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It is small but zippy and fun to drive!

The fit has been very reliable up until recently - at about 125k miles the suspension stabilizer bars broke and the fuel pump went out. When the fuel pump went out, it was sudden and left me stranded - it was also quite expensive to fix at around $800. At around 90k miles my vehicle had an issue with the distribution of power in the spark plugs, it took some time for the dealer to diagnose this, but it was also about $600. The only other continuing issues that I have had is that the back hatch leaks water that collects in the spare tire well. Oddly, I have also had to replace the headlight bulbs multiple times in the past 3 years. Other than those issues and general maintenance, this has been a great car! My fit is a sport model with a manual transmission - it is really fun to drive and if I shift properly I have no issue accelerating on the highway. . I purchased an extra set of snow tires and rims for my vehicle for winter, and it was like having a new car. With the snow tires, the fit handles quite well on snowy roads.

- Chris M

Economic, compact, great car

Overall is a good car to drive especially in a big city, where there is lack of parking. Is compact and easily to fit anywhere. It does give you a good gas mile. It is very economic since I do not spend too much money on gasoline. A full tank depending on gas price and usage can last about 2 weeks for less than $30.00 dollars. As with any other vehicle it requires it's regular maintenance, although it has its negatives as well. Being a small car and the shape of the car makes it difficult to drive in the highway at a high speed when there are strong winds. The wind can shake up the car. Also, there had been some recalls to the model and sometimes the car parts are difficult to find. The major problems I have encounter with this car is the tire sensor, it broke early when I acquired the car. Also the battery, dies very often. Another issue has been the door locks they broke and are too expensive to change. Other than that there are no major issues with this car model. I was to get another car I could get the latest model.

- Martha A

Loud engine, fun to drive, excellent handling!

My Honda Fit has been fun to drive. It is small, but powerful. This car handles like a beauty. When I bought it, I liked the option of switching to 'Sports' mode and being able to shift gears manually. However, since buying it I haven't used this feature more than once and that was just to test it out. The main feature I use is the cruise control when I'm driving long distances on the highway. It is easy to set and manage. Using buttons easily within reach on the steering wheel, you can accelerate or decelerate. If I had to complain about something it would be how loud the engine can run, it seems especially loud more recently.. but my car is now almost 12 years old and has almost 200,000 miles on it. Another annoyance I've had is the tire pressure on the front tires. It seems I'm always filling the tires with air, especially on the drivers side.

- Karen S

Compact car that doesn't feel compact

This car gets great gas mileage, has lots of room and head clearance and is very reliable. Mine has 138k miles and the only issue I have had was the alternator needing to be replaced. The car is fun to drive especially if you get the 6-speed manual like I have. I love how the back seats easily fold flat to reveal a huge hatchback wish I use to transport my bikes, gear and even helped a friend move. Yes, we fit everything she owned from her small Manhattan studio. Negatives are few but this model year the cabin noise at highway speeds isn't great. The only other problem is that a few stereo buttons have stopped working. I would buy another Honda Fit and highly recommend this car for those looking for a compact, yet roomy, efficient vehicle.

- Shane M

It 'fits' just about everything!

My Honda fit is perfect for my daily needs. I currently work for an electrical company but I am not provided a company vehicle. My fit is versatile enough to haul all my tools, fit into tight spaces, and not break the bank on fuel when frequent travel is necessary. While not the most comfortable, this hatchback is definitely one of the most agile cars I have driven and is incredibly reliable. I recently took a backpacking trip to South Dakota (1700 miles round trip) and the car took it without any issues whatsoever. I should also mention I drive the 5-speed manual and after 150,000 mile the original clutch is still grabbing. Very impressive!

- Rodney T

Honda fit is a fun, reliable car you can count on.

It is a good car. Solid, reliable. The ac could be a little bit better. Other than that I have had very few issues with it. It is a good size. Comfortable for me, a friend, and a dog. The hatch back really allows it to hold a lot more than I first anticipated. I can use it to go on long car trips and car camping and carry many supplies. I have also used it to haul furniture. The seats are comfortable and the sight lines are good. I like that it comes with a jack to connect my phone to it with a male-male cord. I got a white one, and I do sort of wish I could have a different color but that was all they had at the time.

- Elizabeth B

The vehicles stereo is hands down the best I have ever had.

My car ever since I purchased it has worked amazing. The gas mileage was a big factor in the purchase because fits get such good mpg on the highways as well as city. The car drives very smooth. Have not had any issues with any of the parts. The tires were rotated and new rotors were put on but besides that EVERYTHING else is in tip top shape. The car has about 195,000 miles on it but fits are made to drive close to 300,000 so if I keep it in good shape then I would have no issues having it last that long. All in all I would say a Honda fit is a great purchase for someone who drives a lot for work and or leisure.

- Tony C

It's very safe despite it being a small car.

