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Very compact, but great for people who are constantly moving and transporting things (aka college students).

I love that it's a small car, but is so flexible in terms of trunk space - the seats fold down completely flat, or fold up to the ceiling allowing me to fit a bike in it. I work in the city and do a lot of city driving; and it gets great gas mileage for city driving and it being an 8 year old car. My only complaint is that it's getting to be so old that it accelerates painfully slow sometimes & doesn't have cruise control (because it is the base model).

- Miranda B

It's reliable and fuel efficient.

My vehicle is super efficient and a perfect fit for me. My favorite things about it are the gas efficiency (over 200 city miles to a tank), the fact that I can still transport things since the back seat folds flat into the floor and it is an adorable well running car. The only thing I dislike is if I stop at a stop-sign on a hill in my neighborhood when I take my foot off the brake it rolls backwards but other than that I love it.

- Rachel W

Love my Honda fit. It's dependable and drives like a sports car.

Honda is the only car I'll ever buy. My current car is a 2010 Honda fit sport model which was new when I purchased it. It is almost ten years old and it has never needed any repairs. The only thing that I have had to do is replace the tires one time and get regular oil changes. I love it and you will too! Also, it drives like a sports car and get great gas mileage. The perfect car. Only Hondas for me!

- jill H

The fit fits my lifestyle.

I love that my car is so spacious and easy to care for. The gas mileage is excellent and it is not very expensive. I can take care of my car at home with small repairs (i.e.. Changing lights, oil changes, etc. ) And the major repairs are not that costly either. It is a fun car to drive and easily distinguishable in a parking lot because it does not look like a lot of other cars out there.

- Erin U

Honda Fit. Low maint, good mileage (about 39 mph), lots of room in a small car.

Other than routine maintenance I have had very few problems. A timing belt needed replacement about two years ago - about $100. Total. I am 5' 10" and have no problems getting in & out. Large interior. When I bought it, I was a professional DJ could fit all my equipment in rear. Now I am a Santa & can put my "throne", bags of toys, etc. in the same space. Love this car.

- Dan S

How easy it is to pack up and go, for example, on a picnic or a day trip to Chicago. Just toss your stuff in and go.

I like the size. It is perfect for me to take a friend out shopping. There is plenty of space in the back for shopping bags or lumber or anything really that I would need to haul. I like how easy it is to drive. I have had very little work done on it so far. There is only one thing I hate. That is how noisy the car can be going down the highway.

- MaryAnn C

The perfect combination of practical and sporty.

Purchased due to its reputation as the lowest-cost-of-ownership vehicle on the market, I've had this car for over eight years now and in that time it has required no more attention than standard maintenance. Fuel economy, cargo space, and a value that has dropped surprisingly little in almost a decade make this the best car I've owned.

- Heather G

The fit fits - anywhere, anything!

Not a super smooth ride, but I love that it fits into tight spaces, can hold just about anything, and is super cute. It gets great mileage and is great for city driving. Taking it for longer trips can be a little uncomfortable. I like the monitors for the tires and oil, so that I know exactly when to take it in for its next service.

- Jennifer P

Storage in a small car, Honda fit.

My Honda fit is a joy to drive. I haven't had many issues with it at all. For a smaller vehicle, it is very comfortable and offers plenty of space in the back seat and trunk for when you need to carry large items. The seats all fold back. I also like the shape of the windows and they offer extra visibility to the sides of the car.

- Sydney N

My favorite car thus far.

I have never had any problems with my vehicle after owning it for three years. It is a very dependable car and has never broken down on me. The car is still in great shape after all of these years. The only maintenance I have had to do on it is just regular oil changes. The gas mileage is great and just what I need.

- Katy G

IF you need a get you around town and anywhere car, this is it.

I like is compact size and that is has plenty of room in the back for groceries or items for projects, like garden soil and flowers. It is easy to drive. The mileage is very good. I looked at all of the similar cars before I bought it and I would by a Honda Fit again today if I needed a new car but I don't.

- Mary Ann C

Reliable, gas friendly, parent friendly!

