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So much space, a worthy tradeoff for minor problems.

The space that the car offers, while still being a relatively small and fuel efficient car, is amazing!! I have no problem transporting bicycles, small kayaks, furniture, work equipment, and of course humans. The size, shape, and space is a huge plus for me. It is also easy to park. I have had a few problems over the years, including one with the key and the ignition (the ignition had to be replaced and a new key was issued, but then the same key didn't work for the door and the ignition). The latch that opens the hatchback also sticks now, and has to be manually pushed back into place before the hatchback can be closed. I have also had a few problems with the exhaust pipe and muffler staying put, but it is an older car that is experienced northeast winters so some wear and tear underneath is expected! Overall very pleased with my fitty cent:).

- Deborah K

Honda fits pros and cons.

The Honda fit's flexibility to move seats is amazing for fitting almost anything in the car. Although a small car, the inside provides a lot of space and headroom. It is fantastic on gas. I loved my car until about 2011. At this time, during the winter my car would stall if I tried driving it without it warming up for at least 5-10 minutes. I had it looked at and some of my coil packs were replaced. Every winter the same this would happen and no matter how many coil packs the would replace the car still stalled. Around the same time, the gaskets on all the doors started allowing water to get in when it rained. While I loved so many things about the fit, I have grown to not trust its long term reliability.

- Marcia D

Reliable 2007 Honda Fit Basic.

My 2007 Honda Fit performs very well both on city streets and freeways. I purchased a basic or standard floor model light blue car because I needed a car fast and it was very affordable. It's reliable and comfortable for me as I am short. The front seats are very low and not so great for a tall person. I removed the back seat headrests as I am so short that they block my view. The car gets pretty decent mileage about 30 MPG combined and always starts right up though when turning the key in the ignition it has always made a funny noise when the car is cold and being started for the first time. Very basic features which were all I needed.

- Barbara V

Honda fit makes you feel secure.

I have a Honda fit 2007, we bought it this year. I am the second owner, I used it when I picked up my two daughters. I love my car though it is not brand new but it feels like it is. It does not give us some headache, I mean it does not have any problems like engine, it fits my daughters well. It is small but cute. They really love riding my car. Definitely I will love promoting a Honda fit. It is my first car and I didn't have any problem with it when my husband taught me how to drive. I also didn't have any problem finding a parking space because it fits. Small but definitely so reliable. So far I have no problem about it.

- Michelle M

Small, big comfort. Fit is great, short front, not wide & not long, just right.

For the most part I love my fit sport, but the front bumper is awful, it is too low and catches on the wheel stops in parking places, it catches on the curbs and not just a little bit, the bumper is almost pulled off depending on the wheel stop or curb. I have seriously considered have the front bumper changed out. Now for the things I love, the front end is short making for easy turning and fitting into tight spots. For a fairly small vehicle it has a lot of space. I have ridden in all seats of the fit and everyone of them is really comfortable.

- Elizabeth L

Super fuel efficient, plenty of storage, compact and reliable car.

I absolutely adore my Honda fit. My parents bought it used for me over 4 years ago and I have yet to have any significant problems with it. My car is at nearly 135, 000 miles now and still runs smooth with great fuel efficiency. The storage the hatchback allows, especially once you put the back seats down, is amazing for such a compact car. My only complaint is that seeing as mine is an older model (2007) it does not have the fancy feature of cruise control which I would really prefer to have.

- Rachel F

It is a red car with gray interior. Nothing special.

It is a very reliable car, however it does have issues with burning coils every year. So I've had to replace those every year but other than that, I have no complaints. It is a very comfortable car to drive and it makes turns very well. I have driven this car to the beach and back several times and its extremely comfortable to sit in for hours at a time. I wouldn't choose any other car to drive around in. it also helps that this car has cruise control during the long drives on the highways.

- Ashley S

The Honda fit is a spacious, durable and fuel efficient vehicle.

