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My car is maroon colored and there is nothing interesting about the car.

It is a nice car. It has auto lane detectors, keeps certain distance from the front car. My car is maroon colored and I really recommend this car. Connects automatically to your phone and has great speakers in the car. It is very comfortable seating. One flaw is that the gas mileage is pretty bad but other than that everything else is good. Honda’s CR-V is a triple threat: it packs a host of high-tech equipment, impressive fuel economy, and copious cargo space. As if that is not enough, the CR-V also boasts contemporary styling and engaging driving dynamics. It is powered by a base 184-hp inline-four or a more responsive 190-hp turbocharged 1. 5-liter inline-four. A standard continuously variable automatic transmission (cvt) pairs with front- or all-wheel drive. The CR-V’s roster of talents earned it a spot on our inaugural 10best trucks and SUVs list. While the compact-crossover league is loaded with home-run hitters, the CR-V has the stats to be named mvp.

- Jackie L

Having Honda happiness - hurray!

My new Honda CR-V xl is a wonderful compact SUV. It is comfortable with leather seating and an added aftermarket sportier interior. With a hip problem, I am able to sit in the driver's seat without climbing up or down into the seat. It is easy to exit as well. I sit above the rest of the traffic and can see my way around better than in the sedan. It is a bit small when wanting to haul items home for my garden and home decorating projects. I think this vehicle will serve me for many years to come. I am as thrilled with this Honda. As was with my 3 previous ones. My next vehicle in about 10-12 years will most likely be a Honda as well.

- Alice B

Great new extras but a few minor issues.

I love the new technology with lane assistance and blind spot alert. It is comfortable seating and I love the safety elements. However there is an annoying rattle in the arm rest. We cannot get it to stop. I have researched it and others complain of the same sound. At first we thought it was something under the car, but after searching for the sound we found it in the arm rest. The screen for radio and information is nice and large and easy to read. We wanted a CD player but were told that it was no longer an option much to the dismay of our grandchildren who are used to requesting songs and telling us the number on the CD.

- Flora G

Honda CR-V has the best safety features, great mpg and is very responsive.

I love the safety features and even though it is a compact SUV, it is very roomy and people in the back have a lot of room. The adaptive cruise control is great for trips and across town. It saves wear and tear on me. I have an all wheel drive and still get 32 mpg. It has a sharp turning radius and handles very well. The turbo engine is very zippy and has plenty of power to pass on two lane roads. I like being able to have my keys in my pocket and never needing to get them out to unlock or lock the car. I love the remote start. Also, apple play is included in my model and I find it a great advantage.

- Bill R

2018 CR-V Honda - I feel safer.

My car has driver assist I love it I feel so much safer driving. The performance of my vehicle is awesome I have no problems at all with the reliability. My car is comfortable however I would like to have more of a luxury feeling to the leather seats, and I would have liked more color preferences on the leather interior. My car has brake assist, Cruz assist, all of these features are completely sensible, well worth the extra money and to fill a 100% more safer on the road. The seats fold completely flat and I have a dual level split back. I love the push button to start the car. My LCD panel.

- Grace V

I love all the safety features!

First off I love the look of my car. It is sleek, it is a good size, and I love the black trim with the white/pearl colored paint. Performance wise it does not have the biggest pick up but I do not need anything that goes from 0 to 100 in less than a minute so it is just fine for me. I love all the safety features available including the light that comes on my side mirrors when someone is in my blind spot, the alert given if you turn on your turn signal or try to change lanes while someone is in your blind spot, the alert given when you are going faster than the car in front of you, and more.

- Megan P

Honda CR-V, love it. Most reliable, safe vehicle on the road today.

Very comfortable car, lot the fact it has just the right amount of automation. It has keyless start, anti-theft system, remote starter, heated seats (my favorite) and many other features. It gets great gas mileage, around 26 city and 30 freeway. It is easy maintenance, the factory tires that it came with were not the best and 2 have already blown out and had to be replaced. It also does not have a long warranty but that has become standard for most vehicles today. It handles very well, in all weather and has fantastic safety features. I feel very safe in this very reliable vehicle.

- Lori I

2018 Honda CR-V purchaser review.

Came with a car starter which is sometimes hard to start. It is also keyless which is ok but it should have been made to be able to start the car without having to get in the driver's seat and hit the brake in order to start it. If you have the remote on you it would have been better to be able to just push the start button from either seat. The radio is not that great so you almost have to buy into the Sirius radio but then you listen to the same songs every hour. The heated seats are nice. It comes with things that are not necessary but you pay for it in the price of the car.

- Maria P

Spacious, family- friendly vehicle.

The Honda CR-V is the perfect family care. It is very spacious for my 9 year old who loves to keep a book and art stash in the car and our grown doberman. Living in a city with a lot of potholes, I barely even notice the condition of the roads anymore secondary to such a smooth ride. My other half is well over 6 ft and he feels comfortable both riding and driving. We are an on-the-go family and all love how our car travels. In addition it has great trunk space for camping and sports equipment and groceries. By far, the best car I have ever owned.

- Sara C

Great for small families.

Honda CR-V is easy to drive and features are simple to navigate. Has an excellent safety rating and is very spacious especially in the back passenger seats. Wish the user interface was more modern looking and sleek. Volume is delayed when turning on vehicle so you are unable to lower the volume immediately if the volume was on high when vehicle was last shut off. Back up camera is very nice. Automatic windshield wipers are not as sensitive as I'd home and wish it had a higher setting. Turbo is nice and pretty fast, smooth ride and very quiet.

- Terri A

Great car for commuting, road tripping, transporting.

I love this car. It is comfortable and rides smooth. If I could change one thing, I would make the seat depth slightly less as for long road trips, it tends to catch me in the back of the knees and causes pain over several hours of driving, I am only slightly below average height for an adult female. I enjoy the adjustable lumbar support on the drivers side and have for years wondered why this is not available on passenger side as well. The dashboard and electronics work well and are nicely positioned to not be obstructive.

- Allison L

Smooth Drive, great backup and best bang for your buck.

I like my HONDA CR-V but, I don't love it. It lacks in storage, mainly behind the front seat, there are no pockets for dvd's and etc. Console has storage but it's awkward and I really don't consider as a real storage area. The ECON button really does not work for me. When I stopped using the econ button my gas mileage got better. Seats stain very easily even with water. All that said, the drive is much better than my 2011 Toyota Rav4. I love the backup camera. I would recommend this vehicle more if it had more storage.

- Angelique T

Stylish, sleek and very comfortable!

I love everything about my Honda! It drives smooth, the back seat is very roomy, heated seats are awesome, the list goes on! It is stylish and cozy, the lights are pretty and I love my touch screen. My kids are comfortable in there and are not smooshed. The sales representatives have great customer service and it does not end after making a deal. They continue to follow up and check how everything is going. They want to make sure that we're enjoy our new vehicle and that we're not having any issues with it.

- Ashley H

2018 Honda CR-V best investment I made this year!

I really love the 2018 Honda CR-V'. It has increased in leg room ( they added nine inches). The seating is more comfortable. The larger navigation screen is easier to see while driving. I also love the safety features such as braking alerts, and alarm when going of the road. I also like the warning light on my side mirrors when changing lanes. When the cruise control is set the car will automatically slow down when coming upon a vehicle and then resume when clear. I get about 35 mpg on the highway.

- Penny M

Honda CR-V review: this car exceeds my needs for in town and highway driving.

I like the comfort in front seats. I am fairly tall and both front seat are roomy. The back seats are roomy and comfortable as well. The gas mileage is very good 33 with highway driving and 30 around town. The extra features are very nice.. Auto bright lights, cruise control with lane assist, automatic seat positioning, back up camera, warnings lights and beeps on side for turning and passing. I like the look of interior with leather seats and wood grain trim. The exterior is nice looking as well.

- Mary P

Great safety features! Would definitely recommend!

I love my Honda CR-V. I have only had it for 3 months but so far it has been awesome!! It drives very smooth, and gets good gas mileage. It has so many safety features such as alerts when there are cars in your blind spots, lane departure alerts and braking alerts. The engine in the model we have is turbo charged and has great get up and go! When we travel, there is plenty of room for two dog crates folded down in the back as well as all of our luggage. I would recommend this car to everyone!!

- Angela F

It is comfortable to drive, has excellent safety features, and has awesome fuel economy.

I love everything about it except that it doesn't have a backup warning beep although it does have a camera. I especially love the blind spot indicators on the mirrors. My husband hates that the center console doesn't lock and moves while he is resting his arm on it. I love the mat finish on the black leather seats that doesn't seem to heat them up as much as a shiny finish would. I love that the rear seats are adjustable. I love the awesome mpg ratio.

- Debra O

It looks small, but it is shockingly roomy for both passengers and cargo.

I love my new car. It is extremely comfortable on long trips. I feel very safe with all of the safety features on this vehicle. The lane keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control (a marriage saver) and blind spot alerts are features I will not be without in future cars. Gas mileage is crazy good. I realized this morning that I cannot remember the last time I filled up my car; it still has half a tank. I would recommend this vehicle in a heartbeat.

- Katie G

I like the tray in the back for easy clean up. Bluetooth and rear view camera.

I like the car, but just used to more room from a minivan. It is comfortable and I like the features. I have no real blind spots when driving. It I love the rear view camera. It really helps when parallel parking. I love the Bluetooth connection with my phone. Driver seat comfortable. My daughter likes the pull down cup holder in the back seat. I like the 'tray' in the back. Great for going to the beach and collect sand. Easy clean up.

- Tina H

Honda CR-V best adaptive SUV on market.

I love owning an SUV. It is safe and performs well in the winter. It is perfect for kids. I always feel safe. I think Honda is a reliable brand and they stand by their product. The CR-V is their best value for the vehicle you are getting. I did a lot of research before buying my car and I chose the CR-V over the hrv because of the trunk space and safety features. I enjoy the automatic braking and adaptive cruise control features.

- Kayla J

Overall, the vehicle is peppy, gets good gas mileage, decent storage capacity, and is a great vehicle for a family.

Overall, my 2018 Honda CR-V is a very comfortable vehicle. It's 1.5 Liter Turbo 4-cylinder engine provides adequate power, although it may seem a little weak. The cargo capacity of the CR-V is more than adequate and it is the perfect vehicle for a family. The CR-V has Android Auto and Apple Carplay, so you can connect your phone directly to your car. The car is also extremely fuel efficient for a crossover, getting around 34 mpg.

