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You can fold the seats up and to the sides. The compactness and tallness.

My Honda Element has been an extremely reliable car only ever suffering from a few small issues all easily fixed. The only problem to happen multiple times was both driver side and passenger side window motors stopped working causing the window to be stuck open. This has happen three times in total but was always quickly replaced. I find the driver's seat to be very comfortable and easy to sit in for several hours. The few time I have been in the passenger seat it was also comfortable. However I find the back seats to be very uncomfortable and unpleasant to sit in. though I normally have the up so it is not a problem. I love that I can hang the sets up and have them out of the way making so much room available . overall I love my Honda element and find it to be a great car.

- Anna B

Versatile, easy to take care of and a cool car.

It's a shame that Honda stopped making the Element! This versatile just-the-right-size crossover vehicle is awesome. Lots of room and with so many options for all kinds of errands make this a great car for everything. It's a relatively smooth ride. It's also very reliable. The only issues or derailments I've had with the car have been very minor - replacing the ignition, tires, fan belt and some air conditioning stuff. As long as you take the car in for regular tune ups and oil changes; you should be good. One thing that has always been a problem is the tire pressure monitoring; it always seems to not work so I just check the tire air pressure every one in awhile if I remember. It's a great car for singles or couples.

- Cynthia C

Boxcar Supreme: Go Anywhere with Anything!

I love this little car! I sought Honda quality, and really liked this body style. Beautiful it is not - I call it my box on wheels - but I can carry a LOT of stuff. The seats can be moved to make lots of cargo space. I wish it got better gas mileage though, it's difficult to get in and out of the back seat also (which isn't very comfortable, but we rarely have back seat passengers), and there's a bad blind spot between windshield and side windows. But I hope they still made the Element - it's a great vehicle. I wanted Honda quality and dependability and have them. It's fun to drive, easy to park, and practical.

- Lucas M

New owner, still figuring things out

I love the way this car handles. Front wheel drive is desirable in these upstate New York winters. The car has a very updated interior with all digital dashboard readouts. The gas tank is kind of small so I have to get gas more frequently. A red warning light appears when you are in desperate need of unleaded gasoline. The digital oil light is a convenient feature that tells you when to get an oil change. There's a moon roof.

- Travis W

Inconvenient for young family.

The vehicle runs great. Love the interior and how Versatile it is. I do not like how the doors open and close. Very inconvenient in smaller parking lots with a young family. If I remember correctly, they are called "suicide doors. " You have to open the front door and then the back door. It also only can carry a max of 4 people.

- Jessica P

Amazing SUV - Honda element.

My Honda element is very reliable, we drive it across the country with no issues. For the size of the vehicle, the inside is very spacious. This vehicle is amazing if you are an outdoors person like my boyfriend and I. It is great for camping, bringing the surfboards/stand up paddle boards.

- Ashley M

Very reliable vehicle with lots of space on the inside

Awesome and reliable vehicle. I have never had any major issues with it. With regular maintenance it will keep going. Even though it is a 4 door vehicle, it can be a little challenging with children or car seats getting them in and out but it is very roomy on the inside.

- Joanna M

The Benefits of Owning a Honda Element

I appreciate the versatility of the Honda Element. I like the fact that it has suicide doors and adjustable seating. It is easy to maintain and has a lot of space. The storage space makes it easy to transport larger materials. The vehicle is very easy to steer.

- Matthew S

My car is a great all around car

I've had to fix the window a recently. And the starter ,but other then that I love my car. I've use it to move and was able to pack most of my boxes in my car.

- Adrian J

Take out back seats when you want them out and there are no major recalls

I dislike there are only 4 seats. I enjoy the versatility of taking out my back seats. I enjoy that it is somewhat compact to fit into smaller spaces.

- Keke P

The Perfect Vehicle I have owned for five years is in excellent condition

The vehicle is reliable and perform very well except that it make a really strange noise when I am driving and press on the brakes.

- Christina F

It is very roomy and so far had been very reliable.

I love the flexibility for travel and hauling things. I wish it was more comfortable. The seats leave a lot to be desired.

- Retta R

The back seat area is very roomy.

The element has a unique look. I like that the back seats fold up to the sides, allowing me to carry a lot of equipment.

- Patrick M

Element is missed - great dog car

Extremely reliable and great for hauling things and dogs. Comfortable for distance travel and convenient in the city

- Shelly M

It has lots of space when putting seats up.

Its takes to long to accelerate. I love the room it as. Airbags were recalled. It waste to much fuel.

- Lisbeth R

I love my car. it's still in excellent condition. People always compliment it.

My car is an incredibly well-made vehicle. It's in excellent condition with no problems.

- ter u

It is very versatile and fits most all of my needs

Love the space inside and the flexibility to care people or cargo. It is a bit noisy.

- Maggie T

My element has a lot of storage space which has been very helpful with moving. 4wd has been helpful on the extreme weather conditions. The back doors for passengers can be an issue in tight spaces

The ability to put up the back seats and storage space

- Linda H