The honda fit is a great car. It is much more spacious than it appears and the "stow and go" seating is a lifesaver, if one wants to transport something large like a washing machine. Like all vehicles , it is not perfect, it has design flaws , such a leaking doors and a very temperamental cruise control button. All in all, it is a great car though. Japanese engineering makes this car exceptionally durable and gives the car a very agreeable longevity. The fuel mileage is wonderful too.

- Terra M

Amazing storage possibilities! Worry free driving.

This is the second Honda fit that we own. It is comfortable and very economical. The storage capabilities in this car is endless. The way the back seats are designed is brilliant. We have put two bikes inside the car, we recently bought an upholstered chair that fit, we have put 2x4 boards in it on occasion. We have packed for a 2 week vacation we room to spare. It has never given us any problems mechanically, we do follow the oil change prompts, and have worry free driving.

- Barbara C

With proper maintenance of the car the car should work perfectly fine for years.

The Honda fit is great when it comes to gas mileage. I can drive over 45 minutes away, going about 75 the entire drive, and use only about a half of a tank. The size of the car is small but very roomy. You can fit three passengers in the back along with the driver and the front passenger. You can switch the car from an automatic to a manual by using the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. The car does great in the winter with proper maintenance and care.

- Emily H

Reliable car; limited features.

Honda fits are really reliable. They are easy to self maintain which makes them cheaper to own in the long run. It gets good gas mileage for being an older vehicle. My biggest complaint would be that the older models do not have some of the bells and whistles that the newer models have because they were not available when the vehicle was purchased. These entertainment and safety features will be a big consideration when it comes time to look for a new vehicle.

- Sam R

Honda fit: glowing review of 12-year owner.

This car is amazing for parking and getting around in the city. I have had the car for over 12 years. It has great fuel efficiency. My only complaint is that the battery dies pretty easily if you forget to turn off the lights. The car is also very efficient in terms of space. The car is compact but fits a lot in the trunk. You can also flatten the seats which gives you a ton of space. Very reliable car that I intend to drive until it has 200, 000 miles on it.

- Sunny C

The car is always reliable.

This car has been economical and reliable for 11 years. Only general maintenance for 9 years. In the past two years I have had some repairs that would be expected for it is age. The car is extremely comfortable and roomy for it is size. The legroom is awesome and the ability to use the vehicle for moving stuff is excellent. I couldn't love this care more. Nothing negative to say about it except it is starting to show it is age in the interior and body.

- Cindy R

Honda Fit Review - It�s not perfect but it will get you where you want to go

My Honda Fit is a great first time car. Honda's are always pretty reliable especially someone who is a new driver. I have had my car for 3 years now and it still runs fine and I have put a lot of miles on it. I love my gas mileage because my tank will take $25 to fill from empty give or take and it lasts me about 5-6 days depending on how much I drive. Overall great car, the only downfall about it is how small it is but I think it's worth it.

- Ashleigh T

Reliable first car, just needs extra love and care.

At the moment I am experiencing a couple problems with my Honda fit. It currently needs its spark plugs replaced and a few other problems such as filters. I first bought it used in 2016 right after graduating high school and it has been a good starter car. It is reliable, I was just inexperienced with owning a car and didn't realize what all needed to be done at the time. And even with the problems currently it still runs perfectly fine.

- Flora P

I love my little fit! It seriously 'fits' anywhere!

Most reliable car I have ever owned. In 6 years of ownership, I have only had to do basic maintenance & otherwise have replaced the wiring harness on my driver side, only due to regular wear & tear. I have also replaced all cylinders & spark plugs, but again I feel that is regular maintenance with a car of this year. I love the size, I can park anywhere! I also like the option to use paddle shifters, works great in the snow & ice!

- Jill A

Room for everything and everyone!

I love the size and shape of the fit. It is a small car and easy to park, but there is so much space inside!! It is very easy to fold down the backseat and fit large items like bicycles, kayaks, and moving boxes. Very efficient use of space. I have had to deal with minor things breaking (the exhaust pipe got a hole right in an s bend which was a pain but fixable and the ignition had to be replaced), but otherwise I am very happy.