I absolutely love my car. It appears small on the outside but once you're in it, it's very spacious. I have one child and it's just enough room for the two of us. It fits all my groceries in the trunk and much more. What I also like, is if you have to move larger items, the two back seats fold down to make one giant trunk. I have felt this car has been very good on gas mileage as well. I have had no problems with it so far despite it being 11 years old. I believe these cars can be very lasting, safe, and efficient given the proper care.

- Hannah S

The Honda fit is a reliable, safe and economical vehicle.

I love my 2008 Honda fit. There is surprisingly a lot of cargo room in this car thanks to the wonderful magic seats that Honda is famous for. Gas mileage is great: up to 40 mpg on the highway using cruise control. I have had no mechanical issues and have been vigilant and on schedule with oil changes and regular maintenance. There is a bit of road noise but nothing that is a deal breaker. Although the car is small, I have never felt unsafe in it. And I love being able to park my car in the tightest parking situations!

- Molly R

The Fit is an all around well made, comfortable, quality car that is affordable for fairly small budgets!

I absolutely love my Fit. I have had her since she was brand new and I will keep driving her as long as possible! She is comfortable to be in as driver or passenger. I am tall and thick so i was quite surprised how roomy she is for such a small car. The interior storage and cargo options are way better than a lot of full size sedans I've been in. Gas mileage is higher than what I see other cars around me averaging and parking...I can always find parking because she is so compact and has an awesome turning radius.

- Tina N

Honda fit: tiny but spacious.

The car drives very smoothly. I has good pick up and handles well. The car is super compact so it can fit into many spots and locations easily. The inside is spacious enough to fit an entire mountain bike. It comfortably fits four grown adults or two adults and three children. According to mechanics I have used the car's problems are fairly easy to fix. Oil changes are super easy to do at home. Light weight is not good in bad snow conditions or in strong winds.

- Cam M

The fit is a car that will give you great fuel mileage and plenty of room for an affordable price.

It is great as far as gas mileage. It is larger inside than it looks and we can transport our family of 5 with all our junk in the back. I love the different ways you can move the seats to get the space you need. Only thing is in the last few years we've had to replace the O2 Sensor, and both Catalytic converters which cost us a lot of money. We are currently replacing a faulty driver side door lock system and it is an expense of over $700.

- Liza P

The best little small compact car

I like that it is small, easy to drive. Very easy to park. It gets amazing gas mileage. It's so easy to drive. My two teenage boys can drive it really well also, and so far it has been very reliable. I have only had to do just the regular maintenance on it, nothing else. I guess the only bad thing about it would be if you are really tall, it kind of hurts your foot when driving long distances because the seat doesn't go back very far.

- Misty W

Great city car, lacks power and comfort.

The fit is a great city car for when you are driving minimal distances. It is not a good long distance car as the seats cause your legs to go numb and hurt after about 30 min of driving. It does lack power to driving on the highway can be difficult as it is at 4,000 rpms at 75 mph and does not pick up speed efficiently. But it does have excellent storage spacing as the back seats do fold down completely giving the owner plenty of space.

- Morgan O

Incompletely manufactured.

My vehicle was not completed by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, I was not aware of it is incompletion until I had a flat tire, 3 years after I purchased it. I went to get my spare tire and I found a huge hole covered by a piece of wood. Just before my flat tire, I noticed a moisture leak and now my vehicle smells like mold and mildew. I do not know if I would ever buy from Honda again. Also, the vehicle does not handle well in snow.

- Elaine Z


I currently have 227,000 miles on my Honda Fit and it is still going strong! I use it for my daily commute back and forth from Orange County to Los Angeles. I do regular maintenance on it, such as oil changes. It has plenty of room given how compact it looks from the outside. The ride is smooth and I feel very safe in it. Recently I needed to put in a new fuel pump but that is the only out of the ordinary maintenance I've done.

- Maureen G

I love that my car has a sporty look to it but is a family friendly vehicle.

I love my fit! I joke that anything can fit in my fit but seriously it's so spacious! All the back seats can go down so I can fit some pretty big things for such a small, cute car. The gas is great! I can usually fill up with $20-$25, depending on gas prices. I drive a standard fit so that helps with gas as well. It's a super reliable car. Other than my battery needing to be replaced I have never had any issues with it.

- Mary L

My Honda fit is a basic small car with a lot of room to fit many things.

My fit just fits my needs for carrying a lot of equipment, as I am a "vibrational healer at the cellular level using Tibetan singing bowls. " The back seats fold down so I can carry two folded 6' tables with 20 folding chairs in the back trunk area. My little red car has enough power to get me out of tight spaces either on the highway or in a parking lot. Plus, it is cute and just fits me. Her name is Mon Cheri.

- Marie M

Not enough space for a family.

I would say this car is too small for me. If it were just me it would be fine. The back seat lays down all the way and the seats convert all the way up for cleaning. It does not speed up very fast at all, expect to get driven around a lot. I have had transmission issues in the past and hear it holds true for other fit owners as well. I enjoy the mileage and amount of money it takes to fill up the tank.