- Wade G

The safest and affordable SUV available in the market.

Love my cr-v. It has all the new safety features like auto cruise control, lane change alert, break alert, blind spot assistance and so much more. Arise comfort is 5star and sound proofing is top of the line. Stereo sound is awesome with 6 speakers. My favorite is the remote start which is very convenient for both cold and hot weather. You can start your car to cool/warm up before getting inside. I would recommend this SUV.

- Ernesto J

My car is my friend in safety!

My vehicle offers some very outstanding features, such as seat warmers, many different safety points such as rear-view camera, multiple airbags, and a cruise control that automatically adjusts to the traffic around me! My car also has warning systems that if a vehicle is in my blind spot, I get a warning on the mirror on that side. I especially like that the headlights are automatic as are the windshield wipers!

- Valerie H

Big fan of the 2018 Honda CR-V.

This is my second CR-V. I previously had a 2016, and some many improvements have occurred in those two years. I love the heated seats, sunroof, wood trim, and automatic start. The backup camera, lane assistance, and brake alert are great. I know there are so many features that I do not even use, but I keep telling myself I'll eventually get around to figuring everything out. No complaints about this car at all!

- Erika S

The technology is more far advanced in the car then other models.

The performance, comfort, and features of the vehicle meets and beats any other car company. Honda has always had the same performance and comfort as its competitors but the reliability and features it has vs other competitors cannot be matched or beat. For what you get in a basic model you have to pay for an upgraded model elsewhere for features. Same goes for reliability you cannot buy that. I love the car.

- Jacob H

The ride of the century!!

I honestly love my vehicle. I got a more simple model of the CR-V. It has all the gadgets that I need and nothing more. I like for the back seats to be comfortable for those that I am riding with so I tested it out and I must say the ride is smooth and easy on the passengers riding in it. Plenty of legroom for the average person. Over all the Honda CR-V is a car well designed. It is a people friendly car!!

- Sarah W

It is easy to drive and loaded with safety features.

I like the safety features. If on cruise it nearly drives itself. If people are braking it senses it and brakes on it's own. If you get to close and it's not on cruise the car will brake. If you don't signal it will tell you you are leaving your lane...so when you do cross over on a lane when driving the car alerts you. The car alerts you to drowsy or distracted driving as well. This car is a winner.

- Rhonda C

My molten lava Honda CR-V rocks with safety features!

I have not had any issues with my CR-V as of yet. It is very safe and I love the features it offers such as lane keep assist and advanced cruise control. Honda safety is top notch and it really helps keep my insurance rate down. My CR-V offers driver 1 and 2 seating adjustments so when my husband drives, the seat adjusts with the touch of a button. The newly added volume button is a nice add back as well.

- Angela D

Safety comes first but plenty of fun features make driving exciting!

I love this car! The safety features that keep you in your lane, the blind spot indicator, and the back up camera make me feel safe and I feel the help prevent accidents. I love the sound system and the Bluetooth capabilities. Hands free texting and phone capabilities are easy to use and reliable. The automatic high beam is great for different driving situations. The drive is smooth and the mpg is great!

- Lori G

Heated seats? That is not even the best feature!

This car is wonderful. Handles great and the features are awesome. I love the heated seats, its my first experience with a car without leather seats to have heated seats. Overall, it drives really well and gets exceptional gas mileage for the size of the car. If you are looking to get out of the sedan life, look into the CR-V first. It is a good value, especially if you buy it new at the year end sale.

- Dylan B

Honda cr-v: a wonderful family vehicle.

I love the size and comfort of the seats. It has lots of legroom in the front and back seats. I love the safety features such as lane monitors to assist you in changing lanes or vehicles in the blind spot. I love keyless entry. It has a large compartment for groceries or luggage. It gets good gas mileage. I love the backup camera and the warning it gives if a vehicle or person is in your cross path.

- Lynda B

All the space. We can lay the back seats down and it's like we have a truck.

I love my car. It's all the room that my wife and I need. We used to have the 2 door Civic sport. While we were dating and before we had a home that was good enough. We found the CR-V in black and we fell in love. All the bells and whistles. The XM radio is a nice touch as well. I do with that Honda brought back lane assist on the side mirrors. Other than that our car is perfect, no complaints.

- Joseph Z

It is a roomie smaller SUV with great gas mileage.

I love everything about my car except 3 things. The sunroof does not close automatically when vehicle is turned off, the top of the console moves as the gas tank is smaller than my Accord and I have to fill up more often. Because I drive a good distance to work and use to have to fill up once a week and now I fill up twice a week which is ok just inconvenient. For the most part I love my crv.

- Barbara G

2018 Honda CRV is a great family vehicle

I love everything about my car. It is very spacious and perfect for my growing family. Great for long trips because it has so much space and it is very comfortable. It runs great and has a good deal of power for a SUV. I love all the extra features that it has like the lane control and all the xtra cruise control features. The backup screen is very large and you can see everything clearly.

- Sheena G

The safest vehicle I have ever been in (and it is fun too!).

The safety features of the car make a big difference. The auto warning system when an obstacle is approaching/in your way when backing up or changing lanes has prevented many potential accidents. The screen with the navigation screen and apple play make our long drives easy and fun. The performance of the vehicle is superb. We've been driving this across country with no issues whatsoever.

- Ter D

My CR-V. What a great vehicle I chose to purchase - I am glad I did.

I bought this SUV to sit higher and to get all the new safety features. I owned a Honda accord previously and had it for nine years. It was one of the most reliable cars I owned. The CR-V appears to be the same. It is very comfortable and easy for me to drive. I have adjusted to driving an SUV. One of the nicest features is the CR-V has Bluetooth and that is a really nice convenience.

- Joyce R

Fantastic safety features.

The CR-V is a great vehicle. I have the middle of the road model. I love the touch screen features for controls and the android auto link. Lane control assist as well as the distance feature on cruise control make it feel very safe. The vehicle blind spot indicator is another great safety feature. The seats are comfortable and backseat passengers said the leg room is great (adults).

- Dana Z

Absolutely love my Honda CR-V!!

The car is very comfortable, the driver seat has multiple adjustments to fit each person and 2 settings you can program for each regular driver. Great gas mileage, plenty of room with the back seats laid down to travel with both dogs! The only drawback was it was difficult to find the child latches to secure child seats. Once you found them it was ridiculously easy to install.

- Dawna H

It drives smooth and the ride is quiet/comfortable.

The car drives smooth, its comfortable, and lots of space. Hondas are easy and cheaper to fix when needed compared to other cars. Dealership I used is professional and so very helpful, so getting the car and upkeep has been very easy and on point. I get emailed whenever it may be time for a routine check up on the car and scheduling appointments is always quick and painless.

- Gabrielle R

That it is a reliable and safe car to drive.

The only thing I do not like is that during inclement weather the front radar stops working. I love everything else about it, the blind spot monitor and the back up camera are some of my favorite features as well as the heated seats. I wish there was a quicker way to change the audio source though, takes about 4 different selections to go from Bluetooth back to the radio.

- Brooke M

A great ride for any distance!

I am very happy with my crv. The driver's seat has a lot of customization features. I love the side view mirror alerts. They are very helpful. I do not fully understand a message that pops us regarding "time for drive to take a break" with a coffee cup symbol. Unsure how they are determining that. Security braking is also a nice feature. I feel very safe in this car.

- Jennifer S

My wonderful family vehicle.

I love my CR-V. It has enough room for 5 adults plus luggage. It runs like a dream and the back up mirror allows me to see if anything is behind me. The back seats lay down to allow me to load a large purchase and not have to bother anyone to get my purchase for me. It takes a little longer to warm up in the winter but going from a car to this is the difference.

- Joann E

The best detail of my car is the system inside.

I love my car, I have no complaints about the performance, size and reliability. I love that I have a backup camera for parking and pulling out of tight places. I have a front end camera to let me know when I am too close to the car in front of me. I also love that my car is spacious and comfortable, I can fold down my back seats for extra cargo room as well.

- Kayla Z

It is safe, reliable and fuel efficient. It is a great size and easy to drive.

I like the size, it is not too big or too small. It is very safe and reliable. The bluetooth doesn't work as well as I would like, but that might be an issue with my phone. I am not a big fan of the look of it but I don't particularly like how most modern vehicles look. I also take issue with how the blinker continues to go off when I flip the lever briefly.

- Jessie S

Honda CR-V got me with all the features I have seen in more expensive vehicles.

I just purchased a 2018 Honda CR-V. I love the color and the vehicle. It drives so smooth and I love how the steering is not loose. It has all the features I was looking for such as back up camera, side mirror camera, sunroof, and very nice interior. I am very pleased with this vehicle and love the size of it also. I am so happy I bought a Honda CR-V!

- Melanie B

CR-V is spacious, attractive and functional.

I love my cry. It has roomy interior, looks great from outside and very spacious trunk space. I like the Honda sensing system and it makes switching lanes and parking easier. It took me a while to get used to all the apps and knobs and features, but now that I have gotten used to things like keyless starting and Apple play with my phone, I am very happy.

- Miriam E

It is a high quality and innovative product.

From comfort to technology, these are the reasons why the CR-V is the best option sculpted sports-style panels and distinctive front and rear lights create a design that has set SUV standards. With sophisticated materials and innovative touches, such as seats with leather details and driver's seat with memory, the interior is synonymous with refinement.

- Manuel P

Our great Honda family car.

Great gas mileage, comfortable on highways and city streets. Holds 4 adults and luggage. Automatic transmission, 4 door with a rear lid. Has a rear view camera when in reverse. Wife's smartphone automatically connects whenever we are in the car. Comfortable seats, great heating and air conditioning. Has warnings for low tire pressure. Rear window wiper.

- Ronald U

Honda has Americanized itself.

Would have like more trunk space for my two dogs. Would have like to be able to open the car without needing my hands. Would appreciated more space to place items. Also would have preferred the doors opening from right to left. I love the mileage I get, the ability to drive and stay in my lane or when I drift over the line the vehicle lets me know.

- Sala N

All good and satisfied with this experience.

