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Editor's Overview

Whether you see the Honda CR-Z as a small hybrid or a sporty coupe, know that it's neither as fuel-efficient nor as powerful as you might expect. But the more we drive the CR-Z, the more we appreciate its unique combination of affordability, efficiency and fun.

You'll Like The 2012 Honda CR-Z If...

If you're seeking a hybrid car that is fun to drive, doesn't look like a hybrid car and is filled with cool features, the 2012 Honda CR-Z is really the only game in town.

You May Not Like The 2012 Honda CR-Z If...

If you just want a fun-to-drive second car, the MINI Cooper or Mazda Miata MX-5 is a much better choice. If you sometimes need to carry more than one passenger, the CR-Z can't accommodate, and if you're solely in the hybrid market for the fuel economy, both the Insight and the Prius are more fuel efficient than the 2012 Honda CR-Z hybrid.

What's New

The only significant change for the 2012 Honda CR-Z hybrid is the addition of available black cloth seats on cars wearing Crystal Black Peal paint.

Interior Features

Where all hybrid cars have additional gauges and playful readouts that make them a bit more futuristic, the 2012 Honda CR-Z hybrid's cockpit looks like something from a 3-D sci-fi movie. No need to worry, though, because in typical Honda style all of the CR-Z's controls are logically placed and easy to understand and operate. We particularly like the placement of the climate and Sport/Normal/Econ controls so close to the steering wheel. The radio is a bit of a reach; however, if you go with the available voice-activated navigation, you can just speak commands or activate the iPod integration controls from the steering wheel. Straight ahead are the glowing instruments that include an analog tachometer wrapped around a digital speedometer that changes its background color depending on the mode (Sport/Normal/Econ) selected. There is also a gauge to let you monitor the hybrid powertrain's activity and tell you how efficiently you are driving. As for comfort, the 2012 Honda CR-Z hybrid's sport seats are nicely bolstered and very comfortable, but the shiny silver fabric covering them may not be to everyone's liking. Unfortunately, Honda does not offer a leather seat option, and only cars painted black can be outfitted with black cloth seats.

Exterior Features

Some may see the 2012 Honda CR-Z as a coupe version of the Insight or the rebirth of the CRX, but however you look at it, the CR-Z is like nothing Honda has ever built before. Designed using a "one motion wedge" concept, the CR-Z is very un-hybrid looking, and actually appears a bit sinister. From its trapezoidal wide-mouth grille to its half-glass rear hatch, the CR-Z's exterior seems to flow in one, continuous line as though carved from a single steel billet.

Driving Impressions

If you owned a CRX and are expecting the same nimble, athletic performance in the CR-Z, you'll be sadly disappointed. However, The CR-Z is still a great car for long drives as well as quick inner-city commutes. Acceleration is fairly strong, thanks in part to the electric motor's assist, which comes in the form of pure torque, and the CR-Z's handling and braking are light-years beyond any hybrid we've driven. With Honda's 3-mode system, the car can be set to an efficiency-friendly Econ mode, a balanced Normal mode or a responsive Sport mode allowing for a custom driving experience. Accelerator-pedal response is dampened and the steering feel is lighter in Econ mode, while Sport mode makes the steering feel tighter and acceleration quicker for a "sportier" drive.

Pricing Notes

A base 2012 Honda CR-Z hybrid has a starting Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) under $20,500. Opting for the CVT transmission adds about $650, the higher EX trim level starts at about $22,000 and adding a navigation system bumps the price up to around $24,000. We like that the 2012 Honda CR-Z hybrid is well-equipped at base price and barely reaches into the mid-$20,000 range when fully loaded. As far as residuals go, the 2012 Honda CR-Z hybrid is expected to perform above average over time, just as Honda products have traditionally done in the past.

Notable Equipment

The 2012 Honda CR-Z hybrid has a standard 122-horsepower, 1.5-liter gasoline/electric hybrid powertrain and a 6-speed manual transmission. As for interior amenities, the base CR-Z is pleasantly well equipped with convenient features, including a 160-watt, 6-speaker audio system with auxiliary and USB inputs, steering wheel-mounted controls, automatic climate control, automatic headlights and remote keyless entry. Safety features include six airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS) and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA).