I feel like all the cars that I have had, this is but far the best. Especially for a new mommy. It is reliable, gas friendly, and trust my new baby in it. I even recommended this car to my family members. Its small and compact but not tight with no room. Can fit my stroller in the trunk along with groceries.

- Violet I

When you fold down the back seats, it has a lot of storage.

It gets great gas mileage, it is very easy to drive, and it is very maneuverable. I believe it is a great value for the money. It has a lot of storage - it seems bigger on the inside! I have been able to fit two chairs inside (with the seats down). It is comfortable for both the passengers and the driver.

- Karen P

Spacious hatchback that is very reliable and low maintenance.

I bought this car used three years ago and I have had no problems with it since! Typical maintenance such as oil changes, brakes and such. It is very good on gas and has a great amount of room for a compact car. With it being a hatchback, it is actually easy to move things around and maximize the space.

- Natalie V

For a compact car, it is very roomy.

The car gets great gas mileage very dependable, it is very easy to navigate in tight places. Although it is small. It can hold a lot of groceries and also a 6 foot rug. The back seats either fold down or fold up making easy access. The only thing I do not like is that it is very noisy to the outside.

- Carol M

Fits are fantastic. They are fun and great on gas and parking.

My car is great. It is compact and easy to find parking spaces. . Inexpensive to operate. If you do regular maintenance. I find it very reliable. I have only had a few repairs which is a good sign considering it is a 2010. I get 26 miles to a gallon. I have plenty of trunk room for such a small card.

- L F

Great handling and gas mileage, nice design and colors.

The Honda Fit hatchback is great for my purposes as a singleton without a lot to haul. It handles well and is nicely compact, with great gas mileage. I managed to get one in metallic orange, which is perfect for visibility and easy to find among the sea of bland-colored vehicles in a parking lot.

- Hillary D

Honda fit bang for the buck.

Very good on gas, almost 100k miles and no major problems. The hatchback makes hauling a variety of items much easier. For a small car it is reasonably comfortable although seats could be just a little wider. Price paid versus value received is very good. Have recommended this vehicle to friends.

- Randy B

It is roomy for it is size and good in gas.

It steers well, has get up and go, is easy to park, has comfortable seats, radio is loud enough and sounds good. The downside is that the door armrests cave in and the driver's seat belt does not retract like it used to, the sun visors don't stay all the way up or down because they are loose.

- Larry B

Gas mileage is amazing and helps our monthly budget.

Our Honda Fit is an amazing car. It is very well made and has had very few problems. Gas mileage is around 26 miles per gallon. I only have to fill up once every 2 weeks. On really hot days in Texas the air conditioner has to work really hard because the engine is small. We love our Fit.

- Amy W

Good combination of style and engineering.

My car is reliable, peppy, comfortable. My only complaint that it is design creates blind spots which make merging onto highways uncomfortable. It has a surprising amount of room for a small car. It is styling has kept with the times and because of its small size it is a perfect city car.

- Mary Anne M

It's an extremely great and practical car to have.

I love the fact that this is a very small car, but it's spacious on the inside. I can carry everything (and everyone) I need to inside of it. It's a well-built car, runs smoothly, never have issues with it. It doesn't have unnecessary bells and whistles. And it's designed attractively.


Small, compact, good gas mileage, comfortable and reliable.

I love my car! Love the amount of space I have in it for people or cargo. Super reliable and comfortable. Love the sound system and my large windshield. Its small yet feels large. Gets good gas mileage and is nice to drive. Comfortable for long distances and rarely has an issues.

- Amy K

You can really fit large furniture in the hatch.

It take a while for the car to heat up in the winter 10 min or so. Also using the ac sometimes you get a funky smell. I feel also that the front of the car is low so when driving over a merge you have to be careful not to hit the bottom of the car or you'll scrape the bottom.

- Mandy G

The biggest surprise was the amount of space I got in a compact car!

This Honda has been perfect for me. And it has a surprising amount of space, while still being compact enough to make parking a breeze. Friends are always surprised at how much I can fit in my car. Also, the perfect size car for me and my dog we took many road trips together.

- Kim T

Honda fit is the best! It is Versatile and roomy inside!

