the room, comfort and safety features. Versatile and economical, get 32+ miles per gallon. Carplay is more frustrating than truly useful. Wish it had cooled seats (Southern AZ) and integrated garage door opener.

- C D

Safe car- perfect for my newly licensed teenage son!

Brake hold feature, economic gas mileage, lane mitigation reminders, emergency brake system, stain resistant seats. Passenger seat is not automated and neither is back trunk gate unless you pay for the higher model.

- Jennifer G

It is great on gas mileage.

Like the gas mileage and the features like lane assist, automatic adjustment for speed when the cruise control is on and the lighted mirrors when there is a car in the blind spot.. Dislike the seats - uncomfortable.

- Gail M

Safety features are a plus. Great for long road trips.

Sitting up high so you can see the road helps. Safety features such backup camera, lane departure, side mirror indicators and plenty of room. You can put one seat down in the back for items to fit into the vehicle.

- Rita M

People should know that this vehicle is versatile and it is a trustworthy vehicle

I love the capacity of my vehicle, how well it drives, and how trustworthy it is to me. I don't have to worry about having issues with it with my kids in the car. I love that I am able to transport a lot in it.

- Katrina B

Safe and sturdy vehicle. Was totaled and my and my family walked away unharmed

love my CR-V - had a 2012 andwas in a accident where it was totaled. Me and my kids walked away unharmed. Bought a 2013 - gave it to my son so he would have a reliable, safe, sturdy car. Bought myself a 2017

- Carla L

Honda CRV Versatile vehicle family's love it/

Honda Crv is a comfortable roomy vehicle we have owned 3 of them and they have been quite and problem free, great vehicle when traveling long distances and the video recorder always great for the grandchildren.

- Anna P

Reliable vehicle for the family.

Car is excellent. I haven't had any problems with it for the past 2 years. Great for the kids and plenty of storage area in the back. I would recommend this vehicle for any family looking for a realizable car.

- Jim B

Great performing SUV at any weather, perfect for a family of four of five.

One of the best features is the trunk. There is so much room there. It easily fits three large suitcases. It also have lane assist, apple carplay, braking sensor, it tells you when you are too tired to drive,

- Petra W

Great Family Vehicle That Handles Well

Hondalink is really helpful for hands-free calling on cellular. Sound system is really good. Controls on the steering wheel are super-helpful. We got the heated seats option and love it. It handles very well.

- Bethany E

It's tough to narrow it down to just one feature. I suppose It's just fun to drive....that's the most important feature. I've owned a lot of new cars but this is by far the most fun vehicle i've owned

I love the good mileage, i love all wheel drive!, i love all the new tech involved in the car, the safety features. I love the look of the exterior, i love the roominess interior with the large monitor!

- Don R

Great economy and performance.

Love all the bells and whistles! Is an economical car, reliable, virtually maintenance free. If repairs needed, cost of service and parts much less than other similar vehicles. Great gas mileage too.

- Audrey K

It gets great gas mileage - around 32 mpg. Great for a compact SUV!

I LOVE it!!! No complaints. Great gas mileage. Well designed - easy to find features I use daily. Great exterior and interior design. Handles well and has "get up and go!" The price was also right.

- Alisa A

The CR-V gets great gas mileage. Even around town I get close to 29 mi/gal

THe CR-V is amazing; great on gas, comfortable to drive, great in the snow. I wish the headlights were automatic and that there were a better arm rest for the driver. Otherwise I have no issues.

- robin w

White 2017 CRV EXL with apple carplay and heated seats and many other features

I love my vehicle. The only issue I had was with the shift button as it should have a recall but doesn't yet. Other than that it drives very smooth and had many features I enjoy as it is an EXL.

- savannah R

Once car is in motion it has good pick up and can easily get to top speed. It's just the initial startup that the p pick up is slow.

Car drive well, but it has slow pick up at first. Reverse drives like car os loaded will rocks very slow. The Bluetooth mp3 system to play ur own music could be better, the program has glitches.

- Lora F

The Honda Sensing system helps keep your family safe.

I like the android auto functions and being able to bluetooth to the audio system. The Honda Sensing system makes me feel safe. That gas mileage is amazing. I have no dislikes with this vehicle.

- Stephanie M

The CR V gets great gas mileage and handles well on the road.