- Deb K

Major water damage that when investigated I found other Fit owners have experienced also.

I like how seats can fold down and I can transport a lot of stuff in a small car. It is very low to ground and I pulled front bumper off getting caught on curb. Still undetected leak in car that caused interior to flood TWICE. Requiring extensive work - the second time with Honda pulling out interior and replacing carpet. Mold formed in car. Will never buy Honda again and there is no resale value of this car with known damage.

- Linda S

2007 Honda fit is a versatile and durable vehicle.

Our Honda fit has been a reliable and comfortable daily driver. We were recently faced with an unexpected expensive repair, but it is been the only one. The fit is a great car for hauling furniture, and camping gear, etc. The amount and size of stuff that can fit into the back, when the back seats are lowered, is quite amazing. We just took our older fit up into the hills of eastern Washington and it did very well.

- Edith M

My Honda fit is very reliable with so many miles it still runs great.

My Honda fit has almost 300,000 miles and it is still running well. I have always kept it well maintained and I have driven it long distances. The only problem is the a/c. My condenser went out but and it was losing cooling abilities before it went out. The car is good and reliable, good for a work car. It is always had enough space for anything I needed. The back seats fold up and leave you with tons of room.

- Samuel B

Honda Fit: good for your wallet; great for getting around town.

The Honda Fit is a great little car. It certainly won't win any speed trials, but for getting around town it's aces. For a small car, it's great for a big (read: fat) person; easy to get in and out of, with plenty of room inside. It's also been very easy on the budget with very little in the way of mechanical trouble, and (with proper driving) it gets great mileage. Overall it's quite good value for money.

- Patrick W

The 07 Honda Fit is excellent (if you don't mind the brights).

My Honda Fit offers a smooth drive and is pretty decent on fuel efficiency. One problem I have experienced is what appears to be a manufacturer's defect with the high beams. They have a tendency to switch on when I use my indicator. I've checked with another owner of this exact model and it seems to be a built-in issue with the car. All in all, though, the car suits my lifestyle and is quite reliable.

- Matthew J

Reasons why I love my Honda fit.

This car is the perfect size for my family. It has enough trunk space for my stroller despite the compact size of the vehicle. I love that I can park in small spaces and easily parallel park. My favorite thing about my Honda fit is that it is perfect for getting around without wasting too much gas. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to save money on gas and needs an everyday vehicle.

- Linsey H

Why I love my Honda fit! Its dependable, safe, and roomy.

I love my fitbit is great on gas and it is comfortable to ride in. When my family is riding I my fit I feel comfort knowing we are safe and when my daughter starts driving that will probably be the car she will drive because I will have peace of mind knowing she is in a dependable safe vehicle. I love that the back seats fold up making it easier to clean. This car has never left me stranded.

- Santana R

It is a reliable, spacious and economical car that is easy to drive.

I love that it is compact, but is four doors with a hatchback trunk. It is very easy to drive and I don't have to worry about fitting in small parking spaces. Even though it is small it can fit many items in the trunk like a christmas tree or several boxes if you are moving. The car has also run very smooth and I have not had any major problems with it and it is already 11 years old.

- Ali M

200,000 mile 2007 Honda Fit in decent condition

My 2007 Honda Fit has seen better days but has been reliable! The front and back bumper have popped out and there's little dings and scratches but that can be expected seeing as how it has 200,000 miles stacked up. The AC vents don't move very well but the AC does work. The sun visor on the drivers side has broke so it will swing sometimes and you have to hold it still but that's it!

- Alexin G

2007 Honda Fit- reliable and will fit all your stuff.

I've not had many problems with my vehicle. With regular maintenance and tune ups it's reliable, efficient on gas, comfortable and very spacious. Being an older model, I do wish there was built in Bluetooth. But overall, it is a wonderful car that I enjoy driving. The best is how much stuff I can fit into it! From ikea shopping to apartment moving, it's always been the best.