I have some issues with the air conditioning. It was either a Freon problem or a leak. I also had to replace the breaks sooner than anticipated and the tires frequently. That being said I love my Honda fit. It fits in every spot, handles great and is very roomy inside.

- Kiki D

Honda cars are very low maintenance so worry-free in many ways.

I like the low maintenance and good gas mileage. I dislike the blind spots in the front and rear corners. I dislike the tiny battery and tires which are harder to replace than other cars particularly since they last a far shorter time than those of other cars.

- ann a

Great for downtown living and everything else

The Fit is really great for having a car that can fit in tight parking spots downtown yet still have enough room to fit all the people and/or things I need to carry around. It is also super reliable and gets great gas mileage during trips around the midwest.

- Michael Z

It is fast little car that can also hold out of room.

The fit is very comfortable. It is reliable, fast and roomy. There is 6 cup holders and the seats fold down flat for more space. It has a beautiful color and it has good stereo system. The car is safe and reliable and used day to day. Would get another one.

- Elizabeth T

Honda fit, it all just fits.

The fit is aptly named. It fits just about everything. The rear seats are roomy and comfortable, fold down flat and when folded have a good deal of space for stuff. It has been reliable and has needed almost no service other then the normal oil and tires.

- Clif G

Fitting into a Honda fit.

Paint oxidation issues- the paint has begun to oxidize in the roof and the hood of the car. Recalls- airbags were recalled and the dealership replaced them. Has maintained great mileage. You can fit a lot in a fit. Seats are comfortable with leg room.

- Christina G

Honda fit awesomeness: you will enjoy this car! It is fun on the run!

My Honda fit has been a really great car to own! It is easy to handle, fun to drive, and good on gas. I love the hatchback too. It has come in very handy! I chose the blue color. It is been very reliable, and it is my most favorite car I ever purchased.

- Vanessa C

It has great miles per gallon for fuel efficiency

I like it because of the MPG and because Honda's generally have a really good repair record and they retain their value. My only complaint was the AC didn't work well but I had it fixed. I wish it wasn't red because I feel like it stands out too much

- Lisa S

Great fuel efficiency/gas mileage

I love that it's compact and can fit in any parking space. It's easy to maneuver for parallel parking. I also love the fuel efficiency- that aspect can't be beat, as this car doesn't carry any extra weight. I also love the way the seats fold down.

- Erica W

It is small and you feel intimidated on the road but it's a very safe vehicle

I love that it is small and easy to park anywhere. I love the gas mileage of 35-40 mpg. I love that in 8 years the car has been dependable and nothing has gone wrong! The only complaint I have is that the car is slow in gaining speed.

- Amy F

That the back seats fold forward so that if a passenger has a lot of material that needs to be transported this car can handle it

I like the fact that it has plenty of legroom so that I can stretch my legs. It has plenty of room for groceries. What's also really cool about it is that the back seats bend down so that passengers can haul many big items as well.

- Mac k

Small, fuel efficient car that can keep up with any other car.

My 2010 Honda Fit is a very reliable compact car. It has gone over three thousand miles in one sitting with ease. Very fuel efficient. A fairly comfortable car to be in for a few miles. A longer ride will require better support.

- Patricia V

For the price, you will have a very dependable and enjoyable car to drive

The Fit is a great vehicle, very dependable, low maintenance, smooth ride, great gas mileage. The smaller engine means that acceleration and pick up is slow and it is "noisy" in that outside noises are easily heard when driving

- Jeff L

It will always start and operates consistently.

It gets good gas mileage and is reliable. I've only had to perform routine maintenance on it with about 160,000 miles on it and taking it in numerous road trips. Given the price it's the best value vehicle I've ever owned.

- Nick A

Has been taken care of very well, and has loving miles instead of hard miles.

The vehicle has held up very well for the mileage on it. I needed it to get me through school and get my children to school and it does. It requires little maintenance and I have had few problems with it to date.

- Emily R

A small car for people who love to drive.

I love my car. It's small enough to park anywhere, it's ridiculously fuel efficient (even 8 years on), and it's reliable. I don't like how bare bones the amenities are (though I understand it's a bargain car).

- Stef Z

It is very sturdy. If you take care of the vehicle, as it keep the maintenance updated, it will last for years.