Just got the vehicle this past summer and so far I have no complaints. It is good on gas roomy and comfortable drive. I had a great experience with the dealership and will continue to do business with them in the future. I like the vehicle better than my other car which was Mazda. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend them to everyone.

- Hack C

The perfect vehicle for me. Priced just right.

Honda is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. This is my 4th CR-V. I never felt anxious about starting up the car and just going. It is extremely reliable along with being comfortable, roomy, quiet, handles very well. Has great pick up when needed. It has enough space for baby car seat, carriages, toys, and still can fit groceries.

- Helen S

Excellent safety features, mainly the blind spot indicators

Backup camera shows when other cars are approaching while backing up...also shows an arrow with the direction it is coming from. Both side mirrors indicate when a car is in your blind spot. It has an Eco option for better gas mileage. Many USB ports.. Dislikes: no CD player, no way to open my garage door without the remote control.

- Faye R

Great vehicle overall, but cheap quality material on the inside.

The car runs great, engine, handling of vehicle, stops nicely. Honda uses cheap materials for interior of car. Paint chips very easily, roofing material bubbles in the heat. The audio and a/c and heating system work great. Has other great features like brake hold feature where you can keep your foot off the brake while at a red light.

- Dana L

Style and comfort come basic

Great exterior look, interior well thought out, large cargo area, all with great MPG. Backseat: heat vents, two USB power ports, and cup holders. Front: more USB power ports with apple play. No need to pay for GPS/Navigation - just plug in your iphone and Maps with voice commands (if wanted) is displayed on the center console screen.

- Katrina C

Lots of cabin room and modern interior.

The vehicle is very reliable and it rides smoothly. I love the cabin space and the amount of cargo space for carrying large items! It was the best decision I ever made to purchase a CR-V. The vehicle has a good pick up and acceleration when needed. Overall this vehicle is a good family vehicle good for toting pets and family members.

- Justin D

My Honda CR-V... My thoughts and experiences..

No problems no issues I love my vehicle the gas mileage is great.. If something needs to me done or looked at my a professional or the dealership it notifies me. The Honda dealership calls text messages or emails me to remind me of a service that might need to happen based on the length of time the vehicle has been in my possession.

- Christine F

Many reasons to enjoy the Honda 2018 CR-V.

My Honda drives beautifully and reliably. I really love all the new safety features and feel very secure in driving it on back roads as well as highways. The hatch back is easy to open and close with plenty of room for luggage and packages. One nice bonus is the XM radio trial included with new Hondas. Geary overall car in my view.

- Susan M

2018 Honda CR-V is the best family car!!

I love my vehicle. It has amazing performance and is a high quality car. We are a military family so constantly driving everywhere and the gas mileage has been great! It has enough room to pack all our stuff and do large grocery shopping trips! I definitely recommend this car to someone wanting an SUV with a small car gas mileage!

- Haley H

Exceptional vehicle with fabulous safety features.

Totally reliable, good vision, good storage space and lots of safety features. Very comfortable to drive, good pick up and very safe both in the city and on the highway. Fantastic value for the money. Rides high, smooth and comfortable. Great back up camera which also allows to see below the car for small children and objects.

- Carl K

I like my CR-V story about what happened when we forgot to turn the lights on.

Does not have a CD player love the heated seats and the heated mirrors I really like the back up camera. I like the engine. It runs. I like the color. The sun roof is nice. It has headlights. But you can accidentally forget to turn them on and then the police pull you over because the tail lights are not on! That is embarrassing!

- Christine J

The car has some really great features and the ride is very smooth.

I have noticed that the windows fog up and there is a film on the windshield. The auto light switch does not seem to work well. Lights stay on for a long time once the car is turned off. The gas tank does not have a cap on it so, it is a new feature and quite nice. I actually love the car and wish I would have gotten it sooner.

- Jennifer D

Black and turned polished aluminum 18" wheels.

Fully equipped front air bags and side curtain airbags. Fully equipped, 30+mpg, smooth ride stereo radio, Bluetooth, comfortable seating for five passengers. Very large cargo area with side pockets for things like egg, milk, medicines, cargo netting for cargo. Running lights lads, good looking night package. I love this car!!

- Fred C

The car feels very solid & safe & easy to drive and park, not too large.

Love the amenities, lane assist, cruise control that continues with your hands off the wheels for about 10 seconds, back up camera, camera in side mirrors that lights up & beeps if you try to move to another lane, simple navigation system, independent climate control. Good visibility, easy to get in & out of, feels very safe

- Dorothy M

Honda CR-V is the best car on the market.

No problems. It is reliable, safety iOS top notch including setting his may seconded you want drive the vehicles in front of you. It also corrects you to stay inside of the lines. It rides smoothly and feel safe in the vehicle and extremely comfortable both with driving and safe. I give it a 10/10. Best car I have ever owned.

- Kayla S

Spacious, comfortable, nice features, not much kick.

Smooth ride, quite a few features that are standard for the make and makes it more comfortable, however it does not have a strong kick for acceleration. I would recommend a trial run of this vehicle- I was surprised how spacious and comfortable the vehicle was. Preconceived notions were incorrect and I like driving this car.

- Katie T

Comfortable ride, too much tech.

Too much technology, makes things slower such as opening the rear trunk, changing radio stations, just too much waiting. The door lock feature also takes longer then just opening the door with a key. Too much electronics for someone who is not used to it. The dash also has a lot of electronic features that I do not need.

- Leslie W

Automatic rear lift and back up camera it also has a great full car heating.

Reliable features etc gets good gas mileage... All wheel drive is great for the weather... Looks great and has heated seats I love the red color and the stereo system too people that ride in it say good things and for a cold weather climate it is really good.. When I go to the mountain it really holds the road well.

- Eric E

Nice feature of Honda CR-V 2018.

I love our car because it has a safety net for passengers such as signal notification if there's a car beside you so you can't pull over, will notify if there's a problem in your tires, also if gives you notification to take a break if it sense that you been on the phone for a while most important is its affordable.

- Marie G

Battery doesn't last more than 6 months.

Battery quit working after 6 months and need replaced. It was like pulling teeth to get it replaced, but final got it replaced. It wouldn't start the first night and the second night it wouldn't start. They kept it over night and replaced the battery and called the next morning to say they had replaced the battery.

- J A

It is a perfect size family car, gets great gas mileage and rides comfortably.

The Honda CR-V is a perfect family car. My son plays baseball and we are able to load our chairs, a foldable wagon and all of his ball equipment in the back without any trouble. The design is modern and we chose the color lava and it is absolutely beautiful. We have owned several CR-Vs and plan to keep it that way.

- Ginger O

Room to relax on long trips.

We love how roomy the CR-V is compared to the Toyota RAV4 hybrid that we had. Makes it much more comfortable to do long distance traveling. It took some time for us to be able to sync our phone to get GPS on the screen, but we got there. However, it does not work consistently. Is super sensitive on the connection.

- Kim T

I am happy with all of the features so far.

I chose the Honda CR-V because it had the most features in the size and price range I was looking for. I am enjoying the features, including the remote start and heated seats. No issues with the vehicle to date aside from a slight whistling noise when air is running. Also, could use a little boost in acceleration.


Comfortable car with useful features.

This car is very easy to drive, it is not too high or too low. The backup camera is very helpful if you live in the city and you are bad at parallel parking! What a life saver! The features are so easy to use and the car is so comfortable! I am talking about heated seats and everything! And the radio is fantastic!

- Jessica L

Love my CR-V Amazing ride!

Really love the ride of this vehicle. It is so smooth, it almost drives itself! Gas mileage is awesome! I average about 34 mpg. It is so convenient to maneuver around town and find places to park. The storage room in the back is great. I can haul just about anything I need to. The look off the CR-V is so stylish.

- Phyllis D

Honda CR-V -best value for comfort and safety among similar size SUVs.

I love the smooth ride and handling provided by my 2018 CR-V ex-l. The safety features are an incredible bonus as I have a teen who is learning to drive. I researched several SUV makes and models before selecting the CR-V. For the comfort, safety features, and price, it was the best value I found. I love my CR-V!

- Heather N

Worth the money investing in a Honda cr-v!

Love the comfort of the seats front and back. Feel safe with the lane departure features. Remote start is a nice feature too. Apple carplay comes in handy since we can use that instead of paying extra for navigation. Our apple phones can connect easily for navigation and for making or receiving hands-free calls.

- Debra A

There’s so much to see inside.

My family loves this vehicle! The back seats sit just right so my older kids have enough leg room no matter where they sit. The sound system is absolutely amazing! The XM radio tunes me into so many stations! I am more than pleased with the amenities this vehicle offers. I wish it had a larger sunroof though.

- Pam G

2018 Honda CR-V inside review.

It is really nice inside and outside. It drive smooth and gas saver. It have a backup camera so you can see when backup. It also have Bluetooth connection and can download music to listen. There are a lot of space in the back row so you can move around. The back truck is big so you can put a lot of stuffs in.

- Mai Y

The Honda CR-V is so comfortable and stylish!

The car is extremely comfortable, sleek and I just love all of the features. The gas mileage is great, it has plenty of trunk space and space in the back seat for even adults to fit comfortably. The controls on the dash are easy to navigate and adjust when necessary. The keyless start and entry is amazing!!

- Rachel T

It has really great safety features. I had a wreck in my 2nd one and we didn't have any injuries.

I love all of the safety features. I really like the cruise control that slows itself down if you come up on a car in your lane going slower, but it did take getting used to. I'm not real crazy about the lane keeping assist, it seems like it's not aligned properly. This is my 3rd CR-V. Couldn't be happier!

- Sonya D

Super features on the cv-r.

I like its features. There is fast stopping in degrees. I like the brake holding at railroad crossing or stop lights. There is adaptive cruise control which slows my car when a car is ahead and then can speed up when traffic is clearer.. Great looking interior as good as my last car which was a Cadillac.

- Audrey A

2018 Honda CR-V: reliable & comfortable.

I have been a Honda vehicle owner for many years and always owned an Accord. When I shopping for something a little bigger, I chose the Honda CR-V. I cannot say enough good things about this vehicle, it is very comfortable and reliable, but then again I have only had good experiences with Honda vehicles.

- Katt S

Perfect crossover without being a minivan.