- Lana V

Electric Blue Honda Fit Still Rocking Ten Years Later

The air conditioning is a bit slow to kick on. I don't know if it's old or it wasn't ever that powerful. I got the extra sport kit which I love- except in the winter. It makes parking in the snow a huge pain in the ass. Backseat legroom could be improved but it is a small car so it's understandable. I LOVE the hatchback. Can be a bit slow to get up to speed but it's fine.

- Allison L

Good small car for tall people.

My car has been very reliable with very few issues other than regular maintenance. It is spacious for a little car and gets good gas mileage. It is not the most luxurious vehicle. That is most noticeable when it comes to the noise level inside the car, particularly when on the freeway at higher speeds. That is probably my only significant complaint about this vehicle.

- Regan B

Honda fit is a good fit for an economical yet adequately powerful ride.

We purchased it used. It is economical; about 32 mpg. It has good pickup and power for a 4 cylinder. The seats are comfortable and the interior is spacious. One negative is the distance of the driver seat in reference to the steering wheel. As a short person, if I move the seat to be in a good position for the accelerator, I am too far away from the steering wheel.

- Gina M

A good fit! The car that not only gets you there but gets you there efficiently.

I love my Honda fit! It is great on gas and is really efficient. I can rely on it to get me anywhere. The interior is comfortable and looks great too! Performance wise it is great, and it runs very smooth as well! Some things I would recommend be added are Bluetooth Audio because that is very convenient! Also I would add a camera for backup to help while parking.

- Madeline H

Honda Fit 2007 gets the job done!

It is very reliable and comfortable. It doesn't have a lot of special features but it does get the job done. It is very gas efficient and safe to drive. It has a good amount of space and can fit a lot of things in the back because the seats can lay down completely flat. I really enjoy this feature. It is a really pretty light blue color which I like a lot.

- kelsey W

All of the back seats fold down which makes a lot of space.

I bought this car new and it still runs great. This car gets great gas mileage. This cat is very reliable. I have only had to get routine maintenance on this car. There is a lot of space inside the car. All of the back seat fold completely down. I can almost fit a twin mattress in the back. It is a great car for a small family. I would buy this car again.

- Elizabeth R

The Honda Fit Sport It is a small car on the outside, but very spacious inside.

The Honda Fit is a very nice, reliable car. I bought this car in 2007 and it is still going strong. Very good on gas mileage. Traveling is good with this car. It is comfortable inside and spacious. It is a hatchback and there is a lot of room to carry stuff, especially since the back seats fold down. I have been very pleased with the Honda Fit Sport.

- Peggy H

Honda fit: the perfect juxtaposition, compact and roomy.

I find my car to be very reliable and is not a gas guzzler. It is compact enough that I have no problem parking in tight spaces or even parallel parking. It spacious and roomy for passengers all the while carrying belongings in the trunk. It is agile and easy on turns. The only drawback is power is lacking. Otherwise, it is a great car to own.

- Cristina F

Reliable transportation for busy single mother with a full time job

Good car for first time car buyer or small family, good gas mileage. Haven't had any major issues the whole time I've had it. It's easy and fun to drive and I hope to keep it going for a few more years. I also hope to teach my oldest child how to drive in my Honda because is very easy to manage on the major highway and through city streets

- Laura G

Great little car with lots of trunk space.

The car is easy to get around in, especially around tight curves. It also fits in small parking spaces. However, I have had issues with the battery and the engine. The seats are not very comfortable but there is more legroom than you would expect. The trunk is quite roomy with the hatchback and the seats fold down to make more room.

- Co T

Honda Fit - Great engine and reliability

My Fit has held up well since I bought it in 2007. Little to no extra maintenance required on the engine. I would get a better model than the base model in retrospect. The interior hasn't held up as well as the engine. I recently had to duct tape my door handle back on because it refuses to stay on even after being "fixed:

- Stephanie R

This car fits my lifestyle. It's small, zippy, but has lots of room.