I like that it is a small, yet sturdy vehicle. It is roomy, although small. I don't like that the AC does not blow very cold air. Also, I dislike that the truck has a soft, rather than a hard cover.

- Monie H

It is a very dependable car. It has been a wonderful first brand new car for me and I would recommend the Fit for other first time car buyers.

My Fit is dependable. It is roomy but not too big. The only thing I do not like about it is that I do not have cruise control but I am probably too much of a control freak to use that feature anyway.

- Heather K

The amazing amount of space within!

My only complaints are that the blue paint oxidized and there is no cruise control. I love how much space is in the car for passengers and my things! It gets great gas mileage and is easy to drive.

- Katherine V

It is very good on gas. Great on the mileage. It fits anywhere you park it.

Has, good gas mileage, comfy, roomy, big windows for vision, seats comfy, reliable, only problem is air conditioner does not work as well as it should due to lots of windows. Hard to cool the car.

- Mary H

That is it a Honda Fit Sport, so she looks pretty cool.

I like the style and appearance of the car. I love how spacious the interior is, especially the hatch back. I do not like the acceleration or shocks. The car is so low that every bump feels rough.

- Tiffany C

It's small and has great acceleration because of that.

I like that it is compact and can fit into parking spots other cars would have difficulty parking in. It has good gas mileage but sometimes I feel scared driving on the highway around semi trucks.

- Justin J

It is a comfortable vehicle both to drive and sit in.

I like my honda fit because it is more spacious than one might think. I can fit loads of things - books, bags, cello, etc in it. I don't like the ease of hearing road noise. That is distracting.

- g g

Great car for a single woman and great car for a family with kids.

I like my vehicle because of the line and the large windshield. Also, my car is good on gas and for that I am thankful. It is a very dependable car and I have had low maintenance issues on it.

- Mary B

It's cute, full of personality, and reliable.

I like the compact size, which makes it a fun and easy vehicle to drive. It is relatively low maintenance and quite reliable. I dislike the interior appearance and lack of upgradeable options.

- Janet L

It does not use much gas and very economical.

I love that it is very economical. I can park in small places. It is fun to drive. So far my car has not had any issues that I would have to pay. It is been very reliable since I purchased it.

- Maria A

It's bigger on the inside! Reliable, roomy, great for the city or for road trips.

I enjoy how spacious it is while being a smaller car. The back seat folds completely down which, when adding to the hatchback feature, makes packing and moving a lot easier. Drives nicely!

- Lacie W

Honda fit - it fits everything!

The Honda fit is really dependable. It gets great gas mileage, and it lives up to its name! We were able to fit three people, three bikes, and luggage for a weekend. You can fit anything!

- Leah W

Good car will fit your life.

It is a good basic car need more storage. It is reliable car. The dome light has stopped working and the driver side door will not unlock. Have to unlock the passage door and climb over.

- Anne J

This honda fit gets great gas mileage and is trouble free.

I like the fact that we have had no mechanical problems from this Honda. The only thing I dislike about the Honda fit is that there is simply not enough room inside this vehicle.

- mike m

It's a pretty reliable car, and enjoyable to drive!

Fun car to drive. Handles easily, pretty good on gas, and I like the use of the hatchback. Don't really have much to dislike about it, except foreign parts cost more to fix.

- Vanessa L

How versatile it can be and how good of a fuel economy it has.

I like my compact car were everything fits. Since my car is a hatchback, I can fold the back sit and carry big things. I save a lot on gas, and I easily find parking.

- Joana G

It's very fuel efficient and easy to drive.

It is easy to drive and whip in and out of parking spots and traffic. The only drawback for me is room for traveling with multiple people and comfort on long trips.

- Tracy K

It's fairly fuel-efficient and easy to drive.

I like It's compact size and fuel efficiency. I like that it has cruise control, air conditioning, and a CD player. My only complaint is that it's not electric.

- Catherine H

The size of the car makes it easy to find parking spaces.

Very reliable and great on gas the maintenance is very reasonable. The car does not handle well in the snow. Sometimes it is difficult with the blind spots.