- Maria M

The Honda fit - great mileage, smooth driving, a great small car.

We have had no problems with our Honda fit. It gets good mileage, is beautiful to look at, does not look its age at all, the finish makes it look brand new after 10 years. It drives like a dream even on rough dirt roads. The interior looks great, is comfortable, a little tight-could be roomier for your legs. Plenty of trunk space. Heats up quickly in cold weather. Altogether a great small car.

- Lois S

The Honda fit fits an urban lifestyle.

The Honda fit is spacious on the inside, compact for easy parking, relatively fuel efficient, and holds its value (manual transmission). It is also fast and can make narrow turns, easy to maneuver. It is so low to the ground that I have had issues with losing the mud guard and part of my front bumper. Make sure tires are adequately inflated and do not go off-roading, and you should be fine.

- Madeline P

Very efficient, but does not have a lot of get-up and go due to its small engine.

The best feature of my Honda Fit is its fuel efficiency, but I also love that its small size and ability to navigate tight city driving does not compromise its space. The hatchback is ideal, and can fit much more than the small size would suggest. The only drawback that I have encountered so far is that the fit's small size comes with a small engine, so acceleration is not outstanding.

- Betsy E

Large interior, good gas mileage.

The main issue I have seen has been from cold weather. This makes it harder to start, so I have to sit with the car warming before putting it into drive, and then it is good. I love how large the car is. There's a lot of space overhead, and the back fits in more than expected, especially when the seats are folded down. The car gets good gas mileage and has good engine power as well.

- Lauren C

The best compact car out there.

I have had my fit since 2010. No major issues, just replacing spark plugs and one sensor that failed recently. The only weird thing about the car is that everything in the engine is very compact compared to most other cars. Mechanics are not used to working on them so expect some weird looks. But they always figure it out eventually. She's at 140, 000 miles and going strong!

- Amanda N

Easy compact drive with roomy interior

A very easy drive. The vehicle is compact but still roomy inside the cabin with capacity to haul a good amount. Hatchback is very convenient for large items. Stock sound system is good quality. My only complaint is the vehicle is very low to the ground and it causes a few problems, I.e. hitting curbs or parking planks, skimming bottom of the car going over speed bumps, etc.

- Karin L

Cute, compact, and space-efficient hatchback.

I love the compact size, and even with the small body, the inside is still roomy, especially the trunk! I also love the big windows; it is very light and airy inside. The car is so easy to park, and has a tight turn radius. The back seat is pretty tight when there are three people though, which is less than ideal. And my child’s rear facing car seat barely fits.

- Nikki K

It is a Honda, holds a great wholesale value.

I like the handling. It is very responsive and has a small turning radius. It has a lot of cargo capacity for a subcompact due to the ability to reconfigure the space by dropping seat backs independently. The hatch back is larger than those of other cars in it is class. The only negative is the loudness of the road noise at speed but this is common in small cars.

- Bill W

The fuel efficient, hatchback fit.

Road noise comes through pretty loud on the highway and the stereo needed replaced a few years ago but the car still gets 28 mpg on city streets and right about 40 mpg on the highway. It is not a comfort car but it gets you around affordably- usually do not drive more than 10-15 miles per day and do not need to fill up the 10 gallon tank but once every two weeks.

- Brittany B

Honda review. Again it runs well.

It is a Honda fit. It runs well and it can handle a long distances. The only problem that I have had is with the brakes. I have had to replace them twice since I have had the car. It is a very reliable and has a real smooth ride. Sometimes when it is cold when u turn on the ignition for the first time you will hear a scratchy noise. Other than that it is fine.

- Michelle L

Adorable and versatile little car!

It is an adorable little car! I am able to zip around in traffic, and can fit pretty large items in the back, especially when I fold down the seats. Does not feel like an economy car when you are in it. Gets great mileage and has good pickup. I have had this car for 10 years and plan to get another Honda fit when this one eventually needs to be replaced.

- Beth L

The most important thing is that the gas tank is under the driver's seat so when you stop the car you hear a swishing sound. No need to worry though it's normal.

I like the compact size and the amazing cargo space I get when I put the passenger seats down. My car gets great gas mileage on the highway but mainly travel on side streets to work. Unfortunately my gas mileage on the side streets could be better. I also do not like that when I am at a stop and I step on the gas it is a slow start. . .not much power.

- Jenny F

Really is a snow car. And has lots of space.

Small car with lots of space. Has real giddy up. Very reliable. Honda really maximize the space on the inside of the car. I love the two-way fold-up seats. I would look into buying another one the next time I am looking to buy a car. I live in CT and the winters are rough. I have never had a problem getting up or down hills in the snow.

- Nicole S

It is bigger on the inside...

I have over 200k miles on this vehicle and it still runs great. Easy to maintain and gets great gas mileage. I drive 38 miles one way to work and fill up once a week. The hatchback allows for plenty of room when the seats are down, I have even transported furniture. All the convenience of a smaller vehicle but it is bigger on the inside.

