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It's great of gas as a hybrid but it's not a typical hybrid because the look and design is much sleeker

I love that at the time I bought it it was one of the sportiest looking hybrids on the market. I still that it is the nicest looking one, despite no longer being made. I like how you can switch to sport mode and it can go fast. I never liked how it didn't have a proper back seat with seatbelts even though with perhaps a little more space for legroom it could have had a backseat.

- Angela V

Highlight of my Honda cr-z.

I love my car has good gas mileage it is very reliable. The seats not that comfortable but it is ok. It is only a 2 seater so that is a problem sometimes but if you are single thin it could work for you. There is no back seat just two buckets so I leave it down allow for a very spacious trunk.

- Stephanie B

Fun sized and fun to drive.

I have an incredibly reliable car. I love being able to switch between eco mode, normal mode, and sports mode easily. It is very comfortable for two people. While the trunk space is good, I feel that there could be a back seat to fit more people. I also wish the gas mileage could be better.

- Nikki A

Two seater, awesome mileage fun!

It's been a great car. The only trouble we have had is with a air sensor in one of the tires. It gets good mileage. It costs $25 to fill it up and it will go all week. It's the perfect little excursion car for my husband and I. We always get comments on it, too. Its beautiful!

- Tam O

The quick and reliable cr-z.

The Honda cr-z is a nice hatchback. It is a hybrid with amazing gas mileage. It also has a very large trunk. It is also a pretty quick car with three driving modes (econ, normal, and sport). I have had no problems with it other than a blown fuse. Overall, amazing car.

- Jack C

Very nice car, good condition and good to gas.

Very good on gas, very fun to drive, and very safe, we love our Honda cr-z, good for long distance drive and save a lots of money for gas, we love it 😊 worth to have it, not bad for electric car. Highly recommended hybrid car, it is good in our environment.

- Hm H

Very good condition, fun to drive, good in gas.

Honda cr-z 2012, 70mil, new tire, new battery, new stereo, have back up back up camera installed aftermarket, have navigation, run goods, good condition, very good in gas, fun to drive, my husband and I love this car, small easy to space for parking.

- Mh H

It speaks to who I am. Both the unique style and it being hybrid make a statement as to how I view Life.

This is my first hybrid car and I feel good about that as it helps the environment and gets me good gas mileage. I love the style. It looks like a small spaceship. My only regret is I had to buy used instead of new, like I wanted.

- Samantha H

Gas mileage is awesome I can go two weeks without having to get gas.

Perfect for back and forth to work great gas mileage barrier between trunk space and seat space lays down for a lot of extra room for groceries great little commuter car.

- Kayla M

It is dependable, runs,, good mileage.

The cr-z gets great gas mileage it looks and feels sporty even though its a hybrid its comfortable the only thing I would change is for it to have a little more power.

- Robert W

Dry good in gas at fun to drive,.

I like it because is good in gas, and also fun to drive, very good for long distance drive, it is not hard to go around for small car.

- Hendricks M

Great gas mileage. At over 30mpg it is very cost effective to run.

I dislike the fact it has no backup camera. I also dislike the light weight. Winter driving would be easier with a heavier vehicle.

- Bob P

It's reliable, gas saver and hybrid. I can rely on it and will last for a very long time.

I like that it's fuel efficient. It can go up to 43 miles per gallon in the freeway. I don't like that it is only a two seater.

- Pearly P

It is overall a phenomenal compact SUV, safe and reliable.

I love the mileage. Love the seats. Love the truck space. Do not love the Bluetooth system or the lack of horsepower

- Bradley M

It is a safe automobile. It does not get good gas mileage.

I love keyless entry. I hate you cant leave close doors while running. I hate the interior color. I love the color.

- Kathy H

That hybrid vehicles can be sporty and not always ugly.

It's a sporty hybrid which i love. I don't fully love it bc the blind spots are pretty big for such a small car.

- Sabrina O

It is good on gas, hybrid, and vert fun to drive in but i wish the room was more spacey.

The color of the car is red and very low mileage. What i don't like about the vehicle is how small is it.

- Del W

That's it is a hybrid car so it will save the owner money on gas

I like the fuel efficiency of this car. It is not family friendly however being a two seater.

- Heather D

it's kinda a sports car too and energy efficient !!

p good. p cute. nice color. nice style. it is an okay car

- Ally L