My car is the perfect size for me and my two boys especially because they still have plenty of space as they grow. I do wish it used less gas but I had used a hybrid vehicle before this so I had been spoiled by the gas mileage on it. The CR-V is safe and looks good without any frills that I don't need.

- Abbie M

Efficiency at its finest.

Great performance and excellent gas mileage. Compatible with Apple CarPlay and has multiple USB charging stations for when we're on the go. Also has and econ feature that allows us to save gas when in town and running errands. Awesome family car with plenty of space and storage. Would highly recommend.

- Sarah S

That the security system is amazing. No one can break into it

I like that it's reliable. It doesn't break down a lot. I wish it had a better sound system and better car menus. I wish it had a free updated maps. It's pretty dumb in a day and age like this that you have to pay $100 just to upgrade the maps. Where as google maps is free on the internet. please fix

- Jillyn C

Great on gas and a smooth ride.

The CR-V is great on gas and gives a comfortable ride. It has great safety features as well as lane mitigation and lane assist. The center console is a bit small, and I do not love the center arm rest because it slides too easily. Also, the fabric is not great. But the overall car is a good quality.

- Michele T

Amazing seats, incredible safety.

I love how sleek and cool the car looks. I absolutely adore the leather seats. They are easy to keep clean, and extremely comfortable. I also love all of the safety features in the car - I feel the safest I ever have while driving and parking. I also like the connectivity with Bluetooth and CarPlay.

- Chelsea Q

Honda CR-V: Ideal vehicle for small families

We selected this vehicle based on Honda's reputation as a reliable brand. The CR-V met our needs in terms of size, offering a roomy backseat and we appreciated the 90 degree open of the doors, useful for a car seat. The vehicle is pleasant to drive and had less road noise than the comparable RAV4.

- Carrie G

The Honda I review earlier is amazing.

Then Honda CR-V is a great car, it adds luxury and style. It gets great mileage, is a great sized car. Ex-l model has 4 total USB ports and an HDMI port. Trunk is an automatic, and car has a self lock feature. Windows are tinted, cruise control adjusts on its own, lane departure alerts available.

- Rami B

There's a lot nice technologies in my car that makes driving easy and enjoyable.

I like that it is spacious and there are a lot of features that makes driving easy. I really like the backup cam so I can have a second tool at my ease when I am driving. I like brake button because I can utilize it when I am at a drive through and I do not have to keep on braking or park my car.

- Rin C

The most useful feature for me, is the backup camera.

The 2018 Honda CR-V is generally a very reliable car. The new technology on the interior is easy to use and navigate. However, I have had some problems where the screen has stopped working or froze. Other than that, this car is a must for anyone looking to purchase an affordable and reliable car.

- Renee K

New 2018 SUV. It is an affordable SUV that is great for driving around town.

The vehicle has all the bells and whistles. It takes a while to adjust to them. They make driving easier once you understand how to set them. I love how you can immediately adjust your seat, radio, cell phone is programmed to system for safety reasons. The design of the vehicle is very efficient.

- Nancy F

There are a lot of safety features in this car that are wonderful for a family and makes the car insurance cheaper too!

I love the Honda CR-V because it rides nicely. I love the protection when the mirrors detect when a vehicle is on the side while driving. I also love the cruise control how it slows down & speeds up with traffic and will stay in the lines as it makes long trips less stressful and easier driving.

- Michelle K

CRV is better than I expected.

Like sitting higher. Backup camera very helpful. Change lane signal warning good. Comfortable driving on long trips. Love garage remote, keyless entry & open. Like that the back door opens 90 degrees making it easier to load & unload. Only drawback is I think GPS should be standard on all cars.

- Jeannette B

The engine in this car. It accelerates so easily and quickly.

This vehicle is roomy, even my 6' husband has plenty of leg and head room and passengers assure me they have plenty of legroom in the back although 3 people in the back seat is pretty cozy. The car is easy to handle, nimble and has plenty of pep. All the controls are convenient and easy to use.

- Deborah S

Honda CR-V. The seat warmers.

My CR-V is awesome. It handles the road smoothly and it is a pleasure to drive. It is stylish, sleek and great looking. The salesperson was outstanding and honest. I love my car. Because of all the special features I really like driving again. My greatest pleasure is listening to Sirius radio.

- Joseph D

The one most important thing is its reliability! If you need or want a car that will last long beyond 100000 miles, this is the car for you.

The Honda CR-V is an excellent all around small SUV! I've been able to fit a lot in there, including the needs for a three day beach vacation with a toddler! It's comfortable for long and short drives and has a complete infotainment system that integrates with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto!

- Cheryl M

The brake hold is the best feature in my opinion.

It is super roomy and great for long road trips! I like how easy it is to put the seats down in the back for more storage. The brake hold is awesome when in traffic, in line at a restaurant or even stop lights. The radio is cool and you can change the color of the background which is awesome.

- Greg H

It is very comfortable and has high safety ratings.

My Honda cr-v has the safety features I like such as lane departure warnings and advanced braking. I also like how it connects seamlessly with my smartphone for music and directions. I do not like that the advanced braking system kicks in when I go under a low bridge. This is very dangerous.

- Lisa S

Find comfort and reliability in Honda CR-V.

Easy to drive with visual backup system. Very comfortable with lots of legroom. Good in the snow and has great gas mileage. Lots of trunk space. Automatic car starter. Gps system to help you reach your destination . Many safety features . Up to date technology including phone access.

- Nikki L

The Honda CR-V is a winner!

The Honda CR-V is categorized as a luxury car, but it is luxurious. The turbo gives great acceleration. The technology features are generally intuitive. The only complaint I have is the number of presets available on the radio. Given the computerization of the car, it should be an easy fix.

- Phillip B

The C-RV is comfortable, powerful and has a lot of important safety features.

It is very comfortable and easy to drive. There is a lot of space. I like the power and responsiveness. Shifting is smooth. My only issue is the reverse camera sensor is too sensitive. It picks up passing traffic in different lanes. The Bluetooth also disconnects from the phone frequently.

- Tara F

What I like about my new cr-v.

I bought my new Honda CR-V in late june. It is exactly what I wanted, even the color. The technical attributes are exciting -- I can see why self-driving cars are on the horizon. I like the lane departure notifications, but my favorite thing about my new car is the adaptive cruise control.

- Peggy P

The amazing Honda car summary.

Very reliable. Comfortably fits 5. The sound system is amazing, everybody always comments on the high sound quality. I also love apple car play, I use it every time I drive. The navigation system that comes with the car is not that good, but if you have apple carplay that is not a problem.

- Natalie M

It's safety features are a big selling point for me.

I like the safety features. The back up camera helps me navigate a long driveway. The car brakes for me if I get too close to another car. The car lets me know if another vehicle is in my blind spot when I begin a lane change. It also alerts me when I start to drift into another lane.

- Melanie W

Loyal Honda CR-V customer for life.

Love this vehicle! Traded a 8 year old CR-V and never had a problem with it!! Almost 200, 000 miles and I never changed the brakes. I will never consider any other vehicle but a Honda. The 2017 model gets almost 33 mpg and does not have the most power but very happy with the gas mileage.

- Faye G

Amazing features included!

My CR-V is amazing. I really love all of the handy features it comes with like the reversing camera. It also allows you to connect your phone for music and texts and phone calls. The seats are awesome they're very comfortable my kids often fall asleep in them with ease on long car rides.

- Destiny W

If you're looking for a safe and reliable car, you should choose the Honda CR-V

The 2018 Honda CR-V is a really great and reliable car. It has a lot of space in the back because you can fold the seats down. The mileage is pretty good ranging from 28-30 miles per gallon.The only problem I have really have with the car is the seats could be a little more comfortable.

- Erin R

My Honda CR-V 2018 is okay car.

No problems - reliable - performance is great for the size of the engine - comfort level is ok good be better - features are ok but hard to get use to the keyless entry but eventually it will be ok - roomy - great storage room - have had no problems at all with it - gas mileage is good.

- Cathy W

I love Honda's for the fuel efficiency and resell value.

I love Honda's this is the third Honda that I have owned. They are reliable vehicles with excellent resale value. It is fuel efficient and I average about 32-34 miles per gallon. My CR-V rear seats fold down for carrying and transporting large items which is very helpful when traveling.

- Cindy C

I recommend a Honda to anyone seeking a reliable and dependable car.

My Honda CR-V is very spacious both the front and back seats. The trunk could be a wee bit wider and even on the side for easy of carrying stuff in back. I am a three time Honda owner and all my cars have gone over 100, 000 miles. . With minimal repairs. Honda's are extremely reliable.

- Annie F

Honda crv- perfect car for around the town.

I love the 2018 crv! It drives very smooth, has a nice touch screen, nice climate features, and looks sleek on the outside. I get around 25 mpg, and that is strictly driving in the city with the ecoboost on. I love the Bluetooth Audio system, and the heated seats are really powerful!

- Mia K

2018 Honda CR-V review from a mother.

Absolutely love the Honda CR-V. The seating is extremely comfortable. Very durable interior. Love the large screen, with apple carplay. Back seat is very spacious. Interior is easily cleaned. Trunk has lots of room. Exterior has a nice and sleek design, upgraded wheels are awesome.

- Chelsea O

Good driving experience, save money.

It is good car, I love my car because it thrifty, running smooth, not much damage. The car has gone through many different directions and I feel great there. Sometimes there are some minor failures but it will not matter to me. At the cost I spend so far I feel very satisfied.

- Dao D

Best gas mileage for SUV comforts.

Other than needing new tires at 27,000 miles there have been zero problems and we love the CR-V! It has the space we need and gas mileage is phenomenal. We travel often and on the road mileage is generally 38-40 mpg with in town being 32-34 mpg. I would definitely recommend it!

- Lauren W

2018 Honda CRV is a fun car to drive.

It is very easy to drive. I only wish it had back up sensors instead of a camera. I also miss a CD player. The heated seats are wonderful and I live the moon roof. The warnings lights on the side view mirrors are very helpful. It gets good gas mileage but has a small gas tank.

- Nannette S

It whistles due to an air-conditioning problem.

My car whistles and makes funny other sounds. Other than that, the car is great. Honda refuses to do anything about it. Supposedly there is a fix that will be ready "soon. " I enjoy having a back up camera and cargo space for my dogs. I also really like the Bluetooth features.

- Katie G

Spacious while compact enough that it drives, parks like a sedan.