- Amy R

Small and spacious and easy to drive.

My fit has been very reliable and low maintenance over the last 10 years. It is easy and pleasant to drive as well as comfortable to ride in. I also love the amount of space the inside which I love. It is a small car and easy to park and drive on smaller roads but I have been able to fit a lot into my car when moving between apartments.

- Megan M

Solid, reliable car with great gas mileage and an insane about of storage space

I love my Honda Fit, it is very reliable, gets good gas mileage, and has ample storage space. It looks like a small car but I have moved my entire life across the country in it multiple times and have even slept comfortably in the back when I forgot my tent! It is over ten years old and I've had no serious problems, I love this car!

- Emily M

Great on gas reliable car cheap to fix

Great reliable car. Back seats fold up and down good for moving things. Good on gas. Affordable to fix. Never had any big issues with the car just your normal wear and tare. Tires are very good on car they last pretty long and are cheap to replace if need be being the fact that they are small tires. Car is good with long road trips.

- Nicole D

Small car with lots of room!

What I love about my fit is the size. It is small, but you do not feel like a sardine in a can. There is plenty of room, even room enough for storage on a long trip. I like having a hatchback. The only thing I'd say I do not like is it is so light when driving the freeway I feel it blow. But that is all a personal preference.

- Audrey R

It is reliable and comfortable.

There are no "serious" problems with the Honda fit. Bought it new in 2008 and it has been very reliable. The only noticeable problem is on the inside of the driver's door; the arm rest is pulling away from the door. So I have started pulling the door closed with the storage pocket rather than the arm rest.

- Martha D

Commuting car or city life!! The Honda fit.

The Honda fit is a great purchase. It is compact, yet feels very spacious inside. Drives very nice and gets great gas mileage. I commute 12 hours from home to college and can fit everything in it and never have any problems. It is great for commuting and city life as I go to school in los angeles, ca!

- Kylie P

2008 Honda fit is a really good vehicle that has amazing performance.

There's really nothing wrong with performance wise. The rate in which the car speeds up could be a little faster. I have only had issues with the coils needing to be replaced, and the engine mount being a little messed up and needing to be bolted back into place. Other than that it is a good vehicle.

- Jessica D

Perfect size, the color is amazing.

It is a good size, affordable price range, nice style, elegant. It has an AUX cord outlet, working windows and ac/heat. The seats are very comfortable and have good support. There's enough leg room for three people in the back. Trunk space is good, wish it was a little bigger but still very good.

- Page M

Great value for the price

I wasn't going to buy such a small car but I'm glad I did. The Honda Fit has more room than it looks like and is great for kids. I will never own a car without a hatchback. It's awesome on gas, rides smooth. The only feature it doesn't have is letting you know when your engine temperature is hot.

- Joan M

Honda fit reliable vehicle.

My car is mostly reliable, recently it is run into a few problems with the alternator and the left wheel axle. Other than a few costly repairs recently it is holding up very well considering it is 10 years old. It has great gas mileage and is great for city driving as it can fit in compact spots.

- Ari C

I love my amazing Honda fit

My car drives really well sometimes it jumps or 'hiccups' but other than that its performance is amazing. The gas is really good and inexpensive to fill up my tank. I get a lot of compliments on the cars comfort and how nice it is to be in. I love the car and I plan on keeping it for a long time

- Felicia M

Lots of leg space & trunk space. Does well in snow. It gets great gas mileage.

Has issues with draining battery and diagnostics claim it is the alternator. Drivers airbag recall airbag didn't deploy in recent accidents. Issues with trunk latch failing. It costs about $300 to fix or you can watch a YouTube video and it shows you how to fix it or function for a short time.

- Stephanie W

Honda fit, the tardis of cars.

My Honda fit is very reliable, lasts a long time, can take a hit, and heats up or cools down relatively fast which is perfect when the weather is all over the place. It has a lot of space and more window space which makes it easier to see around you and avoid blind spot traffic incidents.

- Abigail B

Small and efficient car. Great for coat cost effective commuting.

Comfortable. Great on gas. Approximately 25 miles to gallon in city and 32 miles to the gallon on freeway. Roomy for small car. Reliable. Has no mechanical problems. Hatchback makes for a great and convenient trunk space. Rides smooth. Easy to park and make tight turns due to small size.

- Bonnie F

How spacious the car is even though it appears to be a smaller size car

Like the functionality and how spacious it feels even though it's a smaller size car. Also like that it can fit into tighter spaces than most cars since that especially helps with city parking. Also like the versatility and how the back seats can be put down for more trunk space.

- Jennifer A

It is fun to drive and much less expensive on gas than many other vehicles on the market.

My Honda Fit is small and easily maneuverable. It is easy to make u-turns in it and easy to park. It has ample trunk space for my needs. Most importantly, it is fuel efficient. If I had children I don't think I would find it as comfortable, but for 1 or 2 people it is great.