- Elizabeth F

It's an overall reliable car. nothing flashy, but it'll get you to where you want to go

it is small and reliable and easy to park but issues with the tire pressure monitoring system, failed a few years in, way to expensive to be worth fixing

- Shana S

Honda fit. . . Best car ever!

Very reliable car and it looks small but it has so much space. This car has never let me down and I have had it for over 6 years. I highly recommend it.

- Nelly M

It's tiny outside but huge inside, which is really nice.

It's small and easy to park, and I love the storage capacity. I wish it got better gas mileage and had more clearance, and bluetooth would be nice.

- Rachel S

It's great on mileage and easy to drive.

The Hatch door constantly jams and won't open. Started 2 months after i bought the car new. had it fixed 3 times, 2 weeks later happens again.

- Mark C

Honda fit legroom.........

I like the car that I have. My only issue is that my family and I are very tall and there isn't a lot of legroom. Other than that it's perfect!

- Cassondra J


My car is a 2010 Honda Fit five-door hatchback. I like it because it gets really good gas mileage, and has great storage for such a small car.

- Sarah B

It is very fuel efficient it is compared to other cars.

I like how compact the car is. I also like how little it spends on gas. The only thing I would say I dislike is how it feels in windy weather.

- Kathy R

How much this car can actually hold! It might be small but it is mighty!

I like how much I can put in the car, I love garage sales. I do not like how it has a weird smell to it when I have the air on when it rains.

- Mandy Garza M

My Honda Fit Sport gets absolutely awesome gas mileage driving around in town and even better on highway

My Honda Fit Sport is awesome! Gets Great gas mileage in town and on hwy. It's amazing how much i can fit into Honda for it looking so small.

- Felicia K

It is roomy inside with enough room for five

My Car gets great gas mileage. My car is very easy to maintain. My car is easy to drive. My car handles very well in winter conditions.

- Karen d

It's compact size makes it easy to navigate the city streets and find parking.

I like the compact size of the vehicle. Unfortunately, it does not have a lot of power in the Colorado hills. It is more of a city car.

- Kelly S

It gets good gas mileage and drives nicely, good solid car.

I like the simplicity of the car, not too many bells and whistles. I wish it had cruise control and electric control seat adjustment.

- Jessica D

Honda Fit Black hatchback 2010

5 speed black car hatchback efficient with gas compact. Trunk doesn't work even with the key due to accident. Battery dies easily.

- Emily E

The back seats lift to make room for tall things . Has compartments to hide small things

Love the gas mileage. She has a lot of room to put things and for my dog . Small and easy to drive lots of windows.long lasting .

- Maria G

Excellent stick shift model

The Honda fit is a great car for everything. Especially the stick shift model is very reliable and good to learn how to drive in

- Valentin F

Parking is easier because it is compact.

Small and compact.. Gets good mileage.. Sound engine.. Sound like investment.. Gets good mileage on the highway and the city.

- Wayne A

That it is a good, economical car.

I like that it is a reliable, safe car. No complaints except that it is an older car so doesn't have some newer technology.

- Sandy M

It being a foreign car, repairs tend to cost a little more than domestic cars.

The Honda fit is a fun, easy to handle car. It drives smoothly and is very reliable. The hatch back comes in very handy!

- Ness C

The car does not have a lot of power so don't plan on driving up any grades to get out of the valley in california.

The car runs great. It gets awesome gas mileage. It is a solid built vehicle. I would buy one if I could afford another.

- Charles S

Great gas mileage and dependable.

The car is very reliable and low maintenance. It gets great gas mileage. For a small car, it is very comfortable.

- Peter L

The fit's main feature is its compact size. This makes it easy to park, and makes it get great mileage in the city.

My car is small and compact, which makes it easy to parallel park. It gets good mileage, and it's easy to maintain.

- omi l

The honda fit has a lot of storage space and its good on gas

It's a great car with a lot of storage possibilities. It's great on gas, and very roomy inside, it's a perfect car.

- Cheyenne M

Great small car that feels big and drives beautiful.

My car has great gas mileage and is very spacious for a compact car. No major maintenance need. Very smooth ride.

- Barbara A

It is sporty but economical.