I love the size of the CRV. It allows me to feel secure on the highway because I sit high enough to see the other vehicles on the road. I drives well and handles well. Great on gas mileage too.

- Gretchen B

The Honda CRV is the best car for a a small size SUV

I love my CRV. It is a very smooth ride. It has apple carplay which is great for listening to my own music, making calls and maps. It has lane assist and auto braking. Great safety features.

- Ann R

back-up camera, lights dim and bright as necessary, phone calls thru phone, seats remember your settings

My last CR-V did 300,000 miles and I fully expect my new 2017 to do the same!! The car feels wider than the older ones. It has many unexpected new features, I haven't found them all out yet!!

- Loretta O

My Honda CR-V is the great!

I really love my honda it is a dark blue color. I have not had any issues with it except noe small feature that is broken but it is still under warranty so we are getting it fixed next week.

- Madison R

The one most important thing about my car is that it is reliable.

The reasons I like the Honda crv is because it is fuel efficient, compact, and reliable.. The reasons why I dislike the Honda crv is because it is weak and cannot choose individual features.

- Esther K

Very spacious and sturdy.

It has a big butt. I recently side swiped/ got caught on a pole making a turn out of a parking lot & I still do not understand how that happened. It was very upsetting as well as startling.

- Ashley C

The emergency brake goes in automatically.

I love all the latest features in my Honda CRV. The backup camera, navigation, Sirius XM radio are a few of the extras in this car. It runs well on gas so that helps with a longer commute.

- Christina D

Great over all car and I highly recommend one

I love the Honda CRV. IT gets 30 MPGs and has more than enough room. Thee only dislikes are that it does not have automatic headlights and only one intermittent windshield wiper setting

- Shawn V

How the mileage is usually over 35 on the highway.

I like the mileage it gets and how it drives. I don't like that it gets really dirty on the top of the rear window and because of the design of the lip over it, it is very hard to clean.

- Dave D

Honda CR-V low horsepower.

I love the look and style of my vehicle, along with the safety features. The hp is low, which helps with gas mileage, but sometimes I feel as though there's not enough 'get up and go. '.

- Tam P

Safety, fuel economy, Honda connect.

It is the nicest automobile i have owned, the safety and electronics are tops. I do not like the brake assistance but love everything else. I am a Honda fan. The crv meets all my needs.

- James L

Honda’s retain value for longer than most cars.

The Honda CR-V is spacious and comfortable. It drives smoothly and has great safety features. The screen is large and easy to use. The trunk is large and car seats fit well on the back.

- Kathleen N

It is a family friendly vehicle. I chose the car to meet the needs of our future family. We don't have kids yet, but I knew the car would last for when we do have new additions to our family.

I absolutely love my car. I had a Honda civic prior and enjoy the Honda brand. They made reliable cars that last. The CRV is spacious, has all wheel drive and has great features inside.

- Christina G

It is affordable and provides you with great value.

I enjoy the dependably. The gas mileage and affordability of the vehicle. The options are on par with other brands and it is safety ratings make me feel like it was a good investment.

- Mary V

It is very dependable. It is a nice truck.

The Honda crv is a very comfortable car. It gets great gas mileage and is very reliable. The cr v also a great choice if you want a vehicle that is not quite an SUV or passenger car.

- Julie L

It is very safe and comfortable.

Like great gas mileage as I travel extensively to visit family. It is a very comfortable ride, both in front seats and back seats. The paint seems to be fragile and scratches easily.

- Elaine P

the speed and the positive things that it has very good

my car is super comfortable sudo is great is suv is blue I love it relaxes me handle and especially be in the company of my family that is the most important thing for me especially

- claudio s

The trunk area is kind of small.

I really dislike that I have to put the back seat down to put the wheelchair in the back. There is not enough room trunk wise. I really like the tires and the backup safety screen.

- Edna O

It gets great mileage and has a plush, large and comfortable interior. Great for a small SUV! HONDA IS FANTASTIC!

I love how much it can hold. I am a huge gardener, and constantly loading it with soils and plants and it holds so much. My dogs too! And it's PLUSH for me as a driver. I adore it!

- Kaila K

Good car for short people.

Gas mileage is good. Compact size is easy to park. Has very reliable GPS system. It has comfortable seating in front and back seats. Trunk space is adequate. Fun to drive. Love it.