- Teresa G

My car is pretty small so it's really easy to park in tight spaces

Terrible in the snow, great gas mileage, comfy, small, accessible to tight parking spaces, poor grip on snow and gravel, fast, good heating and air, I love how easy it is to park anywhere I want, the gas mileage is great, I only spend about $20 on gas to fill my entire tank

- Madison F

Excellent on gas mileages and safe for your whole family

My Honda Fit has no issues since buying our car, it's excellent on gas mileage and has a lot of safety things in the car.. my husband puts mid grade gasoline in the Honda and it runs better and gas stays longer I recommend this car if u are looking for these kind of quality

- Lisa J

I like all the windows and the hatchback is a nice feature

Paint fading, replaced ball joints, great car though. Good on gas. Would definitely purchase again. Great value. My fourth Honda and all have been great cars. I recommend buying a Honda. My car was bought used. Oil changes regularly really seem to make the car last longer .

- Chris S

It's just an overall great car.

Best car I ever owned as it fits everything and I can always find a parking spot, it drives like a dream, gets great gas mileage, it's super comfortable to ride in and has much more space than anyone realizes, it goes years without much work if taken care of properly.

- Irma D

The car is super comfortable, reliable, and overall a great buy.

There have been no problems since I have purchased this vehicle. It drives beautifully and it is good on gas. It is the most comfortable car I have owned. It is very modern and reliable. The speakers are super good quality. Have not broken down or have had any issues.

- Sierra C

Best car for college students or anyone who wants a reliable car.

I have no complaints about my car. I have had it for 11 years and never has it left me stranded at any place. The car fits everyone very comfortably. When the seats are down you can fit a lot in the back. It is also an easy to clean car. It's also very easy to drive.

- Eunice Z

Love me a great little fun car!

This peppy little Honda wins a gold star on reliability and performance. It is easy to maintain and effortless to own. I bought it used from a friend and it has not disappointed! I love driving this manual version and being able to fit into small spaces. Great value!

- Beth P

Rugged a 'man's ' truck.

I like that it is smaller and can fit in almost any parking space. I like that although it looks small, it can carry a large amount of things. I like that it has been an amazing car and had little to no mechanical issues. I do not dislike anything about my vehicle.

- Ashley N

It doesn't really have one. I decked out the inside.

Had it since 2008 and it still runs well I love it with all my heart. Have been in 3 accidents and still runs fine. If they continued to make this car I would buy it later too. Honda is my go to though from here on out. I love Honda more than other companies.

- Dylan K

Engine ticks known issues with Honda.

The car handles really well. Unfortunately the engine is starting to making ticking noises and the mechanic said it is common with Honda’s. It is not an expensive fix but a known problem shouldn’t keep existing. Honda should research this and correct it.

- Rachael L

Reliable, fun, gas saver!

I love my Honda fit! It has been a reliable mode of transportation for me and my family! I would definitely buy another one! Great on gas too! If you need a great, reliable, gas saver to get you and your family around, this is it! Look no further! I love it!

- James T

It is very small and I appreciate that it is very small since I am a small.

The car I have is small which make it easy to park, so when I go into the city I don't have to worry about not fitting when I parallel park. Since I am a small person I really enjoy having a smaller car. I do not have to crawl up to get into the car itself.

- Sarah H

Good, quality and standard is important for the car

Good for gas, no hassle to drive you can use manual or electric, looks small but capacity is big inside. You can use the car going to desert, Mountain and hill. No issues in running this car for years. Good quality and friendly user car the best car for me.

- L G

I like it because it is a small car.

I like that it gets me from point a to b. It's a small car, good on gas. The hatchback makes it so convenient to load a lot of things in the back.... I do not like it anymore because its been through a lot in the 5 years I have owed it. I want a newer car.

- Ana F

The little car that packs a lot for less.

I love my little car. It gets really great gas mileage. All seat fold down in case you wanted to camp and have no tent or need to transport something bulky and long. Comfortable seating that seats 5. Heating and air. Could use a better stereo system.

- Deborah B

It's adorable! It gets good gas mileage. It's a 5-speed.

It's small and easy to park, but still roomy on the inside. I love that it comes in a stick-shift option, which I took. The only thing that is problematic sometimes is how low to the ground it is. I've scraped the bottom on steep driveways a few times.

- Kristina W

Honda Fit is efficient in fuel, cargo capacity, and maneuverability.

I love my Honda Fit. It holds more stuff than an SUV. I have moved a full-sized couch, a 6' table, a bicycle, and all sorts of things. It is zippy, fuel-efficient, and gets me out of tight spaces because it is so compact and turns on a dime.

- Christy B

It is a very reliable vehicle. It is good on the highway and streets.

I love it to death. It's good on gas which I can afFord. It has a/c which helps in this upcoming hot days and keeps my baby cool. It is very roomie I can fit everything I need in it plus my groceries. I have no complaints at all on my car..

- Crystal S

This small size of the Honda Fit makes it not only easy to park, but it gets great gas mileage.

