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5 stars safety features 4 wheel drive. An all weather SUV.

I have had my element for about 4 years. Love the all wheel drive and safety features it has. Also has an amazing sound system which is great for outdoor off-road festivities. I live in New Jersey and my element has survived all our storms including sandy. If I didn't have my element to plow through puddles, I would not have been able to leave as I live in a peninsula town which floods continuously. My element has been a great travel companion and I always feel safe! After having 9 other hunk of junk cars, I splurged for what I really wanted and am greatly satisfied with my car. Not only can you take out the back seats but you can wash and wipe the floors so easily! I am an artist and get great use transporting materials and sculptures with such a spacious interior. And not to mention parallel parking in small spaces because it is the perfect fit. Thanks Honda!

- Nikki I

So much room in the car!!

My favorite aspect of the car is the huge amount of space available. You can take the seats out or fold them onto the sides of the car to give more room, which makes it great for hauling stuff. It was a lifesaver when moving to go to university. One downside for me is the suicide doors. They are not awful, but they can be a bit of an annoyance, especially when I'm trying to drop someone off in the back, and the front door has to be opened in order for the people in the back to be able to exit the vehicle. Overall though, it's a very comfortable car, with pretty decent gas mileage. I would definitely recommend it to someone, even though they stopped making new versions. Definitely worth it to get a used one.

- Aubrey M

Honda element summary. Great cargo space and multi purpose vehicle,

I love the Honda element, overall engine size is good, heat and air are basic, stereo is undersized and needed an upgrade. Seats are missing the captain's chair arms, accessories are becoming increasingly harder to find, ability to fold seats and haul larger objects is the main thing I love about it. Its essentially a covered pick up truck. This is actually my second element, I keep saying its overall about 10% less quality than my original 2003. Doors, suspension, the feeling of driving it is just a bit less in quality overall. I really would hope they would see the value of this market and start making them again.

- James S

It gets great gas mileage.

I so wish that Honda hadn't stopped selling the element. I have own two and well over 125,000 miles on the 1st one. It fits so well with my work. I sell antiques and collectables. I need this amazingly super square, with removable back row seats to have the size and space that I need to pick up items that will not for one minute foot into any of the new SUVs. I am heartbroken that this will most likely be my last "best" vehicle for my needs. P.S the Ford transit wheel base is scary small and no 4 wheel drive and the jeeps have poor reliability records.

- Marcia A

The unstoppable little toaster.

My element is really comfortable and looks great inside and out. The compact size heats up really quickly in the winter and cools down quickly in the summer. It has low ground clearance, but it can still get pretty much anywhere you want to go. Nothing can slow us down! After 6 years, I have only had to replace the muffler after it rusted out (due to low ground clearance and it being a year with a lot of snow) and also the door locks went out just recently.

- Katie H

Great for drivers under 5’, excellent for driving children, clients n pets.

No issues other regular maintenance up keep. Feel safe, ample room in back for passengers, front comfortable, good access to controls, excellent visibility from all windows. Only missing availability to pull down back seats for flat cargo load. Modern look, good gas, quick response when breaking.

- Maria E

Why you should buy a Honda.

Looks good, drives great and is fun to drive! I would recommend this car to everyone. A friend told me about this car and I tried it and it was a perfect fit for me. I like to take trips on the weekend and this is the perfect car for that. I would buy another Honda for my next car.

- Bill S

Amount of space when need to transfer items from store that contain large boxes.

Vehicle feels too boxy and frigid. Performance is great and care is very reliable for either in town or out of town travel. However, I am not comfortable in the vehicle. There are limited features in our design. I enjoy seats that electronically move and GPS. Mine has neither.

- Jennifer C

it's a 4-seater. So, if you have more than 4 people in your family-this is not the car for you.

I love the dimensions of my car: it's a small SUV- just compact enough to easily park and maneuver around the city streets. I also love the versatility of the car - easy to clean and maintain. I do not like the heavy doors.

- Anny K

Honda has steadily been a good brand to own. It's a shame that they stopped making these. Honda should really consider starting them again because I have many people that inquire about mine. I don't know of any other reliable vehicle that offers the functionality and interior space.

I love my Element. This is the second one that I have owned. It has had almost no issues and keeps going with standard maintenance. The boxy look is cool and the interior provides lots of room to carry various items.

- lin a

Extremely versatile and I'll never sell it!

Perfect for dog owners. Easy cleanup as no carpets. Roomy enough for cargo. Rear seats fold up out of the way or can be removed altogether. Reliable. Decent mpg. There's nothing to dislike.

- Laura K

I guess how practical it is. From gas mileage to a convertible interior. It's just a flexible practical vehicle.

I like that it is small yet still roomy. I also like that you can change the interior easily to accommodate more riders or large packages. Finally the price was very reasonable.

- Rob F

It's easy to maintain and drive.

I like the compact size and spacious trunk. It is fun to drive and easy to maneuver. I dislike the slow acceleration going up steep inclines.

- l O

My Honda is everything I ever wanted

Smooth ride, great style, accelerates pretty well and is safe for the family. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends

- Rachael G

Good mileage and very easy to drive.

Love it, great for hauling stuff it was a great vehicle when I was a courier. Very few problems low maintenance and good mileage.

- Laura D

Love the car for its versatility & transformer-like ability to make room to carry loads. Back seats move up & out if necessary. It can be hosed out if necessary... and there was that one time.. it was necessary! The one complaint I have is drivers side front blind spot. Super dangerous and I've had a couple of near hits with it :(

Suicide doors! I.Love. Them. Loading & unloading things (like bales of hay) is super easy when the entire side opens up.

- joAnn O

It has a short nose and that makes it good for getting out of tight spaces

I love that car, it's reliable and fits all my gear in it. I do wish it was more fuel efficient, but I need the space.

- Robin e



- Victoria B

It is quite a nice car, even though the model might look weird.

I love the space in the Honda Element. I also love how versatile the car is.

- Josh N

I really enjoy the versatility of my Honda Element. Its ability to have its back seats removed is incredibly useful. It is also very spacious. However, I wish it had more than just 3 passenger seats - I rarely have enough seats for the amount of people I would like to take with me.

The Honda Element is an incredibly versatile automobile.

- Audrey L