My only real complaint is that it takes much more effort than I feel like it should to shift gears from stop to accelerate. It seems like it should have a more powerful engine than it lifts off with from time to time. Otherwise I would change the seats to leather if I could!

- Ellen W

New 2018 Honda CR-V. Surprisingly greater safety features from previous model.

This Honda CR-V has additional safety features compared to our 2013 CR-V. It is wider with more cargo space. Rear side windows are larger which helps to alleviate previously noticeable blind spots. Backup camera is lower which allows for easier viewing and additional safety.

- Marcia R

Reliable but fun SUV with excellent gas mileage.

SUV with that drives like a car. I love the safety features available such as blind spot warning, brake warning, automatic headlights, lane keep assist, backup camera. The display is user friendly and easy to read. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of cargo room.

- Deborah H

This car also has Bluetooth connection which I really appreciate it.

I love my car because it is super spacious and it also has the camera so I can see what I am backing into. That feature has been a lifesaver. This car is also really great on gas it usually takes me under $30 to fill my tank. I would definitely recommend this car for anyone.

- Sydney G

Great car but subpar mileage!

I love everything about by car. It is roomy, it feels elegant with the wood trim and there is so much storage space. If I had to pick something negative to say, the light colored seats was a bad choice as they show everything. Also, the gas mileage is really only around 25.

- Bridget T

I like the gas mileage it gets. It is economical.

I do not like the seat controls. When I enter the car my leg hit the remote button and the seat moves forward. Do not like that. I wish it had more leg and seat room in the back seat. I'd definitely get leather seats rather than cloth. They do not seem to be scotch guarded.

- Mary D

The CR-V a car for all seasons and reasons.

The car has numerous features as well as numerous conveniences. I had the car 6 months and I am still discovering new features. The vehicle is sporty and gets great gas mileage. It is very roomy for all the equipment I bring along when I go camping or take a long road trip.

- Marty V

SUV for a small size family with loads of luggage.

Honda CR-V is a family car with a big cargo area. Very comfortable and spacing between the seats. It's more like a half autopilot car with so many latest safety features. Good on gas mileage. Auto lock and remote start are one of the cool options that I like most about it.

- Mike S

I really like the automatic braking warning and the lane change sensor.

My CR-V is fabulous. I love the way it handles, the turbo engine gives it so much more pep. The navigation system is great and the leather seats are great. The only thing I did not like on this model are the wheels, not very attractive so I purchased aftermarket instead.

- Karen H

Fun to drive and race and other stuff.

It is super reliable. It is fast. It is safe. It has a nice design. Futuristic. Different. Cool. Smart. Is not a gas guzzler. It has a nice interior. It is spacious. Fun to drive. Easy to drive. Not too big. It is easy to fix. Easy to change oil. It has a nice exterior.

- Marques O

Best car ever. But build now only in us, not in japan.

Very comfy, fun to drive. A lot of very useful futures. Leather, heated seats. Good sound. Like color of the car. Next time will buy only Honda CR-V. It is my third Honda CR-V, and I love it. Very good miles per gallon. Average is 27-28 at winter, in summer about 32-34.

- Elena E

Honda CR-V built for comfort!

I have had no issues with my Honda CR-V. It is a fabulous vehicle filled with all sorts of creature comforts. The seating 12 way adjustments and heated seats make for a comfortable ride. The technology is also excellent and everything in the vehicle is easy to maneuver.

- Paula P

Highlights of my car are the way it drives, back up cam, & calls in the car.

I love the backup camera, navigation is awesome and the Honda auto helps with making calls through the car so I can focus on driving. The dealer has been great to work with. No problems with the car and it rides smooth. Would buy another in a heartbeat. I love my CR-V.

- Melinda E

Color is very easy to keep clean and really shines.

It is a Honda with most of the bells and whistles, get great gas mileage, love the color, it is red, I can haul lots of things big and small, I feel very safe as it is an SUV and I sit up higher, love it, will buy again, it is very easy to keep clean and really shines.

- Sue C

It is s great vehicle. It has dual curtain airbags.

It drives very well. It has a camera for backing up. It has android auto GPS system. So you connect your phone to your car. You can make hands free calls and texting. You use push button start. You can even do remote start for in the winter time. It has seat warmers.

- Susie S

The best among the best of Honda CR-V.

Honda CR-V SUV of the year 2018 is bigger, with ton of storage room and useful touches. Its very comfortable to use because of its sensing devices like keeping lane assist, active cruise control, collision prevention, it is even fun to drive with family and friends.

- Buena A

Roomy car that is easy to drive.

Comfortable car, easy to drive. I like the safety features and how roomy the interior of the car is. I like the control panel which is easy to control. Nice a big feeling on the interior but small enough to make it easy to drive. I do not like the heater of the car.

- Michelle R

Dislikes on the Honda 2018 CR-V.

Inside vents are turned the wrong way so I cannot attack my phone and use my GPS. The backup camera is in the wrong spot so every time it rains I cannot see backing up. Do not like the auto drive, not safe. That is all I have had a problem with so far in this car.

- Cindy B

I have always driven Nissan but now I have switched to Honda!

No problems so far. Bought the car in April 2018. Engine is very responsive no drag off the line. Wheels are solid and grip the road well. Very agile in traffic. Not as much cargo room as my old Nissan rogue but adequate. Very comfy and smooth for long road trips.

- Pamela H

Family Car that works for everyone.

The CRV we have is great, spacious in the back especially the trunk! The features that is included such as the eco mode to sports mode, gives really good gas mileage. I can plug in my phone and connect my gps with the car, that is one of the best features, for me.

- amisha S

The perfect family friendly SUV.

I have loved my CR-V. It is safe and very comfortable for my family of 4. I love the rear view camera and the signals it has when someone is in my blind spot. The CR-V is very reliable. We have not had any issues or concerns in the last 8 months of owning the car.

- Vasu T

Family and pet friendly car.

The sunroof is a huge plus for the summer! I also enjoy the bum warmers for the cold winter days! Very spacious. The side mirrors have a blinking light for when a car is in my blind spot which really helps. Overall the car is great and would definitely recommend.

- Megan M

The Honda CR-V: safety first.

I love the 2018 Honda CR-V. What I love most about it are the safety features. It signals if there's a car next to you when you want to change lanes, it has lane departure, etc. Seats are very comfortable and I love the dashboard and the fact that is has carplay.

- Andrea B

Sporty SUV of the year 2018.

Space, comfortable seats, number of people it seats, economy of fuel, size, stereo, versatility of speed, turning radius, ecoboost, engine size no maintenance, features, hand controls on the steering wheel, sunroof, electronic features, sports package available.

- Robert C

The Honda CR-V: A Reliable, Basic Car for everyday needs

I like that this car is spacious, drives well, is highly reliable. I do not enjoy the fact that it's a lower price SUV as I prefer heavier cars w more technology. My car also has the most basic of technology - no GPS, no touchscreen so I wish I had more features

- Tanya R

The car has amazing trunk space as well seats lift in case more space needed.

The vehicle is really nice drives exceptional. Although sometimes the car seems the be made cheap. It is really good during the snow but tends to need gas pretty fast if you do not press the eco button. The comfort of the car is small if you have a large family,

- Amy C

Love the option of apple iPhone.

Recently leased this vehicle this past summer and so far I have only positive experiences including my time with the dealership. It is a smoothie easy ride, roomy inside the vehicle and great in gas for both highway and city driving. Love the apple phone option.

- Jacqueline C

You can get a quality vehicle for a reasonable price. Honda gives you quality at a fair price.

So far, the vehicle operates okay. I like it because it's my first SUV and I like being able to sit up higher. I also like the amount of trunk space I have now. The only complaint is that I've only owned it for 4 months and it's already making a squealing noise.

- Kim J

CR-V is the best SUV out there.

It is perfect no complaints it runs perfect good technology especially apple carplay good acceleration good on gas mileage great power with the supercharged turbo engine and it has great handling and great gas mileage nothing beats the Honda CR-V the best SUV.

- Joe G

Perfect for me! Very happy with this car.

So many buttons it feels like a luxury vehicle! Very happy so far. Very safe ride. Auto braking is great feature, lots of room, good gas mileage. My only complaint is when you are stopped the get up and go is slow. Got the price point I would highly recommend.

- Jessica W

It has met high standards of safety by Edmunds & car & driver, which compared the CRV with other similar vehicles.

Like all the bells & whistles, navigational system, lane assist, back up camera, keyless & I look forward to using the heated seats & heated steering wheel this winter. The side mirror camera alert is very handy, & the auto back lift gate is a great option.

- Edwin M

Good all rounded SUV with heated seats.

The car is extremely comfortable. I currently have a olive green colored one. It also has leather heated seats (amazing by the way) and the car drives extremely smoothly. The only issue with the car is I wish that the speakers were a bit better than they are.

- Logan C

Awesome adventure family car.

Drives smooth, it is a quiet car wish it was a little more powerful but I really enjoy the luxury feel I get from it. Much more roomier than it looks. I do like most of the features it comes with the back up camera is nice and clear. Definitely a family car.

- Michelle L

Love but wish the trunk opening was wider.

I do not drive much, but my CR-V is amazing on gas, and comfortable. My only problem is that this year's model has a more narrow trunk opening then newer models, and many times I have almost been able to fit something into my car - a piece of furniture etc.

- Jo B

2018 Honda CR-V silver tone. Newly leased.

I think the Honda has a great performance record. I have the basic version of the CR-V. The car gets great gas mileage. I miss not having the side view lane change assist that my 2015 Honda CR-V had. The car is roomy and comfortable. Nice dashboard display.

- Barbara L

AWD with great safety features.

Drives well, 31 miles to the gallon, eco mode, Bluetooth and hands free phone connection, automatic trunk door open, back up camera, lane veering warning, comfortable seats, brake warning, compact and easy to park. Drives well in snow and ice. No real cons.

- Nicola M

Comfortable, reliable, great assistive technology.

The 2018 Honda CRV is a great car. So far very reliable, comfortable ride and great assistive technology and Apple carplay. The only downside is the fabric seats, I wish I had gone for the leather. I have soccer players in there and they are hard on seats.

- Sharon M

The Honda CR-V is the perfect SUV for starting a family.