I appreciate It's small size which makes it easy to park. It gets good gas mileage. In spite of Its size, the trunk is roomy. Drawbacks to this vehicle are that it doesn't absorb bumps in the road very well so the ride is not very smooth.

- heidi f

Overall nice car, watch out for rust on the wheel fenders though.

It is so spacious and the seats fold in 7 different ways if you include normal mode! It gets great gas mileage. Drives smoothly. I got a stick shift which is awesome because not every car comes that way. I absolutely love this vehicle!.

- Ashleigh S

It's a very reliable vehicle and has had very few problems in terms of mechanical or other issues.

It's compact and pretty fun to drive. I can fit a surprising amount of stuff in it. I have had very few issues with it in terms of mechanical or other problems. It gets decent gas mileage. It does not handle very well in the snow.

- Amber C

It gets great gas mileage.

Excellent gas mileage. 4 door compact car but very roomy. All 4 seats lay flat down if you want to sleep in it. Very reliable. Comfortable drive on long hour trips. Great ac/heat. Lots of head room and leg space for taller people.

- Deborah B

The perfect car for getting around in a city, easy to park and maneuver

The Honda Fit is a very reliable vehicle with good gas mileage and cargo space for its size. Requires just the normal routine maintenance. Only complaint is the battery, which is small and lacks good cold weather cranking power

- len S

It has great gas mileage.

I like the size, style and gas mileage my fit offers. The trunk area is just the right size, plus with the easy fold down seats it makes it great for hauling big things. It has great cup holders for everybody not just up front.

- Carla J

That is is a great car to use when driving around. It doesn't use a lot of gas which is great.

I love my vehicle because it is compact and small and cute. I love the color of my car as it is sky blue. I also love the gas mileage. I dislike that it is getting old and that it has gotten so much damage over the years.

- Jessica G

That the car will start to shake and you will need to change the coils.

Its small, compact and great on gas. We love that it has a hatchback which makes it easier to load things in the back. We also enjoy that it is low maintenance and the Honda fit has just been an overall great car for us!

- Joseph E

Family car perfect for road trips

My car is awesome it runs reliability and comfortable with the backseat. It has lots of room for haul things in the back and under the rear seats. We had an issue with the a/c but Honda dealership totally made it right!

- Christina H

IT's speedy and fun to zip around it, with great parking ability.

It is really compact and gets great gas mileage. There is a lot of room, especially when the seats are down. It is low to the ground and often scrapes against the ground. It's dark in color which shows a lot of dirt.

- Annmarie W

A fairly reasonable vehicle for the price, with few issues to date.

Manual, not fond of it as that adds to the mental load while driving. Otherwise it is a solid vehicle, with fine gas mileage, excellent ability to convert the back seats into more space, and reasonably comfortable.

- Kevin B

Excellent gas mileage for a non-hybrid and versatile storage spaces

I like the great gas mileage and excellent handling and acceleration. The car is nimble and easy to drive. However, I have a couple of large blind spots. Also, my car does not have cruise control or aux cord input.

- Jennifer S

It is small but holds a lot cargo because of its smart design.

I like that's it's small and is easy to park and gas conscious. I don't like that I'm having problem with the door leaking when it rains. Overall, it's held up very well for 10 years and hasn't had many problems.

- Krista K

Great gas mileage, I average 35 mpg and have gotten 40+ mpg

I like the good gas mileage. The hatchback is fantastic for carrying things. It's a low maintenance car. The thing I dislike most is it seems a little small and I am unsure how it will perform in the winter snow.

- Kristin P

It really does carry almost anything in the cargo area. We take it to the home improvement store all the time to carry our projects home!

My car is the perfect size, it's easy to park and maneuver. But it also is large enough to carry things around in. My car has 135000 miles on it and I will need to replace it soon, but I wish I didn't have to!

- Cassie S

It's a fun to drive car, reasonable price and last a long time.

The mileage of this car is good, It's small, compact and fun to drive. The front windows are not shaded, it's a bit loud when you drive down the highway and there's no air conditioning at the back seats.

- Cam R

its roomy enough for 5 people and good on gas now that gas prices are constantly going up and down

love that it is small enough to get in parking places it is good on gas really no complaints except it does not have all the dashboard extras i would like to have like hooking my phone to talk handsfree

- judy r

Reliability. The only major repair was covered by Honda even though it was out of warranty.

My Fit fits my life - just enough room to carry passengers or cargo as needed - sometimes both. It has been an extremely reliable vehicle. This is my second vehicle from Honda - Ima Honda user for life.

- Julie S

It is awesome. I would recommend it to anyone looking for affordabLe, reliable car.

I love my car. It was affordable and it can carry tons of stuff when the back seats are folded down. I bought it new and I haven't had any problems with it. The intrepid have been regular maintenance.

- Jennifer N

2008 Base Model Honda Fit: Love at first sight.

The base model doesn't have cruise control, which is annoying but still an awesome car. Much more space on the inside than it looks like on the outside. Fuel efficiency is mind blowingly awesome.