I love that my fitty is a compact hatchback but has amazing cargo space, The gas mileage is pretty good on highways. The gas mileage for city driving is only so-so. That is my biggest complaint right now. I also wish that it had more power on mountain roads. It is also a little to light as a car for driving in snow.

- Heather H

Reliability in a small package

There have been some issues with ignition coils, misfiring, etc but overall I've barely had to do anything besides routine maintenance on this vehicle in the 8 years I've had it. It's been extremely reliable and worth every dime I've spent. Would honestly purchase another one when it's time to get another vehicle.

- Thaler S

Good fast little reliable car

I really love my vehicle and it gets me where I'm going just fine. It only takes 20$ to feel up the tank and it'll take me about 150 miles with that. I really like the small comfort it provides me and how small it is. I am able to fit through traffic and I feel like it helps get me where I need to be faster

- Victoria G

I like that it�s sort of a sports car so it goes very fast

I don't have many problems with this car although the ride isn't always smooth and also the tires seem sort of cheap I've gotten many flat tires with this car it's also a bit too close to the ground also the cars makes strange noises at times I also have many issues with opening the trunk at times

- Leah F

Some of the good, some of the bad.

It has good pick-up, it is a Honda so you know it has good reliability. It does not have an auxiliary outlet so that is annoying, I cannot plug in my music from my phone and it does not have a cruise control option. I do a lot of long distance driving so that is also quite a big inconvenience.

- Rachael F

Experience with Honda Fit

It has lasted a while but now has had many problems. Since it is an older vehicle, fixing it is pretty expensive and it does not come back good as new, but with even more problems. The durability of this car is okay and survived a few crashes, but those crashes probably worsened the durability

- Samantha F

Economic, spacious, comfortable car.

The Honda Fit is the most comfortable and spacious car you will ever have. It saves a lot of money per mileage in gas. Is comfortable to travel across country. Mechanics, just the maintenance like oil, filters, etc. Is comfortable for students, families or anyone that will love a great car.

- Maria F

Fit: she’s not fancy, but she’s efficient.

Overall, a wonderful car & value. Some transmission jerkiness from time to time, but always goes! It is not particularly well insulated, and makes for a very loud ride. I really love it, but wish the jazz (the 4WD version) was available here in the u. S. That would be my dream vehicle!

- Marisa M

The Honda fit is great on gas/mpg.

Very good car. Small so can fit in tight spots, great on gas/mpg. 4 door with enough room in trunk for average person. Has aux. Can be automatic or stick shift depending on what you prefer. Door and window lock is on drivers side only. Back seats fold down for more room in back if needed.

- Carlos A

Good on gas, reliable, small, family oriented

I have never had any issues with my car whatsoever. It is small rides nice very good on gas. Honda has been amazing as far as anything g that needs done on my car for a fair cost and rentals. I would recon anyone to buy a Honda. They have great features along with a nice long cozy ride

- Lindsey B

Honda fit is a great family car. I would buy another one!

I love my Honda fit. It feel very roomy inside. No problem fitting a bulky car seat on the backseat. Great gas mileage. Love how easy the seats are to fold to fit big objects in there! It truly fits everything! I have put Christmas trees and tables in there no problem!

- Rachel S

Review of Honda Fit - B+.

Good running car. Small for a family of four. Love the hatch back, especially when it's raining and grocery shopping, ect. Has over 200k and have never had anything wrong other than regular maintenance. No mechanical issues whatsoever. Very good on gas and easy to drive

- Nicole G

I think the heating & air conditioning is efficient, comfortable for car.

I have had no major problems with my Honda fit. In fact I intend to buy a new one during the next year. I love the fit: comfort, dependable, appearance. Mileage is great about 30 in town traffic. Good heating and air conditioning. Easy to drive. Buy a new one this year.

- Linda S

I love being able to put my seat down put in my gear and go.

My vehicle has seen a lot of miles, and I enjoy driving it a lot. It handles well even in the snow. It always seems to have room for everything I need. I like the good gas mileage it gets. It does well on long drives and even the back seats have a nice amount of room.