- Jane N

it's really safe to drive and very comfortable especially for long trips

love all of the safety features , the roominess, the gas mileage; not so happy with the built in gps as it sometimes difficult to locate an address if one is putting in a category

- jeanette p

It is just all around great.

I love the features and the way it drives. It has an upscale feel for a reasonable price. It is a easy to drive. I love all of the features that makes it compatible with my phone.

- Megan B

It is very reliable everyday.

I like how reliable it is. I like that it has the biggest interior in Its class. I like the adaptive cruise control but I don't like that there is not also regular cruise control.

- Eric B

Great price for a fantastic car!

Love my car, easy ride. Love that I can hook my phone up using the usb and I can get gps, music and phone calls. Love I can go far on a tank of gas. Enjoy the heated seats too.

- Debbie M

Make sure you can see the ground and low objects to you sides

I like that I sit up high and can see above other cars. I dislike that the hood is high, sometimes I have a hard time seeing the ground and what is in the ground to my sides

- Joanne F

How comfortable the seats are and the space in rear seat.

I love how the car handles. It has a smooth comfortable ride without a lot of wind noise. The seats are very comfortable. I love the driver assist options and use them often.

- Tammy L

Very spacious and great for gas mileage.

Love it! Rides very nicely. Spacious. Great gas mileage. Has all the features that you could want. The added space for hauling items is nice when you lay the back seats down.

- Heather S

It drives nice and handles well in bad weather.

Love how it drives. Heated seats and remote start are great! Don't like that it looks like every other SUV right now. NAV system is often incorrect. Doesn't have a CD player.

- Kathy B

It has a 5 stars for safety rating which is important since I have two boys.

I like how I sit up higher in the car and the mileage it gets. The back seats sit a little low and the car is made more cheaply than my 2007 CRV. I like the new body style.

- Dawn H

That I find my car to be extremely safe and reliable.

I love the drive and the safety features. But I wish that it had a few more features such as soft close doors. I also like the size of my car, I feel safe when I drive it.

- Alizah S

The CR V has so many great safety features built in at no extra cost. And they really work will.

I love all the safety features like staying in your lane and the blind spot outside mirror warning. I like using WAZE on the android app. I don't have any major complaints.

- Mozoto S

The CR-V is the perfect size for a small family. The compact nature makes it easy to drive and park.

The Honda CR-V has been extremely reliable. It is comfortable and feels very roomy inside. The leather option is a nice touch, as is the large screen for the radio options.

- Amelia K

there is a sound proof issue, it is the loudest car I have ever owned. The outside noise when car is on highway is really annoying

love how zippy it is, love no gas cap do not like back seat heat/cooling neither is adequate with the size. do not like blind spots, it is hard because of window placement

- steph C

It is dependable, runs well, and is well made. Is also stylish and comfortable to ride in

I like that it is dependable, reasonably, priced and stylish. I plan to keep it for several years and its maintenance is affordable. I do wish it got better gas mileage.

- frances b

It has a brand new engine in it.

Gas mileage is great. Lots of legroom in second seats.. Has a lot of new electronics that have had to be adjusted and computer system updated. Dislike the cruise control..

- Anna H

Navigation is awesome so is the swing your foot and your trunk opens

I love it. The only issues that I've had so far is that Android auto is tempermental with it and the driver's side Air Conditioning seems to have an attitude of its own.

- Rebeca M

The gas mileage is excellent, as well as the safety features.

Extremely safe and reliable vehicle! I have used Hondas for years, they are great cars and last forever. Highly recommend a CR-V if you are looking for a crossover SUV.

- Summer E

It is great for someone looking comfort and saving money on gas.

I like my vehicle because it is quiet on the road, it has all of the updated safety features and the sleek look. Currently, there is nothing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Cara H

It's a Honda. It will be a loyal car and last forever.

The CRV handles well. I wish I would have purchased the model with the automatic lift gate. The car feels safe, and is much bigger inside than it looks on the outside.

- Amy L

2017 Honda CR-V, safe, reliable, comfortable.

2027 Honda CR-V is comfortable and reliable. We have taken it on several road trips without any issue. Plenty of room for sports equipment in the back. Love this car.

- Kelly M

If it get good gas mileage. and that it reliable. and that it is comfortable.

what I like about my vehicle is it has more room then my car and that I can haul stuff when need. What I least like is not having a third row to the kids separated.