It is the perfect size and has tons of great technology and safety features. My favorite feature on the Honda CR-V is the keyless entry which makes traveling with a baby so much easier! It is excellent on gas mileage compared to previous SUVs I have owned.

- Stephanie Y

Tech lovers will love it.

I am not fond of all the tech items on the CR-V. To do anything you really cannot do it and drive. I would have preferred a CD player. To get a CD player I would have had to give up drivers power seat. I previously leased a 2015 CR-V liked it a lot better.

- Barb L

It handles very well in all conditions that I have tried to drive it in.

I love that my car has a backup camera and it is pretty much the best color of blue that cars can be. I wish it was just a touch lower or a touch higher and had a step to get in. I have a friend with mobility issues and she struggles getting in sometimes.

- Rebecca C

Great Honda reliability with great style.

So far the car has been really reliable. Seats are very comfortable and the dashboard is easy to navigate. Gas has been really good.. Especially on economy setting. Although the cvt gets a little more whiney on the econ mode. Over I really like the CR-V.

- Reggie J

Safety and performance at its best.

The CR-V is a great midsize SUV. My wife and I downsized from 2 vehicles to 1 and we couldn’t be happier. This vehicle is great on gas mileage and has lots of storage space. We love the technology features and feel much safer than our previous vehicles.

- Cal B

Comfort reimagined and redefined.

With capable if not thrilling acceleration, composed handling and confident highway manners, the turbocharged CR-V is a multidiscipline competitor. If you are looking for a small SUV that does not makes compromises for its size, this Honda fits the bill.

- Pd D

2018 Honda CR-V SUV. Good size good leg room sunroof good gas.

It's slow. Small engine. Good size car. Roomy. Gets ok gas. Has everything you was not in a ex model. It's a Honda ok price payments are ok. People were nice at the car dealership. I drive about 60 miles a day and only get gas once a week so that's good.

- Kelley W

Best CR-V power, space and great looks.

I have been a Honda owner a long time CR-V ex has everything sunroof, power seats, lane change, auto slow down when in cruise mode, great back up camera, lots on storage space. Back seat let's down flat. Horse power is great, also has turbos under hood.

- Robert A

The lane departure feature. It is awesome and so helpful on the road. It lets you know when cars are in your blindspot or if your car is veering into the other lane.

I love my car! It has all of the latest safety features and technology. It is very easy to learn how to drive with the technology/safety features. The only part I would change would be the cruise control feature. It is a little confusing to figure out.

- Kim S

Sporty and compact with amazing space for single family lifestyle.

This Honda is more of a plain Jane model but it is still very luxurious. Bluetooth was easily set up. There are still many features I am learning about. Very quiet when running. Has amazing pick up and handle on the road/highway. Would recommend 100%.

- Ashley S

An Amazingly Comfortable and Safe Vehicle.

Performance of the vehicle is amazing. The safety features are 2nd to none. The comfort makes it enjoyable to travel. The legroom in the back is very roomy. We have had no problems at all with the vehicle. The back seat goes up and down very easily.

- Sherri D

Collision mitigation system, adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist

i like the security feature they provided like collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control, reverse camera. The only thing i didn't like is couple of feature like rear parking sensor and panoramic roof they could have provided but it is missing.


It is very nice in the inside spacious.

I like that it has a lot of room and it fits with my busy lifestyle. The gas is not too great but it still is better than my last car. I love the smoothness of the ride and if I were to have children I could see this car fitting my families needs.

- Amaya S

My Honda CR-V short review.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. It's been safe and reliable. It also gets great gas mileage for an SUV. The only feature I do not like is there is no CD player. I think they are removing them from many vehicles now but I really miss it.

- Josh C

Drives well - good on gas mileage - feels like it is a safe car. Features are easily accessible.

Like the drive, the keyless start and the look and feel of the interior. Do not like the alerts and how you have to reset - for example - tire pressure low. The alert didn't reset by itself once air was added - I had to go to settings to reset.

- Margo R

2018 Honda CR-V Touring SUV Review

This vehicle is a small class SUV, but it still feels roomy on the inside. It has a bit of a rough ride on bumpy roads, however it handles well. For a 4-cylinder engine, it has enough power to get on highways, and pass other vehicles easily.

- Robin H

Best Car I've Ever Owned!

I love this car! It has a much smoother ride than our previous SUV and it holds an impressive amount of cargo. All the safety features give me a good sense of security when driving and I don't know how I ever lived without keyless entry.

- Kathy D

How great it's safety features are to protect the driver and passenger!

I love all of the safety features that keeps me and my family safe! The great mileage is great for long road trips and has great convenience for everyday usage. The chic look and comfortable interior make it an enjoyable everyday ride.

- Loukia B

It is economical but not unpleasant.

I like how smooth the ride is no matter where you are sitting. I like all the features on it like the back up camera, the brake hold, that it is connected to your phone, etc. The seats are very comfortable. I do not have any complaints.

- Susan C

Honda CR-V the most versatile vehicle I have ever owned!!

The Honda CR-V has plenty of room for five adults to ride comfortably. There is ample storage in the rear and additional storage for hauling large items as the rear seats fold down flat. The car get great gas mileage and handles well.

- Ann M

It's great if you have a family has a lot of space and it's reliable.

I like the car but it's keeps on failing and i have to change the oil at least four times a month.The performance is great and the comfort I'll rate 3/5 and it's has helped me a lot through the year it gets me where i want to get.

- Herson C

The wheel and pedals can be very sensitive and also try looking for the e break

I really enjoy this car driving it is very smooth and the acceleration is great. The back up camera is a plus and really helps when I'm trying to back into a spot. The braking system is awesome and is perfect for my driving style.

- Matthew B

The Honda CR-V has Amazing Safety Features

I love the safety features, especially the blind spot sensor/alert. I also love how spacious the back is, I can fit lot of stuff. Lastly, I am enjoying the SUV style, I used to drive sedans. I feel like I can see more of the road.

- Diane H

Why I love my 2018 Honda CR-V.

Very easy to get in and out if. It is nice to be riding up a little higher. Lots of legroom in the front and back seat. Plenty of room behind the back seat for packages and groceries. I love the push button start button. No key!

- Patty G

It has a great maintenance history. It is dependable.

I can get in and out of it easily. It gets better gas mileage than I expected. It is all wheel drive and looks good. Only complain is that, with the keys in my pocket, it sometimes opens all of the windows when I am in the house

- Andree P

My car is a keyless start car so I do not have to use my key. I only need to have the key in my purse and I am ready to drive.

I love the way the car drives. I also love all of the features it has that my previous car did not. I like the GPS and the keyless start. I like that I don't have to fumble around in my purse to find my key to start the car.

- Marge F

Adaptive cruise control is a blessing, but can't be entirely relied on.

The assistive driving feature can be hard to get used to. The lane assist can feel like the wheel is very heavy, and does not react well to wide lanes, or merge areas. The brake warning often flashes when there is no car ahead.

- Sadie I

Driving is a pleasure, quiet, smooth ride, lots of safety features, very comfortable.

I love the car how it performs. What is truly missing is the fact that 2018 model does not have the right mirror camera that displayed the view on the right in the car on the console. It was very helpful in 2016 crv model.

- Ola O

Nice audio system that works with cell phone

The Honda CR-V is a comfortable, reliable vehicle. Even the LX model has nice features like a brake hold and electronic parking brake. The back-up camera is nice, as well as the bluetooth compatibility with my cell phone.

- Iris L

Its extremely roomy/comfortable. The back is large and seats fold if you're needing to transport large items.

I recently bought a brand new Honda CRV and I love it. The size is perfect for my family of 5. I did not get the car fully loaded, so I wish I had more high end features like better navigation, seat warmers, and sunroof.

- Jessica M

The features and comfort of the vehicle makes it a must-buy for its price.

It is a well-priced, comfortable ride and low noise cabin, making it a friendly everyday car. It's midsize makes it not too small or too big and has good cargo room. Love the interior features and the stylish exterior.

- Johnny B

The seats fold down flat and it is really great for storing things.

I like that it has an auto start in it, super convenient for the winter. It has Bluetooth, perfect for a long drive. I dislike how it holds up in the winter. As it is a SUV, I feel like it can hold up a tad better.

- Melissa B

The most important thing is that it is roomier than you'd think.

It is pretty roomy - more than you'd expect looking from the outside. It is also fairly fuel efficient for a small SUV. And the technology is just what I need - the lane departure alert, etc. No major complaints.

- David B

It really has decent gas mileage for its size and rust is a plus

I love that it has a smooth ride. It's quiet and comfortable with an adjustable seat and wheel. I love the design especially the way the front end is made but I wish ours had the push button start and the radar

- Lois D

They are a very dependable vehicle. I live 2.3 miles off the state maintained road in WV. I make it out to work most everyday. Great gas mileage.

This is our 5th CRV. I would say iLife most things about them. My husband doesn't like the electronic screen for heat and AC. It's a little distracting. Not having a full size spare tire is another complaint.

- Terri P

Great gas mileage, roomy, comfortable, safe.

Love the safety features on my car: backup camera, emergency stop, automatic wipers and light dimmers, cruise control that senses traffic ahead and slows car then resumes, etc. Very comfortable and fun to drive.

- Karen B

I feel like it is a safe and reliable vehicle. Something I will have for years and years.

I love it. It has great safety features, drives well and is comfortable. The few problems are that the passenger seat is a little too small for my husband who is 6'2 and sometimes the stereo screen freezes.

- Alicia W

It's reliable, you need a car that's reliable & not always causing you problems

It's nice & high for me to be able to get in & out of since I had me hip surgery. I don't find any problems with it & have leased several models in the last couple of years getting a newer one each time.

- Martin C

Is very spacious, the back seat can recline.

I love the drive. I love the gas mileage. I love the interior/exterior. I love the body style and all of the amenities. I don't really like the size of the backseat, I think it should be a little wider.

- Alicia N

Easy to drive and lots of room.

Love how easy it is to drive. Fits my family if 4 comfortably. Like the keyless entry and also the link to my phone, I have two small babies so it makes it convenient to run errands and such with them.

- Ashley C

Amazing! Highly recommend to anyone even considering buying an SUV.

It is honestly perfect. No complaints. I have the base models and have zero problems with it. I can honestly say that its very affordable and gets about 25-30 mpg. One of the best cars on the market.