- Nicole W

It's small but it can hold a lot more than it looks like it can.

I've had my car for 11 years and I love it. It's only recently started to have some problems. It's been super dependable and fuel efficient. The way the back seats lay all the way down are a huge benefit in my job where I have to haul lots of stuff. And it's cute.

- Sheila W

Great gas mileage and great in all weather.

The car is great on gas mileage. The gas tank is a bit small, so you'll have to fill up often. The only thing I am ever worried about is how it travels in cold weather like snow and sleet. However, if you put good tires on it, it’ll drive safely like a truck.

- Jordan B

Sporty car with high head room and big for it is size cargo space.

Excellent car. Surprisingly, my husband can easily get in and out of it (he is 6' 3" and weighs 275 ). The main thing wrong with it is it is noisy on the road. It is road noise probably from tires. It uses low profile sports tires that run at a high pressure.

- Erika M

Collapsible rear seats make the car very functional.

Honda fit sport, 5dr, a, economy vehicle. Approximately 26 mpg, driver and passenger front cloth bucket seats, a/c, window defrost, am /FM w/CD player, hand flipper manual shift option, cruise control, Honda mag wheels, fog lights, power windows and mirrors.

- Robert B

The spacious back is the most amazing thing ever!

The performance is wonderful, the car has great gas mileage and seriously is so versatile. I lived in California and I love to take it to the beach and to mountains. The controls are so smooth and the look is so sleek, I love my fit!

- Brooke T

That thing you insist won't fit? It probably will. It's bigger than it looks on the inside.

It's fuel efficient yet and holds a whole lot of stuff when the back seat is folded down. 130K miles with no major mechanical issues. Cute, compact, fits into tight parking spaces. Didn't cost too much to buy it in the first place.

- Amber B

The Fit has an abundance of cupholders.

I love the Honda Fit. It's reliable and has good gas mileage (for a U.S. based vehicle). It features more cup holders than all of my previous cars combined. It's relatively comfortable, but could use better headrest adjustments.

- Amber F

It received high marks from Consumer Reports and has a high resale value. It is very dependable.

Our Honda Fit is dependable, fuel efficient, and easy to drive. It was also very affordable and has required very little, if any, mechanical work. The only complaint is that highway noise is loud due to no real sound barrier.

- Stefanie M

it's an all-around great car with very little upkeep Also it has been very reliable for 11 years.

It has great mileage and very little in the way of expensive surprise feature fixes. It has a lot of cargo space for small CAR. The only thing that is frustrating is the back door lock does not always work properly.

- Arlene B

It's versatile and practical for so many uses in life.

I love the practicality of it and how it can convert to transport a lot of things. There is still lots of legroom, but it's small enough that it gets good gas mileage. It's a Honda, so it rarely needs any repairs.

- Becca M

Everything fits in the fit! It is like a peppy micro van!

I have had no real problems with my Honda fit. It is a fantastic little car, and I have used it for lots of different things. The seats fold flat in the back for the perfect spot to put boxes or really anything.

- Sarah E

The Fit fits our way of life.

I love the fact that the seats fold flat. I can get an amazing amount of stuff in there. I like that the Fit is higher than most smaller cars and still gets good gas mileage. There's a bit of a blind spot.

- Lori g

A small car full of big possibilities.

I love the storage space that comes with the size of the car. There is a huge amount of trunk space and the seats fold down for additional space if needed. I also love the sunroof and heated seats.

- Sophia R

It is a good family car and seats go down to stored a lot of things.

I have a Honda hatchback 4d sport automatic ac does not work has a lil scratch on right side motor mounts are broken but not all just two one the front of the engine still drives perfect.

- Brad M

This car has great gas mileage for city and highway. I travel frequently in and out of the city.

I love that it's compact. It's very easy to park. The hatchback is easy to load and unload anything and has helped with moving. There is so much space when you put the seats down.

- Angela S

I have had no major problems with it in 11 years that I've owned it.