- jennifer k

Great on gas and rides really great. The safety features have prevent many of accidents over the last 1.5 years

Great space inside. Has a lot of comfortable features. Smooth ride but because I got the EX there is no automatic left that is the only thing I dislike about my car

- Alexis P

It's advanced technology is easy to use, and it makes driving long distances a breeze.

It's a nice color, and it is so comfortable even when driving long amounts. It's technology is easy to use, and the sound system is excellent. I have no complaints!

- Mary M

It's an excellent car I would recommend it for anybody and handles great seats for contemplate stereo systems nice has plenty of storage

I love my Honda and handles well he drives a purply it's good gas mileage It's seats for comfortably I've taken it down to long trips and it's surprisingly powerful

- Mike W

Best bang for your buck in terms of gas mileage for the price of the vehicle.

High gas mileage for a similar/lower price than the competitors of a different brand; comfortable, all types of newer features and the safety rating is also high.

- Dana R

Honda CRV is a Big Bang for the buck

Great safety features, very good gas mileage and fun to drive. Not a big fan of the cvt transmission, but it runs much better when the eco setting is turned off.

- Jeff J

It rides nice and is comfortable on inside. The Apple carplay is a nice feature

It fits my family good, lots of storage in the back. It also has technology I like. I don't like the fact there isn't much legroom For tall people in back seat

- Mish M

There are a lot of cabin space in this car compared to other cars and it makes travel very easy

I like the size of the car, there is a lot of room to have multiple car seats and items in the car at one time. I like to that it has the bluetooth connectivity

- Jennifer S

Safe; can not lock your keys in the car and app allows you to see maintenance issues, gas gauge, etc.

It's a reliable vehicle that gets good gas mileage. A lot of room for a SUV. It comes with a lot of bells and whistles. I love that it has a high safety rating!

- Tiffany E

Great value for a great price.

It has loads of safety features. It gets great gas mileage,. It is just the right size. I sit higher in it so I have a good view of the road and other vehicles.

- Deb W

Reliable but needs to work the bugs out of new radio interface.

It has been “buggy” a times. The radio has glitches such as getting stuck a one volume level and will not let you adjust. I hate the apple carplay feature.

- Erin H

It is amazing! It is top rated for safety and over all performance.

I love that it is a SUV so it puts me higher up. I love that it is a pretty blue. I love that I have plenty of room and that it has lots of cool tech features

- Julie A

Honda CR-V is a great car for family or someone who is active in sports.

Hondas are very reliable it is a great car. It has good space in the backseat and the trunk. It is a smart car as kayla’s and has a lot of digital features.

- Elizabeth D

Reliable transportation fun to drive.

Great car! Price is right, loaded with extras, reliable and cheap to maintain. Honda brand lasts forever! Last one I owned I had for 29 years. Love the Honda.

- Audrey A

It gives the best ride & we get excellent gas mileage.

I don't drive myself, but the CR-V gives an excellent ride. It is large enough to carry all our music equipment. I have no dislikes. And, I love the color.

- Davette T

It is not just your typical grocery getter Mom vehicle, this vehicle is for all ages and it is amazing.

The vehicle handles extremely well. The safety features are very new to me but I absolutely love them. It is a sharp looking crossover and absolutely amazing.

- Tiera C

It is safe and reliable. I feel confident I will get where I need to be without trouble.

Honda makes a high quality vehicle. I do wish it was a little bigger, but it is safe and reliable. It gets decent gas mileage and works well in the winter.

- Meg P

Reliable and gas efficient with a smooth ride and lots of room for comfort and transporting items

Love the room for transporting for trips, love the gas mileage and comfort Miss my CD player, having trouble with the Navigation working with internet radio

- Angela G

This is a Reliable family car that is fairly stylish.

I like the inside layout and overall aesthetics. It has decent gas mileage but that could and should be better. It's reliable and has space for my family.

- Lau B

Very reliable/dependable. Runs great, it's very roomy and comfortable.

I love my Honda, it drives very smoothly. It has all the bells and whistles. It has lane assist, and cruise control. For me, there is nothing I don't like.

- Janice J

The cr v looks Great and has great gas mileage

Plenty of room for kids car seats and stuff in the back. Love the extra features with the radio and CarPlay. Also love the moonroof and great gas mileage

- Adriana M

It is dependable and goes well in snow.