Notable Options

In addition to an available Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with paddle shifters, the 2012 Honda CR-Z hybrid also offers a higher EX trim level that adds an upgraded 360-watt sound system with seven speakers, foglights, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, Bluetooth, HID headlights, foot-well lights, alloy pedals, heated power mirrors and illuminated vanity mirrors. A navigation system is optional.

Favorite Features

Sporty Aesthetics

The 2012 Honda CR-Z hybrid's design is futuristic and aggressive, and we can only hope that it's a glimpse into what Honda has in store for products to come.

6-speed Manual Transmission

Although it comes with a fuel mileage penalty, we liked the crisp shifts and close ratios of the standard 6-speed transmission.

Under the Hood

The gasoline/electric powertrain comprises a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine mated to a 10-kilowatt motor, combining to deliver 122 horsepower. This combination is the sixth iteration of Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) technology since its debut in the original Honda Insight for the 2000 model year. While 122 horsepower might not sound like much, the broad torque band makes freeway passing and darting through intersections easy. One feature we did not care for was the auto-stop feature, which is a fuel-saving measure that turns off the engine at a complete stop, but also causes a slightly annoying hesitation upon restarting.

1.5-liter gasoline engine with Integrated Motor Assist

122 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm

128 lb-ft of torque @ 1,000-1,750 rpm (manual); 123 lb-ft of torque @ 1,000-2,000 rpm (CVT)

EPA city/highway fuel economy: 31/37 (manual), 35/39 (CVT)

Editors' Notes

The 2012 Honda CR-Z hybrid is a rather special car. In the great tradition of small Honda 2-seaters, the CR-Z hybrid offers a fun, fuel- efficient way to get around. The 2012 Honda CR-Z bristles with flashes of the legendary CRX, with a cozy cabin built for two and big hatchback that opens to a roomy cargo hold. But, unlike the gasoline-only CRX, the 2012 Honda CR-Z hybrid relies on a hybrid gas/electric setup to achieve its miserly fuel consumption figures. As a commuter car, the CRX was very affordable, and its lightweight body and sporty suspension made it a blast to drive. The CR-Z hybrid isn't as lightweight as its predecessor, but it is fun to drive and is filled with a host of safety and electronic goodies the CRX never had. Also, the CR-Z is the only hybrid we know of that has a manual transmission. There are more efficient hybrids out there, and there are even some non-hybrid cars that can match the CR-Z's fuel consumption (think Hyundai Elantra and VW Golf TDI diesel), but if you're looking for that classic Honda styling and bulletproof reputation, or if you were once a CRX owner and just want a little taste of the past in a more modern form, the 2012 Honda CR-Z is a car worth getting to know.

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Ideal Work Travel Vehicle

2012 Honda CR-Z Base

The Honda CR-Z has been a great car for me for the last 6 years. The gas mpg of 35-45 was very helpful as a college student traveling 300 miles home every other month. The car is easy to drive and I have had no major issues in the time I have owned it. The only issue I've run into is that the automated locks had to be updated. If you are willing to own a 2 seater vehicle, I have nothing but positive to say about this car. There is a ton of room in the hatchback. Much more than you think there would be. Great car and great price.

- Bonnie T

It's great of gas as a hybrid but it's not a typical hybrid because the look and design is much sleeker

2012 Honda CR-Z

I love that at the time I bought it it was one of the sportiest looking hybrids on the market. I still that it is the nicest looking one, despite no longer being made. I like how you can switch to sport mode and it can go fast. I never liked how it didn't have a proper back seat with seatbelts even though with perhaps a little more space for legroom it could have had a backseat.

- Angela V

Highlights of the Honda CR-Z

2012 Honda CR-Z EX

I love the way my car drives. It responds well to get up and go and in turn brakes well too. I have not had any reliability issues, just a recent battery change, which since it is a hybrid requires a special battery. Out of all the features I think the only one I don't like is the heaviness of the doors. Not sure if that's common in a two door vehicle, this is my first one.

- Samantha M

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