I love the gas mileage I get! I love that it's a small car, but very roomy on the inside. I don't like that the only power lock is on the driver's door. That's my only complaint.

- Laura M

It looks small but it is very roomy inside.

It looks small from the outside but the inside is roomy. It is dependable and reliable. The only thing wrong with it is it's older and a little worn out looking on inside.

- Antoine F

I always feel safe when driving in my Honda Fit. I recommend

Comfortable seats. Big inside while looking compact and small on the outside. Reliable. I have the sports version so shifting gears works well with paddles.

- Erin C

It gets great gas mileage and I drive a lot to babysit grandkids and care for elderly mother

It gets fantastic gas mileage, I rarely have to have any type of service other that oil changes. It is comfortable on long trip and has a lot of cargo space

- Michele K

It handles great on the road.

It is small and plain. Good gas mileage and it is reliable. It is not a very smooth ride. The car is very loud when on the highway and you feel every bump.

- John D

It suits my personality to a tee. It's small and spunky just like me.

I love my Honda Fit! It's small on the outside, but huge on the inside. I can get a dresser in there. It is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage.

- Christina M

Far more storage space than you would think, really nice for moving and such.

the fit is generally a good car. It lacks a defining 'spark' or character but has served me well, and the hatchback is always a positive trait

- David S

Great gas mileage. I have to remind myself to fill it up.

My Honda fit is the best car I have ever had. It is very roomy for the size of the car. The gas mileage is around thirty six miles per gallon.

- Debbie K

It is reliable and a good value

It is smaller than some but has good mileage and minimum repairs. It has been reliable and is very versatile. My wife really likes it.

- Larry K

What I love about my Honda Fit is that I could fit a lot of stuff there. The seats can go down and up easily.

I love my car. It is good on gas, and I can fit a lot of stuff in there. It is also great for parking--doesn't take up a lot of space.

- Hala E

The vehicle handles well in winter.

I like the car because it is been reliable, handles well and gets decent gas mileage... I dislike the color and the cost of repairs..

- Sonia K

It has Magic seats that fold up or down.

It's small but mighty! The cargo area and backseat are so functional. I wish it got better gas mileage and had a little more power.

- Amber S

That it seems to last forever with just regular oil changes ect.

It is very dependable and has a lot of inside room for people and to haul things. The only complaint is that it is not american made

- Laura N

Great for students and musicians- it looks small but packs a lot of room.

Purchased it used, love that it is easy to maintain and great on gas. I like that it has been great on internal space as well.

- Melissa A

They should know that there's a chance for the tire well to leak water

I like that it small because I can park easily, but I don't like that it is so small that I don't really feel super safe in it

- Ashley G

If it dont fit it ain't it

I have had my car for quite some time now and I love it has no issues and about 200 thousand miles on it still running strong.

- Bethany B

Important thing others should know about my car is that it is a stick shift.

I love my car because it is small. Fits a lot of stuff. I dislike it because it does not come with sub port to plug in music.

- Clare G

The car is very reliable.

I like the gas mileage. I like the safety rating. I dislike the lack of power the car has. I dislike the looks of the car.

- William L

Its car is a cool gray color, with a pink stripe going from bumper to bumper.

Car is in perfect condition for its age. Do not like the air conditioning system, it takes time to cool. Has no aux cord.

- Flynn W

It's reliable and great on gas. You can fit so much in this Honda Fit.

I researched the purchase of this vehicle thoroughly . I love the reliability and how much I can fit in such a small car.

- April E

These cars are very reliable and can be driven for years.

Great gas mileage, very reliable, easy to park is what I like. A bit noisy is what I dislike, also too low to the ground.

- Beth G

My car is inexpensive and it gets great gas mileage.

My car gets great gas mileage. I like that it has a roomy interior. The only drawback is that it has slow acceleration.

- Wade S

Excellent family car with tons of room.

I dislike the color, but my mother gave it to me. It is so comfortable to drive. It is the only car I have ever driven.

- Danielle S

Carries more than you would expect in available cargo space.