- Cecilia Z

Great gas mileage is important but the thing I found most interesting was the Honda has a greater % of US parts and assembly than its counterpart in a Ford. That's important to me.

I love all the standard features. The sunroof, driver assist, a larger touch screen, great gas mileage, back up camera and smooth ride. I haven't found anything yet that I don't like about my CR-V.

- Krista A

My new Honda CRV that I love!

I love my new Honda CRV. It is great on gas and it has eco. Also has a backup camera so I can back up without a problem. It is comfortable on trips. Also has bluetooth so I can listen to my music.

- Heather B

The safety features are great!

I like the safety features of the car. I like apple carplay. Our particular model does not have the option to have 2 separate settings for the driver’s seat, one for me and one for my husband.

- Debbie K

It is both cute and practical and rides very well. It has a high quality feel to it.

It is comfortable to drive in, something I can stay in for hours at a time and still enjoy it. It handles slick roads very well, which is incredibly important since our winters are pretty long.

- Kelly L

The quality is fine and the vehicle performs above our expectations.

The vehicle runs as expected and without any problems or issues. It is very roadworthy at speed and handles very wee. The interior is comfortable and the instrumentation is well allied out.

- Harry K

Economical yet has the feel of luxury.

I love the interior, the technology, back seat legroom, driving performance, and comfort. I dislike the driver’s seat leg room for my husband. I wish the motor was quieter on acceleration.

- Diane P

Safety features are well worth the bump in price to a nicer model

Just recently purchased this vehicle and it has awesome safety features. I do wish it had a lift gate on the back and that it came with a hitch but overall so far very roomy and comfortable.

- Samantha B

It drives well and it fits a ton of stuff!

I absolutely love my car. It drives wonderfully, it has great gas mileage, and it is a top quality car in itself. I will always continue to purchase a Honda CR-V for years and years to come.

- Sydney H

The safety features are wonderful. I love the lane assist; the mirror indicator that a car is next to me and beep if I have my turn signal on to switch lanes

I love all the safety features. It is easy to get in and out - especially the back seat. Lots of legroom in the back seat. Also easy to install a baby seat. The 'trunk' is very spacious

- Jan d

The gas mileage is great for being an SUV.

This car is the perfect size for my life. I have a large dog and she loves having the whole back seat. It is great for moving large items, but still small enough to not feel overwhelming.

- Caroline W

It is visually pleasing, safe, smooth, and modern.

I love my car for many reasons. It is very comfortable for myself and passengers. It is equip with multiple safety features. I feel secure while driving in my car. I have no complaints.

- lauren c

All the safety features it has on the car.

I love this car. I had a minivan before and didn't really like it. I like the way the CRV drives and I also all the safety features on this car. I also like using the Apple Car Play.

- Robin w

Travel in Style! Honda CRV-V - EXL!

I purchased a Honda CR-V, EXL in July of 2018. I absolutely love the car. It is loaded with comfort, technology and security features. I would recommend this car to everyone I know.

- Diane B

Great vehicle with a lot of room in the back.

I really enjoy driving this Honda CR-V. It is so Versatile and allows me to put a lot of large objects/items in the back with the seats down. I am not sure what I would do without it.

- Vicki K

The Honda CR-V which is very safe and mileage friendly provides a comfortable ride

This is the seventh Honda vehicle we have owned or leased. My son has a CR-V and I drove it for a while and loved it. So now I have one. Great cargo space and a very comfortable ride.

- Cindy S

It only has a 13 gallon gas tank so you have to fill up quite a bit.

I like the power and ease of shifts of the powertrain. The vehicle is quite large and great for transporting bigger items. The MPGs are great. Dislikes: Only a 13 gallon gas tank.

- Kevin P

It's one of the safest cars on the road at them moment. It has a ridiculous amount of room. 3, it's just a really sleek looking car,

I love the sound the car makes, it feels smooth and I just love it. The cup holders and seats are a godsend compared to my last care. The NAV system and a must now for all my car's.

- Jarrett G

You can use the area between the spare tire and to cover to keep towels.

I am used to a six cylinder so it takes getting used to. I like the safety features and the heated seats. The passenger seat cannot be raised and the back seats only recline so far.

- Nannette S

Smooth driving & comfortable ride.

Love the comfort, roominess, size, storage space, safety features, split rear seats.... Dislike, no CD player, option packages, would like more features added to base model of cry.

- Phyllis L

Honda improvement suggestions.

No CD player and the camera in the back is too low so when it rains you have problems backing up. Also the vents are turned wrong because I can't attach my phone to a phone holder.

- Cindy B

With all of its built in safety features, my insurance company gives me a 30% discount on my auto insurance. A real savings!

I love all the technical features of this vehicle, i.s., lane departure, adaptive cruise control, backup camera, etc. I love the comfort of the ride, and roominess of the interior.

- Robin H

Super Honda. Easy to drive and maneuver, roomy and comfortable.

Great vehicle ride, smooth and easy. Lots of comfortable room for both riders, driver, and even for groceries, and packages. Reliable, great car, great ride and easy maneuvering.

- Elana E




It gets great gas mileage and is extremely versatile to fit every need.

It's roomy and comfortable. Everything that needs to fit in it does. The technology in it is amazing. It really just fits our needs great. I can't think of any real complaints.

- Mercedes F

The crv is a good small sized suv.

I like it well enough. The seatbelts is hard to get comfortable. I feel like it is always cutting across my neck. I like that I'm a little higher up than I would be in a sedan.

- Tracey D

Great storage without having a large SUV. Economical to run and easy to maintain.

Great size for me and efficient. I have owned at least 4 CRVs. I feel comfortable driving it not too big but bigger than a sedan. My daughter has also owned several Honda's.

- Roberta C

Everything you could want in a car.

I love my Honda. It is the first Honda I have owned and am very impressed with the performance, mileage, etc. It has features I love-Bluetooth, keyless start, sunroof, GPS.

- Debbie F

It drives so smooth & is incredibly safe. It is also great on gas.

This is the best car I have owned to date. It drives so smooth & makes me feel safe, especially while driving with my daughter. We leased this car for the safety features.

- Kerrie C

Honda has always made dependable vehicles which last for many miles.

I have always loved Honda vehicles. I like the look and dependability of the CR-V. This CRV does not seem to have as much pick-up when starting from a stopped position.

- Shari O

It is very safe. I like the lane departure feature.

Like the steering wheel. Like the moon roof. I like that the back has plenty of room for storage. I like that it has a lot of cup holders. I do not have any complaints.

- Gretchen C

It's safe, fun to drive and is compact for an SUV.

I love all of the safety features on the car. I love the lane departure system and the cruise control. I have had issues with the computer display system being glitchy.

- Natalie N

It has power and rides like a much larger car.

Great car for safety and gas mileage. It's also roomy and stylish. Safety features include lane control, automatic emergency braking, park hold, blind spot warning etc.

- Martin G

This is a quality car, but it doesn't cost too much money. You can buy a reasonable car and not pay an outrageous amount for it.

It drives very well and it gets good gas mileage. However, I've only owned this car for 4 months and it's already making a whistling noise. I'm not happy about that.

- Kim C

It's a safe, comfortable, good vehicle with great features.

Fit and finish are good. Performance is very good. Features are overall great. A huge improvement over most Honda vehicles produced over the last 10 previous years.

- Vick F

Good around town car for a family.

Love the gas mileage. Is noisy on the highway and could handle better. Hate the way the driver's seat is raised and lowered, it's like you are using a bumper jack.

- elbert n

There is a weird seatbelt issue in back so it really only seats 4. It's not a true 5 passenger vehicle.

I love the look and feel of the crv. It gives a smooth quiet drive. I enjoy the safety features such as lane departure/blind spot warnings and the back up camera.

- Melissa P

It has adaptive cruise control. So if the car in front of you slows you don't have to brake

I love this car. It has so many features even on the lower packages. The apple carplay integration is so nice. The push start is great. The lane assist is a dream

- Courtney R

It is reliable and makes me feel secure and safe next to other vehicles.

I like my Honda CRV but I got the basic model so it does not have heated seats. I considered getting the HRV instead but I am relatively happy with my purchase.

- Maya P

The back of the car does not have a lot of space compared to some other models

The car is very reliable in going long distances, it is a bit short but it looks really nice. It has a cam at the back to watch the back, and a bluetooth radio

- juw a

as long as it has its insurance and the materials used in it are high quality

it is a dependable car. it helps especially like us who suffered from recent accident. lane assist feature helps me more confident while travelling on the road

- bernadette e

Easy maneuverability. It turns so easily on sharp curves.

I like it's compactness and easy maneuverability. I dislike the fact that that handles are not placed in right areas for elderly to get in and out of vehicle.

- Ilona B

CR-V is an outstanding crossover vehicle

The CR-V is a comfortable and spacious crossover vehicle. It is one of the most fuel efficient car of its class. It has many safety and driver assist features.

- Tim S

It gives a great, comfortable ride.

I like the smooth ride my Honda CRV gives. It also provides a lot of cargo space. My only complaint so far is the radio audio sound is not of great quality.

- Deb M

I expect it to bec reliable, as our other Hondas have been.

I'm having a hard time getting used to the size. It feels very large and I'm uncomfortable parking it in tight spots. But it looks nice and is comfortable.

- Kathy F

It has been very dependable.

I hate the touch screen as the only option to control the radio. I love the exterior and interior look. I like the mpgs. I dislike the stiffness of the seats.

- Amanda E

FUN FAST CR-V. Turbo all wheel drive

I love my 2018 CR-V. The adaptive cruise, lane departure assist, backup camera, air bags and fuel economy are excellent. Storage space is OK. Turbo is FUN!!!

- Chuck B

This car is rated number one that's class for safety

The gas mileage is excellent. One of my favorite things about the car is that it has adaptive cruise control. The cr-v is very comfortable on long road trips

- Aleigha L

It is reliable car but somewhat overpriced.

I do not like how the ac is working. I like everything else - exterior, leather, iPad, brake I like the system, security, tires. I like the color of the car.

- Veneta P

Great size.great smooth ride.

Love the car. Perfect size. Great mileage. Roomy trunk . Smooth ride. Feel safe with all safety features. Honda is reliable. Price is god. Nice looking cat.

- Gayle K

The gas mileage, the comfort and easy to drive. Traveling farther than just the city.