Quiet ride, great gas mileage, comfortable, great features. I wish it were narrower and sat up higher. Overall it is the safest vehicle I have ever owned.

- Deb S

I like the backup camera that it comes with now.

I love that it gets great gas mileage and it has room for when we travel for vacation. I'm also a y'all person and I would rather have a suv than a sedan.

- Christina H

Great safety features. Side mirror sensors,road mitigation,and break assistance.

I love everything about it. It's the perfect size for me and my family. Only thing I could say would be more color options for the outside of the vehicle.

- Julie H

It is a good size and it is very fuel efficient.

I love the size - it is perfect for our small family. I also love the layout of the dash and the entertainment console. I appreciate all the trunk space.

- Heather D

It's a safe, reliable car. Fun to drive. But don't expect less from a Honda.

I really love the smooth ride. It feels safe and solid. Even though it's only 4 cylinder, it's powerful. I don't like the flakiness of the Apple Carplay.

- Georgianne V

Comfortable and reliable.

Great car. Heated seats. Leather interior. Drives smooth. CD player and radio. The back seats fold down so you can fill it with stuff. Great car camping.

- Sue N

keeps you from getting into a accident with all the nice features it has.

I like the camera on the back the warning signal for crossing the street lines and the stopping by itself when getting too close to a car. No complaints

- lourdes s

It was a experiment to see if the CR-V model would be efficient.

The Honda CR-V is a really good car to drive, the performance is really good, it is very comfortable to drive around it is not to cramp easy to maneuver.

- Zachary M

Problems with new CRV Honda

Riding not very smooth. Had problems with dead battery that turned out to be a software problem. Also have issues with software problems in bad weather.

- Nicholas M

2017 Honda CR V SUV - Love it!

love my honda cr-v. only had it for a year but very pleased with it. No complaints. Lots of leg room, very comfortable. Love the brake hold feature.

- Dee V

Cr-vs are awesome! Much better than its competitors.

The CR-V is awesome. The drive is really smooth. I love the safety features too. The seats are very comfortable also. You cannot beat the price either.

- Leslie F

Honda Love,Family Friendly

I love my CRV. Great mileage, lots of room. For someone who isn't a big fan of driving the excellent visibility really makes me feel very comfortable.

- Susan M

the fuel efficiency and the blind spot mirror are features which make this brand a little different from others.

firstly it is very comfortable and classy with a brilliant design.it's also fuel efficient and the blind spot mirror is life-saving .its my dream car.

- sudhanshu t

My super dark green family leather seated unit

very peppy for a 4 cylinder. very luxurious for a Honda. did have the shifter break but was covered under warranty. scheduling services is super easy

- daniel j

Love love love the brake hold feature!

Does well with mileage, smooth on highway driving. Especially enjoy the brake hold feature for city driving to avoid leg cramps at long stop lights.

- Tamera D

It has great features and is safe.

I love my car because it is the perfect size for me. I love the color and all of the updated features. My only complaint is that was very expensive.

- Katie h

That it is safe for me and my family. I am comfortable driving my kids around in it

It is hands down the best car I have ever owned. Reliable and good on gas, with an excellent safety rating. I honestly have nothing negative to say.

- Jennifer R

Honda?s are worth the price every time.

It is reliable. Good value for the price. Has all the extras I wanted. Plenty of cargo room. The only extra I would like is a place for trash (the.

- Angela D

Drives like a luxury car—priced as a family vehicle.

So far no problems — really great car! At the beginning, I had one issue which Honda quickly fixed and since I have been very happy with my car.

- Danielle W

It has all around airbags for extra safety. Even in the back doors.

The new cr-v is so stylish and fun to drive. It has a turbo engine so it has awesome get up. The gas mileage is also pretty good I average 27 mpg.

- Nicole P

The safety system is very good.

Comfortable car for my family of 4. Drives nicely and is very comfortable. I could use a little more room but didn't want anything to much bigger.

- Adria F

My car has great safety ratings! It has a nifty backup camera and bluetooth capability.

I like that it has very safe consumer reports. The backup camera and bluetooth are nice features. I also enjoy the digital odometer/speedometer.

- Barbara T

Few repairs. Safety features.

Great vehicle. Have had no repairs; just regular maintenance visits to dealership. Smooth ride, efficient regarding gas, mileage. Safety features.