Ground clearance a little low. Air conditioner condenser unit easily damaged. hard to read dash panel in bright light.

- Paul D

The Amazing Gas Mileage this car gets. I fill the gas tank about 2 times per month.

I have zero complaints about my car. It gets great gas mileage. It has plenty of room. It's cute and fun to drive.

- Nancy S

It's a compact car with amazing storage capabilities and good gas mileage.

I love the reliability and gas mileage. I really love the storage capabilities. I love that it fits a short person.

- Brooklyn A

SEats go down to store a lot of stuff and it is a good family car

Honda Fit sport 4d hatchback ac blows hot air has a scratch and dent on right side motor mounts are broken in front

- Brad M

The best feature of my car is definitely how reliable it is.

It is extremely reliable done over twenty thousand miles on it and has not broken down. Also very cheap to repair.

- James C

The mileage is very good on it.

I love that I can put a lot of stuff in the back of the vehicle sometimes I feel like it is a little too small.

- Elizabeth T

low emissions and good gas mileage

I dislike the size. Wish it were larger. It gets good mileage and can fit a surprising amount of stuff into it.

- ed M

This car has been super dependable--no problems to speak of.

The car has been very dependable so far--at 180,000 miles--is quite economical to operate, and is fun to drive.

- David B

It has over 200 thousand miles on it.

I dislike how small it is. I like that it's easy to park. I also dislike how many miles are on it. Over 200k.

- Ashley G

It is very good on gas mileage.

There is not as much driver legroom. Anyone over 6 feet tall would have issues driving it comfortably.

- Kristina K

It's reliable and dependable. It never lets me down and very easy to maintain.

It's small, compact and reliable. Easy to drive and gets good gas mileage. A great all around car.

- Tiffany F

The gas mileage is better than average, and it is larger inside than it appears.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I don't like how loud it is. I like the space in the trunk.

- Samantha B

It's is very compact and fuel efficient. Great for commuting and keeping gas costs down.

It's a small blue Honda Fit. It has been a great commuter car for me, good mileage and reliable.

- Amy C

It is a great fuel efficient car that is easy to drive around the city and park.

Great gas mileage, no issues with repairs, runs great. Easy to drive around the city

- priya k

My car is reliable and versatile. It's a good everyday car.

I love that my car is fuel efficient and inexpensive to fill up. Very reliable.

- Maureen S

Very easy to drive and somewhat fuel efficient

Like that It's small and can park in tighter places. Dislike the horse power.

- Chrissie c

small compact and looks great

I like my honda fit, it is small, gets great mileage and performs very well.

- Jean I

Reliable, fuel economic and

My only complain is the A/C and the headlights don't turn on automatically.

- Mark G

Good on gas. By putting down the seat you can put a lot of items in the car.

No complaints. Drive good. In the 11, years I had the fit no dig problems.

- Rogelio C

It's pretty cheap and old. It has a lot of miles on it.

I like that it's small. It is really spacious and easy to parallel park.

- Maria F

My 2007 Honda Fit has been a very dependable vehicle!

Great mileage, handles well, looks nice, and has great utility options.

- John P

I love my little Honda Fit! It is so easy and fun to drive. It holds up well in all conditions I have taken it into. Plus, with how the seats go both up and down all the way, you can really fit tons of stuff in there. I used it to move and it was so easy.

That this car is really fun to drive and suits my personality.

- Joyce B

It last a long time Good on gas And looks real nice

It is good on gas and runs well Good size And it. Looks nice

- William S

lots of room in the car for a small car

Love my car because it is fuel efficient and lots of space

- Carolyn M

It is getting old.it does not have all the latest features.

It is fun to drive. It is spritely.i love the gas mileage.

- Kathleen C

good all around vehicle good gas miles, holds a lot of cargo, roomy, easy to drive

tires are not big enough and always pop on the sidewall

- lisa m

easy to drive looks great great price

runs well good on gas looks good no complaints at all

- william L

Basic car that does not need much upkeep.

- Cheryl A