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Durable reliable but a few minor issues.

When we first bought in late 2006, the transmission went but it was under warranty. Both my girls get car sick and this is the only car they do not get sick in. It is great for camping, of you have kids and/or pets. Easy to clean and rugged. Now it is over 10 years old and we've had very few problems although the past year we've had a few warning lights go on and off and the mechanic cannot figure it out. I also hear a loud bass sound when I make sharp turns. Other mechanic didn't hear it so couldn't be fixed. Tpms light been on and that system has been broken for 3 years and it is pricy to fix considering it does not affect the engine or anything like that. Worst part is the bad key and slot! Keys gets easily warn and about $300 to fix. We had key stuck in ignition for a day and wouldn't budge. I love that it is so easy to clean but really wished it sat 2-3 more people.

- Virginia V

It is dependable. This car will last forever and it never gives me any problems.

I have always loved this particular vehicle. When it came to shopping for a new vehicle to purchase this was the first and last that I looked at, and test drove. I was drawn to the style of the car and it is unique shape and then the color. My model is and "sc" edition. These models only come in a few select colors, and I chose "root beer metallic". It is different and sleek. I love the way it drives and takes to the road. I like the way their doors open to the back in a "suicide door" style. It is super roomy and the seats are foldable and can make two complete beds. It is great on gas in town and highway driving. I have never had any major problems, only normal wear and tear. I love my element!.

- Kimberly W

Honda element is the best vehicle ever!

I have no problems with my 2007 Honda element. Wish they still sold them. Over 225k mike, only needs general maintenance. The engine runs just as well as it did new. It has to be about the best model ever made by Honda. It is not a 4x4 yet it has performed well in all kinds of terrain from the coast of California to the high mountains of Colorado and through the scorching sw deserts. Great in all weather.

- Patrick O

Element versatility and its many uses.

Love the versatility. I live an active lifestyle and it works for everything I love doing. It has lots of cargo space does amazing off-road and in the snow. I love taking it camping and connecting the tent to the cargo area. When I travel the seats fold down to make a comfortable bed. It's easy to keep clean. I wish it had just a little more engine power is my only complaint. Otherwise I love my element.

- Roxanne G

The car does provide a lot of space and drives smoothly; however, it does not drive the best in windy environments. I'm not sure if that's because of the size and shape of the car, but it is still a great car.

My Honda Element was my first car and I've been driving it regularly for about 7 years now. The car drives incredibly well and has far more space than you would anticipate. The only downside I really feel about the car is that it only seats four as opposed to five. Other than that, the car rides smoothly and I have had no mechanical problems throughout the life of the car.

- Nancy W

Great for dog owners and transporting items.

We've owned elements for 12 years. They've been very helpful when it comes to traveling with our dogs. Being able to move the seats allows room for transporting lots of large items. I would like for it to be able to tow more weight (max 1,500). It is old, does not have any Bluetooth features.

- Jennifer S

Amazing car with a lot of versatility.

Even looking at online reviews this car barely has any negativity. It took me quite a long time to find this vehicle, and I had to drive 2 hours to get it because it is so rare! People do not want to get rid of it. Great camping car as well as every day commute and I find it really cute.

- Jessica M

Honda element, best vehicle for pet owners, hands down.

Great rugged vehicle with plenty of space, good for pets, removable back row seating. The vehicle gets decent gas mileage, mine currently has 350000 miles and runs great. Good air conditioning, easy to drive auto transmission and sleek black paint. Good engine power and highway handling.

- David D

Good economy for the money.

Low maintenance car with great gas mileage. Good for pets and transporting goods. The vehicle is very durable and dependable. The one complaint is there is a large blind spot on both sides of the car. The brakes needed to be replaced after high mileage. Not the most comfortable seating.

- Joyce O

Saves gas and is an all wheel is the best feature.

It awesome and great on gas also love the doors on the car pretty child proof and a lot of room in the little truck and it is an all wheel drive which is a plus for winter for when it gets stuck in snow and it is spacious in the inside and also has a sunroof which is a nice feature.

- Crystal G

No carpet making it easy to clean.

My biggest problem is that Honda stopped making the element! We love this car! Great for trips and getting around town. Awesome gas mileage. So reliable, very comfortable, not fancy just an all around good car. Tell Honda to start making them again!!