- Patricia A

Great gas mileage in town as well as on the highway.

The car is easy to handle: rides smoothly. There is plenty of room inside. I get great gas mileage. I like the new ACC: automatic cruise control.

- David K

It is very reliable, chevrolet is a wonderful make.

It sits up so I can see around me. I feel safer than if I was in a smaller car. The gas mileage is pretty good. Lots of space for hauling things.

- Lisa C

The most important thing about my Crv is that it is a reliable brand.

I like that my crv is dependable. I like that my crv is durable and reliable. My crv is fun to drive. There is nothing I dislike about my crv.

- Kathryn L

It is reliable and roomy.

It is roomy, reliable, and very comfortable. It has plenty of room for the whole family. I like that the Honda brand has such a good reputation.

- Meg S

it is a bit expensive but worth it

i really love how sleek the interior and exterior are. it drives smoothly and the turbo feature works well. i also love the blind spot detector.

- samantha s

It's great value for money.

I think that my car is great value for money. I love the safety ratings and the visibility. It has a great sized trunk and is very comfortable.

- Tal M

Love it. Very comfortable ride. That is why we own 3 of that model.

Rides smooth. Reliable. Good gas mileage have never had a problem with it controls easy to reach very. Comfortable & easy to handle runs quiet.

- Wanda J

The camera to see behind and side objects is the most important

I really like it , it's a smooth ride , airbags all around . The start button instead of using keys .The interior is comfortable and attractive

- Heidi K

CRV is awesome! An interesting detail about my vehicle is that when you use Bluetooth the fan turns off so there isn't any background noise.

It's a great vehicle. I haven't had any problems with it. It has had one recall. I feel very comfortable going on long trips in the vehicle.

- Robin B

It's great for a lot to get 33 inches and I 4.

I love it its great on gas mileage its fast I couldn't ask for a better car its black has 4 seats four does black leather and one of those 3.

- Jill M

It has an unique cruise control.

It is too small for me. The back seat area does not cool well. It sits to low for me. It gets good mileage. It is easy to get in and out of.

- Bonnie C

It's awesome and I think anyone looking for a new SUV should test drive one.

I love the look and feel of it. I love the extra space. (I previously had a Civic.) The seat warmers and moon roof are excellent features.

- Sarah F

You need to know where any blind spots are. Must know how to check and add fluids.

My vehicle is a 2017 Honda CR-V. I like the handling. The color is black. I like the auto braking system. Enjoy the reactive cruise control.

- Irwin W

Sunroof & remote starter - highlights of the SUV.

Vehicle is very reliable in snow. I especially love the features - sunroof & remote starter are the best! Very roomy for passengers & cargo.

- Maureen O

It has a backwards camera, which helps a lot with parking.

I like the size of the car and the color. The back lights make the car look "angry." Overall, it gets me from point A to B, so no complaints

- Jia C

The exterior is as attractive as It's interior

I like the technology capabilities, like Bluetooth connectivity, back up camera driver assist. I like that the doors open a full 90 degrees.

- Kennetra W

Great space and is able to get you through a little bit of weather with its AWD.

Great space, AWD but, has a few blind spots in the front when looking left and right. For a small SUV it has the space to move large items.

- Neil C

Best vehicle I have ever owned!!

Love my Honda CRV. Very dependable. Great gas mileage. Handles well. Very comfortable riding. Would buy again! Very comfortable to ride in.

- Jean R

The safety features and the ethics of the local Honda dealership.

I am driving my fifth CR V....love the car. Love the dealership. Not complaints regarding the car or the dealer. Top service and safety.

- Dale V

Quality and great gas mileage

Great comfort new technology good gas mileage. automatic lights do not function the way I want. Has automatic high beams that don't work.

- Charles B

It's great to drive, I like sitting up high to see. There are a lot of things for personal preferences, multiple seat adjustments and the steering wheel too. It does use a lot of gas due to its size compared to my previous car which was smaller. This car has a lot of space for items and packages.

Safety! This car sits up high and therefore you can better be seen by other cares and also be more protected. It also has lots of air bags.

- Tatine R

Its a Honda and there is almost no maintenance. Change the oil, rotate the tires and change a filter every once in a while. Great brand, great car.

Easy to access all area. Great for loading kids due to height. Also easy on the knees when getting into it. Smooth ride and great price.

- Anita J