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Disappointed with my Honda.

Have had to replace brakes & starter since buying car new in 2014 - have never had to do that w/ any other vehicles I have owned. I have owned 9 cars since 1960 and have never had to replace a starter & have only replaced brake pads. In addition, I have been told the transmission may be going. I find this totally unacceptable on a vehicle driven less that 4 years. In addition, the audio system/display is also performing erratically. Interior displays are often blacked out as display brightness is tied to the headlights - so if headlights are used during daylight, displays are blacked out - which is nonsense.

- Daniel F

One of the best cars on the road.

The Honda cross tour is an extremely reliable car and a pleasure to drive. There are only three things that keep it from being the perfect car for me. I am a short person, and the seat does not raise high enough for me to drive without sitting on a cushion: the heating and air control does not adjust to the actual temperature in the cabin: and it uses truck size tires which are very expensive. In spite of these few minor problems I love this car and I think it is the best looking car on the road.

- Barbara W

2013 Honda Crosstour: A Great Vehicle and Awesome Ride!

I absolutely love my Honda Crosstour. It has Bluetooth radio, as well as XM satellite. Comes complete with cruise control, A/C, and a sunroof. The hatchback trunk provides lots of space for storage and great for grocery shopping. Automatic seats help create an excellent and comfortable ride. It also gets great gas mileage, with a 19 gallon tank and 20 mpg. It only costs about $40 to fill up and lasts me about two weeks.

- Alexis J

Crosstour is a good investment

I really do like my Crosstour. It is fuel efficient with the 4 cylinder. I do like the style but I do wish it provided more space in the back for seating. I do wish it was a little higher up. We get compliments all the time for the style of the car. We bought it used and do not have any major problems or manufacturer problems with the car as of yet. We are glad we purchased it.

- Tee W

Love the easy driving, color of burgundy.

Comfortable leather seats, everything works well, love the burgundy color, so do many others who comment on it. Perfect height for me to slide into the seat, not too tall a car to pull down the trunk lid easily. Can put groceries and other sundries in and out. Easy to drive, I feel very comfortable. And would consider a Honda again.

- Joyce S

I love my Honda Crosstour

My car is very reliable, spacious and good on gas. It's very affordable and I wouldn't trade it unless I absolutely have to. It's a V4 and takes regular gas one tank takes me from north jersey to Philadelphia and back with some gas to spare. It's very comfortable and everyone isn't on top of each other while at full car capability.

- Mahogony H

The Honda of the century!

I love my Honda Crosstour. It gets really good gas mileage. I use it to drive friends and there is plenty of room in the back. It fits my two car seats well too. It doesn't handle in the snow very well though. I am going to have to invest in snow tires too. I love the backup camera. It's easy to clean. And it's fun to drive

- Allison S

My used and loved 2013 Crosstour.

This car has everything! I love the interior- feels super luxurious. The dual screens are nice. Seat memory is super helpful with 2 drivers. I love the pick up this cars has too. The only negative is poor gas mileage. I have the v6 AWD model. The seat warmers are ideal the cold snow winters.

- Ashley V

It is a wonderful vehicle with great gas and roomy.

Wonderful on gas. The only issue I have is the locks do not work using the key fob or the door panel anymore. It rides smoothly and is comfortable and roomy. It really equates to a small SUV. Love a Honda car! It has the ability to connect your phone as well as play music from your phone.

- Nora R

Reliable, Stylish, and Comfortable

It's a very reliable car. It has a ton of storage space, but is compact enough to drive in the city. For a car of its size it gets fantastic gas mileage. It is an attractive car. I honestly wish that Honda would continue to make these cars. It is one of my favorite cars that I have owned

- Anthony S

Honda Crosstour gotta love it.

I love me car! It is a Honda what more can I say! It is reliable, good on gas mileage, roomy, good for kids, sky roof which my boys make me open so they can see the brush from the car go across the top! Should've got the better model to get leather seats but it’ll do for now.

- Steph H

Loving my Crosstour. Smooth comfortable drive and lots of space.

It is our perfect vehicle for me and my 4 year old. Large storage space and lots of legroom for max comfort whilst traveling, camping, mine even has a space in trunk area I use to put water and juice with ice and no leaks no ice chest needed quick beach/ road trips.

- Dara B

This is a very reliable vehicle.

I have not had any performance problems with the vehicle only normal wear and tear. I have changed the tires maybe 2 times, the breaks multiple times and the oil regularly. I love how much room the trunk has. I just wish the trunk could open /close automatically.

- Mo R

Love how wide and spacious this vehicle is.

Passenger door and driver rear door stopped auto lock and unlock. Airbag light is on but believe this is because of a recall. Other than that very good and reliable. Larger than a compact SUV but slightly smaller than a full size SUV. No major issues or problems.

- Nicole H

Cross-tour: Roomy and sleek

My Crosstour has a very roomy back seat and trunk. I like the design of it though most people don't like how to rear window is designed. This car has Bluetooth for phone calls but not for playing music. In all, I like my car a lot. It comfy and fits my lifestyle.

- Olivia S

Affordable and perfect for an everyday driver.

The Crosstour is very reliable, smooth ride, super comfortable. The car does have many blind spots, but the camera helps combat that problem. As a person who drives with many people in the car sometimes, it's even fits three people in the back seat comfortably.

- Amelia S

Lindsey's Adventures in the 2013 Honda Crosstour

I have had, next to no problems. Just the usual maintenance and oil changes. My Crosstour drives extremely smooth and efficient. The Honda Crosstour is 100% reliable as well as its comfort to drive in. I love the heated seats and the drive assistance!

- Lindsey A

2013 AWD v6 crosstour purchased used with all the bells and whistles.

I love how luxurious my car is. It had all the bells and whistles I could want. We got the AWD v6 model so it has great pick up. The only downfall is the gas mileage. It has lots of space and rides super comfortable.

- Ashley S

Get the camera system. It is a lot of car for the money and it is very reliable.

It is comfortable and practical with plenty of cargo space. It handles well. Gas mileage is great. The camera system and gps work well. Without the camera, the view out the rear would be a problem.

- Sheila L

It is a four wheel drive vehicle so though is a sedan is great on snow days.

Nothing that I can say I dislike, the car is great on gas, love the bigger "trunk" it's actually a third door and is so spacious for a sedan. Absolutely love it.

- Karla J

Great Car and you should totally try it out

My car is great. Roomy and has enough space for my growing family. I love the ability to take my car anywhere. I wish my car got better MPG's.

- channing H

Great for transporting elderly, easy to get in and out and hatchback makes loading and unloading wheelchairs, walkers, etc.

Love the vehicle, easy to get in and out, gripes the road, drivers seat is very comfortable. Stylish, good mirrors, fun to drive.

- Deborah C

Had to replace the starter already - have never had to replace a starter on any of the other cars I've owned, all of which I drove for more years

Dash lights need to have a control independent of headlights. If headlights are on for daylight driving, displays are unreadable

- Daniel F

The car to drive! Fun and reliable

It's comfortable. High powered. No engine problems and I have 120000 k ....on it. Love it. Love the extras. Couldn't be happier

- Heidi H

The only problem with my car is that there are no heated seats or bluetooth audio. Also it hards to pick up when driving.

The important thing about my car is that it has a lot of room inside and in the trunk. It seems pretty safe as well.

- Manomi J

Very spacious, but dmv considers the car as an SUV and charge those prices

It's very spacious, good with gas, not expensive to repair, roomy. The trunk could have more space

- Melissa J

It's very reliable. Easy to maintain. Looks good even after 5 years

The honda crosstour is very Reliable and easy to maintain.

- Monique R