It is runs great and is great on gas, however it is a small car and hardly can fit 5 people in it like it should.

- Kris S

That is was a really a good purchase.

It is a nice size, and it is 4 door. It also has a enough room and good seats. The trunk also has enough space.

- Melissa R

Great mileage and great for traveling with a small family

Love this car ! Would buy another . Great gas mileage , a lot of room and space . Great small family vehicle .

- Barbra G

I think the biggest is the great gas mileage.

I love the size. Plus, the gas mileage is great. Lastly, it drives smoothly, and can navigate highways well.

- Colleen G

It gets good gas mileage, is reliable, and it is fun to drive.

I really like my Honda fit. It gets good gas mileage both on the highway and in town. It also looks sharp.

- Jen M

It keeps me safe. It has a back seat that folds for extra room if you need it.

It keeps me safe. It holds a lot of things. And it has a lot of room. What I dislike about it is not much.

- Mac M

It has amazing gas mileage.

I think it is easy and fun to drive. It is very compact. It is got a great turning radius and gas mileage.

- Ruth K

It has great storage space despite looking like a compact.

Great storage space. Low maintenance. Wish gas mileage was better but it's still fairly fuel efficient.

- Pat H

It is fast, like a penny racer.

The vehicle is great. It is reliable, great on gas, and small enough to still be big enough to travel.

- Todd S

It is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. Highly recommend.

It has been very reliable. Very few repairs needed. It gets great gas mileage. It is fun to drive.

- Krista F

It is reliable and I am proud to drive it.

It is cute and small. Easy to drive. Would like more bells and whistles. A little jerky on pickup.

- Harriet R

The Fit is very easy to maintain and has great gas mileage.

I love the fuel economy. The car is easy to drive and has a surprising amount of cargo capacity.

- Rebecca S

It's a fuel efficient option for those wishing to lower their environmental footprint.

I like its size, fuel efficiency and handling. My only dislike is that it isn't an electric car.

- Catherine S

it's a small car so larger cars tend to pull out in front of you

back seats fold up to tall items back seats fold flat to haul bikes good gas mileage

- rae e

It is very reliable. Runs very good and is comfortable.

I really love my car. Very good quality and fuel efficient. Also very reliable.

- tony H

Safety security. Gas económico. Heavy duty and sports.

Honda is good vehicle. I like economic car. No complaints about the Honda Fit.

- Madeline I

That it is super efficient on gas. It can also fit a dryer in the hatch.

I love the gas mileage. I get 35 to 36 mpgs. I also love that it is paid off.

- kelly l

Roomier than it looks is the one important thing I should know

I like its reliability, zippiness, steady handling. I dislike its cheap feel

- Dave D

Reliable. Inexpensive to maintain. Roomy for a small car.

It is very reliable. Good on gas. Lots of cup holders. Cheap maintenance.

- Paul S

My Honda Fit is the perfect size for my family. With a large trunk and seats that adjust, it's also great for moving things.

It's very versatile size-wise. Great for parallel parking and traveling.

- Cassandra F

Gets great mileage, handles extremely well, is able to comfortably hold five passengers, contains a surprising amount of room.

this car gets great gas mileage, both in the city and on this highway.

- Ian H

It was not super expensive and is very reliable. The gas mileage is great too

It's great on gas mileage and has given me very minimal problems

- Jennifer V

Economical to own and drive.

Cute and zippy. Versatile. Not enough clearance for off road.

- Cheryl R

It does not have a lot of power.

It's a nice car. It is very good on gas. It runs very well.

- Charles M

My favorite part about my car is the fact that it gets excellent gas mileage it is very comfortable to ride in and you can surprisingly get a lot of stuff in it the seats fold down it's excellent for like moving really great car

It's a very sporty car that holds a lot of stuff I love it

- Amanda S

road noise bad, underpowered, controls paint wears off

road noise bad, underpowered, controls paint wears off

- n A

I love all the cup holders! It's also a great car to move stuff, which is surprising with its size. Great on gas too.

So much trunk space! Lots of cup holders - about 10.

- Jessica P

size is perfect for driving and parking.

Gas mileage and back seats fold down flat.

- roger W