- Julie D

Suicide Doors with lots of head room

Performance is powerful enough for freeway driving. Very reliable no major issues except airbag recall. Features head room, comfy seats, great for camping and day trips, seats fold all the way flat or can be removed, interior can be hosed out.

- Jan P

It's not ideal for families with car seats. Getting a car seat in and out of the back seat is a pain because of the suicide doors.

I love my Honda Element because its very roomy. Even the back seat has plenty of legroom for adult passengers. It's great for road trips and I've also used it to help many friends move. The seats fold up easily and make it easy to haul stuff!

- Rachael M

Makes for a decent family camping or simple outdoor car.

It's a very smooth ride, good for our dogs. Enjoy the fact the back seats can be removed. Love the sunroof. HATE that the front doors need to be opened to open the back. Dislike the back windows as well, would be happier if they rolled down.

- Lief H

It runs great, tailgate, hatchback and removable seats make hauling anything a breeze. Great for traveling.

I love the room inside and the flexibility of turning it into a camping vehicle. I love the hatchback trunk with the pickup tailgate option. I wish it had regular windows in the back though. I also wish they still made it.

- Michelle G

It is very versatile and reliable I wish Honda would make them again I would rebuy

It has been extremely reliable over the course 0f 135,000 miles. Great headroom and space feels roomier inside than it looks hold a lot of cargo. The versatile seating arrangement ability to move, fold or take out seats.

- Laina A

It is very accommodating to different needs.

Love the reliability. The size is great, and I love being able to configure the inside to fit different loads. What I do not like is that there are only two seats in the back, and I sometimes need to carry 4 passengers.

- Mary G

I think people should know how well it drives and how much room there is in it.

I love that is has so much space. It does great in the snow and fits both of us driving. We also love that you can hose out the entire car. It is very easy to fit things into and is a great use of space.

- Sierra M

The floors are all rubber/plastic, no carpet, so easy to clean the inside.

I love that there is no carpet in the car, it is all rubber on the inside floors. I like how the back seat transforms to a flatbed. I don't like that it's only a 4 seater, wish it was a 5 seater.

- T G

Tons of room; seats are easy to fold up or to remove. Reliable!

I love the fact that I can remove the seats and haul whatever I need. I can visit the hardware store and carry home 4'x8' sheets of plywood if I need to do so. It's been very reliable.

- Benita D

it does not get good gas mileage.

I like the spaciousness, the fact that the back seats fold up for more space and that the back doors do not open unless front door is open. I do not like the box shape of the car

- Christine D

I love that the back seats are adjustable to make more room to haul things.

The inside of the car is very spacious considering the size of the car. It also has the capability to transport various amounts of cargo

- Lindsey F

Dependable and useful in many ways.

Great utility vehicle. Not so much comfortable as useful. Had numerous cosmetic problems. Sad that Honda does not make elements anymore.

- Lori R

Reliability and fuel efficient.

Great car, very low maintenance and reliability - dream to drive. Blind spot for parallel parking though, lots of storage room.

- Martha S

Its Elemental! Love the car truck s u v all rolled into one sweet ride.

it's versatile,good gas., is reliable, large capacity interior with many configurations depending on your choice of seatings

- cheryl r

Reliable and roomy and ready for adventure.

My car has never broken down in the 11 years of owning it. Super reliable! I also love the amount of room the vehicle has.

- Hillary N

It is very practical. It can fit a lot of stuff on the inside. It drives well and handles great.

I love its size and storage capacity. I love how flexible it is and how rugged the interior is. I want another one.

- Jason S

It's lasted 11 years, three owners, several fender benders and is still in great shape!

I love the space it provides. I love that it's reliable and safe. I wish the TPMS sensor wasn't so sensitive.

- Aurora P

The car is very roomy, versatile and has enough power to get the job done.

Comfort is great but after one hundred and sixty thousand miles it is starting to show its age. In my opinion

- Tamas B

It stays clean inside because there aren't any carpets.

I like the size. I like that there aren't any carpets. I don't like that it's only made for 4 people.

- Tina G

Animal friendly. Easy to clean.

Very animal friendly. We have lots of room for our big dogs. It's not real comfortable for long trips.

- Leah H

It's a gas saver and it drives really smooth and fast.

This element is so big. So versatile. Great road trip car. You can do anything you need in this car.

- Andrew G

Safety and quality i'd also like to look a little better

It's fine functional but it's not glamorous or anything

- Lauren C