- Kristal P

It is small, great gas mileage, and can fit a lot more than it looks with the seats down.

I love that it is compact and can fit anywhere. I love that i can put the seats down and there is a ton of room for hauling things. I don't like the amount of road noise I can hear in the car.

- Becca M

It needs to last me for the rest of my life.

The only thing wrong is that the Fit is a low-emissions vehicle. Each gallon I burn produces very little exhaust; however, the tradeoff is the gas mileage. I use more gas because of it.

- Michael M

The car has great mileage.

It gets really good mileage, and it is small so easy to park. It is a manual car and I hate driving stick. It is also pretty small, and I am pretty tall so it is not that comfortable.

- Selena F

This car will save you a ton of money on gas!

My vehicle is tiny and lacks space. Which I dislike. But what it lacks in space it makes for in gas savings. I love how much my insurance cost. But I dislike how much space I have.

- Kenneth M

Low Mileage & Flexible Seating/Storage

I love the different configurations of the seating/storage in the Honda Fit. However...the car rides too low, thereby bottoming out is inevitable. Also missed was the AWD option.

- Ellie T

It has low cost maintenance and i had it for a very long time with little to no issues.

My car is low maintenance and very reliable. I only spent $1,000 total for the last 10 years driving this car. My only dislikes is that it's very slow and that's pretty much it.

- kim t

The name says it all: FIT. You can fit anything in it and it fits in practically any space.

I love how versatile the car is. It is small on the outside but surprisingly spacious inside. It has a great turning radius, a comfortable ride, tons of storage capacity.

- Jessica S

Best car brand on the market today! Quality brand!!

I've had this car for over 10 years virtually maintenance free. It has more space than you would expect. The gas mileage is great! I would recommend Honda to anyone.


Great Car for Young Professional

Standard model, very reliable for 10 years. Honda's are known for being dependable and cheap fixes with regular maintenance and that has been my experience. 150k miles

- Mackenzie H

It is roomier on the inside than it looks.

I like the get up and go the engine has. It is like driving a go cart. The AC is not the best, but when it works it is okay as long as it is not 100+ degrees outside.

- Joanna P

The Honda fit is amazing at stuffing a variety of things into it

It is amazing for carrying space and configurations. Everyone is amazed how much I can get into it. And it fits into tiny parking spaces. A bit iffy on steep hills.

- Lisa S

It's made by Honda which means it's reliable and long wearing.

It's small, easy to drive, and reasonable on gas. While small, with the rear seat folded down, it can hold a lot. But it's not very comfortable for long trips.

- Bo M

The flexible interior space.

It gets good gas mileage. It has extremely flexible space inside to accommodate a variety of items to be carried. It fits nicely into "compact" parking spaces.

- Carl F

Need a smaller sized sedan? The Honda Fit is great for families and traveling!

I love my Honda Fit. I love the versatility of the 75/25 seats and that you could also fold them down completely flat. It's great for families and traveling!

- Kait M

The inside is so flexible. There's enough room for 2 adults to sleep in it, or enough space to

I love the gas mileage I get with my 2008 Honda Fit. If I were to buy a new one...I would hope that it sits a bit higher from the ground & AWD is an option.

- Ellie T

I enjoy it for the value and efficiency.

It saves gas and that helps environment. It is stylish and I like it is interior. It has trouble pulling a UHAul. It can use a lot of gas in hilly areas.

- Annika L

The gas mileage is really good. Each tank of gas is about 250 miles.

The gas mileage is good. I like that it's reliable also. There is not enough power and you have to press the gas pedal hard if you want to speed up.

- Sylvia W

It has magic seats that you can configure several ways.

It is cute; very reliable; compact; easy on fuel; has great pickup; can haul many items including a bicycle due to magic seats. Great vehicle.

- Kimberly K

Good value for the money for cost of car and gas needed to get around town

Car has been extremely reliable, fun to drive, easy to transport all sorts of things, furniture, groceries, books. Good mileage per gallon.

- Liz M

It holds a lot of people and things.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. It also has a lot of space with the back seats down. I do not like that it is low to the ground.

- Shay P

Great car for great price and longevity.

Old/aging so not in love with aesthetic, upkeep, obsolete and lack of features. Also has minor damages that don't affect functionality.

- Ro L

It's safe for a small car and it drives very well.

I love how it drives and how much I can fit in a small car. I don't like the color. I bought it used and it has no bells and whistles.

- whitney E

It can hold much more than it looks like it can hold.

Holds much more than it looks like it can hold. Good on gas. Very maneuverable! It's comfortable except on long trips. Very reliable!

- Pam E

Cargo room, economical, cheap to maintain.

Spark plugs and ignition coils keep going bad. I have a consistent misfire no mechanic can figure out and it shudders as it drives.