I like it very much. Easy to drive and good gas mileage. Comfortable when traveling with friends or family. I getting used the extras, but I'm enjoying it.

- Jana F

This car is equipped with all the latest safety features.

I love my new vehicle which we bought this year. It has numerous safety features, Sirius Radio, and extraordinary gas mileage. It is also very comfortable.

- Skip P

The back up camera and it is color.

Do not like the system that tells you to stay in your own lane. If you cross over the white line the front wheels vibrate and the steering wheel vibrates.

- Gerald P

Great safety features. Cruise control automatically slows when you come upon a car driving slower. Will return to set speed if car in front speeds up or you move to passing lane

Dislike design of front of car, it is hard to judge where the front corner of the car is when driving into a parking space. Love all the safety features.

- Karen O

Awesome Honda CR-V, very dependable.

It's an awesome car, good on gas has all the features you need. Very dependable well worth the money love Hondas had a Civic and put 252, 000 miles on it.

- Fred H

It has all the current technology like the Apple play, gps, navigation, keyless start etc.

I love that's it's mid sized. I love that it has all the bells and whistles of new technologies. The only thing I don't care for is that it's a bit loud.

- Susan S

It has given me 175,000 has give me 175,000 hassle free miles.

I like the color, I like the style. And the features are great, I do not really dislike it as much, because what I want out of exceeds the expectations.

- Kc R

The safety feature that the car provides. I need to feel safe at all times

Love the way the car drives . It's easy to maintain and is very spacious in the back. Customer service is willing to help with any issues as they arise.

- Edward G

Best SUV in this particular price range!

I love my new Honda CR-V. It is very roomy, comfortable, and more affordable than my previous Ford Escape. Incredibly smooth to drive, and sleek look.

- Rob G

It's a great value for the overall price paid. I don't have any hesitation in recommending this car.

I got this vehicle for my long commutes to work. It's reliable, comfortable, great gas mileage, and very safe. I don't dislike anything about this car.

- Marisa A

It feels incredibly solid. I feel safe in this car.

It is the nicest car I've ever owned. The ride is incredibly smooth. My only complaint is that the middle console moves. I always accidentally move it.

- Mara C

The safety ratings are some of the best for mid-size SUVs

The safety ratings are fantastic and I like that we bought the touring model. I really enjoy driving it everyday. The white exterior is also very nice.

- Steven B

Safe and efficient to drive in.

It is safe, It's is energy efficient. It has plenty of legroom. The only thing I don't like is the suspension. It is very rough riding on uneven roads.

- Linda k

gets good gas mileage and rides great. The car has great lines and looks special. Easy to drive and handles.

It has all the new electronic devices that I expected. it is very roomy. Has good acceleration with the supercharged engine. has a very smooth ride.

- steve n

The car has an eco mode allows to drive more without filling up the tank.

I like that the car is wide and contains many modern features. It has a backup camera and the technology is very up-to-date. Nothing to complain about.

- You C

It has the best safety features! The lane keep assist is fantastic.

We just purchased this car a few months ago and we hadn't had a new car in 8 years. So the new technology - both entertainment and safety - is awesome!

- Katie M

It handles and drives well.

I have no complaints about this car. It has been a dream to drive, handles well, all the extras are very nice and make travelling much more enjoyable.

- Pamela P

It has amazing safety features and is the most reliable

I love all the safety features like the assist. I also love that it has apple CarPlay. It makes driving out of town safer, easier, and more enjoyable

- Taylor P

It has great acceleration even when it is on eco mode.

I like the gas mileage it gets. The seats are very comfortable. The automatic cruise control is nice to use. I don't like the price I paid for it.

- Jeffrey G

Honda CRV 2018 - reliable and modern

Love my new Honda CRV. I had a 2007 which required minimal maintenance. New features in the 2018 include backup camera, bluetooth and Apple Carplay.

- Gayla M

My car is very reliable, retains its value and will last a long time with proper maintenance.

I love the size, how it handles and the gas mileage. It has a lot of technology and safety features. Honda's are extremely reliable. No complaints.

- Carolyn F

Honda CR-V...a vehicle for every need

This is my second Honda CR-V and I've had good experiences with both vehicles. I would recommend this SUV to anyone looking for a reliable vehicle.

- Tina G

I would have to say the indicator that another vehicle is by my side.

I really like the vehicle, great for driving my grand kids around in. Love the features, mostly the indication that another vehicle is by my side.

- Mary Jo C

Reliable, good value, safe.

This SUV is reliable, safe, durable, responsive and comfortable. It has plenty of room and looks amazing. I'd buy another Honda without question.

- John S

I love the 2018 Honda CR-V!

Comfortable, good gas mileage, love adjustable drivers seat- i-'-m short but it goes up so I sit higher and can see better. Solid, sound vehicle.

- Kimberly K

Love my 2018 Honda CR-V. . Buy it and you will never switch to another car brand.

The Honda Civic is very spacious both in the front seat and back seat; love the cell phone plug in located in the center console; great mileage.

- Anita G

Comfort and good for family.

The performance is great and reliability is also great plus it is good for families. And I like the make of the car plus it is provides comfort.

- Harrison C

Honda Cr-V is a safe and reliable car

What I enjoy about my new Honda CR-V: It gets really good gas mileage and I like the lane keeping assist that goes along with the cruise control

- Tricia R

My fourth lease with Honda.

I love the apple carplay option! I also like the new climate control options! It took me a little while to figure out some of the new features.

- Victoria F

This car is super-reliable - it doesn't break down even in hard use.

Reliable and gets good mileage for a mini-suv. I like the higher seating and better visibility combined with efficiency. Styling is nice too.

- Bruce E

It is technologically perfect and it is extremely comfortable and safe.

Like all the features.. Technology is exceptional.. Comfortable seating.. Apple Play.. There is nothing that I dislike, at least not to date!.

- Paula A

The predictive driving feature and lane departure is wonderful.

Honda was purchased 2 months ago. Gets great gas mileage. Rides great on the highway. Love the remote entry and kick feature for the tailgate.

- Sandy W

It drives very nice, good pick up speed.

I like the brake stop feature. I love the color of the vehicle. I love the Honda connect for android so I can see google map on my car screen.

- Amy K

Many extras from other brands are standard items on this vehicle

Love all the standard features that would cost extra in another brand. Great mileage. Wish it included GPS on the screen as a standard option.

- Peggy n

Great gas mileage with the Honda line of cars

I love the smooth ride and acceleration. I love the gas mileage. I love the new design of my CRV. Knock on wood, nothing bad to say as of yet.

- lis m

affordable considering all the features and upgrades this car has had.

All new. Great features. No complaints to offer. Like all the upgrades it comes with, easy to learn and manage navigation and satellite radio.

- Jackie C

The motor is really quiet, I almost did not hear it when I turned it on.

The car is really beautiful. There is nothing to really complain about other than the strong smell of new car for those with sensitive noses.

- Henry H

My car is a very reliable auto that I can rely on for transportation anytime.

Nice to drive, like the backup screen, like the signal when a car is on either side of me when changing lanes. wish I had a CD player in car

- ron g

That is dependable, reliable and technologically advanced

I love that my vehicle is brand new. It's equipped with new technology that fits our needs. It's big enough if we need to load bigger items.

- Aaron A

It's Honda quality! I expect few, if any problems.

I love the lane keep assist and the automatic headlights. It's roomy and very comfortable to drive. Only negative is the AC could be better.

- Karen D

It's a smooth ride with plenty of room and comfortable seating.

I love the color of the exterior. I love the interior color and feel. I love the space, headroom, legroom and storage. No complaints so far.

- Sheila D

It has very good crash test results which is important because you should want to drive a safe car.

I love how roomy and big the car is. I love how smoothly it drives. Although I feel like it's hard for me to see my blind spot in this car.

- Luc D

Safety features worth price of car.

Love the safety features like rearview mirror warmer when vehicles are close and rear backing camera. Size is good. Gas mileage is decent.

- Dennis E

The Honda CR-V is safe and gas efficient so it saves money.

Bought because of advanced safety technology. Like the large storage in back of vehicle. Very comfortable seating. And, great gas mileage.

- norman M

GOES THE DISTANCE -- Since this car is made by Honda, its reliable and low maintenance.

The vehicle is very roomy. It has a nice design. I like the turbo addition to the CRV. Also, it has a lot of safety features included.

- Frank M

Great car and built well.

It drives easily is very comfortable and has many safety features. I really like the side mirror warning when cars are in the blind spot.

- Madeline F

good safety features....like the fact that if there is a car behind me that I do not see, it lets me know with a "beeping".....

it is well appointed interiorly....has all of the latest safety monitors.....fairly good gas mileage.....am pleased with the purchase....

- Anne R

Reliability and very safe vehicle.

Like the way it drives, dislike the gas mileage ratio. Also like the size, very spacious and able to fit everything i'd want it to fit.

- Mari M

Love it! Great drive and easy drive.

I love it! Such a smooth drive, I feel safe and so comfortable driving it. I also love the ecoboost, everything about the car is great.

- Ricky C

The trunk space is amazing! I have a newborn and it helps a lot

I love my new car. It has been great with space and gas efficient. The inside is awesome just wish that the seats weren't a light gray.

- Maria Y

It is small but powerful and fun to drive but safe.

I love the rear view camera and the interiors styling. No dislikes so far. The safety features like blind spot monitor are great too

- Alisa N

Honda CR-V is a wonderful SUV

Gas mileage is great average of 20 to 35. Very comfortable seating. Wonderful adaptive cruise control. Almost like a self driving car.

- Oliver W

IT is very up to date and easy to drive IT is rated very well in consumer reports

I like the fact that it is new. Also like the backup camera and the nice gas mileage. I don't like the fact that it has no cd player

- john f

Extremely comfortable and great resale.

Love the blind spot and anti collision feature, do not like the fact that side mirrors cannot be opened automatically and are manual.

- Gun K

It is pretty big-- so be mindful with turns.

This car is super reliable. We have never had any issues with it. The sound system is great, and so is the general dashboard display.

- Natalie M

The safety features lets you know when a car is in your blinds spot a.

My car is very roomy for a smaller SUV plenty of room for 4 adults. Good size trunk space. Driving is smooth with plenty of legroom.

- Susan B