- Maria H

It has over 100000 miles and still runs fine

It get knocked around in the wind when driving, Has a hard time getting up to speed, and has issues with the internal computer

- sarah E

it's a great small compact car. great on gas. gets you where you need and want to go. has enough room for about 5 people. its reliable

i love that its great on gas.i dislike its small. need to get a bigger car since my family has grown. i love that its a honda

- shelley t

The most important thing to know about my car would be that it's slow but has great mileage.

My car drives like a golf cart. The engine is pretty small, so it's hard to go up big hills. The gas mileage is really good.

- Madeline L

It is fuel efficient. It is also very fun to drive.

I like the fact that it is very fuel efficient. I usually get 30 mpg each time. it is also very sporty with lots of room.

- Jeff S

Its comfortable and very easy to drive and its very elegant.

It's very nice and comfortable but I am having some problems because it keeps breaking down but overall it's very good!

- Karen M

I have had only one major repair-replaced the clutch.

My fit is very reliable. I have owned it 10 years and have had few mechanical issues. Gas mileage is very good too!

- Ted F

Low maintenance with regular upkeep.

My car is very reliable. It is also good on gas mileage and drives smoothly. Lastly it is the perfect size for me.

- Kiki W

Very practical. Like a good friend that will not let you down.

It is nearly 11 years old and still drives great. Compact car with convertibility that has lots of room inside.

- Edith M

It is good on gas. And driving is easy.

No it runs perfect, the only thing that I do not like is that the parts I need to fix it are pretty expensive.

- Francisco L

Roomy, great performance, very good mileage

No problem. Great engine. Lots of space to load. Has a great mileage. Great Space for passenger and driver.

- Reinhard A

low ground clearance. all the other things are obvious about this car, but remember it has low clearance so you will scrap on pot holes and curbs

reliable, good gas mileage, good interior config. cna put a lot of stuff in a small space, seats fold down

- jillian B

Bigger than it looks from the outside

I love my little Fit, and I loved my Civic before it. I wish it had a way to pair my phone to the stereo.

- Sharon G

This is a reliable car and will give you no problems.

It is easy to fit in parking places. It gets great gas mileage. The hatchback lock sticks in hot weather.

- Janie w

It's very economical to run and Honda has a history of making cars that really last

I like the size, how it drives, and the great mileage it gets. There is nothing I dislike about my Fit

- Joan L

It makes for a great city car.

Easy to drive in city. Reliable. Good fuel mileage. Those are the good points. I wish it had xm radio.

- Mike T

That it's been very reliable.

It's been very reliable. Seats configure to haul a good bit of things. Let's pretty good gas mileage.

- Rob B

Gets great gas mileage, 40 on the highway and about 32-33 around town.

Perfect size to park easily; able to have plenty of room to transport large items; great gas mileage.

- Pamela O

The gas Mileage is really good on this car, seriously.

It's the perfect size for my needs. It gets great gas mileage. It's compact but fits a lot of cargo.

- Andrew T

it's a manual transmission & is fun to drive around town.

i love that it's a manual. i like how it drives. it gets good gas mileage. it fits in small spaces.

- missy m

Can load a lot in the hatchback with the rear seats down...such as a lawn mower, snow thrower, etc.

Easy to maneuver and park. Deceptively large interior...can hold quite a lot. Good gas mileage.

- Pam G

It has 355,000 miles on it. It runs like new. It has great pick up

The car has 355,000 miles on it. The car runs like new. The car is indestructible

- Nancy L

The interiors is very flexible so it even holds a kayak

I like the size I like the interior flexibility I like the color I like the hatch

- Jane D

Is in good running condition and is not likely to break down on the highway

Economical, roomy for a small car. Like it very much, except it is getting old.

- LaDonna B

It's super cute and can hold a lot of stuff in the back when the seats are down.

I love the great gas mileage it gets. I don't like how low to the ground it is.

- Shayna P

it's not a family car not very much backseat space.

it's my favorite car I love the way it looks and drives it is very efficient

- Caleb b

I like that for a compact vehicle it has a lot of space. It also does pretty well on gas mileage and isn't a pain to drive. My major concern and dislike about the vehicle is that it has a small engine and take a bit to get enough power to reach 60.

Honda Fit. More power than a Prius and more storage space than a Mustang.

- Luke B

It gets great gas mileage, and is comfortable to drive.

I love everything about my car. It is the perfect size and drives well.

- Sandra B

Good design and storage space,easy to drive,It has good gas mileage

It is a hatchback.IF It has good gas mileage.It was a reasonable price

- mike m

very very reliable, so much so i bought another one

no complaints, getting a little old, will replace it in 5 years

- mike h

the Gas mileage is fantastic which means so very much in these times of rising prices.

The size is perfect Great gas mileage Very low maintenance

- Pat O

get out of my way. It is paid for. it is blue. it is zippy

reliable. zippy. roomy. It is blue It needs tinted windows

- GC S

It gets good gas mileage and has a lot of space for a compact car. It doesn't have many luxuries, but all of the basics are covered. It has been a reliable vehicle.

Basic and reliable, no frills but tons of utility.

- Jon S